How R2-D2 Saved Me From A State Trooper
A True Story

Last Sunday (in August of 1999) I was driving home rather briskly, exceeding the speed limit by generous proportions, and as one would guess I was promptly pulled over by the state police. The trooper noticed on the dash of my car a 6-inch R2-D2.  First thing he said was "I love that Droid!"  

Knowing he was a fan, I pulled the best Obi-Wan impression I could muster, and said, "He is for sale if you want him".  The trooper looked puzzled, but I continued. "You don't need to see my identification..."  The subtle hand gesture was used as well, and I could tell he was getting the gist.  "I can go about my business..."   The trooper broke loose with a wide, carnivorous grin, and I knew I had him.

"Move along..." I said.  The trooper aped the response "Move along, Move along", waving me to move along.  Unsure if the gag had worked, I hesitated. The trooper at this point was deep in a belly laugh and urged me to get the hell back on the road and slow it down.  As ordered, I moved along... Looking in the rear view, I saw him laying back on his hood laughing up into the evening sky.

Saved by the Force!

This was a true story, by the way... and it proves what Obi Wan said about the force's influence on the minds of troopers.


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