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June 26th, Saturday, 2004: 2100hrs:  I’ve said before that I think that China is our greatest military threat.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  China remains a serious threat, but it is not our greatest.  Our greatest threat comes from the United Nations.  The very U.N. that is based right here on our own soil, in New York.  The U.N. is a much bigger problem than what China could ever be alone.  And like China, we are helping to finance this growing threat.  Not just in foreign aide, but in all of our foreign spending to different U.N. member nations.  

Our own government has been steadily pushing for a stronger U.N. or a New World Order since JFK.  President Bush even, with his Global Peace Operations Initiative with 75,000 “Peacekeepers” as the standing army under the control of the United Nations.  More and more of our own soldiers are wearing the U.N.’s pale blue headgear and taking U.N. commands.  

These so called “Peacekeepers” are no such thing.  Since the 90’s, more than a million people have died from genocidal efforts while under the “protection” of the U.N.  So not only is the U.N. corrupt from the bottom up, (remember the Oil For Food Program?) but they are also homicidal maniacs.  

Considering our efforts to bolster the U.N., and the U.N. member nation’s undying loathing of all things American... and our track record of arming those that try to kick our asses when they are done kicking who we armed them to fight… things don’t look so good.  

The U.N. according some already has plans laid out on how to handle America when they get the chance.  And it does involve door to door searches for privately owned guns.  Not that such a thing would be successful.  You thing Falluja had an uprising of insurgents?  I think every American 18 years and older with a clean record should be trained and skilled in arms, and so armed.   Especially all Americans who are living and working outside of our borders.   

I’m looking forward to this new King Arthur movie.  I’ve been in some discussion about it with one familiar with both legend and history of it and it has really peeked my interests.  That and it has a complete babe in it getting medieval and few things are hotter than that.   

I got this with this again… Damn it.  That is some psycho shit right there.   Yeah, thanks a lot Commander Kupari.   I’d order you to take your unit up to the North Pole, but you are already practically there.

1530hrs:  Email from Hordeman Higgins:  “Loved your article on the M16.....Ive been in the army for almost six years, an armorer for two of them, and I cant stand that piece of shit! Its ONLY saving grace is its weight (and if you’ve rucked 20 miles in a day, you’ll understand) but like you said.....what good is a light weapon that wont work when you need it to! I happen to own a M4, but I am selling it for a much more advanced german designed weapon (check out the SP-10!)  After spending 6 months in Kirkuk, Iraq, I was left with the need for a weapon in the house!   I wouldn’t advocate the Armalites to anyone! I look forward to the XM8, or any of the SL8/G36 variants for the US army!”  

The SP-10 looks pretty cool, the only problem is the company that’s making it.  "Special Weapons".  I wouldn't trust those guys to change the grips on my Detonics let alone build me an entire weapon.  For a pistol caliber carbine, take a good hard look at the Beretta CX4 Storm.  It costs about 1/2 that of the SP-10, made by a company with a better track record, and uses magazines that you can get good and plenty. You can get 20 or 30 round Beretta 92 mags all over the place.  At the last gun show I was at, 3 or 4 tables each had bushel of them.  

MP5 mags were fewer and ten times the price.  That vaporware SP-10, costs a over a grand and you only get 1 10 round mag for it?  For that price you could get a Storm, a dozen high capacity mags, a case of ammo, rails and an Aim Point type optical gunsight for it.

Email from Horde Commander Kupari:  “Because those of us in the Horde want to know.  What shall be the weapons of the Ogre Shock Infantry?  You've been giving a lot of discussion towards the Fleet and the Air Service, but what of the troops?  How do we equip a rifle squad?  What're your picks for the Squad Leader, Fireteam Leaders, Automatic Riflemen, Crew-Served Machine Gun Crews, basic riflemen, and grenadiers?  What do we get for anti-armor use?  What do our Snipers and our Sharpshooters get?  Also, if you personally were going to wade into the fray, what would you carry?  Let's say you're not directly involved in the conflict per-say.  Let's say there's a war in some eastern European country and the US Government pays you (as a private citizen, of course, nice and deniable) to go help train the friendlies to fight the hostiles, and stop the country from destabilizing and sending the whole region into chaos.  You'll be mostly training and teaching, but you'll also be planning and sometimes leading assaults and maneuvers.  You can bring whatever longarms and handguns you think you'd need for the various missions that might come up.  Not a whole truckload, but enough to keep your bases covered.  What rifle would you pick?  Scoped?  Have any use for a shotgun or a submachine gun?  Which sidearm(s)?”

I’ll leave weapon and equipment selection up to the Commanders on a Battalion level, of course with Horde Central Command approval.  You guys in the field know what you need to accomplish your missions the best.  This of course also goes for Armor, Transport, Artillery, and Air Support.  If you can make a rational case for it, and your unit has the budget for it, you can pretty much go for it.  The M-16 series of weapons are NOT on the approved list, so don't even ask.  Do I need to do your job for you Commander Kupari? Dismissed!

This morning I was researching some things for my book and came across what is perhaps the most remarkable building I have ever seen in pictures.   It was built as a Christian cathedral and it is just gorgeous.   It is now a Muslim mosque from the literature I read at the library about it.  This website doesn’t do the structure justice at all… the photos I was looking at in the book I was reading… the photos were just breathtaking.  Add this to my list of “Things I gotta go see before I die if I become filthy rich”.  Here is a better site with more details about it.  If you are interested.   This structure will be at least mentioned in my book, if not a location in the book for one scene or another.  I don’t know yet. 


June 25th, Friday, 2004: 1900hrs:  Looks like my next review is going to be a Kel Tec.  P11, P3AT, or a P32.  I’m leaning to the P3AT and then the P11 later on.   What do you guys think?  Kel-Tec is going to send me a press sample now that I am a real live honest to goodness “Gun Writer”.  Whooooo.  Here’s the deal… if I find that a gun sucks… I’m going to say it.  Them or anyone else sending me a press sample really isn’t doing me any favors.  It costs me 40 bucks cash on the table to bring a gun in for a review and even more to ship it back.  So I’m not bound to put lipstick on a pig.  Fortunately for Kel-Tec they make some decent products.  Their little autos are clever of design and they seem to be well made for the most part.  But the kudos goes to them for their willingness to help out KT owners who have problems with a pistol for some reason.  That support makes a big difference because I don’t care who or how they make a handgun or anything else man made… something can always go wrong.  I’ve seen brand new HK’s with broken firing pins, it happens.  The real test is how the company deals with it. 

Coke C2.  Have you guys tried it?  Freaking NASTY.  I can appreciate the calories that are less than half of regular Coke… but they put all the Diet crap into it… it’s sick.  I hate diet Sodas.  Diet Dr. Pepper tastes completely different from Regular Dr. Pepper.  Caffeine Free soda’s taste completely different from the high octane version too.  I so here you have C2 which tastes like Coke mixed with ass.  It’s just sick.  I tried a bottle of it and I didn’t finish it even though I desperately needed the caffeine.  Oh, and those off brand generic sodas… They have all the sugar, and still taste like ass.  How do you make a soda that leaves an aftertaste that’s just like you chewed on vinyl?    Dr Thunder and those kinds… extremely nasty.   There is no way around if.  If you want a good pure hit of liquid caffeine, you have to take it straight up.   I’m trying to reduce my intake… but I’ll admit it… I’m extremely addicted to caffeine.  If I don’t have 12 ounces in the morning and 12 in the afternoon – I get the shakes.  That’s the minimum amount I can get by on.  Hey, I’m a lot better… it used to be 1 liter in the AM and 1 more in the PM.  I was hoping I could run with some C2 and reduce the calories… but no luck.  That stuff is just foul.  And the chemicals they put in it… there is no way that can be healthy.

Pepper.  The world’s stupidest fucking puppy.  Not only is she mentally retarded or something… but she is extremely annoying.  I researched Blue Heelers… these are supposed to be SMART dogs.  One of the smartest breeds.  And Pepper is a full blooded Heeler.   My hope is that as she grows she gets a brain.   Sheesh.  But I fear she was born a Liberal. Oh, speaking of dogs... Ranger busted another.  Damn this dog is AMAZING. 

1500hrs:  Totally Cheesed Off:  The Trooper Pooper that pulled me over and gave me the ticket.  I was following him in his POV.  Didn’t realize it was him.  Was just rolling down the road following the car ahead of me.  I realized, whoa… doing over 45 here.  Speed limit is 25.  (out here all the roads are 25 it’s nuts)   So I slow down.  And then the car ahead of me pulls into the driveway of the Trooper’s house.  As he turns, I notice that IT’S HIM.  AND he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt!  This pissed me off.  Not an Ogrish Rage kinda anger but the ice cold chilled anger that comes from the soul.   Not only that, but when I went in to take care of the ticket, I find that I can’t… because I have a court date set and I have to see the judge.  That’s just FUCKING OUTSTANDING!  And then on the way home from that, I see the MR TROOPER doing 10 over what he pulled me over for doing.   FUCKING WANKER!

Captain Martin Sends us this: “During a campaign tour of the Apache Nation Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said he had a plan to increase every Native American's income by $40,000 a year.  Senator Kerry refused repeated requests for details of his plan, however. He also told the Apaches that during his Senate career, he has voted YES 9,637 for every Indian issue ever introduced.    Before his departure, the Apache Tribe presented the Presidential candidate a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, Running Eagle.  After Kerry left, tribal officials explained that Running Eagle is a bird so full of shit it can't fly.”  They say that the old Indians can read a man’s soul.  This proves it.  40,000 a year increase.  Very nice.  That’s his economic plan.  Tax the fuck out of everyone else and give it all to the Indians so they can spend it.   If I knew voodoo, I’d put a hex on Kerry.  And that trooper… I’m pissed off.

0900hrs:  I don’t have the news link, but the story came out of the Washington Times.  The US has picked up 8 Russian Kilo Class attack subs.  The plan is to refit them with modern US propulsion systems and controls, and sell them in a straw purchase plan to Taiwan.  I can only assume this would also mean US sonar systems too.  The Kilo outfitted as such would pretty much be like a Sub-Compact 688 LA Class submarine.  Word has it that China is super pissed off about this.  Taiwan with 8 of these suckers would indeed make for a more difficult target to take over.  If not more difficult, then at least a lot more costly.

Does Al Gore think he is running again?  I’m just wondering.  He’s campaigning pretty hard for nothing, isn’t he?  He’s doing more than Kerry is, that’s for sure.

You’ve got to be kidding me.  While on the bench?  What the hell was this guy thinking?  Maybe there is some mental health issue this guy has.  

Another reason to love Gary Oldman.  He is going to kill Jar Jar

Guys, time to buy shares in RIM, the cats that make the Blackberry email device.  Check this out.   Government contracts all over the place?  This is going to be pretty big for them.  If they are doing this back on the east coast… huge. 

Well, they elected The Terminator, what did they expect Emotions aside, it’s necessary.  This will save California 14 million.  Just watch out if he starts asking how many Jews are in Prison.   Sorry.  No, this does make sense… and the order is for strays, not for dogs with nametags or something?  Damn.  Harsh economic reality.

White Chicks or F’911 No, how about Dodgeball instead? Please.  White Chicks looks to be one of the most stupid movie ideas I’ve ever seen.  The Wayans brothers are supposed to be tough FBI agents?   Those two scrawny guys?  And that “Hold My Poodle” scene they show in the commercials… take away the costume… and imagine that skinny dude standing there saying “Want some of this”.  Now ask yourself, could you or could you not kick his ass?  That dude would be on the ground in about 2 seconds.

Let me ask you this, Monica.  How could you be destroyed when you are now world famous?  All she has to do is file with some agencies and she could get all kinds of product endorsement deals.  I mean, come on… Destroyed?  Please.  How could she be destroyed if she keeps taking trips to Europe and shit?  How many trips did she take before she got destroyed?  Monica likes to put on the helpless victim thing, but I think she was shrewd and bloody brilliant to have pulled off (or out?) what she did.  She’s made now.

Who says the AK isn’t accurate?  Look at this, a stock SAR-1 with just an AimPoint thrown on top.    THAT is some pretty good accuracy.  Then again, a guy like Kim is a pretty good shot, and could probably shoot well with a freaking slingshot.  An AK in the hands of a skilled shooter can be just as accurate if not more so, than an AR in the hands of your typical AR Bevet.  The biggest complaint is the sights and that’s a not even a valid one.  If you can shoot with the AK’s sights, then you can’t shoot well with any iron sights that uses a blade type rear.  Being used to peep sights is fine.  I am too.  But I can still make hits with a blade or buckhorn style rear sights.  If such a sight is too much to deal with, you can either say “AK’s are just not accurate” or you can change the sights.  You can get peep hole rears if you want… or throw on an optic unit like what Kim did.   Damn fine shooting, Kim.  If that aint shootin, grits aint groceries.  Especially considering this was done standing.  I would like to see what he could do with that set up if he benched it and used some good quality commercial loads instead of cheap surplus.  I bet those groups would shrink down to dime sized holes.  If you say an AK isn’t accurate, you are really just saying that need more practice.

Q:  Mr. Ogre, Why are so many people obsessed with accuracy? Most rifles today can shoot better than their owners can, so what's the big deal? This accuracy obsession even extends to assault rifles, where one is ripping off a short burst at franticly gyrating enemy infantry. What gives?  Baal in Virginia
 Because Baal... People are ignorant... Even the enlightened Shooters.  You see the problem stems from people reading Gun Magazines more than actually picking up a fucking gun and firing it.  


June 24th, Thursday, 2004: 1500hrs: Email from Horde Captain Glenn:  “I'm with you on the cobra.  On the FFAR's I'm afraid we part ways (at least initially) as the FFAR does not have a HEAT warhead among its many variants.  Sure, the grunts can use any additional fire power, but a shoulder fired FFAR is certainly not a replacement for an AT-4.  That is not to say that a HEAT warhead could not be developed, just simply that one has not yet been.  Another alternative to the AT-4 would be Karl Gustav's though.  These things are in many arsenals around the world.  They're pretty ferocious and relatively cheap.  In addition to these facts, they also can fire a wide range of munitions for specific target types.  –Glenn”     Oh, I’m sorry… I need to clarify that… I misspoke.  The Hydra wouldn’t be a replacement of the AT-4.  Only an augmentation.  Our boys are not packing AT-4’s over there, because they don’t need them.  However the Anti-Personnel munitions available on the Hydra rocket and available in the supply chain for the Cobra’s that are operating with the Grunts (should my suggestions be listened to) would be a big help.  There is an HE warhead, and that would do well against mosques or mud huts or soft armored vehicles like technicals.  The Hydra hits hard… look at the velocity numbers...  So it doesn’t need a shaped charge against soft and squishy targets… this maximizes the blast effect and fragmentation needed for smacking down the Taliban Fighters and AL Qaeda Terrorists and Iraqi Insurgents, instead of focusing the blast into armor.   Again, something to deploy better suited to the task at hand.  The Karl Gustav’s would be ideal for the guys on the HMMVs.  You are right.  But as a grunt, let me tell you… I don’t want to carry one.  I think the KG system would end up being bulkier and heavier.  Ideal would be a Hydra warhead for the infantry, maybe just a 5 pound warhead.  Because the standard 10 pounder HE warhead... man... that's some horsepower right there.  I don't think you would even need that much explosive force... But I bet it would be useful some times.  Of course, there was nothing really wrong the old LAWs rockets we used in Nam.  For the type of fighting are doing now, a LAW would be very handy.

Noonish: Downloaded iTunes.  Found something very cool.  It has a couple radio stations on there.  There is a Talk Radio section.  Solid gold right there… 2 stations have my attention.  One is “Soldier Radio News” and the other is Comedy.  Awesome.    I was trying to work on some writing but this morning I have been doing nothing but laughing my ass off.  I love stand up comedy.  That’s pure comedy… raw and real. 

I’ve talked about the Stryker to the point of redundancy.  I want to talk about the Army’s aviation program.  I’ve said before that I’m a fan of the Cobra.  Unrepentantly.  Why the Army no longer uses the Cobras anymore is a tragedy.  They spend billions of dollars on the Comanche only to cancel it when they realize it doesn’t do anything the Cobra can’t do and they looked stupid.  However the Comanche did teach us a few things… the rotors are big advancement for one thing.  The Cobra still kicks ass for the other.  The Cobra could be used in missions where the Apache isn’t best used.  It would take very little effort to take the Cobras, throw on an upgraded rotor system, and put it right back on the front line.  The Apache was designed as a force multiplier anti tank system to roll back the flood of Soviet tanks that would have rolled across Europe if it wasn’t for Ronald Reagan.  It’s a great whirly bird, don’t get me wrong… but it’s miss used when they try to use it to back up us Grunts.  30MM’s and Hellfires just don’t cut it.  I’m not the only one with this opinion.  The Marines are developing an upgraded Cobra that is perfect for the Army’s use too.  Even for the fictional missions that the Comanche was supposed to do.  It’s called the AH-1Z.  Four blade rotors, state of the art avionics and weapon control systems, it’s like a mini Apache.  This bird could come in low and fast, and get down in the mud with the grunts to give us some real fire support.  A couple of these things could have really helped out the Rangers in Somalia.  With greater range, ammunition capacity than the “Little Birds”… they could have made a huge difference.    These choppers could operate in areas where they don’t operate Apaches.  Delta warriors could ride on the Cobras if they had to.  The versatility of the Cobra is limitless.  With our war on terror the way it is, we need Cobras.  Terrorists don’t roll out in waves of tanks… and if they find one, a Cobra can take care of it.  Cobras are ideal for taking out “technicals” (civilian vehicles with armed terrorists hanging off it) or and group of targets we need engaged.  

Another suggestion for the DOD:  Shoulder fired unit for the grunts to launch the 2.75 Inch Hydra Rockets.  The grunts could really use that firepower and the different warhead options.  

The thing about these two suggestions for the military... they are both dirt cheap.  For the price of one Apache, you could have 4 Cobra Z's.  For the cost of the big AT-4, you could arm several grunts with Hydras, and they could carry more of them in Jeeps, HMMV's or other vehicles thanks to the Hydra's skinner diameter.

John H is a sick and twisted individual:


June 23rd, Wednesday: 2230hrs:  I’ve talked about the REAC Rig before… some time ago.  It’s been awhile.  It’s a tactical thigh rig that just rocks to a shockingly high degree.   I said, and I still stand by this, that the REAC rig is the best thigh rig I’ve ever used.  Well, Scott at Edgeworks is the guy behind the REAC and the G-Code line of holsters, and he made something even better than the REAC.  It’s called the SOC rig, and it’s absolutely amazing.  I saw the prototypes of this rig at the SWAT 3-Gun Tactical match in Vegas I participated in.  I used the REAC during the match and it was flawless… the SOC rig uses the same carrier as the REAC, but the SOC’s actual holster is very different.  It has a switchblade security hood that locks the gun into the holster.  The holster it’s self is based on the IPSC race holsters.  So the combination gives you the world’s fastest security holster.  Special Operations Capable, it’s jumpable, and it was designed to meet requirements of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, and SF groups around the world.  One of Scott’s guys that helped design the SOC rig is actually now in Iraq and using it… His name is Frank, and I met him in Vegas.  I pray Frank makes it back, but the last I heard he was doing fine but really busy over there and was busting caps at Faluja… yeah… right there in the shit.  The cat listens to The Bangles when he’s not killed terrorists and insurgents.  The Bangles.  Walk like an Egyptian… weird.  Anyways, the SOC rig is straight up one amazing holster system.  The only one of its kind in the world.  And you can get one.  If you have a full sized 1911, or a Beretta 92FS, get one.  Oh, and if you have rails and light… it is meant to do everything with the light on the gun, or off.  So for you LEO/MIL Horde Members out there – this is what you need.    Hey, I’m not just shilling for Scott… I’m dead serious about this.  Best tactical thigh holster I ever used was that REAC, and this is better.  I’ve used a lot of tac rigs, and frankly I never liked them all that much.  The REAC is in my Go Bag.  You can put it on and go, in less than 30 seconds.  Amazing.  When it comes to Kydex holsters, there are tons out there… the only ones I like are the G-Codes.

Email from Lt Glock19:  “Hello Dr. Ogre:  About the new pic --  You could be a Caucasian Shaft  -- All you'd need is a song. Who is the man...  Regards, Lt. glock19

Can you dig it?  Guys, I know it’s cheesy.  I think it’s funny.  I like that about it.  You can’t take yourself or anything too seriously if you have something like that posted.  Yeah, I know, I’m going to get some jokes about it, so allow me: “Hey Ogre, Bruce Campbell called.  He wants his cheese back.”  What makes it even funnier is the little pistol I'm holding... you just can't take that kinda cheese seriously.

I need your prayers, guys.  My Brother in law does actually.  Just found out that he is in Seattle in a hospital bed with some serious crap going on in his G.I. track… his guts.  I don’t know what’s going on, but they stopped working.  He just had a baby a couple weeks ago with is beautiful wife, and he is in medical school up there about half way through.  He’s a good man.  Semi leftist pseudo hippy type, but I love him.  If I could I’d drive up there… but there is nothing I could do anyways.  All we can really do is pray for him.  He’s strong.  He’ll be okay… but he still needs the power of prayer.

1500hrs:  For you guys out there that don’t know much about the Stryker vehicle the Army is choking down on, read this This will pretty much give you an Associates Degree in Why Strykers Suck.  This has taken every argument, every shortcoming, and every critical and fatal flaw in the Stryker system and rolled it up into one easy to read, picture filled adventure into the land of Strykers.  This is everything you need to know about it.  The alternative suggestions are rock solid and battle proven.  I’m not really a fan of the AGS rig, but at least it’s 10X better than the Strykers.  The Soviet BTR90 is the same type of rig as the Stryker… and the BTR could kick the Stryker’s ass repeatedly.  And it will when they come together head to head.  Not that a BTR crew would need to.  Just off load the grunts in the back with the RPG’s and that will take care of the Strykers.  One SQUAD of grunts could wipe out an entire Stryker Platoon.  And that is SAD.  The US Army is taking a HUGE step back.  The MTVL concept is a good one.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  The 400 horsepower engine is a touch underpowered in my opinion… but I have a feeling that clever crewmembers could tweak that.  And I bet if needed these engines could be swapped out with hotrodded units by the cats in the motorpool.  Globally the Gavin, and the MTVL is the Gavin Grown UP, is a combat proven platform capable of performing damn near any mission asked of it.  The Stryker can’t do shit.  Calling the Stryker a Battle Taxi is not really taking into account the way 11M Infantry and the vehicle crews live with the vehicles.  For the crew, the vehicle is everything.  They live, eat, and breath the vehicle.  Maybe the 11M guys wont be effected… then again maybe they will.  Remember D-Day when the DD Tanks never made it to the beach on some areas?  How did that affect the Infantry?  Pretty harshly if you ask me.  Thanks for that link, Glen.  It’s a good one.  I wonder if all of our Congressmen have seen that report.

Follow Up note from Ray:  “In all my stuff I wrote, I forgot something.  Great idea you had about converting the lunchbox into a range kit!  Well, things need to get in order first, but, as soon as I get a paycheck in, beyond one that needs to go for paying bills, I'm picking one up, picking up some foam, and following your advice.  Damn, why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

If you like the graphic image on there now, order quick, because I’m going to be changing it soon.  Maybe to this with "MADOGRE.COM" along the top or bottom:

Maybe.  Thanks to John H for the Photoshopping.  This makes me chuckle every time I look at it.  It's like the cover of a B-Grade video rental or something off the USA Network.

1100hrs: Saddam’s letter to his family.  He complains about “fresh wounds on my body”?  Oh really?  He thinks he is being mistreated?  He thinks his captors are treating him harshly?  Oh really?  Well, I’m just wondering how he treated his people.  Let me think…   Hey Saddam, you are lucky to be alive.  So shut the freak up and be happy you are not down in that hole.  I swear, we should have just filled that hole up with quick drying cement and left him there.  This guy has no right to complain about anything.  If Saddam had any love for his own country, he would write a declaration to all the insurgents to stop the fighting.  June 30th is coming up fast and these assholes are not doing anything productive for Iraq.

Why don’t we take down the terrorist’s website?  They are using it as a tool of terrorism… take that down, they can’t get the messages out… it reduces their effectiveness.  Why is that website allowed to continue?  Why can’t we locate where the people are who update it?  Arrest them all and investigate all there communications.  I feel very sorry for this Korean fellow and his family.  Such a horrible thing.  Pleading for his life like that was heart rending.  But the pleads mean nothing to these terrorists.  It only serves to motivate them all the more.  These monsters are less than human.  They deserve a bullet in the head on site.  There is no justice for these people, only death.  I hope it comes to them quickly and painfully.  What sucks the most is that these animals get to post these snuff films on the net, or the pictures of their work.  People, this is pure evil.  I hope the families are able to get the new coming Iraqi government to make some sort of compensation to them.  Hold them liable for the actions of the terrorists in a monetary way.  Show the terrorists that they are only hurting Iraq, and them selves.

Captain Russell of the 3rd ACD sends us his O.R.C. report:My first act was to round up my brood and go on an O.R.C. expedition to Fudruckers for red meat. We also moblized my sister and her family and friends of our and thier family.   Foodstuffs consumed! Desserts eaten and trinkets for the kids bought!   Arrr arr arrrr!  Thanks, Ogre. I shall do my best to keep the wheels of capitalism grinding, the leftist bullcrap exposed, and conservative values upheld! - Cpt Russell”

Outstanding!   And thank you for the O.R.C. Button.  Now anyone wanting to join O.R.C. can do so by posting that button.  Not that it's a requirement or anything.

Email from a new Horde Member, Glen:>Here is the deal Happy Gilmore, I don't like military spending on bullshit that doesn’t do what we need it to do.  


>The V-22 Osprey doesn’t freaking work and we have spent more money on it than any rationalization can justify.  

Not to mention the fact that it kills our own, no enemy action required!

>Damn near all the grunts involved with the Strykers are not that happy with them either, and would rather just use Bradleys or something that actually fits in the intended mission profile.  I had an email from one Stryker driver that said his Volvo was tougher. Never mind the fact that it isn’t air mobile like it was supposed to be.  You have to practically dismantle the thing to fit it into a C-130 so it isn’t Roll on/Roll off like it was supposed to be.  And once it’s on the C-130, the C-130 is just about overloaded and thus needs a runway suitable for a C-141 Starlifter.  Or so I am told by a guy that actually flies in C-130’s for a living. 

What the hell is an "Interim" fighting vehicle any how?  Is that "interim" as in we'll use this POS in the interim while we're looking for something that actually works?  Here's a few links detailing that the Stryker is a POS:

If you want to know why the Stryker is a POS have a look at this pic...

Do you see that skinny piece of steel between the chassis and the front wheel?  That's about a 1" steel bar.  I can knock that out with a sledge hammer... and it just happens to be the piece that allows this stupid over-rated truck to be steered...  That's right, it's the tie rod.  What would happen to a car if you broke the tie rod?   Besides all of that, why are we shipping our defense money to a Canadian firm?  Aren't there enough folks here in the good ol' USA that could use the income.  Leaving the monetary concerns aside, when's the last time the Canadian army kicked ass and took names?  I mean there's the old joke about the Canadians promising an infantry division, a naval task force and a fighter wing for the effort in Afghanistan, but after the exchange rate that wound up being a boy scout troop, a canoe and a flying squirrel!


>These things are also what will give us what we need.  America banks on air superiority.  We have to have it.  Cause if we control the air, we can control the ground warfare in a conventional battle.   This is a lesson we learned in WW2 and we have dominated the skies ever since. (with some learning curve going on in Korea and Vietnam) 

It seems as though we've lost a lot of what we've learned too!  I mean we went into WWII with the shittiest tanks you can think of!  Hell only the Italians had more worthless POS'es than we did.  Thousands of brave young boys lost their lives in Grants, Stuarts and Shermans before we finally gave them tanks that adequately protected them and provided them with weaponry suited to the task of sending the enemy home in a box!  After WWI we went into seclusion and stuck our head in the sand and ignored the fact that battlefield reality was migrating away from our doctrine.  Wasn't the Grant, with its sponson mounted main-gun an "interim" solution until a turret could be developed that mounted an adequate main-gun in the turret?  How many boys did we loose in Africa to PZKW III's & IV's in those "interim" pieces of proverbial shit?  GAWD!  Don't get me started on this rant!  Oops, too late.  The pentagon's procurement procedures are in dire need of a revamp!   That's a need that's existed for far too long.  The Stryker is in the inventory right now because of a sweet deal offered to the general in charge of the procurement process...  Hell, he's employed by General Dynamics right now!

The government's $400 hammers seriously piss me off!  BUT, what pisses me off worse is when these bastards gamble the lives of our best and bravest to line their greedy freaking (pardon my french) pockets!

My family has had a military tradition for generations.  My great-great-grand-dad (J. L. Chamberlain) won the CMH at Gettysburg and my daughter is in the process of signing up to fulfill her civic responsibility (you go girl!  I'm so proud!) for crying out loud!  My family has been represented in damned near every war this nation has ever fought.  So you're going to have to just trust me that my best interests lie indeed with the troops and the good of this great nation.  It was my family and families like mine that have been the poker chips in this game these greedy bastards are playing. 

Patriotism, honor and duty do not require that I turn a blind eye to what's going on and blithely accept what the government (or anyone for that matter) wants to spoon-feed me!  In fact, it demands the opposite!  -AND- If anything, my service has granted me the right to speak out all the more loudly than some peace-nik, sign-carrying pinko that never staked his life on manning that thin line in the sand!

AND on another subject (while I'm in rant mode)...  For all you whining, self-serving liberal bastards out there bitching about the Abu Ghraib "abuse" scandal...  Was what those kids did wrong?  Hell yes! -BUT- I defy you to throw up any single thing they did that could compare to hacking some randomly selected, innocent bastard's head off with a butter knife!  Get a dose of reality!

Have you read the 3rd ID AAR from GWII? (here it is if not

...A few quotes that support my contention that an "Armoured Cavalry Regiment" shouldn't be doing business in jeeps...

"Signal units such as retrans teams should use M113s and M577s instead of M998s."

Hell if REMF's shouldn't be in Hummers, why should line troopies? (of course in gorilla warfare there is no such thing as a REMF now is there?)

"Bottom line, we cannot send lightly armored vehicles into high threat environments"

That says it all!

Welp, it's getting late, guess I ought to shut down this episode of "Glenn goes into frothing rant mode" and get some sleep.  So, in closing (of this particular edition at least)  keep up the good fight and don't let the bastards getcha down!  P.S. My "bride" also passes along her greetings and after reading your blog (all it took was hearing the "devil" and "Elvira" quote to make her do that btw) mentioned "oh great, another wacko like you!" ...and... "Hey, he must have raided our DVD cabinet". – Glen

Welcome to THE HORDE, Glen.  Looks like the Horde’s Armored Cavalry Division is filling up with good officers.    The only piece of email that has come in supporting the Stryker was saying that the Strykers are quiet.   The only problem with that is that it gets loud when it burns, what with all the on board ammunition detonating and everything. 


June 22nd, Tuesday:  1800hrs: I’m not going to post the email because I’m not going to give the freaker the satisfaction… But someone has taken me to task as for being against the military and against buying new technologies.  They got that impression because I don’t like the new Army Uniform, the XM-28 “OICW”, the Stryker, the Comanche, the Osprey, the M-16, and I like the WW2 GI Uniform styles and helmets better than our current ones.  Here is the deal Happy Gilmore, I don’t like military spending on bullshit that doesn’t do what we need it to do.  The V-22 Osprey doesn’t freaking work and we have spent more money on it than any rationalization can justify.  The Comanche was bullshit from the beginning and even near the end when the program finally got axed, the Army was saying “We don’t want it and we never wanted it.” Damn near all the grunts involved with the Strykers are not that happy with them either, and would rather just use Bradleys or something that actually fits in the intended mission profile.  I had an email from one Stryker driver that said his Volvo was tougher.  Never mind the fact that it isn’t air mobile like it was supposed to be.  You have to practically dismantle the thing to fit it into a C-130 so it isn’t Roll on/Roll off like it was supposed to be.  And once it’s on the C-130, the C-130 is just about overloaded and thus needs a runway suitable for a C-141 Starlifter.  Or so I am told by a guy that actually flies in C-130’s for a living.  I don’t like guns that require batteries to fire.  And truth be told, I’m still sketching on batteries for the optical gunsights.  I like tritium, not lithium, okay?  I like new tech as much as anyone.  Give me a new PDA and I’m giddy for a month.  I love new technology.  The new mini iPods are killer sweet.  I like new technology that works.  And when it comes to the military, some does, some doesn’t.  I like the F-22… It works and it is so effective, it’s sick.  I like the new Joint Strike Fighter, it’s still getting developed but for the most part it works too.  These things are also what will give us what we need.  America banks on air superiority.  We have to have it.  Cause if we control the air, we can control the ground warfare in a conventional battle.   This is a lesson we learned in WW2 and we have dominated the skies ever since. (with some learning curve going on in Korea and Vietnam)  I’m down with that.  If we have to shell out extra bucks to make sure we have that then fine… that will save lives in the long run.  But useless bullshit that wastes our money and risks our soldiers lives – freak that noise.  I was a Grunt.  I’ll always be a Grunt.  And I look as some of this silly shit as not just a waste of money that could have been used to buy the grunts things like proper body armor, ammo for training, and the like… but I also see it as shit that can get grunts killed.   That’s what I don’t like.  A grunt doesn’t need a 35 pound weapon system with smart ammo if he can’t hustle to cover with it, or if he makes it to cover and lays the weapon to bear on the enemy and the electronics fritz out… because Murphy is alive and well in the US Army Infantry and anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.     My love and loyalty is with the guys on the ground that have to carry everything they need on there backs and the only thing between them and sudden painful death is their rifles and the men beside them.   So, that being said, freak the M-16, freak the Stryker, freak the Osprey, and freak the Starship Troopers wannabe Pentagon.

Email from Skylance:  “Hey, Just throwing a few comments/ideas/random thoughts over this way.  I just survived another move, this time to Milwaukee.  I'm renting a nice little old (stressed old) house up near the UW-M campus.  My new landlord at least didn't try to put any firearms forbidding into the contract as my old one did.  Not that I was trying to break rules, but, well, what they didn't know didn't hurt them, and protected me.  'Nuff said on those guys, Random noises to the west of me  told me that bringing my burglar alarm along was a good idea.  In fact, as funds allow, I will be upgrading to the Mossberg 590 Home Defense System.

I couldn't agree more with you on Michael Moore-on.  I seriously wish for nothing but the worst for him.  I know I shouldn't wish bad things on people,  but this alleged man uses blatant lies to try selling a political agenda.  You think that drawing and quartering is too much?  As I recently found that my website vanished from yahoo (I'm not too upset, I hadn't updated it in a few years, and everything was outdated anyways)  I was gong to recreate it, Part of it will be a collection of Ant-Moore information.

True facts, proof against hsi "facts" (lies) and links to other people's similar sites.  Michael Moore-on hates America.  He should go back to live with the rest of the socialists in France who seemed to like him so much.  Oh, by the way, at that film festival, the distinguished senator from MA's daughter showed up/off.  That's a hell of a picture to be circulating around the world.  See.  

I've been writing opinion pieces to several major papers throughout the country - New York, LA, Chicago, DC, Milwaukee, and the USA Today.

Apparently most are so f'd in the head that the "voice of the people" can only be heard if it echoes their liberal agenda.  Example, Chicago's Tribune has consistently run Bush-bashing op-eds, and rarely runs anything critical of F Kerry.  I know at least 5 people who have written in to the Libune there, on multiple occasions.  In fact, a friend submitted about 10 political ones along with one "fluff" piece and heard they were going to run with one of his articles.  He wrote back to say "which" and if it was the fluff then he'd rather it not go in, they criticized his integrity, he launched back at them.  New tactic - "encoded messages" - A liberal looking opinion, possibly Bush Bashing, however, there is a code to it, perhaps the 1st letters of the 1st word, or something.  At the very least, it will keep them on their toes.  Not to mention it would be funny as hell if they got duped to doing that, and mocked on Hannity or Rush or something.

I can't stand John Kerry.  I'm glad someone else came up with the 1984 reference besides me.  I read that book, and actually just recently picked up the DVD of the movie.  Now, one thing that drove me nuts two weeks ago was his attitude during the Reagan memorials.  Ok, first, we all know he took pride in the fact that he always voted against Reagan and conservatives, he never made a beef about that, and it was one of the only things he was consistent on.  The other two being voting against the military, and voting against George Bush.    Anyhow, he gives a nice little comment on Reagan the day after he died.  Nice, respectful, etc.  He's not going to use this for political gain, ok.  Then the Senate comes up with a resolution to honor Reagan.  It passed "unanimously" (98-0)  Something wrong here?  Yup, there are 100 Senators.  Missing were Max Bauccus (D-MT) and John Kerry (D-MA)  Kerry was to take the week off of campaigning, so he should have been around to do the job he was voted in to do (which he does about 60% of the time anyways - anyone else would be fired for that)  I can just see it now.  "I did not vote for that resolution!"  "I did not vote against that resolution!"  (medals/ribbons anyone?)  This doublespeaking numbnut should just go away.  another good site.  

Just think, $1 worth of latex would have spared us from both of these jackoffs.

On the more positive note, I convinced a once-liberal chick that there were errors in her way of thinking, Still haven't gotten her to fully support the death penalty, but I think such people as McVeigh and the scumbags responsible for the later terrorist actions have helped her see that the world would be better off without some people.  Gotten her to see the light on a few other issues too.  In fact, I've taken her to the range once already, and am planning another trip.  I am debating on what to start her off with.  If I should rent her a .22 pistol to just get the feel?  I think that a .45ACP might be overpowering at first.   That's a trip for next Saturday though, before my 4th of July luau.   Keep up the good work on the site, and good luck on the book. Skylance”

Now that is an excellent rant!  Okay… the .22 thing.  ALWAYS start a Newbie out with a .22 to teach them the basic shooting fundamentals.  

1500hrs:  SpaceShipOne.  I’ve been thinking of this great achievement that happened yesterday thanks to the creative talent and efforts of Burt Rutan and some guys that believed in him, and one brave pilot with stainless steel balls the size of Alaska’s untapped oil reserves.  This was truly remarkable.  This opens doors.  This validates everything I have said about NASA.  George Bush should take all of NASA’s budget and give it to Rutan and say here – get us to Mars.  And we would be there before we even realized it.  Rutan would send us back pictures of him on Mars pissing on the Mars Rovers.  The Space Program my Tyco RC.  Feh.  Who needs it.  Rutan could build another crazyass spaceship, but a guy in it that is just nuts enough to do it, and fly there.  And actually land there and not bounce around in a happyfunball.  The SS1 design is funky.  From the carrier to the ship its self.   I don’t know where he got the idea for it… but I swear I’ve seen it before.  In fact, I know I have.  Do you cats remember the old animated series “Star Blazers”?  It was one of the first animated series to come to the US from Japan to become popular…   I watched it when I was a kid… and I don’t remember it too clearly… but I do remember that good guys flew in a WW2 battleship out in space and they would fight off the badguy aliens who tried to stop them from reaching where ever it was they were going.  The badguy aliens had this torpedo bomber kinda things that carried one huge gigantic missle/bomb/torpedo under the centerline.  I don’t have any pictures of it, but when I first saw Rutan’s design, the first thought I had was “Star Blazers”.

I bet if I searched the net I could find pictures of it, but I’m not going to.  I’ve got to run to the store to buy some chicken.  If I want to have dinner tonight that is.    You see, Mrs. Ogre is teaching dancing a lot more these days.  She is even helping couch the highschool drill team.  She is getting back into her great shape that she had when we first got married.  I am very proud of her.  She is looking just smoking hot and I can’t keep my hands off her.    The price of this is that I have to cook a few more meals.  WORTH IT!  

Chicken George.  This is a dish that was a favorite of my Grandfather, George Clarkson.  He liked it so much, that’s why we call it Chicken George.  I’ll post the recipe maybe later if anyone is interested… but that’s what I am fixing.  I’m also going to go rent the Star Blazers movie and tonight I’m going to kick back, eat Chicken George, and watch Burt Rutan’s concept origination.  After that, I’m going to get back to working on my book. 

I’ve come up with something really creepy that I’m going to include… mixing some actual creepy history with my fiction… that’s what I’m doing in with the book, but in this case the real historical account is creepy enough as it is.  Let’s just say it involves the early Christian church and the south of France and a deathbed confession. 

A lot of guys are wondering just what it is I’m writing… expecting a lot of gun play and action.  That’s not really what I’m doing.  There is some action, but this isn’t an action story.  If I was to categorize it, it would be a Theological/Historical/Dramatic Fiction.  It’s different.  Those who have read parts have been excited about it.  I am. 

1300hrs: I’m not a fan of Britney Spears, but I feel sorry for her.  Read this story.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a celebrity.  I have known some celebrity figures and most people around them act cool enough… leave them alone… but this level of celebrity is crazy.  It’s unhealthy.  And for there to be 10 cops, 2 EMT crews, and a fire truck?  WTF guys?  That needs to be looking into by the department pencil necks.  No one needs to be swarmed like that.  My hell, I’ve been to the scenes of gunfights that didn’t get that much response and this is a run over foot?   I do, I feel sorry for her.  She has no life left to herself now, if this is typical of her world now.  Such a thing is unhealthy for a young person.  I also think it should be perfectly legal for a driver to run over photographers who get in front of cars preventing people from leaving.  These asshats are actually endangering the lives of the people they are taking the photos of.  While a car is held up because of these asshats, a stalker, psycho or jaded lover could come up in the crowd and unload a weapon into the car.  Of course the asshats would love that, and would have a photogasm over it.  Not that I have anything against photographers… its just the ones who swarm around people like flies on shit.  The Paparazzi.  Oh, one more thing… I think Spears sucks and has no talent and she is no better than stripper dancing on a pole. 

I didn’t know they were still on the air.  Let’s see, from a total lack of talent, poor business plans and management, a shrinking market, and thin market base (Libs don’t listen to talk radio) I’m very surprised that they are still operating.   

If this can be verified, this would be huge news.  Look for fast track ANWR development to be starting any day now if this is true.    This should have happened some time ago.  I could go on a nice long rant as to why I think we don’t need Saudi oil.  But I’ve done so many times over.  We are well overdue to sever all our ties there, and look for our own oil.  Let the Saudis choke on our dust.  Everything they have, they owe to us… and it’s our expertise that operates 80% of their own oil business.  Freak them.  We don’t need them.  There is oil here. In Alaska.  In Mexico.  In Texas.  Off our own shores.  In Central America.  In South America.  In places where they would be more than willing to sell us all the oil we could buy at much cheaper rates than the OPEC and their bullshit.

Email from a new Horde Member:  “Ogre!  Just happened across your blog.  Very entertaining read.   I'm a veteran of the 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment back in the days when it still was truly armoured cav.  These days they got my boys out running around in HMMV's!  WTF?  That's just plain dirt stupid!   I mean we have several thousand M-113's in storage in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia...  They've been there since the first Gulf war.  Now they're just sitting there collecting dust while our boys are riding into combat in freaking jeeps for christ's sake!  ...Like a bunch of Mogadishu technicals (wearing space nazi uniforms)...  Sure a 113 ain't going to stop everything that's thrown at it, but it'll still take a good bit more to punch through one of those than it does a HMMV.  I mean our boys are engaged in a gorilla war...  A gorilla war means ambushes.  Generally you know it's an ambush when rounds start coming your direction.  I think it might be better to have the guys be able to survive that initial surprise (or at least have a better chance to survive it).  At any rate, I jotted a letter to this effect to all of my congressmen and representatives asking them why our boys were being shipped into combat with nothing but canvas to protect them (I'm from Montana btw) especially since these resources are sitting there, in theater and only need to be handed out.  That was several months ago.  I've since received a reply from only one of them, Denny Rehberg.  Do you know what it said?  Nothing!  Other than a link to click if I wanted to send Rehberg another e-mail, there was no message.  I mean his staffer (I'm not much for delluding myself I know he didn't read it) didn't even have the common decency to cut and paste in some perfunctory, canned "Mr. Rehberg is glad to hear from one of his constituents" message before they shipped it off.  I noticed you mention owning a CZ52.  What's your take on that gun?  I have one it's one of my favorite shooters.  The only thing I don't like about it is the angle that the grip is attached seems to force the barrel downwards from the natural shooting position... other than that, it makes some impressive prairie dog puddles.  I also have an FN-FAL, that's a nice shooter!  Couldn't agree with you more on the M16.  It makes a half-decent little varmint rifle, but 5.56 is just too anemic to be usable in combat, then there's all the usability issues on top of that... and... as I stated before we have our boys riding around in soft skinned vehicles (hence 800+ casualties)... Just makes the whole thing even worse.   I mean look at Jessica Lynch's unit.  When they were hit, the majority of their rifles wouldn't even fire!  Of course that was a combination of factors.  First being that the M16 is a POS and second that some friggin idiot forgot what we learned the first time we were over there... Desert environment... CLP bad mojo!   Mix CLP with equal parts desert crud and you get glue.  Word from the front (I still keep some contacts with the regiment) is that a lot of our boys are picking up AK's to keep as a back up for when the 16's puke.  You gotta give the Ruskies that one.  An AK47 is a damned good rifle.  Throw it in the mud, run it over with a truck and it'll still send rounds down range.  (I got one of those too btw)  Well I guess I'm done bugging you for now, but I might comment later if I get another wild hair, or there happens to be a particularly cogent topic. –Glenn” 

You make some good points about the M-113 Gavin.  It’s a platform with lots of potential.  With engine and track upgrades, it could have been the new Stryker.  (BTW I can’t stand the Strykers)

The Gavins could have been upgraded and refitted as needed, and are just about PERECT for Iraq duty.  The RPG’s are a still a threat, but then again no more so than they are against the Strykers or HMMV’s.  The CZ-52.  One of these days I’d going to pick one up and put some money into it.  Have a gunsmith totally slick it up, put on good sights, and refinish it.  It’s such a solid pistol, and you can get them for so cheap… why not?  The round they fire is just amazing.  That round has so much potential that is never realized… I suspect that it is extremely accurate.  Most shooters and reloaders like to hop it up to 2000FPS and like concentrate on the speed.  But I suspect with some tweaking and out of the right gun, it would be ideal for knocking down steel rams.  I would love to get a 1911 platform chambered for 7.62X25.  That would be incredible.  With the velocity as it is already, it’s the most penetrative handgun caliber I have ever seen. 

Let the FEDs play with the FN Five-seveN and it’s AP round... for a hundred bucks and 6 bucks a box, I can do the same as the FN.   The round punches through like a pocket rifle shot. 

Yeah, the grip angle is odd.  But if it makes you shoot low – that’s not too bad.  As you know, in a firefight, if your missing low – you can see it and adjust your fire.  If your missing high, you don’t see it so you don’t know to adjust.  You just keep banging away till your empty.  

The CZ-52 for its faults remains one of my favorite handguns.  Because they are so slim you can even CCW them pretty easily

Ted Kennedy was recently spotted on the front page of Al Jazeera.  What was he doing there?  Bashing Bush, bashing America, motivating our enemy.  Who’s side is Kennedy on?  Is he pimping for the UN to appoint him King of America?  Remember when I said that I wished Mike Moore would have a massive freaking coronary and die slowly and painfully?  He’s number 2 on my wish list.  Ted Kennedy however is number one.  I hope that flabby bastard chokes and dies on a pretzel… or has a coronary while taking a shit.  He just needs to go away.

Now THIS is a rare gun find What do you think this pistol is worth?  To museums, collectors and historians… And here you thought a .45ACP Luger was worth a pretty penny.


June 21st, Monday, 2004: 1818hrs: Can we just give Castro a Sit-Com?  Cause he is funny as hell.  Especially since he doesn’t have the Soviets backing him up this time.  Since when is Bush saying he is going to attack Cuba?  Not that it is a bad idea, it’s just that no threats have been made.  And since when is Cuba able to stand up to the US?  Didn’t Saddam have like the 3rd largest standing army in the world?  They only lasted like, what, a hundred hours?  Come on, Cuba?  They wouldn’t last that long against our Coast Guard.  Not that we would even have to throw down.  All we would have to do is say “Hey, Knock off Castro and we’ll open trade doors to you.  Jobs, Money, Hollywood Celebrities will all be coming down to you within the week.  Just cap that bearded freaknozzle and raise the white flags.”  We wouldn’t even have to set foot on Cuban soil sand.  It would all be over before CNN could even break the story, and I could go down there and buy up some slick 1950’s cars and trucks.

About the lubed case idea… it’s not a lubed case.  Look at the NP3 finish.  It’s slick… doesn’t need oil.  I’m talking about that on the cartridge casing.  I just got off the horn with a certain ammunition maker and not only do they like the idea, they had it before.  The only reason they don’t do it already is money.  It would raise the cost of the ammo about 2 bucks a box.  For that reason, they are not doing it.  I can see where they are coming from.  But if I was buying premium top of the line ammo for self defense or for a tournament, I’d be willing to pay the extra jingle for it.  But probably not enough people would pay the extra money for it… Anyways.  Just a thought.  Oh, and for you naysayers… it does work so neener neener neener.

Email from Captain Russell:  “Ogre, You rock.  I saw the new Army uniforms and they didn't sit well with me. The velco annoyed me, I hate it in civilian clothes, I can't imagine why it'd be the only way to close pockets in military gear. *RIIIIIIIIP* thundering across the landscape isn't what I call 'stealth.' But you hit it on the head when you said "They look like something from a Sci-Fi Space Nazi movie." Change the color to brown, like the boots, and we can goosestep into the future!   Whatever. And the boots? Nothing says "I am going to plant this up your ass" like a nice, soft brown boots. Oops, I mean a gleaming polished black boot. Hiking I'd take the new ones, but the Army should look badass, not ready to take a easy 2 mile hike somewhere.  Mickey Moore is a big blowhard idiot. But no matter how offensive his odor, er, "movies" are, you are right, it is still his right to exercise free speech. Of course, I get to exercise my right of not seeing his turgid mess and believing his lies. And I can use my free speech and say he's a bloated turd. I just treat him as a national troll. GAZE. And to quote Emperor Misha "FOAD."  And thanks for posting my Doublethink email. That's twice now you've published my ramblings. I am starting to get a complex here! ;) Russell” 

Thanks for the email Russell… Field promotion to Captain, assigned to the Armored Cavalry.  Why?  Nice use of the word “turgid”.  Capt Russell has a nice little discussion forum that he uses as his blog.  

1330hrs: I was frying up some eggs for my breakfast this morning. I was impressed how the eggs just slid right off the pan and onto my super healthy whole wheat toast without butter thanks to the Teflon coating of the pan.
Then after I ate, I read a review of Para Ordinance’s new super-duper ultra powerful extractor that makes all other extractors on 1911’s obsolete. Not that I can ever remember any of my 1911s suffer from a failure to extract, I am sure that this new thing would just be that much better. Whatever. Color me unimpressed.
I got thinking of all the so called advances that have been hawked as wonderful advances for rifles and for pistols that we can’t live without… garden rake sized extractor claws, ejection ports big enough to launch a Polaris through… and these things do help some… but they are not solving the problem.
We are coating our bullets with Teflon and Moly and Nylon to reduce friction and fouling in the barrel and help feeding… and that’s fine and good. But how come no one has coated the brass casing?
If stuck cartridges are such a problem, why not make them so they don’t stick? If I can pan fry some roast beef hash and eggs (I lied about the toast, that was on the side with butter and strawberry jam thank you very much!) and have it all slide out without sticking… why can’t we expect the same thing from a cartridge case?
A Teflon (or other such) coating on the brass would help the weapon strip the round out of the magazine, up into the chamber, and seat it into full battery so much easier. Then after the round is fired and the pressure expands the brass so it pushes against the walls of the chamber, such a coating on the brass would be a great aid and would be more beneficial than an oversized extractor claw. Because you wouldn't need an oversize claw because the cartridge wouldn't be stuck.
So here we are... an open letter suggestion to Cor-Bon, Black Hills, Federal, Hornady, Georgia Arms, Aquila, Winchester, and all you other makers of ammunition: Coat the outsides of the cartridges with a Teflon, PTFE, Moly, or NP3 type coating, whatever you want... that gives the brass a non-stick, slick and smooth surface.  You can't do that to the chamber... the coating would just erode away... but you can treat the brass so you have a new coating with every shot.  Is it more important that my ammo doesn't stick or is it more important that my eggs don't stick?  

1000hrs:   Forgive my lack of posts today.  I’ve been working on some writings… Mak article and Book.  I’ve also been downloading free music from  Blues.  All blues. Like this one.  Download it and give it a listen.  That’s some good stuff right there.  So I’ve been typing and listening to the blues.

Last night, I did catch “Salem’s Lot”.  Went over to my In-Law’s joint and caught it on the big screen TV they have over there.  You know, I don’t care how scary a flick is… even on huge 72 inch screen… if you keep breaking the show down for the commercials, you just loose the whole creepy vibe.  So I am a bit disappointed.  As far as the acting goes, I guess it’s fine.  Donald Southerland’s character is very good.  But I like the vamps from the original movie better.  They were more disturbing… and the whole under the house thing… yeah… so this new TNT version is weak.  I’ll catch the end tonight, maybe.   

Iran is pulling some shit right now.  Reports have 4 Iranian battalions moved into offensive positions on the Iranian/Iraqi border, and now they have captured UK patrol boats.  It’s too early to what’s going on there from the limited credible reports I’ve seen, but it doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict a throwdown with Iran now.  This isn’t something we really want to do.  It’s not in our interests to do so… but we can’t let them just take our best friend’s warships.   Not when they are there helping us out. 

I’ve got a lot to talk about, but I’ve also got a lot to do right now, so I’ll have to cut this off here for a moment.

June 20th, Sunday, 2004: 0930hrs:  Happy Father’s Day!  Special note to my Dad:  Thank you for putting up with my shit all those years and not shooting me.  I love you. 

This is shocking!  Unbelievable!  The New York Times has ripped and roasted Clinton’s book.  They were not very kind about it either.  Not that Clinton deserves any kindness, but it is surprising that this negative review is actually coming out of the NYT.  Wouldn’t this be something printed in a more conservative rag?  Wouldn’t this be something best printed in “The Limbaugh Letter”?  Wow.  No, really, I’m surprised that this came out of New York.  I was under the impression that the NYT’s was Clinton’s own publicity service.  “…he cites "becoming a good person" as one of his life goals.”  See, that’s was his problem.  You either are or you are not, and I wish this could be a requirement for Office.  Fortunately the one we got in the Office right now, is.  At least I like to think so. 

Ray Bradbury, one of Science Fiction’s Founding Fathers is pissed off at Moore.  Seems he doesn’t like Moore’s use of his title name.  I think it is a fair argument.  I’ve see several people mix up the 451 with 911 now and Mr Bradbury has a right to be pissed.  Now the thing that took me off guard here was that I thought Bradbury kicked the bucket ages ago.  

Speaking of movies… I am looking forward to the new Batman flick.  With Bale in the Bat Suit and the “reinvention” of the story, there is a good possibility that this could actually be a dang good Batman flick.  At the same time, there is just as much potential for real disaster.  After all, we have had a lot of Batman lately.  A number of animated series and 3 or 4 movies and cat woman spinoff (that actually looks pretty hot BTW), maybe we have had enough of it?  Maybe.  Then again, maybe not.  Maybe we are just waiting for someone to do justice to one of my favorite super heroes.  Just one request.  Can we leave the nipples off the bat suit please?  What was up with that?  And if they put them on Bat Man and Robin’s, why not Alicia Silverstone’s Bat Girl’s?  And how come Alicia Silverstone hasn’t been in a movie that I’ve seen since? 

Christian Bale has some real talent.  If it is at all possible to revive Bat Man, Bale is the guy to do it.    The thing that gets me though is that Hollywood is willing to take chances on redoing movies that most of us are tired of, and they are not willing to take the chances on doing something really original.   I could spend all day naming damn good books that would make freaking amazingly good movies that Hollywood will never touch.   I blame the people who are doing all the greenlighting of the movie scripts.  We have the same old guys picking the same old movies.  This is getting silly.     

One original flick that has come out really has me wanting to see it.  “Dodgeball” looks to be extremely funny. 

June 19th, Saturday, 2004:  2000hrs:  Not only did I have a fun time shooting the Makarov, inspiration hit me and I had to hammer out some of the article.  Pretty much, I cranked out the whole thing.  I'm going to hold off posting it until after it comes out in Concealed Carry Magazine.  But here is a quote from it:

"She is wickedly accurate with this little pistol, so much so that I conceded firing for fear of being shown up!  She has fallen in love with this pistol, and this is a rare thing.  The only other gun she really liked was certain stainless 1911 .45 that I had.  She’s a .45 girl at heart, so this was a surprise.  She hated my last Soviet style handgun, a CZ-52.  I didn’t think she would take to this one at all.  My hopes came up when made a complaint about the sights.  While being adjustable target sights, or the knock off Russian equivalent of target sights, the front sight post is very small and gets “lost” visually.  Not that it is really lost, you know it’s there… somewhere… you just can’t see it.  It is kind of like a fun little game of “hide and seek”. This makes accurate shooting a challenge.  Especially when that problem is compounded with a trigger that feels like you are dragging a piano across a gravel road.  Okay, it’s not that bad, I am exaggerating.  A little.  Deveni still managed to pull off some impressive shooting with it, and so do most other Mak shooters.  So my hopes for recovering “dibs” on the gun were lost."

Not all was lost.  I did have some luck:

1400hrs: I caught an interview with Micky Asshat Moore on the news… I forget the name of the guy interviewing Moore.  What got me was the tone of the questions.  He said to more “I can’t believe you said that with a straight face”.  I laughed out loud.  That was classic.  As much as I totally despise that sack of shiat, here is the bottom line:

We have to support his right to make his films. 
We can hate him for his bullshit.  We can hate him for making a feature length campaign commercial during an election year.  We can hate him for the fact that he is still breathing and good men have died of heart attacks that were in better shape.  We can have an overwhelming desire to kick his flaccid ass all the way to Canada, taking the long road.  But we by virtue of our core beliefs have to back up his rights to make his films.

Hell, I’ll be the first to kick his ass, and he can film me doing it… because he is exercising (the only kind he gets) his first amendment rights.  The same rights that we have.  If we wanted to, we could turn around and make our own films.  With digital cameras and digital editing and the internet and relatively cheap DVD authoring… we really could do it.   If we stop him, then they could stop us.  Freedom of Speech is a two edged sword.

The sedition clause, after further reflection isn’t a good idea to touch.

Now hear me out.  If we were to push this onto Moore – they could push it onto us… on and all the other Pro-Second, defend ourselves, etc websites could all be shut down and the authors prosecuted for sedition.  Maybe not under this administration, but under a Kerry Administration?  Or a Hillary Clinton Administration?  You bet it could.  And the main stream media like CNNABCNBCCBS would only point fingers and say “Yeah, get’m!”    So as long as Moore is free to speak – so are we.  Without the threat of sedition… which is odd because is was by sedition that America came into being and it was one of the founding father’s who expected such sedition every 20 years or so.

Let me be honest.  I hate Moore.  I hope he has a massive freaking coronary and dies painfully and slowly and his body isn’t discovered for a week so his pets can gnaw on his greasy ass before they find him.  I really do.  And I don’t feel that way about very many individuals at all… so he is pretty unique in that regard.  Don’t go see his movies or rent them or do anything that shows Moore is even interesting.  Because he isn’t.  He is a political hack using free speech and film making has his vehicle…  and really he isn’t that politically motivated.  He is attacking Bush and Conservatives as a means only to become a celebrity and make a lot of money so he can eat imported cheeses with his bacon and sausages.      

The M3 Power razor thing by Gillette… Wow.  It works.  It actually freaking really works.  I was completely skeptical, but the damn thing actually does it.  But I don’t know how.  You just use it like a regular blade razor, and the thing is vibrating like an excited sex toy… but we you start shaving it gives you a damn good shave.  It's like a cross between a Mach III and a Norelco.  It’s weird.  Now, I shave my whole melon now and not just my cheeks.  (The only thing I don't shave is my goatee that I have had for years and years... since the day I got out of the service actually) Over the dome it didn't really feel any better, but after I showered and dried off and ran a hand over my globe... yup... smoother.  This little gimmicky thing seems to have actually given me a better shave, as advertised. And I was all prepared to lambaste the thing for being a marketing ploy.  But it works.  I'm pleasantly suprised.    

Check this out... Bronco weirdness.   For a good long portion of this morning I was out under chasis and hood of my Bronco swapping out fuel filters and oil filters and the oil and all that jazz… put in a quart of straight alcohol to get the water out of the tank… doing all this because my rig was choking out on me when I would go over 40 miles an hour.  Check this out.. while I drained the oil the oil on the bottom of the pan was this thick sludge shit that reminded me of a gigantic oil blood clot.  Solid black.  It was disgusting.  Well, after draining that shit out I refilled it with 4 quarts of Mobile 1 Truck & SUV synthetic, and 1 quart of 20W50… had to use a damn FRAM filter because out here in the middle of nowhere I couldn’t find a better one.  As soon as I can I’ll replace it with a Mobile 1 oil filter… I got about 500 miles before this filter goes into bypass, so I should be able to find one in time.  No worries.   Well, I’m happy to report that the truck is acting much more spry and I’m not getting that choking out thing.  I had it up to 55MPH and there was no sign of the weakness that that I had before.  Hell, I couldn’t even get it to 55 before.   Not sure what that clot thing was.  I mean it was like jello.  I’m not kidding.  I have NEVER seen that before coming out of an engine.  When is started coming out, the flow stopped from the drain and all the sudden it looked like the truck was defecating black jello.  Once that goo was out, it drained just fine, like normal.  Have any of you guys seen that before?  It was disturbing.    

Well, with a happy Bronco again, it’s time to run up into the mountains and do some shooting with this Makarov.   HASTA!




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