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December 2010

12-31-10:  Rugerís Gunsite Scout Rifle:  Before I go on, I have to set the tone from where I am coming from.  I donít like Ruger.  Iím being honest here, I just donít like Ruger.  Look up my past comments about Ruger and you can clearly see that I am no fan.  I like to bash on Ruger, because I think they are an easy target.  Now back to the subject.  Ruger and Gunsite basically took the Ruger Frontier Rifle and gave it a system to adjust the length of pull, gave it a detachable box magazine, Iron sights, and a flash suppressor.  Iíve mounted scopes on the Frontier in the Scout Configuration several times before.  I like the Frontier.  Itís the only centerfire rifle from Ruger that I have liked.  Now we have this Gunsite Scout.  I like the idea of the Scout, the magazine idea is good... the whole concept is good... however I think he execution is lacking.  For example, why would I spend the extra money for this Scout when I have the same thing in the Frontier?  Well, looking at the Website, I canít even find the Frontier there anymore... But the Scout is on the front page.  You could get the Frontier rifle in .300 WSM, a huge increase in Punch.  The Scout, however is available only in .308.  Not that itís a bad thing... .308 is just fine.  But a .300 WSM would be better.  Actually, the .270 WSM would have been a lot more suitable, but thatís another subject.  Okay, now letís get this done here... Iím not digging the execution of the Gunsite Scout.  The Flash Hider is cheap looking and ugly.  Ruger is putting that same thing on everything and they shouldnít put it on anything.  I like the M-16A2 style Flash Hider much better.  Or just not use any at all.  I donít like the Laminate Stock.  How about a simple synthetic stock?  Maybe one made of Kevlar?  The 10 round magazine seems to stick out too far for the capacity.  But thatís not a real problem.  Really there is no one thing that stands out as being too wrong, its just the sum of its parts that makes the Gunsite Scout off.  Not only that, it seems to be a bit too expensive for what it is.  Alternatives to the Ruger-Gunsite Scout are plenty.  I like the Ruger Frontier for example.  I also really like the Savage Scout... a rifle that has quietly been getting the job done for years now... the new version has also been upgraded to the AccuStock with itís superior bedding system.  It doesnít take a rocket scientist to make the estimation that the Savage will scalp the Ruger in accuracy... which for a bolt action rifle is hugely important.  How about the original scout rifles?  A classic lever action carbine?  In .30-30 or such, thatís a gun thatís been getting it done since the beginning.  If I was going to buy a new Scout Rifle right now... Iíd take the money for the Ruger Scout and spend that amount on the Savage Scout and the money I saved Iíd buy a good scope for it and then I'd have a rifle that was a flat out better shooter.  But thatís just me.  A lot of guys are really digging the Ruger but I question if they are really liking the Ruger, or just the Scout concept in general.

12-30-10:  One of the finest things in life, outside of friends and family... is a fine weapon.  A well crafted arm, made with skill and of good materials is a thing of beauty.  I think most of those who read would agree.  A good knife, probably the most useful... a well made pistol such as a 1911 is truly a wonderful thing... however, I think the pinnacle of the art comes in form of a Rifle.  Some would argue the import and grace of a military style weapon, such as an AR... but I say the pinnacle takes the form of a Hunting Rifle.  More elegant lines, a purity of form and function... and make no mistake, itís function is to kill.  A hunting rifle can deliver a powerful kill-shot at extended ranges making for an ethical and clean kill that is the goal of every hunter.  Every sportsman.  A hunting rifle is the culmination of centuries of hunting tradition combined with the most exacting of precision engineering for the sighting instrument.  And the Cost?  Nothing like what arms used to cost.  A fine weapon used to cost the soldier almost a years worth of wages or more.  It was important enough to them.  Now itís much cheaper.  A slight fraction.  DeBeers, the family that has been in control of the Diamond Trade has been so kind as to tell us how much we should spend on their little glittery bobbles.  How much should one spend on a Fine Weapon?   A solid and manageable figure...  How about the equivalent of 1 Pay Check?   For a Shotgun, Handgun, or Rifle... Every Man should have a fine weapon and One Pay Check is a good start.  
Of course, for a fine hunting rifle, that One Pay Check doesnít count on the Optics.  For a Scope, the rule of thumb is about what you paid for the Rifle.  That Rule of Thumb seems to work out quite well.  
Face it guys... what else are you going to spend your hard earned money on?  A little bitty glittery thing?
While on this Tradition Convention here... ďTwo Months Salary for the Rock.Ē  Fine.  We can do that.  How about a Dowry in return, for the Groom... a Fine Rifle of equal proportional expense?
I hear guys talk about how they canít afford a nice gun or a nice scope on their nice rifle so they settle for a cheaper one or they pass it up all together... Yet I have seen these same men spend as much on much more frivolous stuff of a more temporary nature.  Get your priorities straight, man!  

I have to mention the film True Grit again.  Yes, I think Jeff Bridges completely owned the role of Rooster and did a better job of it than The Duke.  He did.  And the girl... amazing performance.  Yet I continue to be haunted by a walk on character that doesnít get 2 minutes of screen time... The Bear Hat Man.  He haunts my nightmares... in my dark dreams of twisty roads covered in shadow, the Bear Hat Man rides out to offer his very special Medical Attention.   He is, without a doubt, the single most disturbing thing Iíve seen in 2010.  The Bear Hat Man.  A Perfect Model of the Stereotypical Mountain Man... which while probably no historically accurate... reminds us of who those people where... Educated, smart men... who spent waaay too much time away from civilization.  Now... do you need any... medical... attention...?

12-28-10:  I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as the Ogre Clan has had.  We enjoyed a peaceful day with our family and we can ask no more.  But everyone was well satisfied and spoiled.  
Possible threatening Nigerian Scam:
We the Central Intelligence Agency office Nigerian, has conluded
investigations on why you have not received your fund, for more details on how
to receive your fund, you are to send your Full Contact Details and your mobile
number. Regards Mr Richmond Andre
I didnít edit the email in any way.  I just wanted everyone to be aware that The Nigerian CIA might be conluding investigations on you.  I donít know if I should feel threatened or not. But Iím not to worried as Iím in tight with the Prince of Nigeria... heís sending me 50 millions dollar.  I might retire next week.   Gotta love Nigeria.
Some cat named Skragg101 did a great Slipstream review.  Check it out.

12-26-10:  True Grit.  Like the idea of a remake or not - this is a fantastic Western.  Top shelf flick.

Semi-Seventeens.  I just read about yet another attempt at making a semi-auto .17HMR rifle.  This time by Alexander Arms and itís an AR-15.  1200 bucks and it still fails.  The cases will blow out, the magazine will get blown out, the internals get damaged.  I am totally in love with the .17HMR as a round.  Itís fantastic.  Unfortunately, itís just not happening in a semi-auto.  Part of the problem is bolt speed.  Slamfires happen.  The other problem, rounds not fully seated in the chamber can be fired out of battery.  This is why the only real viable .17HMR guns are Single Shots, Levers, and Bolt Actions.   I have a little idea that would allow for the Semi-17 to be viable.  You see, semi-auto guns use the power of the cartridge to cycle the action.  Either the gas or the recoil.  This just isnt working in the .17HMR.  So how about we use an alternate power to allow a controlled cycle of the little round.  Electric driven to control the cycle speed.  Then electrically fired using a solenoid to release the traditional striker.  We use an electric driven system in our gatlings... itís proven to be workable and reliable.  Letís just take away the multiple barrels and simplify the drive system.  We control the speed of the cycle and with an electronic trigger, we have a great trigger.  Done right, we have superior accuracy with a reliable controlled cycle.

12-24-10:  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!   Guys... If you want to give a gift to the Ogre, help me out here.  Salt Lake has one more week of AAR...ARMED AMERICAN RADIO.  This Sunday...then no more....Please contact KNRS Program director Jeff Cochran at 801-908-1300.  Make sure to politely request that KNRS bring AAR over from KACP.  Make sure to leave a message on the recorder if they don't get directly through to Jeff.  BE POLITE!!  Now is the time!!!

12-23-10:  The day before Christmas Eve.  I had - had - to put something on Layaway at the gunshop.  I wanted a really accurate, hard hitting gun.  I wanted a 1911.  The question of which 1911 was a tough one.  For a production 1911, it comes down to three 1911 makers for me.
Springfield.  SIG.  Dan Wesson.  These guys are building amazing production guns.  Consistent quality, and better yet, they have the customer service and support that I like.  The Dan Wesson however, was out of the running.  Because I am looking for a more tactical oriented gun and Danny Boy doesnít do an black railed gun.  So between the two, I was looking at the Springfield TRP - way too expensive.  Itís out.  Springfield MC Operator.  Better.  Great gun, great price.  Thatís the option.  The SIG TacOps... black, railed, and a great price.  Thatís the option.  Okay, letís look at the features... Night Sights, Ambi Safety, full 5 inches... Checkering... wait a second.  Springfield as a wrap around Pachy rubber grip over a smooth front strap, and the SIG has actual cut checkering.  Win goes to the SIG there.  The Sights, both have them, but the SIG has a bigger dot, which is more visible... and in the dark, the SIG is brighter in the front.  Win goes to the SIG again.  The Springfield comes with a spare magazine.  The SIG comes with 4 mags.  Win goes to the SIG again.  Trigger pulls, feel, everything else being equal... and then the price for the SIG... BANG.  So I pulled the trigger on the SIG.  
This gun isnít really going to a carry gun at this point... I wanted some accuracy.  And SIG 1911ís are indeed accurate.  So Iím quite happy about that.  Can this gun become a Carry Gun?  A Duty Gun?  A Go-To SHTF gun?  I donít know.  We shall see.  This gun would require a great deal of shooting to see how it runs.  Because here is my theory, and you can argue this all you like, but I think that out of these Top Three Production 1911 makers - I think SIG is the #1.  I think the accuracy is going to be top shelf and I think the reliability is going to be, after some break in, very high.  I think break in is going to be about 200 rounds before it shoots the best with the reliability becoming consistent.
Iíve not shot a single round through it yet.  And before I do... Iím going to do something to it.  SLIPSTREAM.  I want this baby to run SMOOTH.  And with Slipstream, I know it will.

12-20-10:  Last nightís Armed American Radio was a great show.  One of the all time best nights of AAR.  Unfortunately for those in Salt Lake City, last night was the last you will hear.  KACP, ďFreedom 570Ē is changing formats.  Instead of all the great shows on AM570 in SLC, you will hear a simulcast of what that station owners are playing on their FM station.    So everything on that station is cut... including Armed American Radio.  Which means there is no Armed American Radio in Salt Lake City at all unless you are streaming it live or listening to it as a Pod Cast.  This is frustrating to be because this is Utah... Iím in Utah... and right now if you want to hear me in Utah your only option is AM 920 KVEL in Vernal.   Most of Utah is out of earshot of KVEL.  You can stream it from KVEL... but you canít turn your stereo to it.  
So I need some help.   
I need all my Readers, all of The Horde, to contact your favorite radio stations... to ask them to please pick up Armed American Radio.  And if you already have AAR - Please - Let them Know that you LOVE IT!   Send emails & make the phone call.  Call the radio station and ask to talk to the Program Director... Talk to them about AAR.  Leave a voice mail if you have to.  If they have never heard of AAR, they can pull the show off the satellites and listen up.  

Getting the Christmas List done:  Remember, Ammunition makes a fantastic gift.  For that matter, so does a new gun.  Canít get a gun?  Get them a cool new knife from Buck or Kershaw.  Made in America blades... put a good weapon in that stocking this year!  

12-13-10:    Email from Reader:  ďOgre I want to use Slipstream, but Iím such a fan of Militech.  What can I use both?Ē  Iím not sure why you would want to use Militech, but if you must... Yes you can use both.  Itís easy to combine them.  What you do with the Slipstream is to just simply let it settle.  The Nano Particles are heavy and will eventually settle in any carrier oil.  Just have a little patience.  Then using a medicine dropper, pull out the carrier oil on top.  Then replace the carrier oil with Your Favorite Gun Oil.  Give it a good shake to mix.  Presto - you have Slipstreamed Your Oil.  Now go Slipstream your guns.  Seriously, the magic sauce is the particulate matter, not the carrier oil.  We could put the slipstream into butter and it would be better than every other gun oil on the market.  Do what you like with it.  Because its chemically inert.  Itís not going to react with anything.  Which means its safe on anything, with anything... just make sure you get it in your guns.  Thatís what itís designed for.

The handgun Top Picks list raised a lot of questions.  So hopefully this irons it all out. 

Top Picks for Shotguns:

Pump Action: Remington 870 Tactical.

Semi Auto: Mossberg 930 SPX.

Over Under: Browning Cynergy Feather Synthetic.

Side By Side: Stoeger Deluxe Coach Gun.

Top Picks for Hunting Rifles:

Varminting: Savage 93R17 in .17HMR.

Small to Medium Game: Savage Model 10 Predator .22-250.

Medium to Large Game: Browning X-Bolt Hunter .25-06.

Large to Heavy Game: Remington 700 XCR 7mm Remington Magnum.

Dangerous Game: CZ 550 Safari .458 Win Mag.

Military / Sport Utility Rifles:

5.56mm: Crusader Templar.

7.62mm: Crusader Broadsword.

Top Pick for Muzzle Loaders:

In-Line: TC Pro-Hunter XT

Traditional: No selection... I'm not into that.

Top Picks for Holsters:

Leather: Adams Holsters.

Kydex: G-Code.

Top Picks for Ammunition:

Rifle Ammunition: Hornady SST for Ballistic Tipped rounds and Federal Fusions for soft points .

Handgun Ammunition: Winchester PDX1 for serious use, CCI Blazer Brass for FMJ Plinking.

Top Picks for Optics:

For a more Cost Effective rifle scope: Nikon Monarch.

For a Higher End rifle scope: Zeiss Rapid Z.

Entry Level Bino: Vortex Diamondback 10x42.

Mid Range Bino: Leupold Mojave 10x42.

High End Bino: Swarovski EL 10x42.

Top Picks for Production Knife Brands:

Folders: Buck.

Fixed: Ka-Bar / Becker.

Multi-Tool: Leatherman.

Top Automotive Picks:

Performance Car: The 2011 Mustang V-6.

Economy Car: Ford Fiesta.

Cross-Ute: Audi Q7

Sport Utility: Chevy Tahoe

Luxury: Cadillac CTS

Light Truck: Toyota Tacoma:

Medium Truck: Ford F-150 Raptor

Large Truck: Chevy Silverado 3500

12-12-10:   My my my... How far training has come:

Thank you Jeff Cooper!

I've been looking at a few new gun projects. One of them is a new Tactical Lever Action. I've decided that it is going to be a .357 magnum. Reason being for one is the cost of ammunition over a .45 Colt or even a .44 magnum, and the other is the flatter trajectory at gives good range and ďHittabilityĒ. I've also decided on a Winchester 92 action for the strength of the action thanks to the dual locking lugs that secures the bolt for firing. And for our purposes, the top ejecting action is an advantages as it's also top loading when you run the gun dry. That has it's appeal. The trade off is that I'm giving up the Marlin style side eject and the ability to mount an optic right where I want it. With the 92, it's forced into a Scout configuration, which is totally liveable since I'm again going to be using a Red Dot type optic. I want a heavier barrel for it, but I still want it shorter for faster handling.

The other gun project will be the 12 Gauge Sniper. I was going to do a Bolt Gun based on a Savage action, and I think I will eventually... but for this initial project I want it to be a pump action based on an 870 Super Magnum action. This one will be a Tactical Application type gun, but not a Tactical Shotgun per say... no extended feed tube here. I want the barrel to to be as free as it needs to be, so we'll use a short magazine. This is also going to be using a rifle scope. And I'm thinking a 3.5-10 Nikon Monarch BDC. Also, we'll use a Remington Sure-Shot thumb-hole stock as I like the feel of them and they handle recoil very well. The purpose is to deliver a whole lot of impact into a target with good accuracy, and to do it without getting into something like a .458 Win Mag... Ammo Cost is a consideration. Also, such a weapon can prove useful in areas where hunting is not allowed with a conventional rifle. That, and I think launching slugs is just plain fun as hell... and that is all that matters in the end.

The AA-12: We've seen this super duper uber shotgun on Future Weapon, in The Expendables, and in Predators, and I suspect we'll see a lot more of them in other movies and TV shows. Few things irritate me more than a Fad Gun. This AA-12 is basically the new SPAS-12. Bulky and Cumbersome... but it looks cool so it must be awesome, right? The AA-12 doesn't even look cool. It looks way too large. It might be light, but it's far too bulky. The 20 round drum is what makes it interesting. Unfortunately you can get that drum for a Siaga, so that doesn't make the AA-12 unique. The Siaga is also based on a proven platform; the AK-47. The AA-12? Not so much. People say an AK has poor sights. Well, the AK/Siaga has great sights compared to the AA-12. The AA-12's sights are afterthoughts. Gangly stick on appendages that look fragile and give a whole new appreciation to Height Over Bore issues. The top side charging handle has proven to be less than ideal on every other weapon system it's every been used on... so they put it on this one too. That's spiffy. So basically, we have a weapon that is all together wrong for just about every reason. So why is the AA-12 so cool? Because of those Grenade shells. The ones Richard ďWhisper TalkerĒ Mac talk about while holding it up to the camera... then the big guy in Expendables does it too... so that cements the rounds into the legend of the AA-12. Never mind you could shoot those out of an SLP or an M3, or an 870. So there it is... I think the AA-12 is a POS. I think it's one of the last guns I'd ever take for any mission. I think the think is horrible... it makes the SPAS-12 actually look good. I'd rather take a SPAS-12 over that thing any day. Really, for an auto-loader, I'd just take my 930SPX. It's simple. It's robust. It's proven. One of the problems that I have with the AA-12 is that the action is slow. The 930's action is a lot faster. I'd rather have the faster action. Now if I wanted a super fast action, I'd build a tactical gun based on an SX3 platform. If I wanted a POS I'd build it slow, huge, bulky, and all around awkward... I'd design the AA-12.

12-11-10:  Utah is looking at making the 1911 .45 the official State Gun.  Well, according to KSL.comís report it is going to the Legislature.  2011 is the 100th Year Anniversary, so itís fitting.  That makes THIS CHRISTMAS the PERFECT TIME to buy a 1911 .45 for that Special Someone.  Yes, really good 1911ís are spendy.  However you can get a really good GI style 1911 for 499... an Auto Ordinance.  Not a bad maker of 1911ís... certainly not the best, but they do make a good functional 1911 that would make anyone smile Christmas Morning.  One I also like quite a bit is the American Tacticalís little GI Commander for 449.99... canít beat that at all.  ATIís build quality is shockingly good for the money.  I want one!  You can put that under the tree and make someone very well pleased.   The Springfield GI Milspec has gone up in price due to popularity, and there is a very good reason for that popularity... Springfield builds fantastic 1911ís.  
Iíve had emails asking about why SIG 1911ís didnít make my list... Specifically my C3 which I wrote glowing reviews on.  It almost made it.  With 185 or 200 gain loads, reliability was great.  However with 230 grain loads, reliability was questionable... that kept it off the list.  Reliability has to be good across the board, not with stipulations.  Accuracy was always fantastic with all ammo.

Kimber 1911ís, Iíve fallen out of love with.  And not because of the guns.  The Company has turned me off of them.  The Quality Control was one thing and the Customer Service was another.  If I see waves in the barrel just in front of the Chamber, and I call in saying ďHeyĒ about it... Donít blow me off saying it wont effect Accuracy!  Fix the problem.  Address the complaint to make me a happy customer, not to just try to get me off the phone.  Iíve also seen a lot of Kimbers FAIL in Crusader pistol courses.  More times than they should have.  So, no... Iím not such a fan anymore.
Springfield on the other hand - those guys bend over backwards to make you happy with your Springfield Gun.  So I am much more inclined to spend my dollars on a Springfield.  Because they are just flat out the better company to deal with as a dealer, customer, past customer or future customer.   And then they have the TRP handguns... which... well... just shoot one.     

12-10-10:  So Which one?  The question of the Number 1ís came in shortly after my Picks were preceded with the word ďNominationsĒ.  Fair question.  And a hard question... There are so many good ones.  But if I was to pick just one for each category, alright... Iíll pick them.  Iíll do this.
Duty/Open Carry:  SIG P220.
CCW/Duty:  Glock 23.
CCW/Backup:  Kahr PM9.

I donít get Obama.  Says that we have to pass this bill and it will create millions of jobs.  Then in the same interview, only moments later, he says it wont create any jobs.   Tired of the Political Bullshit from the Commander and Chief.  Iím betting that he wont even get his party nomination for the next election.  I bet he loses in his own partyís primaries.  

12-7-10:  Time to Update My Pick List:  Iíve not done this in some time.  These picks reflect my current tastes in handguns as these have altered over the last couple years.  Mainly due to an increased amount of tactical training Iíve done and seeing a greater number of guns come and go, fail or achieve.  My tastes have changed more for the simplistic and more for unquestionable reliability.  One thing youíll notice is of course the inclusion of Glock pistols.  As Hordemembers have come to understand, Iíve gotten over my biggoty against Glock.  In fact, my most frequent carry gun is a Glock 23 RTF2.    The other thing is that Iím heavy on SIG pistols and S&W M&Pís.  Iím not going to apologize for that...  I have always been a huge fan of SIG and I always will.  SIG is one of the 3 companies that I would Bet My Life On.  The other two being Glock and HK.  Meaning, I pick up a gun, out of the box and stake my life on it... right out of the box.  Itís going to be those three companies and nothing else.  Yes, they are all German. (Austria is really more of a Suburb or Germania so I give them an inclusion there) and yes they are all black and sinister.  I also prefer Porsche, Audi and BMW when it comes to automotive performance, but thatís a whole other rant.  The Smith M&P series that Iíve included in several places on the list got there the good old fashioned way... Smith really hit a home run with the M&P series, not just in the Autos but also with their Revolvers.  A Department can buy a bunch of M&Pís and with the different backstraps, fit everyone better than any other one single pistol option out there - with perhaps the HK P30 being better, but also being half again as much money or more.  This gives a Department or a Person an easy No Question pinch hitter.  The Ergos and the Reliability really shine in a package that actually Looks Cool.  Quite an accomplishment.
You also might notice that I have very few 1911ís on the list and those that I did pick are very specific.  Iíve seen too many 1911ís break down on the range during courses to really give them a broad sweep of acceptance.  The first 1911 on the list was also almost the last 1911 on the list.  
I broke the categories down into 3 areas. And I didnít try to shoehorn everything into groups of 10.  Because 10 is just an arbitrary number and easy package size... that and Iím not David Letterman.    
The nominations for Duty/Open Carry:
Springfield XDM 3.8 .40.
S&W M&P .40, .45.  & the .45 Compact.
H&K HK45 & HK45 Compact.
SIG P220.
Springfield TRP.
Glock 22.  (Pick Your Generation)
The nominations for CCW Duty:
Glock 23/19
SIG P220 Compact.
Dan Wesson V-Bob.
SIG P229.
SIG P239.
H&K P30 (9 or .40)
S&W Nightguard or M&P Revolver.. (Pick Your Caliber)
Detonics Combat Master.
S&W M&P Compact
The nominations for CCW Backup:
SIG 232
Kahr Arms PM9, MK40
Glock 26/27
Kahr P380
S&W Bodyguard .380
NAA Mini-Revolver .22 Magnum
Kel-Tec P3AT

Letís write a quick note to SPRINGFIELD ARMORY:  I love your 1911ís.  In fact, as I type this, there is one on my hip.  But you havenít built me the gun that I really want.  I want a Commander length gun with an Officer length grip.  I want 24/7 Big Dot Night Sights.  I want the gun to be completely and utterly reliable. I want a nice Melt Job.  Short controls, nothing protruding.  Alumagrips.  And I want it in a 10mm.  

12-4-10:  Today was the 18th Anniversary for my wife and I.  In that 18 years, weíve had ups and downs.  Laughs, tears.  We have a home and six amazing Sons.  And not only do I still love her, I love her so much more now.
Part of the Dec 4th Tradition is that we go get a Christmas Tree.  Normally we just buy one.  But man are they expensive this year.  So instead of buying one, we got a Permit to go cut our own in the forest.  So we threw the kids in the truck and an axe, and we headed up the mountain.
We found the tree we wanted.  But instead of using the axe, I pulled out one of my Remington 870 Tactical Shotguns.  The one fitted with a breaching choke.  So I pumped in a shell, placed the muzzle against the base of the tree, and fired.  A second shot felled the tree nicely.   It took about 1.5 seconds.   You canít pay for a tree that fast.
Donít even try to tell me a Shotgun isnít Versatile.  
I have a new December 4th Tradition.  

12-3-10:  Your Gun Sucks:  Iíve talked about the good points in a lot of guns... other gun writers talk about the good points in guns... You always hear about the Ups and never about the Downs.  Iím going to throw down what I hate about all the most popular guns. 

Glocks:  The grip angle is still an issue to most people who are not used to them, but you can with just a couple magazines worth of shooting get used to it.  But thatís not my issue.  My issue is the retarded finger grooves they are putting on them. Look at all the other new guns coming out, none of them have finger grooves.  Finger Grooves on a new gun are like clothes from the 70ís.  Out of style and uncomfortable to even look at.  Glock should have done to the grips like what MagPul did with the MIAD grip.  Give you some simple panel inserts so you can have grooves or whatever backstrap you want.  I hate those grooves!  

S&W M&P:  I hate the 9/40 series lack of a Mid-Size.  You have a Service size then the Sub Compact.  I want a Middle Sized gun.  The equivalent of a Glock 23/19.  Smith doesnít have it in the 9/40.  What they do have is that ďCompactĒ size that I want in a .45, but then they donít have a .45 in a Sub-Compact.  Come on.  Also, your M&P trigger sucks if you still have the factory stock trigger.  And you probably do.  So your trigger sucks.  If you want a good trigger, you have to go After-Market to Ajax Tactical.  This is spiffy that some guys outside of Smith that I never heard of before the M&Pís figured out how to do a good Swampy Trigger, but Smith canít. 

XDís.  The M version of the .45 is a great gun, but if I already have the regular XD, why do I need to upgrade to the M?  There is no Capacity Increase.  The trigger really isnít all that great save for the fact that you donít have to dry fire it to strip the gun... But thatís not a reason to upgrade to the more expensive new gun. The trigger is actually fairly mushy in my opinion.  The bore axis is also pretty high, like a SIG, when there is no reason that it needs to be.  And the regular XD has the same sort of barrel so you canít claim the barrel is better in the M.  The XD was an ugly gun from the start, back when it was called an HS2000... and further back when it was called the Hot Shot 2000.  The M puts some Lipstick on it, but then screws up the Grip.  The new texture of the Mís grip is no help to anyone.  It gives it some nice lines, but feels horrible.  Like a girl thatís too skinny, she might look nice but when you start loving her up all you feel is bones.  I donít know about you, but I never looked a skeleton and thought, ďYeah Baby.Ē  The XDMís grip needs some meat on it... and by meat I mean some texture that you can actually hold on to... because the Mís texture is actually fairly slippery.  This is an easy fix with a wood-burner or soldering iron to stipple the grip frame, but I shouldnít have to.  Stipple it there at the factory and call it good.  I donít need cool patterns on the grip - I need grip on the grip.  

CZ.  Yeah, I like CZís... love them... but how come I have to put 1000 rounds through them before the trigger gets decent?  Come on.  You have a high quality gun, well built, but they come with Soviet Era trigger pulls.  Pulling a new CZ trigger is like accelerating in a car with a clogged fuel filter.  The DA pulls are poor to be quiet honest and the Single Action pulls are not much better.  Is it too much to ask for a little moment taken to polish the trigger to give it something decent out of the box?  Plastic Guide Rods.  Seriously? Drop a few more coins and throw in Stainless ones.  Wont cost all the much more. 

Ruger LCP.  I donít care if itís a Pocket Gun, it needs sights.  The LCPís sights are useless.  People are paying 200 bucks or more to get a Crimson Trace LaserGuard installed just so they can aim the thing.  If itís a defensive pistol, give it a Tritium Front Sight.  That and your a freaking P3AT rip off... Couldn't you come up with your own design? 

Kimber:  Your Quality control sucks.  Your Customer Service sucks.  And your Reliability sucks.  Iíve had guns from 4 years ago... run great.  Newer guns... Iíve not had a single one come through a handgun class that didnít have problems.  Guns that are supposed to be for serious use that canít run after a hundred rounds worth of fouling?  Thatís useless.  And slippery coatings where you are supposed grip the slide?  I shouldnít have Students breaking out GRIP TAPE to stick on their 1200 dollar pistols just so they can rack the slide.  When a customer and his dealer calls in because their are Wavy Lines inside is new gun, donít dismiss it and say it wont effect accuracy.  And only ONE magazine?  Thatís not cool.  You can afford to throw in a couple more magazines.  I tell you what, you throw in 2 Spare Magazines and I can forgive the Plastic Mainspring Housing.  You know what?  Never mind, Iím buying Springfield.  Those guys know what they are doing and know how to treat their customers.  

Kahr:   Can you make your Slide Release Lever any sharper?  I love your guns, I really do.  But your huge Slide Release Leverís sharp lever is no help to anyone.  Glock has a tiny one, and itís not sharp.  Take a look at that for a minute and then look at the Kahrís lever.  Iíve seen it draw blood before.  Put an angle on the lever, then radius the edges.  How hard can that be?  Probably easier than making it huge and boxy and sharp.  I mean, who did you hire to engineer that part?  It reminds me of my favorite Kipper Snacks can... you pull the tab to open the lid, but you canít open it too much or you risk pulling the lid all the way off... if you do that, the curled sharp edge is coiled to strike like a scorpion and will flick back and snap your hand giving you a nasty cut that is spiced with Hot Sauce.  If you donít pull it back enough, tender juicy meat is trapped under the lid you didnít pull back far enough.  Its just frustration in a can.   Like the Kahr.  You get a good solid grip on it, that lever jabs at your thumb, trying to stab you.  If you alter your grip, you have to relearn a whole knew grip just for this gun.   Is it too much to ask to not be stabbed?

Almost any .38 Special:  Why?  That little 1/16th of an inch of a difference in chambering and you can have a .357 magnum.  Why not make all your .38ís a .357 and allow the customer the option of shooting either round as he or she wishes?  I can see limitation on fragile guns that are less substantial than water pistols such as the Ruger LCR... but any metal framed .38 should just be a .357 right off the bat.  

12-2-10: Sometimes my job is very satisfying.  A recent gun sale highlights why, in a nutshell.  A young boy that is going to be able to hunt next season...  This kid saved his money for the last 3 years.  Birthday money instead of gifts... all his allowance... nickles and dimes he stashed them away.  3 years.  Finally has enough cash.  So Mom and Dad bring him in and heís able to pick out his first rifle.  What a special moment for that boy.  And it was my honor to be a part of that.   Words just canít express how cool that was.
Back in March I was... a jackass to a friend of mine.  I want to apologize to him.  Mitch at AM Computers.  I was harsh and said some stupid things.  I was unfair... I was wrong.  Mitch, Iím sorry.  Not only that, but I retract everything I said.  



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