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Sep 16th, Thursday, 2004: 2230hrs:  Curious.  I got home from school this evening and I found a UPS delivery attempt notice.  Adult Signature Required, from Kel-Tec.  What’s this?  I was thinking that maybe due to the storms and Kel Tec being down there in The South, when I shipped the P3AT to them, it was returned to them… then I remembered something.  I shipped it FED-EX, and tracking shows that it was delivered and signed for by “R.TRENN”. (I absolutely LOVE Fed-Ex!)   So this package didn’t bounce back or anything.  Whatever this package is… I’m baffled.  This UPS package was sent overnight express and evidently came exactly 2 minutes after I walked out the door, because I remember passing the big brown truck at the end of my block.   Aarrgh!   I HATE THIS!!!!

Worse thing you can do to me – is send me something, show me the tracking number and tell me that it’s on the way – but then not tell me what it is.  Aarrgh I hate that!   This is why I hate Christmas.   I can’t stand it.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Wait a second.  My review of the Kel-Tec P3AT wasn’t exactly the most glowing of reviews… This is probably some official letter from Kel-Tec’s lawyers demanding I retract my article and never touch or mention Kel-Tec ever again in print or on the internet, and I owe them 2.5 Million in damages.   Ha!  Too late!  Wait… no… for legal shit they send that via US Postal Registered-Certified Mail… so this isn’t from an attorney.   WTF could it be?  Maybe just a T-shirt or a Catalog or something… but why send that via Overnight Express?   Man, I have no idea what this is about.  This is driving me nuts.  Best not to think about this…  I’ll think about something different.

Interesting little conspiracy theory over hereI don’t see the point of the effort.  They have some good things, but they don’t put out any theory.  Now, if Flight 77 didn’t hit the Pentagon and something else did… Where is Flight 77?  Here is the counter argument.  I get some interesting emails, don’t I?  (Thanks, I already have links to BFRO)

I was going to order some off road lights… Not that I have any money for fixing up my Bronco, but I found some killer lights for only 12.99.  Rock guards and everything.  Ah, cool.  Oh, wait… 3 bucks for shipping.  15.99.  Well, that’s not so bad… okay… Oh wait… 6 bucks for “handling”. So including sales tax that they hit me with, these lights are over 22 bucks.  So much for cheap off road lights.  I’ll pass. For that much I can buy come locally.   

New Jeep coming out maybe Jeep Rescue.  Looking at it… I like it.  I hate the interior… but over all, I have to say I like the looks.  Just a question though for Chrysler Jeep – If you cats want to build a Land Rover Discovery… why don’t you just build one?

Taken to task:  “In your review of the movie, you did not fail to mention the only cool part about the movie being Milla, but you forgot the other really cool thing about Milla Jovovich, she's pro-gun. – Morgan”  Point taken.  I’m looking forward to “Ultraviolet” big time.  When that flick comes out, ten to one says she gets compared to Kate Beckinsale.  And I don’t think that’s a fair comparison at all.  Milla would kick Kate’s ass so hard, it wouldn’t even be funny.  But I would watch that on pay per view!  Let’s look at some comparisons between the two chickybabes… see who kicks the most ass:

Kate Beckinsale:

She starts out playing cute, delicate, morsel type rolls… Hero in “Much Ado About Nothing”.   Did some shitty flicks and then became the nurse love interest in “Pearl Harbor” with Mr. Gigli.  Very “soft” rolls… then she hits Underworld and Van Helsing… and evidently is on the roster for Underworld 2.    Hmmm… Not bad.  I guess.

Milla Jovovich:

Starts out in “Return to the Blue Lagoon”… Okay… she starts out sexy.  That’s cool.  Then she does some goofy stuff in “Dazed and Confused”. Never seen it, but I’m told it’s quite popular for some reason I’m too old to fathom.   Fifth Element with Bruce… Does she play with guns in that one?  I don’t remember… she just looks tasty wearing orange straps and kicking ass in a weird space-foo style.  Then she nails it big with “The Messenger” where she is just outrageously ferocious.  She does a western (or so it’s called) titled “The Claim”.  Don’t know it… I’ve not seen it, but she wears a dress so I am curious.  Zoolander does not count.  Resident Evil, and then RE-2.  Hmmm…

Looks like Milla kicks twice as much ass, if not more, than Kate. I’m not saying anything against Kate… no…  She is lovely.  But Milla?  Hell, Milla could be of The Horde.

WTF did Kel-Tec send me?  Aaarrrggh!!!!

1100hrs:  Okay, my head is about to just fucking explode over here.  I’ve got to wrap my head in duct-tape to keep my skull from bursting open and splattering my brains all over my keyboard!   THE DOCUMENTS – they are so fake as to be laughable.  I’ve said that I don’t care… and I don’t  I don’t care about the damn documents.  But I do care about how so many people are taking them seriously.  And when I say so many people – I’m talking about those who would vote Democrat and believe this memo to be valid.  The total lack of intellectual effort or the flat out choice to disregard the truth is what bothers me.  This is what pisses me slam the fuck off so hard, I’ve got a veins on my forehead that is looking like something from ScannersThe documents are flat out fake.  And if they are fake – then the charges put forth in the documents are total and utter bullshit.  Dan Rather’s demand that Bush answer to charges put forth in these documents is asinine.   Les Jones has been all over this story like white on rice. Check his stuff out.  CBS has put as big of a torpedo into Kerry’s side as the Swiftboat Vets did.  For that – hell… More Power to Dan Rather!  He’s killing CBS, he’s making the jackasses (the Democrats) look like the big stinking jerks that they are.   
They say ”The Enemy of your Enemy is your Friend”.  In this case, that’s true.

GO DAN RATHER!  YEAH!   You keep up on this “Coverage”! You lousy sack of shit.  You keep digging the hole for the Democrats and we will be standing by ready to fill it in – with you still in it.

Email of the Day:  “Dear Ogre, Its been some time since I wrote you (asking the initial motorcycle question back on May 5th that resulted in your current love affair with the Kawasaki KLR-650).  Rest assured, I’ve been checking your site about 2 or 3 times daily. Check out for the current Electoral College vote prediction based on the most up to date poll numbers. This whole election is shaping up to be, like I’ve been predicting for months, a bloodbath for the Democrats.  My wife and I were hypothesizing yesterday that Kerry's increasing unlikeability across the country might have severe ramifications for Democrats all the way down to local election levels. For example, imagine House, Senate, State, and local Dems losing a significant portion of their normal vote due to the fact that everyday voting Democrats are so demoralized or disinterested to muster up the energy to go vote at all.  The opposite would be true of all Republican candidates due to a buoyed effect of conservatives highly enthusiastic about Bush.   It could be truly a disastrous year for Democrats.  Here's why:

The polls taken in other races (34 seats in the Senate, for example, where predicts a Republican majority gain of one seat, to 51-48-1) do not have the indirect effect of the Presidential race factored in to them by any means.  That is to say, if you ask a South Dakotan who he/she will vote for in the Senate race, they may answer Daschle, which adds to his standing in the polls, however, if this voter has no confidence in or support for Kerry in the Presidential race (which appears to be a growing national trend), they will be more likely to stay home on November 2nd.  So the poll number in this non-Presidential race has now been artificially elevated. In other words, Kerry’s decreasing standing in the public’s eyes is having a depressive effect on all Democrat’s election chances.  This depressive effect is not reflected in the polls.  I guess this is what happens when you put the most liberal candidate possible up for Presidential election at a time when there is a massive silent conservative revolution occurring nationally.  

Ogre, this election will not be won by a changing of anyone’s mind at this point.  But a deathblow to the Democrats can be dealt if all of us Conservative folk get as many of our like-minded friends to vote as possible.  No mercy for the weak. As Gordon Gecko said, “Rip their throats out!  Stuff ‘em in your trash compactors!”


Email:I'm using Mozilla Firefox.  Love it. Loads faster than IE. Considering that I have cable, sometimes the wait to download a page was interminable. Finally got fed up enough to switch.

Interestingly, my email works better with Firefox too.  Example is this email. Before when I would click on the contact line for a site, IE multiple blank pages and lock up my computer. Really blows.  Now, my email pops up and I'm ready to go. Just show the problem with a monolithic organizition that doesn't care about it's  product.   Ray”   I hate to say I told you so…


0830hrs:  Heinz Kerry… Every time she opens her mouth, something horrible comes out.  I think this is pretty much a good clue as to her true nature… who she really is… and who her Husband in.  Come on Democrats, do you really want this cast iron bitch to be the First Lady?  Come on.  She is an awful person.

Gotta love that Congressional 4 grand a year pay raise they got automatically yesterday.  Don’t get me started.  I think Congress should have Term Limits, and a 2 grand a month salary with some allowances… They seem to have forgotten the term “Public Servants”.  Asshats every one of them. 

Horde Air Force Commander Martin’s idea of Party Balloons.   

CBS is a 527 org?  Is this true?  If so, that’s not surprising.  But what is, is that they have the audacity to continue calling their News “news”.  If you are on the record for being biased… you can’t act like you are fair and balanced.  Drudge and Fox are fair and balanced.  That’s about it.

I have more to talk about... just not the time at this moment.  Check back later... after lunch I guess.

Sep 15th, Wednesday, 2004: 0930hrs:  Guess what is actually SAVING the lives of US Flight Crews? The GBA.  Don’t know what that is?  Nintendo’s Game Boy Advanced.  It’s actually saving the lives of our guys and helping kill the enemy.  No shit.  Can we get some of these made in titanium with a parkerized olive drab finish?

Mozilla has released version 1.7.3 now.  Not a big deal… it’s just that they made some improvements to everything… tweaks, corrections, fixes, anything that that can do to make it better.  See, this is one of the things that make Mozilla so damn good.  They are constantly working on it.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer just isn’t getting any improvements and all they can do is release patches to fix the security holes.  (Think of the US-Mexico Border) And while they do that, IE isn’t getting better Mozilla is.  Mozilla is kicking IE’s ass so hard now, it’s not even funny. Pages render faster, and everything just works better.  Better features and controls. With the Pop-Up Blocker combined with my Norton’s Ad Blocking… It lets you actually enjoy the internet.  Last night I had to use IE on a University computer.  No ad blocking, no pop up blocking.  It was disgusting.  I hated it.  I’ll never go back – YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!  You’ll never take me alive!    Use Mozilla… Love Mozilla… Support & Mozilla!   Mozilla loves you, man!  

I’ve got an idea to help ease the USA’s burdens… Social Security, Health Care, Energy, Pollution, Zombie Attacks.  The solution is easy.  We put old people to sleep at the age of 80, dry the bodies out and burn them like cord wood to fire up our power plants.  Not just old people, but all the dead.  Not only this, but the families will no longer have to pay for spendy funerals and will instead get a nice credit on their energy bills.   (Like 20 bucks or something)  Death Row Inmates just get fed straight into the furnaces.  Not just people… but all the animals at the animal shelters that don’t get adopted.   This will reduce the stress on the Social Security system… open up beds at the hospitals and reduce strain there.  Reduces the number of the elderly that are driving.  Makes more real-estate available in places like Florida.  It gives purpose to the lives of the French… they burn brighter.  Dried out people are a clean burning, renewable energy source!  And best of all, no more Zombie/Mummy Attacks!

A damn good question:Ogrish One, will there be any new additions to the Ogre arsenal now that the corrupt and ineffective assault weapons ban has finally expired? Steve”   

A good and proper question.  Probably not for awhile since I am back at school at the local university and money is squeaky tight. But should I find a windfall, or roll someone for their wallet, there are a couple items I’ve been considering.  An Uzi with a folding stock.  A Beretta Storm/Elite II combination.  Vepr K with a folding stock.  I’m not sure.  But pontification of this matter over a Cold One is a pleasure worth savoring.  I might even consider *don’t panic* an AR-15 type weapon.  You see, Robinson Armaments has new AR type gun that isn’t quite an AR.  They fixed up all the AR’s bullshit and leave it an actual viable weapon.  Then again it’s still in 5.56MM and that remains a downside.  If I could get that in 7.62X39MM, then that would be something.   

One of the upsides to the death of the AWB isn’t just folding stocks and high cap mags… It’s that we are now going to be able to see some cool new rifles come in from all over the place.  Galils, Tavors maybe (I HOPE!) and things like that. 

BTW, for those that keep asking – the cool Bullpup rifles used in Resident Evil 2 – those were Tavors.  

Today is HELL DAY here at Horde HQ.  I’ve got 2 chapters to read before tonight, a paper to hammer out, Scouts for my twins, and then Scouts for my oldest, and then Football for my oldest while at the same time Mrs. Ogre is teaching Dancing and I’m having to be on Campus.  Well, tonight there is going to be some help.  Ogre has a maid now.  One of the Missus’ dancers.  A blonde with long hair…  So on top of everything I have to do today, I’ve got to clean up the house, light some candles, shave and shower…  my day is just... stacked.


Sep 14th, Tuesday, 2004: 1500hrs: Lets see a show of hands… Who thinks missing an appointment for a medical examine is not as big of a deal as crying like a baby and lying about how he got a sliver so he could get a Purple Heart about it?

Who thinks getting your flight status revoked because you missed a checkup is worse than burning villages and committing war crimes?   No, I’m not accusing Kerry of committing them (because I think he’s a fucking liar and never did it) since Kerry himself testified before congress saying that he did that. 

Man, the more I think about Kerry, the more and more I can not stand him.  I can not tolerate him.  I don’t care who becomes President, as long as it is not John F’ing Kerry.  ANYONE BUT KERRY!

This link was sent to us by Commander Martin of the Horde Air Force: Kerrygan.  That’s pretty damn clever right there… but the rest of the site is just as good.

Of the responses I’ve had so far about “Ogre’s Horde CLP version 1.1” the responses have been pretty much all positive.  12 responses by those who have tried it: 8 “Like it A Lot”, and they are going to be using it after they use up their other stuff.  1 “Love it” and he is using it now instead of his Rem-Oil. 2 “Pretty Good” But would rather pay more for Breakfree CLP.  1 “The stuff is shit and not as good as Breakfree CLP” and isn’t going to use it… unless he runs out of Breakfree.   Uh, I never said it was better than Breakfree… I just said it’s cheap and easy to make and better than Ed’s Red – in my opinion.

Lunch for today:  2 tins of Brunswick Seafood Snacks in Louisiana Hot Sauce, 1 Nectarine, 1 can of Slim Fast, and one can of Mello Yellow.   Next time I think I’ll cut back and leave out the Slim Fast.   Good news healthwise.  2 weeks ago I checked my blood pressure.   100/50 at 80BPM.  I was feeling like SHIT.  Had a hard time staying awake, migraines, no energy.  I even had a black out.  Today I’m feeling normal again.  Checked my pressure and it’s 127/78 at 60BPM.  Much better.  I think.  At least I feel a lot better, and really that’s all that matters.  No, I’m not on any meds.  One drug that was suggested that I take has a nice little side effect that I would rather not have.  I’d rather just take long naps in the middle of the day... or just fucking DIE.

0900hrs: Hey wow… I took a look at the bottom of the page where I moved the TLB script, and I see I have evolved.  I am now an “Adorable Little Rodent”.  I appreciate going up in rank, but I was more comfortable with the “Slithering Reptile” moniker.  This will probably drop back down to… uh… whatever the hell I was before in a day or two.  Whatever.  I moved the TLB script to the bottom because that thing slows up my page load big time.  Anything after it has to wait until that finishes loading.  So down at the bottom, it can spin its wheels all it wants.

Funny how Kerry is getting less and less popular.  Putin kicked Kerry’s ass!   Oh my hell… I laughed so hard I damn near coughed up my spleen.   Shit.  That made my DAY!  What’s the Left’s reaction?  Same as a monkey in a zoo.  Throw some shit.   Take a look at that photo.  Man, Dubya was a good looking kid, check him out.  Right rugged and handsome looking.  A couple days ago the Left was screeching, “Bush was never in the Air Force!”  Uh, Jackasses… we know that.  That’s like accusing Kerry of never being in the Army.  But Bush DID fly fighter jets.  And he flew fighter jets longer than Kerry drove a little boat.  And which is the cooler job?  Flying fighter jets or riding in a boat?

FACT:  Bush is cooler than Kerry. 

I was going to comment on this Fake Memo thing.  But Les Jones said it all better than I could have. I don’t think I could add anything to that.  Truthfully I really don’t care.  It was quite obvious that this was a Liberal fabrication for the purpose of trying to discredit the President of the United States.  Let me just say this… I want to punch Dan Rather right in the nose.  Just once.  Not even as hard as I can… Just one pop.  That’s all I’m asking.  Dan Rather is digging his hole deeper than Kerry, only for the purpose of sucking Kerry off.  Please… just one swing.

I’m glad to see Fear & Loathing in Iraq is rolling again.  Not only is he rolling, but he is rolling hard.  You can tell he has some motivation now… more energy… more fire.  I hope he doesn’t get suppressed again.   Like I said before – keep an eye on this guy.  He’ll have a book deal before he gets back home… and maybe he’ll be able to say everything he wanted to but wasn’t allowed to say.   His account of a battle was fantastic. 

Just got an email from “Gun Owners of America”.  First line:  “We Won!”  Thanks for that little memo from the department of the Late and Obvious.   Sheesh.   

I took my youngest son to Pre-School today.  Pulling into the circular driveway, I noticed the smallest little vehicle in line.   Out of over a half dozen vehicles, the smallest one was a Chevy Trail Blazer.  (About the same size as a Ford Explorer)  And let me tell you – it looked dwarfed!  My Full Sized Bronco, a Suburban, a Tahoe, a Navigator… We all had to point at laugh at the Trail Blazer… “Ha ha ha, stupid little baby blazer!”  I think the driver started to cry or something.  My Little Trooper was so cool… He jumped out of the Bronco and said, “Thanks for bringing me here, Dad… I’ve got to go to school now, so you go have some fun!”  As he walked past the Trail Blazer he kinda just looked at it and went, “Feh.”  What a little stud.

Remember how I said I saved so much cash buying books off Amazon?  Well, yeah, you can save a lot of scratch doing that – but it does you no good if it takes the books forever to get to you!   I still don’t have ½ the books I ordered and this is week 3!  SHIT!

September 13th, 2004: 1300hrs:  I made the unfortunate mistake of turning on the TV this morning.  I watched the news for about 10 minutes before I had to turn it off and walk away.  Like I’ve said before, I prefer to get my news from the paper, in a park, with a Cold One.  

I am struck with the degree at just how ugly and unhappy the Modern Liberal is.  Ugly from the bone out.  Take a look at that photo of Al Gore… he’s gone to pot.  His hate speeches aren’t doing him or his party any good.  Just look at his face.  I think that speaks volumes about who he is and who he represents.   These people are bitter, angry, and flat out unhappy people and they want you to be unhappy like they are.

They are calling me and other bloggers and online pundits “Digital Brownshirts”.  How dare they use such a description about who we are and what we do.  The unmitigated gall that these jackasses have is just beyond…  Digital Brownshirts?  Do they even understand what a Brownshirt was?  A Brownshirt was an active member of the Nazi Party who reported on those who may have said something questionable… and often after the report a group of police would take the person away.  If you spoke out – a Brownshirt would report you bust you.  Brownshirts made sure no one had the right to free speech.  This is opposite of what we are doing here.  We are exercising our free speech rights.  That’s all we are doing.  If the media spews out some bullshit – the hordes of Bloggers are going to talk about it and are going to look into it and if it’s false they are going to say so.  That’s the way it is… that’s the way it should have always been.  CBS is just pissed off that people have the means to communicate together and recognize and reject bullshit.  CBS doesn’t want you to be educated about a subject.  CBS doesn’t want you to question what they tell you.  CBS just wants you to sit down, shut up, and swallow the jizz they spray on you… and while you are at it, buy everything they advertise.  They are complaining that we are not sitting still like we should be.   Now you tell me – who is wearing the Brownshirts?

Then they are making shit up now.  Impossible memos?  Forged documents?  Gimme a break.  I don’t care!  If CBS breaks a story – I’m skeptical.  Even in their attacks they show how little they know and understand about reality.  They accusingly question “Why was Bush grounded from flying!?”  He was grounded because he missed a medical examination.  Pilots HAVE to get those medical exams passed off, they can not fly without it.  Bush was doing something else, missed the appointment, and was automatically grounded.  No one made that decision to ground him, it’s automatic.   And if this is supposed to be a reason not to vote for Bush – sorry, but that doesn’t work for me.  Bush is like the reluctant politico.  Look at how he was living… No, he was not Presidential Material back then because he didn’t have that ambition.  It was probably more of a surprise to him than anyone else when he became Governor of Texas.  But he has done pretty well since putting on that mantel.   Kerry on the other hand has always had his eye on politics.  He rode around in Swiftboats with a Political Science Degree in one hand and a camera pointing at himself in the other.  When he got home from war, had the popular opinion been otherwise he would have been for the war too and had been testifying in congress that we should be sending more troops and building more bombers… Kerry has no core… more morals… no direction… his only belief is that he has some destiny as a huge political leader.  But he expects it to be given him because of who he is… he is JFK reborn.  But look at his record in serving in Congress for 19 years… he has lead in NOTHING.  He wont release all of his records and his hiding everything he can about himself and his current wife… I’ll take a GWB any day over a Kerry.  Kerry’s response?  Just the same old broken record – his war record.

You can see the Left isn’t learning anything.  Drudge is reporting that the DNC’s big plan is to launch more attacks.  That’s god news for us, because the more they attack, the more they turn people off.  They can not grasp the idea that they need to be giving people reasons to vote for them.  Wait a second.  They don’t have any reasons for someone to vote for them!

Never mind.

Looks like Hurricane Ivan is keeping on this westerly track even though the weather people keep saying it’s going to turn north and hit Florida.    Now they are even saying it’s going to do a U-Turn to go back and hit Florida.  All I can say; sucks to be in the Yucatan, because it looks like Florida has been blessed.

Email about OGRE CLP:Hey MadOgre, I'm attempting to replicate your gun oil recipe and when I asked the guy at the auto parts store about Castrol GTX "Startup" he pointed me to some containers of Castrol GTX motor oil. There was nothing about "Startup" anywhere on the label, but he insisted they were what was meant by the phrase "Startup". Being somewhat skeptical, I went ahead and bought one container of Castrol GTX motor oil but also thought I'd request some additional clarification from you. I'm eager to try your gun oil recipe and also want to make sure I'm putting the correct ingredients together. Thanks for publishing your recipe!”

GTX Start Up is a different and new product from the regular GTX oil.  GTX comes in white bottles and the Start Up comes in Silver colored bottles.  Keep shopping around till you find it.  If you can’t, roll with Mobil 1 5W or other fully synthetic.  The better the oil you get, the better the results.  The Start Up flavor of GTX is important because the oil molecules will stick to the metal better because they are polarized.  This is one of the things that make CorrosionX so damn good.  If you find something better to use in the mix – let me know.  This is an “Open Source Gun Care Product”.

Speaking of guns again… There is a lot of questions about the AWB and when it goes away.  It has already gone away as of midnight last night.  News says midnight tonight, but they are as they often are, wrong.  Kerry’s blustering in DC was a day late.   The ATF says last night, not tonight.   Go out and enjoy the day!  

BRAVERY:  True bravery is arriving home late after a night out with the boys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom… and still having the guts to ask:   "Are you cleaning, or were you flying somewhere?"

I’ve got some more blogs of note: (this brings my total to 64!)

Naked Villainy

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Nashville Files


Early AM: GOOD MORNING USA!  HAPPY SUNRISE DAY!  For those not up to speed, I’m talking about the AWB.  The so called “Assault Weapons Ban” has ended.  It’s over.  What does this mean?  It means there is no longer such a thing as a “Pre-Ban” rifle or “Law Enforcement Only” magazines. This means when you buy a 9MM automatic, you can get the 15 round mag that it was designed for and not the restricted capacity 10 rounder that you had to live with for the last ten years.   This means folding and collapsing stocks are now kosher.  Now that bayonet lug is perfectly fine… and that classic style flash suppressor?  That’s cool too.  Some companies are celebrating this… such as Tapco putting up a sale on collapsing and folding stocks and full capacity mags.  S&W is actually GIVING AWAY full capacity mags to those who purchased guns for them.   This is all very cool and all, but how are things really changed?  They are not.  Things are now merely back to normal.  But still… Ding Dong the Witch is dead!  How cool is that?   I am now at this moment removing the AWB Sunset clock – and I am extremely happy to do so!  Time to get my High Capacity on!

Expect detailed coverage and extreme over exposure to any and all shootings from now on… With the billing that this blood is on GWB’s hands… even when the shooting was done with a weapon not effected by the AWB.   We can expect a great transformation of pump action Remington 870 shotguns into belt fed machineguns by reporters with such magical midas-like powers. Hey, reporters – come touch my Marlin .30-30 and turn it into a high capacity automatic sniper rifle!  You bloody ignorant fuchs. 

Chris Muir, the author of Day by Day, has decided to put cartooning on hold.  I am saddened.  Day by Day was my first internet stop when I boot up in the morning.  We shall miss him sharing his unique wit with us.   Godspeed Chris… we shall hope you return to it soon.


Sep 12th, Sunday, 2004: Early Morning (that means it's just after midnight): Just watched an interesting movie. Resident Evil 2I can’t say it’s a good movie.  The script is extremely fragmented, atrocious and the plot is perhaps one of the worst ever conceived.   

The director’s idea of scary is to have something jump up out of nowhere while amplifying a shriek sound 300% to try to make you jump.  I’ve been to Halloween spook houses that were scarier.  No one jumped because of a fright, but everyone did have a reflexive kneejerk reaction pretty much the same way you would have if someone blasted an air-horn in your ear.  Ear plugs… seriously.  I’ve been to heavy metal rock concerts with fewer decibels, and they don’t hit you with all the sound right at once either.  

The action was predictable, yet at the same time filmed in such a way as to never even actually let you see it.  This cat tried to do that “If I shake the hell out of the camera, the audience will think they are ‘in’ the movie” thing, but only during fight scenes.  Any special effort the makeup and special effects may have made were totally wasted because the camera never – and I mean never – focused on a zombie for even a second.  The one monster that the camera did focus on?  A Hell Knight from Doom 3.  I’m not kidding.  Oh, there was more from Id Software’s game… Imps from Doom 3 in a church scene.  That was clever of them to put them in a church… was it?  No, maybe it wasn’t.  

The lack of any original thought in the entire movie was stunning. But I can’t tell for sure if it was really a lack of originality or just a movie homage to Doom 3 and Aliens 4.

Did I mention things jumping out of nowhere?  This includes the main characters popping up right behind other main characters when they were last on the other side of the building, town, city… whatever… and then “BOO!” they are right behind the character currently in focus.  One would think such actions would cause some friendly fire incidences.  Either there is a very strange rift in the space/time continuum, or there are severe errors in this movie thanks to a director who seems to have been filming while smoking an unprecedented amount of high grade Columbian weed.  Could be both.  I’m not sure.  I was left with the feeling that it might have been myself that had smoked a lot of weed.  Maybe it’s just that this flick would have been better if I had.  I can’t tell.  

Oh, about the Director... This seems to be his first movie.  All his other films he is only the second unit director.  This explains a lot.  I don't think I'd put him as the front man on any more pictures.  At least not any real movie.  Maybe some other videogame based movie... maybe... like Mrs. Pac-Man.  With his vomit inducing shaking camera technique he could really add some drama to that feature... like when the ghosts are hot on Mrs. Pac-Man's heels.  Wacka wacka wacka wacka.  Tense!  It's not that I don't like Alexander Witt... it's just that I want to poke him in the eye with a pointy stick, that's all.  Nothing personal.

I can’t say it’s a bad movie either.  Well, if anything, it was certainly better than the first Resident Evil movie.  Some effects were pretty good.  I guess… couldn’t really get a good view of them thanks to a Camera Man with palsy.  Lots of cool guns to be sure.  The place was just brimming with cool guns.  The movie had a handful of good one liners… such as when a red paint drenched Doberman Pincer was shot and killed and the character then ordered it to “Stay”.  Wait, was that a good line or was it an incredibly stupid line and I’m just grasping at straws find something positive to say?   Honestly, I can’t tell.    Okay, one good line?  There was one.  A character who is given to us as a civilian is offered a weapon by another character who is given us as a cop of some sort.  The civilian looks at it and says “Please…” making you think for just a second he is like a pacifist pussy or something.  Then he says “My shit is custom” and opens up his jacket to reveal a pair of gold plated Desert Eagles.   Uh huh… real custom.  Still, it was a good line.  Doesn’t sound that good now that I say it, but… uh… oh forget it.  I just had to have seen it.  Never mind.

Okay, is there anything worthwhile in this flick?  Yes.  Milla Jovovich is cool as hell.  While some guys think she is hot, I’m afraid she doesn’t do anything for me, even if she was the “Perfect Being” from 5th Element.  She’s not ugly… I’m not saying that.  She’s just not… well, she’s just not.   So what is so cool about Milla?  She does some good action.  On screen she comes off as fast and smart.  She could probably (if the movie called for it) take down Jet Li.   But why is this important and makes Resident Evil 2 worth seeing?   Because Milla is going to be in another movie coming out soon called “Ultraviolet” that is directed by my favorite director, Kurt Wimmer.  This movie is perhaps giving us a taste of what Milla is going to be doing in Ultraviolet.  That, and that alone is why Resident Evil 2 is worth seeing in the theatre. 

Okay, that and the previews of other movies… like BLADE 3 and a horror called “The Grudge”.  Blade 3 looks like it kicks serious ass even if I’m hesitant to say that about a “Blade” movie.  If the movie is as good as the preview, then it could be worth seeing at full ticket price.  The Grudge is a ghost story involving Sarah Michelle Geller.  And it looks to be extremely scary.  Almost as scary as Sarah is adorable.  Is Sarah adorable?  I can’t tell… Resident Evil 2 has just fucked with my head a little too much… I’m not sure of anything at the moment.

Broken Arm.  My little 14 year old Sister-In-Law broke her arm today.  She was dancing in a dance class and the move involved throwing her up into the air.  It also involved someone catching her… and that’s where it went wrong.  No one caught her.  She hit the hard wood floor… er… hard.  The fracture split the growth plate in the arm bone at the wrist.   I wasn’t there when it happened, I walked in shortly after it happened.  I come walking into the studio and everyone is gathered around her.  Mrs. Ogre had an ice pack on it and was treating her properly while deciding what to do next… I married an awesome woman.  Treating the swelling was indeed proper.  I put her in my Bronco and took her home to her Mom.  She was brave and strong… I was proud of her.  She only cried when she saw her Mom and started telling her what happened.  I gave her some pain meds and we got her calmed down and relaxed while they waited for Dad to arrive. They took her to the hospital and got her all the help she needed and we shall see how this proceeds… We are confident in a good mending that wont require surgery to pin everything back together.  I’d hate to see that.   I don’t have any daughters, don’t know how to make those… so this little sister and her littler sister are like “my girls”.     

My Boys… My twins turned 8 the other day and today was “THE PARTY”.  OH MY HELL!  We had to do it at the studio (hence my reason for being there) because we had like 50 kids all the ages from 7 to 11.  It was CRAZY!  Being LDS, 8 years old is an important step.  At the age of 8 LDS children can, if they wish, be baptized.  In a few weeks they will be, and I will baptize them.  Hard to believe that the Ogre is an Elder in his church and has such authority as to baptize?  Yup, I do.  I’ve baptized a good number of people.  The are not the first twins I baptized either.  I also baptized my twin brothers who are soon to be heading to Iraq – but that’s another subject for later.  I’m very proud of my boys.  8 years old.  Man.  I remember bringing them home from the hospital… during a hurricane.  The power was out at the hospital and they didn’t really want us to go home with the babies because of everything – but we went anyway.  I got them home safe and sound dodging falling trees and everything.   These twins… that hurricane has never actually ended for us.   Mrs. Ogre put on one heck of a party… let me tell you.  All the parents were floored and a touch miffed off because Mrs. Ogre has just shown them all up and raised the bar so high no one else can touch it.  They let her know it to.  Not in a bad way though, everyone was in good spirits. 


September 11th, 2004.  September 11th, 2001.   I have not forgotten.  The Horde has not forgotten.

Someone we should all remember:  Rick Rescorla.   This man is a true hero, and his place in Valhalla was prepped and waiting for him.

Apology Accepted.   But we are still seeking justice…  This War On Terror is unlike any war ever before… sure we target and focus specific violence against individual combatants… but the main part of this war, and the only way we can actually win it is to change the mindset of those that would fill the ranks of the Terrorist groups that target random and general violence against masses of civilians.  It starts in the heart and in the mind.  For example, the Palestinian schools that promote and reward the ideology of hate.  That has got to stop.  But how can you “Win this war” in a couple years?  This kind of thing takes generations.  How do you stop hate?  Just look at racism here in the USA.  Look at how hate has genuinely effected blacks in this country.  From the time of our founding fathers all the way up into the 60’s.  It was really only after the 1970’s has the hate been diminished.  And in some places today it still exists.  Racism is still there.  I have an uncle who is such a bigot that he disgusts me and I do not talk to him… even if he lives practically around the corner.  Then you have the other side of Racism where people give blacks preferential treatment and favors for the sole purpose of moral padding.  I can’t stand that, because in their hearts it is not sincere… Sam Jones is still Black to them instead of just Sam Jones.  You gotta be color blind.   Wiping out generation after generation of hatred, distrust, and even worse – religious contention… We will be lucky to have stamped that out two hundred years from now.  Let’s be realistic.  Look at the history of the world.  But that is what is going to be required before we win this war on terrorism.  We haven’t even started fighting it yet.

Email from Commander Chase:So here we all are three years later. Afghanistan, the unconquerable country, is largely conquered. Saddam is awaiting trial, there is a new government in Iraq, and Ebay and Koozy are taking well deserved dirtnaps. The Islamicists are talking up a good game, but even Ray Charles could see they've been hurt bad by us. We've lost a thousand of our own and they cannot be replaced.  They and their families are truly in my heart.  Then I cruise the link you post for "Fully Automatic Revolvers" at DU. I read the whole thread and have since been spiraling down into a bloody red rage. Some comments stand out.

"The only good neocon is a dead neocon".

(If you dont agree with me you must die. Very similiar to China and the old USSR)

"That mamby pamby lets place nice attitude is why these fucks are so brazen. Bloody their nose a bit and they're not so cocky. It's human nature".

(Aren't they the Ain't Gonna Study War No More and Make Love Not War crowd? I thought WE were the ones who knew how to play that game)

"We were watching the protests and I said that if Bush steals another election, there would be civil war. I think that it would be nasty. And I'm liable to be one of the nastiest".

(Yep, free elections don't matter anymore, unless a Democrat was freely elected. Then its binding)

"Remember, many on the other side do not believe in democracy".

(We not only believe in it, we've defended it. Socialism is the word you're looking for here)

"Yeah - just flash a draft notice in their faces and they run off and hide in some institution for the duration of the war".

(Right, right. That was President Bush hiding in an English university during Vietnam. I was so confused...)

I saved the best for last though...

"Bring it on. This very well armed and proud liberal is sick of the neocon bastards. If it comes down to shooting, well, I'm ready. I'm no Patrick Henry, but I agree with his words".

A well armed and proud liberal is an oxymoron of truly mind-boggling proportions. Until I see one with mine own eyes I'm gonna say there ain't no such animal. The civil war reference showing up again is unsettling. A bit more of the "agree with us or we'll kill you socialist tripe there".

What did we do as a country to deserve these people? Why doesn’t anybody ever say this stuff to my face?  Think I'm gonna have to break out my cluebat today. I feel a mood coming on...  Chase

That’s some entertaining stuff.  That one well armed Liberal is going to stand up?  Let him.  And when he gets his dick knocked into the dirt by a 180 grain boat tail ballistic tip he will be the only Liberal that didn’t run.   But here is the thing… this guy is deluded.  Where is he going to stand?  We don’t want his big ugly smelly city.  The libs can have them!  We are just going to baracade them in, cut the power, and forget about them.  I think the movie “Escape From New York” is the perfect model for dealing with “The Liberal Problem”.  They might have a few gun… but we got all the rest.  We have the farms and the power plants and the mountains and the rivers… turn every city into an Oubliette.  Fuck’m.  This assclown is so proud to be a liberal… boasting of his use of the rights that his political party wants to remove, and that the so called “Neocons” have been working so hard to defend.  Nice.  What a complete and utter moron.  Neocon… nice label.  I’ll take that… I have a label for them too.  Moron.  Doesn’t sound as hip or trendy, but it fits perfectly.  Listening (reading) to these guys beat their chests and sound off behind anonymity, seriously gave me a side ache from laughing so hard… hiccups too.   They talk of a civil war… shit… they have no concept of war.  And I’m not about to teach them either.   These few people are going to beat the drums and pull the trigger… they have no idea how so many millions of folks have been itching for that moment.  Let them ride off to war cavalry style!  They can be my guest.  And then we will teach them one lesson… just one little one.  It’s called “The Little Big Horn”. 

Of course I give them too much credit… After Well Armed Assclown #1 falls, the rest would surrender so fast it would make the French proud.  And then what would we have?  A bunch of crying pansies demanding that Starbucks is a human right.  Sheesh.


Remember what I said earlier about hatreds?  You roam around the Democrat Underground and take a look at what seething hatred looks like.  My hell… Liberals are the most hate-filled, bitter, unhappy people I’ve ever seen.  They make the Palestinians look sweet and cuddly.

This is something you are going to want to read through carefully:  We don’t need no steenking 2nd Amendment.  

I find it amusing that the Big Media is being challenged so much by us “Bloggers”.  They are loosing their grip on the masses… so look out for stories in the near future that do their worst to discredit and minimize Weblogs and to even make “Blog” an insult word.  God forbid the unwashed masses start thinking on their own!

The screams of anguish from the Liberals about the death of the AWB is music to my ears.  D.C. Metro Police Chief Charles “Dickhead” Ramsey cried, “Our streets, our homes, our citizens, and our police will face great danger unless the federal ban on assault weapons is renewed.”  

Now isn’t that some especially pungent bullshit?  Guns are already banned in Washington DC.  All of them, not just these so called “assault weapons”.  You can’t even have a Red Rider BB Gun un DC.  Not without a federal sniper shooting your eye out.  Funny how DC is one of the few places that is so “Gun Free” yet it is one of the few places where you are most likely to get shot.  

What?  How does that work?  I’ll tell you how that works… it is because Gun Control doesn’t work.  Criminals are by definition people who break the law.  That is why they are called “Criminal’s”.  Of course the Liberals would have you believe that they are only poor misunderstood individuals who are only trying to express their frustrations against President Bush and Rush Limbaugh.

Joe “I’d suck Joseph Stalin’s cock” Polisar, the President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, said: “We know what the proliferation of these weapons means for our officers.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue.  It’s a Public Safetly issue.”  

Oh really?  Let’s loot at that statement.  In general, which politicians are for the AWB? The Democrats.  In general, which politicians are against the AWB? The Republicans.  How is his non-partisan?  These guys know very well that the AWB means nothing to crime.  They know it because they are the ones that report the numbers to the FBI and the FBI keeps track of this shit… and what does the FBI say about it?  They pretty much flat out said that the AWB didn’t do a damn thing because so called “Assault Weapons” are only used in less than 1% of crimes.  This is the biggest Non-Issue I’ve ever even heard of.  A bigger Public Safety issue is 911 Operators falling asleep… or ER Staff not willing to take 2 steps out the door to bring someone inside…. or Ted Kennedy behind the wheel of a car… or any Kennedy alone with a girl.

Well, I gotta run.  I’m wrenching on my Bronco a bit.  Nothing serious… just tweaks.  I’m going to be working on my air cleaner that has been annoying me.  Then I am going to cruise to a junk yard or two and see if I can find any Flex-lite fans because I want to remove the Clutch fan.  My engine has a lot of horses they are pretty much trapped.  I want to let them out.  Nothing nuts… nothing aggressive.  Just want to remove the big obvious restrictions… which will also allow better gas mileage.   I’m getting between 10 to 12, but I think I can get it up to 14.  This will save us a ton of cash and hell… could even pay for its self in just one or two months. 

Sep 10th, Friday, 2004:   I’ve had people tell me that I act like Chicken Little about China and that China is not a threat.   This criticism is something I take on the chin.  Maybe they are right… maybe China isn’t a threat.  And maybe monkeys will fly out of my ass.  Read this.  I’ve discussed before China’s efforts to prep for war against the USA.  This article flat out explains how they are doing it.   American military structure and tactics and they are drilling against it.  China flat out has some of the best spies in the world.  They have the best intelligence in the world.  They know pretty much damn near everything they want to know.  From reactor designs in our subs to what our Generals eat for breakfast.   This is going beyond what the Soviets used to do.  They used to try using “American tactics” to train against in this sort of thing, but they always had it wrong and their exercises were not meant as real training experience, but a political pat on the back.  “See, Comrade?  We can roll over these Yankee dogs!  Now let’s go get some Vodka and give each other medals.”   China is different.  China is using the experience right… they are learning from it and working out what is most effective and what isn’t.  They are not trying to rationalize the validity of their own tactics.   They are not working on fighting Russian tactics.  They are not working on fighting German tactics, or Israeli, or South African…  They are working out against ours.   Right now we still have an advantage.  We still have the edge.  But if we don’t wake up, we are going to loose that edge.  Head to head based on numbers and equipment I think it would be sixes, but American forces have something that other military forces only rarely have.  Creative commanders that can think on the fly and change their tactics like they change their socks.  We are not tied to any one doctrine or battle strategy.  That’s what makes our forces so bloody effective on top of our technological advantages.  Our commanders are not just military machines, but thinkers and philosophers and students of history who can take inspiration from any source and use it to our advantage.    We did that in Iraq… Our Rolling Thunder missions into Baghdad.  WTF were those?  Where did that come from?  Rather unexpected wasn’t it?  The Iraqi’s seemed to think so.    If China is going to really throw down, they had best come to a clear understanding of the “Rope-a-Dope” and of watching their sixes.

Swat Magazine has an interesting article in there latest issue.  Talking about something I got into an argument over some 3 or 4 years ago.  This guy was adamant about US GI Army Issue Woodland pattern camo being the best camo on the planet – ever conceived – ever made.  Another one of these “MilSpec means touched by Mars, the god of war and quality weapons and equipment” type of guys.  I told him to take a look at Realtree camo used by hunters.  He scoffed.  3 years ago I was playing paintball in the woods up in Provo Canyon.  My team went up against a team who was all wearing Realtree top to bottom.  We wore a mishmash of GI camo because that’s what we had.  We put up a good fight and it was a good game – but we still got our asses kicked.  Why?  Because unless the other guys were moving or shooting – we just flat out couldn’t see them.  Even when they were only 10 feet away.  Because of that, we were always reacting to them and they didn’t have to react to us… because they could see us.  Woods is a different game than speedball… paintball in the woods is a good lesson giver.   The best thing about hunter’s camo – pick up a Cabela’s catalog and look through it – you can get a camo with different patterns and colors that will fit into your area of operation, in every season.  This means you will always have the perfect camo.  With US GI Army Fatigues you have green and brown and that’s it year round.  Meaning you almost never have the perfect camo.  So which is better?  I was tickled when I saw this in SWAT.  Great article. Oh, BTW, Cabela’s sells Ghilli suits that seriously kick ass and trump those used by our military.  

This is classic

Hurricane Ivan is turning North and it looks like it is going to climb right up Florida’s ass and go all the way up. Sustained winds of 145 MPH.  That’s some serious shit right there.  145 will tear off roofs and rip trees up out of the ground by the roots.  This hurricane has already devastated everything in it’s path. 

Email: “Why is it so hard for anti gun people to understand the importance of the 2nd amendment?  It wasn't the first item of importance on their list it was the second most important, that’s why it’s the 2nd amendment.  It is THAT important, that’s why it isn't the 40th or the 62nd its #2.”  That’s because most of the Liberal Anti-Gun Crowd are just flat out rock hard stupid.  The others have a much more sinister goal in mind.  They have looked at the Communist Revolutions in Russia and in China and they saw how that happened and they know what would be required to make that work here.  And the first thing that is required for it to work here is an unarmed and helpless population.  Gun Control isn’t about the guns – it’s about control.

Email of the day is a forward from Commander Martin:  "Don't Close Your Blinds!"

The other day, my nine year old son wanted to know why we were at war.

My  husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in  the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend  our  Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good  explanation.

My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our  front living room window. He told him: "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?"

"I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses." he replied.

"OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush."

Our son giggled and said "OK."

"Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that every house and  yard on this block is a different country" my husband said.

"OK Dad, I'm pretending."

"Now I want you to stand there and look out the window and see that man come  out of his house with his wife and he has her by the hair and is hitting  her. You see her bleeding and crying. He hits her in the face, he throws  her  on the ground, then he starts to kick her to death.

Their children run out and are afraid to stop him, they are crying, they are watching this but do nothing because they are kids and afraid of their father. You see all of  this son.... what do you do?"


"What do you do son?"

"I call the police, Dad."

"OK. Pretend that the police are the United Nations and they take your call,  listen to what you know and saw but they refuse to help. What do you do  then  son?"

"Dad, but the police are supposed to help!" My son starts to whine.

"They don't want to son, because they say that it is not their place or your  place to get involved and that you should stay out of it," my husband  says.

"But Dad...he killed her!!" my son exclaims.

"I know he did...but the police tell you to stay out of it. Now I want you to look out that window and pretend you see our neighbor who you're pretending is Saddam turn around and do the same thing to his children."

"Daddy...he kills them?"

"Yes son, he does. What do you do?"

"Well, if the police don't want to help, I will go and ask my next door neighbor to help me stop him." our son says.

"Son, our next door neighbor sees what is happening and refuses to get involved as well. He refuses to open the door and help you stop him," my husband says.

"But Dad, I NEED help!!! I can't stop him by myself!!"

"WHAT DO YOU DO SON?" Our son starts to cry.

"OK, no one wants to help you, the man across the street saw you ask for help and saw that no one would help you stop him. He stands taller and puffs  out his chest. Guess what he does next son?"

"What Daddy?"

"He walks across the street to the old ladies house and breaks down her door  and drags her out, steals all her stuff and sets her house on fire and  then...he kills her. He turns around and sees you standing in he window  and  laughs at you. WHAT DO YOU DO?"



Our son is crying and he looks down and he whispers, "I close the blinds,  Daddy."

My husband looks at our son with tears in his eyes and asks him...


"Because Daddy...the police are supposed to help...people who needs it...and they won't help...You always say that neighbors are supposed to

HELP neighbors, but they won't help either...they won't help me stop him...I'm afraid...I can't do it by myself ...Daddy...I can't look out my  window and just watch him do all these terrible things'm just going to close the I can't see what he's doing...and I'm going to pretend that it is not happening."

My husband looks at our nine year old son standing in the window, looking  pitiful and ashamed at his answers to my husbands questions and he tells  him...."Son"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Open the blinds because that man....he's at your front door..."WHAT DO YOU  DO?"

My son looks at his father, anger and defiance in his eyes. He balls up his  tiny fists and looks his father square in the eyes, without hesitation he says: "I DEFEND MY FAMILY DAD!! I'M NOT GONNA LET HIM HURT MOMMY OR MY SISTER, DAD!!! I'M GONNA FIGHT HIM, DAD, I'M GONNA FIGHT HIM!!!!!"

I see a tear roll down my husband's cheek and he grabs my son to his chest and hugs him tight, and cries..."It's too late to fight him, he's too  strong  and he's already at YOUR front door should have stopped him  BEFORE he killed his wife. You have to do what's right, even if you have  to  do it alone,'s too late." my husband whispers.

THAT scenario I just gave you is WHY we are at war with Iraq. When good men stand by and let evil happen is the greatest EVIL of all. Our President is doing what is right. We, as a free nation, must understand that this war  is  a war of humanity. WE must remove evil men from power so that we can  continue to live in a free world where we are not afraid to look out our  window. So that my nine year old son won't grow up in a world where he  feels  that if he  just  "closes" that blinds the atrocities in the world won't  affect him.








Ones philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes  and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility."  -Eleanor Roosevelt


Sep 9th, Thursday, 2004: 2230hrs: HELL YES!  Bill Frist is my frickin hero right now at this moment in time.  He said regarding the AWB, “I think the will of the American people is consistent with letting it expire, so it will expire.”  Outstanding.  Now let’s just hold on to this notion, Bill, for a few more days and we will be extremely grateful for your leadership on this.  And we will not forget it.

I’ve garnered no small amount of ire from the Muslim street… about my opinions regarding the lack of Muslim outrage over recent (the last 20 years) acts of terrorism.  My comments are not to offend.  My opinion is also not the only one of its kind.   If you find my words offensive, there is an old saying.  “The Truth Hurts.”   Or is it, “If the shoe bomb fits”?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

I want to do this... on a bike.

This is just one of the reasons I love William Shatner

Three new additions to the Horde Associates. FreedomSight, Critical Mastiff, Heads Bunker.  Each one has passed the trials and have been found worthy to enter the fold.  I've been following them lately and they are bookmark worthy. 

This is odd.  With all the questions regarding the type on Bush’s documents, and some people calling them faked or forgeries… IBM had a web page as part of IBM’s history showing the very typewriter that could have typed exactly like what is on the old documents.  An old machine IBM made back this.  The URL is here.  Or was.  Funny how it is missing now.   Maybe Google has a cache of it… but there you had it.  This bullshit or the typewriter is pretty much meaningless.  Or it might be a hoax.   I wouldn’t put it past the Libs for doing it.

Two Bitches:  Kitty Kelley and Terrazza Heinz Kerry.  One bitch is making bad shit up about good people.  This lady needs to get a law suit.  Calling the First Lady a drug dealer?  That’s Lible… er.. or however you spell “Printed Slander”.  She is just making this stuff up with out any validation, and such baseless charges are not covered under the First Ammendment.  You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded movie house either.    But this is all the left has… They have no arguments so now they are just left to saying “Republicans have Cooties”.   And then Kerry’s Money Bag Bitch calls everyone an Idiot of they don’t agree with socialized medicine.  Oh hell… where do I start on this?  Gimmie a break… you would have to be a total fucking moron to believe that the Department of Liberal Health Care would be a good thing.  Look at Canada’s health care system for crying out loud!  We have Canadians coming into the USA just for health care!  They have people dying in pain because thanks to a government run system, they had to wait for a health care provider to see them.  That’s just freaking outstanding.  If I’m an idiot for not liking that, then roll me up a big paper cone hat and sit me in the corner… because I don’t like it one bit.  Our system might not be perfect, but it is the best in the world.   Only an idiot would screw around with that.  But really… who cares what a Democrat thinks?  They think revolvers are fully automatic.  

Looks like TheHighRoad is back online.  Your lives can start getting back to normal… let the healing begin. 

This page of photos is unbelievable.   I am shocked and awed.

Lots of good emails, I’ll post some in the morning. Sorry that I’ve not been able to get back to everyone.  School is going well, but the assignments are time consuming.  

0930hrs: THREE DAYS TO GO!  In 3 days the AWB will be no more.  A bad memory.  If nothing happens to stop it.  The Senate has a lot on the plate right now, more important issues, so there is a good chance that this slips past unmolested.  And even if it doesn’t, I doubt the Senate can reach an accord about it before Monday.  I am feeling optimistic that it will sunset.   Many people have asked what’s going to happen when it goes bye bye.  Magazines should drop in price almost instantly as some companies have manufactured a great many or have imported a great many and are just waiting to be able to release them.   Large stock piles of “Law Enforcement Only” stuff that will be able to go General.  AR-15 Mags, AK-Mags, and a number of pistol mags.  Glock high-caps wont come down much.  They were spendy before the ban, at least more so than others.  Now the reverse effect might come into play initially.  With the ban gone and so many people wanting to snatch the mags up, prices might not come down initially or they might even go up a bit.  At first.  But then we will have the “Market Correction” and prices will go back to where they should be.  Mec-Gar mags are going to do some good business.  Lots of joints use them as OEM mags, so buying those as replacements is just fine… I like them for most guns.  Pro-Mags suck, so even if you see a killer deal on them – don’t bother.  I picked up a 14 round HK USP mag from Pro-Mag and could only get 6 rounds into it.  Talk about pissed.  Store wouldn’t even take it back.  I think it was “Bob’s Guns” in Mechanicsville, VA.   Anyways, Bushmaster, DSA, Springfield Armory, Beretta, SIG, Taurus, CZ… I know these cats are sitting on a stockpile of mags… so the situation looks good. 

Morning Mail:  “Ogre - I'm so pissed right now I can hardly see straight. I made the MISTAKE of watching Good Morning America today and Dianne Sawyer had a piece on about the weapons ban. There were interviews with LEOs who were talking about the dangers of weapons that are NOT EVEN COVERED BY THE BAN, using emotional testimony of past shootings that are somehow supposed to be relevant to the issue of legal possession of guns, and basically amounted to a bunch of blatant lies and inaccuracies. A representative from the NRA was allowed to comment for a few seconds but was cut off as soon as it was obvious that she wasn't going to play into Sawyer's contrived line of questioning. This was one of the most blatantly irresponsible and intentionally misleading bits of journalism I have ever seen. How can prominent journalists be so ignorant of what the 2nd Amendment is all about?!  What these people refuse to understand:
The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, and it never was.
The creators of the Bill of Rights were smart and they knew what they were doing. By researching their communications and memoirs it becomes clear EXACTLY why the 2nd was worded as it was and why it is of such vast importance to the continuance of the freedom and liberty we have as Americans. In fact, some writers went so far as to point out that the personal arms that the public have access to should never be outclassed by those in the military's possession -- that's for a reason, folks.  The Bill of Rights was designed to act as a set of lines the government is not allowed to cross. The government has no right to restrict private ownership of arms except in cases where mere existence of a weapon is a real threat to other citizens' rights.   Whether or not I NEED a certain weapon has nothing to do with my right to OWN that weapon. It's not the government's place to make that decision for me.   Citizens who own their firearms legally are not the ones committing crimes with them.   If this country were still following the model created by the founders regarding the right to keep and bear arms, potential criminals would be AFRAID FOR THEIR LIVES when committing their pathetic crimes. Instead, most criminals are confident they will get away with it.  Now can someone explain to me just how the hell these misperceptions that are so rampant in our society can be combated? The media is so biased on this issue that there is really no good public forum for getting a positive message out on equal footing with the crap being spewed by the hoplophobic left.  Did I mention that I’m pissed?  Hope you have a good day,  Mark

You watched Diane Sawyer?  DROP AND GIVE ME FIFTY!  I can see you understand the nature of this conflict.  The Libs have no valid argument to stand on so all they can do is use misinformation to make an emotional appeal.  That’s all they have.  Unfortunately that is all they need because too many Americans are ignorant, complacent sheep. You know as I know, the 2nd amendment is not about hunting… it’s about fighting.  It’s about the ability of the people to repel boarders and to stage an uprising against the government should that be needed… an uprising like they had just accomplished.

This bit came in from Skylance:  Profiling:  Please pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following Multiple Choice test.... No need to keep score.  The events are actual cuts from past history.  They actually happened!  Do you remember?
1. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by:
        a. Olga Corbitt
        b. Sitting Bull
        c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
2. In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by:
        a. Lost Norwegians
        b. Elvis
        c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
3. During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:
        a. John Dillinger
        b. The King of Sweden
        c. The Boy Scouts
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
4. In 1983, the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
        a. A pizza delivery boy
        b. Pee Wee Herman
        c. Geraldo Rivera
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
5. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year-old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:
        a. The Smurfs
        b. Davy Jones
        c. The Little Mermaid
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
6. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a U.S. Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:
        a. Captain Kidd
        b. Charles Lindberg
        c. Mother Teresa
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
7. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
        a. Scooby Doo
        b. The Tooth Fairy
        c. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
8. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:
        a. Richard Simmons
        b. Grandma Moses
        c. Michael Jordan
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
9. In 1998, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
        a. Mr. Rogers
        b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill's women problems
        c. The World Wrestling Federation
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
10. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by:
        a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
        b. The Supreme Court of Florida
        c. Mr. Bean
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
11. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:
        a. Enron
        b. The Lutheran Church
        c. The NFL
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
12. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:
        a. Bonnie and Clyde
        b. Captain Kangaroo
        c. Billy Graham
        d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
Nope, I really don't see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you?

FatNinja has some photos for us.  This is North Carolina… not Florida… North Carolina.  


Sep 8th, Wed, 2004: 1500hrs: For some reason I used to like Yahoo.  I don’t know why.  I just did.  Now?  I don’t.  Yahoo is where I turned when I need the occasional Web Mail for different things like when I have to “register” for a website so I can download something (No CD Keys, Mods, Patches, Blondes… kidding) or for when I travel or’s email server goes down.  But then I read this.  It’s an Op-Ed piece that is so full of uninformed shit that it stinks like a pig farm.  And believe me, I know what that smells like.  There is no author attributed to the opinion and that means it is the opinion of the publisher, in this case  Let’s take a closer look at this spew:

By any measure, the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons errs on the side of permissiveness. A gun can't have both a grenade launcher and a bayonet mount, but it can have one of those attachments. It can't be sold with an ammo clip holding more than 10 rounds unless the clip is one of hundreds of thousands made before the law took effect. It can't be one of 19 specified weapons - unless it, too, was around before 1994.”

By the “Shall Not Be Infringed” measure, this ban was unconstitutional from the start.  And don’t give me any Living Document bullshit… the sentence in the Second Amendment is short and pointed.  If you are too dense to get that, then get lost.   Errs on the side of permissiveness?  WTF?   Documentation after documentation by everyone keeping score proves that the AWB did NOTHING to curb crime because so called “Assault Weapons” are used in less than 1% of gun related crimes.  So the ban in and of its self was a red herring.  It was pointless from the start.  But then again, that wasn’t the point of the ban.

In spite of a drop in gun deaths since the ban was enacted and despite new fears of terrorism, Bush and Republican leaders in Congress seem more concerned about courting favor with the powerful gun lobby than allowing weapons of mass mayhem back on the nation's streets.”

Now they are trying to give credit for this to the AWB?  All statistics show a continual downward trend in gun death with no visible effect from the AWB.  It was already on the way down and would have continued to go down – as it did – regardless of the AWB.  Why was it going down?  Largely in part to the efforts of gun owners and the NRA in safety and education programs such as the Eddie Eagle program.    Had nothing to do at all with any legislation from any political party.

The law's popularity is evident in the way Bush and lawmakers are dodging outright support for lifting the ban.”

That is called Political Fence Sitting.   The truth is the opposite.  The ban was extremely unpopular and the Democrats lost the House and the Senate shortly after it was passed – because it was passed.  But I’ve hit all these arguments on the head before and this unattributed piece of crap isn’t worth my time addressing all of this again.

Bubba Ho-tep was awesome.  Bruce is the B-Movie King.  Hail to the king, Baby.   If you are a Campbell fan, this one doesn’t disappoint.  I’m a huge fan.   And yes, I know he was in Spiderman & Spiderman 2.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I wish I had the series Brisco County Jr… Bruce’s funky western series with a younger Kim Catrall.  It used to be called Cisco but they had to change it for some reason.   This DVD is going up right next to my Army Of Darkness Official Bootleg Edition.

They knifed babies.   For the love of all that is holy – no one can do this and condone it as righteous.  Muslims are saying that it wasn’t Muslims and that they wouldn’t do this.  Uh huh… right.  Like blowing up a bus full of kids is okay, but this crosses the line?  Show me the peace, not the pieces.  Muslim Extremists are the ones responsible for damn near all the terrorist actions around the world save Oklahoma City.    We have our own black helicopter fearing rednecks to thank for that one. But I’m not blaming the Muslims for this… just their extremist action factions.  But I am not hearing a lot of cries of outrage against these actions.   Just a wall of silence.  Silence is an affirmation.   If you are not against it, then you are for it.

Email from one of the Horde in the Hurricane:Ogre we made it out of Hurricane Francis. Out of the darkness finally. The phone just went back on this minute. Damn stuff went out on Friday about 3 PM and just came back on.  Now I ain't no wuussssy, but 28 HOURS in a 100 mph hurricane just ain't a whole lot of fun. We were just plain lucky. The house held up without a bit of damage. I have steel hurricane shutters and the noise was deafening. The bits of debris and shit banging into the shutters was like V-Nam.  When this started I had 85 trees on my lot. Well today there are only 74 and 1 foot of water standing. The wife and I are doing real good with the lack of goods compared to the other yuppie nitwits around here. It all started about 4 PM Friday and was over (safe to venture out) about 10 am sunday. At that time I rolled out the 7500k generator plugged err in to the dryer plug and fired up the house. We had all the good shit, frig, AC, water (pump), stove, microwave, TV, etc.  I had a big ole sign out front sayin "Loot Here, You Die Here". Just sittin on the front porch with the 12 ga. just a waiting.  
Now the people are sayin that we are in the path to get another one this cummin week. Shit, I've had enough of this hurricane stuff. It will take me a month to clean up the yard as it is.  Greg

This is good news… Now this guy is a true Horde Member and gets a field promotion to Horde General because he has shown us how it is done.   He was prepared and ready with supplies and a battle plan.  He took care of his own and stood watch over it.  We’ve another Horde Member out there as well and we have not heard from him directly, but word has it that he is well and he also took care of business properly.   I expected nothing less from these guys having been through worse shit than just bad weather… Both Marines.  Both keeping the faith.  And if an Ex Army Grunt can say it; Semper Fi!

1100hrs: My faith in humanity is restored!  I got the Jeep running with a quick coil swap.  I had spark, but it was really weak.  So not only is “Scooter” our Million Mile Cherokee running again, but she’s running better than ever.  I drove it to swap it for The Beast and Scooter was purring like a kitten.  She’s got less compression than a 1935 Tractor, but she’s running pretty good again.   Not only that, but I now have caffeine flowing through my veins again so life is good.  Here’s the cherry:  new movie sitting in my mail box when I pulled back into Horde HQ.  “Bubba Ho-Tep” with Bruce Campbell.  Let me tell ya, I’m going to fry up some of my Horde Pleasing Breakfast Burritos and kick back to this movie and Mt Dew and just give a large middle finger to politics, news, and all that.  Little Trooper is home with me because he doesn’t start school till tomorrow.  I should be doing homework, but screw that… I had a bad morning emergency that was resolved and all is well now.  That means the rest of the day until class time is of a celebratory nature.  Now if UPS would just deliver my text books before I have class then we could take this day out of the suckass category completely and put it into the “Not Bad” column.  

Horde Pleasing Breakfast Burritos:  Easy and fast to make.  Chop up an onion and fry it in butter.  Green bell pepper too if you like.  Some bits of ham, sausage, bacon… all or whatever you have. Spam if you have to.  Fry it up with the onions and butter.  Scramble up some eggs and pour that into the hot butter and onions and stuff.  Heat up some good refried beans.  Heat up some corn tortillas.  Spread out some beans on the warm tortillas and spoon on some egg mixture.  Top it off with cheese and salsa and enjoy it with something that’s got caffeine in it.  There you go.   That’s good eating.   Little Trooper loves them…. I love them… you will too.  Mrs. Ogre can have her damn Slim Fast.   That reminds me… Have to armorall the dash in the Bronco.  But I’ll do that later.  Time to get my Campbell on.

Before 9AM I woke up this morning feeling like it was going to be a suckass kinda day.  I said to myself “No, today is going to be a good day – I’m going to make sure of it!”  I tried to be positive.  Then I could hear Mrs. Ogre outside in the Jeep.  Cranking and cranking… engine not firing.  FUCK.  So jump outta bed throw on some pants and shoes, and go outside.  I replaced the starter a couple years ago… the engine cranks very energetically.  It’s just not firing.  Acts like it’s out of gas.  ½ tank of fuel, new pump, new fuel filter as of last year.  Spark?  New cap and rotor and wires too… I’ve got air, spark, fuel… but it wont fire up. While I am thinking this over, the Missus takes off in my Bronco.  Admittedly I handed her the keys – but I didn’t want to.  She hates my Bronco.  She called it “piecer”, as in “a piece of shit”.  That and the first thing she did when she sat in it was to put a fucking open can of Slim Fast on the dash.   ON THE DASH!  WTF!?  I’ve got cup holders!  I don’t put ANYTHING on the dash and she thinks she can be spilling chocolate shit all over it?  I grabbed the can and put it into the cup holder.  I’m pissed off.   Pissed off and stuck at home with a fucking DOA Cherokee that I have exhausted all my trouble shooting skills on.  This isn’t a simple little thing on the Jeep anymore… this is something deeper.  Like none of the valves opening… cause she (now) tells me it was running extremely rough lately and couldn’t even hold an idle.   Fuck.  I’m in a bad mood now.  My chainsaw is waiting eagerly for something to set me off, and this Cherokee is about to get a taste of it!  So I'm stuck here... no groceries in the house... I'm out of caffeine... the morning news is depressing as usual...  Fucking suckass day.  She better not thrash my Bronco...




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