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Sep 7th, Tuesday: 2004: Noon: OGRE’s Gun Cleaning Slop:  The bottling project pretty much came to a standstill.  So I’m just going to give it to you.  Very simple with only 3 components.  It’s easier to make than Ed’s Red and you don’t have to mix in any melted wax to make it lube and protect better either.

2 parts CASTROL GTX START UP.  This oil has polarized molecules that allow the oil to stick to the metal better.  This gives better lubrication and protection. 3 bucks at Checkers locally.

1 part B-12 Chemtool.  You can buy this and the oil at your local NAPA or CHECKERS or AUTOZONE parts store.  The B-12 can be had in small cans and that’s all you need.  The B-12 contains high energy solvents that clean your gun very well and very fast. Carbon fouling has no chance.  It did great on the lead fouling in my old Remington .22 too.  In the mixture it wont melt your plastic parts or damage the finish on your stocks… at least not that I have found in my testing. If you don't use this for your car or truck, you are missing out... this stuff is awesome for cleaning your carburetor and injectors or any greasy parts.

1 part Kerosene.  This will thin the oil, and stabilize the B-12 to allow for a good mixture.  You can find this at ACE hardware or other such store for just a couple bucks.  You probably have some for your Coleman Lanterns or portable heaters or for use in cleaning autoparts and stuff.   

You don’t need much and only mix up as much as you are going to use… “1 part” can be a table spoon full and that will do you just fine.  This is stuff you might have in your garage already.  B-12 is great stuff and I use it on my truck and Jeeps all the time. Kerosene you might already have around too.  If you don’t have the GTX Start Up, you can use Mobil 1 if you like.  I like the 5W.  Anyways, if you already have this stuff in your garage, mixing some up for your guns wont cost you a thing.  I've tested this in my guns and it works great.  My Beretta Cougar and Detonics love it. The Mak loves it.  The Marlin like it when I use a thin coat on the bolt...   Just mix a little as you need it and you will never have to spend money on gun care products ever again.  

The movie “Spartan” with Val Kilmer was very good.  I liked it.  Some good gun play, 1911 .45’s were in attendance and representing well. Kilmer did a good job of acting.  He gave a solid performance, but his character was very dry.  Not his fault, it was written that way.  The story was good.  Plot and action were good.  The mysterious agency was typical and unimaginative, but I still give this one a “thumbs up”.

John Kerry and the High Priest of the Church of Satan?  I’m not surprised. 
The shotgun you see Kerry shooting in all his shooting pictures… Yeah, the hypocritical bastards… he can have this gun and enjoy shooting it, but you can’t.  He signed off on a bill that would have banned it for you and me.  Notice something about all his shooting pictures?  He is never wearing ear plugs or safety glasses.  This makes me wonder if he is actually shooting the gun or if he is just an idiot.  I think it’s both.


Sep 6th, Monday, 2004: Holiday: 2130hrs: Some things give me tears of rage.  While I am an ogre, I am not a heartless one.  This situation in Russia has just torn mine out.  Feces Flinging Monkey has something that you should see.  This is what we are fighting against people.   I have no words.

On a lighter note, Solarvoid’s new site looks very good.  He used to have his blog in a simple discussion forum lay out, but this is much better.  Kudos.

Discovered a great place for burgers and fries.  Dinosaur Brew Haus.  If you are every passing through Vernal, this is the one place you must stop.  Little hole in the wall joint with the best friggin burgers in Utah.

Movie:  Ella Enchanted.  Uh, Anne Hathaway is total fricken babe, and the whole movie will give you sugar shock it’s so cute and sweet.  But I must protest the portrayal of ogres in this film.  First off, ogres do not eat people.  True ogres prefer the mighty Bacon Double Cheeseburger or “BDCB” for short.  Mexican food.  Steak.  Sushi, Ham fried rice, General Tao’s Chicken, pot-stickers, and won tons.  Prime Freaking Rib.  Stew.  Pizza.  And many other things… but people or anything made from Soylent Green is not on our menu.  My sons caught on to this right off the bat… “That’s not an ogre, that’s a troll!”  And they were right.  Trolls will eat people… trolls are ignorant pointed headed creatures that like big clubs.  Ogre’s prefer edged weapons or ranged weapons… Especially the FN FAL, M-14, or AK-47.  Ogre’s are also very rare creatures and you will not find roving bands of 3 or 4 of them as shown.  Again, that’s Trollish behavior.  Forget what you read about in Websters as ogres being people eaters… No… please refer to your copy of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit.  There we read about 3 big ugly trolls wanting to put the dwarfs and Bilbo into a pot.  Just like in this Ella movie. (Man, she is stacked!  She should be on one of Kim’s weekend posts!)  Had Ella (Hottness) encountered an ogre, the ogre would have offered assistance in her quest to correct wrongs and removable from office of a political asshat.  (Then he would have had her much like in the movie Ninja Scroll but that’s another subject)  JRR Tolkien also points out that ogres are in fact so rare that they are almost mythical even in middle earth.  This is because ogres tend to keep to themselves and mind their own business, but there are some ogre’s mentioned on his stories.  One is a wood cutter than can turn into a bear, and the other is was from Gondor and carried a horn.   Tom Bombadil is not an ogre.  Tom Bombadil is a faeri and ogres do not have time for faeris, unless they are hot like Ann Hathaway.  But Tommy B isn’t so the ogre would just move on… and he could have taken care of the blood Old Man Willow and the Barrow Wights all by himself, thank you very much.

The other night I was pulled over again.  The officer in this case was County and not City or State, so the guy was cool.  Pulled my over for some lights.  I had a head light out and a front running light on the opposite side.  I was just thinking that my lights were very dim when he lit me up.  They must have gone out that night or even just a minute prior because I had been driving after dark all week and never noticed any dimness on the road.  Checker had my running lights and thank heavens they were not just cheap, but took only about 10 seconds to swap out.  The headlight that burned out was actually the newer one and the other one had some water in it.  Halogens will burn if they are cracked open, but they will not be as bright and they will not last much longer… No wonder it was so dim.  I was only 50 feet from my home so the Deputy didn’t even bother to give me a warning ticket or anything.  Next morning I ventured out to Checker and got the replacements.  Anyways… looking at the cost of the normal bulb and the cost of the Xtra Vision, I went ahead and got the Xtra Visions.  2 bucks more for “three times” the brightness.  That’s cool.  I’ll try it.  MOTHER OF ALL LANDING LIGHTS.   HOLY SHIT.   I could signal BATMAN with these freaking things.  High Beams?  DAMN.  Solar Flare.  Very much worth the 2 bucks, but on coming traffic is going to HATE ME.  I made sure they are aimed properly, but I feel sorry for the clown that flashes me thinking I have my brights on when I don’t.   Give him a little flash back and the dude is going to have scorched retinas and is going to run off the side of the road.  (insert hauntingly evil laughter here)  In all seriousness these are what I need.  Out here in the middle of nowhere you need the brights like this to avoid the animals… We have Coons, Deers, Coyotes, Lopes, Elk, Bears, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Moose, Chucks, Cows, and Horses… You name it.  We even have Cougars, Wolves, and Lynx.  What’s the plural of Lynx?  Lynxesses?  Okay maybe if you are Smeagol.  Anyways.  Next time you’re swapping headlamps… Oh yeah… Xrta Visions.    Oh, and the Deputy didn’t even ask to see my card.  Cause as he was coming up to the window I was reaching up to turn my the Photon Freedom Microlight I had sticking up there and he was like “What is that?”  Showed him.  “That’s cool!” Now I have to find a truck horn capable of striping paint… and a couple more Photons.

Tonight I’m going to watch the movie “Spartan” with Val Kilmer.  Never heard much about it, but some have said it’s good. We shall see.  “Out Of Time” with Densel Washington was another movie I watched recently.  Good… good movie.  Put save your movie pass for “Man On Fire” coming on out DVD this week I think.   Now that movie is AWESOME. 


Noon Thuddy: Email from my father came in with a link to this story here.  Then he makes this point, “One common thread with the truly evil person is an anti-Israel tendency.”  That’s true.  Makes you wonder about the French.

Hey, a new Mickey Moore-on movie is finished and looking for a distributor… No, not a movie by him – but a movie about him.  Looking forward to seeing this flick.

A thoughtful question:  “Ogre, I'm going out in the woods with my 4 year old son and I have a question about that. I have a Berretta 96 in .40sw. What's the best ammo (hollow points or ball ammo, what brand, etc) to bring to the woods for this thing? I'm thinking of the possibility of having to defend against cougar, weirdo’s, and maybe even, but hopefully not, bears. I've asked around and gotten some other answers, but I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter. I realize that the .40sw is far from an ideal bear cartridge, but should be fine for cougar and weirdo’s. I'd just like to know what you think the best ammo for bears would be, given that the .40 is not really enough gun. It's still better than harsh language (by itself) or sticks, and it's all I have.   One of these days I'll pick up a .44 magnum for a woods gun. -Ben

A .40 would do well... close to .357 Magnum levels in some loads.  For woodland adventures I’d roll with Hornady XTP jacketed hollow points.  Hornady’s have a deep penetration thanks to a slower expansion.  I think they would be ideal.  Black bears or Cougars you would want a deeper penetration… against a psycho, well, he wont feel a difference.  Alternative loads to the Hornady would probably be golden Sabers or Winchester SXT’s, the new version of the old “Black Talon” load.  These are good rounds that will go nice and deep thanks to a slower expansion as well.  Rounds such as the Gold Dot expand much faster and are better suited for 2 legged predators rather than 4.  Just my opinion.

Remember when I posted about the Navy looking into Kerry’s awards? Story hit Fox News now.  Kerry is up a creek without a swiftboat now.  Here is the discussion about this on Fark.  The Libs are freaking out.  Scroll through that fark thread until you see the picture of GWB in uniform.  The farker says: “A closer examination of a photograph included in President George W. Bushs Air Force records, released by the White House earlier this year, shows then-Second Lieutenant Bush wearing an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award which he never earned.”  He’s right… Bush didn’t earn the Outstanding Unit Award… His unit did.  Hence the name.  When you come into that unit or are in the unit when it is awarded, you wear the award… everyone in the unit does.  Cooks to Crewmen.  I had that award on my Army “Dress Greens”.   Is this the best argument or counter to this situation that the Libs can come up with?  “Bush is a Liar”?  Still?  Please!  The lack of a Liberal IQ is becoming quite transparent and most annoying.  They refuse to even look at there own candidate with a rational eye… because they don’t have a rational eye.  If they had, Howling Dean or Liberman would be the Candidate now instead of this Kerry jackoff.  Scratch that… if they had, then they wouldn’t be Liberal.

This email came in yesterday from Commander Glenn, he’s asking the same questions we all are:Have you been watching the stuff going on in Russia?  It just gets to you doesn't it?  On Yahoo there was a picture of a Russian soldier carrying a little boy about the size of my son.  The child is covered in blood and naked and visibly in pain.  That picture really hit me hard.  It seems like the terrorists are stooping to lower and lower levels!

Then comes the revelation that about one third of the terrorists that invaded that school were Middle Easterners.  That is a clear sign that Al Qaeda has taken an interest in Chechnya as well.

Honestly, what can be done about this problem?  I find myself sitting here wanting to do something, but what can I do?  Sure we have our military out there dogging them but our society seems to be descending more and more to a place where people haven't the stomach for the type of conflict that is needed to combat this sort of threat.  We're not living in the World War II era any more.  If Hitler were alive today and Pearl Harbor occurred yesterday, a large segment of the population would not support the monumental sort of effort and sacrifice that went into that war.  In short order, Hitler would rule the world.

Perhaps what is needed is a sort of "Anti-Bin Laden".  A rich Westerner who sees these atrocities occurring and is moved to create his own anti-terrorist terrorists.  ...Fight fire with fire so to speak.  That would relieve our government of culpability for the actions that would make the terrorists understand the true cost of their actions.  The west would have the benefit of a two pronged approach that confronted them on two levels, a large official military level and deep down on their own level.

The root of the problem is the fact that human life has no meaning for them.  Their religious beliefs, whether they be accepted Muslim dogma or not has allowed them to suspend the value of an innocent child's life.  It's allowed them to refuse giving water to children and then laugh when they fall unconscious.

How does one combat such evil?  I'm truly asking you as I have no clue any more.

You keep making a point of reiterating the China threat.  On that stage we again seem to be screwing ourselves.  We are in a head long rush to make our military be a "leaner meaner" force and this is justified by a belief that big army on army engagements are a thing of the past.  If China ever reared its head that would be a definite army on army type of engagement.  ...but... We come back to the problem that a large segment of the American population hasn't the stomach for doing the things that are necessary to properly protect this country.  They whine about passing a deficit on to our children but don't understand that I'd rather pass a deficit on to my children than I would the need to fight a bloody revolution against the installed government of the People's Republic of America.

What is to be done on that front?  How can you make people couched in complacency and selfishness see the error of their ways?  I know a lot of parents who have sent their children off to college as good upstanding citizens only to see them return as tree-hugging, pacifist socialists.  Why is that?

I guess I'm full of questions this morning but it's been building.  At times I raise my nose from the grind-stone only to see the enormity of the task that lies before me (us) and find myself disheartened.  Is it perhaps the same feeling that Romans were feeling before that nation fell into a million un retrievable shards?”


Sep 5th, Sunday, 2004: Noon:   My brothers now have date for shipping out.  I just found out yesterday. October 10th.  They had been given false alerts and the decision to send them has been waffling as if John Kerry was in charge already... but this time it is solid and confirmed.  They are going.  They are not going straight to Iraq, but to Ft Dix with the unit for retraining into a different MOS.  The whole unit is going from Artillery to Military Police.  Three months there, and then off to Iraq.   I’ve been uneasy all day just thinking about it.  I am worried for them, but I am not fearful.  My brothers are awesome soldiers.  It’s a family tradition.  They will do well. 

But I still do not like this.  I’d rather go in their stead.  They had just started a new semester are getting close to graduating.  With this date of 10-10, they are not going to be able to finish it.  I know I just started too… but if there was a way – I’d trade them.  I don’t feel that my career as a writer is as dependant upon a slip of paper from a University.  I wish there was something I can do.   But it’s their turn for grand adventures, and for that I am happy for them.   Even if adventures make one late for supper.  I feel so conflicted.

Florida:  My prayers are with those in Florida.  This hurricane business is a real bitch… and I just caught news that there is another one drafting in behind it.  Judas.  I’m glad they have a Governor like Jeb Bush who seems to be on top of things.  Several of The Horde are in the path and their homes are right now at this moment being battered and torn.  However they themselves and their families are safe – and this is what is important.  Everything else is replaceable.  Keep the faith guys… this too shall pass.

Russia:  My God… that is truly horrible.  340 dead from the last report.  Muslim extremists go into a school, take everyone hostage, and then massacre everyone when the authorities try to get the hostages free.   Everyone is blaming Putin’s forces for a botched operation… and as much as I don’t like Putin and his henchmen… I’d cut them some slack on this one.  Putin didn’t order the Muslims to take school kids hostage.  Putin didn’t do this.  The Russian soldiers didn’t want to kill their own kids.  They were forced into action… an action that they are not practiced in.  They don’t have a Hostage Rescue Team like our FBI does… this sort of thing is new to them.   My eyes watered when I saw video of a soldier/policeman carrying out a wounded and naked little boy… the camera got in close on the trooper’s face and you could see in his eye the frustration and anguish he was feeling.  This guy was just as much a victim as the rest of them.  This is the War on Terror and this is how the terrorists fight it… let’s not tear up the people fighting on our side – fighting against the terrorists.  The Russians have been dealt some harsh blows lately and this one is totally below the belt.  Innocent kids… These terrorists and those that support them and those that are unwilling to put forth the effort to stop them… are below human and below contempt.  There is true evil in the world, and we have seen its works in Russia.   My prayers are with the families over there.

Email:First of all, I love your site. You tell it how it is, and I applaud you for that.  Second, I was recently on I was confused as to how they can be against the NRA, an organization that teaches responsibility and education about guns, and at the same time believe that guns are the problem, not the irresponsibly bastards who use them in ways that should never be used.  I wrote them an email telling them they should give credit to the NRA, not denouce them. I told them that the Clinton Gun Ban was unconstitutional, and asked how they could support it. I can't wait to hear their response, if any comes at all. I'll keep you up to date on this situation. Keep up the good work Ogre! – PunkJazz

The NRA is often the punchline for many Liberal jokes.  This is understandable when you understand the true nature of the current modern Liberalism…  It’s a mixture of fear, anger, racism, debauchery, and ignorance.  They see it simply as “Guns are bad and the NRA supports guns, so the NRA is bad”.  You have to look at it as how a four year old would look at it to see where they are coming from.  The truth as you and I know it far different.  No other organization teaches more people about firearms safety than the NRA.  No one.  No other organization trains more police officers in the use of their sidearms than the NRA.  No one.  No other organization has a simple program for kids that teaches them that when they discover a gun to not touch it and to go tell an adult.  The NRA does this constantly… every day… that’s what they do.  The gun lobby thing… they haven’t been very good at that job since Reagan, but they are still a valuable asset to the Shooting Community.   

So Clinton is in the Hospital… an now Kerry’s wife is too?  Theatrics and stunts.  Well, maybe not on Clinton’s part… live like a slob and this is the chance you take.  But Mrs Kerry?  She says “I don’t feel well” and they rush her out the area and into an ambulance… sheesh.  Talk about over reacting.  Or is it over acting?  Pathetic.   Bush pulls out a double digit lead and all the sudden all the top Democrats are getting the vapors.  All we need now if for Ted Kennedy to and Mike Moore-on to collapse from cardiac arrests and for James Carville to be stricken with boils, Maureen Dowd to have a massive seizure, and for Ted Rall to have a stroke and just fucking die… then we would be off to a good start.

Let the healing begin.

What’s Kerry’s reaction to all this?  To fight dirtier.  Way to go Kerry – that’s showing some spirit!  That’s showing love for country and real American Leadership! 

Japan is getting wrecked too.  Holy cow. Batten down the hatches.  Godzilla warning.

Denmark and Canada getting into a fight?  Popcorn and Red Vines ASAP! I’ve got 10 bucks on Denmark as long as the US doesn’t get into this and saves Canada from getting its ass kicked.


Sep 4th, Saturday, 2004: Early AM: Alan Keyes is an interesting fellow.  I never really liked him before, but now I do.  Here is why.  Download the video found here.  It’s kind of a long download – but trust me – it is worth it.  Listen to the way Alan hits the bullshit head on and hits it hard… then he hits back.  Keyes interview flat out impressed the hell out of me.  He nailed the reported to floor and hammered him down with both fists.   Very well done Mr Keyes!  BRAVO!

Keyes isn’t the perfect Republican or Conservative… but this interview shows a side to him that I’ve not seen before.  Listen to what he says and how he says it… Keyes is a political fighter and that is exactly what we need.   Good luck Alan, I hope you win.

Looks like this monster hurricane is loosing its rage.  Downgraded twice, it’s now a Cat 2 with winds around 105.  This means Florida is going to be spared a great deal of damage.  This is good news.  Unfortunately this doesn’t lessen the threat to my home town – Richmond.  The rains could still be very heavy there and the flooding can still be extremely serious for the already flooded city.

Speaking of rain, Utah could sure use some right now.  We have had firefighters here in town from all over fighting brushfires out in the boonies.  A nice good soaking could really help those guys out.  Ruby Mountain Hot Shots, and Hot Shot groups from other places… God bless these guys.  I saw them come into town tired and hungry and looking for food.  If I wasn’t a broke college student, I’d have paid for their lunches.   Utah started out the year getting some good rain but that stopped and everything dried out.  Right now it’s a tinder box.    We need some rain.  Our reservoirs are all very low.  Last time I went past Deer Creek and Strawberry it looked better than it did last year, but it was still scary low. 

Tuesday this week I attended a little political shindig that I have not spoken of like I had planned on.  It was a local chamber of commerce meeting but in attendance were 3 candidates for a seat in the Utah State legislature.  A Constitution Party candidate, a Republican, and a Libertarian.  I took some photos but they didn’t turn out well enough to really bother with.

The Constitutional guy was snore.  He read from a paper and made very little if any eye contact with anyone. 

The Republican was a much better speaker, having been a local preacher of some sort.  He did very well until his story about a cow dying from a still born calf inside it.  I’m sure this was a good and interesting story save for the fact that he timed his speech badly and was just getting into the gross stuff when he ran out of time.  Remember, this is a luncheon.  I watched more than one person put down their fork and push a plate away from them.  Bad move. 

The Libertarian candidate tore it up.  He was different than the other guys… bigger… bolder… wore a wide brimmed hat and a string tie.  Looked more “Utah” than the other cats in Mr Mac suits.  He spoke with great conviction about Utah’s water issues, the nuke testing about to start up again, jobs, and pretty much everything else important to Utah right now.  He did great.  I hope he does well in this election. I hope he does better than his website.   Now, to tie that in with the rain situation I mentioned earlier, seems Utah has the water it needs in a large river… unfortunately do to a water rights negotiation done back in the 30’s or 50’s or something, this water is untouchable and flows to California.  We could be filling our reservoirs… all of them… and have no shortage of water if we could tap that river.  This guy wants to do just that.   None of the other candidates touched that – or even had a clue about it.  Ron did.   Like Keyes, Ron was a fighter too.  During the all candidate questions and answers Ron dominated.  If he can fight like that in the Legislature, then we can make things happen and get things done and set things right.  Utah flat out needs Ron to fight for this.  The future of the entire State depends on it.  He has my vote. 

There was a link over on the right that I’m not going to name.  It used to be a Fark like site, but since the last time I looked at it, it’s become a page for little more than pimping porn sites.  The Cheesecake “Boobies” threads on Fark is about all I can take of that sort of stuff, and some of that even crosses the line… but this link I had… revolting.  It used to be good news source and had a lot of humor.  I went to look at it today and I was not pleased.  That link is now gone and  I apologize for having such a link on my site.   At least on Fark the naughty stuff has a little warning to it so you know what it is… This site I just de-linked was extremely bad.

Clinton’s heart attack… Some folks wanted me to expand my thoughts on that.  I won’t.  Let’s just say I won’t be grieving should he not recover, and leave it at that. 


Sep 3rd, Friday, 2004: 1430hrs:   I am feeling pretty damn good today.  My head isn’t hurting, my knee isn’t hurting and I’m not limping anymore… but that’s not the only reason.  My class last night was awesome.  We covered pretty much the whole fall of the Roman Empire all in one evening and it was fascinating.  I’ve heard it all before, but what made it so interesting was the instructor.  He was motivated and passionate about the subject… and when you have an instructor like that, you can’t help but to feel the same way.  But that’s not the only reason either…  Zell’s and Bush’s speeches… New polling figures... Clinton in the hospital… had a huge lunch at Winger’s of wings and fajitas…  I’m telling ya – Rose Colored Glasses today!

You gotta love  The Liberals there are just coming apart at the seams.  That thread at Fark I linked to... I was waiting for someone to post that Mission Accomplished image, and the Liberal Farkers didn’t let me down.  Just goes to show you how stunningly ignorant the Liberals are.  The mission that was accomplished wasn’t about the war on terror – it was about removing Saddam and kicking his ass out of power.  That mission was accomplished, and accomplished more brilliantly and swiftly than any other operation like it ever before!  I especially like the political attack cartoons… Bush as chimp… oh, that’s clever.  Hey, and now they are attacking Zell Miller.  How touching.  These guys are in a panic!   I love it!

I’m going to be updating my impressions on these Baby Eagle pistols here.  So far they have impressed the hell out of me.  I’ve put a number of rounds through them and the results have been satisfying beyond my expectations.  I’ve heard reports that some people have had a lot of trouble with them, but those are with the .40 and .45 versions… I’ve heard little to no complaint about them in 9MM.  Now, these are the Poly versions and not the full metal ones.  The regular versions weigh about 2 pounds… these are half that weight.  The Sub-Compact (which is only a smidgen smaller) would make for an excellent choice for those wanting a duty grade 9MM auto but are on a budget and can’t afford or don’t want to spend the money on a “bigger name” gun.  I hate to say this… but I’m putting these on the same level as an HK USP 9MM. 

Email regarding The China Threat:  “Horde Airman McSorley would offer two points from this article:  One, the statement from the PRC Chairman is self evident: In Beijing, China's military chief, Jiang Zemin, on Monday urged the armed forces to raise the quality and quantity of their weapons, state media said.

"Improving the building of weapons and equipment is a task of top priority in our preparations for a military struggle," the People's Daily, a mouthpiece of the party, quoted Jiang as saying. Other newspapers carried similar reports.

Point Two, guess who the PRC does not want in charge of the US?  So they're cooling it for the elections..because rattling the sabre will have what effect on the election?  Uh-huh.  here is the quote: China and Taiwan "may be trying to moderate their approach, particularly with regards to the U.S. presidential election." 

So, nothing new here, but interesting considering the stockpiling reports.

Also, we are in the automotive steel business.  Guess who's buying up world supplies of steel and cranking up the market prices (affects our ability here in MO to do business/meet demand/make money)?  Three guesses...  – Mark”

Of course they don't want Bush to win either... so they will make no threats... With Bush in office we will have a strong Military that will be thrown against them if they pull anything.  With Kerry, China will be able to take the whole Pacific Rim unchallenged.   Many people still don’t see China as a threat.  They don’t want to believe it.  They don’t want to face it.  They haven’t seen the big picture.    You can’t just look at this one story and say “Hmmm, China is up to something.”  Well, you can, but there is more to it than just this.  There is more to it than just China stockpiling up oil reserves.  Look at the big picture and take it all in.  Look at the patterns.  China isn’t even trying to hide this.  The media just doesn’t want to touch it because if they did – Bush wins hands down.  A Kerry win will be a green light for China to begin hostilities and it would happen within days of Kerry being sworn in.  Since this is being talked about on MSNBCBSABCNN, it’s not happening in the minds of most people.  Hell, FNC isn’t even talking about it.  But it IS happening.   I’m not just being a Chicken Little over here. 

Speaking of Chicken… Winger’s chicken with that buffalo sauce they have – FREAKING GLORIOUS!  Oh, I am one contented Ogre over here.  My belly is still purring at me… mmmmm….   I love Winger’s.  The atmosphere and the decorations are awesome… All the aircraft stuff… The old fashioned diner vibe… it’s all very cool.   Too bad that it’s spendy as hell to go there – judas priest! Lunch for Mrs. Ogre, Little Trooper, and myself was over 30 bucks.  Sheesh… that’s too much money for a lunch.  But damn it was GOOOD!

Looks like I am going to have to put the top back on the Bronco later this evening.  Reports are saying we are going to get some snow up in the mountains tonight or tomorrow.  The sky is looking heavy and grey as it is, and all week driving home from campus it was mighty chilly.  Freak… I don’t want to put the top on!  An FSB with the top off is like a big ass Jeep Wrangler a Dick Cheney personality “Go %&#(!*@! Yourself!”  It is completely Ogerish.  But the top will keep the wind and the cold and the wet outside and my boys wont get cold riding in it.  Top on to Top off there was negligible difference in fuel economy, but the truck did do very well handling and performance wise with that 200 pounds off its back.   Wish I could have found a good Soft Top kit for it… dang it.

Email from Stig:  “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I laughed at this!!”

I laughed too… I’m a horrible person or something.


Sep 2nd, Thursday, 2004: 2300hrs: Zell Miller opened up a can of Whoop Ass on Kerry.  Kerry is so flustered all he can do is bash Cheney for not being in the service?   "I'm not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who have misled the nation into Iraq," he said.  What about all the other folks in the United States of American who have never served in the armed forces?  Do they not have a right to question Kerry?  Wait a second… what did Hillary Clinton say?

"I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic.  And we should stand up and say we are Americans, and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!"

Hey Kerry, let me remind you of something…


Oh this is nasty… I’d rather go grey and have cancer.

Email from Commander Glenn:Welp, I just got up from watching George's convention speech.  I really do have to say one thing for the guy.  He really is "real".  I think that's what I like most about him.  There was the moment when he was speaking about family members of fallen service members lending him their strength in the midst of their time of loss and he became visibly choked up.  You really can't fake that sort of thing and if so, he certainly deserves an Oscar!

On the other hand, his speech was interrupted on several occasions by protesters who'd managed to gain unauthorized access to the facility (trespassing).  This is really something that needs addressing and it points to the "quality" of the liberals in this country.  They simply have no class.  When they held their convention, how many people were arrested?  I didn't hear a report of a single one.  There were certainly protests occurring, but by and large they were peaceful and law abiding. 

Why is it that if you talk to a liberal, you will certainly get a feeling from their condescending banter that they feel they have in some way evolved into some "higher" sort of being and that they feel pity for us lowly unevolved creatures.  The convey the feeling that it is their duty to take us poor misguided Neanderthals under their wing and school us in how we should think.  They roll out one of their favorite sound bites and club you mercilessly with the words "social morality".  Which to them entails rendering all things unto Caesar, not just that which is his due.  Let me say a few words about this "social morality".  By the simple use of the word "morality" they are in fact indicting themselves.  Merriam Webster's dictionary defines morality as:

  • A doctrine or system of moral conduct
  • Conformity to ideals of right human conduct
  • Moral conduct vis-a'-vis Virtue

We are supposed to be a nation of laws.  By virtue of those laws and the conformity to those laws (morality) we can hope to live in a peaceful and ordered society.  They contend that they and they alone have the proper plan for the future of this nation.  Actions speak louder than words my friends.  Their actions tell us that they have no regard for the law.  They therefore lack simple morality, let alone "social morality".  How can they demand any kind of morality when they themselves lack it in its most simple form?  Viewed in that light, their vocal demands for "social morality" can be viewed in its true light, as a plaintiff wail, meaning "Give me that to which I am not entitled.  Allow me to infuse you with enough guilt that you give me what those things that I have failed, through lack of foresight and planning, to provide for myself."  These are the words of con-men and scoundrels, pure and simple.  Evolved indeed!  They are simply a higher incarnation of bandits and thieves!

All I can say in conclusion is this:  If indeed there is a god above, I hope that he smiles upon this genuine and engaging man and gifts this nation with another 4 years of his solid leadership. - Glenn”

I wish I could have watched it…  Dang it.  But I read the speech and I agree with you.

1500hrs:  Attacking John Kerry’s Patriotism:  Everyone at the Republican Convention has been very careful to say that they honor Kerry’s service in Viet Nam and his patriotism.  Well, I’m not a Republican and I’m not at the convention.  That means I have a Kerry tag and it’s open season for me.

First, his service.  Documents has testimony have shown that while Kerry did volunteer for Swiftboat duty, he did so because he was under the impression that that service would see the least amount of action.  He also did it because he thinks he is a reborn JFK.  So Kerry is not on record for being a brave man.  He only served 4 months there, during which time he was awarded 4 medals, and each one was questionable.  He was never under fire even once and he still managed to rack up 3 purple hearts so he could get out.  I’m note sure, but has anyone else ever been awarded 3 purple hearts in such a short time span?  Has anyone else been awarded 3 purple hears and a ticket out of the war zone without having been fired upon?  His awards are so fishy that the Department of the Navy is “looking into them”. 

This guy is amazing… and it’s an outrage and a slap in the face to all Vets who have earned their purple hearts the hard way or were never awarded when the did bleed.  Questioning his patriotism goes back to that time period as well… When he claimed to have committed atrocities and witnessed his own brothers in arms committing them as well.  Another slap.  That shows no loyalty to his own men… that shows no loyalty to his Service… and since it was all a lie, that shows he has no loyalty to his own Nation.  That means that truly this man does not have any patriotism in him at all.  

Kerry only has political ambition.  Everything he as ever done – including his time in Uniform was to put on his political resume.  Kerry carried a camera in his hands more than he carried a gun… and unlike the other noble men who were armed only with 8MM and 35MM cameras… Kerry’s cameras were only pointed at himself.    He is a self serving bastard and that is in no way showing a shred of patriotism.  The only thing he is on record for doing to help anyone else was to pull one guy out of the water. 

Funny how that one guy just happens to be standing on the stages behind him now… so was that really heroic?  Funny how the Democrats never mention how that guy got into the water.  He fell off the back of the boat when Kerry slammed the throttles wide open to get away from danger when he thought he was being ambushed.  There are 2 ways to deal with an ambush.  When you are in a convoy, the practice is to run out of the ambush and get out of the kill zone.  Because your cargo is important and the convoy has to make it through.  When you are on a Patrol, the practice is to assault through the ambush.  Kerry was on a patrol with 3 other boats.  When there was the hint of an ambush – Kerry left his men behind.  Kerry left the other men behind.  Kerry left a man floating in the water behind.  Kerry turned tail and ran like the yellow coward that he is.  Only when it was determined that there was no ambush, and no more threats did Kerry come back and pick up what he dropped.   While 2 other boats were helping the damaged boat, Kerry was running away.  Then JFK2 went home.  And what did he do?  He made statements to congress and to the media that motivated his nation’s enemy’s.  RINO John McCain is on record for saying that Kerry’s statements made his POW experience a real bitch.  How is that for Patriotism?  

How is it patriotic when he says that his plans are pretty much just turning everything over to France and the UN?  How is that patriotism? 

The Liberals like to say that Bush ducked out of serving his country by only serving in the National Guard.   Hey, at least Bush didn’t commit atrocities.  He never shot a scared kid in the back.  Okay, that was off the cuff but let’s look at what Bush did.  He flew a jet fighter loving called a “widowmaker” because it had a reputation for killing its pilots…  He flew in a squadron that was under the direction of the - equivalent at the time - Strategic Air Command who gave them the mission of intercepting Soviet nuclear armed bombers.  So the truth of it, Bush was risking his ass protecting this country too.  The Soviets loved to play games with our interceptors and did it pretty much right up until The Wall fell.  And when I say games… I mean Soviet bombers penetrating our airspace and probing out responses.  I don’t remember the North Vietnamese ever threatening to Nuke the USA, but I do recall a few Soviet threats of that nature.

John F Kerry is no war hero.  John F Kerry is no patriot.  John F Kerry is not fit to be the President of my United States.

Email from Skylance: “While this doesn't compare to the $300 book, this one ranks up there in "moves that get you lined up against the wall with a blindfold".   I took a math course, calculus type about 10 years ago.  I had to pay nearly $100 for this textbook.  "Calculus: Twelfth Edition".  Brand new book, I looked for used, but they said "This is a brand new book this semester.".  Ok, end of the semester, I go to return this book.  "I'm sorry, We will no longer be using this text book next year."  I found that they were getting the THIRTEENTH edition.  Some one out there is just out for a buck.  There have been no significant developments in the field of calculus that I am aware of that would justify such a changeup in the books.  Most likely they just changed a few of the "homework problems" in the book.  These cats need to get beat upside the head with their "new and improved" textbooks.   Medical texts, I can understand.  New advances happen all the time.  Advanced Physics, there are new subatomic particles discovered, I can understand that.  History - "current events" become history regularly, so it's right to update the courses with the Reagan Years, Bush 1 Years, Clinton Debacle, etc; On the other hand - PC revisionists screwing with history just to not offend people is a crock.  Most of the other stuff shouldn't be messed with. I recently finished a GRADUATE LEVEL course which had a book that was over 10 years old. The book was supplemented by the instructor with readings from current periodicals.  According to the instructor, the basics hadn't changed, only new discoveries in the subject.  Damn shame that more instructors can't be that way.”

I agree… medical texts could be updates and revised and require new editions… that’s a given.  However literature or math texts?  No.  The books don’t change because the subjects don’t change.  The only thing I can see changing so frequently as to require new texts are history books.. because history is written daily.  Should this require a new text though?  Absolutely NOT.  Have you been into a CPA’s office and looked at the volumes of tax code on the shelves?  Its massive.  How do they deal with it?  Binders.  Every so often there is a new booklet that comes out containing updates and they just open the binders and insert the latest.  Done.  It’s a periodical.  They have subscriptions.  History texts could be the same way very easily.  Should be. 

Another thing I’d like to see with history… a Global Time Line.  You have seen history timelines before… but they are all about one specific place or chain of events.  I want to see a whole timeline that encompasses the world.  100BC… we have a timeline showing the Greeks and the Goths… we also see what was happening in the Americas and in China and in Japan and in India and Africa.   So you can scan down the timeline and see what everyone was doing at that same time.  I started doing a WWII timeline in High School showing day by day what everyone was doing in both theatres… what major events happened, what operations… but I never completed it and I lost it.  Huge project… and that was just for WWII.   I want a whole freaking History of the World timeline.   I want a wall sized poster of it in generalized form and a specific and highly detailed DVD version with a visual interface and searchable index.   That’s what I want.  I’d pay money for that. has been my friend this semester.  My books have not arrived yet, but I’ve not needed them yet.   I have saved no less that 100 bucks by going Amazon and buying there rather than going and buying the books from the University Bookstore.   Now if I could just be patient enough for them to arrive… then all will be well.  

Like I may have mentioned earlier, this semester is pretty much all about Medieval Europe.  I’m hitting the Literature, History, and Art of the period.  The only place where I am not in Medieval Europe is in the Creative Nonfiction class… and that in that class I can be wherever I want to be.  No, not statistics class… no calculus classes… I hate those classes with a passion and would rather just put them off for as long as I can.

0945hrs: Last night’s class just might be my most “fun” class.  Certainly will be the least difficult… It’s an advanced writing class called “Creative Nonfiction”.   I think I found my easy “A”.  It’s going to require some time of course… a paper a week.  But come on… 1,000 words?  Feh… I delete more than that every day. 

Kim du Toit has an interesting post about the French reaction to Muslim violence.  “Note to the French: There are no "neutrals", and there is no "nuance", in this conflict. These Islamist fucks want us to be either dead, or Muslim.”  This is both very true and wrong at the same time.  The Muslims either want you dead or their flavor of Muslim.  There are so many divisions within themselves… much like the different versions of Christianity… and if you are the wrong flavor you could very likely be a casualty anyway because you are an acceptable loss.  Remember, these cats just have got to blow shit up and when they run out of targets they turn on themselves.  There is no appeasement with these people because they have no respect for the rest of humanity.  They have hold no value on human life.  They are ants.   Not all Muslims are this way… most of them are like us.  They have families and love there children and are planning on retirement and college for their kids and thinking Kerry is a lying sack of fecal matter… they are not the extremists that are making all Muslims look like psychopaths.  So I am not going to paint all Muslims with a broad brush stroke… or at least I am going to try not to. 

“It’s like Guantanamo” Protestors have no idea what Guantanamo is like… these ignorant gits have no clue.  For one thing, you can not just leave Guantanamo.  And unlike Guantanamo or Boston, there are no fences and guards… Remember Boston?  The Democrats put all the protestors into a cage.  Remember that?  And they have the gall to complain about Pier 57?  Asshats… these Liberals are ignorant asshats.  Well, being ignorant is obvious… if they were not, they wouldn’t be Liberals.

Zell Miller, one of the last good Democrats, just crucified Kerry.   Ouch.  Zell isn’t going to be invited to any Democrat parties any more, and wont be allowed to play any more Democrat games.  Just wait… one day it’s going to get foggy and they are going to have to ask him for some help.  

Email from Horde Commander Carl regarding text books: “Quit your bitching, I have one book that is just under $300 and is only good for two years.”   

I don’t think any one book is worth that much money… that’s insane.  If you can buy a dictionary that is the size of a coffee table that’s 8 inches thick for 50 bucks, how in the hell is a book that’s a fraction of that size costs 100?  I am no so much bothered by the cost of the books so much as I am bothered by the requirements that a University puts on people… Most of your classes have nothing to do at all with what you are trying to get your degree in.  As a result, most of your time and effort and money is not going to what you are trying to get your degree in.

If I was to create my own University…. “University of the Gregarious Horde”  or “UGH” for short… Students would take only one class at a time, and will not progress until they pass that class at an acceptable level.  Each student will take their core program class towards whatever degree they are going for and will be able to concentrate solely on that course.  Next semester they can take the next course, or if they like an elective.  Elective class options will be rather thin… mostly History, Political Science and Advanced Marksmanship… but much like University of Phoenix you will be able to get your degree much quicker than traditional schools because on class will be in such depth.  Depth you can’t get at a regular University because the students are too stretched to concentrate on the subject in such depth.   And credits will not be used.  You start a program and upon completion of the courses you will get your degree.   That’s how I would organize my own university.  A book might be a couple hundred… but you will only need that one book.  Wait… screw that.  A book is just a collection of information… Screw it… you will need only one disk.  It will be a DVD packed with everything you need and organized into a searchable and cross referenced database… I like books, but there has got to be a better way.  Current Universities are organized into such a way as to get the most money out of you… not about teaching you everything you could know.   My least favorite moment in any class is the first day when the Professor tells you everything you are not going to get to learn.  That’s just great… if there is so much that you are not getting into – why should I even bother taking this bloody class?  Even “Depth Courses” are not really getting into any real depth.  I’m just completely unimpressed by the whole college thing.  I can easily learn more about any given subject by just studying it on my own.  That’s pretty much how I have educated myself since grade school.  I should be able to just give myself credits over here.  Unfortunately most people are not going to school for the education… they are going for the little slip of paper that says “Degree” on it.  That’s all they care about.   So sad…

I am very worried about my family in Richmond.  Richmond is still swamped and here we have another hurricane that’s on the way.  It seems like no matter where those hurricanes go, they always end up in Richmond.  Much like “All roads lead to Rome”.   My folks’ house there in Chesterfield has a natural spring or something under the front lawn.  Even in a hot and (relatively speaking) dry summer, the front lawn is a friggin marsh.  You step on the grass and it’s like walking on a bed of wet sponges.  Mowing it is a bitch.   It’s like the Fire-Swamp because the ground can suck you in so fast… all it needs are some ROUS’s running around.  I damn near lost a shoe once getting out of a car there because I had to step on the lawn.   Er… where was I?  Oh, yeah, hurricanes.  Well, Richmond has been soo swamped that there have been sink holes opening up and floods… 5 people died already.  I fear the body count is going to go up… And I’m afraid of Mom’s house falling into a sink hole that used to be the front lawn.   And the other storms were just warning shots compared to what this next one could do.  Virginia is in my prayers.  

This is interesting… We get signal.  All your space are belong to us.


September 1st, Wednesday, 2004: 1630hrs: I just want to take a moment to wish my wife, my beloved bride, Mrs. Ogre, a very happy birthday.  She is the most incredible woman I have ever met and I lover her madly.  I married very much above my station when I married her.  She is everything to me.  I wouldn’t trade her for anyone or anything or any amount of money. She is my goddess.    

The Questing Cat has discovered that we have in fact discovered WMDs in Iraq.  Chalk this up as not surprising.   BUSH IS NOT A LIAR.

Extremely cool movie coming out.  Sky Captain.  Looks like a 1940’s Sci-Fi action adventure flick… like right out of the pages of Popular Science.  This is crazy cool.  I am THERE!  Jude Law, AJ, Gwyneth Paltrow.  This movie is just insane… September 17th. I’m loving the P-40’s!

Kobe’s case got dropped… this was just a matter of time.  I never thought he did it.  Still think he is a piece of shit for tapping that skank, but I never thought he raped it. 

Time to head back to class.  Pray for me that the Bronco doesn’t send me on any more nocturnal adventures.  I don't think it will... I trust it more than the two Cherokees in my driveway.

0930: Damn Damn Damn…  While I was at school yesterday my kids played on the computer and got into some shit.  When I turned it on this morning Norton started screaming at me… all kinds of spyware was trying to access the internet.  Optimizer and shit I never even heard of before… Mozilla was hosed and all my email was gone including the freaking account set up.  Everything… all of it… gone.   I didn’t even get to read my emails yesterday (I did catch a few of them) because I was so busy.  Now they are freaking evaporated.  But this isn’t the only thing.  Last night I was coming home from school in a town 30 miles away, (class got out at 10:30PM) I’m cruising along… not pushing it or anything.  In fact I was coasting having just crested a big hill.  Engine just turned off like a switch.  DOA.  Flatlined.  Well, I didn’t have a light with me and I didn’t have any tools.  So I got to walk… all the way into town to find a freaking phone.  Found one damn near in the down town part of this little berg.  (Thanks to the 3 police cars that didn’t stop – no – nothing out of the ordinary about a guy in the middle of the fucking desert in the middle of the night walking with a cane and a limp!  Thanks a lot you cockbiters!) This town rolls up it’s streets at night, so the only joint that was open and had a phone was a 7-11 type establishment called “Maverick”.  I called home, told my wife to bring lights and tools.  Well, she couldn’t make it so she called her Dad.  Clint is a good wrench so I was glad to see him.  Took only about 3 minutes to find and diagnose the problem… wire going into the coil broke off.  The coil is what sends the spark into the distributor so the distributor can send the spark to the plugs… so when that wire busted, it really was like turning the engine off.  A real thrill when you got power steering and power breaks in a full sized truck barreling down a hill at 65 MPH in the middle of the night.  Well, luckily it was an easy fix.  He had some connectors and we were able to fix that.  The truck started right back up happy as a bee in honey.  At home I was nearly caught stashing Mrs. Ogre’s Birthday Present in her Jeep so she discovers it when she goes to leave first thing in the AM.  Nearly.  She got the pleasant surprise, and at least that was some good news.  I booted the PC shortly there after for the bad news.  Fuck!  Well, that wasn’t so bad.  Ran System Restore and reinstalled Mozilla 1.7.2, and another minute to enter in my email information… but all my bookmarks are gone.  This is what happens when kid play on the computer.  That is now strictly VERBOTEN.  Kids do not touch this computer any more!  I have no idea what I lost from yesterday… emails from my professors… from Concealed Carry Magazine… from The Horde… Sure, this stuff my not be critical, but it is important to me.   Oh, and then the class last night – supposed to be an easy A type class with not even any text book requirement.  Well, the Prof I was going to take the class from RETIRED and now there is this new prick with something to prove… this class is going to be a real biotch with a $90 book.  I didn’t want that!  I wanted at least one class that was simple… that was easy… that I could coast on.  Every school has at least one course like that.  Right?  Hell.  Not mine, not anymore!  3 major papers with a damn 700 page text book… HELLS BELLS.  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough… this cat is an old fashioned liberal asshat hippie from the 60’s.  Long grey hair in a pony-tail, balding on top, sandals, beard, and looks pretty much exactly like Chris Muir’s prof character.   Aarrgh… I came to school in Utah to avoid these guys!  So let me recap… busy day from hell yesterday leading up to a huge let down in class have to spend an extra 90 bucks for that privilege, break down in the middle of fucking nowhere and have to walk into town with a backback on, bad knee protesting with each painful step, almost get busted with goodies, can’t get any sleep, and then my computer has to be unfucked and I loose my email and bookmarks.   

So… Mad Ogre is in an extremely foul mood over here… do not fuck with me today!  Someone is going to get the chainsaw if they do!

Al Franken is a dickhead.  This guy is going to go to the Republican Convention and then start screaming at people?  What a dickhead.  Conservative radio guys didn’t do this at the Democrat convention.  

I don’t like this.  I don’t think this has anything to do with China trying to influence the market… no… China is filling up her strategic reserves.  This is a sign China is indeed prepping for war.  Grim news.  They are going to throw down on us in just a few years… or sooner.

Man… I’m just not in a good mood today.  I’m going to go scout ebay and Amazon and a few other places to see if I can find this freaking book for cheap.  Freakin hippy bastard.

Oh, There was an up for the day... I was invited to moderate the Street & Offroad forum over at AmBack.  Other than that, I just want one huge fucking Do-Over for the last 24 hours.



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