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9-30-10:The Gunfighter Cast:  The Interview is in two parts, part one is posted now.  This interview was crazy long and it was too much to be put into one pod cast.  We are planning on doing something cool in the future together - a whole new deal... itís going to rock.
There is a book we have at work.  A Shooter's Bible from 1964.  It has an article on Handgunning Accuracy.  In it, the author stresses the very same thing that we still stress today.  Trigger Control.  Nothing has changed.  Sights have changed.  Grip configurations have changed.  What has not changed - the necessity for a smooth and consistent pull straight to the rear so as to not disturb the sight alignment and sight picture (those are two different things) while the gun fires.  Trigger control is even important in accurate rifle shooting... but in handgun shooting, it's absolutely critical.  Here's why.  A Rifle weighs on average about 9 pounds with a trigger pull that is about 4 pounds... In a handgun you have a trigger pull that is on average 8 pounds in a gun that weights maybe 2 pounds or less.  So you can see the trigger pull has a greater effect against the whole gun.  A bad pull can really your sights off and you get a straight up miss. This situation was the same back in 1964 as it is now - only worse... thanks to our lighter polymer framed guns and triggers that are mandated to be heavier in some places.
The second most important thing in handgun accuracy?  Your grip.  A consistent grip is a important, but lesser than trigger.  For combat style shooting - meaning shooting fast while moving, fast at moving targets or just shooting fast under stress... Under stress sometimes one might lose sight of the front sight post... if your grip is consistent then this is less of a problem.  If your grip is all over the place, so will your shots be.   Grip and stance also helps control the weapon during recoil and providing a platform for fast shooting.  Combining Trigger and Grip - everything else will fall into place naturally.
Unload the Gun!  I had a .50 cal muzzle loader pointed at me.  It was loaded.  What the hell are some people thinking?  I swear.  I have a collection of rounds Iíve pulled out of ďUnloadedĒ guns... ones that were at some point, pointed at me.  I donít care how often you come in a gun store.  You unload that gun.  You want a scope on it - you unload it before you bring it in.  You have carry permit?  Fine.  Keep that gun in your holster and we are cool.  Open Carry - fine... keep it in the holster.  You want to Shop for a new holster or you want a scope on it or whatever... Unload it.  I donít want loaded guns pointing at me or my co-workers or other customers.  Unload The Gun.  
12 ga. 20 ga, .410 ga, 28 ga, .45ACP, .45 Colt, .41 Mag, .44 Mag, .357 Mag, .38 Special, .32 H&R Mag, .380 Auto, .22 LR, .22 Mag... and now, a .50/209.  Thatís just spiffy.
A Gun Store Employee over in Grand Junction was killed with an Unloaded Gun.  The rifle came in to have a scope mounted on it... and the customer didnít clear it.  The employee didnít clear it.  Another employee then pulled the trigger.  Thatís all it took to snatch a life out of someone, shear negligence.
A situation happened a few years ago.  Fellow brought in a shotgun, a Pump Action.  I checked the chamber, cycled the action, there was no ammo in it.  Handed it to another guy.  He did the same thing.  It got passed around several guys who all did the same thing.  Then it came back to me, and I checked it again... cycled the action... all the sudden this time I hear and feel a ďthunk-ker-chunkĒ as I round was then fed into the chamber.  WHOA!  The shell had been bound up in the magazine tube... stuck in there.  Then all the sudden it decided to feed as advertised.  This Unloaded Gun suddenly and spontaneously became a Loaded Gun.  And this was after several checks.   This just goes to show you - Rule 1, The Gun is Always Loaded.
The Eye Thing.  Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement... Iíll get buy and weíll pick up training again next year.  I think Iím done for now.  The blindness in my shooting eye, the election coming up, Iíve just got a lot to deal with... so Iím holding off on Training for the time being.  The eye thing bothered me at first.  I have a little vision in it - right in the center... if Iím looking straight at something I can see some of it... I have some depth perception so Iím not fumbling too much... but if Iím not looking directly at it - itís just not there.  Left eye is perfectly fine.  So Iím getting by.  Iíll be fine.
Armed American Radio:  AH!  I just listened to it... Micheal Bane called me a wuss.  LOL!  Nice.  Thatís hillarious.   Yeah, I missed the Round Table last week due to my headache/eye situation.  I turn my back one minute on these guys... Thatís awesome.

9-27-10:  Iíve not posted here in awhile again because Iíve been dealing with some things.  Iíve become almost blind in my right eye.  My shooting eye.  This is due to some small blood clots in the capillaries.  I have a little window of light in my eye, tunnel vision is an optimistic description of it.  To get an idea of what this is, take a paper towel roll tube - and look through that - now imagine about half of that much... thatís about what I got in terms of ďfield of viewĒ.  Now darken it up by 25%. Thatís what Iím seeing in my right eye.  In spite of all the well wishing Iíve received, even though I am grateful for it, I am not hopeful on the return of my vision.  Itís been like this for 13 days... well, some day there, it was totally gone, but it got better, and itís stayed like this now for the last 5 days.  There is an up shot - I am told I am a better shooter with my left hand than my right anyways.  As of right now, all my training classes are suspended.  Instead Iíll be concentrating on my writing.  
Speaking of Training Classes:  For the last 2 years Iíve been teaching Tactical Shotgun in ways no one has been teaching it.  All shotgun training has been the same as it was back in 87.  Iíve worked very hard in developing a Shotgun Training program that has been cutting - bleeding edge.  And the guys that have taken my class have really enjoyed it.  Well check this out.  The Shotgun has Come Back as the Cool Gun to have.

I look forward to buying this DVD and seeing just how they are doing it - because what Iíve been teaching - Iím seeing the same thing in this trailer, and Iím hearing the same things Iíve been saying and teaching for Crusader Weaponry.  These guys just make it look really cool.

If itís one thing The Horde has a lot of, itís MHI fans.  Iím talking about ďMonster Hunter InternationalĒ.  You guys know what Iím talking about.  If you donít know, get to and order it.  Our friend Larry Correia has written a book that you will absolutely love if you are a gun nut.  Wait a second... let me correct that.  Heís written two books.  The second one, Monster Hunter Vendetta is out now!  Oh, it gets even better... check this out.  Sample Chapter.  Your Welcome.  Heís also written another book that is absolutely fantastic... It has magic.  Hard Magic. This one - will blow you away.  As much as you liked MHI - you are going to love The Grimnoir Chronicles.  Go to Amazon, MHV - Buy about 5 or 6 of them, give them as gifts.  Then order another one for yourself. 

9-19-10:  The Tea Party has a lot of people worked up:  And I see that as a good thing. The Republican Party needs to decided what to with them... and the Democrats are trying to decide what to do about them.  The Tea Party on the other hand, they need to stop trying to bill themselves as a 3rd Party.  When they do that - they weaken themselves.  As a Movement - itís hugely powerful.  The Democrats should be very afraid of them.  The Republicans should EMBRACE them.  They are not tied together.  The Tea Party is not a part of it - but the Republicans should be listening to them and bringing themselves in line with the the Tea Ideology.  Weíve seen what they can do.  We can see that they very swiftly made Karl Rove look like a jackass.  Not that hard of a trick, but I donít think even the Swift Boaters could have done it so well as the Tea Party did.  Now the Dems are trembling... and RINOís are ducking for cover.   This is a good thing.  Because the Tea Party is about a movement of You and Me getting active.

9-18-10:  It's been some time since my last update. Much as happened, and not all of it good. My wife's Ford Explorer has suffered a catastrophic failure of the transmission and is quite dead. We are in no position to do anything about it at this time. To make those matters worse, we wont be in a position to do anything about it for some time. This makes things rather difficult for us.... but we will get by.

We've adopted another dog, a Chocolate Lab. Its a full grown pup without any training. While it was on a cable, I was taking it to my truck, holding the cable. This dog is very strong and healthy... he pulls like a freight train. He is also very excitable. While holding onto the cable trying to get the dog into my truck, he jumped and lunged and the cable somehow coiled around my left ring finger tip which was suddenly jerked tight... with the result of a now broken finger. Off to a good start. The dog is amiable and smart. We've got a lot of work to do with him. I fear that his exuberance, curiosity, and energy will get the best of him and he's going to run off like Bear did. The downside to this problems is that I don't have the time to train him... and now I don't have the left hand either. Bear, you could see in his eyes, mischief. Reggie, our new dog here... you can see intelligence and enthusiasm in high quantities of both.

As you can imagine, typing with two of my fingers taped up Ė it's rather annoying.

My eldest son wants to take up the art of the tactical handgun. To get him started, I traded off a gun that I never shoot anymore for a new M&P pistol in 9mm. Nothing fancy, just the basic service sized gun. I swapped in the small grip adapter into it and the gun fits my hand well, and my boy's hand perfectly. The first shot he took with it Ė dead nuts on the bullseye. This is a good start and he's going to do very well with it. I'll be doing more of a review on the M&P pistol soon.

I just finished the review of the S&W Bodyguard .380 pistol for Concealed Carry Magazine. I like the pistol a lot. However I have to question the caliber. With other small pistols available in 9mm and .40 caliber, a pistol like the Bodyguard in .380 just doesn't make much sense. Smith could have engineered this gun for 9mm and it wouldn't have been much larger... just a bit longer from the front strap of the grip frame to the back strap. Look at a gun such as the excellent little Kahr PM9 or if you are lucky enough, a Colt Pocket 9. Yet the gun is just so rock solid cool... it's head and shoulders above the LCP or the new Taurus. I do like it, even though I think I probably shouldn't.

9-12-10:  Burning The Qurían:  Yes, its controversial.  Yes, itís provocative.  Yes, it stirred up protests in the Middle East... Muslims in Afghanistan burn our Flag and Bibles all the time.  Try to fly into Saudi Arabia with a Bible... see what happens.  We canít, but itís perfectly acceptable to them?  Why do they get preferential status?  Because they get violent and we are afraid of them?  Thatís not the American Way.  This is a First Amendment Issue.  I support the right to be able to burn the Qurían.  Questioning the wisdom or motivation to do so is not an issue to me.  He wants to, he can, he should be allowed to.  Americans should never fear to speak what is on their minds.  Period.

9-10-10:  September 11th.  Letís not forget what happened on 9-11-01.  We were attacked on our own soil.  Not since Pearl Harbor have we been attacked.  Even then - Japan hit a Military Target.  These terrorists hit innocent people... people of all races, creeds, colors, religions.  Remember who did this.  Remember that the Democrats are the ones that Blamed America for this come November 2nd.

Gun Industry Arm Chair Quarterbacking:  S&W:  Itís time I take a swing at the Big Giants in the industry... this time... Smith and Wesson.  

Smithís new Bodyguard series is already a home run.  Weíve yet to see if itís a commercial success, but they are indeed fine little firearms for those that need a little firearm.  Iíd like to see the series expanded into larger calibers such as .357 Mag, 9mm, and .45.

The new SD series of pistols.  This is a Marketing Makeover of the SIGMA series pistol... itís not fooling anyone, but give the American Public a year or two of reading Gun Rag Reviews and itís going to become a fantastic pistol in people's mind... Smith hopes.  Seriously, S&W needs to just drop the whole line, and put the Sigma Stench behind them.  They are S&W - known for Superior Revolvers and Bargain Basement Autoís?  That doesnít even remotely make any sense... Smith is know for quality of a higher order so they donít even need to go anywhere near a "low cost" option.  Here is what they really need to do... Kill the Sigmas... and these SDís.  Take the M&Pís and offer them in 4 product tiers.  1.  The Duty Line.  Stock, nothing different, but fix the price to a bit lower retail... 499.99 and watch them move fast.  2.  Pro Series.  Some Upgrades.  3.  Competition Series.  Tricked out for Competition.  4.  Performance Center Signature Series.  This is the brass hat fully loaded versions with all the bells and whistles.

Smith also needs to chamber the M&P in 10mm.  That would be more than fantastic.  I think if we had a 10mm M&P option that would really wake up the industry that the 10mm is still there.  An XD would also go well in 10.  Itís a supreme round that never got a fair shake.  The FBI had it for a short time but it was in the 1006 auto which was a high quality gun, but ergonomically awkward.  No wonder the Agents couldnít handle it.  No one can handle a 1006.  Unless you have hands like slabs of beef.  An M&P 10 would be a resurrection of the Round.  Now Smith is already dabbling in the 10mm.  They have a Nightguard revolver in 10mm.  Not exactly the round that people think of when they think Wheel Gun.  

Speaking of Wheel Guns:  This is specifically to S&Wís management... The Lock.  Dump it.  Seriously, get rid of it.  No one likes The Lock.  A couple states mandate it.  Tell them, ďSorry, we wont compromise our product to meet your Stateís Legislatureís misunderstandings.Ē  It might hurt sales at first - but the rest of the stateís gun buyers will show greater support.  You need to cater to those guys. There are still those that hold a grudge over ďThe AgreementĒ.  Iíve forgiven you, Smith.  I love you.  But this is a Tough Love.  

While Iím on the Tough Love kick here.  Letís be real.  Your 1911ís have a lot of problems.  I was going to say something cute about a comparison between 1911 returns from other companies and the returns on S&W 1911ís... but I canít... because there havenít been any others.  Weíve sent back for repair only S&W 1911ís.  Your safety leverís feel mushy.  Your triggers feel sloppy.  Your slides have too much play.  You canít even put in the front sight correctly - you leave square front sight shoulders where it goes into the dovetail - on a rounded slide.  Thatís really quite stupid.  Why canít you knock those corners off so it looks finished?  Come on, Smith.  Itís not like you donít know how to build guns.  But with the 1911ís its like you are not even trying.  And the fact that Taurus is making a better 1911, better QC, and more accurate?  For 400 bucks less?  You have got to be kidding.  I know you are Revolver Men there at Smith HQ - so let me put this in perspective.   Your 1911ís are like Charter Armsí Revolvers.  For hellís sake, go pick up a Kimber or a Springfield and spend some time shooting it.  Then go to your factory floor and pick up a few guns you are about to ship to dealers... and spend some time with them.  Because Iíve been so unimpressed with what you guys have put out - I canít even bring myself to show them to people unless they specifically ask for it.  

The AR-15 series of rifles, the M&P 15ís... Home Run.  But itís time to expand the line.  They need a Tac-25.  An SR-25 clone in .308 with nice tactical free floated features.  Now, look at the Remington R-25.  Notice how it feels and sounds tinny?  Donít do that.  I know the rifles have been hits and mostly misses when it comes to hunting rifles, but they can now not worry about these since they have purchased TC.  Let TC sell hunting long guns and Smith can do the Tactical Guns.  Even a Bolt Action.  Take the TC Precision Hunter, give it a fat bolt handle, fit it into a McMillan A5 Stock, there you go.  Done.  An SR-25 type rifle and this bolt action Tac Driver - that would go a long way into cementing S&W into the minds of Tactical Rifle Shooters.

The gun S&W really needs to bring back - a slightly more modernized version of the classic 76.  This was the gun featured in The Omega Man with Charlton Heston.  Make a Semi-Auto Only version with a 16Ē barrel... that would be great.  As far as Modernized, I am talking making it fire from a Closed Bolt so it has some accuracy.  Make the gun a little nicer than straight up Stamped Metal edges on everything... finish it in the same finish as the M&Pís.  Absolutely!  Do that and S&W would have a smash hit on their hands right now - especially if they could retail that puppy at 600 bucks.  Done.  They wouldnít be able to make them fast enough.  

Quick slap at Ruger:  They have a Tactical Mini Thirty now.  I was wanting to like this one.  As I like the cartridge.  But really, itís another Almost There gun.  Proprietary Mags instead of standard AK mags.  It needs a Top Rail that goes from the rear of the receiver to the front of the Hand Guard.  Ruger shoots - They Miss.  So sad.  Sorry, Ruger.  Try again in 2012.  I'm surprised they haven't make a Starship Trooper's version.
9-7-10:  You Bet Your Life:  If you are shopping for a Parachute, you donít go into a Parachute Store and ask for the cheapest parachute they have.  Yet people do this all the time when it comes to buying handguns.  This is the same thing as buying a parachute.  They want the smallest, cheapest, and lightest possible.  This isnít what you would want in a parachute.  You see, I call my Glock 23 ďRipcordĒ... itís my parachute. It is pulled when all other plans and options go south.  What these people donít understand is that they are betting their lives on this thing.  I donít want to pull the Ripcord and have it fail.  Because after that, there are no more options, no more plan Bís.  Thatís it.  It can not fail.  The weapon has to be reliable.  The ammunition has to be reliable, consistent, and powerful.  And I have to be efficient in the use of it.  Anything else, and I am betting my life on something that is less than totally satisfactory.  To ask for something lesser - to me is unfathomable.  To give this choice no further consideration other than the price tag, is also unfathomable to me.  I can understand not having a lot of cash... thatís fine.  But sheesh... shop carefully... not just off the cuff... if you donít have a lot of scratch, you can still get something worth while. Cheapest pistol you can count on?  Hunt for a good old Makarov.  Canít go wrong.

9-4-10: Good Read:  No, scratch that... Awesome Read.  Iím half way through a book called ďThe BishopĒ by Steven James.  Itís a fantastic page burner.  This is the 3rd in a series. Iíve had the honor of consulting Steven on Firearms for all three books.  Each book is great on its own, but the three mesh in a continuing story.  Speaking of that - you remember the movie ďThe MatrixĒ?  How they would look at a screen full of descending lines of code like strings?  Imagine if each of those strings were a conversation or a story arch... Now imagine all those strings woven together to form a bigger picture.  This is how Steven James writes.  Itís cerebral, itís fast paced, and there is one more thing about it... the characters... somehow you really get to know the characters.  Few books I read has me saying ďOh Shit!Ē out loud while Iím reading.  I think each one of these books has done that to me at some point.  The main character is an FBI Agent by the name of Patrick Bowers who is an expert at a completely different form of investigation.  One that puts aside normal investigation methods that focus on motive.  Itís really quite excellent.  Iím enjoying The Bishop a great deal.  You should too, if you are as voracious of a reader as I am.

The Big Knife I ordered, arrived today (yesterday).  The Becker BK9 Combat Bowie. To be honest, it is a big knife, but itís really not a Bowie, but close enough.  The blade is weighty, beefy, and scary sharp.  The grip is nicely shaped and feels good.  I was set on ordering the optional Micarta Grips for it, but I donít know if I need them.  I kinda like these.  I probably will later, but Iím going to take the time to get to know these.  The sheath is functional, but kind of disappointing... it feels cheap.  A serious blade like this deserves a better rig. In the sheath rides another little blade, a Becker BK13.  This is a very small little fixed blade that I can only call ďCuteĒ.  The skeletonized 1 piece knife begs for a Paracord wrap on the handle.  I may do that or have someone do it for me.   This knife has already shown up twice in my zombie story ďUprisingĒ.  I described it fairly well and the use and results of the blade are pretty accurate in the story.  This knife is just flat out wicked.  I love it.  I chose well.  Now I want the Becker Companion knife to go with it.  And then the bigger Becker Brute.  Right off the bat, I can tell you - before I even cut anything with it... this beast of a blade is going on my tactical kit. Thatís Done.
Bailing out Afghanistan Banks:  This is unbelievable and I donít care what happens over there - we should not be doing this.  Not at all.
Gunfighter Cast:  I just finished an interview with Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast... somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours of audio.  He has his hands full editing that!  It was fun... A lot of fun and Daniel is a great host.  We talked about all kinds of stuff.  Heíll edit tomorrow and it should be up sometimes then.  Daniel is full time Military stationed overseas in Japan.  Iím out here in rural Utah. But we hit it off like old friends and were on the same page.  This was awesome.

9-1-10:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. OGRE!  I love you Babe. 

THE ISSUES:  There are a lot of issues in this nation that people need to be aware of. Some of them quite serious... however when I walk past a magazine rack and I see a Time Magazine with the cover ďIs America Islamiphobic?Ē I have to ask ďAre you serious?Ē What kind of Smoke Screen Issue is this? There are two main issues that make everything else right now take a second place too. First and Foremost:

Second place to that is:
Everything else is distant... and right now it's all just to take attention off these other two issues. I mean, really, who cares if America is a little Gun Shy with Islam. Come on. Can you blame us? I wouldn't call it a Phobia, but Cautious is a good word for it. I'm talking September 11th, Ft. Hood, and all the other attacks done waving the banner of Islam. Of course we are wary. That's human nature. But we don't blame all Muslims for these acts... but it doesn't matter. What matters is an Economy that is completely flushed. What matters is an Unemployment Rate that is too high. Debt that is too High. Taxes that are too high. And Federal Meddling that is too much. We have the Democrats that think Government Spending and Taxing and Handing Out is the answer to any question. Every time you turn around there are Democrats on Capitol Hill that want a new tax for your turning around. I am just happy there isn't a Blinker Tax for the use of Blinkers while driving. The Government is putting a Stranglehold on the Businesses everywhere... The only thing that they understand is How to Ruin Things. They have that down. It doesn't get any better than the Feds when it comes to Ruination.
Under Bush Ė my economy was great. Under Bama Ė My economy has been cut in half. Obama and his Administration has me busted and hurting. Ken Salazar has seen to that. (the Secretary of the Interior) For others, it's been even worse. I know families that had been doing very well, now losing their homes. Just makes me wonder how long we have.
When it comes to Border Security, this is the most basic of all government functions in America. Its' also the Feds biggest failing. The .Gov can bluster all it wants, but when we have armed incursions into the use by people driving military vehicles from another nation, wearing military type uniforms, and armed with military type weapons Ė and they come in with impunity and they get away with anything they want to do Ė there is something drastically wrong with this. There is a failing there that is profound. Why is this such an important issue? Because it's basically the whole reason we have a military in the first place... and our military is otherwise occupied overseas when they need to be at the southern border.


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