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10-28-10:Weíve all heard of the Election Fraud that the Media is calling ďVoter IrregularitiesĒ in Nevada.  Weíll thank goodness we donít have to worry about that anymore, because they did an audit and found excuses for everyone of them.  Iím comforted and we can all move on now.  Few!  If Harry Reid doesnít give you the creeps, there is something wrong with you.
Speaking of the election:  Itís coming up on us really fast.  Iím humbled by the people who have come to me to tell me that they have voted for me in Early Voting.  Members of the Military.  Good upstanding members of the Community.  I appreciate the support!  

I have to be honest, I will be glad when this election is over.  If I win, great.  If not, Iím not going to be crying myself to sleep about it.  I have learned a lot about the process and now have much deeper insight into just how shady a campaign can be.  More than ever - I believe in Term Limits.  I know all the arguments for and against... but I believe ď2 and DoneĒ is the model for Every Level. You have two terms.  You can move up, much like the Militaryís program for Officers - Up or Out.  So you can have 2 terms in one office and then you either move up or you are out.  Done.  Myself, Iím going to hold myself to the same standard.   Iím going to go two terms at most, then Iím out.  If I win.  If not, Iím pretty much pulling way back out of the public spotlight.

Okay, we have Halloween coming up on us really fast here.  Scary movie time!  When it comes to scary movies, I donít really like movies that ďIf the character only had a gun, the movie would be overĒ.  Those flicks donít scary me, they frustrate me.  Or where the character has a gun, but due to a Plot Device the gun is lost. ie, knocked out of the characterís hand and it falls overboard, off a cliff, out of the blimp, or into the molten lava.  It has to have an element of the unknown to be scary.  Like The Thing.  The first time I saw it, yeah, that was scary.  I loved it.  But the one movie that really scared me the most - I mean I seriously had ďwake up screamingĒ class Nightmares for a week... Was the movie EVENT HORIZON.  Something about that film, seen in the theatre, stuck to me.  Stayed with me.  Followed me.  Iím not the kind of guy that is afraid of anyone.  Iíve picked fights with guys twice my size and strength.  This movie however freaked me the hell out.  I was asleep in bed one night, when my wife just simply walked into the room... this was about 3 days after seeing Event Horizon in the theatre.  She comes in... and suddenly I am trying to crawl up the bedroom wall backwards.  
Go ahead and laugh.

But those that have also seen E.H. in the Theatre know what I am talking about.  They too feel the same way.  Those that have seen E.H. on their TV Set at home - itís not the same movie.  The Dark in the movie is contained.  In the Theatre, you are immersed in the Dark.  Scariest Movie Ever.

New Handguns?  New Gun Itch is coming on strong.  Iíve got a .45 1911 that Iím buying just as soon as possible.  Itís a Springfield Milspec GI that is used, and I swear itís exactly like the last one I was issued.  Same freaking wear marks and everything.  I can pick the gun up, point it - and the sights are dead nuts on.  Iím going to get it - just because.  However for an actual carry gun - I donít think Iíd carry it.  But I do want a good .45 that I can carry and have complete trust in... and one that is not a 1911.  Iím very tempted by that Mid Sized .45 S&W M&P Compact.  It looks good, feels good, and the M&Pís are proving themselves to be right up there with Glocks.  However I am really getting another SIG itch, and Iím talking a P220 SAS itch here.  I just freaking want one.  The Problem is that the P220 is not really a CCW weapon.  Itís a large full sized .45.  Itís big, bad, beautiful, reliable, and accurate.  I read a magazine article many many years ago that called the SIG P220 ďThe Thinking Manís .45Ē.  And that has stuck with me.  Even for being a 1911 fan, the SIG has always been right up there.  Or maybe Iím not the 1911 Fan that I think I am.  Or maybe I am just extremely polyamory when it comes to gun.  I really am not fond of the Glock .45ís as they are just too large.  The .40 size is ďJust RightĒ for carry for me when it comes to Glocks.  So the 1911 GI is a done deal for me... itís a Memento thing for me.  The last issued 1911 I had was from the 19th SF Group and it was a wonderfully well used and storied piece.  So itís P220 or M&P for the other one.  I am having fun deciding, and I will take my time on this.  No rush.   
Oh, and Iím getting a Browning T-Bolt in .17HMR, synthetic stalker kind.  Just because it looks cool and they are crazy accurate and I love the HMR.

10-24-10:  Iíve acquired some new knives recently.  From Ka-Bar, the Becker Combat Bowie, the Becker Companion, and the Becker Necker.  Also, with the Combat Bowie, was given as part of the package a little Becker BK13 knife.  So thatís 4 Beckers for one Ogre.  Iíve had the Combat Bowie for some time now as you guys all know.  The think is big, brutal, black and beautiful in itís Form Vs Function ratio.  The blade is all work.  No frills.  No cosmetic flourishes.  No bullshit.  When I first got it, it felt heavy and a little awkward.  After using it a little, the knife itís come to feel completely natural.  The Companion is the most interesting of the blades.  Itís shorter than the Combat Bowie, but with the same grip.  The blade is also considerably thicker.  This gives the shorter blade a lot of mass for the size. Mass means momentum for a nice deep cut weather you are slashing at a target or chopping through wood.  It gives a huge amount of strength to the blade when you are batoning the knife to split some wood to build your camp fires.  This is a serious working knife here.  Solid. Strong.  The thing is a brutal little tank.  Okay, now when it comes to Neck Knives, I normally donít really like them.  However the Becker Necker isnít ďjust a neck knifeĒ.  Itís a great knife that you can just happen to carry around your neck if you want.  The blade has a simple Flat grind for good edge properties and cutting ability.  The handle has enough size and weight to let the blade be balanced, while keeping the overall knife very light.  The blades are all Ka-Barís excellent and world famous blade steel.  None of these knives are what I would call expensive.  They are very affordable and very usable knives for serious purposes.  I recommend them highly.  

The MadOgre is on AAR tonight, for the full 3 hours.  AAR has some new sponsors that I am very happy for.  Kel-Tec, the makers of the groundbreaking P3AT pistol (The one Ruger RIPPED OFF and renamed the LCP ďLittle Copied PistolĒ.  Itís okay to rip someone off if itís popular?) and the PMR30 pistol which is semi auto pistol that packs 30 rounds of .22 Magnum.  Perfect Trail Gun.  They also have the SU-16 Rifle and the RFB Bullpup .308 Rifle.   Fantastic guns.  These guys are true innovators.  They are not afraid to try something different.  Our friend Oleg Volk does a lot of photography work for and with Kel-Tec arms.  He is single handedly making me really want to buy an RFB of my own. So Iím a fan of Kel-Tec, and having them on as a sponsor is fantastic.  North American Arms... NAA... They are on board now too, and this is even more fantastic... Love NAA.  They are right here in my home state, they are in Provo Utah and Iíve been to NAAís place several times.  Great people work there and they are all making what is seriously one of the very best made guns in the US... also the smallest.  Iíve watched the process start to finish of their gun making from billets of steel to the finished product being test fired.  The attention to detail amazing.  Especially since these guns and these parts are flat out tiny.  I love the NAA Mini and the Guardian pistols.  Just love them.   I remember Ken at NAA showing me some prototypes.  One looked like a little Colt Walker.  ďMan, you gotta put this into production!Ē I said.  Now you can get it... itís called the ďEarlĒ.  Go check it out.
Also, on Armed American Radioís site, during show time - you can Watch the show now.  Right on the page.  How cool is that?  Pretty Damn Cool, if you ask me.  So tune in tonight, listen live, watch it live, and if you canít for some reason - In Laws over for dinner, wife goes into Labor - one of those valid reasons... You can pick up AAR on the Pod Cast side... You can get the hours off AARís site or you can download on iTunes and put it into you MP3 players, plug that into your carís audio system, and listen to AAR through your 400 watt stereo.   Which Iím jealous of, because you canít hear the stereo when the engine is running in my big old Gore Hating Chevy 4x4.  
As a lot of you guys know, I have a problem with one of my eyeballs.  My right eye.  My shooting eye.  For about a month I had a hard time seeing out of it... anything out of it... for while it was completely blinded.  There was a great deal of corresponding pain as well.  Blood Clots.  Tiny Blood Clots.  Well, a regiment of meds to thin the blood and another med to open the blood vessels has worked and I now have most of the sight back in the eye.  About 75% of it back.  This is a blessing.  I donít have all of it back yet... but I have enough I can shoot right handed again.  

10-21-10:  A friend of mine has split off from his law firm and is now running his own practice.  The man is absolutely brilliant, a total bulldog kind of lawyer that you want on your side.  So here is what you do - write Gregís Contact Information Down.  If you or one of your friends gets into some hot water and you need to Lawyer Up to protect your Rights.  Greg is the Man.  Heís the guy that makes the other Team says ďOh ShitĒ when he walks into the room.  Letís just say Greg has a strong and solid reputation around the State.  
FUDS:  Most Liberals annoy me.  But much like Pigs in Shit, you just expect them to stink... itís their nature.  You know what to expect when you first see them coming.  Some are alright... they surprise me with their clear thinking, reasonable arguments, and a belief in a greater good that I can respect even if I disagree.  But those guys are few.   Now in the Gun Community, there is a group that annoys me even more.  FUDS.  The Zumbo kind of guys... the crotchety old farts that point at an AR-15 and say moronic things like ďYou donít need that to kill a deer.Ē  Or they will point to a .50 cal rifle and say ďWhat the hell do you need that for?Ē  These are the guys that think itís okay to ban any gun that they donít see their own need for.  They are perfectly willing to give up your rights - because it doesnít effect them.  They have always killed their deer with their old Winchester .30-06 and no one needs anything else.  Well let me tell ya, Pops.  You are just as bad - if not worse - than the Gun Grabbing Liberals.  Because You Should Know Better!   If you think you are so bloody smart, you should know the obvious:  The Right to Keep And Bear Arms has nothing to do with NEED and it has nothing to do with DEER and we donít have to give you an explanation what the hell we are going to do with that - Your Approval is not mandated by My Constitution.  So you can put away your Booger Pointer, hike up your Depends, and take your Self Righteous, Know It All Attitude, and Stuff it.  If you have to Ask what a gun is for - then you already Donít Get It.  Go lay back down in your Tempur-Pedic Bed, Check the Battery in your Medic-Alert Bracelet, and donít worry about what We Need.  Your FUDDNESS is Old and Dusty.  Your arguments is just as ignorant as someone going into Baskin Robins and announcing that every flavor other than your beloved Vanilla is a pointless waste.  No one needs Double Fudge! I bet you hate Shiny Buttons too.  You guys should be mature enough to know better.  There are certain things you need to Wake Up to.  AR-15 Rifles are here to stay for the rest of all of our lives.  Glocks are this Eraís own version of the 1911.  And even then, itís better.  Especially when you have S&W M&Pís, XDís and other great quality guns running the same way.  Polymer Kids are doing it faster and better than the Original.  Yeah, I said that.  Reliability is through the roof.  Accuracy is outstanding.  There is a reason the Polymer Kids are walking away with IDPA Rankings.  So Embrace it, FUDS.  You either get with the program, or get out of the way.  The AR is LEGIT.  A Polymer Pistol is the Future and the Now... And here is the dirty little Secret.  You can have and you can like BOTH.  You can like your Old Guns.  You can also like New Guns Too.  Don't try to define your own identity by what guns you Like or what guns you Shun.  You can enjoy BOTH!  So don't try to take one away from someone else, or down talk them if they like what you don't... because that makes you a FUD.       

10-20-10:  GUN TALK, Tom Greshamís Radio Show, has worked a deal with Kimber to produce the ďGUN TALK 10mmĒ.  Sounds good until you factor in a few things.  Itís a 10mm made by Kimber, for 1600 bucks, made by Kimber.   Kimberís track record on the 10mm has been spotty from what Iíve personally seen and especially for the hefty tab of 1600 bad economy bones.  That right there is just crazy.  Now, if I wanted to drop a lot of coin on a custom 1911 with someoneís name on it, itís going to be someone who has seriously made an impression on me - for as long as I can remember... Massad Ayoob.  Mas is The Man.  Bar none.  And the Ed Brown Custom that bears his name is pretty much just what you would expect if you described Mas in Gun Terms and said ďBuild ThatĒ.  Now that is a signature kind of gun.
Now letís take a look at the Armed American Radio Gun.  Well, there isnít one - but if there was an Armed American Radio special edition gun - it wouldnít be a 1911, I have to say.  AAR is newer than Gun Talk, so itís going to be a newer kind of gun... (ie, less than 100 years old).  Itís going to be like the show - a Multi Role Fighter with mission flexibility.  Just like the radio show, hitting a wide spectrum of topics.   It can go covert.  It can go duty.  Concealed or Open.  Itís going to go with a good capacity, just like all the stations AAR is picking up at a record setting pace.  Itís going to hit hard, because AAR pulls no punches.  Build That?  Done.  Get a Glock 23 with the Slipstream Treatment from Crusader Weaponry, put some Warren Tactical Sights on it.   Price?  Far enough under a Grand so you can get a good holster and a case of ammo to go with it.  With that spare 600 bones left over from that Gun Talk pistol... you have enough to buy another gun.  Practical.  Efficient.  Effective.  There you go.  The AAR Gun.  

10-11-10:  I started watching an old show that Iíve never seen before.  The 4 part Mini Series ďLonesome DoveĒ.  Classic Western that so many folks really like.  Unfortunately, the show is filled with a collection of the dumbest characters Iíve ever seen.  Stupid, just stone cold stupid.  You have the two main characters and a parade of stupid following them.  
Email, edited for length:  ďHello Mr. Hill,  I enjoy your segments on AAR and wish I could hear you more.  That is not criticism of Mark Walter, but a comment that this listener is eager to hear more.  I had two thoughts and hope for your comments.  Open versus Concealed Carry - Youíve been studying self defense and liberty for a while now.  (Iím trying to catch up.  I even bought and read your book.)  I also read this article advocating open carry, and thought of you from your comments on AAR....
I think open carry can do something that concealed carry canít do. Being visibly armed gives us an advantage before an assault.  Honest armed citizens want to be seen, and avoided, by criminals.  We signal the wolves that there are sheepdogs on duty.  Like the sheepdog, my goal is to avoid the dogfight if I can.  That is why I think I should stand out as a sheepdog rather than look like lamb lunch.  I think an ounce of deterrence is worth a pound of surprise, so I would choose to avoid a gunfight instead of having to win one.  (Do we ever win one?)   I understand the advantages of concealed carry.. if you are trying to catch the wolf after the assault.  I donít want to catch the wolf.  Let the police do that.  Iím pretty sure that Massad Ayoob disagrees with me, and I have to respect his opinion.  He is in the business of training ranchers to catch wolves.Ē
Thanks for the email, Rob.  The arguments for and against Open Carry are vast.  But both sides also have valid points.  Police Officers carry openly as a sign of office and as the first rung on the Use of Force ladder - their Presence is a Use of Force.  That Presence and the stipulations that go along with the Badge that the Officer also carries, is not present when a Citizen open carries.  Cops have extra protection under the law.  You and I can only carry openly as a sign that we are ready.  This actually does put the Open Carrier at a disadvantage as Action is always faster than Reaction.  That's just a fact. If you or I want to pack open -- we are behind the 8 Ball.  The Criminal gets all the advantages.  He picks when and where.  He picks his approach.  We have to react to it.  This is something that must be understood before one packs openly.  An extra layer of personal responsibility.  As a result, I would only recommend open carry for those that have availed themselves to serious training.  Take a handgun course in Defensive Handgunning - not NRA Safety Training - Fight Training.  From Myself, Pincus, Suarez, Ayoob, Costa... Because if something DOES happen while you are openly packing - you will be Engaged and you will be Engaging Back.  Straight up.  Anyone that is going to go hostile on you while you are openly packing... the fight is On.  That Criminal has a Different Mindset than they one that just wants to hold you up for a couple Twenties and your watch.  Having the Right and having the skills and ability to Exercise it - are two different thing.  

Just like the First Amendment.  We have the Right to Speech.... but then there is Maureen Dowd, who should in the best interest of humanity, STFU... meaning that just because one can, doesn't mean one should.

10-14-10:  Email from an AAR Listener and Hordemember:  ďI'm listening to the round-table hour of the AAR podcast.  You made a comment about the bonehead of the week and Wyatt Earp and I agree completely.  It also put me in mind of another thought.  The raw and obvious facts of history aside, people carrying guns does not give them the INCLINATION to be like the bone-head's idea of Wyatt Earp.  Sociopaths aside, people do NOT want to kill other people (a la Lt.Col Grossman's "On Killing").  That is where the "anti-gunners" fall down.  They believe that people are fundamentally evil and depraved and that it is only the threat of government imposed punishment that prevents society from exploding into mayhem (we're a bunch of naughty children).  You are one of the best parts of AAR and I'm glad you are on the show. - BenĒ  

Thanks for the email, Ben.  And you are right... It's the Liberals that always give the Knee-Jerk Violent Reaction.  They are they ones with the short fuses... they are quick to hostility. They think we (Law Abiding Gun Owners) are the same... In psychological terms - they are projection their own weakness on us.  They think that because they are so shallow and emotional and prone to lashing out and should not have guns; that we Law Abiding Gun Owners are just as weak and shallow as they are.  This is not the case.  Gun Owners like us, we put up with a lot of crap.  We walk away.  We keep our mouths shut.  We are in general, much more Non-Confrontational than they are.  We are much more the Pacifist than they are.  

10-13-10:  I got to sell one of my favorite guns today:  And one that I donít have.  The Marlin 1895GS ďGuide GunĒ.  Why the hell do I not have one of these?  I mean, seriously... Why donít I have one of these guns that does everything I want in a short lever gun?  Itís a thumper on the shoulder, but it delivers a solid Wack on the target, with monster penetration.  I like the 300 grain load from Winchester... 1800 FPS... itís not too bad on recoil and I donít know anything in North America that is going to shrug off that hit.  The Guide Gun gives you a short handy size, easy to pack, easy and fast to get up on target... Itís the perfect gun for Bear Country.  In fact, thatís what the gun was sold for.  The customer lives near a certain place that is over run by big brown bears... Grizzlies.  They have been coming into his property, on his ranch... tearing things up.  Specifically his livestock.   Now, the customer didnít ask for it specifically... I listened to the customerís requirements and what he was up against... Short Ranges... Grizzlies... Guide Gun.  Done.  Perfect Match.
I like those perfect matches - because Firearms is really all about Efficiency, and that is what those Perfect Matches are all about.  Arguably something like the Classic .30-06 can get it all done - but itís not the most efficient in every application.  In some situations, other cartridges may be more efficient, better suited to the purpose.  The Perfect Match, for example.  Speed Goats over open terrain?  .257 Weatherby Magnum.  Brown Bear in Brush Country, .45-70.  Black Bear in Timbers... .35 Remington...
Thatís another cartridge I really like, the .35 Remington.  Something about that round really speaks to me.

10-08-10:  I'm George Hill, and I want your Vote.

Okay, so I have made some alterations to  Streamlined the page.  Cut some fat.  Put September in the Archives.  The biggest change is obviously the reduction of the Banner Artwork by Martin White.  That was done for space purposes, not to minimize Martinís talent.  However, having his work shrunk makes me wonder... What can be done to Optimize the Artwork for the smaller size?  Letís see if any Artists out there want to try.  Any submissions will be put on a page for Voting or Judgment... winners will be Put Into Rotation.
Working on Campaign Stuff this working 5-Day weekend.  Campaign Videos.  Visiting Moab.  With Monday being the event with the League of Women Voters in Moab. Busy weekend.  Also, Iíve got to get some more ďUprisingĒ written.
Uprising:  I wanted to write a little Short Story about a ďWhat IfĒ scenario... If the Zombie Apocalypse happened.  What would I do?  What would happen?  Well, it quickly got carried away and other writers jumped in, having fun and expanding Uprising into less of a short story, and more of a Movement.  You can read it here.  If anyone else wants to through in their ďWhat IfĒ... feel free... as long as you keep to the rules... read the thread... youíll get the drift.

10-06-10: This morning on KVEL, AM 920, the Lincoln Brown Show, my competition in the race, John Mathis had his say.  He had a good interview.  He said much of what I said the week before on the show.  I want to thank John for his service to our community.  John is a good man.  I honestly feel that.  Our differences on politics are actually minor.  I too have been to the Southern Border and beyond it.  I know the problems down there first hand as well, and it wasnít from a VIP Guided Tour.  I would like Utah to be more proactive combating the issue of Border Security, and Iíd even go so far as to use Utah National Guard for the purpose.  Iíd would also put a greater focus on K through 12 Education, bolstering and increasing funding for it rather than focusing on Secondary Education.  While Higher Education is important, we need to make sure our Children make it that far to begin with.  Education seems to have been on the receiving end of every Budget Cut that went past the Eagle Gate.  It should be a priority.  A politician can not create jobs.  But what he can do is make sure that the government is not standing in the way of the entrepreneurs who are trying.  And that right there marks our greatest difference.  I believe Government is at the root of every major problem in the US.  Governmentís meddling has caused far more harm than good in every area itís touched.  I believe in Less Government, Less Taxes, and More Freedom.  

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Spirituality:  So my wife and I watched a show called ďGleeĒ.  You may have heard of it.  The subject of the show was Spirituality.  A line from the show caught my attention.  ďIím tired of you Mental Patients talking about God, when I know there isnít one.Ē  So Kurt, the guy troubled about others expressing a belief, stamps out everyone elseís right to express their belief, while he gets to express his - while being insulting and condescending.    Since this show is supposed to be happening in a School, the issue of Separation of Church and State is addressed - the ďkidsĒ are not allowed to be ďSpiritualĒ in school.  (Of course, the whole time the show is making fun of Christianity, with the whole ďGrilled CheesusĒ thing.)  Since when is being Spiritual a Government endorsement of a Specific Religion?  Freedom of Religion is not Freedom From Religion... no one said the Constitution of The United States Protects you from Hearing Other People Express Their Religious Views.  It doesnít work like that.  You canít use the F.O.R clause to stomp on the Free Speech clause.  People Have A Right to Express Their Faith.  What the F.O.R bit is about - is that people are free to believe whatever, however they want.  Thatís all fine.  But the Government can not say that any one religion is The Religion.  Thatís what itís talking about.  Remember your History.  The Church of England... people left so they could worship how they wanted.  Not to escape Religion - so they could be even more religious.  I myself am very spiritual, even if I am not the best example of a member of my Faith.  Iím a member of a Church.  I believe in the gospel of my Church.  But I am not going to say anyone elseís faith is wrong to believe in... in fact, my Church says that we must respect otherís beliefs.  Thatís an article of faith of my Church.  Even Muslims, Buddists, Taoists, Hindu... I can respect that. I grew up that way... to have respect.  I was always hit with being an Outcast because of my Faith because quite often I was the only Mormon Boy amongst Baptists, or Catholics... I was like Kurtís character ďbeing mocked every dayĒ, but without the Gay thing.  I am not Gay, but I was indeed mocked.  Daily.  Even by Teachers.  Because I was different.  Being Mormon outside of Utah, especially in The South, was difficult.  While that happened however, I never insulted anyone about their Faith.  Sure, I kicked some guyís asses because they were jackasses and i wanted them to leave me alone, but it was never about their Faith.  So it just struck me as Wrong that itís considered to be just fine, acceptable, or even expected to insult those that have Faith - Especially when that Faith is Christian based.  Itís OKAY to Mock Christians.  Itís Okay to Sue or Slander or Tear Down anything Christian.  But you cant say a bloody word about Islam.  There is a Double Standard there.  And I think itís come down to FEAR.  People FEAR Islam.  Muslims will kick you ass if you insult their Faith.  Theyíll cut your head off with a dull pocket knife.  (not making ligt here... because they have done that quite a bit) People donít fear Christians.  Christians havenít Kicked Wholesale Ass in a few thousand years.  Christians are not scary.  Too much Turning of the Other Cheek and not enough Laying On of Hands.  We as a Nation, as a People... we need more Spirituality, however it is you find it...  Me, I feel closest to God when I am out in Nature... up in the mountains... that's my Church.... Even if I'm Mormon... I feel closest to my Creator when I'm alone, quiet, overlooking his work.

10-5-10: Pirates?  Do we need to send Ninjas to Falcon Lake?  Mexican Cartels, running on the lake, are being called Pirates.  No, they are not pirates.  They are what they are... Narco-Terrorists.  The Mexican Government are calling them that.  A man from Colorado, jet-skiing with his wife, ambushed and shot by these Narco-Terrorists... and the US has done nothing - the US can do nothing about as a Law Enforcement issue.  This isnít a Law Enforcement issue.  This is a National Security Issue.   This isnít a race issue.  Itís not an illegal immigration issue.  This is the American Government FAILING to secure our Border.   You know what they are saying about this?  They, being the US Government Officials.  They are saying that Americans shouldnít be there in the first place.  Donít go on that lake.  Donít go along the National Border down there.  Really?  Donít tread on US Soil because of Mexican Narco Terrorists are there?  How about we send all the troops we have in Afghanistan and Iraq - and send them to the Southern Border.  How about we tell Mexico, ďLook, you guys need some help.  You pick the targets - Weíll blow the shit out of them.Ē  Mexico and the US need to work together on this.  The finger pointing is only serving to help the Cartels.  
What is the cause of all this?  The Drug Trade.  Those guys that say Drugs is Victimless.  Those that advocate Drug Legalization as a way to fight this... itís too late for that.  Just like when the Mob was running booze, then Prohibition ended... what did the Mob do?  They just expanded into different criminal activities... like running Chicago and the Unions.  Legalizing Drugs will not make the Cartels go away.  They were start doing more of what they are already really good at.  Kidnappings.  Murder.  Terror.  Ending Drug Prohibition will only help these monsters now at this point.  The only way to fight these guys - is with a bullet to the head.  Harsh penalties for drug dealers.  Harsh penalties for habitual drug users.  Celebrities doing drugs should have their SAG cards revoked and they should be Blacklisted.  A change of attitude needs to happen.  ďDrugs are not that badĒ  needs to be changed to ďDrugs are unacceptable.Ē  Thatís not the attitude right now.  Movies, Comedians... make light of Drugs.  Fact:  Drugs Kill.  There is nothing acceptable about that.    
Leftwing Liberal Lunacy:  This clip shows the Liberal Thinking that has been put forth my the Great Liberal Think Leader Peter Singer of Princeton University:  Mother Who Really Loves Kids.
This clip shows the Liberal Attitude and the dark underside that the Left usually tries to hide.  10:10 Advert.  No Pressure.
Now, Iím not talking about your normal run of the mill Starbucks sipping Liberals... Iím talking about the hard core Radicalized Extreme Liberal - the people who are pulling the Democrats further to the hard left than most decent thinking Americans would tolerate.
Geranimals:  Remember Geranimals?  A line of clothes for kids that had different Animals on them?  The idea was that if you wore shirts or pants with Tigers on them, they would match.  All lions, you matched.  Well, believe it or not, Iíve been asked a lot about Tactical Clothing.  How about a line of Tactical Geranimals... A little Uzi logo, or a little SIG P229 logo... You matched all the SIGís or all the HK MP5ís... then your outfit matched. Or how about Tanks, Jets, Helicopters and Humvees?  Tactical Clothes for the guys who canít take the time or donít have a wife to tell them what to wear. Or just do what I do and were all Camo and Olive Drab and Desert Tan.  
You Might Be A Gun Nut:  Remember the old FiringLine forum thead where we panned Jeff Foxworthyís ďYou might me a RedNeck...Ē?  We called it ďYou might be a Gun Nut....Ē  Well, looks like Jeff Foxworthy is going be performing at the SHOT SHOW for the attendees.  I wonder if heís going to use those old jokes now. 

Check this out: 

Looks like my opinion about Showing ID when a Cop Asks for it as raised some hackles.  Guys, like I said... it was just one manís opinion.  I have many friends in Law Enforcement and I understand the stresses of that thankless job... this has influence my opinion.  I am deeply concerned with Personal Liberty.  The attacks some have made on me because of that opinion... itís pretty sad and a reflection of your poor character, not mine.  Polite Discussion is cool... starting out by making personal attacks, trust me, those 10 page emails never got read.  You wasted a lot of good bluster there.  But I do understand that venting makes one feel better.  Hitting the Delete Button does to.  So weíre both happy, eh?

10-03-10:  On Armed American Radio:  The subject of open carry remains rather controversial in the Gun Community.  Both sides have good arguments, for and against the practice.  However when some Open Packing Packer Backers in Wisconsin packed in peace and had the Police pounce on them; another subject came up.  The question of if they should show ID when the cops requested it.  In WI, the law states that someone does not have to show ID.  These guys refused to show ID when the cops asked for it.  This is where the problems come up.  Concealed Packers or Open Packers both are on the same side.  Cops and Gun Owner both are also on the same side.  I find it disturbing that these gun owners would refuse to cooperate with Law Enforcement.  Now, AAR has spent two weeks on the subject, and during this time, the ID Withholders did not produce a good argument.  Their question of ďWhere do you draw the lineĒ is a Red Herring.  Going back to my point that We The Armed and They The Cops are on the same side still applies.  The Cops just need to know that you are indeed on their side.  Identifying yourselves goes a long way in letting them know.  Cooperating with them also goes a long way in letting them know that you are a Good Guy.  It puts them at ease and doesnít make them question Why You Donít Want Them To Know Who You Are.   This is just one Ogreís opinion, but I feel that as Gun Owners, we want to foster a greater sense of cooperation with Law Enforcement so that as a Gun Culture and an Enforcement Culture, that both merge together in cooperation for the greater good and more effective in the joint goal of Stopping Bad Guys.   



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