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NOV 2010

11-29-10:  I watched a couple movies:  One was ďThe KeepĒ.  This is the old horror flick Mike Mann directed.  Itís one of the best of the worst movies out there.  The setting was great.  The cast was great.  The director, very novice back then... Now the movie starts and rolls up into a really set up for the first half.  Then it starts to fall to a dramatically horrible ending that just leaves the whole thing shockingly disappointing.  Much like ďParanormal ActivityĒ.  This movie was based on a book, which was good... but the movies just kind of makes you not want to read the book.  You have to see it to appreciate the fall.   Thank goodness Mann kept at it and is now making awesome movies.   The Keep though - itís interesting enough that this warrants a remake.  Yes, I said that.  The guy that hates remakes... but it deserves one here.  Director of Choice - Del Toro.
The other movie I watched was ďIn The Name of the King.Ē  Yes, that one... Directed by Ewe Boll.  I have to say that it wasnít bad.  Not in that ďKinda goodĒ way... but the ďIt wasnít bad.Ē  Not good-Not bad.  Ewe basically made a film version of flipping a quarter and having it land perfectly on itís edge.  Itís really quiet remarkable.  For a Ewe Boll flick, this movie is a Triumph.  It has a good cast.  It had a good budget.  Everything was there for a good flick.  But Ewe was there too.  You know, I think Ewe could have done better if he was not allowed anywhere near the Script Writers, Story Board, Cameras, Editing, Set, Stage... Okay, he just needs to be kept away from movie making...
The Expendables - this movie is just flat out fantastic.  I love it.  There needs to be a whole series of these movies.  The take downs were awesome.  Strong Arm Take Downs.  Stabbing Take Downs.  Shooting Take Downs.  Stabbing-Shooting Take Downs... Big Explosions.   One Liners.  Cool cars/bikes/plane... and a hot latin chick.  I want more of this kind of film.  My favorite part was Stallone, Schartz, and Willis together in the same room... Bruce Willis wins.  ďMr. ChurchĒ.  That rocked.  Of course, everyone loved ďThe ShotgunĒ.  Who doesnít?  
I can not confirm nor deny:  I am not allowed to divulge the materials used in Slipstream Weapon Lubricants.  We have been accused of using ďWitchcraftĒ, ďBlack MagicsĒ, ďSpells of NecromancyĒ, and ďThe Devilís SpunkĒ in Slipstream... evidently the general consensus is that if Slipstream works so well then it must have some demonic enchantments.  While Slipstream is amazing... and the use has fixed a broken Ford Explorer, a Chevy Camaro, and numerous firearms... changed guns that regularly jam into guns that never jam... We know this appears to be sorcery.  We understand the kneejerk reaction.  But having sworn an oath of secrecy, I can not confirm or deny any of the contents or processes involved.   I appreciate your understanding.
Iíve been getting questions about the use of Slipstream.  Simply clean your gun, first.  You can use any method you like, but I prefer MPRO-7 Cleaner.   Clean metal will give you better results.  Then shake the ever living crap out of the bottle of Slipstream to bring the contents back into suspension.  After that, apply generously.  Make the gun wet inside. Hit all the friction points and bearing surfaces.  Then reassemble, cycle by hand a bunch of times... a couple minutes worth.   Hit it again a bit if you want, and then set it aside and check it again in the morning while standing on the Necronomicon.  

If you start growing horns, we recommend a Dremel Tool with a grinder bit.

11-28-10:  The subject of Wikileaks came up tonight on AAR.  This is one of my personal Hot Buttons.  There is the argument that there should be transparency in Government.  And I agree... to a point.  Budget Meetings.  Congressional meetings with Lobbyists.  All that jazz should be transparent... when someone is dealing with money and procedural matters - absolutely.  However, when you are talking about CLASSIFIED information - No Sir.  You Do Not have a Right To Know.  That is NOT a Constitutionally Enumerated Right.   The people who gave these documents to the Wikileaks guys - they should be prosecuted for Espionage.  The New York Times and other News Agencies who knowingly published even just highlights from these documents are publishing Classified Information - they are taking part in espionage.  They should be held accountable for that.  People have died as a result of the first rounds of Leaks... this time?  Who knows.  But itís putting people at risk.  We just donít know yet how many.  The FBI should be making every effort to hunt down the Leakers - those Oath Breakers.  If a certain bit wasnít classified, fine.  Leak it.  But if it was classified - thatís a violation and those guys should face the music.  But our Justice System is more worried about Air Travelers and bullshit.  Itís a sad state of affairs.

11-25-10:  Have a good Thanksgiving Day:  We are having a HUGE feast... epic in scale.  Iím planning on a tryptophan overdose.  That and Iím going to wreck a honey glazed spiral cut ham - my personal favorite.
I wish all my readers, friends, and critics a warm and happy Thanksgiving day.   

North Korea is incompetent:  Say what you will about North Korea... about their leaders being snake shit crazy.  About the country worshiping their Dear Leader like a God.  About the whole country geared to the Military.  They finally get to unleash some Arty and they are about as competent about it as a bunch of Democrat Senators talking about Business.  200 + fired.  Fish in a barrel target.  3 killed.  Much like the S-K ship they sunk, this attack killed 3 and injured 16 people only because it was a sucker punch.  The sudden and unexpected shock of it caught the SoKors flat footed.  That was the extent of it.  The South fired back and the shelling stopped.  Did the Southís Counter-Battery Arty destroy the Northís batteries?  How many of the North did the South take out?  I suspect that the North had a lot more casualties, destroyed assets, and all around suffered more than the South did.  If they actually knew what the hell they were doing, the casualties would have been a lot higher.  They are incompetent.
Iím not worried at all about North Korea.  I think they are sham.  They are like an over cooked dinner roll.  Hard and crusty on the outside - the military front they show - and totally crumbly on the inside.  We could roll over North Korea relatively easily.  Sure, the South would get blasted from the Northís artillery at first... but the North is a One Trick Pony.  Thatís all they have.  If Seoul was built farther away from the DMZ, out of Arty range... The North would be completely irrelevant.  Right now their only relevance is that they have a gun to Seoulís head.  They have a nuke program now... finally... after decades of trying.  Good for them.  But it wont stop us from taking out all of their key points within minutes of us throwing down.
What stops us is China.  I would be willing to get on the phone with China... ďYou can HAVE North Korea... just take out all the Kim Jungs you can find... and feed the people.  Or let us do it - then you can have it.Ē
China doesnít want to take action on North Korea for some reason.  Probably because they are amused at the thorn they are in our side.  

11-22-10:  Coltís new gun for the next 100 years?  John Taffin is one of my favorite gun writers out there.  That SOB is responsible for far too many of my gun purchases!  But I have to disagree with his latest article in GUNS magazine.  His article, January 2011 issue.  The Colt New Agent.  Talk about a let down, and I wasnít even expecting anything.   It looks like a POS.  The top of the gun looks like an AMT Backup.  The side of the slide looks like a Ruger P90... no no no... Hold on.  Lets trace the family tree here.
Ruger P90 + AMT Backup = Father Gun.
Para LDA + Detonics Combat Master = Mother Gun.
The bastard offspring that results, with its 1970ís style wood grips just leaves me scratching my head.  ďWhy not just go buy a Detonics Combat Master?Ē  Seriously, Colt is too little, too late, and rehashing products form companies that are NOT Colt is doing you know favor.  Seriously.. Iíd rather have an AMT Backup.  If you think this gun is cool, you are probably the kind of guy that thinks the Ford Maverick was cool too.  Donít wax poetic to me about how the first time you put a girls shoe prints on the window was in a Maverick.  Even back then the car was up on blocks already, wasnít it?
Iím also scratching my head on the GiveAway gun package.  A tactical 870 is great.  But it has regular Hogue stocks and a Mini Red Dot sight that is as large as my Holo and has only a quarter of the field of view.  What?  Retail on the gun is 1350?  You canít be serious.  Take a regular 870 tactical... and thatís it.  Done.  If you want a side saddle, get a 6 shell carrier, not a 4.  Get a light on it up front where the rails are on this Night Hawk - even though they are throwing in a SureFire light/forend.  Why?  Because itís cool, thatís why!  Oh, yeah... Thatís the real reason.  And the package on the give away is $2,628.94.  WOW. For that much you could buy 6 870 Tactical guns, and have enough left over for Side Saddles and Shells.  Iím not on it because itís spendy.  Its about what you are doing with that money.  Thank goodness this is a price purse and not someone trying to sell that package!  I love tactical shotguns, but they have a certain practical limitation to how much you should spend...

11-21-10:  Vote for SWAT:  The Golden Moose Awards is an important deal for the Outdoor Channel and the  TV shows it produces.  Please take a moment of your time and Vote for our friend Rob Pincus!  Robís show is SWAT Magazine TV.  If you have never seen it, he does an amazing job.  A vote for Rob is great, but itís also a vote for all of our friends at SWAT Magazine as well.  
You can vote for Rob in 3 places:  
Best Overall Series - Vote for SWAT.   
New Series - Vote for SWAT.  
Hunting Series - Robís not on this one.  (BUT HE SHOULD BE!) Vote for either SHE or Getting Close.  I voted for SHE.  Why?  Why not The Bone Collector or Jim Shockeyís Adventures or The Nuge?  Because they are going to get a metric ton of votes already and the we need to support the positive image of woman who are out there Hunting and Shooting and enjoying the sport.  We have too much of the Bimbos in Bikini shooting bullshit and thatís just not cool... SHE and ďGetting Close with Lee and TiffanyĒ show women hunting in the right, positive light.  Role models that our young women can look up to.  
Favorite Fishing Series - Vote for whoever.  I never watch fishing.
Favorite Host - Rob Pincus.  There you go.
You have a chance to win some stuff, so itís worth the minute it takes to vote for our buddy.  Just whatever you do - Do not vote for Zumbo.  Fudds need to be brushed aside.

11-20-10:  The Old GI Springfield.  I took the gun apart and cleaned it out.  Then I applied a generous dose of Slipstream Weapon Lube.  I took the pistol out today and ran a box of shells through it.  I used a few different magazines, Kimber Pro-Mags.  The pistol ran like a sewing machine.  It only had one hitch - Kimber Pro-Mags donít lock the slide back.  Other than that, I am pleased.  Not only that, the accuracy was better than I had hoped for.  Using these GI guns, Front Sight Press is more of a Wishful Prayer than an actual applied technique.  Because sometimes you just canít see the front sights.  This is fine... The gun points like my glare. It doesnít even need sights.  Iím going to replace the springs in it... find some mags that work properly in it, and call it good.  I think I need a good field holster for it... Wait... I have one.  From Edgeworks... a G-Code rig.  That will do fine. 

War of Words:  Notice that no matter what Obama does or doesnít do with the Military - it isnít questioned.  When Bush was in Office - the favorite media buzzword for the war was ďQuagmireĒ.  You donít hear that anymore.  The war was already lost, according to that jackhole Harry Reid, and nothing we could do to change that but to get out.  The same War that the Dems pushed for, but we canít be bothered with anything a Dem says yesterday.  So Obama ends up leaving troops in Iraq and sends more to the Stan... with no exit strategy, no plan... but it isnít a quagmire anymore.  Words have power, and the Left controlled Media uses those words like weapons.  They helped Obama and the Dems sweep into power... they use them against Sarah Palin and her family.  They use it to shield Obama.  Pay attention to the language of the Media, the choice of words and phrases.  You see that the Media is well versed in the war of words.  And they are not on our side.  

11-19-20:  Iíve had a busy morning of Splitting Wood with my favorite old axe.  The axe has been with me for some years now.  Itís head is scared and the handle is even worse.  The blade is... more dull than Iíd like, but it gets the job done.  Most of the wood pile I just split, was done with one hit.  It does the job, just fine... There is good therapy in splitting wood.  Every Guy should do it.  

On my hip today is a 1911, a Springfield GI that is an almost exact clone of the Colt 1911 that I had issued to me.  Now, I love my Glock 23.  Itís balance of size, weight, and firepower is damn near perfect.  However, when I pick up this 1911... the only way I can describe it is like itís ďComfort FoodĒ.  Like coming home.  Like hanging out with your best friend.  There is nothing like the vibe I get off this gun.  Will I carry it outside of Ogre Ranch?  Nope.  Not until I replace the tired springs, and get this gun running like a Swiss watch. I have to admit that I am a 1911 Guy - But I do love my Glock too.  Because my 1911ís donít carry 14 rounds.  My 1911ís are more than twice as heavy... Yeah yeah yeah... but Glock?  Hasnít saved my ass on two separate occasions.  My Glock isnít the first center fire pistol I ever shot.  My Glock wasnít with me in my very darkest hour.  It was a 1911... exactly like this one.  
The Army should let you buy your side arm to take with you when you are Honorably or Medically Discharged.  Hell, they should just GIVE it to you.  A lot of guys - The Glock would be all those things to you.  And thatís cool.  You have that connection.  Mine was with a steel and wood pistol with a design that is over a hundred years old.  

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pistol.  This Christmas, give the most awesome gift an American Shooter could have - a 1911 pistol in .45.  Start him or her out in 2011 on the right foot.

Iím seeing all these horrible reports of TSA abuses... ďTSA did THIS to me!Ē  Am I supposed to be shocked?  You people are LETTING THEM do that to you.  If everyone would just STOP flying - for just a couple of days - The Airlines and the Airports would kick the TSA to the curb and this would all be finished.  The TSA has itís power because YOU are letting them have it.  Donít Fly.  Drive.  
11-17-10:   If you are pissed at the TSA - Donít complain to them.  They are the Government and have no oversight and have no consideration.  You guys bitching at that TSA are barking up the wrong tree.  Complain to the AIRLINES.  Tell DELTA or SOUTHWEST or Who Ever that you had planned to fly their airlines, but do to the Lack of Dignity, you are Driving.   Let the Airlines know.  Donít Fly.  Donít bend over - literally - and just take the indignation just because you think you have to.  You donít have to.  Take a Train.  Take a Bus.  Drive yourself.  Or TeleConfrence....   But donít fly unless you absolutely have no viable alternative.  Shut the airlines down with a lack of ticket sales.  Pretty soon, the Airlines will force the TSA to change.  Iím not saying we donít need Airline Security.  Iím saying use Israelís system.  Because it works.  However it requires that the TSA would actually have to develop and use some actual intelligence... and... SHOCK... Profiling!  What?  Profiling?  But thatís RACIST!  Ah, no... itís actually human nature and what Cops do all the time but wont say they do it. But they do.  Israelís track record is a hell of a lot better than ours when it comes to security.  

Nancy:  So she won the leadership seat.  Good for her.  And Good for US.  Because it shows us that the Dems didnít hear us.  They donít care.  They are still arrogant.  They continue to ignore the will of the American People.  As Iíve said before... Sometimes you have to flush twice.  I am curious as to the vote of our own Democrat, Jim Matheson, who ran his whole campaign on ďNot Being DemocratĒ, being Conservative and Independent.  Being Against Obama.  Did he vote for Nancy?

Anyone out there have an FN Five-seveN pistol or a PS-90?  Or P-90 for that matter...  Want some evidently kick ass ammo for it?  Over on, the subject of the wee little 5.7mm ammo came up and so did this.  So check it out and if you have a 5.7 type gun - try a box.  And tell them The Ogre sent you.  Why am I pimping this?  Because I would like to see a wide array of results from others that have used this his ammo other than what they have put out.  That validates the ammo.  Now, iíve seen similar ammo in bigger calibers - so it all looks sound.  The tests look good... but Iíd like to see more.  

Our friends Mike Kupari and Larry Correia have written a book called ďDEAD SIXĒ.  It kicks ass.  Baen has just picked it up for publishing.  A huge congratulations to Mike, this is his first, and to Larry!  This is awesome.  Iíve read Dead Six and itís good.  It punches you right in the face with Awesome.  Itís got the grit and technical details that Iíve not read since Marcus Wynneís books.  And thatís a high compliment - because I really like Wynneís stuff.  The fact that these guys are all friends of mine - doesnít mean Iím bias.  I donít have to be.  If you read MadOgre - You would LOVE Dead Six.

Guys, I need a new laptop - a good one.  Hordecaster, my beloved lappy of 7 years, is dying on me.  Looks like the mainboard.  I am willing to trade off one or two of my guns for a laptop.  Iím willing to trade my Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag topping with a 4-12 Leupold scope - or - my Savage 12 Varminter topped with another Leupold, my .22-250... for a Laptop.  For processing video - I need fast and I need a big hard drive. Iíd like one that has a separate video card and not an On Board Graphics.  I would be willing to trade BOTH for a good one.  I gotta have a laptop.  I can get more guns a lot easier than I can get another laptop.  So if you have a good new laptop laying around... and you want a rifle or two.  Hit me at my gmail account.

11-15-10:  Seems my email server has taken a dump.  Use my Gmail address for the time being... You can find that on my web page.  Donít want to post it here due to Spambots finding it.  So if you needed to send me an email in the last two day - I havenít received it.  Thatís why I've not responded to it... Sorry about that.  

11-12-10:  Some time ago, Colt told Civilian Shooters to go pound sand.  We sucked and they hated us.  We were not worthy to buy their guns, forged in the fires of Valhalla and quenched in the tears of Valkyries.... they were too good for you and I.  (And our friend Larry says it was HK that had the ďYou Suck, We Hate YouĒ mantra.  HK has nothing on Colt when it comes to hating on civilians.)  This business model has not done so well for the Prancing Pony, with other companies like HK and FN grabbing up military contracts that Colt used to own...  So now they are willing to open up their wares to us Cake Eaters.  Every Colt handgun Iíve seen just before they turned their backs on us, was a complete piece of crap.  Older Colts were fine, then they had a sharp decline in QC and then they just gave us the middle finger when we said ďHey, my expensive new Colt isnít running.Ē  We hear stories about great arms companies slipping away... Well Colt is like an ancient half undead corpse that still has a pulse and Iím sitting here wishing someone would just put the old mare out of itís misery. They left dignity a long time ago.  Iím not a fan of the company.  Iíd rather buy a Ruger or a Magnum Research before Iíd buy a Colt.

ďDear Colt,  Go twist in the wind.  Piss on ya.  Love, The OgreĒ 

If you havenít seen it... The cover for Monster Hunter Alpha is out.  Check it out.  Having read MH:A... Uh, yeah... let me just say this.  FREAKING AWESOME.  Larryís stuff is getting better.  Those strange monsters you see on the cover... Just wait till you read about them. 

The Becker Necker:  Ever since this knife came in, Iíve been trying it out - as a neck knife.  At first, I found the neck knife thing irritating.  This is always the way it is with me... I will get a neck knife of some sort and shortly abandon the concept.  Well, with this knife Iíve decided to really give it a go.
Iíve come to the conclusion that I actually really like the Neck Knife concept.  Whatís funny is that the knife that finally sold me on the concept is the biggest neck knife Iíve every tried.  The Becker Necker is not small.  So why did it win me?  Probably because the knife is actually usable as a knife after you pull it.  The blade has a good shape.  The handle - I can actually grab it and use it.  The steel is very high quality, not that cheese-like Aus-8 - which I hate with a passion.  I put the Becker Necker on a sharpener - and unlike other knives of lesser steel, it freaking makes sparks.  It gets a damn fine edge and it holds it.  I love this knife as an actual knife.  I also like the Neck Knife mode of carry.  It packs Center-Line so itís easy to get right or left handed.  Itís off my belt, which is great because without even trying I can carry more gear on my belt than Batman.  So anything thatís not on the belt is a plus.  And unlike a folder in my pocket - this is a fixed blade.  I pull it, and itís ready to cut and gut.  Sure, lots of openers are fast, but Fixed is already there.  And when I pull the neck knife, itís already in position.  
This time of year, I love wearing Hoodies.  A Hoodie-Necker Combo is pure Win for me now.  Especially if the Hoodie is from Columbia.  But thatís a whole other subject.  So itís a convenient, fast, fully usable knife.  However I canít recommend this for everyone... You will have to find what works for you.  But for me, I have found a great utility with the Becker Necker.

11-11-10:  Just a quick note to all of Americaís and our Allied Nationís Veterans:  

Thank you.

A moment of seriousness:  Originally Written in 2005:  Veterans Day:  Just a word to you cake eating civilians out thereÖ You donít say Happy Veterans Day.  You donít say Merry Vets Day.  But just because you donít have a meaningless Seasons Greetings for it doesnít mean you donít say anything.   This isnít some fat bunny in a sled passing around Jack OíLanterns because itís Santaís birthdayÖ  This isnít about some old fable-become-tradition.   Veterans Day is a day for those that are still alive, and for those who are deadÖ those who died for your freedom to flip soldiers the bird and to call them baby killers and spit on them in the airport. Or to just ignore them. Veterans Day is for the guys that died fighting for your personal independent libertyÖ Itís for that Veteran that walks with just a slight limp and seems otherwise fine, but he doesnít have a spleen because an enemy of our country blew it out his back with an AK-47 so you can get 15% Off that new leather fat-ass reclining couch that your going to sit on to mock the President from while watching your 42 inch plasma TV flipping through the channels trying to find some Friends rerun.   Veterans Day is for the guy that came home while all his friends didnít.  Veterans day is for the woman who gave up the best years of her young adulthood so she could press her hands over the sucking chest wound of some guy from her own home town 6 thousand miles away from home.  Veterans day is for that old woman over there that raised 2 kids alone because when she was young she sent her handsome young husband off to fight for your freedom and came back as a flag folded into a triangle.  Thatís what Veterans day is forÖ and what do you say to those people who served?  You just say ďThank YouĒ.

11-9-10:  Carried Away 1911ís.  Iíve seen a lot of really great 1911 pistols over the years and the trend Iím seeing is that everything must be tighter, and everything must be lighter.  Iím seeing the guns and they look great and they feel great... and the can be so smooth... if they are spotlessly clean.  The fit of the slide to the frame doesnít make the gun more accurate... the accuracy comes from the barrel, the link, and the bushing.  Some guys think these have to be fit really tight.  This is incorrect.  They have to be fit right.  There is a difference.  When you have them too tight, you end up with a gun that is going to malfunction.  Iíve seen a lot of 1911s that come out to a course that start out just fine, but after they get a little dirty, after they get hot, they seize up.  Because they were too tight.  Accuracy - Practical Accuracy was not so greatly improved as to be worth the sacrifice of reliability.
The other thing is the trigger pull.  I have spoken about trigger pull being critically important to good pistol shooting.  Well it still is, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.  Well, some guys think that to overcome this issue the answer is to put in excessively light triggers.  Weíre talking 2.5 pound triggers or less.  In guns that are supposed to be ďCombatĒ guns.  This is bad ju-ju my friends... you donít want that.  Instead of getting a trigger that is stupid light on a gun that is supposed to be for serious purposes - learn how to run a trigger.  Case in point, the Kimber 1911 that I shot recently.  Itís 2.5# pull (or a little lighter) was too light for a working gun.  When the shooter tried to shoot it quickly with a balance of speed and accuracy, he found that they gun seemed to be going full auto for a burst of shots, 2 to 5 rounds at a time.  Well, what was happening was that the gun was going into a bump-fire condition and that simulated a full auto run.  The answer was going back to mil-spec and starting over.  You donít need LIGHT.  What you need is CRISP and CLEAN.  But those are harder to understand and novice shooters only think that means LIGHT.  I donít care how heavy a trigger pull is unless itís excessively heavy for no reason... but other than that, weight doesnít matter if the trigger pull is crisp and clean.  You just have to LEARN to run a trigger... You have to LEARN how to pull the trigger.  In handgunning - The trigger pull is damn near everything when it comes to shooting with accuracy.  Any shooter can line up the sights... thatís fine.  Have a good grip... thatís fine... but itís the PULL of the TRIGGER that throws the shot off.  Understand this... the gun its self might weight a couple pounds.  The trigger pull might weight anywhere from 4.5 to 9 pounds on production guns... so you can see you are pulling more than you are holding up.  You make a sloppy pull, jerking or mashing or whatever... itís easy to pull that sight off the target before that bullet gets out of the barrel.  This is where PRACTICE is required.  Put a Laser on your gun and dry fire from different shooting positions and watch that laser dot twitch.  That twitch... thatís your trigger pull... and thatís your shot going where you didnít want it.  
You canít BUY proficiency.  But you can INVEST in it.  Your investment is in TRAINING and PRACTICE.  I know a guy that went to a very big named shooting school.  He spend a lot of money there.  Felt good.  He learned a lot.  The instructor did a great job.  However a year later, the student hadnít fired a single round since.  He thought he buy the skill.  Well, let me tell you.  Skill is perishable.  Shooting Skill is like Milk.  You canít buy it and shove it in the back of the fridge and expect to drink it six months later.  You learn the skill, then you practice the skill, and you practice regularly.  If you donít, that skill starts to go bad.
Iím not going to tell you what gun to buy.  Buy whatever makes you happy.  But for the love of all that is Holy, train with it.  And let me tell you something - If you run a pistol course and that shooting iron starts choking on you... well, then all your training and all your skill is now taking a back seat to pride and how much you spent on your pistol.  Well, your pastor was right.  Pride comes before the fall of man.  If your gun wont run a simple training course, how in the hell can you bet your life on it?  Your betting your life, the lives of your loved ones or others on two things here.  1.  Your Skill.  2.  Your Gun.  (And QUALITY Ammo) You are going to make that bet because it was expensive?  
Things like this make me beat my head against the wall... All Iím saying guys... Get a Reliable Gun and Learn to Run it.  I donít care if cost 300 bucks or 30000 bucks.  Itís got to be able to work and you got to be able to work it.  Price Tags donít stop Threats.

11-7-10:  So the wife and I went to Wal-Mart.  I hate Wal-Mart.  Man, do I hate that freaking place.  No, seriously... I pray for Tornadoes to touch down on all the Wal-Marts in the world.  What I donít like about it?  You mean other than their business practices that have killed American Manufacturing?  I hate just going through the front door.  The Greeters.  Because it reminds me of how we have totally shafted our nations Veterans.  I know a guy that gave his whole life to the US Navy.  His entire career... all of it, in the Navy.  The retirement he has as a result?  He has to work as a Greeter to make ends meet.  I donít care what he has done when it comes to a Retirement Plan, but he shouldnít have to be The Door Guy at Wal-Mart.    Okay, thatís a whole other issue.  I could do a whole other page about why I hate Wal-Mart... but I wont.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  
The Smells.  Chicks spend a lot of money on things that smell.  Glade is a whole company that does nothing but stinks.  She Who Must Be Obeyed was really excited about all the new scents... cranberry frost, chocolate sprinkled cherries, apple cinnamon....
ďBut I want my house to smell good,Ē she said.
ďThen get in the kitchen and bake something.Ē
I donít understand why sheís pissed. 

Order something from Midway USA and use these codes... save some money!  Thanks to Armed American Radio.  


I find it unbelievable that folks in the Republican Party are still harshing on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  After Tuesday, the GOP should be down on their knees worshiping Sarah and the Tea Party for everything they did contributing to GOP Sweeps.  Who they should be harshing on - Lisa Murkowski.  She said she would step aside when she lost the Party Nomination in the Primaries, then went back on her word and is battling Joe Miller in Alaska - the guy that won the Nomination.  The GOP should have been doing everything it can to get Murkowski out.  Instead they are fence sitting like a bunch of cowards.  I really hope Joe Miller wins, heís the kind of guy we need in office... any office.  Anyways, this whole sweep would have been impossible if it wasnít for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  The GOP is still alive because of them.  After Obama won and the GOP threw her under the bus - thatís when I knew the GOP as an entity, smokes crack by the train load.  McStain wouldnít have done half as well as he did if it wasnít for her and after the loss... people still supported her.   Sheís where itís at.  The GOP needs to hold hands with Palin and the Tea Party.  If they donít, they will never take back the Senate.  Serious consideration needs to be put to her in 2012, and serious GOP backing. 

WeTheArmed - One of the things I really like on the whole big wide interwebs is  One of the threads on there that just impresses me as to what kind of Members we have there - Scientific stuff here... Measuring Lock Times.  How cool is that?  I think its very cool.

Lock Time:  I think Lock Time plays an important role in Accuracy.  The longer the lock time, the less accurate it is unless you have it locked in a vice.  A slower lock time, like on a 1911, or a faster lock time like on a Glock... There is a great potential for accuracy in the Glock.  Iím talking about very small increments here, but they are there.  The reason Lock Time is important is because of the Human Factor. To illustrate this, get a hold of a pistol with a laser, turn it on and from different unsupported practical shooting positions, hold the laser on target.  You are pretty good if you can hold it within 1 MOA. You can see the laser shake randomly it seems.  From second to second, you can see that the gun is pointing around the target.  Now make like you are going to fire a shot.  The movement in the sights, as indicated by the laser holds, then watch as you break the shot.  In many pistols you can see the laser jump.  Human Error becomes added to the equation, and that accurate shot becomes difficult to make.  Guns with the faster lock times are potentially more accurate because there is less time for human error to effect the shot.  For tactical shooting this really isnít all that important.  For bullseye shooting, the difference is there.  Sure, itís slight.  But itís there.  In rifle shooting itís there too.  This was one of the selling points to Remingtonís Electronically Fired rifles that they were pimping in 2002... instantaneous lock time for a more accurate shot.  I think it had a good premise, but in the wrong application.  Hunting Rifles.  They should have marketed them for Match rifles.  Just my thought. 

Great day Saturday.  Did some shooting with some friends and with my eldest son on his 17th birthday.  I gave him a PSL rifle for the occasion.  He shot the hell of it, and his M&P 9mm.  The weather was perfect.  I mean, totally perfect.  Cool, bright and sunny, no wind.   And this was really my first time out shooting since my right eye got funky on me.  (which is still not back... it fluctuates from about 50% to 75%)   I shot pretty good for not having fired a shot in long time.  9mm, .40, .45, .223, .308, 7.2x54r... Was having a good time.
My new to me Rem 700 in .223 was giving me fits.  I couldnít get it to group at all.  Firing orange boxes HSM ammunition and Iíd be lucky if I could get 3 rounds within an inch of each other.  Loaded up some Ultramax 52 grain Hollow Points.  There we go.  Stacking them on top of each other.  Thatís what I like!
But then I noticed my scope wasnít quite straight.  Dang it.  Who mounted this thing?  I have no one to blame.  Oh well.  I now know my new Rem loves my favorite P-Dog round.  My CZ couldnít shoot it for anything.  I liked 55 grainers the best, and was a laser with those... but those rounds donít give me that violent chunky aerobatics like these 52 grain loads deliver.  I canít wait to get out there to do some Coyote hunting now.    

Bad eye or not, I remain a Shooter.

11-3-10:  Okay, so I lost the election.  I am not bent out of shape about it.  People around here bitch and moan about the local issues, but then vote for the same things to continue.  Well, as they say, people get the Government they deserve.  I am pleased with the support I got and for a 3rd Party Candidate to do as well as I did between the 2 Big Parties here... well, let me just say that I am proud of the run.  It was a good run where I thrashed the other guys in an open public forum.  A local political guru advised me that I lost because of the Libertarian Party affiliation and I should have stayed Republican and taken on the incumbent in the Primaries... and Iíd have walked away with the election.  There is that.  But in the Primaries, every incumbent was Re-Elected.  I am just truly glad that this is over and done with... and from now one when the same people complain about the same things... I can just smile and walk away.  Iím happy I at least made the effort and they are happy they get to complain.  Itís a win-win.  
According to the Election Results from the State, I had almost 5%.  Okay.  Looking at the other Libertarian Candidates around the State, like Jake Shannon... He was much better funded... he got 1%.  Jared Stratton got 2%.  McCullough got 2%.... so hey... I feel I did quite well.  Whatís irritating is all the emails Iím getting saying ďHey, You only got X number of votes.Ē  Really?  Thanks for letting me know.  I only stayed up till 3 freaking O Clock in the Morning watching all races and I totally forgot to look at mine!  Thatís awesome and so very helpful.  Gracias!  

On the National Map, Iím looking at it and first thought was ďSometimes you have to flush twice for the big stuff to go down.Ē  I really would have loved to have seen Harry Reid to have fallen... that jackass has his day coming.  I am still personally offended that he is a member of the LDS Church.   You see, if I support a woman in getting an abortion, either encouraging or financially helping - well, I would be excommunicated.  Kicked out of the Church.  But being a head honcho comacho of the party that backs up more abortions than the Chinese Government - well then - thatís just fine!  The upshot of Harry staying where he is, is that we avoid Chuck Schumer getting in the seat.  That would be worse than leaving Harry where he is.  Because everyone knows Harry Reid is an incompetent joke and canít do any damage on his own.    I mean come on, he was taking a back seat to Pelosi for crying out loud!  The Senate taking a back seat to the House.  Thatís a laugh.  Well, we can take advantage of that and get the Bush Tax Cuts extended.  Unfortunately there isnít anything they will be able to do to roll back the Health Care SNAFU.
Looking at Jim Matheson in Utah.  Morgan Philpot made a very good run at him... the best in the last two or three election cycles.  However his win isnít an example of a Blue Dog Democrat being popular in a Red State.  No, Sir.  Itís an example of Gerrymandering at itís finest.  The 2rd District comprises the Uintah Basin, the eastern side of the state, and southern Utah.  And from Vernal there is a splinter of ground that shoots all the way into, and cuts a big swath out of, Salt Lake City.  You take away that Gerrymandered spike of Liberal Salt Lake, and Jim Matheson would have been destroyed.  All his adverts are about Southern Utah has he doesnít give a fig newton about the Uintah Basin... what with all of our dirty oil and natural gas around here.  Morgan was also attacked with a negative campaign ad by Matheson late in the game, something Jim said he wouldnít do... but pushed... he sure as hell did it.  That ad did hurt Morgan a little, but what hurt him the most was the Liberal voters in Salt Lake City with that high population density there compared to the rest of the District.  Voting Districts should be Straight County Lines.  
Speaking of Candidates, have you guys seen Kristi Noem of South Dakota?  Wow.  Sheís a hottie.  Can we get her and Sarah Palin to run together in 2012?  I would get interested in politics again!

To temper my hurt feelings... I made a trade for a new rifle.  I gave up my little CZ 527 M1 American in .223 for a Remington 700 Stainless SPS in .223.  Both guns retail brand new for the same price so it was an even trade.  Well, if you donít count that I fired a ton of rounds through the CZ and the 700 is practically brand new by comparison... It was a good trade.  I swapped scopes on the guns so my Nikon Monarch came with me.  I picked up about 4 inches of barrel, and a heavier barrel than what is on the CZ.  This gives me a touch more speed, and I can hold it a touch steadier.  This will improve my Prairie Dog Slaying considerably.  I took at out and got it ďrock zeroedĒ on my lunch break.  Itís a sweet shooter.  Iíll need to put it on paper to get it really dialed in... but itís lethal right now.  Took just a couple shots to see where I was hitting, a few clicks, and bam... hitting targets.  Gotta love it.   

Now, in difference to CNBCís reporting of the hazzards of Remington 700 Triggers, I shut the bolt many times on live rounds and the gun never fired of its own accord.  Of course, itís a new X-Mark Pro trigger, which was in production long before the bogus news story came out.  The Story said itís ď10 Year InvestigationĒ found the problem... But never mentioned that Remington has done 2 new triggers since their investigation started.  It also never mentioned that if the Gun Owners that had such tragic events with the evil Remington 700 had just followed Rule 2... as simple as it is... Never Point The Gun At Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy... there would have been no tragedy.  Not once did the Reporter ask ďWhy are you pointing a gun at your kidís head while chambering a life round?Ē  Iíd have loved to have seen THAT on the report.  

Anyways... Iím tickled with this rifle.  This Saturday, Iím taking some time and going shooting with some friend.  This rifle is going to get dialed in so I can put a .223 V-Max up a prairie dogís nostril at 400 meters.

11-1-10:  I must be brief here.  Itís Election Time!  I am so very glad that this campaign season is over.  I figure that no matter what happens, I win.  If I donít get elected, I can relax.  If I do get elected, well, then I have some work to do and it was work of my choosing and Iíll look forward to getting it done.  I have had so much support itís been ridiculous.   I am truly humbled by it.   The greatest thing that I will take away from this is the education that it has given me.  One really doesnít learn politics until you jump in with both feet.  Much like one really doesnít learn to play baseball by just watching the games on TV.  That being said, I do hope I win... Getting a shot at fixing a bunch of stupid laws in Utah would really make me happy.  
Let me vent here for a sec... (I know you are all shocked!) I am pissed off at the NRA.  The NRA-ILA has a list of candidates from around the country and they give them rankings.  Both of my opponents are there.  Iím not.  Yes, I filled out their questionnaire.  Iíve emailed them.  Iíve tried calling them.  To no avail.  I mean, come on.  Iím the only Candidate thatís a freaking Certified NRA FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR - which I mentioned on the emails, calls and on the questionnaire... and Iím still not even LISTED.  The NRA has been pulling a lot of dunderheaded fíups lately and this one is personal.  Yeah, so Iím REAL happy with the NRA right about now.  JPFO and GOA will be renewed... NRA... I donít know right now.  They have proven to be rather useless.  I mean, if little old me didnít get listed, and if others I know didnít get listed, just how useful is the NRA now?  They have been playing paddy-cakes with Harry Reid for so many years and only now reduced his rating?  The law suites that have hurt Pro-Gun Agendas?  
Should we rethink the NRA here?  I think so.  Yeah, I think my Gun Owners of America Membership will get renewed promptly.  

Talk to you Wednesday.  



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