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Nov 29th, Friday 2002:  I almost lost the spirit of the season today.  This morning I went in to work at 6:30AM and observed a line from the doors spanning several hundred feet almost blocking another store that had it's own line reaching down to the next.  The doors opened at 7:00 AM and the deluge of humanity's worst washed in like a rupture in a submarine's hull.  It was not a pretty sight and I was indeed frightened... well I would have been frightened save the fact the customers are the biggest geeks in Utah.  I say that with affection as I am a geek of sorts as well.  Granted I did "Camp" for Star Wars Episode One... I never waited in line for the release of Windows 98!  But I remember being on patrol that night and driving past that line!  I digress.  I got chewed out by a customer because we didn't have a selection of N64 games.  I also got chewed out at 1:00PM we were sold out of the limited quantity of 20 gig hard drives for 19 bucks... Remember when I said we opened at 7?  Those sold out at like 7:02.  The customer some how didn't appreciate my suggestion of coming out earlier next year.  *sigh*  Yes, the 200 people in line since 5:00AM was entirely my fault.   It was my plot to screw Mrs Tardy-Pants out of a bargain hard drive.  (Insert evil laughter here)  Anyways, like I said, I almost lost the spirit of the season.  What redeemed it was  the cooperation and team work of my team, a friend, and coming home to a warm and happy home with dinner and a movie waiting for me - with a foot rub as a bonus.   In fact, I picked up a Christmas Tree this very night.  It's a very small one this year, but a pretty one.  Small so that the little boys can reach higher to hang more decorations that they would normally be able to do.  Anyways, I am feeling much better about damn near everything right now.

It seems that my posting of the Library section has garnered a few applauses and accolades and raised eyebrows.  The selections are of course impeccable, but like Bilbo's analogy, thin and stretched like butter spread over too much bread.    This is a matter of availability.  The question is where did I get them.  The answer is Russia. You will have hunt and peck around to find anything in English... but when you do it's a gem.  In the search box, just type the author or name of book your after and you might find it.  If it's illegal to post these on the internet, anyone upset at this will have to go after the Russian Library, and a few other Universities here in the US.  I did not take a book and sit down and retype the whole damn thing... neither did I scan one.  I only gleaned for my own edification that which was readily available on the  internet, then shared with you my readers and close personal friends.   Speaking of these books, my father has communicated to me about the book "Chickenhawk".  It turns out that the book that gave me the shove to enlist is written about someone that my Dad actually knows... back when he was trying to get in himself to fly helicopters just like I did.  For some reason he didn't make that and ended up doing "Other Things".  Wow, me and my Old Man are shockingly alike.  Anyways, read Chickenhawk... excellent book.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is the movie for tonight.  After watching I must say that I really liked it.  This isn't an American action movie... but it could have been.  I think it's better because it wasn't.  The fight scenes were great.  Stuff (especially at the end) that you don't expect to see in this kind of movie.   It was good.  Not as scary as I would have liked, but a good movie none the less.  The chicks were hot... nice love scene with a very cool transition effect to the next scene... Some parts were a bit gross, but I think it all went together very well for a French action movie.  Yeah... French.  Forgive me, I know... How the hell did the French almost conquer all of Europe and Russia?  *sigh* that's another matter all together.  Let's just say that I still dislike the French, but they made a very interesting film.  Speaking of Movies I picked up the RONIN DVD today.  (five bucks) That car chase... it's a toss up.  Is it the best Car Chase scene ever or is Steve McQueen's Bullet?  I don't know.  Bullet or Ronin.  It's a tough call.

Nov 28th, Turkey Day 2002:  We have a house full of family right now.  Good food is cooking and you can smell it.   It's 8:30AM and I am already hungry.   I don't have to even think of work, and the postman wont bring any bills today.  Ah... it's a good day!  

Reading Starship Troopers again in detail... What an amazing book.  The movie was a horrid abortion with the books name that has NOTHING to do with the book.  It's been awhile since I have read it... 10 years?  The book is more than just an adventure.  It's a social commentary about what is wrong with the US in 2002, even if it was written back in the 50's.  Hell, didn't he start this story back in the 40's?  If you haven't read STARSHIP TROOPERS.  Read it.  I'll post the txt file.  Hell, I just might have to open an Ogre Library!   Okay, so I just did. 

Some of these books are my favorites.  I'll add or even take away as I see fit.  If you have other ebooks, don't send them.  But give me the URL so I can pull it down.   Thanks.   Enjoy the day.

Nov 26th, Tuesday: Email from an Ogre Veteran: "If you want to see a short but sensible discussion of the wheels vs tracks issue check out this online interview with LTC Ralph Peters courtesy of PBS Frontline. Skip to the fifth question: "What about the wheels tracks debate?"
Later, Steve"  Thanks Steve for the heads up.  The man has an interesting point.  But is a little incorrect.  Tracks are not fast?  I was doing 65MPH one time and I was PASSED on my right by an M1A1 that was cruising across the countryside off road just off the freeway.  For a 60 ton main battle tank that is pretty damn fast.  Funny, I seem to remember military HUMVEEs can only just barely do 65 with a tail wind.  If you want to talk about speed, head out to the NTC and watch some of the armor units do there thing.  It's shocking just how swift those huge tanks can really be.  While at the same time, the wheeled units were just lumbering and fighting for traction... scrambling on loose rocks and sliding around trying to climb up a hill that moments before an M1A1 caught air on.  Now, he has a point, tracks have there place... and wheels have there place.  We can't go all or nothing with either tracks or wheels.  To do so would be limiting the US Armed Forces in a way as to ruin the US's greatest strength... Flexibility.  Let's just not try to make our wheels into tanks. 

Nov 25th, Monday:  There are so many things going on right now, I don't know where to start.  First off, my fucking Jeep wont pass emissions.  All the work that was done dropped the score by over a thousand points... but I am still 40 points short.  Those 40 points roll in during the idle test.  The other parts of the test are no problem.  Screw it.  I'll drive the Jeep out to Vernal and register it out there.  Fuck Utah County.  Yeah, you can tell, dropping some F-bombs I am super pissed at this situation.  The only thing I can think of to help this jeep at this point is to drop in a damned Honda motor into it.  *sigh*

I threw up a list of my favorite themes for the Pocket PC.  It's in the Tech Section.  Dig it.  Download all you like.  If you have a suggestion or a theme that you think I might like - don't send it to me.  But you can toss me the URL where I can see it.  Having any file sent to me - uh huh.  That's a no go.  I have all attachments automatically deleted.  

Now, back to my train of thought... I'm reading Starship Troopers right now.  If you take into context when this book was actually written - it's amazing.  Talk about forward thinking.  The Drop Mission profile is amazing.  Robert thought the whole thing through start to finish with astonishing vision.  Great book.  I nominate it as the best Sci-Fi book ever.

Green Tea with honey.  This is becoming one of my favorite drinks.  Especially in the evening with a good book brightly displayed on my iPaq, with a nice thick quilt over my legs and a little fire crackling in my fireplace.  For some reason this is appealing to me almost as much as going shooting does.  Maybe I am growing old?  Possible.  Mrs Ogre was pointing out all my grey hair the other day.  Great. 

Nov 24th, Sunday:  New gunsmith added to the Gunsmith Directory.  Better yet this is a Utah Gunsmith.  A most welcomed edition to the roster.  Taylor Gunsmithing.  It's by appointment only, so give him a call if you need some work done.  I talked to him for a bit at the Crossroads of the West gunshow.  Correia and Bunten were there selling cammo and G-code holsters.  They made some killer deals with ASA and both got a couple very cool rifles built on Cav Arms poly lowers.  I looked at those lowers and I have to admit I really liked them.  Kudos to Larry and James for those screaming deals!  The cats at ASA are awesome.  Very cool people to have in the industry.  I grabbed four 15 round hi cap mags and one 20 rounder for my Beretta.  That's about all I got out of it.  It was tough because there was a lot of very nice candles and home made soap at the show... I was actually very tempted to buy a rifle.  A gorgeous Hawkins.  But I really didn't need one so I passed on it.   Anyways, I was looking at a few things there at the show and I came to the realizations that Utah Gun Shows just plain SUCK.  The last really good gunshow I've been to was in Richmond, VA. 

Email from Reader:  "Doing a search on the LAVIII, you mentioned it, not sure perhaps in one of your archives and came across MadOgre.  I agree on the comments regarding it.  Tracked vehicles for combat vehicles too, except in ideal conditions for armored recce, but combat is usually far from ideal.  The New Zealand Army has decided by a somewhat restrictive government tender that the
LAVIII will be their replacement for the M113.  All I can say is, the roads
in East Timor, monsoon rain in Asia, the Army will get plenty of practice
on vehicle recovery techniques.  Regarding armament, yes, the thing is not
a tank.  A Bushmaster or a 30mm RADEN is more the business, or preferably
something with some explosive potential.  Nothing in the line up for us
getting Coyote Armored Recce or TOWII or anything useful like that.  The
future of the New Zealand military looks bleak :(  And all this after the
government morons disbanded our Skyhawks.  Believe it, no Close Air Support
for our infantry or new armor.  No air support for our Navy.  Idiots.  That kid with his GI Joe action figure, man that was nuts.  Couldn't believe it, a 2 inch AR15, they didn't give a stuff how the kid felt.  That's like in TIME magazine the other month, we'll search 80 year old Nuns because yeah, of cause they are terrorists.  Com'on its about being fair and reasonable and making reasonable assessments of threat.  Those bombers in that car, heading to a populated area, boooom!  Good call there Ogre, no virgins for them alright.  Morons.  The most efficient way of dealing with murderers is for them to have a wee self inflicted accident.  Now, the 5.56mm issues.  I've been on this one for a few years myself.  All the complains over the desert at the moment.  I'm an SLR fan myself, the British version of the FAL.  And speaking of the DSA, I loved the look of that beautiful creature so much I added a link to my site.  Would almost have to say, though I've not given one a whirl, it would probably end up being my favorite rifle if I did.  If you need a 30 rounder for the final assault, just slap in a rechambered Bren gun mag (just make sure the armourers have dealt with the springs for improved loading) and there you have it.  And yeah anyone who complains about a REAL rifle having too much
recoil shouldn't have joined the military.  Time to go home and place with
Action man.  I know this for sure, if there is a joker who is trying to
kill me, or worse, kill one of my mates', then when I hit him I want him to
go down and stay down.  Same dilemma with the 9mm as a combat pistol vs.
.45.  Nope, won't talk about that today.  Anyway mate, I shot along, after finding your site and spent a good couple of hours on it last night.  Not many I do that on, so thought I should at least send you a e-mail and thank you for an awesome place on the web.  Very informative and entertaining, I'll be back.  God Bless America. Leon "Junior" Harrison Webmaster Tarrackin's Home Scroll"
  Thanks for the email Leon, you have a great website as well.  Anyways, I am still waiting for our trooper in the pacific northwest to weigh in on these LAVIII vehicles.  His unit is playing around with these new "Striker" vehicles as they are called in the Army.  I think the future of armored warfighting is in smalled and faster units, but I doubt smaller and faster means wheeled.  With the advent of an electromagnetic driven cannon, often called a "Rail Gun" or "Guass Rifle", traditional armor is pretty much nothing more than damp tissue paper.  Even the advanced ceramic laminate armor used in the latest main battle tanks like the Challenger and Abrams are very vulnerable to this new type of weapon.  If a standard smooth bore fires its sabot rounds at over 1 KPS, and these rail guns can fire it at 10 KPS... you might as well just forget armor all together and instead put the effort into the vehicle's agility and speed.  Maybe wheels would be just fine in a rig the size of a Chevy Yukon armed with an automatic rail gun that can roost like a Hot Rod.  But I'm not sure.  I've not seen any new designs for fighting vehicles that moved any better than a school bus... like these LAVIII units.   Future of war comes down to not being seen, seeing the enemy first, and putting an accurate shot through that enemy's forehead.  Ranges are getting longer and longer and hiding is getting harder and harder.  I'm not sure I would even want to be anywhere near an armored vehicle.  Even in the future of war fighting, I'd rather be a Grunt.     

Nov 23rd, Saturday:  After work I decided I wanted to read a good book.  I decided that I wanted to read it on my iPaq.  I can do that, and I have... but I am not happy with opening up one huge long txt file and scrolling through it all.  Its not the best way to read a book on the little PDA screen.  So I break out this little app I had laying around called MS READER.  Not bad.  So what do I have in ".lit" format?  uh... nuthin.  After a few seconds I have downloaded a dictionary, and about a half dozen free ebooks.  Not bad.  But these are not really the books I wanted to read.  The books I wanted are not in E-book format or they are charging you to download them.  Nice.  What to do?  Hmmm.  There has got to be a way to convert TXT files to .lit.  You gotta love the internet... few more seconds and I downloaded a tool to do that.  Next thing you know I have all my favorite .txt books ready to be converted.  It took only  a few seconds and now I have Neuromancer and Starship Troopers on my MS READER.  Nice.  MS Reader is worth it.  Makes everything much easier to read.  Now, if I could only find a txt file of "Sir Machinery"!  Let's see... 16 full length books on my iPaq and I didn't even use 1/2 of my memory.  Cool.  

Tomorrow I have a lot to do.  Swap out seats in my Jeep, Shop inventory and a gunshow to hit.  (have to sell my shotgun).  I'd rather kick back at home and just relax... maybe even go to church (shock!) but instead I have some major projects to undertake.  I think I'll tackle it this way... 1.  Seats.  2. Gunshow.  3.  Inventory.  Another thing I would like to have had time to do... defeat Neverwinter Nights so I can delete that off my PC!  I'm stuck again. This time I am in the area where I think I am to bump into a big red dragon.  I've come across a couple other dragons and killed them easily (Red Dragon Armor, the Dragon Slayer sword and shield really help out!  Glad I held on to those items!) and now I am looking for this last one.  I have the eggs from the other two dragons, and I am in what looks like the summoning room... but what do I do now?  I'll think about it later.  Oh, a couple other items on the menu for tomorrow:  I have some great emails I am going to post.  Been meaning to put them up.  Tomorrow evening maybe.  Anyways, it's late... I think I am going to watch a movie and fall asleep sipping either green tea with honey or hot chocolate... hmmm maybe the tea with an e-book?   Yeah, there it is!  G'night.

Nov 21st, Thursday:  Today has been very interesting indeed.  My jeep now has new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, air filter, oil and filter for that too, and U-joints.  The engine is running like a totally different engine.  I guess it's such a dramatic change because my old plugs - well, 3 of them were bridged.  This is very odd because the old plugs are only 6 months old.  There was so much build up it was disgusting.  I'll have to take some photos because this is unbelievable.   I should pass the emissions inspection now. 

I heard on the radio that 2 US Soldiers were shot today on the highway while off duty just south of Kuwait City.  Here is what happened a Kuwaiti policeman pulls them over, sees two Americans, pulls his gun and shoots one in the face and the other in the shoulder then takes off supposedly to Saudi Arabia..  Nice.  See if we save your fucking country again... asshole.  Here is my take on this situation... From now on - every American where ever they are fully authorized with full diplomatic immunity to carry machineguns and hand grenades.  If the host country doesn't like that - they can kiss our asses and give back all the money we give them.  Fuck the middle east and everyone in it.

Okay, today is going to be interesting.  I have so much to do it's insane.  I have to run a tech shop, make sure an onsite service is done, ship off a custom rifle, get all the parts I'm going to need for my jeep... take the freaking axels off, and take the motor apart... all the while making sure my wife and kids to to and fro school.  This is nuts, but it all has to be done and finished today.  Thank heavens for some help I'm getting from Carl, an ogre reader and friend who just happens to be an excellent mechanic with a little time to spare.  Anyways, today is one large puzzle of critical pieces of conflicting shapes that I have to make fit all in a relative few hours.   So I am taking a deep breath and plunging in.  Wish me luck in large quantities!

Nov 20th, Wednesday: ADS, Applied Digital Solutions is the company I mentioned earlier in the year.  They make a computer chip that is able to be implanted under the skin.  This has the ability to store information that is accessed with a "Reader" device that scans the chip and reads it's return signal.  Such information can be used for probably a great many things... but it's main use is basically as an ID tag.  Permanent dog tags  if you will.  Your name, social security number, medical history, employment history, credit history, and even as a pass over credit card.  Truly the mark of the beast if you take the bible to heart.  I for one hate the idea, and hate the company for doing it.  But if the bible is right, then this technology will grow.  That means this company will grow.  They are pretty much flaunting this fact by going against the FDA's recommendations (read "Orders").  They are doing something the FDA told them not to do and when confronted they say "No We Didn't."  Nice.  BTW, this technology is already in use in horse racing to ID horses.  Mandatory at the bigger race tracks.

New CDs came in the mail thanks to John.  First CD I looked at - the Blade Runner sound track... very cool.  Great movie, and this CD makes for some cool "Back Ground" music.  This is getting "ripped" ASAP in the morning at work.  Can't think of better music to play in a Tech Shop.    The other CD is called "Ultra Zone" by Steve Vai.  Now you may or may not know who Steve Vai is... I knew of him and heard his work (who hasn't?) but Ive never had one of his albums.  Vai was schooled by the Jedi Master of Modern Guitar, none other than Satriani himself.  You can hear (feel) the master's influence but Vai is his own Jedi Knight in his own right.  Great player, and some of his stuff is just masterful as all get out.  Check out some Vai if you get the chance.  I'll be ripping this one as well.  Thanks John... You Da Man!

Looks like I am going to have to hire someone as a service writer.  If your in Orem, Provo and you need a part time job in the evenings.  Let me know.  Fast.

Correia has some new stuff for the Molon Labe Gear - JACKETSFor some reason it seems like all my T-shirts are either TFL, or Molon Labe.  I gotta get a jacket now!

Nov 19th, Tuesday 2002:  Been looking at the PDA's lately.  Man, there are a lot of them!  Yesterday's opinions not only still stand, but are reinforced.  I'll put them in an order - 1: Compaq iPaq2: Sharp Zaurus3: Toshiba E740.   I'd trade my iPaq 3870 for a Sharp Zaurus in a heartbeat.  I rate the iPaq's higher, but I am drawn to the Linux OS like a moth to the flame.  I can't help it.

So I roll the Jeep into a shop to get the Inspections done.  Evidently my old AMC is kicking out too many hydro-carbons to pass the smog test and the broken seat back wont let it pass safety inspection.  Hmmm... I need work done.  I need a tune up and I need that seat back either fixed or replaced.  (Looking at a replaced seat)  Crap.  I have a 400 budget on this so I can't just order a Recaro... That and I need this NOW.  Looks like I'll be busy hunting for the seat.

Nov 18th, Monday 2002: Today computer maker DELL (as in "Dude your not getting one that works right") has released it's own little PDA.  Its called the Axim X-5 and looks pretty sweet.   Standard features of most PPC PDA devices (Pocket PC) such as 64 megs of RAM on board with an SD card slot and a built in CF card slot.  Compaq went to fight this new PDA threat by throwing out a ghetto version of it's lovely iPaq.  The new iPaq actually isn't ghetto... it's just like the other iPaqs with last year's StrongARM processor. The only thing is that it's a 200MHZ processor.  Nevermind that the 400 mhz processor has virtually no performance gains over the 200 because all the aps are written for the 200.  The iPaq has style points all over the new Dell.  The Dell is not just ugly, but it's fat and ugly.  We are talking Anna Nicole Smith here.  *shudder*  If you want a PDA that has the same features as DELL, there are the TOSHIBA PDAs.  The Toshiba units are great.  And hey, if you need one that's even cheaper, there is the Audiovox.  Yeah, the cats that made the stereo in my old Audi and VW.  It's a decent PDA... running PPC and has the same features as the DELL.   Let me tell you guys, I LOVE my iPAQ.  I use it to write MadOgre updates while at work or waiting around in a meeting or where ever I am standing.  The iPaq is cat's meow... unlike other PPC units, it's actually expandable with Compaq's use of "Backpacks".  These backpacks are not the most elegant of solutions but they work and they work well.  You have options for CF cards, PC cards, Cell phones and even a couple different freaking GPS units.  The last two business trips I have been on the laptop was taken, sure.  But it was left in the hotel room and was used only as an MP3/DVD player and as a keyboard for the documents on the iPaq.  I'd dock the iPaq to the laptop when I went to bed to charge the batteries and then simply use the iPaq throughout the day.  It worked great.  I didn't have to bring the laptop... I have a small AC adapter I could have used, but the AC adapter doesn't have 15 gigs of MP3 files and play DVD movies.  Great for staying in a hotel with a poor cable channel selection.  My choice for PDA's is obviously the iPaq, with a nod of respect to the Toshiba.  Another interesting PDA is the Sharp Zaurus.  I have always loved the Zaurus and consider it to be one of the finest PDA's you can buy.  It has two features that make it especially interesting.  1, it has a QWERTY keypad hidden under a sliding cover.  That's trick. And 2, it is running LINUX.  I really don't think a PDA can get any cooler than that.  Linux is the future of computing... so just deal with that.  The latest distributions of Linux are becoming very sophisticated and you no longer have to be a programmer to use them. They can be a great option for someone needing an operating system and office suite for SOHO or student usage.  The Zaurus is the natural option for the Linux user as most any Linux app can be ported over to the PDA.  And it's a beautiful little device as well.  If I was going to buy another PDA and I couldn't get an iPaq, i'd get the Sharp offering in a heartbeat.

Email from my most loyal Mad Ogre Reader... I was feeling blue last week, and she know just how to cheer me up:  "George, I have been thinking alot about my dad.  I thought might like to hear some of the things, I remembered about him. When I was in Jr. High, my Dad use to take me and my mom up past Seattle, and rent a small row boat. We would go out into the sound, in that little bitty thing, and we would fish all day.  He handled that small row boat out in that freaking bay like he had always done it. I think back about it now, and get scared to death. Gee's I couldn't even swim.  I wasn't afraid though, cause I trusted my Dad.  I remember going with him when I was in maybe the second grade, way up into the mountains, to some logging camps where he would tune up the big logging cats. He would take me during the summer up those windey little dirt roads, that loggers use. We would stop and buy one "sodie" for our lunch, and put it in a stream while we did the work. He taught me how to grease those big ole things. I would get the grease guns, and go all over those big cats, squirting oil or what ever the heck it was I was using into the little spouts, that were located all over those tractors. We would stop and have lunch and then back to it. We would work together all day, and then head home around dark.  I would look like a mud hen, by the time we got back, and usually fell asleep in the ole Ford pickup my Dad drove. We would talk about the deer we saw, and the views and he would tell me stories about his boyhood. Those were some of my most favorite times. He taught me how to do a lot of things. I use to could change the oil in my car, and change a tire. He taught me how to paint, and use tools. He never swore, but I do remember one time, he hit his thumb with the hammer, and he said the Sob. word, and it scared me to death. There are so many neat funny stories he would tell me, about him and his brother, just trying to grow up and survive during the depression. He was an amazing man. For someone who never made it farther than the third grade, he managed to become an inspector for Boeing Co. He did all the welding on the new chapel that was built in Renton, Wash. He was the only one in his family other than his mother who stayed true to the church. His brothers made fun of him, and kinda used him a lot, yet when they were dying, and sick, he was the first one they called. He was a great man. He honored his parents, and loved his family, and served two missions for his church. You remind me of this great man, son, and I know he watches over you. We have such a great heritage of awesome people in our family. They were just hard working decent people. Maybe one of these days, I will sit down and write some of the things I remember about these great people, who are part of you. Love ya dear boy, mom"   I remember my Grandfather... He passed away when I was young, but I remember him well.  He was indeed a great man and I loved him.   Still do.  I remember him always eating these little hot chili peppers out of these little jars... He would munch on them with every meal it seemed.  One day I asked to try one.  He looked at me for a few seconds, looked around to see if Grandma was around, "Sure."  Then he gave me one.  HOWDY! I've yet to taste something that hot!  He was just laughing and had a grin the rest of the day.  Next day he asked if I wanted another one.  I said no thanks and he was laughing all over again.  Looking back on it, I think it was pretty funny.  Even if today some folks would consider it child abuse or something.   I remember him playing dominos with the other adults.  Yeah, he was a great guy.  Wow, being compared to him... geeze... Those are big shoes to fill.  That's a lot to live up to!

Neverwinter Update - thanks for the playing tips. I'm well past that spot now.  

Nov 17th, Sunday:  Problems... Thanks for all the help and advice on my issues in the past.  The Washer is washing and the DVDs are spinning just fine... life is good.  Well, there is one little detail that is troubling.  I'm playing Neverwinter Nights.  In fact, I'm pretty deep into it.  But I have come to a point where I am stuck.  I'm at the end of Chapter 2, and if you are a NWN player then you'll know what I am talking about.  If not, just skip to the next paragraph because I'm geeking out here on this game.  Okay, so I have 2 journals to prove my case that the Cultist are based in Luskan.  Aribeth signs off on it and authorizes me to go to Luskan.  I talk to the big fella next to Aribeth and he tells me he is going to have one of his homies open the gate for me so I can get into luskan.  I then hike all the way north to the gate and there is no guards there.  Well, uh... that's because I may have killed them earlier in the chapter.  It wasn't my fault, really.  The guard said something stupid and I insulted him... then he attacked me! I had no choice but to defend myself! Uh, so I slaughtered the two guards and ditched the bodies.  What else could I have done?  Anyways, so here I am thinking "Great, I popped off the cat that was supposed to unlock the door for me".  So I go back to the Master of Spies, but I don't tell him I lopped off his Bro's head with my +3 Bastard Sword... I just try to drop the hint that he isn't there.  Anyways, so he is like "Why are you still here?"  And then Aribeth is getting pissed at me because she seems to think that I don't understand that we have an urgency here to make sure all these Cultists are killed all because her late boyfriend was an idiot and let them reek havoc in Neverwinter.  Nice.  So here I am... stuck at the Green Dragon Inn wondering how the hell I'm going to get passed that locked gate.  *sigh*

So this morning I am reading the paper and all the sudden I'm just really bored.  So I go and take out the trash, then I jump under the hood of the Cherokee and start tightening some bolts and stuff... then I'm all done with that and I am just really really bored now.  I want to go shooting and I think I will.  Normally I don't go shooting on Sundays.  Sundays is the day to stay at home and relax.  But from now on I have to work 6 days a week.  So this is my only time until next Sunday to do anything.  Monday to Saturday... working.  Why?  I don't have a good answer for that other than My Boss Says So and If I don't like that, I can just quit.  So pretty much I have to like it.  *!@#$!$!@#$)!!!  Anyways, I'll deal with that... but in the mean time, I want to go do something with my ONLY DAY OFF.  I'm going to go do some blasting... see ya!

Nov 16th, Saturday:   Email from a fellow Ogre: "5.56mm Fragmentation.  Hey Ogre, you know what I think is funny? All of these guys you see using AR-15s for home defense. They say that 5.56mm ball ammunition will fragment in sheetrock, drywall, or flesh, therefore negating over-penetration. They say it'll penetrate less layers than hollow point pistol ammunition. Okay, to my mind, this is just wrong on so many levels. First off, let's assume .223 DID, in fact, fragment as the Gun Shop Commandos claim it does. Would you really want a rifle round in battle that fragmented on things like plywood? Because sometimes enemy soldiers will, you know, HIDE BEHIND stuff, so as to make themselves harder to hit. I'd like a round that could defeat minimal cover. And that doesn't even get into body armor.  But facts are facts. I've shot 5.56mm ball ammo at a steel pot helmet at a range of about 10 yards. I've done the same to an old 55 gallon drum, both from a 16" barrel. Small hole in, slightly larger hole out. No fragmentation.  So, if anybody is planning on using rifle ammo for home defense, I'd say they had best find some targets of similar structure to their home walls and see for themselves how well the rounds penetrate or fragment. Because frankly, if they can't make a hollow point pistol round that penetrates less than a FMJ rifle bullet moving at thrice the velocity, there is something seriously screwed up here.  Also, another thing that's funny. These guys that say a 20" barreled rifle is too long for home defense or close quarters battle, yet a 16" barrel is so much more maneuverable. My Guard unit still has M16A1s. I find the light-barreled A1 to be much handier and quicker on target than these goofy heavy barreled, 16" post-ban carbines. Why do all the ARs have heavy barrels now? The M16A2 was developed that way to try to turn it into a battle rifle, something it can never be due to the cartridge it fires. At any rate, an overall length of 40" is fine for close quarters. Sure, in some situations it'll seem to long. In my upstairs hallway, you couldn't hold an MP5 at the shoulder and turn around without having to lower the muzzle. But for CQB, one must remember that many modern buildings are open and large.  Besides, many of the guys who say the 20" barreled rifle is too long for close quarters use can also be seen using 20" barreled shotguns for home defense.  Sorry this got so long, LOL, just a little rant. Glad you like the Mossberg shotgun. Does it have a heavy barrel and bayonet lug? If not, you have the standard M590 model (as opposed to the 590A1 that has the HB and lug). Good shotguns. I think the A1s are a little muzzle heavy anyway.  Cheers.  mkupari"  Thanks for the great email!  I've not been posting any emails lately because mostly they have been rather unintelligent... I had one the other day and then this one... Hopefully more feedback will come with some neurons firing like these guys!   Anyways, back to this email.  No, this shotgun is a model 500A, nothing fancy.  Bead sight, no rib or shield or lug.  But it is a heavy barrel.  The folding stock in an aftermarket unit.  Not a flimsy Choat unit, but a solid steel unit that can take some punishment.  Yeah, that is funny isn't it, about the barrel lengths and weight.  I have it posted many times that if you have to ask what to get for home defense, the answer is always "A shotgun".  Like my Mossy here, it's a 20 inch barrel like most home defense models out there.  This opinion of mine is shared by most knowledgeable shooters.  Most of these same knowledgeable shooters would recommend or even select a 12 gauge for home defense regardless of skill.  If the question is home defense, the answer is a shotgun.  "Home defense = shotguns".  There reasons for this are plenty.  Or if you can have only one gun to do everything with, or you want to buy your first gun... shotgun.  Reliable, simple, shockingly powerful, and with so many different loads of 12 gauge out there, it's like a multi-roll fighter.  It can do any mission.  It's a good choice.  Now, you take some of those same shooters and they will also talk about the use of a rifle for home defense and 90% of the time they are talking about an AR-15 pattern gun.  That's fine and dandy, and not even going into the bullet construction and loading selections... they are all insisting on that tight little 16 inch barrel.  That would be fine and well, but it has to be a heavy barrel.  Maybe some fluting in there, but even those start out with a heavy barrel.  Then they are wanting that "A2" buttstock, and they want this gadget or that gizmo and that option and that accessory.  After it's all said and done that little 16 inch AR is as heavy as an M1 Garand!  Guys, that's defeating the purpose!  I've entertained the thought of getting another AR sometime in the future... but I know exactly what I want on it.  16 inch barrel, yeah, I want that.  I want it because I can't have a 10.5 inch barrel.  I love short barrels on everything so this shouldn't be a surprise.  BUT, I want that 16 inch to be a featherweight barrel.  I want a light stock... this means the old Colt 4-Position unit that if this is for a post ban receiver will have to be pinned and epoxied into place.  That's fine, because it's still the lightest one out there.  A rifle isnt easy and or handy because of the length or weight... it's a factor of both.  For a fighting rifle or home defense rifle, your not getting much of a bonus for having a 2 inch shorter barrel if your weight is the same. (or in many cases greater)  We have all seen photos of some Swat cat hanging off ropes from some building getting ready to enter a window while holding a short AR with all these gadgets hanging off it...  Yeah, that looks pretty tight.  Is it needed for the guy that maybe goes shooting 1 Saturday every few months when the weather is nice and Wal-Mart had a good price on Winchester whitebox rounds?  Uh, I don't think so.  I like a short handy rifle probably more than most people... It's an addiction.  But guys, that is not the holy grail for home defense.  That little rifle of yours is now heavy and complicated.  I hope your wives know how to work it as well as lift that damn thing!  K.I.S.S.  And I'm not talking about the band.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!  Aircraft landing lights, lasers, scopes (it's now cool to have 2 scopes), radios, extra hand grips, Video cameras, ballistic computers, kick-stands, and GPS are all things that you are being told by the gun magazines that you need to have on your little rifle.  Hell people, if you have all that shit your carrying, do you have enough strength to carry some rounds too?  When I was down in Vegas at the World Championship 3 Gun Tactical Match, I saw something that was just astonishing.  On the Arizona Rangers Team (GREAT PEOPLE - SALT OF THE EARTH - GOOD GUYS!  I love those guys, they rock) the designated rifleman used a plain old AR-15.  Nothing special about it and he had nothing with it.  He went Toe to Toe against this other guy with all kinds of stuff on his rifle.  The Ranger stayed in the match with just irons sights and no kickstands or anything because he just knew how to drive his gun.  He had the skills.   You can't buy skill from an gun store.  You have to get the skills the old fashioned way... you have to earn it.  This was a very practical example that you can still be effective without all the doo-dads.   KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

Corriea has an update for us again...  Check it out.  He makes a good point about the AW ban.  There is no way the AW ban will get set into law again... It's going to sunset and will simply go away.  Everyone in Congress and the Senate sitting on the right hand side knows they are there because of us.  Gun Control is not the holy grail of politics anymore... These guys know Anti-Gun actions will make them unemployed.  This AW ban will sunset, and things will get back to normal.

Nov 15th, Friday:  "I'm just sayin."  What the fuck does that mean?  It seems some people have taken up the notion that they can say rude or offensive things and it's okay if they tag it "I'm just sayin."  WTF?  Your not just sayin anything... your just an asshole.  I've got some people I deal with on a daily basis that use that little phrase all the freaking time and it drives me up a wall.  Well I am so glade they are "just sayin" because I might just have to say a few things my own self.   Drives me up a wall.  Then last night my wife tosses out an "I'm Just Sayin."   I pretty much vent my rant at her about the use of that phrase.  I shouldn't have done that.  I didn't mean to and her use of the phrase was rather innocent.  My apologies to me beloved.  However these cats I'm dealing with - it is the favorite catch phrase of the season.  The attitude is that you can walk up to someone and say "Hey man, you are fat and you have bad body odor..."  Normally this would be considered rude and offensive, but then the tag the comment "I'm just sayin."  As if "just sayin" makes everything alright and changes the words like a "Silent E".  No, that's not a "Cap" it's a "Cape"... changing the meaning from a slam to a unbiased and impersonal observation that should be taken as a footnote for future reference.   I don't think so.  I've got a guy that is implying that my tech shop sucks and they he goes and drops that just sayin bullshit and I'm thinking, "Well, then you can get the fuck out.  I'm just sayin."

Payday.  Today I pick up my check and make that deposit into the bank.  I should have just enough after paying all the bills and filling out the next two weeks budget to grab a used Washing Machine.  *sigh*  Big fun.  Anyone have a Washing Machine?   

Nov 14th, Thursday 2002, 9:00PM:  What a beautiful film.  The special edition of LOTR Fellowship of the Ring is just amazing.  The extra footage is nothing that I would call "Mission Critical" to telling the story... but if your a true LOTR fan, it is the good stuff.  This is the cream filling.  This makes the movie the pinnacle example of the perfect Book to Film conversion.  The only thing now is that they have raised the bar... fans like me are going to be looking for these kinds of details in the next two films.   In the new Two Towers trailers, we see an Ent.  I strongly suspect it's Treebeard.  Thanks to Steve for pointing that out.  I may have mentioned this before but I want to mention it again.  This next film is going to blow the doors off the first one.  But let's not stop there.  The Tolkien readership out there knows bloody well that the last book will make even these first two films look like the old animated flicks.   

Rally round the family - pocket full of shells.  Today I picked up a new toy.  This was from a deal made some time ago that finally arrived the other day and I only now had time to pick it up... A 9 shot Mossberg 500 with a Butler Creek side-folding stock.  This is one hell of a shotgun.  I fired a couple rounds through it and BOY-HOWDY to you feel that recoil!  Especially right in the molars because of the thin steel folding stock.   I am going to find some thin neoprene type foam pad and do up a wrap for that so I don't chip a tooth next time I fire it.

I had the chance today to handle a nice little pistol today.  A broom handled Mauser pistol. (aka Han Solo's gun... yeah, now you guys know what I'm talking about)  What a neat chunk of engineering.  This thing was about a hundred years old and still in almost PERFECT condition.  Still fully operable.  The engineering and machining that went into it is stunning.  You know, the more I look at the older guns, the more I love them.  You can FEEL history right there in your hands.  You don't get that kinda feeling and respect for your elders from holding say... an old waffle iron or butter-churn.   Too bad there are gun control freaks out there that would deny is such an experience and would rather you hold an old waffle iron.  I can't articulate the experience - but it's there.  You can feel the history radiate from an old classic gun.  I just hope you, my readers know what I am talking about or can someday experience this yourself and come to an understanding.

To follow up on the DVD HELL post - as hinted at above - the DVD player is working.  Now, if I could just get my Spiderman DVD back from the friend I let borrow it!

Email from an Ogre Reader: "Dear Mad Ogre: Gotta disagree with the passage you've chosen about the effectiveness of the 5.56mm green-tip ammo. Howe, being a member of Delta Force, was using a CAR-15 with a 11.5" barrel. This barrel length doesn't allow a high enough velocity for effective tumbling action, which creates the devastating wounds the 5.56mm is known for, and is a major reason the M4 was developed. If Howe's targets were more than 10 YARDS away, there wouldn't be effective fragmentation. Black Hawk Down is an excellent book/movie, and has been a hotbed of controversy of the Maryland AR-15 website. Check out the summary at
Another this to consider for all those saying 7.62mm is so much more effective than 5.56mm:  Somewhere on the order of 90% of the U.S. Forces were wounded in the Somalia events, but survived. What were the Somalis using? Ak-47's firing 7.62 Russian.  Keep up the good work!  Calanctus
"   Thanks for the email Cal.  The 7.62X39MM cartridge is an intermediate cartridge in the same ball park as the 5.56MM Nato rounds.  That round in and of it's self is plenty potent, but that's not what I was referring to.  I was hinting at 7.62MM Nato. (aka The .308)  despite the similar outside diameter of the actual bullet, these two calibers are nothing alike.  .308 is a full blown battle rifle cartridge.  The ballistic energies are so far apart in the field that they are not even playing the same sport.  The fabled "Tumbling" or "Buzz Saw" action of some bullets is just that... a fable.  These bullets never tumble.  In terminal ballistics these bullets can and do often rotate around so they are traveling ass-end-first.  That brief turn does allow for some greater wounding potential.  However I call things like this "Stupid Bullet Tricks" and place them in the same category as jacketed hollow points.  It's great when they do that, but they don't always do it.  You can't bank on that effect.  You have to bank on the minimal effects.  It's like saying Box Cutters take down jets.  Well, yeah, that has happened but not all the time.   Too many times these rounds can also just pass clean through... and not just AP ammo.  Anyways... this is not why the M-4 was "developed".  The M-4 is a direct descendant of the CAR-15 used in Nam.  The idea wasn't for anything other than the fact they wanted a shorter/lighter carbine.  That shorter lighter concept just kept on changing all on it's own into the short weapon system that we call the M-4 today.

Nov 12th, Tuesday:  I'm in DVD HELL.  I picked up the new LOTR Special Edition 4 disk collection.  And my computer decides it no longer wants to play DVD movies.  I can see the movie, but the sound is stuttering.  It isn't the Decoder.  I tried different ones.  It isnt the "You need to reboot" solution.  I thought maybe it's the DTS sound, since it's a new feature on this DVD set...  so I pop in my old and busted version of LOTR, and it doesn't want to play straight either... nor Army of Darkness, Windtalkers, Spiderman, any of them... Great.  Just great.  The set top DVD player I picked up - doesn't work.  I have no DVD playing ability now.  SHIT DAMN HELL!   Yesterday was a great day... but today just SUCKED ASS.  Bad day at work... And I come home and my kids are all puking all over the damn beds and our washing machine is still down - have to wait till Friday or Saturday to wash out the vomit filled sheets in the new washer.  Now when I try to console myself with a nice movie in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate... no go.  Doesn't work.  I don't know what the hell this is - but I'll dig into it at work.  I think it's my motherboard.  Anyways, I deal with PC issues all farking day at work now so when I come home I am totally not in the mood to deal with any PC issues of my own.  DAMN IT!  I'm going to go to bed and read The Two Towers on my iPaq.   DAMN IT!!!!  AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh*  Anyways, I received a good email response ot an earlier post that I will post up here when I feel capable of rational thought.  DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an automotive confession.  Forgive me my dear and loyal readers... But I would give my left nut for a Lincoln Navigator, and my right one for an Aviator.  I know they are flamboyant, excessive, extremely un-practical, and grossly over priced... But I want a matched pair.  Black ones.  They are so awesome... I just can't help it.  Besides, I have 5 sons already... Any more kids and I'd need a damn Greyhound.

Chechnya's Rebels vs Russians - the theatre debacle.  This situation has been discussed via some of the major news outlets.  All declared that the situation was tragic.  All declared the resulting violence to be horrible.  But what is aggravating to me is the people that support the rebels actions and blame the Russians for being too harsh.  WTF color is the sky in your "My Little Pony" universe?  Let's look at some of the facts of this case:

1. Chechen Rebels - Terrorists - took some several hundreds of innocent people hostage.

2. These terrorists killed - murdered - many hostages.

3. They planned on blowing up the theatre once they had garnered either enough news coverage or met some sort of goal.

4. The timer was ticking down fast to a very tragic end for all the hostages.

Face it... The Russians had no choice and had to act quickly in order to save any lives.   It was really quite amazing how many lives were saved.   So the Russians used gas.  Big fucking deal... Look at item 3 above one more time.  So all the Tangos got killed?  Screw'm.  The Chechens have a history of terrorist actions that don't exactly promote sympathy from me...  Remember in 1999 all the apartment bombings?  Yeah... 300 innocent people killed by these Chechen A-holes.  For what?  To show Russia the don't like them?  Gimme a fucking break!   We conducted a civil war... And we won our independence through it... But we never went around killing ever group of British people we saw!   These Chechen freedom-fighters are really no better than Bin Laden's group.  Screw these guys... They are lucky they only got gassed and shot.  Now, I am not saying that the Russians are totally innocent.  I've seen photos of some of the Russian's handy work and it aint pretty.   Regardless... that gives the Chechens no right to commit terrorist actions against unarmed non combatants that have nothing to do with the Russian Military.   It these Rebel freedom fighters are so gung-ho, why didn't they hit a target of some significance instead of a gathering of unarmed helpless people?   What a bunch of pussies.  If they wanted to impress people or cause some serious damage... they should have hit a Russian base... taken out some tanks and a fuel depot or something that would have some effect other than just pissing everyone off.   So they are not just pussies... but retarded pussies.   Look, I'm not down on the Chechen cause... but they just have some fucked up leadership with poor decision making skills.

"Even his ammunition angered him.  Howe was firing the Army's new 5.56mm green tip round. It had a tungsten carbide penetrator at the tip that could punch holes in metal. But that penetrating power meant his rounds were passing right through his targets. The rounds made small, clean holes in the Somalian gunmen, and unless they hit the head or spine the men didn't go down. Howe felt that he had to hit each man five or six times just to get his attention."   This is from the book "Blackhawk Down".  Howe is a trooper in the US Army Delta group.  A true GI JOE American Hero.  It's funny how so many people are a fan of the M-16/AR-15 series of rifles and consider them fit for combat.  It's even funnier how some people consider Armor Piercing to be the fount of all that's lethal.   I only bring this up do to the media coverage of the sniper case in Maryland and Northern Virginia.   Had that asshole been armed with something more potent, there would not have been any survivors of his attacks.  There are a few people that should be praying for thanks that he was armed only with a .223 and not a real "High Powered Rifle" as the news media would lead you to believe.   The .223 is NOT a "High Powered Rifle".  .223 is a round for target shooting and rodents.  I don't care what kind of ammunition you have loaded in your AR... it is still not "high powered" until you change your caliber...  .308 comes to mind and an acceptable caliber.  Firing .308 from an AR based rifle is something completely different.  Look at my review of the SWAT 3 Gun match in Vegas, and then look at Corriea's.  You get two opinions first hand of an AR based .308.  Yes, it is a potent rifle.  We both had blood shot eyes from just being in close proximity to the damn thing.  Seriously.    

Ballistic Fingerprints. The problem with ballistic fingerprints is that unlike human fingers you can change them. Human DNA allows damage or changes to heal. With a gun, you can swap barrels... You can swap ejectors... You can swap firing pins.  Fingerprinting that gun has just become useless.   Over the course of a few thousand rounds of use, those fingerprints will change as well.  There is no DNA that will keep the fingerprint constant or return it to normal.  A simple file with alter the fingerprints forever.  If you hear anyone talking about ballistic fingerprinting, take this information to heart.  It's USELESS.  Now, where ballistic fingerprinting comes into play is in investigation where you thing you have the murder weapon and you have a spent casing or bullet from the crime scene.  That's pretty much the limit of this science's use.

Nov 11th, Monday:  Veteran's Day.  You gotta love Veteran's Day... the day we give pause to remember those that fought for our freedom.  Then we go out and hit all the lame sales at the lame stores... while not checking our mail because the Post Office is taking a day off.  That's so retarded.  It should be the VETERANS that all get a day off.  Screw the Post Office... then need to bring me my mail, while I am at home taking MY DAY OFF.

Couple of interesting vehicles that are available worth commenting on.  The Kia Sorento.  The machine is comparable to a Jeep Grand Cherokee in size and most general stats.  Two things that are a major difference... 1 goes to the Jeep.  The Jeep has a V-8 as on option and the Kia has to deal with the same sized bulk with only a V-6.  However #2, the Kia does have a better build quality.  I've looked at the new Kia SUV and I found it to be very nice inside and out.  Looks good.  Solid.  and it's starting out at only $19K.  Not a bad price.  My only question is can you throw a 4 inch lift on it?  I'll have to keep my eye on these.  Another vehicle that I am interested in... The Mercury Marauder.  It's gaining a lot of approval by those that have driven it.  I want to try this car out... this is one of the few cars that I say "I want one".  The only problem with the Marauder is that it's very fucking expensive.  It's almost $40K!  What the hell is that all about?  The other car that I have said "I want one" is the new GTO.  Given the Marauder's lesser performance than the GTO and the higher price tag... I'll take the GTO over it.  But if I have to take a long road trip... say back to Virginia... this would be one of my first choices.  I like big vehicles... I like small vehicles... but the one constant that I like... I like my vehicles to be BRUTAL.  The Marauder has that in spades.  It radiates malice and brutality like no other new car out there.  This is Al Capone's car.  A hitman in an expensive suit.  

Nov 9th, Saturday:  Correia has sent us an update.  Okay, I sat on it for a couple days, but I was saving it for a big update I was going to do... but then I forgot what I was going to say.  D'OH!  Anyways, there it is. 

For those interested, the Jeep is running great.  The only problem now is the Frigging Washing Machine.  This is most annoying.   I'm almost out of clean underwear!

Nov 8th, 2002, Friday:  We have a couple interesting new devices at work.  Tablet PCs.  We've all seen tablet pc's used in science fiction movies, and have watched or listened to futurists expound on the concept.  The also talked about flying cars too... And it's 2002 and I see no flying damn cars!   Yet I have seen a couple different tablets.  A tablet pc is like a cross between an iPaq and a laptop PC.  It's a full blown laptop that is using handwriting recognition as input... "digital ink".  This allows you to write on the screen with a magnetic tipped pen that the screen detects and translates that to the document.   This truly is a cool feature, but has some inherent drawbacks that simple technology can not overcome. Some people's handwriting blows.  It would take a Cray2 super computer to translate that kinda stuff!  As a tool for artists, the devices are rather limited too.  Without the ability to make the units sense pin-tip pressure, line thickness will remain constant and uniform.  When you cartooning, your altering the thickness of you pen strokes by simple pressure.  This may not be a big deal to most people these days... But there is a difference.  Just look at the differences between the quality of the artwork in simple cartoons from the 1950's, and what is popular today.  The older art was much more expressive than today's.  Okay, I'm digressing...  Forgive me, but believe it or not I used to be an artist.  Anyways, back to the tablets.   One unit is from Toshiba.  It's a conventional laptop in most regards... Screen & Keyboard type as usual.  But the cool thing is that the screen can spin around and you can fold the screen down backwards... Screen side up. In this mode it turns from a laptop to a tablet.  It's a nice unit with all the features you could want, including built in wireless on 802.11b and/or Blue Tooth. It's powered by a simple little Pentium III processor, but that's okay for the market it's in... You'll never want to try to play Quake III on it Anyway!  The other tablet is from Viewsonic, the LCD screen people.  This one is just a screen with  the computer built inside. Again, a PIII.  That is pretty dang good for a simple data client.  Business applications rarely take up all that much processing power.  The strength lays in the PC's capacity, wireless, and compatibility with Windows.   Personally, I'd take the 2,500 bucks and put it into something else... Like a newer iPaq (which is what I'm writing this on right now) and my bike.   Anyways... These new tablets are great for working around the office building... But not around the home.  I'll pass on these at this time, but if I had to choose I'd take the Toshiba and see if it could handle Ghost Recon!

Does anyone out there in Utah know a good place to get your washing machine (clothes) fixed?  Mine no longer spins and makes an rapid-fire clicking sound.  It's not the motor... sounds like the clutch or coupling.  All I know is this R2 unit has a bad motivator.  Cars, I can work out. Bikes, I can work out.  Computers, I can work out.  Washing Machines?  Your talking Area-51 Technology to me.   I need to call one of those bored Maytag Repairmen guys.  Oh, wait... This is a Whirlpool.  D'oh!    

Nov 6th, 2002, Wednesday:  Today started out great.  Republicans took the House and the Senate.  My oldest son's birthday.  Last night at work ended great... everything was looking up.  Then today at work just started to suck on a down hill slide that ended in a crash.  One thing has always been true about me in all my jobs... anyone that works for me can come up to me and talk to be about any problem they have.  Problems with other employees - with life - or with me.  I'm an Ogre, but one you can talk to.  I have this one cat at work that would rather talk to everyone else but me.  That's fine.  No skin off my nose.  I am just disappointed that the kid doesn't have to balls to talk to me man to man.  If it's one thing I can't stand it's wimp.  This guy is being extremely wimpy.  It's really too bad, because I know what he is after and I would be glad to help him achieve that goal if he would only look me in the eye and just ask for it directly without telling other people contradictory stories.  Oh well.  I am not playing any games with people.  They are either real with me, and on my team... or they are not.  Back me up, and I'll back you.  You play me, and your out.  I don't like being played. 

Kinda reminds me of the Democratic losses.  The main reason the Democrats sucked it up last last night - other than the fact they are wrong and just need to go away... The had no message.  They couldn't look America in the eye and tell the people what was up.  They had nothing to say.  I mean, look at Mondale.  He had NOTHING.  He had no hand.  He comes into the race with only 1 week to run... and he had nothing to show.  That's why he lost.  As well as all his other DemocRat brothers and sisters.  What is scary is that they had such a good following.  Republicans may have won - but over all it wasn't by that big of a margin.  What does this tell me?  There are a lot of really stupid people out there.  It's basically a 4 out of 10 ratio.  So for every 10 people you see - 4 of them ride a short bus.  This ratio is totally reversed in the state of California.  Out of 10 people, 6 of them are "special".  Grey Davis was elected AGAIN?  Oh my hell!   PEOPLE!  PLEASE!  The guy invented the California energy crisis.  The guy makes you pay cash for a meeting with him.  What kind of leader is that?  This guy shouldn't just have been voted out - he should have had an investigation levied on him!  Audit this guy's actions to the letter.  He oozes he is so slimy.  Yet California gave him another term.  Staggering. 

Nov 5th, 2002, Tuesday:  Well, it looks like the red team is sweeping the polls in most races.  The only real questions remaining are a few of the Senate seats, and Governors races.... As of right now, the DemocRATS have to pick up about 4 seats to win.  Isn't going to happen.

Robinson Armament. This is the company that makes the M96 and imports the VEPR AK variant rifle.  Evidently business isn't doing that well right now.  He has just let go of Patty.  This is not surprising.  Not that Patty isn't an employee that is worth kicking out... No way.  She has been a huge aid to RA and the major contact for all the customers who like RA guns, but thing is, Alex is a gigantic asshat.  Personally, I think Alex is a dickhead but I still have to give the guy respect.  Alex knows his guns.  His M-96 is a damn fine rifle.  It's just too expensive and not accurate enough for the price.  If you question the rifles design, accuracy, or anything about RA - he in turn insults you and blames you for it.  Alex has to be in total control of everything and that would normally not be a problem.  Alex just turns people off.  If he made someone else the main contact and spokesman, then I think his company could have really taken off.  Now that he is letting go of Patty, we can expect things to fall almost abruptly as soon as she is gone.   Alex needs to be looking for a partner right now.   He needs someone to give him an influx of dollars and take over the head honcho position.  Seriously, he needs to step back and let someone else do the talking for him.   This is just my unbiased opinion.  Actually, Alex is getting what he deserves.  You don't give the finger to people that are supporting his company and efforts.  I predict a call over to Super-Dell at "Totally Awesome" for a bail out.  Look for the radio spots to start up in the next few weeks.  Maybe Super-Dell has some money to throw on RA.

Watching the election coverage is making me laugh.  The Democrats are all upset (read it between the lines) because they are loosing all over the place.  Too bad.  They should have had a platform.  The only thing the Democrats have said in the last year is that "Bush Sucks".  That's been the platform... Morons... You need a little more than that.  The only interesting thing really in this election is what is going on in California.  Are they going to be keeping Governor Grey Davis?  That asshole needs to get kicked in the balls on the way out the door, but California is so fuqqed up there is a good chance he gets to stay.

Okay so today has had it's ups and downs... not going into the downs... a woman named Sheri has a copy of a book I have been wanting for some time.  "Sir Machinery".  I've been looking for it every time I pass a book store - especially the used book stores and the little hole in the wall kinda shops.  Well, she has an old copy and is going to run off a duplicate of it for me.  AWESOME!  This made my day. 

I don't know what it is, but I think my liver is acting up again.  I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  With my luck it was a Chevy Avalanche.  The symptoms are pretty much like they were earlier in the year.  I don't know what has brought it on again - but I'm ready for it now.  It almost killed me last March...  but this time I'm prepared and ready to fight it.  In the mean time, I'll be in the bathroom puking up bile for the next few weeks.   In fact, I did just that a couple times today.  I had to leave work for a couple hours.  Ate a potato and when I got feeling better, went back in to work for awhile longer.   Feeling very shaky and uneasy.  Have no fear - Ogre will be around for a while longer yet.  I have had worse than this.

Thinking about getting my wife hooked up with a Mini Van.  It's a Chevy Astro with plenty of seats.  All it needs is a valve job.  I think I may go for that.  She needs something with more room.  This being the case, the Wagoneer may have to go up for sale.  Anyone up for a classic and rare AMC 401 V-8The engine has more torque than an oil tanker.  Mate that with four wheel drive and you have something that could really rock.

Today is the day to get out and Vote.  Pick the best candidate, if you please.  Vote FOR someone and not just voting against someone.  Okay?  Let's try to get some people into office that don't suck.  Yeah, and I want a million bucks too.   I don't even know who to vote for here in Utah.  Local Utah politics is stagnant and not even remotely interesting.  I guess as long as we keep the Democrats out of office as much as possible everything will be cool for us on the local front.  I'm registered.  I'm going to vote today. 

Okay, since I have been talking about automotive misadventures, let me share something else.  See, my automotive maladies exist because I don't have a lot of money.  I saw just last night something that made me laugh.  This cat was having his own issues - because he had too much money and not enough brains.  It involves the Cadillac version  of my favorite truck to rag on - the Chevy Avalanche.  A retarded vehicle that you get to pay an extra 10 grand for.  Nice.  Anyways, this cat was outside my little shop last night wanting to evidently bring a computer in for repair.  He was trying to reach into the bed and pull his old computer out.  Normally in a pickup, that wouldn't be too hard.  Not with this truck.  The guy was trying to stand on his tip toes to reach in... not quite getting it... swearing a lot.  You see, the sides of the bed on these trucks are much higher than a normal truck.   Other trucks would have to get a lift kit to make them that hard to reach into.  So as I am walking past I suggest going through the tail gate to reach his goal.  He cusses some more and then manages to pull the target item out... looked like an older Gateway.  He has it by the tips of his fingers and as soon as it clears the bed - it comes crashing down.  The case busts open and it looked like a CD Rom drive fell out.  Way to go!  Nice Cadillac.   I think he came in and picked up another computer.  I hope he uses the tailgate with this one. 

Speaking of trucks, Motor Trend has picked a new SUV OF THE YEAR.  There are lots of good choices out there in the growing SUV market.   Funny thing, Jeep wasn't even in the running.  Aww, come one now, Jeep started the whole mess.  Anyways, the new SUV of choice isn't even a real SUV... it's a car.  It's a VOLVO.  The XC90. Admittedly, I like Volvo cars, they are really nice.  But a Volvo SUV?  WTF?  Hmmm, let's think about this for a sec.  Volvo has done station wagons very well for the last 20 years.  SUV's are just glorified station wagons.  I guess the selection is fairly natural.  But what I don't like about it is the obvious bias to vehicles that are as car-like as possible.  These "Cross-Utes" have the editors by the balls.  They love them.  They drive so nice and smooth there is no chance of spilling any Starbucks on themselves.  That's not really what it's all about.  There are other more important considerations in an SUV than skidpad numbers and acceleration figures.  Don't get me wrong here... the Volvo is a great station wagon.  It might even do very well on any soft-road foray.  But it isn't an SUV.   My pick is the new Toyota 4Runner.  The 4Runner has always been a true SUV with good All-road/No-road agility and ability. 

Nov 4th, 2002, Monday:  Ents. has a Two Towers, Trailer 2 up... In it we see some interesting things.  One is an Ent.  Well, we see the legs and arm of one Ent, but we know it's there.  Treebeard is in the movie!  Thank heavens.

New link down there in the "Odd Stuff" section of links.  The FVZA.  A government agency you may not have heard of.  I took the Agency's aptitude test and I am rated as a "Shadow".  Interesting. 

$199.00.  That's how much the fuel pump cost me.  Jeep is now running like it was before... but I think you can feel a little stronger acceleration because the pump is pushing the fuel as it should.  I did notice a drop in power Sunday... that should have tipped me off.  I was thinking fouled plugs.  Anyways, so the Jeep is running and Ogre is again mobile.  There are few other things I will want to check on... fan belt tightening again... U-joints... motor mounts.  Things that can wait a few weeks on.  Let's see the finances... Not too bad.  Tight, but we'll make it.

Nov 3rd, 2002, Sunday:  SHIT DAMN HELL.  My beloved Jeep Cherokee has died.  I think it is the fuel pump, but I am not sure.  I can't get to it as it's one of those lovely in the tank electric pumps.  This means repair shop.  SHIT DAMN HELL!   This little turn of events changes a great many of my financial plans.  This really screws *everything* up.   I'm pissed and most unhappy.  This leaves us without any wheels for the time being.  I'm borrowing a little Toyota from family for Monday... because the Jeep is up in SLC, and I am down in Orem.  This is most inconvenient.  Now it is certain that I will have to sell some guns.  My rifle, which was already up is now going to be joined by my Shotgun (as soon as it arrives).  The rifle is the SMLE and the shotgun is a Mossberg 500 with an extended tube and a butler creek folding stock.   I didn't want to sell the shotgun... DAMN IT!

Any lighter news?  No.  Not right now.  I'm going to bed.

Nov 2nd, 2002, Saturday:  The Russians have a great solution for terrorists... one that many in the US have joked about but would never happen over here due to political correctness.  They are burying the Tangos in pigskin.  Something that the Islamic extremists believe will prevent them from entering heaven.  Nicely done.  I expect a sharp decline in terrorist activity over there. 

Really looking forward to the new LOTR "The Tow Towers".  I just really hope they put the Ents in it.  They have not even hinted at Ents in the trailers or the special features off the DVDs.  I am worried that they wont include them.  Yet they have to!  It was the Ents that defeated Saruman!  If they are left out of the movie, I will be super-pissed.   In the mean time, I'm also looking forward to the extended DVD special edition with all the extra footage that some asshat decided to leave out.

To follow up on the situation yesterday, the little boy is doing fine... Thank God!  He is a sweet little baby that has had a hard go of it so far.  Hopefully all will be well from now on.

November 1st, 2002, Friday:  Today is a downer.  My sister Dacia's baby is in the hospital.  He is 10 months old and was evidently missing half of his diaphragm.  This allowed his internal organs to push up into his heart and lungs.  His digestive tract had actually twisted around his lungs and the poor infant was getting strangled internally.  The surgery went well, but now he is having an allergic reaction to the drugs he was given.  That means even more drugs.  He will be okay... he'll pull through this.  It's just emotionally hard on the whole family. 

As much as I am fond of my little Mad Dog customized SMLE rifle... I am afraid I am going to have to sell it.  I'm not going to offer an asking price, but I will take bids or good offers for trade.  I went shooting it last Saturday and I had a blast.  The thing has a nice decent kick to it, but it isn't punishing.  It shoots like a pussycat.  A pussycat with a ferocious muzzle blast.  Anyways, I have decided that I just don't do rifles very comfortably any more.  I think I am just going to stick with handguns right now and polish my handgun skills.   As sexy as this little rifle is, I just don't have a place for it.  Don't email me with a question "How Much?"  Just make an offer.  First reasonable offer gets it.

On a more positive note I picked up a SPIDERMAN DVD.  Great movie.  Spiderman is my favorite "Super Hero".  Anyways, while at work I was spinning it on one of the test computers and had an observation.  We see Spiderman shooting his web at different things to allow him to swing around the city right...   Well, if you look at the shots he is taking you can come to the conclusion that he is one damn good marksman.  He is tagging flagpoles and crane arms while moving at high speed from ranges out past 300 meters.  Now not only is he making these shots, he is doing it very fast.  The distance his web is shot only a part of it... look how fast that web actually hits the target.   That web is getting shot out like a .308 projectile!  Fast and Accurate.  Wait a sec.   That web probably doesn't weigh very much... but 300 meters of it probably has some heft to it.  Probably at least equal to a 180 grain slug.  180 grain slug going out that fast... Yeah, that means recoil.  My point is that every time Spiderman squirts out a shot of web, there should be a big kick.  At close range, that web shot could blow a hole through somebody!  Look at a fire hose... There would be at least that much of a push... That could lift a guy off his feet.

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