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May 31st, Monday, 2004: 1530 hrs:  I have been asked why I have not reviewed or talk about the Kel Tek family of pistols.  To be perfectly honest, it's because I don't have one, and I'm not that familiar with them.  I am thinking of getting one soon because they are popular for CCW and are excellent carry options.  I plan on reviewing one down the road. 

With the Olympic games going on and Root Berets are becoming popular again... Some pointers on wearing the beret


Memorial Day.  Our little town here has some war memorials out in front of the public library.  We always enter the library from the rear (that sounded obscene) so my boys have never stood in front of the stones and looked at them.   This will be resolved today.  It is my intention to take them and educate them about what Memorial Day is all about.  I want to thank any and all service men and women out there who read   Thank you for your service, and your sacrifices for our nation’s freedom.  

I’m going to teach my kids today… then I’m going to watch Saving Private Ryan, say a prayer for our Troops, and eat some BBQ.  Some place in there, I’m taking Ranger up into the mountains so he can hunt rabbit.  Maybe my older boys too if they think they can handle seeing a wolf gobble up little bunny foo-foo.   (Speaking of Rabbits, Hopper who is now an outdoor all the time Rabbit is still alive and well.  He… we just guess he is a he… gets along with Koda and they will even play together.  The other cats don’t bother him either, but Pepper will give chase.  Ranger hasn’t had the chance so that’s why it’s still alive.  Anyways, not much planned today… no road trips.  No holiday stress.  I’m not even going to try to take the family up to the lake today – considering how EVERYONE else in this arm pit of the State of Utah is doing that today, I just would rather avoid it.  Early this morning the guys living in the houses on either side of me are prepping boats… just like the guys down the street… Fighting crowds to putter around the local mud hole isn’t feeling like a Memorial anything.  



May 30th, Sunday, 2004:  1830hrs: I just wanted to share this with the horde.  I often mention Mrs. Ogre, but I don’t think I have shown who she is.  Yes, that is her with the two .45’s over there on the side… but that is not the real Mrs. Ogre.  This image here is of her dancing at the competition a couple weekends ago where she took first place in State in her division.   Forgive the blur… she was moving very fast.  This is who she is.  She is a Dancer.  She is studied in classical ballet, jazz, clogging, tap, and damn near any form of dancing you can think of.  Yes, she can even do a killer Russian “trepak” and funky hip-hop.  Celtic?  Stand back!  When I first met her, she took my breath away...  She still does.  I called her “My red-headed dancer” and I am glad she still is.   After 11 years and 5 sons, she is still the most awesome woman in the world.  She is the woman behind this Ogre.     


I got this email: 

“Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that, Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

Cheers,  The team”

This message included a virus in that Norton caught and destroyed.  Needless to say, if anyone gets an email of this sort – it did not come from me.  Just delete it promptly.  The email spoofed you.  There is no “ Team”.  There is only one Mad Ogre, and I am he, and I do not spam.  The only teams here in my household are my wife and I vs. our Demolition Squad of sons. I do not put all my email addresses into an address book… Not even of the Horde… I do not keep email addresses at all.  I scan through my inbox for addresses and reply back to the old message… but emails older than 30 days are deleted.  I don’t send much email at all.  These viruses piss me off.  If I ever find a spammer or a virus author – they are going to end up on a fucking milk carton.       


May 29th, Saturday, 2004:  2230hrs: Two new guns coming out that are worth note:  One is an upper conversion kit for your 1911, and the other is a new chopped and severely channeled 1911.   Let’s look at the Kit first.   It’s put out by Hogue as a conversion to change your 1911 into a race gun and it’s called the “Avenger”.    The only thing that should be avenged is John Moses Browning’s honor by having the designer of this horror repeatedly smacked across the face with a banana peel by a pink feather boa wearing ex-professional wrestler.  Here are my initial takes on it and some discussion about it.  Nasty thing.   I only said this gun is worth note - that doesn't necessarily mean it's worthy.  Wow... it makes a 1911 into a fixed barrel.  Nifty.  Worth almost a grand?  I don't think so.  Worth 200 bucks?  I doubt that as well.  For 200 bucks, you can have a gunsmith fit the barrel to the slide and bushing, and you wont need a fixed barrel.  Not at all.  The other item to mention is a nice lightweight compact .45 1911 by the cats that created the world famous “Co-Pilot” rifle, Wild West Guns.   This little .45 looks spendy, but probably not as much as the new Detonics are going to be.  This gun is good looking… nice and tight… with some holes cut into the slide to reduce the weight.  The slide is a worked over Colt Defender’s sitting on a Government frame.  CCW worthy and easy to shoot?  We shall see… I’m trying to get the chance to review it for Concealed Carry Magazine, but look for American Handgunner to get it first. (DANG IT!)

Meet Pepper.


She’s full blooded Heeler, Blue with a Red Heeler mix.  Very spunky puppy, but she can get really whiney sometimes.  She is very much Mrs. Ogre’s pup and not mine at all.  She follows the bride around all over the place.  The boys love playing with her, and will play with her till she drops from exhaustion.  Then they have to be reminded, pups need naps.   We don’t even have a collar for her yet.  Heelers are reported to be bright, hard working dogs with a lot of loyalty and all that jazz.  She should make for a fine family dog.  If she was solid black with white socks, er, and a boy… then she would look exactly like Badger.   I miss Badger… Pepper just isn’t clicking with me… but everyone else loves her so she is set her for life.  Heelers are Australian Cattle Dogs, evidently a close relation to the Australian Sheppard, which Badger was.   Well, enough of the pup... Ranger and I are going to go after some rabbits.   (Eat your heart out Rachel Lucas!)

1300hrs:  May 28th, Friday, 2004:  2130hrs MST:   We found a puppy.  The boys who are now home for the summer, are in heaven.  The pup is an 8 week old female Blue Heeler that we have named “Pepper”.  She is cute as the dickens… she really is.  We all miss Badger still, who in a very short time found a place in all of our hearts.  But Pepper is trying hard to be loved.  She is very spunky and energetic… perfect for keeping up with the boys.  I’ll take and post pics shortly.  Be warned, you will probably say things like “Awww”.  Even the most hardened Ogre would.   We picked her out from a happy little litter of healthy and well loved pups.  We will probably have a night or two of whimpering… Badger had just stopped the night before he died… damn it.  

Pope Worries About 'Soulless' U.S. Life.  You know, I worry too.  I worry about that every day.  I see corruption all over the place.  What used to be right is now the wrong and what used to be wrong is now right… as a nation the morality is on its head.  I’m not going to preach or anything… but when the answer to young kids having sex is to hand them a condom… I have personal problem with that.  Instead, they should hand them a Volley Ball and tell them to go out and do some sports and to pull their pants up.   Oh, but I guess I am the one that’s wrong for saying that… or I’m insensitive.  Whatever.

The Cops vs The Rest of America thing can get blown out of proportion…  There are arguments for and against each side, understandably… but THIS is absofuckinglutly silly.  This cop thinks people can’t wear a certain kind of PANTS?  WTF?  I think this is a case where someone is very full of themselves, and needs to even go back to the academy.  This Rookie makes other cops, good cops, look bad.   I’ll admit, I hate seeing a traffic cop in my rear view mirror.  In fact, I’ll admit that a cop is the last person I want to see behind me or in front of me when I am driving.    Especially when I am living out in the middle of nowhere and it is 2 hours minimum to civilization. (if you break the law that is, 3 hours otherwise)  But when it comes right down to it, cops are some of the best people on the planet.  On the whole.  There are some bad apples, but I’d take the bunch anyday.  This Rookie would get tossed.  If I was her boss, I’d give her my “Come to Jesus” lecture that would scald her ears, and send her to do a day of cross walk duty to readjust her attitude, along with a 2000 word report on the meaning of “rights”.  This is just beyond.  Cop Pants are a restricted item?  That’s bullshit and a half.  There is no such thing as Cop Pants.  There should be no such thing as Law Enforcement ANYTHING… not guns, not ammunition… nothing.  Cops are not a special class of person (but they are a special breed of person) who is more important than the rest of us… because they are us.  

1000hrs MST:  Time to bust France’s chops again.  Coming up here on June 6th is the 60th anniversary of D-Day.  This is a special occasion!  France is hosting a celebration of course, any excuse to uncork a bottle over there.  But interestingly, they have invited Germany to come and enjoy the merrymaking.  Hmmm… I wouldn’t have thought of that.  Another thing I wouldn’t have thought of was France’s limiting the numbers of vets from England coming over… they only want a few.  The reason is that France fears they might damage the beach.  WTF?    Considering that D-Day 60 years ago was when we liberated France starting from that beach… and now Germany is welcome and the Vets who did the work France was to fucked up to do themselves… and France just slapped these vets across the face.  This is insulting on so many levels.  Deeply insulting.  Like all the other insults France has been dishing out on us lately.  Way to go France, really nice.  Once again, Germany holds the beach.  Damn it.  You know, France, you are really stretching the definition of “allied nation”. 

Here is the low down on the diesel powered KLR bikes.  Touch of some back ground here, the US Marines and some US Army units, as well as some of our allies are using Modified Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycles for scout duty and other things… In order to make the bikes safer in a combat zone, and easier to refuel, they are converted into diesel machines by a joint called “F1 Engineering”.  These bikes are given a bigger fuel tank (as if 6.1 gallons isn’t enough!) and this new engine… well this engine has caught my interest big time.  105 miles per gallon when most bikes do around 35 to 40.   Some more, some less, but 105 is impressive.  A top speed of 102 is slow in the world of hyper velocity crotch rockets zipping past at warp factor 9… but for a KLR, that’s still plenty fast enough!  Consider for a moment that the KLR is duel sport machine, designed for on road and off road use, 102 will probably never be needed.  The acceleration times are low for a bike, but this machine is meant for the long haul and that’s a trade off for being able to use kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, and anything else that might be available.  You wont be racing the Ninjas on these things… but then again, you don’t have to.  In short, I like what these bikes can do.   A standard KLR or a GI KLR… either one is great, but I think if I could choose between the two, I’d get the GI version from F1.  Here is the response I got from my query:

Production of the civilian version of our military diesel KLR has had to be delayed for a short time. 
We are just a small company and have been working on this engine for about six years now, however we have been unable to attract any financial backers or partners to the project.
Even though the US Government has pretty much paid for all of the development of the engine, we still need private funding of around $2 million, a very small sum considering the huge market for this particular, worlds only high performance small diesel engine, especially in light of current events and current gas prices.
This funding is required for EPA and DOT testing, crash testing, reliability testing (even though we have thousands of miles on the military bikes and upwards of 60,000 miles on a couple of the earlier test bikes), production facilities , marketing, advertising, etc., and a million other details that we are not required to perform on the military units.
All of our resources are currently being used on the new USMC contract for 600 Diesel Combat Motorcycles.
Scheduled delivery of the first production bikes to the USMC is August 2004, with production continuing through 2006.
We had hoped to be building engines for the civilian version alongside the military unit as this would have reduced cost quite significantly, the cost of 5,000 sets of engine castings from the foundry is obviously a lot less per engine than 600 sets. The same goes for everything else in the engine.
So, although we are still actively searching for a partner / backer, we are sad that we have not yet been able to get this great machine out on the highways. We do however, still hold out hope that someone with the financial resources needed will come along to help us continue on with the project.
Meanwhile, yes we are continuing to build the diesel engines for use in the USMC Diesel Combat Motorcycle, and of course our development program continues on alongside the production line.
We now have software engineers working on mapping the engine for a common rail injection system, the same as on the new Ford Powerstroke and GM's Duramax.
This should give us quite a boost in horse power over the current mechanical unit and make the machine very tractable under all conditions.
The production USMC version of the diesel KLR is now right at 40 horse power at 5700 rpm with 45 foot pounds of torque. With a power range from 1200 rpm thru 7000 rpm!!
Dry Weight: 369 lbs.
Fuel type used during tests; Diesel / Aviation Kerosene / Biodiesel
Performance: 0-30 mph, 3.3 sec. - 0-60 mph, 8.6 sec.
Maximum speed as tested; In excess of 102 mph.
Fuel Mileage as tested (full military load); 105 mpg @ 55 mph.
Thanks for your interest, and if you know of an enthusiast or someone with the financial resources available that might be interested in our project, please let us know, we need to get the word out there.

Roger G. Flynn
F1 Engineering
10844 "E" Avenue, Suite A-1
Hesperia, CA 92345

No, you wont be seeing one of these machines on the cover of Cycle World… but I bet you would be seeing them around.

Yesterday while driving to SLC and back I spotted 3 KLRs, one of them was the cute little KLR 250 in SLC.  The two 650 were out near Strawberry… one loaded with some bags and the guy was heading out for some adventure, the other was standing still at a café.   Anyways, I hope these diesel engines get the funding so they can go civvies.  Two million is a lot of coin, but not a lot in the world of business and finance.  BTW, if you have a KLR and need parts for it, contact F1 because they take a lot of the stock parts off the ones going to the Marines and use there own parts for them… so they have all these new parts they can sell you.  Handguards, tanks, body panels… etc.  They also sell them on E-bay so check there too.

OKAY OKAY!  I made a mistake!  Forgive me, it was like 2AM when I wrote that a Wildey was used in that Dirty Harry flick!  Man, you make a mistake on a Gun Blog about a gun – you will get like a dozen emails or more correcting you!  Here is one of them: “Hey Ogre, first off, LOVE the site!  Always good for either a laugh or an approving snort!  Second, I know you said you weren't a Dirty Harry fan and didn't care that much, but, since it involves one of my favorite out-of-the-ordinary guns I'll go ahead.  The gun in Sudden Impact was actually a .44 Automag, not a Wildey.  The Automag has always been one of the more interesting firearms fads in my opinion.  Anyway, even though I don't place the M-9 nearly as high on the ladder as you do, I definitely share your dim view of the M-16 series.  So keep it up!!!!   Thanks Bradley”  Welcome to the Horde, Bradley.

A worthy question:Ogre, I know you're a Beretta 92 fan but I wanted to get your take on the Taurus copy of the Beretta 92.  I've heard it differs somewhat but I'm not sure how.  I've also head that they were built on Beretta tooling left in Brazil after a contract was fulfilled.  Does the Taurus copy pass horde muster or is it just a knock off to steer clear of?  I'm a real Beretta neophyte, other than occationally shooting my Father In Laws 686 20 gauge. Leme tell you it's sweeeeet, of course it better be for 1.5K. – Jim”   Ah, yes... the Taurus 92 clones... yes they are HORDE APPROVED.  The earlier ones were identical to the Berettas in every way.  Since then they have done a number of subtle improvements to the design, including moving the safety to the frame where it should be.  The finish work on the Taurus guns isn't as refined and smooth as the Beretta, but they are still just fine.  They will smooth out with use too, or a gunsmith can work them over and make them up to or better than Beretta. (But you should see what a good smith can do to a Beretta!  IE: LTT)   If you find a killer deal on one, yeah, go for it.  If I had one, I wouldn't feel bad about it.   Taurus has a life time warranty on it, and this means a lot to me.  This means they are dead serious about their guns... and they are.  While I have a number of misgivings about the Millennium pistols, and hesitation about the new 24/7 pistol... the Beretta cousins are excellent, including the .45 caliber version which Beretta should have taken a good hard look at.  And if I get the job at Beretta, I’ll be making sure they take a good, hard, close look at it!  What would you call it? A 98?  How about this, a Compact 98 Brigadier Inox, with a frame mounted safety… would you buy one?  I would. 

Ah, about the little trooper… he is doing extremely well.  The nerves are mending and he gets more and more movement in the eyebrow daily.  In a couple more months he should have the full range of motion in those muscles and should be back to normal… with the addition of a scar and hopefully a lesson learned.    “Pain Heals and chicks dig scars… but glory is forever!”  Too bad he doesn’t have a cool story to tell about it… “Yeah, I was a dumbass and put my head through a window and my Dad had to drive me 3 hours in the middle of the night to get me to the ER!”  I swear, this child will be the death of me… He is like a little Anakin Skywalker.  Thank God he doesn’t have a lightsaber.   Thanks for the love and support through this all.

I just got my award notice for my Pell Grant for the Fall Semester again… so I will be able to return to school for another year thanks to the Federal Government and taxpayer’s money.  Thank you for this, all who pay taxes.  I owe it to you to do my best and to return the favor to my country once I graduate.  For any of you Libertarians who may be seething that I’m taking a grant here, my apologies.  I’ll do my best to make it up to you too.  I am looking at taking a job counseling wayward youth here locally.  I’m not going to talk about it in any details, but I think I can do some good work there.  Anyways, this is some good news and an “Up” for the day.


May 27th, Thursday, 2004: Early Morning:  Looks like Wildey is coming back to market like Detonics is.  This is good news.  The Wildey was an interesting hand-cannon that is prized among the few collectors that could find them.   Modern Firearms mentions that this pistol is in Death Wish… it’s also in Desperado and one of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movies, but I forget wish.  (don’t bother telling me, I don’t care all that much… I’m not a fan of Dirty Harry)  The interesting thing is that Wildey is also bringing out an all new pistol.  Don’t get too excited… It’s pretty much a Beretta 92 Clone that looks like what it might have looked like if it had been done by Ruger.  It has the Beretta trigger guard, grip shape, trigger, safety, and all that… the only thing different is that it has a closed slide.  Real cutting edge there, Wildey.  I’m sure it’s a slick pistol… but then again, so is Beretta.  I’ll stick to the original thanks.  If I want a Beretta that is not a Beretta, I’ll buy a Taurus.  The only other “I’m not a Beretta” 92 Clone out there that I kinda like is by Vector, out of South Africa, if I remember right.  It’s more angular and less refined looking than the Italian classic, but all reports indicate that it is a dandy.  I’ve only seen one once here in the US.  Cat at an IDPA match had one.  Very nice looking handgun and it was very accurate.  I don’t remember him doing any malfunction drills, so I am guessing they are reliable enough.  I say that because if a gun is going to jam, it’s going to do with when you are shooting in front of a lot of other shooters.  Guns hardly ever jam when you are alone.  Never.  Update:  Ah, Modern Firearms has it listed! Excellent!

Speaking of Detonics, it seems that the new guns are going to be built on cast frames and slides, not forged.  I’m disappointed.  Especially since these guns are going to be over 1100 bucks!  HELLO!  For that much coin, it should be Forged and using internal parts blessed by John Moses Browning himself.  I wish the new Detonics all the best, but my interest in them has become extremely jaded and I give them 2 years, 3 years max before they close shop again.  The name Detonics isn’t exactly a name that draws a crowd… Most people when they hear the name Detonics don’t even know what they are.  “Do they make PDA’s?”  *sigh*   The originals were not that expensive, 400 bucks.  In today’s money that would be only about 700 bucks or so.  Still, not that much coin.  This new one?  Judas priest!  For 1100 bucks you could buy a nice sub compact 1911 from just about anyone, Para, Springfield, Kimber, Colt, STI… and then have a gunsmith slick it up big time with the money left over, and still have change for some boxes of ammo and a range session to test it out with… and then some pizza and Cold Ones to enjoy after shooting.  I don’t see how the new Detonics is going to make it.   Now, I’m not saying Cast frames and slides are bad… some of the best 1911’s out there are made on castings.  It’s just that for this kinda money, they could have gone forged and given the customers just that much more quality.  Cast with over the counter, off the shelf, aftermarket drop in parts.  Feh… I’m not impressed.  Detonics, you let me down.  I think the new Wildey will have better success than Detonics will.  While the pistols are great, it seems that the company as a corporation is cursed… If you are going to revive a gun company… don’t name it Detonics!

Pistol Caliber Carbines.  I was looking at my Marlin 336 today and thinking about the new Beretta Storm.  Pistol caliber carbines definitely have their place in the arsenal… light, handy, and effective in combat at combat ranges… As much as I like the Storm, it just looks really Star Trek, but not too badly.  For some dumbass reason Marlin dropped the “Camp Carbine” guns in 9MM and .45.  This is sad.  What Marlin should do is make some improvements to them, and release them again in 9MM, .357 SIG .40, .45 ACP.  Make them compatible with double stack mags like the Kel Tec carbine.  And if the AWB goes away… make optional folding stocks.  That would make for a SWEEEET truck gun.   Especially if the carbine took the same mags as your pistol.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Ah, indeed it would.  This is why we are still waiting for the .45 ACP version of the Storm.  Anyways, I was thinking that a lever action in .45 and 9MM would be very cool as well.  Remember the Marlin model 60?  Tube fed semi that could hold like 15 shots of .22.  Well, how about a tube fed classic looking lever action that held 15 rounds of .45?  THAT would be dandy.  Like a Marlin 1894 Carbine.  Light, handsome, accurate… that would be excellent.  It would be a nitch gun.  Lever actions are not that popular any more unless it’s in a classic cowboy caliber… but I’d like to see an updated lever action.  Good looking, but with some refinements… like standard ghost ring sights, an oversized loading gate for faster and easier reloads, and a super accurate barrel with a proper crown and maybe even a flash suppressor milled into the barrel.  Just a thought.

Ruger 10-22 mod that I would like to see.  I’d like to see one that turns the 10-22 into a mini WW2 style BAR.  I’ve seen a bunch of things for it… an MG-42 kit even… why not a BAR?

Oh, the chick from Torque, this is her.  Evidently she is racy off the movie screen too.  Probably not a safe link to hit from work.  She’s a doll.  Kinda flat chested… but cute.  I’m sorry… I still think that flick is a 5 out of 10 at best.  It’s a rental when nothing else is worth while or something.  Please, don’t be offended if you loved it!  Come on thought… really… the train thing… please.  I like the custom ramps them built all over the train like that.  That was probably spendy.  Why didn’t they just use CGI like everything else?

We are taking the Little Trooper to SLC for another follow up check up.  So this post will probably be it for the day.  We don’t have time to stop around or anything, just a straight shot in and out again.  That sucks… I would like to go hang out and visit friends and all that… check out my favorite gun shops… *sigh*  Maybe next time.  He is doing very well… the nerves in the eyebrow seem to be starting to mend and we are seeing movement that wasn’t there before.  Thank you again for all the love and support and prayers – it’s working!  He will have the scar for the rest of his life, but it’s not that bad.  He is a tough kid, and not just for a 3 year old.  He is tougher than my 11 year old!     Oh, uh… while you are praying for the Trooper, give one up for my Mother too.  She is going in for some unpleasant tests and stuff that really wish were not necessary.  I love my Mom… if she gets sick… I don’t know what I’d do.  


May 26th, Wednesday, 2004: Noonish: Ogre Sized M&Ms.  It’s about fucking time.  

Email from the Horde:M.O. The problem is when a Dog dives into the water only the head is above the surface. This gives a tactical advantage to the Swan or Goose in drowning the Dog. I have seen Geese to this to a Dog mine (Lab) and I had to wade into the water and intervene to save my pooches life. I later took a Golf Club (Carbon-Fiber, I hope that's tactical enough for your readers) and tossed out a bag of Popcorn for the Ducks and two Geese. In short order I dispatched the two nasty birds with just three strokes. That's not counting my Handicap. Just my $.02  John”  I can image the dog with the birds in his food bowl… “How do you like me now?”

Just watched the movie “Torque”.  I was thinking “It’s a cheesy as hell, but not too bad.”  Right up to the point where the “FBI” guy entered the picture stepping out of his Hummer H2.  Cut the whole FBI thing out of the movie and it would have been alright.  No, wait a second… that’s not right.  The Crotch Rocket Kung Foo, the hit you over the head product placements… that was pretty damn lame.  The dialog was absolutely horrible.  I can’t even talk about the acting because the script was so bad, I felt embarrassed for the people trying to deliver those lines while keeping a straight face.  And the main dude, “Ford”… he looks just like that one guy that thinks he is a comedian or something… I forget his name, but he is a dumbass.  Drew Barrymore’s husband or something.  Anyway, it’s hard to take him seriously because he looks like that other dipshit.  The blonde girl was a cutie… very pretty even though I prefer dark hair.  She had some good parts in the picture… like her ass in those tight leather pants like when she smacked that guy with a muffler.  BTW, that guy was holding 2 Ruger SP101 revolvers.  Ice Cube’s pistol was a Jericho 941 variant of some sort.  Baby Eagle… Uzi pistol maybe… it’s hard to tell… they look alike.  All the other guns seemed to be Beretta 92 variants.  So the guns were not too bad.  I liked the flat stainless finished Jericho… looked great on the screen.  The bikes were pretty cool and could defy physics better than the bikes in Mega Force…  Cameo by Jesse James and a couple of his bikes… This movie is pretty much just a cartoon and would probably have been better if we hadn’t already seen everything in Fast and Furious.  Did I mention the cute blonde?  Let’s see… anything else about this movie that stands out?  Not really… just the blonde.

Let me just take a moment to say something here about  This isn’t your normal web log website.  I’m not trying to be.  I was doing this before the word Blog was invented.  Unlike some other blogs out there, I’m not trying to be the next Drudge, or Right Wing News… I don’t want to be.  This isn’t a Political Blog.  Maybe you could call it a Gun Blog, but it’s not even that… it’s more than that.  This is My Personal Opinion, published electronically for anyone in the world to see and read.    

I take a lot of shit for doing so… but I still do it.  I have a lot of people out there that do not like me at all, mainly because of what I say here on my website.  That’s fine, you have your opinion and I have my own… I just have the nerve to put my opinion out there and sign my name to it.  A lot of people who would deride me do so from hidden/faked names or aliases from anonymous free email accounts… they don’t have the backbone to tell me to my face, and they don’t even have the backbone to sign their name to it.   That’s cowardly.  What I do, putting out my opinion on anything I feel like… It’s like standing before the world naked.  

I know that I offend people.  It’s not my point to offend people.  If you think so, you missed the point entirely.  The point is my own expression.  I do it with words.  I don’t do it by exposing myself and calling it art like so many other people who do it to music and think they are expressing something important.   A pierced nipple on national TV doesn’t express anything other than one is an idiot.  And expressing yourself in an anonymous email doesn’t express anything more than that either, that and you are a chicken. 

I am exercising my first and second amendment rights.  Same thing you (if you are a citizen of the United States, if not, your rights may vary) can do to.  Guns are not my life.  Guns are just “an interest” to me… a passion even… but they are not my life.  I do not wrap my identity in my guns.  I buy and sell and trade guns frequently…  I have a few that I don’t, but the others I do… they can come and go.  They are not a part of my life.  My family is… my wife is… my brothers and my In Law’s are.  I love them all very much.  That’s what is important to me.  A gun is just a means to defend them, or spend some fun times making memories with them.  If I had to trade – I’ll take my family and my friends over guns any day.  But since I have guns, that fictional condition will never happen. 

I will continue with as long as I have any interest in doing so.  I don’t do this for anyone but myself.  I don’t make money doing it… I don’t profit from it…. In fact, doing this is a monthly expense.  To do this I have to pay for the hosting and I have to pay for my internet connection, and I have to take the time to do it… I could do this for years to come… or I could stop tomorrow.  I am beholden to no one when it comes to this… this is why I don’t put up paid advertisements or anything like that.  I put up links to things I PERSONALLY LIKE.  I have no stake in them.  If I like something, I will post about it or link it… I don’t have to, but I will if I want to.  If you don’t like it – then piss off.  I do not care.  I am not trying to please you or anyone else.  I’m not trying to compete in any popularity contest.

 May 25th, Tuesday, 2004:  1600hrs: Assembly of the Beretta Cougar The Cougar is one of the most interesting and best pistols out there on the market, in my opinion.  But it is a touch tricky if you are not familiar with it.  Member EWTHeckman of Beretta Forum took the time to make a little video clip.  If you are interested in the Cougar at all, you might want to check this out.

Looks like a killer Swan is kicking some dogs’ asses over in England.  Feh.  My dog would be having Christmas Dinner if I let him loose over there.  A freaking bird.  That must suck.  “My dog was whipped by a bird.”  How could you say that and not be laughed at for the rest of your life?  I’ll offer English Dog Owners this one time chance.  1st class round trip tickets for me and Ranger, and we will clear up this Swan problem for you and even the tally sheets.  Have your people talk to my people.  We’ll get Don King to put it on Pay Per View.

It’s because bad breath turns people off.  That’s just nasty.  Really really nasty.

Bush LIED!  There are no WMD’s in Iraq!   Oh… never mind.

Is Gore like Lex Luthor or something?  Thinks he can control the weather now?  This guy needs a straight jacket… Call Batman!  Okay, not really… but Gore is warning people that this could happen… the Day After Tomorrow movie.  Funny how people are taking these Hollywood movies as “signs of the times”.  Well, I guess Hollywood is The New Religion for most people these days.  I think it’s in the Bible that talks about the last days and all that.  I’ll stick with the original version of the story… Screen Writers and Directors always hack things up.

This is a riot.  I seriously laughed my ass off when I read this.  Hillary is more of a lunatic than Kerry or Gore!  Okay, maybe not Kerry, but she is still nucking futs.

The Blogger Quiz:

1. Which political party do you typically agree with? Bull Moose.  It’s all about the Big Stick.
2. Which political party do you typically vote for? Republican
3. List the last five presidents that you voted for? Bush, Dole, Bush.
4. Which party do you think is smarter about the economy? Republican
5. Which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs? Republican
6. Do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out? Yes, right after we turn Iraq over to the Iraqis and maybe breaking the country into separate states.  Fuck Iraq… let’s get out and forget about them as soon as possible.  They are not worth it. 

7. Who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11? Bill Clinton and Saudi Arabia.
8. Do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Already have.
9. Yes or no, should the u.s. legalize marijuana? No.
10. Do you think the republicans stole the last presidential election? Not hardly.  The Democrats tried and cried, but the President was elected according to the US Constitution fair and square.

11. Do you think Bill Clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with Monica Lewinski? No… but perjury is something else altogether..
12. Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president? Yes, of France.
13. Name a current Democrat who would make a great president: Zell Miller, he is more conservative than most Republicans in office.
14. Name a current republican who would make a great president: Ted Nugent.
15. Do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion? Yes. But only in specific situations
16. What religion are you? Mormon.
17. Have you read the Bible all the way through? Yes.  Several times.  King James Version.
18. What's your favorite book? The Lord of the Rings and Starship Troopers are pretty much tied. 
19. Who is your favorite band? Pink Floyd.
20. Who do you think you'll vote for president in the next election? Bush.
21. What website did you see this on first? Kim du Toit


May 24th, Monday, 2004:  2358hrs: One of my favorite things to do is to bash the French and the Canadians and the French Canadians. However, the truth be told, I harbor no vehemence against them.  Frances’ arrogance and pompous attitude is a huge turn off.  France as far as nations go over in Europe has an interesting history. The current political environment is laughable and regrettable… with that whole flipping off the UN thing and selling illegal weapons and making illegal deals with/to Iraq…  but there are a lot of good people over there, like Lazarus. This guy is nuts, what he did to a Yamaha V-Max is just insane.  I don’t have a URL for it, but Cycle World as a picture of his bike.  It’s just sick.  Still have to give Yamaha some credit though for keeping the V-Max on the market.  That engine is raw.  And this French guy just set it loose.  I’ve not seen a bike like it from the US.  So France gets some credits today from Mad Ogre.  Good job France.  You can't make cars worth shit, but you do know how to rework a bike from Japan!  I’ll take you to task about something else later.    

The Iraqi wedding bombing Mystery: The Iraqis have a video tape of a wedding going on at location that was blown up by the U.S. The U.S. says there was no video going on at the time of this bombing and that there was no decorations or food or musical instruments or anything indicating a wedding. How many days later and all the sudden some smashed up musical instruments show up mysteriously and a video tape of a supposed wedding? 3 or 4? What? The Iraqis are very media savvy people. They know how to make things look bad for the U.S. in the worlds eyes as well as in Bush’s oppositions eyes. Blowing up a wedding would indeed be a horrible thing on the surface. But I find the timing of everything here to be very interesting. Well, if you think a broken clock is interesting… Because they make the hit and then take a look and find shit like passport and ID card making equipment and all sorts of other unsavory things…makes me really wonder just what the hell kind of wedding they were having there.

This wedding party video is probably real…a tape of a real wedding that happened right there at the location. The only question I have is when was that video taken? Day before? Week before? A Year Before? Don’t give me any crap about any video time stamp at the bottom of the picture or something. That kind of stuff can be faked too easily to be even considered by any rational person. The only thing the tape shows and proves is that a wedding at some time happened at that location. Funny thing about that tape… doesn’t show the bombing happening. And it doesn’t show Saddam’s Son busting into rape the bride like he was fond of doing on wedding days. So the U.S. hits an insurgent? HQ they act like it was party, make up a story, and a few days later manage to produce a video of a wedding that happened there. I’m not buying this.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say a wedding party did happen there, and we blew it up. Okay. Why would we do that? We are just really evil? Or maybe we had a very good reason to make the hit when we did. Maybe someone at the party was a high value target or maybe there were several high value targets there. Value enough to make such a hit worth it. Hmmm…that’s interesting to think about isn’t it? Or maybe we just screwed up thanks to some really bad Intel or a bomb that was supposed to have hit a different target and missed. 3 choices or maybe there is a 4th? I wouldn’t put it past these maniacs to blow up a wedding party themselves just so they can say the U.S. did it. A, B, C, or D?  The truth is in there someplace, and I think it’s A. These guys are lying sacks of shit with an old wedding tape.

Have you seen these new Audi commercials with the Audi of the future from the movie “I, Robot”?  If that is as far as cars are going to be getting by 2035 – I’m really going to be disappointed.    I think by that time I might be driving something from 1968 and will be just fine with it.

May 23rd, Sunday, 2004:  Noon:  Bush was riding a bike and had a spill Kerry told reporters in front of cameras, 'Did the training wheels fall off?'  That might have been funny if Kerry himself hadn’t been first to fall off a bike, and a snowboard, and the campaign… Pretty much if you crash your 10 speed, you cant really point and go “Ha Ha” for someone else doing the same thing.

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him.  When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.  He then asked the students if the jar was full.  They agreed that it was.

So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.  He shook the jar lightly.  The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.  He then asked the students again if the jar was full.  They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.  Of course, the sand filled up everything else.  He asked once more if the jar was full.  The students responded with an unanimous, "yes."

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand.  The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided, " I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life.  The golf balls are the important things--God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions--things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.  The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car.  The sand is everything else--the small stuff.  "

"If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.  The same goes for life.  If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.  Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.  Play with your children.  Take time to get medical checkups.
Take your partner out to dinner.  Play another 18.  There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal."

"Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter.  Set your priorities.  The rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.

The professor smiled.  "I'm glad you asked.  It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

There is a new museum that just opened to the public.  The Frazier Arms Museum.  We will have to add this to the tour stop.  Everything in this joint started out with a private collection.  This was discussed at Geeks With Guns some time ago with the coming soon speculation.  It just opened to my great delight.  Every time I go to Virginia, if I am not flying, I pass through Louisville.  I shall have to make this a tour stop of the highest priority.  (Perhaps exactly the 4th day after I get my KLR 650)  The collection is truly impressive from what I have gathered about it on the website.  This joint could become a new Mecca for the Arms and Armor buff.  

A word of caution came in the email this morning:Hey Ogre, I'm trying to give you a heads up. Do NOT let your wife see this movie. This is some twisted pro-cat propaganda machine. Obviously a fiendish plot by the democratic party to turn family members against the man of the household, leading to total anarchy within our national borders. Antonio Banderas as the cat steals the show.  If it is inevitable, and there is no stopping your family from seeing this movie, please sit next to your wife, and try to cover her eyes when the infernal feline is on screen. This might be the only way to save your sanity. Because sure as shootin' this will create dissention in the ranks amongst your boys. And may dare I say might even get them used to the idea that cats are not some parasitic demon spawn. If your wife smells weakness in the boys, this may well lead to a fight to establish a cat horde back within your hallowed Ogre Manor.  Viewer discretion advised. - Bryan”  Ah, thanks for the heads up.  We have not seen this film as of yet.  A watershed of situations prevented us from attending the matinee yesterday as we had planned.

DOG BLOG ALERT!  Ranger once again busted free.  This time it was a heavy duty cable with a nylon sheath around it.  You could tow a car with this thing – and he busted it almost in the middle.  He didn’t bite it… didn’t file it… didn’t use a bolt cutter on it… Judas Priest, this dog is STRONG!   Well, I think this had to have been a fluke… something in the cable had to have been weak or flawed.  I got another one… 30 feet long.  If this one breaks, then I am going to a marina shop and getting a damn Ohio Class anchor chain.  When he gets off the chain, it's not that he runs off any more... it's just that he loves to torment the cat and chase it up poles and trees and shit.  Same with the cattle out back.  Once he is done he will come and sit proudly on the porch and wait until the door opens so he can come raid the fridge.  Amusing at first, but annoying when he gobbles up what you wanted for dinner.

I do not buy “American Handgunner” magazine very often…  er… ever… I consider that rag to be the firearms pulp equivalent of Hustler.  Sexy photos and lots of gloss, but nothing else of value.  Like Hustler it’s only good for wanking off to.  However walking past it on the magazine rack at wally-world, it grabbed my attention.  A 1911 in “.50 GI”.  This is something we had heard about, and seen a picture of… but no real details.  Of course the American Handgunner article didn’t give us many details either, just talked a lot about making brass for it… but anyways… there was some chronograph information there and that is what I was wanting to know.  It seems that .50 GI does with 300 grain .50 caliber bullets what .45 ACP does with 230 grain bullets.  And it does it in a slightly wider .45ACP sized frame.  Not bad at all.  While you are not going to be getting a .50 GI kit for your own 1911 Springfield… it is possible, maybe, to apply the .50 GI to other platforms.  I can see this as possible in some wide body .45 guns… like maybe the HK USP family, the CZ-97, and the Para style 1911’s.  Maybe a different follower and some lip service (sorry) to the mag body and you have it there… and of course custom barrels and that might do it.  Of course with the barrel being as huge as it is there might be a need to machine the slide… and then maybe set it up with a bushing for the original .45 barrel.  It would take some work, but a clever gunsmith could do it.  Still, a fifty caliber 1911… that is sweet.   The questions regarding its validity are themselves completely valid.  What would you do with this that you couldn’t do with a .45?  Er… brag?  Well in all seriousness the ballistic advantages are there obviously… for defensive work and small to medium sized game hunting.  I don’t know if I’d line it up for Bear Defense… I wouldn’t give it to Stig out there in Norway and have him bet his life against it on Polar Bears… We don’t know anything about its actual terminal ballistics.  Maybe it’s a deep penetrator… maybe not.  I bet it is hell on wheels when it comes to bowling pins and bad guys.  This is an interesting toy.  I’d like to see a few guns in this caliber… Perhaps a SIG P245, or an Officer’s .50 GI…. I can see the CZ-97 being an excellent platform for this.  Of course I could also see the HK UMP and UMC guns being a natural for this for a shoulder gun.  But what advantage that would give you, I am not sure.  But it would be fun to play with.  If you are the type of cat who has things like a couple Korth pistols, and maybe a small… oh, say… Jet plane… then maybe this .50 GI is for you.  And if it is for you and you have all that shit – buy me a KLR 650 and let me come shoot the .50 GI gun, okay?   You probably have enough for that in the loose change that fell behind the cushion on the couch in your custom Gulf Stream, you rich bastard.    Seriously though – you would have to be pretty wealthy to get one of these and to be able to feed it.  When you can buy the ammo at your local gun shop for under 20 a box then this cartridge might become actually viable. It has all the potential to be a great cartridge.

This morning I opened up the Dell case for the first time.  I’ve been putting it off and procrastinating… I had to install a microphone and wanted to blow the dust out of it.  I’m impressed.  After having the machine for almost a year now, it has given me ZERO problems.  I have to admit that it is the best PC I have ever owned.  (thank you again Steve!)  The guys at Dell really did a magnificent job when they put this together.  It opens up like a MAC G4 case and lays everything out for you.  Everything is easy to get to with no monkey business.  The dust inside the case was absolutely minimal.  Hardly any at all.  No big old dust bunnies like what my other machines would collect.  Some dust of course on the fans, but inside, virtually none.  I blew it out with a can of Air Duster but it was only a symbolic gesture at best since it wasn’t even needed.  I have seen more dust inside brand spanking new HP computers.  The way Dell built this machine… very cool.  I was tempted to swap video cards, but I didn’t.  Not yet.  When DOOM 3 comes out, I’ll have to… Might have to buy a whole new PC for it. (impossible)  But this Dell is looking to be completely upgradeable and should be able to go the distance even with Doom 3 with some upgrades to the RAM and the G-card.  I think.  The Mic I got was a cheap ass Labtec mic for 8 bucks.  This is for my oldest son so he can do some online tutoring with his uncle who is in medical school but wants to work with him on Math and Biology…    The sound quality is not that great, but it works.  I attaches to the side of the monitor and swings up out of the way when not in use.  It doesn’t look bad at all for a cheap ass Labtec thing on my 2 ton Sony monitor.   I’ve never had a mic on my computer before.  To test it I sang the entire score of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”… after a few seconds of playback I promptly deleted it.  I shall not be attending next year’s American Idol try outs, and that is a promise.

Murdoc Online has an interesting story.  Seems a Stryker was destroyed because of an external fuel can.  The crew escaped but evidently the vehicle is a loss.  Oh that is just freaking great.  Now the bad guys don't even need an RPG, they can just use a Molotov to take them out!  That is pretty damn sad for what is supposed to be the most advanced armored fighting vehicle on the planet. Or so the Army would have us believe.  In truth is is a giant rolling turd and not even as useful a simple HUMVEE.  They should just trash those things - cut the losses and walk away from them.  Just issue out a lot of the new military Mercedes off road rigs they are using. 

May 21st, Friday, 2004:  Noon Thirty:  Bill Cosby drops the hammer on the inner city culture Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal," he said Monday night. "These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids - $500 sneakers for what? And they won't spend $200 for 'Hooked on Phonics.' ... They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English," he said. "I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't.' 'Where you is.' ... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. ... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. ... You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!"  This might be heralded as politically incorrect, but you know what?  He is absolutely correct.  The kids in Richmond that I dealt with on a regular basis spoke like they had a mouth full of oatmeal or something… they slurred everything and were sounding like the old Fat Albert character “Mush Mouth”.  You couldn’t understand anything they were saying.  “Let me Axe you sumpthin.”  An Axe is a tool for chopping wood.  “Ask” means to propose a question.  This isn’t a racial issue.  This is an educational issue.  These folks who are less educated than they are capable of being like to think that it’s a matter of race that they are not hired for decent jobs or that they score low in all areas of measure other than basketball… well, pretty much it’s not about the color of their skin – but the sounds rolling off their tongues.  They sound ignorant… sometimes they sounds more ignorant than they are, but it’s all about the impression that they project.  If you were to make a business deal on something important like say hiring a contractor to lay down a foundation for a building… who are you going to shake hands with?  The guy that sounds like he knows what he is talking about, or the guy that you can’t even understand what the hell he is saying?  Education isn’t just about Math and Science… there are two things that are lacking just as badly… English both written and spoken.  Being able to clearly speak the English language is just as important for success as being able to read and understand it.  Maybe even more so.  This isn’t the Black Culture… I know this because I know a lot of black people and I know they are better than this.  They are beautiful and smart people… proud of their African heritage… capable of anything you might ask of them… moral and faithful people.  But what Cosby is talking about isn’t the black culture… it’s part of a downward spiral that unless is broken is going to put these inner city youths at an ever increasing disadvantage and a increasing cycle of crime and violence and tragedy.

I’ve heard discussion about a new cartridge called the .17 Mach 2 or something like that.  A .22 Long Rifle cartridge necked down to .17 caliber.  I’m at a loss to find the point.  I’m sure the velocity is really high and the trajectory is really flat… and it’s supposed to be accurate.   This is fine… but I think I am seeing a trend here for gun and cartridge makers trying to do everything they can do to help the shooter make better hits by reducing the shooters need to estimate range and other shooting skills like that.  This is why the .30-30 and older cartridges like this are less and less popular ever year.  I think what they need to do instead is to give the shooter a case of ammo and a booklet about how to shoot better rather than just have a laser flat trajectory.  New calibers in the same old actions… I’m not seeing any of this as any real innovation in the world of arms.  The only real innovation in cartridges that I have seen is the JD Jones family of Whisper Cartridges, like the .300 Whisper.  To me, that is some innovation.  I’m just waiting for them to come out with the .11 Caliber Hyper-Mag wonder round that fires a grain of rice at 3,000 fps.

Bin Laden is a very nice man?  Bullshit.  I don’t care if he is polite and offers you tea and wet-nap with your cookie… he is an evil son of a bitch that is responsible for the murder of thousands of American citizens.  He is a coward.  He deserves to be crushed to death under the treads of one of our tanks… slowly.  Very slowly… while he is read the names of those that died on 9-11-01 and the names of the soldiers and innocents that died fighting is group.    Cowards like him deserve no consideration.  He’s a maggot.

Looks like oil prices are on the way down now. They were talking increase production to 1.5 million or something like that, and instead went up to 2 million.  Very nice.  This will help.  What will also help is that I heard that some state killed the gas tax through august or something like that.  Very very nice! 

Email about oil:  oil...oil....oil... I agree...we need to cut the Saudi's out of the loop... But as I said before...we really need to push harder for not using oil as much...  See....whats going to end up happening in the near future...maybe 20 years... Japan is going to develop a cost effective minimum gasoline using vehicle... Its going to be the same price as guzzlers....trucks...suvs...all included... people will buy those vechicles because they will save so much money on gas... as well as give them the opportunity to get all giddy about doing their little roll in global environment care....THEN....American car companies will start to fail...they will go under...steel companies as a result will be hit...the ripple effect would be massive...’s a technology race....if we don't win it...we are going to be in big trouble... we just gotta start getting off the oil period. But in the meantime...I'm all for flippin' off OPEC and going to the other countries. But someone has to get the vision for getting off the oil... – Noel”  I agree with you on some levels… Technology will help.  But it’s not ready for prime time yet.  Maybe around metropolitan centers like New York, Chicago, LA… but the fact of the matter is that gasoline has more energy in it than anything else so far useful.  More than hydrogen (unless you are going to split the atoms) and more than any battery.  Until something levels that equation, we are still going to be pumping gasoline a hundred years from now.  Sure, the gas will have ethanol and things like that mixed in but the internal combustion engine will still be the king.

More Iraqi prisoner crap in the news.  A video that shows a prisoner was struck in the face!  *SHOCK*  NO!  You know, I am so sick of this… this is horseshit.  An enemy combatant was slapped.  He is really lucky that we didn’t do to him what his people do to ours… we didn’t hack away at his neck with a dull knife, did we?  Until our guys start doing that, I don’t give a shit.  This stuff in the prisons there – hey, this is nothing that the Europeans pay to watch o the field during any SOCCER GAME!  (I’m remembering some players busted for doing something called “The Shocker” where one player with stick his finger up the asshole of someone from the other team)  This stuff is nothing that college guys (and girls) do to get into a frat or something.  This isn’t news.  A Jewish-American getting decapitated on video – that is news.  And that is not what is being talked about.

Looks like SHREK 2 is kicking ass in the theatres.  As far as Ogres go, Shrek is a good guy.  We are happy for his success.  Speaking of Shrek, we observed at a 7-11 something that is called “Ogre Approved”… it’s a Slurpy made with Sierra Mist lemon lime soda.   I found it to be delicious and very refreshing… yes, it is Ogre Approved.  

MOZZILA 1.7 Release Candidate 2 is out now.  Again, very good.  Very stable.  I’ve only had 1 crash with a PDF.  But I don’t look at PDF’s very much.  It’s getting better and better.   


0200hrs:  OPEC says it’s helpless about the prices.  Uh huh.  Right.  If they were dealing with a 3rd party vendor like say “INTEL” for the pricing on new P4 chips or something… I could see that.  But the oil is there in the ground… all they have to do is pump the shit out.  Sure there are things like overhead, maintenance and labor costs… but these cats can control that shit.  This is political.  A deal has been made here someplace and I don’t know what it is exactly but do think this is political and not economic.  The Saudis are getting really filthy rich over there off of us because regardless of the price – we have to keep buying the oil at the same quantities.  We need to tell them “Well, then we can only buy ¼ of the oil that we used to because we are getting better prices from Venezuela and Columbia – who by the way have NOT flown airliners into buildings yet.  Oh, and one more thing.  You smell like ass, you filthy bastard, you need a shower”.  I bet we would see them Rolling Back Prices like a drunk Wal-Mart Manager.  “$33?  No, we meant $13!”   Here is the thing, the future of America depends on us cutting the middle east out of the loop.  There is oil here on this side of the Globe.  We could be buying from our selves and our neighbors, and keeping the wealth over here… helping out Mexico… giving jobs and prosperity to Americans and Latin Americans.  The fat Sheiks over there do not need another GOLD PLATED ROLLS ROYCE or another private yacht the size of the USS OHIO.  If we didn’t have to buy the oil there, then we would be playing a whole new game around the globe.  As Seinfeld says we would have “hand”.   As long as we are forced to buy the oil from them, we remain Saudi Arabia’s bitch.  And right now, we have to buy the oil from them.    Even if we have to pay more to get it more domestically, it would be a better investment in the long run for the entire country.  

What I would like to see in the mean time is the Government stepping up to the plate and saying “Since we fucked this up really good here – we are cutting the taxes per gallon.”  This would drop the gas prices an instant 22 to 25 cents a gallon.  States should consider doing this as well.  Oh well, that’s the budget for the highways and stuff!  You know what?  I’m sick and tired of seeing 3 lanes going down to 1 or 2 for no good reason.  I see a lot of damned orange traffic cones and not a lot of work being done anyways… so that makes me wonder just what we are paying for over here.  Repaving the road again?  That’s nice, but it didn’t need it.  If you can’t pave the roads that need it and repave the ones that don’t – then you don’t get to manage that money and order that work, okay?  Spending a ton of fucking money on Roadside Beautification, when there are school kids crossing without school zones because they are spending all the money on fucking geraniums along a road that you pass by doing 85MPH.   Fuck the DOT and the budget if they can’t spend it wisely anyways and we could use a little slack at the pumps.

Good Grief!  Chalk this up as another reason I am glad to be MALE.  

Oh Yeah?  Well the Democrats have no PLATFORM

Thanks for the sympathy for Badger, I appreciate it.  Nothing is more innocent and sweet than a little puppy… I am still sad for it.  Not for the loss of what it was, but the loss of what it could have been.  So much potential there… much like a child.  We shall just double the affection we give to Ranger.  He misses Badger too.  He had a good dinner of left over taco casserole last night… no one felt like eating it.  Holding that cold, wet, dead puppy… I’ll not soon forget that.  This makes me wonder about those that could sacrifice their own children on the alter of hate… that they would encourage their own children to commit suicide by high explosives for the sake of killing innocent people of another faith.  The Middle East isn’t about a difference of religious beliefs – it’s about hatred.  I can not fathom how they have such little regard for life.  Life is so precious… it’s the most precious thing in the universe, and they spend it like it was coins at a Vegas casino.  This puppy thing shook me… a life, snuffed so quickly that I am still not believing it really happened… I can’t imagine what this would have been like had this life been a human one.    To make sure this doesn’t happen again I am going to build a mini trough system for Ranger that uses a small flower planter box and a toilet float to open a water valve.  Nothing big enough for even a mouse to drown in.  Maybe the farm store has something like that.  I know pet stores have them, but they are meant for Indoors and certainly not for a dog like Ranger.  6 CHAINS and CABLES and 2 collars he has ripped through.  Ranger is not your typical dog… Shit… he isn’t even a dog!  I’m babbling.  I’ll stop now.  




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