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MAY 2010

5-23-10:  I don't understand the mentality of Gun Control. Even more, I don't understand the people who support Gun Control. If Gun Control was so effective, Chicago should be a peaceful city, full of love and harmony and swaying hippies singing and passing around humus and crackers. I'm not going to link to it, but the FBI site regarding crime statistics is pretty telling. What it tells you is that gun control is complete rubbish. It doesn't keep people safe... it puts people at great risk. The only people made safe by Gun Control are the Criminals. Police and Citizens alike are at far greater risk because the criminal class has much less to risk themselves. This is the same reason Gun Shows are not constantly needing to have all the blood mopped up... because it isn't there. The most risky places in the US are the “Gun Free Zones”. Violent Crime is dramatically lower in cities and states where Good Guys are free to carry their guns. Violent Crime is dramatically higher where there is strict Gun Control. Ask those who support Gun Control this... “Why do you support putting my family in danger?”

My money is on Arizona. My support is with Arizona. You all know the situation there, if not, turn on your radio and listen. AM. Talk Radio. Major Media isn't covering it objectively.... I know that's a shocker. LA (The City) wants to boycott everything having to do with AZ. That's fine. AZ says that they can do the same in return, including shutting off the power to LA, which gets a full 25% of it's power from AZ. LA in return says that they won't dignify that with a response. Okay, so let's look at the rules of the game.

LA can do whatever they want, because they are Liberal Fascists. But AZ can't do anything in return because they are Lowly Conservatives. AZ wants to enforce the laws to keep its people safe... so that's obviously racist and horrible... wanting to live all honorable and lawful. Those bastards. LA, being the Liberal Haven that they are is all about love and harmony and scoffing any law that they just don't see eye to eye with.

Is this pretty much it? Because that's the message I'm getting. Well, here's the way I see it. AZ highway patrol puts up a big old check point at all freeways entering AZ from the direction of California. Ever car coming in with California plates gets searched. Sorry for the inconveniences here, but that's just they way it needs to be. Power is, indeed, cut off. The estimated amount of revenues to AZ from LA's boycott that were lost, including back fees for the power, are to be paid in full before the power is turned back on. The Liberal Fascists like to say this AZ Law is all about Racism. The Liberal Fascists, including The Obama Administration, who have been AZ's biggest critics, have admitted that have not Read The Law. Which means their whole argument against Arizona – One of the Greatest States in the Union, second only to Utah – is based purely on ignorance.

SCI: Safari Club International. Crusader Weaponry donated two Training Courses to SCI to help raise some money for them. We raised about a thousand dollars for SCI for that. Not a whole lot of money compared to some of the other things there... but every bit helps and Crusader Weaponry was happy to do it's part. There was a week long hunt in South Africa that only raised seven hundred and fifty, so I think Crusader did quite well for SCI. SCI is a good organization. They are the NRA equivalent for Hunters. And SCI is a global organization. Most of the money raised will actually be staying in this area to support local hunting rights. I personally support our Hunting Tradition, as does Crusader Weaponry and we are proud to help out the cause. I look forward to next year's SCI banquet, where we will again make a donation.

New Bow: I know this post wont generate much interest... but yesterday I made a deal on a bow. This is the first Compound Bow I've ever purchased in my life. I've shot many a bow, borrowed, and was given bows... but never have I ever made my own money do the talking.  And I never would have guessed I'd put my own money on the bow I did.  We have a lot of bows... I've shot the best of them. The Hoyts are my favorites... the Maxxis, the Carbon Matrix... super sweet bows. But one in particular, made me keep coming back to it. It fit me perfectly for the way I shoot, has good speed, and even being the amateur that I am with Strings and Sticks, I was able to shoot a groups you could cover with a quarter. Shot a dozen arrows into a group about the same size as if you held a dozen arrows in your fist. It's a short bow. Really compact axle to axle. Great bow for deep woods, heavy brush, or even from a blind. Normally I like the longer bows... 35”. But this little compact unit just spoke to me. What bow is it? PSE Firestorm Lite. I even like the wood grip. This is about the most opposite of bow market possible from what I would normally have picked... but the Firestorm just... I don't know how to explain it... it just worked. It flicked pointy sticks for me very well.

5-21-10:  For my own edification I ran my SIG P229R against my Glock 23. I wanted to see which gun performed better for me. I shot a group from the bench, then another group standing rapid fire. The results actually surprised me. The SIG, from the bench did just how I expected. It shot brilliantly and the result was a nice tight shotgroup. The Glock didn't print as tight. Standing, shooting in an isosceles stance, the results flipped... the Glock shot better than the SIG. Well, I don't usually shoot from the bench. So, in all practical aspects... the Glock 23 beat the SIG. There is a thread on WTA, with Video. Check it out.

I want to do my own Reality Show. No, I'm serious. There is a show called “Destination Truth”. Where these guys get reports of local legends and monsters and such... and then “The Team” goes there... via Plane, Motorcycles, Boats, and all manner of crap to get to the location... half the show is about getting there. Then they run around being obnoxious... in a manner completely unlike anyone actually trying to find something. I want to do a show where the Hunters are actually Hunters, looking to actually find something. Experienced woodsmen, infantrymen, hunters, some people who know how to stalk and and hide and really “hunt”. Oh, and armed.

“Today we are looking for the Sasquatch. In hunting the Sasquatch, an ideal weapon would be this Marlin Guide Gun in .450 Marlin.” The guys would demonstrate what the gun is capable of and explain why they selected the weapon. Then they actually go hunting for the Sasquatch.

The teams are broken down into squads... they move out, using Trail Cams, Digital Video cameras, IR, Thermal, RPV's for Overheads, they set up, surround the area, stage cameras to cover egress points, then move in a search pattern – quietly – slowly, and actually hunt for the creature. Hand signals, actual field techniques...

The show would be technically oriented, gear oriented, and the people in it would probably not talk all that much during the hunt. If there was anything there – these guys would have found it. And if they find it – they video. If they get attacked – they defend themselves.

I want to show how a real team would actually hunt for a monster rather than yelling and stomping around making sure any creature smarter than a wild Pelosi would run off. That's what I want to do.

5-17-10:  Something wicked is brewing at Crusader Weaponry. Dredged from the River Styx, a new formula of Slipstream is being developed. As some of you guys know, Slipstream has had a few changes as we've been working on perfecting that which is already really damn good. Testing through the heat of Summer, testing through the deep freeze of Winter... and with certain military units around the world... We are working on that optimization... the very best of the best... We're working on our hot weather formula as a separate product. Desert. We're working on an Arctic formula for cold environments. Tundra. And then for those that go to hell and back... Styx. This is a formula that just may replaced the regular formula because of it's heat tolerance. The Nano Lubricant we use is unchanged in each formula... what is changing is the Carrier Oil. When we get these different formula's perfected... we will offer them as separate products. Much testing is necessary. One of our Crucibles is our Carbine training course. Our range is hot and dusty and poor lubricants fail with some frequency. This was the drive we needed to develop the best damn weapon lubricant possible and we have done just that. It is the best lubricant on the market, period. And we want to make that even better.

Obama gave that BP oil rig a safety award last year? That is proof right there. Everything that man touches turns to crap. Health Care, Auto, Banking, Public Land... He's the King Midas of Shiat.

Do you want to read something outlandishly funny? Go Here. Read. See you tomorrow...

5-15-10:  Ever since the Defensive Pistol course I have been thinking about a 9mm Pistol. As much as I love the 1911, many argue that the Hi Power was JMB's greatest design, in that it was refined from what the 1911 was. Maybe it was Maybe it is. What I know about the Browning Hi Power is that it is a classic, and the 9mm that defined the class. It's not a gun for the average shooter. It's not a pistol for a typical expert, either. It's a pistol for a Master. It's a pistol for the elite. I am looking at the feasibility of Crusader doing a custom Hi Power. Who out there is interested in a Crusader Hi Power? That being said... how much would you pay for a hand built custom Hi Power?

Rethinking a couple of previous favorites:

Kahr: I've liked Kahr pistols for some time but recently I've been looking at them with a more critical eye. Stock PM series, CW, or P series guns... those Poly framed guns.  You know... I'm just not all that sure I'm digging them anymore. Here is why... Kahr is cheaping out on them. They are leaving mold tailings, sharp edges, and they are rough. They just don't feel like a finished product. The metal framed guns are somewhat better, but even they have the same problem as the poly framed guns... which is the slide releases. Sharp edges like Vanilla Ice's hair style. Just uncomfortable. We've been dealing with slide releases for some time now... and Kahr has still not figured out how to build one. They are not inexpensive guns either.  MSRP on some of these is rather high.  600 bucks for a PM-9 that makes a Taurus 24/7 feel like a Nighhawk Custom?  I'm not impressed. Lastly, some of them also have problems with reliability. Because of that, I'm going to have to downgrade my recommendation of the Kahr pistols to “Conditional”. The Shooter has to be willing to put in some time and effort to make sure the gun runs right and maybe take file to the edges of that slide release. Now, I've seen some very nice custom work done to these small pistols and they have turned out to be beautiful pistols.  But for the price?  You might as well have picked up a Springfield EMP.  And all the custom work and fluff and buff still don't resolve one of Kahr's other warts... the magazines.  Some mags are reliable and fine.  Others, very poor.  A friend of mine had a Kahr and liked it, until he tried a factory magazine that offered a 2 shot increase in capacity.  That reliable gun all the sudden would give very nasty malfunctions and shoot all confidence in the gun.  I can't blame him on that.  I don't like unreliable handguns either.  That Kahr turned into a Glock 23.

I'm also falling out of love with the SERPA line of holsters. At first I liked them a lot. However, something happened to me. I got a really nice Adams Holsters leather rig that doesn't have any snaps or locks. The Serpa requires you to hit the button/lever thing to unlock the gun from the holster... This is easy to do. But if you are going from a regular rig to this one... It was easy to forget that button. If you do that, the gun gets pulled, but it doesn't come out of the rig. Not so good. Does one really need that lock? If I was a soldier again... sure. Police officer, sure. Citizen... not so much. It's just not necessary and if it isn't, why bother? I don't know. And looking at the Serpas closely... they are tough, but they are well made, but they are not all that great of a rig for Citizen Carry. Concealed, they just don't conceal well. They don't hold the gun close enough to the body. Open carry is better, but few enough people Open Carry... and if you were packing open, wouldn't you rather do that with some good looking leather instead of cheap plastic? I have tried to like other kydex rigs and I keep coming back to the good old G-Code rigs. There are others out there similar to G-Codes, but I think these are the best. Reason being, the gun can click in and be held without requiring the use of any other security device. I just wish G-Code had a more extensive product line.

The more we learn of this Elena Kagan lady Obama wants to make a Supreme Court Judge... the more I think Obama is just flat out evil and disgusting. Let's look at what she is against... She's against guns. She's against the freedom of speech. She's against the military. She is against those things which make America great. Okay, what is she for? Socialism. From her own words, she is for Socialism. So by that token, she is against our Constitution. That being the case – how can she swear her oath of office? She can't. Which means she would be invalid as a judge. Which means she is indeed a very poor choice for the Supreme Court. Which means that is just Par for the Course for Obama.

One of the little things we talked about in my pistol course: The Roll Over Prone. Simply shooting from the prone, but rolling your shooting arm to the ground for added support, and easier access to your gear. Let me show you.

Bob Bennett. Utah kicked him out of office recently and I never said much about it. Pretty much because I never had much to say about that guy to begin with. I don't like RINO's. And he's a big one. He got what he deserved. What's funny was his tear streaked response to the vote. “You wont have as good of a staff as I had”. Wow. Okay. Oh, wait... we don't vote for your staff, do we Bob? Just an old out of touch elitist. Now before the vote took place, Mitt Romney made a speech supporting Old Bob. At that moment, I knew Mitt Romney's Political Currency just devalued. Mitt Romney just made a huge fool of himself and made himself all that less important. I don't think I can support Mitt anymore. He couldn't read the writing on the wall there? Foolish, Mitt. Very foolish. Before the election day came, the SL Tribune ran a story saying that “Voter's like Bob, but Delegates don't.” That right there was the Death Knell for Bob. Because in the Conventions, it's the Delegates that vote. The Voters are mostly uneducated about the candidates running and only know the incumbent, if they even know that much. The Delegates are the ones that take the time to study the candidates and they vote on the best man for the job. Or at least that's the beauty of how the system is supposed to work. We are not a Democracy, we are a Representative Republic. We trust the system and the people in it to do right. Our problem is that for so long we've had the wrong people there. We are fixing that.

5-13-10:  For all of Crusader Weaponry's past students: Please send me your Full Name, the courses you have taken and your mailing Address. We have something for you. 

Group Photo from the last pistol class:

Okay, the subject has come up more than a few times... and I am going to look at putting this together. So if you are interested, let me know. An all woman's pistol course. This class will have to be done either late Saturday afternoon, or on a Sunday... so that will conflict with Church... I wont do this regularly, but every once in a while I am okay with. But a class for Women specifically. If you want your wives trained. This will be a Basic Pistol course, and I'll gear it for the more Novice side. Perfect for a woman who has never even fired a pistol before. .22 caliber pistols would be fine, but not recommended. If you are interested – and serious about taking the course or sending your begrudged wife. Talk to me. It has also been suggested that we do a woman's home defense shotgun class. Remington has a compact 20 gauge 870 that is very affordable, and would be ideal for most women in a home defense situation. Remington also has a 20 gauge tactical that is super sweet. Again, let me know soon if you are interested.

Elena Kagan. Obama's nomination to the supreme court makes me very uncomfortable. She has no legislative experience. This smacks of a straight up political puppet appointment rather than a selection of excellence for the job. She comes out of no where, like she's some Community Organizer... and all the sudden she's up for SCOTUS? I have to call bullshit. She's “not sympathetic” to gun rights, we know that much. Other than that we know very little. Doesn't matter what her feelings are... she's a Puppet. This isn't a Justice that has worked long and hard making solid and fair judicial decisions... She's a straight up political nomination to put someone in where they can be told how to swing the SCOTUS. I don't like this. She really show's the weakness of Obama. He doesn't have the stones to just nominate an excellent judge with a good track record. He has to weasel in a crony. I don't know... maybe she's solid. Maybe she's fair. But like the President, a shockingly shallow pool of experience is still enough to drown us all.

I really wish this wasn't a case... but I'm itching for a 9mm Race Gun. After shooting Larry's STI Cheater Heater... I woke up, yet again, wanting one something fierce. The accuracy, the rimfire-like recoil, the MHI grips... that's a cool handgun. I don't know which one I'd go with STIs GP6, another SIG or a Glock, maybe even back to a Beretta. I don't know. I'm going to sample these flavors for the next little while and see which one tastes good.

Laptop issues seem to be resolved. It was a RAM issue. The RAM I picked up from Staples was defective. PNY Ram, normally pretty good. Especially since it was the more expensive stick. It has a problem in it... so the laptop would be running just fine and then all the sudden it would either lock up, crash the application, or BSOD. That was special. Anyways, if anyone has a spare 1 gig stick of DDR2-5300 for a laptop... send it my way. I could use it. I really wish I could take it back but they wont take it back. Rat finks. At least I know what the problem was.

5-12-10:  I've got a new Red Dot optical weapon sight on the way for some testing. It's from an outfit called “Lucid”. If you have followed the link to Oleg Volk's Journal from my blog roll, you've most likely seen a picture of the Lucid HD7 Red Dot. It's a good looking unit, rather ACOG'ish, if ACOG's wore rubber armor. What I like about it, is the use of pretty dang common “AAA” type batteries, with 1000 hour run time and an automatic shut off. That's pretty nice. Built on rail mounting as well. And it looks right for an easy Co-Witness. I'm going to test this unit out and run it through my Carbine course June 5th. See if it holds up or if it winks out or loses it's zero. 400 rounds of rapid fire rock and roll will shake up a weak optic.

Speaking of 400 rounds. How hard is it on an M4 to blast through 400 rounds of ammo, fully auto, and Non-Stop? What would that do to an M-4? Okay, now what would that do to a Bone Dry M-4? Well, this has been done to some Military Weapons... with them testing out our Permanent Slipstream application. The guns ran flawlessly and after they cooled back down – the guns were perfectly fine. Now, I know other companies offer a similar sounding thing... but Slipstream is much better, slicker, and tougher and more resistant to temperature than any Boron Based Lubrication system. Pressure and Heat resistance of Slipstream is greater than the weapon its self. That's a fact. Your gun would melt before Slipstream could fail. Simple as that. Oh and yes, we are now working lots of 50 bolt carrier groups at a time for a certain military application, until all their weapons are treated. Then we will work on their pistols and shotguns as such. How freaking cool is that? The word is getting out with those that take their weapons deadly seriously... Slipstream is a force multiplier.

This new laptop is giving me some grief all the sudden. I don't know what is causing it... the RAM upgrade, the Updates I've been running, or the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.. but now I'm getting some system crashes. If it wasn't for FrontPage and Vegas, I'd be running straight up Ubuntu. Or a Mac... Man... we need Slipstream for Computers... wait... don't say "Chrome".

New Training Course: I'm working on putting together a new training course for Crusader Weaponry. Old Military Surplus battle rifles are hugely popular, fun to shoot, and they can be both accurate and powerful. They are also very cool. However they are also under-rated and often said to be out-dated. Obsolete. I am of the opinion that these rifles are still every bit the battle rifle that they were in their day. Living History, sure. But they can still be used with great effect if the shooter is skilled and efficient in the weapon's operation. From this suggestion, I'm designing a class that takes these rifles and puts them into modern applications. Taking advantage of the rifles power and range and strength, and turning that into key advantages. Employing accuracy at distance and physical fighting up close... the butt-stroke, smash, and bayonet techniques. Crusader's Battle Rifle Course puts you and your Enfields, Mosins, Springfields, Mausers... to the test. We are going to put the Battle back into the Battle Rifle.

More information will be available as it comes up. However, if you are interested in such a course... give me some feedback, suggestions, or a simple, “hell yeah, I'd take that class!”

5-9-10:  Great training question came in while I was on the air with ArmedAmericanRadio: “I joined a shooting club this year that has an emphasis on tactical training. Unfortunately, my work keeps me from attending most of the regularly scheduled classes. Could you come up with a list of a few basic practical drills that are best suited for a one (or possibly two) man session? Ethan”

The most important drills... the very basics. Speed Reloads. Tactical Reloads. Malfunction Drills.
These are not the fun drills to practice.  These are boring and repetitious.  But these are the foundation skills that make or break a real Shooter.  They say a Race is lost in the Pits.  A Gun Fight is lost in Fundamentals. There is no secret tricks or magic moves that make you a Gun Fighting Ninja. What makes you a good Shooter is the efficiency and consistency of your operation of these basic weapon manipulations. Regardless of what weapon you are running. You can do these drills at home, alone, and while at the range. Every time your gun runs dry, that's an opportunity to Speed Reload. Throw in a Tactical Reload a few times while plinking at the range. Practice these reloads while just watching a movie at home. Do them a thousand times, and then do them some more. Get to the point where you are not even thinking about doing it... it just happens. That will make you a better Tactical Shooter.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  Love you, Mom!

The pistol course on 5-8-10 was a huge success and I am well pleased with the results. The information as I presented it got side tracked in a places and I had to come back to talk about things... so the order of presentation – I'm not thrilled with, but everything got covered and we observed some large strides in several students. Our good friends Larry Correia and Mike Kupari came out and it was awesome seeing these guys run and gun. Mike was rocking his Ruger GP-100 using mostly .38's and then some full house magnum loads. A magnum handgun puts out an impressive amount of power as he demonstrated with efficiency and speed. His reloading that wheelgun was just as fast as some students with their auto pistol. Anyone who thinks Revolvers are outdated... think again. Delivering that much power, with accuracy... there is nothing outdated about that.

One pistol that gave a Student some degree of headaches was one that I had full expected to run well. It was a Kimber SIS Custom. That gun should have run flawlessly, but like any 1911, it can become finicky. Another Student had a Smith & Wesson 1911 and it ran great for about a hundred rounds before the slide started slowing down. He cleaned it and oiled it and it ran fine again. There was one other 1911 and it was functionally flawless... Larry's Cheater Heater. An STI 9mm 1911. What a pussycat! I mean, wow! It felt like a .22. No, I mean, it really felt like shooting a .22. There was no recoil. And the ejected brass... popped out about 6 inches. Not flying across the range like some guns. Huge capacity, huge mag well funnel. Shooting this gun fast, in the hands of a man who knows his trade... Larry showed himself to be every bit the shooter I had bragged him up to be.  The Glocks and SIG's in the course were flawless and boringly reliable.

5-7-10:  Crusader Weaponry has a possible course for later this summer in/near Big Piney, WY. This will be two days of training. Day One, Defensive Handgun. Day Two, Tactical Carbine or Shotgun. So for all those of you that live up in the Pacific Northwest, this isn't too far of a jaunt. Big Piney is South of Yellowstone a little ways. Shouldn't be too bad traveling. In fact, a local fellow here and a frequent Crusader Student, works down here, and lives up there. This class will be held on or near his ranch. Let me know if you are interested in a course up in that location and we can work getting you more information as we get it put together.

Slipstream continues to impress me. Guns I lubricated with Slipstream a year ago, used, handled, and not relubed since – are still just as slick and still does not need to be re-lubricated. One gun has been fired repeatedly, cleaned not even once, and it is still perfectly slick – if not more so. This stuff is amazing. Put Slipstream in your gun! Go check out Crusader Weaponry's new website, order some Slipstream, and put it in your gun. Now, when you do put it in your gun... you could just open up the action and let it have it... but I recommend a good baseline cleaning using Mpro-7 Cleaner first. Then put on a good coating of Slipstream. We've always said that a little goes a long way... but I recommend first time use be a generous one.

Getting ready for tomorrow's pistol course: I have found that I have created a Pre-Course Ritual. I didn't mean to do such a thing, but I spend most of the day going through everything I'm going to teach, I put together my targets so while I am at the range setting up – all I have to do is tape up the target sheets to the uprights and place those in the stands.... and position the stands. I always wear the same T-Shirt as well. It was one given to me by The Wolf while I was up at LRI. Stan Wolf... Old school Marine. A legend. And a Legacy of Shooting Excellence. And just an all round great guy. Part of this ritual is nice long bath of self loathing, doubt, nerves, and whole bunch of worry. I tear myself down to the roots. Then I start rewriting my outline in my head. Things come together and by the time I'm done... I'm feeling confident and ready to get it on!  Then I have to try to sleep.

Mother's Day is upon us. I suck at sending flowers and cards. I just don't do that. Namely because I think about it long after its too late. Well, I just want to tell my Momma that she is in my heart, and that I love her. While I am occupied with spoiling the mother of my Boys... I do not forget my own mother. She put up with a whole lotta messes I made. I do appreciate that.

5-5-10:  From Day One: The only thing the Obama Administration has done since Day One is POINT FINGERS. Come on... we all know that they didn't even mention the oil rig disaster until 3 days later. And even still they blame BP... which is fine... but actively doing anything? They sent 2 planes to spray chemicals, which is too little too late, and finger pointing doesn't count as an active response to a disaster. This administration hasn't been active in anything since day one. Well, they have been active in one thing. Proving their institutional incompetence. And then they took credit for the arrest of the NY Times Square Terrorist? They can't even call him a Terrorist for one. For two, the only reason the attack failed wasn't because of Obama's Magic Powers – but because the Bomb didn't detonate. Had the bomb detonated, the guy would have escaped. Bombs don't usually sit there and smoke... they either sit there waiting, or they go off. Smoking is from the dude not building it right. That's luck on our side – not proof of the Administration's skill in keeping threats at bay.

The weakness in this Administration is putting Americans at risk everywhere. Overseas and here at home. They have emboldened our enemies, they have mocked our friends, and they have shown weakness and a lack of any force of will to protect American lives and assets. It's amazing to me that we have not been attacked around the world in greater numbers. We've been lucky, but that luck can... and eventually will... run out. Because Obama is a Useless President, leading a Useless Administration. It's my fervent prayer that come November, Conservatives take back the House and Senate so we can send Obama into the Corner as a Lame Duck for the following two years, then replace him with a real Leader and not some jackass Chicago Block Party Organizer.

Bone to Pick with Barrett. In there last issue of their magazine/catalog they had an article about hunting with Barrett rifles. Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, even Coyotes. All mentioned in different states... not a single mention of Utah. All those species can be hunted in Utah. And are hunted in Utah – with Barretts. And not even a passing tip of the hat?  Thanks Barrett. I'm hurt... this cut me, Barrett... I'm wounded... I'll remember this. You suckers. Come on... You guys still need to move your operation into Utah. I could list all the reasons... but that would take a few days worth of typing. You would be welcomed like heroes here. We love the .50 caliber here. Come to Utah! To be truthful, I really want a Barrett Model 82. Yes, in .50 BMG. I could only afford to shoot it once every six months or so... but I still want one. That is the one Fifty rifle that I know I will never ever have... which is why I want it the most. It just works out that way. It's what I can't have that I desire the most. Like a new Mac Powerbook. Sigh...

5-2-10:  This coming Saturday: Defensive Pistol Training. 9 AM at the Buckskin Hills Shooting Complex. This is going to be a full class! This is going to be fun. I've got some new tricks up my sleeves and I'm ready to really get going with Crusader Training. Because I have 2 excellent assistant instructors, I can fit in one or two more Students. So if you have been looking for some good training, contact me soon!

One of the books I'm working on: “The BlogFather: Chronicles of the Ogre”. This book is taking more than a decade of blogging, home paging, and poor use of the English Language... and trying to make sense of it. I have an Editor. He signed on to help me without having actually looked at the ARCHIVES. Last message I had from him was nothing more than a whimper like an abused Dickens style orphan.

Other books are still in the works, but are on hold until I get a good solid laptop to replace Hordecaster. “Privateer”, “Redemption”, “Silvershot”, “Vibrant Darkness”, and “The Art of War: Art of Defense”.

5-1-10:  Police Trade In Shotguns: Some time ago, the local PD traded in a number of their old patrol shotguns. Members of got first dibs on the guns, and out of the whole lot, I picked out the very worst one. The ugliest, scruffiest, roughest, nastiest unit. I took it out and loaded it up... and boy did it fail. The magazine spring was so tired, it couldn't push a shell out onto the lifter. Earlier this week, I finally called Brownells. I had some items I wanted and I put them all together in an order and included one 870 extended spring.

The package arrived quickly. The first thing I did was to break out that PD gun and strip it down. 4 inches. The old spring had lost 4 inches of length do to constant Cruiser Ready compression. Just pushing the shell follower with my thumb, I could feel a huge difference in power between the old spring and the new spring. Of course, while the gun was apart, I cleaned it out with MPRO-7 Cleaner... pulled out a hideous amount of thick nasty gunk... and then I lubed it up really good with SLIPSTREAM – The Weapon Lube of The Gods of Valhalla... this old War Horse is slicker than it has ever been, ready to go... it's in it's prime. What a great shotgun. New springs and Slipstream made all the difference.

My old trusty laptop has given up the ghost. Hordecaster... the laptop I've used for, what, 6 years now? It had become old and noisy and dim and the speakers were blown... but it did soldiers service... I will miss it greatly. Now I need a new one. Oh, I'll eventually put Hordecaster back in service... I'll hunt own a new screen and new fans and cooler and I'll rebuild it from Ebay parts and such. I'll resurrect it... no one else in this area is certified to do laptop repair... I can do it. But finding the parts is going to take time and money I don't have. This is not so good timing on Hordecaster's part to go belly up. Anyways. If anyone has a new Mac Powerbook just laying around collecting dust... I am looking at a couple trade deals for new old laptops to get me back online regularly. I've used my Sony PSP to check up on things... but that's a chore. I've needed a new lappy for some time now... Doing videos I found that I can't edit very much or else I would quickly run out of room on my hard drives. 40 gigs worth of free space on the HD doesn't cut it. Rendering video took forever. So I was kinda looking for new options anyways. Being broke all the time makes laptop shopping frustrating and unhappy... All my spare coin goes to necessities and now also running for office. Just picking up a new laptop is not possible.

I did score a new rifle though... I traded a shotgun for a Romanian PSL... I love the PSL. See, that's what I like about guns... you can trade them like baseball cards... this PSL... very cool. See the video.

4-28-10:, and .com. The official Campaign page for my run for office is It's a simple page and I am working on it... but there it is. K.I.S.S.  The guy I am running against was given a large contribution from the GOP... and it's time for me to really start hitting the campaign trail as hard as possible... I can take this guy... but I need a lot of support.  I need contributions.  Every little bit helps, but bigger bits help more!   To help with this, ADAMS HOLSTERS will be Raffling a custom Holster, with the proceeds going to my campaign.  Now, I've told you guys before about how great AH rigs are... they are amazing... we'll be setting up the details on this raffle shortly.

Gun Nuts Radio: I was invited to be on the Air with Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Radio, a weekly Gun Oriented Podcast. It's a good show and I listen to it frequently, so it was an honor to be on the show. Because the show goes out LIVE there are callers and emails to liven it up. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. The show is short, but worth the listen.

Where are all the Crusader Weaponry Rifles? Where are the photos? Guys, let me lay this out for you. To start making your own gun parts takes some specialized machinery which Crusader doesn't have, and can't afford right now. We have to outsource the manufacture. We made agreements with a company in Oregon called Fidelis Arms. They talked a good talk, and they said they could do what we wanted. Our logos, our serial numbers, yada yada yada. So we went with them on the manufacture. We paid them. Over 5 Months Ago. Just today, Gundoc says he has rifles in hand. Over five months! Why so long? We got every excuse in the book. They had to wait for certain parts, they were busy, they had problems... you name it. The company President “wasn't aware”. Come on. We are talking AR lowers with some engraving work, and evidently this was like reinventing the Apollo Lunar Missions. To top this off, the cherry is that the way they packed and shipped them... we have missing parts, dings, and they were not built to our specifications. Sloppy, incomplete and Wrong. That's just fantastic! After all this time, they still managed to screw it up every way they can. We can finish the guns, refinish the guns, and do them right. When our customers get these guns – they will be well pleased. But we are not impressed with Fidelis Arms. Not at all. This is no way to run a business. Not when there are plenty of other outfits capable of production how we wanted. We are now looking at those alternatives. Gundoc makes the call on this, but if it was my choice – I'd let Fidelis twist in the wind and never even look at them again.

Not only that, but Fidelis made an agreement with WTA. A Sponsorship which included a forum and banner ads, for a very reasonable price. We set up the ads, set up the forum for them... and in very short order, they stopped paying the very small monthly fee that they had agreed upon. Wouldn't even return calls or emails. We kept them rolling for a very long time before we had to pull the plug. They owe us for past advertising. I'm not sure how I want to proceed with that. But one thing is for sure, WTA will no longer do business with Fidelis. This is hugely disappointing. A company that takes its name from the phrase “Simper Fidelis”, the motto of the US Marines... a motto that is all about Honor. I don't think they know what that phrase means.

I would advise anyone to avoid doing any business whatsoever with Fidelis Arms.

4-23-10:  Crusader Weaponry is working on a new site that is almost ready to go live. It is very cool. You'll love it. So keep checking and catch the new look and features.

Here is a Wallpaper for you guys:  This is the Crusader "REAPER" which is a customized Glock.  Tuned for best performance and reliability under real world fighting conditions.  

Speaking of Crusader. This coming month, on the 8th, we are holding a Defensive Pistol course. This is a basic course where we go over the fundamentals of handgun shooting. Details on the Right Sidebar, questions, ask me. Or check out the thread on WTA.



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Contact me via email for details.  Payment can be by either PayPal or with with prior arrangement, cash at the range before the course begins.

Next Course:

July 3rd:  Fireworks with Crusader Weaponry:  Tactical Shotgun Course. 9AM to 6PM.


* Your pump, semi-auto, duble, or over//under shotgun
* Sling
* 100 shells of #7 shot (birdshot)
* 40 shells of #4, 0 or 00 buckshot
* 20 rifled slugs
* Belt with shotshell loops or dump pouch (Recommend Pouch)
* Pistol with holster, spare mags, 100 rounds.
* Proper eye and ear protection
* Hydration and a light snack
* Appropriate dress for the expected weather conditions
Location is at the Buckskin Hills Shooting Complex. 

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