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Fuck the Democrats

May 16th to 31st

May 31st, Saturday 11:07PM Mountain Time:   Something for the serious techno-shooter/geek with gun:  The Kalashnikov MP3 Player.  This is one of the most clever ideas since Apple iPod.  Thing about it, rugged steel construction… love it.  I think the girl would have looked better without the sunglasses, and the maker’s mug is not needed next to the bikini bottom shot.  Okay, so the webpage blows… but he gets full marks for creativity.  300 bucks, I guess isn’t bad compared to an iPod… but you can buy an MP3 player for under 50 now, and this AK version has no digital read out to tell you what track your on or anything like that.  And don’t try to take this one on that flight with you…

Email from Farm Boy“The military industrial complex is at it again.  They are determined to deep six the A-10,again.One AF pentagon creep ordered another star wearing idiot to draw up the plan and justification for axing the best plane we have and replace it with a half billion dollar disaster.  If those morons had had their way the "tank killer" and close air support platform in the late unpleasantries would have been an F-16.Famous for it's low speed loitering ability-plus it's rugged, get down in the dirt ability. Those F-16 guys can't see anything on the ground.  A BB can bring them down. I'm not going to describe the abilities of the 'hog, if you don't know, you don't deserve to know.  What is being plotted is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle that will actually cost lives.  I'm told on good authority that some of the invaluable service in Iraq by A-10 s is being deliberately covered up, buried, ordered not to be published.  This is a crime against the fighting man.  The pictures of one particular badly damaged A-10 that made it back should pose the question-what else could do that?  Ask the marines at one particular bridgehead who were saved by the timely appearance of the ugly old hog, if they thought a F-16 could have saved their bacon?  We’d be better off starting a production line for A-1's than what the armchair butt kissers in the pent.  are trying to pull off.  Anyone who saw "flight of the Intruder", saw what a Spad could do.  Many Vietnam pilots were saved by the old slow WW II type  a-1,all of which were brought out of the bone yard because the fast jets CAN NOT do close air.  Yea, a F-4 could lay napalm across a ridge, but nothing but an A-1 could ping the bad guy individually.  Call your congress persons, write, e-mail the WH.  Call Rummie.  Don't let this happen.  Someone you know could buy the farm so some generals can get good jobs w/defense contractors for delivering bucket loads of your $ to flush down the crapper that has no bottom.  Tell them to build a new model of the A-10.  The problem w/ the hog is it was just too cheap.  It has no constituency, except the grunts.  The AF secretly hates close air support, but they will do anything to keep the army from getting a piece of it.  We didn't get the F-20 Tigershark because it was too cheap.  It was better than an F-16 and a lot cheaper.  But that is another story for another dark day.   Farm Boy”  True.  Very true.  The A-10 is universally regarded as the best ground support craft EVER.  The pilots who fly it love it and never say anything bad about it.  Those in the know, know it’s the most effective ground attack aircraft in the US Air Force arsenal.  The only people that don’t like it are the ones that are not able to get a fat kick-back off the deal.  This corruption in the Pentagon and Capital Hill are going to cost us a great many lives in the future.  We are lucky it hasn’t already… Only a handful of Marines from the Osprey.  At least the Army shut down the Sgt York when it was proven to be a failure.  But now the Army has to contend with the new LAV III platform they are calling the Stryker.  I have a harsh distaste for this vehicle.  It’s too big to be air mobile in a C-130 which was a consideration from the start.  Too big, too heavy, too tall, it’s too slow, and it’s wheeled… and on top of all that – anyone from any ‘stan country with an RPG can blow it to kingdom come.  Don’t get me started on F-16’s trying to pull tank busting duty.  If you talk to an A-10 Pilot, he will describe to you the brief moment, the span of just a couple heartbeats that they have to select a target and fire on it with a missile.  That’s in an A-10 that is flying at ½ the speed of an F-16.  So that means an F-16 pilot will have even less time to select a target and fire on it.  Not to mention that an F-16 can carry only less than ½ the weapons that an A-10 carries… and no, I’m not even touching the subject of the A-10’s 30MM “Shock and Awe” Avenger cannon that an F-16 could never match.  A BB taking down an F-16?  The sad sad thing… that isn’t even an exaggeration.  F-16’s are thin skinned, delicate, and altogether way too fragile to play at ground support.  The A-10 can do it because the thing is armored like freaking tank.   F-16 Pilots will die trying to do this thing.  The only thing that is as good as an A-10, is the Apache.  The Army is ready for the lack of A-10 support by gearing up more attach helicopters.  The Longbow Apache is an amazing craft... but still... when this dark day comes and the A-10 is history... the loss of the A-10 will be sorely felt when the next balloon goes up.

You know how I love a good movie.  This one looks like its going to be one of the best ever.  However I don’t think it’s going to be getting any Oscars… it isn’t bashing America or Conservatives or President Bush… it is just wanting to tell the truth.  Refreshing isn’t it?

Viagra's Head Man has a hottie daughter... take a wild guess at what she does.  Hint:  has something to do with her being a 32DD.  Warning, pages may not be suitable for work, but there are no nude anything... Viagra Optional.  She is a cutie. 

An offer came to be today that I had a hard time turning down… Fellow offered to custom build me a .45 Carbine that used Thompson mags and other custom goodies.  Offered to do it at cost… less than the price of a beat up and over used Glock!  Times like this make me really tempted to reconsider my chosen path into the future.  I must get my Masters… nothing else is more important for the next several years.  My family and I are sacrificing to achieve this goal.   But man… sacrifices can be HARD!  The flip side is that once I am all done, I’ll be making decent money and buying up guns left and right.  I’ll have to make up this sacrifice to my self down the road.    

May 29th, Friday:  It appears that the Mars Lander DID find life on Mars.  *Yawn*  Unless it’s something to fight with in Space Ships, wears a space bra, or can give me a Blaster and a Lightsaber…  I don’t care.

How do you hotwire a 727?  Someone knew.  Ha ha ha ha… that’s awesome.

US Army Rangers to become tea sipping ninnies Excuse me... I have to go puke my freaking guts out.  I have no words… being a Ft Benning Grunt myself, I am deeply disappointed.  Those wissy trainees should have been smoked and thrown back to the RI’s and if they couldn’t cut it, thrown out of the Ranger Training course.  Rangers are for men with huge fucking balls, not a bunch of thong wearing pussies.  Way too much don’t ask don’t tell soap dropping going on. 

Remember how I said there are only 2 radio stations, one FM and one AM?   Well, subtract 1 from that number.   Only news source I have is now Net and USA TODAY.  Farking Vernalstan.  I gotta get me XM radio.  Man, I hate this place…

Osprey Discussions with Mike: “True enough about the fuel consumption of ducted fan aircraft (which is why I think they were dropped).  Turboprops are some of the most fuel effecient engines there are out there.  For example, the Russian Tu-95 (NATO "Bear-A,D,E,F,G,H") ( turboprop bomber for existance.  EXTREMELY long ranged aircraft, 10,500 kilometers with a normal payload.  I'm hoping that in the future, though, electrochemical fuel cell technology will come into its own.  Turboprops require fuel ignition to give the extra push.  Turbofans (which power most modern jets), though the ducted fan part of the jet provides 75% or more of the thrust, still rely on the combustion of fuel to push the aircraft along.  So do the gas turbine engines of modern helicopters.  The cool thing about ducted fan aircraft is that they could be powered by an electrochemical fuel cell.  They don't require chemical combustion to create thrust, as jets and turboprops do.  I was thinking more along the lines of 20 or 30 years down the road, when new forms of power have matured enough to be just as efficient as modern internal combustion engines.  People aren't going to start buying fuel cell cars over night.  It took us a hundred years to make internal combustion engines as advanced as they are now; a fuel cell engine is going to have to mature considerably if it's going to be able to compete with proven technology.  But it'll be worth it if we can ever tell OPEC to go piss up a rope.  You're right, though, in that right now, and for the near future, helicopters (a mature technology) are the way to go.  Tilt-rotor technology, like the Osprey, needs to mature about 10 more years before it'll be ready to be fielded, I think, and even then the Osprey itself needs to be dumped, as it seems to be a lemon; a bad design.”   The only problem with fuel cells is they just don't pack the energy of a gallon of petrol.  Any fuel cell aircraft would not be - could not be a military craft.  Not enough power to weight ratio.   A helicopter's turbine engine is small enough and light enough to be used as a Motorcycles engine... yet produce ungodly amounts of power... Jay Leno has such a bike and actually rides it.  I think it's power is in the area of 1500 horses.   This is why helicopters are so useful.  Lighter engine means more weight it can carry or the faster it is.  Fuel cell cars can't carry jack and they already are made as light as possible... too bad the fuel cell system is big and heavy while managing to produce little power.  Some people can Golfers can drive a ball farther than a fuel cell car.  “Give 'em 30 years, Ogre!  Maybe by then they can get them to work.  You know, about the same amount of time it'll take 'em to get all the bugs worked out of the Osprey.  I don't want a fuel cell car myself, though.  I'm holding out for a fusion powered one.  Heh.” With a Flux Capacitor...

Email from Robert:  “Where do you find mods?  I've been tearing out my hair (well, not literally, I shave my head *gasp*) trying to find ANY mods for Raven Shield, let alone any good DSA Shorties or 1911's.  Thanks, Robert  BTW: The Osprey should have died long ago, I don't know why it hasn't yet (I blame the Clintons...somehow I'll link them to this...someday). You're completely right about it's shittiness.”  I have no mods yet for Raven Shield.  I’ve not seen anything worth downloading...  Just maps.  I’ve not even tried doing any maps.  Rogue Spear Urban Ops is the best game for Mods.  You can still get the NATO 3 Mod for it… Awesome.  And the Sputnik Satellite Mod is killer too.  Oh, and I shave my head too.

Email from Bro:  “Hey Og, we saw Equilibrium. It was like a 1984 Matrix. It was very good, we liked it.  The gunplay was very original, which is hard to do now days. It was smart and with a message. The characters were great, the acting was great, everything was great. Where did you hear of this movie? I've never heard of it before. Well, talk to you in two weeks. c-ya.”  I picked up on this from a thread on The High Road.    I told you it was good.  Have fun at AT.   I love the smirk at the end of the flick… I want that as a computer wallpaper. 

Strange jones… for all the time I have spent deriding the Desert Eagle… My Hell… I can’t believe it!  I want one now!  I want the earlier .44 Mag in “Agent Smith” flat black.  I don’t want the .50 version.  I don’t need that “my dick is this much bigger than yours” thing… I want it for it’s power and accuracy.  That and I don’t think my shoulder could handle repeated poundings from the .50AE.  I’d have to get a shoulder rig for it… it’s the only way you can CCW an Eagle.  Then I’d walk around saying things like “You disappoint me” and “That is the sound of inevitability.”  I don’t know about the suit.  I hate suits.  But it would still be a hoot to have one under your arm just in case.  Hey, this is Utah, man… and I am Mormon… at any moment some Anti-Mormon mob could come raiding us!  Or a Utah Raptor could become unfrozen or something… or I see some desert area that needs shooting… Okay, no… I’m just a gun nut who loves interesting guns and the Desert Eagle, if anything is indeed an interesting gun.

This just came in from our man in the Department of Homeland Security… Some Brits in the 1st Regiment have committed some grievous sins.  Torture of POW’s and buggering each other in front of them.  We know this because one of them took pictures.  This situation is being investigated.  The British Army is well known for it’s tendency to butt-fuck bugger sodomize each other… this isn’t news.  But to do so in front of Prisoners is a special mark of depravity.  Even worse is the torture.  Considering the commanding officer has a formal complaint against him from a US Officer over the treatment of Prisoners and Civilians… this isn’t going to go well for the Regiment.  This is what happens when you give a military unit a French name.

As much as I'm down on the V-22 Osprey lately, it isn't the only program that needs axing.  I'm also displeased with the Army's Stryker platform.  This is basically the LAV III vehicle with a lot more money thrown at it.  I can see where the idea came from and what the intended purpose was... And I can see that they have departed from that course a long time ago.  The LAV platform is a decent machine, but I don't think it's what the Army needs even as the starting point.  The first question of course is the wheels.  Does the Army need wheels or tracks?  That's a huge debate right there... But for sake of argument lets just say we are going wheels.  For the size and weight of the LAV III, that thing should be on tracks.  It's a huge bitch that is grossly over sized for intended mission.   The thing is also top heavy, making it prone to roll over when other vehicles would have had no problem.  The armor it wears... Light and chinsy.  Machinegun fire could chew one up.  They don't fit in a C-130 transport... Freaking useless rigs if you ask me.  If the army wants a small fighting vehicle, fine... Build one.  The general stats should make the Stryker 70% lighter, shorter and skinner.  The current LAV III vehicle is both too wide and too tall.  The Army also needs to drop the M-16 rifles. .223 caliber is still just a .22 and we need to move beyond that.  I would insist we move back to a .30 caliber cartridge. Probably similar to the .300 Whisper round, but with a lighter slug, and a hotter charge to increase the velocity.  I want the rifles to be much more robusto... Rock hard tough and requiring only cursory cleaning.  Shotgun like rib with good sights... Built in bi-pod.   I'd also like the Army to change pistols as well.  I'd like to see them run something modern and more effective round for round… IE, the .40 would be ideal…  Of course the .45 was never proven to have any shortcomings in the army, and with ball ammo, the 9mm is universally regarded as a wimpy round.   A flat nosed .40 might be ideal.  As to the gun, double stack and high capacity are wanted… but in a frame that can be handled easily by even those of smaller hands.   Something like the Springfield XD.   Just some thoughts.

May 28th, Thursday:  News of Cuba... This is great.  5 Cubans make it to the beach, go to a bar for free beer.  Happy beginning in their new home. 

Email from Mike:  “The know, my dad worked for a defense contractor in the mid 80s, and they were dickering around with that thing back THEN.  VTOL aircraft are the future I believe, and have a LOT of potential.  However, the Osprey, from all accounts, just seems to be a bad design.  It just doesn't work. Either scrap it and start over (and let's let the private defense contractors develop it, and save the taxpayers the moolah), or just scrap it.  As I see it, it has some notable design flaws as a combat aircraft.  For one, it can't be armed properly.  It only has small side doors, and the engine pylons are in the way of door-mounted guns.  It can't mount any kind of rockets or ordnance under the wing, because the rotor blades will be in the way unless they're full vertical (they're only fully vertical when the aircraft is in a stable hover), and you can't mount ordnance on the fuselage because it lacks hardpoints and the ground clearance for hardpoints. The Marines don't like unarmed helos, as a rule.  Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of VTOL aircraft.  Imagine fleets of ducted-fan powered heli-jets, that can fly almost as fast as modern jets but can land anywhere.  Close air support aircraft that could move foreword with the troops, yet have speed and range far beyond what a current helicopter can do.  Imagine larger passenger versions, replacing all of the puddle-jumpers turboprop and similar airliners out there, and special "commuter" airports that don't need miles and miles of runways.  That'd be cool as hell.  The Osprey isn't going to get us there, though. – Mike”  You hit the nail on the head Mike… Ducted fans.  The main problem with the Osprey’s design that forbids it to be armed, is the large slow rotors.  Small ducted fans would allow the craft to be armed, allow it to high hover, and probably make it faster… while at the same time rid it’s self of the deadly Vortex Ring State that causes everyone to die.  2 downsides to this.  First one is fuel consumption.  Second one is downwash.  If the Osprey has a problem with brown out of pilot vision when over dirt and dust… imagine what a ducted fan can kick out.   Instead of 2 large ducted fans, try 4 smaller ones… that might reduce your brown outs… but then you just complicated the whole design and increased your fuel consumption.  And further development would only be even more expensive to develop an even further delicate and ultimately useless craft.   No… If you want a VTOL craft, it’s all about Helicopters.  Tilt-Rotor is something that should only be reserved for small craft… such as an RPV where loading isn’t an issue.  I’m sticking with my assertion that what the Marines need in the Mi-24 Hind.  And if the Air Force didn’t insist upon new designs for every job… they would have to admit the Hind is the better choice too.  The Hind is one of the fastest choppers around… capable… armored… and armed…  Perfect for SPEC OPS missions.  Think about it.  Take a Hind and lighten the airframe where you can.  Give it new engines and outfit it like a PAVE/LOW bird.  Talk about scary.

Bill Clinton wants another term as President?  Since people are living longer Presidents should be given more time in the office?  You have got to be kidding me.  "I think since people are living much longer ... the 22nd Amendment should probably be modified to say two consecutive terms instead of two terms for a lifetime," Clinton said.  No, Bill, it shouldn’t… so jackoffs like you have an expiration date.  This is an important part of the Government… it changes leadership frequently.  This is why the US doesn’t have leaders like Castro or Arafat that are always there… like a bad case of Herpes that never goes away.  "There may come a time when we elect a president at age 45 or 50, and then 20 years later the country comes up against the same kind of problems the president faced before," he said. "People would like to bring that man or woman back but they would have no way to do so."  Well, that’s just a tough break isn’t it?  If we are to bring back any president, it wouldn’t be you, Bill.  And it wouldn’t be your buddy Jimmy Carter either.  Some Presidents just have to go.  Your one of them!  You were impeached for crying out loud!   This audacity… This is the one of the most asinine statements that man has ever made.  He made a joke of the Presidency, ruined the economy, allowed terrorists to move forward, gave away secrets to China that would have been reason to hang anyone else, lied to the American people, questioned the word "is", got impeached, and made the US look like the laughing stock of the whole farking planet...  And when he left the Whitehouse, he and his stole just about everything that wasn't bolted down or behind glass.  Bill Clinton was one of the worst Presidents ever, and now he wont go away. 

May 27th, Wednesday:  I had a talk with one of my bros today who is in the market for an automatic handgun.  My unreserved recommendation in his price range was the Springfield XD.   I've dropped this recommendation before... I am disappointed he hadn't caught it yet.  Oh, and shockingly, he has said that he has never heard of "Equilibrium".  Amazing.  He has sworn an oath to go get it.  I'll hold him to that.  One of the best movies out there.  10 times better than The Way of the Gun, in my opinion.  We also talked of the SAR-1, which is a good rifle.  However once it returns from the hands of Krebs, it is a great rifle.  Personally, I like the AK, but at this time I'm not wanting one.  My long arm interests are all about pistol caliber carbines right now.   Don't know why, so don't ask.    

I had sent a letter to Federal Ammunition asking the reason for dropping the Nyclad line.  I got an answer back:  “No sales which is interesting for such an excellent round.”  I also asked if they might ever bring it back with a hotter loading.  “I would say very, very slim.”  Hmmmm… interesting.  Thanks to Ron Ives for answering my questions and not giving me a cut and paste of a form letter or press release.  This is disappointing… but not surprising.  Federal makes great ammo – but they make it to sell it.  If a line isn’t selling, it doesn’t matter how good it is.   I understand the move… but wish it were not so.

It bothers me to see Iraqis throwing rocks at US vehicles as they go by.  Fuqqing ingrates… we should have just bombed the shit out the whole damned city and then call Miller Time.  Fuqqers.  I say we deploy more troops out there, take all the oil, and if anyone doesn’t like it – we just shoot them.  Okay, I know I am not thinking clearly on this, but I am highly pissed at lack of gratitude.  It would seem that these people would rather live under Saddam’s rule.  Bloody bastards.

California bans the words Old, Boyish, Polo, Yacht, Blind, Babe, or Barbarian… But they can use the words Vagina, Anus, Condom, Oral, Penis, Orgasm, Pedophile and Homosexual.  “She says a lot of people are having fun finding new titles for Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" which presents problems with every word except "and" and "the." Ravitch said old is ageist, man is sexist and sea can't be used in case a student lives inland and doesn't grasp the concept of a large body of water.”  Oh my hell… HEAVEN FORBID YOU HAVE TO TEACH A KID WHAT A FARKING OCEAN IS!!!!   Instead of risking the chance of a child asking questions, and thus forcing the Teacher to teach… let’s just remove all phrases that might cause a student think and be done with it for all the good “publick” education is. 

Here is a spot of news my brothers will enjoy.  Sony, the makers of the almighty Play Station is rolling out a new version. The “PSX”.  I guess this means the PS2 is now just the POS.  Okay, not really.  It isn’t a PS3 or anything, it’s just a juiced PS2 with some new features.  It will have a big hard drive, and a rewriteable DVD drive.  Hmmm… not bad.  120GB HDD + DVD-R/RW + Mod Chip = a PS2 that can make copies of games.  Nice.  Add in the multimedia ability with internet connectivity… it becomes a machine for wannabe-pirates not cleaver enough to use a real computer.

I have had a good deal of flak by my comments regarding the movie The Way Of The Gun.  Sorry.  I still hate that flick.   The best comment about this was from Scott Evans on THR (he is the maker of the beloved G-Code line of holsters), who said “George, You nailed it … WOTG was indeed pathetic! I hate it as well. I think its acceptance among knowledgeable gun owners has more to do with desperation then any in-between the lines mojo. All of us are so near starving from feeding upon entertainment devoid of the essential nutrients of technical proficiency that we tend to lap up any morsel that comes along. At best such can produce only a temporary buzz … For me I need real food!”  I am pleased I am not alone in my displeasure of this movie.   If your in the mood for a good flick that is available to buy or rent, I suggest Equilibrium. 

You gotta love Arafat.  That poor adorable little terrorist leader.  Remember his heartbreaking Time Magazine cover photo?  Look at those puppy dog eyes.  He just wants to be loved, and another bowl full.   He needs a hug.  All he wants is to bring peace to the middle east!  That’s all he wants.  /Sarcasm.  That terrorist jackoff doesn’t’ want PEACE.  He wants to kill every Jew in the world.  And there wont be Peace in the middle east until that’s done.  Of course, after the Jews are gone they would just start killing all Non-Palestinians because these guys are freaking insane.  So excuse me if I find it both contemptible and laughable that he insists he is the one the be at the peace table with Bush and Sharon to discuss The Road Map.  Sorry asshole, you had decades to do this… your out of the loop and out of the picture.  Could someone please pop off a grenade or big ass mine or something under Arafat’s bed?    

Toilet Seat for the Gunners in your life This is cool.  I’m talking about the one with the rifle cartridges… I don’t want fish hooks anywhere near my ass.

Email from reader: “I find your lack up updates disturbing.”  I know… been busy.  My Bad.

Email from reader:The V-22 is military-industral-complex graft. It is not even in production, and it is already reaching design limits (no more upgrade room).  The Russians produced a series of wing in ground effect craft called "ekranoplan" demonstrated carrying dense loads, over long distances, and (if need be) can slide them in on most any flat, unprepped beach in the world, unloading right on the spot. They are fast, safe, sturdy, inexpensive to build, stable with a heavy load--you can simply pack one up full of black hawks and marines, and send them off to go--right there you have no more need for v-22!  The WIG aircraft is the best thing in sea-shore assault in decades, yet the DOD just will not see it. The v-22 will always be a deathtrap. The Navy should drop the V-22, and seriously consider a large WIG transport like the ekranoplan for the USMC. Also the Ch-46 (and even the CH-53) is getting way too old. The USMC definitely needs a new fleet of black hawks and new "heavy lift" helos--like maybe the Russian Mil-26 "Halo" (the largest helo in the world, each with cargo capability similar to a C-130 Herc!).”  Your right, the WIG-Craft is a good solid idea.  It has good range and a huge capacity for lifting.  Only one problem.  It’s limited to water duty and the Marines already have hovercraft for this stuff.  WIGs can’t fly over trees or hover.  And you are absolutely right about the big choppers like the Russians have.  Judas those things are HUGE!  A little too huge.  If you look at the mission parameters, you see that what the Marines and Air Force want is an Mi-24 HIND.  The Hind packs all the firepower a Marine could want, in a tough armored platform that can carry a ton of cargo.  I am off the opinion that the HIND family of helicopter are the toughest and most capable choppers EVER.  Most of the guys that counter my assessment always say “Oh, well, it’s not as maneuverable as…”  Well, you know what?  It’s 100 times more maneuverable than an Osprey, okay?  A Dozen Hinds plus the money to retrofit them with current US Avionics and systems will still cost less than just 1 Osprey.  And one HIND can do the work of 3 Ospreys.  (Okay, that is a ball park guess… but it’s probably close)  I’d rather see these V-22’s burned in a pit than on the decks of a Marine Corps ship.  One of my favorite books was “Hammerheads” about V-22 in operation.  That was a long time ago and these things still can’t work.  Will never work.  At least the US Army when it realized the SGT York was a chunk of crap, killed the program instead of letting the politicos feed off it like carrion birds.  

May 26th, Monday:  Memorial Day The Pentagon is reporting that the V-22 project has moved forward and that many of the main problems have been fixed.  There are still some major issues with the aircraft and I feel that it is a useless aircraft for Military purposes.  At Best – the V-22 is an expensive short range COD aircraft.  Best suited for shuttling service and civilian Life Flight roles.   As a military aircraft this craft is severely limited.  The funny thing is that these supposed tests and fixes are a total joke.  The bird is still a lame sitting duck.  The Osprey program is a huge sack of lies.  Read this too.  “Understanding the Osprey”.  America needs to cut it’s loses now before we spend any more money on it.  I am sickened at how wasteful this thing is.  These birds are over 108 million bucks a pop.  That is the price of 2 and half front line F-14 tomcats or 3 F-18 Hornets.  I am writing a letter to my Senator… and in fact, tomorrow, I’m going to call him about this.

Oh, do you want to see what all the money from Wal-Mart and K-Mart goes to?   

Just read a report that said NASA could have rescued the Challenger Crew.  Uh huh.  They could have.  Too bad no one had any clue of the possible problems or the implications until it was way too late.  I was greatly saddened by the loss of the Challenger.  Like everything else - bad decisions could have been avoided if the crystal balls had been consulted.  DAMN YOU CRYSTAL BALL READERS!  I blame the Psychics.    Someone slap John Edwards for me.  DAMN YOU JOHN EDWARDS!

The New York Times is "investigating" it's self.   What do you think they are going to find?  "Yes, we suck.  We truly and totally blow and can not be trusted.  You shouldn't listen to us.  Sorry.  Our bad."  Did Enron “Investigate” it’s self?  That is most uncool… but the fact of the matter is that no one cares about the New York Times anymore.  The Left is going to say “See, they are being honest and up front.  This just proves that the New York Times is the most trusted news source.”  While the Right is saying, “Just like 7-Up… they never had it.  They never will.”  No one is going to have a change of opinion here.  And of course, the New York Times wont have any change of leadership either.  At most, some mid-level suit will get everything hung on him and the rest of the brass will keep rolling.  This makes no difference except that probably more people are going to be reading the New York Times out of morbid curiosity, or Liberal Loyalty.  You gotta give the Liberals credit for that… they stick together like clue and work as a team.  The only thing you can count on out of the Democratic side of the floor on Capital Hill is that they will vote as one.  The Republican side remains shattered, full of Moderates, and Whishy Washy twerps with a severe lack of spinal rigidity.  Thanks to the Liberal Loyalty, the New York Times will only come out stronger.  No one is going to be hurting… not even the eventual patsy.

The US has put out an embargo on Norinco?  Interesting.  If you don’t know Norinco, let me fill you in.  Norinco is the biggest weapons maker on the planet.  They make everything.  Bullets, to Bombs, to Nukes, to Planes, to Tanks… and don’t forget the guns… They make all the guns.  We don’t import very much if anything anymore from Norinco weapon wise, but we used to I know for a fact.  Norinco 1911’s, and AK-47 variants… all of that.  Think of them as China’s Browning, S&W, Ruger, Winchester, and Remington all rolled up with Boeing, Ford, GM, and GE… and several other huge outfits.  This on the surface seems like it will strike a blow to China.  But it wont.  The US has it’s own stuff and doesn’t import this kinda stuff from China.  We import cheap shoes and cheap clothes… and most of what we buy in Wal-Mart and K-Marts… that isn’t sanctioned or embargoed… The little widgets we have to get all the time… that is what China is making a killing on.  And don’t think for a moment that this will only have an effect on Norinco – nope.  Not a bit.  China is Communist.  That means EVERYTHING is owned by China’s Government.   This means everything Norinco did to piss us off – CHINA did.  It’s all tied together over there.  It’s all one in the same, because it’s all the same hands that roll all the dice.  Even if China deserves a smack down – we are not going to give it to them.  3 main reasons for you.  1.  China is the only real military threat on the planet for America.  China could go toe to toe with us and we don’t want a bloody knock down drag out fight like that.  They are quickly becoming our equals like it or not.  And I don’t like it at all.  Thanks a lot Bill Clinton for giving China goodies like Missile Guidance Technology.  Fuqqer.  2.  We need China to handle North Korea because if we charge in on NK, China will back them up…  So we have to play them and get China to slap down NK for is.  3.  Economics.  Our economy is deeply in bed with China’s cheap manufacturing.  If the ships doing bring the widgets to stock the Wal-Marts – people will freak and the Stock Market will crash.  I’m grossly over simplifying everything here, but it’s still fairly accurate.  Look at everything we import from C or have made in C for us… That’s the bitch of the US Economy… That’s why simple isolationism wouldn’t work.  First, everyone is related to every other spot on the globe and we have to go and protect it.  Second, every dollar is related to every other Dollar, Yen, Mark, Pound, Euro, or Peso or whatever the hell.  America has a Global economy.  If a Banker farts in Tokyo, we can get a whiff of it in the US.  If a US Investor reads the Newspaper he has to hand Tokyo the sports page.   That’s the reality of it.  Remember Japan’s big earthquake a few years ago?  Wrecked a computer chip plant there.  Over here, prices INSTANTLY went up across the board for chips.  Again I am over simplifying, but telling the truth.    And all the machinations of the economy… it’s all lubed up by oil from the middle east.  If Japan was to stop getting it’s oil… within a week the US would be in an economic crisis.  Japan gets almost all of it’s oil from the middle east… I think namely Saudi Arabia…. Not sure.  But the point is – we have to keep it flowing.  No Blood for Oil?  Sorry… Oil IS Blood.  Without that oil, gas prices, heating oil prices, all that will go up.  Transportation and shipping will go up.  When prices go up, cutbacks are made.  Fewer shipments.  Fewer jobs.  Less of everything.  The Great Depression has nothing on what could happen now.  Back then we were independent… we were isolated.  But now… Judas Priest!  If you can’t see that, you need to study the economy some more.   This is why we absolutely need a strong military.  This is why we absolutely need to be able to go anywhere and do anything to protect US Interests around the world.  And we have to be able to do it at a moments notice.  This means we have to be always ready.  This means we can not listen to the pathetic council called the United Nations.   This is why we have to have people in the Whitehouse that can kick some ass and take some names.   GOD BLESS AMERICA! 

I’m done flag waving.   What was I talking about?

I just watched "The Way of the Gun".  Hated it.  The gunplay was clever and well done... but the story was void.  Totally lacking.  I want my money back.  I put it up on the Ogre Movie list on good faith and the fac that I has seen a part in it that was admittedly clever... but the over all story totally sucked.  Hated this movie so very much.  That and it had that hag in it.  I forget her name... she plays the pregnant girl in the show.  I hate her.  She sucks.  No talent.  And she is butt-ugly with a funny shaped face and head.  She seems to have suffered from both fetal alcohol syndrome and shaken baby syndrome.  She has my sympathy, but she can get the hell off my TV.  And this Del Toro cat... he sucks too.  He looks slimy to the core.  Not just acting... but him personally.   He's trying for the "young Tommy Lee Jones" vibe, but it's just not working.  He just comes across as a creepy asshole.  Hate this flick... And James Caan?  What is up with his neck?  He's trying to do this tough guy roll, and he can't move is neck.  His head is bolted in the straight forward position or something.  Dude - go see a chiropractor for crying out loud!   And while your at it - RETIRE.  Talk about past expiration dates... Geeze.  This movie had potential... With some alternative casting it could have been much better.  Taye Diggs was solid.  Liked him... and the other guy... cool too.  But everyone else was a loser.  What it really needed all the way through was some comedy.  If it had some good smart comedy written in there, it could have been a winner.   Man, I HATED this movie!

May 25th, Sunday: I just read that Israel signed off on the peace plan that will allow for the creation of a Palestinian state.  Well, good… this is good.  We will have a PLO home state that will make Afghanistan look like Terrorist Pre-School.  Does anyone really thing that this will stop Palestinians from killing Israelis?  I don’t think so.  This is just going to create many interesting Boarder Incidents.     

Enough politics... I want to talk guns.   The number 1 Baddest rifle has got to be the DSA SA-58 OSW.  That thing is incredible.  Select fire, folding stock, short barrel, high capacity magazines... And it's in .308.  Compact, tight, and brutal.  Let us not forget accurate and perfectly reliable.  A weapon system doesn't get any better than that. 

Browning drops the classical Hi-Power and after awhile brings back a handgun to line up, but it isn't an HP.  The Pro-9 & Pro-40.  4 inched, 10 rounds, 3 dot sites, ambi-safety, rail, poly frame and stainless slides... Looks completely average and uninspiring.  It is of course the same - exactly the same - thing that FN is selling.  Since it is an FN, it's probably a fine handgun... Perfectly serviceable with average accuracy and a completely shitty trigger.  The .40 version would be the way to go on this one.

I'm really no expert when it comes to lever action rifles... But Shin Tao can testify that I have wanted one for about 20 years now.  I still have a jones for a super slick lever in .44 Magnum.  Not sure the model number, but I want one like an 1894G - but in .44 Magnum.  There has been chances to pick one up... But I never did.  Same story with the classic M1 Carbine.  I really want one of these. IMI sells a fine version that would do well.  Why I've never made the real effort to acquire one of these, I have no idea. 

So here we go, the first long guns to get after graduation:  #1 Beretta Cx4 Storm.  #2 M1 Carbine.  #3 Marlin Lever action in .44 Magnum.

I've seen a lot of advertising for these so called gun parts kits.  Basically they take an SMG and slice them up and you can buy it for under 200 bucks.  But if you try to put one together - you are hosed.  Felony crime.  That and you would have to be a skilled machinist to even get close to completing one.   Still... Tempting...  I'd love to get a Beretta M12 SMG.

I saw a brown recluse spider here… this is what the bite looks like.  I’m going to get some spray and spray down the whole fucking area here.  A bit like that could kill one of my little ones.

May 24th, Saturday:  The French are running advertisements now to promote American tourism.  "Let's fall in love again" is the campaign slogan.  As laughable as that is, it gets even better.  The pitchman is Woody Allen.  (You better reach for the vomit bucket) He says he doesn't want to give his wife a "Freedom Kiss" (of course not – you are a limp-dicked liberal) he wants to give his wife a "French Kiss".  (wait a second, do you mean your wife or your daughter? I'm confused here)  Barring such repugnant representation, I find the whole idea to be a slap to America's face.  France's President is still condemning Bush and the war in the face of all the uncovered atrocities.  In the face of all of France's covert subterfuge.   He has been blatantly Anti-American and refuses to support anything American when it comes to policy or politics...  America isn't good enough for France.  American Tourists  are not even good enough for France - they are being told to say that they are from Canada or Australia... Anywhere but from America.  They actually don't want Americans there at all...  But they do want our American Dollars.  France can rot for all I care... And all they deserve.  I'm still boycotting all things French.  They have yet to show any signs of making an apology to us. And then they give us a freaking commercial?  Screw France!   Brothers and Sisters of the horde, this story isn't over...  It goes deeper.  The expulsion of France from America's good graces is a thorn in the side of certain Hollywood Liberals, and the other bleating sheep Liberals who supported the French position.  Barbara Streisand for one.  She complained that we called the French an Axis of Weasels.  Oh, poor little offended liberal diva!  She has made some even more outlandish statements about this that I can't even repeat for fear of vomiting all over my iPaq. (which is what I use to write on now)  These are the same people that have admitted to wishing for US military failure and for higher US casualties during the war...  (Thanks again to RIGHT WING NEWS for that link... I had no idea it was that bad!) And these are the same people who claim it is patriotic to question the President and to voice decent.   If you so much as even smirked at the news of a single casualty - there is something deeply and profoundly wrong with you.  I don't know what it is, but I'm going to school again to find out. There something broken in your faux-patriotic mind.  That being said, you can make no claim about patriotism.  You can make no claim to "Supporting our Troops."  Because every syllable coming out of your mouths is a slap across the face of every widow in America.  A slap to every child who will never again get a good-night kiss from Daddy... or Mommy.  How sick is that?  To wish for more death?  I can't even fathom such a traitorous thought.  No, you are not patriotic.  No you are not brave for expressing dissenting opinion.  Yes, You ARE ANTI-AMERICAN!   Do you want to talk bravery?  Let's talk bravery.  Let's talk about the people that have the stones to stand up and voice conservative opinion in the face of such malicious liberal backlash this past 50 years.  Let's talk about the people that voice objection to the opinion that what is Right is now supposed to be Wrong, and what was Wrong is now supposed to be Right, and if you disagree you are a bigot or something... while at the same time KKK Leaders such as Byrd get a free pass because he is liberal.  You guys are so secure in your beliefs and comfortable in your opinions because of other people who bled to protect your freedom to be an ass.  Let's talk about my friend John who joined up to fight after the September 11th attacks... He put his love for his country before his love for his own comfort.  Let's talk about a young lady who joined the Army to express her love for her country, not with words - but by her actions.  Let's talk about all those that made the ultimate sacrifice for America.  Let's talk about what a Democrat President once said.  "Ask not what you country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  That is patriotism.  And you want me to take a vacation to France? Hell No!

If you want to travel, there are much better places to go... Places where they supported Freedom and Democracy.  Italy is a beautiful place... Rich with history and culture.  It's a place with exquisite taste.  Where the cars are almost as gorgeous a  the women.  Where the fashions are simple and sexy without being ludicrous.  Italy kicks ass.  Italy supported America.  Now, Italy isn’t the only place worth visiting over there... Check out the Czech Republic!  They supported the US wholeheartedly because they know what it was like living with tyranny and oppression under the thumb-screws of the Soviet Empire. (I find it hilarious when a liberal gets booed at and calls it tyranny - they have no clue)  Visit Prague... A city with a wonderful history.  One that could even rival Paris when it came to social advances and development... Art & Music thrived there!  It was a haven for painting and poetry and music and architecture.  Just like Paris...  Prague is one of the places I would give my left nut to go see.  Unlike Paris, Prague supported the US, and could actually use the tourism money.  Spain?  I didn't forget about you Spain... We love you too.  One of these days I am going to take my wife on a Coalition of the Willing world tour. (after I get out of school) We will go to Great Brittan, then to Spain, then to Italy, and then to the Czech Republic.  We will spend a lot of money in the places that are the most US friendly, and not a dime in places that are not.  I want to go hunting in Spain and Czech.  I understand that this can be arranged.  And hey, maybe arrange to import some cool old guns.  That would be awesome.

I’m going to have to add Katie Couric to the fecal roster.   She is a tramp.  This liberal sniveling roach is busting on Bush saying that the tax cut is no victory and that it’s “itty bitty”?  Please.  The cut is smaller than what he wanted because of all the fighting about it with the Democrats… and if it wasn’t for Bush here there would be no tax cuts at all.  And if this is such a small tax cut… let’s not forget that it’s still the 3rd largest tax cut in the history of our Nation.  Katie Couric is both an imbecile and a traitorous bitch.  She was one of the liberals rooting for Saddam.  I’m sorry, but if you rooted for Saddam – your 15 minutes is up. Buh-Bye.  You guys are finally getting your due rewards.  America has changed.  You talk of backlash for your opinions.  What we are seeing is the Silent Majority is no longer so silent.  We are TIRED of your liberal rhetoric bullshit.  And thanks to the Internet (thanks Al Gore!) and Fox News and AM Talk Radio we don't have to listen to your liberal spew.  We have great sources for information that hasn't been through the spin cycle yet... you fools banked on Network TV and enjoyed such a tight control over it but you couldn't control the rest of the new media outlets.  Reminds me of a quote from Star Wars.  "The more you squeeze, the more systems slip from your grasp."  (or something like that)  This war is pretty much over... you guys are now fighting a rear-guard action.  You are  in retreat.  Looking to fortify in yourselves in your strongholds.  Make your time.  All your base are belong to us.

May 23rd, Friday:   I have a strong jones for an Infinity FX.  An SUV slash Sports Car... That's what you call power and glory.  You have a vehicle that you can trudge around family style errands and when you drop the kids off you can you can take that super twisty road up the canyon... Driving like your name is Mario then cut off road like your name is Collin.  Do some shooting... Then race back...  Sweeeeetness!  If I could have a car of my choice right now… oh yeah… an FX.  I saw one today on the road… I passed it going in the other direction.  The cat driving it did a U-turn and then raced past me.  The speed and grace that this vehicle radiated was impressive.  I think he U-turned and got the hell out of dodge because he just realized where he was and was getting out.  Man, that is one cool ride!

"Ogre, you Magnificent Bastard, I read your website!"  General Patton was the best.  RWN has a list of his best quotes. 

Annika Sorenstam and the PGA.  Couldn't care any less.  No, really. I. Don't. Care.  I just want this golf BS to fade to black.  I hate golf, mainly because I suck at it tremendously.  Look, it's not the woman doing the man thing... Hey, I am all for it.  But if these women want to play with the boys they have to be one of the boys.  No concessions, no  privileges... same thing for women in the Army.  If they want to fight with the boys, they bunk with and shower with the boys too.  And they will have to deal with all the dropped soap gags just like the Navy boys do.

Bush stood with the CEO of Japan today and made some statements about North Korea.  I think it's not so important what he said... But where he was and what he was wearing.  Uh oh...  He looked cool again!  Look out for Liberals calling him "Slim" or "Tex" or "Cowboy".  Bush was wearing a blue western style shirt and looked good in it standing outside in his ranch.

Death Row inmate needs a new kidney.  I say just bump up his execution date.  Screw this guy.  Illegal alien kills two women and now he wants help like this?  No.  If he was a prisoner sentenced for something else... Sure.  But why should we pay to heal him when we are going to kill him?  That is retarded.   They should hang these Death Row convicts and harvest the organs for the people waiting for transplants.

I have a new Reality Show idea for FOX:  Make a single elimination tournament for all the guys on Death Row. Pair everyone up and give them each Xacto Knives. Loser dies, winner advances. Overall champion gets to live out the rest of his days in one of the Federal Boy's Club prisons for the Rich and Famous - making all of them his Biatches. Each year, a new winner and each year a new inmate to bugger all the rich bastards.  I like it. Make it pay-per-view?

I just printed out the ATF forms needed to get my C&R Firearms license.  C&R guns are often the most interesting guns out there.  I have them filled out, just need 30 bucks to go with it so I can send them in.  I’m holding off in this however.  This may not be the best idea for me.  Should I get this C&R card, I will be tempted to look at more guns.  If I look, I will want, and wanting while a pleasure in it’s self, is ultimately frustrating.  Once I get my schooling finished… I am all over it.  I have a list already of all the C&R guns I want to get.  The 30 bucks for the license is paid off by the money you save buying your first CZ-52.   Maybe it is worth it.  Oh, wait... see!  See how easy it is for the addiction to set in!  It's worse than Crack!  Crack you have to at least smoke it once... Guns are so much worse... you can get addicted just thinking about them!   Judas!

I’m pleased to see that the Tax Cut was passed.  At the same time I am highly disappointed that John McCain voted against it.  I’m not surprised, but I’m still disappointed in the man.  “Maverick” McCain is dick.  He needs to just drop the false front of being a Republican.  He is against Bush, against Guns, and pretty much against everything else that might make him look conservative or Republican.   I don’t know what he is… other than a big fat jerkhead.   I find it so ironic that the day this tax cut passes, the stock market seems to be doing rather well.  Geeze, you would think that if the Liberals are so wrong, the market would be tanking.  Why isn’t it?  I don’t get it.  Could it be that the Liberals are wrong?  What?

I think it’s funny that McCain is saying he is “worried about Radio”.  It’s hilarious that he is worried about getting criticized.  Well, he should be worried about the internet, but it’s on the internet that people are criticizing him the most.  Instead of being worried about things… maybe he should look into a damn mirror.  If he would do so, he would see the same jackhole that everyone else is seeing and maybe change.  You don’t have to be an asshat McCain.  No one elected you so you could go and be a slime bag, “Maverick”.  I mean, come on, John.  You leave a slime trail.  That should tell you something.   Get a clue.

Rachel Lucas has a little blog that I put into my links section.  Most of the time she is talking about mundane stuff like her dogs.  Not really interested in that... but often she will post a nugget of pure gold.  Rachel is a cool chick that deserves props for this one.  It is always especially refreshing to see a woman who has her head on straight and lets her opinion be known.  Good job Rachel.  Keep it up.

Utah is about to Bust'a'Cap in some asses.  Right on.  Lethal Injection is too easy for these guys.  I don't get the "Prepares" part.  Just drag these guys out into the back lot and pop a few rounds into their heads.  It's easy.  Why make it such a big deal?

I was thinking about getting a cell phone again.  I had one before, but didn't like the service among other thing... but now, I think I will.

Mmmmmm.... Pygmies.....I want my baby back baby back baby back, Chile’s baby back ribs…  Okay, sick joke.  But this is a sick story.  It seems people in Africa have taken to EATING PYGMIES.  I can’t make this up.  They are catching Pygmies and eating them.  Pygmies, for those that don’t know, ARE PEOPLE.  They are just small people.  Like Midgets, but more graceful.  This is worse than Soylent Green… It’s PEOPLE!  Pygmies are MADE OF PEOPLE!  Evidently Pygmies are quite taste and these Africans consider them to be magically delicious.  Here is the kicker… the Pygmies are asking the UN for help.  What they should be doing is asking the US for guns.  Trade in those gay little blow darts for some rifles. 

May 22nd, Thursday:  Something came to me in the mail from a good friend… I can’t believe it.  I am stunned.  He said he was going to send a couple boxes.  I didn’t expect 4!  WOW!  Guys, I am humbled.  I’m talking about 124gr Federal Nyclad 9MM Ammunition.  In my book, the Nyclad line of ammunition is something very special.  The nylon clad bullet eliminates bore leading, reduces airborne lead and provides accuracy and stopping power at standard pressure loadings.  The bullet, being free of a copper jacket is able to expand nicely at low velocity.  So even if your bullet isn’t racing at warp speed… it’s going to do a fine job once it gets there.  Now here is the kicker… it’s doing a leisurely 1150 FPS at standard pressure.  This means these cartridges are a pussycat to shoot.  Meaning you can put more rounds on target quicker than you could with higher pressure/velocity ammunition. (that regular JHP ammunition requires for reliable expansion) Now, if that isn’t enough, get this… The Nyclad bullet coating has a natural lubricity to it that makes the rounds “slippery”.  No – this wont allow them to defeat body armor… but it does make them more reliable when the bullet is being cycled through the action of an automatic handgun.  In fact, I have seen some guns that were horrible when it came to feeding hollow point ammunition and FMJ “ball” ammunition, run flawlessly when loaded with Nyclads.  Flawlessly.  The problem is that Nyclad ammunition is no longer being made.  Federal dropped the line.  I don’t know if this was do to poor customer response (I don’t understand that at all.  When I carried a SIG P228 on duty, Nyclads were the ONLY round I used… Well, after I had some LEO ONLY Hydra Shoks and found them to have more Sound and Fury than actual result) or if it was a political move because of movies like Ronin “The fucker sprayed it with Teflon!”  I sent Federal an email asking exactly why… but I don’t expect a straight answer.  Maybe I should call them.   Anyways, since this stuff is no longer made… it’s in short supply.  I just did a Google search looking for it, and I can’t find ANY of the 9MM Nyclads for sale.   A bonus were a couple books in the package that I have not read yet.  I am a very very happy Ogre!!!   Oh, and Nyclads are a very cool blue color… :)

One of the movies that always comes up at the top of the lists for favorite gun-movies is Robert Deniro's "Ronin".  And I agree... It's a great one, but it could have been better.  However there is one part that just really bugs the crap out of me.  When Deniro gets shot.  The movie does really well up to that point and then just blows the whole thing.  Deniro is hit with a ricochet.  Let's say that for argument’s sake, that the angle isn't impossible and he could get hit like that... Fine.  Gets hit in the side... No problem.  But when they get to the guy's house with the little samurai figurines...  One samurai was holding his sword in the totally wrong manner!  Okay... No... That's not it.  What really bugs me is that they got Deniro up on the table and pulled off a ballistic vest showing a perforation like the bullet went through it... And when they pull the bullet out he says "they sprayed it with Teflon so it would go through the vest."  THAT pissed me off.  Perpetuating a totally bullcrap gun-myth.  A Teflon coated bullet will not go through a vest unless that bullet was already capable of penetrating a vest before.  A smarter way of doing that would have been to say something like "Ah, a 7.62 Tokerav round... These were designed to defeat armor."  Which would have been totally accurate and just fine....  But no... Teflon makes cop killer bullets.   That is such a crock.  Putting a lubricant compound like Teflon does help a gun, but not like that.  It helps feed reliability and reduces the friction inside the barrel.   This gross mistake in the movie knocks it down the list in my opinion.  Of course to me Ronin was more of the car flick.  "Something fast, like an Audi S8."   Right on.  "With nitrous." there you go.  "And I'll need bigger injectors."  There it is... Point of fact - the Director knew more about cars then he knew about guns.  Hence my opinion that Ronin is more of a car flick than a gun flick.   Oh, it’s still a great movie… the ambush scene is fantastic. 

Email from reader:  “Hey Ogre, Have you seen these puppies?  The CROSSFIRE.  CDNNinvestments has them in their latest catalog for $699.   Looks like they are pump only (as far as I can tell). They need a semi-auto version, or maybe change caliber on the pump to .308 instead, then they'd be talking. - Bryan”  Yeah, I’ve heard of it.

This was sent to me last night.  Funny… it’s not as bad as it looks… trust me.  Just follow along... there is no porn... seriously.  I'm not gay, but It's still funny.

Email from fatNINJA: Greetings, Ogre.  I've been thinking a lot about the up coming senate and house battles over renewing the federal 'Assault Weapons' ban.  And while I certainly feel that it is important to get rid of that piece of legislative trash I wonder if their will be a push to repeal even more gun-control laws.  I really hope that the pro-gun people in this nation will not 'rest on our laurels' if we get rid of the '94 ban.  Maybe we could go after the bans on using too many foreign parts in the construction of 'new' rifles.  Although I personally would like to see the ban on full-autos repealed more than anything.   Its bad enough you have to pay the feds $200 for the 'privilege' of owning a full-auto, but to pay having to pay $3K plus for a parts gun Uzi when it only cost about $1K for police to get a brand new one from IMI just feels really retarded. - fatNINJA!”  Funny you should mention that.  I was looking at a Class III Uzi from Vector… 4800 bucks.  Make it 5K with the fed tax, and of course ad in your local sales tax… $5,288.00 for a gun that used to cost only $600 bucks.  One thing about the Vectors… small consolation… they are better than the IMI guns.  Not much… but they have a better finish.   I’m sure that baked on powder coat finish is worth 4 grand… right?  *sigh* Here is the thing I am really worried about. I am confident that Bush will win reelection with no problem… but in 2008 we will face Hillary Clinton as the primary Democratic Candidate.  She is smart enough to know running now is a waste of money… but in 2008?  Let me put it this way… we will have 4 years to buy up all the guns and ammunition that you can and relocate the as free of a state as you can.  I’m afraid that Hillary would have a good chance of winning.  And if she does, America will be damaged beyond repair.  CSPAN will be the new “Lifetime” network.  Gun Owners will be hunted and the AWB will be replaced by a total ban.  Socialism will become the rule.

Email from an observant Reader: “You got it wrong MO, liberals do not want to "ban all guns". Yes, liberal/socialists are evil no doubt, and well deserving of scorn, but they really want to *selectively* ban guns. A friend of mine has an extremely liberal/Marxist business "associate" (I use that term loosly), who once summed up his/the liberal notion perfectly with his asinine statement regarding gun laws: "NO one should ever be allowed to have a gun.....except *me*". There you have it MO, the true nature of the enemy we all face.”  I concede that point, Brad.  You are very correct.   They don’t want to get rid of “all” guns… just “our” guns.  The only thing scarier than Hillary in power, is Hillary in power with all her Zombies being the only ones armed… that and with sharks with frickin lasers attached to their heads.  Oh my hell… can you imagine it?  I shudder to think of it.  Hillary in power with a Democratic House and Senate to back her up.  HELL IN A HANDBASKET. 

Email from Annon: “I was listening to the news about the idiot, Jason Blair.  What the heck?  The guy is laughing at us all, and calling us stupid.  You know, if I lived in New York, and read the paper, I would have a civil suit against him so fast, it would make his head swim.  It would be for falsifying or duping the mass.  I would find something.  I can't believe the Times, is not going to sue.  You know, you give them a chance, cause you have to, or they will sue you, and then half the time they are not qualified, but hey, at least your not getting sued.  Then they falsify the news, and laugh at us.  If you only knew what I deal with, here in the south.  I know that sounds so terribly racist, but I have good friends who are African American.  But this danged Slave mentality needs to go away, and they need to just go to work.”  Just today I was reading the newspaper and came across a comic strip written by a black artist about young black kids commenting on current events.  It expressed a sentiment that I have heard before.  You would think that the Black populace would be insulted by affirmative action.  You would think that the idea that any black success is a white man’s allowance would be something that they would fight against… and that guys like Jayson Blair would be ripped apart for being a totally jackhole.  I guess I just don’t understand this.  I point the finger (middle) at public education and social apathy.   

32 DUI arrests Asshat.  This guy needs to be put into jail for the rest of his life.



Liberal Lie #1: In October 24-26, 2000, detailed drills were held in the Pentagon practicing response in case an airliner crashed into the Pentagon building.


FACT: If God inspired the planners at the Pentagon to prepare for an attack on their building nearly one year before the September 11, 2001 attacks, they should be commended, not cast into suspicion. 


Liberal Lie #2: Field FBI agents in Arizona notified their superiors of information about hijackers using planes as suicide bombs, but the superiors didn't act on this information. 


FACT: The FBI management can not act on every wild claim made by field agents.


Liberal Lie #3:  In 1995 the FBI under Clinton's administration raided flight schools looking for potential hijackers.  The FBI and other gov't agencies already knew of this specific real danger.


FACT:  In government, six years is a long time and with all the FBI personnel changes, the agency was unaware of its past diligence.  It is impossible a few high-ranking members of Herbert Hoover's esteemed FBI along with other high-ranking officers from other U.S. intelligences would betray their own country by blindly following heinous orders to allow a mass attack on their own country's civilians. Some agents would be truly patriotic enough to risk even their own lives to uncover such a high-level crime against the people of the United States of America.


Liberal Lie #4:  A United States Air Force Intelligence Colonel at the Monterey Language Institute U.S. Intelligence School told his class, "Bush is a joke.  He knew about 911 and let it happen."  He was forced to resign.


FACT: Though this did happen, similar outbursts by military personnel about gays in the military occurred under President Clinton.  Those critical officers also resigned.


Liberal Lie #5: Before 9-11 a con-man working for Navy Intelligence fled to Canada with a sealed document showing the impending attacks by suicide hijackers.


FACT: This person is clearly a con-man, and though he worked for the U.S. Navy, he is unreliable and has a long criminal history during his entire service in the United States Navy.  This exposes him:


Liberal Lie #6: Russian and other foreign intelligence agencies warned the Bush administration in the summer prior to the 9-11 attacks that hijackers intended to use planes as suicide bombs and were soon going to attack.


FACT: Foreign intelligence sources frequently notify the United States about many so-called impending attacks, most of which never happen.


Liberal Lie #7:  Ashcroft and some other government officials did not fly commercial flights in the weeks leading up to 9-11 for fear of being on a hijacked plane.


FACT: Ashcroft and others as citizens of the United States of America are free to choose any method of transportation within their means and legal rights.  They stopped flying commercial for scheduling reasons and their heavy workload.


Liberal Lie #8: Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco was warned a few days before 9-11 not to fly to New York on a commercial aircraft as he had planned.


FACT: It is illogical a so-called Republican conspirator would call a liberal Democrat Mayor to help him.


Liberal Lie #9: Vice President Cheney wanted to take over parts of the Middle East and boost the administration's sagging popularity.  An attack would fulfill both. 


FACT:  This accusation of treason against the Vice President should not even be dignified with an answer.


Liberal Lie #10:  U.S. armed forces were massing in the Middle East in the weeks and months before the 9-11 attacks.


FACT: Though true, the forces were involved in a large military exercise.

Such U.S. military exercises occur regularly throughout the world.  This was only a routine military exercise. 


Liberal Lie #11:  The head of Pakistan's Intelligence agency (the ISI) was in the United States meeting with Rice and others in the Bush administration in the week before the 9-11 attacks.  During that week this Pakistani General wired $100,000 to hijacker Atta.


FACT:  Pakistan is our ally, not our enemy.  Iraq was our enemy, but we liberated them and rid them of weapons of mass destruction and thwarted evil in God's name.


Liberal Lie #12:  A few years prior to September 11, 2001, Philippine police discovered a document outlining suicide attacks with hijacked planes in the United States.  The Philippine police officer who found the document gave it to police commanders who passed it to U.S. intelligence.


FACT: It is completely understandable and expected that such a document would get lost on its way from a Philippine police officer through the Philippine government then to the United States then through the US Intelligence community.  This happens all the time.


Liberal Lie #13:  Families of 9-11 victims threatened the Bush administration with going public with their questions about 9-11 after the Bush administration stonewalled an independent 9-11 inquiry.  The Administration responded by backing an investigation led by Henry Kissinger and by stalling the whole process.  President Bush is terrified of an independent inquiry into 9-11.


FACT:  Use the "Daisy Cutter Moab rebuttal," which we feel is more effective than diving into liberal-minded detail: "Even if Vice President Cheney allowed the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, he did so for the good of the nation.  Franklin Roosevelt did this when he allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor so the United States could join the war against the axis of evil of that era."


Liberal Lie #14:  Attorney General Ashcroft is secretly using the powers of the Patriot Act to investigate Vice President Cheney and others in the Bush Administration for treasonous actions against the citizens of the United States of America regarding the 9/11 attacks.  Some members of Congress and the Senate are also being secretly probed under the Patriot Act. 


FACT:  Completely false.  Attorney General Ashcroft is an honest Christian and loyal Republican committed to the cause of anti-abortion.  To suggest the Attorney General of United States would secretly investigate treasonous crimes perpetrated by his Republican superiors is ridiculous regardless of so-called liberal evidence.  True Christians follow orders and are always loyal to their bosses.  The rumors regarding this are just that: rumors. This is completely false.

May 21st, Wednesday: High Terror Alert - Keep your eyes open.  Not a good idea to take that trip into a big city.

Wait a sec... MCI is now keeping Danny Glover as it's pitchman?  I'm glad to see MCI giving public opinion the finger.

McDonald's hamburgers have always sucked, but at least the fries were good.  This isn't news.  But I think it becomes news when it's now official that the fries suck too.

The liberal hope for the future of automobiles are for Fuel Cell powered cars.  Oops.  Personally, I think for normal commuter traffic, fuel cell cars or electric would be just fine.  But they are not going to replace a real engine for anything that takes you out of your area code.  Let's look at who could benefit the most... The US Post Office, DHL, UPS, Fed Ex, School busses, shuttle busses and any other route type vehicle situations.... perhaps even taxi services.  I think before we try to roll this shit out to the mass public, let's prove it by putting it into civil service.  When they can show us the evidence of cleaner and cheaper operation - then I'll consider it.  Put let me be frank... If I am going to drop 20 grand or more on a new set of wheels they had damn well be inspiring.   That means I also want performance. Until then, keep pumping the high octane unleaded.  Thanks. 

May 20th, Tuesday:  I didn’t want to do any political rants today… but I have to get something off my chest.  Yes, it’s about the Democrats… They keep bashing Bush about tax cuts, but never talk realistically about spending control… about looking at the budget and seeing where they are spending money wisely and where they are wasting it.  Every time this is brought up… they ALWAYS point a finger at the Pentagon.   This is tiresome.  Yes, they have a point here… we all know the military is wasting money here and there on bullshit programs like the V-22.   But this is not about the Pentagon.  This is about the FEDERAL FUCKING BUDGET.  Before the Democrats say JACK SHIT about the economy and the tax cut… before they talk about spending any more of my money… I DEMAND that they take a look at what they are doing and how they are doing it with the money they already have.  This is OUT OF CONTROL.   Speaking of Democratic Spew… what is up with that one Democrat hopeful in those Iowa town meetings saying that the War in Iraq was unjustified?  Who the fuck is that guy?  I just heard a clip on the radio and didn’t catch who it was that said it.  I would like to sit down and talk to this guy personally.  I would like to show him 8X11 full color glossy photos of what our boys uncovered over there… I want to see is reaction and look him in the eye when he says that is not our problem.  This fool doesn’t get it.  This fool has no place on the political stage.  Sure, there are other problem areas in the world… but we took care of this one.  Sure there are other hungry people in the world, but we are taking care of Iraq right now.  Just because you have piles of shit in different places, does that mean we should not have cleaned up this pile of shit?  Gimme a fucking break!  I am so sick and tired of the games that these jackass liberals keep playing!  This is to you Liberals out there… KNOCK THIS BULLSHIT RHETORIC OFF!  If you don’t like the fact that Bush is in the Whitehouse, instead of pointing to all his fictional shortcomings, and crying that he should get out – WHY DON’T YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO EXPLAIN YOUR BETTER IDEAS?  I will tell you why you don’t do that… because you can’t do that.  You have no better ideas.  Bush has a tax cut – you counter with a different tax cut.  What the hell is up with that?  His tax cut is a bad idea for America – but YOUR tax cut is OKAY?  You’re a bunch of tax sluts!  You fools are a plague to the American way of life.  Your only goal is to make everyone dependant upon you… your despicable.  

I don’t give a nut about a “Balanced Budget”. I just what to stop wasteful government spending.  If the spending was under control and not a hemorrhage, and we needed more money… then fine.  More taxes… okay.  But until all bullshit is put to an end… I don’t want you fools touching ANY money.  

Email from reader: ”Your article on the Guns of the Matrix got me thinking.  If you were the arms master for some kind of big budget action flick, what guns would you want to see in the movie?  There are some guns that have just been done to death, and I'd like to see a little more variety in the movies.  The reason the Desert Eagle is so popular on film is because it's large, evil looking, and has a very distinctive appearance that shows up well on camera.  Magnum Research has a list of movies/games/TV shows their pistol has appeared in over the years, and it's LONG.  I don't mind them on screen, though I'd like to see them portrayed a little more realistically for once. That is, a guy fires a DE at another guy; there's a pop and a puff of smoke, and the bullet hits the target, and the guy falls down.  .50AE, or even .44 Mag, will make a much more noticeable report than, say, a 9mm, and will have a more noticeable effect on the target when they hit.  So, I'd like to see .50AE perform like .50AE on screen.  Regardless, the DE was a good choice for the Agents in the Matrix.  They're super-strong, they can wield the 4-lb autoloader without limp-wristing.  The HK SOCOM would've been another large, intimidating looking choice, but I can only recall ever seeing the SOCOM on film once (Tears of the Sun).  So, in my movie, my MIBs would probably carry HK SOCOMs, or more likely, HK Tacticals, with the laser aiming module mounted on them, to give them a larger appearance.  Both models have an evil looking threaded barrel.  The standard suit-wearing bad guys would probably have Glock 17s.  The Glock is a good weapon for the nameless, faceless badguy.  The Beretta has been in more films than I can count, but there are other 9mm pistols out there.  I'd like to see the CZ-75 on screen more often. The G36 has been getting more screen time lately, so no complaints there. But how about some rifles with more authority?  I can't remember that last movie that had a good scene with a FAL in it.  I'd like to see several different FALs in movies; standard, full sized ones, like the STG58 or L1A1, 16" carbines like DSA makes, and one of those 13" OSWs that DSA makes. That'd be cool.  The SPAS-12 is a mean looking shotgun, but it's been done to death. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever had an HK FABARM in it, and I'd like to see some more of those.  Mossberg 590s with the heat shields look very cool, too.  (I think I saw Arnie using one in the Terminator 3 preview.)  You don't see the pump shotgun being well-employed in movies that often.  (shoot one, reload one, ammo switching, etc.)  It'd be a nice touch.  I'd also like to see a Saiga 12K (16" barrel model).  That weapons strikes me as an excellent entry shotgun; very short overall length without sacrificing your magazine capacity.  You can't get 8+1 capacity out of a 14-16" barreled shotgun with a tube magazine.  I'd like to see more .45s in movies, too.  1911s for one (carried cocked & locked, of course).  I prefer the cleaner lines of, say, a Colt, than the front cocking serrations and rounded hammer of a Kimber or Springfield, but that's just me.  The CZ-97 is a beautiful pistol that would look good on screen too, I think.  Mainly with handguns I'd like to see more revolvers.  Yeah, yeah, I know, semiautos hold more rounds, and are all tactical and stuff, but revolvers look mean as hell. Besides, a very rapid reload with a speedloader would look super cool on camera, I think.  A 4" S&W .41 Magnum would be what MY action hero would pack most of the time.  A Smith 625 in .45ACP, with moonclips, would be nice to see, too.  I was happy to see the HK UMP-45 in the Matrix Reloaded.  I had the chance to fire one of these at Totally Awesome Guns, when I was in Salt Lake City last October, and all I can say is WOW.  It's extra-cool because you don't see a lot of .45 submachine guns anymore.  So, my action hero would pack the following at one point or another in the film:  -4" S&W M57 .41 Mag revolver (or M58 M&P) -CZ-97B -Saiga 12K -DSA STG58A Austrian FAL -DSA SA58 OSW 13" Shorty FAL -HK UMP .45  (It'd be a long movie with lots of gunfights.  Who wants to pay eight bucks to watch people talk?  Sit down in a restaurant and you can do that for free, LOL.) – Mike”   Hey Mike, thanks for the email. If I was going to do a movie?  The Shorty from DSA would be a solid choice.  Also the SIG 551 Commando.  Lots of different short barreled rifles… I love them.  Beretta has a great rifle too.  I’d like to see that in a film… But more important than the guns, I would have some Dialog About The Guns.  Best lines in all the movies are the lines about the guns.  I bet I can throw out some lines, and my Horde can tell me the movies.  Let’s do a few… 1. “IT SHOOTS THROUGH SCHOOLS.”  2. “I LIKE TO KEEP THIS AROUND FOR CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.”  3. “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND.”  4.  “LEAVE THE GUN.  TAKE THE CANOLLI.”  5. “ANCIENT WEAPONS AND HOKEY RELIGEONS CAN’T BEAT A HANDY BLASTER AT YOUR SIDE.”  And lastly, this little line… 6. “I said I didn’t have much use for them.  I didn’t say I didn’t know how to use them.”  I could go on… make a whole page about this… but you get the point.  And these are some of the most obvious ones… practically giveaways.  I’d like a movie that discusses the matter of firearms in some detail that gives the audience some truths to the audience.  Such as a scene where the evil doers come across a lady and rape her and kill her… then come across another lady of similar age and economic situation, but this lady blow the guy’s spleen out his back.  Have the cops talk about the to cases and have the dumber of the two ask “What was different here?” and have the smarter of the two give him a look and say “Politics” and then go and shake the lady’s hand and even give her a few extra shells and remind her to “reload”.  Seeing something like that on the big screen would have most of us stand up and cheer in the theatre!  Now, as much as I like SMART dialog, I also like sick and twisted action.  I too would love to see a big shiny CZ-97B on the screen as the Bad Guy Boss’s personal side arm… I’d like to see a FAMAS rifles a few TAVOR rifles, and a couple Gepard SMGs.  Those are what I’d like to see.  Of course, let’s take this to the next level… I would also like to see a realistic depiction of not just modern infantry in a modern fight… but also detailed and realistic depiction of a modern armored battle.  Showing the magnitude of firepower the US Army rolls with... what a 120MM cannon does.  No movie has ever done that... never.  If I was to do a movie… I would want to Direct a movie of version Harold Coyle’s TEAM YANKEE and SWORD POINT.   

Harold Coyle - Best writer when it comes to tales of the modern US Army.  I recomend him highly.  I've met with and talked to him at VMI, and some other writers of his ilk... Tom Clancy included... Coyle knows his shit better than all the others.

May 19th, Monday:  "You disappoint me."Matrix Matters:  I’ve had some thoughts on Agent Smith.  This guy has the best dialog in the whole movie.  Not only does he have the best lines, these lines are delivered with such style as to totally steal the show from the rest of the cast.  Of course Laurence Fishburn is a solid actor and a gives a solid performance as Morpheus, he is out classed.  Not just by Smith, but by Merovingian (played by Lambert Wilson), a Francophile who is the perfect stereotype of a cheese eating surrender monkey with a little authority. Lounging in opulence, and intoxicated by his own specious theories about the supremacy of his own sexuality, the Merovingian is the super hero icon for all wannabe effete bastards… but as slick and that seau de boue is… Agent Smith tops him by shear horse power.  Hugo Weaving is an incredible actor, his delivery style is both chilling and compelling.  Agent Smith also has the perfect grasp of The Human Condition, “I believe that as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering.”   On some level, I want this guy to win.  He is cold, calculating, and always calm and collected.  He isn’t just the best character in The Matrix… Agent Smith is one of the all time greatest Villains ever to be put on film.  

Email from Shin came in today.  Evidently he ran into Jayson Blair.  I'm always pleased to hear from him... but just to tell me this?  +3 on the Annoying attack card. 

Saturday I went to the hardware store and dropped 20 bucks on PVC pipe, pipe insulation, and duct tape.  Came home and made a cache of toy swords for all 5 boys.  These "Swords" are light, strong, and fully combat ready.  Ever since, the boys will at random moments, suddenly break out in a furious swashbuckling battle to rival the Princes Pride.  It's awesome.  My 2nd littlest one is only 4, but packs the fury of a veteran samurai.  He will throw his whole being into a swing that will either knock a bigger brother down, or will send himself sprawling.  "BONZAI!!!"  My kids are so cool.   My littlest being only 2, was given a short hobbit sized sword that he can use to good effect... he caught me right in the nuts and dropped me like a sack of Idaho spuds.  Never underestimate the size of the dog in the fight!  Judas Priest.

Jayson Blair... I'm tired of hearing about this guy.  I'm tired of hearing about the New York Times.  The NYT sucks and have almost always sucked.  Why is this news?

Poor Danny Glover... MCI fired him.  This is sad.  It is too bad MCI waited so long.   Glover is a giant asshat who has reaped his rewards for running his ignorant mouth.  Bush is a racist... Right.  Please Mr. Glover, explain Rice and Powell to me.

The guns of The Matrix article is up, but I am going to continue it... It isn't done yet and wont be untill after the 3rd movie is out.  Some of the guns are lacking the details I want to give them... But I'm in no hurry.  Check it out. 

Sorry I have no good update today... I am trying to fix my F'ing car and it isn't coming together.  I pulled out the dash and the column.  I can't find anything WRONG but the damn thing still isn't working.  I'm now pissed again on a whole new level.  Feh.  Any good news today?  No.  I'm too irked.  My world is a dark grey today. 

May 18th, Sunday: The Ogre Mobile (Subaru) is not starting.  This has put me into a most foul state  I think the problem is in the parking lever safety switch/break peddle safety lock... Because I can not shift it out of park unless I press the safety release... But it still wont allow me to start up.  Highly pissed off.  First ogre reaction is rage followed by pounding of fists.  Once the rage settles to bitter-anger, I'll be able to figure out the problem and look for solutions.  In this case a workaround bypassing the safety switch.  Fucking Subaru.

Could someone please send me a Cuda Maxx Stiletto?  Thanks.  For some reason (possibly because it's the sexiest knife I've ever seen?) I really want one, but of course  can't get one do to Student Budget Syndrome.

The Matrix Reloaded - It's only in one theater and it's only shown once a night... On the nights the theatre is open.   *sigh*   Well, after seeing it I'm both impressed and satisfied.  Some people in the theatre complained about the "Empire Strikes Back" ending... This is a sign of ignorance.  The ending is not an ending.  This is a cliff hanger because the story is continued.  Hence the big "To be fucking continued" just before the credits rolled.  If you watched the credits, you find that these are probably the longest credits I have ever seen.  The upside is that once you endure them, you get a glimpse at part 3, Revolutions.   Wow and WOW.  Reloaded had some of the most stunning visuals ever put to film.  Reloaded also expanded the Matrix universe making it more real in my opinion.  Did you guys catch that battle-mech thing?  A freaking walking gun turret... The thing was badass.  I loved the whole thing... But the ultimate was Neo's flight to catch the falling Trinity.  That was killer cool.  More on this later… after I wipe my ass with silk and watch it a few more times.  There was just too much to see to take it all in in only one viewing.  I need this on DVD!

Speaking of The Matrix, I am working on an article. "The Guns of the Matrix"   Hence the little logo to the left.  I have some of it written, and will post it... but it's not even close to being completed.

May 17th, Saturday:  The month of May was getting a bit long in the tooth so I archived the 1st to the 15th.

Picked up the "Equilibrium" DVD yesterday.  Before I watched the film, I watched a trailer.  Surprise comes from Uma Thurman's flick, kill-bill. This movie looks pretty awesome.  But that is not what I am talking about here.  Equilibrium, is very much worth watching. Very cool.  If you haven't yet seen it I suggest you do so.  It a mix of The Matrix, Apple’s “1984” commercial, Gattica, Judge Dred, and THX1138.  Normally this would be far from a complement.  However these guys actually pulled it of and turned an instant B-film into a front-line contender.  The pistols used in the flick are totally sweet.  They are Berettas with a lot of modifications.  It has a long barrel treatment with a weighted barrel/frame and aggressive barrel porting.  The result is a pistol that looks cool, and doesn't make you think of Robocop's full auto Beretta  pistol.  Unlike many theatrical gun modifications, this one would work well in the real world.  Such a conversion would allow you to gain 150 to 200 feet per second in muzzle velocity, while reducing or eliminating muzzle rise during recoil.   The martial arts used is called "Gun-Kata" or some such bullshit.  The whole thing is utter nonsense, but it does look cool on the screen.  Some foolish guys have said "Oh, yeah, gun-kata is real."  Uh, no it isn't.  Not even close.  It has closer association to Madonna’s Vogue than to any actual viable form of combat training.  Trust me on this... If it was real, I'd know gun-kata and be practicing it.  Word of wisdom: All unaimed fire is wasted fire.  Anyone telling you differently is a bullshit artist... Or playing you for a fool.  I think we are going to see some of Matrix Reloaded borrowing from Equilibrium.  Just a guess.

CNN isn’t slowing it’s leftist slant for a second.  It is running an article by Elisabeth Bumiller of (take a wild guess here) the New York Times.  Now, right off the bat I have to say that Elisabeth Bumiller is an idiot.  When is the left going to drop this “Top Gun” routine?  The better, because it’s only serving to make Bush look better.  Everyone knows that Bush really was a fighter pilot now thanks to them.  This is something that no one knew before.  Way to go left!  And this article?  Bush takes stage craft to a new level?  What a crock!  Bush just landed on an aircraft carrier and in doing so, did even cost the tax payers one thin dime.  Why?  Because that little Viking jet was going to be landing on the Lincoln anyways.  Bush just hopped a ride on it!  “George W. Bush's "Top Gun" landing on the deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln will be remembered as one of the most audacious moments of presidential theater in American history.”  You have got to be kidding me.  It’s laughable the memory span these liberals have.  You want to talk stagecraft, the master of that was Bill Clinton.  Not even a question.  That man was an actor to rival the best Hollywood has every offered.  You have to admire the acting skills Bill had.  There is footage of Clinton attending a funeral and smiling and laughing with an associate as they are walking away.  Bill notices a camera and in a single stride changes his jovial face to a face willed with deep concern, sorrow, regret, and even pain.  It was the most masterful bit of acting I have ever seen.  Bill knew how to look good on camera and played that skill to the limit.  SNL even did a parody of this when they had a Clinton look a like go up to the podium on what looked like the white house lawn, smile, give a thumbs up, and say “I am bullet proof”.  The liberals all cheered that because it didn’t matter what he did.  The other big spin they are playing is the Bush Tax Cut.  Couple points here.  There is so little of Bush’s plan in there left, it’s not even recognizable as Bush’s plan.  It’s less than ½ of what he wanted.  But you watch the spin going on with it Monday… and remember that it only took effect Friday.  Scratch that… it passed the senate Friday, but still has to go back to the House of Representatives for reconciliation.  Meaning the thing wont go live for some time.  And even then, most tax cuts won’t actually happen for years.  Some items in the tax cut wont even happen for 7 years.  However, because of the elimination of the taxes on dividends, we should see some aggressive moves in the stock market very quickly.   Because now all the sudden stocks are a much better investment because the investors are now going to be able to get more back out if them.  It really is a brilliant move.  Some liberals think tax cuts are the end of the world.  No, tax cuts just mean that the liberals can’t go on runaway spending sprees like they have under the last 8 years under Clinton.  It’s isn’t about Tax Revenue… it’s about how they use it.  It’s about how they waste it.  This is OUR money and they have never spent it wisely.  Never.  If the Feds were the CPA firm in charge of your personal finances – you would fire them in a heartbeat.  Then you would file on them!  Senator Byrd is a good example of runaway spending.  They should just go ahead and change the name of the state to State of Byrd because everything in it is named after him.

Still haven’t seen Matrix Reloaded.  I’ll catch it tonight.  If I can get tickets.  Evidently the shows are selling out even though there is little in the way of lines and you can’t buy tickets that far ahead of time.  I guess they got to get the tickets out to all the good old boys first.  I hate Vernal.

May 16th, Friday: I have some more rants brewing... mainly of course about the Left.  Will update those later.

Strange songs in my MP3 play list... One song by Lou Reed called "My name is Mok, thanks a lot."  Comes from an animated movie called "Rock and Rule".  Cool show, but I doubt anyone else here remembers it.    Then I have a couple songs from The Doors with "Break on through" being the key.  I don't know what the rest of The Horde listens to when your not hammering away at the firing range... But Pink Floyd is the absolute best of the best.  That's my number one.  After that I like - get this - Celtic music. The Rob Roy sound track is great.  Right at this moment we have Mrs. Ogre's favorite disk spinning in the deck "White Stones, Secret Garden"  Good stuff, but a little too calm.  Well, I guess at 10:30 P.M. it's appropriate.  (Made these notes last night

If you haven't noticed there is a new link in the Odd Stuff box.  Imhotep's Domain.  Imhotep is one of my brothers.  He goes by the name Imhotep because he looks just like Imhotep.  Exactly.  Shaved head and all.  He scares people.  Especially our father.  I am sporting the shaved head thing again as well but I can't say I look like Imhotep...  But I can do a killer impression of Buddha.  Hey, I'm in my 30's with 5 sons and a hottie wife... Game over - I won.  I don't care what people think of my looks.  Picture me, big scary guy with a shaved head and a goatee wearing sunglasses and living in a Nowherestan where most of the guys look like they just had a roll in the hay with the family sheep.  Let me put it this way, most of the time people have a knee-jerk reaction when I stomp into a place... It usually involves them back peddling, getting out of my way, and saying sorry a few times.  Yes, this is the proper way to show Ogre his due respect... But please, you don't have to apologize for being in my presence.  For not averting your eyes, yes.  But just because I walked in, unnecessary.  Truthfully, I'm not understanding this little town at all.  I'm not scary looking.  I'm just a guy that got tired of shampoo - again.  The fear reaction is probably due to the fact that I'm still a stranger here.   *Sigh*  I hate this place.   I thought Utah had bad food before… (There are only a few places worth eating at on the Wasatch Front)  Nowherestan wouldn’t know good food if it was forced upon them.  The use of spices and seasonings is almost totally unknown.  I had some Mexican food at a popular joint out here… they just shredded a lot of lettuce on it.  That’s the key to fine cuisine out here, lots of shredded lettuce.  I don’t even remember what it was I ordered, because it just seemed to be a plate of refried beans with a pile of shredded lettuce on it.   I’m craving something odd… something I took for granted back in Orem.  I want a “Spicy Chicken Bowl” from Terraki Sticks. I hate the place.  You have no idea.  I have going to deal with it, because I am here for a reason and that reason is for a higher education.  I am here because I am going back to school and this is the best place for me to do it – at this time.  I shall endeavor to persevere.

I’ve been thinking of the Cuban situation… Yesterday I said we are just waiting for Castro to kick the bucket.  And that is true.  But Tracy has a good take on that.  “Ogre my love!  Yes Castro is our fault.  Kennedy made an agreement with Nakita that we would not invade Cuba and allowed Castro to stay in power.  So, it is our fault really.  You said all we have to do is wait till Castro dies, and then all will be well.  But, my dear ogre, you have to ask yourself, how bad does it have to get before you risk your life, your family, everything you ever had, to leave???  They risk, death on a crowed boat that probably leaks, sharks, drowning, exposure, etc.  If they don't make it, then they risk, imprisonment or execution.  So, how bad does it have to get before you risk all of that?  Let me tell you, it is oppression at it's worst, yet these people try.  Unlike a lot of the Iraqis, who just could not overcome any of it on their own, these Cubans will risk it all.  They have a will to make it better.  Ask them if they can wait.  Would you?  I probably would, but you see, this shows the spirit of the Cuban people.  Besides, Farm Boy has had many meetings, with different groups of Cubans in the last week about this very subject.  Basically bleeding heart Americans have kept Castro in power.  He came over here fund raising, and we-- bleeding hearts, gave it to him, who then gave it to Nakita.  So, don't tell me, it isn't our fault.  It is a wonder, that these people tolerate us at all, but guess what, they love us.  They are so patriotic, and appreciative of the freedoms we all take for granted.  Farm Boy, and I are very passionate about Cubans, as you can see, but then, hey, we know these people.  Tracy.”  As much as a total dickhead Castro is, I don’t think we can justify any overt military action against Cuba.  Castro is putting people into prison, true.  But he isn’t feeding people feel first into shredder machines.  He isn’t filling mass graves.  He isn’t building nukes or chemical bombs.  He isn’t sending terrorists out to the US. So dropping the 82nd on Cuba and rolling the 11th Armored Cav isn’t going to fly.  These leaves political pressure. Sanctions haven’t worked for the past 50 years.  So obviously outside political pressure isn’t going to cut it.  We need to do something that creates political pressure inside Cuba.    We can do this easily.  We open the doors to Cubans fleeing Castro.  Make it known to them that if you flee, we will take care of you.  We have a boat of people trying to make it to Florida?  We pick them up ½ way there and drop them off on the docks in Miami.  Set up a little refugee camp, document everyone that comes in.  They don’t even have to go that far.  We have a Marine base there in Cuba.  They can go to that base, if they make it there, and we will take them in and ship them to the camp in Florida to take care of them.  Let the flood gates open.  We can handle it.   Everyone will know about this despite Castro’s best efforts to silence dissidence, people will know.   Castro is a stubborn bastard… but with enough pressure on him he might relent.  He might wake up.  Give him a year to come around.  During that time, his own people might take a stand and try to assassinate him.  If after a year and he hasn’t come around, and no one has yet popped him off… then we can send in our own agents to do the wet-work.  Pop him off and stage a little revolt.  You couldn’t do it without some amount of violence.  Cuba is in our backyard.  Cuba is a problem of our creation, that is true.  UN need not apply.  France needs not attempt any bid for Cuban reconstruction.  “Fidel is a total creation of the American left. They funded him and help push Ike into pulling the rug out from poor misunderstood Batista. The stage was set with the CIA plan the Eisenhower administration signed off on the get rid of him early.  St. Jack pulled the air cover and most of the rest of the original plan leading to the bay of pigs disaster. Castro is our fault collectively. We can remedy the problem easily. It gripes me to liberate Iraq and leave that evil creature running amok so close. 99% of Americans have no clue about the very interesting history of Cuba and our relationship to these events. I love Cuba and freedom-loving Cubans. They should be recognized for their contributions to the USA dating back well over a hundred years. If it weren't for Spanish Cubans, we wouldn't have even have St. Augustine and we couldn't go dancing at Havana village right across from the old slave market, steps from the bay and the bridge of lions. Farm Boy”  I have a sneaking suspicion that Farm Boy not only has been in Cuba, but knows right where Castro sleeps.  Be afraid Fidel… Be very afraid.  You gotta laugh at the dim-witted liberal scholars that say things like “If the Cubans didn’t like Castro (or Saddam) they can rise up.”  I would ask these mental giants what they mean by “rising up”.  Do you mean like rising up like the students did in China at Tiananmen Square?  Do these people even remember what happened there?  The Chinese Army rolled tanks over the protestors and sprayed machinegun fire across the square.  These protestors were not simply dispersed or pushed back.  They were destroyed in a most brutal and horrible way that Liberals can not even begin to fathom in their little brains.  Same thing in Iraq and the same thing in Cuba.  The ability to “Rise Up” is a LUXURY that we in the United States enjoy because of the 2nd Amendment.   These other countries do not have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  This is unique to America and what makes the US stand apart.  Other than Free Speech, which is great… but the 2nd Amendment is what protects the rest.  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."  These liberals talk of Rising Up but at the same time, in the same breath will say that “No one needs a semi-automatic rifle”.  Well, if you want to ever be able to rise up, then yes you will.  In fact, that is the exact – EXACT – intent of the 2nd amendment.  To give Americans the ability to rise up when such actions warrant it.  We need assault rifles.  We need high capacity magazines… hell, he even need bayonet lugs.  Benjamin Franklin said that we will probably have a revolution every 20 years.  This hasn’t happened, but it’s that possibility that is what keeps the government in check.  Cuba has not had that.  Cuba had it’s revolution and after that, guns were taken from the mass populace and made it legal only for Castro’s regime to have guns.  This means “Rising Up” is nothing more than a quick suicide.   Liberals can’t see that, can’t understand that and they never will.  They will be eunuchs all their lives.   If we want them to rise up, we will have to actively assist them.  We would have to provide the tools of liberty to the people there willing to actually make a fight of it.  We will have to give them guns.  Or, we will have to do it ourselves.

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