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5-15 to 31-08

5-31-08:  Indiana Jones and the Goblet of Fire: I don't know which one would have been more realistic... Prince Caspian, the new Narnia flick or this Indiana Jones travesty. The whole movie has Indiana Jones, jumping around being clever while all the time having machineguns fired at him. How on earth do you completely ruin Indiana Jones? It was crap. Totally and completely utter crap. I tried to watch it being of the mindset that “it's just entertainment”. I tried to forgive it for the lack of realism... the huge leaps of logic... all that. I tried to give it up. I tried hard. I failed. I hated the movie. I'd rather have watched this new Sex & the City movie and then go shoe shopping with my wife and all her sisters. But that's just me. If you liked it, fine. You're a tit.

Does anyone out there have a keyboard for an HP Pavilion dv5000? My letter “L” is not working anymore. This is highly annoying. How am I typing it then? Editing a text file on another system and emailing it here, then uploading it. PAIN IN THE ASS. I need a new keyboard. This is retarded. Anyone have one they can sell? I'll buy it. I'm also thinking about trying to get a new laptop altogether. But the summer time is tight for us economically.... this presents bad timing for me. I need to do something about this soon... This laptop is wearing out like 120 thousand miles on one set of tires.

Dan Wesson's .40 Razorback 1911. We got one in for a special order. I may have mentioned it before. But wow. For the money, if you want a good stainless 1911, you will have to spend a lot of money to get a better built gun than these Dan Wesson's. It was damn near flawless. The only thing I didn't like about it... my only nit-pick... was that I didn't like the grips... I'd have preferred micarta grips. We also got in more of the Dan Wesson Bobtail Commanders. Again, these are all Stainless. I would love to see Dan Wesson do some guns in Carbon Steel and Aluminum frames. Then I would not be able to contain myself... Then again...even if they did... I've spent all my money for the year I guess... that and my Lappy has technical issues.

This is the funniest thing I've read all day. Read through this. Now watch this. That's awesome.

There was some questions regarding the Shakira clip I posted the other day. The inclusion of Danzig was a bit of humor... but not because of what you think. Some of The Horde has said that this Danzig guy just sucks and is a joke. The joke is that Danzig is being funny. You guys don't know Danzig? Are you kidding? Yeah, he's a big muscle posing guy, but he can rock. Haven't you heard his version of “Mother”? He's different... but that makes him cool. Listen to this one...

5-29-08:  Our company website got hijacked. Attack originated out of China. Our hosting company was actually the one targeted, and the Chinese hacking bastards then hit all the commercial sites they host. Redirections, viruses, and general mayhem to disrupt as much as possible. When we called, they said they were aware of the problem. Then we asked them to take down our site until the situation was fixed... they said that would take 24 hours to process. What? So to make a long story short, I'm thinking we need a new host that can actually respond to serious issues in a timely manner. Like RIGHT THE HELL NOW when we call. I'm going to shop for a host and I think I know of a couple that would be good for us... both in Utah.

I zeroed the Trijicon and I have to admit that I love it. I shot it at lunch time, full bright. Late evening, in failing light, and at night in no light. In all conditions I was able to engage targets and deliver solid hits, braced, off hand, and moving from 25 to 300 yards. The sight, once zeroed, simply just worked – exactly as one would expect from Trijicon. If the Strikefire is going to replace it on my SIG – that Vortex had best be something extremely good.

The more I shoot the SIG 556, the more I like it. No, scratch that... I love it. I love it so much, I want to marry it and have little baby SIG's.... and if that happened.. they would probably look a lot like the FAMAE SAF sub-gun that Hordeman Sean has... he sent us this pic. Freaking AWESOME.  I want 8 of them. 

The only thing that could make the SIG 556 better, is if it was in a more authoritative caliber such as 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC. Please, SIG – make replacement uppers available.

I had a good email about Red Dot sights for combative arms. There are a lot of options out there at prices from 50 bucks for a TruGlo to 1800 bucks for a Trijicon ACOG 4x. How does a guy know what he is going to work for him? What is going to fit in his budget without breaking it? I did my rifle scope recommendation page... I need to do a Red Dot page. I will start working on it.

5-28-08:  SIG 556: I've topped my SIG 556 rifle with a Trijicon Reflex ACOG. This isn't the ACOG you think of when you hear ACOG... it's a reflex sight powered by gathered light and a tritium capsule. Pros and Cons: Cons first... The dot is fairly dim and sometimes hard to see in certain light conditions. Which is why it has a twist adjustable filter to tweak the view through the optic to give better contrast to the dot. You can make it so dark it pretty much works as an occluded eye gunsight, or open up to let it work as clear as possible. Thank you to Mark of Vernal for that. I appreciate it. I'm still going to mount up the Vortex Strikefire when I finally get my hands on mine. I'll do a head to head review on these optical gunsights when I get it in. Now the Pro's to this reflex sight. It's tritium powered and fiber optic light gathering. This means there is no batteries. There is no switch. There is no On or Off. It's always there... always ready... like iron sights. You gotta love that. I'm also trying out the Advanced Combat Bipod from Tango Down. This is a pretty good match to the SIG rifle, being made primarily of polymer... so it looks great... has a nice low profile... adjustable... and can tilt, which is nice... but the real nice bit is that it pivots. Or “Traverse” as they say in Tacticaland. I like it. The only downside is the buttons you push to collapse or deploy the legs. One of the good things about it is that it is ready to mount on weapon rails, unlike the Harris pods which require an adapter. This bipod is a winner... Oh, and yes, that is a compact red laser on the front of the bottom rail.

Immigration: Without naming names, I gotta vent. I know a gent that is trying to immigrate to the USA and become a citizen of our great nation. He's doing everything right, trying his best, and spending a shitload of money on immigration attorneys. He's a hard working family man with a good job, home, wife and kids. And the US Attorney has made his life hell for his troubles. There are so many guys that come in illegally and do everything they can to stay off the radar and take advantage of the system... and they are handled with kidskin gloves... yet my friend is racked over the coals. Our Immigration system needs a serious revamp. If they deport him – then the system is totally fucked up.

30 Months: Remember when I talked about the guy that had a malfunction in an AR-15 that he loned to someone? Well, he just got nailed with 30 Months In Jail. (DIGG that and put it on the Front Page of Digg! It needs more eyes!) We can not let this go... We need to all get together and voice our displeasure. We need to all write all of our State and Federal representatives about this. This can not stand. CAN NOT STAND!

The Mystery Taurus:  Oh, yes... I almost forgot. The Taurus I totally forgot about. Yeah, I remember it now. This goes back to 2005. Wow... yeah... after rereading my review, the details come back to me... one of the cylinder chambers was sticky. Other than that it was a lovely little revolver, even if it had some bite to it. It's much like Shakira... small, sexy, spicy... and when your done – sticky.

Interesting evening last night. First off, we secured Ogre Ranch and went to a Dance Review. The Powerhouse dance school put out all their numbers that they competed and won with at Lagoon a couple weekends ago. I saw a couple numbers I didn't catch at the competition. It was good. Very entertaining... several of the numbers really blew me away. Watching the girls dance... let me tell you... that reminds me of why we have guns... This is what we are protecting. This is what we defend. After the review, we went to JB's for the traditional desert celebrations, and that was good too. Then we went home and things changed.

As we pulled up to Ogre Ranch we immediately saw that a window was open that had been closed before. WTF? Stop the van, dose the lights, back up and stop. Stay here, keep your eye and ears open. I pull out my .45 and grab a flashlight and move out. A quick and quite circle shows no movement inside, and I notice nothing out of the ordinary inside... just the window open. I move inside, door still locked... I entered quietly and cleared my way to my gun locker. There I transition from 1911 to SIG 556. Both floors cleared, I signal my family to come on in.

I don't know why I grabbed my 556. Normally I would have grabbed my shotgun for this sort of thing. But the 556? Man, I didn't even think about it. Instinctive trust and faith in the gun I guess.

Now that the house was clear, we went around and checked everything again... nothing was moved, nothing was missing. We just have an open window. But how did it get open? It was closed when we left to go into town and now it's open.

Further investigation showed something interesting. On the inside of the window that had been opened, a big fat smudge that looked reminiscent of Raven's nose. Raven, our wolf, had been inside, sleeping in the storage room where she likes to crash. Normally she's out in the evenings. She woke up, found us gone, and let herself out by unlocking the window and nudging it open with her nose. The lock is easy to open with a downward swipe of her paw... but her being smart enough to know to unlock the window before sliding it open. That's like – supernatural. Yes, she's a smart dog. Too smart for her own good. Now if she was really smart, she would have shut the window again... of course, maybe she was smart enough to figure she wanted me to know what she could do.

I went back outside and looked around... there was Raven, laying in the shadows, grinning at me. She had been watching the open window all evening. She knew she left it open, but didn't leave it unguarded. I would have felt very bad for anyone who tried to take advantage of that. She might be a sweetheart... but she would have tore the shit out of a trespasser. Good dog. 

Okay, now I know it's not a good thing to clear a building alone... but you can increase your odds by studying and learning all the nooks and crannies of your property... look for where you would hide, and plan your angles to cover those spots.  Clear your property a few times on your own as practice... so when you do have to do it for real, you will know how to go about it.

5-26-08:  Range day for the boys: I took my boys shooting... my smallest boy stayed home of course. He can't walk yet, so I let him teeth on an ASP RedGun Glock. He seemed content with that. The other boys shot as much as they liked. They had a great time and displayed improving marksmanship. They are getting quite good for being so young. The only downside is that they have once again shot up all my ammunition.

You can see the CZ 527 was present. It was shot a great deal... If it is possible for a bloke to feel affection for a rifle, this little carbine is it. Pure shooting delight.  I recommend it highly.  If you get one, and it doesn't become your favorite... there is something wrong with you.

Memorial Day: I wrote this for Veterans day, but I think it all applies here to. Especially when need more respect and honor for those that have served. It seems to be the thing to do to talk down to soldiers, to criticize them, to take advantage of and rip them off. Just a word to you cake eating civilians out there… You don’t say Happy Veterans Day. You don’t say Merry Vets Day. But just because you don’t have a meaningless Seasons Greetings for it doesn’t mean you don’t say anything. This isn’t some fat bunny in a sled passing around Jack O’Lanterns because it’s Santa’s birthday… This isn’t about some old fable-become-tradition. Veterans Day is a day for those that are still alive, and for those who are dead… those who died for your freedom to flip soldiers the bird and to call them baby killers and spit on them in the airport. Veterans Day is for the guys that died fighting for your personal independent liberty… It’s for that Veteran that walks with just a slight limp and seems otherwise fine, but he doesn’t have a spleen because an enemy of our country blew it out his back with an AK-47 so you can get 15% Off that new leather fat-ass reclining couch that your going to sit on to mock the President from while watching your 42 inch plasma TV flipping through the channels trying to find some Friends rerun. Veterans Day is for the guy that came home while all his friends didn’t. Veterans day is for the woman who gave up the best years of her young adulthood so she could press her hands over the sucking chest wound of some guy from her own home town 6 thousand miles away from home. Veterans day is for that old woman over there that raised 2 kids alone because when she was young she sent her handsome young husband off to fight for your freedom and came back as a flag folded into a triangle. That’s what Veterans day is for… and what do you say to those people who served? You just say “Thank You”.

Fruit Salsa: Orange juice, strawberries, Kiwi, pineapple, red onion, and any spicy peppers you like. Chop fine, mix in some OJ, and some cilantro. Fruit salsa. Don't laugh... Mrs Ogre just fed me some and it was delicious. Different, sweet and spicy, and very good.

5-25-08:  Billy sends us a link to an interesting yet highly over-rated and unnecessary mod. Evidently it is vogue in the tactical community to turn your 870 into an M-4. While I like the 870, I'm not sure if I like the idea of making the 870 weight twice as much. The full length rail is ludicrous. A shotgun does not need that. Flip up sights are cool... on rifles... I don't know guys... I just think this tactical thing is a bit much... over doing it... trying too hard. What's funny, is that everyone with an AR-15 is putting different grips on it and anyone with anything else is putting AR-15 grips on there other guns. The six position stock is horrible for a shotgun. It puts all the recoil force on a small pin, it has no padding... it would not be a pleasant gun to shoot. It doesn't give you any advantage. The Sporting community has a better option for Dotting The Shotty. It's called the Speed Bead, and it works. It's easy to install and doesn't require rails. It doesn't add weight. It doesn't look ugly. Combine that with THIS. This is a Knoxx SpecOps stock, and it trumps a DPMS M-4 stock. It's wearing a recoil pad – something you want with a 12 gauge and it has a recoil reduction system. (Yes, i know I linked to one on a 20 gauge) That's nice. But even better yet, the ShurShot stock. No, it's not Tacticool... but it is a better stock for your Gauge.  Combine the Shurshot with the Speed Bead... throw a side saddle on there... that's tactical.

Hordeman Matt has linked up some videos of something very slick. An MP5K PDW SBR. Very Nice. First Video, Second Video. This is a legal firearm and this is something anyone can do to their personal guns... the Short Barrel Rifle law makes the gun a Class III restricted gun. But for a $200 tax and with the proper paperwork, yeah, you can do this too. I have been very tempted for several years now to do the SBR thing to one of these. And add a suppressor, of course. For more information, contact your local Class III dealer.

When you do dumb things – you gotta expect the consequences.  This was on Digg and it made me chuckle... I've done some stupid things before in my life... at least I didn't light my crotch and get weasel stomped.  THAT takes the cake for stupid.

I need to update my 101 things to do with the Quran list, but I am short on ideas now. If you are going to send suggestions, please, nothing to do with sex toys.

For those who are concerned about the issues I recently posted about, don't worry. My family here at Ogre Ranch is all good. The problems are with my childhood family. Betrayals, large scale theft... and the punchline is that my Mom and Dad are going to divorce. This is a shock because of the reasons, but not that they are splitting up. They should have split up years ago... neither of them have been happy.  It's the betrayal that hurts the most. To me, the most important thing – in the world – is LOYALTY. That was destroyed. Loyalty can overcome all other problems, but nothing can replace loyalty. The silver lining is that my brothers and I retain loyalty to each other. The Brotherhood is stronger than ever before.  We know what Loyalty is.

5-23-08:  There is a lot I want to talk about tonight, but I'm going to hold off for the time being. We have some seriously unbelievable, unfathomable, bullshit going on right now in my family. If I post this – you guys just will not believe it's true. Betrayal that goes so deep on so many levels... it makes me physically ill when I think of it. So I will not think of it anymore tonight. Instead, we shall discuss firearms.

Ben and I went shooting today. It was .45 ACP day. I shot my carry gun, my S&W 1911sc. It starting doing something odd... while it was perfectly reliable and accurate... a couple of the cases ejected straight back and hit my in the face. WTF? It's never done that before. Very strange. It didn't hurt or anything like that, it's just very distracting while you are trying to shoot well. Still, I'm very happy with the pistol.

This is my carry package... the lightweight commander 1911sc and a Gerber Applegate folder.

The pistol that surprised me the most however, was Ben's new little pistol.  A Kahr P45. We did some casual plinking at some bottles and the accuracy was impressive. Regularly bouncing the soda bottles at 26 yards. This is accuracy that the Kahr has no right to... it shouldn't be this accurate. It has a 3 inch barrel... it's Double Action Only... it isn't tactical... there is no rails on it... But there you go. It was accurate, it was reliable... it's everything you want in a CCW pistol. It has my approval.

Two Winchesters for sale.  Both .44 Magnum. 1600 for both. 800 each.  The western style is in perfect shape save for a couple dings in the wood.  The other one is brand spanking new and unfired.  The tag is still connected to the lever. If you are seriously interested, let me know. 

5-21-08:  What was it that I said about Obama? Brain damaged? Please... of course he is. He's a democrat. But this takes the cake. He says he's been in 57 states, one left to go to, but he couldn't go to Alaska and Hawaii. This must be some of that Two Americas shit because I have no idea what the man is talking about here. So how many states are there in Obama's world?

Na na naaa-na... na na naaa-na... say hey hey... good bye! About damn time. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Wanker:  Do not try to tell me that some gun company that is ssssoooo goooood at being Uber-Tactical that they have a super-duper-uber-secret Military Only sniper rifle that can shoot a .308 cartridge and nail targets dead at 2000 yards. Because if you do, the guy at the counter is thinking you are an Uber-Wanker. Don't even use the word “Uber” unless you are a German ex-pat. If it's a bolt action on the open market, I've probably shot it. If I've not shot it, I probably know someone who has, and has given me their report. You know what?  We've all noticed something. Tactical rails on bolt action guns do not add energy to the internal ballistics of the cartridge, and as a result, does not add anything to the external ballistics of the projectile... thus does not alter the terminal ballistics. If you do not understand what those three things are, please strive to find out. Rails do not even make the rifle more accurate. No, I mean that... seriously. Rails only let you attach things to the gun. That's it. Now go away.

Taco Stands: Three taco stands and a BBQ stand have opened up in town. There is one next to Basin Sports in the IGA parking lot. The Carne Asada tacos are excellent. Fresh chopped cilantro, some onions, some sauce, on a couple awesome home made tortillas. The little Mexican dude takes his tacos seriously and he can speak English. 2 bucks each... you will want at least 2 of them. The weird drinks mixed up in the big jars, take a pass on those. Catty-corner across the street is a red painted taco stand next to the Marsen Sleep Center. (bed store) This one has good tacos, really good burgers... but what you want here is the Carne Asada burrito. It's huge... full of grilled steak, rice, some beans, and you can load it with some onions, guacamole, and sauces... and it's only 5 bucks... ding-ding-ding... we have a winner! That is some damn fine eating right there! Be patient... there is probably going to be a line... let them take their time... it's worth the wait. They have bottled Mexican sodas, Pepsi, Dew, and Dr. Pepper in 24 ounce bottles. Stop here for lunch. I have not been so pleased with a food stand meal since that jambalaya from a cart in downtown Richmond, VA.


5-20-08:  The real price of cheap scopes. Cowboy Blob has something that I have seen before. This is what happens when your cheap scope gives up the ghost. I've had this happen several times with Simmons and other cheap scopes... more recently on a Bushnell. I used to think that I was just hard on scopes, and because I was hard on them and no scope would survive me, I'd get cheap scopes. Well, I've learned something... GOOD scopes don't do this. Don't try to tell me that Simmons is a good scope – Cowboy Blob just showed us otherwise. This is why I prefer Leupold, just off the cuff and my knee-jerk reaction is to put a Leupold on it. Why? Because Leupold scopes work. I never have to second guess them. I never have to worry about them. Are there better scopes out there? Depends on your point of view. Dollar for dollar? I don't think so. But Zeiss, Kahles, Nightforce, Swarovski... yeah, they are fantastic glass... but I've seen them fail. I've seen very few Leupolds fail, and none that didn't have a healty does of user error dialed into the formula.

This is one of the reasons I am so curious as to how the Vortex scopes hold up. They look great, they are bright and clear.... fantastic value for the money. But can they really hold up to a lifetime of use at Ogre Ranch. Well, we are going to find out. My Strikefire is on order, already paid for. Look for these to hit the streets for about 150 bucks... MSRP is 160. Don't expect the prices to be much lower than 150 because of the demand. They are getting further and further back ordered every day. I can't help but to geek out about it.

I gave the Taurus letter to our shipping department, because I didn't feel like sorting out where that gun came from and I didn't feel like calling them. I didn't follow up either, so now that I am thinking about it, I am again curious.

The more I hear Obama speak: The more I am convinced he is brain damaged. "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said. Why yes sir, yes we can. We sure as hell can. Not with YOU as President, because no one could afford to, and not with Chinese tanks on every corner... but if we can keep you out of office – then yes we can. The rest of the world? I'm sorry if I'm about to offend my Non-American readers, but to hell with what the rest of the world thinks. We are FREE. That means we CAN drive our SUV's. That means we CAN eat what we want. We CAN crank up our AC. We CAN do all this at the same time, that's why we have DRIVE THROUGH. Who does this skinny Commie think he is? He thinks he can take away our freedom? The sad thing about Obama, is that he one have to try to take away our freedom. With him in charge, it will only be a matter of days before some does it for him Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time. He will allow Iran to destroy Israel and allow China to roll over us completely. This man has absolutely no understanding of how the real world works, what's at stake, or what could happen if he lets our guard down. No concept. He's the most idiotic person to run for office since Jimmy Carter. And because Stupidity is rewarded here in America – this assclown is going to win. I sure has hell hope I'm wrong. I PRAY TO GOD THAT I AM WRONG. PLEASE, LET ME BE WRONG! McCain has so many defects it isn't even funny. But at least he can see the wolf knocking on the door and knows it's the wolf. He rips Obama so hard, so deep, and so ferociously that it is the political speech equivalent of a Slasher Movie. Obama is completely gutted by McCain. What's best is the detail that McCain goes into the evisceration... it's surgical... it's Jack The Ripper. It's fantastic.

Speaking of horror films: Sweeney Todd.  We got it, we watched it... we loved it... it's easily the sickest and most twisted movie/musical/horror I've ever seen. The madness is amazingly dark. I mean, when Johnny Depp, as Sweeney Todd, sings to his razor knives, calling them his friends, saying how they will drip rubies... that's some twisted shit right there. I loved it... It's now my favorite song. I don't know why... but I totally understand it... I feel the same with my .45's.  "At last!  My arm is complete again!"  Chills... Helen Carter was creepy good, but Depp... wow.  Depp is awesome.  He is easily one of the very best actors in the business.

5-18-08:  101 Uses For The Quran.

The third coyote-toddler attack in 5 days. Read it here. The cat at Plowshare Forge things coyotes are some sort of noble creature and mocks me saying that they are mammals and are thus not Cold Blooded as I say they are. Well, Cold Blooded is a turn of phrase, and regardless of posting a picture of a coyote nuzzling a pup... they are cold blooded killers in every way you want to spin it. Sure, coyotes are pack minded and “family oriented” but I know a lot of ranchers who have dead livestock (dead-stock as Plowshare Forge would probably say just to be contrary) because of coyotes. Just an hour ago I learned of a coyote pack that had killed and tore apart an Indian lady on an Indian reservation... this was twenty years ago, but still. Tribal Police (Blackfoot) found that this woman was intoxicated, walking home from a bar or something, and passed out. Coyotes tore her body to pieces. My father in law was the one that found her gnawed upon head. Either way, I'm tired of his shit, he is de-linked. I'm not going to bother going through the archives to delete all of the instances... but he's off the main page of linked blogs. His anecdotal snapshots of history was interesting at first... but upon closer examination, we see that he doesn't get the lessons learned from that history... his conclusions are wrong. Too much liberal influence in Oregon I guess.  Either way, he's gone. This is only the second de-linking I've done to an active blog because of a disagreement. The first one was American Drumslinger, who just posted too many naked boobies and was not work safe. Not that I am offended by the female form, but I don't link to porn when I can help it. Replacing Plowshare Forge is Predator Xtreme, an online magazine dedicated to hunting wild predators.

Cool Canadians: I remember a guy I used to play paintball with. He was a student from Canada. Nice guy. I liked him a lot. He had a good head on his shoulders and didn't constantly wave maple leaf flags like so many other Canooks we run into. There is also a dude I will call... Adam. Adam is a good guy. Proud Canadian but not so much so that you think he smells faintly of maple syrup. Adam is also the only Canadian that I wouldn't want to get into a tussle with. He's almost as big as Correia, but juggles knives like a Hockey loving Jet Li. So what makes these guys Cool Canadians? They don't act like dicks about being Canadian. They don't wear chips on their shoulders. They are just Dudes. Nationality isn't a factor for them. It's a note in their background... a line on their Character Sheets... they have a home town that isn't in the USA. That's fine with me. Don't stab me, Adam.

A soldier has used a copy of the Quran for target practice. So what? No, don't answer that, I don't want to hear it. I don't give a damn about their holy book because they don't give a damn about ours. Why do we have to treat their book with respect when ours is pissed on, burned, and otherwise desecrated at will over there? Why do we have to respect Mohamed, and Mohamed's name when there are millions of assholes named Mohamed and they disrespect Jesus on a constant daily basis? No, I'm not being insensitive, I'm being American. Americans have FREEDOM OF RELIGION and that means we can worship whoever the hell we want. If it becomes US Policy to show reverence to the Quran, then the state is forcing that religion on us. FUCK THAT. No one cares when the Bible is used as target practice. No one cares when some asshat “Artist” puts a crucifix in a jar of piss. But if we look sideways at the Quran we are ignorant and insensitive dunderheaded Americans? I think this is really simple. If they want us to respect the Quran, then they must in turn respect our holy books. Respect is a two way street. Until they show us respect, they should get no respect in return, and they will not from me.

I'm writing a list now: 101 things to do with the Quran.

  1. Target for target practice.

  2. Cut a hollow out of it to make a handy box for storing your jar of bacon bits.

  3. A prop to hold open the window in your bathroom when you funk it up.

  4. Tear out the pages one at a time for pee-pee targets to train toddlers to pee in the toilet.

  5. Booster seat for young kids so they can eat their ham dinner.

  6. Put strips of bacon between pages to blot off excess grease.

  7. Rifle rest to improve your aim when shooting at cartoon Mohamed targets.

  8. A hollowed out Quran makes a great place to stash your Girls Gone Wild DVDs.

  9. Pages make good toilet paper when you run out of Charmin.

  10. Dip pages in past to make volcanoes for the school science project.

  11. Shredded Quran makes good packing materials for shipping holiday hams.

  12. Clean up oil spills in the garage.

  13. Stacks of the Quran can make step stools for reaching things up high.

  14. Cut the cover off and put it around the pulp novel your reading so no one knows.

  15. Book covers for school books.

  16. Put one under the leg of that wobbly table to balance it out. Remove pages to adjust height.

  17. Coloring book to keep kids quite at Church.

  18. Soaked in wax and kerosene to use as fire starters for camping.

  19. Give shredded Quran to Rip Taylor for his festive entrances.

  20. For that Paper Clock you always wanted to build.

  21. Testing knife sharpness.

  22. Make piñatas out of pages, fill them full of candy and let kids beat them with sticks.

  23. Hollow one out to use as the collections tray for church.

  24. Drill holes half way through to use as a sorting tray for your reloading bench.

  25. Makes good Box of Truth test media.

  26. House train puppies with pages.

  27. Discipline unruly students or spouses.

  28. Inner wall insulation to improve your home's R Value.

  29. More to come!

Interesting things in the mail. First, I got a package. AR mags. This is going to help out a ton. Hordeman Jason is THE MAN and there are going to be a dozen guys toasting his name. We thank you, James. Second: The Mystery Taurus: Got a letter from Taurus today. They say they got my firearm and need my address to return it to me. I'm going to have to call Taurus first thing Monday morning... because I'm thinking “WTF?” I feel like Obi Wan, if I can be so geeky. “I don't recall having any droids.” When did I send a Taurus in for repair lately? I admit, I couldn't rattle off all the guns I own if you asked. I couldn't even tell you how many. But I would think I'd remember sending a gun to Taurus for repair. Now, this could be a Store gun... but if it was, I would imagine that Taurus would have sent the letter to the store, and not to me personally at Ogre Ranch. I shall have to sort this out... because I don't remember sending in a store gun to Taurus either. Again, WTF? The Mystery Taurus is a puzzler.

Damn. That was close. Maybe next time. Why hasn't this porker kicked off yet? I know so many good guys that die for the stupidest reasons, yet this drunken sod keeps going like the energizer bunny. I hate that. They say that getting blowjobs is healthy for men. McCain needs to stop it.

Firefox has just released the version 3 release candidate 1. It's good. Faster, cleaner, fixed the memory leaks, seems more stable.  It also fixed an issue I had with Thunderbird and the last Beta... which was emailed hyperlinks not opening in a new tab in Firefox. Well, they work again now, and a big irritation has been done away with.

Our friend Matt has given us another guitar lesson. Check it out here. Yeah, I'm still learning to play... It's fun... and it doesn't burn my ammo.  Check out that guitar... this is Matt's latest find... look at it closely.  Crazy.  I love it.  Next video, you need to use your HR Giger guitar, Matt... that one is SICK... maybe just a vid of you jamming, something heavy... something loud.

A friend in my IDPA group has turned my on to a slick new way of hunting. Saves ammo and works every time. You just got to remember to go around and check the traps every morning.





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