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Something wicked this way comes... Project X

Friday, 6-30-06: I may have done something really stupid, or pretty smart... I don't know which yet. The other day a fellow came in and purchased every Winchester rifle we had with a wood stock. He left only one, because we had 2 of them and he only needed one of each. After he left with rifles stacked like cord wood in the back of his truck (I'm not kidding) I looked at our Winchesters... we had 4 left. We had a couple Super Shadows and a Coyote SS in .270 WSM. Well, I pulled out my CZ P-01 and traded it in on the Coyote. It's not that I didn't like the P-01 anymore. Nooo... that's not it. I could buy another one if I have to. And would... but I plan on buying it back. In the mean time, I have one of the last Coyotes ever, and the last one in the Uintah Basin. I checked around with other gun shops... and no one has any Winchesters left at all. If your local gunnery shop has any on the shelf... snag it. This might be smart... might be foolish... time will tell. In the mean time, I'm the proud owner of a very nice rifle. It has a deep reddish brown stock, blued receiver and a stainless barrel. Investment or splurge is yet to be seen, but pretty much I'm planning on this being an investment item. If I decide to shoot it, I'm going to top it off with either a Nikon Monarch scope or a Carl Zeiss.  With a BDC of course.

Winchesters... and especially the 9422 are going for about double what the book value is. If you have one, hold on to it!

Now a lot of guys have been questioning me about Calibers. There are a lot of great calibers out there that don't have to be adopted by NATO to be good. .308 is not the font of all that is lethal... It took me some time to come around to that opinion... in fact, .308 isn't even a favorite anymore. Other calibers out there do it better and do it at longer ranges and don't even kick much harder. Still, it is a good round and I will never say its a bad choice, unless you are taking it on a hunt in Africa and then I think I might advise you to seek more gun. Like the fellow going for the Big 5 with a 7MM Maggie... that might be a bit light for that. Speaking of Africa... just a quick note: If I ever get the chance, I'd roll with a .416 Rigby or a .505 Gibbs. Just in case you were wondering. You see, being civilians, we have the ability to pick the right caliber for the job. If you want an Elk Cannon for smashing Bulls out past 700 yards... you can do that. A .30-378 Weather Magnum would do the trick nicely. In the Army, you would either have to hit it with a .308 – not the best choice – a .50BMG, or a TOW missile.... not much edible meat left, but what is left would be precooked if that's what your after. We can also enjoy finer weapons with finishes other than parkerized. So if you are a Civvie, enjoy having your cake and you can eat it, because hell, you can just go get another one if you are so inclined. Milspec means jack diddly to me anymore. In fact, I don't even want to look at a Milspec gun anymore. Unless it's a .50BMG, because those are still just too freaking cool.

Good Question:George, I remember reading about your preference toward Springfield and your distaste toward Kimber 1911s. Has this changed or was I mistaken? Outside of custom/high dollar – who is your favorite production 1911 manufacturer and why? - Scott

For general grade production 1911's under a grand.... man... I have to say my preference has switched over to Smith & Wesson's. While their new M&P pistol has some teething issues, the 1911's are prime. They are built very well with less play in the slide to frame than others. I never - NEVER - thought I'd say that. But after looking at each 1911 and putting them under the same scrutiny and comparing them to Rock Rivers and Wilson's... S&W is the way to go. That, and they don't always put in those forward slide serrations. I'd be very tempted to roll with a S&W Commander right now. At the shop we have a couple upper level Kimbers... like the new Raptor II. It's a very nice pistol... but I'd rather have the basic S&W Commader. Better fit, trigger, smoother, and cleaner lines. The 1911 being damn near 100 years old now, we've had plenty of time to figure them out by now. There is no point in going with one of a lesser build quality, and there is no excuse for building one that is sloppy. Springfield has put out a couple sloppy ones that I've seen, and so has Kimber. I've yet to see a bad one from Smith. S&W has really stepped it up. Even their – damn I don't want to say this – their AR-15 is pretty dang good and worth the looking at.

My Bro Josh is getting married next week on the 5th. Looking forward to seeing him and the family again... and looking forward even more so for meeting Josh's love, Cindi who sounds like a great girl. On the 6th, they are wanting to go shooting... Josh was looking forward to firing the P-01 again. Oops. Well, I've got some other great guns for them to shoot... high end Wilsons and Rock Rivers, the new Vaquero and some other things. So while the P-01 might be absent (for a brief period of time) I will have plenty for them to shoot. If they really want to go shooting... because... seriously... I'd be wanting to something else on the Day After. But hey, it's all good.

Wed 6-28-06:  Yesterday was a very strange day. I found out that Acidman passed away unexpectedly. I hadn't kept up with him for a little while, last time I checked in, he was doing okay. He was a good soul. The link to GutRumbles will remain. My condolences to his family. The blogosphere is diminished by his passing.

I said it before, and I'll say it again... no one but CZ and Kimber is making a good rifle these days. Don't get me started on the Wood vs Synthetic stocks... I like wood. For a stainless gun, I like laminated stocks. It seems even the big names of the rifle industry just can't get it right. They seem to think that since they have the big names, and have long established brand recognition, that they can put out lesser quality crap if they just polish the wood... and still charge the better part of a grand for it. Even Kimber, I've got a couple Kimbers – high end ones mind you – that the checkering on the wood... you can tell the cutting bit was getting dull. I'll leave it at that. And CZ? You guys know I love CZ. But they need to get rid of the cheap ass birch and premium hand picked pallet boards and find some real wood for their stocks. I've seen better wood used for karate demonstrations. Still, criticisms aside, CZ and Kimber rifles are the best ones going now. If Remington could just remember how to make a trigger, fit a recoil pad, and learn how to float a barrel... I could buy a Remington. But that might be asking too much of them now. Savage is making great barrels, stocks, and are putting good finishes on them. They just need to drop the gimicky Accu-trigger and put a decent trigger system in them. If you take an accu-trigger down and look at it's workings, you see it's awfully precarious and would be flat out unsafe it wasn't for the inner trigger acting as a crude safety. So instead of making a good trigger, they cheat the system to get what might feel like a good trigger to the average hunter or shooter. If you are a trigger aficionado and you know what a really good trigger feels like, you know what I'm talking about. Now I'm not criticizing these guys for the sake of scorching their egos... I intend this to be educational for reader and maker alike and a hope that these makers step up and pay attention to details again. You would think with the advancements in material sciences and manufacturing techniques that you would have to time and money left over to maker sure your mass produced products don't fucking suck. A guy came in today with an old Winchester Model 70 in good old .30-06. That old girl had a nasty scope and rings on it, but we got that sorted out. Man that would have been a sweet shooting gun... the gun was ancient and had maybe only 25% of its bluing left on it... but man that thing was a gem. I would wager that old girl would have been a better shooter than most of the new rifles we have on the shelves. And these new rifles in these new calibers that shoot out bullets at speeds unheard of twenty years ago... they don't really offer anything greater than what we had in the past but seems to be designed and engineered to burn out the rifling as soon as possible. Why can't you build them like you used to... put your hand down Winchester, you closed the factor so don't even act up with me. Next Winchester out will probably be a rebadged Howa or Steyr. But the rest of you... get to freaking work!

One new rifle that impressed me a lot is a Browning BAR Short Track. The one that I'm liking is the one in .300 WSM. That looks like a nifty rifle and a half. Even better, it feels excellent. It's not heavy, and when it's on the shoulder, the thing just fits and points perfectly. The Semi-Auto action looks like it would do a lot to soak up felt recoil, but I've not shot it so I don't really know that part. But if it shoots ½ as good as it looks and feels then that gun is a winner.

Handguns... S&W's M&P might not be all that it's cracked up to be, but their 1911's look and feel like they are right on the money. Might not be as refined as some of the Kimbers, but they are step up from a Springfield.

Seems HK is feeling red in the cheeks from my review on their DA/SA P2000 pistol. If you've read it, you know what I'm talking about. Some are saying I was unfair to HK... but come on! HK's motto is “No Compromises”! The P2000 is loaded with compromises. 3 dots instead of tritium sights, a trigger that tosses out the term “Gritty” in favor of “Rocky” The last person to pull something that heavy and rocky was pulling up blocks to build the great pyramids in Egypt. I'm not trying to bash HK, I like HK guns... I just want them to build them better. You are paying a lot of extra cash for an HK and in the crowded 9MM/.40 cal market, you need to be special. Mr No Compromises just isnt special enough to stand out. It's not as good looking as a CZ or Browning, the trigger isn't as good as an XD or even a Glock, the action isn't as smooth as a Beretta or even a Taurus... To be perfectly honest, I'd take a Poly framed Magnum Research Baby Eagle over an HK P2000. Straight up, after testing a lot of guns... sorry... you need more than a two letter red logo to compete these days. We are not the Rainbow Six team, we can afford to picky because we are spending cash dollars and are not placing bulk orders for issued side arms. We want something special, we want something that isn't compromised. We want HK to be something special instead of something that is just about as average as you can get. I got a lot of panties in a twist writing that review, but then again I expected it. So did the good folks at CCM who very nicely tolerate me while fielding calls from HK. I don't remember reading anything printed in any magazine that was ever critical of the HK line of guns. I think HK is feeling like Gabriel at the end of Constantine. Step up and make a gun that is worthy of your motto. Don't send me a POS for review and expect me to do the polishing for you. I don't write for American Handgunner!

Apologies to John Taffin at American Handgunner... Taffin is my gun writing hero. That guy can swing a pen just as good as a big six-gun. He don't live too far from me. I should swing by sometime and say howdy.

Well, I've got to go now... My wife is yelling at me saying the guys from HK are at the door and they say they want to talk.

Friday: 6-23-06: Couple things I wanted to touch on real quick. First off, Concealed Carry Magazine and the USCCA now have a snazzy new website. It's been totally redone and subscribers have access to all the articles online. It looks good and it works well... I like it. Kudos to those responsible. Well done. Now, the other thing, there are a lot of new blogs out there, and as much as I'd like to link up to all of them, I have to be selective. Here's one I'm linking to. This cat makes some great old school knives that I've mentioned before. I don't know about the skirt thing, but hey, “don't ask, don't tell”.

S&W M&P: You guys are hearing a lot about the new M&P pistol from S&W. It's a dandy shooter and ultra reliable, right? I've sold 3 of them this week and each one has come back with little annoying problems. First, the white dot in the front sight post popped out on the first shot. WTF? Second, the magazine catch on the M&P has a little metal tooth on it to actually do the mag catching... well, on this one, the mag catch busted off even before the gun was fired. Third one, mag catch issue again, this one locks up just fine... but when you start firing it, it will unlatch and drop the magazine all of the sudden. My desire to sell these guns have dropped to near zero. I'm steering all M&P shoppers to the XD... I've yet to have one of those come back for anything other than to tell me how much they love it or for more ammo... most of the time, both. I'm going to be holding off buying one myself. I had been tempted, but this week... no thank you. I'll happily stick to my CZ-P01 which has no desire or time for such nonsense. The P-01 ironed out all the developmental issues in house before going public. Now S&W has done something very right... I've got 4 of their M29 revolvers... .44 Magnum, blued with beautiful wood grips... they are just flat out gorgeous. Anniversary editions with the gold logo. Sexy freaking handgun right there. I don't think these will last very long. Oh, and I checked... we're 50 bucks below Cabella's on these. The line forms to the left.

Emailed question: “Hey, Ogre, I'm trying to research the company CSA Kuwait ( It's not really where I want to go or what I want to do; it's like my Qatar job, except in Kuwait, but it does pay a little better and has another weeks' worth of vacation time. I'm not going to pack up and leave right now for something like that, but I'm not having much luck in my job search otherwise. (Well, it's to be expected. Six years of National Guard experience doesn't count for much.) But, it's an option, and it's something I'm considering. I could come home with twenty or more thousand in the bank, and that'd be enough to support me while I go on another crazy adventure (I want to go teach English in Thailand for a year, maybe.) However, I can't find much info on it. Some places say it's good, others say it's bad. Could you ask you readership, maybe, if anyone's worked that contract, and how it is? - Kupari”

Thursday: 6-22-06: My Cowboy Gun. Okay, so I didn't buy the Taurus. I was going to... in fact I had already pretty much done it... run the paperwork and set the Taurus Gaucho aside to take home after work. Then Martin sends us an email with a picture of his cowboy gun, a case colored Stampede. That got me thinking... dang that was a good looking gun. After lunch I go back to work and take a look at my Taurus... all the sudden it looked like a mud fence. So I pulled the trigger on a Ruger new style Vaquero in .357 magnum with a nice case colored frame and a blued barrel. It looks sharp. Before I purchased the Ruger I pulled out all the SAA clones and put them on the counter. I examined each one and weighted all the pros and cons of each. When it came right down to the brass tacks, the Ruger won. I didn't have a Stampede to examine, that was the only gun in the SAA line up that we didn't have. I can't believe that I actually purchased a Ruger that wasn't an SP-101, which up until now has been the only real one that I wanted. Well, I'd also like another Single Six in .22 for a plinker and I'd also like a little Bear Cat, but I'd want that in a .17 Mach 2... but they don't make them in that caliber. Oh well. A .17 Mach 2 would be about the most nifty thing ever. Anyways, so I've finally purchased a cowboy gun and I'm happy with it. I do miss not having the 4 clicks in the action, but I consider the reverse indexing and cylinder being released to spin free when the loading gate is open and not having to half cock the hammer... It seems Ruger didn't' want to just clone the SAA Colt, but to examine what could be done to logically make it better without doing anything gimmicky. And this one has a great trigger too. Now here is the sad thing - I've only fired blanks out of it. .38 Special blanks. I know... I could cry. Next day off I get, probably Sunday, I'm going to run a box of real shells through it.

Thanks to Hordeman Scott for the book about the UN's war on American freedom. This just boggles the mind... why for the love of all that is holy are we allowing the UN to headquarters in the US? Timothy McVie hit the wrong building in the wrong city in the wrong state, that's for damn sure. The UN has no authority in the USA, but with Presidents with the One World point of view, like Bush... it's a strong possibility. Bush has given disgusting amounts of money to the UN. The whole situation is crazy.

The Outlaw Trail Theater is going well... we opened Tuesday night and have done very well with no audience noticing flubs. I'll be so glad for this to be over. Musicals are not my thing. I wouldn't mind a drama or something along those lines... but a musical... never again. Ever.

Saturday: 6-17-06:  The saddest thing about the M-16/5.56MM situation... is that the press has picked up on it while Generals in the Pentagon just blow it off and say “5.56MM is a fine cartridge.” CBS, Washington Times are now in disagreement. Come on. When reporters are saying “You know, that's a pretty wimpy weapon you got there”, you know something just has to be wrong. When the Major Media scoffs at your battle rifle, you know something has to be wrong. When the Reporter from the Major Media outlet writing the article is probably packing a more powerful concealed carry pistol, you know something has to be wrong. When the media that has been calling AR-15's “High Powered Sniper Rifles” in the past, is now savvy enough about guns to say your weapon is a touch under powered, you know you've got something wrong. I'm not going to say .223 is a bad cartridge. Its fine for a lot of things... Combat against other armed humans just is not one of them. Let's take some emails and see what The Horde is thinking:

Hordeman Martin throws his take: “You are correct about .223. I have one for my 12 year old son. I consider it a training rifle. When he gets another 50 pounds on him, we will upgrade.

Ouch. Martin hits the nail on the head. There it is. Training, target shooting, plinking around with some buddies at empty aluminum cans... .223 is perfect for that. Then again. You can have more fun and make more shots for your buck with a regular old fashioned .22LR. But .223 is a Gateway Cartridge... a step up from Long Rifle into more serious, harder cartridges. Give the kid something that has a little kick to show him what recoil is before he gets big enough to handle a .243, .270, .30-30, .308, .30-06... real working calibers with histories of successful hunts and long range kills under their belts.

The argument that .223 is so much lighter and you can carry more ammunition is bogus. My grandpa toured Europe with a .30-06 doing it only 8 rounds at a time. If he can do it, and that was good enough for him... facing down the best equiped, best trained, and most ferocious enemy we have seen before or since... then it's good enough for me. Grandpa did it. So could I. Have we become so soft that even our elite soldiers are too pussy to carry a real rifle? Add another week to basic training then. They need to suck it up and quit crying about it and be a man. That goes for the ladies in the service too. If you can't handle a real rifle, then don't sign up.

Stephen sends this in: “Ogre, I just followed the link from your paeg and watched CBS's report on the 5.56mm bullet, and I am amazed that after almost 40 years there are people still advocating the use of this round for the military. Even the expert who proclaimed the advantages of being able to carry three times as much ammunition should have the basic maths skills to realise that this is not good enough if it requires three to four times (or even seven) as many hits to stop a target. Also 7.62mm ammo can be fired in bursts just as well as 5.56mm ammo if the rifles are set up to fire limited 3 shot bursts, as some versions of the G3 are I believe. Beyond this I feel that the larger 7.62mm NATO round offers far more flexibility when engaging a target in cover (just shoot through it!) or at a light vehicle. Additionally from a logistics point of view the fewer different types of ammunition used by an army the better. 7.62mm rounds make adequate ammunition for carbines, rifles, light and general purpose machine guns. I won't include sniper rifles even though they can use this calibre because they should have their own higher grade ammo anyway, but it would be nice if they had access to the regular ammo in an emergency. So the 7.62mm bullet offers more stopping power against human and non-human targets and a simpler supply chain. - Stephen

I think I've tapped this topic out for the time being. Here's what about something else. “I like your honest reviews. I'm tired of authors reviewing a gun with the grace of a CZ-70 and saying how you could live with a few minor negatives because it's such a wonderful gun. George M.

Thanks G. Well, no one is really making a totally suckass gun these days. At least none of the well known brands. Some are better than others, but generally most of the new guns out there now are pretty decent. Some new guns have teething issues that get worked out in time and they turn into decent guns. The trick is to just be honest about the gun... because I don't think it's worth stretching the truth about. People are going to read the article and they are going to know if you lied about it. I always email my articles to the gun makers so they can see what I've got to say about it. The intention here to provide positive and constructive criticism so that they can take that in stride and improve their product. Sometimes its a big thing or sometimes it's a detail. But my job first and foremost is to inform you guys so you can make a more educated decision when you are facing down a gun counter full of choices. You can take that for what it's worth... Everyone has their own opinions. I'm just giving mine, and I try to do that in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining. I'm just having fun with it really, the whole process... I'm enjoying it. It's not “Work” to me. So reading it shouldn't feel like work either. I can't take it too seriously and break out the chronograph and report to you spreadsheets filled with data on shot per shot velocities because that shit doesn't mean anything. You take any modern factory loaded round made for defensive work, and you aim your shot and hit the target... pretty much the job will get done and ten feet per second difference isn't going to mean anything to you or the target. Writer's who rely on numbers have no imagination and should seek other work.... such as writing stats for horse tracks.

Friday: 6-16-06:  Don't EVER write to me about the M-16 or the M-4 and tell me it's a fine weapon... don't ever do that again. SEVEN times. 7! And here is a follow up. The problem is not the ammo. The problem is the caliber. .223 out here is regarded as adequate for prairie dogs and rabbits, and a bit weak for Coyotes. Seriously. It's not even up there as suitable for Poodles, so the Poodle-Shooter nickname is inaccurate. We knew the 5.56mm round was weak in Nam, it was proven weak in Somalia, and it's finally getting out that it's a weak and pathetic cartridge in Iraq. About damn time! Look, even the Army knows its a pussy gun. They've been looking out for a new round for some time now, but Pork Barrel politics and well lined General's pockets have kept 5.56MM around for far too long. Adopting it to start out with was flat out inbred style retardedness. You can't seriously consider it a battle rifle cartridge when you can't even hunt white tail deer with it in most states. (You can in Utah, but for the love of all that is holy – don't!) It's a freaking .22 for hells sake! Prairie dog hunters out here don't even like it all that much... they would rather roll with the .22-250 which is now coming down in price so much, that I'm not even seeing the point of the .223. To me, it's just a step up from .22 Magnum. There are a lot of great calibers that would work much better. Good old .308 would be excellent. .270 WSM would be great too, if the mags were redone to give you the capacity you need to make the spray and pray crowd happy. Freaking ANYTHING would be better than .223.

Its hard to believe, but .308 and .30-06 are going the way of the .30-30... few people are buying ammo for it these days. Fewer yet are buying rifles in those calibers. The hottest thing going... .270 WSM. A round that made me scratch my head when I first read about it. But dang if we don't sell a ton of them. Another thing that is selling hot. .204 Ruger. That's a .223 necked down to .20 or something like that. The Army is probably hot for it too... those bastards. And the .17's... everyone has to have a .17. What flavor .17 doesn't matter. Mach 2's and HMRs are going out the door left and right. .270 WSM, .204, and .17 Mach 2... I've never fired. I did pull the trigger on a 10/22 in .17HMR and it failed to impress me. Wind picks up the .17's and blows them all over the place when you fire them at long ranges. I am liking the numbers on the .270WSM, I'm going to have to try that out.

Another thing I'm getting more interested in... Archery. Its big out here. Hoyt and AR (Archery Research not the rifle) are growing on me. Never did care for the compound bows... ugly and crass compared to the elegance of a well made recurve. But 320 FPS with a broadhead is nothing to scoff at. I've got video (from Hoyt) of a guy taking a Caribou with a bow at 60 yards. Dang! The damage a broadhead arrow can do trumps most rifle cartridges. Right now, I'd rather go to Iraq with an AR Velocity bow or a Hoyt Trykon rather than an AR-15. If you are going to take something down, a .223 is lower on my list than 9MM Nato Ball ammo.

I've been crawling around my gun shop and all the others around looking for a Single Action Army clone that would actually be worth the money. There are a lot of options out there. Having held and fired an original Colt, I wanted one that felt like it, but I'm wanting one that's built strong and will last me without getting out of time easily or force me to carry only 5 in the 6 shot cylinder. So a real Colt is out... that and I can't afford a real Colt because they are crazy spendy now. Uberti is making some dang good looking guns these days, but they don't feel quite right, and they have the pin on the hammer so they are best carried with only 5. Ruger is just out of the running for me. While I like the new Vaqs, they don't sound right. Then there is the new Taurus Goucho. Dang if Taurus didn't hit the nail on the head with this one! It looks and feels like a Colt, the only thing is that they have a transfer bar safety. They have four clicks in exactly the same way Uberti doesn't. Damned if I'm not strongly considering one! The only one in town here is in a matte stainless. Rather plain, but it's in .357 so it's something I'd actually shoot with. And the rear sight is actually usable. I'm not seeing a downside. I'd have to trade in my S&W 640 on, and at the store I'm working for, I'm 88 bucks shy. So the value of the trade vs the actual value of the gun I'm trading for – I'd be nuts to do it. So I wont. At least not right now. But if anyone want to trade straight across, I'd be willing to do that. 640-1 .357 for a Goucho .357 with a case hardened finish. Face to face trade if you swing into the Uintah Basin. I'll even throw you a couple tickets to the show and you can have the ultimate experience of watching the Ogre sing and dance... and shoot a cat, and wear a funny hat.

I've got the Guns of Collateral almost done. I'll post it up shortly.


Thursday: 6-15-06:  It seems several fans of the Ford 500 have become displeased with my criticisms of the car. Ford has even contacted me about it. Both fans and the company argue that the 500 has a fantastically comfortable ride. Well, congratulations Ford, you reinvented the Olds 88. Glad you and a few people are happy with it.  I just wish it could get out of its own way.

Rifles. I'm not pleased at the state of the gun industry in terms of build quality of pretty much all the new rifles these days. Remington, Ruger, Browning... they can't build a rifle these days that do not require some effort on the Shooter's part to make usable and some things just can't be fixed... like stocks that don't even fit the receiver. I'm going to talk about this more in the next GunCast. I've got two exceptions on this. The rifles from Kimber and CZ are just fantastic. They are the only ones that are making a decent rifle these days.

Thursday: 6-8-06:  I've been invited out to shoot IDPA with the local group. Third Sat of every month and they meet very close to Lapoint. I'm going to do it. My CZ P-01 is going to start earning it's keep by mowing through all my 9MM ammo... It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

HordeCast 3 is done, or as I'm calling it: CarCast 1. This is my list of the top 20 cars of all time. Your mileage may vary.

Ding Dong the witch is dead... about time. Roast in hell, sucker.

Monday: 6-5-06:  I've got a Hordecast pretty much done. I'm getting ready to post it up later this week. This is the first Horde's CarCaste and the topic is the top 20 cars of all time – in my opinion. I talked briefly about each one. Make your own list and see how it stacks up. Along the way I get to poke fun at Germany and the UK, so it's kind of fun. I really didn't have a chance to make fun of the French, but that would be because they don't have any good cars. To the French when you say wheel, they think you are talking about cheese.

I've got the Collateral DVD and I'm going to be working on that Guns Of article. I think from now on I'm also going to talk more about the movie instead of just the guns.... more like the Ronin article. More about the characters and cars and anything else that stands out to me. Doing just the guns I think is leaving out too many good things that could/should be discussed. I mean, a Guns of “Bullit” without talking about the cars? That would be totally useless... and yes, that's eventually going to be written along with some other classics like that.

This weekend was very nonproductive because our basement got completely flooded out thanks to a farmer who flooded is fields, left the water running and it filled our downstairs. Basement really should be “First Floor” actually. Living room and boys bedrooms. Lots of stuff ruined. The only upshot is that we can now get rid of the gold colored carpet. Looking for any silver lining here. We'll be okay... we always are and nothing important (guns) were damaged. We cant get the carpet dry so it's going out the door. We already have new carpet and pad just waiting to go in.

Working behind the gun counter has been interesting. We cater to the sportsmen more than the anyone else... so I've been fielding questions about hunting rifles. There are a lot of great rifle and caliber combinations out there... but one rifle I can't get my mind around... .204. What the hell would you need a .204 for? Why would anyone consider that to be their ideal caliber? Just seems to be an odd duck to me. An odd and lame duck at that. Maybe it has it's place, but I'm just not seeing it. The .17's are selling like crazy. Mach 2 or HMR, they are going out the door like hotcakes. There was a time when I couldn't see them either, but I've found appreciation for them this last year. The ballistics of the Mach 2 are especially impressive. I wouldn't mind getting a little CZ in either .17 caliber. The hunting rifles... what I call “Long Browns”... I'm really liking the Brownings. Something about them feel just right to me. That's another thing that surprised me. We've got 5 M1A's of different types, and I've only showed one of them to a single customer... They are the only .308 rifles we stock. I've sold AR's... I guess .223 is acceptable out here in the Basin. All of them are used for P-Dogs and nothing bigger. Makes sense to me. Wish the US Military would get the same common sense... but with our luck considering the Strykers and Ospreys, I could see the US Army adopting the .17 HMR before they adopt the .308 again.

Thursday: 6-1-06:  The State of The Horde: I'm still adjusting to the new schedule and job. The transition was remarkably easy and less stressful than I had anticipated. The one interesting thing about this is the selling of AR-15 rifles. I almost feel dirty doing it. But I am able to honestly say “Rock River are some of the best AR's around.” Still working on keeping a straight face. What does this mean for Internet access is limited, so updates, as you've seen are limited. To counter this, instead of the daily blogging and opinions, I'm going to be doing more work in the other areas of Look for more articles in the weapons section, automotive section, and a revamp of the movies section to include the Guns Of reviews... Anything by Mann will done. Collateral is going to be done soon, and Miami Vice is going to be done as soon as it's out. We'll be looking at making better content worth reading rather than the typical blogslog. Hordecasts will continue and hopefully we will see one a week. Videocasts have been requested, but I do not have a digital video camera. Stills, yes, video, no.  If I did, then I could do that. And I would... why not? Face for radio? Maybe. But I'd give it a shot if I had the gear. If Jeremy Clarkson can show his pudgy face, anyone can. But for now, it will be PM3 audio only. Getting that gear is planned however as it is required for Project X.  I can't say any more about that.  Back to hopefully we will find that less is more. Added Value you could say. Emails will be answered after some delay. One of the biggest hold ups to production is a lack of access. Ogre Ranch is off the grid when it comes to the net. The only option for connection is a Sat link. Hook ups for that requires hardware that I can't afford at this time. I'm looking at what, $500 for it? The advertising money is going to balance out the costs of hosting and that's good. Actually it might even profit enough to spring for a case of something carbonated and caffeinated. But I wont get my hopes up too high.

Speaking of Miami Vice... it looks good. I think it just might be worthy of the name. Jamie Fox did great under Mann in Collateral, so we are hopeful for MV. The other guy playing Crockett, well, let's see if he can handle a real role. Speaking of Crockett. What car is he going to be driving? In my opinion there is only one choice... the Daytona Spyder. Anything different is patently unacceptable.

Respect for the Mustang. The Mustang is an icon car. You might not like the Mustang, but you've got to respect it. And of all the flavors of the Mustang, the one that gets many sage nods is the Cobra. The new Cobra is no different. It's a serious piece of performance car. It is raw and powerful and is everything a Mustang is all about. It even looks great from dang near every angle save an that shows the front end. This is where the car fails in my opinion... because all the sudden this ferocious beast of a muscle car is turned into a Chevron Cartoon car with a booger in it's nose. FORD: Please for the love of and for the respect of the Mustang Cobra and the GT500, change the shape of the lower air intake to wipe that silly grin off it's face. A Neon is tougher looking for crying out loud.

Congress: The congressional response to one of their own getting caught taking bribes is to move to write legislation making their offices Law Free Zones. Fantastic. That's just what America needs, right there... Zero Oversight, Zero Accountability. Next election, in every race, in every jurisdiction – vote out whoever is in, doesn't matter who comes up to bat next... just get these sitting jackasses out of there. Every single one of them. It's time for a great big flush.

Especially Murtha. That guy is a class action asshole of the highest order. He takes the cake with insulting the military on Memorial Day. I don't give a crap about his service history. I don't care where he is from... You DO NOT make villians out of the US Marine Corps, and you especially do not do that on the day that honors our Soldiers. He should be the first guy kicked off Capitol Hill, followed by the rest of the lot. House and Senate, all of them... flushed. I wouldn't be against the same thing for the White House either.




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