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July 2010

7-28-10:  America has become weak. We've chosen to be weak. The strength of the American Culture was based on the collective of individuals willing to stand up for what's right. Now days, someone willing to stand up is considered remarkable. How sad is that? I say that it is not remarkable that one stood up – it's pathetic that others did not. Had a lady in the gun shop the other day putting on an attitude of higher sophistication because she refuses to register to vote. Why? Because when she was 21 years old (30 years prior) she registered as was soon called for Jury Duty. She's avoided Civic Duty ever since. And she's proud of that. Being a Useless Individual is evidently a noble thing for her family... thank God I was not raised that way. But this is the America that we are now living in.

Where is the Reset Button? Luckily it's at the Polling Station, but to use it we all have to get out to vote. Do you know why we have such a poor Government now? Because We The People love to bitch and moan about issues – but we just don't give enough Damns to get out there and actually Vote. Voter turnout was only 17% according to local census. 17%. America is weak because we don't Vote.

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf: This is a joint near Logan Utah. It's a bit of a trek for most of us, but the destination is worth it. I want to put together a Gathering... not just the normal, let's all get together and BBQ and Bullshit – I mean, yeah, we can do that too... but let's do this Rifle Golf. I've been wanting to go for 2 years and still I've not made it out. It's getting time to do it. Especial since two of my Co-Workers went and did it Nikon's tab... All day long I listened to how awesome it was and how much fun they had. All day long. It was a long day... I could have gone – but I stepped aside and let another guy go. I should have gone, but the other fellow needed that good time. He deserved it. I'm glad he went. But now I want to go. And I think other dudes would love it too... so... Who wants to go play some Golf with me?

Browning X-Bolt Rifles: I need to sell a few. If I sell 5 of those suckers, Browning will give me a new T-Bolt rifle in a caliber of my choice... (17hmr) I want that T-Bolt. So I want to move some X-Bolt rifles. I've got a couple sold already so I only need to sell a few more. I'm not asking you to just buy an X-Bolt... but... if you just happen to be in the market for an X-Bolt in any of the common calibers and configurations.... Buy it from me and I will be most appreciated. Before Browning had made me this offer – I had long been saying that out of all the new rifles to come out, I really liked the new X-Bolts. I like the magazine, the safety, the new trigger mechanism... and most of all I like the weight and balance of the X-Bolts. They are best new hunting rifles that have come out in a long time. I've got a ton of these things to sell... Medallions, Hunters, Micro Hunters, Stainless and Synthetic Dura-Touch, a heavy barreled Varminter in .22-250 (Love that One!) a 7mm-08 in a cool grey synthetic stock with black action and barrel, and the most gorgeous white gold medallion that I've ever seen in my life. .223 on up to .325WSM. Email me if you want prices and if we have a caliber you want... but don't buy or let any of your friends buy an X-bolt from anyone else – Help An Ogre Out! I want that .17HMR T-Bolt!

Remington 887 Tactical. We got one in. Hideous thing it is too... I tried to photograph it but my camera puked the image back out. It's easily the most awful tactical shotgun I've ever seen. Yet – there are things about it that I like. One, we are selling it for only 419 bucks and the thing can handle 3.5” shells. Extended tube. Centerline action release. A Rib with a big fat fiber optic front sight. It has a rail up front for a tactical light. It has a rail on top of the receiver for an optical gunsight if you want. Said rail acts as a rear sight. It's so ugly – it's almost kinda cool. But there are things I really hate about it. The hand guard up front – it covers the loading port when it's pulled back. It's stiff to cycle, ratchety, and feels chinsy. It's just a bit too light. Needs a touch more heft. And did I say how ugly it looks?

7-25-10:  Message Regarding Remington from our man, Harm. I don't disagree with you regarding most of Remington's product lines but just a few thoughts I've had. First, their single biggest hole is the tactical semi-auto shotgun.  You praise your 930 all the time.  You retired or relegated your 870 to reserve status.  Why?  Because the Remington 1100 Tactical is too big, too expensive and has problems with a variety of loads.  Light practice loads - chokes.  Super heavy loads I've heard work the bolt too hard.  And the thing is just DAMN LONG.  Seriously its about 3-4 inches TOO long at 42 1/2".  I get that this is to give this the maxiumum capacity possible.  But a 22" barrel on a tactical gun is just too much.  Most guys run in the 18 to 20" range.  This is right where it ought to be.  And the stock is the size of a field gun.  Not easily used with that large of a front end with any sort of up close and personal work.  Remington needs to cut down the 1100 to 18" and call it something like the Remington 1100 Guard Dog. Another area is in their .22 rifles. the 597 for all intents and purposes appears to be a decent little rifle.  But its got more options than a squirrel in a nut shop.  Seriously the wannabe tactical models? And how about a decent magazine?  The feed lips on these things have a reputation for loosening up within the first thousand rounds.  Hell for that I should just give my money to Ruger or Cricket.

Great message, Harm. Valid points that I have totally overlooked. It's pretty easy to overlook the 1100/1187. It's a heavy gun, and to be honest, out dated. The dependance on fragile O-rings that must be replaced is not a real working solution for me. The gun is almost always dismissed by serious Shotgunners after just holding one for a moment and then holding something else – anything else. Almost always they go for that Something Else option. Now, the Remington Auto is not without it's followers. There are those folks that have a lot of experience with the 1100/1187 shotguns and they really like them. The upside to them is that they are very “soft shooting”. This is a benefit of their new SuperCell recoil pads and the fact that the gun is as heavy as something mounted on a ship owned by the US Navy. The only shotguns that I know of that are heavier are the Mossberg 590-A1 and the SPAS-12. Both monsters, both much like packing a healthy section of I-Beam. I like the 590 shotguns, but that's another story.

The 597 is actually a good .22 rifle. Yet as you point out their problem is the magazine. Initial plastic mags were total garbage and almost killed the rifle completely. Remington made a quick change from those black plastic mags to a grey alloy magazine – better... but as you point out they wear out quickly. Now, I like the 597 better than the Ruger 10/22 for a couple of reason... one, the bolt and how it rides on two polished rails. This makes for a smoother and more reliable action. And it has a much better out of the box trigger. Ruger's trigger sucks... however the Ruger is very Soviet in it's form and function. It's not elegant by any means, but it's robust, simple and reliable. With a whole gun industry sub-culture behind it... that's why the Ruger wins overall. When my boy needed a .22 Auto – the Ruger is the one that came home, and I don't regret that choice for a second... even if I'm not Ruger Company Fan. The best thing Remington could do would be to rework the 597 to accept all those aftermarket Ruger 10/22 magazines. The 597 VTR model is nothing more than a 597 with Bolt On parts like some Mad Max project. I find it less appealing than say... facial warts.

Ford Mustang Convertible. Showalter Ford in Vernal let me use a 2010 Ford Mustang Convertible for the July 24th Parade. For those that don't live in Utah, that's the day we celebrate our Pioneer Heritage... with parades and fireworks and lots of BBQ. The parade was fun, and I have a little video montage thing of that parade. It was fun... but I was very humbled. As I rode through Vernal I really looked at the people that I am standing up to say "I will represent you." It was humbling... I felt the weight of the mantel that I'm asking them to trust me with. I had to ask myself - can I really do this? Yes... Yes I can. And if elected - I swear to God, I will.

Now, riding in the parade in a Mustang was a treat. I've never been given the keys to a convertible that I liked more. The Rag Top options are usually a huge P.I.T.A. Ford has it figured out quite simply and effectively. Two manual latches that are easy to operate from the driver's seat. Last Convertible I dealt with I had to walk around the car for 10 minutes snapping and unsnapping different buttons and zippers and tucking straps... hated it. Well, playing around with this car made me want to do a video review. First thing in the morning I'm going to give the car back to the dealership and get my old truck back. As smooth as this car is – I do miss my truck.

7-22-10:  Among the questions I've been getting lately: What Holster should I get?” The answer is simple. Get a Crossroads from Adams Holsters. I've been packing my Glock 23 in my Crossroads constantly. If I'm wearing pants – I've got it on. The last pistol course, I used it for teaching too. The gun pops in, pops out with a nice snap... it holds the gun is well, yet when I draw, the gun draws – Just Right. It's simple, hand made, hand finished, hand stiched, made in America by a Great American. This is my Number One choice for all day pistol packing. If you want an IWB rig, he has the Texas rig. I have this for my SIG P229... and I carries that SIG very well. Even for all day carry.

The Auto Bailout saved Ford? Really? Note to Harry Reid: Ford didn't take any bailout money. Ford was pretty much the only company that refused to take it when it was offered. As a result, Ford remains the only choice without getting your hands dirty. Having said that, I really like one of their vehicles and I'd love to get it for Mrs. Ogre. In 4x4 of course. The Ogre clan needs power to all wheels. Winter out here – all wheel power is mandatory.

The Buy Ammunition Link: As some of you noticed, above the WTA banner, is a link to the Sportsman Guide Ammo page. This is Paid Advertising. Unlike the other banners and such – this is the first time I've actually done direct paid advertising.

There was a huge storm that hit Ogre Ranch yesterday. I was coming home from Vernal and this storm almost blew me off the highway. I was cruising at 60 and all the sudden hit 40... the rain was coming down in buckets. A couple cars on the road had to pull over. Lightning was ferocious, and may have struck my Chevy truck. Reports have it that this storm spun off a few tornadoes. When I finally got through this and made it home, Mrs. Ogre was standing out front. “Everyone is okay,” she said. That's when I noticed that one of our large trees – the top half of it came down. Right in between the house and the shop. Luckily nothing was damaged, including the power line that runs from the house to the shop. The tree came down with the top most branches laying across it but didn't pull it down. Since the power was out – I took at the tree with the Fuchard and cut those branches off the line. Power was out all around Lapoint.

For those that don't know what a Fuchard is, it's like a Halberd... a Medieval Weapon. I use this as a yard tool and it works perfectly... got it from Lowes for 25 bucks. It made short work of those branches.

For the rest of the fallen tree, I'll need chain saws, axes, and a lot of Red Bull.

I count us as being blessed. The tree came down perfectly as to not damage anything. A little more in any other direction than precisely where it came down – it could have destroyed the shop or the house, or it could have come down on the family members who were outside.

7-21-10:  History Channel's Top Shot. I submitted my application to be on the show. After the first season, I am sure there are millions of guys that want to do it... but hey... who knows. Maybe I have a chance? I think I would do well. What convinced me that I want to do this was the elimination round with the zip-line. That's fun. Now, since that episode came out, I saw some photos of a trainer that is now doing that as his “Training” but doesn't have the chair – just hanging dudes off of a rappelling harness or something. The value of that training is pretty small, however the fun factor look like it's pegging the meter. Anyways, I really want to do this. There has not yet been an episode with a challenge that I've not already done.... In fact, later today, I'm going to go do some more.

Armchair Quarterbacking REMINGTON: It's time to do this. I've Armchair Quarterbacked a few gun companies now, most recently FNH. In some cases, the companies have taken note and have considered my suggestions. And in a couple cases made some changes per these suggestions and these have resulted in solid wins for the company and post change consumer. It's time to level my Constructive Criticism Cannon at Big Green. Before I get into this, let me first pay some respect. Remington is a FANTASTIC gun company that has been making solid, high quality guns for... well... damn near forever. As other companies quality control has made more dips and climbs than a squadron of stunt planes – Remington has been the constant. Steadily moving forward while trying out new things and never letting the quality suffer. I love Remington so much – I could just give Big Green a great big bear hug.

Now, let's take a look at things that should be addressed... New this year is the 700 XCR II. They took the regular old XCR and made cosmetic changes from Jaundiced Stainless to Black. This was a great move. These guns look much better... you couldn't mount a scope - other than black - on the old XCR that looked good with it. Some guys want a stainless colored scope on a light colored rifle. The blackened XCR II is so much better. However, the shortcoming is in the stock. The stock looks cool, feels good, but on a gun like this it should have an aluminum box bedding situation instead of pillar. Pillar bedding is cheap and just not as good as this rifle should be. Now, the next thing about the XCR II that needs to be addressed... the name. XCR II? Seriously, who named this? The same guy that came up with the Military's “Meal, Ready to Eat”? The best selling Remington rifle that we have – the one people ask for – has an actual name. It's not a Vsshb-whatever... it's the Sendero. People relate to names. The XCR Junior just doesn't work. Call it something that inspires visions of epic hunts in heroic terrain. The Sendero – that' s a good one. How about something like The Remington 700 Big Horn. I don't know. Get some guys together in a committee and let them come up with a list – give me the top three and I'll pick out the winner. Done.

I'm asked about rifles with Iron Sights. Right now, your iron sighted centerfire rifle consists only of the 700 BDL... but people don't always want a shiny gun. And some guys that like Shiny, don't want iron sights.

Make a BDL-SR. Scope Ready. A BDL rifle with no iron sights and no screw holes to fill in. A 700 CDL with Iron Sights – as a factory option – would be groovy. But what would be even better, and what I've been asked for a lot over the last 6 years – is the model 600 Mohawk. Bring it back. .308, .243, .223, and .260.

Speaking of the .260 – Promote that. That's a great cartridge, but you wont even run it in your R-25's? What gives? Are you wanting it to die on the vine? It needs more guns, more options. Chamber it in light carbines and heavy barreled target/tactical style guns.

Your new A-TACS camo is awesome. But I' like to see one with a bit more brown and tan in it. It's too light for most of the areas I hunt in. That, and I don't have any clothes in A-TACS. I've been waiting since January when I first saw it – and I still can't get any. I want 3 sets of BDU's in A-TACS for 3 guys. I'm not asking much... help a guy out here. Get that camo to market.

Your 870 Tactical Shotguns... I love these guns. However the pistol grip versions need a better grip. Take a good hard look at the Benelli Super Nova Tactical. It has a thicker, beefier grip that is in my opinion, the best grip on the market, with yours falling in someplace behind Butler Creek. That's not a good place to be in... make that thing like a SAW grip. I like the Sure-Shot stocks, but it needs to be less thick at the bottom and increase the thickness at the top of the pistol grip. A very popular modification for any tactical shotgun is to give it an adapter to run AR-15 type stocks and grips. I get the grip option... but stocks I don't get. Yet they are undeniably popular. Why not go ahead and offer this as a factory option, but give that AR type stock that SuperCell recoil pad?

Your 887 Nitro Mag Tactical needs Rifle Sights... and less of the Ribbing and more Rails.

Get rid of the XHR. Your triangle barrel thing is not inspiring confidence. Maybe it is – but it's leaving people feeling not in the mood to whip out the Visa Card. Make it like a Poor Man's XCR II. Regular SPS barrel, but with a XCR II – Per My Suggestion Stock on it... just without the XCR Coating. I'd be all over that.

The XCR Target Tactical – again with the triangle barrel? Kill that with fire. Put a heavy barrel on it. Fluted. And then leave that one alone.

Make a Model Seven in 5.7x28mm: This could be an ultimate Fur-Bearer hunting set up. This round is like a modern .22 Hornet, but with ammo that is affordable to shoot. I've love on of these.

The 770 needs an option that is black with a camo stock, not just stainless. And really, do you seriously need to make the 770? You have the SPS line. You don't need to make your own Model 200 Stevens. You should convince the Stevens buyer to step up into an SPS.

Your R1 1911 – make a Commander ASAP. Like, Riki Tiki. I want one.

Okay, let's look at the R-15 rifles. How come you are not showing any of your R-15 rifles in A-TACS camo? It would seem that this would be a good match. Your whole AR thing is all about hunting... and that's great. However your camo is very wrong for western states. It's too bright green. How about some desert colors? I like the one you do with an OD Green receiver and camo stocks. The VTR. How about some Tan stocks to go with that? Or some brown. Better yet, how about just regular round barrel instead of the triangle. You've got Mossy Oak and Realtree AP... If I may, King's Desert Shadow is a great pattern for out here in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Western Colorado, Wyoming, and half of Idaho. Now, most of this is all about cosmetics. Let me get to my biggest gripe about the R-15's, the hand guard. A full free floating tube is nice, however yours is tinny. You let the bolt slam home and you can hear the hand guard ring like a tuning fork. Wearing my electronic muffs, after a shot, I can hear it still and I find this highly annoying. Other AR's with free floating hand guards do not ring. Well, some do by others do not. Hogue makes an Over Mold hand guard that is nice and round and free floating but without the ringing effect. Item number 60100, your AR-15 in .30 AR has a gas block with a rail on top. This allows someone the option of attaching a flip up front sight. This is a good option. This would be a great addition to some other rifles, such as the Predator Carbine CS.

Now, I've already mentioned the .260 cartridge. Looking at your R-25 rifles

Your defensive pistol ammo... the Golden Sabers are nice – but the bullet needs to be updated with a Bonded Core. This bullet has been pretty much the same for going on, what, 20 years now?

I love your shotgun shells... but your wadding needs to stay on the shot a bit longer, like the Flight Control Wad does. Your new Hyper velocity stuff is awesome... you go the speed up. But how does it pattern? Not as well as it could. Higher Speed means shorter leads, but it also means longer range – if the pattern held together. Don't cut the front of the wadding open – cut it at the back and give it air brakes, so the wadding is slowly pulled off the shot column just like the Flight Control. Do this with your new hyper sonic – you would have the ultimate long range goose smacker. That being said, I want to see this hyper sonic shotgun stuff applied to a Tactical 00 Load for Law Enforcement. Combine that with some pellets (50-50) that have a harder gilding to allow for better barrier penetration.

You know how Benelli and Federal has the Duck Commander? That team of Hard Looking Guys... How about your own team of hard core hunters – Clean Cut, Low Profile and High Speed, like a Team of Rangers. Put them out there hunting in any situations... doing things with Remington Guns and Remington Ammo... less bearded mountain man and more professional looking, taking advantage of high tech stuff and all that. Not just ducks... but everything. Big Game. Varmints. And Water Fowling. The Whole Globe.

Question for you guys... seriously, how many versions of the Old Timer do you really need? I like that they are made in the US... But there are too many knives that look too similar. Simplify. Simple is Better..

That's it guys... keep up the good work and I'll see you at SHOT.

Epic Burn from my Boss: See, that's Glock owners. Closed minded... just like Democrats.” OUCH!!!! I have scorch marks. He was just kidding so it's all good. But that was a great burn..

7-18-10:  The Defensive Pistol course Saturday went quite well.

This was a very basic class based on the students that showed up... and I have to On The Fly check the level I'm going to teach. The most import thing in a basic class like this is to build a foundation. We have to work on starting them out right, to avoid training scars and bad habits. That foundation of fundamental skills is what we can now build on for more advanced skills and techniques.

Now, you guys know I changed my sights on my Glock to Warren Tactical night sights... and it was awhile before I killed anything with it. Well, before the course started, my boy and I took a little walk to look at some prairie dog holes... not expecting to see any. Well, up popped a brave little P-Dog... stood tall and bold and started chirping at us like it was pissed off. Well, not having any varminting rifle on my – I drew my Crusader Glock 23 Reaper and fired a shot. The dog rolled and ran a couple feet... acting strange. I stood and looked like it was confused. It turned around and I saw that I had blown its lower jaw off. There was a nice red cookie cutter kind of excise of that lower mandible and the tip of it's nose. The next round fired off and went straight through the upper torso, a perfect shot. The accuracy on both shots... let me tell you... I'm pleased with these new sights. Also, at the rifle range, engaging the 200 yard target plate was easy. I drilled it. With a compact Glock .40. Done. I am a lot more accurate with this gun now, than when I had those factory sights on it. The factory Dot and Box sights that come stock on Glock pistols is a usable sight system... but for me, I just can't get the precision out of them that I want. These Warren Tacticals gives me that precision – and it gives me speed. It's a fast use sight. I like that.

I've got some big news here: Go to my YouTube Channel and Subscribe. I've been granted special access to what very well could become our Nation's newest battle rifle... the Remington ACR in 6.8SPC. With 2 full cases of ammunition. I am going to be able to video my testing firings of it – and that video will go up on YouTube. Since this weapon is belonging to the Military and is Full Auto – there are special care and handling protocols, special permissions for this that I can not talk about. But I'll have it out here and you will see it... On YouTube. So go ahead and click that bright shiny yellow button on the Ogre Video Channel and subscribe to the awesome.

7-15-10:  I'm getting ready to teach the July 17th Defensive Pistol Course. 4:00PM. New Drills. New Skills. Bring more ammo. Bring more water – it's going to be scorching hot Saturday.

Crusader has some good news for all the Faithful: We have a fast track for Lower Receivers... if you place an order for a Crusader AR-15 type rifle – you will get your rifle in record time. Also, say you already have an AR but you want to take it to the next level... we have an upgrade package. We call it the “Convert” package. This is a full on rebuild using custom Noveske barrels for the best performance possible for your 5.56mm platform. This is a serious upgrade. For more information, hit Crusader. This is fantastic news... this is a major step forward for us. But it's an interim step... things get better in the future.

The Grand Slam: I finally achieved my goal. Specifically a Hornady .17HMR Varmint Grand Slam. What this is, is a single box of Hornady .17 HMR, 17 grain V-Max. 50 rounds. The goal is 1 dead prairie dog for every round in the box. Start to finish... no misses... no dogs escaping down the hole. Blood trails, no matter how profuse, do not count. You need to see the body and get B.O.B. Blood on the Barrel. If you miss a shot or the dog escapes... you have to start over from Round One, with a new box. That's the challenge. It's a personal challenge. One I've been chasing for over a year. Well, today, on the way home from work... I met the challenge with the final 14 p-dogs, the final 14 rounds. The Varmint Grand Slam... The VGS is mine! Now, for those out there that want to try this... it takes time, patience, and the willpower to not take a shot unless you know it's going to be a kill shot... and it takes the personal honor to fess up to that miss or that escaped dog. This is much much harder than it sounds. Good luck to you.

Bill Cosby 200 MPH: Bill Cosby's best Comedy. Listen to this... click the play button and enjoy this.

7-12-10:  We knew where were electing racists. We saw the writing on the wall. Now, we see the writing in the news reports. Drudge, Fox, it's all over the place so I wont bother to link the plethora of reports regarding these things... it is staggering. Arizona wants to enforce laws that are already on the books to try to stem the flow of illegal aliens who are committing crimes. But the Obama Administration says they can't because that's Racist. The Black Panther Thug who says he hates Whites and wants to kill white babies, who threatens voters at a polling station – gets prosecuted and convicted but then before sentencing has the charges dropped... well that wasn't voter intimidation or racism... that was just free speech. (I call BS) And now, we have The First Lady speaking before an NAACP meeting, saying that they need to “increase their intensity”... I find that interesting. If you listen to her remarks in the video clip it sounds on the surface to be something anyone can agree with... I wanted to agree with her. However, if you listen to her remarks carefully, so you see that she doesn't get it. She comes off as if Race plays a roll in keeping people of color down, and then woefully remarks that they are being hit the hardest in this down turned economy. And that could very well be true. However, what she didn't say, what she doesn't get, is that her husband's Administration and Liberal Policy is what has put them in that place and is what is keeping them down.
Stop playing the Race Card... stop being Black or Hispanic or any other Hyphenation and just be American. That's the greatest thing about this country – all you have to do is be American. Democrats do not like being American – they want to be something else. Well, I love being American and I want to keep being American for as long as my heart still pumps my American Blood. The Race card is tired and out dated. We have a Black President. It's time for America as a whole to put down the Race Cards, remove them from the deck, and look at the real issues that are effecting the nation more than a few blithering idiots' ignorant opinions and fix our Country.
Michelle Obama wants to help those living in poor conditions in inner cities... that's a worthy goal. You do that by creating real jobs. You do that by giving them the means to make themselves better. Economic Stimulus is not done by spending tax dollars, but by cutting spending and cutting tax dollars and providing the engine of the economy more fuel to run... people will then have jobs. Look at Detroit. Lots of jobs were there. Good paying jobs. Good schools. Democrats pimping Liberal Policy ruined it. Look at the Gulf Coast, lots of oil workers there... good paying jobs. Already the oil companies are pulling out. The effect of that – let me tell you what that effect is first hand. 2 years ago I was doing pretty well. Since Obama was elected and his jackass of a Secretary of the Interior started pulling all his shit on the oil companies around here – they've pulled up stakes and have moved out. My pay checks of suffered. I've lost 800 to 1000 dollars a Month off my income. That's a kick in the balls that effects me, my wife, my kids... and I'm not the only one hurting. Most families I know are in the same boat. Bills still have to be paid. Those have not decreased due to the down turned economy. I knew a couple large companies that were going to come to this area... economic forecasts for this area were pure gold. Not any more, and those companies are now some place else.

It's about Jobs, Michelle. It's about Money. It's about your Husband's administration sucking money away from people, causing business to slow, causing jobs to be lost, causing this downward spiral that you guys say can be helped by increasing our taxes. You people (and by that I mean Democrats) are either lunatics, shockingly stupid, or you have ill intent for this country. Everything you guys are doing weakens America... and that's why we have poor people living in the inner-cities. People like YOU, Michelle. People like Nancy Pelosi. People like Barbara Boxer. People like Harry Reid. People like Al Gore... I could go on and on, but you get my point. Liberalism is killing America.

7-11-10:  Two of my favorite things in the world are .17HMR V-Max rounds, and 12 gauge shells... They can be Buck Shot or Slugs... I don't care... I love them.

The .17HMR round is something truly special to behold... the accuracy is something that just has to be tried first hand to appreciate. The shock effect it unleashes into the target is staggering. At close range it opens up a prairie dog like a ripe tomato thrown at a brick wall. At farther range is puts a little hole in the target and then it puts a little bigger hole on the other side of the target... and sucks everything that was inside – out the back. I have photos, but they are horrid so I wont show them... but trust me... it's wicked nasty. If you have two dogs in line... it will smoke both of them with one shot. Pow. And the accuracy... I'm not kidding, you can place your shot on the target like your playing Fallout 3, it amazing. You can buy a Savage 93R17 for 240 bucks, top it with any scope you like – heck, even a cheap one. Then take that rifle out and enjoy the hell out of it. You will not be disappointed.

The 12 gauge launching slugs... one of the most beautifully brutal things in the world. You don't have to have a rifle barrel shooting Sabots. I know the Sabot is a sexy round... but don't even bother shooting those out of a smooth bore. You have use a rifled barrel for sabots. You can shoot the sabot out of a smooth bore – but you are wasting your money and the ammo because there is no stabilization and that round is going to tumble in the air... you wont have the accuracy or the velocity. Save your money and get some good old fashioned FOSTER type slugs. Your accuracy will be just fine.

Yesterday we did some shotgunning... my wife came out to learn tactical shotgunning. Let me sum it up for you... I don't care who you are – Your Wife, your girlfriend... have someone else train them. If you try to teach them – it's FUBAR. Don't try. Save the frustration. Another teacher is the best choice. My wife came out – and as much as I love her – she wont learn from me. She's resistant to everything I say, and next thing I know – my Cameraman is teaching her because she's listening to him. I don't know – maybe that's just Me and Her because our marriage works about as well as that Pontiac Montana sitting in front of the house. It starts and runs just fine but quickly and unexpectedly overheats and locks up. But I know this isn't unusual... I know a lot of Trainers that all say the same thing about training your Wife or Girlfriend. Just don't bother making an attempt, get another Trainer do that. I've taught a lot of people – she was the only student that has ever made me want to just get in my truck and drive away. And I've had students so inexperienced with firearms that they have actually held the gun by the barrel and looked down the bore to see if it was loaded... closed bolt and everything. They learned just fine! By the end of the day they were running and gunning like champs. AaarrrrgghhH!!!!!

7-5-10:  It's time to Armchair Quarterback another Gun Company: This time it's FNH. FNH is a long standing and proud gun maker that everyone that knows guns – honors. Much respect. However, their line up has some flaws that should be looked at. First off, FNH is all about Tactical. That's well and good, but don't they have any trees in Belgium? What about a simple classic European cut wood stock? They have some nice rifles, but lets see a couple with regular contoured barrels and wood stocks. Not only that – I want to see one as a light weight rifle chambered in 5.7x28mm. A slim and sleek little sporter that can demonstrate the accuracy of that sweet little 5.7 cartridge. I would be the reincarnation of the .22 Hornet – better than the Hornet ever was and actually affordable to shoot for the Non-Reloaders out there.  It would be ideal for small game hunting and especially for those hunting for the Fur.

Next, let's look at the mighty FNAR rifle. This is FNH's semi-auto .308 rifle. The gun is obviously a Browning Short-Trac BAR dressed up like a Mall Ninja. It does some things very well, and others, not so much. What it's good at – it's reliable, shoots like a pussycat, and it's shocking accurate. However these good qualities are marred by it's “Love it or Leave it” configuration. The stock is not adjustable. If you want to pull the rubber bits out – you can fit in a different size rubber bit to alter the height of the cheek rest. Which is fine – but what if you want to change it on the fly? Not happening. The stock is fixed. This is a let down and a deal breaker 75% of the time I show the gun to a potential buyer. The funky pistol grip also is a turn off. It's not user changeable either. Not everyone likes factory grips and I don't know anyone that likes the grip that comes on the FNAR. A simple AR grip would work magic on sales. I am saying this from the perspective of the guy trying to sell the bloody things and have people walk away because they hate the stock and the pistol grip. I could have sold DOZENS just this year alone. Let alone last year – or let alone all the other gun dealers I've talked to. This stock needs to go. It cheapens the gun and takes away the value and quality that is still in the gun. Then there is the Magazine. Give it FAL mags. FN made the FN FAL, they know how to make FAL mags. They could have easily taken this gun and made it accept a widely available and inexpensive magazine. Going with a unique mag that is just about the most expensive magazine out there other than some of the other FN magazines out there – this is the other 24% of the people that walk away from the FNAR rifle.  Then, there is the issue with the name.  The "Fnar"?  The BAR nomenclature works because in the US, the BAR has a long historied name.  The FNAR is not something someone is going to spell out, the Effin A R... they call it the "Fnar".  Sounds like a cross between a Thundercats character, and a walrus clearing it's sinuses.  It needs a name.  FNAR has all the passion of an in vitero-fertilization combined with the warmth of a German Scientist.  Call it something inspiring... the "Overwatch Rifle"... or something... anything... the FNAR name lacks creativity and inspiration to inspire people to want to buy the gun.  Now, let's talk about the looks... the fore arm looks like a something the guys from Mythbusters slapped together because they only had a half an hour to build a Tactical Rifle for the Discovery Channel... and that was another half hour before Kari Byron blew it up with a big crazy sexy grin on her face. Okay, that's what it looks like. Sure – it works. But it looks lame. Get rid of the plastic forearm and replace it with a full railed system made of a strong but light weight aluminum alloy. Do this – and guys – I promise you – you will sell a tone of them.

The PS90. For the love of all that is holy – make this in a pistol caliber... all the classic options are great – 9mm, .40 and .45 are all good. But what would really wake people up – 10mm. People love the 10mm but really just don't groove all that well on the guns that are currently chambered in 10mm. Which is why you guys say people don't like the 10mm. This is were you are wrong – people don't like the options or the lack of options available in 10mm. Of course, if you make a Carbine in 10 – make a pistol too. I'm sure you can sort out how to do that. You have a .45 framed gun... start there. The PS90 as cool as it is – just leaves a lot of people feeling awkward. When you make the 10mm version, make it with a more traditional grip configuration – and going on what I said about the FNAR – make these a common grip type that users can change. Americans love Customization, Look at the Ford Mustang and the 1911. We have to change it. Give us that power and we will buy your funky little gun.

I really don't have much criticism of the FNP er... now the FNX series of pistols. They are solid guns, accurate and reliable... but what turns people off of them – 2 things. First, they look like vanilla yogurt. Just plain jane and shopper's eyes pass over it. I physically have to put the gun in their hands because No One – let me say that again – No One is the last 4 years has ASKED to look at one. I've even put the bloody things on the Top Shelf so people can see it. You guys have got to do something about the looks. Seriously. It needs a face lift. Bad. The other thing that turns people off is the texture on the grips. You have bumps on the sides and lines on the front that feel like they could probably cut you. That's not me saying that – that is what customers potential customers have said. Most people just don't like the grip. It's not the shape – it's the texture. So how can you fix this? Simple Stipple. Take a hot poker and jab it till you have a consistent texture around the grip. Done. Because that's what a lot of guys have already done it and it works. Just stipple it.

I'd like to see more versions of the SLP shotgun... a shorter one for example... 14 inches. A long one with the ghost ring sights, and a regular one with the rifle sights. Some guys dig the rifle sights better... give them that. Pistol grip options for all of them as well. There you go.

That's really it for FNH. Except for the small - slight - issue that you guys have given your dealers the middle finger.  WTF are you thinking?  Going to a Distributor Only marketing model is cutting your own throats.  Dealers have no incentive to stock FN guns.  Sure, we can get them easier from the Distributors, but to sell them competitively we have to cut our profit margins to damn near nothing. Which means instead of selling FN guns - we are going to sell something else.  Why should we sell a SCAR, when we could sell an ACR and actually pay for the time it took to transact the sale.  Go back to your Dealer Program.  Weakend sales were not the dealers fault... You guys just had a product line that didn't make the Civilian market want to bust out the Visa Card.  Not our fault.  Sure, you had the 5.7 Pistol... and that thing had a following thanks to Ft. Hood... but at a Grand for that pistol?  You priced that thing at $699 and they would have become the new greatest Most Fabulous Object In The Universe.  There is no reason that Fisher Price thing should be a Grand.  Oh.. one more thing... BRING BACK THE HIGH POWER.

7-4-10:  I have to admit a lack of respect for a certain gun maker in the US. One of the biggest. Ruger. I am just not a fan of Ruger. They seem to have an institutional lack of any creativity. However they are very good at jumping on others success. They started out with a .22 pistol designed to look like the German Luger pistol. I know the actions are different... but they wanted that look. They copied the Colt Peacemaker... the Vaquero. And some say Blackhawks as well. They copied the Army's M-14 rifle in a scaled down manner, the Mini-14. The LCP .380 is a direct rip off of the Kel-Tec P3AT. The M77 is a Mauser. The No. 1 is a bulkier rip of the High Wall. They aped SIG on their auto pistols... until this new SR9 pistol, which is the best looking pistol they have ever made... but it seems like I've seen all the parts before. A couple weeks ago I picked up a Ruger 10/22. This is the sole item of actual original thought... it's a brilliant rimfire rifle that no one has been able to match. So I'll give Ruger credit for that 10/22. Other than that... I just don't like Ruger. What's funny about this is that I've picked up something I've never thought I'd get before. A Mini-14. This is one that we took in as a trade and I snagged it just out of curiosity. It's been reworked by a company called Accuracy Systems. It's a heavy barreled custom gun that pretty much only has an action and trigger group from the original gun. What's shocking is that this Mini-14 can shoot quarter inch groups. I've never seen a Mini-14 do that before.

7-3-10:  I visited the Ute Tribe's Pow-Wow. While there I watched the dances and listened to the music and song... and I realized something... They Get It. What a better way of celebrating their heritage and tradition and their patriotism. The had their Veterans stand out... named them by name. Honored them. Then everyone danced. What do we do? Have a Sale. I was impressed with their patriotism. In fact, it made my proud for them. The American History was not kind to the Native Americans. Yet they carried the US flag with pride and honor. They wore their uniforms. Two brothers from WWII. Veterans from all the wars since. They carried themselves with the pride and honor seldom found anywhere else I've seen. What of my heritage? Yes, there is a Cherokee in my family tree. As is a Jamaican... but mostly I'm all Scots-Irish with a dose of English thrown in there. I'm mainly Celtic by blood. We have an occasional Celtic Festival – of which all my life I've only been to TWO. How friggin pathetic is that? These Indians get it.... and good for them. Remember your Past. Remember your Family. That was an example to me.

Also, I really get the reason the Indians followed the buffalo across the plains... using every part. Buffalo are crazy freaking delicious. Damn. If they roamed wild like they did back then – I'd be following them too!

7-1-10:  Revamped my Glock 23 page.

6-30-10:  Do Mark and I a favor... go to your Facebook account...  Find Armed American Radio - easy to do.  Then Click "LIKE".

Advertising on Armed American Radio:  I still have some slots left.   This is good solid advertising to a targeted audience.  This is the best advertising you can buy because your audience is specific and they are buyers.  Contact me.

Sideshows and Liars: One of the more interesting things we have observed from the McDonald vs Chicago case is the evidence that Congressional Hearings for Judicial Nominations are a meaningless sideshow. The other thing is that Justice Sotomayor has shown herself to be a liar. During her hearings, she claimed to be a strong second amendment supporter. Yet she voted against the second amendment when it came to it. So there is the question. Is Sotomayor a liar or are the hearings a meaningless puppet show? You know what? I think the answer is both. We have yet to see if the MvC case is actually going to do anything for us. I see no net gains anytime soon. Yet I also see that if this case had gone against us, it would have been used as a beating stick to flog us continually over the head. So our “Win” is nothing more than the continuation of the status quo right now. Any changes are going to be down the road with future legal wins with this case being the basis. The Justices made the rule in our favor, yet almost instantly Mayor Daly brags that he's going to throw out new bans. That means more legal challenges. That means more taxpayers dollars being wasted. Daly is the mayor of the nation's most violent and criminally active city – which is an impressive claim. It's so bad there, that Mayor Daly has asked for National Guard assistance just to keep law and order. Unbelievable. And Daly's plan to keep fighting to prevent good guys from protecting themselves, to keep fighting against Chicago's Constitutional Rights. Never mind that this money could be put to better uses... such as improving education. Fixing up the city. Or maybe even lowering taxes. The way I see it, what should be banned, is Mayor Daly because he is a negative influence on Chicago. I have a plan that would make Chicago one of the safest cities in the world, and it wouldn't cost Chicago a dime. All the good people of Chicago to arm themselves. If they are legal to buy a gun, pass the background check... then allow them to carry that gun Open or Concealed... and in fact, encourage all responsible adults to do so. Crime would plummet. Simple as that. Lower Crime, Save Tax Dollars. It's a win-win situation. But there is a cost... Liberals would have to admit that they are wrong... and that will never happen while our Sun still burns.

FNH is being treated like a red-headed step child... Socom killed the SCAR Contract again, and it looks like for good. Let's look a the recent history. FN gets a contract for the SCAR. The SCAR becomes popular and civilians want it. FN says No to the SCAR Heavy for Civilians. Rumor comes out that FN might lose the SCAR contract. FN punts the SCAR Light to the Civilian market and says okay, we'll eventually bring out the SCAR-H to Civvies. FN loses the Contract. FN's civilian sales see prices jump to as high as 8 Grand for one rifle. FN regains the Contract. Remington's ACR looks very promising and military Brass smiles upon it. FN loses the SCAR contract. The reason for the SCAR's fall is that the thing really isn't doing anything all that better than what the current M-16/M-4 weapons are doing.

This tells me that the Military is really wanting a 6.8 weapon, and the Remington ACR looks to be a solid candidate for that. If I was a betting man – and sometimes I am – I'd put money that he Remington ACR 6.8 is going to become the next big thing for US Forces. Bonus for the Civilian shooters... Bushmaster will be running a line of ACR rifles parallel to the Remington ACR rifles. For those that don't get that... Remington owns Bushmaster and will putting the Remington name on all the Military guns. The Bushmasters will be the same thing, same options and everything, but Semi-Auto Only and these will be for Civilian Sales. The idea is that they will be able to satisfy Military Contracts and Customer Demand. Eventually. The US has a tradition of Civilians buying the same gun that the Military is using, and Remington respects that.

HK has been making some huge strides and in-roads with the US Military again. Grenade Launchers, Handguns, and the controversial IAR. As good as HK's military guns are... they really need to bring back something that they let go... the HK 660 and 770 hunting rifles.

Of course, if HK wanted to print money - they could make a 600 dollar semi automatic roller locked .17HMR that looks like a mini PSG-1.  They would be printing their own money if they did that.  Don't tell me you can't scale down the roller action - CZ did in their CZ52 pistol.  It could be done... and if they could keep the price down to 600 bucks retail... they would sell every single one they could crank out.

Warren Tactical. I am really digging these Warren Tactical night sights on my Glock 23. More than anything else, this has been the best thing I've done to my Glock since putting Slipstream in it. WTA Staff Member LittleLebowski has to be given credit for pointing these out to me. These sights are very good. Photos will come soon and I'll post a “Review” in the weapons section. Once again, LL has been proven to be right. Thanks, brother. I was going to get a set of those 24/7 Express Big Dot sights... but I'm glad I didn't. These sights allow more precision for longer range shooting.

Gun Bacon: We all know and love Bacon. Bacon is a magic food-stuff that you can enjoy alone, or by adding it to any other food and it makes that food better. Bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy and that Islam is wrong. Well, Suppressors are like Bacon for Guns. They make everything better. Other than snubbed nose revolvers, I can't think of any firearm that could not be improved by the attachment of a suppressor. Think about it. A .22 rifle. A .45 Auto. A .308 rifle. A .22 pistol... all made better with a suppressor.

Now here is the thing... Suppressor are banned according to the Gun Control Act of 1935, because only evil gansters and hitmen use suppressors. We know this because the movies tell us. However, in other countries, the use of a suppressor is considered a courtesy. The use of a suppressor saves your hearing as well. I don't know any serious shooter personally that has not suffered some degree of hearing damage. I know a lot of shooters that have more serious hearing loss because of our sport, our hobby, or career in military or law enforcement. Always wear your Ear-Pro, yes... but sometimes things happen and someone breaks off a shot before you put your ear plugs in or your muffs on. Guns are Loud. Guns can be muffled just like your car. Yet we are not allowed to put Gun Mufflers on our gun. That's what a Suppressor is... it's a muffler. That's all it is. There is no such thing as a Silencer. Suppressors do not make your gun sound like a mouse fart. However they do lower the sound level below the point that it causes hearing damage. If I get to the Utah State Legislature, I am going to write an amendment to our Gun laws, encouraging the use of Gun Mufflers in the state of Utah. And by encouraging, I mean making it easier to get them. How? That whole Made in Utah, Stays in Utah law we passed? I'm going to push to amend that to include Gun Mufflers. So if a Utah company makes them in Utah and sells them in Utah to a Utah resident... Well... we'll see. I'd like to see the tax stamp on those drop to 5 bucks, be something that you only need an instant background check for, and there is no reason they should cost more than 200 bucks.

6-28-10:  What a day this is! I mean, yeah... it's very sad that Senator KKK Byrd finally went to hell passed away... but don't be too chocked up about that, because we have the good news regarding the Supreme Court case, McDonald vs Chicago. The 5-4 split was straight up on party lines. While this is a victory for us, it's by too thin a margin. 4 US Supreme Court Judges are ruling against the US Constitution, ruling against freedom, and ruling against your safety and well being. I'm not happy about this. This is why Kagan's nomination must be stopped. She will be just like one of these 4. She's a Liberal Idiot who has no place on the Big Bench. She's not even a judge. She has no place. The best thing about this McDonald vs Chicago case, is Judge Alito's shredding of one of the other justices. Read it.

RADIO ADS: Do you own a business? Do you know someone who does? I have a few advertising slots to sell on Armed American Radio... a really sweet advertising deal for someone who wants a target audience – Gun Owners. Shoot me an email if you are interesting. Mark told me about this today and I was blown away. This is a great deal to get an awesome return on your advertising dollars.

6-24-10:  Please note:  The Tactical Shotgun Course has been moved from July 3rd, to July 10th.  Defensive Pistol will be held on July 17th, and on July 31st, will be whatever class the most people want.  Maybe I'll even just call it an Open Coaching Workshop.  I would like to teach the 17th Pistol Class closer the Wasatch Front, so if anyone has a location in mind... hit me...

In the contemplation whether or not our President is just profoundly incompetent, or is actually very sharp and subtle... I'm much more comfortable with the thought that he is simply an incompetent, arrogant jackass. Because if he really is sharp, and he really does know that of which he does... this means he is truly dangerous and the USA is on the brink of the abyss.

Look at everything he has done... his best to cripple the economy. To spend money that hasn't even been made yet. To crush the American spirit. To open the southern border even wider. To hinder all actions in the Gulf of Mexico to fix and to clean up the mess. In an escalating situation in the middle east, he takes the Commander of Central Command, and demotes him to head up just Afghanistan, leaving a vacuum of leadership over the whole region. Let's the President of Mexico come to Capitol Hill, and before Congress – lecture US on how to run our country.

You don't drag a General from a war zone by his ear, to the White House, so he can harass him and embarrass him before the Nation. You don't do that. As a Commander and Chief, he should have followed his own Chain of Command and have had asked General Petraeus to take care of McChrystal. Let a man shoot his own dog. Then let that Commander find a replacement. What Obama did was asinine and insulting to the entire Military. Never mind the fact that McChrystal should have been dealt with under the UCMJ, in which he was in violation of Article 88. A violation that does not require one to be fired. This has weakened US Forces in that entire region by his emotional knee-jerk (man, that term is fitting now) reaction, and has put our allies in greater jeopardy because of it.

Obama is more than just a Jackass. He's a jackass with an agenda. He knows what he's doing and Congress is letting him. I can not WAIT for the November elections.

6-23-10:  This is a clip from our last Carbine Course:

6-22-10:  The Facebook and WTA thing: I'm on FB. Not really sure why, but I am on. George H Hill on FB. I'm not going to hyperlink it... but you can find me there. Sometimes I post things there that I don't post here. Less consequential stuff... but more human event things. The other place you can hit me at is on Any topic I talk about here, is fare game to post on WTA in the MadOgre forum there. Or in the proper forum depending on the topic. You can make that call, I don't set a rule on this. Another thing about WTA. WTA isn't the Forum. It's not me. It's not about me. It started out as that, then joined with FBMG and it grew... And it grew beyond whatever it was. FBMG is no longer, but that doesn't mean it's just MO. I don't want that. It's its own entity now. I am but an administrator there. I do little of the moderation there in terms of the day to day stuff... when we ban someone or even take any action such as warnings... it's discussed in a committee. So if you get your hands slapped, don't think you can cry to me about my mean Staff. You probably deserved your hands slapped.

2 Million Bucks. What could you do with 2 million bucks? I know... let's spend it on condoms for drug users in Kazakhstan! That sounds like a fantastic idea. I mean, hell... what better place to spend US Taxpayer Dollars? It's not like we have anything better to spend 2 Million on, right? We could spread that 2 million around the Gulf Coast to help out those that have lost jobs or business due to the BHO fumbling of the BP Oil Spill. Maybe use 2 million bucks to help other Americans... Or maybe even – We just Don't Spend money we don't have. Where did that 2 million dollars come from? If the National Institutes of Health have 2 million bucks to spend on this crap, I think we've given them 2 million bucks too much. Don't think that this wasn't tax payer money. The US Department of Health and Human Services is the parent organization. That Tax Dollars. Our tax dollars. Because now these guys are saying we have too many Tax Cuts. Really? Because I'm just thinking that we – no... not WE... THEY.... These Democrats On Parade are spending our money and our future money in ways that are so unprecedented so irresponsible, and utterly incompetently that it is just flabbergasting. Stop Spending Our Money!

The Southern Border situation is completely out of control. If I was the AZ Governor, I'd call on the National Guard to lock down the boarder completely. There are Ports of Entry... the rest of the border needs to be completely locked down. This report speaks of Gangs putting up Observation Posts. These are not Gangs. These are Cartels. These are the professional Drug Smugglers and Kidnappers and Murderers who need to be stopped at the Border. This isn't about “Undocumented Immigration”, because you know what – I don't care about that right now. I'm concerned with these Professional Evildoers setting up shop in my country. I'm thinking an A-10 dropping a Cluster Munition on these Cartel LP/OP locations. If Fox News can find them – certainly our boys with the hardware to stop them can find them too. I am SICK of the President giving these jackasses a pass. Bush did it too. It's time we Fight Back against these Gangs. Our Border Patrol is a Police type organization... when we need a Military response. A hard, well aimed response.

6-20-10:  Top 5 Rock Bands of All Time: You guys have your own opinions... and if they are different from mine, you just might be wrong. Especially if you think of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, or Foo Fighters... No. Those guys don't rate. I'm talking ROCK and I'm talking All Time. So let's get rolling.

#5. Judas Priest.

#4. Metallica.

#3. Black Sabbath.

#2. Led Zepplin.

#1. AC/DC.

I didn't include my personal #1 favorite band, as I can't call them Rock. They defy any clear definition, Pink Floyd. The last album to listen to before I die is Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder. Or maybe Final Cut. I am also a huge fan of Queensryche. Operation Mind Crime and Empire are classics that if you don't own them – you are wrong. But this simple Top 5 here... Come on, look at these guys. Better yet, listen to them. If you don't own a CD from each one – those suckers and keep them in your car or truck for continual listening while you drive.

Rolling through SLC I stopped in Draper. The traffic, even at 2:30 – Non Rush time – was absolutely insane. It was worse than even Down Town SLC, by far. Future Salt Lake Valley Driving Policy is to avoid Draper at all costs. The traffic, which I am sure everyone there complains about, is just insane. The turn lane for the Draper exit was damn near a mile long and it wasn't rush hour. That's just nuts. I by passed it by taking the next exit and coming back on frontage road... which was longer, but faster. Good hell. What in Draper is worth living there? This is perhaps shocking to be as I remember Draper very well being the little town no one wanted to be in. The traffic was always nice and light and easy. Now? It looks like half the SLValley population absolute must take that Draper exit. Crazy.

I'm sick of the word tactical. I've been fielding a lot of questions about the Tactical Lever Action... including the question of where can a guy order a 3 rail handguard for his Marlin. Guys. Tactical is a state of being, not a one word list of requirements. Look it up. Relating to combat tactics, adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose. So apply that to a lever action rifle and that rifle becomes one that is practical, efficient to use and easy to maneuver. Any carbine length lever action already holds these cards. So, I submit that the Lever Action already IS tactical. You don't need a Red Dot and Rails to be Tactical. The M1 Carbine had no such add-on features, no rails, no black, and you can ask the Nazies just how tactical they were. Lever guns are the same way. You can add things if you want. But please, ask yourself this. Am I adding this because I think other people will think they are cool? If your reason is because of other people – Don't. Am I adding this because I think it's cool? If you think it's cool, that's a good enough reason as any. But the big question is this – does this addition make the gun more effective or makes me more effective with the gun? That's what you want. Any change, alteration, addition must give you a tangible benefit. Cool is secondary to Effective. Effective, if it really is effective, is cool all on its own. So to avoid mental images of Railed Lever Guns that are loaded with kit to make them way as much as an SR-25... lets instead call your Lever Gun what it is... And that is going to involve planning out what your goal and purpose is. Most guys want a Lever Gun version of a Scout Rifle. Awesome. So instead of calling your gun a Tactical Lever Gun, call it a Lever Scout. That's what it is, isn't it? A Lever DMR gun? Fine. An Entry Lever? Good to go. A Lever CQB gun? Sweet. Look at it this way. Who here calls their AR or an AK, their Tactical AR. “Hey, let me grab my Tactical AK!” That sounds stupid. “Which gun are you taking to the range?” “Oh, I'm going to take my Tactical AR-15.” Come on. Which AR? They are all Tactical within their purposes. A heavy barreled 24 inch AR can still be a Tactical AR, as is an customized SBR version. Tactical means it has a purpose. Define the gun by the purpose.

6-17-10:  Preset your DVR's. Next Thursday, Mark from Armed American Radio will be on with John Stossell on FOX News. The panel includes Mark, Nikki Goeser, Suzanna Hupp, Alan Gura and Otis McDonald. Set your DVR to record this. This should be a fun show.

I've switched my carry load in my Truck Gun. I've decided that my truck gun needs to be changed out. From one gun, a certain rifle, to a shotgun. Not just any shotgun, but the Mossberg 930SPX. I have certain reasons for this, that I'm not going to go into... so let me put it this way: 15 full power 12 gauge shells ready to rock is a pretty convincing argument. The duty of a Truck Gun is protection in an environment that is in and around vehicles. One that is also in different settings from Urban to Rural, to wilderness. Especially in my area of operation. 2 legged beasts or 4. We have Coyotes, Cougar, Wolves, Badgers, Bears, and a number of other things out and about that would love nothing more than to snack on your liver. We have the more dangerous 2 legged predators that would love nothing more than to jack you for a tank of juice or just what you might have in your wallet. Also, we have mule deer and elk that are suicidally stupid when it comes to traffic law, the right of way, and just how much momentum a Chevy 2500 Scottsdale has at full highway speed. I want a load that can handle any situation. Found it. Tried it. Now I'm running it... Just one load in the mag tube and in the side saddle. They are also riding in the side saddles of my other shotguns. The load I'm talking about is the new Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1. This load gives me the devastation that I want at short and long ranges. This is the perfect Truck Gun Shotgun Load. Back at the ranch the shotguns are loaded differently... but I'm using the PDX1's in my Truck Gun.

Clearing a McMansion: Interesting evening tonight. It's now after Midnight and I'm about ready to post this up and go to bed. Got a call from beloved Sister In Law. She went over to her Mother's house and found a door had been forced open. They are all in SLC... she called me. Big house. Really big house. Multiple stories up, and a floor down. I rolled in with Khorne as backup. Shotguns and tactical lights. We cleared the house fast and effeciently. Nothing was stolen. The door had indeed been forced, but S.I.L. Scared them away. We secured the building and we'll wait for F.I.L to file a police report with what we found and what S.I.L heard. She came in the front and evidently they went out the back before they could do anything.

The idea of putting tactical lights on your long guns – good idea. Operating a tactical light in the hand with a shotgun can be difficult if you are not used to doing it. A light on the gun is much more efficient. A second light for the hand is good too, if you have a quick belt pouch or place to clip it. More on Light Fighting later.

6-13-10:  I want to play Roshambo with Al Gore. Here's why. Last year, June 13th... I was sweating my balls off. This year. I'm wearing a Hoodie. All week it's been cool and overcast and moist. It was actually cold this morning. It's not much warmer right now. If Gore was Right – today should be scorching. Dang near on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Yet the arguments persist. I am told that I am cold and wearing a Hoodie because – BECAUSE – of Global Warming. I'm also told that it is not Global Warming, it's Climate Change. Okay, so when reality proves you wrong you just rename your cause but continue making the same arguments. Man Kind has nothing to do with Climate Change. If we did, how come we recorded Climate Change on Mars? Are we going to blame Martian Climate Change on our little solar powered Rovers? Well, if it's not my Truck causing this... what about during the Middle Ages? Are we to blame Viking Funeral Pyres? Mankind can destroy large sections of the planet – sure. I'll give you that. But the Earth is very good, and very quick at taking it's self back. And when it does, it's better than it was before.

6-12-10:  Sometimes I just have to bite my tongue while working at the Gun Counter. The misconceptions that people have about firearms always gets me... You don't even have to aim a shotgun. A gun for a Woman has to be at most ˝ the caliber or gauge of a Man's gun. Regardless of the type of gun a woman is looking at, a lighter one is always better. Revolvers never jam. A .45 will knock a man down and you don't need more than 8 rounds. If you want to kill an Elk, you need an Ultra Mag. America has gun culture and we cater to it... people want to be in the gun culture... to be a part of it... yet so many of these people don't really try to learn anything about it. And if a guy like me – the Gun Counter Guy tries to explain something – they get offended. They don't want to learn – they want to reinforce their ideology. Even if it's ridiculously incorrect.

Too many concentrate on just what is “the best” based on the opinions found on forums and what the latest favored son says in a gun rag... and not enough people are getting out and actually pulling the trigger. You have to go shoot. You have to train with your gun. You have to get to know it. Possession doesn't grant Proficiency. You can spend 3 grand on the latest and greatest AR with all the trick parts by all the vogue parts makers to have a totally tricked out Uberwaffen... and what good does it do you? Have you trained with it? Have you put even 250 rounds through it? If you haven't... you've blown that 3 grand. Waste of money. Your gun still looks new. A gun like that should be a weapon. Weapons, like the men who own them, should have some scars. Been There, Done That? Really? I can still smell cosmoline. The bolt doesn't have a wear mark on it. Your scope still has the Inspected By sticker on it. Get that gun out, drop it in the gravel and wear the New off of it... practice with it. Practice your reloads. Practice your stoppage drills. Train your gun. Because if you don't, your gun is useless. It might as well be unloaded. Which I'm guessing... it is. Don't worry about the Finish. Don't worry about scratches. The outside can be as rough as hell – that's fine. But the insides are what needs to be cared for... and it doesn't have to be spotless... just well lubed. Don't worry about too much oil. Get it in there. An AR needs to be wet inside.

My friend, the late and great Robert Boatman got into a little trouble about an article he wrote for Concealed Carry Magazine... he stated that you should “blood your gun”. Many were offended, but like it or not, Robert was right. Take that rifle and go blood it. Hunt with it. A rifle is a unique thing in the world... it's finely crafted, milled, machined, forged... but as good as it is... it has no soul. It has to take one. In some states, you can hunt deer with a .223. Take a deer with yours. With your AR, With your EOTECH or your AIMPOINT mounted on top. Then take a trophy photo of you, the deer, and that rifle. Keep that photo in your gun case.

6-10-10:  My little Sister In Law McKenna is going out for Miss Utah and she can use some support. 

This is great. A house full of College Girls. Guys come in with a gun to rob the place at 530AM. What does one of the girls sends a Txt Message to Dad. At 530AM. I don't mean to be critical... but that was Stupid. A call to 911 could have had the cops there pronto and they very well could have caught the guys red handed. Stupid is as stupid does. We are just glad no one was hurt and all that was taken was a TV and and Xbox. Come on... 911... what's that number again?

I don't know I shoot any other rifle cartridge... the .17HMR is just the Cat's Meow for small cartridges... it's so accurate it's crazy. It has so much power for such a small little grain of rice... it's impressive. And the gun that shoots it... my Savage 93R17... Wow. So simple. So good at what it does. The combination of this rifle and this cartridge is damn near shooting perfection.

6-7-10:  I don't know if this is true or not... but I think I am the only Instructor that has an active training program for a Lever Action rifle. Others may allow Lever Actions in their courses – but I actually have a Lever program with techniques and gear theory to go along with it. I don't know any other trainer that has even talked about them in a long time. Gunsite used to have a Course for them many years ago, but since then has discontinued them and no one else has touched the subject specifically from a training perspective. The Tactical Lever Action topic is a popular one, and one that refuses to die. It might go away for awhile, but it pops back up when you least expect it. The guns are popular... a “Cult Classic” if you will. While the guns are popular – how come no one is talked about how to teach them, how to run them, and how to do this with modern techniques? Is no one else taking these guns seriously? If I get another Chuck Connors reference, someone is going to get a Big Loop shoved someplace only a Proctologist can appreciate. I've been fielding a lot of questions about the tactical lever action rifle, and how to run it since I posted pictures on Facebook (George H Hill) and on YouTube... Yes, quite simply I can teach you to run your Lever Action with efficiency. It's simple. If you have taken a good tactical carbine course, and a good tactical shotgun course, you should be able to meld the two concepts into one, and with that – you have your Tactical Lever Action. Basically, you run it like a shotgun, but shoot it like a Carbine. That means you load what you shoot, keeping the gun topped off as much as possible. Then hold it just like you would any fighting rifle, using modern methods... hold the stock close in to your chest, not out on your shoulder... extend your support hand out as far as the gun allows to support the barrel. Your action should be smooth enough to cycle without pulling the gun out of position – if it's not, get it worked on. It should be. Fire two or three shots, making sure those shots are hits... Only Hits Count... then scan your area... then top off through the feed port those two or three rounds. Just like you would a shotgun. Just like a Shotgun, I don't recommend cartridge loops... as they are slow. A shotshell pouch can hold quite a few and it's easier to dive your hand into the pouch and pull out a fist full of rounds, load those rounds and get back to fighting. The popular buttcuff shell holders, are a handicap as they prevent weak side shouldering with consistency. Sling it. Just like you would a shotgun.

Levergun Training Update: Looks like Suarez International has an instructor in California that does indeed teach Levergun Fighting. This is good news. This shows a greater interest than I thought and that I am not alone in my enthusiasm for the platform. This was sent to us from a Reader.

If anyone has doubts about a Lever Action in a gun fight – go watch a Cowboy Action competition and get back to me.

6-6-10:  The Tactical Carbine course went very well yesterday. However, I must be frank... I don't like teaching such a basic course. By 2PM almost everyone “Got It”, and were ready to move on. We continued running various drills until people started running out of ammo.

In attendance was a balanced mix of AR-15 type rifles to AK-47 type rifles. One AR was a jamming machine due to magazine seating dept... it jammed like a jazz band and the poor kid just had a tough go of it. Double Feeds... he got pretty quick at clearing those by the end. Zack brought out his PSL and put that through some of the drills and it ran just fine. The interesting guns were the pair of Lever Actions that showed up.... The Levers did outstanding. They were slower to reload, sure. But the guys running them were able to do so with great accuracy and consistency. I would not want to go up against those guys with those guns. This just shows me the validity of the Tactical Lever Action. Tactical means Practical and a Lever Gun can absolutely be made into a very practical, functional, and effective defensive tool... and these guys running Tactical Carbine so smoothly proved it.

Slings for the Shotgun too: Side Arms will be required during all Crusader Tactical Shotgun Courses as well. Side Arm, holster, mag pouch for your mags or speedloaders. A shotgun will need to be reloaded, you need something to carry your extra shells – because you will go through them. And I do recommend that students get your shotguns on a sling.... in fact... that's now a requirement. If you don't, what happens to your shotgun when you transition to your pistol? Sling it.

Women's Defensive Pistol is coming up. If you want your girlfriend or spouse to get some training... Women's Defensive Pistol is going to be only 100 bucks, as a special promotion for this class only. Next time, it's at the regular price. Bring 300 rounds of ammunition. We work on all the basic fundamentals, and then we apply that to drills that reinforce those fundamentals and develop speed. Just like what we do in the regular course. What's different? Husbands and Boyfriends are not allowed... Unwittingly women get a lot of pressure that can be uncomfortable when trying to learn to shoot from the man in their life, and it's just not good. This will give them that kick-start so they can come out and shoot with you without any feelings of intimidation. For them. When they outshoot you – you can come to one of my classes so you can catch up. The Course is at the Buckskin Hills Range, Saturday the 19th, at 4PM and we'll run till about 8:30PM.

I am running for the Utah State Legislature as a Libertarian. However, the more I hear other members of the Libertarian Party spout off, the more I am uncomfortable with party. Think of it like a suit . It looks good in the advertisements and in the movies and you see other guys wearing it... so you go to the store. It looks good on the rack, so you try it on. It even looks good on you. But then the more you wear it, the less comfortable it is actually on you.

I disagree with some of the Libertarian Party's platform. I especially disagree with the Party's willingness to commit to isolationism. I support Israel. I support Israel's blockade of Gaza. I support Israel's right to secure it's borders and defense of it's sovereignty.

Other Libertarians hold different views of this issue – and that's fine. They say Libertarian's are like Anarchists without rocks... and I've seen a lot to support that. But let me tell you, I have a pile of my own rocks and at the same time I am a big believer in the rule of law. I just believe some of our laws need to be changed. I support Freedom for America. Just like I support freedom for England, Ireland, Netherlands, and Israel... and everyone else who wants it. I believe our planet is a small one and our brothers and sisters that live on the other side of a line on a map have every right to freedom as I do. As long as it falls within the rule of law. That's what I believe.

6-3-10:  Larry Correia, that Magnificent Bastard has something awesome: Monster Hunter Vendetta.... Early Electronic version is out! GO GET IT! READ IT! You will LOVE IT! But be warned... you will lose sleep!

On a similar note: Larry has been working on another project with our friend Mike Kupari. Some of you may have heard of it... it's called “Dead Six”. I was up all friggin night last night reading Dead Six. This is the Alpha Build of Dead Six... but it's the whole book. It's good. Real good.  It hooks you, doesn't let go, and slams you around the room until you finish it.

I have a theory here... Mike and Larry hates us. They don't care about our lives... they don't care about our lack of sleep, or productivity... no... They just force you to shut down everything else in your life an lock yourself into their world. Bastards! Oh, I'll get them back... they've got it coming... Silvershot and Privateer are going to give them a One Two Punch right into their productivity... when they least expect it!  Ha!

Revisiting the Tactical Lever Action: The subject of the Tactical Lever has been on my mind lately. I've done one before and found it was a great success and the result was a very useful carbine, with better handling characteristics than the original rifle. The question I've been pondering is just what is a tactical lever... what is the end goal of such a project. A lever gun is slow to reload, but points well and cycles quickly and reliably. Accuracy is not something a lever gun is known for. Long range is not a strong suit of a Lever. The speed of reloading is a handicap... the magazine capacity is a severe limitation as well. No 30 round mags that can be changed in the blink of an eye. No quarter inch groups at 100 yards. No 600 yard shots.
So what are the Lever Actions strengths? Simplicity, Reliability, Speed to Target, and Power. The Lever is a simple and easy to use system. It's a part of the American Cultural Heritage. As Children, most shooters are introduced to the Lever Gun via the wonder Red Ryder BB Gun. It sticks with us... its in our blood. The Lever Action can be cycled faster than a Bolt Action, and can do so with a very high degree of reliability. Much more reliable than an Auto. Since most Lever Actions are fed with a tubular magazine, blunt nosed bullets must be used. Hornady's LEVERevolution line of ammunition helps, but it's still no Spitzer. I'm not going to say that these bullets lack any aerodynamics... it's just that they have the same ballistic coefficient as a filling cabinet, or a UPS truck. The upshot is that they smash the target like a UPS truck. A blunt bullet delivers a lot of shock into the target while cutting a wide permanent wound channel. This is why all Dangerous Game bullets are blunt nosed. Combine that bullet shape with a bullet that is solid and heavy... it's going to deliver considerably more killing power within its effective range than a bullet fired from a 5.56mm. And that killing power can be delivered quickly, with rapid follow up shots. That has some advantages.

So if I would make a new Tactical Lever, we'd have to start with the Caliber. The platform is taken for granted that it's going to be a Marlin... so the question remains that of Caliber. Something that can be found readily, so no wildcats and nothing too unique such as a .307 Winchester. I'm a fan of .35 Remington, but it's pretty hard to find. My previous .30-30 Tactical Lever did very well, but it's 5 shot capacity left a few rounds to be desired. So I'm thinking a shorter round. Pistol rounds can almost double the magazine capacity. I'd love a .460 S&W Magnum but the only guns capable of that round are very high dollar custom guns. Not really an off the shelf project. I'm thinking a .44 mag this time around. The .44 offers a lot of power in a common package, good accuracy and velocity that should allow me to reach 400 yards reasonably well. Inside 200 yards it would back a lot of smackdown... and inside of 50 yards, it's just brutal.

TC, the makers of those excellent Encore and Icon rifles has something rather special hidden away within the catacombs of it's all too secret Custom Shop. Encore Pro Hunter Barrels in 5.7x28mm. A few years ago I posted at length the need – nay – the necessity of a nice little light weight bolt action gun in 5.7x28mm to take advantage of the rounds, unique characteristics and unrealized accuracy. It's basically the second coming of the .22 Hornet, but your getting a round with a higher BC and a Ballistic Tip for the same price as FMJ .223. This is absolutely ideal for Fur Bearer hunting. An Encore with a 16 to 18 inch barrel would be cute as a young Jessica Alba. That is something that would be taken into the field with great regularity.

Here is another good idea: This came in via Email from James... I'll not post the whole thing but in a nutshell James has a super sweet little Beretta Cheetah 85F. He has read about the .32NAA cartridge and would like to swap out his .380 barrel for one in .32NAA. Hence the question... “Who could make that barrel?” I don't know. So I put the question before The Horde. Who could make this barrel for James?

FIGHT THE DARKNESS! Crusader Weaponry Training has a couple awesome things coming up. We are putting together a bleeding edge Low Light shooting Course. Dark Light fighting using the latest techniques and the most advanced hard core, heavy duty lights ever made. We are partnering with a Light company that is bringing to market what is easily the best Light tools I've ever seen or even heard of. This stuff is shockingly good. And right now, nobody has anything like what these Mad Scientists have put together. I can't say anything more about this right now... but I will bring everything – into the light – sorry, as soon as I can.

The Lucid HD7 Red Dot Optic. I've pretty much completed my evaluation of this weapon sight. Thumbs Up. In a nut shell, the HD7 is Strong, Clear, and Accurate. It's held zero, it's handled recoil and has done everything that it should with no misbehavior. Quiet honestly, it trumps everything else out there in its class... and if you are wanting a new red dot optic and you can't afford that AimPoint or EoTech – this unit is a great choice. The HD7's two major competitors are the Vortex Strikefire, which I really really wanted to like... they are about 150 bucks, but they have some issues that just have not been sorted out. Such as the battery connections which lead to the red dot failing under recoil. Then there is the Bushnell Trophy MP for 200 bucks.... which is a good unit. However it does not have an auto shut off to conserve battery life and it doesn't have an auto-adjust for brightness. The HD7 does. Videos and Discussion of the HD7 can be found on WeTheArmed, here.

Slipstream ST-1 Treatment testing: An independent company in California is wanting to find a permanent lubrication treatment for their weapons. They have been testing Fail Zero and Slipstream ST-1 head to head. Fail Zero has failed and the ST-1 is still going strong. I guess putting both Fail and Zero in their name has been rather unfortunately ironic. The word about Slipstream is getting out there... Slipstream is the Slickest Lubrication You Can Put In Your Weapons. SLIPSTREAM - KILLS FRICTION DEAD.

Glock Gen4's: I have a Glock Gen4 Model 22. I like it. Its a very good weapon and has been perfectly reliable. I trust it. Just like I trust my model 23RTF2. However, some guys have reported reliability issues with the Gen4 Model 17, the 9mm. In talking with those that have had some issues, most of them have been firing 115 grain 9mm loads. Only a couple have reported any failures with heavier 124 grain loads. And I don't know anyone that has had a problem with 147 grain loads. Maybe there is a couple out there, but I'm not aware of them. The problem stems from the Gen4 being developed as a .40 with increased reliability when running a weapon light on the gun. So the Gen4's heavier recoil system isn't quite soft enough to run light 9mm loads. Because of this, I've heard several people speak of shying away from the Gen4 guns. Well, here's my take on this. In all cases, reliability with the 9mm was only in the first couple hundred rounds, only occasionally, only with light loads, and only with a handful of owners, not all Gen4 17 owners. This should not effect you, a reader of because you will know that before you carry any weapon you will fire the crap out of it to make sure it's going to function. You are going to fire that gun using full power defense loads. You are going to run your gun in practice like you would run your gun for real. So even if the gun had a hiccup, it would only have cost you a split second and you would have been back on hitting the target. Here's another thing. I don't know of anyone that has reported issues with the Gen4 17 that had treated their new Gen4 with Slipstream. If you want a Gen4 Glock – get it. Then treat it with Slipstream. Then fire it.... a lot. Work it in. Clean it, treat it with Slipstream again, and you will have a weapon that is about as good as a handgun can get. I've not mentioned the campaign for awhile. Let me tell you what's going on... I've been playing it quiet for a reason. It's coming up on the time to Go Loud. I need some more funds to make this campaign push happen. I need more money for enough yard signs and other campaign swag. I need your contributions. Now is the time. If you had planned on making a contribution and have been putting it off, this is where I'll need it the most. All your support is very much appreciated.

Where did they go? Okay, getting ready for my Tactical Carbine Course coming up very soon... I discovered that I am missing a couple things. First, my electronic EarPro is missing. This is annoying because it's the second time this has happened. I've lost 2 sets of Impact Sports now. Last I saw them, I tossed them into the back seat of my truck along with some other stuff. The other stuff was there when I cleaned out my truck... but not my EarPro. The other thing that is missing is my Blowout Kit. I ALWAYS kept it in my truck and always under my back seat. Even when I cleaned out my truck, I never took it out because it's one of those things that I know that I always have there just in case. Well... it's gone now. And that is an expensive kit to replace. This was an Emergency Medical Kit... more serious than a First Aid Kit. This had some other stuff in there to handle some more serious trauma. Such as a Gun Shot Wound. Normal First Aid Kits don't have what it takes to deal with GSW's. Mine did. Great. I need a Blowout Kit before this course.

Go To Gun: Updates: I'm looking at using a different form for blogging. Using a shake and bake software based solution, such as Umbraco or Wordpress. I'm looking at both of those right now, actually. Reason being, currently I am addicted to FrontPage as my site manager. To edit pages, throw archives, upload stuff... However, I just can't continue to use this much longer. FrontPage has been used since... well, look in the Archives and you can see when I stopped using NotePad. So bear with me and I'll keep you guys posted on potential decisions on that front. If I go to one of these solutions, this will mean a dramatic change to I'm not sure I like either one of these solutions... but something has got to be done.

ISRAEL and the Blockade:: My Take: Israel has every right to secure their own borders, blockade unauthorized ships and search ships attempting to run that blockade. They were not looking to drop on those ships and start killing people. They were armed with Side Arms for Self Defense, but those SMG looking things you see them packing are paintball guns for crowd control if people got frisky. They did not expect Peace Activists to attack them with knives the instant they touched the deck. But that is what happened. The Israelis plan was to search the ships, turn them around, and send everyone home. No one was to have been killed. But the Peace Activists started the killing by attacking the Israelis, stabbing him, and then pitching him over for a long fall onto a hard deck. That's not the actions of any Peace Activist. These Terrorist on the ships spilled the first blood and forced the Israelis to defend themselves. And now the world is pointing fingers at Israel? The US as well? I side with Israel. Israel has a right to Self Defense.



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