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July 23rd, Friday, 2004: 1400hrs: Email about Microlon:  “Apparently Microlon is reading you.  They read my review, and Mike sent me a message with the following comments:

Point one.  Rather than drawing a moistened patch 5 times through a bore, try 8 or 10 (10 is probably a good target number).  This will ensure that the dry film lube is fully in place for best results.

Point two.  You mention that heating the piece to over 775 degrees F will remove the film.  Actually, that should be 725 degrees F. Not that 50 degrees is that much of a change at those temperatures, but the stuff liquefies at 725F and changes to a gas at 775F.

Point three.  You mention that Gun Juice isn't a cleaner.  It is a cleaner, and is in fact an excellent metal cleaner.  If you have the time, I would ask you to try it as such on any gun or other metal item you have that seems to be "uncleanable" or at least is filthy, corroded and ugly.  If you clean a gun with it, use a bore brush and some elbow grease along with the Gun Juice.  It has always worked for me, but I'm interested in other opinions and experiences.

Pont four.  The smell.  Well, Gun Juice contains mineral spirits and naphtha.  Naphtha is a form of benzene.  I think that explains the aromatic nature of the product.

And they offered to send me a 4oz bottle!  Wow!  I replied to his points, basically as follows: 1, if 5 times took care of my fouling problem, 10 must really slick it up!; 2, may have misread the temps in their info, no big deal; 3, had not heard it mentioned as a cleaner, might give it a try; and 4, most of the good cleaners, gun or household, smell(usually bad), so no big deal. These people seem to follow up on reports of their stuff, that is a good sign for a company.  Mark

Yeah, I’ve exchanged a few emails with Mike as well.  I am impressed with these guys, and the product.  It works great.  I’ll add this feedback to the Microlon page.  I needed to edit it anyways…. There is no link to the company.    

TGIF: Light hearted blogging today because it’s Friday and I don’t feel like dipping into the news right now. I breakfasted on a couple raspberry filled doughnuts and a Dr. Pepper.  What the hell.  Feeling groovy and laid back.  Zero work is getting done today.  Might roll out and check out a desert area I’ve been wanting to look at… or I might just play Warcraft III.  Fuck it… I’m not in the mood to even think about anything important.   Cause really, what’s new out there today anyways?  The middle east is out of control, the liberals are gigantic assholes, and the economy is doing great and plugging away.

The Top CCW Choices is updated.  Like I said, it might surprise you.   These are just my personal picks.  There are so many good options out there that it would be very easy to make the a top 40 count down or something… but I’m not going to do that.   Also, like I said, the Microlon Gun Juice article is up as well.

Those of The Horde in the naval branch, your ship is waiting. Just under 6.5 Mil, not bad for a pocket carrier.  I think The Horde’s wing of MI-24 HIND D’s and Super Sea Cobras would work well from that platform.  Don’t you think?   Of course this carrier isn’t my first choice, but at this price, it’s such a bargain.  Ship has some history too, maybe… is it the Vengeance?  What do you think of the name “Horde’s Vengeance” for her?  Yeah, that works nicely.  Once fitted out, we’d go invade Sealand.  Just for the hell of it. (But I’d give it back to them the next day, cause I’m a nice guy and all)

This morning we heard from Commander Kupari out in Qatar.  He is doing well but a little board.  He could probably go for a ride on a Camel Spider if he gets too board.  Kidding, actually he has been working his butt off and hasn’t even had a day off in some time.  We wish him the best, and for him to keep safe.

I was upset to read yesterday that a fellow from Orem, Utah has passed away from a heart attack.  I knew his family but didn’t know him.  He was a young kid that just joined the Army.  He was near the end of his Basic Training at Ft Jackson.  It seems the kid didn’t take the Drill Sergeants seriously when they barked “Drink Water, Men! Drink Water!”  His heart attack was a complication of a heat stroke… meaning he was dehydrated.  This is very sad.  My prayers are with the family.  Such a useless way to go.  He probably had two full canteens on him when he collapsed.   This happens all the time, even when the Drills keep warning people.  Sad.  Very sad.

YEAH!  I’m #9 on Acidaughter’s top 20!  SWEEEET


July 22nd, Thursday, 2004: 2000hrs: Drudge is reporting that Senator Asshat Edwards is saying that that “World Leaders” wants Bush to lose.   No, dumbass, “Word Leaders” want the USA to lose, not just Bush.  You see, Bush is for a strong America.  The World on the other hand, is not.  So of course they want anything than could possibly weaken the USA… such as Bush loosing the election and John Kerry becoming the UN fellating President.  Democrats make me sick… As if American Voters should give a rats ass about what “word leaders” of other nations think or want.    Then we have Kerry saying that America needs “leadership” on security.   Let’s look at the Democrats vision of “security”.  We have a good example of it in Boston.  Boston and the DNC say “oh, we’ll spend about 10 million on security.”  Then they order up damn near everything in the spy catalog from cameras mounted on buildings all over the place scanning faces and recording everything everyone there is doing for blocks around the convention… then we have day night radar/optical/infrared sensors in the bay scanning everything on the water… some of this stuff is just insane… and over budget. So the DNC asks Congress for 25 Million bucks.  Tax Payer Bucks… bucks that Republicans & Libertarians have to pay so the jackass Democrat elites can feel extra safe at a farking party.  That is the Democrat idea of security.  Old people can’t even have a walking stick or cane anywhere near this DNC shindig.   Why the hell do I have to help pay for so much additional security for a party for people who I think shouldn’t be accorded any addition security efforts than anyone else in the city of Boston?  I don’t even live in Boston.  What makes these fucknozzles so special that they think they deserve an extra 25 million (for a total of 35 million) for freaking security?  This is their idea of “Leadership”?  Kerry, “Leadership” is not a buzzword… it’s not an adjective… it’s a verb.  “Leadership” is what you do.  And so far, Mr. Kerry you have shown ZERO Leadership.  You missed 80% of the Senate votes.  And you have the gall to talk about leadership?  Kerry, you only have 20% Leadership.  If you were a D&D character, your Leadership score would be a 4, and you are representing like you have 18 or something.   If you were a can of Coke, you would only be a 2.4 Ounce can.  I’ve seen leadership, Kerry, and you have no Leadership.  Leadership is out in front.  Leadership is in the trenches.  Leadership is not crying about a scratch from a fragment of your own grenade you shot at a rock that was too close.  You fucking jackass loser!

A clam bake at Ted Kennedy’s joint?  Why does this make me laugh so much?  Pick the joke from a hat on this one.

Doonesbury to be dropped from 38 newspapers.   Funny how they call it censorship when other people would call it Freedom of Choice.  Ironic how the people who are calling it Censorship are the same ones that are calling themselves “Pro-Choice”.  And then the creator is crying about it not being fair.  People… this is like a small example of democracy in action right here.   This is what makes capitalism/democracy so great!  We the People, we the consumers can vote with our feet.  If we don’t like something, we don’t have to buy it.  Hey Gary, Buh-Bye!

Add this to the list of reasons why I’m not big on fishing

July 21st, Wednesday, 2004: 2015hrs:  I have a full report regarding Microlon Gun Juice.  This is the report mentioned that was coming from one of the Horde’s officers… I shall put it up on its own page in the weapons section and put the link right by the current one regarding Breakfree CLP.   Look for this to be posted when I finish my Top CCW Choices revision.  Some guns are going to disappear from that list and some guns are going to pop up that just might surprise you.  Still working on it, so if you have a take that doesn’t suck, let’s hear it.

If you are a motor head… or think you might be a motor head; if you are the kinda guy that browses up and down every isle at the autoparts stores… then what ever you do – DO NOT go to and order a free catalog!  For the love of all that is holy (Or Holly as the case may be) spare yourself!  GM, Ford, Dodge, Chevy… cars or trucks… it is unsafe.  Good heavens… Jegs has everything… and it’s all chromed and beautiful.   Just the oil pan selection alone is enough to give any motorhead a hard on.  Cams, lifters, carbs, headers, pulleys, all the stuff you could ever want to rebuild your engine into something monstrous and evil… and if you don’t have an engine worthy – they have a killer selection of crate motors… including a monster 650 horse Merlin engine.  Yeah.  I said Merlin.  Engines for racing, street, for off roading… This catalog is sick… just sick and wrong.  I ordered it to look at headers and electric fans cause I’m thinking about getting rid of the clutch fan to free up some extra low end grunt.   An electric water pump would help that too. Hmmm… NO!  Someone stop me!

The new Dell Axim handheld The X30, built in wireless, with a 624MHz processor.  Sweet.  And check this out… it does the sideways view thing.  So you can read a whole page of text without side scrolling.   Very nice.  Under 300 too.  I was looking at another handheld device that cost more than twice that… the only issue that I had with it other than the price was the PALM OS it used.  The sales guy behind the counter kept pointing out that it has a built in camera.  I kept pointing out that I knew about the camera, thank you, but I don’t’ care about the camera.  Then he actually pointed to the camera… “See, that’s the camera right there.”  I damn near blew a gasket right there.  “Look, kid, if I want a fucking digital camera, I’d buy a fucking digital camera.  I’m trying to figure out why this piece of shit Sony PDA is worth 300 bucks more than Pocket PC unit and I’m really sorry, but as far as cameras go, this little web cam gadget shit isn’t worth the extra 300 bucks.  And sense you can’t get past that, after me telling you five separate times that I don’t care about the damn camera feature, I’m leaving.”    I put the PDA down on the case and walked out right there.  I had some other items on the case too… things I was about to buy… but I just couldn’t take it.  When you have a migraine that’s rolling in on you like a freight train… your tolerance for bullshit drops to zero.  And that wasn’t even a big deal.  Just a stupid kid that had a weird fascination for webcams.   Tomorrow I’ll probably feel bad about this. 

How to start each day with a positive outlook:
1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "John Kerry."
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you want to delete John Kerry?"
6. Answer calmly, "yes," and press the mouse button firmly.
7. Feel better.....



Lunchtime: I may have been a little harsh to my ISP/Telcom people.  But I don’t feel bad about it.  My connection is crawling…

This war in Iraq is very different from wars past.  A new situation as come up for the soldiers and the families.  Phone bills.  If you can, please help them out.    The troops over there are doing it for the rest of us regardless of political affiliation.  Let the troops talk to their kids and sweethearts.

Oh, check this out… Talk about annoying.  Since the bride had her purse snatched, she had to go the police, file the report and all that jazz, right?  I didn’t think this would have any effect on me.  Turns out, it did.  Yeah, my bank card.  So I roll into a 7-11 for an icy cold Cold One and next thing you know I’m standing at the cash register with that dumb look on my face that communicates “Oh shit” in 47 different languages around the world.  Luckily I have a bad habit of tossing loose change into the 2nd cup holder in my truck.  Just enough quarters and dimes to cover the tab.  Freak, I hate that.  I hate using just cash now days.  Seriously.  With cash I can spend it all and wonder, “where the hell did my money go?” And never know.  With a card I can hit my online bank and say “Ah, there it went.” Anyway, so I roll over to the Credit Union and there is my wife’s jeep there.  I go inside and she’s at the desk of one of the pencil necks having just closed the account.  Then I have to autograph 4 different forms of something or another to open a new account.  By the time I got back out to my truck the Cold One was now a Warm Flat One.  I should have my new card in about a week. 

Linda should have kept her big mouth shut.  Make that, “her big fat mouth shut”. Random  Nuclear Strikes has the photos.  She used to be smoking hot, and now she is… well… “I don’t know much”… but I think she’s turned into Jabba The Hut.  It’s unfortunate that she has become huge… but even more unfortunate is that she is huge and stupid.  Because not even a diet can help that.

Morpholine has a good take on Canada.  One to which I can not add anything else.  He pretty much has it covered.  I especially like his proposed map.  The only problem is that this floods the US with a bunch of bloody socialists who would be voting Liberal each and every time.  Because while you can take the Canadian out of Canada; you can take the “fucking stupid” out of the socialist-liberal asshats.  Well, actually you can, but it requires a high dose injection of a jacketed hollowpoint.

Another blog has a good point about the UN that I agree with.   That about has it covered.  It’s completely asinine for the UN to demand Israel to take down the barriers there.  Instead, why doesn’t the UN demand that the Palestinians stop blowing up the Israelis?  How about that?  How about the UN telling the Palestinians to stop throwing rocks at the soldiers on guard duty?  How about the UN telling the Palestinians to take the freaking AK-47’s out of the hands of their 8 year olds?  Why can’t they tell the kids to go outside and play baseball or something other than playing “Snipe the Jew”?  Why can’t the UN take a good hard look at the reality of the situation there and maybe come to an understanding of why Israel felt the need to build those barriers?   But no, they wont do that.  Because I am convinced that the UN is truly a force for evil in the world.  I do not see them doing anything good… what good they seem to do is tainted by overwhelming corruption and everything else they do supports violence and murder and institutionalized wholesale slaughter of innocents.  But the evils of the UN is something for another discussion.  I don’t have the stomach for it right now.   I just ate.

This is disturbing… I got it from one The Horde:The Tumbleweed has verified information that a flood of middle-eastern males have been caught entering the country illegally east of Douglas, Arizona. The increased patrols in the Huachuca Mountains area of Cochise County, seems to have diverted the flow of OTM's, "other than Mexicans" east to the Chiricahua Mountains. In the last month, the Tumbleweed has confirmed at least two documented accounts of Border Patrol agents encountering large groups of non-Spanish speaking males in the Chiricahua foothills and on trails along the high mountain areas.
On or about the early morning hours of June 13, 2004 Border patrol agents from the Wilcox station encountered a large group of suspected illegal border crossers, estimated to be around 100, just east of the Sanders Ranch near the foothills of the Chiricauha Mountains. 71 suspected illegal aliens were apprehended; among them were 53 males of middle-eastern decent. According to a Border Patrol field agent, the men were suspected to be Iranian or possibly Syrian nationals. "One thing's for sure, these guys didn't speak Spanish and after we questioned them harder we discovered they spoke poor English with a middle-eastern accent, then we caught them speaking to each other in Arabic...this is ridiculous that we don't take this more seriously, and we're told not to say a thing to the media, but I have to," said the agent, whose name will obviously remain anonymous.
The agent stated the men were wearing the traditional uniform of migrants - baseball caps, tennis shoes, some had work boots, denim jeans and many had t-shirts with patriotic American flags and slogans. The agent added the following description "A curious thing I noticed was that they all had brand new clothing and they looked as if they had just been to the barber shop, you know, new haircuts. They were clean cut and they all had almost the exact cut of mustaches."
The information was corroborated by a local rancher in the area who reports that sightings of groups similar to these are on the rise. The rancher also reports that groups of heavily armed paramilitary drug smugglers have also been seen in the same area.
"We've had groups in the hundreds coming through again. They were gone for awhile but now they're back. And of course we have the drug mules again and many are carrying automatic weapons. Many other ranchers in the area have been frustrated with the lack of response from Border Patrol. After calling over and over again, to the Wilcox headquarters, we might get a response a few hours later. We call them in to the Border Patrol, we only have the Wilcox station, and they're so darned far away. By the time they send in the helicopters these groups are long gone. I don't know how many they catch but they're coming through here heavy right now."
On or about the evening of June 21, 2004, agents from the Wilcox Border Patrol station apprehended 24 members of a larger group of Arabic speaking males located just east of the Pierce/Sunsites area of Cochise County. At least half of the males escaped capture and disappeared into the United States.”

And some people thought I was a bit harsh with wanting to use snipers and armed Predator drones over the border.  What do you think of that idea now?  I’m thinking “that’s not enough”.  I’m thinking of using National Guard troops from all over the country to make regular patrols down there.  Combat Patrols. 

Clinton thinks it is funny?  “We are all laughing about it”?  This Berger jackass single handedly destroys all of these important documents that just happen to pertain to the Clinton administration’s handling of terrorism and it was just an honest mistake?  And Clinton is laughing about it?  Yeah, I bet he is laughing.  This is just as disturbing as the terrorists crossing the border.  First off, how the hell is just a mistake that one takes a whole shitload of documents out of the national archives? And then destroy them?  What the hell?  First off, how many office workers normally shove documents down their pants?  Pretty much, if you are shoving files down your pants – something is wrong here.  This wasn’t like shredding an old fax that you just afterward realized was important.  “Oops, that was a mistake!”  And these are not just “files”.  These are CLASSIFIED FILES.  And this didn’t just happen once… FIVE TIMES.  This is no funny accident.  This was a criminal action designed to protect Bill Clinton.  This is bigger than Watergate.  This reminds me of something… who does this remind me of?  Missing files taken by someone who should never have taken them… FBI files… that’s right.  Hillary and the missing FBI files that turned up in her office.   The Clinton’s have no respect for the law.  The Clintons are Democrats.  John Kerry is the new Democrat Golden Boy.  I am wondering what Kerry’s position on this is.  His unofficial position.  Especially since Kerry hired Berger as a top adviser.  What could Berger being advising Kerry on?  Breaking and Entering?  Carjacking?  How to get away with committing felonies?  This case also reminds me of something else.  Johnny Walker.  Remember him?   Berger should be put up against a wall and blindfolded.  This guy has damaged America in ways we don’t even know yet.  

And now the Democrats are worried that the Media is a threat to DemocracyI’m of the opinion that the biggest threat to Democracy in the USA… are the Democrats.  

Nukes found in Iraq.   Not surprising.  Looking for this report on CNN… can’t find it.   

WHOA.  The Feds raid Galls!  I used to order from Galls all the time!  WTF is up there?  Galls sells all kinds shit for police and fire and rescue workers… uniforms, duty belts, gear, equipment, bags, packs, all kinds of stuff.  I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent on stuff from Galls.  

Here is something you will want to bookmark

Shit, just heard on the news radio… one of our helicopters just got shot down.  Damn.  3 dead. Damn Damn Damn.  Godspeed heroes. 

July 20th, Tuesday, 2004: 2000hrs: My ISP has totally dropped the ball and screwed something up.  I can’t connect.  Not only can I not connect, something is up with the email downloads from the web side interface so I’m not able to respond to emails using a different computer.  I know there is a way around that, but I don’t want to do that on someone else’s machine.  Consider it unplugging time, that I needed anyways.  So while I am down, please enjoy the links over there to OG Horde & Associates.  Other than some technical difficulties with my ISP’s 70 to 80% packet loss… everything else is just peachy.  Spent some time up at a joint called “Red Fleet” which is south of Flaming Gorge… awesome place.  Tell ya more about it later.  I'm not sure, but I think I may have fixed it... screw those guys.  If you have sent an email and I don't respond within 24 hours and there is another post here... It probably got lost or filtered or something... Stupid technology...    

July 19th, Monday, 2004:  Noonish:  Last night we had an awesome thunder storm roll in… lots of lightning too.  Making love during a powerful storm is one of the best things in life that one can experience.   I’m still grinning from it.   So is the Bride.

Kim duToit has an interesting post about a cat that just got fired for being a Gun Owner This is pretty typical as far as examples go.  It’s unfortunate but pretty common place.  When you go in for an interview – never talk 2nd Amendment politics.  Never.  When at work… never talk about guns.  If you are legal to CCW, then do it very carefully… but never talk about it to ANYONE.  No One.  That’s the rule.  Now if you get into a shop where all this is cool and on the table, then you just found a great job and congratulations.  If not – then don’t ever bring it up.  

Sharon Stone: Still Smoking Hot.  Wow.  She’s almost 50 and she’s still got it.  Double Wow.  She has always been one of those ladies that just signifies the sexy powerful woman type.  This is one of God’s little practical jokes… women just get better as they mature… but guys hit their peak at when? 18?  Life is not fair.

I receive newsletters from The Strategy Page It’s awesome.  This morning’s newsletter talks about an actual civil war breaking out amongst the Palestinians over the affairs of the PLO.  There has been some violence over it.  Forgive me for saying this, but “YIPPIE!”  I hope this hits Fox News or CNN!  I’ll go over to my In-Laws house and watch the news on the big screen TV and kick back with a huge bowl of popcorn.  I guess killing Jews got boring for them.

EMAIL:  “Ok, here's a challenge for you...  Let's suppose you had $2M with which to equip, hire and train a mercenary platoon.  You can hire and train personnel in-situ.  Just for an example, let's say that our "employer" is the country of Uganda (only because I'm familiar with them) and let's say that the target for this force is the Lord's Resistance Army... Some details:
Background One Two Three.  So to the point of the question.  What would your purchases be?  How would you train your "new hires"?  Keep in mind, you're going to have to pick the best bang for your buck, you only have 2 million and a whole platoon to outfit.  You need everything, guns, clothing, commo, bivouac gear, everything...  So, let's see your shopping list and how you'd train folks...  –Glenn

Talk about an ugly situation there in Uganda.   But one that is very worth taking on.  In fact, hell, If someone gave me the 2 million to do it, and cut the red tape for me to do it, I would.  That is some sick shit going on over there.  I’m thinking I would want roll heavy, but also quietly.   I’d train heavily on coordinated night time raids and ambushes.

Riflemen:  The main rifle would be the DSA SA-58 OSW.  With suppressors made in house of my own design. Topped with these bad boys.  The reason for this is that Uganda used to be a British Colony.  The FAL is a big time rifle over there.  So rolling with a FAL type weapon would be the logical thing to do.  We would be doing a lot of “Living off the Land” when it comes to hardware and supplies.  Especially when that land is what we just raided.   A suppressed SA-58 OSW would do well.

Sharpshooters:  Springfield M-21’s, topped with these babies. Suppressor capable… in case it’s needed.

Sidearms: Springfield XD-9 Tacticals with night sights, and suppressors of course.  Buy a few extra.  If we have any problems with one, we just ship it back to Springfield so they can fix them and send them back to us through diplomatic couriers. 9MM wouldn’t be my first choice, but the ammo is out there and we could get it locally.  Holsters would be G-Code SOC rigs.

Night Vision will be important… but to be honest I’ve not played with any of the new stuff. I’ve been out of it since the early 90’s and night vision has really come a long way.  Prices have come down too.  Some moon scopes would be great, night gogs.  I’d invest in some good units to be sure.

Body Armour: I still really like the Safariland Cover 6. This armour is customizable to virtually any configuration you would need with all sorts of pouches and stuff and can handle most LBE functions. Not that we would need many.  We would be running very light when on foot when it comes to what we are carrying.

Clothing would be either olive drab or kahki colored utilities.  Head gear will be boonie hats of the same color.  Depending on the area of operation would figure which one should be worn.  Foot gear – Addidas GSG9 tactical boots.  If the still make them.  I don’t know.  I’ve not worn such foot gear in some time… but it would be similar to these.

We would roll in Land Rover Defender 90’s, modified in house for extended range and protection.  4 military versions of the KLR-650 for recon/scouting.  Reason for the land rovers is the same as for the SA-58’s.  Local sources for parts and related supplies.  There are a lot of Landrovers in Africa.  That and the Defenders are fast and powerful.  Such bullshit they are not sold in the US anymore.  I love the things.  If you have one, you are truly one lucky magnificent bastard.  We would be rolling out of these Defenders like Cavalry for the most part.  So these rigs would be critical to our operations.  We would have to have them tricked out pretty nicely.  A platoon can be between 20 to 40 men.  So the number of vehicles would depend on the number of men.  

Fire team leaders will be equipped with Motorola tactical radios and Garmin GPS.  Nothing too fancy but the stuff works very well.   Maybe some good old COBRA CB Radios for vehicle to vehicle commo.  The rest of the camping gear?  I’d have to shop around and see what’s on sale.    Given the budget of 2 mil USD with purchases made overseas for most items… I think this would about do it and we could do it within budget.


July 18th, Sunday, 2004: 1830hrs:  I, Robot.  I don’t think I’m going to bother seeing this one until well after the DVD comes out.  Not that I don’t like Will Smith, it’s just that this movie looks tired from the start, in my opinion.  Also, excuse me for feeling this way, but the Director is a jackass for buying the rights to the title “I, Robot” but putting that title on a different work that has nothing to do with the book… so that it would be real bitch for someone to actually do “I, Robot” to use the name.  There.  I said it.  As far as big summer action flicks go, we have Riddick, Spiderman, King Arthur, and that’s about it.  Pretty disappointing.  Only 3? Where are the rest?

This is interesting.  It seems that the Palestinians are getting sick of Arafat.  They say they want to see new faces.  What’s the matter with Arafat?  Doesn’t he want to kill all the Jews enough for them?  Forgive me if I use a broad-stroke generalization here, but as a whole, I am not seeing any redeeming qualities in the Palestinians.  They are training little kids to kill Jews, to fight, to blow themselves up in suicide bombings.  They teach hate as soon as the little Palestinian kiddies can speak…. And really all of their bullshit that they blame the Jews for, is all their own fault.  They had their own land. 

When Israel was created, Palestine had a cut.  Then they went to war with Israel and they got their asses kicked.  Who has most of the Palestine land?  Not the Jews in Israel.  Most if it was taken by Palestine’s own so called allies – yet its Israel’s fault?   For what?  Not rolling over and dying in a massive genocidal submission?  Screw Palestine. 

They have a whole culture of hate and they can’t see what is really the source of their ills… the source that promoted the growth of this culture into the useless sack of vomit that it is today…. The PLO and Arafat.  If it wasn’t for the bullshit these assholes have been spewing all these years, Israel wouldn’t be the way it is now.  There would be no walls between settlements… no razor wire… no soldiers on guard duty with rifles at the ready… no check points… Palestinians, you guys are only reaping what you have planted, cultivated and grown.  Dumbasses.  Israel could be such an awesome place for people of all faiths all over the world to come visit… instead, because of you, it’s a dangerous place.  

Then we have this little bit…  Sharon says that Jews in France should move to Israel.  So France calls responds by saying that this is unacceptable and they want an explanation.   It would seem that the racists in France want the Jews close at hand so they can hand out the beatings easily.  “

The French Interior Ministry registered 67 attacks on Jews or their property and 160 threats against Jews in the first quarter of this year compared with 42 attacks and 191 threats in the last three months of 2003.”  Nice.  What I want to know is why is France surprised at this?  It’s been pretty much a long standing thing that Israel wants all of her people home.  That’s what Israel was established for.  And France is now calling this unacceptable?  Again, like the Gulf War, they were for it before they were against it.  That sounds rather familiar.  Why doesn’t France issue out a “Come Home” declaration to call back John Kerry?  

Meryl Streep says she is not playing Hillary Clinton.  Yeah Right.  She looks like Hillary, acts like Hillary, sounds like Hillary… but it’s not Hillary.  Whatever.   Quack, quack, quack.

This is impossible.  Crime can not be a problem in DC!  They have gun control in DC!  DC is the safest place in the whole damn country!  5 gangsters shot?  No way.  This must be a VRWC thing, because there are no guns in DC!  Well, I have a solution for DC.  Allow lawful concealed and open carry of handguns for all citizens with clean records.  That would pretty much put that bullshit to rest really quick.  

Yesterday I posted a link to something called “The SWAT Report”. This is an examination of the weapons in Iraq and the after action review of them.  There is a glaring disconnect in there.  In one part of the report it says It is apparent that the close range lethality deficiency of the 5.56mm (M855) is more a matter of perception rather than fact, but there were some exceptions. The majority of the soldiers interviewed that voiced or desired “better knock-down power” or a larger caliber bullet did not have actual close engagements.”  So basically they are dismissing those that say the cartridge is weak and underpowered offhand because they haven’t really used it.  Don’t listen to them, they don’t really know what they are talking about because they don’t have documented evidence that they have actually used the weapon here in Iraq.  Nice. 

But then get this: “Those that had close engagements and applied Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) – controlled pairs in the lethal areas: chest and head and good shot placement, defeated the target without issue. Most that had to engage a target repeatedly remarked that they hit the target in non-vital areas such as the extremities. Some targets were reportedly hit in the chest numerous times, but required at least one shot to the head to defeat it.”   That my friends is a disconnect.  Some targets had to be hit many times and required a headshot to put the badguy down.  Ah… so there you have it in official doublespeak… The 5.56MM NATO is indeed effective if you hit the badguy in the freaking head.  Aim Small everyone. 

Later on in the report we find this little gem: “Their focus groups indicated that based on proper target acquisition with the improved M68 (CCO), shot placement, basic rifle marksmanship, and firing controlled pairs they were very satisfied with the round’s performance/ terminal effects.”  So in essence if you are able to put two rounds of the 5.56MM through the snot-box, it works great.  As much as I agree that training and marksmanship is a critical component of a weapon’s effectiveness… come on… this is stretching it a bit, don’t you think?  I would hazard to guess that if we were stilling using 7.62MM as our rifle cartridge, this wouldn’t be an issue in the slightest.    If they had taken all this effort to making the 5.56MM more effective, and had instead put the effort into making the M-14 lighter so the grunts could carry more ammo and more user friendly so the big bad .308 round wouldn’t scare the sissyboys acting as recruits…. Then we wouldn’t be in this situation!   Didn’t we pretty much learn these lessons in Mog?  Why do we have to repeat them in Afghanistan where there was such a huge call to Black Hills for their special heavy bullet load so civilians couldn’t get their hands on any for some time?  Now we have to learn the lesson again for the 3rd time?  Damn people!  In baseball the Ump would be saying “OUT!”   

I’m not even going to touch the dented primer issue this report brings up.  I already have enough of a beef with the AR-15/M-16 design.  

Another interesting examination from the report is the M9 Pistol portion.  Couple things strike out at me.  Let me answer the pistols problems for you, they work fine if you use the right mags for them!  I have a sneaking suspicion that they are fielding generic .40 caliber mags with weak/worn out springs.  Had they bothered to use real mags with fresh springs, this would not have ever been a problem.  Well, of course the dust issue is a universal one.  The complaints about the 9MM’s power is a valid one for them… they have to use ball ammo.  Civilians are not forced (in most states) to use only ball ammo.  We are lucky enough to be able to use all sorts of ammunition that is indeed more effective than what the military issues.    The report’s recommendation for review of the ammo is a good one.  And it shouldn’t take years and millions of bucks to do it either.  I’ll make an offer to the military industrial complex… Here is my bid:  1 million bucks and a truck load of ammo and Cold Ones and I’ll sort this all out for you.  

The bit about the shotguns was interesting too.  I suggest they look at the mag tube on the Benelli Nova.  Combine the Nova’s fast take down with the Mossberg’s ruggedness, and you just might have the most perfect pump shotgun.  

Time to redo my Top CCW Picks article.  A quick switch over to the white background and update the gun selections is in order. Before I do, I would welcome feedback from The Horde. Remember, there are 2 categories here… so make your selections accordingly or offer a better way to categorize this.  


July 17th, Saturday, 2004: Night:  What a day.  Check this out… this morning my wife had her purse stolen out of the Jeep… All her ID cards, her bank cards, checkbook… all that… all our cash… great.   And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I broke my left foot.  My good foot.  So I’m hobbling around in a great deal of pain and agony.  Damn damn damn.  Bad to worse.  So much for hunting with Ranger for awhile.  Oh, and on top of all this bullshit, I strongly suspect someone has snaked my multitool! Damnitall! And since that little aquistion was done in secret from the spouse, I can't even use it as an excuse to get a new one! Not that I could now, considering she left her purse in the Jeep so someone could just walk past and snag it too.  DAMNIT!

Well, all is not so bad.  The Bronco is running just fantastic and get this… Last night Mrs. Ogre comes home in the jeep and it’s sounding like someone playing the spoons.  Big time clattering.  She says “listen to this”.  I said, “there is no oil in it”.  “Yes there is, I just checked it.” So I look in at the dash to check the oil pressure gauge which is flat and shut off the motor.  Pull out the dip stick, up… shows full.  Wipe the stick, put it back in and pull it out… nothing.  So I ask her, “Did you wipe the stick?”  “You have to wipe it?”  Great.  I have some oil in my shed… luckily.  2 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic and 2 quarts of the new Castrol GTX Start Up.  So I dump it in and crank the motor.  I can hear an improvement but the clattering remains.  Anyways, this morning she gets in it and drives it.  Clattering stops.  Not only does the clattering stop, but the engine is now running just fine.  The thing is weird… it’s like it almost heals its self.   Cause last fall when she killed the engine, it sat all winter.  In the spring time I got out there to dig into the motor and it starts right up, no problem.  As if it never had a problem.  It’s spooky.  In fact, it creeps me out.  It’s like “Christine” or something.

Once again, I’m going to pimp my Bro’s Jeep.  He is selling it because he needs cash for school.  The jeep is in Utah and he is up in Seattle.  This is the bro who had the stomach problems and had to get the surgery.  He a great guy… If he wasn’t I wouldn’t put this up for him.  This was his adventure wagon.  The rig is a nice ’72 that was rebuilt not very long ago with the addition of a Holly fuel injection system.  The thing is a hotrod.  A brutal four wheel drive hotrod.  Guys, I am dead serious, if I had the money, this bitch would be mine.  In a heartbeat.    I am sad that it is leaving the family… but who ever gets it will be one lucky SOB.  Check it out.

The SWAT Report

Morning. Email: “While suturing a laceration on the hand of an 80-year-old grizzled Texas rancher (whose hand had caught in a gate while working cattle), a doctor and the old man were talking about John Kerry's possibility of being in the White House.
The old Texan said, "Well, ya know, Kerry's one of them 'post turtles'."
Not knowing what the old man meant, the doctor asked him what a post turtle was.
The old man said, "Well, when you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'."
The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain, "You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he can't get anything done while he's up there, and you just want to help the poor dumb bastard get down 'afore he hurts hisself."

That does quite sum it up.  A post turtle wont actually endanger you if you leave it up there… Kerry will.  Kerry is more like a hair dryer over your bathtub.  As soon as he get’s his feet wet – we are screwed.

Here is a fun little game to waist some time with.  It’s called Bowman.

Can we get a definition of the age of “Adult”?  Because “Adult” means different ages depending on where you are going.  To buy a gun or to drink beer, it’s 21 years old.  To vote it’s 18. To join the service (with parental signature) it’s 17. To drive it’s 16. To get laid it’s somewhere between 16 and 18 depending on what state you are in.  To pay full price at the theatre it’s 11.  At the restaurant it’s 8 years old.  Weird.    I kinda of think one really doesn’t become an actually adult until you are like 26.  But that’s just me.




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