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January 2007

1-31-08:  The Stoeger Cougars: We got in some of the .40 cal versions of the Cougars. I don't know what happened, but the last shipment of the 9MMs were great. Everything we have come to expect. But these new .40 caliber versions are a little disappointing. The finish is orange peeled on the small parts, and dull everywhere else. All in all, I don't feel these new Cougars are the same quality of the others. I don't know if the .40 calibers are off a different line or if Stoeger's quality control has slipped or what. But if you are in the market for the .40 Cougar, ask to take a look at a couple examples and spend a few moments comparing the individual guns and find the best one.

More thoughts on the CZ 97 series. Emails came in asking what I exactly meant by killing off the other version. The argument is that some guys like carrying the gun Locked and Cocked. Well, I don't. It's a DA/SA gun. Those guns are meant to be carried hammer down, on a loaded chamber as to allow the first shot be that safe, long, heavy trigger pull. That's the focus of the design. This is why I like the decocker, because it actually allows you do enter DA mode safely. This is the best the 97 has to offer. Now if CZ wants the gun to be carried locked and cocked, they should give it a single action trigger like how SIG has done with the X5 series of pistols. CZ needs to decide on what kind of gun it wants to make, and I think they have.... Double Action. So they should embrace that double action and run with it. Yes, kill off the older version, the 97B and further develop and promote the 97BD. The 97 does not compete against the 1911... it competes against the SIG P220. And I think it can win that competition. It has better accuracy... it just needs a couple more features to be all over the SIG. Frame rails and night sights, of course. I would also like to see CZ made a Light Double Action type trigger system for the 97BD.... a big snarly .45 caliber tactical surgical instrument. Come ON CZ USA!!!! You are SO CLOSE! You are almost there! It's like an Audi A8, but with an A4 engine... ( My hell, would I love an A4 with an A8 engine under the hood! Dear God in Heaven, please, I'll be good!)

Now to the P-06... the .40 Compact had a similar frame to the P-01, but it lacked the decocker lever and it lacked the P-01's advanced metallurgy alloy, favoring a much heavier steel frame... so it looked like a P-01, but it didn't feel like one. This is what set the P-01 apart was the awesome balance and handling. The P-06 is a straight up P-01 in .40. No differences. This is why the P-06 will kick the trash out of the .40 Compact.

Guys, I don't need 800 emails about Mitt's statements about guns in the past. You don't think I haven't read them? That's why I called the guy and talked to him before I donated to his campaign. Seriously... I've had enough politics for awhile. Romney is not the Candidate that we would like... but he is better than McCain, and he is hell and gone better than the Democrats. Now, as much as I dislike McCain, even McCain is better than the Dems because McCain is at least Pro RKBA. So while he fails at every other issue, he at least gets one right. Where on the other hand Mitt gets most the others right, but fails on the RKBA. I am not a one issue voter and you guys shouldn't be either. I know guns are important to you guys. They are to me! If universal gun control came down, I'd be out of a career and I would have no idea what to do with my life... I'd have to get back into computers and networking again.... (shudder) or worse yet, join the Sheriff's department! (horror) No, I don't look good in uniform with my goatee and long hair. I think I would end up a fishing bum... I'm half way there already.

Speaking of Fishing... the Fishing Section is still coming. Oh yes it is... I've got loads of it already written. Reviews on rods and lures... oh yeah, baby.

Now the topic of fishing has brought up a conundrum. I have the chance to pick up a CB 750 for a very good price. Unfortunately I also want a boat, for fishing of course. Now which do I want more? I want both, that's not the question. Arrgh. With the boat, I need my Boat Trailer Puller drivable, and that means I need to get my Bronco fixed up... so if I get the Bike, I won't be able to get the boat going. Vice versa. Boat or Bike? Fishing or Riding? To quote young Paul Atreides, “THE PAIN!” I ache to be out on a long ride, cruising and enjoying the country side, wind in my beard, buddies riding in formation... oh man... good times... I miss that! But then there is the quite satisfaction of floating out there on the water, over deep cool pockets and dropping my line right down where the big ones roam... With my boys kicking back with me... thats good times right there too. I don't know. I'll ponder this while it's still cold. Speaking of which, it's still freaking snowing here. Big flakes coming down right now... current temp shows it is -2 degrees and expected to get down to -8 to -10 degrees. That's freaking cold. Not as cold has it has been... but still cold. Cold enough that if I go out to my car in the mornings, and I don't wear gloves, my skin will stick to the metal of my door handle.

The Upshot of President Gordon B Hinkley's passing. We now have President Thomas S Monson. Monson has been a favorite speaker of mine since I could remember. He has always been positive and upbeat. Humorous and deeply meaningful. You enjoy listening to him, and he teaches you a lot. In the darkness that is the future, Monson is the perfect man to show us the light. I've never met Monson. I've never been in the same building with him... but from reading his work and hearing his talks and lectures... I know the right guy is in the right position at the right time for the LDS Church. I am looking forward to General Conference already.

I've been feeling down lately... This might be why I've been having a few more typos and misspellings as of late. More than usual. I was hit with a migraine headache last Saturday, and here it us, Thursday, and it hasn't relented. Normally it will go away after a time, but this is hanging on... it is kicking my ass. For those that don't know me, I have fused cervical vertebrae... They fused in a way that also pinches a nerve in my neck. This pinched nerve causes a sort of short circuit in the central nervous electrical system and I get cascading torrents of pain and suffering. I might look fine on the outside, but on the inside, I'm Pinhead. AH, the SUFFERING! Few guys live with Chronic Pain on a scale that I do. Anyways, so on top of this persistent migraine, I'm also coming down with a cold. Which doesn't help any. So cut me some slack if I start slurring my words.

1-30-08:  New From CZ and Kimber: So I am not able to make it to SHOT this year, but I can give you guys a heads up on a couple things. First, some new stuff from CZ. This shows one of the reasons that CZ USA is one of my favorite gun companies, and when I say one of, I'm meaning like in the Top Three. CZ listened to us. Yes, they did... check this out.

The SP-01 Tactical is now out in .40. That's huge. The SP-01 is a classic, but a lot of guys are not digging it because it was a 9MM. The SP-01 now because a serious weapon system. But hold on, it gets better... There is a .40 version of my favorite, the P-01, that they are calling the P-06. This makes it an ideal all around service gun. I know there was a similar gun, but it was an Almost, not it Is. Excellent. But it gets even better again. The CZ 97 gets a remake that we were asking for... it finally gets the decocker and the SP-01 type soft rubber grips. While not there yet, it's so close. We were also asking for a light rail and night sights, but this is damn good and we'll take it. This makes the 97 what it needed to be... CZ can just go ahead and drop the older, original version. They can do what S&W did with their “Tactical” series and just bolt a rail under the dust cover. Come on CZ... this is so easy. Don't hold back! Rails and Night Sights!

The Dan Wesson line didn't skip out on development either. They have a slick new gun called the “Valor”. This is a black 1911, a little departure from the typical Dan Wesson Stainless.... but don't worry, under the black is still stainless. The black is interesting. The coating is ceramic instead of polymer. Hmmmm... That makes it tough, but does that make it flake off over time like plating? I don't know.... but I'm pretty sure they have it sorted out. It comes with slim line grips, front strap checkering, and night sights. This one is a winner.

The VZ 58 Sporter is a visual sibling to the AK-47, and it's chambered in 7.62X39MM, but that is the only similarity. They pretty much improved – everything. They need to add frame rails and a solid mounting system for a Red Dot sight... if they do that, the 58 will sell like crazy.... because right now it's “Well, it's an AK, but it isn't an AK.” The gun is great, but not yet ready for me to spend my own money on... maybe some aftermarket options for it?

The CZ 452 rifles are now available in left hand models. This is fantastic... so for all you Lefties out there, show your appreciation and snatch one of these up. You wont be disappointed.

The CZ 527 rifles... You guys all asked for this – Lose the funky magazine that hangs out the bottom. While I like it, many don't. They now have a version of the 527 called the M1 American.... and it has a flush magazine and is available in .223. That's going to make a lot of shooters very happy.

Here is something that I'm really liking a lot – the 550 American Safari Magnum in their new Kevlar stocks. Not just the fancy walnut... but a hard core working stock you don't have to worry about scuffing. Oh, and it gets better... you know their UHR and their 770 Sniper? Well they upped the game... they have a new sniper system called the 550 H.E.T. And that stands for High Energy Tactical. It's a dedicated sniper rifle chambered in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, or .338 Lapua. The 770 Sniper UHR are 800 and 1000 yard rifles... This new HET rifle... it's now going out to 1500 yards... and if you are good, you could extend that to 1760 yards. Guys. That's a mile. And I know the Lapua can do it. CZ is now rolling a Mile Away Sniper... oh hell yes.

Now KIMBER has something new that I like. The SIS series. Based on a gun built for the LAPD Special Investigative Services. While nothing ground breaking here, Kimber did something that I really like. They ditched the Novak style night sights and went with a style that allows one hand slide manipulation by hooking the rear sight on a belt or holster. It's not a Snag Free sight, but it's not a sight that's going to snag unless you force it to. This is the type of sight serious fighting guns should have... not Novaks. It also loses the Full Length Guide Rods. I like that too.

Email from Reader:Ogre, I've been reading for a few weeks now and wanted to thank you for a great blog. The picture of Ranger was priceless. You're also absolutely right about Romney. He may not be perfect, but he's the best we've got this year. McCain's campaign keeps hitting me up for cash, but he's not getting a dime. Mitt's getting a donation my next payday. One more thing, thanks for writing up the P-01. I've been looking for a new nine, and had narrowed the field to an XD-9 to match my XD-40,  or a SIG P229. After reading your article, I checked out my local dealer and found a P-01 to fondle. Fit's my hand like it was molded for it, comparable cost to the XD, and MUCH less expensive than the SIG. Guess what my "tax rebate's" going to buy? Keep up the great work. - Mark

Uh oh... I should have made that more clear. Ranger was not a German Shepard like the dog in that pic using the spotting scope. Ranger was a Timber Wolf. (full blooded and DNA tested) The pic was sent to me via email and it just reminded me of my good old hunting buddy. This is one of the reasons I am fond of the daily coyote... Ranger was a misunderstood canine too... people thought him too wild for civilized life. He proved to be loyal and dedicated right up till the accident. He was frolicking and fetching and playing around with my boys when tried to run around a farmer's trailer and the farmer turned, unintentionally catching Ranger with the rear wheel. My God, I still miss him so much. But Ranger is warm and happy up in K9 Heaven, eating steaks, chasing rabbits made out of steaks, and humping bitches that are feeding him steaks. At least, that's what I like to think he is doing.

The CZ's are better than I can describe. I try to tell folks to check it out... but they just can't get past the 9MM thing. Now they you can have it in .40, I think more guys will fall in love with it.

Another email from a reader: I live and vote in FloraDuh and FU!  Mitt might be the best candidate but I ain't convinced yet and it's your blog!  Kiss my cracker A**(sorry, I was a Carolinian first, we ain't smart enough not to mouth off).  All the folks from Mass. seem to be taking up residence here! Mike Key” Uh, Mikey, you didn't say who you voted for. From your tone, I take it you voted for McCain. Moron. If you voted for Romney, then my comments were not aimed at you... nothing to see here. These are not the droids you are looking for... move along...

Another email: Listen Ogre I know you’re pulling for Romney.  Your LDS, he’s LDS; you’re a republican, he’s a republican, etc.  It’s fairly reasonable for you to want to see a fellow Mormon in the Whitehouse as a first step to ending all of the bigotry against your religion.  BUT you owe it to your horde to be both truthful and intellectually honest. Romney is NOT pro 2nd amendment.  Just look at his record. How exactly can Romney claim to be pro-gun?  Oh yea after making claim’s such as: “I don’t line up with the NRA” and  “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them” he dropped a couple bucks for an NRA membership.  In August 2007.  After he decided to make a Republican run for the presidency.  That and when he was a child he went rabbit hunting, with his father, using a .22 rifle. Also there’s a big difference in between being a good businessman, and being a good economist.  I should know.  I’m about to graduate from a top 25 finance program with a major in Finance minor in Economics. - James

I'm Libertarian... Not Republican.  Registered, Card Carrying Libertarian.  But not so narrow minded to think there are no bad guys outside of the US Borders like Ron Paul.  I don't care if Romney was a Scientologist.  His being Mormon doesn't come into play... and in fact, I really wish he wasn't because thanks to him all the jackass, bigots out there are seeping out from under their rocks.  So religion doesn'tmatter here.  I didn't say he was Pro-Gun.  I said he was Not Anti-Gun.   He's not an enemy or an ally.  He's neutral.  And that pisses me slam off.  Pick a side!  Aarrgh!  Yeah, I know his record.  But I also know he told me that he would not allow any gun bans.   Some things you gotta take on faith... I hope he means that and doesn't pull a Bush Senior, Read My Lips move.  But look at the alternative. McCain is disaster.  The Clintons are practically endorsing him. Check out the video clip here.... If Hillary likes you, then there is something wrong with you... that aint right.

1-29-08:  I miss Ranger.  Sigh.

FloraDUH: It's just shocking how many dumbasses live in Florida. The majority of Republicans have voted for McCain. Yeah, I called them dumbasses. McCain is a tragedy in the making for the GOP. Read through this site. He is NOT conservative in any way. I mean, come on... the Clintons like him!  That right there means something!  McCain didn't win - the Liberals won.  I am hearing from guys that are worried about the 2nd Amendment. There is reason that the right to keep and bear arms is the 2nd and not the First... Freedom Of Speech is the reason that America is the Greatest Nation On Earth. (sorry UK, Greece, Italy, Czech Republican, New Zealand, Germany – love you guys... but America is the best) The Second defends the First. John McCain is a traitor to the 1st. McCain championed legislation that basically gave the First Amendment the middle finger. It allows a politician to say anything he or she wants, and the opposition can not put out an ad to counter it. And then McCain calls Romney a Flip-Flopper. Really, McCain? Who has Flip-Flopped? It aint Romney. Read the following:

January 16, 2008
Unluckily for McCain, snowstorms in Michigan suppressed the turnout among Democratic "Independents" who planned to screw up the Republican primary by voting for our worst candidate. Democrats are notoriously unreliable voters in bad weather. Instead of putting on galoshes and going to the polls, they sit on their porches waiting for FEMA to rescue them.

In contrast to Michigan's foul weather, New Hampshire was balmy on primary day, allowing McCain's base -- Democrats -- to come out and vote for him.

Assuming any actual Republicans are voting for McCain -- or for liberals' new favorite candidate for us, Mike Huckabee -- this column is for you.

I've been casually taking swipes at Mitt Romney for the past year based on the assumption that, in the end, Republicans would choose him as our nominee. My thinking was that Romney would be our nominee because he is manifestly the best candidate.

I had no idea that Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire planned to do absolutely zero research on the candidates and vote on the basis of random impulses.

Dear Republicans: Please do one-tenth as much research before casting a vote in a presidential election as you do before buying a new car.

One clue that Romney is our strongest candidate is the fact that Democrats keep viciously attacking him while expressing their deep respect for Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

This point was already extensively covered in Chapter 1 of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)Web Bug from Never take advice from your political enemies.

Turn on any cable news show right now, and you will see Democratic pundits attacking Romney, calling him a "flip-flopper," and heaping praise on McCain and Huckleberry -- almost as if they were reading some sort of "talking points."

Doesn't that raise the tiniest suspicions in any of you? Are you too busy boning up on Consumer Reports' reviews of microwave ovens to spend one day thinking about who should be the next leader of the free world? Are you familiar with our "no exchange/no return" policy on presidential candidates? Voting for McCain because he was a POW a quarter-century ago or Huckabee because he was a Baptist preacher is like buying a new car because you like the color.

The candidate Republicans should be clamoring for is the one liberals are feverishly denouncing. That is Mitt Romney by a landslide.

New York Times columnist Frank Rich says Romney "is trying to sell himself as a leader," but he "is actually a follower and a panderer, as confirmed by his flip-flops on nearly every issue."

But Rich is in a swoon over Huckabee. I haven't seen Rich this excited since they announced "Hairspray" was coming to Broadway.

Rich has continued to hyperventilate over "populist" charmer Huckabee even after it came to light that Huckabee had called homosexuality an "abomination." Normally, any aspersions on sodomy or any favorable mentions of Christianity would lead to at least a dozen hysterical columns by Frank Rich.

Rich treated Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" as if it were a Leni Riefenstahl Nazi propaganda film. (On a whim, I checked to see if Rich had actually compared Gibson to Riefenstahl in one of his many "Passion" reviews and yes, of course he had.)

Curiously, however, Huckabee's Christianity doesn't bother Rich. In column after column, Rich hails Huckabee as the only legitimate leader of the Republican Party. This is like a girl in high school who hates you telling you your hair looks great.

Liberals claim to be enraged at Romney for being a "flip-flopper." I've looked and looked, and the only issue I can find that Romney has "flipped" on is abortion. When running for office in Massachusetts -- or, for short, "the Soviet Union" -- Romney said that Massachusetts was a pro-choice state and that he would not seek to change laws on abortion.

Romney's first race was against Sen. Teddy Kennedy -- whom he came closer to beating than any Republican ever had. If Romney needed to quote "The Communist Manifesto" to take out that corpulent drunk, all men of good will would owe him a debt of gratitude.

Even when Romney was claiming to support Roe v. Wade, he won the endorsement of Massachusetts Citizens for Life -- a group I trust more than the editorial board of The New York Times. Romney's Democratic opponents always won the endorsements of the very same pro-choice groups now attacking him as a "flip-flopper."

After his term as governor, NARAL Pro-Choice America assailed Romney, saying: "(A)s governor he initially expressed pro-choice beliefs but had a generally anti-choice record. His position on choice has changed. His position is now anti-choice."

Pro-abortion groups like the Republican Majority for Choice -- the evil doppelganger to my own group, Democratic Majority for Life -- are now running videos attacking Romney for "flip-flopping" on abortion.

Of all the Republican candidates for president, Romney and Rudy Giuliani are the only ones who had to be elected in pro-choice districts. Romney governed as a pro-lifer and has been viciously attacked by pro-abortion groups.

By contrast, Giuliani cleverly avoids the heinous "flip-flopper" label by continuing to embrace baby-killing. (Rudy flip-flops only on trivial matters like illegal immigration and his own marital vows.)

And, of course, Romney is a Mormon. Even a loser Mormon like Sen. Harry Reid claims to be pro-life. So having a candidate with a wacky religion isn't all bad.

At worst, Romney will turn out to be a moderate Republican -- a high-IQ, articulate, moral, wildly successful, moderate Republican. Of the top five Republican candidates for president, Romney is the only one who hasn't dumped his first wife (as well as the second, in the case of Giuliani) -- except Huckabee. And unlike Huckabee, Romney doesn't have a son who hanged a dog at summer camp. So there won't be any intern issues and there won't be any Billy Carter issues.

It's also possible that Romney will turn out to be a conservative Republican -- at least more conservative than he was as governor of Massachusetts. Whatever problems Romney's Mormonism gives voters, remember: Bill Clinton came in third in heavily Mormon Utah in 1992.

4520 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

Romney has never been Pro-Choice, he has only been Not Against the majority will of the state he governed. His personal religious beliefs is absolutely Pro-Life.
Romney's position on guns nothing we need to worry about. He has said that he will not allow any gun bans. Period. His statements regarding “weapons of extraordinary lethality” is a wash. He was trying to play both sides of the fence. Come on guys, you can't blame him for trying that.... for a Presidential Candidate to win he has to win his party and take some votes from the opposition. When he made that statement, he was not talking about our AR-15 rifles. He was talking about Full Auto weapons, and those have been restricted already since 1934. I mean, come on... a .223 being extraordinary lethal? If that was true, the military wouldn't be looking at replacing it. I had the chance to talk to Romney the other day. When you make a contribution to his campaign, and you ask to talk to them... sometimes you do get through. I asked him straight up if he would ban the AR-15. He said absolutely not. He is not going to allow any gun bans. He's not the Pro Gun candidate that we wish he was, but he is not going to be against us.

Ron Paul pulled in a solid 3%. Good for him.

Look, our goal is for a strong America. The only way we can achieve that goal is to have a solid, strong, and growing economy. No other candidate can deliver that. No other candidate knows how. Or even where to start. But that doesn't seem to matter to a lot of my readers here. They don't want Romney because they think he will take away their guns... doesn't matter if the Dollar is worth the same as the Peso, as long as their guns are safe. Guys, if you want to keep your family safe and sound, it's going to take more than just your guns. How can you buy ammo if you can't afford it? How can we have a strong military if we can't afford to equip it? Romney is our guy.

Soccer. Tonight I took my second youngest son to his soccer game. His team is Coed, I didn't know that. It was a joy to watch. The boys were the little thugs any Ogre Father would be proud of... and all the girls... just adorable. Bouncing pigtails and all, the girls blew away stereotypes. The old “You Play Ball Like A Girl” taunt just doesn't hold water. Those girls played their guts out. Maybe I'll have a little girl in another life.

1-28-08:  Updated Weapons Section with my Charter Arms Review.

Email that made me guffaw out loud:I don't know if anyone has told you or not. But you are the Gordon Ramsey of the gun industry. - Alex” I don't know if that is a complement or what... but it made me laugh. I've been said to be like a lot of other folks, but never a Scottish cook with tourettes .

Take a look at this video clip. The purpose of the video is to protest the image of Arabs that Hollywood has put out. I could side with the film maker / editor here. Because it could be taken as unfair... Unfortunately I really don't see much of a difference between these clips as collected and what I see in Fox, CNN, and BBC. You be the judge.

Our brother sent us this link to a video on YouTube. A Finnish unit training with MILES gear. I noticed two thing. First off, their weapons never jammed. Even with blank adapters, the guns did their job. That's a plus. Unfortunately the second thing I noticed was horrible individual tactics. They are rather uncoordinated, they don't get or stay low enough, they move slowly and they move to poor positions when they do move. They keep looking over the tops of cover instead of around it. That's not cool. I've seen other videos of the Finns and they were just fine... I don't know what unit this one was, but I'm glad it was just training... because these guys would be mopped up quickly.

Here's something else.Alone and Unafraid” the story of Lt Beltbuckle. If you've spent some time in the service, you will find this amusing.

I'm saddened by the passing of LDS President Gordon B Hinkley. It was a huge honor to have been able to serve him as a body guard and director of security for a short time for a special event at a certain location. He was more than just a good man. While I worked with him, he was a friend. He called me by name when he spoke to me and was completely genuine when he asked how I was doing. Being able to stand next to him, changed me for the better.

An interesting piece of history. Our man Matt has one of these. I think he should write a full review of it.

Hordeman Mike sends us pictures of his range. The photography is excellent. Nice range. Gotta love the mountains.

One last comment about the SKS. I mentioned mounting a Red Dot scope on it as a preferred sighting system. Well, it looks as if I'm not the only one who thought so. Check this out. This is the way to do it.

1-27-08:  Another small sample of SILVERSHOT

Getting off the train the first thing Ash noted was how bright everything was. He was unsure if this was to do with being in the desert, being drunk or a combination of both. The train ride was a miserable affair of rickety tracks and bad company. People he would never associate with had been jammed up with him almost shoulder to shoulder. It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have to smell them. So when he was offered a drink, he took it. That was back in Kentucky and he didn't stop drinking until just a few minutes ago when the train stopped moving and his last bottle ran dry. Ash slurred out a question of how long the train was going to be stopped when a conductor passed by. He was told at least 30 minutes or so… maybe longer. Ash stepped off the train and stumbled more or less in the general direction the street was heading. There was a store off in the distance or so it seemed. There was a sign hanging but he couldn't tell what it said because he had to squint so hard due to the somehow overly bright sunlight in this place. Ash could feel the sun scorching his face and pulling the moisture out of him. He pulled the brim of his hat down low over his eyes and set out to secure himself more of the liquids that had sustained him on his journey. It was a matter of life or death.

Rebecca was in a foul mood. She had been baking sweet-rolls all morning trying to perfect a recipe her late mother once told her. The rolls never turned out very well. That would normally be more than enough to cause her some temper, but today she had another reason. She had been trying to charm a certain young man in town and it seemed everything was going her way until just a few minutes ago when she looked out the window to see Richard strolling arm in arm with Sara, the town slut and nothing less than a complete bitch. Sara was wearing her blue "Look at my bosoms!" dress and Richard was looking. She turned back to the rolls with fresh anger burning. This is when she noted a bee hovering over the sticky rolls about ready to touch down. Well, Rebecca may not have such an ample chest as Sara, but she had a better swing. She snapped up a skillet and went after the bee with a fury. With a ferocious swing the skillet whistled through the air only to have the bee move in on her.

The bee was having a great day going about its bee-business and was lucky to find warm and tasty smelling rolls. It was about to sit down for a snack when all of the sudden the lady of the house attacked him with a giant club! The bee thought such rude treatment deserved an answer and went to give it.

Ash was disappointed when he found the sign to belong to the Post Office. How stupid to put the post office near the train station when they needed to have a tavern there! Ash was fully intent to acquire a new bottle of rum or three and return to the train to get back to being drunk. Maybe five bottles. He was heading to San Francisco and was determined to avoid being sober for even a moment on this trip if he could avoid it. Being drunk seemed to make the trip more tolerable. Just down the street a little further he could see the tell tale signs of what he was after… a tavern. Just past this little miserable hovel of a house.

Rebecca Wellington was whirling and twisting like a tempest trying to avoid a sting and at the same time deliver a death blow to this contemptible bee. She needed some more elbow room for a better wind up so she backed out of the door. When the bee was hovering right in front of her she let swing the best back-hand she could muster. The little bee was finally struck and sent sailing backwards into the wall where it bounced off and onto the ground to lay still and silent. She was just about to let go a victory grin when something else happened. Her follow through was interrupted by the sound similar to that of a church bell, followed by the sound of a large bag of potatoes being dropped to the ground.

Mack had been the town Marshal for almost seven years. He knew everyone in town like it was just one big messed up family. So when a young lad almost busted down his door it was no surprise when he heard "Marshal! You’d better come quick! Rebecca went and killed a fella!" A little while ago he had noticed Sara wearing every man's favorite blue dress walking down the street with Richard drooling all over her. They would have passed by Rebecca's house who, by the smell, had been burning her momma's sweet-rolls all morning. Mack picked himself up out of his chair, put down his hand of cards and said to Cliff his friend and partner "Cliff, you better go muster up Doc Willow… he is probably down my the stream pretending to be fishing." Cliff pulled himself up to his lean six foot seven height said "Yep" and ducked out the back door.

Doc Willow, every day would go put a stick in the water and then lay back for a nap under the shade of his favorite willow tree. Doc's name was Williams, but after a few years of napping every summer day under that tree, a new name sort of developed. He was a great medicine man, schooled in London and New York. He could tell you if you had a cold coming on from across the street. He was just very predicable when the weather was warm and no one was bleeding.

Cliff had known Mack for over twenty years. They were good buddies and worked together on everything even before Mack some how got saddled with the job of Marshal. Mack was a good fellow, but could sometimes run his mouth and get himself in trouble… like landing him this Marshal job.

Mack was never afraid of anyone nor was he ever surprised at anything. As he was making strides to the Rebecca House he took in the commotion. There was a gaggle of onlookers already trying to get a look at the fellow Rebecca had killed. This was when he was almost surprised. As he approached the gaggle he noticed two things: Sara's breasts and Richard who was still drooling on them pretending to be interested in the day's newest event. Mack had been almost certain the recently departed fellow would have been Richard. If Rebecca didn't kill Richard, then whose boots were sticking out of the throng of Good Samaritans and Gossips?

Ash felt the most exquisite pain he had felt in a long time. Not only did he have a ringing headache, but he also had the sensation that his face was on fire, that and the trickle of blood running from his nose with some going down the back of his throat. This made him cough. "Well," he heard someone say "He isn't dead yet." Ash tried to stand up but was hampered by so many people pushing in on him, and the fact that he was dizzy from something hitting him and dizzy from still being completely drunk. The situation was not one he was accustomed to and this confounded and angered him.

The last thing he remembered before waking up was this pretty little thing who jumped out of the house at him and before he could say "good day" to the little lady, smacked him square in the face with a frying pan. The people in this town are not the most polite of sort, so he didn't feel the need to be polite right back. "Get away from me you… you people!"

Ash not being one to ever really get drunk before this trip was not the most articulate of drunks… or the most coordinated. So he ended up falling over again, on his face, and passed out.

"Nope," someone else said "he's dead now."

Mack pushed his way into the center of the crowd and stood over the again crumpled form of this obviously drunk character. "Get on with your day 'you people', Beth didn't kill anyone… go on now… day ain't over yet and she has more pans!" To this everyone chuckled and most of them went on their way knowing Rebecca could pitch a fit like hell hath no fury. She was famous for it. She had even slugged Ol' Cliff square in the jaw last year when he tried to politely refuse a dance with her at the Christmas party. Not that Cliff didn't want to dance with the girl, it was just that Cliff had never danced before and just didn't know how. So when he said no thank you, she threw a right hook thinking he was putting her off because she wasn't good enough for him. Rebecca was firecracker to the core… a strong and beautiful young lady that grew up the youngest in a house full of boys. If she wanted to eat anything at the supper table, she had to fight for it. These days all the brothers had rode off seeking futures and fortunes elsewhere in the world. Mother had died last winter on New Year's Day. Pa had been killed by outlaws or Indians when she was just a kid. She remembered him as a very large, very hairy man who loved her and would give her hugs and sweets from time to time. She never really knew what happened to him. With everyone else gone, this left the fury known as Rebecca to live alone in the house that had since become known as “The Rebecca House”. She wasn't mean by nature, in fact, most of the time she was the sweetest little thing ever. Pretty enough to light up the room when she walked in. Just don't get her worked up because this little fire cracker was just waiting for something to light her fuse. Mack was certain the fuse igniter this time was Richard. Rebecca had been after him since he moved into town. He was the only young man new enough, or stupid enough to spend much time with her that hadn't yet been dotted with a black eye.

Then the other day Sara came back from Denver. Sara was the town's prodigal daughter. She was a looker for sure and endowed with a figure to turn even a preacherman's head and make him want to kick in a stained glass window. She was well aware of it too. She used her charms to her advantage. And when that didn't work, she used cleavage. She never wanted for a new dress or trinket. She used men without remorse. She was like a predator. Sara saw easy prey in Richard… hence the walking arm in arm. This reminded Mack of a Black Widow with a fly caught in a web. Poor Richard.

When people had moved off enough he could hear Rebecca in the house sobbing "I didn't mean to hit him, honest!"

Mack was thinking "Sure thing, just like you didn't mean to break Cliff's nose either." But he didn't say that out loud. Mack was learning that an important survival skill was keeping his mouth shut. Cliff would be proud he bit his tongue… but he had kept his mouth shut this time mainly because he had his back to Rebecca who undoubtedly had more lethal instruments in her kitchen than a frying pan.

Mack stooped down and rolled the bleeding figure over at the same time the man was opening his eyes again. Mack, in a very rare moment, was now surprised. He couldn't tell who the bleeding man was… but evidently the man knew who he was.

"Mack? Aw shit… that girl sent me to hell."

It was in that moment Cliff loomed over Mack's shoulder and spoke the longest string of words he had put together since last year's Christmas Party cussing. "I'll be damned. Looks like our little Woman Scorned crowned Ash Bradley!"

Blearily Ash tried to focus on the face of the voice that had just said is name. He squinted his eyes and tried to remember the voice. ''Cliff? Is that you?”

Yeah, Sir.”

Mack bristled. “You don't have to call him 'sir' anymore.”

Ash tried with only marginal success to focus on Cliff. “Where am I, Cliff?”

You are in Green River, Wyoming.” Cliff answered.


Cliff nodded, “Yup.”

He hasn't been a 'sir' for years.” Mack pointed at Ash's jacket. “Ain't even in uniform.”

Ash rubbed his head. “So I'm really not dead then?”

Afraid not, si... Ash.”

Hey, Cliff. Why is Mack wearing a star on his chest?”

He's the town Marshall.”

Then I am dead... dead and in hell.”

1-26-08:  Interesting little political test that is actually well done. I liked this one. My result is that I am “Closest to Romney, farthest from Obama”. I knew that before I started, but who knows. Maybe the results might surprise you. Hat tip to our man Bobbitt for sending this link to us.

I normally don't bother looking up the metrics about my site here. But I stumbled upon this... about “This site reaches approximately 18,872 U.S. monthly uniques. The site attracts a primarily male, primarily older group. The typical visitor visits, subscribes to NRA Publications, and reads” I get that many hits? Holy sheep shit! Excuse me, but I'm a wee bit freaked out. I don't like thinking about how many readers I have... I can't think about that when I write... it gets in the way.

It's also pretty damn cool when the US Department of Energy, the big Dot Gov, and their “Ask A Scientist” page references on matters related to firearms. Screw this, I'm going shooting....

Oh, btw, I've updated the Weapons Section.

1-25-08:  The warrior spirit is alive and well, giving rise to an unlikely hero. From the UK, we learn of an Irishman who stood up in the face of evil. Bravo, sir! He was stabbed repeatedly, struck in the head, had a gun held on him, and he didn't give up... he knew he couldn't. The fight was on.

Not very many of The Horde are serious network geeks. But some are. For you guys, take a look at this. I managed a bunch of Router Heads before... so I know they'll like this. 

Some music... I woke my boys up for the day by blasting the first song at high volume.  It worked.  They got up:

This one, I posted up for my Bro, the one with the SKS.  I remember him singing this song years ago and we were laughing about it.  I still get a kick out of it.  But I don't really know why:

This is me driving to work in the morning:

This one is for my other brothers to get them to come out this way when they get back from Iraq:

More on the SKS. There are a lot of Hordemen who appreciate the SKS for what it is. Others scoff at it. I might have a strain of Gun Snobbery in me when it comes to handguns... but seriously, what is not to like about a semi automatic, .30 caliber, proven battle rifle that you can get for the price of a pair of tires?

This is the rifle of my Brother.  It serves well.

One of the many emails point out something I didn't mention yesterday: “Much agreed, the SKS is a kick ass rifle.  Fun to shoot, cheap to own and feed.  If its owner knows what they are doing, the SKS can fill many roles adequately.  What I can’t stand (as a shooter, gunsmith and former military) are the folks who insist on using the 30 rnd. conversion mags.  Every one I have seen just plain sucks.  Rarely is it a “drop in conversion”, and jams are plenty.  The stripper system works great, and anyone who practices with strippers can load their SKS in a blink of an eye. - Kinslow” That's exactly right... the conversions are all problematic. The SKS was not designed to feed from a 30 round mag, and fight the resistance of the added spring tension. That and all the conversions are almost complete crap. I really did the TAPCO replacement stocks and accessories for the SKS. But really it doesn't need them. But popping an nice Red Dot sight on top of the SKS to aid in fast target engagement... that's a good improvement that can be done for not much money. What sort of Red Dot would you put on an SKS? Certainly not an Aim Point or Trijicon... those are worth far more than the rifle.... that would be like putting a LT-1 engine in my Kia Sportage... that would be a shameful waste. I think TruGlo has the perfect match. The TG8040B is a rugged and simple red dot, standard integral Weaver type mount, comes with flip up see through lens covers. Best yet, my store sells them for only 50 bucks. (I think we only have a couple left) I've got one I've used with good success on my Black Marlin and I like them. No, they are not as good as some other higher end Red Dots, but WTF, it's 50 bucks and it's going on an SKS. Match Made In Heaven, to send Monsters to Hell. It's perfect. Mount it forward so it doesn't get in the way of the stripper clips, and you have a fantastic Truck Gun, Castle Defense Gun, Brush Gun, Youth Instruction Gun, Plink Hunter Gun, Deep Woods White Tail Gun... you name it. So check this out... SKS rifles can be had from 100 buck to 300, red dot is 50 bucks, and a case of wolf is about 200 to 250 depending on where you find it. So you are into the whole kit for about the cost of a set of tires or less than the price of a Glock, and the Glock can't do what this kit can get done. With the .Gov going to be giving us some extra money this year in an attempt to stimulate the economy... let's stimulate it in our favorite industry.... BUY A GUN with that money, and STOCK UP ON AMMO!

1-24-08: I did a little shooting today, work related. I brought along a couple guns just for the sake of shooting them. A Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander .45, a S&W P99 Compact 9mm, my CZ 527 Carbine and P-01, S&W M&P 9MM, and Ruger MK 2 .22. Let me give you the run down here. The Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander, if you have any thoughts about maybe considering getting one – get it. Don't wait, this is what Credit Cards are for, buy the Dan Wesson. 10 out of 10.

The M&P, polymer wunderguns don't get any better than the M&P. Triggers are so so, but everything else is brilliant... and the trigger can be improved... so there you go. 8 out of 10.

The S&W P99 Compact. Ejection was sporadic and random. Accuracy was only almost acceptable. The trigger pull is shoddy. But it carries well, is reliable enough and packs a good payload for its size. 5 out of 10.

The CZ P-01 is a solid 10 out of 10, all 9MM's should be this good.

The 527 Carbine? Well, after putting this fixed 4X Leupold on it, it is easy to make fast hits with... but 4X, I've decided, is just not enough for the way I shoot. Which is at things far, far away. If I am going to go with a fixed power, I need 6X on this one. Now, shooting today I was not able to be as precise as I would have liked. It was COLD AS HELL today. I had icicles in my beard, I couldn't stop shaking, and my fingers ached from the cold. I like the way the Leupold looks on the carbine, but I might have to swap it out for something with more magnification. Still, the 527 Carbine in 7.62X39MM... it's a 10 out of 10. Do I like this one more than my custom Black Marlin?  Yeah, I think I do.

The Ruger MK 2 is typical FUN STUFF, but I prefer my Buckmark. I was trying it out as part of my Ruger VS Browning review I'm working on. The ammo I was shooting was a Mexican made 60 grain sub sonic load that I'll be reviewing as well... the stuff is FANTASTIC. More on that in a future post.

Did I mention that it was freaking cold? I still can't get warm.  We were only out there only an hour, and it was fun... but dang.  I'm ready for summer.

The Lowly SKS: A lot of guys out there have SKS rifles leaning up inside of closets or where ever they keep their less than favorites. My brother has one and loves his: “I love the SKS. It is exactly what it was designed to be. I think the reason it isn't more popular is that people always compare it to the AK. Almost anything looks bad compared to an AK. People need to compare it to 30-30 carbines. One of mine has a short pg stock and a 16in barrel. I have the front sight moved back to the gas tube. It is slick for clearing a room and much less clumsy than things with huge mags and lights sticking out everywhere. I'm really quick with the stripper clips. It's a no-bs 30cal carbine. For a ghetto dwelling thug, it's fucking perfect.

The SKS is actually F'n Perfect for a great many situations... it's an idea “Truck Gun” for most places on the Earth, from Urban (where he lives) to Remote. (where I live)   The stripper clips that some guys call a handicap are actually an asset. See, unless you are in an infantry platoon or shooting in a 3 Gun Match, those long 30 round mags are not needed. Not when you can reload so very quickly while staying as low profile as possible. A stripper clip full of rounds is small and flat. You carry two of them in a back pocket, easily. I kinda have to laugh at the guys that say that they want an certain gun because that's what such and such group uses and in the event of a conflict, they could "Wolverine" that group and take more ammo. What's funny about that is that you could Wolverine those guys and take their weapon too. And you could use and Bow and Arrow to do that with. You could use anything that fires some sort of projectile to get the job done, snatch and grab and there you go. So having a certain specific platform is not required. Better yet is to plan on being much more covert about it. Forget the Wolverines and think more Enemy at the Gates. The SKS fires a potent slug at effective velocity with decent enough accuracy to get the job done quite smartly. You don't rip off a 30 round burst, you sneak, pop one at one target, one at another, and fall back to a secondary position over-watching the first. If you do your job, those first two shots have produced sucking chest wounds or better, and you then plan on cleaning up the treats that come looking for you, or you evaporate into the surroundings and do it all over again. Stay low. Very low. Stay low profile. Fight with your head and don't try going head to head. You don't want to be in a gun fight, you want end it before it happens... The SKS is just fine for that role.

The SKS is also just fine for other duties. Such as harvesting food. My CZ 527 Carbine was able to anchor a coyote at just over 600 yards. So an SKS should be able to do the same to Venison On The Hoof out to 200 yards.... easily. The Boiler Room on a deer is roughly the size of a gallon milk jug... that's the size of the area where a hit will make the game less living. The heart is smaller yet... call that a half gallon jug at best... If you can hit that at 100 yards from a cold barrel, then you can feed your crew. Most SKS rifles are more than up to that task. You should be able to hit that full gallon jug at two hundred. Practice that.

Now hang a couple thrift store jackets on a couple crosses like a scare crow.... Just use sticks or scrap wood. Put one out at 300 yards and one at 500 yards. Engage. The 300 yard target should be no problem and all your shots should be punching fabric. Maybe not any nice center ring cluster, but it doesn't matter. Just ventilate that upper torso and you have proven your ability to defeat an adversary out to 300 yards. At the 500 yard mark, you have to really concentrate and aim carefully. You have 10 rounds, 5 of those rounds should find their way through that jacket. If you can do that with regularity, then you are going to be able to fight with that gun. An SKS is not a precision instrument. But it will keep the wolves at bay. Or if you are the wolf, it makes for a nice set of teeth. Yeah, I like the SKS. It is a gun that everyone should have if you don't have anything else. If you can't afford that thousand dollar AR, don't worry about it... Your SKS will do. If you don't have a rifle, get an SKS. For the price of an AK, you can get an SKS and a full case of 7.62X39MM ammunition.

Email from a guy that just doesn't get it: Ron Paul is "not electable" only in the event that... people who like him don't vote for him. Almost all the other GOP candidates are out of money... Ron Paul, in the running with decent showings especially now that Thompson spent all his money and dropped out, a candidate for an office with no incumbent, with a message not heard in either of the two major political parties in around NINETY YEARS, with a sizable bank account and tons of grassroots support, is the best chance not only for the GOP, but for normal people like you and I who just want to live our lives without the gov't crapping all over our efforts to find "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". I'm a Nevada delegate, and my support still goes to the only GOP candidate I can conscientiously support: yup, Dr. Ron Paul. Don't mind the "official" vote - it was a meaningless, non-binding straw poll. The only thing that mattered was electing delegates, like myself, who will vote for the final 37 delegates to the national GOP convention to finally pick the GOP nominee. This race ain't over, and the fat lady ain't sung yet. David

That's generally how it works, David. You have to vote for the candidate and if people don't, he doesn't get elected. That's it and there is nothing else to it. People are not voting for Ron Paul anywhere near the numbers for him to be taken seriously. In all the polls, all the Fred Heads are now voting for Romney, so your last hope has gone up in smoke. As has Ron Paul's hopes. If Ron had any dignity and concern for the nation, he would drop out, giving all his support to Romney. If he doesn't, he is going to split the vote and hand the election over to Hillary on a silver platter. If you can't see that, your bloody blind and stupid.

Another Email: Dude. An ogre sure, but consistency of brutishness would be good. Without an official cause of death, your comment that Ledger was a pill swilling, suicidal, bad parent because he was an actor is equivalent with you being a homicidal ogre about to kill children in a school because you are a gun owner. Nobody knows if you're a child killer yet. Nobody knows how Ledger died yet. Rant after the guilt is proven man, Aric

Yes, I can say that he was a bad parent because he was doing drugs. The police found a rolled up dollar full of cocaine. That disqualifies anyone from being a good parent. That's just the way it is... if you do drugs, you fail at being a dad. Period. End of story. And it was the end of Ledger's story too. There is no innocent until proven guilty here... to quote a better actor here “We have the motive which is money and the body which is dead.” But in Heath's case it was drugs and dead.

Of course there is one other possibility... it is possible that Tom Cruise and the Scientologists paid a visit to Heath and said that he had better join them or else, and Heath being extraordinarily brave, told them to do their worse and they killed him for it, making it look like he O.D.'d.   That's how they got Will Smith you know. At least that is what I heard. They are the new Mafia... them and Gay Interior Decorators...





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