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Aug 26th, Thursday, 2004: 1100hrs: Comedian Margaret Cho said "I need to know that we are going to have a new administration, and I am 100% behind Kerry's agenda.”  How can that be?  No one knows what Kerry’s agenda really is.  She doesn’t know.  Kerry doesn’t even know.  The only agenda points that I see are three steps:

Step one: Steal Whitehouse.

Step two: ?

Step three: Profit.

The only agenda that these people have who are supporting Kerry is that they want to bring Bush down.  “Cho says she intends to get arrested sometime during the Republican convention. "Maybe it will be for something totally unrelated, like shoplifting," says Cho, who promises she will wait until after her Saturday shows.” Yeah, there is someone who our young Americans can really look up to. 

Look, I don’t care if you don’t like Bush… but come on… John Kerry?  This guy who has no idea what the hell he is doing… thinks he is a resurrected JFK… votes to send men off to war but votes against actually funding the effort so it will succeed… you would rather have him in the office than Bush.  Come on.  Anyone but Kerry!  He doesn’t follow his own beliefs!  There is no evidence he even has any beliefs!  

Horde Officer wants me to dead so he can assume command of The Horde:

1.  Why only a short paragraph on Axe?  If its that wonderful, tell us more (like how much it costs, where you got it, how soon it works - not details as to why you are a Happy Ogre...we can guess).
2.  If you like Angelina Jolie so much, arrange a meeting and be wearing a whole bottle of Axe.  Of course, Mrs. Ogre will have to be far, far away, or you'll be a Dead Ogre :>)
3.  Regarding the anti-5.56mm article:  yes, the 6.8 SPC is far better at typical combat ranges.  However, the 6.5 Grendel is superior to it in accuracy, and in retained energy past 300 yards.  It could very successfully be handed out to regular infantry, Designated Marksmen and the SAW guys, and all would be very happy (all, that is, except the dead ragheads and their friends-though goats, sheep and camels would breathe a sigh of relief).  Logistics would be WAY simplified by having everyone shoot the same round (except snipers, but they're a class by themselves anyway).  The Grendel bullets have a far higher BC, and the accuracy of 6.5mm bullets can be attested to by anyone that shoots them (THIS is why the Swedish Mausers are sooooo sweet).  The Grendel round itself is derived from the 6mm PPC, which is a HIGHLY accurate round.  Please check out to see what I'm talking about.  Of course, if it is a choice between the 6.8 and retaining the 5.56, I'd change in a millisecond - but as long as we're thinking about changing, let's do it right and go with a truly superior round. – Paul

1.  I picked up the Axe at “Family Dollar” a small store half the distance away from the larger grocery stores.  All I needed was box of laundry detergent so I just hit FD.  While picking up a box of soap I remembered I was out of Pit-Stick. (Generic term for deodorant/antiperspirant) So I swung past the isle with the funk-fighter stuff and saw they had Axe.  I grabbed a stick of deodorant and a bottle of the body spray.  There are different flavors of Axe, Axe being the brand.  I selected the “Essence” fragrance.  Well, later I was feeling sweaty and funky so I showered up and used the Axe stuff and dropped the old Speed Stick thing into the trash.  Good smell.  I liked it.  Better than Speed Stick at least.  It was like 4 hours later when Mrs Ogre came home.  She gave me a quick kiss and then did like a full body doubletake and next think I know, she is crawling all over me like I had just given her something sparkly.  3 bucks each.  Not bad.  I’ll buy it again.

2.  You are planning a Horde coup aren’t you?  Trying to get rid of me so you can take over, eh?  I’m dispatching my ninja’s right now. 

3.  6.5 might be better… but 6.8 is the one being tested by SOCOM and the like.  Either one would be so much better.  We both know that.  I don’t care either way… as long as we get rid of the .22 caliber round we are using now.

Email from Firehand:While back I was able to get a Bulgarian Makarov, and my experience pretty much duplicates yours.  After several hundred Wolf FMJ's and some Hornady XTP hollow points, results stand as follows:

Jams: 0 Fail to feeds: 0 ANY problems: 0.  Little sucker just keeps shooting.

I did put on a Hogue grip sleeve; the factory grips tended to slip in my hand a bit.  And I put some international orange paint on the front sight.  Otherwise, no changes.  I will note that some advise is to put a slightly stronger recoil spring on it, will look further into that.

Two further bits about Microlon.  I tried using it as a cleaner in the bore, did a pretty good job.  As an experiment, I ran a patch wet with Gun Juice through the clean bore, let it sit 'till dry, repeated this five times.  After the last time I shot /50 rounds of Wolf/ cleaning the bore was a lot easier.  There's an area right in front of the chamber where some fouling tends to gather in a land, and was a pain to get out.  A few scrubs with a brush, let it sit, then clean out with patches, all gone.

Second, when Microlon sent me the Gun Juice, also sent a can of Metal Treatment.  I've got a bolt-action .22 that needed the works lubed, so instead of detail-stripping it, I took the action out of the stock, used carburetor cleaner to blow old oil, fouling, etc., out, let it dry thoroughly, then sprayed the Metal Treatment in.  Let it dry, then worked the action a bit.  Feels nice and smooth, will see how holds up in use.  Also used the Treatment on a drill-press vise, which is running smoothly, and with the dry coating shouldn't gather crap the way it did.  So far, I like the stuff.  Mark

I'm still looking at getting some Gun Kote to refinish my Mak... and I was thinking about the slip on grips too.  The orange paint on the front sight would be a big help.  Good idea.  Check this out - I have a box of .22 Short CB caps that I shoot through my old Remington 514 to nail birds in the back yard.  With this combo I have about a 15 meter range and can nail a bird so it flaps around the yard and my cat Koda will charge out and tear it up and feast on it.  Well, the Gun Juice has worked as advertised.  I now have about a 25 meter range and the short CB's are hitting a lot harder... killing the birds flat out instead of letting them flop around.  So Koda doesn't see them unless he seems me make the shot.  In the .30-30, I haven't noticed a real difference other than having to resight it.  So that means it has changed the ballistics... I've just not seen a good before and after down range effect. I like this stuff.  Since it’s a dry film sort of thing, I’m thinking about taking my Boa apart, cleaning it up, and lubing it with the Gun Juice.   Remember how I said I used some of that metal treatment on the hood of my Bronco?  It used to scream and screech when I opened the hood.  The Microlon metal treatment stopped that screeching… here it is a couple months later… The hood is still quiet when I open it.  To me… that’s bloody impressive.

0900hrs: I don’t know if this made a difference at all, but I spent some quality time going through the HTML of this page and cleaning it up.  The code was all messed up… layers and layers of crap that FrontPage added on.  Loose code ends and all that jazz.  Since I’ve cleaned it up, I’ve noticed a great increase in rendering speed here on my end… I don’t know about on yours.   Please for the love of all that is holy; tell me that this page loads faster now!  This effort was undertaken because of the Acid-daughter… Acidman’s girl complained about the page taking forever to load.  So I hope this helps.  Most of the remaining speed issue is because of the little images on the side columns and the pulling in the news feed from Firearms News. The code is still pretty much FUBAR, but at least it’s not such a SNAFU as it was before.

THE AXE EFFECT:  Have you guys seen the commercials for a line of men’s deodorant and body spray called “Axe”?  The Axe “effect” is that chicks will get climbing all over you if you wear it.  Well, I picked some up and yesterday decided to use it.  Uh… it works.  That’s all I’m saying… but *wow* yeah, it works.  *whoa*  Happy Ogre. 

This is just out of control.  The Jackasses (Democrats, hey don’t act like that… if it was the Republicans I was talking about, I’d call them the Elephants.  I didn’t pick their mascot) have taken a new turn to the low in trying to silence the Swiftboat Veterans.  They are now trying to go after them for having any sort of ties with the Bush campaign and calling their efforts illegal.   Democrats really and truly suck to an unprecedented degree here.  No one tried to shut up Michael Moore and his attacks… no one tries to shut up, stifle, sweep under the rug, silence, ban, or in any way keep the Liberals from speaking out whenever they want to.  They have almost all of the news media outlets, Hollywood, almost all of the universities… they have pretty much 90% of the over all “Airtime”.  The Rightwing guys… what do we have?  We have this one group of veterans that is putting them all into a bloody panic.  We have one cable news channel.  We have the old AM Radio.  And lastly, we have the internet.  But it is not like we have exclusives on these sources like how the Left has in their arsenals of Spinatrons.  The Left has their Air America (so fucking revolting that they used that name, I still want to vomit when I hear it) and they have their Democrat Underground website and similar.  Places on the net where the jackasses can say things like “they hope more US Soldiers get killed” and that “they celebrated Pat Tillman’s death” and all the other horrific anti-American bullshit that they want to swim in.   All the time claiming first amendment protections… the same protections they claim all Americans are proud to have and that they are brave patriots for using it… and grudgingly I have to swallow that line because it’s true that they have the blessings of The 1st.  But as soon as one group of decorated veterans who served full tours of duty, or more than one tour of duty, and never threw away their medals… as soon as they question Kerry… as soon as they say that they observed actions different than what are claimed by a reluctant participant who was there for only 4 months, who threw away his medals and called everyone in Vietnam war criminals and monsters who were committing atrocities; the Jackasses have to do everything that they can in their power to silence them.  Because the first amendment is something that they think that only they have.  They don’t like the fact that it is a double edged sword.  They want to silence the very people that fought for their freedoms.   That is absolutely disgusting.  That is treasonous!  That is un-American to the very core.   The ACLU, if they have any validity at all, should be all over these swiftboat vets – PROTECTING THEM.  


Aug 25th, Wednesday, 2004: 11800hrs: Surprisingly good film… “Taking Lives”.  Angelina Jolie plays as a very potent roll in this movie.  Awesome directing, cast, and plot twists.  Get the unrated version, it’s the most powerful.  It’s a bit more graphic with showing the dead bodies and all that… but it is more important to the story here which is of a very gritty and graphic nature. (if you are squeamish, don’t)

It used to be difficult to appreciate Angelina Jolie as a serious actress, but in this film I was struck by the fact that she is good.  In this film and in “Beyond Borders”… I am impressed.  She isn’t just a smoking hot babe… She’s got real talent.  She’s good.  More than good.  One of the very best actresses around now.  And in this movie she is just flat out awesome. 

Great movie.  It really is.  The best thriller I’ve seen this year. Rather shocking all the way to rolling credits.

This flick also teaches a couple good lessons about firearms ownership. 

Number one:  Don’t keep your gun in it’s case, unloaded.  It’s useless there like that.

Number two:  Carry your gun at all times.  Even at home.  Especially when you are at home and alone. 

This flick will blew me away and so did she. (she just gets hotter and hotter) Looking back on it, I had to ask why.  It’s not just the cast or direction… but something very rare in a Hollywood movie… it actually has a damn good script.  Oh, and you do get a steamy love scene of course… and seeing a roasted Keefer Southerland is well worth the price of the rental. 

500hrs: Here is an article that all of The Horde needs to read as soon as you can.  “The Last “Big Lie” of Vietnam Kills U. S. Soldiers in Iraq”.   This article pretty much lays out the foundation for the argument for the 6.8MM SPC round that is undergoing testing by SOCOM.  Next year we are going to see something not seen since the 60’s.  A new rifle for our GI’s.  The XM-8 goes into full production for our boys in 2005.  When it gets issued, I’m not sure.  It is my fervent hope and prayer that before this new is issued, it is rechambered for 6.8MM SPC, 6.5 Grendel, or .300 Whisper.  Something else… anything else than sticking with the utterly pathetic 5.56MM round. 

The article mentions that 5.56MM started out as good old fashioned .223.  That’s true.  People will argue that 5.56MM is a different cartridge and is loaded to different specs.  To me this is just bullshit, and it’s like saying there is are differences between 9X19MM, 9MM Parabellum, 9MM Luger, and 9MM NATO.  There is not.  All can be loaded and fired in the same gun that means it’s the same freaking cartridge, okay?  So stop being a prick about it. 

The .223 is the fraternal twin of the .222 round.  This thing is a varmint cartridge and always was.  So is the .223.  It’s good for target practice, rabbits, squirrels, cats, fox, and coyotes… and that’s about it.  You start going up into bigger critters and the .223 starts becoming less than ideal.  

When it comes to hunting, the hunter has a sacred obligation to his prey… to deliver a clean kill.  The animal deserves the right to die nobly with its dignity intact and without suffering.  If a hunter can not do that, he should not be hunting.  I’m serious about that.  To do less is to not be worth of the hunt.  I’m sorry if you disagree, but you can kiss my ass if you do.   Warfare should (not always the case, but it should) be the same way.  When you engage a soldier from the opposition, I believe that soldier deserves a clean kill as well… dignity and honor intact, with little suffering.  (Please note: When engaging Terrorists, this idea goes out the window… make those jizznozzles suffer.  Aim low and stitch them bottom to the top so they feel some freaking pain!)  The 6.8MM SPC round is a much more capable round than 5.56MM.  It should be adopted ASAP.  Rechamber the XM-8 for good old fashioned .308, and I’d be tempted to reenlist just to play with it!  There was nothing ever wrong with 7.62MM, and the move away from it was a disaster.

Note from Steve regarding Concealed Carry Magazine:Dang you.  I just bought a subscription.

My bad. :)

Horde Commander Martin speaks truth:I’ll tell you something about Lisa Welchel.  I met her in person in Kansas City back about 1984 or 85.  Total bitch.  I was dating a young lady who was a fan of the TV show, and wanted to go over and meet her.  Lisa had this chip on her shoulder that she was better than everyone else, and us mere mortals should not approach her.  Regarding the Hot Sauce treatment, I think we should give Lisa and anyone else using like punishment on their children, a dose of their own medicine.  And I don’t mean that chicken-shit “Louisiana Hot Sauce” that is available in California.  I have some Hellfire and Damnation sauce that I brought from Texas, and let me tell you, this stuff would set her straight.  If marriages would stay together so that Daddy is around to take the kids out behind the woodshed when appropriate, you’d see a lot less of this kind of crap.  My wife and I started teaching our two children to be respectful right from the start.  As with your children, the result is two kids that I am very proud of and that will be able to make it as adults.  Damnit! Mart

I remember getting my mouth washed out with soap once.  It worked.  That’s all I’m saying.  Parents are parents and our generations and those before us all turned out fine using punishments that would give today’s children “Emotional and physical trauma”.   The Woodshed/Switch approach should not be abandoned.

GOD BLESS TEXAS.   I think this letter is spot on.  A shot into the X ring.

Speaking of Texas… Many of my long time readers will remember be speaking of my dream to retire to a boat.  I love the pacific northwest… it is beautiful.  But very expensive to live there.  California and Oregon, being Liberal Wacko states are out of the question.  Maybe docking in Texas and calling that my home port would be a good idea.  The waters in the Gulf are generally good as I understand.  Certainly better off the shore in Texas than in the much more turbulent Florida waters.  That and people can follow an arrow in Texas.  Probably from growing up playing Cowboys and Indians instead of… er… whatever games kids play in Flordia.  Never mind.

I just want to say this:  I think George Soros is an asshole.

I had a couple guys call bullshit when I said Magnum Research sent me a pair of guns.  I think they were just pimping for me to post a photo.  Oh, I’ll post photos… for the review.  But for now, I’ll give you this one picture… just for fun.  And to show you that I do indeed have these two guns I talked about last night.  Check them out…

Who’s your Daddy?  That’s right, Ogre is your Daddy.

1030hrs: You hear a lot about kids growing up into shits… and you hear a lot about “Where are the parents?” Or “I blame the parents”.  And a lot of the time, it is a valid point.  But before we blame the parents, let’s look at this story.  I find it increasingly hard to blame the parents when they are not able to be parents.  Hot Sauce as an alternative to “washing your mouth out with soap” is not cool and in some places is an “Actionable Offense” meaning Child Protective Services come and take your kids and throw them into Foster Care where they a can be sexually abused by strangers.  We of course can not spank the child.  Striking a child is just right out.  Come on… Time Outs?  What do parents have left as legal forms of punishment?  Well, so far I am blessed with children that do not give me such headaches.  I have great kids.  But I know some folks who's kids just need a good beating.

“Hey Tiger Woods, good luck on the tournament… but, uh… look man.  You can only use the Putter.  No, that’s it… just that one club in the golf bag… yeah the Putter.  A Sand Wedge?  We might have to ask you leave if you make such a suggestion again.  A Five Iron?  Oh goodness.  I’m going to have to put you into counseling.


Aug 24th, Tuesday, 2004: 2000hrs: Magnum Research has blown my socks off.  When I asked to review a compact Baby Eagle for Concealed Carry Magazine, they pretty much just said “which ones”.   They offered me the buffet.  Whatever I wante.  After thinking about it a bit, I decided on a compact and a sub compact with the polymer frames and both in 9MM for an easier comparison.  They both arrived along with a nice letter stating that they would like them back within 60 days.  Whoa.  60?  I had to read that again.  Yup, sixty days.  Sweeet.  Other gun companies are sort of tight on the time frames… not Magnum Research.  They hooked me up properly and promptly and have been awesome to work with.  I hope the guns are as good as the people are.

I quickly examined the two guns.  These things look like shooting machines.  The Compact is beefy… It’s pretty large for something called a Compact, but when you are talking to the cats that give us the Desert Eagle automatic and the BFR Revolvers.  They say BFR means “Biggest, Finest, Revolvers” but we all know what it really means… We have all said it the first time we saw one.  “That’s a Big Fucking Revolver!” Come on M.R., your not fooling us!  You just have to shrug your shoulders and understand that everything is relative.   I have the immediate impression that this gun is fully capable of throwing the hottest loads downrange all day long.   The gun just screams service duty gun to me.  If you are looking for a battle worthy automatic, this gun gives off all the right vibes.  We shall see about this once I start the evaluation.

The so called “Sub Compact” is what I consider to be just about right proportion wise for civilian CCW work for the guy that wants to carry a serious fighting gun concealed.  The grips are generously thick, but not too much so.  They certainly fill your fist but don’t feel too big.  The grips are good… no slipping.  They are comforting actually.  Beefy enough to let you know when you slap leather, you are yanking on a real weapon.

These Eagles are descendants of the Jericho 941 pistol which is in turn a genetic relative of the world class CZ-75 pistol… I am going to be shooting the ever loving hell out of these two guns… Just saying that out loud, these pistols give off an Angelina Jolie kinda wicked vibe like they are licking their lips and saying “Ooh, that sounds naughty.”  They seem to be the kinda guns that like the “Ride’m hard, puttem away wet” sorta thing.  

Sorry if that sounds sinful… but that’s the only way to really describe these things.  The only other handguns that give me that kind of vibe are the HK USP line of guns.

I think this is going to be the most fun review I’ve done yet for CCM Magazine.  And since I have just submitted the Kel-Tec article and it has been accepted; I can start working on these ladies as soon as I like.   Come on girls, let’s go get dirty!

1100hrs: Good morning.  Now that I have eaten my Ogre Breakfast Of Champions, I’m ready to hit it.  (OBC=Roast Beef Hash, browned, with 3 eggs and 2 slices of toast splashed with some Tabasco and washing it down with a can of Vanilla Coke)  The news this morning is damn near enough to make me puke…  

France is rewriting history now.  According to the new version, France liberated themselves.  For some reason, I don’t think so. 

Kerry: “I will strengthen the Military!”  BULLSHIT:

He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank.
He voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from 1988.
He voted to kill the Ages anti aircraft system.
He voted to kill the F-15 Strike Eagle.
He voted to kill the Block 60 F-16.
He voted to kill the P-3 Orion upgrade.
He voted to kill the B-1.
He voted to kill the B-2.
He voted to kill the Patriot anti Missile system.
He voted to kill the FA-18.
He voted to kill the F117.

When You have a guy that is endorsed by North Korea, Palestine, Al Queda… you have to wonder about him.  Kim Jong Il is supporting Kerry for crying out loud.  That should be a signal to everyone that Kerry is absolutely the wrong man for the job! I don’t care if you don’t like Bush… but cast your vote for Bush or for the Green Party… ANYBODY BUT KERRY!  This guy has a lot of gall… biggest jackass I’ve ever seen.

Evidently I didn’t miss anything by not going Brown Water:I was in SBU 22, and brother, you didn't miss a damn thing!  I was a non-obligor reservist on Boat Det G when SBU 22 was located in NSA New Orleans. Only 1-2 dets a month went on the water back then, if any went at all.  In the 6-8 months I was there my Det never got wet. I was a Machinist Mate at the time, but was occupying an Engineman billet. Basically that meant engine maintenance. They’re at a permanant facility in Stennis Space Center in MS now. LOTS and LOTS of brown water out there. To be fair they probably get much more time on the water now. Their parent units are NAVSPECWARGRU 2 and SEAL Team 4 is part of the gang. I can safely say I've never run into a more self important, holier-than-thou group of Navy types in nearly 8 years of service. The Carrier folks didn't even have this big a chip on their shoulders. The final straw for me was I went in for drill one weekend and was told "No boats are going out this weekend. You reservists police the building grounds and then go clean the active duty locker room". Fuck you very much and see ya later. I went to VP 94 shortly thereafter and enjoyed a good 3 year tour there as an Aviation Ordnanceman before college took over with a vengeance and I transferred back to the IRR.  They had a number of PBR's which they recently deployed to Iraq with, and a couple of Boston Whaler insertion boats, the really cool ones you see on discovery from time to time. It was truly not one of my happier times in the military. In retrospect I think I would much rather have tried to go an ACU with LCACs despite the traveling it would have taken. Chase”  Go clean the active duty lockers… sheesh.  That’s a slap in the face.

A good article about the 9-11 Commission.

Early Morning: I have a few confessions.  #1, I took the DVD out of that case before I shot it.  The movie is funny, I enjoy it.  While I find her politics to be totally asinine and her to be a giant assclown, in this movie she is funny and even attractive in a really weird Beer Goggle way.  In fact, I am going to watch it again if I get the chance.  International Weapons Expert Janeane Garofalo plays the roll of a political lacky to an Irish Democrat Senator from Boston seeking reelection.  The problem with the Senator is identified by an Irish Ex-Journalist as a politician who has flip-flopped on every issue so much that no one knows where the guy stands.  Hence his election problems.  To help solve them he marries a girl who is related to the late JFK.  Does this sound familiar?  Yeah, it does doesn’t it?  It’s an amusing little film.  Especially when the old Irish guy tells International Weapons Expert Janeane Garofalo to fuck off.  Hilarious. 

Confession #2, I wanted to be John F’ing Kerry.  Seriously… before I enlisted into the Army I was talking with recruiters from the US Navy.  I specifically wanted to join special boat unit 11 or 22… these are the Brown Water Navy guys… doing what Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets did.  I’m not making this up, you can ask my Momma.  My good friend Paul at the time was also talking to the Navy (while dating my sister) and he ended up joining with them.  I took a different path. 

He ended up in Nuke boats sitting under polar ice caps monitoring the gauges on a reactor and making a shit load of money and bonus to do it.  I’ve not heard from him in over a decade, but I can only imagine he is either doing very well, or dead.  If any of you guys know a submariner named Paul from Roanoke, VA that drove a Pontiac Sunfire in high school and dated a girl nicknamed “The Beast”, have him drop me a line.  Anyways… Yeah… I wanted to be in the brown water navy.  I wanted to drive a PBR with dual fifties.  I did.  But the Navy could not tell be for sure that that was what I would be able to do… so I bailed on them and went Army.  True Story.  I swear to Budda. 

There… I got this stuff off my chest.  I feel much cleaner inside.  I also feel some shame that Kerry was in a unit that I wanted to be in... but then I look at the Swiftboat Vets and the ball that those men have for standing up; then I regret not trying harder to join them.

BTW, my sister of whom I rarely ever mention was not called “The Beast” for her looks… It was for her personality.  After dumping a guy she would not say “I need a new boyfriend”.  No, instead she would say, “I need a new victim”.  Paul was the only one of my friends with the guts to want to try to spend time alone with her. 

Confession #3.  Okay, not so much a confession per say… but something I want to get off my chest.  Atkins Friendly Low Carb Snack Foods.  There is a whole new section at the local grocery store.  They have cheesy poofs, crackers, chips, cookies of myriad variety, a plethora of candybars and energy bars and nutrition bars… fuck it… they are all candybars… all kinds of junk food.  Note to the big dudes on a diet: you don’t have to buy that stuff… just stop eating the fucking junk food!  Judas Priest!  Have some fruit instead!  Have some grapes or carrot sticks or something and forget the Ranch Dip.  Have some self control for crying out loud!  Just because the shit has the word “CARB” on it – doesn’t’ mean you can eat a sack full while watching wrestling.   There… I said that and I feel better.  Note to readers:  I’m a big dude too.  My pants are size 38 and I tip the scales at 220.  I’ve not seen 200 since I got out of the service, and I’ve seen 250 at one time as well.  My vice is soda.  I know this is harmful… I understand it.  But we all have our vices I guess.  If it wasn't soda and I wasn't LDS, then my vice would be beer.  Whatever... doesn't matter.  We all have different vices and sins.  That's what causes gravity.  Makes the earth spin.  Another vice that I have is a big mouth that spouts off and pisses people off.  If I have pissed you off by this little rant… just hang on.  I’ll be sure to piss you off about something else momentarily.


Aug 23rd, Monday, 2004, First Day of School: 2020hrs: I’ve concluded all the testing of the Kel-Tec P3AT.  While it is difficult to shoot accurately, it is possible to get very good accuracy out of this little belly gun.  As evidenced in this photo (higher res version available by clicking on it, suitable for desktop wallpaper) the P3AT is Minute of Liberal* at 7 paces.  I discovered that I was out of targets just as I was heading out to my range, so I improvised.  I have drawn my conclusion about the gun, but I'm holding that card to my chest for the time being.  Those waiting to hear the verdict will have to wait a bit longer.  Enjoy the photo.

(*No Garofalos were harmed in the making of this image.) 

1730hrs: Why should Bush have to respond to the 527 ads?  He has denounced them, and I am stuck with an odd sense of curiosity.  Has Kerry denounced’s ads?  Has he denounced Mikey Moore’s 911 movie?  So how come when there is an ad out there supporting Bush, everyone is in an uproar?  I applaud these swiftboat veterans for having the balls to stand up and say what it is they want to say.  It takes courage to do this.  Wasn’t it Hillary Clinton that said that as Americans, we have the right to question any administration?  Yet her side of the political spectrum is doing everything that they can to make the swiftboat vets go away.  Unfortunately their efforts have only served to bring these guys further into the lime light.  But now all the sudden Bush is denouncing the only verbal support he has?  Sure the support is in the form of a bash fest…  bashing Kerry – but come on… so was F’d 911.  That’s the way politics is.  It’s ugly and it’s dirty, but that is how they are playing the game and the left is getting a taste of their own medicine.   Note to Kerry:  A spoon full of sugar will help it go down.  Bastard.

Wake up call from Steve, RE the Boa: “Um... You've had it for 3 years now.  You got it back on the Nortel Project.”  Time flies.  Sheesh.

Word about DesignEngine:George-  That Robin Peng has one cool design website.  Design work is what I do for Lockheed Martin, and let me tell you from a professional standpoint, he has some great things on his site.  Thanks for the link. Mart”  The site is not remotely as cool has his office.   

Girl in Iran executed for having a smart mouth.  Evidently they don’t take any sass in Iran.  Good grief.  Why do we even bother with the middle east at all?  If it wasn’t for Israel, I’d say just screw them all and forget about them like we do most of Africa.  This is outrageous.  But what can we do?  Nothing.  This was in Iran… they are their own country and if this is how they want to live and die, fine.  If this was in the USA, there would be another hanging going down ASAP.  

Lunch Time: MADOGRE.COM RED ALERT: Miracle of miracles My take is on the second page of that link.  Unfortunately this is not yet in my area… at least I’ve not seen it yet.  When I do, I’m buying several bottles.  First, we have MD Livewire, caffeinated orange soda.  Awesome.  Now caffeinated grape soda.  This is glorious!

I love good knives.  The knife is mankind’s first tool.  Every guy should have a pocket knife that is carried daily.  The knife I’m packing now is the same one I’ve carried for over a year now… almost 2 I think.  I don’t remember when I got it.  It’s a Kershaw Boa. The damn thing has spoiled me in that I’ve not found another knife that has been able to replace it.  I’ve tried packing other knives but none have been able to stay clipped to my pocket for more than a couple days.  The Boa just stays.  Kershaw is a great knife company… Right there with Benchmade and Spyderco, but they don’t make a lot of flashy knives.  That is, not until Kershaw teamed up with custom knife artisan Ken Onion.  KO is my favorite designer.  And he gave Kershaw another one.  It’s called the Splinter.  I love the looks of this knife… elegant, with clean lines.  Very nice.  Class and style.  Just like the Kershaw/KO Vapor, this knife doesn’t have the Speed Safe mechanism to help open it… but that’s okay.  BTW, I love the Vapor too, but the Splinter is just gorgeous.  That this is perhaps the best looking knife short of certain William Henry models that I’ve ever seen.

 0900hrs:  When I was driving out to SLC Saturday afternoon, I passed a dozen or so cars heading back to my town.  These were derby cars being pulled on trailers.  A derby is a motor sport that has nothing to do with racing.  It’s more like an all out rumble.  On the way back home Sunday, I saw all the same cars again going the other way… All torn to hell looking like war casualties.  One car was smashed up so bad, the front and rear ends were bent up so bad the wheels didn’t even touch the deck of the trailer it was riding on.  I had to laugh.  That looks like so much fun.  We were going to go to the derby to watch it.  I’m sorry I missed it now!  Perhaps next year I’ll put a car in it myself.  My father in law and brother in law have both done it… my turn is coming up.

Apologies to The Horde on the Wasatch Front.  I was not expecting to spend any time out there, just a fast extraction mission… Had I known I was going to be there for more than an hour, I’d have rallied a small gathering.  I’m disappointed on a great many things… the trip was an expensive wasted effort of missed opportunities all the way around.  So please, no more lemon juice.

Email of the day:  “Esteemed Ogre-- Let me say at the outset that I completely agree with you and even blathering Buchanan  about Kerry.  I loathe him with a greater loathing than I have ever before been able to muster up for any politician.  Loathe him with great loathes!  Indeed he would be the political equivalent of a natural disaster…of epic and catastrophic proportions.  I wouldn’t vote for him if him - ever.  Ditto for the Ambulance Chaser.

But I gotta take issue with you on your apparent support of Buchanan and what he has to say in his forthcoming book.  He repulses me, and I’m more than a little astonished that he doesn’t repulse someone as smart as you, no matter which party you’re with.  Although you are entitled to your own views, of course.  As he is entitled to his.  But I’m still baffled by what seems to me to be your knee-jerk response to something which should be given a little more consideration, which is why I’m writing.  I’d like to take time to note before going on that all my following observations are based on what you said in your blog and on the Drudge “blurb cum book review” you linked to.  Which, incidentally, I had already read just minutes before checking on you, and been kinda repulsed by it. 

So, here goes:  You called Republicans “pandering pansies” who have “lost their strength and their direction and their core.”  True, they’re not Barry Goldwater’s party any more, but damn, was the core all that great to begin with?  My dear Esteemed Ogre, what you do not seem to realize (judging by your rant) is that it’s not always pandering.  Sometimes it’s compromise.   And sometimes it’s what desperately needs to be done.  Case in point:  how long do you think you’d stay married if you unflinchingly and remorselessly toed the Ogre-ish troglodyte hard line with your wife?  Do you pander to her or compromise with her?  Do you think she panders to or compromises with you? Probably you both do a little of each, is my point, although I’m not trying to pry into your marriage at all here.  It was just a convenient and (hopefully) effective metaphor for what I’m trying to get across.  So, anyhoo.  Compromise is valuable everywhere, not just in personal relationships but also in political.  Don’t take that to mean that I think everything needs to be or should be compromised.  I do not.  We should not compromise with terrorists, for example.  Nor would I compromise with a man who breaks into my house to steal my stuff and maybe rape me but instead finds himself staring down the barrel of my dandy, by-the-bed handy Mossy 500 12-gauge with the loaded 8-shot mag tube.  But there are other times when compromise is necessary and productive.  And it often produces evolution as opposed to the (alleged) devolution that Buchy is whining about.  I and many like me would think more than twice about voting for a candidate from Goldwater's Republican party, because they were just as interested in keeping power to run things their way (Jim Crow would still be alive if Goldy had gotten his way) as are Kerry's neo-fascist pinkos.  Evolution has made the Republicans a much stronger and more representative political force.

Regarding Patty’s railings against the “Neoconservatives” : “Neoconservative” is a known right-wing term for formerly liberal Jews-turned-Republicans that the bigoted Buchanan uses here to weasel out of explicitly telling everyone he’s referring to Jews—a fact which, considering the apparent negative tenor of his comments about neoconservatives, further exposes him for the anti-Semite he is already known to be.  There is absolutely no evidence (other than the outrageous “Jew-bastard” conspiracy theories of world domination that have circulated for decades if not centuries) to support the notion that there is an intellectual cabal made up of any ethnic group other than WASPS (of which I am a member, btw) which has the POTUS and all his advisors so under their thumb that the Bushies would base an audacious and rather risky foreign policy on their advice.  I happen to think a little more highly of our POTUS than that, even though I’m not his biggest fan on a lot of issues, and I also think he’s a little bit smarter than that.

So, it seems like Patty Buch’s implying that it’s the Neoconservatives who are really in charge of the alleged “oligarchy” our government has degenerated into, and he just thinks oligarchies are WRONG.  So, perhaps we should we exchange the oligarchy that he rails against for one he presides over?  Perhaps an oligarchy policed by more vigilant “watchdogs of orthodoxy” than the ones he criticizes?  Something tells me he wouldn’t rail about that.  Sorry, Esteemed Ogre, but I’d become a card-carrying member of the “pry it from my cold, dead hands” crowd before I’d endorse anything anything from the pen (or word processor) of a religious fascist like that, who uses words like orthodoxy when referring to a supposedly secular political party and government, or before I’d see someone like him get any more power than he’s already got.  I have thought you'd feel the same.  Religious fascists like Buchanan scare me as almost as much as Kerry’s leftie co-whores do.  Freakin’ hypocrite.  Buchanan’s a hypocrite, I mean, not you.  But I do think you blew it in your rant.  Big-time.

Continuing further with the apparent anti-Jewish theme of Patty’s book:   His take on Sharon and Israel and the Palestinian conflict is completely prejudicial revisionist bullshit.  My history’s a little fuzzy and I’m too tired to re-instruct myself and/or link you to proof of what I say (please feel free to check my accuracy and inform me of any glaring mistakes), but if I remember correctly, the Jews gained a lot of land when the Palestinians and Egyptians and the Jordanians launched an unexpected and violent attack on tiny little Israel back in the ‘60’s.  These Arabs were looking to annihilate this tiny little Jewish state, which had been established by the U.N. not even 20 years earlier on a little bit of barren, allegedly ancestral land (of the biblical Israelites) that in1948 none of the Arab states really cared about because it was not very productive.  But the Jews began to make something of this barren land, and so the Arabs began to eye it.  Then they decided to try and take it back.  And so the tiny little state of Israel kicked collective Arab ass and ultimately gained even more land than they started out with.  And so the poor victimized Palestinians were left without a home.  Are the Jews later obligated to give back land gained under such circumstances, just because the Arabs want it?  Hell no.  I think not.  But even so, since the ‘70’s the Jews have repeatedly tried to compromise (love that word) with the intractable Palestinians, who always wind up taking the road and speaking the cant of the spoiled child, rejecting part of what they want because they can’t have it all.  Now, I’m not really up on what Sharon’s been doing these days, cuz I’ve been kinda busy, but if he doesn’t want to try to compromise any more with Arafat and his gang of turban-toting thugs, I don’t blame him.  I’d tell them to fuck off too if it was me.  Probably you would, as well, if I can judge you by the tone of your daily rants.

I’ll just touch on the potential damage to Bush’s re-election that Patty’s book might cause before I sign off.  If the book’s as negative as it appears in the Drudge blurb, all those charges Buchy levies (many of which are no doubt as unsubstantiated and unverifiable as the virtual JFK’s fantasies of wartime valor and Christmas in Cambodia) may turn Joe and Jane ExtremeRightWinger off of voting at all...the niggardly pop for Bush at the end notwithstanding.  I bet the Kerry camp even gets some mileage out of one or another of Patty’s criticisms of Bush.  Does he want Bush to get elected or not?  How fucking irresponsible could this asshole be?!  The book could have waited 'til after the election.  GRRRRRR.  Even though I think he's going to use any controversy it generates to try to pressure Bush on something either immediately before or right after the election.  Double GRRRRRRRR.

Well, thanks for listening, even if you didn’t like everything I had to say.  It’s just that I got so infuriated reading the Drudge blurb on Bonehead Buchanan’s book, and then when I came over here and saw you giving him props,  I just couldn’t let it go without saying something.  I hope you understand.  He’s a blithering idiot , a racist and an all-around fucktard, and I want everyone to know it.  Or at least I want 'em to know that's what I think.  Peace and groovy vibes,  Amy”

Amy, I'm not a Buchanan fan!   But he is right.  It's not Goldwater's or Reagan's party any more.  The average Republican on the hill now is more like Clinton.  So in this, he is right.  I'm not about to buy Buchanan's book, but his gist is correct.  The Right Wingers are all fluttering around the middle trying to make the Left not hate them while giving up conservative values.  We had 12 Republican Senators vote to extend the AWB.  That's breaking ranks with the party and with the constituents that put them in office.  Even Bush said that if it was passed, he would sign it.  A slap in the face of great many voters.
But Buchanan is a putz.  I don't like him and I don't trust him.  Same reasons I never liked Cheney.   He's not a Capitalist, he's an Opportunist.  And I'm not happy with Pat's timing in putting this book out either.  This is the last thing that we need when we have John F'ing Kerry leaning over us like this.  Completely asinine that he has done this now.   His anti-semitic points are beyond asinine.   I would never support such a person.  Looking back on what I said and how I said it, it does come across as support for Buchanan… not the point I was trying to make.  There are some local Libertarians here that are forming a party chapter and I am now involved with them and will be more so in the future.  America needs a strong Libertarian party.  Even if most conservatives disagree with it, we need a stronger and harder right wing.  The Left is going off the edge and we have to have the Libertarian Party as the Anchor Man in this tug of war or we will all be pulled over that edge.  Because the Republicans are not even pulling in the same direction any more.  We have the majority in the house and the senate and we can’t get a damn thing done because we are fractured.  The Left is smaller, but they are almost completely unified and we have to do everything we can to defeat that.  Buchanan is an asshat for putting out this book right now… even if the premise is correct.

Horde Commander Martin did a Recon of The Nunnery and here is his report:

Here is what I found on the Nunnery up in Logan Valley:  The Nunnery is privately owned and located on National Forrest land by Special Use Permit.  The place is totally fenced off, with NO TRESSPASSING signs all over the place.  I have also learned from the local National Forrest Office, located at the mouth of the canyon, that a few boys went in there to look around, not too long ago, and the grounds-keeper cuffed the boys with plastic wire ties and tossed them into the pool where the baby had supposedly drowned.  The grounds keeper was arrested for aggravated battery, and the kids were charged with trespassing.  In order to pull off a successful operation on their grounds would require some sophisticated equipment, such as Night Vision capabilities, Excellent communication like hand-helds with head-sets as to not tip off whatever freak lives there.  Camo such as Ghille Suits, and anything else required to go in and out undetected.

I see two major problems.  First, I would not do this un-armed.  By trespassing onto Special Use Permit property located on Federal Land, while ARMED, a felony is being committed.  Second problem is that in order to gain access to the inside of the chain link fence, the fence will have to be worked over with a set of wire cutters.  Now you can add vandalism and destruction of property to the list.  Now, I have seen a few movies where some ODD individual is a grounds keeper of a similar place, and someone goes in and discovers just what a FREAK lives there.  This mission might be good for a few laughs, but comes with some HIGH risk consequences.  If this were Kansas, we be in and visiting TONIGHT.    The place is very much out of the Haunting.  Lots of big tress around the place.  A road going in to a large gate with no trespassing signs.  Beyond the gate is more road.  Kind of hard to see any buildings from there.  I understand from the park ranger, that in the winter, with leaves off of trees, you can make out building shapes, but that's about it.  Nothing much really to see.  It's easy to tell that there is something in there, but if you didn't know what you were looking for, you'd pass it over because there is just nothing of interest to tip anyone off.  A fence with keep out signs and trees. - Martin

Excellent report.  I’m still trying to get a hold of the person who can give us the green light.  We have to have permission for this or it is not worth the attempt.  I’m not about to get tagged with trespassing.  So far everyone I’ve talked to has been in the “Not My Department”.  The effort is continuing.  For those just joining us, there is a place in Utah called “The Nunnery” and it is supposedly haunted.  I am organizing a Scooby Doo party to explore this haunted place.  Why?  For the hell of it.  How many people do you know can say that they camped out in a haunted house?  I’m trying to get permissions so we can do this legally, and have a fun time, with no threats other than from the ghosts.  If it turns out that this is not possible legally… well, we’ll just have to come up with something else fun to do.  

I was watching the Olympics for a bit last night.  US Woman’s Volley Ball.  US Player by the name Logan Tom is just amazing.  She is the smallest player on the team, but is without a doubt the best.  She was incredible, and handed Cuba their asses almost single handedly.  I was going to go catch The Bourne Supremacy and Collateral at the drive in, but we didn’t do that.  It seems that the boys have the first day of school today.  This morning was a chaotic tempest of activity getting 3 of the 5 out the door.  The youngest two do not have school yet for another couple weeks as I understand.  So now there is a quiet peace settled over Ogre Manor that has not been here all summer.   I miss the boys already!

I just read a bit about the Mad Max shops in Iraq.  Very cool work going on there.  This is the kind of engineering that gave us victory against the Germans when we were outclassed by the superior German armor.  Even in our modern military… it’s all about the Aftermarket performance mods.  I wonder how much they would charge to armour up my Bronco.  Speaking of Armour. I knew this was coming.  The M1 is no longer being developed or produced.  This was only a matter of time.  I would like to see a smaller M1 type vehicle with a 3 man crew.  I think the US needs to field some Mini-Tanks like we did in WW2.  Small tanks able to roll through Urban areas and still be able to swing the turret all the way around.  We have them… we just mothballed them.  Shame.  They would be really handy right now in Iraq. 




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