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Aug 2010

8-30-10: is FUBAR:  Lots of guys say they wont use PayPal.  So Crusader signed up with for online transactions.  Weíve sold a lot of Slipstream using and we have still yet to be paid from them.  All the money has gone to and none has come back to us.  They whole point of it, really.  They process, they get a small cut, we get paid.  Weíve not been paid.  Iíve not been paid because of GPal.  When Gundoc called them up - they hung up on him.  WHAT THE HELL, GPAL.NET? owes the Ogre money.  Ben Cannon owes me money.  This SNAFU has been going on for over a month... Iím not happy.  Sure, itís not a lot of money, but itís money Iím due.  Itís money Gundoc is due.  I donít know what their malfunction is... but what I do know, is thatís my ammo money they are holding out on.

The FN Five-seveN pistol for Duty Use.  The FN pistol fires the same rounds as the PS-90, a unique little cartridge that is called the 5.7x28mm.  Itís kinda like a .22 Hornet from the PS-90.  From the pistol, itís basically like a .22 mag from a rifle.  Nothing to sneeze at, but since when did .22 Mag become the fountain of destruction?  The pistol is unique of course... nothing else like it.  But the round is more of a Varminter round than anything else.  The bullets, on the box are listed as Hornady V-max.  Iím talking the projectiles it fires... the sporting round they call it.  Donít give me the bullshit about the round being designed for Armor Penetration as if thatís the pinnacle of combat effectiveness.  Itís not.  It means itís pointy and penetrates... thatís it.  Now, the round you and me can buy - itís not the AP round the guns were designed for.  You canít get them.  So why would you even ďGo ThereĒ about the AP Development?  Because itís totally meaningless to the gun for you and I anymore.  You canít buy it anymore and those rounds are not going got completely stupid prices.  Okay, so the gun has 20 rounds on tap... 20 Varmint rounds.  I would not want to catch one.  But that doesnít mean Iíd want to carry it as a duty gun.  Not even with the Super Evil Armor Penetrating Rounds... especially not them. I am not convinced of the combat effectiveness of these rounds from the pistol.  Iím unaware of any shooting results of these rounds in a defensive situation.  Just because I wouldnít volunteer for 5.7x28mm Catching, doesnít mean Iíd want to stake my life on on the gun.  I donít even like Rubber Bands stretched out and pointed at me,   Iím just not convinced these could stop a badguy before they do me or a loved one harm.  The .40 is proven.  The 9mm is proven.  The .45 is more than proven.  The .357 SIG is proven.  The 5.7 - Not Proven.  If I was to buy one for a Duty Side Arm... Iíd be betting my life on this gun and ammo.  Moreover, and even more sobering, is that I would be betting the lives of anyone that I am in the line of fire for.  Am I willing to bet my life?  Thatís one thing.  The lives of my loved ones?  No, not so much.  The .40 has a track record of wins... some losses, but the ledger is clearly in the .40ís favor.. So when I load up a .40 pistol, I feel comfortable making that bet.  With what is essentially a glorified .22 mag, Iím just not convinced.  As a carry gun?  Maybe - if they made a Compact version.  But for a Duty Carry Gun?  Nope.
Tearing down the .50.  The .50 BMG rifle that was shot at the range day, I took apart and cleaned.  Yeah, that's fair... these guys got to shoot it:

And I got to Clean it.  This gave me a good chance to really re-evaluate the Steyr HS-50.  Iím not really sold on it.  Hereís why.  The barrel connects to the receiver with 2 Allen Head Bolts.  Not even really that big ones.  Thatís a little light.  The bolt is simple, but the tolerances are too tight between the bolt and the action.  This made the gun by the end of the day (15 to 20 boxes of rounds through it) really gritty, hard to cycle.  This morning when I gave the gun some maintenance love -  the action was almost unworkable.  However the tolerances between the Bolt Head and the Chamber are almost sloppy.  Not too big of a deal, but the chamber is Match Tight.  Tolerances are tight enough that Mil-Spec ammo will jam the gun up nicely... a neat trick with a single shot.  And the bolt isnít even blueprinted to the where the bolt lugs lock into the breach.  Thatís not that impressive.  And the guns are retailing for 45 Hundred Bones.  Seriously, Iíd rather buy a Grizzly Big Bore from LAR if I wanted an accurate Single Shot Bolt .50 BMG.  Or you could spend 6 Large on a Barrett Bolt... or 89 Hundred for the 82 - the semi auto that everyone wants.  Yes, I want one too.  Iíd do horrible things to get an 82.  Oh yes I would.  I want one bad.  But thatís neither here or there.  The one gun Iíd pass on is the HS-50.  Here is the one thing about the Steyr... itís probably one of the most accurate production .50 guns out there.  One of.  

8-29-10:  The Glen Beck Rally in Washington DC.  The Liberals are hating on Glen Beck super hard, and trying to minimize the rally.  Of course they have to.  Thatís there job.  However look at the photo of the Rally, the whole Mall in DC there is full of people.  The Libs canít even fill a corner of the Mall, yet the media worship those rallies if they are religious experiences.  Glen Beckís rally having 10 times the turn out - doesnít mean anything.  This kinda rally - this wouldnít have happened 10 years ago.  Or even 5 years ago.  Iím looking forward to November.  Because what we are seeing here is the Main Stream of America, the quiet Conservatives, the Patriots, who have never bothered with Politics before - who have never taken the time before - we are seeing them in great numbers starting to take the time.  They know itís important.  They know it means something now.  They know itís time to make time.  And this is going to shake things up in America this November.  The Dems are going do everything they can to disrupt, discredit, disparage everything they can.  Dirty Politics like never before is coming our way.  This is going to be a battle, and this is going to be ugly.  Weíre on the verge of another type of civil war here... not like the first one... This one isnít going to have Battle Lines.  This next one is going to be far more ferocious... if we donít take back control of the House and Senate - America is in real trouble.

Obamaís reaction to the Rally?  He ignored it.  Of course he did.  If he was to pay attention - then he wouldnít be doing the stupid crap heís doing.... and the rally would never have taken place.  
Range Day in Vernal:  Saturday a bunch of friends came out from Salt Lake to the Range Day.  They had a great time, trying out new guns.  Some of the vendors that were supposed to have arrived, didnít.  Browning Rifles were a no show.  The Shotguns in a closed bay killed the shotgun booth.  The closed bays at all, I think are a bad idea.  The open bays would have been much better.  People come in to the Buckskin Hills and could actually SEE whatís going on.  Shotgun attendance was way down because people didnít even know they were there.  We could have offered so much to the people that came out.  To the Vendors and the Attendees.  Handgun Clinics.  We had a Champion Competitor there!  Shotgun Clinics.  Tactical Carbine Clinics.  And all the rifle stuff.... How to use the Nikon BDC, and then at the Clinic - someone attending that clinic could have one the prize..  How to use the Ziess Rapid Z, attendees get a hat or something...  Every Hour there should have been a Clinic that people could have gone to and one vendor could have Hosted that Clinic.  Maybe Next Year!
The one gun that I came away impressed with, was the HK45C.  This is the pistol that the US Navy has purchased a metric ton of to replace aging and worn out handguns for their Naval Special Warfare guys.  The Navy version uses magazines with gigantic bumper pads and a threaded barrel with sights that are considerable taller than standard to look over the tops of the silencers they are going to be using to spread our good will and cheer to those that hate us.  The gun, being compact and concealable... yet very controllable and accurate.  For a compact .45 handgun with a polymer frame, thatís impressive.  The trigger was greatly improved over past HK triggers.  I really did like the pistol, but what keeps me in check is the 8 round capacity with itís double stacked mags.  HKís mags are all a couple rounds short. Not that itís a huge problem.  Just an irritant for an otherwise flawless little Poly-Hammer pistol.  
8-26-10: The Bowie:  This morning at work I placed the order for the knife I selected.  The Ka-Bar BK9 Combat Bowie.  Also known as The Becker Combat Bowie. It had the reach I wanted.  The heft I wanted.  The high carbon steel that I wanted.  Thank you for all the suggestions, trust me, each one was considered carefully.  I may also order an Ontario Marine Raider Bowie later... just because it's completely badass looking.

Nancy Pelosi... ďmight get sick and dieĒ.  Well, hereís to the power of positive thinking.  What makes that comment so interesting is that it came from a Democrat.  The popular new thing for Democrats to do is to call themselves ďBlue DogsĒ and to now try to distance themselves from the leadership of the Dem Party.  But for one to say that Nancy Pelosi might die... thatís a bit harsh.  I mean, I wouldnít shed a tear over it... but Iím more hoping along the lines she gets humiliated in an election where she doesnít just lose, but gets trounced.  Okay, I might do a Happy Dance.... I might throw a party.  Iím still not going to trust any Blue Dogs.  If a Blue Dog really wants to prove it... really wants to distance himself... Change Parties.  Drop the DNC.  You mean it?  Prove it.  Until then, STFU.  Because most Blue Dogs still vote with the DNC Party Line Most Of The Time.   Being a Blue Dog is just trying to dance to the most popular tunes... Itís really a good title for them, I have to say.  Because most dogs will come to whoever is holding food out to them.

Nutnfancy:  Iíve got some emails from some cats bashing a YouTuber (a guy that posts videos on YouTube) that goes by the user name ďNutnfancyĒ.  Iíve heard the term ďPoserĒ.  ďFakeĒ.  ďGunstore CommandoĒ.  I have to disagree, fellas.  Nutnfancy is long winded, Iíll give you that, but he also goes into good details and gives solid information with an unfiltered opinion.  I have to admit that I like him... The more I follow his Vids, the more I dig him.  I donít know him, but he is the friend of a friend.  Iíve never met him.  I could have once, at SHOT, but I didnít get the chance to talk to him.  He was about 10 feet away but he was engaged in a conversation, and I was engaged in a conversation that ended up having me bust my ass to get to a booth all the way on the other side of the SHOT floor... so I didnít get a chance to make an introduction.  As to the charges of Fakery... Heís not.  Heís exactly what he portrays himself to be... Heís not an ďOperatorĒ.  Not every shooter has to be an ďOperatorĒ. Thatís some bullshit right there.  He is, like me and many shooters, a ďSheepdogĒ.  Thatís it.  No more.  And no less.  I know what he does for a living, and he doesnít have to Gear Up like that for him to earn his Filthy Lucre.  I donít either.  He has also been called a ďHobbyistĒ.  Is that a bad thing?  Heís professional about what he does, but no, heís not a Professional.  Professionals actually get on the trigger about 1% of the time.  What do they do the other 99% of the time?  Social Worker?  Therapist?  Truck Driver?  Hobbyists actually do a lot more shooting because for them itís a passion, not a profession.  Nothing wrong with being a Hobbyist.  Nothing wrong with Nutnfancy... so donít dog him.  
Slipstream STYX.  Crusader Weaponry has something really cool for you guys that live and operate near water.  STYX is a completely new version of our wickedly awesome Slipstream, that has been engineered for maritime environments.  Itís also awesome for you guys that just live in a place that has higher levels of humidity.  Gundoc has a video.  If you come out this Saturday to the Basin Sports Factory Range Day, Gundoc will be there, with some Slipstream, and with some Slipstream Styx.  Why the name Styx?  Styx is the river you cross to get into the underworld... hell... according to classic mythos.  And Slipstream Styx is just for that... for Hell And Back Reliability.  Speaking of Slipstream... itís now on AMAZON.COM.  So please give that an order.  This way you can order Slipstream, a copy of Monster Hunter International, The Grimnoir Chronicles... and THE BISHOP, the latest Patrick Bowers thriller from Steven James... and you can do that all on one transaction.  Golden!  Do it.  Especially since Iím one of the Weapon Consultants Steven James uses.  Gotta love it!   

8-24-10:  The Age of the Super High End Custom 1911 is over.  The reason being is that itís no longer sustainable.  I thought for some time about even posting this opinion, because itís going to get me some serious hate.  But thatís never stopped me before so, here it is.  Okay, so why isnít the High End Custom Market sustainable?  Because Production 1911 guns that cost 1500 bucks or less are really getting to be just as good looking, just as good shooting, just as accurate.

Now, before you grab the Pitch Fork and start heading to Ogre Ranch - hear me out, please.  I got off from work early today and hit my favorite shootín hole.  When I pulled up, a fellow I know was there and he was beaming ear to ear.  After a brief conversation I had a full magazine and a high end custom 1911 in my hands.  It was gorgeous steel.  Felt very good in the hand.  It shot very well.  This pistol was from a well known, well respected custom maker with a price tag well north of two grand.  Now, to be perfectly honest, the pistol shot no better than other 1911ís that cost much much less from production makers.  So what does this extra jingle buy you?  Iím not sure.  Because this super high end custom 1911 did something my Glock 23 has never done.... yeah... you know what Iím talking about... I went there... I could buy 5 Glocks, or XDís, or M&Pís... Or better yet, I could buy 1, several spare mags, several cases of ammunition, a nice holster, and a training course from a good trainer.  Now, let me axe you this... which would prepare you the better for uncertain times?  
Donít get me wrong, there is a source of pride in buying a very nice gun... and I think everyone should have the pleasure of owning a nice gun.  But when you go north past 1500 bucks, I donít think you are really buying better... your just buying pride.
Most Lethal:  ďThe .22LR is the most lethal cartridge ever made... period.Ē  Ah... No.  Itís the most common.  Itís the most used.  Itís the most disrespected and the most likely to have a related safety violation because of it - leading of course to the most gun shot wounds.  But the most lethal?  Not really, itís also the most survivable.  There is nothing inherently more lethal about the cartridge than others.  So when people at the Gun Counter say they want a .22LR for protection, it drives me nuts.  Because you could have your .22, but itís not going to stop a threat before that threat causes harm.  The whole ďIf you shoot them in the right spotĒ thing?  Really?  So what spot is that?  And how are you sure you can hit that spot under stress?  You practice and train enough to do that?  So, you fancy yourself a Hollywood Hitman?  Okay, super scary person.  You know... never mind... which .22 do you want to look at?

Hornadyís Superformance Ammunition:  This stuff continues to amaze me.  The .308 150 gr. SST is a shocker.  The stuff picks up almost 300 FPS.over standard ammunition.  Straight up 3,000 FPS.  Thatís almost .300 Win Mag velocity.  There is no more muzzle blast, and no more kick than regular .308, but shooting it at a Long Range target the other day, the difference in trajectory is shocking.  About 50 feet less drop.  50 feet!  What it did was totally rewrite all my scope dope.  Normally if you change shells, your dope will change of course, but itís at least ďcloseĒ.  Well, the 168 grainers that I was shooting before the Superformance ammo... No... not even close.  Other Superformance ammo doesnít get as much kick as the .308 flavor - but itís good, itís all good.  This made me question something... how does a certain caliber stack up against the Superformance .308?  I am really taken with the 7mm-08 load, and Hornady makes that in Superformance as well.  A 139 grain bullet, thatís 11 grains lighter, and 50 FPS slower.  At the Muzzle, we see the .308 has more power, of course.  Being faster and heavier, it has the advantage.  But the 7mm-08 has a higher BC.  .486 BC verses the .308ís .415.  What that translates to at long range, and by long range, Iím talking 1,000 yards, the .308ís drop is normally about 362 inches.  The .308 SF is 313... thatís a huge difference.  The 7mm-08 SF load is only 286.  76 inches less drop over standard Match .308.  Thatís not bad at all.  Out to 500 yards both SF loads are nearly identical.  But out to The Grand, the 7mm is still super sonic, so accuracy wise, I suspect itís going to remain more consistent than standard .308.  With the Superformance .308 itís just starting to go Transonic at 1000, which is a big increase in performance over the regular .308ís transition at about 850 to 900 yards.  If you have a .308 rifle, I donít see any reason to NOT shoot Superformance ammo.  In fact, Iím probably going to end up buying a half case of .308 150 SST Superformance ammo, and set about writing up a whole new Dope Book for that ammo in my Savage 10FPC.  Thinking about what gun I am going to build for The Grand Challenge, Iím thinking about 7mm-08 and using Superformance ammo in that.  But first I need to get it out on the range and see how it bucks the wind, or get carried by the wind.  Because elevation and range is one thing, but the killer in long range shooting is Wind.

8-23-10:  With todayís level of clever CNC milling and advanced material science:  How come no one is advancing the area of Bullpup Shotguns?  There is the famously awful Mossberg 500 Bullpup, and their are bullpupped Saiga 12ís out there that Iíve seen.  Where is the Bullpup kits for Remington 870ís and Mossberg 930ís and FN SLP shotguns?  You know what would make a terrific Bullpupped Shotgun?  The Browning BPS.  Where are the kits for these?  Bullpups are more popular than ever.  Shotguns have become more popular again as well.  One would think that these two platforms would go together like Peanut Butter and Bananas.  

You guys are not helping!  I mention buying a big bowie knife and I get tons of suggestions for knives other than Trailmasters, and some endorsements of the Trailmaster.  So many great suggestions that I now have to look at all of them and see how they stack up.  If I wasnít the PoorBoy that I am, Iíd buy at least 10 of these suckers... Actually that sounds pretty good... a Poorboy Sandwich... anyways, I canít buy the top 10 suggestions, so Iím going to have to pick one.  The one I pick will go on my tactical vestís Gun Belt as a part of my roll out gear.  It also has to handle work around Ogre Ranch, and that means chopping branches and splitting wood for kindling.  (Canít do it as fine with an Axe and I donít really care for small hatchets)  This knife has to hold up.  Any suggestion made with AUS-8 is automatically dismissed.  I hate AUS-8.  Yes, you can get a wicked sharp edge on AUS-8.  Hair Popping Scary Sharp.  I know.  But it holds an edge about as well as I hold on to cash at a Gun Show.  Iíve had a number of blades that could never hold an edge worth a shit and the one thing they all had in common - AUS-8 Steel.  Iíve never had a good AUS-8 blade - ever.  I like a High Carbon steel for a heavy duty work knife... I like them hard... One suggestion was a custom blade made of File Steel.  Thatís awesome blade steel.  I used to have a double edged dagger made from that - it was supernaturally sharp, kept an edge, and I really really miss it.  Where did it go?  Airport Security at the R/D NC Airport.  Bastards.  They said ďOh, just put it in this box, fill out this card, and for 5 buckís weíll mail the knife to your house.Ē  This was 25 years go - but I still remember the grin on the guyís face as he was thinking about his new knife.  I probably paid for his lunch that day too.  Why it was in my carry on bag - I donít know.  It should have been in my Duffel.  Damn it.  I get angry when I think about it.  Not as angry as my lost Cutlass... I blame the Navy for that one.  Last I saw it, it was strapped to my Ruck.  Navy took all our gear.  When I got my Ruck back, the Cutlass was gone, as was another guyís big knife.  The 550 Cord was still there... sliced through.  I hope that blade cut you, whoever stole it.  Hope it cut you deep.  To the Bone.  Anyways... Where was I?  High Carbon gives the blade extra points that Iím looking for.  Cost is another consideration... that Poorboy Sandwich I mentioned - yeah - canít afford it.  PBJ will have to do right now.  So the suggestions for the 450 dollar custom knives like from Razorís Edge here in Utah - yeah - Iíd love one of those.  Iíd kill for one of those.  But seriously - thatís not possible.  Right now.  Option is open for the future of course.  So it looks like what Iím seeking is a Production blade.  All the options are on the table and this has become a bigger choice than I initially thought.  While I like the Trailmaster Bowie - so many good options out there has made me reconsider just what I want.  But the Classic American Style of the Bowie is what Iím looking for.  No Spears, no Kukris, no Tantos... Bowie.  I think Iíve narrowed the list down to about 2 dozen Bowies.  Gotta Love The Horde!

8-22-10:  Iím pretty sick and tired of the FN SCAR:  I like the SCAR rifle for what it is... a 600 dollar rifle with 1500 dollars worth of arrogance.  Itís decent enough for a fighting rifle, but the fact that SOCOM and FN has been playing sillybuggers with the contract.  Saying they lost the contract, saying they have the contract, saying theyíve been green lit for full production, then SOCOM made no budget for any production... Come on.  Turns out FN has finally admitted that they are full of it.  This takes FN down more than a few notches.  Had FN just admitted that they are not going to be selling SCARS to the Special Forces - that would have been fine.  No one would have cared.  But now FN looks like they are a bunch of Belgian Clowns.  And now, here I am at the point that Iím just sick of hearing about it... I donít care how good it is now.  I donít care if they were delivered with self contained deployable hovercraft, I donít want one.  And Iím not sure if I want my countryís soldiers running around other peopleís countries with them.  

Blades:  Iíve been wanting a good solid, big, fixed bladed knife.  Iíve wanted one for some time now, and after watching the movie ďThe ExpendablesĒ I want one all the more.  Not because of some fantasy about stabbing through lines of angry Frenchmen, but because they are actually capable of a hell of a lot of work... and they actually look cool.  Iíve been looking at the options available and I keep coming back to the classic Bowie knife.  Normally I like a Drop Point, or a Spear Point.  But I think Iím Bowie here.  Traditional.  Functional.  And there is something about the Bowie profile that is wickedly barbaric.  Iím thinking of a Trailmaster Bowie from Cold Steel.  What do you think?

8-19-10:  Armed American Radio's Host, Mark Walters - Did a Video for MAD OGRE FANS: He even does it Ogre Style! HA! LOVE IT!

8-17-10:  The Tactical Wire reports that SOCOM has ordered FNís SCAR rifle to full production:  This makes the SCAR the logical choice to spread out for across branch adoption.  Hereís the thing though.  SOCOM doesnít need to go through all the normal adoption trials.  They just buy whatever they want.  Iím a huge fan of the Bushmaster/Remington/MagPul ACR... As much as I like the ACR - I donít care which one would get adopted to replace the M-16/M-4 system - as long as something does.  Something that has been completely tested and validated.  When the M-16 came out, it was a nightmare of fumbles that cost soldiers their lives, because the Pentagon fast tracked the project and tried to cut corners.  That can not happen again.  Letís not make a mistake with the SCAR, or the ACR.  The SCAR has been ďtestedĒ according to the articles, but itís also been bashed as having no improvements over the existing weapon and some troops have indicated that the weapon is rather delicate.  This is why the SCAR was dropped by SOCOM several times evidently before FN was finally have to grease palms fix the problems and get the rifle running the way it should.  
The Ground Zero SNAFU:  I believe any religion should be able to build where they like... however that decision to build anywhere should be tempered with consideration as to where they build and the effect it has on people.  I remember the protesters in Washington State when the LDS temple went up.  I lived just a few blocks away and I remember the people and their signs.  However that was just general Anti-Mormon Hate like always.  Mormons didnít knock down the Seattle Space Needle and then say ďWeíll build a temple there.Ē  That would have been most inconsiderate.  However Islamic Wackos knocked down the WTC Towers and now they want to build within 2 blocks, where aircraft landing gear fell.  Thatís hugely arrogant, inconsiderate, and asinine.  If they have any desire of good relations - and they donít - they would not even think of building there.  But Islam has a history of building at the sites of Historic Islamic Victories.  Google that up and see what I mean.  Thatís just what they do.  And them building at the site of the WTC is a victory monument that can not be allowed.  Just my opinion.  If it goes up, I would place bets that it gets attacked by people who are justifiably outraged.  
Armed American Radio:  Everyone who has a Facebook Account, go over the AARís Facebook Page, and click ďLikeĒ.  Then say that ďThe Ogre Told You.Ē  Even if you have already ďLikedĒ AAR - tell them that the Ogre Sent You.   ďThe Facebook Horde - React To Me!Ē  As Jim Rome would say.  I need to guys to do this.  Also, if you are in a City that doesnít have AAR - I need you guys to contact your local program directors and ASK them to carry AAR.  AAR is syndicated, they can find it on their Sat Systems... its there for them to pull down and try out.
I created a Facebook Page for THE GRAND CHALLENGE.  Speaking of Facebook... So check that out too.  I already have some Sponsors, but I am going to need more.  Sponsors will provide Prizes, and help pay for the hosting of the event.  Insurance, Fees, and such.  You donít have to be a Facebook user to enter the Grand Challange, but bookmark that page for future reference and information.

8-12-10:  Charter Arms has a tag line in their advertising. ďAmerica's Leader in Defensive FirearmsĒ. I really want to know who ever had said that. No Gun Writer that I know. No Gun Owner that I know. This self given, self aggrandizing title is as laughable as it is untrue. I find it irritating when a company wraps it's self up in the American Flag and Eagles... especially when they make a second rate product. I'd rather have a used Rossi than a new Charter. But that's just my opinion. If any gun maker is going to be called America's Leader in Defensive Firearms, it's going to be Smith & Wesson.  They have been building defensive firearms longer, harder, and better than Charter every could dream of.  S&W is famous for building the handguns that others are judged by.  Something that Charter can never - should never - try to claim.  Charter is pretty much only famous for being the Saturday Night Special of choice for a Murderer.  When they had sent me a couple of their guns for testing, I had honestly never been sent a pair of worse guns.  Grips that didnít fit, gun parts that looked like a traffic accident.   I really didnít even want to try firing the things.  And then when I did, there was sticky chambers, ratchet actions.  The guns just really didnít feel like they were well made at all.  I was not just disappointed, but I felt insulted.  What did Charter expect me to say about them?  That they were good?  Even passable?  When I wrote the article, I played with the wording in the text of it.  But the Photo Captions really told the true story.  I hope they didnít expect me to Lipstick those pigs.    Americaís Leader... thatí some serious hogwash.  
Football season is upon us.  Sitting on the tailgate of my truck watching my boy at practice is a joy.  Heís doing very well this year so far.  Last year they had a perfect season.  Not only did they win every game but they prevented anyone from scoring a single point on them. A flawless season.  Weíll see what happens this year!  
Speaking of Football, I did the Fox Sports Fantasy Football last year, and won the League.  This year, I had a slightly better draft, so I expect to do will with it again this year.  Am I the only one in the shooter community that likes football?   To channel Jim Rome - Football Fans - React to Me!  Who are your best picks?

Armed American Radio -   Itís important for a radio show to have a good balance of guests and subjects to keep the show fresh and interesting.  Because itís a radio show - first and foremost, itís Entertainment.  Providing information and opinion is the added bonus.  Now, the show always get emails from all sides.  Any Nationally Syndicated radio show will.  Included in these emails are criticisms and kudos.  We appreciate both.  All criticisms are of course taken into consideration.  One in particular came in from a die-hard fan and Mark responded to him... but I just wanted to put out my feelings on it.  What the Listener asked for would have made the show lopsided and it would cause a loss of audience... losing that balance would not be a good thing.  Mark Walters - good friend of mine - has done very well to build up the Armed American Radio show through a lot of hard work, careful planning, and by keeping the show fresh.  The structure of the show and the balance is what makes AAR unlike any other show out there... which is why it appeals to a broader audience which is what contributed to the shows extremely rapid - record breaking growth.  Mark is doing it right.  Now the Listener also said that ďGeorge may be the best thing about the showĒ.  And I thank him for that.  Tip of the hat.  However I would not be doing any of that had it not been for the foundation and structure of the show that Mark has built and his invitation to participate - and I thank him for that.  What Mark is doing is working.  Simple as that. Itís a great radio show and I when I say itís a ďPleasure and a PrivilegeĒ I really mean that.
Hunting Rifles:  I have said more times than I can count, that my favorite hunting cartridge is the 7mm Rem Mag.  The Big 7 is great for damn near everything in North America and the rest of the world.  There are only a handful of species in Africa that itís not suited for - and when I say handful - I mean 1 hand.  The downrange energy, the trajectory... the bullet selection for reloading the the commercial loading options.  You can hunt all your life with the 7mm Rem Mag and be perfectly happy.  However there are two other rounds - ones that I donít have, which interest me greatly.  One is the 7mm-08.  This is simply a .308 Winchester necked down to .284 diameter to use those aerodynamically slick 7mm bullets.  The other is the .338 Federal, which is a .308 case blown out to .33 diameter.  A bigger heavier bullet has advantages, but Federal went and made that bigger heavier bullet move faster than the 08 native thirty cal bullet.  Itís a non-magnum, yet hits with a lot of force down range and at long range.  I think both of these would be great options for North American hunting... and I lean to the .338 Federal based on all the numbers Iíve looked at.  Now, what rifle would I put that .338 Federal in?  I know Browning has a promotion for itís dealers to sell their new X-Bolt rifles, however I think itís unnecessary.  For those in the market who are looking for a rifle, the X-Bolt is an easy choice.  I really like it, and think itís the best new rifle out in a long time... and Iím quite jaded on Long Brown Guns.  I like Savages, Remington, Browning, Kimber, and CZ... but spending my own money these days, Iím only spending it on Savage and Browning.  Savage when I want shear accuracy, and Browning when I want that classic Blued steel and Wood look, feel and balance.  And the X-Bolt has excellent balance and feel.  Even the Stainless and Synthetic X-Bolt looks awesome.  They shoot as good as they look too.  An X-bolt may be my next rifle purchase...  but they donít make it in .338 Federal.  They do have the 7mm-08 which remains tempting.
Iíve been playing with Google Docs - I have to say that not only am I impressed, but also that I really like it.  Documents I write are saved on Googleís servers not on local drives.  So I can access the doc online from home or work or where ever I am... very handy.  A bit more freedom from my laptop.  I can ďShareĒ docs which is awesome when working in collaboration with another writer so we donít have emailed revisions bouncing around.  As much as I love Open Office and have been using it for years - I am going to start using Google Docs more.  

8-11-10:  The Grand Challenge: In 2011 I'm going to be hosting a very cool new shooting competition. I'm calling it The Grand Challenge. I discuss the idea here in a WTA Thread. Let me nutshell this for you. This is a One Man run on a number of targets from Close to Far Ė 0 to 1000 yards. Jungle walk style. You can carry whatever you want to help you. You can use as many different guns as you want. But you gotta carry everything. Time and Accuracy, of course... like most competitions... however with this one you also have to do it tactically.

The Remington R1 has been on a lot of people's radar for some time. It was a no show at SHOT show so it has been kind of an enigma to me. I think it came out at an NRA show, but I didn't attend. The other day was the first time I had seen one. We ordered it for a fellow and before he came in to get it, I gave it a good look over. In short: It's a Buy. Even if you have other 1911's. Even if you don't really dig .45 Ė get this gun. Just get it. It's selling for about 600 bucks, they are back ordered like crazy, but go to your local Remington Dealer and put money down on one. It's that good. What do you get for 600 bucks? Well, for just a bit more than your normal Combat Tupperware you are getting a very high grade steel gun make with very good attention to detail and very clean lines. Sure you can buy a Taurus for the same money, and the Taurus is going to have more ďFeaturesĒ... but with the R1 you are getting a solid classic American made 1911 with some history to it... exactly what you are not getting in the Taurus. The R1 is no epoch of 1911 design and manufacture... but it's a very good execution of a Century Old design, by a company that made these for World War II. Taurus wasn't even around then. Most of our new favorite gun companies were not around then... Remington was. And Remington has brought this back. I love the thing. No one thinks of Remington as a Pistol company. I think they will now.

Last night I drove all around the county putting up my campaign signs in strategic locations. I have a few more to put out, but the bulk of it is done. It was about midnight when I was hitting one location and a truck at an intersection stopped and just sat there. I was starting to go back to my truck when it pulled up to me. All I could see of it was headlights... dude had his brights on... so when it pulled up, I was a bit cautious. It was a Sheriff's Deputy. I was actually relieved... some people can get really worked up about politics. The Deputy had thought that perhaps I had a bit to drink and had maybe run over the sign and then was putting it back up. No, I wasn't intoxicated... just having a hell of a time pushing the sign's flimsy metal legs into the rocky ground. ďSo, are you George Hill?Ē Yup. ďKinda late at night to be putting out signs.Ē Well, it wasn't late when I started. For those of you out there that don't know, I am running for State Rep for Utah's District 55... It's a big area.

8-9-10:  Dreading this: Okay, seriously... I don't care how ďhipĒ or ďenlightenedĒ you are. White Chicks should not even think about wearing Dreadlocks. You look filthy and nasty and you smell like a cross between a moldy wet towel, and a wet dog. A funky smell Ė unique, yes - but funky. As in, unclean, ďget the hell out of hereĒ funky. You could be the nicest girl in the world... but those dreads are repugnant. Really, no one should wear dreadlocks.

ACR's: BasinSports finally got in the Bushmaster ACR rifles we had on order since they first started accepting orders. We even went so far as to become Bushmaster Distributors. Well, they are in, we have two types, the Basic and Enhanced. They are not cheap Ė but they are very good and I honestly think they are worth it. These are the most advanced rifles suitable for military operations I've seen Ė more than the SCAR and more than the RobArms XCR.

Treason: It seems we Americans have a huge tolerance for treason these days. The Wikileaks SNAFU is showing the US has little in the ways of balls to do what needs to be done. Now we have a report that one of the engineers on the Stealth program has sold classified information to China. The Wikileaks guys Ė the Private that took the documents and gave them to Wikileaks Ė straight up Hanging. The guy that runs Wikileaks Ė Jailed till the day he dies. Harsh? Those documents contained the names of some 150 informants, and now the Taliban is hunting them all down and executing them as they are found. This is a nightmare for the intel community, those that trusted the US, and anyone else that is working with the US in other nations. How do you think other people will react when we try to get them to help us now? They are going to say ďYeah Right!Ē and then report our agent who tried to bring them in. And let's not forget that the Taliban are so humane when they are executing folks. They maybe even sharpened their rusty pocket knife blades this time. These people need to be made examples. You give up Classified Information Ė you are going to get a noose around your neck. Simple as that. The Stealth Guy Ė Hang his ass too. Treason should be something people fear to even think about. If you are trusted to keep a secret Ė you damn well better keep that secret.

We are also quite tolerant of treason from Capitol Hill. Certain members of our Government represent a clear and present danger to National Security by means of weakening our economy, our military, our ties with allied nations, and our national infrastructure. We don't have to hang these people, we just have to VOTE THEM OUT. Vote Out the Democrats and any Republican that votes with them!

8-5-10:  I hate my local radio station's new lineup. AM920, the local talk station has evidently dumped Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt... I like those guys. Instead they picked up some seriously wacky paranoid lady who's whole show is all about the EVIL that is in an simple RFID tag. That is all she talks about. Well, that and the evil that is Teflon Coated Cookware. I've listened to her since the radio station picked her up, on my drive home. I've not heard her speak of anything else. RFID and Teflon. I didn't know anyone could be so completely obsessively compulsively paranoid about RFID Ė specifically at Walmart Ė and Teflon Cookware in general. She's even written a book about all the sinister conspiracies that is RFID and Walmart. I didn't know there was enough information about such a thing to fill a book Ė but she did and she's pimping the shit out of from Vernal to Lapoint every night. I don't hate this lady Ė but I dislike her strongly. Then there is this strange Christian Love Hour thing going on every time I'm going to lunch. What happened to my News Station? It SUCKS now! Please, everyone, Go Here to AM920's web site... and tell them that you LOVE Armed American Radio, but the new talk shows during the week flat out suck. On the site you can see the old line up Ė which was great. This new lineup Ė I don't even know what this is... But until it gets changed, my dial is set to the Classic Rock station, which seems to only occasionally play actual classic rock. I'm not picky about my radio, I just want it to not suck.

A friend came into the shop the other day to show me a new used shotgun he just picked up. He got it for 100 bucks and wanted to know if he got a good deal on it. Hell Yeah he did. It was a Mossberg 20 gauge with fiber optic rifle sights and a factory camo job, 20 inches on the tube. Guys, come closer Ė I want everyone to hear this... If you can snag a working pump shotgun for a hundred bucks that has the name Remington, Mossberg, Browning, Benelli, FN, or Winchester on it... don't ask... just snag it. Because a Shotgun is Always a good thing. And this guy was in good shape, the camo wasn't scraped all up... the action was smooth... it was not used all that much, I can tell you that. A hundred bucks? Screaming Good Deal. Even if you don't need it Ė you come across something like that Ė just get it. Because you probably know a certain Ogrish friend who can always use more shotguns and few things make as fine of a gift as a shotgun... or any gun... or ammo for that matter. I think you can even count such gifts as Political Contributions or even Charitable Contributions on your Taxes. Not sure about that last part, but it sounds good.

I had a few questions about Armed American Radio and why we don't talk about me running for State Office. Well, it's simple... same reason I'm not going to be on Top Shot for season 2. There is a law that says that if one candidate gets free air time to talk about his campaign Ė the opposition candidate can demand equal time. So we don't talk about my campaign. So my opposition can't demand any time. He could come on and talk guns but he'd get nailed with gun industry questions he couldn't answer and would look pretty damn foolish so I wouldn't recommend him doing that. Just like I wouldn't go stick my nose in his business going on some Veterinarian Doc Show, because I'd come off looking ignorant about dealing with equestrian an bovine illnesses. Which I freely admit I am. Anyways, so no... we are not talking about my campaign. Equal Time. Now if I was to go on a local station's local talk show and have a jaw session about my politics and position Ė I'd fully expect my opposition to come on the show after me and do the same. Just like if he went on the local show to talk campaigning Ė I'd expect/demand to be on the next day as well. In the mean time Ė I'm not going to get in his business and he's not going to get into mine. I might be running against him for the office Ė but I do respect him as fellow in the community and if I had a sick horse Ė from everything I have heard about him and his trade Ė he's the first guy I'd call. I've actually sold him a rifle before. This was some years ago... but I sold him a rifle and I scope it up for him. If I remember it was a Rimfire. But that's neither here or there. My Campaign is just not a topic we will discuss. So please, don't try to help me by calling in and asking me about it on the air... because you wouldn't be helping. Feel free to call in while I'm on and ask about Glocks and XD's, and 1911's... or AR-15's or throwing glaives... whatever... ask about training... ask about ammo. Because that's what the show is about.

Speaking of XD pistols. I have to admit... and I already have on I don't care for the Springfield XD series of pistols. I respect them, but I don't personally care for them. Here is the thread. If you have an XD or several, and you like them Ė that's cool. I totally respect that Ė so don't bust on me for hating Ė I don't. I've purchased 3 of them! But after spending time with them, and other guns, my preference is other guns. If I was to be Deputized tomorrow and was issued an XD, I would be just fine with it. Just fine, but if given the option to pack my Glock or M&P or HK or 1911... I'd probably switch.

8-3-10:  Let me tell you guys what's been happening. Some of you will know if you follow me on Facebook and have been on I am running for Utah State Representative for District 55. You guys probably know that. I'm also a fan of the History Channel's Top Shot show... and I really wanted to be a contestant. Well, yesterday I had some emails and phone calls with a fellow from Top Shot's Casting. I had a very very good shot at being on the show for Season 2. However, to be on the show, I would have to drop out of the race. You can't be a Candidate for a Public Office from the time you submit the application till one year after broadcast. I made the decision that I can't drop out... so I bowed out of Top Shot for season 2. I looked at it like this... Fame, Fortune, and Glory on one hand... or doing the right thing on the other hand. Put in those terms, there was no choice. It was done. Utah comes first. Now, here's the upshot. They invited me to submit my application for Season 3 of course... and hopefully by then they will have dropped the Survivor aspect and the knives, axes and slingshots and concentrate on the Guns and Shooting.

Here's another aspect of Top Shot that makes it difficult... Final Interview for the show is a week long in LA. Because it's not interviewing Ė It's Auditioning. This is a show Ė it's entertainment and it's about ratings so they are looking for people that will give a good Show Performance, not just the best shooters. So the title Top Shot is kind of a stretch. This is also NOT A BAD THING. Why? I've already have my ass kicked by the best shooters in the world at the 2002 WC3Gun Competition. If this show was about finding the best of the best Ė they would just film the WC3Gun. I don't need Jim Clark Jr. kicking my ass again. I remember the scorching that I had from him all too well.

It was a pistol stage and I ran it pretty damn good. The field judge said ďThat's the best run we've had all day.Ē Really? AWESOME!!!!! Made my Moment. I said ďmomentĒ because I stayed and watched the next guy. Jim Clark Jr. He cut my time in HALF. Ouch. No, I mean, really OUCH! The field judge saw me gawking at this point.. he looked me right in the eyes and then with a grin, he winked at me. That communicated something to me that I've never forgotten. ďKeep trying, KidĒ. I've trained hard ever since. I'm twice the shooter that I was then... because I've been haunted by that ever since. The whole event was fantastic fun... but that was the moment for me.

Okay, the other problems... after the week of Auditioning you go home... and if your called you come back for a month of filming. Well, if you call 5 weeks a month. That's a long time. I don't know if you get paid for that time or not... but I don't have that much vacation time saved up. Okay, now let's say you Win. 100,000 Dollars is what's been said. But it's actually 100,000 dollars in prizes. Not cash... stuff. Don't get me wrong, Stuff is cool. I like Stuff. But I was thinking 100K would pay off my house. Nope. Not from Top Shot. Is the Stuff something you would have to claim on taxes? Probably. I like under the table stuff better. Free Stuff. Should I have said that as a Candidate? Everyone likes free stuff, so hopefully no one is personally shocke and offended. Anyways, no big cash purse. I'm not saying this is a bad deal Ė I still really want to do this Top Shot thing. It looks like a BLAST. Hopefully it will. I'm just saying that it's not going to be an easy thing to do when I eventually get there for Season 3. Being away from my Family for 5 weeks? That's tough. I don't know if I can do that Ė they gotta let you go on the weekends or something.

8-1-10:  Unkle Musket:  Unkle Musket is a plankholder member of WeTheArmed.  He's funny, mocks convention, brings some very sober points to the table... and can poor a perfect Guinness.  He has his own blog now that he just started... Unkle Musket's Security Shop

No Guns Allowed: I can see this happening in the more liberal city of Salt Lake. Or in Denver. But I was shocked to find it here in my own area of operations.  A ďNo Guns AllowedĒ sign. Well, I have the video to explain it.



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