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Aug 7th 2004: 1400hrs:  Ranger and I explored another new area.  No sense in going to the same place twice, eh?  This time we went high up into the Uintahs and found a nice little bowl shaped valley.  This picture was taken on the way up and unfortunately I was so enraptured by this little valley I forgot to take any pictures.  It was actually green!  Great camping area.  I’ll have to take my boys up there next time.  

Links to a much much bigger picture.

Not a lot of shade though… and even though it had thunder stormed last night, it was scorching this morning.   I went past the big mud hole that almost ate me 2 weeks ago and it was bone dry today.  I couldn’t believe how deep it was!  Hell, if I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have tried it.  No wonder it pitched me sideways!  I had to stop and survey the ground.  All the tire tracks indicate to me that someone had tried it after me and got good and stuck in it.  Foot prints all around it and one spot where some dug themselves in good.     I really don’t know how I made it through.  Maybe I had more momentum going in than I thought.   

We had some fun, Ranger and I.  He caught a couple lizards but that was about it.  I didn’t even pop off a single round from The Green MarlinTM, but it was with me as well.  Just in case.  I had the mag loaded with 150 grain Winchesters to minus one in the tube.  I had a few 170’s in my pocket in case I ran into anything burly.   As much as I like the green stock, I’m thinking about getting a synthetic stock to replace it.  If a synthetic stock is lighter that is.  Lighter stocks and a shorter barrel would really help take some weight off of it.  That would be helpful charging up small mountains and scrambling over shale and loose rocks.  I did some of that today.  I gotta remind myself, I’m not a young as I used to be… Yes, I’m still 11Bravo… but I’m not as spry as I once was.   At the top of a peak I had to sit down.  As luck would have it there was a nice flat topped boulder there waiting for me to sit down on.  Utah can really be awesome sometimes.  Today was one of those times.  While sitting there catching my breath, Ranger came running back to me and sat at my side looking me over making sure I was alright.   He looked concerned.  I told him I was okay and then he let his tongue roll out and just panted at me happily, no longer worried.   I was so lucky to have found such a great dog… even if he is all wolfy and everything.

We found a bear track today, and that was interesting.  I’ve seen tracks of other critters out here… Coyotes and Cougars and Deer and Elk and Antelope have been the biggest… but this was a bear track.  A good sized print too, but not as big as tracks I’ve seen in the Pacific Northwest… this was a Black Bear.  Probably average size.  Ranger sniffed the hell out of it and tried to get a scent but it was too old.  I had heard of some folks saying they have seen them, but truthfully I’ve not seen one this far south… closer up to Flaming Gorge, sure… but not down here.  Interesting.   

I think I may have over done it a bit with my knee.  I’ve been off the cane since Thursday and for that reason I think I was a touch to vigorous with it today.  It’s a bit tight again, but no pain.  We’ll see how it is tomorrow.  Too bad it doesn’t exactly let me know I’m stressing it too much.  Dash lights of some sort would be helpful.  I hope I’m not forced back on the cane tomorrow… that would really suck.  

Oh… on the way up I had to put the Bronco into 4 Low and actually had to let the air out of my tires.  Had to roll slow on the highway coming back in to get to a station to air back up… but it was all good and fun.  The Bronco becomes a freaking Mountain Goat in 4 Low… I went up some shit that I just knew I wouldn’t be able to climb… but the big green beast did it!  AWESOME!  Has some spin on the front tires even at less that ½ the air pressure.  I really need to kit my rig out for off roading if I’m going to be doing this stuff like I’m doing.  I need some good tires on all four corners and an air tank would be great.  I’ve read some talk about welding up and sealing in custom bumpers to hold air for this sort of thing and that would be sweet… but I’d rather have a good old bottle instead of anything too trick.  “Trick” causes problems down the road and I don’t need that.  A compressor would be awesome.  Maybe run it off the AC pulley that I have bypassed.

I’ve got too pulleys under the hood that have been bypassed… maybe a compressor and a second alternator to help run an on board arc welder?  Just in case I break something, or come across some who has broken something.  That’s happened before.  That would be cool to have.  Anyways.  Lots of fun today but it starting getting way too hot so I came back home.  That’s the thing about Utah… MAN, can it get HOT!

AM:  Today in history: In 1789 the US War Department established… amidst criticism that it was all about the oil.

Kim Du Toit has an interesting hottie featured today.  A departure from his usual harem, he normally doesn’t pick one so… trendy, but I don’t think any guy could write a valid argument against this choice.  Tasty.

Another thing Kim has, is a link to “My War - Fear and Loathing in Iraq”.  I didn’t have time to read it the first time I saw it, but this morning an email came in saying “You gotta read this”.  So I did.  Read the entry “Men in Black”.  Damn.  I’ll leave it to you to read it. Scratch that… you have orders to read it.  This guy now has a slot on my sidebar.  This guy has shown a great deal of courage... he talks about being scared, but he cowboys up anyways and gets it done.  That is courage.  God bless that man, and protect him and bring him home safely... A true American Hero just like the rest of them over there. 

Read his current post… Al Qaeda.  Hey Liberal Jackasses, Al Qaeda – in Iraq – attacking us.  Can we fight them now?    

Email:  “First, "Mr" Clifton should have been dragged by his intestines behind a truck a while ago.  However, regarding the liberal philosophy, you neglected one thing.  It's all Bill Singleton's fault.  See, if he had just simply opted to allow the police to protect him, instead of taking such drastic measures as actually applying for a CCW permit, he would not have had his name published.  Therefore, he would have been able to simply hand off the money to the fellows that visited his establishment.  He wouldn't have given them the excuse to shoot on sight, and he would not have murdered one of them, who was only doing what society had forced upon him, probably because of George Bush.  The man that Mr Singleton shot would have voted for Bush in the upcoming election, so it is part of the conspiracy against F Kerry.  He was also "disenfranchised" from voting in Florida four years ago, and as such turned to a life of crime in Ohio.    If that doesn't sound ridiculous enough, believe that some moron will say half of that and believe it.  Have a good weekend, and get that Bronco good n dirty! – Skylance” 

There was a huge storm last night.  Lightning stuck just outside our window and it sounded like a bomb… quite impressive.  Anyways, this should afford me ample mud to play in today.  I’ll try not to get stuck.  I’m outta here!


Aug 6th, Friday, 2004: 22300hrs: I live in a small town that calls its self a city.  If having both a Wal-Mart and a K-Mart makes you a city, then I guess it is.  Most small businesses here have the life span of a mayfly, but there are a couple long term establishments that have been around since the first time I’ve visited here… back in 1991.  I’ve been in and out since, and the place hasn’t changed much.  The same locations are always changing business but everything else has remained the same.  Oh, well, Wal-Mart moved to a new spot and the old building became a giant used car dealership, but other than that, no… nothing is really new here business wise. 

A couple months ago I stopped at a joint that I have passed too many times to guess.  It’s called “Country Grub” and it’s a local greasy spoon that’s a virtual secret.  Most of the times I go past there is a certain little red picup truck with huge chromed vertical smoke stacks.  The cat driving it is a regular patron there of the C.G. and when I say regular, I mean he must have damn near every meal there.  This guy is an old time cowboy type.  He walked very slowly with an orthopedic cane but will cheerfully hold the door open for another customer.  This guy has clear eyes with a wicked gleam in them… he knows what’s up.  His hair is buzzed high and tight in the style of a US Marine… a hair style he probably wore since the 50’s I’d guess.  His truck is kept in such a tune as to make Marine One envious.   He walks very slowly, but there is pride there.  He has been going to the Country Grub about as long as I have been passing it by.  

Like I said, a couple months ago I pulled in.  I wanted to see what made this old guy keep coming back.  You see, old folks who have been around long enough get to know what’s good and what isn’t.  When I went in, the truck was there and the old guy was seated in the first booth nearest the door.  Probably because it’s a shorter walk, or maybe because he likes to chat with the folks that come and go.  I said my howdy to him with a nod of respect and ordered the day’s special.  It’s called “The Cowboy Special” and I didn’t ask what that was.  The old guy smiled, again, and said that I must be real hungry.  I took my seat within earshot of the door and few minutes later I discovered why the guy guessed I must have been hungry.  The cowboy special involves the biggest cheeseburger I’ve ever seen, and damn near the best one I’ve ever tasted too.  I kid you not, I abandoned trying to eat it with my hands and just used a knife and fork.  I’ve never used a knife and fork on a burger before… ever.  C.G. advertises that it uses local beef and homemade fries.  This must be true.  The fries were fresh, but not all that great… but the beef was excellent.  Now I knew why the old guy keeps coming back.  I only wonder now what he does for his meals when C.G. isn’t open.  I’ll have to keep my eye out for that red truck next time I’m out around breakfast time.

If you are ever coming through Vernal Utah, stop by the Country Grub on Highway 40.  Bring cash and an appetite.  I’ve had nothing there that wasn’t damn fine eating.

Double Dog Dared.  I was dared, and then double dog dared to write an article for an automotive magazine.  I will. As soon as my Bronco is worthy of being included… My rig runs great, but is a cosmetic mess.  It’s the truck equivalent of the Nick Nolte booking photo…. Meaning it looks like Michael Moore’s ass.  As soon as it’s worthy, I’ll write something.

1400hrs: Email about Ohio:  “Just read your rant regarding that creep Doug Clifton publishing the names of CCL applicants in his Cleveland rag, and I agree with everything you wrote EXCEPT the part of liberals not caring about life.  I mean, yes, ripping unborn children’s bodies apart with a vacuum may seem to be a popular liberal hobby, but what do you think their reaction will be if the goons who gunned down Bill Singleton could get the death penalty? 

To them and their ilk I say:  Free Fry Mumia!  - Dar”  

Good point.

It’s Friday… let’s relax and chill out.

Here is something sick… sick and funny

Even if it is Friday, here… Something everyone needs to read.

1130hrs: A few days ago I posted about CCW holders names being published in Ohio.  Now it looks like such a breach of privacy as cost one of the holders his life.  Sometimes, the public does NOT have a right to know.  Sometimes discretion is required.  With such a list, it’s absolutely critical.  Read This.  Blood is on Doug Clifton’s hands.  Because the bad guys knew Bill Singleton had a permit thanks to Doug Clifton being a gigantic asshole, the thugs burst in and shot Bill dead right off the bat before they did anything else.  Why did they do that?  Because they knew he had a permit.  How did they know that? Because Doug Clifton is a gigantic flaccid asshole.  Way to go Doug.  You know, I’m planning a trip around the country on a motorcycle… maybe next summer.  One of my stops is going to be in Ohio so I can punch Doug Clifton right in the nose look him in the eye and tell him to his face just what I think of him.  This is his excuse for printing the names.  I wonder what his reaction is to this death.  I really don’t think he cares.  Liberal jackasses do not care when a person dies.  Life means nothing to them… hell, they’ll rip a baby right out of the womb and vacuum the brains out… who cares about a grown adult?  Cold blood.  This election coming up… it’s flat out the choice between Good and Evil here.  You can decide which you want to vote for and who is good and who is evil. But let me tell you, that smarmy bastard, Doug Clifton, is an evil son of a bitch.

I’m so disgusted I’m speechless.

Aug 5th, Thursday, 2004:  Noonish:  Senator John McCain is an asshole.  He is basically trying to muzzle the swiftboat vets.   Why would McCain want to silence his fellow Vietnam veterans?  Because they are trying to tell the other side of Kerry’s service?  Come on now, McCain… there are a lot of questions about it.  3 purple hearts and a bronze star in only 4 months.  This guy had to be a real fighter to win that. Eh McCain? 

Well the Swiftboat guys have another take on this.  We got the Doc who treated Kerry’s first Purple Heart.  He fired a grenade launcher at some rocks that were too close, caught a piece of shrapnel in his arm… left it there till the next day when the doc pulled it out with tweezers and put a Band-Aid on the boo-boo.  The next one was him tossing a concussion grenade into a basket of rice and got an ass full of rice.  Nice.  His third one was a bruise.  In no instance was there any enemy fire.  He got a bruise when he stumbled on the deck of his boat, and told the boat to take him to the LST so he could get medical treatment.  The only enemy Kerry had to fight was John F’ing Kerry!  I just wish he tried harder! 

His bronze star award?  He ran his boat ashore, chased down a frightened and wounded teenager, in full violation for ship regulations.  The skipper does not abandon his ship and his crew to run off into the jungle after some kid with a rifle.  He put himself, his boat, and his crew at risk!  If his boat came under enemy fire – his crew would have been unable to return fire because their skipper was out there in the jungle.  What a fucking dumbass! 

When another boat hit a mine and was damaged, what did Kerry do?  He hit the gas and took off like the fucking coward that he is.  He took off so fast, an Army officer on his boat fell off!  He left the Army guy floating and 2 other boats to check out and help the 3rd damaged boat.  When everything was all quiet, Kerry came back and picked up the floating guy and checked out the other boats.  Great.  Yeah, that’s a real hero.  You Democrats really picked a champion. 

He got out of his service early… after only 4 months.  He was bucking to get out of serving, so he faked his way out.  In my opinion, this is desertion.  Kerry’s showboating for his own camera, Kerry running from trouble, Kerry leaving his boat and crew and a guy in the water… Kerry was liability for the Navy.  Kerry was dangerous to be around.  Kerry was and still is a threat.

I’ve mentioned before that after I’m finished with working on the Bronco that I want to do another vehicle.  Motorcycle aside, I want to a Suzuki Samurai.  I think my Dad could even groove on this one… I want to take that little Sammy and drop in a VW 1.9 liter turbo diesel.  This would give us a nice little off roader that has a great fuel economy and increased power.  Hell yes, that would be awesome.   Anyone want to donate a used Samurai for a project vehicle?   The Bronco is just cosmetics now… and stereo crap.  I’ve got it running like a champ.  If I had to drive it to Virginia, I could.  It would take a hell of a lot of money, but it could make it with no problem.  When I did the first Samurai, I did the whole thing in Herculiner, inside and out. (It’s like Rhino Liner) Now here in this town, I’ve seen a lot of vehicles done all over in Rhino Liner.  Not just trucks and Jeeps either… There is an Orange Rhino’d Chevy Cavalier rolling around.  Yes, it’s disgustingly ugly.  A lot of guys think the full Rhino treatment is a good idea.  I do to.  I think Rhino is better for an all over treatment… but Herc is better for the floors or steps or things needing grip.  This is why I’m going to Herc the inside of the Bronco.  The sides of the inside rear panels… I don’t know.  I was thinking aluminum diamond plate, but that would rattle and sound horrible with speakers mounted in them.  Anyways… back to a Sammy… I really want to do another one.  I think a diesel Sammy would be just slick as hell.

Heartless Libertarian has a scoop.  The Military is running out of M-16 magazines.  Sheesh.  Looks like the Army better get out to some gun shows and start buying some.  Last gunshow I was at was flush with them.  I doubt they are going to want to be making a lot more of these mags.  Next year the XM-8 is going to be going into full production and it uses a different magazine.  HK has an M-16 mag that is better than the USGI mags… they are steel, heavier, and a hell of a lot more rugged.  Maybe the Military could buy some of those HK mags.  I am sure the Grunts would appreciate that. 

I’m bored with one of my guns.  I’m putting it up for trade.  I love it, great gun, but I’m just not shooting it much so I’ll put it up for something else.  Looking for a compact… CZ or XD or SIG or Baby Eagle/Uzi Eagle (with a stainless finish) or maybe just something different and cool.  Open to any reasonable offer.

Big Email of the Day: “Ogre, Nice research on the pro war Democrat quotes.  You always manage gems like this as well as the JFK voting record.  What I find interesting more then the quotes from all those demoncrats, is that they had all this time, talking big like elephant shit, puffing their feathers to look bigger then they are, then they bitch, piss and moan some more for eight long freaking years and what did they do about it?  Zippo.  Nadda.  Nothing.  Zilch.  End result?  USS Cole, hello 9/11.    Thanks a lot for all that useless hot air rhetoric drivel, you spineless liberal bastard republican poseurs!  I would think those doublespeak traitors would be grateful that we have a real man in the oval office that isn’t afraid to back up what they themselves have spewed but lack the spine or conviction to back up what they say.  Oh yeah, we’ll all be a whole lot safer if those asshats take over.  Terrorists are cowering in their caves terrified of the “all talk and no action” tongue lashing the liberals will unleash on them.  Lib’s don’t defend U.S. against terrorism.  They condone it.  Keep up the good work Ogre.  I’ve been addicted to your site ever since reading your XD sub-compact review. 

On the XD.   I have a Springfield XD-357 sig in the 4” matte black service model.  That’s how I found your website.  I was doing research on all types of semi auto pistols for carry back in December of last year.  I wanted my first semi auto pistol, as I’ve only owned revolvers, something that would be accurate out at a distance as well as CQ and I wanted a cartridge that performs to that end.  The XD’s intrigued me and I read a lot of excellent reviews on the web about this gun, including yours on the subcompact which ultimately helped me decide to make my decision.  The gun fits my hand perfect and I have since added a Streamlight M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator, which I clip on at home for home defense.  I would leave it on all the time but I haven’t found a decent holster to accommodate the laser.  The laser is just awesome.  Takes all the guesswork out of where the bullet will impact at any distance.  It always gathers a crowd at the range when you rapid fire at 75 feet and you blow the hell out of the center of your target.  The tactical light is bright enough to blind goblins and you can select it to have just laser, light, or laser + light and off.  The toggle switch in front of the trigger guard can be operated with downward pressure of your support hand thumb so you can turn it on exactly when you need it and shut off instantly when you release pressure, as it is spring loaded.  You can also flip the same switch on with upward pressure to lock it into always on mode.  Attaching the laser on and off the pitcatinney rail does not change the Point of Aim and I like that.  I also put Trijicon night sights on the XD slide for night carry and the sites will be a good backup for the laser incase batteries fail, once I find a good carry holster that supports a XD-laser combo.  Zeroing in the laser was a chore because I made the mistake of doing it by the directions.  Ignore the directions and just run the target out to maximum range, set the dot so it is have covered by the blade of the front site.  That will get you on the target.  Then just use the supplied allen wrench for windage and elevation until you hit center and you are good to go at any range in between.  The XD looks totally wicked with the M6TLI.  I was going to send a picture to Nancy Pelosi to give her nightmares, but then she would just introduce legislation to ban it so she could sleep better at night.

On the Bersa.  For summer carry, I picked up a Bersa .380 Stainless in March, as I was more impressed with the newer model even though you were not big on them at the time.  Imagine my surprise that you had changed your mind revisiting the Bersa and added it to your backup list.  The Bersa is extremely accurate, one handed that is.  I’m doing something wrong two handed…can’t hit the damn target where I want so I’ll have to have a spotter see if they can see what I’m doing wrong.  It has some hi viz blaze orange three dot sites adjustable for windage and comes with on mag so the gun holds 7+1.  The factory mags have a rubber extension on the bottom for the pinky finger, which is nice.  My back-up ProMag hi-cap mag holds 10 rounds plus original eight for 18 shots everything easily concealed. Take down is a breeze.  Just eject the magazine, check to make sure the gun is unloaded, hold gun in right hand and push forward the release lever above trigger guard with your index finger of same hand, grab the slide with left hand and slide back and lift up, then slide forward off of the barrel and your done.  To reassemble, reverse procedure, then slide in an empty mag with snap cap and dryfire to make sure everything operates.  The gun does not operate without a mag inserted.  It also comes with a key that lets you select fire for normal operation or safe, which locks up all operation of the gun, even when loaded.  You can’t rack the slide, pull the trigger or eject the magazine.  I don’t see any reason for the key unless you are a newbie and are afraid to leave a loaded gun around a house with kids, rather then taking your kids to the range with you to shoot and teaching them to respect guns.  You lose the key while gun is on safe and you are hosed.  I keep my key for purposes of gun safety training to show manufacturer options.  I have an Uncle Mike’s combo OWB and IWB holster for fall and spring carry.  For summer I have an Ankle holster which is my preferred option when wearing heavy winter coats or long pants in summer.  It is small enough to carry in my fanny pack (which also holds my wallet in a separate compartment as I hate sitting on a wallet, and holds an extra hi-cap mag in still another compartment), which I sling over my shoulder when I’m out and about.  The gun even fits in a lot of my short pants with those big square pockets on the thigh.  Fits very nicely in the inside pocket of suit coats James Bond style if you have to dress nice for any reason.

SWAT and Microlon.  Loved all the info on Microlon.  Just put in an order for my dad and me today.  I also subscribed to SWAT on your recommendation and I absolutely love the mag.  Good call.  Looking forward to your recommendations on CorrosionX.  How’s that home brew

On 1911’s.  I really want one of these bad in a full size model.  I have been researching handling and shooting quite a few and I’m leaning toward the Kimber Tactical Custom II.  For some reason I’m deadly accurate with this gun, but the Kimbers are bloody expensive.  I tried the Springfield and it shoots great, but I don’t like the way the grip safety feels in the web.  The Mil-spec has the grip safety I like, but when you add other features I’m looking for, the price starts equaling or surpassing Kimber models with the same features.  Actually, I could see myself owning several .45’s.  They are fun to shoot and ammo is cheap here in MN for .45 unlike the expensive .357 sig for my XD.  But that’s cool, cuz I load my own +P hollow point cartridges now for target, but still use commercial defense loads for carry.

On Baretta and CZ.  I have never shot either, but I have held them at the local gun shops and gun shows.  I like the look and feel and could easily see myself owning either one in the future.  Especially one of those engraved limited edition “Operation Infinite Justice” 92FS I see at the local shows for $500-$600 in Ogre green before they changed the engraving to the PC “Operation Enduring Freedom”.   Either one would be nice to have.  I like the CZ 97B in .45 acp which would scratch my itch temporarily as a cheap 1911 substitute.  Have you held a CZ100?  Man does that fit my hand like a glove.  I could do some damage with this in that .40 cal.  I like its looks and the adjustable site.  They blew it on the tactical rail though.  It’s not Pitcatinney but with a $400 price tag I’ll let it slide.  Hold this gun in your hands and it screams “buy me, shoot me!”  I got the same Karma with the XD and I was not disappointed.

Seriously Ogre, these guys should sponsor your site for all the business you must generate for them. 

On CCW in MN.  As you know, late last year Minnesota finally got the CCW law passed and over 25,000 permit holders registered so far and counting…until the GFW’s did their predictable judge shopping and finally found some liberal judge in Ramsey County, District Judge John Finley, and ruled a couple weeks ago that he would legislate from the bench and declare the Minnesota Permit to Carry law unconstitutional because it was piggybacked with unrelated legislation regarding DNR without a debate.  Huh?  This was the most debated bill in MN and we actually have videotape of it being debated on the floor of both the Senate and the House.  It was shown on the news ad nauseum for chrissakes!  Furthermore, the two bills were interlinked by reformation of carry laws in both bills.  WTF?  This is a true example of partisan liberal ass commie democrat judicial activism.  Ignore the evidence right in front of his face, simply because he says so, and then base it on an alleged unconstitutional grounds of piggy backing legislation?  How in the hell would Democrats get any of their massive PORK barrel spending passed were it not for piggy backing legislation without debate???  You know, taxation without representation?  Attorney General Mike Hatch promised to appeal the ruling but so far, no action as he is a liberal anti gunner also.  Those of us with permits are still good to go for five years, but everyone else is SOL until there is a stay or until the next legislative session which ever comes first.  For now, the laws for CC revert back to old laws which of course means that the GFW’s shot themselves in the ass, because now the signs they post outside buildings stating no firearms allowed are meaningless now, so those of us who have the permits can carry anywhere we want unless they see your firearm, then they can request you leave.  That goes for Schools too.  Dumbasses.  Local Sheriffs are pissed on one hand because everything was set up and running smoothly (taking in the extra $100 per application for their local coffers.) and the personal were in place, but on the other, they have total discretion on who can carry and who can’t based on their whimsy.

How in the hell can you win using the rule of law when the rule of law does not count or apply if you are a liberal?  So what if you have procedure and law on the books.  What the fuck good is it when all the liberals will do is pick and choose the laws they like AND those same laws they like only apply to conservatives and NOT to liberals?  Can you say free speech?  Not if you’re conservative you can’t.  If they don’t like the laws, they simply shout you down and rewrite them from the bench so it suites their agenda AND will only obey that same law themselves when they FEEL like it.  Campaign Finance Reform anyone?  Whitewater/Lewinski vs. 9/11 Commission?  Clinton and the Dems put up roadblocks, lied, gave away top secret satellite tracking info, committed adultery, fought the commissions left and right and was ultimately impeached in the House.  Bush cooperated fully and was exonerated.  Hell, if I was a conservative judge in the same district as hizzhonor Finley, I’d simply order an edict saying that I disagree with Judge Finley and I say the law is constitutional as it was written and hereby over rule Finley’s ruling or at least nullifying it.  Don’t give me that crap that nobody brought the counter suit or appeal before me first.  Piss on ‘em.  We can write our own rules now that there is no rule of law, right?  Judge Finley has his rules and I have mine.  We are making them up as we go because Judges like Finley have set the precedent for it.  Judge Finley’s precedent is that there is no precedent.  Who gives a shit about procedure?  Judge Finley didn’t, so I don’t either.  In the end, who would be the one disbarred?  It would be me because I dared do what Finley did, but for me it’s against the rules because I’m not a liberal piece of shit like Finley.  No, I’m a conservative and therefore not allowed to make up rules as I go.  That right only belongs to liberal democrat swine.  I shit you not, how the hell do you fucking win when there are no rules for the libs and the game is rigged???   Grrrrrrr!

As my immigrant Granddad (God rest his soul) from the former commie Yugoslavia use to say, “Come the revolution, I don’t know who’ll fire the first shot, but I do know who will get the first bullet.  And when they come to take away my gun, I’ll be dead, out of ammo and my barrel will be red hot!” 

Sorry for the rant, I meant this to be totally complementary on your site, but now I have to go to the range to get some relief before I break something…Beware the Gun Kata!!  Dennis”

There is a new X-Prize out there to win… this time by the US Airforce: The air force is offering to buy 30 "Hunter-Killer" UCAVs (unmanned combat aerial vehicles) for $10 million each from the manufacturer who can convince them that they can deliver within three years.  The UCAV must have a weapons payload of 3,000 pounds, and be able to carry, at a minimum, four GBU-12 (500 pound laser-guided bombs), or four GBU-38 (500-pound GPS guided Joint Direct Attack Munitions, JDAMs), or a mix of both. The UCAV must also carry several sensors, including synthetic aperture radar; ground moving target indicator radar; forward looking infrared system; daylight and night videocams; a laser ranging and designation system, as well as other "multispectral sensors."  It also has to have a flight time of 30 hours.  3,000 pound payload, 30 hours of airtime… Cost of 10 million each.  That’s a pretty tough order, but I think I could do it by converting some aircraft over to use the same avionics and controls found in the Predator drones… Airforce wouldn’t have to retrain the operators.  I’d be looking at small commuter jets and ripping out the insides and putting in a big fuel tank and the electronic goodies.  I know it’s not as simple as that, but that would be the direction I’d be going. Like maybe buy stripped down Gulfstreams or something of that sort.  

From Commander Martin: “THE MARINE & THE IRAQI:

A squad of Marines drove up the highway between Basra and Baghdad. They came upon an Iraqi soldier badly injured and unconscious. Nearby on the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar state, but he was alert.

As first aid was given to both men, they asked the injured Marine what happened.  The Marine responded "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway.  Coming south was a heavily armed Iraqi soldier".

"What happened then?" the corpsman asked.

"I told him Saddam Hussein was a miserable waste of humanity and then the Iraqi told me that Ted Kennedy and John Kerry were miserable excuses for men!"

"What happened then?" the corpsman asked.

"We were shaking hands when a truck hit us."


Aug 4th, Wednesday, 2004: 1600hrs:  PFC England, the Army prison guard and fugly dominatrix.  The question about her is if she should face the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) or not.  She’s pregnant and “just following orders”.  Here is my take. Yes, the ugly bitch should face trial… damn straight.  Orders or not, her actions were an embarrassment to the US Army, the US Military, The United States of American, and to the President of these United States who might face an attempt at impeachment because of her bullshit.  Knocked up or not… Orders or not… she should face the UCMJ.  Her complaint that she is just a scapegoat holds no water with me.  It’s her face in all those photos… each one she’s grinning and point at Iraqi cocks with both hands like a big freaking idiot.  Even a female PFC can refuse orders of if they are not legal or immoral… If she was ordered to point out the dicks, she could have refused.  Because the UCMJ has a long history of “following orders” not panning out as a valid excuse.  

If Harley Davidson motorcycles are so shit hot – how come the list of motorcycles for sale in the classifieds show well over half the bikes are HD?  The other smaller half of the bike listings are a smattering of all the other makes and models. That’s weird.  It’s almost as if all the new HD owners out there are wanting to get rid of them.  Is this about the bike… or is it about the phony HD sub-culture that idiots bought into and discovered that they have been had?  I know a couple HD owners that are wanting to ditch the HDs and go for Honda VTX’s or Yamaha Road Warriors.  Personally, I’d go with either one… these are two great bikes, for about half or less of an HD of similar configuration.  I think of these two, I’d take a VTX.  Honda motorcycles have always been excellent.

A good question:  “Hey Ogre, I know your opinion of the Makarov and I see that has a like new Bulgarian Mak for $149.95.  They also have a Star BM 9mm for $129.95.  I'm wondering which of these you think is the better deal?  What do you know about the Star?  Thanks, Mitch”   The Mak is a bit smaller and shorter through the grip length.  So it might be a better CCW choice.  Then again the Star is a 9MM and a good solid gun.  For only 130, that's a hell of a good deal.  The Star is not on the level of SIG or Springfield... but it's still pretty damn good. Hell of a lot better than a lot of economy level offerings.   I think in this case, I'd drop my Visa on the Star, and a few extra mags.  At only 130, if it needs a little tender loving care by a gunsmith for an action/trigger job, it's still worth it.

See, someone likes the Green Marlin:  “Ogre, I seem to recall you mentioning the upcoming "Batman Begins" movie with Christian Bale.  Here's the link to the teaser trailer.  I had my doubts that Bale could pull it off, but after watching "Equilibrium" (on your recommendation) and seeing this trailer, I have no doubt that this is going to be the best Batman movie yet.  No more cheesy George Clooney comic book crap.  This is dark, scary and dangerous.  It's going to be a LOOOONG year until the premier! BTW, I kind of like your green 336.  You should find someone to airbrush your Ogre logo on the stock.  Just a thought - Wayne”  That’s a good idea… I could even just print out the logo, lacquer it onto the stock and then clear coat over it.  Hmmm… Maybe.   Yeah, the movie looks pretty awesome.  I’ve seen pictures of the new Batmobile, and it looks pretty kickass – but it doesn’t look like a Batmobile.  All the other movies had cars that looked like Batmobiles of some sort.  That’s one thing I’ve always been looking at, being a “Car Guy” of sorts… This new one… Well… This film is a whole reinvention of the Batman super hero thing, so for that reason, I’ll give the new car a fair shake.  NOTE TO THE HORDE:  If you’ve not seen Equilibrium – Order it off  Don’t rent it… buy it.  The whole movie was filmed for less than one scene of The Matrix.  And it’s absolutely excellent.

Noon:  John Kerry hanging out of a bus with an ear of corn in each fist… Looks ridiculous.  Just like Kerry with the space suit. Just like Kerry with the pancakes.  Just like Kerry with the shotgun.  Just like Kerry with the sandwich cheesesteak. Just like Kerry.  The man is ridiculous.  Way to go Democrats.  You jackasses picked a great clown.

Para Ordinance’s new PXT power extractor.  I’ve had the chance to look at one close up.  I picked the gun up and jacked the slide to make sure it’s clear… and looked at the extractor.  It looked like it was sticking out.  I said “that doesn’t look right”.  Then I tilted the gun forward and the front part of the 4 part extractor fell out.  I’m not kidding.  Small metal part hitting a glass counter makes a unique sound.  I handed the gun back and let them deal with it.  That’s never happened to me with a standard 1 piece 1911 extractor.  4 parts.  4 things to go wrong.  Added complication.  No thank you.  No freaking way would I buy one of those things.  I’ve never ever had a problem with a 1911 failing to extract.  I don’t know why Para feels the need to beef up that system.  The wider extractor would be nice if I was firing belted magnum rifle cartridges, but on a pistol?  Unnecessary.  JMB designed the extractor just fine, thank you very much. 

Irked.  I have a craving every once in awhile for something that my family and most others consider to be disgusting.  Let me tell you what it is.  “Brunswick Boneless Herring Fillets Seafood Snacks in Louisiana hot sauce”, I’ll buy two tins and Mt Dew, and call that a lunch.  Went to get some today… Gone.  Mustard Sauce, Kippered, Lemon Pepper… but the hot sauce one was all out.  Damn.  Let’s see, had a 1911 fall apart in my hands and no fish snacks… damn damn damn.  I’m having a disappointing day. 


Aug 3rd, Tuesday, 2004: Late Night:   Sorry about the late update today.  I had some things going on.  Was busy all day, but I did catch Last Comic Standing.  I’ve been following it since the first episode.  I LOVE stand up comedy.  Love it!  Here is my take on LCS… The Italian chick is freaking hot.  The other chick isn’t even funny.  Jay London is awesome, and I hope he gets a good bounce off this… but I don’t think he can win it.  He is funny, but not that funny.  The big tall pretty boy guy… he is very funny.  I think he will take it.  He dished out 2 head to heads and won them both.  The one comic I am glad to see losing… Ant.  Not because he is gay… but because he is a bitter and unhappy backstabbing little bastard.   Anyways, so there is my take on that.  You guys been watching this stuff or am I just a geek on this?  I miss an old show called “Standup Spotlight”.  Used to love that show.  Miss it.  Same thing with Omni Magazine.   Oh well.

Mark Hacking got arrested yesterday.  I really feel sorry for the families… the loss of the girl, and then this horror.  That really sucks.   His confession was rather chilling.  Killed her in her sleep, then did everything he could to hide it, and lied to reporters and the cops…  This guy is going to be up against the death penalty.

Email: “Last night they reported that Nader got over 40,000 signatures.  This State is gonna be pretty F-ing scary this coming election.  Philadelphia is a time-bomb waiting to happen.  Jamie

This is some good news.  This is showing Nader has a good strong level of support.  Excellent.  This means Nader is once again going to split the vote and pull some numbers off Kerry.  That is excellent.  Between Kerry and Nader, I’d rather Nader win the Whitehouse.  At least he believes in something… at least he isn’t a whore.

How the hell did I miss this?  Rohrbaugh Firearms.  Of my list of manufacturers, I guess I just thought these cats were on the list.  Oops.  That’s been corrected now.  If you have never heard of them, you will be hearing a lot more about them soon.  Think of a tiny little automatic not much bigger than an NAA Guardian .380… in full house 9MM.  A true pocket rocket right there.  The head honcho Mr Rohrbaugh gave me a call this afternoon to my surprise… Talked about Concealed Carry Magazine and what not.  Turns out Tim at CCM beat me to that punch.  Oops.  Well, they are going to try to hook me up with a press sample for evaluation anyway, and I appreciate that.  They make two guns, the R-9 and the R-9S.  The S model has some sights on it while the Ess-less version isn’t trying to be anything other than what it is… one hell of a little belly gun!  Looking forward to checking one of those babies out!  Got the Kel-Tec coming in first though… so for all you cats asking about my KT review – it’s coming.

Ranger… busted another freaking cable.  How the hell does he do that?  Once again on the loose and once again did his patented dive and roll in cow pie.  Why does he do that?  Freaking wolf thing or something?  Damn Timberwolf in him gets the best of him.  First thing in the morning he is getting another shower, like it or not.  I’m just not in the mood to do it right now.  But first light, he is getting shampooed, conditioned, and I’m even going to blow-dry him.  I’m going to do this every time he gets loose like this, paddy rolling or not.  Funny thing, even though he rolled, he went right back to his area and stayed in “The Ranger Zone”.  I didn’t even know he had got off!  The cable is snapped in two… so freaking amazing how he can do that.  These cables I’m using now can tether a fucking Brahma Bull… but Ranger goes through them like Michael Moore goes through a bucket of KFC.  The new cable is ¼ inch thick.  If that doesn’t do it – Then the local marine shop is going to be cutting me some off a 30 foot length of 1 inch anchor chain.

Found an engine for the Cherokee… a 4 cylinder out of a 97 Jeep.  Excellent!  It’s only 200 bucks.  200 bucks and some wrench work and my 86 will be feeling like a whole new vehicle.  Now, about that 200 bucks.  I’ve got 150 on the way I guess… Should be coming soon.  And I could have the another 50 shortly as well.   Excellent!  Now I just gotta line up an engine lift and a book on the 97 engines… find out what differences we have between transmissions and what adapter I’ll need and all that.  These are two vehicles that I just love… the Cherokee and the Bronco.  After growing up an Audi Boy all those years, my Dad just shakes his head in a grave matter every time I talk about trucks and jeeps and off roading.  (He’s doing it now)  His idea of off roading is his 12 feet of gravel driveway.  Mom and Dad are in for a treat when they come out here!  (insert evil laughter here)

Someone said that they got a pop up when they came here.  Let me make this very clear… I have never had a pop up on my site, and I will never, ever, have a pop up on my site.  I hate pop ups with a passion, and I don’t care what the deal is – no pop ups ever.   That pop up did not come from  No freaking way.  That came from the porn site he was looking at before he hit my site.  Also, a word of advice – use MOZILLA.  No more popups, and better browsing.  Mozilla is the only browser I use.  Period.  If you don't use Mozilla, your a girly man. 


Aug 2nd, Monday, 2004: 1500hrs:  Mark Hacking is not going to be getting off like how OJ did.  In case you don’t know who this clown is, let me catch you up to speed.  His wife is Lori Hacking, the missing jogger that has been in the news for the last two weeks.  She is young and beautiful and dead. Undoubtedly hacked into bits by her psycho husband.  Seems that Mark has now “Shed new light” about his wife’s disappearance.  Because of this new information, all searches have been halted save the search at the landfill.  Seems that the police are talking there sweet time to put this case together and sew it up tight.  The only questions that I have about the case is actually about how his criminal defense attorney is going to defend him.  Mark is insane… Mark was attacked by Lori and then went insane… Mark got beat up a lot as a kid.  Should be interesting.  How does one defend such a rotten bastard?

From Bump to Slump.  Kerry’s numbers are flip flopping faster than Kerry’s positions.  So he either got a record setting little bitty bump or he lost points.  All depends on who you are talking to or which poll you are reading.  So the question here is which is it?  The answer from Kerry is that we are just too stupid to understand the nuances of the polls and that this means he wins by a landslide.

This weekend Kerry said that he will get the troops home.  Wait a second.  I thought he just said at the convention that he was going to increase the number of troops and fight the war on terror harder and better than Bush.  I’m confused here.  Get more troops… but still fight the war on terrorists… while bringing them home… This must be more of that nuance shit.  Oh, I get it… More troops at home playing Rainbow Six on the Playstation.  Gotcha.

Ralph Nader needs 25,700 signatures to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania.  The Republicans should be standing in line to get Nader on the ballot!  Every vote for Nader is a vote against Kerry.  Come on Pen State!  Split that leftist vote like cord wood!

Doom 3 is hitting the stores tonight at midnight.  Thousands of guys are going to be lined up waiting to throw down that $55 for this game so they can rush home to find that their home computer wont run it and they have to buy a new 350 dollar graphics card.  As far as 400 dollar PC games, I’m sure Doom 3 rocks.  Forgive me if I wait until the cost of playing the game comes down a bit.  I’m not all that jazzed by Doom anyways.  I’ll save my duckets for the next Grand Theft Auto.

427 Million.  That’s the cost of the spacecraft that NASA is about to throw at Mercury for a look see.  Factor in the cost of the launch and the whole mission control jaz and you are probably looking at around a billion dollars.  For what?  I had to call NASA and ask:

Ogre: “Why this Mercury mission?”

NASA: “Well, that’s because it’s really fucking hot there… blistering.”

Ogre: “Why is that important?”

NASA: “Understanding Mercury is vital to understanding the terrestrial planets.”

Ogre: “How so? What big questions are you hoping to find answers to on Mercury?”

NASA:  “We are trying to understand Phoenix.”

Ogre: “Is that a moon or something? What Phoenix?”

NASA: “Arizona… Why would people want to live there? Because it’s really fucking hot there… blistering.”

Hey NASA, give me 3 million and I’ll go study some hot environments for you.  Pack me up a few ice chests full of cold ones and I’m good to go.  I’ll send you back rock samples and pictures.   I got a better idea for that 427 million dollars.  How about NASA using that budget to buy up a lot of body armor to give to the troops.  They could say “There you go, guys!  Some things are more important and we can take a look at Mercury some other time.”

Just a question for Newsweek: When are you guys going to stop fellating John Kerry?  You guys are even embarrassing Monica!  I’d like to see Fox News put out a weekly news rag for only 3.95.

Another thing I’d like to see:  North American Arms crank out some .38 special I frame revolvers.  That would be sweet.  I like the minis, but would rather something more substantial than a .22.

Seems some folks don’t like my Green Marlin.  Not asking you to like it.  Just had some fun with it, and I think it looks pretty cool. The finish was muffed so I had to do something, so why not green?   It’s my bloody rifle and I can do with it as I like.  It’s not like I put a scope on it or anything.


0930: BEST REASON TO VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICANS EVER:  KILLING THE IRS I don’t have any information on this… just this article I caught off Drudge.  That’s the best thing I have ever heard on any Monday Morning.  Now my day would be complete if they said the same about the ATF.   This would probably never happen, but the IRS is due a major restructuring at least.  

A damn good question:  “Gentlemen... I understand that the Sunday edition of the NEW YORK TIMES will include first details of Gen. Tommy Franks, AMERICAN SOLDIER including information from Gen. Franks recounting that much of his certainty that his troops would face attacks by banned weapons (WMDS..."biological or chemical arms")came from private conversations with King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.   
How can this be when all I see and hear in the media is  "the President was not telling the truth"? 
Does this mean that King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt are amongst that huge group of national and international politicians and/or statesman that "thought" Iraq possessed WMDs?  And does this mean that all of those "national and international politicians and/or statesman" were "Not telling the truth"?  Sincerely – Bob

Email:Ogre, The real problem with The Democratic Party is that they’ve forgotten one of the greatest tenets of our country was based, "To agree to disagree".  Also the point of the Fair Looney Left, the ones that should call themselves Red Arms, they were ones crying about the state of world socialism or about the "true communism" of Cuba, or the ones that apologize for Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. - Alex”  You gotta give Bush credit for weathering the constant barrage of attacks on him.  He’s being attacked like no other president in history, and he is still standing and still smiling.  Bush may not be a perfect president, but I believe he is a good man.  I also believe he was the right man at the job at the right time.  I know the Dems want Bush out of office more than anything are willing to vote a loser like Kerry into office instead having Bush for 4 more years.  Kerry is the Senatorial equivalent of The Mad Hatter.  The guy is completely off his rocker.  He doesn’t know who The People are.  He doesn’t know how to relate to the common man.  How the hell can he vote against every new military program in the last 19 years, then vote for the war in Iraq, but then vote against funding it?  Kerry is the most unpresidential candidate the Dems could have picked.  Al Sharpton would have been a better choice.  Bobcat Goldwaith would have been a better choice.  In all seriousness… You Democrats out there should vote Green Party.  Ralph Nader is as Liberal as you want to be… and he at least believes in it.  Kerry doesn’t believe in anything but his own superiority.

The following is from Cris Thomas, and Air Force pilot:
I would like to add my two cents about my John Kerry experience.
During my career as an Air Force pilot, I spent two years flying a small twin engine prop plane around the Pacific from my base in Okinawa, Japan. On one trip we had to fly Senator Kerry, his Congressional aide, and a Navy Captain (Vietnam, A-4 fighter pilot) who was also in Kerry's party to various locations in Vietnam and Cambodia as part of the MIA/POW talks. When I met him, he was wearing a shirt with a picture of his sailboat on it. I told him I had a 27' sailboat in Okinawa, he remarked "Oh, I never sail on anything less than 135 feet."
Thanks, Senator, "I feel even better about the meager salary I get paid for flying you around the Pacific." When we first flew him into Phnom Penh, he went to the back of the airplane and grabbed the pizza that was put aside for the crew and passed it around to his staff.
He was never offered any pizza because they were supposed to have lunch with the Cambodian government when we landed. The pizza was the crew's only meal for that day and he ate it. Then when we picked him up in Cambodia, he was an hour late getting to the airport. Because fuel was an issue, we could not start the engines, and therefore the air conditioning, until he arrived. Phnom Penh at that time was over 100 degrees with 95% humidity and we were basically sitting in a greenhouse behind the cockpit windows. When he finally did arrive, we were wringing out our clothes from the perspiration. He walks out of the air conditioned car, into the airplane and asks us "Could you guys get the air-conditioning running, I'm a little warm?" The other pilot had to physically restrain me from going back there and clocking him.
Then we took him into Noi Bai airfield in Hanoi. After we picked him up the next day (he stayed the night in Vietnam, we stayed in Bangkok). We taxied out, ran up the engines for take off and noticed that our prop rpm was vibrating all over the place. We taxied off to the side to look at it, but there was a good possibility that there was an engine malfunction and the engine may fail if we took off with it. Well, Mr. Senator sticks his head up in the cockpit and says "This plane WILL take off, I have a press conference in Bangkok in three hours!" (Maybe this is an indication of how he will run the FAA).
American service members lives be damned, we had our Senatorial orders. We ran the engines again, and did not have the problem, so we took off and made it back. During the flight, he told everyone how he had taken a Cessna, a small General aviation plane up with a fighter pilot, and the fighter pilot remarked that Kerry was one of the best pilots he had ever seen.
I don't know about other pilots out there, but it's hard to imagine a little, single-engine prop plane pilot being able to show the "right stuff." After Kerry left the plane, the Navy Captain came up to us, apologized and said basically that "he knows Kerry is a jerk" and that we should be glad we don't have to deal with him every day.
Your choice folks. Elections in November.
You want a mega-millionaire ego-maniac it's-all-about-me-crew-eating-pizza-ite like Kerry or maybe a Green Party candidate like Ralph Nader?  

Email:Ogre, I saw a clip on the news concerning Johnjohn’s trip to Wendy’s.  They showed one of the John’s (Isn’t a “John” a prostitute’s customer?) shaking those Marines’ hands.  At the time I wondered what was going through their minds.  Now I know.  They seemed to be careful only to show the handshake.  More PR for Johnjohn.  As far as Johnjohn’s 4% bump. . . they shouldn’t be so quick to pat themselves on the back.  I’ve seen it reported that it was one of the smallest post-convention spikes on record.  (FOX, I believe – can’t swear to it, though.)  Another thing to consider is the fact that Bush/Cheney pretty much kept quiet and let them have the playing field all to themselves during the DNC.  Now that the Pres. and company are out and about again that little spike could very well go away.  Roger”  Yeah, the spike that isn’t a spike… I heard that too.

Looks like the Army is Chopper Shopping.  Article.  The US Army doesn’t need to look very far for good helicopters for damn near every use.  Funny how they call the Blackhawk “aging”.  The Blackhawks are newer than my truck that’s for damn sure.  If they are so old, what does that make the CH-47?  Flying Archeology?  The Marines have been playing with the Cobra airframe ever since Kerry’s first boo-boo.  The latest version of it has supped up engines, advanced avionics, and a quiet 4 bladed rotor system.  It could perform any mission tasked to an Apache, or a Comanche, or a “Little Bird”.  Properly outfitted it could pull Kiowa Scout missions or Longbow missions.  The Marines have turn the Cobra into a multi roll platform that excels at damn near anything you could ask of it.  Someone in the US Army please explain to me why the hell can’t the Army use Cobra again?  We are using the Marine’s LAV’s and calling the Strykers… obviously we have no problem using Marine hardware… So why the hell not?  Why is it that the Army has to spend decades fucking around with development programs when millions over budget when this stuff is pretty simple.   Where is the Land Warrior system?  China has had it fielded for over 4 years now.  Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be useful in Fallujah right now.   Another helicopter that would be very useful would be one made by Eurocopter.  We already use it… Life Flights all over the place are using them.  Even out here in Utah.  The US Coast Guard is using it.  China’s military is using it for everything I just ascribed to the Cobra.  I hope you guys at the Pentagon stop jacking our troops around and get to work.  

Last night I took the boys to go see Spiderman 2 at the drive in.  We had a great time.  Man, I loved that movie.  A very well rounded film… good suspense… good ending.  Probably the best super hero flick ever made.  Showed the human side of both hero and villain.  I’m not going to geek out on it or anything, but I enjoyed it a great deal.   Old news, I know, but this was the first time I’ve seen it.  The other flick we watched yesterday was “Hellboy”.  Another comicbook to movie film.  The boys liked it, and to be honest I did too.  It was different.  Campy.  But had some tricks, effects, lines… and a talking Russian corpse.  Not a flick to be taken seriously by any means, but it was a good entertainment escape.


August 1st, Sunday, 2004: 1000hrs MST:  The Democrats are feeling insulted by some US Marines today.  God Bless The United States Marine Corps!

While I am praising the Marines, I want to make a public apology to one Marine.  Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun.  There was a question regarding if he had deserted.  I said that had he deserted, he didn’t deserve to be let back into this country.  He has said that he didn’t desert.  The military is looking into how he turned up in Lebanon… but as far as I am concerned, the man talked his way out of loosing his head and got away from his captors.  He escaped and evaded.  Where he ended up, it doesn’t matter.  He went to familiar ground.  He says he isn’t a deserter and that is good enough for me.  He is a Marine, and for that, I have no reason to question his word.  My apologies to Cpl Hassoun.  I am glad to see you are back home and you are keeping the faith.

Some sources are reporting that Kerry got a 4 point bounce from the convention.  Just where are these polls conducted at that show Kerry has gained a lead?   I bet they were conducted in Blue counties.  What do you think?  At this point such a poll is completely meaningless.  The only poll that matters is the election poll.  And unfortunately for the Jackasses, these polls are going to be open in all the Red Counties as well.   We need a very high level turn out… every vote counts and this is going to be a close fight.

Phase One of my rifle project is completed.  The rifle looks very cool. The reason I refinished the wood was that there was some damage to it. Marlin puts a great finish on the wood, a very handsome and tough one at that.  I had to use 60 grit paper to just get it off.  The wood underneath is just gorgeous.  They do a very good job at selecting the wood to make the stocks out of.   I decided to have a little fun with this rifle and to do it a little differently.  I have painted stocks in the past and the results are never satisfactory to me after the rifle was put into the field.  Paint can flake and peel.  I wanted to refinish my rifle with a very tough finish that is going to last in the field.  I had my local ACE joint mix me up a custom colored wood stain.  Multiple coats of this stain applied under multiple coats of a clear polyurethane.   The stocks are done and the rifle cleaned, lubed, reassembled and tested for function.  Looks awesome.  I shall take some photos shortly.  One thing I noticed about the rifle was that I finished the wood a little too good. The rifle was too slick.  So the forearm wood piece received a quick shot of the polyurethane to wet it, a sprinkle of sand to give a bit of grit, and another shot of the poly to seal it.  The result is a nice nonskid texture that you can hold on to.  I was going to do the same to buttstock, but decided that wasn’t needed.  When I lever the rifle my hand slides across some of the wood and there is little griping there to bother with, so I left it smooth.  All the gripping is done up front anyway.   Now that this is done, I have got to find a good gunsmith that can chop the barrel down to 16 and 1/16th of an inch.  This isn’t just a straight chop, being a lever gun adjustment has to be made to the feed tube and the front sight needs to be moved as well.  These have to be done right or the rifle will end up just retarded.  Eventually this rifle is going to go up to Wild West Guns for some of the upgrades that they offer. But part of this projected is identifying another good gunsmith here locally.  Utah has a lot of gunsmiths, but only two of them are on my gunsmith roster as being excellent.  A lot of guys out there can do some good work on some things… but then again, I’ve had some bad experiences too.  I want to find another artisan gunsmith that has true talent, both artistically and technically.  Not just for rifles, but for pistols as well.  Anyways. At least the rifle is now sporting some good looking furniture.  




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