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April 1st to the 17th

April 17th, Thursday:  I just got back from a session of acupuncture...  After it was done, I had such a huge craving for a double cheeseburger.  This was a little different from other times I had it done... this time the doc connected mini jumper-cables to the needles and hit me will some current.  I feel great now... after having consumed a good burger that is.  I also had an adjustment done, so maybe that might be another reason I am feeling good too.  Or maybe it was the message I had as well.  I don't know.  But I am feeling marvelous and better than I have felt in years... and that is a good thing.  I feel energized and very "UP".  This is a good thing.  I'll be going in for these treatments like twice a week or something... This is a good thing.  If I feel like this after each time, bring it on.   Especially that massage bit.  Wow.  And the chicky-babe that gave me the message... DAMN! She was a totally hottie with a very nice rack.   It was as good as sex.   At least it was for me. 

This may be the last post using FrontPage.  I'm going to be making the jump to a new format and to a new server/host.  So this will mean also changing the IP in the DNS... blah blah blah... so you might not be able to for a bit.  But keep checking back...   Email may be down too for awhile... will be checked.   Anyways, until then, here are some other thoughts I had yesterday while I was out and about this little hell hole of a town:

Just saw A MAN APART.  I am blown away.  This movie rocked to a shockingly high degree.  Vin Diesel's performance was above and beyond all other efforts to date... we saw a more mature and competent actor on top of his raw bad self.  He owned the screen and just dominate the whole film.  Good gun play... good story... very gritty.  This is a much more mature film than your average action film.  When I say mature, I don't mean "Adult" but there was some sexual content in the form of some fine ass hootchies doing some Latin dancing (using a very broad definition of Latin dancing) wearing thongs and shear tops.  Your average teenage action movie junkie wont like this flick... but if your wanting a flick that is very cool, very real, and very raw - this is it.  I loved it.  Perhaps the best action flick since HEAT.

What is the deal with the French calling up President Bush trying to work out a deal?  We shouldn't give them shit.  Nothing.  And now today we get news that documents are found that Saddam has been enjoying a great many French products despite the UN sanctions.  Why is this no surprise?  And Russia?  Those bastards have been selling Iraq damn near everything short of an actual working nuke.  Of course, what do you expect from the former head of the freaking KGB?  This guy knows where all the bodies are buried in Russia and is every bit as evil as Saddam... but a much smarter and slower burning evil.  Yeah, I just called him evil.  Don't trust him.  And don't trust anyone that does trust him.  Happily, Bush doesn't trust him or Chirac at all...  Let them help rebuild Iraq?  I don't think so.

April 16th, Wednesday: This assault weapons ban is the most useless chunk of bullshit to come from Capital Hill since... Er... When was the last time Senator Kennedy opened his trap?  I have requested that all readers take action on this issue.  Here is how.  Go to this website here and find your reps.  You will see how they stand and links to how to contact them.   Do it.  Do it today.  It wont take hardly any time and it may mean the difference.  The ban is frivolous, stopped ZERO crime, and only served to irritate people who are lawful and like guns.

Okay, I don't want to study a bunch of books to learn Apache and Pearl... but I think it's time to roll over to a PHP format.   Here is what I need... er, someone to help me do that... I might even have to switch servers and maybe hosting... I'm looking into these options now. has gotten to the point that doing everything in HTML is a pain in the rear and FrontPage isn't making things any easier. 

April 15th, Tuesday: Email from one of our loyal Readers:  “I too am worried about the Assault Weapons Ban being renewed.  I mean, frankly, "scary" guns with big magazines are FUN.  If this thing passes, and is made permanent...I don't even like to think about it.  AKs, FALs, ARs, and many others just won't be the same with 10 round magazines.  I should think that certain gun companies would get on the ball and help with the lobbying, then.  DSA and Bushmaster, for instance.  Bushmaster may make a lot of gov't sales, but without their civie ones they'll be losing a metric assload of money.  'Cause NOBODY wants a 10+1 AR-15.  Will it be the end of the world?  No, but the assault weapons ban is stupid, ill-conceived, and a violation of various rights, including the right to private property.  Who in the hell gave some asshat in congress the right to tell me what kind of gun I can and can't have?  Why don't they mind their own business?  Those questions are rhetorical, of course.  I know the answers.  But imagine, if you will, if the government told you you couldn't buy a sporty car, because you're more likely to drive too fast, get into accidents, and endanger yourself and others.  See, to most people it sounds stupid with cars.  But with guns, they're like, "yeah, but guns are designed to kill".  You know, I could build anything I want with any intention I want.  I could build a fricking pencil holder, then bash someone's head in with it.  Does that mean then that the pencil holder was designed to kill?  Dunno, Ogre.  Trying to be hopeful.  Will write my reps, but you gotta take that for what it's worth.  One of my senators here in MI is one of the two that were treated to state dinners in Iraq.  My local congressman (Stupak) is adamantly anti-gun, even though most of the area isn't.  He promises not to take away the hunters guns, though, and he always gets the Union vote, and the vote of all of the democrats that hang around Marquette.  But still, one has to at least try, right?  Anything but go quietly into the night. That's what we did last time.  I was hoping this Bush would've learned something from the last Bush, about what happens when you betray the gun owners.  Both were just coming off of a successful war with Iraq, too.  So we'll see, I guess.  In the mean time I'm stocking up on FAL magazines and am planning on buying rifles that aren't so dependent on detachable box mags.  It's depressing. – Mike”    This assault weapons ban didn't have much effect on the autorifles other than make them more spendy and make the Steyr AUG, which is at best a mere 600 dollar rifle into a 3,000 dollar - 600 dollar rifle.  But look at what it did with handguns...  Wonder Nines ruled.  All the sudden Wonder Nines lost the gloss and people started to look at how to get more out of 10+1.  .45's and Magnums became more popular... designs maximizing size to fit only 10 rounds became the big deals.  I think the same will happen with rifles if things don't go well.  Shooters are a "Lemons to Lemonade" kinda group... We will start seeing in short order things like AR actions being chambered for bigger and bigger rounds, and "Classics" will become more and more front page.  Look at what the ban did for the 1911.  It will do the same to the M1 Garand in time.  We beat the Huns and retook Europe 8 rounds at a time... They don't want us to have more than 10 rounds of 5.56?  We will make do with 8 rounds of .30.06 - or better yet, 10 rounds of something sick.   7MM Rem Mag in a fast handling autoloader.  .300 Win Mag in a rifle reloaded in a split second with a 10 round stripper clip.  Horsepower will become THE THING.  In shotguns we are seeing recoil dampening devices that could be adapted to a rifle firing a cartridge big enough to drop a charging rhino.   If the Anti-Gunners thought POCKET ROCKETS are a problem... just wait until everyone has an APC Busting long range boom-stick!  And they thought over rated .22's were bad... they have no freaking idea.  I'd love a sporterized M1, lightened, shortened, and rechambered for .338!  Marlin's powerful lever action rifles will become super hot sellers.   This bogus BS ban is of not only no use - but  counter productive.  Let's look at the magazine limits... let's apply this to cars as Mike suggested... Now all the sudden cars are limited to a maximum of 65 MPH.  What would happen?  Well, cars would be made to accelerate to that limit much much quicker.  Handling would become the paramount factor.   And of course hotrodders would be all over breaking those limitations on new cars and the most popular cars would be older cars... Old Iron would be the new hottness.  Still, sounds silly doesn't it?  (Hmmm, not that silly, I love Old Iron!)  But cars are not really the problem in the auto equation... it's driver distractions.  Cell Phones, and in Dash Video, and bitches putting on eye makeup while driving.   And Booze.  Maybe we should limit 6 Packs to just 4 Packs?  What would happen then?  The cans would be bigger and the brew more potent... As a result the problem would not be helped, but in fact aggravated.   And the only thing that would really happen is to annoy everyone and waste taxpayer money on making new laws and printing updated law books.   The answer to everything is to enforce the laws we have.  This ban is useless.  That school shooting yesterday... a ban wouldn't have helped that at all.  There are already a number of laws that the shooter broke.  No Guns In School, underage in possession of a gun...   Not to mention firing the gun in the city, attempted murder on probably several counts... Do they think piling more possible violations on this kid would have made him think?  Not a chance.  And banning guns... the bad guys will still have guns.  Banning guns only gets the good guys to turn in the goods.  The good guys are not the problem.  A Good Guy wouldn't make the choice to pack an AK into a school and light people up.  You don't need gun control... you need CRIMINAL control.  We need some big changes in the system.  We need to #1, Enforce the laws that we have.  #2 PUNISH the criminals and put CORRECTIONS back into the Department of Corrections.  Prisons shouldn't be criminal boot camps.  As it stands right now, they are just training facilities for thugs... A Thug Academy.  That needs to be stopped.  I like the idea of chain gangs again... Free Labor for the State for all kinds of projects.    I want them to take away the cable TV, and the weight training equipment.  Do we really want the thugs pumping up while taking the guns away from future victims?  It all makes NO SENSE.    Take away all the cigarettes, the TV, and the other luxuries... I dont care if the prisoners get pissed and start revolting... Lock them up individually... Everyone in solitary.  They are in fucking PRISON, not in a damn Holiday Inn.  They are there to be punished.  They were locked up for a reason.   Prisons need to be places where no one wants to go.   "Hmmm, I can't afford college, I'll get my education with free room and board in the Hole."  Still, we can't just put people in cages... we would only create animals that would never be able to reenter society.  Corrections is what it's about, right?  I think criminals should be forced a diet of poetry, romance stories, and job training in agriculture.  Nothing that would make a prison sentence a reward... no Degrees from prison.  But they can learn all about gardening and farming while in the mean time feeding the world.  This is just my opinion... I may be wrong.

Cell Phones.  I hate cell phones.  You got to love the biatch at the store who holds up her finger to take a call while the cashier is holding out her hand for the payment.  This Jerkhead is making the cashier wait, and me and the 3 other people behind me wait for her to finish her damn conversation.   How rude is that?  That her conversation is more important that 5 other people's time... that is SO RUDE!  This isn't just an isolated incident.  I was at Big O Tires and observed the same thing from a different lady.  This broad did the same thing to the service guy while he was standing there trying to hand her something.  If I was the service guy I would have tossed it into her lap, or just dropped it right there on her feet.   I wouldn't think its rude to treat rudeness with disregard.   Rudeness is rampant in America these days... no one is "Courteous" any more.  No one shows anyone "Respect" any more.  Cell phones do not cause rudeness, but it's used as a crutch to prop the rudeness... and excuse to be rude.  I've seen cell phones in Churches, Move Theatres, Libraries, and other places where I am sorry, but they just shouldn't be.  Etiquette is lost in America.  We might be a Great Free Nation... be we are tacky and inconsiderate to the core.  If we are so great, we should take more pride in ourselves and try to live a higher life... and that means showing respect to each other   You can have your cell phone, but keep it on vibration mode an keep it on your person.  No one wants to hear your custom ring tone and your side of a conversation... especially when you were busy talking to me or I'm waiting on you to get the fuck out of my way.    

Our Boys in Baghdad are uncovering a lot of documents showing a lot of underhanded shit from Russia.  No wonder they didn't want us going in.  Russia was selling all kinds of shit to Iraq.  I wonder what details we will uncover about what France and Germany was up to...  And those Jackholes want a piece of the reconstruction action?   We should send those dicks each a copy of a little children's book "The Little Red Hen".  Are you familiar with it?  The Little Red Hen asks for help picking wheat... no one helps.  Grinding it to flower... no one helps.  Making batter... no one helps... mixing and pouring and baking... no one helps.  So out comes a cake and all the sudden everyone want s a piece.   There is a moral to the story that most kids get.  I wonder if the French will get it.  Thos ungrateful frogs should not get ANY of the cake that American and British men and women died for.  No Way.

Remember Rodney King? Yeah, that one.  He is back in the news again... Decided to park his car.  In a house.  Made that decision while driving at 100 MPH.  Dumbass.  Of course he will get another 3 million dollars out of this... It's the house's fault... the house was white.  It's now officially justified to kick his ass now.  

April 14th, Monday:  I read in the newspaper yesterday that President Bush supports the Assault Weapons Ban, and will seek it's continuation.  This is underhanded, backstabbing politics... The majority of his supporters and defenders want this ban to go away.  It's a completely and utterly useless law.   And now just today we have a case of another school shooting... this time with an AK-47 with a 30 round magazine.  Oh that is just freaking terrific.  The Liberal Jackholes are going to milk this for all it's worth... they LOVE spilled blood.  They were probably praying for this to happen.  The vote is over a year away but we can already see signs that the issue is a hot one... and is going to go plasma hot within the next couple months now that the war is all but over.   This is the time... NOW... to write all your politicians local all the way up to the Senate and to the Whitehouse.  The Assault Weapons Ban as only served two purposes... 1, to make the liberal jackoffs feel better, and 2, to make full capacity magazines and guns that fire them more expensive.  It did NOTHING to reduce crime.  Do you know what reduces crime?  Enforcement of the laws we already have on the books.   Making up new ones is just freaking retarded.  If you want real Gun Control then you need real Criminal Control.  This means if a gun is used in a crime - you can his ass for a long time.  If he gets out on parole and violates it - he goes back to the hole for a long fucking time.  That is it.  The jails are full... packed to the point that they are early releasing.  The only problem is that we are putting people away for stupid reasons...  For things that didn't involve injury to others.  Like parking tickets and shit.  Yeah, great job enforcing civilization's rules!  It's stupid.  So to make room for the poor clod that hunts for food to feed his family out of season, they let out the guy out early who shoved a gun barrel into a guys eye socked and was about to kill him if he didn't hand over all the money.  There you go.  That's it.  That's justice. 

Speaking of guns... Been looking at a lot lately.  I am seeing a lot of good deals on guns... not great deals... but good ones... and better yet, the guys putting up the auctions (at least on the ones I've been looking at) are putting up the starting price as reserve price so you don't win an auction that hadn't hit the reserve mark yet.  That is so annoying.  Better yet, they are often Buy It Now auctions that allow you to just get that gun you've been looking for right off the bat.  This is so much better than getting your "Find" sniped out from under you for a 1 buck raise in price.  That sucks so bad.   AuctionArms is another gun auction site, but for some reason you find a lot of pawn shop owners there selling a lot of guns that have just retarded asking prices... Talking like over DOUBLE what the gun is actually worth.  And no Teddy Roosevelt or JFK didn't own that Colt Python.  Silly Pawnshops.

I am hearing that I have got to go see this film "A MAN APART".   I will later in the week... and I'm looking forward to it.    Vin Diesel is in it... I've been a Vin Fan since I first saw PITCH BLACK... this cat is raw.  Lots of screen presence.  He dominates.

Sorry MadOgre's content has kinda slacked lately... but I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues over here and just haven't really felt like getting into much of anything.  I've been "Caving" a bit more than usual... escaping into a game or reading a book.  I'm going between reading RED STORM RISING for the umpteenth time and playing RAVEN SHIELD... trying to keep my mind off of some grim issues.  I've also been busting on this hell hole of a little backwards town I have found my self in.  At least they have a movie theatre and a Block Busters.  Other than that, I'm going farking nuts over here.

Speaking of Raven Shield, I have 4 favorite weapons that I like to use... I can clear any level with one of these guns:  The MAC-11, the Steyr TMP, the AK-47, and the FAL.  All with a suppressor mounted of course.  Depending upon the map... I'll always go with one of these 4 guns.  The main weapon that I use the most is the AK.  Lots of power and range, yet pretty fast handling for smaller maps.  Sniping?  That is all done with the suppressed FAL.  You don't need the scope and I find a scope too slow anyways.   I can't wait for all the new maps and weapon packs to come out.  See ya later... I'm going to go bang my head against the wall until the voices stop.

April 13th, Sunday:  This morning is a beautiful Sunday morning with crisp clean air, sunshine, and a house full of little freaking terrorists running around.  When you have young boys - you had damn well better wake up before they do.  The consequences are dire.  They trashed the place, made huge messes, and lost the DVD's I just rented last night.  *sigh*   To look at their angelic faces, you would not expect them to be such monsters.

Watched a couple movies last night... We got a family movie for the kids and put that on first.  Dinotopia.  What a load of communist propaganda bullshit that was!  Rule on Dinotopia is that there are no weapons.  Yet later in the film we see Dino-Guards with spears or pole axes.  Okay - so it's like in Dinotopia its okay for the creatures that are 100 times stronger than a man with natural weapons of fang and claw who are in positions of authority to be armed - but the people who are subject can not.   Oh that is just really nice.  And then of course there are a number of attacks - "But there are other ways of defending yourself."  I guess that means running and screaming from T-Rex and a flock of big dino-birds.  The man in charge, the mayor, looked like a foppish french clown.  I suspected French infiltration and I was right... French credits rolled at the end.  Unfortunately the boys loved the movie and turning it off wasn't an option until it was over.  *sigh* Expedition to Dinotopia would have to include an assortment of arms.  I'm thinking L1A1 Rifles for the party loaded with 180 grain soft point hunting ammunition.  Backed up by a few M-60Es.  The next movie for after the kids went to sleep was called "Amy's O".  Sounds bad... but it was seriously funny.  We laughed through quite a bit of it.  Hilarious.  Cute chick has personal issues, and writes a book... and the story is about her getting over those issues.  Sexual subject matter, but no porn so it's not as bad as it sounds... it's just frank discussion of matters of the libido.  One of the better flicks out there in the new section of Block Busters.   There are a lot of really crappy flicks out there now.  They all suck.  Any movie where the main focus of the cover is a gun - sucks.   Any movie where the main background color is "Explosion Fireball Orange" sucks.  And any movie where you flip the box over to look at the back and you see stills from the movie that show the heroes running from a big orange explosion fireball - sucks.   It's not just action that I have a little rule about... any movie with the faces of two overly cute and over rate actors on the cover with there faces close together - yeah - they suck too.  You might not be able to judge a book bye the cover... but you can sure as hell judge a movie.

April 11th, Friday:   Like the title says, I am now rewired with broadband via a wireless connection to a dual T-1 connection.  The download speed is just SICK... I love it.   Crazy Fast.  The only caveat is a about a 1 second lag time between clicking the link and it pulling the page or file down.  However, once it starts pulling it down - its already done.  BAM!  It's like a Fire Hose.   So, I am finally happy with SOMETHING out here. 

Did you hear Rush Limbaugh today go off on CNN?  Wow!  Talk about an indictment!  Apparently CNN knew about all these atrocities for years and NEVER ONCE reported it... and in fact, reported things to the contrary in order to appease Iraqi officials so CNN could keep an office in Baghdad.  Rush called them on it... pretty pointedly.  If this is actually true (and I believe it is) then CNN as an Agency is guilty of some pretty treasonous shit.  Aiding and abetting the enemy to say the very least.  CNN better put some incredible spin on this or they well suffer badly.  They deserve to suffer - no doubt about that.  Withholding that information has cost who knows how many people their lives.  CNN has blood... lots of blood on it's hands.   But of course, these guys will blame Bush for it.  I bet they will take some notes from Iraq's Minister of Misinformation.  (The only good things on the radio out here are Rush and Sean Hannity.  At least they have that)

Got this email from a reader last week.  Subject was “Doom and Gloom”.  I held off answering it because of it’s importance, but now that I have my connection set up and a few minutes of time, I will respond to this:  “Hey Ogre, I have a question for you.  What do you think about all the doom and gloom you see bantied about in the RKBA community?  You see a lot of it over at The High Road.  You know what I'm talking about.  "The Government has violated all of our rights..."  "We live in a police state..."  "Things will never get better..."  "All is lost, woe is me..."  It does get a bit tiresome.  Always complaining about problems, never offering solutions. I think that, from a historical perspective, things today REALLY aren't all that bad in America.  Does the federal government have more power than it should?  Yes, I think so.  But government overreaching is certainly nothing new.  Except back in the old days, it was the STATE governments that violated peoples rights by offical act, not the feds.  It seems to me that the power has shifted to the feds, but in many ways things aren't much different.  At least today you don't have governors issuing edicts to have members of a certain religion shot on site.  Thing is today is there is no more frontier to which you can travel to avoid government, if you wish.  If we ever make it into space in any significant way, that will change. I was once in a debate with someone back on the Firing Line, and listed a bunch of historical governmental abuses of power.  The Federalists making it illegal to mock Federalists for awhile.  People, based on skin color, religion, and/or gender, not having equal protection under the law.  People, based on the same conditions, not being allowed to vote.  What FDR did to American citizens of Japanese descent during the Second World War.  On and on.  In any case, the person I was arguing with insisted that this was proof of his theory that the United States has been sliding downhill since its inception and we are well on our way to a brutal police state from which there can be no escape.  He seemed to not realize it that these are all bad things that have CHANGED, they've GOTTEN BETTER.  All is not lost and the world is not ending.  But it's very easy for someone to type "it's hopeless" on their keyboard and post it on the 'net, because that gives them the excuse to not do anything about it, if they're ever challened on not making any effort to change that which they don't like.  See, you see this attitude with a lot of hardcore libertarians.  Me, I can't be a libertarian.  I'm in the military.  Hell, I go to a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY! I don't want to get down on libertarians.  I agree with them on many things. But like ANY point of view, if you want me to take you seriously, you can't have your actions contradicting your supposed beliefs.  You can't claim to be a libertarian and be going to a public school (and that cop-out of "it's the government's fault I go to public school won't cut it, either, as public universities in MI are a LOT cheaper than private ones, despite the private schools getting subsidies to keep tuition down).  You can't claim to be a Marxist an still accept pay for your work.  You can't claim to be a liberal and complain about taxes being too high.  I'm willing to listen to ANY point of view, but you have to both back up what you say with facts AND not be a hypocrite.  (There aren't any gun-grabbers that fit this description, I don't think, because facts simply do not support their beliefs.)  One last thing to all the would be libertarians out there.  Don't worship Ayn Rand.  You don't want to be an objectivist, because you won't have any friends.  You can't have any faith or religion, and you must be almost pathologically incapable of caring for your fellow man.  Same problem Timothy McVeigh had, if I'm not mistaken.  And you can't trust objectivists, because they'll betray you as first opportunity, provided they can benefit from it and not get hurt in the process.  "I swear, by my life, and my love for it, that I will never live for another man, nor ask any man to live for me."  That's a quote from one of her works, as is the quote "there is no morality in living for others".  I don't have my copy of Anthem with me, so I can't give more exact quotes.  In any case, just be thankful your local fire department isn't made up of Objectivists, because they sure as hell aren't doing it for the money.  "House on fire, huh?  Kids trapped upstairs?  Not MY problem.  I don't get paid enough to risk my life like that.  Put it out yourself."  So what do you think, Ogre?  Is it hopeless?  Should everyone throw up their hands in resignation?  Is America really as bad a place to live as some of these folks make it out to be?”   Thanks for the email, Mike and sorry it has taken me some time to properly respond… But I felt this email was significant enough to give more thought to it and ponder some of the points you made.  Good points and good questions and about something that has been bothering me for the last few years.  I'm a member of a few Pro-Gun Orgs.  NRA, GOA, JPFO.  I pay the dues every year for some reason, but to be perfectly honest I don't even open the mail from them anymore.  Its ALWAYS the same messages... the end is near and the only differences are the names for who is at fault this month.  It's tiresome.  It's irksome.  It just pisses me off. The only reason that I don't quit them is that the cards piss off the Liberals even more... and some times I think that they do some good.  The NRA is a good lobby group for us.  The JPFO is just kinda cool. The GOA does a good job of tracking candidates and politicos.   I guess.  I don't know.  Maybe they have a place.  Maybe not.  Maybe they are out dated. One thing is for sure, they are out for our money.  Every freaking envelope has another one for yet another donation.   And to sell that "Your donation is CRITICAL NOW or ALL IS LOST" is the same freaking message each time. I'm interested in politics only because I feel that as an American Citizen, I have to be.  I've served my God and my Country... I've put on the uniform, carried a rifle, and earned my right to call my self a citizen.  I have a stake in the welfare of this country... It's Mine.  And because of that fact, I don't mind going to a State School - A Public School.  Because it's MY school.  And this state university is going to be paid for by a Federal Grant.  I don't have a problem with that either. How that jives with the Libertarian Party - I don't care.  I registered as a Libertarian because it was the closest to my personal feelings.  But I can't espouse all the Libertarian points.  I have to admit, on some issues - I lean Democrat.  Only a few, so don't worry.  I think if a person was to be totally party line on every single issue - that should raise a flag.  That person isn't thinking things through, or he/she is a zealot... either way - Flag on the Field!  A lot of Shooters, not just on, or, are very worried to the point of paranoia that the end is near.  I think they are victims of advertising.  The same thing regular commercials for consumer products do to you.  You Whites are not white enough, your hair isn't glossy enough, your teeth are not clean enough, your carpets are not fresh enough, and your car is not smooth enough.... and to fix it all you MUST refinance your home.   Gimme a break.  Shooters drop the word "Sheeple" a lot, but they need to look in the mirror once in awhile because I'm looking at us and I'm seeing a lot of fucking wool around here.   Ann Rand?  You know, I hate that biatch.  She can't write and her diatribe is all of personal elitism.  Not only is she a cast iron biznatch... she is boring.   The NRA is boring.  The GOA is boring.  We have to look at the POSSITIVES here!  We are in a GREAT position!  If people would stop yapping and bitching and moaning and start fucking DOING SOMETHING - the we could actually REVERSE decades of Anti-Gun / Anti-Freedom encroachment!  We just have to keep the pressure on the politicians.  Make a push. Not only that, we have to GET INTO POLITICS ourselves.  Freedom is something we have to pay for... it's expensive to live in our "Free Society".  But it's still the best thing going. Throw up our arms?  No.  Raised Fists?  YES!

Another email from a reader: “Greetings Mr. Ogre: To the question "What do you think of Peter Arnett?" I would answer: Too bad we didn't drop one on him in Baghdad in '91. As for the French --now they are "reaching out" for reconciliation to us, because they want in on the oil after the war, of course, the double-dealing assholes. As far as a .22, I kind of like my Ruger , yes I said Ruger, 22/45 stainless with bull barrel. The 22/45 has a polymer 1911-style grip, so if you like 1911's, and I know you do, you might like it. It shoots straight, is inexpensive, and doesn't have that barrel-heavy feel of the Ruger .22 government target pistols, but it has good accuracy. Not the more serious match accuracy of the government (which is subject to some debate), but good and fun to shoot, IMHO. I'm still looking forward to my Beretta Storm. I'm going to sell my Marlin camp nine carbine to justify the purchase. BTW I recently bought an Armalite 180B rifle. I believe you mentioned it a while ago. I bought it during the winter, and in upstate New York we only recently have had sufficiently-bare ground and warmer temps to get out to the range. (My H&K USP .45 and Glock 19 had to be exercised first.) I'll let you know how it shoots, if you're interested. Can't get a scope mount--I may have it drilled and tapped for a weaver base. Regards, and good luck with school and the move, Justin” I think had we known where Peter Arnett was, we would have accidentally dropped a bomb short... Oops. If we cross our fingers, we still might! The Ruger Mk II is one of the top .22 autos out there. I had one that out shot the much vaunted and hyped S&W 41... I like the Rugers. The 22/45 is pretty much the same gun but with a different frame. I'm sure it's a joy to shoot. Nothing wrong with it at all. I just like the Browning better. Something about the way it feels and fits in my hand... and that is most important when it comes to a handgun. If the MK II fit my hand better - things would be different. This is something that many shooters or I should say "self proclaimed" shooters just don't get. People who spend more time in the gun stores and behind the covers of gun rags and not out there actually dropping the hammer on live rounds... Posers. They have to have the NAME. They have to have the gun of the month or the scope of the moment... and buy the latest ammo straight out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These guys have the potential... but they just don't get it. It's not about what you have. It's about shooting. Indeed... give me a review of your new 180B! I'll be looking forward to it!

The Following is some thoughts I jotted down over this last week.  Decided to put them up.

I’m in a very small town.  The local paper is freaking joke and there is a grand total of 3 radio stations.  One AM and two FM.  Nice.  I have no internet access and I have no satellite TV.  I feel like I am on a desert island.  If there is a bright side to this hole, I’ve not found it yet.  Hopefully this situation will change soon and I’ll at least have my internet access and Fox News.  Then at least this desert island will not feel so freaking small.   There is a local shooting group I could join up with I guess… but this would mean trading in my new fangled ottermatic for a six-gun.  This is something I am not willing to do.  Not by a long shot.  However, I must admit, a .41 Thunderer is a very handsome shooting iron.

Okay, Confession Time.  I would even like to own one.   (A .41 Thunderer replica in .45 Colt)  While I am all about high-tech automatics and cutting edge weapon systems… I always get a warm fuzzy in my heart when I pick up a gun older than I am.  Not that hard to do… But the older the gun is… the warmer and fuzzier I feel.  Know what I mean?  Or am I just nuts?  I love the old Iron Curtain guns… I think they are just cool as hell.  AK-47s and CZ-52s are 2 of my favorites… but going back even further you have the old Colt Dick Special, and the Ruger Security Six, and the S&W M&P… all very cool and I love them… Then you get into the older wheel guns and I have to admit that I really don’t know anything about those.  There are cats out there that can quote you the manufacture day from the serial number and could even tell you who put it together on that day.   I’m not one of those gurus.  I don’t know the history of the Single Action Army in any details other than the basics… but I can appreciate the artistry that went into each one of those guns.  The artwork hidden in the lines and finish of the piece… they are beautiful.  Such a fine piece of history I would hesitate to pack around if it was all original parts and finish.  However I wouldn’t mind owning one that was restored into a serviceable shooter.    There is something about a revolver that I love.  I haven’t owned very many, but those that I have owned, I have loved.  I’m pretty handy with a wheel-gun too.  I used a snub-nosed S&W Model 10 .38 Special at my police academy and took top scores during the handgun course.  Had my ass handed to me during the shotgun part of the class – but that’s okay.  It was worth it when I saw the look on the faces of the cats with the SIGs and Glocks… and that one fellow with the 8 inch barreled Python.   Sitting in my apartment practicing reloading with speed loaders for hours on end paid off.  My reloads were faster than the guys with the automatics.  Anyways… Even with out speed loaders, slower and deliberately smooth action will get you reloaded and back on target ready to fire faster than a panic driven flustered fumbling guy that doesn’t quite know his stuff.  Wheel guns are also more fun, I think.  Why I don’t own one now is a very good question.  There have been many that have caught my eye…  especially this one huge framed .44 Magnum with a short barrel and a concealment grip.  The thing was ludicrous – but I LUSTED after it.  Would have picked it up too… But needed an automatic for competition and didn’t have the funds to just pick up a new gun.  Mainly when I get a new gun these days, it’s because the old gun went bye bye.  I’ve been a trader more than anything because I have a short supply of discretionary funds and a wandering eye.   But that is just me.  Now the damndest thing has happened to me.  I have a gun that I don’t want to get rid of… and worst of all – it’s a stinking 9MM!!!!  A Beretta 92FS just like the US Army’s.  How did this happen?  I’ve had this gun for 4 months now and it’s been WONDERFUL to me.  Flawless function and shocking accuracy.   I can’t let this gun go.  This means it’s the NEXT gun that gets to become the expendable piece.  The only question is which gun should I get?  *sigh* No rush on this… I probably have a good 4 years before make any more money – me being a student now… again.  *sigh*    

We need to find Iraq’s Minister of Misinformation.  This cat has been so far out in left field – we need WB to give him a sitcom.   The dude is hilarious.  The guy has been the funniest thing on the news in the last several years.  Just think what he could do for WB?   Or better yet – the NFL!  The did pretty good with Dennis Miller, and he is a comedian.  Look out on the field, you see the Greenbay Packers run a kick return deep into the 49’ers territory… Dennis Miller says what a great kick return that was… and this Misinformation guy goes off on a rant about how the “Packers don’t even have the ball… Are no where on the field… and are just milling about like a snake.  Packers don’t have nothing.  Oh, they just scored a touchdown?  Well, that is because the 49’ers GAVE THAT to them!  Yeah, it’s all part of the 49’ers wonderful strategy and it’s going perfectly well.  These Packers are going to go home in shame!  Another Touchdown?  No.  That did not just happen right there.   What you just saw on the TV was fake.  Special Effects.  The Packers hired George Lucas and a bunch of Jedi to only make it LOOK like they had scored another TD.  They have nothing!”   It would be great.  Let’s hire this guy.  Send some talent agents into Iraq now! 

Okay, check this shit out… The local phone provider has a pretty tight monopoly on DSL service here.  This is a matter of litigation currently and is not going to be solved soon.  Meanwhile these jackholes are raping people out here.  Mainly because the local populace is too smegging dim to know the difference.  DSL line is 40 bones a month for only 128K of connection speed.  What the hell is that?  Dial up access is only 25… 25 hours a month.  WTF?  Where the hell am I?  1993?  If you want anything real – you have to bend over and take it in ass.  I can see people here playing as much as a hundred bucks a month for a measly connection that I used to just take for granted.   I’m contacting this company… “Fred Flintstone called, he wants is log rolling car back.”  *sigh* I’m going to see if I can still use my old ISP and have these jackholes just activate the line.  If that is possible.  The upside?  Still looking.  

I get a lot of questions relating to guns.  Normally they are asking for recommendations... No problem.  I'll drop my take on any subject.  If the subject is about weapons - outstanding.  Just preface the question with a little background information about yourself and what you are mainly going to be doing with the gun and I'll be able to give you a much better, more accurate opinion/suggestion.  Other times the gun related questions are about where to go to find a certain type of product or service.  Again, no problem... I can answer most right off the top of my head, and if I don't have the answer off the cuff - I have it in one of my books right here by my desk.  However since my internet access is limited to whenever I can borrow my In-Law's computer, I'm not currently available for answering a question... So to aid you guys, my readers and those that just picked me up off Google - here is a short list of gun related websites that are supplying most of the accessories you guys have been asking about lately:

Crimson Trace laser grips - These cats make the laser sights that live in the grip panels.  If you can swap grips on your gun, you can install these laser sights.  They are pretty good and you don’t need a special holster.  If you want a laser on your gun, this is a solid option.

Cor-Bon Ammunition -  These guys make some super hot ammunition for calibers that would surprise you.  High performance stuff.

Black Hills Ammunition -  Perhaps one of the best new ammo companies out there.  The ammo is top notch and not as expensive as you would think.  I’ve used a lot of it and have been well pleased.

Glaser Safety Ammunition -  For some reason the question of frangible ammo is back.  Here is an example of that breed of bullet… There are others, but this is just off the top of my head.  I would look others up for you, but I’ve no connection. 

Aguila Ammunition - Want a .45 round that has the velocity of a 9MM?  You can get it from these guys.  Want a silent .22 round for those pesky cats in your hood?   You can get it from these guys.

Wolf Ammunition -  Cheap ammo.  Buy it in bulk.  The only caliber I would buy from these guys personally is the 7.63X39MM (AK-47 Ammo)

Brownells - Gunsmithing parts and supplies plus a lot of other cool things you never knew you needed.  Oh, and if you order anything from these guys, throw in a little jar of “Action Lube Plus”.  You can thank me later.

Cheaper Than Dirt (all kinds of stuff) -  This is where those guys at the gun shows get all those cheap ass shitty knives that they sell.  Ammo cans, MREs, and anything else you need if you think you don’t have enough junk.  Check them out… sometimes they have some actually useful stuff.

Ed Brown Products - Stuff for your 1911.

Gun Broker (online gun auctions) -  EBay for guns.  Just check your local FFL and get all his information before you visit this site.  Because shortly after you log in, you’ll need it.  Here is a dirty little secret:  Most smart people are using this site to establish current values for guns.  You just make a search of the gun, and see what they have sold for to get your ball park figure.

Hogue Grips -  Love Hogues.  These are what I most likely have on any given gun.  From 1911s to revolvers, this is where it’s at.

Pearce Grips -  You go here if Hogue doesn’t have the grip you like or need.  One thing cool, the 1911’s “Modular Grips”.  This allows you to have nice rubber finger grooves like the Hogue grips, while keeping those good looking wood grips that are special to you.  Nice system. 

Liberty Gun Safes -  “Where do I find Gun Safes?”   Right here.  After you get all your goodies from the above websites, you need a safe to lock them up in!   Rule of thumb when buying a gun safe… always go up one size larger than you think you need.   You’ll find you need the extra room before you find yourself buying a second safe.  Especially if you hang out at with any regularity.  If you have a Den or Study or Library that needs some sprucing up, a nice gun safe adds a lot of class.  

I hope these links are helpful to you...  I'll have to put them up in my links section.  From these links you should be able to find danged near anything you need.

April 10th, Thursday:  The local Telco has a monopoly on DSL service.  They are charging people an arm and a leg for DSL service and the speed offered is only 128K.  WTF?  If you want 256, or heaven forbid, a faster connection - they RAPE you.   I'm talking Republican Guard rape you.  These rat bastards have been ripping people off because everyone here thinks it's still 1993.  I went in and talked to them and they basically lied to me from the word "Hello".  You can't use your own ISP, your own DSL modem, your own micro-filters (they call them DSL Splitters out here) or anything that you might already have.  Not only that, they only offer a 1 port unit... for 200 and if you want a normal 4 port, you have to shell out 300.  These stone aged fucks need a good beating.

Tomorrow morning I should have a wireless T-1 connection set up...  Yeah Baby.  Screw these DSL jackholes.  Now I can run wireless with my portable devices as well.   Crap.  I knew I should have picked up a wireless pack for my iPaq!  Damn!  Time to shop EBay!

Since I have been in a cave for this last week, I'm going to have to sit down and watch Fox News for a few hours to catch up.  I understand we have just about surrounded everything in Iraq with everything that we have there... Saddam's statues are being pulled down left and right and looters are shopping in what is left of all of the former leadership's houses.  Bush has made a speech directly to the Iraqi people... Looks like everything is going according to plan.  Unless your a sleazy Liberal.

April 8th, Tuesday: Now that we are in our new place, it’s going to take a few weeks to get DSL hooked back up.  Not sure who offers it in this area, or even what broadband options are available… but I’m hoping for cable this time, but DSL would be fine.  Email isn’t “Down” but it wont be checked very often as I have limited means of connecting to the server right now.   But that wont stop me from making updates as I can.

Ogre is sick of Liberals!  Today is the when things changed over in Iraq and here in the US.  We found Weapons of Mass Destruction.  There are those that said Saddam didn't have them... Wrong!  We now have proved our justification in going into Iraq.  Saddam had them and there is evidence he was planning on and ready to use them.  This is something that the Liberals are going to have to accept - or a big hurdle in logic to jump over.  But I have plenty of faith in the Power of Stupid, and I know those morons will be able to jump over it yet... We just have to give them a minute to come up with another one.  These Saddam Apologists are so pathetic... I cannot even talk to them without laughing at them in their face.  "The US planted those WOMD - because Saddam had already used them on the Kurds!"  Great... Thanks for further justification for going in!  You just admitted he pulled the trigger!    These war protestors are so stupid... They think they are taking the moral high ground, when what they are really doing is supporting a madman who slaughters people - whole families - on a whim.  When asked about that - they either change the subject, blame Bush (as if Bush was murdering people - maybe Clinton but that’s another rant), or just ignore the question.  The funny thing is, they don't have the intellectual horsepower to realize how utterly stupid they are being.   These mono-synaptic drooling dunderheads only see one thing - George W Bush and it doesn’t matter what the issue is... These idiots will protest it.  Bush could say something like 'it should be allowed that doctors can administer oxygen to newborn babies if they deem it necessary' and these idiots will protest about that.  Its not about the issues, its about Bush... No matter what they say.  Remember that.  Liberals make me sick... They are either completely stupid, devoid of morals, or both.  They have seriously damaged America.  They have taken what is Right and made it Wrong, and what is Wrong, they made Right.  They have taken the fundamental values that built our country, and turned them on its head.  All of this over something called Political Correctness.  Cancer of morality.  We people that can still tell the difference between Right and Wrong need to do everything we can to throw wrenches into the PC machine.  The Liberals would have us put down all of our family values, would have us allow mass murder around the world, and do everything imaginable to make free people slaves of a government with total and absolute power... Liberals are Evil - and a threat to America.  They are no longer entertainment... They are a force to be overcome.  All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.  I'm calling on all good people to take a stand against stupidity, against evil, and against these liberal saboteurs.  Write letters to all your politicians, all your newspapers, all your organizations... Voice Your Opinions!  The Silent Majority needs to start SHOUTING!  

Today I took my Demolition Squad to the park for some much needed R&R.   I brought a pack of "Sprite" and a couple popcorn-chicken orders.  The munched chicken, drank pop, and ran around the park like hooligans.  I was great fun just watching them frolic like fools.  My littlest one knows no fear - he will dive head first down the biggest slide - combat roll back to his feet and run back to do it again! Crazy!   

The move has really put a beating on me.  I'm still exhausted.   I think I need some good food to give me some energy.  A beef stick and some mustard isn't cutting it.  My shoulder is still killing me.  Its always been an issue, but a low priority one.  It was pretty bad after the shotgun work at the WC 3 Gun event last year... But after a couple days it was alright.   Let me back this trolley up a bit further... Some history is in order.  Back in '93 I went through a Police Academy and during which I tore my rotor cuff and dislocated my shoulder in a very bad way.  I went to the hospital right then and there and the Doc wrenched my shoulder back into place.  It seemed fine, but my shoulder has never been the same since.  Never.  Before this happened to me, I could Bench-Press 350 pounds.  Now, when I do even just 100 I can feel my shoulder start to buckle inside. I've no strength in it any more.  When I'm working or lifting or out shooting I can feel twinges of pain mixed with the normal dull ache.  In the Army I learned a couple things... #1, "Pain Purifies" so you don't bitch about it.  Because of that, #2, I've developed a pretty freaking high level of pain tolerance... so I can continue on even if I'm hurting very badly. The problem is that sometimes pain isn't just an ache to be ignored, but your body's warning that you are injured and still taking damage.  Flash forward to these last couple of days.  The pain signals got so bad in my shoulder that I just couldn't go on.  I'd take a break and pop a few handfuls of pain-meds and continue on once the pain came back down into the red-zone.  2 days of this.  Now looking at my shoulder, you can clearly see that one shoulder is now lower and shaped differently than the other.  Muscles spasms will set in and the pain level is just hellacious.  I now have some muscle-relaxing meds that are keeping the spasms under control... So I guess I'll be okay.   I've talked to another with a similar issue... He is going in for surgery this week.  A regular Doc can't do anything.   He went to the ER and they charged him $150.00 for a sling and $6.00 each for a couple Advils.  Nice.  I can do that myself.  Surgery is the only thing they can do because they have to actually go in and reattach all the things that hold your shoulder together.  That's pretty much what I need... I'm no Doc, but I used to be among other things an EMT... So I can tell that something is wrong.  On the good shoulder, you can follow the clavicle to the shoulder and feel where it goes under a layer muscles. On the bad shoulder you follow it to a hole.  I can't explain it... It just fucking hurts.  Reminds me of the movies where the good guy gets shot, but its only in the shoulder so he is okay and can keep fighting and doesn't seem to even really be effected - bullshit!  Let me tell you, that kinda shoulder injury is almost paralyzing.  Your unable to use your arm, your unable to breath without great effort, and you can't even think straight because of the fire in your shoulder.  Of course, at first your body is still taking damage-control reports and not even processing pain messages just yet... But give it a few minutes... Then comes the pain... Severe, mind-numbing pain.  After that comes shock. Shock from pain, and shock from blood loss.  Okay, I'm not shot so I can stop my bitching...

Side effect from these muscle relaxers... Drowsy as hell.  Feels like 4 hours after a Grateful Dead gig.  Haven’t felt this way in years.

We are now out of Orem.  The move is complete.  The U-Haul is unloaded and returned.  We are exhausted.  Looking back at the last 3 years in that little house, I can honestly say I will miss it.  Even if it was too small and too drafty... Even if it had the laundry machines in the dining area...  It was  a good little house that was full of love... Messes too... But love was there and that made it special.  Anyone was always welcome...if they didn't mind the mess and if they were not Liberals, French, or Soccer Fans. 

We couldn't find a house in time so we are renting an apartment.  It's not bad for an apartment... Give it a few months and it too will feel like home.  Maybe.  At least until we find someplace better.  Well it's been a hard two days... and painful.  I've done something very bad too my right shoulder.  Torn ligaments and tendons or something... My right shoulder is now hanging an inch lower then the right.  That can't be good.

April 4th, Friday:  Correia has an update for us... His new gun design has me drooling.  This is the gun I have never known I have always wanted. 

It's all my fault.  I posted a link to the All Your Base video and some kids in Michigan take it and get carried away with it... get busted by the police.  Some one send up Michigan the Bomb!  Cops there have no sense of humor.

Well, we got a new place and are going to be moving this weekend.  This is very rushed and will happen very fast. might not be updated for awhile... but don't lose faith.  And hey, there is still a lot of to read.  Have you read all the Star Wars articles?  What about the Archives?  You have?  Oh.  Never mind.  Looking forward to doing the U-Haul thing.  I have some emails that I will try to post here soon.  If I don't get to them, I'll post them up later.  I should be able to get another DSL connection when we get all moved in.   Not sure.  I don't think Cable is an option.  I'd like a cable connection, for the faster upload speeds, but that's probably dreaming.  I'm going to keep the same hosting for awhile... I see no reason to switch that at this time.  Anyways, after today, emails will still be collected, but I wont be able to respond until after I get a connection established.

Remember me saying that I liked Opera 7 as a web browser?  Well, now I don't.  It used to have a little banner ad up in the corner that was very nice and quiet.  For some reason it has changed into a flashing red strobe that cries out "Click Me!"  No, it's not tempting to click on it... it literally says "CLICK ME NOW!"  Seriously.  From my computer's speakers.  This is what I call ASSHOLE ADVERTISING.  This happened two weeks ago and I sent an Email to the Opera people.  I have had no response.  Opera is as I type this, uninstalling.  I'm not going to use it.  Hell, I have been thinking about buying a full license for it, but this is now an "Over My Dead Body" issue.  I'll not support Opera.  I don't know who put that little advertisement in there... but they should have their face shoved deeply up Michelle Moore's flabby ass.   This is too bad... I really liked Opera.  Mozilla just sucks.  I'm not happy with it at all.

Did you guys hear about the CNN reporter that did Brain Surgery on an Iraqi kid?  

Been having some fun with "Soundboards".  Fun toys.  This one is great.  Use this one to answer the phone.  Here is a bunch... these are awesome.

April 3rd, Thursday:  Have Damn... SHE IS HOT!you seen some of these so called Peace Protestors?  They don't even know what they are protesting!  I am fully convinced that Liberals and these Peace Protestors are just flat out stupid.  We need more positive supporters for the US Forces.  France doesn't qualify.

I've been on the road all week, with my iPaq as my constant companion... All my updates have been written and loaded with my iPaq...  Best Invention Ever.  I've also used it to check my email...  The only thing I haven't done with it - recharge my batteries.  Today I hit 40% juice and got my low battery warning.  This thing is so cool.  I should be home tomorrow and will be able to recharge it... finally. 

France would be speaking German if it wasn't for the USA!There are some that think we shouldn't boycott French products.  I am for the boycott.  I think we should cut France, Germany, and Russia off.  If they can't support the USA, then they can't suckle from us.  As I have said before, France Sucks.  There is talk that Germany is starting to lean our way in this war issue.  The further we go in Iraq, the more we uncover about Saddam's evil.  The only people that don't recognize these atrocities are people who are just flat out stupid. Since when is Rock Hard Stupidity an opinion?  Hell, it's now it's a political party!  I see the arguments against boycotting Coalition of Weasel products... but I don't get it.  I can see the points, and can understand where they are coming from... but they don't stand up. 

I am sure you have heard PFC Jessica Lynch's story.  They were ambushed and put up a fight.  PFC Lynch fought for her life until she ran out of ammo.  She may have been "just a file clerk"... but I would put up any Jessica Lynch over any Republican Guard Elitist.  She is something else... Ferocious.  I think this is a good argument for women in combat... It's not about brute physical strength - but spirit.  The military could use more of this.  America could use more of this.

I'm wanting to get an X-Box for some reason... Mainly for modding.  I want to put in a 120 gig hard drive...  Not that there is anything really useful for that... But it's just really cool.

April 2nd, Wednesday:  All your Iraq is Belong to US Funny how that old joke never gets old.  Here is the original music video...

I've been talking about boycotting goods from countries within the coalition of weasels. The 3 primary countries are: France. Germany. Russia.  Boycotting the French is easy. I've never liked anything from France anyway.  Boycotting Germany is a bit harder for me. I like German Cars. I like German Guns. I even like German food. (brats and kraut – mmmm…)  HK - the font of all tactical firearms. Crap.  And Russia? There goes my VEPR II. It's imported from Russia straight to Utah. Too bad.  Luckily for us gun enthusiasts there are good guns to be had from the Coalition of the Willing.  Guns from Spain and Italy and the Czech Republic.  Stars, Astras, Berettas and CZs....   Plenty of good guns to keep us busy for the next 20 years.  I guess this moves the VEPR II off the “TO GET” list and moves the Beretta Cx4 Storm up to the top now.  No problem.  I can deal with that. Another CZ-52?  Gladly.   Porsche, Audi, BMW, VW... no more.  Forget about them.  A Peugeot or a Renault?  Please... never even a consideration.  This isn't too bad... A Peugeot is a fine rally car... but they have been getting their asses kicked by Skoda.  VW like car, but made in the Czech Republic... Nice. Hey, check out that Czech chick... Whoa.  I think if you are a fan of German engineered sports sedans... you would want to be selling off your old panzerwagons and buying up a svelte and sexy Skoda....   

Yesterday afternoon I watched with joy and pride the reports that PFC Jessica Lynch was rescued.  Thank Heavens!   She was rescued by US Army Rangers - RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! If you have seen the footage of these guys carrying PFC Lynch on a stretcher, you will notice these Rangers were decked out ready to rock.  Night Vision, Suppressors, all the cool toys you need to do some high speed shit.  PFC Lynch was being kept in a Hospital.  Also in this hospital were a number of other US Service personnel... all  dead.  They also found weapons and other military command and control equipment and supplies.   Nice.  Using a hospital as a military command center so we wont hit it from the air.  Chicken Shits.  Well, I can't blame them... I wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night  with a JDAM sitting in my lap.  But still, a freaking hospital?  How low can you get?  The Iraqi leadership machine knows no such thing as "Low" or "Dishonor" or "Humanity".  These guys... these things... animals... vermin.  The sooner they are wiped out - the better.  And thankfully, it looks like it will be sooner.  We are inside 20 miles of the objective and there is nothing left to stop up.  Oh, and PFC Lynch... she is a cutie... She is going to become a national icon very shortly.  The new face of the Army.  Poster Girl.  Political tool.  I just hope she is smart enough to work all this to her advantage instead of politicians using her to their advantage.

I am amazed out how successful this has been.  Yes, we have taken some hits and have had our nose bloodied... but that is what happens in a war.  I think it's laughable that some people would call our progress a failure.  The Military's plan a failure.    Every time an Iraqi Officer looks through a set of binoculars, he sees a US Soldier giving him the finger... just before he shoots him.  Failure?  Who are these people calling this a failure?  How come they are the least qualified to make labels?  Ah... now we see... it's the people least likely to have been experienced in any military action.  That's right... the Liberals.  They are making a complete joke of them selves.   Liberal says "This war is a failure!"  Army Guy says "Uh, but we are only 20 miles away from Baghdad and we got here in less than two weeks after rolling over and taking the entire country."  Liberal "Well, it would have been different if Bush hadn't stole the election in Florida."  Army Guy "Your right.  Saddam would have been 20 miles away from Capitol Hill by now."

I saw the coolest bike yesterday while stopped at a gas station picking up something cold and carbonated... This cat rolls up and this bike...  It was sweet.  Big V-Twin engine with a low rumbling growl sound.  Not a Harley... an Indian.  Indian Scout to be specific.  Looked old timey... Classic styled.  But it was brand new.  The cat just picked it up a couple days ago.  He is paying only 200 bones a month for it.  The shit-eating grin on his face is evidence of a good investment.  I don't think I myself could reap such satisfaction spending 200 bucks in a month on anything else.  That was the grin of a Happy Man.  I want that grin!  I am looking for a Bike... I'm going to sell a vehicle to get one.  I'm looking for a used bike - because I don't want to carry a note.  But I'm not sure which bike I should be looking at.  "Any Bike" is the quick answer, but the wrong answer.  I want a solid cruiser with long legs and every day practicality.  I want a Chopper, but I'm not positioned for a Chopper economically.  I need a bike that is easy to ride, long range, efficient, and at least 750CC's because I am not a small man.  I'm not fat, but I am over 200... 6 foot when not hunched... Long arms and legs.  I'm leaning to a Yamaha Virago, Honda Magna (before this new body style came out), or the like.  I once saw an HD Sportster with a larger fuel tank.  That would be JUST RIGHT.  I think it was a 5 gallon tank if I remember.  That's like what I want.  If your a Bike Aficionado, please make a valid suggestion.  GSXR-1100 Need not apply.  I am not after a riding position that looks like I am sexually involved with the machine.  I want something relaxed... laid back.  Gold Wing type bikes... no... not that relaxed.  It's also gotta have some balls... something that can roost.  Now mix in affordable, and good looking... and that is what I am looking for.  Take your time.  That Indian Scout looked PERFECT.  But it's waaayy too much money right now.  Remember, I did say that I was going back to school... right?

April 1st, Tuesday:  FRANCE BLOWS Day!  April Fools day is a French holiday where people make asses of themselves.  Nice.  Go head France.  We think that of you 365 days a year, but go head and have your day.  I'll call it "France Blows Day".

I was asked "What do you think of Peter Arnett?"  The answer is "Not Much".  His constant and blatant Anti-American spew is tiresome.  The man hates the USA.  Fine.  He can remain outside of the USA.  At best he is revolting.  What the hell is up with that comb over from hell?  The man has no pride, but obviously has an agenda.  He has been fired from MSNBC and now just picked up by some 3rd rate British rag with the same Anti-American bias.  I've got one word for Peter Arnett, and it's "Fucker".  He's a fucker, he has fucked the USA in the past, has just fucked the USA again... and now it's time he gets fucked in return.  What do I think of Peter Arnett?  Fuck Peter Arnett.

If you have the chance, stop by the AF Gun Range in Lindon, Utah.  It's no longer the AF Gun Range as it has new ownership... All the old is out and new is coming in.  Most of the cats there seem to be of your typical gun store ilk... where do they find these people?  Judas Priest... you would think just because you know something about guns you don't have to be nice to customers?  - "Er, Ogre... You have never been nice to a Customer and you know a few things about guns..."  Damn.  Your right... Fucket.  One of the cats in there is a solid guy... Runs the new paintball operation there.  Cool guy that used to work at Peg leg Paintball in Orem.  He is bringing in the good stuff on and not the crap you normally see in a shop's paintball department.  I'm talking the new hotness.  Czeck it out when you get the chance.

While at the above mentioned gunshop/range I looked at a little .22 auto to scratch that jones.  The little Walther number that looks like a mini P99.  It's a cool little gun, but a little too small for my tastes.  Too small to be a serious shooter in my hands... and too big (while being too underpowered) for a deep concealment.  It's a very cool gun - but not something I want to spend my own money on.  After looking at other .22 automatics, I think I'm leaning to a Browning Buckmark.  I'm liking the wood and the more substantial feel it has over most other .22 autos. The quality is there... and I can get it for about the same price as a .22 conversion kit for my Beretta, so why not have 2 pistols?

Speaking of pistols... I have to yet again give props to the excellent Springfield XD.  I'm going to have to move that pistol up into my top 10 list and make it my #1 suggest on my Recommended Buy Roster.  It's about the perfect pistol for General Use and Duty Use.  And now that you can get them in a Sub Compact... It's even perfect for CCW. 

Man, I am sick of France.  My level of disgust with the French, Russians and the Germans is right up there with my disgust of Soccer Hooligans.  Let's just hope that "France" as a whole does like one devoted Soccer Fan did and light himself on fire after dousing himself with paint thinner.  *sigh*  We can dream, can't we?  I know the Germans and the Russians are just as bad, if not worse than France in this no small matter of the war in Iraq... but the main issue of France is that WE SAVED THEIR ASSES in WWII and the other guys' asses, we just KICKED.  When we are done with Iraq, there are some more beat downs that we need to hand out.  Have you heard the latest?  Doesn't matter.  They are still French and that is all that matters... Fucking French... I know this is a new month, but I couldn't let the 1st day go past without a little rant about our Former Friends. 

Oh, and I have to point out that some of the most important parts of are also some of the least hit. is mainly about guns... so the Weapons Section is probably the most important part.  Yet it's my most neglected.  (Okay, next to the Star Wars section...)  Couple important parts of that section are the rosters I keep there.  I have a list of all the top Holster Makers, Gun Manufacturers, and Gunsmiths.  I've been updating them and if you have an entry or update, let me know.  How could I miss Ithaca?  It's on there now! 

Spent a little time in a Doctor's Office today.  Went in to talk to my wiffy who was there and ended up networking the whole place.  I have to say... I dislike Windows 2000.  Now, if I could just get the OUTLOOK program to share calendars and such... I know the option is there, but it remains grey and not selectable. Pissing me off.  Oh well, the hard stuff is done, so all that is left is getting outlook to share... small matter.  Going to hook them up with Groove so all the computers in the office can share and work together like the Doc was saying he wanted. 

I couldn't believe how freaking HUGE March_2003 is.  I think that's one of my biggest months to date... Sure other archives are large in file size due to images and stuff... but March is certainly the longest.

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