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APRIL 2010

4-28-10:, and .com. The official Campaign page for my run for office is It's a simple page and I am working on it... but there it is. K.I.S.S.  The guy I am running against was given a large contribution from the GOP... and it's time for me to really start hitting the campaign trail as hard as possible... I can take this guy... but I need a lot of support.  I need contributions.  Every little bit helps, but bigger bits help more!   To help with this, ADAMS HOLSTERS will be Raffling a custom Holster, with the proceeds going to my campaign.  Now, I've told you guys before about how great AH rigs are... they are amazing... we'll be setting up the details on this raffle shortly.

Gun Nuts Radio: I was invited to be on the Air with Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Radio, a weekly Gun Oriented Podcast. It's a good show and I listen to it frequently, so it was an honor to be on the show. Because the show goes out LIVE there are callers and emails to liven it up. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. The show is short, but worth the listen.

Where are all the Crusader Weaponry Rifles? Where are the photos? Guys, let me lay this out for you. To start making your own gun parts takes some specialized machinery which Crusader doesn't have, and can't afford right now. We have to outsource the manufacture. We made agreements with a company in Oregon called Fidelis Arms. They talked a good talk, and they said they could do what we wanted. Our logos, our serial numbers, yada yada yada. So we went with them on the manufacture. We paid them. Over 5 Months Ago. Just today, Gundoc says he has rifles in hand. Over five months! Why so long? We got every excuse in the book. They had to wait for certain parts, they were busy, they had problems... you name it. The company President “wasn't aware”. Come on. We are talking AR lowers with some engraving work, and evidently this was like reinventing the Apollo Lunar Missions. To top this off, the cherry is that the way they packed and shipped them... we have missing parts, dings, and they were not built to our specifications. Sloppy, incomplete and Wrong. That's just fantastic! After all this time, they still managed to screw it up every way they can. We can finish the guns, refinish the guns, and do them right. When our customers get these guns – they will be well pleased. But we are not impressed with Fidelis Arms. Not at all. This is no way to run a business. Not when there are plenty of other outfits capable of production how we wanted. We are now looking at those alternatives. Gundoc makes the call on this, but if it was my choice – I'd let Fidelis twist in the wind and never even look at them again.

Not only that, but Fidelis made an agreement with WTA. A Sponsorship which included a forum and banner ads, for a very reasonable price. We set up the ads, set up the forum for them... and in very short order, they stopped paying the very small monthly fee that they had agreed upon. Wouldn't even return calls or emails. We kept them rolling for a very long time before we had to pull the plug. They owe us for past advertising. I'm not sure how I want to proceed with that. But one thing is for sure, WTA will no longer do business with Fidelis. This is hugely disappointing. A company that takes its name from the phrase “Simper Fidelis”, the motto of the US Marines... a motto that is all about Honor. I don't think they know what that phrase means.

I would advise anyone to avoid doing any business whatsoever with Fidelis Arms.

4-23-10:  Crusader Weaponry is working on a new site that is almost ready to go live. It is very cool. You'll love it. So keep checking and catch the new look and features.

Here is a Wallpaper for you guys:  This is the Crusader "REAPER" which is a customized Glock.  Tuned for best performance and reliability under real world fighting conditions.  

Speaking of Crusader. This coming month, on the 8th, we are holding a Defensive Pistol course. This is a basic course where we go over the fundamentals of handgun shooting. Details on the Right Sidebar, questions, ask me. Or check out the thread on WTA.

This year we have seen so many people who have never been a part of the political process before, stand up and take action. They became Delegates. They wanted to effect some change to move things forward and make a positive effect on our government.

So the GOP Convention was held. All the new Candidates and Delegates rallied... votes were cast and counted. And they voted for no change what so ever. All the incumbents are still there. So they can do the same old things. One incumbent is going to be facing charges and some serious accusations, but I guess that doesn't matter. Keep her in! Vote Mediocrity! People like her need to be kicked out, we all agree on that, yet when it comes time to vote – she was kept in and good people swept aside because they are not as “popular”. Is this process to pick the most popular – like a Prom King and Queen – or is this process to find the right people for the job? Evidently it's all about popularity.

And people wonder why I am not running as a Republican. Sheesh. Being Conservative doesn't mean you are stuck in a rut. It doesn't mean you vote for NO CHANGE. Just because Obama adopted the word CHANGE as his own motto, it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Instead of CHANGE, how about “FIXING WHAT ISN'T WORKING”? Uintah County is great place to live, but we need to change our course and support each other. The Commissioner's big plan to go Vegas to find new big box stores to come into town... that's not as good of an idea as bringing in other business that create more jobs without causing more undo competition for who is already in business here. That's the Commissioners just giving us The Bird.

Politics, as I have learned first hand, is an interesting game. One that gives me quite the headache. I'm in it, but I am no Politician. I just want to fix so things, and Represent my District before the State.

Tomorrow, the 24th, I'll be in SLC at the Libertarian Party Rally. I've never been to one before. I don't know what to expect. I don't know what's going to happen. But I'm going to be there... and I hope you guys are too. This is going to be at the SLC County Library at 1:00.

4-18-10:  This has been an interesting weekend for us. A very political weekend. I attended three political meetings. First was a Meet the Candidates meeting at Western Park. It was for State and Federal candidates. Mostly it was a House and Senate affair as I was the only Candidate that is going for State. My opponent did not show up. I sat in the back and pretty much kept to myself. I actually wanted to listen to the other guys so I could decide who the best choice was to send to DC. Well, I didn't know it, but my Beloved Bride had talked to the organizers and let them know who I was and what I was doing... She came and sat down and whispered this to me just before the host got up and said “And now George Hill will speak to us...” I had about 25 steps to think of just what it was I was going to say. What could I say? I spoke straight up, who I was, what I was about, and what I wanted for Utah. My issues were Liberty, Utah Sovereignty, and Education of our Children... I ran out of time very quickly... I left the stage to the sound of enthusiastic applause, and hands stretched out for the shaking. I think I did a good job.

As for the other candidates, I was very impressed with each of them. Not a bad choice in any of them. Who am I backing? At this point, I don't know. But I do know that Utah will be well served with any of them.

The next meeting was a little gathering where Sheriff Richard I. Mack was the keynote address. What a fantastic speaker... what a great guy. His address was regarding the Constitution, and the importance of it for Law Enforcement. I couldn't agree with him more.

The last meeting I attended was another Meet the Candidates, but this one was for Local Offices, such as County Commish, Sheriff, County Assessor, and such. These are very important positions, so the right person needs to be put in... because the wrong person can mean a disaster. I was stuck with how different the candidates were. Each one of them quite unique. Uintah County has some major issues going on and it's important that the right people are given the jobs. I can not say at this point just who the right person is for each position but I have the general feelings that it's time for some major changes for some of the posts.

I don't think it would be wise for me to name who I am supporting for the different positions...

But I will anyways.

For Sheriff, I support Brian Fletcher. I think our Deputies need a leader who is concerned about their safety as well as the citizens of the county.

For Assessor, I support Loudermilk. Competent and businesslike, and not arrogant and elitist like the incumbent.

For Commissioner, I support new blood... but I am not decided on just who to support yet.

4-14-10:  Buy A Gun Day: I got mine early, couldn't wait! I picked up a Winchester 1300 Defender, that was like new. Couldn't help it. I know I have a few (cough) tactical shotguns at Ogre Ranch, but this Defender was just looking so cute and all alone on that used gun rack... looking pristine... clean lines... oh man... the Defenders have the best lines in the blued and wood... I had to snag it. Had it on layaway for BAG DAY, but I had to take it home. I love the looks of the gun, but to be honest, it's not me. For pump actions – I'm a solid Remington 870 guy. But for the price, hell... I had to snag that thing. Students can use it during training courses... My boys can use it in case of emergencies. Lots of uses for a 12 gauge.  WTA discussion here.

Did it really surprise anyone that Obama bowed to the Chinese Dictator? Really? Come on now, we are all just happy he stopped bowing to the Burger King. What gets me the most about this is that bowing to these jackholes is not showing them “respect”, its tell them that they are better than us. Obama has just told the Chinese that they are our Superiors. I don't like that. Makes me sick. Of course, Obama always makes me sick, so not much there is different. Obama, like him or not, is the President of the United States... he is our Figure Head... our face to the world. And he's putting himself – us – below all these other countries... countries that would love nothing better than to destroy us.

SIG vs Glock: These are now my Top Two Choices. And I have to be honest... I can't pick one over the other as the clear hands down winner. Both have pro's and con's. Both have strengths in different areas. Both are excellent choices. Too many guys want to get what someone else tells them to buy. Don't be that guy. Be the guy that tries them both and sees for yourself. I am quite fond of my SIG P229, but for a carry gun, the Glock 23 is my choice. For accuracy... for putting all the rounds in a small cluster – it's the 229. Which one should you get – well, that's for you to decide. You need to look at what your requirements are, what your mission parameters are, and then decide which one works the best for you. My answer – BOTH.

Long Range Hunting – You don't need a cannon. You don't need a .300 Ultra Magnum. Get a 7mm Rem Mag and you are set. Want more punch than that, get the 7mm RUM. If you need more than that, you need .50 BMG. There is no secret to long range shooting. Shooting long range is just an more careful application of the basic rifle shooting fundamentals, combined with good equipment. A good scope is a must. A good trigger is a must. If you don't have those things, a good caliber isn't going to help you. You can't buy skill. Shooting long range requires the the skillful application of knowledge... and that takes some time to develop.

Open and Constitutional Carry: Constitutional Carry is what we are now calling “Vermont Style Carry” that has been adopted by Alaska and Arizona... meaning, if you are legal to buy and poses a gun, you are legal to carry it concealed. Our concealed carry law in Utah is a joke anyways, so why bother with it? You don't need any actual firearms training, you don't need to show you are safe with a gun... those are not state requirements. Some instructors do that, but according to state law, you don't. So why bother? Why waste people's time? The Second Amendment doesn't require a Permit. Permits, I believe, are unconstitutional. So in the State of Utah, if I get elected, the first thing I am going to do is to put in a Bill for Constitutional Carry. Also, I want to change Utah law that requires Open Carry guns to be Unloaded. That law makes no sense. These two things are a Priority for me. I've got a lot of other stuff on my agenda, but these two things are my first and foremost tasks.

AC/DC: Classic Rock doesn't get better. They still sound good. Maybe, now I may be going out on a limb here... but I think they sound better now than they ever did. Angus Young has a lot of hair missing, and kinda looks scary... but he's shredding that guitar. The lead singer's voice... more grit in the voice... but it works for him... he wails just has hard as ever. I think I'm going to have to get an AC/DC CD again.

KFC's new Double Down sandwich. I know it's bad for me. But MAN! Crazy Delicious! Get the onion rings to go with it in the Combo... You can work out tomorrow.

4-9-10:  Should I modify my Glock?” I had that question more than a few times recently from new Glock Owners that I have converted over to the Dark Side. Let me tell you my story and you can decide for yourself. There are two schools of thought about Glock Triggers. First school is the “Don't Modify Your Carry Gun. Ever.” And that makes good sense. The other school of thought is “Tweak it hard and make it your own.” Shortly after I got my model 23, Little Lebowski from sent me a couple parts. These parts follow the path of the most popular Glock Mod, the 3.5# Disconnector with the NY1 Trigger. What the 3.5# part does is drop the trigger pull weight and makes the trigger feel “crisper”. However, I and many other folks believe that this makes the trigger too light for a carry gun and should only be done for guns used only in competitions. This is where the NY1 trigger comes in. It replaces the spring with a new module that features an 8 pound spring and puts pressure on the striker release at a different angle. This puts the trigger pull weight up and over the original 5.5 pound pull. The result is a more firm pull and a more tactile and authoritative trigger reset, with crisp break. Because it is a little heavier, more deliberate pull, it is thought to be a safer trigger mode than stock. But is it really? You know... I just don't think it's really necessary. The stock trigger is just fine all on its own and you don't really gain a whole hell of a lot by doing this modification. If I was a police officer, maybe I'd want the heavier pull the NY1 trigger gives you. Maybe if I was less comfortable with Glocks, I'd want the heavier pull on my carry gun. Maybe.

The Tactical Ice Cream: Let me sum up a conversation that my brother and I had. The AR-15 is like Vanilla Ice Cream. It's modular. It's mission adaptable. You can throw stuff at it and you have a completely different ice cream. Chocolate is like an AK-47. It's solid on it's own. It doesn't need anything to get the job done – and it does just that every time. However, much like the AK-47, you add a couple little simple things and you can take Chocolate Ice Cream to a whole new level... throw some Banana and or Coconut in there... that's tough to beat. But Chocolate, like the AK-47 doesn't have the broad spectrum of almost endless options like the Vanilla AR does.

Much like the Ice Cream Question, they are both good and it comes down to which one “tastes” better to you.

The Gun Industry has some really bad quirks that cause people to behave funny. One of the biggest problems in the Gun Industry is that “MSRP” is a complete joke. It's virtually meaningless. Unless you are in California or New York – no one ever pays MSRP. So we have the Makers that throw out ridiculous numbers, and then we have dealers that are cutting their own throats by selling for only 10% over cost or less. How can a gun shop stay open by selling with no profit margin? Selling that low covers shipping the guns in and paperwork. If across the board, dealers sold guns at a reasonable mark up and Makers established reasonable MSRP's.

After spending 10 minutes finding the exact make and model, “Oh I just got one yesterday and I wanted to see your price on it.” Really? You price check after you already got it? You are doing it wrong. Then there is the guy that spends an hour at the counter looking at all sorts of guns, asking questions, comparing guns, “My wife got me a gift card to another store and I wanted to make up my mind before I went there.” That is a little annoying... but worse is the guy that comes in and spends hours data mining you, and then you don't see him for a couple days but when he does come back he says he “picked it up for 10 bucks less” someplace else. Wow, really? So the knowledge we shared with you had no value and you made your purchase at a store that perp-walks you out the door like a shoplifter... so you sacrificed your dignity while flipping us the bird... so you could save 10 bucks. You know what? Had you asked, we could have price matched the other store and we would both been happy. And now you want me to take you out to the range and show you how to shoot it and then clean it? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that. Customer Loyalty has some rewards.

4-7-10:  The 7 Days of Grimnoir: Our good friend Larry Correia, Author of Monster Hunter International, has written the MHI Killer. Now, I know most of you have read, and loved MHI. MHI's second book is on the way out soon... but the book you really want to read is his latest work called “The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic”. It's absolutely amazing. I read it last year, and so has my eldest Son who is also one of Larry's “Alpha Readers”. We've carried this heavy burden of secrecy of just how shockingly awesome Grimnoir is... it's so cool that it's just indescribable. Fast, hard, and epic.

I need keep secret no more. Larry will be letting out the first 7 chapters. Go. Read.

Civil War: The subject of a new Civil War has been all together too prevalent. The people who have been talking about it the most are also the people who have the least understanding of the full ramifications of such a disaster. Militia Groups popping up across the country with too many of them being headed by people with no combat leadership experience, no real understanding of asymmetrical warfare... let me just tell you guys... the odds are not in your favor. The most likely results of any action would be you guys would be either taken into custody or you would be destroyed. Not to rain on your Wolverine Parades, that's just the reality.
I'm saying this based on grumblings and mutterings. Generally, we Conservatives have been showing great restraint even though we have great anger. We should keep it that way. On the flip side, the Liberals are the ones who speak most about violence. For a group that is supposed to be all about openness and acceptance and tolerance, they are show themselves to be nothing of the sort. The common phrase I hear is about them wanting to shoot us. I've heard from some Liberals that we “Should be put up against a wall and shot”. That people who don't believe in Global Warming should be shot. They want to do a lot of shooting. And these Liberals are not just people on the streets... these are their Liberal Celebrities. James Cameron. The guy that directed “Avatar” himself. Quite publicly and very openly. I don't like this.
The Democrats in Congress have said that they have suffered threats... most of which have been proven to be fiction. Yet it was the office of a Republican that had a bullet go through the window.

I have to tell you, I don't trust them. I don't believe them. And to be honest... I don't even like them. But I don't want to kill them like they want to kill us. This kind of talk reminds me of the debates about Bloody Kansas. You can Google that if you don't know what that is about.
Here's where we need “Our Troops” to muster out... in November to the Polls. We can take back the whole country and put Obama in Check Mate by simply getting our side out to Vote. If we replace the Dim Dems, our boys in Office can write legislation that undoes everything these NeoSocialists have done, and then we can have a new President that can sign that into law. And it can all be done without violence. Because that is greatness of America.

I was going to be heading down to AZ this weekend. Tombstone, Tuscon, Phoenix... but that plan is DOA. To make a long story short, if anything can go wrong – it's gone wrong this week. Travel is not possible. I'm so pissed off about this I could scream... wait... I did.



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