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Oct 31st, Friday: Halloween: 1030hrs:  Oct 31st means SCARY MOVIES and giggling sugar-hyped kids.  I don't have anything on the menu today, but this day will end with lots of scary movies.  I'll visit that top 100 scary movie moments and pick out some flicks to go rent.

I despise snow.  I loath snow.  I can’t stand snow.  And here I am in Utah, with “The greatest snow on earth”.  Guess what?  It snowed last night.  I woke up to my wife saying “Your Worst Nightmare Has Come True.”  First off, you don’t say that to someone who is just starting to open his eyes for the first time that day… I was afraid I’d open them to see Janet Reno standing over me in a thong.   Talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot!  Judas Priest!  Then she said “It snowed last night.”  Snow?  Shit… Sometimes, I’d rather have seen Janet Reno.   I looked out the window to confirm this fell news.  Yep.  I snowed.  Damnitalltohell.   It’s wasn’t too bad, only a light 2 inches.  But it’s still snow.   You know what I hate worse than snow?  Actually, it’s the reason why I hate snow in the first place… ass-hatted morons who think that just because they have “Snow Tires” on the car, that they can drive like fucking maniacs and ALWAYS end up sliding into things… such as trees, poles, intersections, and other cars.   Idiots make winter 500% more dangerous.  You have idiots in cars, trucks, SUVs, police cars, and on snowmobiles.  I don’t see what the problem is – snow means you SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.   I’ve lived in places with completely horrid winters, and consider myself to be a very good winter driver.  But I can only drive my car.  It’s the jackass sliding at me sideways that I have the big problem with… I can’t drive his car… and I can’t yell at him loud enough, “YOU STEER INTO THE SKID YOU FUCKING GIT!!!!!”  Well, I can’t yell loud enough for him to hear me.     I love driving on snow packed roads… if I am the only car on the road.  If I was in Richmond on a day like this – I would be.  Virginia has a good system for Winter Driving – it’s called DON’T.  It snows out there – the whole state (Excuse me – Commonwealth) says “Scroo’it” and they don’t go into work.  Everything is closed and you can spend the day under your warm blankets with a good book.  Well, for the ½ of the State that knows how to read that is.  The other half will be catching up on “Days of Our Lives”.  Snow.  I hate snow.  Have I mentioned that yet?

In answer to the question about Sci-Fi Weapons, I have come up with two lists.  This took some consideration, but I think that all will agree that two separate lists had to be made.   Here is what I have as my Top Ten Weapons and Supporting Technology:

#1 Deckard's pistol from Blade Runner
#2 M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens
#3 Noisy Cricket from Men In Black
#4 Scout Blazer rifle from "Armour"
#5 Storm Trooper's blaster rifle from Star Wars
#6 Zork Industries weapon pod thing from 5th Element
#7 Leon's pistol from Blade Runner
#8 Grammaton Cleric's pistol from Equilibrium
#9 "Weirding Module" from Dune
#10 "Smart gun" from Aliens

Supporting technologies:
#1 Lightsabers: Star Wars
#2 Personal Shields: Dune
#3 Scout Suits: "Armour"
#4 Tricorder: Star Trek
#5 Transporter: Star Trek
#6 Speeder Bikes: Star Wars
#7 Taxis: 5th Element
#8 Drop Ships: Aliens
#9 "Seakers": Dune
#10 Star Destroyers: Star Wars

My new .44 arrived yesterday safe and sound – and right before I had to leave for classes.  Just because class time was fast approaching didn’t mean I wouldn’t go try out my new baby!  I had already picked up a couple boxes of .44 Special ammo, Federal Classic 200 grainers.  The gun is a S&W 696.  It is a stainless, 3 inch barreled, 5 shot, “L” frame revolver.  It sports compact rubber grips, a ramped front sight with a red insert, and an adjustable rear sight with a white outline.   Loaded, the cylinder is just chuck full of hollow points.   The smaller grip on the 696 fills my hand and is more comfortable to me than the larger grip on my Model 66 .357.    

Shooting this gun is a treat.  These loads are really no problem to shoot, and launch with about the same recoil as the .357 even though the slug is much heavier and the barrel is shorter.  Before I fired the .44, I fired 6 rounds of .357 to warm up.  The holes the .44 made in my target looked like they were almost twice the size of the smaller rounds, and after all five shots, there was a lot more damage to my target than what the 6 shots of .357 did.   I’ll admit that the 696’s shot groups where not as neat as the 66’s.  There are to factors to this.  1, the 66 is the old school S&W action, with the firing pin on the hammer and nice trigger job that together go to make the smoothest double action trigger system even smoother.  The 696 has the modern S&W trigger system with a transfer bar safety, and it’s pretty much factory stock… Nice, but not as nice as the 66’s.  Trigger plays an important part in a handgun’s practical accuracy.  Another factor was that it was fetching cold and I didn’t have on my jacked.  So by the time I started shooting the .44, I had already started a good shiver.   I don’t think the shorter sight radius in the 66 played any part really… at least not from what I could tell.   

As much as I like older 66, the 696 is definitely my new EDC gun.  I’ll put some pretty grips on the 66 and it will be my alternate carry and BBQ gun.   


Oct 30th, Thursday:  1600HRS:  Have you heard the study that shows that 8 to 10% of people are gay?   I don’t have any of the documentation, but it was discussed during classes last night.  That study was questioned and another study was done, with a more random sample and a much larger sample size.  Guess what they found?  That the number was actually only 3%.  Funny how you never hear about this study.  So if homosexuals actually only number about 3% of the population, what I want to know is how come they rate 50% of the air time?  Okay, I don’t know how much airtime they actually have, but it seems like “Gay” is almost always a topic or something… Every show “deals with” the gay issue… there is always a gay person in your face… and whenever they have a parade, it’s always news.   What’s up with that?  That’s a very disproportionate amount of attention for such a small percentage… and it’s all about sexual preference.  I don’t quite think that’s right.  Gay Rights, you want’m?  Fine.  But Gay Rights do not supercede the Rights of anyone else.  I’m sorry, but I am going to have to take the practical position here.  If Gay Rights mean equal rights… just like Civil Rights for Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics… then Equal Rights mean we are all the same and no one group or one person gets any advantage over anyone else.   Equal Rights and Racism are the same issue as I see it.  If we are going to look at everyone as the same creed and color – treat everyone the same – sexism as well – then we have to do away with it all.  “Gay Day” and “Affirmative Action” and all that jazz… if we want to grow past these issues then we have to grow out of them… like a pair of pants.  If they are too small, then we don’t wear them.  And if you want to talk small – then there is nothing smaller than the mind of a bigot.  Or the mind of those that wish to keep promoting these differences.

Email came in from Horde Master Mike: “What's your favorite fictional or science fiction weapon? I'm not talking things that are spawned from Hollywood foolishness, like the ceramic Glock 7 and whatnot. I'm referring to weapons that were decently thought out and appealed to you in some way. Anything cool that you've seen in a movie, or read in a book?  I've always been partial to the weapons of Aliens, myself, and the pistol of the Grammaton Clerics from Equilibrium was really cool. I like your good old fashioned, shoots-a-blob-of-energy blasters, too, but they're not often well done on the big screen. I liked them in The Sixth Day; really cool pistols plus a short carbine variant!”

That’s a good question… I’ll have to discuss this as an article.  I’ll put it, and the “Guns Of” articles all in the Weapons Section.  I’ve been meaning to move them there, but I have yet to do so.   You guys wouldn’t believe the homework I am dealing with now.    Not only homework… but holy hell it’s getting COLD out here!

1100HRS:  The Puma Problem has become a “local issue” that is being discussed by the ranchers around here.  Last night I observed one. This makes the second time in about a month that I have seen one. I’ve only seen a puma once before in my life that wasn’t in a zoo… and even then, I have only seen one in a zoo. Seems the critters are coming out of the Uintahs and heading for town looking for easy pickings… like chickens, sheep, or stray pets. Wildlife and the Pine Pigs “Are Aware” whatever the fuck that means. When I saw this one last night at about 2300hrs, it was about 50 yards away. You want to talk about “Aware”? Believe me, I was fucking aware! I drew my .357, thumbed the hammer back – but it was gone. Like a freaking ghost it went into a shadow and faded out.

For those that do not know anything about guns, and think people don’t need them – a Puma is a Mountain Lion. M.O.U.N.T.A.I.N. – L.I.O.N! A predator that can hunt just about anything it wants to in North America. They are really big and really fucking sinister kitty cats… They can hunt ELK, okay? You know what an Elk is? It’s something people hunt with really big rifles… and these kitties just go at it with teeth and claw, Okay? When you have classes that end at 10:30PM and sometimes you don’t get home until 11:00 – well, let me tell you something – you DO need a gun. Because one of these Mountain Lions could make quick work of even an Ogre. They are quiet, stealthy, and fast as shit. You wont know he is hunting you until you feel it on you. Probably knocking you to the ground while it’s sinking your teeth into your neck. Yes, Virginia, I need my guns.

Email back for John Bowring – the Key Armourer for The Matrix:

Hi Ogre, I'm not allowed to let out anything about Revolution till after the premier. In Australia this Sunday, my ticket is sitting on the desk next to me. I can, say that you won't see to much in the way of real firearms that you have not seen already. Unfortunately the two later Matrixes we started in the US so an American armour got his foot in the door and convinced the directors to bring him with the film to Australia. This left me in the rather nasty position of being totally in control of the weapons legally but the directors listening to him. A consequence of this is Trinity using 2 micro Uzis instead of H&K MP7's I even got guns number 15 and 16 from the prototype production run from Germany to Australia to use in the film. Just to wet your appetite H&K gave me 2 H&K 21's, 3 G36's, 2 MP7( they are actually marked PDW), 2 9mm UMP's & an AG36 in 40mm so that I could use them in the film. For light entertainment when Revolutions comes out on DVD you can always still frame the coat check. I'll take a picture of Mouses guns next time I have the safe open and send it. Back to my costing, I'm costing a Bob Cohen(the director from XXX) project called Stealth.

This cat lined up a Glock 18, and I was impressed. Now he lines up two MP7s? I’m seriously impressed. One of the reason why The Matrix series is such a flick is the shear variety of weapons that you get to see… at least to me. I’m not down with the whole Soylent Green Duracell idea, but everything else is amazing. I’m really looking forward to Revolution because of this very reason… the variety in the weapons. John’s work provided the layout for the rest of the movies in this series. Good work, John! I’ll be editing the Guns of The Matrix article this weekend and correct the Mouse-Gun issue.

Speaking of gun articles, I have roughed out the article for the flick “Equilibrium”. It will be shorter than the other articles, because there are fewer guns types in this movie… but I am doing it because I am tired of answering questions about them. As for other Guns Of articles… look… I’ve had requests for every damn movie out there… and I can’t do them all. Blackhawk Down? Call that Standard Load Out kit Three. If you don’t know what an M-4 or an M-249 is, I can’t help you. I’m looking at movies that garner a lot of questions about the variety of guns used.
All the James Bond movie guns? Sure – send me the DVD collection and I’ll do it. I’d be glad to. But it would take me a while, because I am taking classes full time over here… but I’ll chew away at it as time allows. After Equilibrium? I’m not sure. I was wanting to do Aliens and Blade Runner, but they have already been done to death in various forms. That and the guns are fictitious.

I heard on the news that our economy is now growing at a rate faster than anytime since 1984. This kind of takes a lot of wind out of the Democrat’s sails. Can anything else go wrong for the Left now? Without the economy, what main issue does the Left have? Well, I heard Al Sharpton come up with one… George W Bush was Selected Not Elected. Nice… They are going back 10 steps now. I guess they are looking for where they lost their way.

Let’s see, what else is happening in the news… the UN is pulling out of Baghdad and attacks over there on US Troops are up 35%. I really can’t blame the UN for pulling out. Considering that they are completely fucking useless and are not doing anything over there anyway… why not just leave the danger zone? I’m sure they can find safer cafeterias to loot elsewhere.

My heart goes out to those in California near the fires. Such a massive fire has ruined many lives, destroyed homes, and caused much suffering. To the pro second amendment people there that are going to have to rebuild… I have a suggestion. Rebuild in Nevada. Your newly elected Governor-Elitist-Prick as said he will work with the Anti-Gun crowd to try to further erode the RKBA and to see the AWB made permanent. Just when you think you might start liking a politico, he goes and puts his asshat back on. So, please, you victims of this fire… take this a sign from God and Thomas Jefferson – Get Out While You Can!

I love RetroCrush’s top 100 Scariest Movie Moments. I agree with many of these, but some I question… I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Some of them, my mind has blocked out as a psychological defense mechanism. Now that I remember them again, I’m going to have to schedule some therapy.

Oct 28th, Tuesday:  1330hrs: Let me talk about the WMD situation here for a minute.  Many folks on Capital Hill are crying out that this whole effort was fraudulent because we have not found any WMD. This is nothing more than a partisan bullshit attack… because these are also the same people that declared Saddam had them before when Clinton himself attacked Saddam. So if he had WMD then, why question that now? So what if he dumped them just before we got there? We all know he had them. Not only did he have them, but he had the means of producing it. WMD isn’t just nuclear… we are talking about Biological and Chemical weapons as well. Nerve, VX, Mustard, Anthrax, and many others… This shit can be stored in a JAR. How do you search an entire country for a jar? You can put it in a small glass vial and put it in your pocket.

Just because we didn’t find the smoking gun doesn’t mean anything. Especially when you have the ejected case, the powder burn, the body, and video footage of the shooting. Who cares if we couldn’t find the gun?

Let’s put this in another perspective. Most WMD have a shelf life. Think of it like a gallon of milk. It’s only good for so long. So more important than just the farmer with a gallon of milk, is the farmer with the cows and the equipment to produce more gallons of milk. So while Saddam didn’t get caught with a few actual gallons of milk – he had fields of cows and bulls, he had the barn, he had the hay, and he had the equipment. So what if he didn’t have a gallon of milk? Makes no difference. All he had to do was say “I want some milk” and it would have been little problem and even less time to hand him a fresh cold glass of it.

Say you live next door to some Hells Angles who are raising a pack of pit bulls. Now they are in a fence? a tall one and you can’t see in. But you can hear them and you can smell them.
Then one day the guy next door let’s the dogs loose on the post man. Kills the post man.
Not only does he let his dogs kill the postman, but he also makes threats to let the dogs loose on you, your wife, and your kids.
You call the police, but he has moved the dogs, they don’t see dogs. They see the dogs have been there, but when asked, Oh, We got rid of them. “Where did you get rid of them at? How did you get rid of them? Oh, and look there, is that a puppy?” Well, we just got rid of them and yeah, but it’s just a wee little puppy. So the police leave. Then there are more threats and at night you can hear all the dogs again.

How would you feel living next to that? This guy is going to unleash his dogs on you or someone else. It's just a matter of time. Now, just put this on a much bigger scale… a global scale. Because that is what this was about. What we did in Iraq was not only justified, but needed.


1100hrs:  Iraq: A big part of me says “We need to pull out of Iraq. We don’t need Iraq, we don’t care about Iraq, fuck Iraq!  Americans are dying over there!  We can’t afford this!”  Well, that’s my heart talking and sometimes my heart and my mind don’t agree.

My mind tells me that we have got to stay in Iraq. Let me tell you why. What we did in Iraq was righteous. Kicking Saddam’s ass was more than justified, it was even demanded. There are two reasons why we can’t pull out of Iraq. First, the job there is not finished. We can not leave this mess undone, because if we did, it would make everything we did meaningless… and every American life lost and ever dollar spent would have been wasted. Second, if we bail out now – the Terrorists will have won. Yes, Terrorists.

When Saddam was kicked out of office, he and his ilk became Terrorists. Not only that, but Saddam’s boys have been bolstered by Terrorists from all over the middle east. Why is that? Because they all want to kill Americans. If we leave now, it will just reinforce the status quo that Americans cut and run. Yeah, that’s what they think. They think that because that is exactly what we have done. American is awesome at kicking gratuitous ass when it’s lined up in conventional warfare lines. But when it comes to fighting unconventional warfare – we can do it, but as a nation, we don’t have the stomach for it and they can wait us out. We are like “Andre The Giant” in “The Princess Bride”.

You don’t think so? Let’s take an honest look at the history. Vietnam, Somalia, Lebanon, Beirut... We lost our national resolve, pulled out, and now these jackholes think that if they keep it up – they will win and we will leave. You know what? They might be right. If they hold out and George W Bush loses the election next year, the Leftist slime bag will pull us out of there – and they will have indeed won.

What we have to do is just stay the course. Because if we let them win – they will be embolden and motivated to follow us home and hit us again and again and again… That is unacceptable. That would be surrendering to the Terrorists and if we did that, we might as well just start digging the graves for another 9-11-01 kind of tragedy.

So let’s look back at what my heart is saying:
Fuck Iraq. Yup. Fuck’m.
We don’t need Iraq. True. We don’t. Scroo’m. We don’t need the oil or the headache.
Americans are dying over there! Yeah, they are. But you know what? That is the cost of our liberty and our continual freedom. It has been said by a greater men than myself: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” That is what we are seeing over there right now. This is the price we have to pay. We are just very lucky that we have people good enough and patriotic enough to be willing to put it all on the line for the rest of us.
We can’t afford this. WRONG. This is very expensive, that is true. It could even bankrupt us… sure. But one thing is for certain… we can’t afford to give up – we can’t afford to let these Terrorists win. Pulling out is exactly the worst thing that we could ever do.

I don’t care if we have to park a whole carrier battle group there permanently – we can not lose our resolve now. This is something that President Bush said before this started… We have a LONG fight ahead of us. We have to steel our resolve. We have to grit our teeth and keep swinging, even if we do have a bloody nose.
I have friends over there right now. I have them in Iraq, and I have them in Afghanistan. Two different places, but it’s the same fight. They are the ones on the line. They are the ones that are going to pay the ultimate price… so what do they say about this? They all universally say that what they are doing over there is righteous and they want to finish the job.

That being said, what do we do? We support them 150%. We give them what they need to keep fighting. We give them the emotional and moral support that they need because – My God – They are representing the rest of us! Here is what else we need to do – support their families here at home. If you know a family who has a member over there, do something for them. Give them service, some money, whatever you have to give… but most of all… give them your love and support because when it comes to sacrifice – no one is giving more. No one can give more. It’s easy to give up your own life. It’s a hell of a lot harder to give up your loved one.

Email came in from someone most unexpected: John Bowring. If you don’t know who he is, check the credits at the end of “The Matrix”:

I made & supplied the guns for the Matrix.
1) Mouse’s guns are custom made electrically driven 12g that run at 900RPM
2) I chose Beretta 84's for Trinity as you said good little sister to Neo’s 92's.
3) Larry & Andy, the directors of The Matrix, asked me who uses a 50AE Desert Eagle. I said "A Wanka". Their reply, "Wankers in this film want Desert Eagles. My reply, “your film.”
4) Wardrobe mistress wanted to change Switch’s pistol as she had and I quote her, “designed the pistols for Romeo & Juliet" my reply stick to designing wardrobes. (Beside the funding for Romeo & Juliet was got by doing a small section of it to show what it would be like for which "I" supplied stainless steel Beretta and that is what set the tone for the guns in Romeo & Juliet)
You never know whose out there - John Bowring

I sent this email back to him: “Thanks for the email, John. I am glad you won the argument with the wardrobe mistress... if it's one thing that The Matrix does need - it's more Berettas. Seeing a nice Hi-Power was a welcome chance of scene and in my opinion, added some more depth to Switches character.
This wardrobe mistress... she did R&J? So she is the one that printed "SWORD 9MM" on the Berettas and gave them pimp grips? Evidently her taste is all in her mouth. About Mouse's guns... I could have swore they were Manvilles - I stand corrected. Can you give me some more detail about them? When the movie first came out, everyone said they were .50BMGs. Having fired .50BMG before, I knew that was less than possible... it took me some time to get to the Manville answer. Now you’re telling me I'm wrong. *sigh* I feel so deflated. Can you give me any insights into what we will see in the "Matrix Revolution"?” I hope he replies! Damn, I am going to have to edit that Guns of The Matrix article. I’ll do that after I get some more information and I’ll include these emails in that article. BTW, this isn’t just some cat claiming to be John Bowring… it really is him. I was amazed. How does a guy get a job like that? What do I have to do to get a job like that? *bowing head – I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!* Coolest job on the whole fucking planet!


Oct 27th, Monday:  2200hrs:  Email about Mike:

Ogre, That story about the guy "Mike" who was assaulted on campus--- First off, there's one part of the story bothers me--how the heck did this head of the art department know "Mike", at all??--he had to know his name+face to file after-the-fact charges....  Was there some kind of proir adverse relationship?? (this could muddy the right to clear self defense) Most campuses, students are a faceless mass, and nobody on the walk knows anyone elses name, much less face, so how would they know his identity.

Apart from that, my first thoughts to resolve his situation would be:  --So he was verbally assaulted and threatened on campus?? Well that is a crime, so report it.

1. He should file an official police report with the city/county regarding said assault done by "parties unknown"....and then name that prick staff member (head of the art dept) from the artfag school as an EYE WITNESS!!! This establishes a legitimate "situation" involving someone other than "Mike".

2. Then he needs to send a copy of this crime report to the *Ombudsman*. The Ombudsman is your best bud at college.  Let the Ombudsman know what this artfag staffer is trying to pull, and then file a *complaint* against the staffer for violation of civil rights.....

3. offer to drop the complaint against staffer if staffer drops his complaint against "Mike".

4. It is imperative that Mike must admit to NOTHING, if he does, then he thereby accepts total culpability, and they have him. (If this guy "Mike" actually attended this discipline hearing (kangaroo court), I guarantee he WILL be found "responsible" if he admits he did *anything* at all. Then he needs to hire a good civil rights lawyer ASAP and sue the skewl for a clean record.)  What they have done is place all the fault on "Mike", while the skewl stays squeaky clean. A negative Ombudsman report by a student is to be feared by the skewl. They hate negative student complaints filed with the Ombudsman, because future students considering going to that skewl have access to these sorts of records, and it makes the skewl look like a bad skewl to go to.  Use this against them, to leverage them into being reasonable. – Brad

This echoes the advice I initially gave Mike.  That validates both my advice and Brad’s.   

1530hrs:  I have a couple cool sites I want to through out.  Sites that I have found to be worth while reads: Blackfive, Velociworld, Dong Resin's Joint, Tacitus, Armed and Dangerous, Defense Tech.

Whoa.  Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk website has been totally redone.  Looks great.  Way to go Tom.   Here is my Monday Morning Ritual.  First thing I do is go to Gun Talk and go to the Archived Shows section and Download the latest show.  If you have a fast connection, it’s well worth it. 

Email about the Space Program:

Ogre, The space program has given us a lot more than Tang and pretty pictures for your computer desktop. It has given us a deeper understanding of the universe and our place in it. It is difficult to put a price tag on such intangible benefits. This kind of basic research that you scoff at has enriched all of our lives vastly. There's no profit motive to do this kind of research. Privatizing the entire space program would mean to restrict its activities to commercially profitable ventures like communications satelites. The private space industry does these things well, but there is no profit motive to go to Mars or study quasars for example.  Research into these things is worthwhile, even when it doesn't produce velcro or satelite TV.

"Intangible benefits"  My point exactly.  I don't scoff at it - I flat out mock it.  We have done so little... and what little we have done... is small potatoes to what we could have done...  All of this can be done via Privatization and at no cost to the tax payers.  No profit to go to Mars?  Are you kidding?  Sure there would be.  But we wont get there via NASA.   If we want to cut Government Spending while at the same time make actual PROGRESS... then it's up to private ventures... that's how we won the west - that's how we will win space.  BTW, “Satelites” are spelled “Satellites”.  Thanks for the email. 

Okay, here is the situation that happened the other day regarding personal defense on a college campus:   One of the Horde is attending school at a University back east.  We shall call him “Mike”.  One day Mike was walking to class and he accidentally stepped on a tube that was running across the walk way.  Some students from that school’s art department yelled at him. Evidently this was a part of some art thing.  Mike, being a peaceful person by nature, moved to “disengage” by saying “Oh, Sorry” and he walked away. 

A couple days later, Mike was walking across campus and came across the same group of art students.  One of the students pointed at Mike, yelled “There he is! Get Him!” and charged at Mike in an overtly aggressive manner.   Now, considering this was the same cat that yelled at him the other day, and now he is pulling this shit – In Mike’s mind, he thought he was getting attacked.  Wouldn’t you?  School shootings have occurred over less provocation.

Mike took a step back, pulled out his pocket clipped knife, and held that behind his back and braced himself for the impending assault.  Note here: He did NOT brandish the knife.  The Art Student never even saw it.  Well, evidently when the Art-Fart saw Mike wasn’t going to run, he stopped and walked away.  So did Mike, thinking the situation was over. 

Well, the head of the Art Department observed Mike’s defensive posture and has decided to take action against Mike, for “Disorderly Conduct”.  Disorderly?  Like Mike was running around drunk without pants on or something… But as far as we can tell, the Art Student who threatened Mike isn’t in trouble for a damn thing.   So evidently, threatening someone is not a problem, but Gawd Forbid you make any move to DEFEND yourself while on school grounds!  

Needless to say, I consider this situation to be completely ludicrous.   Mike is lucky that this situation is not going to appear on his transcripts, but should another school (he is planning on transferring out) was to call the Dean’s Office for a “background check” then this situation would come up.  Anytime you get something like this, it’s not cool, because Mike has no way of telling his side of the story… “He is marked as having a “Disorderly Conduct” situation.   That doesn’t sound good at all.  We are waiting for his final hearing with the Dean of Students on this situation… If this doesn’t go well, I’ll post the school so we can all voice our outrage in a very public and overwhelming manner.   I don’t care what school you go to, if someone yells “Get Him!” and runs at you – You have ever right to not just take up a defensive stance – but to run at that guy and mop the campus with his ass. 

My personal reaction would have been to “Assault Through The Ambush” and stomp a mud hole in him.  Kudos to Mike for showing the restraint! 

Email about The Professional:  “Ogre,  If you do a 'Guns of' article for this movie, make sure the DVD you watch is the "Uncut International Version", titled simply as "Leon the Professional".  It contains 24 minutes more than the castrated American version, including a more in depth look at the weird relationship between Leon and Mathilda and a whole sequence of them going on hits together! (no seriously!)  By the way, Gary Oldman's portrayal of the crazy agent is probably my favorite movie character of all time.  Sorry if you knew all of this already, but I had to make sure you didn't waste your time on the crappy more politically correct version.  Later, Chris (a fan)” 

Thanks for the email Chris, I didn’t know this.  Does anyone have this on DVD?  I’ll trade you for another DVD:  “Original Sin” the Not Rated version… Angelina Jolie has a couple pretty graphic sex scenes in it.  Only watched this movie once… Scanned Back about a 500 times though…

Oct 26th, Sunday:  1236hrs:  Dennis Miller smashes the Space Program.  It’s about time someone in the Media bashes it.  I love Science Fiction and the idea that there is a whole universe of adventure out there for us to explore.  However when I look at our Space Program as run by NASA, I have to admit that I am left in the cold. 

Take a look at NASA.  These clowns spend obscene amounts of cash on bullshit projects that have ZERO effect on our lives.  Look, it’s like this… The only thing that we have from the Space Program that is useful is TANG.  Photos of some nebula or other worldly moon really don’t do anything for me.  In fact, it hurts us.  It’s killing our imagination. 

Back in the 50’s the big thing was life on Mars.  Super-Smart Martians wanting to either kill us or take our women… Exciting stuff, that.   Now Mars is no more interesting than Central Utah.  What fun is that?  And even if there were little green gremlins on Mars… what would that do to for the price of gas I have to pay at the pump so I can continue my back and forth trips to Wal-Mart and my gun store?   Satellites are nice… useful things.  Cell Phones that never run out of coverage area, GPS so I know where I am, and things like that are indeed useful… but NASA is spending way too much money to launch the damn things and spend even more to go up to fix them. 

NASA is an inefficient, ineffective, tax-dollar black hole.  We can still toss sats into space via much cheaper rockets than what NASA uses… so what do we need NASA for?  Why not privatize the whole space program?  If we want to conquer the Final Frontier,  we need to privatize it and take it out of Federal hands.  Let’s look at the American Frontier and what let us expand into it.  Was it the Gold Rush?  In part… but what really allowed for the expansion into the west was the Federal Governments economic policy that allowed private enterprise to capitalize it.  So much so that within only 50 years, it was pretty much all settled in with supporting railroads and infrastructure to keep it all alive.    Sure, there was some monopoly issues that came up from it, but that was easy to fix after the fact that the expansion was complete.    The same thing needs to happen in Space if we want any meaningful expansion out there…  We want a green Mars?  We want Condos on the Moon?  We need to privatize the whole damn system.

Let’s look at Star Wars and NASA:

NASA:  The aging fleet of Space Shuttles that are falling apart, blowing up, and costing us billions of dollars while doing it.

SW:  An aging piece of junk called the Millennium Falcon that can make the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs.

NASA:  An International Space Station that the US is paying for, costing us billions of dollars in cost over-runs and is so far hasn’t been completed or shown any sign of being useful in the first place.

SW:  The Death Star.  Fun filled dark grey metal moon… Bring the kids, try the veal.

NASA:  “In space we can make advanced drugs to fight disease.”  Still no sure for cancer or colds.

SW:  Bacta tanks that you float in can heal you in a fraction of the time… even if you got a beating from a Yeti.

NASA:  Beautiful full color photos of the Horse Head Nebula.

SW:  Amidala in a backless dress.

NASA:  A little remote control car.

SW:  R2D2 and Battle Droids.

There is no comparison – Star Wars can kick NASA’s ass.  I know this is a generally pointless argument… but the fact is that normally the truth is more interesting than fiction, right?  Well, when it comes to the Space Program, this isn’t the case.  I think the line from the movie CONTACT is most appropriate here.  All that is out there is dust and noble gases.  Well, if that is truly the case, and NASA as told us that it is… then why spend the money to search it?  It is utterly useless and a complete waste of money.  Yes, I am glad we have found no threat to planet Earth’s sexy women from Martian tentacle rape – but really, is there anything else worth knowing out there?  I don’t think so.  And I think the cost of what little we are learning from Space is not enough to justify our continued expenditures on the program.  

Dennis Miller’s idea of putting the money into Bullet Trains… interesting.  I would rather put that money into a completely restructured education program.  State level – not Federal.  I’d put the money into places where we need it, not just here on Earth… but here inside our 50 States.  Reduce the taxes on gas and diesel fuel.   Subsidize private parties to convert vehicles to hydrogen or something.  Build more wind farms for clean power… anything but just blasting the money out into space for nothing.

Coming up later:  Some thoughts about scary movies...

Oct 25th, Saturday:  2200HRS:  This morning I woke up and went to school to take an exam.  I think I did pretty well in spite of a raging headache.  Came home from that and took a nap that lasted until late in the afternoon.  Then I watched “28 Days Later” which I considered to be pretty good.  More on that later. 

Have you seen the Miss Afghanistan pageant contestant? Would someone PLEASE give that woman a sandwich?  I would appreciate it.  Thanks. 

Here is a news article about what I was talking about earlier:  Democrats going soft on gun control… Don’t believe this for a second, people.  Not one second.  The Liberals HATE the fact that Conservatives are armed.  They hate it with a seething passion.  They are only espousing the appearance of “going soft”… but that isn’t enough… I don’t want to go at all.  Neither do all the other gun owners out here in Real America. 

The Left will say anything and do anything they damn well pleased in order to get back into power.  They will kiss babies and kiss ass and try anything… and they are.  If you watch the news (Meaning all news sources and not just the evening news) carefully you can see The Left scrambling for traction… any traction they can get.  They are a party without a platform now.  Across the board they are universally clueless as to who and what they are now.  

Don’t think that we are going to see any change in this Democrat stance on guns.  This is what you call Campaign Lies.  This is posturing.  Really, this is just too pathetic for words.   Look, I don’t mind Democrats when they make sense…. If you Dems are going to try to talk to me – be honest with me and give me your issues up front, backed up by a well reasoned train of thought.  This is something the left is just not capable of.   

If they were to really switch sides on the gun issue what would we see as the indicators?  Support from the NRA?  No – the NRA is a bunch of limp-dick nancyboys – the real indicator would be switching policy in Democrat held states.   States such as Maryland and Illinois… They would all the sudden go “Shall Issue” on CCWs and would see more states adopting open carry and “Vermont Style” carry… meaning you don’t need a CCW card… if you are legal to buy a gun, you are legal to carry it.  You know, that is truly the only thing that makes sense.  Isn’t it?  Alaska adopted that, and I would like to see Utah, Idaho and all the Square States to go that route as well.

Okay, “28 Days Later” I just watched this flick. I liked it. It's pretty good. But it did leave a lot to be desired. 

I liked a lot of the direction and imagery. But it was the script that I didn't like. The whole thing with the military being the badguys... I've seen that way too often in B movies to appreciate it.
"Oh, I got a great idea for the movie! Let's have an army guy with a hand full of troops - and they are mad as hatters!"   I'm sure this may have been a chilling concept in
England... but it's been played out to death here in the US

I like The Stand a lot better. I wish they made that into a movie - let me restate that - I wish they remade that crappy campy made for TV mini series into a real movie. 

Wait a second. No... I'm changing that. I wish Hollywood and all the movie makers around the world would STOP remaking what as already been done before - and come up with some thing ORIGINAL.    There are SO MANY good books out there that would make FANTASTIC movies - so there is no use recycling the 10 dozen worn out scripts.   Stephen King's The Gunslinger would make a great flick.  

I'd like to see a movie on Dean Koontz "Seize The Night"... that would be awesome. Let's try other writers besides King. Stephen King really isn't that good. He is prolific and has a lot of great ideas, but I have yet to read one other than Green Mile that the guy actually writes a decent ending for. His ending are universally pathetic after he has taken the time to create an interesting premis and characters you can get into. Case in point: Dreamcatcher. Rent it if you want - but don't say I didn't warn you. 

I love a good horror flick... and this one was pretty good... but there are much better possibilities.  

HP Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness would make a killer movie.


Oct 24th, Friday: 1800hrs:  I had been getting worried because the S&W 696 hadn’t arrived yet.  This isn’t something that you want to get lost in the mail you know!  *panic* Well it turns out that it was never sent.  Here is why:  The cat sending it had a freaking HEART ATTACK that morning!  Damn!  Not all is lost for the guy or the gun.  The guy is going to be alright and the gun is going to be shipped out Monday Morning.   *whew!*  Well, not quite... Our prayers are with him for a full recovery.    

Emails from readers regarding the issues: 

“Ogre: Re: 1) Veggie Lady; 2) Ronald Regan; and 3) Cowboy Beebop movie. 

1) Bullseye!  Thanks Ogre, for having the balls to put in print thoughts and opinions contradictory to wot we 'ear from on high (not that, after reading your blog, I expected otherwise.)  I read last week her Asshat husband has wanted to get married to someone else for most of the time his wife has been hospitalized.  

2)  Hear Hear!

3)  I thought anime was for kids and old pervs... But dammit, you've gone and influenced me to watch not only the cowboy bebop movie, but five of the six dvd's (the first 20 episodes) too.  

Keep up the skeer Ogre. – Andy”


From Tracy:  “I have an issue with the Liberals, and their continuing effort to make us believe that the us economy is in a dive.  Well if that was true, why are there so many building projects going on, every where I look.  Down the road from where I live, not more than two miles, is a neighborhood being built with lakes, curving roads, and hills, with houses starting a $280,000.00.   A whole neighborhood of them.  Down the road from that is a new college, and new hospital, and two new malls.  Every time I go to the mall, there are so many people that trying to find a park sometimes, is impossible.  So, how can the economy so bad, if people are buying homes that start at $280,000.00, and drive two and three SUV's per family, and shop at the mall all damn day?  Where is the slump at?  It's not any where near me.  You mentioned that they are making a mini series about our favorite Pres.  Guess who is involved?  Barbara Streisand, and her hubby James Brolind.  So you know it will be a fair and balanced presentation.  It is just sickening, how power hungry a man can get, that he deliberately lies to himself, his family, his peers, and his neighbors.  It is a whole party of petty, little minded, selfish, power hungry, ugly people.  They are liars to themselves, and the world.  What is scary is that some of them really believe it.  Just how far are they willing to go?  I guess all the way.”

I just heard on the radio that the Veggie Lady’s Champion Husband is now going to be represented by the ACLU.  This doesn’t surprise me one bit, not for one second.  Why am I not surprised by this?  I’ll tell you why.  Because if there is anything reprehensible, unclean, or anyone untrustworthy – the ACLU seeks out these things.   They are the antithesis of the Boy Scouts.  I guess a man should have the right to murder his wife, shouldn’t he?  Right?  Isn’t that the 13th Amendment?   Oh, no, that’s about freeing the slaves… I guess there is no freedom for a wife who can’t represent herself… No right to life, liberty or the pursuit of fucking justice either!  If there is anything that can be said about the ACLU, it’s that they don’t surprise anyone anymore.  Fuck the ACLU.

You gotta love that movie Meatball made, “American President”.  This is the Liberal Feel Good Movie of the fucking CENTURY… Such statements like “So a Five Year Old can buy an UZI” are all over the place – an the illogic of it goes not just unchallenged, but taken as fact.  Well, at the end, during the speech when the Hero Liberal President says he is a card carrying member of the ACLU… he goes on “Yes I am, and Why are you NOT?”  Then he extols the virtues of the ACLU and then says he is “Going after the guns”.  Nice.  Where do I begin here?  Okay, how about this… the ACLU has none of those virtues and only exists as a weapon of political mass destruction.  It’s used to challenge all the Conservative victories at any level in court.    It’s the Liberal Democrat’s Vinny and Guido Squad… looking for Right Wing legal kneecaps to bust.  

Fuck the ACLU.    

Leon sent us an email too, in it he mentions the movie “The Professional”. (it’s called “Leon” outside of the USA)   I just might have to write up another “GUNS OF” article for this flick.  It’s an older movie, but it’s a classic.  Gary Oldman stars in it as a badguy and is just awesome.  This is one of his creepiest characters in my opinion, next to Dracula.   I’ll do that if someone wants to send me the DVD.  DVD’s are so much better for trying to ID a movie gun because you can freeze frame and zoom in on it.  You can’t do that with a VCR.

1030: I have two issues that I wasn’t going to touch, but then I thought “Why the hell not?”

The Veggie Lady who’s on life support and Ronald Regan.   Forgive me for not going into any specifics or details – I don’t have much time.  I have some .357 Magnum that I gotta burn up… so I can reload it.  

I have hung back from this Right To Death issue on so I could take it all in and get a better picture before I made up my mind on my opinion here.  This case smells fishy from the start.  Husband says wife’s wishes were to die.  If this was the case, why did the Husband try to sue for 20 million so he could take care of her?  He lost that case.  So, now it looks like the money to take care of her is burning away (by him and his lawyer) he is saying she wanted to die. 

There is evidence that she was put into this condition due to a beating and strangulation… but the police wont look into this.   Really there is no evidence of anything in the favor of the husband.  Nothing at all… but there is a lot of evidence that this asshat is a truly evil son of a bitch.  I bet you anything that if this poor woman could explain what happened to her, she would say “He tried to kill me”. 

Using the Courts in a “Right to Death” issue is a huge smoke screen that he is using to get rid of his wife and save some money for a new truck or something.  This bastard needs to be investigated to the Nth degree for 2 counts of attempted murder.   Who also needs to be investigated is the Judge who ruled that the wife should be unplugged when he himself saw video footage and heard testimony that shows CLEAR evidence that this woman, while in a vegetative state is not just self aware, but still conscious at some level.  She knows what’s going on, can hear, and shows a continuing sense of humor.  Humor is the indicating factor of higher order intelligence.  She isn’t brain dead or anything – she is there inside.  And this judge knew that, but signed an order to kill her in a most horrid way.  This isn’t right to death issue; this is conspiracy to commit murder.  This woman does not want to die.  This woman is a victim.  

Now, about Ronald Reagan.  I have my personal favorites list when it comes to US Presidents.   George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.  This man was one of the greatest Presidents that this country – this planet has ever seen.  For CBS to make such a movie about this man is utterly reprehensible.   This film is nothing more than the Left trying to slap Reagan’s legacy in the face.   What it is actually doing – just like every Democrat move lately – is slapping themselves in the face.  This is backfiring on them.    What?  No – this IS a politically motivated effort.  CBS is so Liberal, and this political motivation behind this movie is obvious.  Mini-Series – whatever you call it.  It’s transparent.  Just look at the casting.  So while the Liberals still have hold over the media, and can exert influence – they will have shows like this made in attempts to lampoon the Right.     You know what this is?  This is a Liberal Hissy-Fit.  A tantrum.   They need to be spanked an put to bed.   This might happen in 2004.


Oct 23rd, Thursday: 1530:  I love the feeling you get when all your homework is done and you are ready to go to class swinging.   After 2 hours of mental grinding - shoulda lubed the synapses with some Caffeine! - I am ready to battle.  The other side of this coin - feeling unprepared and not up on the details of the subject...  I guess that's what being Liberal feels like. 

You will notice over to the right, a new link.  Right Nation is replacing Kim Du Toit who has decided to stop "blogging".  This is his choice and that's fine, but since he is no longer a daily read, I've swapped that slot with another site that I like.

1330hrs:  The S&W 66 arrived and I just got back from transferring and test firing.  It's a damn good solid gun.  Stainless, .357Magnum, it runs well, great trigger, and it hits where I pointed it.  I'm satisfied with it.  .357 Magnum is a good caliber for personal defense, I don't care what anyone says about it to the contrary.  I have it loaded with CCI Blazer 158 grain hollow points.  It's not the most ferocious load, but it will do just fine for home security/personal defense. 

Now, if that model 696 would just get here, then I'd be able to set my mind at ease. 

I'm tempted to go back out and shoot some more and otherwise just goof off now... Pattern some .357 shotshells or print how this thing groups... But I have class tonight and I have to prep for it.  I guess I had best get back to work.  Dang it! 

Oct 22nd, Wednesday:  1330hrs:  Evidently Ogre is a hard character to pin down.  Two examples of Ogre’s duality:  Last night at a football game, two ladies behind me decided to lecture me… (long story) They said that I had too many “Free Radicals” and that I needed to lay off the “Carbs”.  My response was “First off, my engines are fuel injected – and second, I like Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, and Rage Against the Machine!”   For some reason I wanted to play the low-brow card only for shock effect.  Of course I knew what they were talking about, but I wasn’t playing that game.  That being said, both my answers are true.  Then today, I bumped into another student from one of my classes.  (no, not the one I mentioned the other day)  She was working drive through and I stopped for a soda.  She leaned out to hand me the drink and all the sudden looked like I hit her with a tazer.  “What’s wrong?”  She stuttered “You, you, you’re listing to CLASSICAL music!”  “So?”  “You don’t listen to classical!”  “I apologize for not living in your preconceived image of me…”  and I drove off with her still hanging out the window.  Now I get to give her hell about the nickel she owes me.  I don’t want to be the kind of guy that can be pegged into a narrowly defined category.   

Email that deserves an answer:  “Ogre, what is this S&W bullshit?  If you want a revolver, why did it have to be two S&W’s?”  Oh man…  Look, when it comes to revolvers, S&W is king.  The only two viable options are Ruger and Taurus.  I have nothing but respect for these guys, but they don’t make guns in the configuration that I want.  Ruger’s revolvers are beefy and a half, but I don’t want another one.  Taurus revolvers are sweet, but unless you want a small frame, you’re going to get a huge barrel.  Look down at the two guns I am getting in (tomorrow hopefully)  The 696 is a snub – but a bigger framed snub just like how I wanted.  And that model 66, look at the barrel.  It’s not a full length under-lug.   I don’t like full length under-lugs.  Now if you are talking about "The S&W Agreement"... that agreement is pretty much dead in the water.  Besides, S&W's agreement is something that in my opinion is a lot less heinous than what Ruger did promoting magazine capacity limitations.  Ruger can be directly implicated for the current asinine 10 round limit.  This being said - fuck Ruger.  I'll not spend my money or trade anything for a Ruger of any sort.  But yeah, the GP-100 and SP-101 are great revolvers... the only thing wrong with them are that they are Rugers.  Taurus is perhaps the better choice politically.  I really like Taurus.  That's all there is to it.

One of the Horde has a serious issue... A situation occurred at an institute of higher learned that involved self defense where no one was hurt.  (That might not make sense)  He is now in trouble because he took a up a defensive posture in anticipation for an attack.  He has a hearing coming in next week.  Posting this might harm his case at this point.  If he is able to get this mess dropped, then I'll post this.  If this goes bad - I'll post this as well as his email address so readers can give him advice and support directly.  Hearing this case has makes me very angry.  This doesn't surprise me that this has happened like this. This could be one of those outrageous stories you hear about in the news.

1000hrs:   Partial Birth Abortion is Murder.  This isn't the removal of a blastocyst or a lump of tissue that doesn't even resemble a fetus... this isn't even a fetus... this is a baby.  This is a human being that is 99% born, a living being.  With intelligence and a spirit... a soul.  So you have this person, almost all the way born... and the doctor reaches in there, snips it's spinal cord, vacuums out the child's brains, collapses or cuts up it's skull, and then the corpse is thrown into an incinerator.  This is murder.  This is brutal and horrible murder.  A monstrosity.  The official position of is that the life of this baby is of greater worth than that of the mother, and that this partial birth abortion procedure should be done to the mother and let the innocent child live in a home without Jack the Ripper. 

One of the Horde Generals is taking my essay about Charlton Heston’s speech and is spreading it around his university.  I have has some comment back from various sources and one theme of which is about the PC-Race issue.  I was basically called a dirty liar about this.  Well, if that is the case, what is up with this news article

Teacher reads an essay about “The N-Word” written by a black student.  PC-Police sends in SWAT Team.  The teacher, being white, is not socially allowed to read out loud this essay… the black student who wrote it can say “nigger” all he wants.  Chris Rock can shout it at gathered thousands.  Yet, had Chris Rock wrote his standup routine down, handed it to this teacher, and the teacher was to read it out loud – That would be unacceptable.   

My point is that this isn’t about the word “nigger”.  Let me tell you something – I don’t like that word.  I have an uncle who is a racist and every time I hear him open is pie hole, I want to fill it with a cinder block.  I’m not racist, and I don’t like people who are.  I think racism is a direct cause and effect indicator of both poor education and low IQ.  I’m not defending the word’s use here either.  What I am pointing out is the double standard bias going on that is now part of the unwritten law regarding Political Correctness.  This teacher will probably loose her job or get stabbed or something.  Because of political correctness. 

Now I am not sure what the essay in question said… but the article says that “she read it like a black person.”  What?  Just how does a black person read?  Oh, she was using slang?  She was using such pronunciations?  Like “Let me Axe you something?”  How come this isn’t a concern when someone acts “Scottish”?  “She read it like a Scot!”  If this is a case of a white person acting black – then the PC-Police need to raid Eminem, the Icy Hot Stuntaz, and just about every high school out there.    You know, if people really want a color-blind society, there can be no double standards.  This essay in question was written by a black student.  Why wasn’t the student brought to question for writing it?   Another question – would there have been any question if the teacher had asked another black student, or the author, to have read it? 

The PC-Race issue is a hot button.  It can ruin people publicly… unless you really were a Racist and turned Liberal… then you could become a US Senator like Robert Byrd!  Racism is a Liberal tool… a political weapon… and unless you have a carry permit for this weapon, you can’t touch it.  Yes, Chris Rock has this permit.  But evidently this teacher didn’t.

Oct 21st, Tuesday: 1600hrs:  Big Bore Snubbys in the future:  Watch the flick "Bladerunner".  Deckard's blaster... doesn't it seem to be like he is using a giant revolver?  Well we know that he really is.  A 4 inch Charter Bulldog... while not a snub nose, but with that Steyr receiver dressing it up, it looks like a snubby.  Not sure as to the stopping power of this gun.  It has excessive over penetration, but not a lot of stopping power.  He must be loaded with 5.56MM or something. 

Have you heard about the Left's new ploy?  They have said that they have been on the wrong side of the gun issue... and that they are going to say that they are now on the right.  Watch it... Read again carefully... they are not actually going to come out on the right side of the issue - they are just going to say it.  The Democrat party is truly amazing.  I mean that.  Seriously.  The left has a unique talent to dig even lower and lower every day on any given issue.  They can burrow like that space-machine thing in that movie "The Core".   Don't listen to any Democrat.  None of them.  They are each one, vile and disgusting creatures under the skin.  Have you seen that old flick "They Live"?  Well, if you look at these creatures that look like people with these special sunglasses, you see that they are in fact alien zombies or something.  Well, if you look at Democrats with "Ogre-Eye", you can see that they are undead zombies too.  Scary. 

I took a look at the new .500S&W revolver.  Held it in my hands, examined it, and compared it to a similar gun, but in .44 Magnum.  Holy cow.  That this is massive.  You have seen pictures of it, but until you actually hold one and look at it in your own hands and feel the weight of it... you just can't really appreciate just how fucking huge this thing really is.  It's like parking a B-1B on the flight line next to an F-16.   And the shells.  Judas Priest!  God Bless S&W for just making this thing.  Even if you can't actually shoot it do to health and economic reasons... (It's so expensive it can kill you from sticker shock) it's something to have to throw in an Anti-Gunner's face.  An Anti-Aircraft revolver.  Stunning.  I want one with a 3 inch barrel. 

0830hrs:  Do you need a holster?  I have a recommendation for you if you want a leather rig - check this out.  HBE Specialty Leatherworks.  Made here in Utah by a seriously good guy who is also a gonzo gun nut.  His prices are more than reasonable - considering the high quality work he is offering - it's a steal.   He is now doing this full time and taking all the risk of doing a start up.  But from the looks of his leather - I think he will do just fine.  I will be placing my orders for 3 different handguns as soon as I can.  If I had the money now, I'd order them right this second.  Well, 2 of them... I'm still waiting for the CZ-RAMI pistol to come out.  It's waiting for ATF final approval and should be here by my birthday early next year.  I wouldn't think if carrying it in anything else.

Just got in a new spam message:  Protect your children from bad language with our software!  Wow.  Now that is a damn good idea!  Kidding... What's the point of putting a language filter on your computer when the FCC has just said it's okay to say "fuck" on network TV? 




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