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OCTOBER 15th to 20th 2003

Oct 20th, Monday: 2300hrs:  Forgive me for not updating earlier.  Today was extremely busy.  I have nothing substantial to post today.  This means Emails and or Filler.  Filler first.  My little work called "Crossing Kansas" is here for your enjoyment.  This was an exercise in narration.  For some reason I decided to take a step out of my normal writing "voice" and into HP Lovecraft.  I am told that it worked.

Emails have been coming in supporting my move to these revolvers... especially for the 696.  I can't pick one out as an example... well, this one was a notch above:

"Hello Mr. Ogre! I see that you are now the owner of an S&W 696! Awesome! You are absolutely right in that it just "feels" good in the hand. I have owned mine for about three or four years now I guess and just love it! Nothing wrong with a big bore snubby to bring an end to evil intentions! I carry Cor-Bon 165grain plus p's in mine. Make a nice boom, real accurate, and I believe that Cor-Bon rates them at a little over 1100fps from a three inch barrel. Lots of smack with a heck of a lot less "ouch" like some of those itty bitty .357's! Congrats on your 696 and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. By the way, your website effin' rocks! Take care Mr. Ogre. - Michael M." 

I especially love the ending.  Thanks for the email.  Well, I went out and in-between my other tasks made a stop by Basin Sports.  They only had 1 flavor of .44 Special ammunition... so of course I got that.  I have 1 shop and 2 pawnshops here and of these three joints, only one of them stocks ammo.  Wal-Mart has some... but not .44Special. Federal Classic is what I got.  This is a 200 grain at 900FPS kind of load.  Tepid.  This is too moderate... too mild.  Should be an easy kicking load considering this is less than a stout .45ACP.  I want something a bit more tub-thumping.  I'll have to stock up on a few boxes of good stuff when I go out to SLC some time in the future.  Ammo...  empty brass, slugs, powder, and primers.

I only had one class tonight... in it are some students from the high school.  These students are supposedly the brighter "advanced" students or something.  If this is the case, I am truly frightened for America's future as a nation.  Most of these kids are just shockingly stupid.  Not just ignorant of knowledge... but flat out meta-stupid.  Stupid to a level that if this was a measurement of temperature.. would rate "Absolute Stupid". 

In this class we have a girl.  Normally I consider women to be just as intelligent as men, but more cunning on average.  Not this one.  She is not only stupid, but she likes to brag about her stupidity.  If she was a body of water, her depth of character would be equal of that of the Sea of Tranquility.   To quote her is to take a hammer blow to the mind... bypassing the skull and brains and smacking you square in your very soul.  The class discussion was on the social discrimination based on appearance... not race or sex or age... but on just looks.  This is evident in who gets Anchor jobs and who doesn't.  There is a psychology report out that shows attractive people are perceived as being more intelligent.   Interesting stuff to a point.  So our girl here (Who is attractive, btw, cute with a nice figure, so you might think her intelligent) opens her pie hole.  "Yeah, it's like girls are so into hot guys, but lots of hot guys can be like, total jerks, like, you know?"  After that comment, the whole class was silent until I mutter something under my breath.  "Wow, that was almost deep for her."  I guess my voice carried a little too far and most of the class laughed. 

I didn't mean to be cruel, but I think this girl needs to be taught a simple lesson.  If you two synapses accidentally bump into one another and you get a spark... you don't have to voice it.  You could almost pity her if it wasn't for the fact that she is a spoiled princess who's Daddy buys her absolutely everything she asks for... including a new truck just weeks after him getting her a new car.  Well, she really didn't like the car after she got it, like she thought she would.  Right.  

I want to meet this father of hers... and slap the shit out him for not wearing a rubber.    She is getting this college class for free... I had to apply for a federal grant to take this class.  Forgive an Ogre for acting according to his nature, but tax dollars are being spent here and I am obligated to do my very best in class - so I don't have time to listen to Spring-Break Barbie.  No, that wasn't the only comment she had made in class... she made a lot of others of equal lucidity.  My cerebellum sent me an email, asking to please lobotomize it so it didn't have to comprehend the vast chasm of vacuum that spans the gap between her ears.  Evil Knievel wouldn't even attempt that jump on a Rocket-Bike.

Don't even get me started on the Ken Doll that is in my History class.  *shudder*


Oct 18th, Saturday: 2300hrs: "You got what!?"  Evidently my Wife is shocked at my going for revolvers.  Email from Reader is likewise: 

"Congrats on the set of smith revos. I never NEVER would have figgerd you for a revo fan by any stretch. You made very wise choices, and I think you will be one contented ogre pistolero with your new toys. Luck, -B"

Why are you guys so surprised at this move?  Look at the 4th question in my FAQ.  I recommend a revolver there.  Look at the top 10 handgun list in the weapons section.  #10 is a snub nosed .357 Magnum revolver.  So me getting a .357 Magnum should not be a surprise to anyone.  Even one of my quotes above my photo says "You can't argue with a .357... well, you could, but you will end up bleeding a lot."  The only surprise that I could see would be in the caliber - maybe.  Well, a 200 grain Keith bullet loaded to 950FPS has a solid wet-pack (soaked newspapers) penetration of 24 inches.  That's pretty damned potent for a non-magnum.  In fact, to hit harder than that, you would have to be shooting some seriously stout stuff.

Here is the S&W 696 .44 Special:  Not the actual example of the one that is coming, but this is a S&W 696.

Here is the S&W 66 .357 Magnum:

This is the one that is coming my way.

Now the question is, which one rides on my hip all day as Primary and which one is Back Up?  I've mentioned .357 a lot, so you might think that.  Then again, I've mentioned my desire for a big bore as well.  The 696 is built on a larger frame than the 66... so even though it has a shorter barrel, it's a bigger gun all the way around save length maybe.  The K frame 66 smacks of the Model 10 I used in the Police academy, but it has a longer barrel then what I used over a decade ago.  Same grips though!  I guess I shall have to try them both out and see how they fit.  I don't think the grips between these two would swap - but if they did, that would be sweet.  Eventually I'll get pretty wood on them and one of them will be my BBQ Gun.  Too early to tell.  Feels like Christmas eve is coming in October!   Speaking of that... I have a rant coming on here... 

I'm feeling festive.  Mrs. Ogre came back from the store with a jug of Egg Nog.  I only drink it during the holidays and we are getting closer to the season.  I had a glass... delicious.  The thing that disturbs me however, is that this season we are already seeing Christmas decorations.  It's not even Halloween yet, and already there are fucking Santa Clauses all over the damn place.

 I remember when we had Thanksgiving decorations.  Do you guys remember those?  Cornucopias, turkeys, Pilgrim hunters with blunderbusses and Pilgrim Wives with pumpkin pies... decorations made from corn with multi colored kernels... Kids running around in Indian costumes.  Those are totally done away with.  I haven't seen that stuff for the last 7 or 8 years.  Last couple of years, the Christmas stuff would break out the day after Halloween.   Are the retail-asswipes trying to bypass Halloween now?  My Hell!  Pretty soon the 4th of July is when Santa rides his sled around passing out flags and sales flyers. 

The commercialism of the holidays is totally disgusting.   What's worse is the fact that people eat it up.  The day after Thanksgiving is known as "Saints Shopping Day" or some shit.  Last year I was at place, and early in the morning, before the doors opened, there was a HUGE line.  Made me sick.  It really did. 

Yes I was in a  retail establishment for 6 months one time - OMG I am so glad I am not doing that anymore.  Every day was more unhappy than the last and anytime a shopper had a bad day - it was my personal fault and my asshat manager would chew me out for it.  I guess he wasn't really an asshat.  He was just a Retail Manager and I wasn't cut out for the job.  I'll admit it.  You don't want me to deal with your customer issues, if the customer was a retard that caused his or her own problem.  I'm the guy you have to tell that customer to fuck off.  That's about the extend of my retail qualifications.  No, really my Manager there was cool enough.. I just don't see how I held on without quitting after 2 months.  Oh, wait, I know... I was looking for another Tech Job in Utah during the "Great Salt Lake Depression".   I still think all my friends were placing bets as to when I would walk out.  Hey, where the hell was I?  Ah, Holidays... 

So I drank down a glass of smooth tasting Egg Nog.  You know, one glass of that shit is a meal.  Cold, frothy, eggy(?) refreshing contentment.  All in one glass.  What I want now is some Missile-Toe, Mrs.Ogre... and I'll leave it at that.   


1800:  This morning I woke up and remembered that a S&W 696 is heading my way.  I am very excited.  Other good news is there is a possible S&W 66 .357Magnum.  I have put my iPaq up for sale and this offer came out.  The iPaq is going up because I realized that since it was stolen and recovered - that I really don't need it and didn't even miss it while it was gone.  I hardly ever use it at all anymore.  Well, on Sundays while in church I'll play solitaire... and I really shouldn't be doing that anyway, right?  Might as well turn it into something that I will enjoy more regularly.  My father in law has a reloading set with all the dies and everything ready to go for both .44 Special and .357magnum... I also have a couple boxes of Speer LSWCHP waiting to get loaded.  For a poor college student with a family, if I want to do some shooting other than .22 then this is the way to go.   I am excited.  You know, I haven't had a revolver since 1992, and now I have 2 coming.  Ogre is now going to have to do his patented Happy Ogre(TM) dance.  I have photos of both guns, but I'll post them after the guns arrive.

To celebrate:  A toast!  Drink up!

Looks like I am not the only one upset by the actions of Cheesedick SLC Police Chief Rick Dinse.  The call has gone out for Dinse to resign his post as Chief.  This is a call I whole heartedly support.  The group behind this call is the CCRKBA.  I've never heard of them before.  They are not based out of Utah, so this call is essentially meaningless.  I would very much like to see this call carried out.  This isn't just a SLC thing, but a Utah thing.  I think the way to pressure this cat to step off is to pressure the cat that appointed him.  Rocky "See, Utah has Coffee and Beer Too!" Anderson.  This will take some effort. 

I remember the first time I met Rocky.  I had just left the gunshow at the Salt Palace back when he was campaigning.  I was dressed in a bowling shirt, jeans and blue sneakers.  I was also wearing a more prominent earring than what is in my photo over there in the right side column.  I was carrying a shopping bag that looked like it could have come from any of the small shops around the area.  The way I left the Salt Palace, crossing the parking lots in the back (because I got lost for a minute) had me approaching a fellow standing in front of a camera crew.  My intentions were to walk behind the crew, pass them quietly, and be on my way.  This didn't happen.  I guess Rocky thought I looked like the image of the modern liberal that he wanted to promote in Salt Lake City, because he stopped me.  He asked me what I thought of gun show going on right behind me in the Salt Palace, where guns where being sold.  I could tell he was hoping for a liberal response "Guns!  How horrible!"  Nope.  Rocky didn't get that.  Instead, what he got was the Ogre Litany of Counter-Liberal Rhetoric(TM).  Every word I spoke caused a new vein to pop out in Rocky's forehead.  I explained that Utah's own State Constitution specified that the Second Amendment follows the Individual interpretation here in Utah and that gun ownership was a right - not a privilege - here in Utah.  That the law abiding people in the show had all the resources for any and all background checks needed, that there were more police officers and undercover federal agents there than in the rest of the entire state, and that this area of the city was the safest place a guy could possibly be.  I showed the camera my bag full of high capacity magazines and the boxes of ammunition and other goodies I picked up.   It was like from the movie "Scanners" and I thought Rocky was about to pop on me.   The guy behind the camera had an ear to ear grin.  This was supposed to be on the evening news... I watched.  It wasn't. 

So I have a feeling that Rocky would require some very serious pressure to move on this issue.   However, SLC is still in Utah.  If EVERY conservative citizen in SLC stood up - they would outweigh the Noisy Few that put him into office.   Utah has a very bad streak of apathy when in comes to politics.  Too few people here bother to vote.  I bet we have a much smaller voter turn out than any other state in America... maybe next to Idaho.  Some folks say that Idaho only exists to make people in Utah feel better.  This may be true.  However, to be honest, I would love to live up in Northern Idaho.  That area is gorgeous... It's like Pacific Northwest, but without all the Starbucks. 

Today I worked on my Mid-Term exam for my Psychology class.  It was a take home exam, but that really didn't help any... all the questions were trick questions of a sort, so you had to re-read the entire book for each question.   I'd have rather taken a regular test. 

*DOG-BLOG ALERT*  Something arrived for Ranger in the mail yesterday and we are working on setting it up.  A 50 foot dog trolley with a 20 foot lead.  This will beat the regular chain he has to wear when he is not by my side.  He will be able to rove around a much larger area and play with the little ones with a good deal more freedom.  Happy dog!  


Oct 17th, Friday: 1800hrs:  The deal is finalized for the .44 Special, but the gun in question is not a Taurus 431, but a S&W 696.  The 696 is a bit bigger and feels better in my hand.  I ran to a couple shops around here and looked at a 431 and looked at a 4 inch barreled L frame but it wasn't the 696.  The L frame the "Medium" size, and it felt just right.  With a 3 inch barrel like the 696, it will do very well as a CCW for me.  The Taurus 431 looked to be a very nice gun indeed, but it was too small for what I was really wanting.  Holding the L frame, ooohhh yeah.  It just "Felt" right.  Not just in my hand, but deeper.  A 3 inch L frame will be *PERFECT*. 

This gun isn't blued, but I can live with that.  What I was wanting was a good shooting big bore good against 2 legged critters.  .44 Special is also a decent cartridge for Cougar.  Bonus.  I'm no expert on revolvers, or revolver cartridges... I know ottermatics.  So just what to feed this one will be something fun to work out.  The blued wheelgun with wood grips... what I really want for that gun is a .41 Magnum... Like a S&W 28.  One that screams "classic", but in a rip-snorting caliber.  Such as gun can not be had as a trade for what I was offering.  That gun will be my long term goal.  Now that I have a .44 Special on the way... time to study up on that cartridge.  See, I'm funny this way... this is 1/2 the fun of owning guns.  I can not even remember all different kinds of guns that I have owned.   I have been chastised for not finding that one gun and marrying it.  I'm already married to my wife... so I might as well fool around with the guns. 

I just said "rip-snorting".  What the heck was that?   

1100hrs:  There is an offer on the table for a trade for .44 Special Taurus Snubby, a model 431.  I'm about ready to take it.  Wood grips, blued, it's a good looking handgun.  As for the brand, Taurus... I'm fine with them.  Taurus is making some great guns these days, and the Revolvers are what they do best.  I've never heard much of anything about any complaints when it comes to them. 

Another email about the format:

"Ogre, I second John's comment. I had grown accustomed to typing Ctrl-A (select all) to make your sight readable. Now I don't have to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  -Bill

You hit "Control A" too?

Email about Spam: 

"What is this crap?  How did so many people decide that I needed a bigger penis and why?  If a had a sixteenth of an inch ---- Hell make that a 64th of an inch for everyone of these I get! In a month John Homes would develop a complex and I could handle every woman in three states without ever leaving home?  What is up with that? I men hey, I know lots of people who will confirm I am a huge dick. Some have even referred to me as a walking dick with arms. I’ve never had a woman complain. Where do these asshats get off? You’re the psych major. What is it? Are there really that many insecure folks out there that these guys actually make sales?  Just my blow of the day. But it sucks. I must get 10 of these a day!  - Captain Gordie"

Your dick is too small, your teeth and your clothes are not white or bright enough, you don't have enough mortgages on your home, and your credit cards are not exclusive enough.

Marketing's first goal is to make you unhappy with what you already have.

I'll just be happy to take your word for it about the whole dick thing...   Some things, Ogre doesn't need/want  to know. 

Oct 16th, Thursday: 1800hrs: Ogre's TatEmail from long time reader:  "Ogre, I like it.  I can read it without highlighting the text.  My old eyes thank you. - John

Thanks for the feedback, J.  Hmmm... This looks almost angelic compared to what I have been looking at lately.  I'll switch the other main pages over to the new format at my leisure. 

It looks like I am in a stage production now... a play.  I'll not give any details as to what it is, but it was requested to me out of the blue that I was wanted for the part.  I said "yes" and I am now wondering what I have gotten into.  

To pieces of good news have come up.  One was a paper that I had emailed in... Email back "VERY GOOD: A".  I'll be post this paper in a minute.  The other good news was something that I can not yet mention, but I was excited to hear of it.  This is only a possibility, but just the possibility put a big grin on my face.  (If you can believe that)  I'll only disclose this once it becomes approved for public release.  Both items add up to a good day.  Something I needed.

Now if I could just find that big bore snubby willing to come home with me for the Mini-XP.

1600hrs:  Guys, I had to make a change here.  I just couldn't do the green on black anymore.  I was going cross eyed. started out like this, it will return to this.  If you really hate it... I am sorry.  But this change had to be done.   

SWEET!  Check this out, one of my favorite sites, Bad Candy, is back.  This is one site has it all... it will make you laugh, it will make you cry.  It will make you afraid of Candy.

Noon: The subject of Rock Island 1911s has come up over at THR, and I thought I would share my thoughts of them over here.  I like the Rock Island 1911s a lot. I helped a friend pick one up for 299, slightly used at a gun show in a private sale. I shot it for while and had a favorable impression of it. The gun looked like a GI 1911A1 with a beavertail and a commander hammer. The fit and finish was very well done for this level of gun.
Even at the average 350 dollar price, this entry level 1911 is a danged good gun. No, it's not going to compare with 1911s that are 350 dollars MORE... it's a disservice to compare it to such... If you are going to compare it to other guns, let's keep it in its proper class. Guns to compare it to:
When putting the Rock Island in this list, it hits the top in my opinion, with the Norinco coming in at a close second. The big advantage of the RIA guns is that they are not made in Communist China, with proceeds having gone to the Red Army.
It's a good gun, as is. It's a great gun if you consider it a starter. This is perfect for cats out there wanting to try a 1911, or who doesn't have a lot of money, or the guy who wants a toy to tinker with and or practice home gunsmithing.

CLASSIC OGRE: From the Archives: You can see, I have not changed very much since was registered.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand - It was suggested that I look into Objectivism and that I might like it and agree with it. I have been looking into it rather deeply for several weeks and I have come to the conclusion that Objectivism has merit and is fine for those that are suited for it... but not for me.
Objectivism mocks religion. While I am against Government abuses and big government in general... and while I am not the go to church every Sunday type guy... I am deeply religious and a proud member of the LDS church. Yeah, I'm Mormon. I'm proud to be Mormon. I'll tell anyone I'm Mormon. I don't care what they think about it. If they don't like it - they can kiss off. Objectivism doesn't mesh with Christianity. It does however have a lot of good points... but I don't have time to pick and choose and what not - I like to take something as a whole.
Another problem I have with it is this: "In one way or another, both conservatives and Libertarians repudiate the principles of a rational philosophy. Conservatives by believing in an all-powerful, all-knowing God repudiate existence, reason and any possibility of a rational ethics. On that basis, claims to support individual rights can only be regarded as lip-service. Libertarians hold the idea that there are many roads to liberty, all equally valid and true, including religion or a relatively new aberration, communitarianism. There is only one road to liberty, one price to be paid for freedom, reason."
What the hell is that all about? She really doesn't know humanity as well as she thinks. Pure REASON is an ideal that may sound good - but is just not possible in Human Society regardless of culture. I don't have the time to outline all my examples of this - but Humans are emotional and violent people at the core with a great deal of restraint and conditioning to try to live otherwise. Objectivism is trying to get folks to walk around like Vulcans from Star Trek, but with a hell of a lot more Self Righteousness.
Ayn Rand really doesn't understand what the price of liberty is... it isn't reason. It's blood. Blood and the specific application of focused violence. If anyone tells you differently - they are selling something.

My new ad for Mitsubishi:
Close up of a WWII Jap ZERO pilot... Leather helmet, Goggles, White Scarf... Through the window you see other pilots. You hear the scream of the engines as green mountains roll past. Camera pulls back to reveal the Red Circle on the side... Pulls back further to show its a Car - the 3000GT VR4. Several cars in tight formation... Camera pulls back further to show them zooming at very high speed along a highway... in Hawaii... There is an exit... to PEARL HARBOR... One at a time the Zero/Cars peel off to take the exit...
Many white clad sailors scramble to the Pontiacs and Mustangs that have hard times starting... close up of one sailor - fear on his face as he is frantically trying to start his car... a Zero/Car flashes past... flames start spouting from the American car's hood... The Zero/Cars leave and all the American cars are trashed... Sailors running around falling... lots of smoke...
Closing Title: "Mitsubishi - The Rest is History"

My new ad for Volkswagen:
Panning across a parade of goose stepping German troopers (No swastikas - just Iron Crosses)... at the lead of the parade is a new shiny black Beetle with a sun roof... Crowds are shouting "Zieg Farfegnuggen Hiel!" There is a VW Salesman standing in the sunroof waving with a straight arm... The parade is going past a VW dealership. In front of the dealership is a podium with a Sales Manager screaming into a mic shouting in German and pounding his fists and spitting... Camera pans out across ruined freeways with groups of grey Beetles surging across the screen... out of the sunroofs are jerry-helmed men low and glaring and scanning for enemies... Carcasses of Neons and Civics lay strung across the horizon... The logo comes across the screen: "VolksPANZERwagon, blitzkrieging the competition"

0900hrs:  I just heard that the SLC Police Chief has just joined a rabidly anti-gun group. This news disturbs me a great deal. I am pissed. The group says that they are not anti-gun, but anti-gun-violence. Gimmie a freaking break. That’s bullshit. I’ll not link to the group, but this is the group that a couple years ago had a promotion to put signs in front of houses stating that this house is a gun-free house. Not anti-gun… horseshit. That is why they link to all the other anti-gun groups too? And this is the police chief of SLC. What a shame. Utah is a great conservative place to live… but SLC is turning more and more asinine and liberal ever day. This shit keeps going on, it will be just like Denver in just a few more years. This is just another reason that I dislike living in large cities. SLC for a long while has been one place in particular that I have never had much use for. This just put the nail it’s coffin for me.

Nissan has a new truck out now, have you seen it? It’s called the Titan. The truck looks good… awesome in fact. I like it. Over 300 horse, full size… brutal looking front end. Has a lot of potential. Speaking of trucks. I saw a Toyota Tundra with 4 doors and a short bed. Now THAT is my truck!

Anne Coulter has the best take on the Rush Limbaugh case. A lot of people have differing opinions on this case. The Liberals are celebrating this. Everyone else are basically in two camps... 1. Rush is needing help from this unfortunate situation, he'll get through it and come out just fine. 2. Rush is getting a pass on this because he is a celebrity, and if anyone else had this happen, they would already be in jail. This is an unnecessarily cynical point of view. I don't listen to Rush every day... but I do listen once in awhile. Why? Because I only have 1 fucking radio station out here and if I had the choice, I'd rather listen to The Glenn Beck Program. There was a time when I was a Dittohead of sorts. That faded as I realized that I disagreed with Rush a good deal of the time. I'm not a dittohead of any sort now. But as a Conservative Leaning Independent, I still have a lot of respect for the guy. He is the single most hated individual of all the Liberals out there... and ANYONE that can garner that kind of animosity from the Left, deserves all the Kudos he gets.

Tom “Dash-Hole” Daschle thinks he’s being funny or something?
“Nevertheless, Daschle confesses that he was troubled when Bush, after expressing the hope that they could work together as closely as Bush had with Bob Bullock, his Democratic lieutenant governor in Texas, said, “I hope you’ll never lie to me.” “That statement caught me up short. What an unusual concern to express in such a meeting.… I’ve often wondered since then what George Bush might have been told about me that would make him begin this conversation, this relationship, from an implied position of mistrust.”
Maybe, Tom, it’s because you’re an asshole who has lied too many times to count. It could also be that you are the political adversary of President Bush. And it could also be that you are just about as untrustworthy of an individual as can be found on Capital Hill.
“He credits Gore with acting in the nation’s best interests by not challenging the results of the 2000 election.”
What? Oh, you mean after all the other challenges failed? This is called rewriting history, you bloody git. You don’t do it very well.

I love the Horatio Hornblower series of movies by A&E. I just saw an ad for 2 new movies… Awesome. A&E has a little trailer for what’s coming up. Looks sweet! Check the archives; I’ve mentioned the series before. In fact, it’s in my first archive. Then there is another tall ship movie called MASTER and COMMANDER staring Russell Crow. Looks freaking awesome.  Something about these kinds of movies and stories really speaks to me. I gotta see this one in the theatre.

Oct 15th, Wednesday: 1024hrs: Let's do emails today... A word of warning has come from one of the Horde:
“Do NOT go see this movie, Ogre. I mean, I like zombie movies. I like campy, dumb zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead. I like serious, techno-horror zombie movies like Resident Evil. But...House of the Dead is's like the director just HATES, you know, people. Me and you, and your wife and your kids, and the President and the Pope and everybody. He hates us, Ogre, and he expresses that hatred in his movie. It was like getting dick-slapped in the face for two hours. Glad I caught the matinee; it was cheaper. It was a Sega arcade game with light guns. The Sega tie-ins with the movie are shameless and poorly executed. This movie didn't get much TV commercial time. I can see why. I'll bet the director hates Ghandi, too, and Mother Teresa. Probably even Jesus. It's an offense to the Lord to make a movie this bad. Might not be in the Bible verbatim, but I'm sure it's implied somewhere. I found myself hoping the characters would hurry up and get killed so I didn't have to listen to the dialogue anymore. It was just painful. Haven't seen a movie this stupid in the theaters since "The Hunted", and this one supplanted "The Hunted" as the worst theater movie I've ever seen. (The Hunted, in turn, de-throned 3000 Miles to Graceland.) It wasn't, of course, the worst movie I've ever seen. I've seen Mitchell, starring Joe Don Baker. I've seen Eegah. I've seen... *shudder*.. "Manos", the Hands of Fate... Let my fate be a warning to's too late for me, Ogre...I only hope that my soul can yet be saved. But warn them, so that others might be spared my fate! Seriously, though. Hella stupid movie. Completely ruined the good movie vibe I got when I saw Kill Bill yesterday. Kill Bill was dumb, but it was TRYING to be dumb. It was campy fun. House of the Dead was about as fun as a bone marrow transplant.”
I think this says about as much as needs to be said about this movie. “House Of The Dead” a movie based on a video game. When will they please stop doing this? Are screen writers in Hollywood really that fucking stupid to think that they can make a movie out of a damn game? Tomb Raider is perhaps the only semi-successful adaptation and even though we all liked Angelina’s huge chest, we have to admit that the movie was meta-stupid. I blame Hollywood for not kicking the writers squarely in the nuts.
You know what was a really good movie? Equilibrium. That movie rocked. Not just because of the action or gunfoo… it was Yeats. Let me back this up a bit. Yeats was a poet and a theatre scholar. He said that the most important part of theatre was the dialog’s voice. The strength of the voice was the pinnacle of the art. I think he was right. If you watch Equilibrium, you watch the acting… it all maximizes the strength of the dialog’s voice, with many layers of subtly. Yeats was right. Equilibrium is fantastic and if it was done any other way, it would have failed. You get the voice not by talented actors alone. The actors have to have good dialog. Dialog is critical. Dialog is what makes the movie important. Dialog is not something you can get from a video game. “All your base are belong to us.” I don’t think so.
Email from a recent new visitor: 
“At first I didn’t click on Ogre is my daddy, because I felt it was very arrogant of you to say that. I am suddenly taken to a homosexual website. Is this some sort of joke? Are you a homophobe? I can tell from your fixation on weapons of destruction that you must be a homophobe. You have problems Mad Ogre. You are not my Daddy. Seek help. – name withheld”
Well, you did click the link didn't you? You agreed that I was your Daddy, and then you clicked into the Weapons Section, and then you clicked the Contact link... and selected "Not for Publication". Out of courtesy I am leaving your name and email address off... but I was tempted to post it... as a punitive measure against your asshatted and judgmental remarks.
I hate to break it to you… I am not a homophobe. I have no problems with homosexuals. And the link goes to a page about cross-dressing, not homosexuality. I know the differences are hard for judgmental, mono-synaptic imbeciles like yourself to sort out, but there is a difference. I’ve worked with several gay men and even a gay woman. Made no difference to me. I even worked with the very definition of a “Metrosexual” once… but he wasn’t gay. I thought he was gay for a long time… he looked and acted just like “Jack” from some NBC comedy. Nice guy. I liked him… thought he was a hoot to work with. No, I have no problems with homosexuals, faggots, or queers… however you want to call them.
However, I do have a problem with those of that orientation who make their sexual preference an issue that I have to deal with… by constantly referring to it, putting it in my face as an issue, or worse yet, claiming some sort of moral high ground or intellectual superiority because of it. If you search’s archives, you will find that I have said this before. Your sexual preference is meaningless to me. Does it matter to you that I prefer women with big tits? Large and full breasts... mmmm... beautiful... You have a problem with that? No? But you probably would if if I talked about it all the time, wouldn't you? So why is it okay if a gay guy talks about his sexual preference all the damn time?
Just because Christopher Lowell is homosexual, doesn’t make him a good decorator, and just because he is a decorator, it doesn’t mean he is a homosexual. Chris, is a flaming homosexual who really sucks at decorating. But just because he is gay no one has had the guts to tell him, “Chris, your décor is gaudy and horrific. It looks like a little girl’s color crayon nightmare.” Gay-Eye or Queer-Eye is not some sort of exclusive power of observation that comes from sucking dick. Gimmie a break. Homosexuals are fine. And most of them have a better sense of humor than you do, Mr. nameless.

And this one:  "Hi mad ogre: what can I say, I really want to right click Angelina Jolie, but i cant!!! What's that about? STIG :)"
BECAUSE SHE IS MINE! You can't have her! All mine!

And the last one for today: I had this one in Outlook before I switched to Eudora and Mozilla Mail, so it's a few days old... I am still trying to decided between the two, Eudora's Light version because I don't think it's worth 40 bucks for the full and I don't want the advertisments, or Mozilla's Mail client. Both are solid... I'm still going back and forth between the two. Oh, where was I? Ah, Robert of the Horde's message:
"The V22 crap pisses me off to no end, and so does the Striker…sorry, “Stryker.” This has M!6 written all over it. They’re going to get more troops killed, a lot more, and cost a fortune doing so. I wonder if Ashcroft is going to have to give a direct order to our troops to use them? I sure as @#$% wouldn’t want to be in one. Bah, the more I think about the government the more I hate it.
As for the big pussy, sounds like something that 00-buckshot would solve. The most I’ve dealt with is coyotes, so I’m not going to comment on WHAT it is, nor question your ability to deduce the friggen’ situation even though I have little more info than what you say (where the hell do some people get off?), but I will say that nothing beats solving the problem like 00-buck. Wildlife control sounds more and more useless everyday. My Dad hated it, and that was like 30 years ago. Figures. They don’t do anything until the little one is mauled or you have it on a pike. Pah!
Oh yeah, why the hell are sites calling you a DOG BLOG? Is there some idiot going around searching for any relevant information on dogs and if there’s any, BAM you’re a dog blog? Sounds so retarded to me… Thanks, Robert"

I have a #10 Migraine headache pounding me right now, so I really don't want to get into the V-22 issue again or the blood vessels behind my eyes will explode.
Oct 14th, Tuesday: 2230hrs: I have not lashed out at Michael Moore lately, namely because he is too easy of a target. He is a moronic, communist, slob that really doesn’t deserve any of the airtime he gets… but gets it he does, because he is an all consuming one man liberal spew factory. And those are his good points. Personal note, Mike... if you can't grow a beard, shave daily. Your face looks like a flaccid unwiped ass.
He has a book now called “Dude, Where is my County?” Not only does this illustrate a total lack of imagination, but also his deep level of self delusion. Hey, Mike – This was NEVER your country. This was OUR country. I swore an oath to protect this country and it’s freedoms… including those that you enjoy in using to vomit your bile into the ready mouths of the Media…. But, Mike, you are pushing the limits. I am about to come over there and kick your fat ass and take back every minute I served defending freedom while wearing a uniform as a pound of your rancid flesh.
Let me tell you something, Mike. This country is not just LA, Chicago, and New York. Everything else you fly over… all the people so far away that you can’t see them as you cruise overhead, taking up two seats, clogging the toilets, and consuming everything on the cart before it can get past you… they all hate you. This isn’t your country.
America at its core isn’t Liberal. Look at the map of all the counties during the 2000 Presidential election… they are all for Bush. If you look at the map from a distance… you can’t even see Gore’s blue areas. You liberal wankers may have hold of the big cities… But the whole concept of “America” is skewed there. You guys thing America is all about finding a parking space, or about ordering delivery. I think many of the city dwellers are starting to wake up and realize just how stupid they sound. The are feeling ashamed of having listened to guys like you and Alec Baldwin… having been made fools of by supporting Bill Clinton and in turn losing all credibility. This reminds me of a more civilized, larger scale version Nat Bacon’s Rebellion. We are starting to take it all back. We have crashed your gates and torn down your barricades. Soon we will have razed your cities, leaving only scorched and salted earth. Your moral outrage has no currency with us. There is no resonance to your cries. You are wrapped up in your own fabricated webs. Watch out Mike… We conservatives are coming for you!
America is, as a whole, Conservative. Many of us who can look at the whole spectrum of political issues may well be called Centrists… We might give a nod to some liberal issues once in awhile… but on a whole, we are basically conservatives... We lean to the Right. We value our families. We value our faith. We value our privacy. We value the good old days. And we value our Country.
You asked “Where is my Country?” I’ll tell you, Mike. It’s in France. Go there. In fact, even though I am a poor college student with a wife and five sons and two cars that both need more work than they are worth… I will PERSONALLY - out of my own pocket - buy you 1 first class, one way ticket to France on the airline of your choice… on one simple condition. That you NEVER return to the USA, and if you do, you have to pay me 10 million dollars. Cash. That’s the price. But hey, you love France! You probably haven’t seen it for the last 3 decades, but it’s obvious you have a hard on for France. It may be very tiny and a funny color, but you do… Why not just give in to it? Go there. Feed your love for those cheese eating surrender monkeys till your gluttony is sated. Just like you feed when you are at an all you can buffet. Your country awaits you, Mike. Give me a week upon your agreement and I will have the ticket for you, ready to go.  
I’ll even drive you to the airport. I’ll rent the largest U-Haul I can find to transport your gigantic ass… I’ll have to line up a forklift to help you get in… but you can roll out of it at the unloading zone. To sweeten the deal, I will have a giant jug of Starbucks and a pile of fresh boxes of Krispy Kremes in there waiting for you so you can eat on the way to the airport. Okay? Come on, Mike… I know you want it. Do we have a deal? Oh, and if you do go, please take your asshat buddy, Ed Asner with you. Of course you would have to fly in separate aircraft because one single jumbo jet couldn't get off the ground with you two.
"Ognificent One, Desert Eagle Question:  Ok, I hope you haven't been asked this a thousand times already... I know that the DE has an infamous reputation for jamming (aka, sucking; the bad, inconvenient kind of jamming).
I can rationalize the cause of this jamming when it comes to .357 or .44 loads; the umbrella stand type shell casings were designed for breach loader or revolver cylinder, not a slide action. However, the .50 AE casing is different; It is akin to the types of casing used in most auto/semi-auto applications (it looks like a .45 ACP on steroids). Rationality, it seems like it should work better, but rationality can only take you so far.
So, empirically, here is my question: "Does the DE .50 AE perform as poorly, especially with regards to jamming, as the DE .357 and .44 do? - Tony"

Good question, Tony. But first, I want to congratulate you on being the first person in a long while to write, that knows how to write a letter! OUTFUCKINGSTANDING! Now, to your question...
There is some improvement in the .50AE's reliability. But for other reasons that the the rimless cartridge. The DE was designed to feed rimmed cartridges, so the mags are angled differently, to allow the rims to stack. The .50AE, without the rim stacks the same... so it's no big deal.
The thing about the Desert Eagle, is that it is ammo sensitive. Seriously ammo sensitive. 2 reasons for this.
1. The gun is gas operated and not recoil operated or blow back... so there has to be enough gas pressure to work the action. The gas actually delays the slides cycling so if there is too much gas pressure, it could cause problems too.
2. The gun uses a star shaped bolt similar to what the M-16 uses. So if the gun isn't cleaned and lubed properly, and it's not cycled at the proper energy levels... it's going to have problems with locking and unlocking.

There are many folks out there who have had good track records with the Desert Eagle. Reliability is something they know how to work out. It's a matter of knowing the gun.
For example, the Porsche 911 Turbo. It's a fast car. But the balance and handling under load is different from other cars... it pushes from the rear wheels and the engine is back there too. This results in a lot of guys on the race track ending up with the car off into the grass... You can seem them leaving the track backwards. There is nothing wrong with the car at all. Pilot Error. The drivers that know the car and how to handle it right have no problem taking advantage of the 911T's potential.
The Desert Eagle is the same way. Right loads and the right TLC, and the gun will work fine.
I just about died laughing when I heard this… check this out.

To resolve my automotive situation, I decided to do the easier/cheaper fixes first and see I can get away with something simple without having to sell my soul. Fuel issues of most sorts, first thing to do is to check the fuel filter. You check it, pretty much by just replacing it. Done. However I noted something. The manual says that the fuel lines are under pressure. I had no pressure. Well, I had some, but it was a tiny bit. About like a 20 Ounce Dr Pepper after it's gone half flat. I had a lot more pressure in my Jeep's fuel line, and that was said to NOT be pressurized. I think the issue just may be the fuel pump. I also think that cold weather is part of the problem so I am running a low grade oil... moving from 20W-50 back down to a 10W-30 Synthetic. I'll do that as soon as I find my jack handle. That should also help in some things too. While I was at this, I decided I'd also just swap the PCV valve, and I am glad I did... The old one was completely gummed up... the new one should help out some. Maybe not in starting, but in the general engine performance. I'll do the O2 sensors next week. Well, after putting in the new fuel filter, I have noticed a great increase in performance... Feels like I have an extra 25 horses. The old filter must have been totally choked out. But I am still concerned over the pressure thing.
Update: Did a drive around town... the car is a lot happier. Between a fresh oil change with lighter oil, PCV valve, and a new fuel filter... the car feels better than when I first got the damn thing. Hopefully this will have resolved the starting issue. We shall discover the truth of this in the morning. It's only after it sits for a long time - like over night - that it has problems. This morning's start up was almost impossible. I had to hook the jumpers up to the Jeep to let me crank it enough to fire up. I think this may have done it... and if it did, then that means it was indeed the fuel filter. To be honest, I have never had a fuel filter do this... Another thing. I've never had such an expensive fuel filter before. 8 to 10 bucks... fine... but $25? What is this thing? A freaking Ferrari? It's just a Subaru!
Oh, and there is indeed a cougar here.  Big, tan, sleek. I saw it. Magnificent animal. Seems to be after a calve or one of the sheep in the area. I'll let a farmer blast it. Its ignoring the houses and dogs in the area and keeping a distance. If I didn't have a dog, the boys would not be allowed to play outside. Range would be able to hold off a cougar until I line up a shot, so I am not worried. I also have another little puma here... on my shoulder. Her name is "Spiro". Oh no... Now I'll be listed as a "Cat-Blog!"



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