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Something wicked this way comes... Project X

Friday: 3-31-06:  Cynthia McKinney, Democrat Congress Parasite from George punched a Police Officer in the face and now her lawyer says “she was just a victim of being in Congress while black." Right... this is a racial issue... because us white folks can punch cops in the face all the time with no problem. I don't see how being black has anything to do with the situation. Other than the fact that since she is black, she is obligated to play the race card now. Is her lawyer wearing a top hat? Who wears hats like that anymore? If her goal is to make a fool of herself... She succeeded. Especially with that anti-American rat bastard Danny Glover standing next to her.

My apologies to Microlon! I have inadvertently removed a link to them in the weapons section when I redid it last time. They make some dang good stuff that I have used and found to be excellent and pretty much just as good as advertised. My beloved CZ P-01 is treated... runs perfectly. So is my Green Marlin. These guys sent a bunch of stuff to Iraq for the troops there, my brothers' unit, and they loved it. Give Microlon some love.  Fixed the links on the (totally neglected) Automotive page and the Firearms page.

Fedora Core 5 is now out. I've got it on DVD now and I'm looking forward to testing it out this weekend. This is one of the top Linux distros out there and I really liked 4 a lot. 5 is packing tons of upgrades and new features. It should, if I can get it running on my tired old Linux box, be completely awesome. Not as awesome as say, the latest SUSE, which is just freaking glorious, but awesome in its own right. I really need to build me a new Linux box. Mine is just too ghetto and unreliable. This isn't an OS issue... I'm talking the hard drives will sometimes just disappear. The IDE controller is jacked up or something.

I've been asked about my guitar lessons... well... I've been practicing and now I can play “Bah Bah African-American Sheep”. Hey, it's not much, but I'm just starting out so cut me some slack. I'll be up to “Stairway to Heaven” soon enough.

The American Auto Industry: Losing market share. Ford and GM... well, well, well... where do I start? How about a V-6 with a stick shift that is not a Mustang? Can I find one? No? Why not? The Fusion has a V-6. There are versions of the Fusion with stick shifts. There are no V-6 Fusions. And really, even if there were, would you really want one? It's an American car, build in Mexico, based on a Japanese car that is trying to be a German car. If it got any more schizoid you'd have to keep it heavily medicated. The car is boring and looks like a bowel of vanilla pudding with a Gillette razor glued onto it. This isn't a problem really with the American Auto Industry... Look at Cadillac which is actually gaining ground with a hard core marketing push and the simple fact that they are now again building cars that doesn't insult the customer and that people actually want. Ford has become very dull, and Chevy isn't much better. Right now if you want a hot car, your looking at Mazdas or Nissans. If Ford and GM want to get back into the game, they need to try a little harder. Make cars that are interesting. Why buy a tricked out Fusion when you could buy a Mazdaspeed 6 which is quicker, faster, handles better, is much better looking and has a much higher build quality? And really, who is going to spend Lincoln money on a Zephyr which is just a pimped out Fusion? They didn't know how to market the LS at all... proof of which is that they called it the “LS”, or as it's called “The Less”. Who wants that? Which is really too bad because I think the LS is a fantastic car with huge potential if Ford just had a touch of imagination. The could have had a Merc slayer if they wanted. Look at Caddy now... pulling sales away from BMW, Benz... everyone else. Not a lot, not a tidal wave, but they are steadily pulling back old customers and creating new ones. Kudos to Caddy. Ford and the others... Chevy, Pontiac... they need to take note.  What would this take?  Balls.  Simple as that... the people in charge no longer have a swinging set of balls.  I bet that within 6 months I could turn Ford around and put it on the top.  Maybe in less time.

Thursday: 3-30-06:  Read THIS. This is a huge abuse of power. The BATF is not a gun owner's friend. Thanks to loose definitions and no oversight... The BATF can bust any gunsmith anytime they want. For those who don't know who Bane is... he's one of us... a shooter and a good guy. I bumped into him at SHOT but I doubt he would remember me.

Tuesday: 3-28-06: This situation in LA is driving me nuts. These guys staged this huge protest... and that's fine. They can protest all they want. But waving the Mexican flag? Are you kidding me? Hey knuckleheads... if you are such patriotic Mexicans – then get the hell back to Mexico. If you are wanting to be Americans, then don't act like pricks waving a different country's flag. Wave the US flag and show some love for the country you sneaked into. The Spanish speaking radios and TV stations promoted this mob action... and that's fine. However I do think that they have a misunderstanding about some things. They are not seeing the difference between Latin/Spanish immigration and illegal immigration. There is a very clear and defined difference that must be lost in the translation here.

But you see, what irritates the hell out of me the most is that the Democrat politicos, such as Nancy Pelosi, are pandering to these fools and calling them “Good Citizens”. This is too much for me to take... my head is going to explode. Let me explain why. Illegal Immigrants are not Citizens. Simple as that. I'm sure that other than sneaking into the country illegally like a great pack of burglars... they are otherwise fine people with the occasional gangsters, murderers, drug pushers and smugglers... I'm sure they are great folks. But they are here illegally. It seems that the word “illegal” doesn't hold much weight anymore... much like the word “Constitution”. Probably a language barrier issue. Democrats have never really understood “right and wrong” either. “Good” and “Evil”. Yet Hillary likes to throw out the occasional “What would Jesus do” comment now days. I'm not sure who Hillary thinks Jesus is, but to politicize him is distasteful. These illegal immigrants know who Jesus is. I want to make some bumper stickers: “Illegal Immigration makes baby Jesus cry”. If Democrats can play the Jesus card, why not? How about “Mary got her Green Card”?  I don't have any problem with immigrants... when they follow the rules and do it right. I don't care if its inconvenient, it's the freaking law. If people don't like the law, then petition the government to change the law. It's “our” government so “we” can change it if we want to. If a politico isn't doing what we want, we vote in a different one next election. That's the American Way. Get used to it. Staging protests is about as worthwhile as doing a Poll. Its meaningless unless it's backed up by actual votes during a sanctioned election. These protesters threatened to vote. Fine. Do it. But before you can vote, you need to become a legal citizen. Having a politician refer to you as a citizen doesn't make it so. If you want into our country, you have to follow it's laws and rules. You wouldn't expect to go to the Netherlands and just set up shop and wave your Mexican flags around would you? Get real.

Latinos are becoming a huge political force. We have to accept that. And that's fine with me... but that doesn't change the issue of illegal immigration. We need to make sure to always emphasize the word “illegal”. And we need to hold our politicians accountable to that word as well.

We have got to secure our borders. If they want to open the southern border, and the norther border for that matter... that's fine with me. However before we do that, there must be conditions met. Mexico is going to have to crush the drug running. Clean out the institutionalized graft and corruption in every level of the Mexican government. It's going to have to secure it's other borders and control and screen everyone coming into its country through all other corridors. They are going to have to account for its citizens, issue ID cards to everyone and keep track of its criminals. Clean their water. They would have to allow US Citizens and Companies buy property and mineral rights and give back everything that these folks and US companies (if they are still in business) everything they lost during the Mexican Revolution. There are a lot of other things too... but I'd call this a good faith start. If they can do this... then sure... open the borders up.

Science is great. Yesterday I read the news that these new genetically engineered/cloned pigs are now going to give us bacon that is actually good for you. And today I'm reading that there is now a new birth control pill that helps reduce the chance of breast cancer and stops PMS! Amazing what they can do these days. These are a couple of my prayers that have been answered. This is proof that God loves us.

Took my first guitar lesson in what? 20 years? When was the last time? Sheesh... back when I was a punk living at home in Roanoke. It was fun... a lot of fun. Don't remember anything from what I had learned way back then. Looking forward to sitting down and practicing tonight for a couple hours. My bro Zack has a bass and he's learning... maybe next time he comes out here, he can bring his bass and we can jam together. Of course I've got to get this “Mississippi Hot Dog” thing down first. ;)

Larry at FBMG is a giant tease. He sends us this news: Guess what we just got in. 2 eight inch 12 guages, and one 12 inch 12 guage Saiga. The 8s are the most evil thing that I've ever seen. One has green furniture, folding stock, HK diopter sites. Both have door breaching muzzle brakes, that have evil pointy stabby edges. (for sticking into door frames, but will work as a nifty pain compliance device!)” Nice... a Saiga is already a serious massasskicking shotgun. Now they are snubbies... wicked cool. Dibbs on the green one!

Monday: 3-27-06:  Well another birthday has come and gone... I don't feel any older. In fact, quite the opposite. My wife gave me a new guitar for my birthday, a classic acoustic. Now I just need the lessons to go with it. If I could, I'd take lessons from this cat. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. In a previous life I knew how to play the Bass. I've found I had forgotten everything that I didn't really know but overcame with enthusiasm and uncomplicated chords. I sucked, but if you play loud enough, along with others doing the same thing... no one can really tell. Ahem. Anyways. If anyone has a DVD about basic guitar lessons, I could use a copy. See, this guitar has 2 extra strings and I'm not sure what to do with them. Yet. No, I will not be posting Mp3's of any of this. Ever. So don't worry.

If you guys are anywhere near the south end of the salt lake valley, stop by FBMG and check out a couple things. First is the sweet Saiga AK type rifle chambered for God's own .308. This rifle gives me chills. It's a fantasy type weapon come to life... with a folding stock. Outstanding. The other thing is the neat little .357 magnum revolver by S&W. Very reasonable price for that... buy it. Ahem. BTW, their new website is great.

No luck on the cat hunt yet.

Thursday, 3-23-06:  Again with the Cougars... not the cars by Mercury, but the big kitties. Mountain Lions... Pumas... Those things that when you look up at them... they drop on you. I've killed two of them that had been stalking and hunting where we used to live. Now, Ogre Ranch is facing the Cougar Threat all over again. A home right across the field from our home was – and I'm not making this up – attacked by a bored Cougar. Furniture that was in an open garage was torn up, shredded, clawed, and chewed on. There were big Kittie paw prints all over the place. A few people in my little community have claimed to have seen one. Pets are going missing. Ranger and Maddie have pitched barking fits late at night which isn't unusual for Maddie, but for Ranger... well... Last time I heard him get worked up like that was... ahem... last time this happened. I don't give a nut if these cats are protected species. My obligation is to protect my species. One of my Little Ogres could be out playing and could get snatched up by a big cat, dragged off and up into a tree to be snacked on. That isn't going to happen.

I think Ranger and I are going to go take a walk this weekend. See if we can't sniff this kittie out. There are lots of pets and small herd animals in Lapoint... lots of kids too. Once a cat find ripe hunting grounds like this... they don't move on. They will persist until something is done about it or the hunting grounds are tapped out. Ranger could take a Cougar... but Maddie would die trying. She's a valiant pup.

I think good Cougar medicine this time around would be The Green Marlin, backed up of course with my CZ P-01. Might make a necklace out of its teeth this time... maybe have a jacket made out of its hide. Random thoughts... anyways.

For a big cat to have ransacked the property right across the field from us... that's a worry. Not that the activity was so near to us, but because I think this is very odd activity. That's not what Pumas do.

I watched the movie “Pride and Prejudice” last night with my wife. I actually enjoyed the film. Was supposed to have read the book back in my high school days, but I found it to be insufferable. Thank the Almighty for Cliff Notes. The movie, I don't know how close it was to the book... but it was a pleasant film. The Victorian era social structures elude me... and such films generally make me frustrated by the characters lack of initiative when it comes to hooking up.

It seems my post about Tony Blair has pissed off some folks across the pond. Britons like to think that Blair is acting like a Puppet of the American government and they don't like how he has broadly supported US Policy. Well... he is supporting US Policy because US Policy is RIGHT when it comes to the war in Iraq. I've been told that they think the war is misguided and that the war is mismanaged. There is some truth to that... the war has been mishandled by the administration and that's the truth. The war's mission is a righteous one. The war's management has been questionable but not really all that bad compared to say President Clinton's managing of US military ops in Africa. Where the Bush Team really fails is in the Public Relations side of the handling... not PR overseas but PR here in the US. I think if that had been handled better, there would be a different outlook on the whole mess today. Then again, there would also be a completely different outlook if George W. Bush had been a Democrat. The Liberal Idiots out there would be calling Bush a full blown hero and that the war was completely necessary... After all... it was the Democrats who had been pushing for the war – right up until Bush actually ordered it. Then all the sudden the Democrat's positioned changed. Had Bush been Al Gore, they would be building statues of Al Gore in Iraq, and the Al Gore National Freedom Monument where the Jefferson Memorial is now in DC. There is a vast expanse of hypocrisy you have to cross to come to your anti-war arguments if you are a Democrat. The folks in London seem to favor the Socialist point of view in far too many things... they also tend to agree with the US Democrats on far too many things and lets take a look at where they are going and what Tony Blair has done with the UK– as pointed out by James who is from the UK:

Allowing US “rendition” (ie: torture) flights to use air bases in the UK

Appearing before Parliament as rarely as possible, reducing to opportunity to question him

Compulsory ID cards for all UK citizens (which individuals will have to pay for, at around US$150 each)

Ending the right to elect jury trial for some offenses

Giving seats in the House of Lords (ie: Senate) to businessmen in return for undeclared loans to his party

Introducing indefinite house arrests for suspected terrorists, even where there is not enough evidence to bring charges

Locking up people with personality disorders, even where they have committed no crimes, on grounds that they might commit crimes in the future.

Making key policy decisions (eg: to invade Iraq) without reference to Cabinet or Parliament

Monitoring private email and phone calls, without warrants

Politicizing the Civil Service

Stripping away the ancient right to bear arms

It has been said that people do not always get the Government that they want, but the Government that they deserve. James forgot to add to the list all the Traffic Cameras everywhere and the Government's monitoring of your vehicle's location at all times in all places. That right there is sinister. That, added to the removal of arms from private citizens, that does indeed make your average Londoner a Subject... Cattle to be controlled and routed. As an American I find the whole situation in the UK to be intolerable at best. I also find it to be extremely sad. America and the UK have been like Brothers since about the end of the War of 1812. What's even more sad is that there are too many places in the US that are becoming just like the UK and not in any good ways. Mostly these trouble spots are on the East Coast and in California. Maryland and other New England areas and in DC... I don't see how Freedom Loving People could stand living there. Throwing away your essential Liberty for a bit of perceived security is like getting drunk and walking into a Vegas Casino – you are going to lose.

I would love to take a trip to the UK. Mrs Ogre and I have a list of places in Ireland, Scotland, and around England that we have got to visit... and then to other places in Europe... anyways... the richness of the history and culture there is the draw. But I'm afraid any trip to the UK would be like walking through a memorial now.

Wed: 3-22-06:  It's been some time since I've updated this blog. We've been busy as of late. I've been working on some writing projects and taking care of business. We've got the HK P2000 article done, submitted, and all that. Now if you are a staunch fan of all things HK, then you are not going to want to read this review. Seriously, do something else... like reloading, building a target stand, washing your hair... something other than reading my review. You have been warned.

You guys have got to read British Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech. This guys hits the nail right on the head... he gets it right. This is a speech that everyone should read – twice. He makes more good points than I've ever heard from a political figure. If Blair was the President of the United States... well... then I don't think the Liberals would have a political party any more because Blair lays it out so well there is no way to argue it without making yourself look like a total moron.

Friday: 3-17-06:  I'm not really a fan of South Park... while some times their stuff is funny, most of the time it's just profane for the sake of profanity. The South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are chronically irreverent and try to make fun of anything and everything that might make someone laugh. They've attacked religion mercilessly since the show's beginning... they've attacked my church in the process. But only now are they in trouble because they mocked Scientology. I find this to be troubling only because it seems like it was okay to mock other religions and now they are attacking one that has Tom Cruise in it and now all the sudden they have crossed the line. That bothers me. If you are a Scientologist, that's fine. But take your lumps like everyone else. You're faith is no more special than anyone else's. “Chef” Hayes has left the show and Comedy Central has pulled the offending episode... If they are going to pull that one, they should pull the others that mock other faiths.

Of course, let me be truthful here and blunt. I don't like Scientology and the whole organization creeps me out.

Hell, they don't know how to read them, might as well put them on their heads and pray for osmosis. If the purpose of fashion is to make you look like a dumbass, then this Andre Tan guy has won.

I don't know who has the creepier smile. V's mask, or Jessica Simpson. One is a work of art to portray a wicked grin, the other is just... well... there are no lights on upstairs are there? Trying to decide which one has the more maniacal vibe is difficult.

I am itching to get back into Paintball. I feel physically up to it again, which is really something that I've not felt for a couple years now. Last time I played PAINtball was up at that woods field at Squaw Peak just up Provo Canyon. I've little interest in softAir, so don't bother me about that please. I'm sure it's the tits, but I'm a paintballer more than a softair which to me smacks of big kids playing commando rather than guys playing a hard core sport. Since I've done the commando think in real life, I'm satisfied enough with that experience and don't feel any need to reinforce that. Anyways... Getting back into the sport because there is a local competitive group that actually does tourneys and stuff. So I'm going to need a tourney legal marker should I opt to really get back into the sport. I'm not wanting to get back in running a full house Cocker like I used to... I don't have the money for that. I'm thinking a Kingman Spyder MR1 for the value of it... but I am a bit hesitant because its a Spyder and I've never really liked Spyders. I remember I dropped 300 on a custom Spyder and it was the most suckass marker I've ever played with... a ghetto Tippmann was better. But I am told Spyders have come a long way. I hope this is true. Regardless, as soon as I get off work tonight I'm heading over to a cop's house who runs a paintball shop out of his garage. Guy has a large stockpile of markers and swag. Once I get a little of those old fumes in my nose again... who knows. But Paintball would be good for me... great exercise. And I still have my old mask.

Thursday: 3-16-06:  Sharon Stone says “In America we tend to erase women after 40.” Not really. It's just that women after 40 tend to be less likely to land top tier rolls in Hollywood. If that's “America” then we are in a great deal of trouble. BTW, Stone has always been freaking hot. Ahem. Excuse me. Then we have these women under the age of 40... like Jessica Simpson who is attractive in a weird sort of way... with eyes that are too far apart and a teeth that would make even one of the Osmonds nervous and legs that are short and thick and the brain of a Stegosaurus.

Bomb Dog sniffs out hotdogs. Give the doggy a treat, a pat on the head, and get back to the game. That's kind of funny... even professional dogs are still dogs... just cooler.  When was the last time your dog caused as evacuation and you got paid for it?

Speaking of dogs... Thank goodness President Clinton didn't have a squad of female security agents. But the President of Libya did. These chicks don't look nearly as scary as the other team I posted about.

The little OSS/French Resistance dagger I mentioned yesterday: Just ordered one. This one is a little bit bigger and longer than the one that I saw photographed in the WWII book (that was returned to the library yesterday so I couldn't get a photo of that page... anyways. There are a lot of knifemakers doing similar type knives of different designs and sizes, but this is the closest one that I've seen to what was pictured. This is a nifty little blade, and I'm wondering just how successful it was for its intended purposes. I don't think it would be my choice for Sentry Removal, but it would serve perfectly for CCW/Self Defense.

I keep meaning to do a better gun review of my modified Marlin 336 carbine. But I keep putting it off because I still have the green stocks on it. I colored them green because the wood was just about ruined due to some water damage and I've been meaning to replace them with light weight synthetics... but I keep procrastinating the review because I keep procrastinating getting the synth stocks. I still don't have them... but I think I'm going to go ahead and do the review anyways because I want to show something off. The leather butt-cuff I have on it. This was made by a fellow blogger that does “The Pickle”. He did the cuff for me for free and I wanted to make it look better by not photographing it on the crazy looking green stocks. The green was always meant to be temporary but has lasted much longer than anticipated. Here is the thing about it though... Um... I've kinda grown use to the green now. That being the case I might as well do the full review. What do you guys think?

24: I'm getting caught up on 24 now. The big and pleasant surprise was Agent Pierce, the gruff looking Secret Service agent... not only does he help out Jack, but he gets to tussell with the terrorists and wins when shooting from an awkward position after having been in a car that just got hit from an anti-tank weapon. Very nice. That was the last episode I was able to see... thanks to our friend Steve and his TIVO. So I've left off at 6:00 and I'm what 2 episodes short now? Tony and Michelle's story line... why did they kill off Michelle? She was hot, and smart, and a good character. They should have killed off Kim. Reading the episode outline I see that Kim is still as retarded as ever. If I was the person playing that roll, I'd be pissed at the script writers for making me look like such a moron.


Wed: 3-15-06:  The Million Dollar Shot:Hey George, read your piece about the training simulation and your self realization of the problems with the first shot on a long heavy double action. In my circle of gun nuts, we have always referred too that as the "Million Dollar Shot". When the proverbial shit hits the fan, when that shot is worth it all, when it has to be made fast, will you walk away with a million dollars? Will you even walk away? Of course, now many people are going to probably pop up and point at the wonders of that which is known simply as, GLOCK. I promise not to kick you in the ribs over it though. I still overall adapt my usual approach. Training is everything. There are a lot of people who have a very large self-inflated opinion as to what they think they will do when it counts. The truth of the matter is, until the proverbial shit hits the fan no one knows for sure what they will do. Good luck, and nice bit about the training simulator and overall pointing out that we all should continuously seek out training. Jesse” Glock isn't the font of all solutions, handgunners have been using the 1911 for so many years for good reason. The Browning High Power has been doing the same thing for a long time as well. This really just goes back to one of my earliest rants on before it was back when it was hosted on It's all about the trigger pull and you really can't put a value on a good trigger. A good trigger can be priceless. I don't care how laser accurate your pistol is, if you dont' have a good trigger on it, you wont be able to use that good accuracy when you are under stress. I also believe that Point Shooting past arms reach is Point-Less. I'm not about throwing out a lot of lead... you can't miss fast enough to win. And since you are legally liable for each and every round you fire, I want to make sure every single bullet goes where I want it to go. That means well aimed shots if I have to actually take a shot. I am fine with DA/SA guns... if the triggers are good. I'm used to my P-01 trigger, and I'm pretty good with it. I'm comfortable with what I can do with it. Or at least I think I am. I'm going to have to go do some more shooting with it. Been spending too much time with the guns I'm getting in to review. Thats the downside to being a gunwriter. I'm not getting enough trigger time with my own guns! Practice – Practice – Practice. Always Practice.

China again. They are in South America now. This makes me uncomfortable on several levels. China is not a friend of the USA, and they are moving in on us. They are surrounding us slowly and carefully gathering allies. The only question is how we can stop this. The answer is that I don't think we can. The only solution is to change our relationship with China. The Chinese government with all its posturing about becoming a capitalist nation is pretty much all just a facade... a false front. The Chinese (I'm talking about the Government and not the people by the way) are very good at wearing masks. They are acting friendly on one day... putting Chinese cars out at the Detroit Auto Show and making business agreements in the USA and such. But then they are jailing journalists, taking Larry Lang Live off the air (a talk show in China that crossed the line and criticized China's policies) and putting a choke chain around the internet. We've got to help China overcome its Communist leadership.

Drudge's headline: “Dems promise broadband for all”. Here is the story. My question to the Dems: Who is going to pay for that? Read that story and you get confused. Part of it talks about a Wal Mart employee who will never make what the CEO makes and then Pelosi says that this is “Not America”. What part of America is that not? That's how it has ALWAYS been in America, Nancy. What makes America America is that this lowly employee isn't forced to work there, and has every right to quit and to take a job someplace else. What makes America great, is that this same person could if he or she was clever, could go out start a new business and make just as much or even more money than any given CEO. That is America. Your potential is in your own hands. As far as this broadband for all nonsense... why? So the poor and down trodden can download porn or post their own “MySpace” page? Why should I pay for that? I've got a better notion for that Broad Plan... just make broadband available in all areas. I'd love to have it at home in Lapoint, but its just not out there. Only option is dial up and quite frankly I'd rather not have any uplink at all if I have to use dial up. Not that I'm spoiled, but its just not worth my time. Rumor has it that a cable company is going to be laying some lines out my way... and I am fully willing to pay for it when it's available... but there is no way I would sit here and expect it as a right because I voted for a Democrat. These promises are asinine and makes voters nothing better than whores and the Dems nothing better than Pimps. No, I don't care how hard it is out there for a Pimp. I'm sick of these Democrat Giveaways. Look at these $2000 debit cards given to Katrina “Victims”... used for booze and hookers at strip clubs... and we want to give them free bandwidth? What are they going to use it for?

Yes I used quotes around the word victim. If these guys were so poor and down trodden before the storm, and they had nothing and then lost it all... then they didn't loose anything. Hell, the Hurricane was a windfall for many of these victims. My heart goes out to those that did have things before the storm and lost them... I've heard those stories too... But those guys wouldn't be looking for handouts from the Democrats. I don't mean to make light of the whole situation down there. I am not that calloused.

Damn, they found us out! Everyone, look innocent!

Hey, you guys remember that show “VIP”? Check this out. “Women from Indonesia's elite presidential security squad perform a drill in Jakarta to mark the 60th anniversary of the squad's formation.” If there is only one squad... and there are really no other all women presidential security squads anywhere else... is “Elite” really the word that should be used? Are they even really very good at what they do? I don't know. I've never heard of them before. Sounds cool, and they look cool... but are they effective? Anyone know? They are armed pretty well... Looking at the photo we can see they have Skorpions and Makarovs.

My son was reading a book on WWII last night. Book has a lot of photos of devices used in the war... one of them caught my eye when my son brought the book to me to ask some questions. This device was a small dagger of a type I've never seen before. It is a tiny spear point blade with the grip being nothing more than an unsharpened area with checkering. The overall shape is that of a long teardrop about 2 inches long. Simple leather sheath attached to an elastic band for wrist or ankle carry. I can't find a photo of this little knife online... so I'm going to take a photo of the page if I can and post this image. I know a lot of guys that are into small hideaway blades who would go nuts for this “Resistance Dagger”.

This new movie “V for Vendetta” looks to be rather interesting and I think I'm going to go see it. One thing about it though is troubling... the moralizing of terrorism. There is nothing moral or heroic about terrorism no matter what your rationalization or belief or cause. Waging warfare is one thing, engaging and destroying objectives and targets is one thing. Blowing up a building full of innocent people, or a city like London in this case, is not warfare or anything remotely justifiable... that's terrorism. Terrorists are not something to glorify and putting them on any moral high ground is disgusting.

Movies in General: I used to really love going to the movies... seeing the movie for the first time in the theater. It was the experience that I loved, the whole thing. The popcorn and soda, the trailers, the dark theater with all the people eager to see the film. My favorite theater to see a movie was the one at Trolly Square in Salt Lake City. This was a huge old fashioned theater refitted with stadium style seating, but the place was fantastic. I loved seeing movies there. It really was a treat... something magical. Something about that magic is gone forever, and its not just that one theater. It's not just cell phones... most people are pretty good about turning off the phones or switching them to vibrate mode. It's not just the people who talk incessantly during the movies, because theaters always have those. (Sheppard Book is right about the special level of hell for those guys) It's not the extortion prices for concessions either... because movie popcorn and sodas have always bug deep in the wallet. It's not even the fact that Hollywood has forgotten how to make a good movie. It's really just a combination of all the above and I don't think theaters will ever get that magic back since they don't have big soft couches, sell Dew by the 2 liter bottle or have big bags of beef jerky. The truth is that the home theater experience is just flat out better than the “Go to the Movies” experience, and its so much cheaper. Thanks to Netflix, we are not even troubled with the hassle of having to go trudging to the video store for renting and returning. If Hollywood wants to save the Theater experience, then they are going to have to do something differently and offer a hell of a lot more than what they are now. This is going to require the cooperation of the individual theater operators as well, and truthfully I just don't see that happening. Hollywood is going to end up doing direct to DVD distribution eventually. I think thats just fine with me in general. But future generations are going to miss out on that fine Friday Night tradition of going to the movies... somehow that is kind of sad.

Mon: 3-13-06:  So last Friday I had to run out to SLC to take care of some business. Friday evening I stopped by FBMG. They had a new interactive firearms training simulator upstairs that I played with. Running off a laptop and a projector these new systems are faster, better, more accurate than the original FATS system I used years and years and another life ago. This system used a laser in the barrel of your service gun, in this case a SIG P226. This system when used in a training environment (instead of a goofing around “check out our new toy” environment) can be more valuable than you would want to think. Verbal commands, reactions, responses, and of course the use of lethal force are all things that come into play together in a safe, secure, clean, classroom environment. Steve and I shot through several scenarios with James and Larry... this was fun. Serious fun. But even more than fun, it showed me some things that I came away with thinking they are more important than I had believed before going in. For you, you might have come out with some different opinions on what you need to improve yourself. For me, I know I need nightsights... I was continually losing my front sight post and it wasn't even that dark, shooting against a light background giving you a good silhouette which should give you a good sight picture. Well, for me and my eyes... that's not good enough. I'm going to have to get some Ashley Outdoors 24-7 sights for my P-01. The other thing that I came away with: That long heavy double action trigger pull for the first shot on a traditional DA/SA gun is more dangerous than having a shorter and lighter pull. By dangerous I mean you are more likely to miss your target and hit something you didn't want to hit. Or just miss the target, fail to stop the threat, and the threat stops you... because in real life events, things happen so fast, really there is no point in worrying about 2nd, 3rd, or more shots... because it can very well all comes down to that one first shot. Did you hit your target – yes or no. Yes or No... that's what it is all about. First cold barrel shot, from the holster, in the face of a threat, with your heart beating its way out of your chest, can you hit your target? You want to be able to say yes. Pride will make you say yes... but be honest with yourself and think about this before you answer. And before you answer that, go check out FBMG's system, sign up for some training time, and see for yourself. This can be a real wake up call. I feel I did very well, but not as well as I would have liked.

Having married a dancer, I can honestly tell you that this is true. Having 5 sons is no coincidence.

Thursday: 3-9-06:  Okay, so Kim reads my suggest for the gun makers in anti-gun states to come out here to Utah... then trumps it with an invitation to go down to Texas. Kim, don't be selfish. Texas has all the Cool it needs. Utah needs to import some Cool. We need it to offset the influx of California Refugees for the love of all that's holy!

Watched a movie last night... “Stealth”. This is hands down the worst movie of 2005. Bad script, plot direction, effects, sets, props, designs, acting... everything sucked in “Stealth”. If you have to watch this flick for some reason, you do at least get to see Jessica Biel in a swimsuit. She has an amazing body... buffed and sexy. Great ass. No, seriously, one of the best in Hollywood. Everything else in the movie... the wanted to be the next Top Gun movie... was just flat out retarded. I borrowed the disk, so it wasn't mine. Had it been, I'd have busted it into bits. I have not hated a movie this much since “The Grinch”.

Hollywood is bitching about losing Box Office money. Note to Hollywood: STOP MAKING SUCKASS MOVIES!

Want a new PC for a $159? You can get one. I have found that Linspire is an absolute dog with less than 512 megs RAM, so if you get one... don't even bother turning it on with less.

Within the next 30 days or so, Taurus' new 1911 series will be coming to market. I've already had a few emails about them... yes, I've looked at them but I've not had a chance yet to fire one. So for me the jury is still out. But considering the lifetime warranty Taurus puts on everything, these things might be safe bet. This is design thats over a hundred years old now so they should know how to make a decent copy. I'm not afraid of a Brazilian 1911... I've owned several Springfields after all.

I'm curious about this new Microsoft Orgami thing... it's a big PDA/little tablet. Looks to be ideal for a student/teacher or Writer. (USB ports allow you to connect a real keyboard to it.) Uh... ahem. I want one. Just wish it had a DVD/CDRW Combo drive in it. I need something like this. Download camera images to it... write when I'm not at home. I need one of these. Could have really used this at SHOT. I would SO put SUSE on it. :)

Further random thoughts about the HK P2000. I really want to like this gun. I do. No, really.

Wed: 3-8-06: YES! Arizona Governor orders troops to the border!  About time! Thank you, Arizona!

Tuesday:  3-7-06: KUDOS TO: Springfield Armory, Les Baer, Armalite, and Rock River. The fact that Il has been rabidly anti-gun for so long, yet home to some of the best gunmakers on the planet has long been one of those disconnects from logic. I would like to invite all of these companies to come to Utah. In Utah you will find a politically friendly community, plenty of places to test your wares, and an active and appreciative shooting community with a deep and honored firearms history. Browning of Morgan, Utah is the crown jewel here... We also have Vector and North American Arms. Come on over guys. The downside to Utah? Uh, we do have some of the highest taxes in the country. Gotta keep UDOT busy. If we don't, we might have to open up all the lanes on the freeways. We can't have that. Seriously, come to Utah. I suggest Provo. Nice area, good place to raise kids.

PC game “GUN”. Sucks. The idea is great, and the potential for a really great game is there... but Neversoft dropped the ball. The graphics are shoddy, the game play is glitchy, and once you get past all that... the game is so damn short, I beat it in an hour. 1 hour. This is a $45 game that I was ready to put cash down on, and it was over in a single bloody hour. This is one of the reasons why I like to test drive games. Had I spent $45 on this crap, I'd have been super pissed off. What pisses me off so much though is all the potential that was unrealized. They could have made a seriously cool game and what they ended up doing was rushing to the product launch with an incomplete and undeveloped product. Pathetic.

The sun is acting up, getting stronger... Freaking President Bush. This is all his fault.

So Air America Radio is getting the boot? This is just a rumor, but from what has been a reliable source. If this actually happens, it looks like the Air America Radio crew will be doing web casts like all the old TechTV guys. On one hand this is sad, on the other, its pretty funny. No, strike that... it's all pretty damn funny. I have to give them credit though... they are lasting longer than I thought they would. If you look at their site, here, take a look at the top of the banner. They used to always have the number of stations and their new stations up there... now that is all blank. Why is that? Are they losing stations? Could it be that they are folding up? I don't know, but that's what it looks like. Funny how their top news story is that the Republicans are revamping the budget plan... as if this was something sinister or showing some sort of weakness. No mention anywhere where the Democrats have yet to put out their “Message Manifesto” which they said was going to be out last November and has yet to actually come out. In a town hall meeting, they still couldn't agree on their “6 points” because Reid has his six and Pelosi had a different set of six. They have no message... they have no substance... no core foundation of beliefs other than “Bush Sucks”. And that's not something they can campaign on in '08 because Bush isn't running.

Now I've criticized Bush myself on many occasions. But you see, I look at it from a different point of view. The Libs and other Democrats tend to look at Bush as the font of all evil, the emperor, or as a father figure who's job is to take care of absolutely everything. I still believe in “the system” as our divinely inspired Founding Fathers laid it all out. I believe not in Government for the Government, by the Government... I believe that the Government is a product of our own making... by The People, for The People. I believe that... I really do. And because of that, I tend to look at the President, not as a Father figure, but as a wayward child. No, that is not slighting on Bush but applies to all Presidents. My criticisms of Bush is not to tear him down... but expressions of my hopes that he improves. As any wayward child, the parents (we the people) only wish to see the child do well. With Bush, I want to first and foremost see him stand up and do what he promised to do. “Protect America”. I want him to secure our nations borders, both North and South. That is not too much to ask and I am not interested in political repercussions or even the economic ones. Illegal aliens doing low pay grunt work is not a cornerstone foundation of our economy. A level playing field where everyone obeys the law equally – that is the cornerstone and foundation of our economy. If Bush can do that... then we are off to a good start on National Security because I don't believe we can have it without that.

It's Tuesday... Ogre Ranch is going to be invaded today. The little girls. I'll have to prepare myself for the sugar shock.

Monday: 3-6-06: I want to respond to a couple of things that Senator Murtha said this weekend. The only ones who want us in Iraq are Iran and Al-Qaeda.” Right... I'm sure Iran is loving having those who could topple their country in a matter of hours, staging right next door. I bet they are full of warm fuzzies about that right now. Al-Qaeda wanting us there? You mean the Al-Qaeda that has been virtually decapitated with it's leadership being either killed or captured, having lost its main bases of operation and now instead of operating out in the open is now forced to do so underground... also without its financial backing. I'm sure they are thrilled we are in Iraq, having established a democracy that flies in the face of their totalitarian oppression.

The other thing that he said, is something that Liberal Idiots keep repeating and isn't challenged. “There was no terrorism in Iraq before George Bush.” Oh really? Let's look at that for a second. Let's look at northern Iraq, and ask the Kurds about how peaceful and safe everything was before Bush. Whole villages wiped out with chemical weapons. How about asking prisoners who were forced to wear explosives and ordered to run as fast as they could before the Iraqis detonated them for both execution and amusement? Or the ones fed feet first into chipper-shredders? (If they were very lucky, they got fed in head first) What about Saddam's sons? The one that tortured their soccer team for a week because they lost some game? Or the other one that would go to weddings of cute girls, kidnap the bride so she could be raped to death? What, are these things no terrorism? What about the actual Iraqi People, what do they think? According to the majority of the soldiers serving in Iraq, the people of Iraq love us and are very happy that we have come and have ended the reign of Saddam and his henchmen. You can see it with their purple stained fingers, smiles, and the knowledge that they have just voted in a real and honest election. Terrorism was their in Iraq, in full force. What we are seeing now is just the more common form of terrorism... the type without all the palaces.

Oh, and I just want to say this. Murtha is a drooling idiot. Anyone who can say what he is saying is either A: A total idiot. B: A sinister character without morals who is working an anti-American agenda. Or C: Both. I'm guessing “C”.

CITGO: I'm sure Casey Sheehan, up there sitting at the great table in Valhalla, is very proud of his mother. Cindy, The Anti-War Activist, and Casey's Mom is hanging out with Hugo Chavez. Chavez, President of Venezuela, has sworn to bring down the US Empire, and right there with her at her side chanted “Down with the US Empire”. Her son died defending the country he loved, and here she is, siding with his nation's enemy. Yes, I'm calling Chavez an enemy of the American people. Chavez, being the President of Venezuela, is also the guy ultimately in charge of CITGO. CITGO is a company that is state owned, that state being Venezuela, the President of which is Chavez, the mofo who wants to bring down America. I'm being redundant here and simplifying this so that I am as clear as possible about this. When you buy your gas from CITGO, or buying anything from a CITGO store – you are putting money into Hugo Chavez's pockets. This is, in my opinion, unacceptable. As a nation, we buy vast quantities of oil from Venezuela. We have to... we have to because thanks to bleeding heart liberal idiots we can't produce enough oil domestically. We've not built a new refinery in how long? Why? I rest that case. Back to CITGO. There is nothing we can do about that at this time, but there is something that we can do... We can stop buying our gas from CITGO. We can stop buying our cold ones from CITGO. We can stop giving CITGO wide profit margins. Even if we stop buying our gas from them, it wont hurt them very much considering the nationwide market they have... but at least I know my dollars wont be going to this jackhole. Here in Utah, I'm lucky. Most of our gasoline comes from Canada and the worst thing Canada has done to the USA was to inflict us with Brian Adams.

This new economy... I'm having a tough time understanding why it makes business sense for American companies to move overseas and for overseas companies to move here to America. GM seems to be big on bringing in cars from Oz and Ford is building them in Mexico. Yet Honda and Toyota and others from the Rising Sun are now all building them here. Why is that? I have a guess. I'm thinking this has to do with the auto workers unions. These unions are ruining the US car industry. The Japanese companies are not running these unions are they? Well, one thing I do know, is that these unions are running Ford and GM into the ground. I could bust on Ford again right now... but I'm tired of doing that. I'll bust on another car company a bit later.

Taylor Gunsmithing: We have updated contact information for them in the Gunsmith Directory. And thanks to them for the DVD they sent us.

Saturday: 3-4-06: UltraViolet: I liked it, but I was not as impressed with it as I was with Equilibrium (shortening that name to EQ for the use of this post – apologies to Sony Online Entertainment). It seems that Kurt Wimmer took a lot from EQ and used it here since he had a bigger budget to make those scenes the way he really wanted to the first time he tried it. That said, I think Wimmer is one of the best directors out there when it comes to vision and visuals. Let's just not let Wimmer write any more scripts. This flick had too much of a EQ2 feel too it. Which isn't that bad at all, and if you hadn't seen EQ (then your missing out) then this movie was nothing but a big sugar shock movie treat for you. The movie was fun and looked great. Mila did a good job and I have to say, this was the first time when I thought she actually looked hot in a movie. Kurt Wimmer loves his Beretta handguns, that's for sure. Nothing wrong with that at all, they are great looking guns on film and in real life, they do kick butt. The machine pistols Mila used in the movies were a bit too stylized for my taste, but for this sort of “Comic Book” flick, I can say it worked. The squared off sword looked cool, like a reimaged Katana or something. Wimmer is a student of martial arts, so that played a large part in the film, just like EQ. I've always been a fan of John Woo movies, but his latest ones have just flat out sucked rocks. Kurt Wimmer is the new John Woo. He's “Woo Two”. Even Woo times two.

Equilibrium... again... if you have not seen this flick – you are wrong. Go out today and rent it... because you are in for a treat. Then read my Guns Of article in the Weapons Section here at

There is a noodle cartel? A four cent price hike and people are freaking out. Do you know what this shows me? Communism WORKS. We should try it out here in the USA, it's never really worked out well anyplace else, but why not give it just one more shot? Seriously... that has to be one of the most pathetic news stories I've ever read. Here is a country that is staging out to be the biggest threat to the US when it comes to military power... and they are freaking out over noodles. Thank God these are just noodles going up. If it had been rice, we would have seen tanks rolling over people... again.

Friday: 3-3-06: The talk radio channels were all a buzz with this Geography Teacher that was spouting off all manner of anti-American propaganda. Some of the things he was saying was nothing more than poorly constructed opinion and political posturing. But some of the other things he said was just flat out poisonous, anti-American rhetoric. As angry as that makes me... what makes me even angrier was the stuff he was saying that was flat out untrue about basic matters of US and World History, and his disparaging of the US Armed Forces. Congratulations to the student who recorded this twit. And for challenging this guy. Good job. This “Teacher” is no such thing. This guy is a total dumbass. American Soldiers and Intelligence Agents do not want to just kill people. They do not want to commit terrorist acts. When the student challenged the teacher the teacher said “How do you know?” So this guy trusts the people who take their kids and wrap them up in TNT jackets but wont believe that American Soldiers are actually “good guys”. Here is how “We Know”: American Soldiers are all Volunteers who come from all walks of life, all parts of the country, all social classes and races... American Soldiers are people just like us... they are our Brothers, Fathers, Sons, and sometimes Wives, Daughters, and Moms. Today's Soldiers are well educated and well rounded individuals, probably more so than any other Military force in the history of the world. That's how we know. This teacher makes me sick. Physically sick to my stomach. The school has suspended him... that's not good enough. I know Denver is the Rocky Mountains little California, but this goes too far. This guy should never be in a school classroom again, unless he is the student. And that is something I highly recommend.

More Glock talk. From an email today, I am forced to further post my opinion. Lots of guys have Glocks and like them, and they even consider them to be fine weapons. These are guys who I respect and know what they are talking about. But I know what I'm talking about too and like everything else – I've got my own opinion it differs from them. If you get past this “pull the trigger to take the slide off” issue. You get past the grip angle. You get past the plastic sights. You get past the weird finger grooves. You get past the Rubber Maid filing cabinet looks. And if you can get past the Glock's unnaturally high number's of KB's... Then sure... then the Glocks are fine weapons. Look guys, this is my opinion. If you like Glocks, then fine. There is nothing wrong with you and I'm not saying that. I'm not over here thinking that maybe you should have your head checked or anything like that. I'm not. No, really.

My Son's condition has forced us to order something I never wanted to ever have in my house. A portable nebulizer. We are borrowing one from a friend but we just had to face the fact that this problem is not going to go away. So we ordered one. It was an expensive we were not exactly expecting, but we ordered the best one out there that we could find. We had to. We're not second placing my boy.

UltraViolet starts tonight. This is going to be a similar Ass-Kick-Fest like Equilibrium was. Same Director, but with a big budget. Should be Sci-fun. I'm there tonight.  

The latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine is out now. Those of you wanting me to review the Kahr, there it is. If you are not a subscriber, you should be. Seriously. Get hooked up.

So now the Enzo crashing Millionaire is the second coming of Jack Bauer? This is getting very strange indeed. Maybe it was Jack that was driving?

Wed: 3-1-06:  Continuing to mull over yesterday's thinking out loud, I can see that generally we are all on the same page. First off, light double actions are just fine and the best safety is the one in your own head. And second, any gun that requires you to pull the trigger to take down – sucks, and by extension, Glocks Suck. Glocks have a number of good and positive qualities, but this one is a drastically bad one. Seriously. The only question now is this: Which sucks more, a Glock pistol or an AR-15 rifle?

The Border Issue keeps on going... and since the Government's reaction has been no action, we are actually seeing an increase in border violence and the bad guys are just getting bolder. Emails from folks along this frontier are telling anyone who will listen that this whole region is becoming more and more dangerous and the Mexicans are becoming more and more violent. And why not? No one is doing anything about it, so why not push things as hard as you can and smuggle more dope and illegal aliens? Why not eek out as much profit from the whole affair as you can? What's Bush going to do? Send in the Marines? We can squelch this shit in Iraq, but not in Arizona or Texas? This affair is beyond asinine. They think these guys are not mexican military but actually just gangs dressing up as miliary and using military looking vehicles. Right. I heard yesterday morning on NPR, an interview where the guy in Mexico, some official of some sort, was having problems with rogue military units. I can put two and two together here. Why can't Bush? You want to find out if these jackholes are really military? Ambush them, kill them, then ID the fucking bodies. That's how you find out who they were. I'm sure they are gangs behind this. The drug cartels are extremely powerful groups down there. But I'm also sure that it wouldn't be too difficult to find some unit and offer them a way to make a fast buck by riding security.

One night a week, Ogre Ranch gets invaded by two little girls. One is 7, the other 5. Their mother is going to school, taking night classes. These two girls are the cutest damn things you've ever seen. I know now why I didn't have any daughters... I am totally defenseless against them. They ask for something – that's it – they get it. Especially if they smile. Damn, what is an Ogre to do?

I'm getting this new game called “GUN”. What it is, basically, it's Grand Theft Auto: Old West without the Hot Coffee. The game looks like one that should have come out two years ago visually. But it has some good points to it. I guess. More on it later. Have to burn the ISO. Ahem.



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