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Mar 31st, Wednesday, 2004: Noonish Give me ONE good reason to soften my views about Liberals…  Just one.  I just heard this on the radio:  “We need to support the resistance of Iraqis in Iraq… we have to see them as allies.”  This is the Liberal Mind… The Iraqis just killed 5 more US GI’s.   My own brothers are on the way to Iraq.  Ergo – Liberals want to kill my brothers.   I’m so furious that I feel sick.  I have so much to say about this that everything is flooding and overwhelming me and I just can’t put it all into any reasonable order.  This is unbelievable.  Liberals are so blatantly Anti-American.

Email about the Liberals’ new radio bullshit:Greetings Ogre....... WTF!  I almost puked watching Blitzer & friends on CNN hyping Al (shitforbrains) Franken's start up "Liberal Radio" this morning.  And that asshole is using the name "Air America".  Probably doesn't remember that the real, original Air America was a CIA funded group of superior pilots flying Helio Couriers and other aircraft into dirt strips in Laos and other "fun places" in the 60's. My money is on Franken's demise as a radio talk show host in less than 6 months. – Bob”  Liberal Radio - if anything else... with soundbytes from the likes of Kerry "I voted for it, before I voted against it"... it should be entertaining and like all other Liberal ploys, will work against them in the end.  “The Gloves are coming off”?   Bring it on!  You want to take the gloves off… Al Franken – just me and you… in the street.  No gloves.  To quote Mike Tyson:  “I’ll fuck you till you love me!”

1000hrs I am thinking right now that we should just drop what we are doing in Iraq, let them fend for themselves.  Fuck them.  Killing soldiers is one thing… but targeting civilians working in Iraq, trying to help these ingrate bastards… this is too much.  I’m really not happy right now.  These fuckers are too ignorant to work with.   

Another thing I’m not happy about…  My Marlin 336CS should have been delivered today.  Well, I got the tracking number and I find that the rifle is being delivered to some fucking place in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I’m about to come unglued over here.  I am really hoping that this was the wrong tracking number.

I’ve got a lot of favorite writers out there… one of them is Patrick McManus.  This guy is truly one of the writers that have inspired me to write.  If you ever come across one of his books – get it.  It is a rare treat.  You could call him an outdoors humorist, or you could just call him really freaking funny.  But when it comes to books that make me laugh, His books totally do it for me.  Just found out he has one that actually about writing humor and how to do it.  I’m going to order it ASAP.   This summer I’m going to be taking an almost complete blogging break, internet break, game break…   and I am going to finish my book tentatively titled “Redemption”.  Maybe I can mix a bit of humor into the book… it could probably use it.

Dear God:

Why didn't you save the school children at Columbine?


Concerned Student


Dear Concerned Student:

I am not allowed in schools.



How did this get started.... Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained she didn't want any prayer in our schools. And we said, OK... Then, someone said you better not read the Bible in school, the Bible that says "thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbors as yourself," And we said, OK... Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem. And we said, an expert should know what he's talking about so we won't spank them anymore...  Then someone said teachers and principals better not discipline our children when they misbehave. And the school administrators said no faculty member in this school better touch a student when they misbehave because we don't want any bad publicity, and we surely don't want to be sued. And we accepted their reasoning... Then someone said, let's let our daughters have abortions if they want, and they won't even have to tell their parents. And we said, that's a grand idea...  Then some wise school board member said, since boys will be boys and they're going to do it anyway, let's give our sons all the condoms they want, so they can have all the fun they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school. And we said, that's another great idea... Then some of our top elected officials said it doesn't !  matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs.  And we said, it doesn't matter what anybody, including the President, does in private as long as we have jobs and the economy is good... And someone else took that appreciation a step further and published pictures of nude children and then stepped further still by making them available on the Internet. And we said, everyone's entitled to free speech... And the entertainment industry said, let's make TV shows and movies that promote profanity, violence and illicit sex... And let's record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes...  And we said, it's just entertainment and it has no adverse effect and nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right ahead... Now we're asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, classmates or even themselves. Undoubtedly, if we thought about it long and hard enough, we could figure it out. I'm sure it has a great deal to do with... "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW,"

"The American Republic is finished when the Congress realizes that it can bribe the people with the peoples money" -- Alexis De Touqueville


Mar 30th, Tuesday, 2004: 1600hrs: Email about oil and economy:  “This tax would cripple our economy, I believe, more than any across the board tax increase.  A tax increase with a simultaneous decrease in spending to pay down the national debt might have a neutral to positive effect on the economy.  However a spike in oil prices could bring our economy to a screeching halt.  The Fed Reserve can truly minimize the effects of most "normal" business cycles through monetary policy.  The one thing that they are not able to deal with is increases in the price of oil.  It doesn't take a long look at history to see the strains put on our economy through increases in oil prices because they (oil price spikes) have such far reaching effects.”   Yup.  That’s what I said.

Well… this is one way to check out.  What a sucker… if he said he was Palestinian he could have got a cell phone and 23 bucks to do it.

I installed the Mozilla 1.7 Beta.  It’s fast.  Noticeably faster than version 1.6 and IE 6.  Better too.  Less glitchy so far.   I think by version 2 there will be absolutely no reason to use IE anymore.  Normally I don’t like to roll with Betas… but the way Mozilla as been developing lately… It’s worth running.     I am seeing a bit of oddness on Slashdot… but not too bad.  My online classes which are normally slow are now much better.  The Mozilla crew is saying a 7% increase in speed… in some cases this seems much faster while others seem to be about the same.    With the improvements to the Open Source movement and outfits like IBM and HP embracing Linux… Mandrake coming out of Chapter 11… and with Mozilla kicking such gratuitous ass…  Maybe this time next year I’ll be able to say Buh’Bye to Windows altogether.  What I would like to see though… is one of these Unix type OS’s start trying to be more like OSX.2 and less like Windows.  I don’t get why they are trying to be like the OS that everyone loves to hate.  OSX.2 Jag – I think is perhaps the most elegant OS I have ever played with.  They should try to emulate that if they are going to emulate anything at all.  I’ve seen screen shots of the next version of Windows – and I’m thinking that they are trying to be more like OSX than Apple is.  Since OSX is built on a UNIX core, I don’t see why it couldn’t be ported to Linux and made to work with X86 architecture.  Seems like a no brainer.  I know Apple would pitch a fit – but if the Linux version was tweaked right – it could be done.  Okay, maybe not on Linux… but on NetBSD it could be done and probably so with little effort.    Oh, sorry… I stopped dragging knuckles there for a minute.  My bad.   Where was I?  Ah… Mozilla.  The only page that gives me problems is Geek With a .45’s page.  Then again, His page never loaded correctly with 1.6 or 1.5 either.  I didn’t expect it to load right with 1.7… but I was hopeful.  Of course the page loads just fine in IE. 

This made me laugh my ass off.  It shouldn’t have… but it did.   

While on the same subject… New magazine I am going to have to subscribe to.  

Anyone in the Army anywhere near Washington DC?  Read this.  Come on guys… get over there with some Brasso and a buffing cloth!  Come on – Move it – Buster!!!   Look at this... aint this some shit, now.  The Marines are making us look bad over there!  This is on my TO-DO list next time I’m in Virginia.

1030hrs I wasn’t going to post anything today… I have a huge exam tonight that I am studying for.  But something has come in that just made me come unglued.  I remember gas being 75 cents a gallon.  Now it’s two bucks.   I was in an email conversation about this… I was wrong when I said we need to tap Alaska… what I should have said we need to tap Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and the California Coast – with a huge fucking offshore platform right out in front of Barbara Streisand’s mansion.  Even if there is no oil right there – it would piss her off so much it would be worth it.  I’ll personally finance that platform myself just to have it built there.  Anyways… where was I?  Ah… Unglued… John F’ing Kerry.  Look at the pump next time you gas up.  How much are the taxes per gallon?  Last time I looked, it was about 50 cents a gallon.  Kerry wants to increase that tax by another 50 cents a gallon.  Kerry is a freaking LUNATIC.  The man is so far out of touch with reality.  Do you know what that would do to me?  That would destroy me!  That would also destroy a lot of other people to.  Everything would become more expensive… because shipping and transporting would all become more expensive too.  So we wouldn’t be just spending more at the pump… but everywhere else as well.  Light bulbs and hamburgers and all that… because everything has to get transported by truck to get to your store.  When gas prices go up, it costs more to ship.  Who pays for that?  We all do.  And at the same time Kerry would raise gas taxes he is also going to be raising all our other taxes and doing away with the tax cuts we just got.  This jackass would be in effect pulling up on the parking brake on the national economy and on my economy.  This guy is a lunatic.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to live on a limited income.  He has no idea.  He is the richest Senator on Capital Hill… mansions all over the damn world… he has no concept of what it’s like being of average means.  He wouldn’t know how to survive… so how the hell do people think he can help the rest of us get by?  

John Kerry is Anti-American… he wants to kill our national defense… he wants to kill our national economy… he wants to kill our rights… and our privacy… and he wants to turn us all into slaves.  Fuck John Kerry, and if you think you might vote for him – fuck you too.

Looks like the Cougar Club as gained yet another Member.  THR member Sox has followed my sagely advice and has acquired his own example.   As I have said in that THR thread, I am quite smitten with this kitten.  It’s a keeper… and since I have a Detonics again, the only other compact .45 that I’m after now is a SIG P245.    That will pretty much round out and finish my little collection of duty grade compact .45s.  Maybe eventually I might look at the PT-145 again… but I think this is it. 

Email:  “Ogre,  I see you are a gun guy.  I have a Question regarding the Para-ordinance and Crimson Trace Laser grips.  The model LG 201 crimson trace states:  "Model LG-201 fits 1911 and 1991A1 Government and Commander style frames including: Colt, Kimber, Dan Wesson, Browlin Arms, Olympic Arms, Les Baer, Auto Ordinance and Wilson pistols"  When a customer asked about the para on the CTC forums the response was "not for double stacks".  I’m confused because if you look at the LG201 you will see its NOT A WRAP AROUND grip.  Since the P13 is a "commander style frame" Im assuming the length of the grip Of the same.  What difference does it matter if its single stack or double stack on the panel style grips?  I have asked their customer service and posted it on the forums and no answer....  By the way, what is your stance on laser sights?”  

Yeah, I’m a Gun Guy.  ;) The P13 is a double stack.  The grip panels are not perfectly flat like a standard framed 1911… while the P13 might be Commander sized, it’s not a Commander frame.  Other single stack Paras would work.  Anyways… as for lasers… lasers are fine.  I’ve used them… but don’t have any right now as I don’t think they are that important considering new laser grips are the price of a whole other handgun.  The value they offer is limited. 

Mar 29th, Monday, 2004:  1015hrs I can not believe this… some fuckwad court in New Orleans has pretty much torn up and tossed out the Constitution.   The have just ruled that cops can go into your home or business and search for anything they want – without a warrant.  This is the most disgusting violation of the Bill of Rights because it’s the last straw.  Your home… they can just come on in if they feel like it.  This can not stand.  This can not be allowed to stand for even a week.  This judge that made this decision – he needs to be thrown out.  The argument is for “Officer Safety”?  WTF?  I don’t see this as making officers safer.  In fact, just the opposite – this puts an officer in deeper risk.  Time to feed the hogs in Louisiana.  Two judges have called this a “Road to Hell” and they are exactly right.   If this stands – then the US Constitution is completely void.  This is so fucking outrageous, it gave me a damn headache like almost instantly.  My head is about to explode over here.  No warrant – they can just come right on in.  Fuck that. 

This is just as outrageous… Protestors swarming Karl Rove’s house… pounding on his windows.  WTF?  That’s not demonstrating – that’s a fucking mob.  I don’t know about Rove – but I would start depleting my 12 gauge ammunition supply right there.  If you want to protest – feel free.  But you do it at his office – not at his home.  That’s way across the line.  “The protest was organized by National People's Action, a coalition of neighborhood advocacy groups based in Chicago.”  This group right here… they need to be sued to obliteration.  They took a political issue and turned it into a personal assault by a mob at this man’s home.  I’m a very private person believe it or not.  I like my privacy.  I don’t like unexpected visitors.  Give me a call and let me know your on the way and that’s cool… but to just show up and start banging on my windows?  That’s not kosher.  I don’t even like my own church’s missionaries knocking on my door.  I can’t imagine what would happen if 200 people were outside yelling and pounding on my house.  I’d probably flip out. 

“Palacios said that Rove was "very upset" and was "yelling in our faces" and that Rove told them "he hoped we were proud to make his 14-year-old and 10-year-old cry." 

“Palacios, trembling and in tears herself, said, "He is very offended because we dared to come here. We dared to come here because he dared to ignore us. I'm sorry we disturbed his children, but our children are disturbed every day.”

That is no fucking excuse… that doesn’t justify this mobbing.  Rove doesn’t come to your house and pound on your windows.  This is taking protesting too far… way too far.  That is so across the line, Law Enforcement needs to come down hard on all of these people for trespassing extremely hard – and make sure that other groups don’t try this sort of protesting again in the future.

These 9-11hearings… this is such a pathetic partisan kangaroo court joke.  It is infuriating beyond belief.  What is the point of these hearings anyway?  What is the goal here?  Nothing more than to try to blame Bush for it.  It could have been prevented… well no shit.  We all are well aware of the whole parade of fuckups that allowed this to happen.  From Intel screw ups to giving student visas to the tangos in the first place.  Yes, we all know this.  So what?  We are all well aware of what happened… but what is this commission going to do to prevent it next time?  Nothing.  This is just a political attack machine.  And this Richard Clark asshole.  This fucker needs to be bitch-slapped repeatedly by a platoon of sumo wrestlers.


You think that your Liberals stink, Ogre?  It is Tasos again, and this one you got to hear. I just read an column in a financial newspaper. Supposedly the future of a "strong Europe wil be reached through national integration"(which means that we all end up speaking either German or French in this Continent).  -First of all I never asked to become integrated.  Even more outrageous to my simple, peasant, patriotic greek mind is not the abolishment of my national identity, but the second point in that particular article. "Corporate management must act as a counselor to the State".  -Now let me get this straight. Not only my country is going to be governed by foreign bureaucrats that have nothing in common with me, but they also need to be patronised by other foreigners whose motto is the maximization of their corporate profit.


I guess it's best that my grandfathers are both dead.  I'd hate to have to tell them that the Nazis won the war after all, and now we have to work for them.  -At least now I know why they do not want me to possess firearms.   Yours from Athens Tasos 

“From a(nother) Left-Coast Ogre fan.........  The more I think about the sadder it really is and the more pissed off I get......  Does anybody but the lunatic fringe really think that if the President wouldn't have done something, anything to stop 911 if he had known about it.  No, of course not.  Yet the "hue and cry" from the "Radical Left" and the "Mainstream Media" has forced the President to actually make a public statement to that effect.  Sad indeed.    And then to really piss you off there is Condoleezza Rice being raked over the coals the whole weekend by the aforementioned two groups for (so far) not going before the (worthless/partisan) 911 commission in front of the cameras.  This AFTER she has already spent hours and hours and hours in private sessions with the panel.  It doesn't take a genius to understand why the aforementioned groups want Rice in front of the cameras.  I'll bet watergate veteran Richard Ben-Veniste is just drooling in anticipation of "grilling" her publicly.  That Asshole! – Bob”  $6 last I checked.  Runs in Linux, Windows and Mac I think. Made by the US army, they use it for recruiting. I haven't bought it yet, been too busy. You mentioned Linux games awhile back. Sorry, I've been working like a dog. Too lazy to post. There is also:  Neverwinter Nights, Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Sin, Soldier of Fortune, Kohan, Myth II, Railroad Tycoon, Civ: Call to Power… All of these run native in Linux.   You are right they need vamp up and get a native game that's killer, only available in Linux. AND market the crap out of it. It would do for Linux what Grand Theft Auto did for the PS2. Links:   (P.S.) I bought a 3 month subscription to all of transgaming's stuff. I ran all kinds of games no problem. Funny, I never could get MS affiliated games like Close Combat (still the only game I really play) to work. It's like $60 a year.  Bryan out”

Another good blog worth looking at:  Bloodletting.  I like this guy. 

Britney Spears is sleazy?  No way.  She has a very sexy body… but she stopped being attractive a long time ago.  This routine of porn on stage and calling it art or music or expression… this is pathetic.  I don’t care what she does… I don’t care of she even actually fucks people on the stage.  She can go ahead and just make porn movies for all I care… but what I don’t like is that she is the pop princess for so many young American girls.  She is their idol.  My little 13 year old sister in law used to listen to her.  She is a smart cookie and has taken down her Britney Spears posters and stuff… but so many other girls have not.  So many other girls still look up to this slut and want to be like her.  That is what I don’t like.  Our children need to remain children… just because a little girl gets boobies doesn’t mean she is a woman.  Just because a boy’s voice cracks, doesn’t mean he is a man.  We can not allow the sexualization of kids.  When you take even introductory classes in Psychology it becomes obvious that most mental disorders all come from the same source – sexual abuse or early sexual activity.  Kids need to be kids.  I don’t even let my kids watch the Disney channel anymore.   Disney is trying to pimp kids really hard, and it’s not just that… but every single damn show on that channel is all about adults being stupid, kids being smarter than them and adults being obstacles to be overcome.  What about shows that teaches kids some moral values and personal responsibility?   Aarrgh… I hate pop culture!

Let’s buy all of our oil from South America and start pumping from Alaska.  Okay?  I’ve said it before… we need to tap Alaska like a Frat party taps kegs.  We have all the resources to do it.  If we can’t tap Alaska, we can tap South America.  We don’t even need OPEC.  We don’t need the middle east.   OPEC is a bunch of damn criminals anyway.  We shouldn’t be dealing with them.  If the CIA was forbidden to deal with shady characters, why the hell are we still buying oil from them? 

GUN OF THE DAY:  CZ-52.  The CZ-52 is a relic of the cold war.  This was a weapon specifically designed to defeat the body armor that had become popular by American forces.  It's pretty slick for an Iron Curtain gun.. you can get these for 150 or less if you shop around.  Fires like a .357 Magnum, 1600 FPS, and spits a huge fireball.  Lots of fun.  You can get them slicked up and tweaked and they can make for a decent carry gun.  A lot of guys want a good gun for under 300.  There you go.      


Mar 28th, Sunday, 2004: 1800hrs I think my Dad would have a heart attack over here.  Last Wednesday I topped of the Bronco and hit the trip odometer.  Today I topped off the tank again.  Putting the fuel into the miles, the math shows that I got 10.2 miles per gallon.  Not bad considering all the stop and go driving it’s done as a Demolition Crew Transport.  I’m fine with this… this is about what our Jeeps have been getting lately.   I’m guessing this rig could get up to 16 MPG if I was straight highway and staying off the gas pedal.  The Subaru only gets better than that when it’s running on the highways.

The page got a little long in the tooth so I archived it.  Should have done that a long time ago.  Sorry about the long load times.

1530hrs Two items in the news that are of no surprise.  First off, we have a French Lawyer that is lined up to defend Saddam.   Figures.  This is about as surprising as finding out that a suicide bomber was Palestinian.   I also find it repugnant that the French would step up to do this.  Let’s not forget that France was one of the biggest violators of the UN Sanctions against Iraq… and now these assmonkeys are going to defend him?  Excuse the hell out of me, but I think France should be prosecuted for those UN Sanction violations… Along with France, Germany and Russia.  If they are allowed to totally get off scott-free then the UN Sanctions mean nothing.  If they mean nothing… then the UN means nothing.   Oh wait a second… too late.  These nations got a pass, the sanctions meant nothing… so that means of course the UN means jack shit.

Then we have this next item… no surprise here… even the Pope says there is a problem with John F’ing Kerry.  Classic.  Even the POPE sees how fucked up Kerry is.

A guy came to the door last night selling Direct TV.  They had 3 special package deals going on.  35 bucks a month you get Discovery and Sci Fi along with all the other junk channels.  But if you want Fox News, you have to go up to the 45 bucks a month.  And if you want the Outdoor Channel and Speed, then you have to go up to the 65 dollars a month package that has almost everything but the channels you really want so you have to pay extra to add them.   No thank you. 

I just read that the 82nd Airborne is rolling out some of the old M8 mini-tanks.  These M8’s were once part of an old project that got scraped… probably due to John F’ing Kerry.  These Mini Tanks are going to used in Iraq on the front lines there.  This is good news.  Oh, wait a second… Why are they not using the new LAVIII based Strikers?  Maybe because these mini tanks are air-droppable and the Strikers are not?  If they are not air droppable per project requirements… why are we putting Striker units together in the first place?  It’s a mystery.

Yesterday I took the whole family up into the mountains for some shooting.  Not very long… but everyone got a chance to shoot.  I shot the Detonics for the first time and it proved to be reliable.  In true Detonics fashion it was a handful.  Very sharp recoil… almost unpleasant to shoot.  After only one magazine my hand was showing some redness and some swelling.  I’m going to have a modern style beavertail fitted to help protect my shooting hand… BTW, with a Detonics, one mag full means 6 shots.   This isn’t a range gun made for long lazy target shooting sessions.  This little gun is a pure bred CCW… Concealed Carry Weapon.  It carries extremely well, conceals extremely well, and with it’s .45ACP caliber… and extremely potent weapon.  I’ll write a full review later.  Mrs Ogre when she first felt the Detonics, fell in love with it.  She was impressed with the gun and this is a rare thing for her.  However after firing it, she came to the conclusion “I like the Cougar better”.  She was referring to the Cougar “For Shooting” and I agree with her assessment.  The Cougar is easier to shoot, more comfortable in recoil, softer recoil, and more accurate than the Detonics.  The Detonics might be a good EDCG, but the Cougar is a much better range gun… and is my choice (between the two) for a “Bump In The Night” situation.  (Personally a BITN gun means 12 Gauge or Rifle but I’m talking handguns here right now)  The Detonics is one hell of a little .45 and I love it.  I’m going to do some accuracy work with it eventually and see what it can do, but so far I am impressed with it.  I was doing some informal plinking with it off one ridge and nailing this hubcap sized rock on another ridge with perfect regularity.  I am looking forward to seeing what it can do at 7 and 15 yards… so far it looks promising.

Finally a health plan I can agree with.  My wife hates me for showing this to her.  He he he.    

Mar 27th, Saturday, 2004: 1400hrs Email from Horde Member Dave:  “From MSNBC: "Polls show that jobs are the top issue with most voters and that Kerry is viewed as best suited to improve the economy; terrorism is No. 2, and most voters say they trust Bush most to protect the nation."  Well, WTF good is it to have more jobs if the nation isn't safe?  Ask any Israeli if they would rather have jobs or safety.  You can bet your ass what they would pick. The other thing that pisses me off is that the economic policy of a POTUS is rarely, if ever, felt by the economy in the short run.  Clinton rode the swell in the economy, and benefited from the previous administration's policies, and Bush suffered from Clinton's lack of leadership (in regards to economic policy, defense spending, foreign policy, etc).  I'm not trying to paint the rosiest of pictures about President Bush, but he's our best option at the moment.  I believe he means well.  I believe he will defend our country well.  I don't believe he will waffle on every decision like JFKerry.  I don't think he will try to turn global defense over to the UN like Kerry will.  Why would someone as conflicted as Kerry even talk about raising taxes on large corporations, when he is funded by one of them?  Simple posturing.  He'll never do it, but it sounds good.  Sound familiar?  He's been doing it all his life.  Bush may need a lesson in Foreign Relations and International Trade, but Kerry needs an enema, a lobotamy, and someone to light his lying pants on fire. – Dave”   That about sums Kerry up, nicely.

Kershaw’s Ken Onion Boa – WORST KNIFE YOU COULD EVER BUY! I swear… getting this Boa from Spectre was bad news.   I hate this knife!   Since that day – I have not been able to carry anything else.  I’ve tried.  But the Boa ALWAYS comes back and ends up clipped to my pocket.  Every damn time.  I used to carry others… SOGs, Spydercos, Benchmades… even a couple Emersons.  I had variety.  I had choices.  I had freedom to carry any number of fine knives.  Those days are long gone…  The Kershaw/Onion Boa has completely ruined all other knives for me.  The blade shape is perfect for just about any cutting job… the blade’s steel is like magical or something… the handle fits my hand like it was custom made for me!  And the worst feature of all?  This Speed Safe mechanism.  I can’t use a knife without it now.  How long have I had this knife now?  Almost 2 years?  I tried looking at some other nice “tactical” folders… but if they are not a Boa, forget it.   The only knife I could see in replacing this Boa – is another Boa.  Dang it!   My good friend Steve has purchased one of these knives and I feel sorry for him.  No more looking fondly at the new Benchmade whatever… he’s done.  He has his knife.  Life time warranty too… It is going to be on him forever now.  It’s like a marriage.      I carry mine constantly.  If I am wearing pants – I have the Boa.  It’s like an inoperable tumor.   I've taken the thumb-studs off mine.  Without them, the knife slides into and out of the pocket easily and quickly... and you don't need them to open the blade.  The little "trigger" mechanism works perfectly to open the knife and it's safer too, as your fingers are nowhere near the blade edge.  And since the trigger is on the centerline, it's completely ambidextrous.   Ken Onion sells his hand made Boas (couple hundred bucks a pop) without any thumb studs... I don't see why the Kershaw Production versions need them at all.  I admonish everyone reading this – Avoid the Boa at all costs!  If you don’t listen to this warning… it will be the last knife you ever buy!  Discussion on THR.

Two righteous… Cracked me up and made me think.  Murdoc Online.  Another blog I’m liking is “Airborne Combat Engineer”.  

Yesterday I ran out of most of my gun cleaning supplies.  I’m out of FP-10, Breakfree CLP, all my solvents… all I have left is some Militec-1 oil and grease, and some Action Lube Plus from Brownells.   This stuff is fine, but you can’t clean a gun with just grease and some Militec-1 oil.  I’m going to have to place an order for some stuff, but to be honest I am not sure what I am going to get.  An email came in yesterday talking about Eezox.  This stuff looks interesting, and it looks better than Militec… I know a lot of Horde Members out there swear by Militec, but in my own testing I have found it to be lacking.  It’s not as slick as the other stuff and it doesn’t protect against corrosion worth a damn.  Mobil 1 oil works better at lubing and protecting.  In fact, here is what I have done… Last time I changed the oil in my Jeeps (BTW, I use Mobil 1 exclusively in all my vehicles.  The Bronco is going to drive about another 1,000 and then it’s getting an oil change… Mobile 1 Oil “Truck & SUV 5W-40” and a Mobil 1 Filter.) I kept some of the oil… I have a small medicine bottle that I washed out and it has a dropper on it.  I put the Mobil 1 into that and it serves as my oil bottle for damn near everything.  Hinges, Bike chains, everything… guns too.   In fact, I hate to say it… but I might not need much of a cleaning kit.  Just another bottle of Hoppes #9 and that should do it.  The only thing I would really rather have is a big old bottle of Ed’s Red… because that stuff is a Do – Everything mixture but I’ve not used it in awhile.  I might still order some BF-CLP… but I really don’t have to.  Right now, I just wiped down my .45’s and lubed them all with Mobile 1 and the results are outstanding.  The little Cougar even likes it and those are finicky kitties.


Mar 26th, Friday, 2004: Noon Thirty Tasteless and insensitive?   The Democrats have absolutely no sense of humor.  None.  They strive to be the party of “the people” but more and more every day they prove themselves to be far from that.  So the joke was tasteless and insensitive… okay… but what about the face of the President of the United States as a doormat?  These guys want to talk about tasteless?  That’s beyond tacky and goes straight to disgustingly juvenile for an American Political Party.  That’s flat out shameful… just like the politicians in the party.

I just wrote a long letter to my Congressmen… Jim Matheson.  Normally I contact only my Senators… but I wrote him for the hell of it.  I touched on several things…  The V-22 Osprey that needs to die, the XM-8 Rifle in 6.8MM that needs to be pushed through, body armor for all the troops… that he needs to vote against any measures that would prolong the AWB.   Since he is also a Democrat I also let him know that this DNC HQ doormat thing is reprehensible.   I write a politician every Friday and let them know my mind.  So should you.

Email from our newest reader:  “I like your web site, I am a talks show host/producer here in CT on a non profit free-form radio station 88.1 FM WESU. Always good to have a new source for rantings!  -Ben”  I picked something up from Ben off of Ebay.  Looks like he got something in return.  Welcome to the Horde!    

Check this out Israel’s tiny spy plane.  

0900hrs: Lots of study today… and I'm going in to see the Doc about this killer migraine that I have going on today. Just wanted to leave you with a little something:

Two Arabs are drinking coffee and chatting. One pulls out his wallet and starts flipping through some photos.
"This is my oldest son, he is a martyr."
"This is my second son, he is a martyr too."
After a pause, a sip of coffee and a deep sigh, the second Arab
wistfully says,  "They blow up so fast, don't they?"

Some new blogs to look at: 

The Spoons Experience.  I’ve not put Spoons in the “Selected Links” section… Correcting that today.   Sorry, Spoons. 

Section 9.  Stumbled on this one… Never heard of it before.  Good stuff… check it out.

Obsidian Wings.   I’ve linked before but not as a selected link… Veteran blogger.  One of the best out there.

Sgt Hook.  “This we’ll defend”.  Indeed.  Good job.

Beck in the Box.  This cat is a Marine over There. 

Junk Yard Blog.   This cat is Air Force, evidently.  Yet he has some good points.  I like it...

0700hrs Go read Day by Day - Now.

Today is email clearing day.  Over the past few days some of the emails I’ve had are just too good not to share… normally I don’t do this, but it’s Friday.  Here are some of the choicest emails. 

Email from Reader:  VIRGINIA VS. MARYLAND - It's Safer in Virginia.  Check this out and pay close attention to this statement and everything that follows.  'While Virginia's crime rate may be lower, it's easier for people there to get guns, according to Handgun Control'.  Um, hello?  Anyone one home?  That's why the crime rate is low. – Orion”  Thanks for the email Orion.  Yes, Virginia is safer than Maryland and Maryland is safer than DC.  Why is it Safer than DC?  Because DC doesn’t allow any guns at all.  It’s like a “Criminal Wildlife Preserve” where they are free to roam and act like beasts with no fear of hunters.  It is a very good example of the fact that Gun Control allows for unchecked crime.  DC’s solution to this?   More gun control laws.  Project Exile.  Which of course really has little to no effect on anything, but at least they feel good about themselves for trying, right?  I bet you anything that you take the crime numbers… record them accurately… then give DC Vermont style carry and allow citizens with clean records to buy and carry handguns.  I but you anything the violent crime numbers will be turned around.   There will be a period of adjustment where the criminals are still getting used to the idea that their victims might be armed… a few dead violent thugs but that’s not really a bad thing at all.  That period of time is short.  Maybe a couple months max.  Then the numbers drop drastically.  All the sudden we have DC showing lower crime stats than Virginia.   Of course that will NEVER happen because DC will NEVER allow guns.  So it’s a criminal free for all there. 

Email from Horde Captain Gordie.  Very interesting email:

Got this one from one of my ring knocker contacts. Thought that some of you guys might find it interesting.
Certainly, a different perspective than we get from ANY of the news agencies.
(Read top to bottom, permission to repost. LTC Kurt ******* '80 gave this report to the West Point Society of SW Virginia on the occasion of our Founders Day celebration March 13, 2004 at the Roanoke Country Club)
Kurt *******'s report to us on his team of WMD searchers in Iraq was a revelation of how far the truth lies from the public's perception via the media. There were only TWO teams of a dozen soldiers each, deployed to Iraq with less than a month's spin up. No TO&E, no equipment, no training, no weapons. Just a credit card with a $2M limit. Less than 30 days to equip and train and deploy.
On arrival, they were fully occupied with identifying already declared WMD inventory and determining where it was. There was, and are, literally hundreds of tons of this stuff they secured and safeguarded. He has nice before/after photos of yellow cake storage areas where locals had dumped drums just to get the containers for water storage.
Of special interest was the portion of his presentation on media activities in Iraq, and the striking disconnect that happened when the embedded reporters were replaced with the Hotel Warriors. Kurt had a split screen with "What I said" on the left, and "What the media said" on the right. Right out of Alice's Rabbit Hole!
The most amazing aspect of this to me was the lack of structure and organization we have at this planetary pivot of WMD, about which point, we wage wars and economic Armageddon. No wonder we didn't know squat about Libya.
Two teams of a dozen men each. To cover a country the size of Iraq. And, they have now been disbanded. It doesn't add up.
If you missed this Founders Day, it'll be a long time coming before you see its equal again! The best part was checking out Kurt with gear from the night vision display when the lights were dimmed, to see how strongly he glowed in the dark. Just a slight halo, and Nancy said they're through having kids, so it should not be a problem. Besides, we all know the government is prompt to care for veterans with radiation exposure....
Jack ********
WPS SW Virginia
From: Mike ******
Sent: Mar 17, 2004 10:01 AM
To: Kurt ***********
Subject: WMD Presentation
Hello, I am a classmate of Jack ***** '64 who is President of the SW VA West Point Chapter. Jack provided us a riveting paragraph summarizing your presentation along with a later comment that you were going to perhaps provide a web-site access to the Power-Point and that you may write a book about your hunt for WMD. I truly wish you well in that endeavor. I provided Jack's paragraph to about 100 of my "closest e-mail friends" -Ha! I have had so many responses - folks who wonder why the news media hasn't revealed your actions (I suspicion it is to be found in your presentation!) and why the current administration has not trumpeted your finds and actions? Of that I have no guesses.
Anyway, I appreciate the work you did and will be most interested in the Power-Point when you release it.
Mike ***** USMA '64
From: Kurt
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 4:44 PM
To: Mike *****
Subject: Re: WMD Presentation
Thanks for the note. I think there are two reasons the administration doesn't speak out about what we found. First, the nuclear material we secured was from their previous weapons program and was known prior to the start of the war. So critics would say we didn't really "find" it. Second, the material requires an enrichment facility in order to refine it to the point it would be useful in a bomb, so the critics will just claim that it would take years to turn this stuff into a weapon. There is no hard evidence that they were actively engaged in developing an enrichment facility (although there is circumstantial evidence that something covert was going on). The fact that the material could be used to build a dirty bomb is too subtle a point to argue. Basically any country can do that, so you can't use that as a basis for the war.
The biggest problem that I had with the situation is that the UN let Iraq keep 500 metric tons of U3O8 (yellowcake). The UN should have required the Iraqis to ship the material out of the country years ago. They had no use for it other than for a weapons program. They had been caught with two covert enrichment programs in 1991, both undetected by US intelligence. So leaving the material there ran the risk that they would create a new covert enrichment program without our knowledge.
An interesting note in all this is that much of the yellowcake was from Niger. Since this was obtained prior to the Bush State-of-the-Union charge that Iraq was trying to obtain yellowcake from Niger, he cannot say "see I told you so." On the other hand, the democrat's claim that Bush misled the public about the Niger yellowcake purchase, while technically correct, gave the US public the mistaken impression that Iraq did not possess such material. So when I show pictures of tons of Niger yellowcake in Iraq they are stunned. The bottom line is that both positions were misleading.
It is becoming increasingly likely that we will never know the true state of Iraq's WMD program prior to the war. But that was really the whole point of the war in the first place. Our intelligence picture inside Iraq was never clear. The only way to ensure that they were complying with their UN agreements was through their support of the UN verification process. When Saddam kicked the verification team out of Iraq, we either had to accept Saddam's word on the state of his program or take action. We had been burned too many times to do the former.
The media handling of this topic has been brilliant (from their financial point of view). They know that controversy sells and that they can count on the public's lack of historical knowledge to shape the situation into a major controversy. They have convinced most Americans that the intelligence was wrong, that Bush exaggerated the threat, and that Bush's unilateral action was wrong. Many people actually believe that Iraq never had WMD. This is mind boggling when you consider that Iraq admitted to possessing weapons and the UN inspection team oversaw the destruction of some of the stockpile. So we know with 100 percent certainty that Saddam had weapons at some point in time prior to 2003. The question is "where did they go", not "did they exist".
While we have not been able to prove that Iraq still had weapons just prior to the war, we have also found no evidence that Saddam destroyed the weapons that he admitted to possessing and that the UN had caught him with in earlier inspections. So there are 4 possibilities for the disposition of these weapons: intelligence was wrong and Saddam destroyed them long ago as ordered, Saddam destroyed the weapons in the last few months preceding the attack, Saddam hid the weapons in Iraq, or Saddam shipped them out of country. The first possibility, that intelligence was wrong, has no more evidence to support it than the other three, yet the press has presented it as fact. They ignore the fact that there was unanimous consent that Iraq did possess WMD among the world's intelligence agencies, including France, Germany, and Russia. The UN also expressed their strong conviction that these weapons existed. Based on this information, I would propose that the three latter possibilities are more likely than the first. But at the moment there is not enough evidence to support any of the four theories, so we just have to say we don't know what happened to these weapons.
The media has also supported the myth that the Bush administration came in with an anti-Saddam policy that was radically different from the previous administration. This too contrary to the facts. Saddam was clearly the number one threat under the Clinton administration. Regime change in Iraq was a stated Clinton goal. Over his 8 years in office, Clinton had used an increasing level of response to Saddam's refusal to cooperate with the UN resolutions - diplomatic sanctions, economic sanctions, and then limited military strikes. The next logical step if Saddam refused to cooperate again would be full scale military action. (Regardless of whether the next President was Bush or Gore.) When Clinton authorized military strikes in 1998, the event that triggered him was the expulsion of the UN inspection team. The same trigger Bush was criticized for in 2003. Clinton approved military action without UN approval. The same action Bush was criticized for in 2003. Clinton was so confident in the intelligence data that he ordered air strikes against WMD targets. The same intelligence picture Bush is now being criticized for. Clearly Bush could not have made up the intelligence about Iraq in 1998, two years before he would be elected. So it is clear that Bush's intelligence picture was acquired from his predecessor. In fact, one of the few officials that Bush did not replace was Clinton's appointee to the CIA, George Tenet. The bottom line is that the US position on Iraq did not change at all with the change of administration. If the Bush administration entered office with a pre-conceived notion to take us to war, as the media claims, it was because it was the next logical step in the chain of action taken by the previous administration.
One final topic before I finish my ramblings. People have been arguing over whether there is any link between Saddam and Al Qaeda. While the hunt has focused on detailed meetings, it overlooks the obvious. Our response (or lack thereof) to Saddam's refusal to live up to his international agreements, sends a clear signal to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. If a guy like Saddam gets away with kicking out the UN inspectors, that only serves to embolden the terrorists. Even if there is not direct cooperation between the groups, the response to one group sets the tone for the future. You have to wonder whether Al Qaeda would have thought twice about the 9/11 attacks if we had shown resolve in dealing with Saddam in the early 1990s rather than letting him thumb his nose at us for 10 years. Our inaction may very well have given Bin Laden the confidence to attack with impunity.  Kurt *********”

Thanks for this email, Gordie.  Very interesting indeed.  I still find it amazing that after we seen images of all the bodies the thousands of people Saddam with chemical weapons… Liberals still say “Bush lied” and “There were no WMDs”. If a person is that intellectually limited, or self limited, that person is just not worth arguing with or even talking to.  They really are not worth the effort.  If you show them the photos (and we all saw the photos on the news) and they can’t accept it… you are just wasting time talking to them.      

Email from reader:  “Ogre.........  Just came across this bit of information regarding John F'n Kerry and his claim of the Bush administration sending jobs abroad.  Well, it seems that the Heinz Corporation, owned by F'n Kerry's wife, has 79 plants where it manufacturers products and 57 of the 79 are located in countries outside of the U.S. Gosh I wonder how many U.S. jobs are lost here?  These factories are located in:  Taipei,Taiwan (makes Heinz baby foods) Dublin,Ireland; Paris,France; Dovarmenez, France; Lisbon,Portugal; Madrid,Spain; Milan,Italy; Monguzzo,Italy; Athens,Greece; Warsaw,Poland; Pudliszki,Poland; Wodzislaw,Poland; Miedzychod,Poland; Moscow,Russia; Georgievisk,Russia; Cairo,Egypt; TelAviv,Isreal; Haifa,Isreal; Elst,The Netherlands and 6 other plants there; Brussels,Belgium; Dusseldorf,Germany; Seesen,Germany; Turnhout,Belgium; Rovereto,Italy; Chateaurenand,France; North York,Ontario,Canada; Wheatley,Ontario,Canada; Caracas,Venezuela; San Jose,Costa Rica; Johannesburg,South Africa; Gaborone,Botswana; Harare,Zimbabwe; Cheguta,Zimbabwe; Wellington,South Africa; Melbourne,Victoria,Australia; Republic of Singapore; Auckland,New Zealand; Tokyo,Japan; Guangzhov,People's Republic of China (makes infant cereal); Qingdao, People's Republic of China (makes infant foods, ketchup,mayonnaise & puree); Inchon, South Korea (makes Heinz products and StarKist); Bangkok,Thailand; Mumbai,India; Jakarta,Indonesia; Surabaya,Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; Wanchai,Hong Kong. These locations also recently purchased from Bordens to produce these products: Classico Pasta Sauce; Aunt Millies Pasta Sauce; Mrs. Grass Receipt Soups; Wylers Bouillons & Soups.

My goodness, just think of the conflict of interest a President would have when is F'n wife owns business interests in all of these countries. – Bob”

John Kerry is a lying bastard. 

Email from Horde Member Mojo:  “Dear Ogre, I enjoyed your:  "I carry a gun for the same reason police carry guns."  With total respect to the police, here is my take: Police are people with guns who show up to file a report about what a criminal did to someone without a gun. – Wojo”   Ouch.  I have friends who are police officers who I read this email too.  They all said “Well, yeah...”

Email from Horde Member Dave:  “Ogre- I was laying awake in bed last night, at 0300 (my 5 week old likes to be awake and screaming at that time), thinking about my tax refund ($1800, although some of that belongs to the wife, and some is already spent on her birthday present-Kimber SS Ultra Carry) and my mind started wandering as it is wont to do at 0300...That $1800 is an interest-free loan to the government.  Interest-f#^$%ing-free.  How the hell is that right?  If I screw up, and underpay the Infernal Revenue Service, and they find out about it, I have to pay them interest on the money that I didn't pay them.  So how come they don't pay me interest on the money I paid them (that I was forced to pay them) that I didn't owe them? I loathe the phrase, "there oughta be a law" as much as any libertarian-minded conservative, but bear with me here.  This one could just have the potential to kill the tax code, and massive government spending.  First, make the government pay interest on people's tax refunds.  I'm not a smart math guy, so I don't know how it would be calculated, but base it on the average amount overpaid each month, and figure the interest from there.  Somewhere there's a math-geek who can figure out a workable model for that.  Primary shock effect from this:  the government doesn't like having to give people back any more money that it has to (it cuts into the amount available for Congresscritters to buy votes with), so they'll find out a way to avoid having to pay interest.  Best way to do that?  Avoid having people overpay.  One of the possible ways to do that leads to:  Secondary shock effects:  End withholding (at least for the income tax) and have people actually figure out how much tax they owe and send in a check at the end of every month.  Which could lead to two more things:  1)  Simplify the tax code.  Sheeple tolerate the headache of figuring their taxes when they only have to do it once a year.  Make them do it monthly, and they'll demand something simpler.  Flat tax anyone?  2)  Lower taxes.  Most people don't realize how much tax they pay, simply because they never see the money.  Force them to write a check each month, and they'll hate it.  They'll realize how much all those "free" goodies from Uncle Sugar cost  Rational cost/benefit analysis is the foundation of all economics.  My gut feeling is, if they knew the costs, they wouldn't want to pay them.  And also, if they know the cost, they probably won't demand a lot of what government now does.  That's the fevered imaginings of my brain.  – Dave”   Thanks for the email, Dave. Wouldn’t it be nice if the tax code was simplified to the point it could be printed on one page?  We have people who’s sole job is to try to stay on top of the tax code… and even they can’t do it.  It needs to be blown up and rebuilt from the foundation on up in a nice simple and concise manner.  But like guns in DC – it will never happen.

Email from Bob:  “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry supports extending the ban because, "When I go out there and hunt, I'm going out there with a 12-gauge shotgun, not an assault weapon." Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.) has said that allowing the ban to expire will "inevitably lead to a rise in gun crimes." Ratcheting up the fear factor to an entirely new level, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) says the ban is one of "the most effective measures against terrorism that we have."    Kerry makes Clinton look good.





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