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JUNE 2008 

6-30-08:  What is this? 55% of Gun Deaths are actually Suicides? Wow. If you take that into account, the Liberals stats become less meaningful.  Not as if they were ever meaningful to begin with...

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Washington, D.C., Adrian Fenty.

Mr. Mayor, you have put yourself on one side of the Gun Control argument, and I am on the other. I believe more guns will mean less crime. You happen to be the Mayor of one of the most violent cities in our Nation and this is our Nation's Capitol. Yet you believe that more guns on your streets will mean more crime. I do not believe you and neither do millions of law abiding, gun owning citizens. You have the opportunity to make your point. I humbly submit a challenge to you, Sir.

If the homicide rate in DC increases (as illustrated by public FBI crime statistics) and we see a bloodbath in the streets of DC, then your asinine opinion will be vindicated and you will be able to wag your finger at us... and you will win reelection easily.

However, if the homicide rate drops... if the crime recedes after the implementation of the Heller decision... then Mr. Mayor, I would ask you that you not seek reelection and the people of DC can hopefully get a competent leader that puts public safety ahead of political agenda.

With all due respect,

George Hill

The Ogre of


6-28-08:  My top picks for fighting rifles are up at the Weapons Section.

My picks for top Red Dot sights is up there in the weapons section.

6-27-08:   October 4th is the next FBMG Machine Gun Shoot. Mark it on your calendars and get ready for it. These events are a blast in every sense of the word... you do not want to miss it. I'm planning on being there and I'll be bringing some buddies. The last one I went to was pretty damn cool. Lots of guns you normally never get to see, let alone pull the trigger on. For some more info on it, read this.  Here is what happens at these events:

Any graphic artists out there? Chime in on this idea here. I need something simple and clever.

I have to admit that I am still glowing from the Heller decision. The SCOTUS wording was carefully done... it is not a ground breaking, climate changing mandate that all gunlaws are wiped away like I'd have preferred. However it does clearly ratify that Gun Ownership is an Individual Right and not a Collective Right. I've read the decision in total, including the dissents... some 175 pages in total. Of the 4 judges that ruled “no”... two of them were put into place by Democrats, the other two were placed by Republican presidents. This is disappointing to me but considering the track record of these two, not surprising. And with these narrow margins, it tells us one thing. The fight is not over. We did win a major battle that will carry over into the next administration... but the fight is on. The NRA has already launched a legal attack on Chicago. We need to launch more. In every state. Especially in California, Colorado, New York, and any other place that is restrictive. It would also do well to petition our State Reps to move from Carry Permits to Vermont/Alaska style Carry. Meaning no permits required. That's the next step I want for Utah.


A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The Democrats are all wringing their hands and spinning this decision that it is actually a loss for us. It's not. Don't believe them. The decision just didn't eliminate all the restrictions. I'm all for some restrictions... Criminals Shouldn't Have Guns. I'm fine with that. Kids shouldn't be allowed to buy guns. I'm okay with that too. Uh, that's pretty much it, really. But man, the fits the Liberals are pitching... this is good entertainment.

6-26-08:   From now on JUNE 26th is Second Amendment Day! We have to give President Bush credit for this. It if wasn't for his judicial nominees, this would have gone the wrong way for us. It would have seriously damaged the gun industry and our culture and weakened us as a nation. We dodged a bullet 5 to 4. Too close... but we won. We won because we had a Republican in office. This is why we have to vote for McCain even if he isn't the greatest candidate that we would have liked... I don't like him one bit, but this even today, this monumental occasion, illustrates why we have to vote for a Republican – EVERY TIME..

I've been asked a lot of questions regarding hunting rifles. “Long Brown Guns” as I used to call them. After much consideration let me give you my Top Three Brands. We can start there.

Kimber is Number One, Remington is Number Two, and CZ is Number Three. I like the classic lines and balance of the Kimbers, and those the nice Controlled Round Feeding of Pre-64 Winchester style action Kimber uses. So many Gun Guys talk about the greatness of the Pre-64 Winchester rifles... well, Kimber did them right. Kimber is what Winchester should have always been. Ah, Remington, Second place, but not very far behind. The Model 700 is awesome, does everything... and as much as I like it... The Model Seven is even sweeter. It's the 700, but shortened, lightened, and just perfect for a light rifle. CZ has nailed a home run with the 550 and 527 series rifles. Beautifully made rifles that have no warts. Those Single Set Triggers, brilliant. I even like there .22 rimfires.

Okay, now that I've thrown down my Top Three Brands.... Let's talk about the Top Ten Rifles. I'm going to pick my favorite rifles and calibers together. Now my Top Three and Top Ten are not going to mesh out together until you take a step back and look at the big picture.

1. CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39mm. This might seem odd as its a small light rifle in an intermediate caliber, but for pure enjoyment and the ability to knock down game up to Mule Deer in size, it's fantastic. This rifle, topped with a simple fixed power Leupold has become my Go-To gun for many reasons. It handles beautifully. It springs to the shoulder from it's sling almost super-naturally. It then points, finds the target and launches its .30 caliber bullet so swiftly, it's almost precognitive. Hitting a Paper Plate with a snap shot is so easy, it makes you feel like a shooting hero. No, it's not a precision accuracy type rifle, but the handling makes up for any accuracy limitations. It likes to shoot 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Sometimes it can do better, sometimes a little less. But when it comes to killing things that need to be quickly made dead, like Coyotes out to 300 yards, it's up to the task. I have used it to kill a coyote as far away as 620 yards. I can't gush on this Carbine any longer... you get the point. I am quite fond of this rifle. So much so, that I am considering buying another one for conversion to 6.5 Grendel. If I did that, I'd swap the stock for a synthetic one and get the barrel and action refinished with something weather-proof. But I do like the standard Blued Steel on Walnut. It looks quite handsome. Okay, I'll stop gushing now.

2. Kimber 8400 Classic in .270WSM. This is one rifle that I try to ignore... it calls to me. I compare this combination to a BMW M5. Very nice looking lines, great balance, great handling with all the performance you want... the rifle is 5 stars on all counts, with the only drawback being that it's spendy. It's over a Grand and you haven't even put the rings and bases on. But you get that Pre-64 action, hand cut checkering they way they used to do it, and then there is something else... the rifle just radiates quality and promised adventures. It's almost the PERFECT package. Almost.

3. Remington 700 XCR in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum. This is a big dog with a lot of bark and bite. Stainless steel with Remington's super secret coating that gives it a yellowish tint... synthetic stocks... It doesn't care what the weather is, and it doesn't care what you are hunting, where you are hunting it or how far away you are hunting it... it's going to kill it. Dead. Right. There. As much as I like the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum in there slick Stainless and Synthetic Accumark package – the 700 XCR in .300 RUM is the one I'd pick – every time – because I'm not pretentious and I am not free with my money. Sure the .30-378 is the hotter cartridge, but the .300 RUM is right up there, and up there at half the cost... half the cost for the shells (they are small artillery shells necked down to .30 caliber) and half the cost of the rifles. I also like the Sendero rifle, but for Alaskan adventures, I don't need the added weight that the bull barrel gives you. I like the XCR better... it's a more practical rifle.

4. The CZ 550 Varminter in .22-250 is a big, heavy, great looking, tack driving SOB. Guns rarely shoot better than this, and you are still under 800 bucks. You can get it with a pistol griped grey laminate stock or with a greenish/black kevlar stock. Don't make me pick one... Okay, I'd take the Grey Laminate, but I'd still pine for the green Kevlar. What makes this rifle so nice is that you can mount as big a scope as you like, and it wont look out of place. So put that Coffee Can glass up there, get that big heavy bi pod on there, put a sand bag under the buttstock, and do some precision shooting. To make it even better, once you run the gun dry, drop the magazine out, pop in a full spare, and you are back to popping off prairie dogs left and right. That's the downside too... you have to drop the mag to reload it. You can't top load it... unless you modify the mags to allow you to push a cartridge into it part way and slide it back... but it's trial and error to mod the mag so don't ask my how to do it because I don't want to be responsible for you frakking up your expensive magazine. Yes, it can be done... I've seen it... but don't try it. Great rifle.

5. Kimber Montana in .300 WSM. Light, handy, all weather, and the ballistics of a .300 Win Mag. This is like dropping a V-8 into a Porsche 914. If you are rolling out on an adventure up in the mountains, this is the rifle you are going to want. Nothing else in this list is going to pack so much punch into such a light package. No, this is not a rifle for the timid. But then again, neither are adventures.

6. Remington's Model Seven Predator in .22-250. This is a crazy cool little rifle. It has no mass to it... it weighs nothing. Light barrel, light action, light stock... and then they flute the barrel before dipping it all into some camo. This results in a light hunting rifle that begs to be taken out to play. It wants to go hunting... hard. .22-250 as an all around rifle cartridge can be argued... it's taken Mule Deer out here... and some elk, but I'd not recommend it for that purpose. Anything smaller than Elk are seriously in danger. Get this same rifle in the CDL trim package and change the caliber to .243 and you have my tie for sixth place here. Just a little heavier of a slug in a light rifle that could challenge my number one choice given more time.

7. Kimber Caprivi in .375 H&H is my next choice. This is my World Rifle. Or should I say, “Can take Everything on this world and the next” rifle. It's big, bad, beautiful, and is an league almost by its self. The only other production rifle that compares to it is the CZ 550 Safari in the same caliber. Which is fine, I like the CZ, but I like the Kimber better.

8. Browning X-Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag. The new X-bolt Hunter is a very fine rifle. I just wish the drop out magazine, which I'm iffy on already, was not made of what looks like recycled Styrofoam egg cartons. The magazine is the x-bolt's only wart. I like the lines, I like the balance, I like the action. I like this rifle. A lot. This rifle is available in multiple calibers, but when it comes to doing every game worth taking in all of North America, the 7mm Rem Mag can do it. If I was to pick my favorite cartridges (someday I'll make that list) the 7mm Rem Mag would be at the top. This 7mm X Bolt is a winning combination here.

9. Remington 700 CDL in .25-06. This is a classic combination right here. The .25-06 is a good hot flat shooting cartridge capable of taking big game like elk, yet is mild enough for young folk and nervous women folk who think they can't handle anything beefier. Very accurate too. If you have this combo and you can't shoot half inch groups – you probably need to tighten your scope rings.

10. Marlin 336 in .30-30. Didn't think you would see this one, did you? The Marlin levergun is a versatile, fast action rifle that is more than capable for any reasonable task you ask of it. It's killed everything in North America from Moose to Mice and has been a top choice since the first time it ever came to market. The recoil is mild, the accuracy is more than acceptable, the power is up to the job. Unfortunately it's appeal is shrinking because of the glut of new rifle and new cartridges, this is you Grandfather's kind of rifle... and that's not so appealing to new shooters. Give that shooter a few more years and he'll eventually come to conclusion that he wouldn't mind having one of these.

New Rifle Alert: Check this out, Vigilance Rifles has an auto that looks like it's build off a heavily modified Benelli R1 platform, The action is beefy. And it has to be. It's chambered for beefy cartridges, .505 Gibbs, .338 Lapua, and .408 CheyTac. The recoil looks very controlled out of the other two calibers... but the Gibbs is still a monster. Watch the videos and see what I mean.

Power is still not back up at Ogre Ranch, but it should be by the time you read this. Damn well better be. So annoying. We get some serious wind gusts at Ogre Ranch... they can rip limbs off trees and blow the door open all the sudden. Anything we do there has to be wind proof... turns out somethings are not so much.

So Remington now has one of the heads of HK on it' s payroll now. That's great. “Remington, Because You Suck and We Hate You.” This new guy, Brian is going to head up Remington's effort to sell to the Military and Law Enforcement crowd. What we can expect to see, some rifle models that only Ninja Turtles can get, pissy customer service, parts availability will evaporate, and the guns will cost 3 times as much. Let's hope not.

An email stating just what I was thinking: Okay. I've been reading about the upcoming Heller decision coming down from the supreme court this week and I haven't seen this addressed anywhere. The A.C.L.U. for years has held that the Second Amendment is NOT an individual right and therefore not worthy of their interest, but if the Supreme Court says it IS an individual right then what will the A.C.L.U. do? I would think that to be consistent they would have to start working as hard to protect the Second Amendment as they do the other parts of the Constitution that they consider to be politically correct. What's your take on it?

That would be too strange to have the ACLU on our side. I can't even picture it but it's a possibility. The ACLU will have to change there position to make them in line with the SCOTUS, or they out themselves as a group that is politically biased and has a politically motivated agenda. The most likely move for the ACLU is to say they are still for Gun Control, and they are the political strong arm of George Soros.

6-25-08:  Newt says everything I've been saying for some time now. 3 ways to lower gas prices:

6-23-08:  Hugely disturbing: I saw a number of photoshop'ed Barack Obama Presidential seals. What I didn't know was that the worst one was actually real. The arrogance of this fucktard is legendary. Changing the seal is one thing... but the most disturbing thing is the Latin phrase he has on there. “Vero Possumus” which is "Truly, we are able" an equivalent to his campaign motto “Yes We Can”. This might be cute if you are Bob The Builder. But for a Presidential Candidate, I find it drastically repulsive.

Look at the original Presidential Seal motto... "E Pluribus Unum," which means "Out of many, one”. This is symbolic of the original colonies coming together to form a new nation. It is also symbolic of our peoples coming together as Americans. Just the phrase is as American as it gets. Obama's motto while on the surface seems fine... but when you consider all of Obama's positions brings to mind rampant communism. Dr. Zhivago is what it reminds me of. Have you seen the movie? I wont bother if anyone has actually read the book. (have you? Hit back in the chat box if you have)   Well, remember in the movie, when the good doctor comes home and find his house full of Communist Revolutionists... his house is taken over... his books are burned... all by these unworthy people who are in his house uninvited and unwanted... Remember that, because this is going to be Obama and his supporters raiding the Whitehouse and the Nation.

One of The Horde has observed that it seems that Obama and the Democrat's goal is to destroy the Middle Class. From what I'm seeing, that's right. The ultimate goal here is to introduce Communism for these guys. If you want to roll out communism, then you have to kill the middle class off as much as possible. Here is why.... The one reason that America took off as well as it did is that it had such a strong wide population base of Middle Class. Really no other proto-nation has ever had such a foundation. This was a rocket start as far as countries go. This allowed the population to stand up and shove off the British. This is why it had never happened before. This is why communist revolutions have never even been attempted here. Look at the places where communist revolutions have taken place... China, Russia, Cuba. These are places that had little middle class and lots of Rich and lots of Poor... the upper and lower ends.

Now of course add in the Second Amendment factor. We have a big base of Middle Class and we have an Armed Middle and Upper Classes. Communism will never work here. So if they can kill off the Gun Ownership... then kill off the Middle Class... then America will be ripe for a Communist Revolution.

So what am I really saying here? Fuck Obama, he's a cancer for our nation.

Two guns I want to talk about: First off is the Viper from Blue Grass Armory. This is a .50 BMG rifle that looks good and from all reports I can find, shoots great. 3 grand, it aint cheap. But it's on par with a lot of other .50's. And it looks cool. Like a Barrett, but without the Barrett price tag. What do you think?

The other gun I want to talk about is one that Barrett needs to make. A Mini Barrett Semi in .300 Remington Ultra Mag. Take the 82's design and scale it down and use Remington 700 barrels to lower cost, thread on a cool 82 looking muzzle break. I think that would be need... price it about about 1200 bucks. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

The Horde's Forum is doing well. The host company said that I am already in the Top 3 of new forums he's hosting. Awesome. There was some technical issues I observed. Lots of Internal Server Error's going on. I was told that they were updating the server. It seems to have worked, and sped things up. If we have any more trouble, we can trash that forum and build another one from scratch. In fact, the Forum is doing so well, I am thinking I might keep the forum and ditch the chat box thing on  Check it out.

Questions regarding the Vortex Strikefire have been coming in. We should have seen them already. We are probably looking at another 2 weeks before they come out. I don't know why the delay is there, but there you have it. Patience is my advice on this. I think it will be well worth the wait. Seriously, I am looking at other Vortex products we have here... and they are fantastic. All of them much better than the price tag says they should be. I really think this Strikefire will be the Poor Man's Aimpoint.

6-22-08:  Testing Discussion Forum. Check it out here. I don't know if I like it... but some guys have asked for it.  See what you think. I selected a different layout to the forums than all the other gun forums out there... just to be different, but hopefully not too different. Our man Sting has offered to set up and host a forum as we have done in the past for another reason... a good solid forum for sure... but I'm still not sold on the idea. If the idea catches, we can do that... we'll see. The biggest change that I want to make is in the basic Site its self. I've had this layout for years now and I want to jazz it up. I want a remake... freshen it up... Make it more Web 2.oh. But I'm not sure how to do it. I've tinkered with PHP and other such software driven sights. But I wasn't happy with them.

Oh, while I'm here. Hit Sting's site again and click EVERYTHING.  (That chick is HOT)

TESTING SHOUT SYSTEM ON RIGHT COLUMN. ---> While I am not sure about the forum, the little chatty boxy thing is kind of groovy. We shall see how these play and if any problems come of them.

Email regarding .17HMR's in Autoloaders: Sounds like the result of hasty 22 magnum to .17 HMR conversions. Funny that they thought it would be that easy with the autoloaders.  Did people assume that just because it was rimfire they could get away with ignoring the higher pressures and velocities?  Funny that you don't see anyone out there bragging that they can convert your .40 SW to a 10mm auto with just a barrel change.  Even the 40 -.357 SIG barrel swaps have been troublesome. Given how thin rimfire brass is though, maybe it's just best to keep .17 HMR out of autoloaders, unless someone comes up with a miniaturized gas-op system that isn't stupid expensive. - Rufus

Let's address this from the top for the uninitiated. We've seen slamfire issues with the Remington 597 in .17HMR, and now we have these blowout issues with the Magnum Research. Pretty much both companies are saying that these are ammo issues. However the same ammo doesn't have any issues when fired from Bolts or Levers. Reason being is that these are not ammo issues, but gun issues. Rufus is dead nuts on here... You neck down the case mouth for a smaller diameter projectile and you gain pressure. That hotter pressure makes the bolt travel through the action cycle much faster than expected – which is what causes the problems in the Remington. Or in the case of the Magnum Research, the bolt is opening too soon, allowing for too much unsupported case while the chamber pressure is still high. Which is why we have some unique blowouts. In both cases, Rufus is right. Hasty, engineered conversions. Ruger, who owns the design of the 10/22 action that Magnum Research is using (with exterior changes) has not put out a 10/22 rifle in either .17 Mach 2 or HMR. Reason being, they saw problems that needed engineering and decided it just wasn't worth the while. In the Magnum Research, you need more than a bigger cocking handle... you need a heavier bolt and a heavier recoil spring. How much heavier and how much spring tension is required is something for an engineer to calculate. The danger is that too much mass and spring will result in slamfires like the Remingtons are having. Either way you look at it – again, Rufus is right on the money - .17's in Semi Autos are not a good idea. Yeah, I have over a Hundred “Friends” on Digg now! Sweet! Okay, that's totally meaningless but I did take note when Matt Drudge the man behind The Drudge Report hit me as a “Fan”... I hit back so now we are “Mutual Friends.” I'll grill the steaks, Matt if you bring The Cold Ones. Yeah, I know. Doesn't mean a thing and is rather silly. Another thing that is silly, but irritated the shit out of me is that my photos I posted on Digg have been deleted by Digg admins as if they were offensive or something. Most of the photos were of me, holding a firearm in a non threatening manner. They were not offensive, they violated no copywrite laws, and no animals, children or Democrats were harmed in the photos or in the taking of the photos. I sent email asking clarifications, but I've received nothing back. I posted two new photos, both of attractive young ladies with firearms... we shall see if they get deleted or not too.

6-21-08:  The Stinky French Officer: Oh man, some people you just want to shoot them where they stand. We had a guy come into the shop. Asked about a couple things, came off as a real prick. He was acting like he was minding his own business, but he was eavesdropping as hard as he could. The wife of one of our older crewmembers is herself, rather older. She mentioned that she wanted to lose weight but was having trouble doing so. She is about 276 and a half years old, but a good woman to her husband... a real firecracker character... and an Old School LBJ Democrat. (Probably dated LBJ back in High School) I like her. She makes you stay on your toes, let me tell you. Well, this Git comes over and says, regarding her weight loss plan “You Americans eat to much and your food has too many Chemicals in it.” Then he spouts off something in French and talks about how he is an Officer in the French Military. Now, if you are going to call someone fat... it's best you not be sporting 3rd degree beer gut and sagging Man-Boobs. Europeans like to call Americans fat and lazy and poorly dressed... but this guy just takes that cake and eats it whole like the Cookie Monster. He looked like he slept in someone else's clothes – for a week, and he had dandruff flakes in his hair that were so big they could have fallen off some French pastry. Then, unprovoked regarding the subject, exclaimed loudly that if we wanted lower gas prices, we should end the war. So let's review... he was fat, slovenly, disgusting, arrogant, ignorant, with poor personal hygiene... and he was an asshole.

He must have been a General.

Hold up a Goblet to Kim du Toit. He's done it right. A hard road well traveled. Cheers, Sir! I hope at some point I can look back at my Six Sons and see that all is in order. There is a difference between Happiness and Joy. Being happy is a fleeting, temporary and meaningless thing. Like a ride at Disneyland. On the other hand Joy is a permanent state of being that is a reward for enduring and persevering... and doing it right while keeping an eye on what is truly important. Well done, Kim. Well done, indeed. Savor your joy. You have earned it.

Pentacle or Pentagram: We had another guy in the store today. Lots of satanic tats on his arms, and an interesting ring. The ring sported a Pentacle in the center with Celtic knot work around the band... at the ends of the knots were the Celtic Trinity symbols. I said “It's not very often I see guys with those sorts of tats with a Christian ring.”

Dude bristled. “That's not what it means.”

Yeah, it is... that symbol means Faith and Chivalry... it was used as the symbol of Sir Gwain because people recognized the meaning and associated those meanings with him...”

No... " he muttered something unintelligent.

Too late to protest, I was in Lecture Mode.  It's one of the earliest symbols that Christians used.”  It took me about 6 seconds to pull it up on the computer and I showed him and gave him some more evidence.  He still didn't believe me. “I spent a year at college studying just the middle ages and Christianity's influence on the modern western world... but I'm sure your right... “ I didn't mention the Trinity symbols... he looked like Mt Vesuvius about to blow. Dudes do not like their bubbles to be burst. I'm such a bastard. He probably has that tattooed someplace on his ass. I mean, come on... Even Wiccans use the symbol to ward off evil. If your going to be hard core Goth, learn something about the symbols you wear. If not you are worse than guys that get random Chinese characters tattooed on your self. They never mean what you think they mean.

It was an interesting day today.

We got in a couple rather interesting guns. First off, the CZ 750 Sniper, in .308. This is a big rifle. The barrel is a heavy bull barrel. Very heavy and very bullish. Muzzle break. Heat shroud attachment for the included heat shroud. Single set trigger. Very nice. Just under two grand, puts this at a nice affordable spot along with other premium placed high end sniper rifles. It's not perfect... there are things I don't quite like about it... but other things make up for it. I think the stock is unnecessarily thick and heavy for the gun... as is the barrel. Fluting wouldn't hurt it at all. A consistent finish on that massive stock would go a long way, and while I'm talking about that, let's just go ahead and say that the stock shouldn't be shiny. But it is. Big, bold, shiny... it gleams darkly. This is like Darth Vader's sniper rifle. I also don't like the caliber. Not a fan of .308 over here. .300 Win Mag, sure... but .308 is just too... Average. I want some more zest if I'm dropping 2 large on a rifle and 2 large again for a scope to match. I want more out of my gun. Sure, it's accurate as hell... but for long range shooting the .308 just looses it's poop. Yet lots of guys like and use the .308... and that's fine and dandy. More on cartridges later...

The other gun we got in on trade is a dandy. It's a Single Action Revolver marked Dakota on it. I'm thinking these are the ones imported from EMF... not to be confused with Dakota Arms, the makers of fine rifles. This old revolver has been around the block and is in need of some work. It needs new grips for one... these are cracked. It needs an action job... the cylinder has too much play in it... including front to back. Probably a good 150 bucks worth of gunsmithing, not including the grips. The gun isn't worth much as it sits... I wouldn't even try shooting it right now. However... something about it makes it very interesting and makes it almost worthy of Project Gun Status. It's in .30 Carbine. Don't see too many of those around. It's not in our gun value books... I can't even find any information on it online. I'll try to post pics of it Monday. I've been toying with the idea of it for myself... but honestly, I don't see myself owning it.

6-20-08:  Two new additions to the Weapons Manufacturer's Directory. LAR Grizzly, which is an obvious oversight... but the next one is a surprise... Blue Grass Armory. Awesome looking .50 cal rifles.  Go check out that page, look at the list... and if I'm missing a gun maker – let me know.

Email that makes you go hmmmm.... Hello George, You're having problems being a Conservative Republican; try being a Populist / Conservative Democrat, pro Second Amendment and anti illegal immigrant. How many are aware since ultra low sulfur diesel became mandated the refiners are shipping large quantities to Europe? Everything we consume moves by truck. Where do we apply for a little common sense? Best regards, Frank

I know several guys in your same position. All are Democrats from the Old School. The Republicans have been taken over by these raging “Moderates”... where as the Democrats have been taken over by liberal imbeciles hell bent on turning America into Communist Russia. It's a good thing there is no American Royalty because if there was, I'd be worried about them being gunned down like the Romanovs. If the Liberals knew how to shoot. The Republican Party is fixable... but the Dems? Can they fix their party? Nope... they are bought and paid for by George Soros and the Democrat Underground. They lost control over their own party and they have lost sight of the reason they are there – to Represent the American People... they don't do that. There are a few Republicans that remember that. Too few. You Conservative Democrats need to do one of two things rather than hold your nose and vote Obama. 1, you guys can get Lieberman and Zell Miller and start your own party. Or 2, you can join the Republicans and help promote Conservative Values. You guys are not even Democrats any more... Democrats are now Liberal Activists who believe no one should drive, no one should have guns, gay marriage is awesome and a Baby is nothing more than a tumor that should be cut out. Liberals believe in Killing Liberty... that's who the Democrats are. If you are not that – Don't be Democrat. You guys used to be Democrats when Democrats meant something and your party has been hijacked and is having its way with your dignity... right up the ass...

Oh, I'm not done here... the Republicans have become a giant collection of pussies, worse than the nerdiest of Chess Clubs who will do ANYTHING if a pretty girl asks them... “Hey cutie, if you vote with the Democrats, I'll make sure you get some votes next election... and maybe I'll give you a blow job.” Works every time. They are so afraid of loosing a vote, that they no longer stand on principles. They are also such pussies that they will do anything to avoid confrontation... even if it's a fight they could easily win by just merely showing some backbone. They are so afraid of John Stewart mentioning their names they will run away from victories. All they have to do is stand up, state the obvious, and they have won. But if they do that, they risk making George Soros and John Stewart cranky.

Another email: First let me start by saying how much I enjoy reading your blog.  Your insights into firearms are not only informative but completely original.  I particularly enjoy your article on the AR-15 (classic) and the guns featured in movies.  You offer and experienced take on a lot of things, but when it comes to politics, I am floored by some of your writings.  Let me start by saying that I would never, ever, vote for Obama....

Stop right there, Adam. Stop. Right. There. Adam goes in with some choice vitriol for almost a full page... but it all comes down to that last sentence right there... “I would never vote for Obama...”

So many of you guys don't get it. If you don't vote For McCain, you are in essence and in actuality, voting for Obama. It doesn't matter what state you are in, what the Electoral Votes say or do... If you don't vote for the only party with a chance in hell for defeating Obama – you just allowed an unchallenged vote to go to Obama.
I know... I know... I agree... I'm sick of Voting Against some one and I want to Vote FOR someone. But before we can roll with a Vote we want to cast – we have to roll with the votes we HAVE to cast. We have to Oust Obama. Now the real key is not in the Presidential race – but in the Congress. The Presidential Race is a smoke screen. We have to vote OUT as many Democrats as we can. Not ONE is acceptable. Our goal is Total Domination. I don't care if the Republican candidate is Zombie Capone... Vote him in, vote the Dems out. Once we have Control... a strong majority... then we can be selective and take these guys to task... We can FIX our Party. This is doable. This is an achievable goal. The way I see it, the GOP is like an old used car. We have this old car that is worth about 1000 bucks. It is going to cost about a thousand bucks to fix it and make it road worthy. Doesn't seem worth it, but replacement... another car... is going to cost far far more and it's going to take a long time to get approval... after all, our credit isn't the best now is it?

Coming up with a competent 3rd party that isn't manned by rapid flakes is going to be long time coming, and it will not have traction because it doesn't have the foundation structure like our big two parties.

So let's not even bother with a 3rd party. Let's fix the party we have now and not wish for a new party that we don't have and wont have any time soon. It is exactly like how Donald Rumsfeld said... We got to war with the Army we have, not the one we wish we had. That might have sounded flippant, but it was the truth then, as it is now. Come on guys, quit dicking around here and help me fix the GOP.

We have elections this Tuesday for local issues and politicos... like County Commissioner. This is where politics begins. We have to start at this level. How many 3rd party guys do we have winning at this level? See what I mean? Not many. This is the foundation level that the Dems and the Republicans own. A 3rd party has to own this level before it can go up.

Hordeman Steve has a little website that needs some eyes. Check this out. He's going to put up some ad links... Please bookmark this page and check out the links. Steve is a longtime friend and he's putting up some good information on his page. Such clean HTML too... awesome.

6-19-08:  EOtech or Bushnell Holosight:

Yes, the video quality sucks.  I used my mini cam. 

Side by side the EOtech vs the Bushnell Holosight. EOtech makes the Holosight for Bushnell, so you could call it the Holo-Lite... Differences are the buttons, the EOtech has rubbery mil-specish buttons. Two brightness buttons and a Night Vision button. That's for if you are wearing Night Vision goggles. To turn it on, you push the Up button, to turn it off, you push both Up and Down together. The Bushnell unit has an ON/OFF button and the two adjustments... simpler and easier to use that.

The EOtech has the longer batter life thanks to the standard 3 volt units, while the Holosight that I have here uses a lighter N Cell battery. Both units will turn off after a certain time... about 8 hours. Both work well in most conditions. In very bright light, both can wash out, so you crank up the brightness... then you move inside and you get an eye full of glare. The EOtech here is about 400 bucks while the Holosight is about 250.
Which one is best for you, depends on the situation. I know several soldiers that purchased the Holosight for deployment with units that do not issue the EOtech. They are working well. The EOtech is frequently issued even if it is not the main US Military Red Dot sight... which is the Aimpoint M3 I believe.

A little bad news today. This is disappointing. I just read that the UK is now the world's #1 arms dealer, with the US dropping to second place. Come on team! One of the reasons for this is that he US has some new planes that we don't want others to have. Such as the F-22 Raptor. That's our baby. I think the sale to Japan went through and Japan now has a different version of the Raptor – differences is in avionics and radar packages. I think. Anyone out there with clarification on that? The UK has also sold a number of their Challenger tanks. We are not even building any new tanks. Sorry – the Stryker, or LAV III as it is otherwise called, is not a tank. The Stryker is to the LAV what the Lincoln Navigator is to the Ford Expedition. Same thing, nicer trim package and a hell of a lot more expensive.

I was wondering why McCain is okay with drilling off shore, but isn't okay with tapping the vast oil wealth in Alaska. Well, I found the reason. Makes sense. The government makes more money off the off shore drilling. This is why US oil companies don't like off shore so much, it's more expensive for them. The taxes are too high.

Fixing the GOP: Remember when I said that we need to fix the Republican Party and not waste time, money and effort on trying to promote some 3rd party that no one can agree on? Well, today I put my money where my mouth is. I registered as a Republican and mailed a Cashier's Check to the GOP. With the money, was a note. It was simple and straight forward. “Be Conservative.” We need to take the Republican Party back from the Moderates. How come we never hear about Moderate Democrats? How come Bi-Partisan always means Republicans acting like Democrats? We have to many RINO's and too much tolerance for them. For those members of The Horde and my fellow Conservative Bloggers – I beseech thee... Please, focus efforts and making the Republicans Conservatives. I'm tired of hearing the term NeoCon and it's lack of meaning. Lets give it a real meaning. Let's take it, and own it. I am the new NeoCon, a new Republican, a Gun Owner and Enthusiast, and I am a Voter. More than that, I am not going to become politically active in local politics, even to the point of running for whatever Office needs a Conservative. I ask you for your support, and to follow suite.

You Can't Drill Your Way Out Of This: Both Obama and Nancy Pelosi have both said that “We can't drill our way out of this.” Uh, excuse me, but yes we can. In fact that is exactly the way we get out of this, that is the only way to get out of this. This is a dirt simple issue of supply and demand. Demand has gotten high on a fixed supply – which has resulted in higher prices. The Dem's plan is to reduce demand. Well, until we have cars that run on Liberal Smugness, we are going to need oil. Those of us that don't live in big cities need to drive to work... and quite often that work requires a work vehicle. Those burn gasoline. If we want lower fuel prices, we need to increase supply and that means we have to drill and we have to build some refineries. We are getting a new refinery in, where is it? North Dakota. We need another refinery here in the Uintah Basin. If I had any influence, I would do everything I could to get a refinery here, where the oil is. That would reduce our fuel cost. You drill it, you refine it.

6-18-08:  One of the things about working at a gun shop is that you can get pretty jaded about new guns. When you are not around them all the time, a new gun is almost always nifty. After awhile, that turns in to a crusty shell. However some things break through that shell and makes us geek out. For example, I'm going to order another gun as soon as it's available and I've just got one. Another fellow just got two and is going to get another. I don't know exactly why this is... we've gone a good spell (well, maybe not) without buying guns and all the sudden there we go... we're buying them by them faster than ever. Is it because some of these new guns coming out are just that freaking cool or is it that we have worries about what President Asshat Obama is going to do? Yeah, I can honestly say it's both. These SIG 556's, FNH's new carbines, Microtechs, and all the others... yeah, they are that cool. And we really don't know if they are going to be available next year. So this year, go ahead and indulge. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

That gun pile picture... M&P 9mm, M&P 15, SIG P226 9mm, SIG Mosquito, SIG 556, Ruger Vaquero's both blued and stainless, Ruger .22 Charger, Magnum Research Baby Eagle .45, Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander .45, Tussy Custom Colt Compact, Kahr P45, FNH PS90, Browning Varmint Stalker in .243 WSSM, Springfield XD .45, and the S&W 460 XVR.

In shooting these guns, the one's that either really surprised me, the ones that shot better than expected, or were more fun than expected are in bold.

6-17-08: Range Day for the Gun Shop Crew:  We didn't pull out all our guns, we pulled out our favorites. Casual shooting, just popping rounds, joking around, having a good time.  Nothing serious.  Here's some photos.  Can you ID them all?

Two of note are the S&W 460VXR and the FN PS90. The PS90 is crazy fun, endless magazines, cheap ammo, and no recoil... it's crazy fun and easy to hit with. With electronic earmuffs, the most notable sound is the action cycling... and the “zing” sound of the flash suppressor. It rings like a tuning fork. Interesting. We are going to test it out with a Barrel De-resonator.


The 460 is a different beast altogether, and I do mean Beast. The concussion from the blast you can feel from 20 feet away... you can feel the pressure in your sinuses. Firing it, you feel the pressure and you can feel the heat on your face. Awesome.

The Tussy Custom... Awesome. The accuracy is better than I expected. I did have some reliability issues when I downloaded the magazine... when I loaded them full – worked perfectly. I have no explanation for that, other than I think the recoil spring is a touch too light. This gun is a winner. I love it. I think I want to get some Slimline Alumagrips for it, but I can't decide which ones. Smooth or Checkered, Black or Clear Anodized. I'm leaning to smooth and clear anodized to keep that angelic look going. This is not a serious use gun... I've got my Kimber Tactical Custom II for more serious work. This is more of my BBQ Gun... my Sunday gun... My “I've got to dress nice for some damn reason so stay out of my way and don't piss me off” gun.

The SIG 556 pleased me. The Holosight also continues to pleased me. This is a hard combo to beat.

More on the Saber Defense rifles:  We got one in, the Comp Deluxe. I don't think I've ever handled an AR-15 that I've liked nearly as much. This rifle is fantastic as far as AR's go... If I'm going to buy another AR - this is the one.  This is the only one I'd even consider now.  That stock, that's adjustable... that barrel is fluted even under the hand guards... it feels - perfect.

Stupid AR Configuration Alert: I can't wrap my mind around this one... You've seen fixed front sight posts with folding rear sights, right? Yeah, this is so you can use an optical gunsight – like an EOtech or some such – and in the event of a failure of the red dot you can use the front as a backup and the optic housing acts as a big fat ghost ring.  Well, Bushmaster has a different configuration available on 2 different rifles... fixed carrying handles with folding front sights. Wait, what? Yeah, folding front, fixed A2 carrying handle. This is what happens when you assemble parts from bins. You can't see these rifles in the Bushmaster catalog... but you can in their distributor's catalog... Ellott Brothers. These two rifles have manufacturer's product numbers of BCWA2F16M468 (in 6.8SPC) and BCWA3F16M4GP (in 223) according to the catalog. Really, I can't see the point of this configuration. It makes no sense. I hate it and these rifles need to be melted down in a fire and the metal forged into dutch ovens and given to boy scouts. This makes me wonder, WTF are the guys at Bushmaster doing. It's like they have their ACR rifle coming out and they don't give a damn about about anything else.  I'm sorry if you have one and think it's the best thing ever... because you're wrong.

MSAR has something that makes my knees weak.  The MCS-08 Pistol Caliber Carbines.  This is the Microtech rebuild of the Steyr AUG, in .45ACP, .40 S&W, and 9mm. I want one in .45 obviously.  I want one something fierce.  The price?  Under a grand. I'd get one and put a Gemtech on it.  I tried to order it, but they are not yet available or something... I'm on the prowl for one.

6-16-08:  My Precious: This is my Tussy Custom Colt. Or as the guys at the gun counter call it, my “Hussy” because of the way I so gently caress it so lovingly. I will be swapping out those grips for some aluminum grips.

Best email regarding our addiction to cool guns: “You know what? Heroine would be a less expensive habit than being a shooter. - Kupari“

A question worth answering online here rather than via email:Hey Ogre, You know I’m a big fan, but that quotation makes me scratch my head. Of course it’s cool, ‘cause (1) it’s your site, and (2) you sell ‘em, but I imagine MOST AR guys would also go, “Hmmm.” If you want a mid-length gas carbine, SDI is well regarded, but better than Noveske? As far as M4-types go, is SDI really better than LMT? Anyhow, I wanted to save a few bucks, so I bought a CMMG lightweight middy and a BCM bolt (saved the standard bolt for back-up). That was back in January, and they were so back-ordered, I just got it last month. Consequently, I don’t have a full range report for you…but I’m still a novice, so I don’t imagine it would hold water anyhow. I am with you on not even considering DPMS or RRA. Still enjoying my light and airy Merrills, per your recommendation – Clint

Clint thats a great question and one that needs answered clearly. I'm not going to bash LMT or Noveske... they do make good guns. Noveske, I've heard good things about, but they are boutique assembler rather than a manufacturer... They assemble parts that they order from other companies... and that's fine, thats what a lot of guys do... There are a lot of “Manufacturers” who assemble parts kits like legos, then lavish them with Tacticool Marketing and they are back by rabid backers on Gun Forums who purchased one and in turn Champion them till their bodies stop twitching in online flame wars. These Assemblers can make great products... the S&W M&P series started out that way, Rock River started out that way... it's no big deal. If done right, they are fine. But watch out for those guns that every part of the gun comes from a different company... and watch out for the guys that know the name of every different company that made every different part... because if you mention your rifle, they will start a Gregorian Chant of all the companies that made something for their gun. Look, in all seriousness, the Name Chanting doesn't make it shoot any better. That's just Name Dropping and that might impress the Novices... to the experienced shooters, you just sound like a dick. Back to these assemblers... it all comes down to this... they are beholden to Third Party Vendors for their parts and that means they have no control over QC.

Now on the other hand there is LMT... Lewis Machine and Tool Company. These guys do rock... They build the parts that a lot of other guys use to put their guns together. A common combo is Stag and LMT... I've seen more than a few rifles built with that combination of parts. I like LMT's MRP upper. (Monolithic Rail Platform) That's pretty innovative if you think Tactical hinges on if you have enough rails. The more Picatinny you have, the more tactical you are. You can't buy your way into the Navy Seals, but you can buy more rails then they have. I know one guy that has more rails than an entire MEU. He can't shoot for shit, but he could challenge AMTRACK for most miles of rail. LMT has DOD cred... that means Department of Defense Credentials... That is a feather in their cap. Now, Saber Defense... they have DOD cred as well. And in that cred is their advantage. Saber makes the barrels for some very serious weapon systems... mainly Vulcans and M2 Machineguns. Guns that are designed to deliver a huge volume of fire. They use a much higher grade steel than other gun makers. The same grade steel used in the M2 is used in the Saber. Saber builds the uppers, lowers, barrels, and other parts... This allows Saber rifles, even the lowest cost Saber has a better fit and finish than most other maker's upper end rifles that cost more than the Saber. The feel of the trigger and action will tell you a clearly that these Saber rifles are something above Top Notch. No one else is using mil-B-11595 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel... not even LMT, which is what puts Saber a rung up over LMT. But really, what difference does this make? First off, Saber has full control over every part going into their rifles... and their rifles are going to last longer thanks to the superior materials. This is like the differences between S&W and Taurus... Smith uses better steel, build to tighter tolerances than Taurus. This is why Taurus has to include a “lifetime warranty”, because their guns are going to need it, and Smith which only gets better with age. You can feel the same thing with you pick up a Saber vs say, a DPMS or Bushmaster or even a Noveske.. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Saber's logo... I never liked the Thundercats. But the rifles are freaking awesome. I'm quite fond of the SPR rifle with the 20 inch Vanadium barrel. And yes, Clint, I do sell them... and I'm glad we are getting them in. If you want one, talk to me.

Warning: This is what happens when you load this ammo in a Magnum Research .17 HMR semi auto. This ammo is just fine for use in bolt actions, but don't use it in a Semi. Magnum Research says this is an ammo issue. Uh huh. Really. I don't think it's quite wise to invest money into a Semi Auto .17 HMR. Because Remington has the same problem... so it isn't a gun issue with Magnum Research specifically.

Tactical Gummi Bears: If you are an UberTactiCool Operator and Elite Team Fighter, and you are jonesing for a snack... what are you going to reach for? HK Gummi Bears. I have hiccups from laughing so hard.

Speaking of HK: We got the pistols in, they are on the shelf, and I've checked them all out.. The HK45 both full and compact are great handguns. You were probably expecting me to bash HK here, but I'm not going to. The P2000SK is disappointing as it's too damn short in the grip while at the same time adding a stupid pinky rest which your pinky still falls off of, making the gun fully uncomfortable unless you hold it like a Tea Sipping Tit from Chelmsford. Now, the HK45 pistols are brilliant. They feel like injected molded sex in your hand. Not that I know what that would feel like... I've never been to Thailand. But the full size HK45 is one of the best feeling full sized .45's – Ever. But they are about 200 bucks too much. Not that we are pricing them 200 bucks too high, they are just expensive guns. At $919.99, they are getting pretty uppity. You don't even get a packet of those HK Gummies. You get a spare magazine and a black box that has two red letters on it. Night sights? Your not worthy of HK night sights, so shut up... but this HK45 is a fantastic handgun.

Email to make you think: “Wouldn’t it be kind of funny, in a sick and twisted way, if a country would vote in a leader that was what that country was fighting against? Like let’s say… the good ole’ USA. How about some fringe like Muslim that has some way out views on how to run a democracy. One that never is afraid of denying a truth with a…lie but with a smooth calming voice that makes you want to bake him some cookies.  Truthfully it would only happen in a place that’s voter are somewhat numbed up by a media of leaches. Wait that is America. Fuck were done. Mephisto” We are not done just yet. Obama has not been voted in just yet. I think we might see some solid moves coming up before November... the GOP has some aces up their sleeves if they have balls to play those cards.

6-15-08:  A real knife that gives an addition +5 Freeze damage. Is much as getting stabbed sucks, getting stabbed with this blade is probably the LAST knife on Earth I'd pick. Needless to say, I want one. This is a much nastier version of the classic Bangstick that divers have been using for years and years. It quickly injects liquid gas into the assailant... freezing liquid gas that displaces, freezes tissue... making the wound probably as much as 10 times more lethal.

Barrack Hussein Obama says he isn't Muslim. His family does. Who is lying? Well, it's simple as this... According to Sharia Law – Muslim Law – If you are born Muslim... you are Muslim. Barrack was born Muslim. If he has been going to that Christian church for 20 years and never heard anything offensive... it's probably because he wasn't listening because it wasn't really his church. Not that I really care, but if he is lying about this – he's lying about a lot of other stuff too.

I've said it before, and I'm dead serious: If you even consider voting for Obama, you are either extremely gullible or dim witted. Like this guy:

Hi, Mad Ogre. I'm just writing to say that your opinions about Barrack Obama are fine to express. If I was a citizen of the United States, I would vote for Barrack Obama, because he would be a better president than that " American Idiot " of a president, George W. Bush. George W. Bush stirred up a hornet's nest when he started the Iraq War in 2003 although in a way it was meant to happen. The good thing about that war was that it got rid of Saddam Hussein although it did leave a power vacuum and that meant that those insurgents were able to cause a lot of damage in the absence of a stable government. Feel free to use my comments on your website because they are relevant. Regards Tom”

In case some of you guys didn't know – George Bush isn't running this time. He's out. You don't vote for Obama because you don't like Bush... he's out. Bush's Vice President isn't running. That means whoever runs for the incumbent's party doesn't have to hold to any legacy policy. We are getting change. We have McCain... and as putrid as he is... he is not Bush and he is much much better than Obama. While economically, McCain is ignorant... but Obama is a complete idiot. Everything Obama has said he wants to do is economically suicidal. There is not ONE thing Obama has said that would do a bit of good for the USA – or the rest of the world for that matter. And just look at all the people Obama has surrounded himself with. The Corrupt, Biggots, Terrorists, completely shady people. Why else did he have to disavow his church and several high level campaign advisers had to quit? Just like Hillary – but worse. The guy refuses to salute during the National Anthem... You've seen the picture of him standing there while others are saluting. And you have heard people say “oh, that picture was taken before the song started”. No. Watch.

 Now answer me this... who is he talking to during the song and what is he saying? The man has no respect for his own country. No patriotism. Refuses to wear the flag pin... Refuses to talk to those that would server under him as their Commander and Chief. This guy has no right to be My President. If you vote for him – you have got to be completely stupid.

You want to bitch about gas prices and vote for Obama because Bush and Cheney are Oil Men and that's why we have oil at what 135 bucks a barrel now? It's not Bush's fault. Read this... the Nice Doggie has it down. I can't do it any better than that. In short, the Dems have done everything they can possibly do to make our gas prices as high as possible. And it's worked for them... they did it. I've been paying 4 bucks and more for a couple weeks now. And you fools want to vote for Obama.... dumbasses.

A good question: “Ogre, I have a USP .40. I got a really good deal on it ($500) back when I didn’t know much about purchasing handguns. I’m not sure why I hung onto it except that maybe I am packrat. I am thinking of trading it for either an XD in .40 or an M&P in .40. I like both. The only real reason that I favor the Smith is that it holds a few more rounds. My question is which one do you have to send back to the factory more? Also, do you have any experience with using a .357Sig barrel in the .40 version of either? I am kind of intrigued by the idea of being able to shoot two calibers in one weapon. I don’t see where this is supported by either manufacturer and that makes me wonder about the true functionality and reliability. Do you think that one is more reliable than the other? That is probably why I have kept the HK for so long. It always goes bang and hits where I aim. Thanks - Brant

Thanks for the email, Brant. You have your USP, which is by all means a top tier pistol. You have two great options that are also top tier. There is no real tangible reason – meaning you are going to be no better off with something different. You don't NEED to change. This isn't about an upgrade here... you are just wanting something new. And that's fine. I'm the same way... That's why I'm still thinking about offing my Marine Magnum for a different shotty. Not that I need it... It's one of the best all around defensive pumps on the market. I just want something different. Some new features would be nice too. With your choices, I'd roll with the S&W M&P series. The ergonomics are just fantastic there and you can get the better grip to hand fit. Reliability and accuracy are on par – but the USP will probably group a bit better with your choice of loads... so you might want to reevaluate your carry ammo there. BUT – you are familiar with the USP. You know the USP. You can hit with the USP. Then you will have to get new holsters for it... so there is that added expense. All the ammo and new rigs to pack it... even if you could trade straight across, it's still an expensive move. I suggest getting a lot of range time with an M&P or XD and see if you can justify switching. I see no reason to here, so I'd say stick with what you got. If you want to pimp it out a bit and improve it, consider some custom gunsmithing to enhance the USP. Trigger work, action job, refinishing with NP3 or something, night sights if you don't already have them. That will make the USP new to you all over again. So you spend a couple hundred bucks on making the old girl shiny again... you are still ahead of the game and you don't have to learn to live with something completely different.

6-14-08:  For those of you out there that know where I work, I've got some news for you: We just brought in a bunch of HK handguns and we have Saber Defense on the way, should be here within the week. I know I didn't write the most glowing of reports on the P2000, but we have some of the P2000SK's and other compacts. They are a lot better than the one I reviewed. If you are wanting an HK for concealed carry, we've got you covered. And these rifles from Saber – fantastic. Easily the best production AR-15 on the market. They smoke the Rock River. Oh, and we are totally dropping DPMS. Reason being is that DPMS is so far backlogged it isn't even funny. Saber is less than half the time to get you your rifle.

Also – remember me when you are talking Browning O/U shotguns! I want one too! If I can sell 10 of them by Oct 31st, I get one too. Help me out here! I will give you a crazy good price on yours and in turn you help me get mine.

I had a lot I wanted to cover last night, but when I got home, I ate dinner, watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica (awesome) and pretty much passed out, I was so tired. I'm feeling very tired today as well, so I'll play catch up on Sunday... including more uses for the Quran!

6-12-08:  What a day. I'm showing a rifle to a customer and put it back up in the rack. I turn around a couple seconds later, it falls... starting a chain reaction that ends in a crescendo of falling Marlins that has one 1895 .45-70 hitting the floor and breaking the stock.  Nice. I about died...  If you ever wanted to see The Ogre standing red faced and feeling foolish – you should have been there.

I swear to The Almighty, if I get another email about this Blog Bash thing, I'm going to go out and shoot a puppy. ;P

Lunch break today, I went shooting. I had to try out that Holosight. It worked brilliantly. The SIG shot extremely well and I couldn't be more pleased with this combination. More on the Holosight / Eotech coming up soon.

I need the help of The Horde to get a free Browning Cynergy. I'm being straight up with you guys... Browning has a program for dealer employees that if they sell 10 Browning over-unders before October, they get one free. I want one. If you know anyone who is in the market for a Browning O/U – have them call me. If you want one, call me. I'll hook you up with a great price on your gun and in turn you hook me up. If I get my Cynergy I'll buy the disks and some shells and we'll shoot some clays and drink cold ones and have our own Blog Blast-Bash.

When people think of Civil War era repeating rifles, everyone gushes about the Henry rifle. It wasn't even a Military rifle. It was adopted in a small capacity because they couldn't get enough of their regular contract arms. The Spencer Rifle on the hand was from the start a Military Grade gun. The version of the Spencer that I like is the Spencer Carbine. It was chambered in .56-50, a big fat chunk of lead on a relatively light charge. It wasn't a hot rod by any means but it was certainly potent enough to end a threat. This was the weapon used by many Cavalry soldiers in this area back in the day. What makes the Spencer so interesting is the very simple, very reliable system of feeding. It loads through the stock, like some rimfires still do. If you've seen the movie “Unforgiven”, the Spencer carbine plays a key roll. A lot of Old West Enthusiasts love the Henry and the Sharps... but I'd would take the Spencer Carbine and the Trapdoor Springfield Carbine.

Tigers racing badgers! Awesome. Best show on TV, second place is Battlestar Galactica.

No, I'm not going to talk politics right now.  Or how utterly bloody moronic that the Supreme Court has proven its self to be... and how this is going to cost American Soldiers Lives, weaken our nation and help our enemies.  I'm not going to talk about the Boy Scout tragedy.  I'm going to relax and read "Odd Hours" by Dean Koontz.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention... Headshot Willy is going to be on Country Fried Home Videos!  They are going to interview him and he'll be on the show... Congrats Willy!

6-11-08:  An email pointed me to this online poll about Gun Bloggers. That's a nice list, some of them are decent, some of them are very good... the other half, I've never heard of them. I know for a fact that Para knows well and good who I am. I know this because years ago (six?) I criticized Para Ordinance and said I don't like their LDA trigger system. Almost immediately I got an email from upper level executive that said that my dislike for the LDA trigger system was that I didn't really understand the LDA trigger system. Uh, yeah... fine. I'm still not a fan of the LDA. Sorry. One interesting about Para though, they have purchased ZM Weapons. So in my Weapons Manufacturers list, the link to ZM doesn't work. That's why. I'd rather have seen Taurus buy ZM. I'd rather have seen almost anyone buy ZM.

No, don't try to get me added to the list. My feelings are not hurt in the slightest. Some of the very best gun bloggers out there have not been nominated of invited either. Prediction, the Gun Bloggers invited will end up Para Shills. I sure hope not! I know some them and they are too Straight Up to bought and sold so easily. I'm not invited, Kim isn't invited, Geeks with Guns isn't invited, Cowboy Blob, Geek with a .45, The Pickle, Gun Blast, and so many others. I'm in good company with those not invited. No reason to get Emo over it. And neither should you. Just because I'm your favorite Blogger and didn't get nominated – don't worry about it. The cool thing about it is that they are sending these guys to Blackwater. I've been there before and that is a FANTASTIC training facility that I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they are every bit as good as Gunsight and Thunder Ranch... Awesome place. Those that go are in for a real treat.

I was interviewed by Insider Report today, the interview/conversation was about an hour long and will be published in the near future for your edification. It was a lot of fun and I'll be doing a follow up interview with them in a couple weeks to answer questions. The thing about these interviews that get to me is all the things that you want to say that you didn't have time to cover. Mostly what I wanted to say that didn't was a lot more reason that I don't like John McCain but will end up holding my nose and voting for him anyways because I really don't want Obama to win, but I am afraid he will. The upside to an Obama victory is that two years later we will own the House and the Senate again, and Obama will be a Lame Duck for he last two, when we take the Whitehouse again. Remember Jimmy Carter? Who did we get after Jimmy? That's right – Reagan. I'll deal with an Obama term, if we get a Reagan on the side.

This is a sad bit of news here. Girl shoots herself with Grandmas gun. I'm not going to comment on this save for the fact that we know Granny is beating herself up enough. No one knows for sure what exactly happened or how it happened... so we'll reserve comment.

New Blogger alert. Hordeman Steve, one of my loyal readers as started a blog of his own. Steve has always been reliable on sending me The Good Shit on a daily basis. Steve, don't slack on that or I'll send my Ninja Pirates to kick your ass. That's right. I don't have Ninjas or Pirates... I have legions of Ninja Pirates, so don't fuck with me. Oh, and they are also Robots. Yeah, consider yourself warned.

Upcoming review: Eotech vs Bushnell Holosight. I have both units here for testing. The Holosight on a SIG and the Eotech on a Rock River.

6-10-08:  It's not my fault:  If S&W makes a decent little .357 magnum, pack it full of cool and top it with a big dot night sight and give it a fantastic trigger job – I can not be held responsible if someone decides they want to buy it. It was inevitable really... she has demonstrated good taste in the past, it is only to be expected. I'm talking about this new M&P 360 revolver. Small, J frame, Scandium alloy... it's one that looks and feels 10 times better than any photo. You have to get this one in your hand to appreciate it. Seriously, it's damn good. A bit spendy, but worth every penny. It's the coolest .357 S&W has made since the TRR8 – which is bloody fantastic.

Email from Hordeman Paul: An interesting analogy: While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas Rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.
Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid for the presidency.  The old rancher said,"Well, ya know, Obama is a post turtle."  Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was.
The old rancher said "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle."
The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain "You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he is up there, and you wonder what king of dumb ass put him up there."
Interesting times ahead. Paul

Unfortunately for us, the people that put this post turtle up there are not dumbasses... they are evil folk with agendas and Obama is their Manchurian Candidate. Interesting times indeed.

I want everyone to throw some prayers out for Hordeman Matt: He is undergoing his 10th surgery. The man has some serious health issues but he has a lot to live for so he can't give up. Loving wife, new baby girl... he needs some help from above to get through this. So please, remember him when you talk to Him. Thanks.

The Mayor of Seattle has banned all firearms from City Property. Read this thread here. Another Moron Mayor. We will be safer if there were no legally owned guns. If everyone obeyed the law, we wouldn't need traffic cops would we? This guy thinks bad guys are going to leave their Nines at home because of this? What a dolt. Gun Bans Never Work. Just look at Washington DC. Gun ban there has been a raging success hasn't it? Here is what we can expect to see... large increases in violent crimes and criminals moving to Seattle because it is such an Easy Pickin's town now. Legally of course, this can't stand. He doesn't have the authority to negate the Constitution. I suggest we charge him with violation of title 18 part I chapter 12 section 241 of the US code. Which states clearly:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

It doesn't get any more clear that than. It is rather cut and dry in my opinion. If I was an attorney living in Washington State, I'd file that ASAP. This isn't a safety issue, this is a political issue... there is no threat to the public well being here... this is political activists trampling our rights as citizens of the greatest nation on earth.

6-9-08:  Questions came in about Ogre CLP. It has one major problem. The Castrol GTX Start Up is no longer being made. A this was a major component in Ogre CLP as this bonded the lubrication's molecules to the gun's metal. Without it, it's just a cleaner. A damn good cleaner, but still... not a CLP anymore.

A question worth answering on the big screen here:Ogre, I hope this email finds you well. I was reading your blog on this fine Sunday evening and enjoyed your piece on all of the Obama “stuff”. Since you have a substantial megaphone in the form of your blog, I need to ask for a favor in the form of an explanation. The “left” is particularly proud of the fact that Obama “got Iraq right” when everyone else was for the war, Congress included.  The “right” is essentially quiet on this issue, as if discussing his pre-OIF position helps Obama.  My problem with both sides is, firstly, that right seems to accept this premise.  My bigger problem, and one that needs to be spot-lighted, is that the left sells this as proof of his abilities as a potential leader; dare I say prescient leader. Now, and this is where my blood boils, no one, and I mean no one,  has pointed out that during the years preceding OIF, and the time immediately prior to the invasion, that every serious intelligence agency (US, French, German, UK, Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Russian, et al) and the UN was convinced that Saddam Hussein had an active weapons program.  It wasn’t like GW and Cheney were personally running spy missions in Baghdad enabling them to concoct the “lie”.  How many UN resolutions had been passed against Saddam Hussein regarding his NBC/WMD program?  Did the post-Desert Storm “terms” not allow member states to take direct action against Iraq for a whole host of violations?  My point is this; how is it that no one sees this as a MASSIVE error in judgment on the part of presidential aspirant Obama?!?!?! While the majority of the civilized world was in agreement that military action was needed, and that there was a valid threat to the region and the West, Barrack Obama made the wrong analysis….big time!  The left wants to sell this as an example of how smart he is, and the right accepts the premise!  The guy got it wrong!  There’s no other way to spin it and the right says nothing…?!?!  I’d love to hear the messiah’s answer as to what was going to happen once the sanctions were lifted, not to mention how he would have ended Saddam “gaming” the sanctions under the “Oil for Food” UN scandal. Am I missing something?  I would love to hear your take on this little nugget in the form of a post on your blog. Thanks, Chris, GA

You ask a very good and meaningful question, Chris. The answer is one we need to be aware of and we need to remember it. I've covered this all before, but obviously it is still a subject with substantial repercussions if you screw it up. I would love to say that we need to pull the troops out... I think we are all tired of this war in Iraq. But the fight is not over. Not yet. While we are all tired of the matter, we are ignoring the fact that we are damn close to winning this thing. Support for Osama's Scouts is at an all time low and support for us is at an all time high – believe it or not. We can win this thing. We have to win this thing. What is at stake if we pull out? Well, first off is the lives of 7,282,000 people. That's how many people would be erased from the planet in a flash if we fold and run. What is that number? That's the population of Israel. Syria and Iran... and Egypt too... would love nothing more than to see Israel turned to glass. And they are more than willing to do it. Iran is working as hard as they can to do just that. Now, our enemy understand one thing clearly. Strength. When we show weakness, they act on it. When we show strength, they cower from it. We showed weakness with Jimmy Carter, the father of modern Islamic bravado. He was a pushover while we was the President, and he still sucks up to these terrorists today. He will go down in History as the Worst President Ever... You think Bush is bad? Bush is a bag of suck, yes, but he has done some things right. Carter did nothing right. Well, I take that back, he did give us Right Turn On Red. His weakness in Office gave us the Iran Hostage Crisis and showed the world he was incapable of anything involving backbone. He allowed Iran to seize our Embassy and hold our people hostage – for 444 days. The Hostage Crisis only ended when Ronald Regan took office. The terrorists recognized strength and they gave it up. Because they knew Regan wasn't going to take their shit. The first Bush rolled on Iraq, freeing Kuwait from an illegal invasion. The UN responded with sanctions. Then we pulled out. We failed to support the internal uprisings that we promised... this led to the mass killings of the Kurds in northern Iraq... Saddam ordered the attacks that came next. Chemical Ali used chemical weapons – weapons of mass destruction – WMD's on his own people. Repeatedly. Then we got Clinton... and Saddam played him. They recognized weakness. The events that unfolded on September 11th were mechanizations that started rolling forward under Clinton's watch. The Second Bush barely got his new chair warm before they struck. And people say it was Bush's fault? Let's look at that for a second. It was Bill Clinton that basically dismantled our Intelligence Services. He cut them down so hard, so deep that it was basically a skeleton crew. On top of that, the Clinton Administration tied what hands they had left. The CIA was gutted, hung out to dry, and then after 9-11, they took all the blame. I see the guilty party quite clearly... the jackasses. It's the same Jackasses that shook fists and demanded we go to war with IRAQ. Saddam's name was at the top of every major terror watch list by every nation's intelligence agency for years. This marks the first time in post WWII history that the Jackasses got it right. The rest of the western world agreed that needed to throw Saddam a beating. Two countries disagreed, only 2... out of what, 21 other nations that agreed with us? France and Germany said no, while everyone else said “pull the trigger”. The UN gave us the mandate we needed to legally go to war. This war, from Day One, was and still is perfectly legal. From a legal standpoint, it was due. From an ethical and moral standpoint, it was long overdue. Unfortunately since our intel was so hamstrung, we didn't have adequate current intel for our Shock and Awe campaign. Our greatest intel asset was CNN, where we watched the UN Weapons inspectors go in the front doors of a facility and we watched big trucks roll out the back doors, heading straight to Syria and we never stopped one of those trucks to inspect them. Shame. There was no Bush Lie about the war... we watched – on CNN – the WMD's leave Iraq. We saw it happen. We have the bodies that resulted from Iraq's use of WMD's. After we rolled through Iraq, we found mass graves. Lots of mass graves. We filled warehouses with bodies from these mass graves. You tell those people that Bush lied, I dare you. We uncovered horrors... stories and videos of Saddam's men brutalizing innocent. But we didn't find the big stockpiles of WMD's that we knew he Saddam had. Because of that, all the sudden the war was wrong. We did find some WMD's... namely chemical munitions that the terrorists were using as IED's to try to kill our troops. We found a cache here, some more there... we just didn't find a Neon Lit sign advertising WMD's for sale in bulk like at a Sam's Club. It's too late though. Once you fire a gun, you can't call the bullet back. We were still at full tilt war. Saddam had planned a lengthy insurgency and it was working. Thanks to the weaknesses shown to enemy by our Democrats... it bolstered and inspired the terrorists to even greater levels of activity... such as when a Democrat announced to the world on CSPAN that we are using cell phones to track the terrorists. In a blink all the Tango's cellphones were turned off. We could have ended it if it wasn't for the Democrats. It wouldn't have even started if it wasn't for the Democrats. It would never have even been an issue if it wasn't for the Democrats. At every crossroad where a set of balls was required, the Democrats showed that they didn't have any and that motivated our enemies. It still does. More than the Left could ever understand. If we pull out now, Israel is a goner. But nothing stops there. We will have a cascade of terror activily and Sharia law will grow like a cancer across the rest of the planet. It is already encroaching in France, the UK, Germany, Spain, and in places here in the USA. It's really simple... if we pull out before it's over – we lose.

But there is a silver lining. The Sharia Enforcers will kill the Liberals first, because the Liberals are who really piss them off. They respect no God, abort babies, have no morals or other ethics other than “safe words”. The Godlessness will get them killed, even when it is they who are most supportive of the terrorist ways.

You are right Chris, the Right is quite about the war now. It's not popular. Well, being right and being popular has always been two different things. We can live with that, because we'll die if we don't. The Republicans need to grow a dick and stand up. But we don't have that with the Republicans... they have no dick. They have no balls. All they have is an empty scrote named McCain.

6-8-08:  Gun Care Products: Some of the gun care products that I use... some of them... and by some, I mean, the ones I tend to use the most often.

A: MF-82: This stuff is what you get when you buy a new Benelli autoloader shotgun. It's decent enough oil in areas where you want a thin oil. I don't use it in my guns... I use it in my fishing reels.

B: Armorer's Ultimate. This is supposed to be a CLP product that was going to hit the market, but never did. Dude sent me some bottles and I gave them out to people who were supposed to try it out and report back. But the guy kinda disappeared and the web site for the product never went up. Too bad, if he could deliver it at a reasonable cost, it's just as good as Breakfree CLP.

C: Good old Hoppe's gun oil. It doesn't clean... doesn't protect... it's just slick. But not even that slick. Actually, I'm not sure why it's even in the picture. I really only use it on AK-47's because AK's are not picky at all when it comes to oil. SKS rifles as well.

D: Ah yes... my little bottle of secret lube. I keep this in my range bag all the time. When a gun goes down and needs lube to keep running, this is what I'll throw in and the guns come back to life. This is Mobil 1 synthetic. I'll use this on anything that needs oil... not just guns... door hinges... I'll coat axe and saw blades with it... I'll use it in my car's engines of course, but also in the trunk latch, hood latch, door latches... hood and trunk hinges... everything. Since my Contour takes 5.5 quarts, I always have a supply of this stuff. I keep my extra quart bottles, pour extra into one of them... but that is too big to be offer much utility... a little medicine dropper works perfectly.

E: Militech. This was a stow away tube that somehow ended up in the picture. Probably because I just wanted to talk about it. It's very popular, probably because it has ties to the Military... for reasons I can not understand. I don't ever use it. As a lubricant, it's really does suck. It's just not that slick. It's slicker than say... a rub of a bar of Irish Spring on the metal, but not by much. As a protective, it's slightly better than sea salt. There is no cleaning properties with it either. Zero out of Zero in my book. I honestly don't know why anyone uses this crap for anything. If you use it, please, try something else. You will find your guns like you more if you do. It sounds good though... cool name and all... but it just sucks.

F: Microlon Gun Juice. This is what I was talking about earlier... I use this treat the bores of all my guns... every one of them. I wish Microlon made this in a spray can, like Hornady does with it's One Shot.

G: This is ACTION LUBE + from Brownells. This is a thick, nasty looking, black, moly grease that makes your gun look filthy if you put it in it. It's also slick as.. well... it's just about the slickest grease on the planet. When I need grease, this is my choice. I use it inside the actions of shotguns and lever guns. I also like it on trigger components. If it was white, I'd use it more often in other things... because it wouldn't look so dirty. But it's not. It's just nasty.... good'n nasty.

H: Corrosion X. Good lube, great protective. I will wipe my guns down with this before I put them away for awhile... I'll use it in guns that are prone to collecting corrosion... like some of my older blued guns that will rust if you look at them wrong. Pretty much all my older blued guns get this inside and out.

I: Ultra Blue from Microlon. This is for choke tubes to keep them for seizing up and being difficult. I use it in other applications where I want to be able to unscrew something eventually. It works great for what it is... a nitch product, but it fills that nitch well.

J: Tetra Gun Lubricant. This is the slickest oil I've ever used. Some oils say they are slicker... but they are not. One of the reasons I like this stuff is that it is thick and stays put very well. This is my main go to oil for my autoloaders and the cylinder pins on my wheel guns.

K: Hoppe's Elite Bore Gel. This cleans my bores. It's harsh and aggressive, but if I have a bore that is fouled and nasty: this is what cleans it out. Bore cleaner doesn't get better than this.

L: Hornady's One Shot. I love this stuff. I don't use GUN SCRUBBER because it leaves bare and unprotected metal behind, and mainly in areas that you don't normally lube or can't get to... so you might blast out a gun, and re lube it, but leave unprotected spots inside. I use One Shot, because it will blast out the gunk like Gun Scrubber, but leaves a dry film lubricant inside, leaving nothing unprotected. If you want to clean a gun in just a couple seconds, spray it down with Hoppe's #9 solvent to break down the gunk, then blast it out with this stuff, and wipe the gun off with a cloth and you are done. Works great in locks and reels and all sorts of other things. It's a favorite. Microlon needs something like this.

M: This is good old Hoppe's #9 in a spray can. I like the wide mouth jars and I like the spray cans... Depends on what I'm doing with it. I love the smell of Hoppe's. Is there a better nitro solvent? I don't think so.

N: Beretta Oil: Same stuff as the MF-82 I think. Seems to be the same stuff. What do I use this for? “Hey George, got some oil I can use?” yeah, sure... catch. Help yourself. No problem. I know you are not supposed to use it... but I coat the axles on my kids pinewood derby cars with this stuff.

I know there are other gun care products out there... MPRO-7 which is great, but not pictured... TW-25... there are as many products as there are things to use it on. But like I've said before... I've not found anything that I am fully satisfied with. Nothing that will replace everything else. Everything (save the Militech) does something well, but lacks in other areas... I still want my One gun care product. The one thing that does everything great.  Combine the lubrication of Tetra with the cleaning power of the Hoppe's, with the metal conditioning of Microlon, and the protection of CorrosionX... then I'd be happy.  That is what I'd call it. “One Care”.

What is it about Obama that makes Liberal Chicks all wet?

He looks like Ewen Bremner with a tan. If I close one eye... I can't tell the difference.  Hat tip to Cowboy Blob who made that image of Obama.  Seriously, Obama is one goofy looking kid... Put glasses on him and he'd be a communist Erkle.

Obama's Not Exactly's:

1.) Selma Got Me Born - NOT EXACTLY, your parents felt safe enough to have you in 1961 - Selma had no effect on your birth, as Selma was in 1965. (Google'Obama Selma' for his full March 4, 2007 speech and articles about its various untruths.)

2.) Father Was A Goat Herder - NOT EXACTLY, he was a privileged, well educated youth, who went on to work with the Kenyan Government.

3.) Father Was A Proud Freedom Fighter - NOT EXACTLY, he was part of one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya has ever had.

4.) My Family Has Strong Ties To African Freedom - NOT EXACTLY, your cousin Raila Odinga has created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya. It is the first widespread violence in decades. The current government is pro-American but Odinga wants to overthrow it and establish Muslim Sharia law. Your half-brother, Abongo Oba ma, is Odinga's follower. You interrupted your New Hampshire campaigning to speak to Odinga on the phone. Check out the following link for verification of that....and for more.

Obama's cousin Odinga in Kenya ran for president and tried to get Sharia muslim law in place there. When Odinga lost the elections, his followers have burned Christians' homes and then burned men, women and children alive in a Christian church where they took shelter.. Obama SUPPORTED his cousin before the election process here started. Google Obama and Odinga and see what you get. No one wants to know the truth.

5.) My Grandmother Has Always Been A Christian - NOT EXACTLY, she does her daily Salat prayers at 5am according to her own interviews. Not to mention, Christianity wouldn't allow her to have been one of 14 wives to 1 man.

6.) My Name is African Swahili - NOT EXACTLY, your name is Arabic and 'Baraka' (from which Barack came) means 'blessed' in that language. Hussein is also Arabic and so is Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. If elected, he would be the first Arab-American President, not the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side. While Barack Hussein Obama's father was from Kenya, his father's family was mainly Arabs.. Barack Hussein Obama's father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father's birth certificate even states he's Arab, not African Negro). From....and for more....go to.....,_only_6.25%25_African

7.) I Never Practiced Islam - NOT EXACTLY, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.

4-3-08 Article 'Obama was 'quite religious in islam''

8.) My School In Indonesia Was Christian - NOT EXACTLY, you were registered as Muslim there and got in trouble in Koranic Studies for making faces (check your own book).

February 28, 2008.  Kristoff from the New York Times a year ago:  Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.'  This is just one example of what Pamela is talking about when she says 'Obama's narrative is being altered, enhanced and manipulated to whitewash troubling facts.'

9.) I Was Fluent In Indonesian - NOT EXACTLY, not one teacher says you could speak the language.

10.) Because I Lived In Indonesia, I Have More Foreign Experience - NOT EXACTLY, you were there from the ages of 6 to 10, and couldn't even speak the language. What did you learn, how to study the Koran ?  

11.) I Am Stronger On Foreign Affairs - NOT EXACTLY, except for Africa (surprise) and the Middle East (bigger surprise), you have never been anywhere else on the planet and thus have NO experience with our closest allies.

12.) I Blame My Early Drug Use On Ethnic Confusion - NOT EXACTLY, you were quite content in high school to be Barry Obama, no mention of Kenya and no mention of struggle to identify - your classmates said you were just fine.

13.)An Ebony Article Moved Me To Run For Office - NOT EXACTLY, Ebony has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist.

14.) A Life Magazine Article Changed My Outlook On Life - NOT EXACTLY, Life has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist.

15.) I Won't Run On A National Ticket In '08 - NOT EXACTLY, here you are, despite saying, live on TV, that you would not have enough experience by then, and you are all about having experience first.

16.) Voting 'Present' is Common In Illinois Senate - NOT EXACTLY, they are common for YOU, but not many others have 130 NO VOTES.

17.) Oops, I Misvoted - NOT EXACTLY, only when caught by church groups and Democrats, did you beg to change your misvote.

18.) I Was A Professor Of Law - NOT EXACTLY, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE.

19.) I Was A Constitutional Lawyer - NOT EXACTLY, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE.

20.) Without Me, There Would Be No Ethics Bill - NOT EXACTLY, you didn't write it, introduce it, change it, or create it.

21.) The Ethics Bill Was Hard To Pass - NOT EXACTLY, it took just 14 days from start to finish.

22.) I Wrote A Tough Nuclear Bill - NOT EXACTLY, your bill was rejected by your own party for its pandering and lack of all regulation - mainly because of your Nuclear donor, Exelon, from which David Axelrod came.

23.) I Have Released My State Records - NOT EXACTLY, as of March, 2008, state bills you sponsored or voted for have yet to be released, exposing all the special interests pork hidden within.

24.) I Took On The Asbestos Altgeld Gardens Mess - NOT EXACTLY, you were part of a large group of people who remedied Altgeld Gardens. You failed to mention anyone else but yourself, in your books.

25.) My Economics Bill Will Help America - NOT EXACTLY, your 111 economic policies were just combined into a proposal which lost 99-0, and even YOU voted against your own bill.

26.) I Have Been A Bold Leader In Illinois - NOT EXACTLY, even your own supporters claim to have not seen BOLD action on your part.

27.) I Passed 26 Of My Own Bills In One Year - NOT EXACTLY, they were not YOUR bills, but rather handed to you, after their creation by a fellow Senator, to assist you in a future bid for higher office.

28.) No One on my campaign contacted Canada about NAFTA - NOT EXACTLY, the Canadian Government issued the names and a memo of the conversation your campaign had with them.

29.) I Am Tough On Terrorism - NOT EXACTLY, you missed the Iran Resolution vote on terrorism and your good friend Ali Abunimah supports the destruction off Israel.

30.) I Want All Votes To Count - NOT EXACTLY, you said let the delegates decide.

31.) I Want Americans To Decide - NOT EXACTLY, you prefer caucuses that limit the vote, confuse the voters, force a public vote, and only operate during small windows of time.

32.) I passed 900 Bills in the State Senate - NOT EXACTLY, you passed 26, most of which you didn't write yourself.

33.) I Believe In Fairness, Not Tactics - NOT EXACTLY, you used tactics to eliminate Alice Palmer from running against you.

34.) I Don't Take PAC Money - NOT EXACTLY, you take loads of it.

35.) I don't Have Lobbyists - NOT EXACTLY, you have over 47 lobbyists, and counting.

36.) My Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The 1984 Ad - NOT EXACTLY, your own campaign worker made the ad on his Apple in one afternoon.

37.) I Have Always Been Against Iraq - NOT EXACTLY, you weren't in office to vote against it AND you have voted to fund it every single time.

38.) I Have Always Supported Universal Health Care - NOT EXACTLY, your plan leaves us all to pay for the 15,000,000 who don't have to buy it

Obama will turn our Nation into an Abomination.

America really and truly is screwed up. But it is still fixable. Chances of fixing it is low, but there is still a chance and it is still worth fighting for. Mrs. Ogre works for the local school district. She told me this morning that they are not allowed to teach Patriotism and they have to keep mention of Old Glory (the flag) to a minimum... they can talk about the history of the flag but that is about it. Why? Because it might offend some religions. Since when did the Jehovah's Witnesses become such a powerful lobby group? No, I'm kidding... I know several J.W. dudes personally and they would NOT act offended if I said the Pledge of Allegiance or spoke about love of my country. So who are these bosos that have taken Public School and corrupted it so thoroughly? Can we blame Islam? Well... no, not really. While they might be a party that could be offended by this... it's not them. It's Liberals. If the Liberals can take away your religion and if they can take away your patriotism and leave you with nothing to BELIEVE IN... then it is all the easier for them to give you their flavor of Communism to believe in, and you will drink it like a man dying of thirst. Because humans have a physical need to believe in something. It's the way we are. Liberals like to believe in Global Warming as hollow and as fake as that is... it's as shallow as Scientology which probably has more truth to it than Global Warming does. But from Global Warming they can excuse any action and use it as a springboard for other efforts. Such as shutting down energy development and blocking the construction of new refineries which we as a nation so desperately need.  Go over to Curmudgeonly and watch this video. Liberals are the greatest threat to America that we face... China is dire. Iran is growing. Rabid Islamic Extremists is always there. Mexican gangs and drug cartels are in our back yards... but Liberalism is our greatest threat. Because it is Liberals who will carve us up and serve us to our enemies like a Thanksgiving Turkey... as long as it was meatless... and we didn't pray over it.

How can we fix America? Look at the Democrats. What has happened to them? They have nominated a rabidly anti-American communist because they have become Liberalized like never before. The Communists have taken the Democrat party and infiltrated it and twisted it to a point that it is not recognizable from what it was just 10 years ago.

We need to do the same to the Republicans. The GOP has been making large steps “to the center” to become more “moderate”. Well, that is a failure in the making. We need to stop trying to come up with a new party... we need to stop trying to look for alternatives. We need to take Conservative Values to heart and FIX WHAT WE GOT. It's like a car with broken headlights... we can't see where we are going... we don't throw out the car and get a new one... we fix it. That's what a real conservative would do. We need to VOTE OUT the puss-nuts who are Democrats in Republican clothes – or RINOs as we call them. We need to VOTE IN STRONG CONSERVATIVES. Because Conservative Values work every time they are applied. We already have the party... we just let it get away from us. We need real me to lead. It starts with us. It starts with people who BELIEVE. It starts with people who are willing to stand up and vote with there ballots and their wallets. If we want to protect our country, our values, and our way of life, then we have to take an active role. And that starts in our own local areas.

Do you even know who your local candidates are? Who are your delegates? Who is running locally? And now for the biggest question – are you involved? Participate in the Process. Because that is how we are going to save our nation – we need to take back the Republican Party. We can do it.


I recently got into a discussion with Mike from Microlon. They have a couple great products for firearms that are just top shelf stuff. They have an assembly lube that is fantastic... they have a non-seize grease for choke tubes that I also use for other things... such as when I am twisting in dovetailed scope rings. Then there is the Gun Juice which I have been using as a bore treatment in all my firearms. I told Mike that I wanted something different from Microlon. I want a CLP. He said “what do you mean?”

Here is what I said: Hey Mike... What I'm talking about is an all in one product to Clean, Lube, and Protect... much like Breakfree CLP... but that doesn't really do any one thing very well at all. You guys have assembly lube... gun juice... and metal treatment. If you could combine those with a cleaner - you would have a winning combination. If you could make a liquid grease (Hoppes used to have one) that did all this... that would be awesome. I have a cabinet in my office that is FULL of every sort of gun care product you can imagine. And I'm not satisfied with ANY of them. Not one. I always, regardless of what the labels say, use one for cleaning (or two actually) and one for lubing inside of guns, and one for outside. I know I'm a picky picky bastard, but I'm not asking much... am I? I just want ONE product that really does everything. I want to be able to go to the range with a toothbrush, Bore snake, and one can of something that works... not 3 or 4. That's what I'm talking about Mike. Tall order?

Mike's response blew me away...

George, Not trying to be difficult here, but that's exactly what Gun Juice is. The liquid part is a solvent (Solvent F140, or Stoddard's Solvent). We used to use Naphtha, but you can't ship that any more. The white powder is our resin, which creates a dry-film lubrication barrier on metal. The purpose of Gun Juice is to replace gun oil. The dry film is far superior in lubricity than any oil. We had trouble with the Army testing Gun Juice, because they would always (no matter what we told them) put CLP over it before they fired a weapon. This drives me nuts. Once your gun is fully treated with Gun Juice, you don't use oil over it. To do so defeats the purpose of using Gun Juice at all. It's probably counter-intuitive to fire a "dry" gun, but that's what we're all about. You only get the benefits of our stuff if you use it as a stand-alone product. That's what confuses me about your initial post, we ARE a CLP, we just don't call it that. Mike

I have to admit... I've never even tried to use Gun Juice as a single stand alone product. When I use it, I clean the gun out as best as I can with Hoppe's or other cleaners, then use Gun Juice – in the bore. No where else. This is one of those Forehead Slap moments. I'll try it out tomorrow in a full gun situation. Mike has never steered me wrong before... his stuff does exactly what he says it does... so I am looking forward to trying it. This is an oversight. Yet at the same time, even if it does... It isn't what I am wanting. I like my guns wet. If your wet gun gets dirty, you can splash more lube in there and keep shooting. If you have a dry gun and it gets dirty... you have reliability issues real quick. Oil can run out of a gun too. I also don't really like grease... I like grease in new guns to let the wear in easier... but after that, I like oil. One of my favorite lubes was a Liquid Grease from Hoppe's. But it sucked for the outside of the gun, and it wasn't a cleaner. I still want Microlon to do a Gun Juice CLP Semi-Fluid. That would be The Shit.

Taurus 605 Titanium .357. Few handguns for concealed carry pack so freaking well, while providing a full power payload. This would make for a good Gun Juice test.

6-6-08:  A Candidate We Can Agree On and Vote For:


6-5-08:  Tussy Custom: I was thinking very strongly about buying a Siaga 12 with a Tromix conversion for a very reasonable price. I am still thinking about it... don't get me wrong. But I came home today, and my wife says I got a call. So when I returned the call I found a nice situation that I thought was beyond hope. I'm scoring a Tussy Custom for a ridiculously low price... the price of a new XD Tactical. Terry Tussy is just beyond... he's the Stratovarius of 1911 pistols. It's been a LIFE GOAL to get one, and has been for what? 15 years. I'd I'm getting it. As much as I want a Siaga/Tromix 12, it will have to wait a bit I am geeking out over here like you guys wouldn't believe. I feel like an 8 year old on Christmas Eve.

I'm going to be packing that Tussy everywhere. Everywhere that is, except Toronto. I'm not only not going to go to Toronto – but I swear to GOD that I will never set foot in Toronto ever again. Yeah, I've been there. Wasn't impressed. It was like Bizzaro-Seattle, but for flaccid wanker dorks. I thought Chicago had a dickhead for a Mayor. I thought New York had a dickhead for a Mayor. Toronto wins. The most insulting thing about this, is that he isn't just targeting Gun Owners... Because as we all know, it's already illegal for Americans to roll into Canada with a handgun. He's slamming all Americans, painting them with a broad-stroked stereotype in an unfriendly manor. Now, it's one thing for me to poke at Canada... I'm a blogger... that's what I do. I poke at everyone. But a Mayor of a Major City insulting the majority of the tourism that rolls through his city? Email THIS site to EVERYONE.

6-3-08:  The 101 uses for the Quran list is now up to 51 thanks to some help from The Horde.

Lots of emails about the Elite Mall Ninja Guy: We are all getting a good chuckle out of him. Chase asked a good question. “What if his pistol has jam?” Sheesh, going from his style, it would probably be something like this:

Rifle has a jam, chuck it... you don't need it... get rid of it...
Transition to pistol.
Pistol has a jam, chuck it... you don't need it... get rid of it...
Transition to your duck hunting shotgun.
Duck hunting shotgun has a jam, chuck it... you don't need it... get rid of it...
Transition to knife.
You hook someone with that, it's all over.

You could say that guys like that make professionals look bad... but he doesn't. He just looks like a dumbass. I like his goth gloves... he's kind of a “Tactical Emo” I guess.

Well, I decided on my shotgun. I'm going with the Remington TDR. Reason being is the extended feed tube that is already mounted and ready to go. I'll get that, then just order the ShurShot stocks for it, in Mossy Oak... because I really don't like Digital Camo.

6-2-08:  I am enjoying this time of indecision. I want a new tactical (short barreled + extended magazine tube) pump action shotgun. I am thinking of one of two shotguns here. The Benelli Super Nova with the steady grip stock, or the Remington 870 Tactical Desert Recon. (the one with the speed-feed stock) There are pros and cons to both. Such as the good ghost ring sights on the Benelli... or the screw-out choke tube and the easy ability to throw on a red dot sight on the Remington. Why do I want one of these? I have no idea... but I've found my Marine Magnum to be lacking... in... something... I don't know. I just need something more... new. First argument is that I already have a Remington. Well, I already have a Super Nova too, but I don't have that one and I don't have that Remington so there. I'm going to be honest though... I'm leaning to the Remmy TDR, but I want to put on the ShurShot stocks on it. Then again I could just order this one. Yeah... that one is tempting.  Of course you don't need a fancy Gauge to get your defense on with... it only takes skill.  Check this out.  I love Clint's single shot technique... very clean.

I really and truly do not understand the Democrats. As a party, they make no sense at all. We have one guy coming out of the Democrat parlor meeting pissed off that the 30 guys on this committee throw out the votes of six hundred thousand voters... and this is a horrible bad bad thing. Yet not one democrat even raised an eyebrow when one judge threw out the votes of MILLIONS of voters in California over the issue of gay marriage. What is the deal? Which way do they want it? Votes count, or appointed lords rule the land... which is it? It's real simple... we set rules and proceedures on representatives and voting... and the representatives are held to follow the will of the people... the will voiced by votes. You follow that rule, plain and simple... or we have a failure of our system of government... we no longer have a Republic and we are no longer citizens... we become Subjects. Well, fuck that. I'm no Subject. I am a Citizen.

How To Spot a Mall Ninja:

I really don't know who this douche is, but he exemplifies the term “Mall Ninja”. Good grief... I don't even know what to say about this. Throw your rifle if it jams? WTF? What Elite force teaches that? No, you don't throw your rifle. You might transition to your sidearm... but only until you can get to a point where you can take time to clear your jam... what a moron.  What is up with the Goth Gloves?  Hey douche... yeah... you can cut kevlar.  That happens all the time... My hell.  There is a Part 2, but I'm not going to link to it.. I can't bare it.  I really hope this douche has never emailed me... seriously.  If you have, don't ever do it again.  Please.

Here is a good response to Elite Team Fighter... But the best response is this one by Zak Smith... Actual Shooters, who are demonstrating actual shooting skills.

That's how to roll. Good job Zak... but remember - bullets can go through walls.  Guys, I can't tell you how hard I've been laughing over here.  My side aches and I have hiccups now.

All of this Elite Fighter stuff was sent to me by Hordeman Kupari, who could tear this guy apart with nothing more than a razor sharp snarky comment. Here is his take: “Elite Whatever Dude on YouTube has posted several videos of him in his ninja gear demonstrating various techniques. He gets positive points for referencing safety several times.  He demonstrates a reload with a .357 Magnum revolver that's slow, but smooth, and mechanically correct. His long gun technique is all wrong.  Especially his "transition", where in he simply tosses away his primary weapon since he lacks a "tac" sling of any sort.  Throwing your rifle onto concrete is a good way to ensure that your sights get knocked out of whack and/or your optic gets broken.  It's also a good way to separate your magazine floorplate from the magazine body, sending the spring and your ammunition off to parts unknown. Also, you know, you might need that weapon later. Any positive points he gets are completely negated by his Level 60 ++ Douchebaggery, though.  I mean, I kept half-expecting his mom to come in through that door, carrying a basket of laundry.  "Mo-om!  I'm filming an elite fighting video!  I told you to knock!"  "Oh, sorry sweetie.  Here are your clothes." LMAO.

6-1-08:  With all these new guns and cartridges coming out, most curiosity has been aimed at Ruger. And for good reason. Here is a company about as long in the tooth and stodgy as your grandpa's old house slippers. Then all the sudden, over night, they have almost completely changed their corporate ideology. Is this Scrooge on Christmas Morning or did someone spike his warm milk? They come out with a decent handgun... their first decent automatic, the P345. And it sells well. They trimmed the Vaquero down to where it should have always been in the first place and added “New” to the name. This attempt at a striker fired 9mm is a popular move but personally I think Ruger missed the target on it... but still... Ruger is trying. They have this little LCP pistol out now, and it's flying off the shelves so fast dealers can't keep them in stock. Good reason on that one.... it's a winner. Ruger takes the classic .375 H&H and shortens in and makes it perform in short barreled rifles... and that is not a bad move. That's a cartridge that has niche. So people are thinking that Ruger is on a roll so this new .300 RCM cartridge must have some stuff behind it...

Well, this is where people are wrong but the gun magazines and people who read them religiously are going to try to persuade you otherwise. Another short magnum .30. For the love of all that is holy, are you freaking kidding me? What the hell makes this one more special and worthy of note than the other shortened .30 caliber cartridges out there? You have the WSM, the SAUM, the T/C, and now this RCM... The WSM is the hottest of the lot, performing better than a Win Mag, the SAUM which is identical to the Win Mag, the T/C is mirroring a .30-06, and now you have this RCM back up in Win Mag territory, but shorter like a SAUM. I can see the SAUM's point... especially since we are getting SR-25 rifles chambered for it. Ammo availability is getting better for the SAUM while the WSM is becoming a household cartridge. The .30 TC, after much deliberation, is completely useless in my mind... making the .308 perform like a .30-06... come on. Did we really need a whole new cartridge to bump a couple hundred FPS at most? What, Hornady couldn't blend secret powders a bit differently and done a .308 Light Magnum loading like they have done with other cartridges? I think it's pointless and so is this new RCM round. It just doesn't impress me. If Ruger really wanted to do something interesting in this area, take that same cartridge and do it in .25 caliber and .35 caliber. Those are some things that the WSM line are missing. Winchester did a .25 in WSSM, but it remains a more popular conversion to do a .300 WSM and neck it down to quarterbore. Ruger should have seen the writing on the wall there. And the .35 caliber? No love for the .35 lately. Why not? It's not as heavy on the shoulder as .375's can be and you get a better trajectory. Yet the .35 gets nothing in the press. You want to impress me Ruger? Make something that is going to stand out. Take that RCM and blow it out to .35 or even .40. Or down to 6.5mm. Speaking of 6.5...

Remington 700 Special Edition CDL in .260 Remington. Now that is a good new cartridge in a handsome rifle. I really dig the .260. Remington's new R-25 is in other cartridges... but if you want a .260 you have to take your business over to DPMS. I still don't get that. The .260 is one of the slickest little things to come out in some time. Well, since the 7mm-08....





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