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June 7th, Monday, 0930hrs: After reading all the news about D-day reflections and Ronald Reagan reflections I come away feeling very proud to be American.  What a great nation we live in.  It might not be perfect… it might have many faults… but I love it. 

Americans would trade rights for security –experts.  Not this American.  I consider “Rights” to be sacred and non-negotiable.  That’s why they are called “Rights” and not “Privileges”.  Do you see the media’s pattern here?  They put out messages like this to get you used to hearing it… to get you conditioned to it… to get you to lower your defenses.  These Liberal/Communist/Hate America/Blame America jackasses want to destroy America.  The way they do that is to get you conditioned to shit like this.  They keep pushing it and pushing it… just like what they have done to TV and now we have saggy tits and pierced nipples on the screen and rock stars saying the word “fuck” and it’s okay because of the context…   Now they are going after our very rights?  No.  That doesn’t work.  I don’t care who these experts say they are – because they don’t know shit about real Americans.  Real Americans remember what Ben Franklin said about liberty and safety… if you are willing to give up some liberty for some safety, then you deserve neither liberty nor safety.  That’s very true.  These “experts” are clueless as to the true nature of America.  What the hell did we just honor this weekend and last weekend? I don’t remember who said it, but one quote that I believe in is this:  “It is better to fight and die on your feet than to live on your knees.”   Our forefathers and our fathers and our brothers didn’t sacrifice their lives so we could have “safety”.  They made those sacrifices so we could have liberty… these rights that some jackass experts would trade for some perception of safety.  Horseshit.  These experts should be identified… and while they have the right to free speech, I have the right to mock them for their ignorance.

I was reading a book late last night, one of my favorites.  “Chickenhawk”.  It mentioned that the aircraft carrier they were on was the USS Croatan.  If I remember right, there was an aircraft carrier for sale in Norway that was identified as the former USS Croatan.  Nothing important here, just interesting.  Even in the book it mentioned that she was the last of her kind.  This is an understatement.  The Croatan started out in life as a destroyer and was refitted with a flight deck to perform carrier operations.  They don’t make ships like that anymore.  Now days ships have to be special purpose build vessels.   I’m not a Navy guy and I really do not know all that much about ships… but there is something very cool about these small aircraft carriers.  I would think they still would have a place.   Especially with all the VTOL jets and choppers around now.  Yeah, I know the Marines like their own mini carriers with the amphibious craft bay at the back and all that jazz… anyways… I just think shit like this is pretty damn cool.

Email about yesterday’s odd email: “Even though you put the dumbass liberal in her place, I think it would be worth posting that the H&K MP-5 is licensed to Iran, and Pakistan for manufacture. So its not a very big surprise that there are MP-5s laying around Iraq. Hope this email finds you well, Josh.”  It does indeed, thank you Josh.  I didn’t know this.  That would explain the guns then.  But I am still wondering about the Grey Aliens, Bigfoot, the Hodag, and whatever happened to Alicia Silverstone.  I bet they are the ones that killed Berg!   The truth is out there.


June 6th, Sunday, 2004: 2100hrs:   Weird Email Exchange:  “Friend of mine said you would know about this stuff.  Now, I'm not a hysterical Liberal girl, so hear me out.  I watched the Nick Berg tape and saw some weird things in it. Now, you were in the military, so I suppose you could verify this. I saw two MP-5 submachineguns and only one AK style assault weapon. The weirdness is that the men carrying the HK weapons were wearing AK magazine pouches on their chests. The AK mag is so much bigger than an MP-5 mag, so they would rattle around way too much and probably fall out. This makes me think the pouches were costume, not equipment. Why would they have very expensive MP-5s? If they were war trophies, they would be brandishing them proudly. They're simply slung there, like they are familiar and unremarkable.  Another thing I saw was a gold wedding ring one man's left hand. His WIPING hand. A Muslim wouldn't do this.  This is weird stuff, never mind the lack of blood and the screwed up audio.  Oh. And one guy is standing at parade rest. Please watch the tape and see what you think. Post what you decide on your web-site, if you would.  Thank you for your time,   Lisa Sharp

So I answer:  You can carry 2 or 3 MP5 mags for every 1 AK mag.  Vests for AK mags doesn’t mean anything because they are more common over there… and they can carry lots more ammo.  So that really doesn’t mean anything.  His wiping hand.  This is assuming that all Muslims wipe their asses with their hands as was often mentioned during Gulf War 1. This is an awful big assumption that I wouldn’t have made.  To me this means that this guy is not a poverty stricken dunderhead, but comes from a more civilized background.  He could be Saudi, Pakistani (Daniel Pearl’s murder under similar situations… connection?  Hmmm…) or Syrian… or just a mid to upper level Iraqi.   I’ve not seen the video.  I don’t want to.   I saw the Daniel Pearl video and that was enough.  I don’t need to see Part II. 

Then she fires back with some snotty attitude:  “"Whiping hand" doesn't refer to a lack of TP. Arabs have a taboo about doing certain things with the left hand. They will not shake with the left hand, eat with the left hand, things like that. They certainly will not wear an important ring on the left hand. Arabs typically don't wear wedding rings at all.  The men in the video also have very pale hands, and some of them look very well-fed for Iraqi hold outs.  The presence of MP-5s is strange. AKs are much more common there, and easier to feed. I don't see why these insurgants would bother with the hassle of scrounging up less-potent 9mm when AK ammo is everywhere.  You could stick three MP-5 magazines in one AK pouch, but when you take out one or two as you use ammunition, the remaining magazine will then rattle around and possibly fall out. If someone has the financing and conections to buy MP-5s, they would certainly be able to get the proper pouches.  The berg video also looks like it was shot in Abu Ghraib. The walls are the same color, the floor is the same color. The man who is supposed to be berg is sitting in the same kind of white plastic chair as the MP in the prisoner abuse photos. And why is berg in an orange prison jump suit? Did these terrorists have a box of orange jumpsuits shipped in from Galls to put their hostages in?  The pearl video has nothing to do with the berg video. The berg video looks like a bad high-school play. Your refusal to even see the video is silly. I suppose I should find somone a bit more inquisitive to disuss this with. Lisa Sharp

Okay, that’s it… Fuse has been lit:  Your talking about a place that has RPGs all over… WWII STG-44’s have been recovered – in working condition.  Gold plated MP-5’s.  These terrorists are funded by cats rolling around in Bentley Turbo R’s and custom jet liners decked out like a rock star’s tour bus…  Anything is possible over there.  I’m not sure what you are looking for… the color of paint on walls?  Rings?  Mag Pouches? You missed my points looking for insignificant details that are supposed to give away some sort of conspiracy.  We have already arrested some of those guys.  They are not Americans if that is what you are getting at.  If you find something actually interesting there – meaning something substantial - let me know. Cheers!  Oh, BTW.  Some pointers for you.  Insurgants is spelled “insurgents”, conections is spelled “connections”,  somone is spelled “someone”, and when you talk to people you don’t disuss things with them, you “discuss”.    My refusal to watch the video is because I don’t need to see it.  I remember the Berg video clearly.  I'm still pissed off about that one!  And they are related.  If you can’t see the connection, stop looking at the snaps on the pockets and look at the bigger picture.  These people are monsters who put no value on human life and I’m flat out offended that you would infer that this Berg murder is some sort of conspiracy… Implying that perhaps the US had something to do with it.  Give me a break.  Oh, I know that you didn’t say it out right, but that’s what you are saying between the lines, isn’t it?  Get off and don’t come back.  Don’t even email me, I’ve already put a filter on you anyway.  Take your tin foil hat wearing bullshit outta here. 

Email from Kim du Toit:  “re: the guy who wants to buy a SHTF rifle for his Dad.  What about the Ruger Mini-30? I shot one at BoomerShoot, and it was a dream. And the 7.62 Commie, as a SHTF cartridge, is infinitely superior to the poodleshooter.  Kim” 

And the ammo is cheap too.  But you can buy a Mini-14 easily pretty much anywhere.  Last Mini 30 I saw was much more expensive.  Come to think of it, I’ve not seen one for awhile at any of the Utah gun shows.  Not to mention match barrels and such goodies.  If I was to buy the gun for myself, I’d go with the Mini-30 (if not a Krebs Custom AK) because you know I’m no .223 fan.  Just looked at (Because GunBroker is completely shitty since they don’t go after fraud like they pretend they do) and did a search… I didn’t see any of them, but there are several good Mini-14 options.


Today is the 60th Anniversary of D-Day.



1000hrs: Busted my right pinky toe yesterday.  Damn if that didn't hurt.  Here is the thing - when hunting with Ranger up in the mountains.  He got two rabbits and two lizards... and I got a twisted right ankle thanks to a farking prarie dog hole.  No biggy.  But the real bitch came after I got home.  I stumbled coming out of the shower because of my ankle and I cracked my bare foot into the bathroom door sill and broke my damn pinky toe.

Hey, stop laughing... it's not funny!  The littlest piggy is a sensitive little bastard!  Wee Wee Wee… 

Email about President Ronald Reagan from Horde 1st Sgt Bobbit: True statements regarding President Reagan. He was the greatest of our time. I, too, proudly served under him. I always marvel in the fact that the "Rags" were truly scared shitless of him, as evidenced by their hostage release upon his swearing-in to office. Further, he did us sailors a great favor as Commander-in-Chief. The rules of engagement stated that an non-responding, unknown aircraft had to be within 5NM of a U.S. warship before defensive action could be taken. Our President Reagan justly thought it to be insane and changed it to 25NM. That was very good news for those of us who were sitting in the mouth of the Persian Gulf at the time. The Iranians learned very quickly that we weren't fucking around. Their pilots had a superior understanding of what the tone in the headset meant when a fire control radar was locked on and tracking. Essentially, he checkmated the suicide plane attacks, which was a very real threat in 1984. He has had, and shall always have, my utmost respect. It was an honor and a privilege to have served under him. God Bless You Ronald Reagan!

I don’t think I could add anything to that one.  That pretty much sums up everything.  As a President… as a Commander and Chief… he was loved by those under his command and there is no finer accolade than that.  That says it all.  George W Bush is also loved by the troops, and I don’t think this is appreciated enough… especially not by the cake eating civilian blame America First liberal jackasses.

A good question that I want to share:  “Ogre,  I would like to start by thanking you for your website.  I check it several times a day, and it always adds something, whether it be levity, thought, patriotism or rancor at those who would seek to commit acts which degrade or endanger our way of life.  You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.   

My question regards a rifle purchase for my father. 

I am going to take you on a long and circuitous journey so you are able to have the proper perspective should you chose to respond to my question.

Dad grew up in Irish coal mining country in Pennsylvania where he would take off after a day at middle school with his friends into the woods with their .22 rifles or .410 shotguns in tow.  Oftentimes, the shooting was not recreational.  Many of his friends were responsible for putting something on the family table, be it squirrel, rabbit etc.  Sometimes for recreation, (remember, this is a small town) my grandfather would take my dad and his cousin down to the town dump at night.  He would pull the car up to the edge of the dump and leave the headlights on.  The boys would then sit on the fenders of the car and dispatch dump rats with their .22 rifles, fueled on by the cackles of my grandfather.

Several years later, after a self described "disastrous" year at Penn State, Dad enlisted in the Airforce.  Dad was a radar man, but would sometimes be called upon to engage in guard duty at his various postings (Japan, Florida during the Bay of Pigs).  On guard duty, the duty weapon was the M1 Carbine.

Fast forward 35 years.  I have gotten into shooting.  I own several handguns, a shotgun, several rifles (M1A, Remington .22, and a fine Robinson Armaments VEPR II produced in your home state).  I have had Dad go with me to shoot, and his eyes absolutely light up when we are at the range.  He loves shooting the rifles.  I think that it provided a connection to his youth and his father who has not been with us since 1986. 

My mother is an accomplished nurse anesthetist.  She is also an accomplished drama queen, who laments the fact that her brother was in Vietnam (Sniper/Scout/Black Ops), which he does not lament at all.  She also is of the opinion that rifles have the uncanny ability to load themselves and jump out of closets to destroy unsuspecting, innocent bystanders.

So much history to arrive at one question...I want to buy a dependable rifle for my father that he can use to shoot with me which is mild in recoil, yet can be effective if a SHTF ever develops (terrorist, a hurricane finally hits Houston after a 21 year hiatus, etc.)  Yet, I want a rifle which while not costing $950 for a WWII era rifle, will nevertheless appeal to my fathers memory of the M1 Carbine, and which is not black and pistol gripped so as not to have my mother go into immediate apoplexy.  The choice that I keep coming back to is the Ruger Mini-14.  I know that you are not a fan of the .223 cartridge, but considering the intended uses, I believe it suffices.  I know that the major knocks on the Mini-14 is the accuracy and normal capacity magazine issue.  Working with my father to accurize his rifle is a project that will allow us to spend time together to produce something he can treasure, a nice rifle, and time with his son.  The magazine issue is one which I hope will resolve itself sometime in mid-September of this year. 

I would like your opinion on my lengthy treatise.  Am I on the right track?  Is there anyone out there who is producing a quality replica of the M1 Carbine?  Can you think of any other autoloading alternatives that I should be looking into?

I appreciate the time that you have taken to read this post.  I, like you, am engaged in school and working full time to boot.  I am grateful for any insight that you can give me, even if that insight is to just buy the Mini-14. – Michael

As soon as you mentioned you didn’t want to spend 950 bucks on a Carbine, my first thought was “Ruger Mini-14”.  It is the perfect choice.   Accuracy of these rifles can be mediocre, but they can also be made to be extremely accurate.  I appreciate the history.   The love and respect for your father really comes through… and it will in your gift too. 

Brownells has a lot of goodies for it… Barrels and stocks and sights…lots of options.

The only alternatives that I would suggest is a 10-22 for some fun plinking times or maybe an IAI M1 Carbine.  The Kahr M1 Carbines are not quiet out yet… but the IAI’s can be made to be quite reliable, but they are a little more spendy than the Ruger option.  Auction Arms has a couple Carbine possibilities.  If the reserve prices are not that high that is… But here is the thing… get what you can get him soon… because when it comes right down to it, what you get him isn’t the important thing.  It’s the times you guys can spend together with it. 


June 5th, Saturday, 2004: 1700hrs: President Ronald Reagan has passed away.  I am deeply saddened by this.  I remember his state of the union addresses.  I remember his press conferences.  I remember him saying “Tear Down This Wall” and The Wall came down.   I remember him joking before an address saying the missiles and bombers were flying and people freaking out because it was broadcast live and he didn't know he was on air... He was still the President when I joined the service.  He was one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had.   If there was room, I would say put him on Mt Rushmore.  An aircraft carrier will have to be enough.


President Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004

June 4th, Friday, 2004: 1615hrs: D-Day Remembered.  Take the time to thank a Veteran today.  Watch Saving Private Ryan and understand why our nation’s “old people” are the greatest generation and why they deserve to be honored and taken care of by us.   Have you guys seen the new WW2 memorial?  I only saw pictures of it and it made my eyes water up.  Those who are critical of it have no understanding of what is behind it.   Last night in the news they talked about the troops from a small town called Bedford, Virginia… a town that has a special place in my heart.  Of the 180 some men that hit the beach in Normandy on D-Day, only 15 survived.   My God… only 15… take with a grain of salt all the people who are freaking out when one or two servicemen get killed.  America as a whole no longer has any understanding of the true nature of war.  We have been conditioned to expect resolutions for anything and everything within 30 minutes minus commercials…and we don’t like reruns.  So of course Iraq has become tedious.  So when you come across a liberal shill screeching about war, and wanting to read or print all the names of the dead from Iraq… you can just say, “You must not be from Bedford”.  Then ask them the names of the men who died in WWII, or Vietnam.  Most towns have a monument with the names of the guys from that town that died… if these Liberals are so concerned about names of guys who died in war, they should now them.  Ask them who died from your town.  Or better yet, read those names to them and ask them who these people are.  10 to 1, they wont know.   DO NOT let our dead troops… our brothers and our sons and our fathers… don’t let them become feathers in the Liberal’s hat.

I am thinking of putting my Detonics up for a trade.  I know, I know… I love the Detonics Combat Master… it is a fantastic carry gun and it has been perfectly reliable.  But I don’t like to shoot it.  I want a gun that I can shoot and shoot well with.   I’m not saying I am putting it up for trade… just that I am thinking about it.  IF I do put it up for trade, it would have to be for one of the following.  A Beretta 92 Compact, SIG P245, Colt CCO, Commander (or a 1911 with a Commander size slide on an Officer’s size frame… doesn’t have to be a Colt) or a CZ P-01.    I was thinking of the Springfield Mini XD again perhaps, especially in green… but Springfield STILL doesn’t have the XD out that I really want… a 4 inch barrel and slide on the Sub-Compact frame.  And in Ogre Green!  I want a pistol that I can CCW easily (Hell, I can CCW a Desert Eagle but it would be more difficult) and still shoot well with.  I can CCW the Detonics without much thought or effort, and it is a potent little 1911 .45 type gun – but I just can’t hit with it like how I like to make hits.  Still, I’m just thinking about putting it up.  I don’t want to pay for shipping and for the transfer fee at the moment… I’m just thinking about it.  I know I’d regret selling it or trading it off.

Email from reader:  “Ogre, Been a while since I caught your site and had missed the article Crawford mayor is Kerry supporter.  I live 20 miles up the road so this really caught my interest. Specifically mentioned by the good mayor is this quote: "I don't see where I'm better off than I was four years ago," Robert Campbell said Tuesday. "I don't see where the city is any better off." Well, if he can't see it, it's because he's an imbecilic moron that flunked Eco 101.  Since Bush bought property in the Crawford are property values have sky rocketed.  Not a petty 20-30% but more like doubled! The town has boomed.  Business have opened and prospered in what once was a dying town.  Tourism is now a reality, the highway department has dressed up the barditches and resurfaced the road (funny how that happened just as Bush bought the property) and people are moving into the area, whereas before, people were leaving to areas of greater economic opportunity.  What an ass, but as a Kerry supporter; that statement is redundant.  The only reason he has a town to be Mayor of is because Bush purchased property there. Thanks for informing me. Roger

Not just all that, but the residual benefits that will keep coming… like the Bush Memorial Library once Bush leaves office.  Oh wait, that’s a Clinton thing.  If this guy can’t see where his town is better, I would like him to detail out how things would be better if Al Gore had won and how things will be better if Kerry wins.  Small town… I’m sure it doesn’t hurt the local business at all when 50 or more of Bush’s aides and staff and entourage come rolling in town when ever Bush comes home to the Ranch to clear his head. The local diners get more customers… the shops… all that.  To say his town isn’t better off is pretty much saying he is too stupid to continue in his office.  He should be the biggest Bush fan out there.  Instead he is just one of the biggest jackasses.

Email from one of the Horde:  “OK, I get that the AR's suck. Have you heard of or tried the Finnish version of the AK? I think this might be it here.  Apparently it's more precise than an AK but takes AK magazines (since Ruskies are the traditional enemy of the Fins). I don't know much more about it, this is from my Finnish brother in-law who was in the military there.  Also, what about the M4? Is it more or less the same as the M16/AR14 etc? – Ben.” 

Nope, I’ve not tried the Sako AK.  I’m sure it is fantastic and after the AWB dies, maybe I’ll get the chance to.   It looks good… but if I had my druthers, I’d roll with the Czech Republic’s version of the AK as made by CZ.  

Email from one of The Horde:  “Yo Ogre, I just read your response to "Do you have any suggestions? - Garvin" regarding rifle options and found it interesting that many of your suggestions are very similar to choices that I've already made.  My SHTF gun is an HK 94 (sadly, I don't have the $$$ for a full-on MP5) or my semi-auto HK 53 SBR while my wife's grab and go gun is a Beretta Storm (she loves it and kicks ass with it).  She just took the Storm to Tactical Carbine training and put the rest of the class, except for me of course, in their place ... they were all AR-weenies. Meanwhile, my main rifle is an HK 91 topped off with a compact ACOG and her's is DSA's version of the FAL sporting a Leupold Mark 4 scope with illuminated mildot reticle.  She's not spoiled, just well-loved! Stay safe, Mike”  

Thanks for the email, Mike.  I think we can all see that you have a very fine taste in firearms.    Remember, a gentleman always provides covering fire while the lady reloads.

Okay, enough emails right now… check this out… The new Harry Potter film… GARY FREAKING OLDMAN is in it as Sirius Black.  Emma Thompson is in it too.   Damn.  I can’t wait to go see it.  

I don’t ever want to hear about how women have a glass ceiling when it comes to salaries.  I just read in the newspaper that women are now making more money than men in men’s jobs.  When it comes right down to it, women rule the world… what more do they want?   Women have the boobies and the coochie and men don’t.  That means they get anything they want, and now they have the paychecks too.   All I’m asking is that they leave the toilet seat up.

If the war in Iraq was all about the oil… how come we are not jumping into Venezuela with both feet?  Venezuela is in a rolling boil of civil unrest and they are sitting on huge – HUGE – oil reserves.   Okay, I’m being a bit tongue in cheek here… but it might be a good idea to head down there and offer to help them out.    

Speaking of violence and civil unrest… did you guys here what Hoshyar Zebari said?  Okay, I see hands coming up in the back of the Horde Briefing room – he is the Iraqi Foreign Minister for the interim government.  He said that they want Coalition forces to stay as long as they are still needed.  He said that for them to pull out prematurely would cause massive and wide spread civil unrest and possible civil war.   He also said that pushing for a specific date of withdrawal would  be “very very unhelpful”.    Don’t worry, the Liberals will be ignoring this guy with pointed contempt now.  Had he said something like “US Troops, go home” this cat would have his mug all over every TV screen in the world… instead he points out why they are still needed and you will probably never had heard of him if it wasn’t for alternative media outlets.  The simple call that the job needs to be done properly will go ignored around the globe… just watch.



0930hrs: It’s OPEN EMAIL FRIDAY!   *cheers*  TGIF… seriously.  This week was a short, but harsh one.  Let’s just say this week was a total bitch and I am glad it's coming to a close.  Okay, here is my take on the CIA Director Situation.  GT says “personal reasons” and everyone including the BBC is saying that there is some pressure behind those personal reasons and that this is convenient timing for President Bush.  The way I see it is that GT was stuck in a career ending position with more and more shit hitting the fan every day and nothing he can do can make it right… after years of this constant pressure and stress he got burnt out and the stress was starting to take a toll on his family life.  So he took an inventory of his personal priorities and said “screw this, I’m done”.   I don’t see any cloak and dagger shit behind this… The CIA hasn’t been cloak and dagger since ’89 so why all the sudden now?  Come on.  I bet my Dad might have an interesting take on this… I think he knows GT personally…  Going out together to get breakfast burritos in the park before heading out to talk to expat Russian sailors and all that.   Anyways… GT had enough of it all, saw that for institutional level change would require a shake up all the way to Director level.  The way the CIA is… a new Director would give a new tone to the Agency and allow the new guy to clean house the way a sitting Director wouldn’t be able to do.  This happens in business all the time.  Look at HP.  Look at S&W.  Look at Colt.  GT has had a tough job and has the right to step down if he damn well wants.  He isn’t tied to that post like a galley slave chained to his oar.  

Email about the AR-15:  “Just saw your site for the first time today, must say its great.  I was looking for H&K USP Compact reviews and stumbled onto it.   I read the "Why the AR-15/M-16 Sucks" article and having recently left the Army I can fully support your opinion.  In fact, I can add another bit or two to why it sucks, heh.    The magazines, specifically, the feed lips.  They crack and make for all kinds of fun adventures with the M-16.  Then there is the whole 2 part upper and lower receiver thing.  Maybe I am wrong but since the action is so damn sensitive to little bits of "real world conditions" does it make a damn bit of sense to create a big loose seam right down the weapon that you can see daylight through?    The very first time I took down an M-16 I remember thinking, "My god this thing is going to suck ass to clean."  I wasn’t let down on that account.  Then I noticed that after I managed to pick out a decent magazine that didn’t look TOO broken, fired 20 rounds, and broke it open to clean it, that it looked like I had fired 100's of cheap Chinese rounds.  I owned a Chinese SKS before joining and let me tell you, I have put hundreds of rounds through it without cleaning and that when I got around to cleaning it the SKS was not even CLOSE to as dirty as that M-16 was after 20 stupid rounds.  Seems to me that a "combat assault rifle" that cant even function well in a controlled training environment has no place on a battlefield.  The only thing this rifle "assaults" is time and cleaning supplies.  It mows through both with no equal. – Matt

Thanks for the email, Matt.  You are right about the mags.  Luckily if you are forced to use the AR-15 or for some momentary lack of reason you actually purchased one… there are a number of aftermarket mags that work very well and are less delicate than the GI mags.  Thermold and Orlight Orlite Orl-ite whatever the hell they are called… HK has some new AR mags that are beefy as hell if you can get them… Personally I like the Thermolds.  They worked just fine if not a bit better because they were “slicker” than the standard ones.  That helped feeding a lot.

Related email:  “I am a recently discharged Marine looking to pick up a rifle.  You managed to convinced me that a AR 15 might be a bad idea.  I need a rifle I can learn quickly.  I'm located in central Oklahoma, finding a gun is not a problem.  Do you have any suggestions? - Garvin” 

Thanks for the email, Garvin… Yes… I have many suggestions.  Pretty much it would all be based on the type of shooting you want to do with it.  Give the tasks you might ask of an AR, I’ll start out with similar classed rifles.  The first one is an AK.  You can get AK’s for under 400 or over a grand.  Look at how much you were going to spend on your AR, and find an AK in that price range.  If you are at about a grand for the AR with all the trimmings, I’d start my search at Krebs Custom and get that KTR-03.  If you don’t like the AK, and it’s little brother the SKS don’t worry.  Check out the Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30.  SWAT mag did a side by side comparison of the two and found it to be aces… a matter of personal taste.  I think a Mini-30 properly set up would be a very sweet rifle.   Similar action to the Minis would be the M1 Carbine.  Hits harder than a .357 Magnum, is really light and easy to handle… and it’s a classic.  Want something more modern, check out the Beretta Storm.  It’s a 9MM but don’t let that stop you from getting it… so is the HK MP5 and it is popular all around the world for a SHTF gun.  I’m still waiting for the Storm to come out in .45 and when it does I am wanting to get one… and put some extra coin into it so I can get it chopped down into an SBR and maybe even put a suppressor on it.  Go all out.  It’s that cool.  If you don’t want pistol calibers… fine… there is the FN FAL.  You can get them pretty cheap in the L1A1s from Century.  Most of them are fine but some can be lemons.  So pick one out carefully.  When it comes to FALs, I prefer the L1A1 style charging handle. Go to FALFILES for the skinny on those.   Then there are guns like the Remington 7400 and the Browning BAR… so many to choose from… its all about taste.  It’s like picking out a car.  The more I know about you and how you are going to use it, the better suggestion I can make.  (for you writers and directors and prop guys out there that want suggestions, give me a good character profile and what the character is going to be doing so I can help you better… of course many of you already do… thanks) Ex Marine in the Heartland… I’d probably roll with a nice upper level AK for you, like the KTR-03, just off the cuff.  Put a nice optic on it like a Trijicon Reflex and you are set.   

Another Fighter email:  “Hey Ogre, it's Friday and the tequila is kick'in in man.  Hooah!  I read an article in national geographic about the raptor.  On one occasion it flew with an F16 escort which had to kick in its afterburners to stay up.  The raptor may be pork but it's some damn good pork.  I wish the thing didn't cost so much.  Rob” 

As much as I hate pork… I have to agree… that’s some mighty fine pork right there.   I might be Army… but when I was growing up I always had books about fighter planes about me.  WWII and modern jets… I practically learned how to read from those books.  How many 2nd graders knew how to read the word “Luftwaffe” let alone what it meant?  A plane like the F22 is one of those watershed aircraft like the Me262 was.   There is only one plane that I would put up against it… and damn it all… I hate to say it… but it is the French Rafael.   It has a killer avionics package that is so damn good the Israelis are putting it into the F-16’s they buy from us.  It has the agility, the stealthy profile, and the super sleek shape that would allows it to move like the raptor moves.  Well, maybe if it had an engine upgrade to include thrust vectoring like the Raptors.   Then it could really boogie.  Just to let you guys know… none of these are personal fighter platform of choice.  Mine would be an F-18 Super Hornet.  A jack of all trades fighter plane that has been combat tested and combat proven and with the “Super” variant it has all the bugs worked out and all the nice upgrades to make it even better.  It’s not stealthy, nor as fast, nor as agile… but it’s got the range and the payload and the ability to perform any mission… that’s what I like.  It can do air to air, and air to ground.  It can do wild weasel missions and attack missions… I love it.  And as far as costs go… it’s pennies on the dollar compared to the new F-22 and F-35 jets.

Some of my favorite fighters and attack planes of all time:  (In no order) The P-40 Tomahawk (also called the Warhawk), FW-190, the Brit’s Typhoon, the P-51 Mustang, De Haviland Mosquito, the A-10 Warthog, the F4U Corsair, the  F-4 Phantom II, A-6 Intruder, AV-8 Harrier, A-7 Corsair II, A-1 Skyraider (also called the Spad or the Sandy), and the OV-10 Bronco.  Hmmm… seems I like the older planes more than the newer ones.   *shrugs*  Yeah… If I could have stick time in any of these planes, it would be the P-40.  Don’t ask me why.  Probably from watching the movie “1941” too many times.  



June 3rd, Thursday, 2004:  0920hrs:  Kerry says Bush has mismanaged the US Military?  I think yesterday I have shown how Kerry himself as already mismanaged the US Military… and I bet you anything there are other systems that I missed.  Like the F-18 Hornet, the HUMVEE, and other items that are key to today’s forces.  I bet that he voted FOR the V-22 Osprey and the Comanche scout helicopter… because those things don’t work. My Horde Scouts are looking this up right now.

One of the Horde Scouts, Martin, has found some very juicy information on the F-22 Raptor… man… this plane is flat out spooky!  The thing is super sonic without using it’s afterburner… they call that “super cruise” ability.  With afterburners?  Judas Priest.  It has them, but doesn’t need them.  This jet can just flat hustle while idling.  And it's almost invisible.  Anyway, read this:

'Jester's Dead': F/A-22s Undefeated Against F-15Cs (Posted: Saturday, May 22, 2004)
[Defense Daily, May 24, 2004]
Jester's Dead! The recent one-on-five engagement between a single F/A-22 and five F-15Cs from the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall AFB, Fla., lasted a grand total of three minutes--with the F/A-22 killing all five F-15Cs, Air Force Lt. Col. Mike Stapleton, operations officer for the 43rd Fighter Squadron, says. F/A-22 crews are presently undefeated against F-15C operators at Tyndall.
...Jester Keeps Dying. F-15C pilots at Tyndall continue to suffer lopsided losses to F/A-22 pilots in head-to-head engagements and even as F-15C crews fly more missions and gain familiarity with the F/A-22's abilities, they cannot land a glove on the latter. Brig. Gen. Larry New, the commander of the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall, explains that even though the F-15C pilots are learning, so are the F/A-22 crews, and they are able to further exploit their advantages--low observability and integrated avionics--to retain an upper hand.
...Raptor Reloaded. An F/A-22 preparing to take off for a flight at Tyndall took a few minutes later than expected because the pilot had to reboot the older 3.1.0 software, Stapleton says. One of the rules he has is that all systems have to function properly on an airplane before it takes off. Sometimes that means missions start a bit later than expected or don't come off at all. However, Stapleton says this software reboot issue won't be a problem as the newer software baselines arrive.

Leaders Show Off Raptor, JSF at Air Show (Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2004)
by Master Sgt. Scott Elliott
Air Force Print News
5/17/2004 - ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. -- Air Force senior leaders took advantage of an open house here to tell reporters and visitors about the service's newest fighters, the F/A-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  
Secretary of the Air Force Dr. James G. Roche held a press conference before a static display of both aircraft May 14 following opening ceremonies of the three-day Joint Service Open House.
"We're way ahead of where people expected us to be," Secretary Roche said of the Raptor's initial operational test evaluation trials.
The secretary used the results of a recent combat simulation to describe the Raptor's capabilities.
"We had five F-15 Eagles against one Raptor," he said. "The engagement was over in three minutes. None of the F-15s even saw the Raptor. The Raptor simply went down the line and, in simulation, took out all five of the F-15s."
One reporter asked if the simulations were fair, since the F/A-22 pilots had previously flown the F-15.
"They never get into dogfights, so it makes no difference," Secretary Roche said. "The fact that (the Raptor) flies very high, very stealthy and at (Mach 1.6) without afterburner makes it very tough for anybody else to have a fire control solution. The F-15s, with very good radars, were not able to pick up and understand where the F/A-22s were, and the F/A-22 was looking at the F-15s all the time."
Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley explained the situation further.
"Real combat is an interactive event," he said. "You're not looking for a fair fight; you're looking for the game to be called in the second inning, not having to play out all nine innings."
Secretary Roche also addressed recent reports that some members of Congress are considering cutting funding for research and development programs.
"The cost (for the F/A-22) is coming down," he said. "In fact, a year ago Dr. Marvin R. Sambur (assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition) was able to negotiate 21 planes for the price of 20."
Secretary Roche said that Raptors now cost less than $150 million per copy. The price tag should come down even further as the program continues to stabilize, he said.
The secretary urged Congress to be patient with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
"There's no reason to give up on the JSF; it's only two-and-a-half years into an 11-year development program," he said.
Secretary Roche said the Air Force is dedicated to its mission of supporting land forces.
The Air Force joined with the Marine Corps to develop a short takeoff and vertical landing variant of the joint-service, multinational fighter.
"We take this very seriously, this interface with the land component, be it with the Army, Marines or special operations," General Moseley said. "The air dominance piece provides freedom to attack your enemy, but also the freedom from attack. This partnership will benefit all the combatant operations in a theater."
Secretary Roche said the service has not yet determined the number of STOVL F-35s it will purchase, but expects to have that firmed up in time for the fiscal 2006 budget request.
"Our focus now is to be able to demonstrate to Congress that there is a STOVL version (of the JSF) that can work," Secretary Roche said. "We also (believe) the F/A-22 and F-35 should be compliments, not substitutes."

These new planes are just flat out amazing.  These are the systems that make the US the dominate force in the global fight for freedom… and we are going to need them.  We have friends around the world, and they have very capable military forces… but systems like this are what puts us over the top.    The biggest threat we are facing is China.  China has advanced fighters that are fast and powerful…   but if we have a jet that can splash 5 F-15 Eagles and they never even got a sniff of the Raptor… that’s going to make China think twice before they decide to throw down against us.  Just having it puts them in check. 

A correction from yesterday:  “Ogre, Under the heading "John F'ing Kerry voted against the Trident Missile"  You stated that Russia is now part of the UN.  I think you meant that Russia is now part of NATO which was initially formed as an alliance against the Soviet Union.  This may confuse some of your readers so I am bringing it to your attention.  Thank you for writing such a good blog.  I especially enjoyed reading how R2D2 saved you from a trooper. – Matt”  Indeed, I was thinking NATO.   Thanks for catching that.


June 2nd, Wednesday, 2004: 1700hrs:  Vote Against Senator John F’ing Kerry! The United States has already done a JFK. We do not need JFK2.  In fact, JFK2 would be a great disaster for the United States.

 John F’ing Kerry Voted Against B-1 Bomber. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)

The B-1 Bomber had a rough start in life.  It had some problems early on that development and good old fashioned American ingenuity resolved.  It overcame President Jimmy Carter with the help of President Ronald Reagan.  The B1 is fast, stealthy, and carries a heavier payload than anything else we have.  It can fly long range, low and fast, and penetrate deep into the enemy territory to strike strategic targets with an overwhelmingly heavy blow.  Kerry voted against it. 

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against B-2 Stealth Bomber. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)

This plane is worth more than its weight in gold… in its production cost and in its capabilities.  This thing can slide through enemy defenses like a ninja and hit the enemy with a killer blow when they never expected it.  This is something that no other nation or world power has… and this is what makes the United States the number one world power.   With this baby, we can nail any one, any time.  And they know it.  Kerry voted against it.    

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the F-14 Tomcat. (H. R. 5803, CQ Vote #319: Adopted 80-17: R 37-6; D 43-11, 10/26/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
America remains the #1 world power because if it’s aircraft carriers.  The aircraft carriers allow us to project military power around the world and enforce American policy and defend American interests.  The key to this power is the F-14 Tomcat because the Tomcat provides 1st line defense for our aircraft carriers.  Without the Tomcat and its abilities, our carriers would be easy pickings for any and all enemy forces.  But wait… while the Tomcat is so excellent at defense, it is also very good at attacking.  The Tomcat can carry a heavy payload of ordinance and deliver it at super sonic speeds.  It can carry bombs, stand off weapons, anti-radiation missiles, and anything else the mission might need.  They are big, fast, powerful, and have long legs.  Kerry didn’t see the need of this system so he voted against it.  What an idiot.

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the F-15 Eagle. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
The Navy has its F-14 Tomcat, and the US Air Force has its F-15 Eagle.  Eagles are America’s Starships.  They have the range and firepower that put the panic behind the Iron Curtain and forced them to develop 3 or 4 new jets just to counter this one.  It’s big and badass.  Super fast.  Can fly very high.  And it can fire just about anything with precision accuracy.  It has the most advanced avionics in the air, next to our own F-22 which is looking at replacing the F-15 sometime in the future… but right now the Eagle is America’s #1 air superiority fighter.  Versions have been developed to turn this super fighter into a strike fighter… it can now engage and destroy targets on the ground or at sea with the speed and precision needed to defend a country like the USA… The F-15 is so good that everyone wants one… Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, Canada… its one of the best planes in the sky.  Some would argue it’s the number 1 military jet period.  JFK2 voted no on this one too.    

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the F-16 Falcon. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
The F-16 isn’t my favorite jet… but it is an important one.  It’s the main line fighter in most of our squadrons, and in the fighter squadrons of free countries around the world.  Small, cheap, fast, and capable it’s able to do just about any mission asked of it.  Maybe not as well as say an F-15 Eagle, but it can do it… While not my favorite jet, I have to respect it.  It’s the core of the US Air Force and Air National Guard fighter Squadrons.  JFK2 didn’t see it that way… he voted against it thinking that the F-4 Phantom II was enough… even after the lessons that air combat in Vietnam taught us... that we still need fighters with guns and the F-4 didn’t come with one... He voted against it.  Once again showing us how little Kerry understands the basic fundamentals that will be required of him should be become the Commander and Chief.  

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against AV-8B Harrier. (H.R. 2126, CQ Vote #579: Adopted 59-39: R 48-5; D 11-34, 11/16/95, Kerry Voted Nay)
This is the aircraft that some call “The Jump Jet”.  It can take of and land like a helicopter.  This provides a huge tactical advantage to forces that are using it… like England and the USA.  The Harrier proved its worth in the Britain's Falkland Island War when it went up against Argentine forces.  Our own US Marines use it as their #1 fighter aircraft because it can operate off of the Marine’s snub nose carriers right beside the helicopters.  This gives the Marines fighter support right then and there when they need it.  The Marines don’t have time to wait around for the Air Force or the Navy, they have to be able to take care of themselves – and thanks to the Harrier, they can.  The Harrier is one of the reasons the Marines are such a potent force and are feared by the enemies of freedom around the world.  John F’ing Kerry doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Marines or Freedom, so of course he voted no.

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the AH-64 Apache Helicopter. (H.R. 2126, CQ Vote #579: Adopted 59-39: R 48-5; D 11-34, 11/16/95, Kerry Voted Nay) 

What can I say about the most awesome, the most lethal, and flat out the coolest helicopter on the planet?   The Apache is the US Army’s number one aerial weapon system… it has devastated the enemy in Iraq during both parts of the Gulf War.   The Apache was needed at the time specifically as a  force multiplier against the waves of Soviet Armor that could have rolled against Western Europe and rolled over it.  We just didn't have enough tanks to stop it.  We needed something that could destroy a bunch of tanks in one sorte.  The A-10 is a fantastic jet... but it belongs to the Air Force.  The Army needed something to.  Something that could also support Army forces on the ground, something operation from near the front so it can have faster turn around time... it needed a kick ass helicopter.  Our AH-1 Cobras are nice... I LOVE the Cobra... but we needed something faster and more potent.  That was the Apache.  Few helicopters can match it for its ability to kick ass.   At the time it was the most advanced gunship in the sky.  Then all the other countries wanted their own… and just to show them all who was still The King, we created the Apache Longbow version that took ass-kicking to a whole new level.  Kerry doesn’t give a shit about the Army… so he voted against it.

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the Patriot Missile. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
Remember the starting days of Gulf War 1?  Everyone held their breath when Saddam fired off his SCUD missiles.  Would the Patriot be able to stop it?  It did.  The Patriot proved it’s worth repeatedly.  It may have missed a couple, but on the whole it was a huge success.  Kerry voted no on the Patriot, because Kerry isn’t a patriot himself.  Kerry thinks we should just take an enemy missile strike on the chin.  Ask the folks in Israel what they think of the Patriot… considering how those SCUDs were all aimed at them… you bet, they love it.  The Patriot has become one of our best forward air defense systems… protecting American lives and the lives of America’s friends.  Kerry couldn’t give a damn about Israel or American forces on the ground around the world, so he voted no. 

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the Aegis Cruiser. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
Remember what I said about protecting the aircraft carriers?  This is a big part of that.  One would think Kerry, being in the Navy would have voted for this one… but Kerry has no loyalty to anything American.  He voted no. 

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the Trident Missile. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
How do you put the fear of God into the Soviet Union?  By having a bunch of these babies hidden under the oceans around the world. Once again, Kerry showed his ass by voting against these puppies.  As nasty as they are – the helped us win the Cold War and put Russia into its big teddy bear act that it is playing today.  Do you realize that Russia is now a part of the UN?  As fucked up as that is, back in the day – they were ready to nuke all of us over here.  But we had these Tridents and the Soviets didn’t dare pull the trigger.  How many lives were saved because we had weapons like these?  Kerry can’t fathom this sort of thing so he voted no on it.     

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the M-1 Abrams. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
The M1 is the most powerful tank on the planet.  It has the speed and firepower that is unmatched.  I’m not saying other tanks are not good… but the M1 is the BEST.  I got passed by an M1 when I was on the highway and the M1 was driving across the field running along side it.   Can other tanks do 75 MPH?  When the M1 was new, there is an account of it being too fast and the base MP’s had to pull them over speeding.  These things now wear governors on them to keep them sluggish.  But you can bet those governors get pulled off when the fecal matter hits the fan.    Since it has come out, the M1 has only gotten better with age.  Advances in it’s fire control system, in its sensors, and going from a 105MM gun to a 120MM gun.  It’s also one of the only tanks in the world that could go toe to toe with The Beast from the East.   Kerry is not a student of Military History, obviously.  Through WWII American forces fought the Huns face to face in tanks that were just simply outclassed by even the worst German tank.  Our best just wasn’t good enough – some how we overcame them… with better tactics, with a sharper will, and a lot of luck… Kerry would have us in that situation again.  When the Soviets fielded the T-72 we were looking at another Sherman vs Tiger situation all over again with our M-60 tanks… the M1 corrected that situation in style, no thanks to JFK2.  

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)
Remember how I said the M-1 Abrams was so fast?  We needed an APC that could just keep up with it.  For all it’s faults the Bradley does it’s job.  I wasn’t an 11M Infantryman… but I was sure envious when those Eleven Mikes rolled passed us Bravos.  I was even more impressed when I watched one Bradley spin around in circles while nailing a target with its huge 25MM automatic cannon.   That cannon added with the Bradley’s duel TOW launcher makes for a weapon system that any Infantry unit would long to have.  During Gulf 2 when our forces were rolling into Baghdad, one of these Bradley vehicles lead the charge.  It did so while on fire… with flames and smoke streaking out from behind it – it charged in like a fucking Balrog; scaring the shit out of the enemy before it destroyed them.  It only stopped after it had fired EVERY ROUND ON BOARD.  I watched this happen live on the news… it was unbelievable… it was a monster… I damn near got teary eyed watching it!   Even then, after the fire had burned out the Army recovered that Bradley, fixed it up, reloaded it, and put it back on duty.  Oh, and the crew fighting in that Bradley was unharmed. The Bradley proved it's worth.  Kerry has no CLUE what the US Army needs… or any other branch of service for that matter.  He voted no on this one too.

John F’ing Kerry Voted Against the Tomahawk Cruise Missile. (S. 3189, CQ Vote #273: Passed 79-16: R 37-5; D 42-11, 10/15/90, Kerry Voted Nay)

What would President Clinton have ever done without his favorite toy, the Tomahawk?  Long range precision guidance with the accuracy of a sniper rifle… naw… we don’t need any of these… or so Kerry thought when he voted no.  Since then it has become one of our best weapon systems for fucking with the enemy and saving American lives.  

These are all just a part of Kerry’s own War on the US Military.  His track record only gets worse from here on out…

And this is the guy that wants to be the Commander and Chief. What a pathetic sack of shiat.  He doesn’t deserve the honor… he doesn’t even deserve the honor of running for the post!  How he got to where he is today… it’s a travesty.  


1400hrs: Email from a Mad Capt Gordie:  “Ogre,  Can you believe this crap!?  The lawyers who come up with this one ought to go to the chair with the guy!!!! I mean holy smokes.  If this floats, does that mean you as a Mormon can just reek revenge on anyone for Illinois for what they did to the Mormons there?  Feel sorry for me because my great-great grand pappy was run out of Ireland...    And layers wonder why we don't like them and no longer believe in the legal system.   And then we have some head doctors out there that come up with this stuff. Ogre, I know you are studying to be a psychiatrist but if you ever come up with such a lame-ass excuse to justify and excuse deviant behavior in scum, I will personally show up and kick your ass to knock sense back into it.   This is just so friggin wrong on so many levels.......   Gotta' go lot of work to do but didn't think you had seen this one.  CPT Gordie” 

Whoa whoa whoa there Captain!  We both know I don’t cotton (ahem) to such lame excuses as this.   And this has nothing to do with me being a Son of the South either!   This is intolerable and I am most pleased that the judge threw it out about as promptly as he could.  And rightly so.  This Lawyer should really be examined by the bar association there in Oregon and face some penalties for even making such a motion.  

This would have had repercussions on so many levels.  Blacks can kill whites because of Slavery…. Mormons could kill anyone from Illinois, Missouri, and New York for chasing us out and driving us out to this hell hole of a desert that we had to build up and now we have protestors acting like asses outside of our temple and conference center every time we have a meeting… so it would legal to shoot them and all non-Mormons in Utah…  Scots could kill the English… Southerners could kill Yankees… and the Native Americans could just kill everyone.  It would pretty much turn the United States into the Middle East.  

But barring that… putting all that aside… let’s forget all that for a moment and look at this case on its own.  What the hell could a 2 year boy do to set some one off like that?  Did he yell, “Fix me some grits, nigga”?  I doubt it.  No matter what the disorder, it is no excuse for this murder.  There are very few cases where insanity works as a plea.  Very rare.  And hold on a second – nope – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome does not even exist according the APA, the people who make up all these disorders and recommend drugs to treat them. This is some bullshit move for using racism and an excuse.  Tha'ts all this is... racism. 

My specific focus in psychology is traumatic stress… specifically PTSD.  There are a lot of problems that a person might have, but none of them are Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.   The only person who could even be close to having it would be a person who was a slave and then set free.  Like a female Russian Sex Slave… maybe one of them could have something like that – but according to the APA, she would have PTSD, not any bullshit Slave Syndrome.   Here is an interesting and funny take on this. Oh, and if I ever do make up some shitty excuse like that for deviant behavior - you can come kick my ass and knock some sense back into me!   

Email about a gun:  “I bought a Taurus PT140 Mil. last week before I read about pins and cracking.  I suspect the PT 140s and 145s share the same problem.  Would you kindly provide more detailed information on how to fix/prevent the problem?  Thank you for your help.  I like the pistol, but require dependability if I am to rely upon it. – John” 

The frame cracking is a result of the slide battering the steel inner frame and is found mostly in the PT145 guns.  The PT111 and PT140 guns don’t have this.  No, instead these 2 smaller caliber guns get sheared pins.  The pins that pretty much just hold the gun together.  These do not seem to be user replaceable pins either.  The guns have to get sent back to Taurus.  Do some research here at for the full scoop.  I’m with you… I LIKE the guns.  I think the PT145 is one of the most incredible handguns ever designed.  I remember examining them at SHOT 2000 and was just amazed.  Such a small gun packing a full capacity load of .45ACP rounds (BERETTA – TAKE NOTES!) and is still small enough and light enough for easy CCW work.    I think Taurus’s problem isn’t a design issue so much as it is a materials issue.  Maybe this plastic they use is too brittle, or maybe it is too soft… I don’t know.  I’m not a plastics expert.  But I do know that this plastic is unsuitable for a firearm as the guns sit right now.  Examining a friend’s PT145 I noticed that the bottom inside edge of the front of the slide pings right onto the inner frame.  The 111 and 140’s might be the same.  This hammering is what causes the failures.   To prevent these failures a heavier spring might help, keeping the gun from this hammering… but it might make matters worse by hammering the slide in the other direction.  Or one could try a “Shock-Buff” a small rubber or polyurethane bushing that acts as a bumper to cushion the hammering… but that might not work either as the slide isn’t going all the way to the rear anymore.  You could give either or both a try and see how that works.  Typically these failures happen around 600 rounds or more regardless of the loads fired.  The only thing you got to remember is that Taurus WILL take care of you if when the gun fails.  This leaves the decision of if you should carry it or not.  Personally, I wouldn’t.  Having a structural failure in the weapon is just not something I would risk in a carry gun.  Not even for a back up gun… especially in a back up gun!  Think of it this way… your back up gun is your parachute.  You only use the parachute when everything else has already been fucked up and pilot in the front seat just yelled “Eject, Eject, Eject!”  The back up gun has GOT to work.  If you are in a fight and it comes down to just you and your back up gun – chances are you are having a very bad day.  If your gun fails you at that point… it will be a very bad and very short day.  This is why I am hesitant on the new Taurus duty pistol the 24/7.   Maybe they learned the lesson and have made improvements… but that’s what we thought with the Millennium Pro series, and that turned out to be a disappointment.  Would you buy a car knowing that at 10,000 miles the engine is going to pop up out of the hood?  No way.     This leaves you now with the choice.  What to do with the gun.  I can’t answer that for you.  Maybe you like the gun so much you don’t mind the return trips to Taurus… you can think of it like Scheduled Maintenance.   Maybe you don’t.  All I can say is what I would do… take this as a lesson learned… cash out of the pistol and buy a different gun.   For what you will get out it, check around for a CZ-40B.  They are .40 caliber like what you got now, not much bigger but a little longer in the grip, can be had for around 250 bucks, but will last you the rest of your life.  CZ is one of my favorite makers for a very good reason.  The CZ-40 is on par with the likes of the SIG P-229.  

0950hrs:  Email about PBA:Ogre, Just catching up on my last few days of your blogs, and ran across your latest rant that I can't agree more on.  I'm speaking of Partial Birth Abortions.  Who's the fucking moron that even allowed this to be tabled within any legislature to make it even "Partially" legal ANYWHERE?!??  This is insane.  Being a fairly technical guy, I can't say that I'm the most religious guy on the block, and deal with Darwinism/Evolution issues in my own way, but even I have SOME moral standards and ethical beliefs.  This is the most obscene, immoral, unethical thing I've ever come across.  I really didn't think this was real, until I did a Google search and came across a website that pretty much laid it out in the exact manner you described (cartoonish diagrams included): LINK In a word?  Unfuckingbelieveable. – Brad  PS:  On a not-so-related article/note/blog post, I wear 5.11 pants to work at least 2 times a week.  I should be careful and make sure I don't have my pockets arranged in a pre-ban configuration. -  Brad” 

This made me laugh out loud… yes… make sure your pants are in the Pre-Ban Configuration!  

Another email about PBA:Ogre: For years I have tried to articulate the feelings in my gut generated by the description of PBA.  I could never hit the nail on the head: horrific, disgusting, evil, barbaric, etc. never quite described what rumbled deep in my guts when PBA was the subject.  Then, you wrote, "They are creatures so hideous that even HP Lovecraft couldn’t conceive of them." "Lovecraftian Horror."  That is what I have so longed to articulate WRT PBA. A horror so vile and twisted that to fully understand it is to become demented by it.  PBA is the product of a diseased mind.  To actually practice it is not only the snuffing out of innocent life, but is a direct assault on and an affront to our Western, Judeo-Christian values as well as all of the better angels of human nature.  Josef Mengele doesn't have anything on these guys. I despair for my country at times. - Jason” 

You know, Jason… I’m not even sure if that describes these monsters properly.  Nothing does.

Maha Ogre-San:  “As a rabid Beretta Cougar partisan, I was pleased to see the video link, but could not get it to work. Is the link still active?  Also, best wishes to your son on his apparently complete recovery.  Good boy!  Best, - Tim” 

Thanks Tim… Looks like the Cougar link is down.  I’m looking into it and will post a new one if I find it.  Stay tuned.

The mayor of Crawford, Texas is a complete idiot I don’t see him winning reelection.  Dumbass.  I don’t see how anyone with more than two brain cells to spark together can honestly be in support of Kerry.  I can see people voting against Bush – but they are not voting FOR Kerry.  How can you vote for him?  There is nothing there to vote for!  He is just a rich moron that has bought his way into Congress.  He has flipped flopped on damn near every issue… he spins faster than the cam shaft in my Bronco’s V-8!  He has voted against our best weapon systems that are now key to our military success!  I ask this of any and all Liberals or Kerry Supporters out there that are reading this – WHAT HAS KERRY DONE FOR AMERICA?  

And don’t give me Vietnam.  Don’t even go there.  He threw away his Vietnam service when he threw his medals.  He threw away Vietnam when he wrote his book about The New Soldiers.  He threw away Vietnam when he called his fellow soldiers war criminals.  He doesn’t get the honor of using Vietnam as a platform.   If he was Lt Col Hal Moore, then he could use it… but he was no Hal Moore.  Not even close.  Kerry was a reckless and careless low level officer that was danger to his own boat crew… and it’s also reported that he was also a coward that would run from an actual fight… so no, he was no Hal Moore.  

Some folks have asked how Pepper is doing here at Horde Headquarters, Ogre Manor.  She is doing very well.  At this moment she is sleeping across my feet after having eating a big breakfast of “Puppy Chow”.  She had a hell of a day yesterday.  The boys have created a game with her called “Pepper Ball” and they played that a lot yesterday.  Then she went to the park yesterday and chased the boys all around the joint.  This is a big park… huge… not as big as “Liberty Park” in SLC, but still huge.  Especially for a 9 week old pup.  So today she has been a bit lethargic.  She should spunk up after this nap.  I wish we had Ranger when he was this young… he could have been trainable then.  Ranger isn’t that trainable now… he is too wild.  Oh, he is a good dog, and makes for a great companion up in the mountains… but like me, he is unsuitable for polite company.


June 1st, Tuesday, 2004:  Evening:  "That cat is a complete idiot."  This story made me chuckle, and Ranger laughed his ass off.  At least this had a happy but wet ending.  

Partial Birth Abortions.  The most monstrous and disgusting procedure ever carried out under the banner of medical rights and freedoms.  Activist judges took up the bat to kill what Congress passed, a ban on PBA.   I find it completely asinine when they say that this ban limits the mother’s option of abortion.  As if 9 months isn’t long enough to mull over the matter… What is a mother to do if the baby “pops out” before she made up her mind?  She should still be able to make that choice right?  How about within the first 5 years, if Mom decides to abort, she should be able to go to the doctor with the toddling tissue in tow so the Doctor can “abort” the birth.  He can snip the spinal cord at the base of the neck with a pair of shears, then shove a vacuum tube into the base of the skull and suck the brains out of the “4th Trimester Fetus” and then toss the unwanted tissue in the red hazmat bucket.  Neat and clean like.  This will cause the mother no pain or discomfort and can be done as an outpatient treatment.  The mother can then go home, throw out all the diapers and the crib and the unwanted junk associated with long term partial births.   After all, this is all about HER rights.  Her comfort.  Her choice.  Right?  

Excuse me while I duct tape my skull to keep it from exploding, and projectile vomit out the window.   Evil fucking whores.  Women who chose this are evil fucking whores.  The doctors who do this are maniacs.  They are creatures so hideous that even HP Lovecraft couldn’t conceive of them.  Both parties should be prosecuted for Murder One. 

A fellow on The High Road mentioned that “Band Of Brothers” has spoiled war movies for him.  I have to agree.  While others are enjoyable and important films… none can match BoB for realism, significance, attention to detail, direction… everything.  Saving Private Ryan is the only thing even close, but even that isn’t in the same class as BoB.  We discovered 2 video tapes that contained the first 4 episodes.  Why we stopped taping the rest, I don’t know.  But yesterday and today I watched them… stunning work.  Perhaps the best EVER put to film.  More importantly it’s the men that they interviewed… the old guys you see talking.  These guys were the ones the film was all about.  They were “Easy Company”.  The story is a true story.  It’s amazing.  Memorial Day doesn’t seem so important to people anymore.  It’s just a day off work… or a weekend where they can go to a lake or something.  We take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy thanks to the blood, sweat, and tears of The Greatest Generation.  Remember it.  Teach your children about it.  Don’t forget it.

Working on some things, so blogging is light.  (trying to work on my book, but with kids at home, it gets difficult)




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