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Aug 5 2002, Monday:  Just ran to the Maverick (a 7-11 type joint) for a Mt Dew.  Mrs Ogre says I need to limit myself to just one a day... So I get a 64oz.  While I was out, an email came in that demands posting: "Ogre, first of all, thanks for pointing me in the direction of the CZ 52. At first I thought it was one of the butt-ugliest guns I had ever seen. Then I read some of the info on and decided I had to have it.  That thing is awesome, even if it has that cheesy, Soviet bloc look.  The other nice thing about it is it is a C & R, so I don't have to go through an FFL.  If you get one soon, please post your opinions on this gun.  Steve.  BTW, your site is great.”  Thanks for the email Steve, and the compliment about  You thought the 52 was ugly?  Well, I guess it is with it's odd angle grip.  Soviet weapons are a tad ugly and brutal, but they radiate Ogre Mojo.  They are simple in form and function - but work very very well.   I didn't know they are have C&R status.  That's cool.  That makes the CZ-52 even that much more sweet.  Yeah, FN was really forward thinking with the "Five-seveN". (What a dumbass name)  Made from 1952 to 1954 with production of about 250,000 units. The gun is only 150 bucks and will work just fine... just do not dry fire it.  A new firing pin is about 20 bucks and is easily swapped out.  Check out this page, where you will also find the CZ-52 manual in PDF format.  That page has everything you need for the 52.  And you don't need much.  But a shoulder holster would be nice.  Oh, they have that too.  How cool is that?  Nice, huh?  It's recommended that when you order your 52, to just order a firing pin as well... when you get them both, dry fire it until it breaks and then drop in that new pin.  The dry firing also helps smooth out the trigger some what.  I suggest also that while you have the 52 apart, you use an good spray cleaner to blast out all the old packing grease that is 50 years old.  After it's blasted clean, spray in some of the Breakfree CLP that comes in a spray can to make sure you get in all the parts for protection of the metal where you can see or get to.  Shake out the excess oil and then wipe of the friction bearing surfaces real well.  On those surfaces, smear on a healthy coating of Action Lube Plus.  Spectre gives us word that in the automotive section of Wally World, you can get a moly-grease that is about the same for 1/2 the price of ALP but in a giant bucket size.  After replacing that pin, and getting the lubrication squared away - that CZ-52 should serve you for a lifetime.  If they are as accurate as a Makarov, the gun is a true winner.  I'd love to see one used in a Bowling Pin shoot! "HA-HA!"

This is about as asinine as it can get.  LAX Security confiscates a little boys GI-JOE Doll's 2 inch plastic rifle.  I don't care what the rules are - that is bullshit.  People, it doesn't get any more retarded than that.  I mean, shit... If GI Joe is unarmed, who will protect us from COBRA?!?

We hear news that one of the Horde has suffered great loss.  Our faithful, Jim's father has passed away.  His pain is most great and our prayers are with him and his family. 

Email comes in from a new reader: "Mr Ogre, im a very young reader of your site, and I think its great. Although im not a big fan of cars I enjoy reading your other articles about guns and video games. I just wanted to suggest a really good video game, that, judging from your other preferred video games, you'd have a blast playing. Fallout tactics, a post nuclear squad based combat game. This game is really something else. It has an entire line up of real life weaponry and ammo but uses an RPG based system that lets you build and specify a squad with the weapons and skills you see fit. The other games in the fallout series were also extremely good too. All RPG's based in a setting after the world and most of its population have been decemated by nuclear weapons. With a great story and good gameplay, the fallout series probaly tops my video game charts. Not only that but I got fallout 1 & 2 for about 10$ (Its pretty old, so it's already hit the bargain corner). In my opinion its a really great series of games and worth giving a shot. - Chimera Warbringer" Okay, uh, Young Mr Warbringer... Actually I've played Fallout and Fallout 2.  I don't know what Fallout Tactics are... but I kinda had fun with FO2. While I enjoyed it, I think the games just not me.  I think Fallout 2 would have been much cooler as a first person game instead of a what it was.  I found it to be interesting, but ultimately tiresome. 

This is reason #653 as to Why I Own Guns. 

Being unemployed sucks.  Hopefully my stint will soon be over.  I think this little animation says it all.  It may be old news, but it remains somehow comforting.  This was made by that cat in the news that made fat bank on this little cartoon he does and got his unemployment checks yanks and the state demanding he pay it all back.  Well, he went to court and won.  He doesn't have to pay it back.  It wasn't all that Fat Bank as the media made it out to be.  Unemployment does spark some creativity.

Good Question came to me: "Ogre, you mention wanting a CZ-52.  The bullet it fires is small and fast.  Your a .45 guy.  What gives? - John"  Ouch.  Fair question.  I want a 52 for its penetration ability... ridiculous penetration.  It can punch through steel so cleanly, it looks like the hole was made by a drill.  You see, it goes back to Belgium and an outfit called FN.  FN made a gun called the "Five-seveN".  That handgun fires an angry little bottlenecked cartridge that is Armor Penetrating.  It was designed to defeat body armor.  Because of that, FN says "Military/Police ONLY".  That bugs me.  For that reason, I've wanted one simply for the fact that I can't have one.   However I can get a CZ-52 and give FN the finger and say "I can do that too!"  Not to mention the fact that the "Five-seveN" is easily the worlds most retarded looking handgun. The 52 is actually a good looking gun.  Sleek and kinda sexy.  I want one.  Only 150 bucks.  Why not?

FOX NEWS LIVE:  Just reported another bombing in Israel. This time with a twist.  The Palestinian assholes blew themselves up before they could drive the car out of the Palestinian district into an area with lots of Jews.  "HA-HA!"  That's funny.  NO VIRGINS FOR YOU! 

Last night I made dinner... a roast and potatoes and all that, but I decided to chunk the roast and it turned out like a giant stew.  So awesome.  I'm sitting here watching the clock waiting for lunch time so I can dig into the leftovers I have chilling in the fridge.  Ogre loves a good stew.  This is no secret.  I like good food - and while Mexican is a favorite... simple meals like a stew can be sublime.   And this one was.   I had the spices "just right".  Don't ask me how I did it - but it was alchemy.


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