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April 11th, 2004, Sunday:  1600hrs:  Thank you all for the support and love.  I don’t know what to say.  The Bride and I both feel it, and the littlest one feels it.   I just don't know what to say...  Thank you.

This little guy was such a trooper at the hospital.  The surgeon used a local and not a general anesthesia since he wanted to see symmetrical facial movement in the lips and eyebrow... so he would know there was no nerve damage… and this little guy just held still and let the doc do his thing.  He didn’t cry or anything.  After the operation the Doc was very impressed by both the depth of the wound, and my boy’s stout heart.  In fact after the operation when we were allowed back in the room and the Doc was watching him, he surprised everyone when we gave him a little easter basket and he sat up and exclaimed “That’s Awesome! I love it!”

We went to church today and offered many prayers of thanks.  This could have been life altering, but this little guy has bounced back completely.  There is still some recovery and healing that will go on – but this kid’s spirit hasn’t even been dented.  In spite of warning and admonitions to stay calm, he runs and laughs everywhere and is just unstoppable.  Here is a photo from a couple months ago.  He was making the same expression just a minute ago.  You can't keep him down.  I'm afraid he will be the death of me.

There was article in a Soldier of Fortune that my Dad was telling me about.  I don’t have a link to it or anything, but it called How Enron Worked the President.   Investigators have ascertained that: 

Enron's chairman did meet with the President and Vice President in the Oval Office.

Enron gave $420,000. to the president's party over three years.

Enron donated $100,000. to the president's inauguration festivities.

The Enron chairman stayed at the White House 11 times.

The corporation had access to the administration at its hightest levels and even enlisted the Commerce and State Departments to grease deals for it.

The taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank subsidized Enron for more than $600 million in just one transaction.

This is scandalous, but do not look for it on the evening news, because the president under whom all this happened was not George Bush, it was Bill Clinton!

Happy Easter to everyone. 


April 10th:  HELL.  Last night at about 6:30PM my littlest one got seriously hurt.  A long deep gash on the side of his face from near the eye down to near the ear.  An ambulance was called and he was transported to the ER.   I wasn’t there when it happened, I was out with one of my other boys and when we came home, there was my Mom in Law saying I needed to get to the ER.  She didn’t know what was going on, so I drove to the ER at MACH 7 in a panic.  (BTW the Bronco can be fast as hell when it needs to be) At the ER I got some bad news. 

The Doc there just couldn’t fix this because of the possibilities of nerve damage and facial paralysis… the told us to take him to Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC.  The local Doc called Primaries and lined up specialists and a plastic surgeon.  4 hour drive was made in 2:45.  At 5AM the Specialist and his team was done… and my little trooper was going to be just fine.  They sewed up 3 major layers and put him back together better than I could have ever hoped.   We got a hotel at 6 AM near by and slept for awhile.  

We are home now… physically and emotionally exhausted – so much so the Bride and I feel ill.  My little trooper is doing better than we are right now.  He’s happy and feeling fine.  So here we are – 24 hours later and numb.  It’s over.  Well… not completely over.  We have to go back out for a follow up on Wed and then the bills for this will be coming in.  I don’t have health insurance – so this is going to be a blow to the nuts financially.  But we will manage.  We always do.   

I got a bit of the 9-11 Hearings this morning.  Condi Rice was still in the hot seat and they brought out some partisan hack biatch named Gorelick to grill her.  Gorelick’s questions were not questions to find the truth of anything – not to find where anything went wrong – it was all election year political grandstanding aimed to make it sound like the Democrats had “Terrorism” under control until George W Bush took office. 

Gorelick (and what a fitting name, no?) was smug and arrogant and just needed a good slap across the face.  Rice gave that to her in a very calm and collected way… Rice was awesome.  Patient as an Oak, and completely unflappable.  Those years earning her stack of degrees totally paid off.   

The Republican commissioner that questioned Rice after Gorelick was pretty cool.  He was tossing them up for Rice to bat outta the ball park and she was NAILING them.  Babe Ruth would have been proud.  These 9-11 hearings are a joke… A way to get the American Voter to think that Democrats are better at protecting America.  Like most things the Democrats have been doing lately – it’s blowing up in their faces and going against them.  The Republicans don’t have to worry about attacking the Left, because the Left is doing it to them selves. 

Gorelicks last question about the PDB and the statements that Bush’s directive was to eliminate the “AL-Ky-Duh”… but the PDB said “Al-Ky-Duh Threat” and that’s a different thing than just eliminating “Al-Ky-Duh”.   Well, to a clueless bitch looking for any way to spin “nuance” – maybe it would be different.  But to The Horde and the US Military – it means the same thing.  You shoot the threat in the fucking head until it stops being a threat.  There you go.  No more threat.  How much more nuance do you need? 

You could argue 9MM Gold Dots vs .45 Hydra Shoks if you like.

Kerry’s newest ploy is fiscal responsibility.  This would be a good platform to run on… for anyone except a pathetic tax and spend Liberal Democrat.  From that side of the isle, such a platform holds absolutely no weight.  It’s like eating tomato soup with a fork.  It just doesn’t work.   I don’t know what I would do if I was Kerry… but I think any or all of Kerry’s voter appeal isn’t going to come from Kerry or what people are telling Kerry to say.  It’s not going to come from the Black churches that he has been attending either.    I saw a photo of Kerry at such a service and he looks like he is laughing and there are a bunch of big mommas looking at him with a look like “What’s with this Cracker?”  So I know that game isn’t working for him.  What would?   Perhaps inviting Hillary to run as VP?  Or Al Gore?  I don’t know.  Maybe Dean?  Whatever he does… he can’t pick a guy that makes sense like Miller or Lieberman.  That would be too rational of a choice.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked Ted Kennedy.  Let’s look at Kerry’s Fiscal Responsibility ploy… Benedict Arnold companies… but not Heinz… are going to be punished through taxes.  He is going to repeal the Bush Tax Cut.  Then he is going to raise taxes in general, and raise taxes on gasoline by 50 Cents a gallon.   Is this his Fiscal Responsibility?  Maybe if you were running ENRON.   Because whatever that does – it certainly isn’t fiscally responsible… it’s fiscal seppuku.  Not cool at all.  Kerry would kill the US economy within the first year.  Jobs will be lost as companies fold left and right and everything the US Consumer buys and lives on – like food – will be more and more expensive.  Does that sound good?   If you’re a guy like me – that’s fine.  I can hunt.  If you’re a city dweller – you’re going to be totally fucked.


April 8th, Thursday, 2004:  1400hrs:  I had some really weird email issues… Started yesterday morning.  All server end stuff.  So if you have emailed me at all yesterday and I have not responded – that’s why.

I have been listening to Rush this morning talk about Rice’s testimony.  I thought he was having a joygasm over it.  Justifiable.  Rice blasted the commission and tore it a new one.  Especially Kerry.   They really shouldn’t have requested her to testify live.  They completely underestimated her… kinda like walking up to a Kodiak bear and poking at it with a stick.   

D’OH!  I screwed up.  I ordered some screws for the Marlin to replace the large scope base screws with small flush screws to fill the holes.   Well evidently I only ordered 1 screw and not a set of 4.  Damn it.  Well, looking at the one screw I can see ordering them was a good idea.  Now I have to place the order for the other 3.  I have to admit that I have often overlooked “long brown guns” for years because I’ve been primarily interested in black tactical rifles.  Well, my search for the idea truck gun for my Bronco had me looking at so many rifles that my appreciation for the long brown guns has been rekindled.  I especially like the older guns.    This doesn’t mean I no longer like the viciousness that a good tactical rifle can give you.  I do.  But there is something that these guns don’t have that wood stocked rifles do have.  

Speaking of rifles I was asked my take about the XM-8.  I’ve mentioned it before.  I am all for switching over to it.  However I only have one hesitation, and that’s its caliber.  5.56MM is a squirrel rifle cartridge and I don’t care what the AR-15 Bevets say about it… 5.56MM is the same fucking thing as .223.  You can fire .223 in a 5.56MM chambered gun, and you can fire 5.56MM in a .223 chambered gun.  I don’t want to hear other wise, because I’ve done it thousands of time.  I suppose you are going to say the same thing about 9MM Parabellum and 9MM Lugar too.  Well, maybe there was a difference at a time… maybe monkeys will fly out of my ass too.   .223 rolled out as damned squirrel rifle cartridge.  .30-06, .308… those are battle rifle cartridges.  .223 isn’t.  Rolling out the XM-8 in 556223 wouldn’t really get us anywhere other than a more reliable rifle.  We also need more power.  The XM-8 has a much shorter barrel than the M-16.  This means that the weak cartridge’s power is going to be even weaker.  A new cartridge is required.  There are two possibilities in a 6.8MM or 6.5MM cartridge.  Either one of these would be much better than what we have now.  If we don’t adopt one of these rounds… we might as well not bother with going to the XM-8.  BTW, total cost to refit everyone in the military with an XM8 – less than one landing gear off a V-22.  

Oh, while we are talking about this subject... the Magic Bullet article has been properly updated.

LDS Church President Hinckley’s wife passed away.  I had the chance to bodyguard her for a short time, and I was honored to do so.  She was a sweet woman.    My condolences to President Hinckley.  

John F’ing Kerry has always seemed so familiar to me.  He is so insane… I just knew I’ve seen him before… I just couldn’t place him.  Then the realization hit me.  He is the Mad Hatter.  He is in his own reality where typical logic and reason just doesn’t apply.  The French love Kerry and say he has nuance.  Well WTF do the French know?  They love Jerry Lewis too.  


April 7th, Wednesday, 2004:  1100hrs:  Judas Priest!  I said I don’t like Pit Bulls, and you would have thought I had said I was voting for Kerry or some shit!  Talk about reactions to a post!  Sheesh!  Everyone has there own opinions about things… even me.  As much as you have a right to love your Pit Bulls, I have every right to dislike the breed.   Sorry.  I don’t like AR-15’s either… so there you go… AR-15s, Pit Bulls, Mini Vans, Cell Phones, Liberals, and France.  Okay?  You got me.   Say Uncle takes me to task about it.  Funny how some of the comments are “If you don’t like them, don’t buy one”.  That’s something we can agree on right there. 

Fatal dog attack stats

Pit Bull and Pit-bull-type dogs (21%), Mixed breed dogs (16%),Rottweilers (13%), German Shepherd Dogs (9%), Wolf Dogs (5%), Siberian Huskies (5%), Malamutes (4%), Great Danes (3%), St. Bernards (3%), Chow Chows (3%), Doberman Pinschers (3%), other breeds & non-specified breeds (15%).

Say Uncle does have a point about something he said regarding the numbers of ownerships. Wolf Dogs are not as common as Pits.  Then again neither are Chows and Saints.  The highest numbers are in Pits and Pit-type, Mixed breeds, and Non-Specified breeds.  Mostly dogs that have had little care or training.  Training is important.  However my case against Pits comes from a lot more personal witnessing than what I want to publish on my site.  Wasn’t it a Pit-Bull that was on that Discovery Channel show about Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers and they mentioned that one of his Pits attacked and killed the other Pit?  I wish they kept tabs on ankle bites from Shit-zoos, Taco Dogs, and other below the knee little dogs.   Annoying as these yapping lap dogs might be… this is totally out of order.   Okay – enough about the dogs!  No more!

Email from a Horde Member in South Africa:  “Oh Mighty Mad Ogre: I've been trying to acquire a Tom Brown Tracker Knife (after all "The Hunted" hype) for the past 6 months, but have recently given up that quest considering the problems in importing the knife to South Africa.  My first love has always been the Rekat Hobbit and I mourn the company's demise - and with it all my dreams of ever owning a Hobbit.   I have been a folding blade enthusiast for the past 9 years, but have recently become infatuated with fixed blades, acquiring a CRKT First Strike in the process.  The CRKT First Strike has only managed to appease my lust for about 5 weeks, now I'm on the hunt for either a KaBar Warthog or USMC.  I noticed that your choice in knives is impeccable - I myself have carried a twin set of Spyderco Renegades (which I acquired on a trip to New Orleans early last year) for many months, while my wife has commandeered my Merlin and carries it everywhere.  With regard to my quest for a KaBar Warthog (or possibly even a USMC) - could you please advise me.  I have tried to ascertain the blade thickness but nobody can help me.  I'm essentially looking for the equivalent of a crowbar or spanner that just happens to have a knife-edge, something robust, easily field sharpened and something that will withstand abuse and serve the purpose of a fixed blade fighting/combat knife capable of slashing and power-assist stabbing. Preferable high carbon steel and not brittle.  Would the Warthog suite my requirements?  Rustim South Africa”  Keep your eye on Ebay.  I found my warthog there.  I don’t have it anymore, but I do remember it having some good heft to the blade.  You might be better served with a knife from Strider or Tops.  They are both really burly.   If you don’t mind the blade shape, the Recon Tanto from Cold Steel is an excellent field knife.  The blade has some thickness to it and if you buy a factory second you can get them pretty cheap.  My RT is a 2nd, and other than the “2” stamped on the butt, you couldn’t tell it was a 2nd.    This is my chore knife.  Use it for opening paint cans, clearing brush, taking out sentries, chopping vegetables, making kindling, carving roast beast.   It’s one of the best “Do Everything” knives I’ve ever had and considering the cost, I’m not afraid of actually using it.   I’ve been rough with it.  Still sharp.  Ebay is the way to go if you can.  Ebay sellers don’t really worry about importation regulations and will just box and ship an item right out.  My wife has laid claim to two Spydercos… a Wegner Jr and Rookie… so I feel your pain.   The loss of REKAT is indeed a blow.  I’d like to see another knife company crank out some of those REKAT designs.

Email from a Canadian Horde Member:  “Hi Ogre I am long time Canadian reader, love the Blog. Normally I just lurk but as the election rhetoric heats up I just can't stay quiet.  I think theoretically the USA is paradise, you constitution guarantees freedom and opportunity for everyone, it enshrines the basic rights for Capitalism to flourish. Capitalism guarantees everyone will be rewarded as their ability and effort deserves. Unfortunately YOU (the American citizen) have through voter apathy allowed all those rights to be trampled and now are beginning to spiral down into a socialist welfare state, like the rest of the western world.  Please educate yourselves on your loss of rights and do something about it.  Choose candidates that support a return to you constitutional roots such as Congressman Ron Paul and even take a look at the Libertarian Party (, enough grass roots support will turn them into a viable third party.  Please make America great again.  Ed”  I have to agree, Ed.  Apathy has put a strangle hold on American Politics.  Voter turn out has been disgustingly low for decades.  However the 2000 Election really taught us a lesson… Later this year we will see if that lesson was taken to heart.  That lesson was that our individual votes really DO matter.  We also saw how low the Democrats are willing to go to maintain control.  Filing suits and ordering repeated recount after recount and each time Bush won… but according to the Democrats because the Supreme Court told them to knock it off, they truly believe Bush stole the election.  That circus was so pathetic… but what made it so pathetic was all the voters that just stayed home!  GET OUT AND VOTE!   As for the Libertarians, I can’t align myself with them.   I don’t see them as viable.  They are way too extreme on too many issues for me.  The Republicans are closer to what I believe (If I can say that without seeming too much like a Rush Ditto Head or something)  but I’m not even a Republican.  I can’t stand with any party because I don’t like any Party.  George Washington warned us against political parties in his farewell address, and I agree with him. 

Email from Tasos:  “Hi from Athens again, I have news to share. Remember what I mentioned about the police rejecting twice (unjustifiably) the purchase of a .22 conversion kit for my CZ? It came down to this: I called my lawyer who called the police and demanded to know (in the form of an official written report) why my rights were to gun ownership were violated. Some guy gave her the usual BS.  Two days later she called the head of the department and explained that she REALLY NEEDED to have that statement in order to present it to Court when we sue them. Miracle. Police officer calls me today in a cheerful tone of voice and says that my permit is granted and I can go to the department and do the paperwork in order to finally buy the damned slide.  Now I believe in the Easter Bunny!!!  By the way, the slide release on the CZ gave up on last weekend. At 12000 rounds it is the first major part that fails. I am aware of this design weakness and had a spare in stock. – Tasos”  That's some good news.  Funny how the threat of legal action can make things happen.  .22's are so fun, I just love them.  I had overlooked them for years.  Once you get the kit and get out to use it, you’ll find that the wait was worth it.  12000 rounds?  That's not too bad at all.  Such a small, cheap part so easily replaced - that's nothing to worry about.  CZ guns are fantastic... but I am still waiting for them to make a compact version of the CZ-97B. Make it with a PO-1 style frame, with a 3.5 or 4 inch barrel... That would be my ticket.   Happy Easter to you and yours, Tasos.

Speaking of Easter… the Easter Bunny is here.  Yesterday Mrs. Ogre brought home a cute little white fluffy bunny to feed to Ranger for one of our son’s birthday yesterday.  I like animals… but damn… a Rabbit?  WTF?  That’s not a pet.  It’s a meal! 

Oh shit… now I’m going to get emails from the Bunny Brigade!  All the readers out there that own rabbits and have all these heart warming stories about them… Look - I don't want to hear about it. 

In the weapons section I have an article called “Magic Bullets”.  This article is not about magic, but about what a bullet does to stop a bad guy.  I list 4 ways that this happens.  Well, there is a 5th, and I’ll be updating that article with this 5th Element this evening.  Thanks to Horde Member Ancient for this information that I have to admit – that I completely overlooked:

“Just reading your Magic Bullets page, about the 4 ways a bullet kills someone.  I think you could name a fifth: Denial of oxygen to the brain.  Cerebral Anoxia and Hypoxia.

Also contained herein: an addendum to CNS injury, some interesting facts about your heart and blood, and an extremely fun description of hydraulic cavitation.

Found these on the subject of Anoxia/Hypoxia and your heart:

I submit this as number 5 because it’s different from system-wide hydraulic failure.  You aren’t necessarily bleeding the target out, or ever even inducing Hypovolemic or Hemorrhagic shock.  The brain uses about a fifth of the body’s oxygen supply.  Cut off or even restrict it, and he can die with most of his blood still in his veins and arteries.  That’s what we hunters try to do with every big-game shot.

There are two—well, three main ways to accomplish this cerebral anoxia/hypoxia.

The third, which I almost didn’t mention, is to pinch off the carotid arteries.  There’s one on either side of the neck, and if your grip is on target, the subject passes out in seconds.  Cerebral anoxia.  Denial of oxygen-bearing blood to the brain.  If you continue to hold, he eventually dies.  But the unconsciousness is, literally, seconds away.  But that’s a hand-to-hand move.  If you have a knife, you can stab him in his carotids, instead.  This causes both anoxia and system-wide hydraulic failure (hypovolemic shock).  Which one kills him first will be a toss-up, but he’ll loose consciousness in seconds.  See, the carotids are two of the main branches of blood flow from the heart, so he’ll be pumping his blood directly out of his body.  At the same time, that blood isn’t reaching his brain, so it’s dying of anoxia.  He goes unconscious from the anoxia, and then that and hypovolemic shock are in a race to kill him.


Some facts:

  • The average adult contains about 5 liters of blood.
  • The average healthy heart, running an average 75bpm, pumps about 4 to 5 liters per minute.
  • That’s means the whole blood content of your body circulates completely just under once per minute.
  • Under stress or during exercise, the blood-flow can be quadrupled, to between 15 and 20 liters per minute.
  • A man in a fight, with his carotid artery cut, is, whether he likes it or not, going to be doing his darndest to pump out his own life’s blood as fast as he can.  One minute, maybe two, to congestive heart failure, through just one hole in one carotid artery.  A true spray.


Second, and far easier than an attack on the carotids is to is to simply shoot the man through the heart.  This is what hunters try to do with big game.  Destroy the heart, and it stops pumping.  Blood flows for another second or so on momentum alone, and then it comes to rest, and even begins draining toward the lowest end of the body.  Which is the opposite end from the head.  Again, the brain needs continuous oxygen to function.  All metabolic processes in the human body begin with ATP, and ATP is produced via the Krebs Cycle, which is essentially the controlled burning (oxidizing) of carbohydrates.  No oxygen, no Krebs Cycle, no ATP, no cellular function, no brain function.  Stopping the heart is the fastest kill possible, save for the destruction of the Medulla Oblongata.  Stop the heart, and the subject will usually fall where he stands.  Full death in seconds.


          A note to your readers regarding CNS injuries: they will not stop the heart.  That’s the other thing to be aware of regarding spinal shots.  Even without nervous input, the heart will continue to beat, thanks to God’s miracle, the Sinus Node.  The Sinus Node is a point at the top of the heart where an electrochemical impulse begins in the muscle cells, causing them to contract.  The impulse cascades down heart from there, causing all the other cells to act likewise.  Thump.  The heart beats.  The Sinus Node is not a thing, not visible or recognizable.  It is just a place.  No one, to my knowledge, knows exactly what makes it work.  It generally does its thing on command from the CNS, but it will continue to generate its cascading signal even without that input.  This is the grain of truth behind legends of hearts beating after being ripped out of bodies, as in “Temple of Doom.”  The ramifications of this capability should be obvious.  The heart is a trooper.  It will keep fighting, even when all its comrades lie dead or dying around it.  And it has won many Alamo-type situations, thanks to that fighting spirit.  It might just keep you alive, all on its own, long enough for the paramedics to arrive.  Or, it might keep your foe conscious just long enough to get off one last shot.


First, and easiest, is the lung-shot, which causes cerebral hypoxia.  Hypoxia is Anoxia’s twin sister.  Anoxia is the restriction of blood flow; hypoxia is free blood flow carrying restricted quantities of oxygen.  The brain continues to pump blood to the brain, but the blood it pumps is oxygen-poor.  Why?  Because your target is drowning.  You won’t know it, save for a little bubble or trickle of blood at his lips, perhaps, but his lung (or lungs, if you’re good) are filling up with his own blood, if those lungs even still exist.  All the blood in the world won’t do you any good if it’s not carrying oxygen.  As with a the carotid artery puncture, hydraulic failure is not far behind, for the lungs are by necessity one of the most bloody parts of the body, since surface-area is a major factor in transporting oxygen into the blood.  Death from a lung shot, depending on severity, can be almost as quick as a heart shot.  A rifle bullet or high-energy projectile of any sort can cause the lung to disintegrate via cavitation (see below), but even a simple hole in a lung will bleed hard and fast.  Mid to high holes are better for this because they bleed down into the rest of the lung.  It fills up with blood, which is just like filling up with water.  An exploded lung will kill in seconds.  A filling lung might take longer, but will still take only a fraction of the time required to actually bleed someone into Hypovolemic Shock with a liver shot or something of the sort.

All in all, it’s just another case for Center Mass.  While a shot to the Medulla Oblongata is instant death, a shot to the heart is almost as fast—indeed, just as fast, in practical terms.  Lungs are close behind.  A good side-on with a rifle will pass through one lung, through the heart, and through the other lung before exiting.  Any one of those brings near-instant unconsciousness, if not near-instant brain death.  So, yeah, aim for his heart.  “Aim small, miss small,” goes the “Patriot” quote.  Aim at the heart, and if you miss, you hit the lungs.  Any of them will cause cerebral anoxia/hypoxia and almost instant incapacitation.


I mentioned “cavitation” above.  In the interests of general education and the dissemination of information, I’ll give it a few words as well.  What I’m referring to is specifically “Hydraulic Cavitation,”


First, Newtonian physics:  A moving mass hits a relatively (it’s ALL relative, after all) stationary mass.  The stationary mass is, of course, happy where it is, thanks to Inertia (God rest ye, Newton).  However, the moving mass has momentum, another kind of Inertia, and insists that the stationary mass “Get out of the way!”  Well, for the stationary mass to vacate, it must acquire some kinetic energy.  It gets this energy from the object that is striking it.  The amount of energy transferred depends on the masses involved, as well as some variables such as elasticity and friction, and of course the actual amount of energy the moving mass starts with.  Basically, it takes more energy to move a bigger object.  So if the stationary mass is huge and the moving mass is tiny, the stationary mass will “stop” the moving mass.  Splat.  Like a meteor hitting the earth.  Of course, nothing is absolute.  The stationary mass will move a little, but in the case of the meteor and the earth, the difference in the earth’s velocity isn’t enough to notice.  If on the other hand, the moving mass is huge and the stationary mass is tiny, the moving mass may not even slow down to a noticeable degree, but the stationary mass will suddenly take on a great deal of velocity.  You’ll see this if you ever see someone (a person, a deer, a dog) get hit by a car.  The car hardly seems to notice.  But the poor victim notices.  The victim does NOT plaster to the front of the car.  Rather, the victim launches, suddenly taking on a velocity even greater than car had when it hit.  Hence the “flying thirty feet through the air” part of most car-vs-pedestrian encounters.


Yeah, anyway, hope you followed that.


So, bullet vs you.  Bullet hits your flesh.  Your flesh would rather sit still, but the bullet is very insistent.  “Incoming fire has the right of way,” is another quote on M. Ogre’s site.  So after a brief (read: instantaneous) resistance, the flesh at the point of contact gives way.  No, I take that back: it FLIES away.  But the bullet is fast, man.  Real fast.  And soft tissue (brain, guts, and the like—all 70+% water) isn’t much of a resisting force.  So the bullet and the leading edge of the shock-wave it created on impact travel together through the body.  The shockwave trails out in a wide cone behind the projectile (like the fire coming off the nose of an Orbiter on reentry).  But wait, that shock-wave-cone-thing is the actual tissue from the point of impact, still moving away from the bullet.  So what about the other tissue it hits along the way?  Well, the tissue compresses as much as it can.  But tissue is, again, seventy-something percent water.  Water is liquid.  Liquid is a “compressed state.”  Unlike a gas, a liquid is a small as it can get, molecularly speaking.  The molecules simply can’t get any closer together, unless you’re measuring on a minute scale and super-cooling the liquid.  Which we’re not.  In fact, we’re heating the liquid.  Because what energy the bullet imparted to the flesh that couldn’t be immediately turned into motion was turned into heat instead.  And the bullet is hot to begin with, because it was propelled by an explosion.  So that’s just one other factor AGAINST compression of the tissue.


So where does this flesh, being bulldozed as it is by other flesh, go?  Well, find a man who’s been shot in the front, and take a look at his back, and then you tell me.  That cantaloupe-sized hole is there for a reason.


Okay, so we have a cone-shaped bulldozing effect.  But if that’s the original flesh from the point of impact, pushing outward, then what’s inside the cone?  Nothing.  It’s empty.  There isn’t even any air there.  The bullet is moving too fast for air molecules to stay filled in behind it.  See, they had their own inertia.  Then the bullet came whipping through, pushing them away to the side rather harshly.  The air molecules are still moving OUT after the bullet passes.  It takes them a moment to slow down and reverse course, to fill in where the bullet went through.  Same with slightly-compressed soft tissue.  That original mass of flesh is slowing down, because it’s running into all of the other flesh in the affected area and transferring its energy.  So the shockwave is now no longer pushing like a bulldozer, but passing from cell to cell like a true wave.  Like a seismic wave travels through the ocean.  But fear not, you still get your explosive exit wound.  After all, that seismic wave ends in a tsunami when it hits the shore, even if those water molecules aren’t the same ones it started in.  So, yeah, that original mass of flesh is slowing down, but it hasn’t stopped yet, and it certainly hasn’t reversed course to fill in the hole.  But it’s about to.


You see, that flesh is feeling a pull from behind.  This can be compared to the blow-back in a high-heat explosion.  Remember those images of early nuke tests?  The initial shockwave goes by, and then the wind starts blowing TOWARD the epicenter, because the heat at the center has caused the air there to shoot up into a mushroom cloud, leaving a void that has to be filled.  Well, in the case of your bullet, the shockwave itself caused the void.


Ladies and gentlemen, that void is what we officially call the Cavity.  Hence “Cavitation.”  The Cavity is a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum, so it tries to fill this vacuum with whatever is nearby.  Air flows in from the entry-wound, but most of all, soft tissue, having offloaded the kinetic energy of the shockwave to the next layer of cells, falls back into its original place.  Except it doesn’t fall, it surges.  This in itself can happen with an almost explosive force, causing a little bit of spray forward, toward the entry wound, and adding to the explosion that’s currently taking place at the point of exit.


So what is the final effect of all this?  Well, the flesh of your brain just vacated a volume the size of a plum (or even larger) and then refilled it, in a tiny fraction of a second, probably at supersonic speeds.  Complex molecular structures such as those that form cells simply can not stand up to this kind of abuse.  The bonds that hold cells to each other to form coherent tissues are even weaker.  The result is that what flows back into the gap—as well as all soft tissue anywhere nearby that got pounded and compressed and generally abused by the passing shock-wave—is no longer tissue at all, but rather what those in the business call “soup.”  It’s just assorted liquids, with a few bits of tattered, barely coherent flesh suspended within.


My 6mm did this to one entire lung of a Tennessee whitetail deer.  I found some of that lung along the blood trail, mixed in with the blood itself.  There were a few recognizable chunks, but the rest of the lung tissue was completely pulverized.  A high-energy bullet to the head will destroy most of the brain in the same way.


What does this mean for you shooters?  Well, it means “If you can choose what to bring to a gun fight, bring a rifle, and bring friends with rifles.”  Pistols rarely deliver enough energy to cause cavitation.  You can shoot a man in the head, and he just might live, all though he might be a changed man afterwards, either because of the psychological trauma or because you remapped the synapses that determine his personality (yes, your personality IS a mapping of synaptic links across the brain).  All you’ve done is make a hole.  However, shoot a man in the head with a rifle cartridge (even a 5.56 NATO Ball, if the range is under a hundred yards or so, though bigger holes are still better holes), and you’ve made a soup out of everything inside his skull.


Indeed, Cavitation is one of the main reasons why Michael Lee Platt was able to kill as many FBI officers as he did on April 11th of 1986 after already taking a supposedly mortal bullet wound in his chest.  The FBI were using pistols.  Platt had a Mini-14.  Cavitation is the reason rifles stop the target when pistols can’t.  Cavitation and the fact that rifle bullets go through Kevlar on a regular basis.  If you want to stop a rifle bullet, you have to try harder.


Well, hope you enjoyed that.  Keep in mind none of it is the product of expertise, but rather self-education and a doctor dad.  — Ancient”

Well, that’s about all the time I have right now… I have to finish my research paper and review it and grade it myself.  This is going to be difficult, but because I’m so fucking brilliant I can see a good grade there.


April 6th, Tuesday, 2004:  0900hrs:  Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday.  But I have some good news.  Two papers for the class that has been giving me shit-fits all semester both earned max points possible!  YEAH!  The tests have a class average of 60%... so while you might be doing fine according to “The Curve” but you just think you suck.  I mean come on, the highest score out of the whole class for one of the tests was 71% WTF?  Does wonders for your self esteem.  I have been nailing 60 to 65% consistently because I find it impossible to study for these complete bullshit tests because there are more sources to look at than there are questions in the test.  You have 15 minutes to answer 20 questions.  Yet to study for that test takes all fucking day and you have to look at shit all over the internet.  Once you start taking it – that’s it.  15 minutes for those 20 questions.  If you run out of time… you’re done.  But nailing these papers really helps out the grades here.  Not sure what I’m getting for the course, but It shouldn’t be too bad now.

Check this out.  Mom Ambushes her Ranger Son in Iraq.  Moms are so cool. 

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a gottamned pirate and should be treated as such.  My feelings on this matter are pretty damn harsh.  Too harsh for even  Let’s just say it involves this.  Fuck this guy.

I had posted something from Misha, with credit of course and a link back.  The article was a description by an attending nurse of a partial birth abortion.  I’ll not repost that.  It was horrid… absolutely monstrous.  Well, in my mind all abortion is horrid.  I don’t like it, I’m sorry.  If you don’t want the baby, put it up for adoption.  But you don’t kill it just because you were a fucking idiot.  England is doing something rather rash, but educational.  I think this is a good thing.  I got a lot of hate-mail about that abortion description… saying that it was a nice work of fiction and I was spreading lies.  Unfortunately I wasn’t lying, and the nurse wasn’t lying.  She just said what she watched.  I don’t think I could have stood there and watched it.  I think I would have punched the doctor right in the chops before he could have harmed that infant.  INFANT – not FETUS… Not “mother’s tissue”… INFANT.  Those doctors that do partial birth abortions are not better than this person.    I don’t think England is going to televise a partial birth abortion… I don’t think snuff films are legal over there.   

I hate Pit Bulls.  I really do.  Pit Bulls are nasty creatures.  Might as well have a pet fucking alligator.    These things should not be pets.  I don’t care what people say about them being nice.  That’s what they all say after the dog snaps and eats someone.  A stray Pit Bull around my house will become a dead Pit Bull collar or no.      

Horde Member Heartless Libertarian has finally been convinced to open his own blog.  He is off to a good start!  Bookmark this one.

I'll be back later with some more stuff.  Lots of stuff going on.  Getting ready for finals and all that jazz. 

April 4th, Sunday, 2004:  Did some shooting today.

April 3rd, Saturday, 2004: 1900hrs: Two things came for me today…

1.  A game called “CALL OF DUTY” that I have played like non-stop for 3 damn hours… crickey that’s a damn good game!  More on that later.  (Quick update... finished it on the easiest setting. Very well done.  Now going back to do it on "Regular") 

2.  A Marlin 336CS .30-30.  It came in better shape than what I was expecting… wood only has a couple marks in it.  Which is nothing since I have plans for the wood.  Other than that, the rifle is just like new.  Nice.  When I picked up the rifle, I picked up 2 boxes of ammo for it.  Winchester CXP2, in 150 grains and 170 grains.  I was thinking about the Remington stuff… but the Winchester stuff as proven it’s self to be better in other calibers so I went with it.  The rifle came with see-through scope rings which came off as soon as I got home.  The 336Y would have been 4 inches shorter and 5 rounds in the tube instead of 6.  Would that have been much of a difference?  In capacity, not really because I can load +1 should I be entering harms way… but that 4 inches of length does make a difference in maneuvering.  Not much, but a difference none the less.  Still, considering everything altogether, I think this is going to make a fine truck-gun.   If it wasn’t already getting dark, I’d be hitting the hills and finding its zero with each load.  As it stands now, I anxiously await the dawn.  Thankfully I have Call of Duty to hold my attention… ah… no… scratch that.  I still have my paper to finish.  Oh, wait… not due until tomorrow night.  Call of Duty it is!  

1130hrs This morning I got an email from my mother.  Mom and Dad are looking into buying body armor for my brothers who are getting ready to deploy.  They are with their unit today getting the shots and filling out the proper forms.  I searched for the armor that was approved and found how much it is and how to get it… I also found some good goggles for them to protect their eyes from blowing sand and debris. Wiley X SG-1’s… very nice.  Thanks to John F’ing Kerry who voted no, after he voted yes… if we want my brothers to have body armor – we have to buy it.  At almost 2 grand a pop, this is expensive indeed.  So, thank you very much you motherfucking assclown, John Fucking Kerry.  I hate you with a bitterness most exquisite… just saying your name is like vomiting bile. 

“Ogre: The Fallujah incident strikes unexpectedly close to home for me. One of the guys that was killed was Michael Teague. It may be coincidence, but I served as a supply jerk in the 1st Ranger Bn. at the same time as  a Michael Teague. this guy would have been there about the same time. I knew Mike only on sight. We'd say 'hello' when we saw each other but that's it. Still, I feel this weird sense of mourning and a desire to see Fallujah turned into a radioactive obsidian parking lot. If the liberals had even vestigial testicles, they'd see that the only way out of Iraq is over the dead bodies of the terrorists. –Ed”

“I'm contemplating whether this cause is worth some of my money.  If they succeed, I wonder if the media will report it?  And I wonder why Team W isn't making an issue of this?  The firearms lawsuit/Kennedy AP Ammo/Feinstein AWB mess was the first thing Kerry's voted on all year.  I'm going to guess that the fetal  murder bill was the second, given that the Dems are basically slaves to NARAL.  Must be great being a Senator.  Skip work 60% of the time, and not only keep your job, but still get paid, too. – Hearless Libertarian.”   If this goes after Kerry, I’ll donate every penny I can.  

Heartless Libertarian sends this as well:  A teacher in a small Vermont town asks her class how many of them are John Kerry fans. Not really knowing what a John Kerry fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raise their hands except one boy. The teacher asks Johnny why he has decided to be different.

Johnny says, "I'm not a John Kerry fan."

The teacher says, "Why aren't you a John Kerry fan?"

Johnny says, "I'm a George Bush fan."

The teacher asks why he's a George Bush fan. The boy says, "Well, my mom's a George Bush fan and my dad's a George Bush fan, so I'm a George Bush fan!"

The teacher is kind of angry, because this is Vermont, so she asks, "What if your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?"

Johnny says, "That would make me a John Kerry fan."

The evil Christmas elf that I couldn’t think of the other day… James Carville.  Thanks Phil… Yeah, that’s the bastard right there.  The butt-weasel.

After reading my suggestion for dealing with Fullujah, Andy sends us this: “No, no, this is how it should be done- The military commander should bring in all the civil and religious leaders from that area and announce that if one more American is killed, no matter how, everyone in the town will be rounded up and packed into trucks, the town leveled and turned into dust and the people driven to the Shiite towns and released. I'm sure that the Shiite's would be happy to entertain their Sunni oppressors from Saddam's time in power. This should happen in every Sunni Triangle town until peace is restored or the parking lot becomes too large.”   Not bad… not bad.  Not quite violent enough for me… but subtle.


April 2nd, Friday, 2004:  2230hrs:  Seems like Kos is pretty much on the way out Good riddance.  Got this bit of information from Tacitus.   Excellent news.  “Kos had his Dean Scream”… excellent again.  Funny how it was probably him that told Dean to scream in the first place. 

Not all psychologists are Nucking Futs but this one is.

1300hrs: Email from a long time reader: “Dear Mad One, I have read your blog since 2000.  I am  a Registered Democrat and  like your stuff tremendously, the previous posts where directed at liberals.  My Grandfather was a liberal… he volunteered for fighting in Spain, against Franco and after Pearl Harbor, two days after Pearl Harbor he volunteered for the Navy, doesn't sound like a namby pamby softy.  Maybe it's the Jane Fonda Liberals that believe that their movies are realistic enough, or the demented Berkley freaks that call our armed forces "baby killers" that give real open minded tolerant people who have no preconceived notions. - Steven”    Your Grandfather was liberal when being a Liberal meant a whole other thing.   You guys sound more like the Zell Miller sort of Democrats… the dying breed of Democrat that makes sense and has a moral compass to follow… Miller and Lieberman… guys like this should still be at your party’s core and the kooks like Gore, Clark, Dean… and Kerry… should be the fringe black sheep of the party.  Yet they have taken it over and in doing so, have distanced themselves from the reality of the American working class and the American way of life.  Tell me, Steven, how do you honestly feel about Kerry?  Seriously.   Are you questioning his maniacal flip-flopping or do you call it nuance?  I’m asking you because you sound like you have a head on your shoulders and I can respect that.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Now, on one hand I have a Democrat like Steven here – who I am sure has a lot of common ground with me on many issues. On the other hand we have a Democrat like this.  This sort of Liberal Democrat is a whole other story.  From his site, we read this: “Daily Kos, a website run by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga; he also runs The Political State Report, a site for politics junkies and operatives. He's also consulting for several Democratic campaigns.”   Google has a lot of information about this cat… mostly hype because they are just orgasmic that there is a Liberal voice amidst all the conservatives on the net.  (Wow, he helped Dean… nice job there!) 

What really bothers me about this guy is his comments from that first link.  He says “Every death should be on the front page… Let the people see what war is like. This isn't an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush's folly.  That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.”   First off, it’s not spelled “merceneries”.  It’s spelled “mercenaries”.  And this isn’t just this Kos fuckwad… look at all the other posts supporting him.  *sigh*  Where the hell do I begin here? 

How about here.  He is calling our soldiers mercenaries when he himself was one has well.  He served in the Army and worked with our MLRS systems.  I can respect that… but what drives me up a fucking wall is this asshole’s flagrant hypocrisy!  He calls soldiers mercenaries, but him self was one and undoubtedly benefited from his service… Did he use any GI Bill benefits to help pay for his college?  I bet he did.  Did he cash any of his Army pay checks?  I bet he did.  Dirty fucking hypocrite.    

He wants to see dead Americans on the news?  Readers have sent me photos from Fallujah.    Is this what he wants to see on the news?  Because the news isn’t showing this.  The news is only showing distant shots of the car burning… they don’t want to show the bodies.  They can’t show the bodies.  If they did show the bodies, America as a whole would rise up and demand we kick the shit out of Fallujah and that’s something they don’t want.  They don’t want America to be motivated to fight. 

Warning – these images are extremely gruesome.  This is what Kos says he wants to see more of? 

These people in Fallujah… not all of them wanted this to happen… but these people here in these pictures… these fucking ghouls… they should be arrested.  I think Spectre said it best here.  I’m with him on this one… I’d have put these ghouls to the sword.  Every one of them.   Liberals like Kos would say we did the same thing with Saddam’s dead sons.  No.  No we did not.  We cleaned the bodies, we treated them with respect – much more than what they were actually due – and we took a couple photos and then turned the bodies over for their own respective funerals.  This is not what happened in Fallujah.  To call this the same thing is asinine.  If you can’t see the difference then you are too damned stupid to waste time talking to.   This Kos guy... I'm ashamed that he was actually in the same Army that I was in.  This bastard doesn't deserve the honor of having worn the uniform.  This fuckwad deserves a beat down.

General George S Patton had it right. I purchased the DVD “Patton” the other day – damn if that is not one of the absolute best war movies ever made.  His speech in the beginning is Gospel.  (Not quite historically accurate… but it’s pretty much a compilation of Patton’s rants and it is put together beautifully – LOVE that movie!)  Some day, I want to play a game of chess with this man.  If CNN and FOX and NBC and the other networks all showed these images that I posted above - Iraq would be over very soon.  Because there wouldn't be anything left to bother with.  As far as Fallujah is concerned... I suggest a midevial style seige with all power, food, and water cut off until the people turn over the criminals that did this, and their confederates.  Then after a short trial a quick executions, they can have the services back that America has been providing. 

I don’t know if any of the Horde has actually taken a look at this Air America Radio bullshit… the Liberal answer to Rush Limbaugh…  Well, the website’s Listen Live doesn’t work, so I can’t hear any of it.  And the stations are of course only in Liberal city strongholds.   Right now it’s only on 5 stations, and XM radio.  Yeah… that’s a power house threat to the EIB network right there.  Let’s look at who they got there.  Al Franken…  Oh, man… the list just goes down hill from there… Weapons Expert Janeane Garofalo with someone named Sam Seder there… then Randi Rhodes and Lizz Winstead… who the hell are these people?  I thought Al Gore was going to do a show there… or maybe what’s his face… the cat that looks like an evil Christmas elf.  I’ll think of the name later.  I don’t know what kind of effort they put into this Air America Radio thing… but it doesn’t look like much.  They are not even remotely clever in the attempt to make fun of Fox News…  This is really amateurish and juvenile stuff here.  From what I am seeing, I don’t think this is going to last very long.   The people in LA, San Fran, NYC… they don’t listen to AM radio… the people who listen to AM radio are the blue collar, keep America on top, working middle class… the people in the Fly Over states… basically everyone who finds these people on the air annoying at best.   They have no market.  I’ll take Rush and Glenn Beck any day over these fools.

If anything else… this proves that God is a merciful and just God.    And this gives me hope.


Apr 1st, Thursday, 2004:  1315hrs: Argument with a couple Liberals about SUV’s.  Tuesday night I was at the campus with some Liberal folks and we ended up talking about SUV’s... I'm still pissed off about this.   To summarize the Liberal argument, the fuel price problem is the fault of two sources.  50% of the blame is George W Bush’s fault, and 50% of the blame goes to SUV owners.  Okay, what about the fuel crisis in the 70’s?  There were no SUV’s then and there were no President’s named Bush.  I seem to remember that when OPEC started to talk about restricting production, that’s when gas prices started to climb… but that’s besides the point.  Anyways, these softskulled Liberals were going off on SUV owners like (they pointed to me) “You sort of People”.  I had been sitting and listening quietly up until that point, mainly trying to read my Psychology book and just to stay out of things.  But at the "You People" remark I had to engage the enemy.  “You people?  You mean people who don’t cop to hypocrisy and drive a full sized van and try to make them selves feel good about it by saying that it isn’t an SUV?  Or like you who drives a Jeep Wrangler with a 4 liter engine – but since it does have a hard top, it’s not an SUV so you can talk smack?  You can’t take more than 3 other people besides yourself, yet you think that’s more efficient?  For 7 years I drove a Geo Metro XFI, okay?  When my family outgrew that, we got a larger vehicle. When I found I liked going off road, I got four wheel drive.  You’ve never driven anything with less than six cylinders and you don’t even go off road.  Your Jeep has never even tasted a dirt road… yet you are going to try to take a moral high ground on me?  You could be driving a Geo Metro – yet you don’t.  So don’t you dare tell me what you think I should be driving, you hypocritical ignorant son of bitch.  I would have hoped you would have some understanding of corporate price gouging and a lack of our own national resource usage because of bleeding heart Liberals like you who always block energy resource usage… so don’t talk to me about ‘You People’ and point at me… I don’t care if you are a Professor!”  

OCTOBER 10TH, NATIONAL BITCH SLAP A LIBERAL IDIOT DAY.  Mark your calendars accordingly. 

From Horde Commander Kupari:  “I wish you'd kick Al Franken's ass.  Remember when he tackled a guy that was heckling (I think) John Kerry or Howard Dean?  Yeah, he tackled the heckler because he believes in free speech, he said.  He came to my campus once.  I didn't go see him, but I know this annoying guy that's always going on about how great Al Franken is and how he got to ride in a limo with Al Franken.  Geez, it's pathetic.”  Maybe he is hoping the Liberals will give him a Federal Grant to shit into a jar and call it art.   As for Al… Bring it, you pussy!

Email Of The Day from Dave:  “Why doesn't the U.N. try to get the beam out of it's own eye before it comes after the mote in ours?  Here's an Idea: Go after those countries (Members of the U.N., mind you) that defied their sanctions in Iraq!  That defiance, directly or indirectly, led to the deaths of thousands of INNOCENT people who never got a trial, as opposed to the 121 CRIMINALS that were tried, convicted, given several automatic appeals that were NOT overturned, and put on death row.  SCREW THE U.N.!  "If the United States doesn't abide by the ruling, Mexico intends to take further legal steps, according to a Mexican diplomat. Countries that fail to comply with court rulings can be referred to the U.N. Security Council for "appropriate action," according to the court's statute." Is this a threat?  Is Mexico really threatening the U.S.?  What, are they going to cut off their exportation of Mexicans?  Is there really anything in Mexico that we can't live without?  I wonder how many of the 55 Mexicans on death row were here illegally.  Honestly, we're WAY OVERDUE for fixing the flood coming over the border.  If the Mexican Citizens didn't have the alternative to come here illegally, they would be forced to clean up their own mess of a country and make it livable.  In the long run, it's not only better for us, but it's better for Mexico. Lets dig a big ass channel from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific ocean, and fill it with salt water crocodiles and other nasty shit like that.  Then build a wall 100 feet tall and running 200 feet underground on our side of the channel, and station the BP along the top of the wall.  Then put some of those ground sensors like they have around Area 51 behind the wall.  (You know I'm just BS'ing this part, but someone smarter than me needs to come up with a way to SECURE the border.)  "Fierro was convicted of shooting a taxi driver to death, Ramos was convicted of killing his wife and two children with a hammer, and Torres was convicted of killing two people during a burglary."  "Mexico does not have the death penalty. In 2002, Mexican President Vicente Fox canceled a visit to President Bush's ranch in Texas to protest the state's execution of convicted police killer Javier Suarez Medina, a Mexican national." Do we really have to explain why these fuckwads deserve to die?  Are they serious?  Maybe that's why Mexico is such a shitty place to live.  They either let these maggots back into their society (IF they were ever caught in the first place), or they spend all their money on prisions to house these parasites instead of actually helping the poor people of Mexico become self-reliant. I don't blame the illegals for wanting out of there, but it would be better for all involved, in the long run, if we made a serious effort to cut them off, and force them to rebuild their own country. In Summary:




SCREW JOHN F'ING KERRY!  (Because he's bound to take the U.N.'s side) – Dave” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

1030hrs Sometimes I say things out of anger that I don’t really mean.  Such as my rants against Liberals and Iraq.   Not all Liberals or Iraqis are like that… I know that.  In my heart I know that.  I said this in a private email:  “While tears of rage may be blinding, we must still have the self control to see that should be take mass retaliation actions as is our instinctive reaction – we would be no better than the barbarian we overthrew.   Apes can be cruel… but you should see Orca whales too.  They kill for sport and play games with dead and dying seals.  This is actually an indication of a higher order of intelligence.  The highest order would also involve mercy.  Yet this is something I don’t feel for the Iraqis (right now).  God help me if something happens to my brothers who are on the way over.”    There are many up and down emotions going on… something like this happens… Emotion kicks in… I want to lash out… then reason kicks in and I hold back.

However just because I stay my hand from striking, does this mean that nothing should be done about these Anti-American fucknozzles?  We know for a fact that such protestors have given motivation to America’s combatant enemies.  John F’ing Kerry’s own efforts was said to have given motivation to the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.  In fact, it was one of our enemy’s general officers that even said so.  Such protests also motivate others who are not yet combatants to become combatants and thus encourages our enemy to fight harder.  This is sedition and there is a law against it:

16 May, 1918 - The U.S. Sedition Act:

United States, Statutes at Large, Washington, D.C., 1918, Vol. XL, pp 553 ff.  A portion of the amendment to Section 3 of the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917.SECTION 3.

Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States, or to promote the success of its enemies, or shall willfully make or convey false reports, or false statements, . . . or incite insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or shall willfully obstruct . . . the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, or . . . shall willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States, or the Constitution of the United States, or the military or naval forces of the United States . . . or shall willfully display the flag of any foreign enemy, or shall willfully . . . urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of production . . . or advocate, teach, defend, or suggest the doing of any of the acts or things in this section enumerated and whoever shall by word or act support or favor the cause of any country with which the United States is at war or by word or act oppose the cause of the United States therein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both.

Sedition is treasonous.  Sedition is a crime.  This isn’t free speech anymore when your free speaking is promoting the death of American soldiers… these soldiers are not unknown faceless cannon fodder… these soldiers are our sons, brothers, fathers… if not by blood, then by spirit.  If you hate George W Bush or not, it doesn’t matter… these soldiers represent all of us.  These soldiers are us.  When a US Soldier is wounded, we are wounded.  When a US Soldier is killed, a part of us dies.   When someone speaks out against our soldiers in a manner that promotes those that would kill our soldiers – that is sedition.  These people should be prosecuted.  And don’t think that just because that law is old, from 1918, that this law is outdated… in fact the law is even more valid today because of CNN and all the other communication tools that are used today.  Tools that let some screeching harpy in San Francisco be heard all around the globe in real time. 

Email about sedition from Horde Officer Wojo: “Dear Ogre,  When I heard from you what some liberal said on the radio, I, as well, became so enraged it about made my ears bleed... ESPECIALLY in light of the attacks on US civilians yesterday.  These types of liberals are animals pure and simple.  Its one thing to perpetrate these acts when you are an Iraqi Batthist at war with the US, but for one of our own (I almost puke to admit it) to calmly, thoughtfully and cerebrally call for this activity is beyond outrageous.  It is sedition.  It is illegal. It's about time Bush enforce the US Sedition Act, eloquently written and put into law by our fore-fathers.  Many of these people, including people we meet on the street everyday, should be arrested on these charges.  They should start with that animal you heard speak on the radio, then move on to a few congressmen (I'd even throw in Sean Penn as a freebie).  It would only take a few high-profile arrests to make a difference. Keep up the good work, Ogre.  And stay MAD!  I am praying for your loved ones in Iraq and all of our soldiers in uniform.  – Wojo”  Thanks, man.  I appreciate it.  You are absolutely right… it’s defiantly time to enforce the Sedition Act.  Someone saying “No Blood for Oil”… that’s fine.   That’s a war protestor and that’s absolutely fine.  But the cats saying things like what was said yesterday… that’s beyond the pale.  That’s sedition.      

I don’t know what to think about this bullshit right here.  The World Court has ruled that we (the US) has violated the rights of some Mexicans that are on Death Row.

Speaking of Mexicans… Looks like the GOP is pimping hard to get the Latino vote.  I don’t like the amnesty thing… but it’s about time the Conservatives courted the latinos… At the core, Latinos are conservative.  Why they traditionally vote Democrat is beyond me.  I don’t get that at all.  A great many Latinos are strong Catholics… a whole faith who should be as far from the Left as possible one would think.  Yet many vote Democrat every time.  Catholics are against abortion… yet Democrats are for it.  These kinds of disconnects drive me up a wall.  Latinos need to vote conservative!   I mentioned this before… but let me tell you again.  Last year I went shooting with a friend and while shooting there was this cat there who was mowing the lawn (Nice ranch house) and kinda kept watching with interest.  Eventually we invited him over and let him do some shooting.  He did very well.  Turns out that this fellow was the Mexican equivalent of US Secret Service… he was a body guard for the former Mexican President.  Yet here he was mowing lawns in Utah.  I wanted to talk to him more, but he had to get back to work… he wanted to make sure that he did a good job.   That’s respectable.  Humble guy, solid guy, this is a guy I would want in my crew.  

Email from Heartless Libertarian:  “Couple things - "Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others." --Groucho Marx channels John Kerry.

John Kerry: " I pledge to you with all of my passion, with all of my soul and heart:..."

  -Senator, when you pledge something, it should be something you actually possess.”

Remember that van from the "A-Team"?  This is the van from the "A-10":  (thanks to Spectre for this one)





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