January 6th - 16th

Jan 17th - I have some email issues going on right now.  I'll have it straightened out shortly, sorry if I have not responded to anything lately. Evidently the mail server stopped accepting the IP address in the email settings.  So I just switched it to the domain name and now its working.  Okay, well, its SEEMS to be working because I am sending and receiving email just fine or so it looks but Outlook's "Test Settings" function says it fails.  Go figure.  Well, tomorrow I will be learning FreeBSD and will begin the process of kicking WINDOWS to the curb.  For those of you that have emailed me and I have been late getting back to you - "My Bad".

Shin Tao had been sending me a lot of good information on China's new military hardware.  This stuff is enough to worry me.  Take the turret off the M1 Abrams and plug that onto the hull of a T-80 Main Battle Tank.  They call it a Type 98 and it is scary.  They have a number of heavily armed attack helicopters, serious tanks, and lots of other goodies ready for us.  China has got to be THE WORST country on the planet when it comes to human oppression, and they are fuqqing lunatics looking to go to war.  They have to go to war, that is what Communists do.  Now, who do they want to fight?  America.  Never mind the fact that we are their bread and butter, they want our scalps.  What do we do with them?  Give them FAVORED NATION TRADE STATUS!  Nice.  Excuse me, but this seems like we are giving the bully our lunch money.  If China wants to throw down - Lets gather our resources out of the middle east, put them all together - and LIBERATE CHINA FROM THE COMMUNISTS!  Either we do this, or they will end up starting WORLD WAR THREE.  All they need are Aircraft Carriers.  Oh, shit.  You know what?  THEY HAVE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS NOW.  Okay, they have ONE they purchased from some place.  Now that they have one, they can study it, improve it, and mass produce it.  Then they can park a bunch of them in Panama, because Bill Clinton gave the canal back to Panama and they in turn sold it to China.  From there, they can make air strikes into DENVER.  Think about that for a moment, if you will.  You thought Pearl Harbor was bad?  Think about that on a bigger scale and on multiple locations all across the US.  Neat huh?  After those air strikes, you have the assaults... coming in from every direction.  My suggestion - buy rifles.  Lots of them.  Buy ammo.  Lots of it.  You may not need it for awhile.  You may not ever need it.  But wouldn't it suck if you did and you didn't have it?  We probably have several years before that is a reality - if ever - but it is a distinct possibility and China WANTS TO DO IT.  China, not Iraq, or other middle east goon, is our real enemy.  I have written them off in the past - but the evidence is clear.  Our next BIG shooting war will be with China. 

WATCH THIS!  Take a close look at this.  The vehicle in this footage is a BTR, a wheeled Soviet armored personnel carrier which was purchased by the Taliban.  You want your revenge for 9/11?  Here it is. This was hit by Navy F-14s with GBU-16 laser guided bombs.  Glorious!  That APC, the Soviet BTR... That is one of the best APCs in the world.  It could SMOKE any APC that we have here in the USA.  Why?  Simple... That APC is made out of hardened steel.  It is a tough egg to crack.  You see in this clip that its easily popped... but that is not quite the case... a 500 pound bomb dropped from a 500 MPH Attack Fighter from over 20,000 feet guided to the target via a laser designator aimed by some of the best US Special Forces... Sure they make it LOOK easy...  Our APCs?  Ours are made of Aluminum.  They are soft and have a much shorter range.  Ours are armed with a 25MM gun, while they have a new turret system which is referred to as the modular weapon station (MWS). The MWS is of all welded steel construction. Mounted externally on the top of the turret is the same 30-mm 2A42 cannon that is fitted to the BMP-2. A PKT 7.62-mm machine-gun is mounted coaxially to the right of the 30-mm cannon.  Not to mention it can also launch missiles.  Okay, and this is just the BTR for crying out loud.  Don't even get me started on the BMP!  The BMP is the APC that American troopers wish we had. This things are armed with either a 30MM rapid firing autocannon, or a 100MM cannon capable of firing the AT-10 STABBER, a gun tube fired anti-tank missile that can squash anything it hits except the M1 Abrams.  The only thing that can kill the M1 Abrams is a direct hit from a heavy top attack weapon - or just running out of gas.

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard something that just proves how fuqqing stupid people really are.  The movie "Blackhawk Down" is racist.  WHAT?  Because all the bad guys are black.  WTF?  People, Blackhawk Down is a movie that was produced to bring to film the book of the same title.  The book is as accurate as an account that can be compiled that detailed a combat situation THAT REALLY HAPPENED.  This isn't just a STORY... This REALLY FUCKING HAPPENED!  I knew 3 of the "Characters" PERSONALLY.  Only 1 came back ALIVE.  These guys were my FRIENDS.  And you know what?  THE BAD GUYS WERE INDEED ALL BLACK - Mainly due to the fact that THIS HAPPENED IN MOGADISHU, SOMALIA.  THAT IS IN AFRICA!  YES - It's FULL of BLACK PEOPLE.  And these people KILLED AMERICANS... They physically tore one man apart.  They ripped off his arms, legs and head and tossed the body parts around!  "The black people were portrayed as savages."  No, they were not portrayed as savages, they WERE SAVAGES.  The movie actually WATERS IT DOWN.  The movie didn't show how woman and kids would cover the gunman with their bodies to shield the guys trying to KILL OUR PEOPLE.  Seriously, if you have only seen the movie - then you better fuqqing shut your mouth because you don't know shit about what happened.  If this movie offended you because of race issues - then your a TOTAL MORON.  The movie SHOULD offend you in the fact that there are countries out there that really are in fact like that and our SONS have to go over there to fight for the reason these people cant get past being savages.  FUCK SOMALIA!  You think Afghanistan should be leveled?  Start with Somalia.  

Jan 16th -  Afghanistan wants the US to pay for rebuilding the country.  No.  I don't think so.  I don't think we should.  Doesn't Afghanistan hate the US?  Yeah, they do.  Didn't they celebrate the 9/11 Attacks?  Sure they did.  And now they want ME, an American Taxpayer to fork over money that could be feeding my boys - to help what?  Dig out a new fuqqing cave network to hide Osama bin Laden in?  Screw Afghanistan!  Okay, Ogre isn't a heartless bastard... Bastard maybe - but I do have a heart.  Sure.  Okay, we will pay to help rebuild your shitty little country.  But two things have to come first... 1,  You have to GIVE UP THAT TERRORIST MOTHERFUQER BIN LADEN AND EVERYONE THAT EVER HELPED HIM.  And 2, ADMIT THAT THE US IS YOUR DADDY.  See, I don't ask for much. 

Okay, this is really cool.  A one man flying machine... an "Air Scooter" is real.  What is even cooler are the 2 man flying units.  It looks like someone was playing too much Command and Conquer.  This is actually very cool.  In fact, its very similar to something I designed over 15 years ago.  But mine was bigger, faster, and much better armed.

Dig this, $320,000 a month.  The Ex wife of some big shot rich bastard is asking for $320,000 a month.  You have to read this story. This is official... rich people suck.

It is now legal to drive while STONED in Idaho.  WTF?  How do judges make decisions like this?  What is going on here?  Some things are just WRONG.  Letter of the law or not - it is STILL WRONG.  Idaho: Potatoes and Pot!  Yeah!

The CIA now denies that Bin Laden has escaped.  Would someone over there please make up your minds?

Jan 15th - FreeBSD.  This Friday I am going to load the FreeBSD OS onto my old laptop.  Well, it's my wife's laptop, but she has stopped using it.  By default, since I traded MY old PC for it, it has reverted back to my ownership.  (until she decides she wants it again... probably after I have it set up sweet with BSD)  The coolest thing about BSD is that the code is tight and the programs are small and they run great on these older machines that have been bogged down by WinBloat.  Your old buggy, slow, and doggy machine can actually run just fine with a different OS, such as BSD, Linux, or anything else really.  If this runs really well and I like the results... hell... I just might kill Windows XP and run BSD on my box here.  I'm not afraid of learning a new operating system... new code and commands... not afraid at all.  I just have to be sold 100% on the fact that its actually going to be worth my time.  Why BSD?  Probably because it's logo is much cooler than Linux's.

CIA has admitted Bin Laden has escaped.  Well no shit.  You think?  The man is probably hanging out with Sadam in Iraq planning on some more neat little things to do to the US.  You want to know how to fuq with the US?  Sell us bullshit computer stuff with a lot of hype.  Such as AMD processors and motherboards with SLOTS instead of SOCKETS.  Hey, wait a sec, that didn't come out right... sounded rather obscene.  Oh never mind.

SERVES HIM RIGHT -  This is called "ASKING FOR IT" for those with out a clue.

Still a little miffed at my PC.  You see, the motherboard still doesn't work so my DURON will probably be going back to the store for a refund. 

I'm a little disappointed in the direction work is heading.  The company seems to have zero feelings for the employees.  When I questioned something today about possible employee reaction, the response was "We Replace Them."  Didn't even bat an eyelash.  My first thought at that was "How sad."  I don't comprehend the idea of purposely making life miserable for the very people that make the account happen.  What makes the account happen isn't Management - Its the Employees.  I believe there is some give and take that is necessary.  Too bad those above me don't believe that.  These things I'm talking about are not driven by business needs, but by some need to meet a fictitious ideology of what business is.  One of the most successful business people in the world is Steven Jobs.  Seriously.  How does he dress?  Jeans.  He wears blue jeans every damned day to work... that is, every day he is not bare foot and in shorts.  This job used to be a total blast.  Not that we were able to wear shorts, but that we used to concern ourselves over things that were actually important to business... like the employees.

Jan 14th - I watched Blackhawk Down this morning.  I knew 3 people that were there.  This was a hard movie for me to watch.  I understand it will be out in the theatres this Friday.  If you can, go see this movie.  If you can't, read the book.  If you have not read the book, you really don't get the full effect - the movie is a bit watered down. 

Jan 13th - Good News!  The baby arrived this evening healthy and remarkably happy!  It's a boy, 6 pounds and 7 ounces, 20 inches long with a head of dark hair.  Both Baby and Mother are doing fine.  This is a happy day!  The boy is named Talen.  Congrats go out to Jared, the beaming father and the family.  Now, there will be another baby boy to open "Boy Stuff" at Christmas time.

It was decided that I was going to stay home and watch my boys (here after referred to as THE DEMO SQUAD) while Mrs. Ogre went up to LDS Hospital for the delivery.  I fixed the Squad a ham dinner and then they all fell promptly asleep.  Cool.  This means I get some time to delve into GHOST RECON.  I am writing a review over here

Hamilton County, Ohio - For a few hours citizens where able to legally carry concealed firearms.  Kudos to the Judge Bob Ruehlman for the decision. Too bad that the ruling was put on hold be some sniveling cowards.

Okay, caught - Mrs. Ogre has noticed that in my effort to avoid using the word "Fuck" I have instead used the spelling "Fuq" Isn't this an improvement?  Okay, it's a step.  And Sloat's nickname really is Sliggidy.  I didn't give it to him and I don't know what it means... but it's nothing bad.  Sliggidy, despite being a shyster and trying to pawn off a POS motherboard on me really is a good guy... He's just slow.  Especially at Paintball where he likes to hang back to the rear and let other people go out and get shot up.  If he doesn't think you've been shot up enough - He'll try to give you one more.  Right in the nuts.  But that is another story.  I still owe him one for that! 

Yesterday Mrs. Ogre and I went out shopping.  She didn't do too bad... only spent a hundred bucks at Dillard's.  30 was on a pair of jeans for me so I appreciate that.  She really is a remarkable woman.  She also hit me with a surprise.  She wants to take up Archery and wants to get a recurved bow. I was stunned.  That's cool.  I'll see if I can't find a decent bow for her.  Every bow I looked at was the price of a fuqqing GLOCK!  When did Bows get that spendy?  Bows really are cool and if you think about it, they have a lot of good uses.  One, they are quiet.  Two, they are armor piercing.  Nice.

I've been thinking some more about this other business idea.  I think I'm going to start this come Monday.

Also - There wont be too much in the way of updates today either.  We have a lot to do.  I got to get some work done really fast because we are going to go up to Salt Lake because Mrs. Ogre's sister is going to be giving birth today.

Jan 12th - Looks like I have either a bad power supply that isn't putting out enough juice, or I have a bad motherboard.  If it's the motherboard... I'm a bit FUQQED over here.  If it's just the power supply then things should be okay.  Last night I was up till after 2:00AM troubleshooting these issues along with 4 to 5 other guys (depending upon the moment).  Everyone was burning midnight oil and brain cells trying to come up with a solution  Non as of yet has been found.  Doug is taking the board (with my new chip) into his alternate workplace that is set up for PC testing to diagnose this board and see what is up with it.  My fingers are crossed.  Oh, and if this is a bad board... "Sliggidy Sloat" will be due for a serious whoop ass. 

Here is the situation so far with the damned Motherboard.  The Duron is just plain too fast for the board so we can't upgrade BIOS.  If we could upgrade the BIOS, then the Duron should work on it.  Should.  So right now we are in a "Catch 22".  I hate that.  To be honest, I have a gut feeling that this motherboard is just shot and if not just plain shot - it's just too slow for the new chip.  Everything we have done to it still wont allow it to function properly.   I'm going to get my cash back from Sloat... then, I'll have to go and get a brand new freaking motherboard.  This is something that I didn't want to do... Mainly because a new motherboard that is fast enough for the chip will require DDR Ram... and the old floppy drive I have it is is dead as well, and we can't boot of of it... meaning I might as well just buy a whole fucking new computer!  SHIT!  I'm a little pissed.  Not at anyone - not even at my self... just at the situation.  But to make my self feel better, I'm going to have to whoop someone's ass.  That, and shag the hell out of my wife because we went out today and she was looking hot and my emotions are are now just spinning wheels. AAAAARRARRRRRRGGHGHGHG!!!   <---That was my pissed Chewbacca impersonation.  Actually, I'm okay with this PC bullshit... I'll get the new board and the new ram and I'll a fucking outstanding computer system that will last me a good long time.  Long enough for me to buy a damned iMac!  So much for being pumped... That pumped is now just a flat "deflated".

There is probably a lot of stuff in the news - but I have been working on this bullcrap all day and have not looked into anything else... But I can still sum it up for you... Democrats are freaking retarded as usual and other sick wackos have done some seriously nasty shit to some other people that didn't deserve it.  That and the Philly Eagles just freaking WASTED Tampa Bay.  Just SPANKED them 31 to 9!  OUCH!  If I was the Tampa Bay coach - I'd be sending my resume out to every college that might be needed an assistant coach or a towel boy.

Jan 11th - I took the plunge and picked up a Duron 1200 just 20 minutes ago.  I am pumped about this chip.  I am actually more excited about getting this chip than when I got my DSL first hooked up!  I'll be getting the new board tonight and playing with that tonight and tomorrow.  No, it's not the fast CPU out there... but come on.  Its under a hundred bucks and competes with the Intel Pentium 4 1400 for crying out loud!  If I had the money I'd go for the Athalon 2000... but then again if I had the cash I'd get the fuqqing new iMac!  All I need now is the board (coming tonight) and someone to help put this back together after I screw it up completely.

Superfriends - Yeah, I watched them when I was a kid.  This site has some interesting insight to the heroes and villains.  It has some pretty funny stuff in there.  If you ever watched the Superfriends, check it out.

There is a rumor that the boy band N'sync was going to be in Star Wars Episode 2The new rumor is that the scene they were in has been cut.  GOOD!  Thank heavens. 

Check this out - I found this in the LA Times FORTRESS UTAH.  Security planners are using a 300 million dollar budget for security that will include F-16 fighters flying CAP over Salt Lake.  This is great!  Finally we have protection from the terror of Mig 29 Fulcrum attacks!  Now, I'll be able to sleep at night.

And now, here is the big news of the day.  I have found my DREAM JOB!  I want to be a Wakaresaseya!  Let me tell you what this is... This is a professional Breaker-Upper.  These guys have to job of breaking up a couple, firing people, and doing all the "dirty work" when it comes to splitting people up.  "If this wasn't my business, I'd consider a lot of what we do immoral," says Hiroshi Ito, a handsome 33-year-old wakaresaseya with Tokyo-based Office Shadow."  This is too cool.  I think this could be a new spin product for Onsite Consultants! 

ENRON - Most people are aware of the Enron situation.  I have to admit that despite the whole scam and how ugly such a thing is... I just DON'T CARE.  Seriously.  I don't give a damn.  The DemocRATs are all over Enron and will be for years... and with them the Media.  But before America can take Enron seriously - I think it would just only be fair if the WHITEWATER situation was taken care of first.  At least the Enron scam didn't include MURDER.  Then, before we really dig into Enron - let's take a look at that Prick Tom Daschle.  Seems like this guy is not only an idiot, but a dirty idiot.

Jan 10th - Shin Tao sent me a link.  This is the best finds on the internet for people who are interested in military affairs.  Its called G2Mil and it is awesome.  It's an online magazine.  It has articles and pictures and such,  but what makes it stand out is the absolute quality of it's content.  It doesn't have any fancy HTML bullshit or anything like that... it's more like MadOgre in that regard.  What it has is some very very well written articles regarding military issues written by people who know what they are talking about.  Such as the fallacy that we could replace out tank divisions with these crappy LAV III wheeled vehicles.  I'm adding this to the Links section right now.  This site is now on the Daily Read schedule.  Kudos to Shin Tao for finding this site!

If you could have any handgun, which one would it be?  Easy... I'd take a Gunsite Marksman 1 Titanium in the Commander size.  But what I really want... Porter Rockwell's chopped down Colt revolver. 

Looks like Geeks With Guns is going through a dry spell.  Updates are becoming less frequent.  We wish Wil all the best in the world and that he will get back to updating one of the best websites on the internet.  I've been reading that site for awhile now and consider it a role model.  Wil, if you die - Can I have your website?

Thanks go out to Brassknuckles Webzine for the link.  You guys rock to a shockingly high degree.

I KNEW IT!  Damn it!  Money CAN buy you happiness! I had suspected this for awhile but everyone kept telling me otherwise.

WHEN SPAMMERS FIGHT BACK!  Judas Priest!  This is too fuqqing funny.  Read this. This Shifman character must have been an abused child.  I blew Mountain Dew out of my nose I was laughing so hard!  Of course with this guy's history he'll be sending me an email flaming and threatening me too.  That is just a chance I have got to take. 

CHIPS - As mentioned before, my Motherboard is baking it's self to death.  It has maybe as much as two months left in it if that.  I've had to yet again switch my NIC to another port.  The other ones don't even register that anything is plugged in.  With a new board, I'll need a new chip... This funky K7 that I have is a damn good chip - but it will not fit on the new board because - over my dead body - I'll not get the same board.  So, back to the chips... There are a lot of options.  There is of course the hype on the newest and fastest CPUs from AMD and Intel... but that is not in my budget.  In reality, I don't even have a budget.  This is going to break me.  FUQ!   Anyways... The 1.2Ghz chips are now under a hundred bucks.  Sweet.  That is a lot faster than what I have now, and that's great and all... but even better - I'll be able to drop in even faster chips when those come down in price.  The choice is between the AMD Duron and the Intel Celeron. As luck would have it - Slashdot ( a daily read ) ran a bit about these two chips and linked this very well done article.  Then there is the great comparison via Tom's Hardware. I'll be looking for the AMD chip shortly. 

Oh, and I added some new links to the Link section.  That's right!  Mad Ogre, keeping you up to date on pretty much useless shit.  Some funny, some worth while, and some... well, your life may depend on it.

News: Gun Bans fail to quell surge in gun crime in the UK!  Well, No Shit.

Andrea Yates - the mother that drowned her 5 children... This monster of a woman should be put behind bars until she dies.  Insanity, depression, there is no excuse for what she did.  And what the hell is up with her husband?  Why the hell is he standing by her?  She murdered his children!   And now she is pregnant again?  This child should be put into adoption from the moment it pops out.  This child needs protection.  As for Andrea... I suggest some for of execution that is very slow and very very very painful. 

Apology - Mrs. Ogre came to me this morning and we had a little talk.  She apologized for blowing up on me.  That situation is now put to rest. Well, for now.  Thank goodness.  She really is a good woman.  She just takes time to come around.

Jan 9th - You knew this was coming... I just heard on the radio that "THERE ARE TOO MANY SMALL PLANES AROUND!"  Oh my hell.  Where do these news outlets get these people that call themselves "Reporters"?  Just how many people have chosen to kill themselves by crashing a small plane?  John Denver, and this Kid from Tampa.   How much damage was done by these planes?  John Denver didn't do any damage beyond himself and the plane.  This Florida kid?  He broke a window.  Gimme a break!  There are probably others but I don't know much about them because obviously they are not much of a national concern.  "Cessna - This product is not a Toy.  Be careful, you could put your eye out"!

Some funny things I came across on the internet. MAC OS 8 - check it out hereSend this link to your less computer savvy co workers.  Movie posters from the Star Wars Universe.   The Holocaust of Endor.  This is the down side to what happened that you wont hear about in the New Republic.  And this isn't funny, but it's cool

Olympians from Japan are coming to Utah to compete in the games.  They are also bringing Gas Masks and anthrax antibiotic treatment kits.  Nice.  The question is really are they afraid of possible terrorist attacks, or the unique and pungent odor of the Great Salt Lake?  Thank goodness these are the Winter Games.  Because in the Summer - the lake stinks so bad that it would be news around the world.  Yes, Planet Earth - Utah Smells Funky!  They say the reason is the brine shrimp in the lake.  Sure.  It probably has nothing to do with the environmental disaster that the Lake had become.  Salt Lake isn't as bad as off as Utah lake.  Utah lake got so polluted thanks to Geneva that you can't even swim in it.  Last time I stood on the shore I saw nothing but dead fish all around. 

The IRS got an audit... sweet... and came up 2,300 computers short.  WTF?  How do you lose 2,300 computers?  Still, I have to laugh.  Let the squirm under the heat of the Senate Finance Committee. 

The worst thing on the internet... Pop up ads for the X-10 cam.  Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  A lot of people say Spammers are the worst, but come on... there are way to avoid those guys.  You can register a Yahoo email address and use it just for registering for crap when I site asks for an email addy.  You can filter it.  You can at least do something about it.  And now, you can even sue them.  Sweet huh?  Yeah, but those pop up ads?  Nope.  You can't filter those.  Even if you can block the ad - you'll still get the pop up window.  It will be blank - but it still pops up. I have a serious HATE of those things.  You think that is bad, it can get even worse on some ads that you close and another pops up.  I will NEVER NEVER buy anything advertised in a pop up window.  There are some little programs you can download that supposedly stop these pop ups.  But the don't work.  There is something worst coming.  It isn't a pop up ad... its a java script that puts the ad right in the middle of the page.  Right in front of the content.  You can't scroll around it as the thing moves to stay right in the middle of your viewable area.  It stays there for a full 10 seconds if you hold still.  So you can be sure to read it.  Here is the deal on those things.  If you come across websites that have these ads - send nasty grams to the webmasters telling them that they are off your bookmarked list because of those ads. We can't let these ads propagate. 

Jan 8th - Seems like Palestine is a little pissed that Israel seized a shipment of smuggled weapons.  Two words for Palestine: Fuck Palestine.  You guys know full well that those weapons were to be used against Israel... and not even in a military action either... more likely to be used on attacks on Israeli schools or churches or in some other chicken-shit terrorist action.

Iraq says it will fight any attack.  Sure they will... as long as you define "Fighting" as dropping your rifle, shitting your pants, and running like hell while CBU cluster munitions explode all around you like bubbles in a pot of rapidly boiling water.  Oh yeah... they'll fight all right. For about 15 seconds. 
You see - this is where a huge disconnect is between us and these Jihad motherfuckers...  In Jihad, you die for your beliefs.  Be it in a fight or in a suicide attack.  That is noble and all... but in the US... we had General Patton. Patton taught us the true meaning of Jihad.  We are not going to die for our country... We are going to make you fuckers die for yours.  Plain and simple.  Come on... Let's Jihad!  Bring it on!  We have faced England.  England at the time was the largest empire with the pest standing army and navy in the world.  We kicked their ass.  German - the best that new modern military science had to offer. Those guys invented new kinds of war for us to fight.  We kicked their ass.  Twice.  Those guys were the most powerful the world has ever seen... And you guys?  What are you?  I hate to say it, but All Your Base Are Belong To Us.  

Dave Thomas, the founder of "Wendy's" passed away.  So to mourn his passing, Scott and I ate at Wendy's this evening.  I had a baked spud and a small chili... I think Dave would have wanted it that way.  Dave Thomas was a genuine good guy.  For some reason, I think America lost more today than when George Harrison passed away.

Did some shooting again today at Range Masters with my buddy, Steve.  Man, I've said before that I needed to get my eyes checked again... but this time, I am serious!  I'm going to call and make an appointment tomorrow!  I had such a hard time lining up the sights with the target, it was almost silly.  The Springfield ran just fine with out a bobble with 3 types of ammo.  Two different Winchester loads and a few rounds of American Eagle.  Man - This Springfield hates American Eagle!  It spit it out sure... just spitting it out all over the place is the problem.  The Winchester ammo is much better - not the best - but better.  When I was aiming at where I wanted to hit - no problem. It would hit right about where I was aiming.  The only problem I have is that where I was aiming was not consistently where I was wanting to hit!  Growing old sucks. 

Speaking of sucks... My main PC, my K7 is dying.  It's the motherboard.  This means when I replace it - I'll have to replace the chip as well.  Normally, most of the time when your motherboard is toasted like this, you just get a new computer.  Not Me.  Nope... Look at that picture below... do you think I can afford a brand new computer?  Hell No!  I'm lucky if I could get a new NIC!  This isn't too bad, I was wanting an upgrade on the chip anyways... Now, I can get a board that will fit the new chips that I want/need.  I just hope this thing will stay together long enough until I can get a hold of the right motherboard and chip.   Aargh.  As Han Solo would say, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Speaking of bad feelings... Mrs. Ogre is PISSED at me today!  I said the wrong thing this morning... and she fucking went Vesuvius on my ass.  She has not cooled off even a bit all day.

Speaking of speaking... She still isn't talking to me. I don't have time for this bullshit.  She freaking went off and got just nasty and has been a bitch all day to me... fuck it.  She doesn't want to talk?  Fine with me.  She owes me an apology... and a good one too.  She can talk to me AFTER she apologizes.  I love her - but she is wrong here.  Just plain wrong.  What little slight I may have said doesn't serve this kind of treatment.  Besides, the couch is more comfortable than the bed anyway. I've had a bad day and I don't need any harpy lashing at me to try to make it worse.

Speaking of going off... Check out this story.  A small group of Green Berets killed 1,300 enemy.  Damn.  That is some serious killing going on.  These guys are the ones on the ground that are putting the red dots on the targets for the bombers to attack.  Good job!

Oh, get this.  You all remember Al "Please make my member bigger" Gore... It has been reported that he is wanting to make another run for the Presidency in 2004.  Nice.  Hey Gore, you lost.  Go home.   Good news is that Gore is not the choice of the DemoRat party.  In the mean time, George W Bush is doing great in the polls.  Beating him will be a very hard thing to do.  I am not worried about '04.

Jan 7th - Finally got the Company Christmas Photo!  Yeah, this is the Ogre family.  Here you can see Mad Ogre, Mrs. Ogre, all 5 of the Demolition Squad and of course Saint Nick.  The two little ones that look like they are not having the best of fun really did.  They are just very shy as you can not see in this photo the crowd of people all about just out of the frame.  After this photo was taken and we went to get some treats - they were all grins.  Grins full of cookies and punch.  I really feel bad about breaking wind on Santa's lap... but that explains why I got the lump of coal in my stocking this year.  

Dungeon Keeper II, this is one odd game.  Kind of a twist for those that like THE SIMS.  I suggest that if you have played The Sims, but don't like it's lack of Wang, then give this one a try.  For some reason it doesn't like playing on my main PC, the Athalon K7 system... but it works fine on my older and much lamer PIII system. Go figure.  This game has a simple motto, "Evil is Good." What you do is build a nice creepy and treasure filled dungeon and lure Heroes in to play.  Prisons, torture chambers, and temples for sacrifice are all at your disposal.  Your "Sims" are the monsters that you attract and if you keep them happy, they will enjoy working for you... researching new spells and traps and all kinds of wicked fun.  Try it - you will like it.  Warning:  This game is only good for about 2 hours of play at the most.  Anything beyond that and it gets boring as hell really damn fast.

You know... I thought I had seen a lot of crazy shit on E-bay.  It's amazing what people will put up for sale on E-bay.  What is even more amazing is what people will actually buy.  For example.  Fark.com is kind of a news site... whatever.  I think it's lame as hell and has about as much character as vanilla.  But some people like it. I think I might post an E-bay item up for sale... A phone conversation for 5 minutes with MAD OGRE.  The winner bidder, once a pay pal payment is confirmed can email me a phone number, and I'll call you 1800 Collect..  Starting bid is 10 bucks with a reserve. price.  The conversation will be recorded and transcript will be posted here.  Okay, maybe not.  I really don't like typing all that much.

DO NOT GIVE LITTLE KIDS MARKERS.  I have found this out to be quite true... Kiddies and Markers Do Not Mix.  Here is a case that proves my point.

Format Change:  I'll be archiving weeks instead of months.   A single month on a page can get very long in the tooth.  See last week.

Email from Reader:  "Caviar?  What's Ogre doing with upper-crust snacks like caviar? Slippery Jim"  That's a good and valid question Jim... I mentioned before getting this fat basket of goodies right?  In it was also a pack of smoked salmon.  Not enough to make a meal out of but just enough to tease you. (under a pound)  So here is what I did, I toasted two slices of Wonder and made me a Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwich.  And on one slice of toast - I applied a nice thick layer of caviar.  That's right... I made a fucking tuna sandwich out of it.  And it was GOOOOD.  Probably the most expensive tuna sandwich I have ever eaten... but what the hell else am I supposed to do with it?  Eat it on little crackers?  I don't have time for that kinda crap!   Some bread and some mayo - there you go - make it LUNCH.

Pointless Rant:  Work is a bother and that is why they call it work.  I'd much rather earn my living at "Hobby" but I wont be able to do that until the next lifetime.  If I die, I want to come back as an heir to the English throne.  Those guys can do whatever they want and make fat bank just for smiling at the cameras.  They don't even have to DO ANYTHING.  Just as long as you don't look like a retard and as long as you don't do anything really bad, then your okay. What really sucks is that there are probably Royals that sit around and say "THIS SUCKS".  Then I remember why I dislike the British and the Royals.  I think it should be a national holiday to celebrate our kicking there asses.  Oh, wait a sec.  We already have that!  Bonus points for July 4th!

Darrel Cagle is one talented cartoonist and one of my favorites.  Here is his take on "US vs THEM".  I liked it.

You know what the news really needs?  Some good old fashioned UFO Cattle Mutilations.  Here you go.  These people that are doing this to cattle are just sick.  There is a special place in hell for someone that would do this shit to an animal.  Better yet - there is a special place in the journals of torture should some Texan ranchers get a hold of these guys.

One of the more interesting TV shows that have come out in the last couple years was "Dark Angel"  Remember that one?  With Jessica Alba?  Remember what she had on the back of her neck?  That's right, a bar code.  Looks like we are getting closer to fitting people with Universal Product Codes!  Yeah!  You just got to love that... being able to categorize and sort people digitally.  Will make the death camps a lot easier to manage next time around!

Lot's of news this weekend.  The kid in Florida that flew a plane into a building.  Damn.  What's next?  Planes into schools?  Judas Priest.  The really cool news is from Apple.  Have you seen the new iMac?  Holy Cow!  Techno-Lust.  I'm talking this thing is the Laetitia Casta of the techno-world.  It is just so very cool.  It's not only cool looking, but it is packed with some serious computer horsepower.  The problem is that if you actually buy one - your going to have to buy all new furniture and a new computer desk and you'll also want a new wardrobe and stuff to go with it.   This thing is a fast forward into the future that Star Trek geeks have been talking about.  This new iMac is all the more attractive to me personally because of my own PC here has been pissing me off.  First off the fan is freaking driving me up a wall.  Yes, I've cleaned it out but the fan its self is feathering like a shot up Hawker Hurricane over London during the Battle of Brittan.   Second is I had to go buy a new NIC (that is a NIC Card to Matt S. in Orem) because the old one died last night in the middle of something rather important.  Sure, I'm up and running again for only 8 bucks but that is not the point. To upgrade my computer any further I will have to actually get a new Motherboard for this biatch... this is due to the interesting socket configuration I have.  This isn't the normal K7 - this the the Nintendo Cartridge K7 chip.  I guess that is what I get for being a cheap ass bastard.     

Then there is this. I'm not going to say anything else about this other than WHAT THE HELL?!? And right on the heels of that is Dennis Rodman.  Hold on, I'm not going to tell you what's up with Dennis... Take a wild guess. That's right.  He was arrested again.  This time he was arrested for being an ass in his own restaurant.  Way to go Dennis!

George Bush is being the President that everyone wished we had 8 years ago.  He has promised the American People that we will not be fed any new taxes. And of course the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop him.  Let me say this one more time - Democrats SUCK.  I firmly believe that the Democratic agenda is flagrantly Anti-American and traitorous.  Tom Daschle is one of the worst in the lot.  He isn't even trying to be sneaky about it.  Tom Daschle is a gigantic dick.  Where is Bobbit when you need her?

Jan 6th - Cars and Caviar - I've been doing a lot of changes over in the Weapons Section... and that means it's time to talk about some cars again.  The one car that is on my mind is the Pontiac Aztec.  Who is the person responsible for designing that hideous thing?  More yet, who is the person that looked at that design and said "Let's build them!"  These people need to be lined up and publicly mocked and not allowed to drive anything else for the rest of their lives.   These cars are shockingly ugly and a distraction to other motorists.  On the other hand I was looking at a Subaru Forrester and was almost very impressed.  It looked like a lowrider Cherokee if the Cherokee was reinvented.  But let me not get carried away... these kinds of vehicles are not and never could be Jeeps.  These are not Off-Road vehicles - they are Soft-Road vehicles.  They have mediocre tires for dirt roads and while they do have all wheel drive - they do not have what it takes to really go off road.  Wait a sec - the same could possibly be said about the latest Jeep, the Liberty.  Well, maybe not quite - but almost.  The funny thing is, people are getting these Soft Road units not to go off road or to play in the dirt - but for the "Utility" that the extra space offers.  In a nut shell, America is nuts over the Station Wagon.  Let's not beat around the bush, these mini wagons are nifty but what people in the auto industry needs to do is to release a new Caprice Wagon.  Sure they are not as sexy as they wannabe Cherokees - but talk about ROOM!  My Momma almost ALWAYS had a Caprice Wagon and she never wanted for more room in the vehicle.  The Ford Taurus wagon is a good example of an almost PERFECT station wagon.  But since American Car Buyers think they have to look more outdoorsy they never go outside anymore, the Taurus wagon needs a few things.  Here is what it needs: #1, a 6 inch lift. #2, All Wheel Drive. #3, More lights, at least 4 more lamps facing forward. #4 Big Ass All Terrain tires. #5 a built in cooler and outlets for plugs because people have to have their Indoor Stuff with them when they go outdoors. And lastly, #6 an adventurous name.  Explorer, Expedition, hmmm... This one should be called the Expectoration.  What about the caviar you ask?  Well, I received a gift basket yesterday from a friend... a really nice one full of all kinds of awesome goodies.  Smoked salmon, fine chocolates, expensive cheeses and all kinds of goodies.  And caviar.  Caviar is not something for everyone.  Caviar is for those that have an acquired taste for some of the finer things in life.  So much so that for "The Good Stuff" they are willing to pay as much as $736 for only 16 ounces of the stuff.  Whoa.  I have to admit that I like it.  What does this have to do about cars?  Well, since they latest Jeep is a Soft-Road vehicle and has broken the hearts of real Jeepers... there is an alternative.  For just a little bit more than the price of a Liberty, you can get something that is a lot better at Off-Roading, and a lot more Upper Crust.  The Land Rover Freelander.  You can order it with what they call the "Adventure Kit" which gives you some nice off road things like light and brush guards and full length rails over the roof for just shy of 27,000.  Not bad.  It isn't as serious as the Land Rover Defender, but those are no longer built nor brought in the US. If you can find one used - great... but good luck finding one.  If you don't know what a Defender is - I suggest Google as a starting point to research it.   Man, if I was just the money... Actually - if your really wanting a real ride of these types... Find a used Jeep Cherokee and put your extra funds you saved into it.  Then you will be pleased with that fact that you have the real deal and are not pretending.  Cherokee or Grand Cherokee - your choice.