GHOST RECON.  Yes, I know I hated the demo.  Yes, I know I said it sucked.  But I am giving it a fair shake this time, Okay?  Fuq you, I can do that it if I want!  Got that?  Thank you.  Anyways, The demo was really shitty and didn't really do anything for you.  Now, the game is A LOT BETTER.  The demo map is similar to mission 6 in the game.  This is where I am currently sitting because I am restarting every time one of my men gets killed.  In real life, I never lost a man.  Why should I in a game?  Besides, I got through 1-5 without a casualty.  Why start now?  I am starting to like GR.  It really is an improvement over Rogue Spear due to the larger maps.  This one so far is played mainly outdoors where Rogue Spear is indoors.  The maps are nice and big, even huge compared to RS... but I still find myself wishing that they were much bigger.  The guys that made Operation Flash Point really need to get together with the Ghost Recon guys.  Why?  Because there are traits in each game that I like.  I'll go over all those some place else.

I'm not going to rehash a lot of stuff Rogue Spear players already know about this type of game... You should already know about all this stuff.  If not, go back to your lame ass Counter Strike or Tactical Ops for Half Life.  Let me put it this way... it is trying to be realistic.  I said "trying" because it isn't there yet.

Could someone please lend a game programmer a damn pair of night vision goggles?  Please?  I've worn them during  operations and they don't look like that.   Close... better than last time... but people just don't glow bright green.  In fact, unless it is totally dark - your better off not wearing them at all.  Also, they don't work very well in daylight. 

Could someone also please slap the guy that modeled the optical gunsights on the M-4s? They are backwards.  They were wrong in the demo, and they are wrong in the full version.  You can mount them backwards if you really wanted to, that is true.  The problem is that they would not work if you did.  Sure, you could turn it on, but you couldn't sight with it...  So I guess this model is okay, if these guys are in the "Special" forces.  Unfortunately most players don't notice these kind of details.  I do.  And it bugs me. 

More one this later.