January 1st - 5th

Jan 4th -  There are two kinds of people out there.  Those that think LOTR was a pretty good movie, and those that think it is the best movie ever made... period.  Now, I'm in the second category here.  I think LOTR trumps every other movie ever made.  Most of my life I have always said Star Wars is the best movie ever made... because it was.  Right up to the point when  LOTR was released.  Now, the other group, we will call them "Slobbering Morons", are the ones that never bothered to read the best book in the world other than scripture.  They simply do not get the magnitude of the story that this film is only just starting to tell.  Because I mean really - it doesn't even get good until part three "Return of the King"!  Okay, I can't really say that because the whole thing is great.  My favorite slobbering morons are the one's that say "Well, I read The Hobbit."  That's nice... Now go wipe your chin and get a bib.  This movie is lost on these people.  "Pearls before swine".  Seriously, if you have not seen this movie - please read the book first.  You will get 10 times the enjoyment out of it if you do.

Crack Whores and Pork Rinds.  Okay, we all know who Yasmine Bleeth is, right?  Well, you think you knew her.  She went and got busted for cocaine.  This has probably already been around the internet, but I thought it fitting since the article yesterday about the Oral Sex for Pot...  Girls, this is what your, ahem, "heading" for:  I don't understand these people who do drugs.  Take a look at these pics, on the right, a pretty young thing, and on the left?  A strung out crack whore. Nice, isn't it?  Come on!  Do some smack!  You'll have a great time!  Looks like she is having a WONDERFUL time sitting in a jail cell looking like that.  I've seen prettier faces taking out my trash at work, and this chick here is a celebrity?  Don't get me started on celebrities...   Now, about the pork rinds...  Remember the mention of Microwavable Pork Rinds?  Well - I felt adventurous and popped them in.  What a mistake that was!  Ugghh.  First off, Pork Rinds should not be dripping off fat.  Secondly, they should not be chewy.  And lastly, they should not taste like what it might be like to lick the grease trap at McDonalds.  After retching for damn near 5 minutes and rinsing out my mouth with large amounts of Listerine... I tossed the remaining content into the trash.  While in there...  going on 15 minutes... the fatty pustules continued to crackle as if they were still being heated.  That is just not right.  This was some nasty shit.  Almost, but not quite, as nasty as Yasmine Bleeth on cocaine.  If you think you need to do drugs or booze to have a good time, your a total idiot.

Human Sacrifice - You have got to be kidding me. In India, a Temple Priest sacrifices an 8 year old boy by chopping his head off.  Nice.  Very nice.  I am sure your god is well pleased with you.  No one else is. Sometimes I am thinking that nothing in the news will surprise me... and then I read some shit like this.  Where is this at?  Oh, yeah... In India.  Man, that whole area is a freaking nut house.

Diablo II, The Necromancer's Diary.  I found this on Brass Knuckles.  If you have ever played Diablo II, you may or may not find this amusing.  I thought it was funny. 

I don't believe this - James "Slobbering Moron" Midgley has invented a "Gun Safety Training Device" that once installed into a handgun frame, gives you an electrical shock if you pick it up.  Nice.  I bet he has another "Training Device" to teach table manners (a baseball bat) and another to keep kids from snatching cookies from a cookie jar (Rat Trap).  This guy must be a public educator... Instead of actually teaching kids real gun safety... lets just HURT THEM!  Yeah!  This is so wrong on so many levels.  New invention for Jenny Craig:  A refrigerator that acts as a guillotine if you reach inside for any food!  What a doofus.  This moron is actually serious about his little invention - and that is the sad thing.  He really thinks this will help things.  I don't have enough words to describe my outrage.  I bet this guy got the idea from the Taliban too.

Speaking of guns - In the Weapons Section, I have added a Manufacturers Directory.   Your Welcome.  Now you can spend hours surfing through gun stuff easier than using Google!

Jan 3rd - True Americans in Las Vegas?  Calling Las Vegas "Sin City" really doesn't do it justice.  Lets try "Slime City" instead.  For some reason, I have always felt uncomfortable in Las Vegas, and now I know why.  A 42 year old woman was killed on New Year's Day.  She was hit by 2 cars, and her body was pinned under a third.  While the body was pinned and before the police arrived, the wonderful denizens of that slime pit, like a flock of damn vultures, raided her purse and stole everything that had any value.  Out of respect for the dead one of the cretins did have the decency to at least give the cops the dead woman's driver's license.   Great.  Charming.  Feel the love Las Vegas... feel the love.

Online Job Websites - According to MSNBC large websites for jobseekers are pretty much a bust.  Really?  This is news?  All I have to say is "No Shit".  I think I discovered this about 2 years ago.  I've had my resume on a couple such sites for 3 years now.  Responses I have had?  Zero.  I did have one site email me. "There is a potential position that matches your requirements." Once.  Once.  When it comes to job hunting - there is no getting around the old fashioned footwork.   You have to dress up, get a stack of resumes ready and hit the bricks.  Local newspapers that post ads with email address can help.  But you still have to drive over and visit them.  There is no replacement for your smile and handshake.  These days however - a job seeker can not afford to overlook any method of hunting. 

George Lucas is now officially on my Fecal Roster.  Why is that? Because he is putting NSYNC into Episode 2.  It is reported that they will be in a mob of extras... this would be almost tolerable but they are a freaking boy band for crying out loud!  There is only one reason to put them in there... Can you say "Sell Out"?  Trying to hype the movie?  No - it will make tons of cash on its own.  No, this is about making some extra bucks... I bet you anything in Episode 3 R2-D2 is going to be painted to look like a damn Coke can.  "Oh, no... Lucas put them in because they asked because they are Star Wars fans!"  Bull shit - I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I haven't been cast as a Jedi yet. "Well Samuel L Jackson asked to be in it and Lucas made him a Jedi Master!"  Really?  You mean it had nothing to do with S L Jackson being a very cool actor?  Yeah, the kid that played Willow was thrown in there twice... two different roles... but Willow is also an actor.  Lucas likes a lot of extra crap in his flicks for eye candy... that is why we see E.T. in Senate in Episode 1... but that's something different all together... This is freaking NSTINK.  I'm not saying that this has ruined Star Wars, but it still sucks.  I bet in #3 he is going to have Al Gore in there saying "Hey, I invented the Light Saber."  Whatever.  I am so glad that LOTRs rocked.  Star Wars has officially dropped to #2 in the greatest movie list.

Speaking of Star Wars, I have been looking at something very dangerous... You all are familiar to various degrees the game called Ever Quest, right?  Okay, well there those that play it... a lot.  Then there are those that have seen it on the shelves and have passed it up.  This is called Star Wars Galaxies and it is pretty much like EQ... but in the Star Wars universe.  They will allow you to acquire spaceships, have pets and droids... and damn near everything that is going on in the Star Wars universe accept being one of the Star Wars main characters because even in a roll playing game - George Lucas still controls the universe.  This game has not come out yet... but when it does... count me in. 

Jan 2nd - Anti-Gun lawsuit wins in Chicago.  Well, I have always known the Windy City totally blows.  The state of ILL is a cesspool of anti-gun retardation.  Where every other state is tossing out the same anti-gun suites for being as retarded as they are, ILL goes and lets one win.  The case is totally bogus but the courts there are just pushing a political agenda.  This has got to be the most ludicrous bit of legal action I have seen since a couple local cases in Vernal Utah (another cesspool of retardation).  The case says in a nut shell that gun makers and distributors can be sued on the grounds that their products create a public nuisance.  Don't even get me started on this one.  Don't let me get going on the REAL public nuisance offenders... Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol.  First off, Tobacco.  Why?  Because Smokers bug me (Not all of them - just 90% of them).  1.  They get to take smoke breaks every damn 20 minutes, it seems, while I am still at my desk.  2.  They flick butts out the windows of cars while every damn car on the planet is built with a freaking ash tray in the dash.  Use it.  If you don't know where it is, ask your dealer or consult your manual. They have a big ass ash tray in every smoking area yet still feel the need to flick the butt out into the parking lot.  How about I just walk over to your car, stick my ass in your window and let out a nice long and stinky fart every hour?  3.  Your Mother has told you 2 things when your a child. A. was not to play with matches and B. was not to put things in your mouth.  You smoking assholes are doing both at the same time.  Lighting shit on fire and sticking it in your mouth.  People who don't listen to Momma bug me.  As I said - not all smokers are annoying - just the majority as a whole.  Some are considerate, and that's fine.  I've smoked in the past myself, but got over it.  Cigars mainly, because most cigarettes seem sissy.  Especially the menthol ones, but that's another story.  Medical bills paid out on smoking related illnesses to people on public health care assistance are costing the nation MILLIONS of dollars.  I don't care about the people that need help with medical bills, that is fine.  People need to help people.  But when your on welfare, and your at home, on Oxygen because your lungs are screwed up and your still sucking down stogies... screw you.  Try sucking down a few glasses of liquid draino instead, okay?  It tastes better!  Now, Big Alcohol... You jackholes take the cake.  I know prohibition was a farce and you guys ended up winning the lot back, but ever since then you guys have been untouchable.  Guess what?  One of these days, you'll get what is coming to you.  Your products are the Number One poison of the United States.  Your responsible for more deaths, illnesses, suffering, and anguish than anything else.  Drunk driving deaths top the list of killings... I blame the idiots behind the wheel that do it but guess what?  This case in Chicago opens the door up to go after you.  (insert evil laughter here) I don't want to go after Ford.  Auto workers are not going to pay for your sins... I am not going to go after the store that sold the booze, or the bar... they don't have deep enough pockets.  I'm going to go after the big money here... The people that brewed the shit in the first place.  And since guys at bars drink several different drinks... I'm going after the whole damned industry.  Sure - you guys will win... at first.  But then others will sue as well. Then there will be hundreds of cases all over the country from every city.  You'll be paying more out to lawyers than to salary and advertising.  You get broken.  You need to die.  People are too stupid to see through your advertising and focus on the reality that your product kills more people than anything else short of a World War.  While you guys get fat and rich.  Your Enemy Number One... Your even more vile than liberals.  I have friends that never drank a drop in their lives that are dead because of you.  I know of kids that are dead because of you.  I hate you.  But don't take it personally, It isn't you... it's just the shit you promote.  I tell you what.  You want to get on my good side?  Make more caffeinated beverages other than cola and Mt Dew... I want a really good root-beer that has caffeine in it.  Like a pepped up A&W, okay?  Make that instead of your bottled swill. Coors, Keystone, and all the others... I get tired of hearing about all the drunk drivers... all the broken families... one day, your time will come.  This case in Chicago has opened up the doors that can lead to you.  Your a public nuisance.  If I have have a potential case against you - I'm coming for you hard. If I or my loved ones or even one of my Jeeps suffer any harm from your products - I'm coming after you.  Why?  Because you bug me.

My kids are in a private school, and if they were not in a private school, we would home school them.  Simple as that.  Why?  Because public schools are horrible places for kids.  You don't think so?  Check this out.  Two things about this.  1.  This same crap went on in my schools but the desired product wasn't dope, it was just beer.  When my kids are in high school, what is it going to be?  Cocaine?  2. The school has no idea what to do about it and its current "policies" forbidding this are even getting blamed for it!  Don't get me started on "Zero-Tolerance" policy.  I remember once I got suspended because in an art class I drew a picture of a guy mooning you.  I didn't like the picture, so I crumpled it up and threw it away.  The teacher dug in the trash for it and used it to get me suspended.  Just a simple butt shot.  Nothing else.  Just a moon.  I didn't even finish it.   I didn't get in trouble for it at home or anything... mainly because my folks thought it was funny.  Now, the itch that never got scratched was that the girl next to me had a thing about drawing hookers (her favorite subject) with big titties hanging out... nipples and everything.  She used about 25 different colors just on the boobies alone so her shit was art while mine since it was just a pencil sketch was "porn".  Actually, what it really was, the teacher hated me because I was Mormon.  I sat near another kid who was a Jehovah's Witness... He got suspended too for stealing art supplies.  He had a red colored pencil over one ear and was heading out the door with it.  I remember he walked into the class with it... she hated him too.  Schools are like that.  My kids will stay out of public schools for as long as I can avoid it.  I'll do everything I can to keep them out. 

Don't be Gay in Saudi Arabia.  Read this.  Instead of this punishment for being homosexual... why can't they just do this to known terrorist assholes?  "You want to build bombs?  Fine.  Your looking at my ass funny, you die!"  Is it just me or is the whole middle east just freaking nuts? 

Israel has asked us to hit western Iraq first once we go after Saddam (SoDamn Insane)  Hussein again.  Read this here.  Thanks Israel... anyone else you want us to beat up for you?  I like Israel, I have nothing against them.  And if that area of the world wasn't so screwed up, I'd love to visit.  But really, please, let us pick our own targets.  Thanks.  You don't think that area is a threat?  Are you nuts?  Read this!  The Palestinians are now making chemical bombs instead of just the ordinary regular exploding bombs.  Nice.  Note to Palestine - you get everything you deserve you sick fucking assholes.  (Sorry, I used the F-word there... but it really fit well didn't it?)  You guys really need to settle the hell down.  I mean seriously.  90% of the problems over there are because you guys start it.  Genocide isn't such a bad idea after all.  Of course you Palestinians are such idiots, playing with chemical weapons, you'll probably kill yourselves off.

Looks like Japan is planning on launching a space shuttle.  Finally. Read the news article here.  Looks like Japan finally finished the giant sword the shuttle needs when it transforms into a giant robot once it is in orbit.

This just in from Mad Ronin - check this out: David Icke.  This guy takes the cake is the day's nuttiest fruitcake.  This guy is snake-shit crazy.  Loopy at the highest level.  He hates Mormons, Jews, Masons, Protestants... and just about everyone that thinks differently than him.  What does he believe in?  Reptillians and Mind Control.  That's right.  Lizard Men from Mars that are controlling us.  This guy is a UFO freak that goes beyond all others that I have seen. Evidently religion in its christian form is a conspiracy from outer space and all the aliens are slaves of the Reptillians as are we - but we just don't realize it because keeping it a secrete is a plot of the Illuminati.  Hey, I got news for you Mister Icky... I'm the top man in the Illuminati and the demon lizard men have told me to tell you that you had best shut the hell up or they are going to eat you.  Okay, got that?  That's right... they are going to eat you.  They could be coming for you right now, you paranoid freak.  But there is something you can do to ward them off.  As a symbol of your repentance you must paint a large red "L" on your forehead.  Do it or face the hunger of Draco the Reptar!   Guys like this just prove to me every day that human kind has really not changed much over the last few thousand years... we are still as a species pretty stupid.  At least in the dark ages, it would be permissible to drop large rocks on this guys head to shut him up because he bugs.  Now days we actually have to protect these guys.  *sigh*  The good old days... *sigh* Here is another website for those that thought the movie "MIB" was a documentary:  Rumor Mill News.  These guys run the CNN for the people who see conspiracy in everything.    I couldn't read much of it... I had to go vomit.  Guess what?  They are reporting Reptillians causes the 9-11-01 attacks! I knew it... David Icke wrote it.  "What I was told," writes Icke, "supported my own  'this-world' research that the plan is to trigger a conflict with China that would lead to the formation of world government, central bank, currency and army and turn the planet into an orbiting prison camp. Horrific as the events of September 11th were, they are just the start, not the end of this stage of the Illuminati-reptilian agenda."  What a nutcase.  Where are the guys in the white coats when you need them?  You want to know something scary?  He really believes in this, and there are people out there that do too.  This reminds me... I need to finish building my personal defense flame thrower.

January First, 2002.  New Years Day.  Reflecting upon 2001 I come to the conclusion that it was a good year.  It had its ups and downs... but most of the downs were all financial matters that really don't mean anything outside of financial issues.  If you know what I mean.  My sons are healthy and happy and my wife is contented and well pleasured... myself?  Well, I'm never satisfied to begin with.  I am satisfied with my family - but not with what I can give them.  I wish I could do more for them.  This tops the list of New Years Resolutions.  I have some others:
2.  Reduce the amount of cussing in my vocabulary.  While I generally speak with a broad vocabulary - throwing in the word "FUCK" really brings it down.  I'll try my best - but sometimes it just fits with what I am expressing.  Especially regarding Liberals, the Media, and people from England and France as a whole.
3.  Make my MadOgre updates more meaningful rather than "Took a shit this morning, good solid bowel movement.  Had to use the pink toilet paper that I hate."  Because mainly, while a good solid bowel movement is important, it is not going to win me a Webby Award any time soon.  Not that a Webby is something I am wanting - but you get the drift.  I'll be discussing more current events... more reviews... everything.  For example, I have something I will be writing up a review on as soon as I get the nerve:  LOWREY'S HOT AND SPICY MICROWAVE PORK RINDS.   I picked them up at the store out of morbid curiosity but the idea of actually nuking them scares the hell out of me.
4.  Bury my victims instead of just rolling them out the back into a river.  This is more of a "give a hoot - don't pollute" sort of thing.  It will take some extra time, but anything worth doing is worth doing well... That reminds me.  I need to pick up some more fava beans.
5.   Include more Gratuitous Self Promotion in everything that I do.
6.  Be a kinder and gentler ogre.
7.  And lastly, be more like Bruce Lee

Email from reader - I am posting this whole because this guy needs a hand:
From: John Buol [jbuol@HunterShooter.com]
Mad Ogre: 
Its always great to find pro-gun tech sites written by someone with a sense of humor.  I'm the director of new, fledgling shooting program and am upgrading to an enterprise-class web site.  The goal is to create a scalable service that will be capable of supporting a user base of 6 figures.  I'm hoping you might point me in the direction of hacker-type with an interest in shooting.  There is interest in the program (a couple thousand on the newsletter so far, with an average of 15 new subscribers every  day)  And I have some geek friends in my local LUG. Unfortunately, I haven't met anyone that fits in both groups.  I'm specifically interested in OpenACS (Linux, PostgreSQL, OpenNSD/AOLserver), but would like to be able to talk shop with a friendly shooter fluent in Tcl/perl/sql... you get the idea.
Q:  Mr. Ogre, Why are so many people obsessed with accuracy? Most rifles today can shoot better than their owners can, so what's the big deal?...
A:  You see the problem stems from people reading Gun Magazines more than actually picking up a fucking gun and firing it.

Golden!  One of the best quotables I've read in awhile.  Fast X, John M. Buol Jr. Director, HSA
Hunter's Shooting Association - http://www.HunterShooter.com

December of 2001 is over, and will be missed.  It was a good month.  Check it out HERE.