The biggest threat to US peace does not come from the middle east.  The biggest threat comes from China.  China enjoys it's rewards with the US's Favored Nation Trade Status.  This means simply that trade and commerce between the US and China is an open door.  Billions of dollars pour into China's reserves through the US's gluttony of cheap Chinese made sundries of the types sold in stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and the like.  Regardless of US consumer spending habits, the fact is the fact: China is making most of it's money from the US because if it's trade status.  To learn more regarding China's trade status, read here.  I'll continue. 

During the Cold War with the now defunct Soviet Union, I observed the Soviet's habit of taking successful Western technology and designs and rebuilding it in Soviet fashion.  China is taken on this pattern of military development for any item that it can not purchase outright from former Soviet countries.

Since the fall of the Soviet empire, the countries left disenfranchised have been thrown into an economical black hole of a depression.  Many of the countries, including Russia could not afford to pay it's state workers and military personnel.  One report showed a coastal village that served as a Soviet naval base hosting nuclear attack submarines.  The report documented the situation where the State could not afford to run the reactors to provide heat within the sub.  Since the winters are cold, the village used it's own funds to power electric heaters placed within the sub to warm them.  Reason for doing this was to avoid the reactor's coolant lines from freezing and bursting.  Such an event would kill the village with the resulting radiation contamination.  Those subs are no longer there.  They are now part of China's nuclear sub fleet. 

The main thrust of any modern navy is in aircraft carriers.  In the past, I considered China's threat to the US to be minimal as without carriers, true projection of military power is impossible. In 1992 China opened discussions with Ukraine to purchase of the Varyag, a 67,500-ton Kiev-class attack aircraft carrier about two-thirds complete and docked at the Black Sea shipyard of Nikolayev.  This purchase has been completed and in late 2001, this ship was towed to a Chinese shipyard for completion.  Current status of this ship is unknown. The contract with Ukraine stipulates that the buyer can't use the carrier for military purposes, and that any equipment that could be used to build other warships has been removed from the craft. These items can easily be retrofitted to China's military standards.  In 1985 China purchased the 40,000-ton former Royal Australian Navy aircraft carrier, HMAS Melbourne as scrap, but as of 1994 the ship was reportedly still in existence at Guangzhou, China, being studied by Chinese naval architects. By this time, this carrier could easily have been totally retrofitted, seaworthy and battle ready.  This gives China 2 known carriers centering in two carrier battle groups.  China can now project military power around the world.

One of the little-known aspects of the PLA daemon is that South Korea is actually on the side of Mainland China. South Korea aided in the transfer of the old Soviet Carrier hulls to the PLAN.
Objectives of PacRim Offensive:
Taiwan. To be secured as quickly as possible. EMP weapons and conventional ballistic missiles will be used Liberally.
Outlying Islands. These will be seized early on and used as airbases, mil ports, and recon/com stations. Submarines will be supplied from small islands.
Philippines. Yes, the Philippines will again face a large invasion and thunderous defeat.
The goal of the PLA is to secure all pacific islands in a great defensive ring with which to thwart any US Pacific operations. The Panama canal (now owned by China) will of course be closed to all US mil activity.  This will have to be a target of US attentions very early on in any US-China conflict.  WE MUST RECLAIM THE PANAMA CANAL.   Failure to do so could result in Chinese carriers sitting in the canal launching attack sorties into the US Mainland.
"5th Column": Chinese agents, hundreds, of them, will be very active here. Hackers based in China and CONUS will be doing many unfriendly things to us.
When the US manages to send a carrier to the China sea, maximum effort will be employed to sink it. PLAN will be willing to sacrifice a lot of important assets to sink the carrier. A coordinated air strike comprised of several dozen aircraft will be used to over load the fleet's defenses. The H-6 bombers and other naval aircraft will then let loose their very large anti-ship missiles.  The result will be the loss of one of America's most powerful military assets.

China's military arsenal is often mistakenly referenced as being comprised of old Soviet hand downs of outdated hardware. The truth is that while China has purchased many former Soviet assets, these units have been rebuilt and updated.  China's newest assets are new constructions using proven western designs.  The following pages will point this out in greater detail.

China's new Helicopters.

China's new Tanks.

China's Air Power.

China's Infantry.

China's Navy Surface.

China's Navy Submarine.