MAR 22nd - "Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be. You are a child of God; your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God/the Divine within us. It is not in just some of us. It is in everyone and as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others." I heard this quote a few days ago and it has been on my mind ever since then.  This hit my nail right on the head.  Onsite Consultants... Why  have I been afraid of it?  I wasn't afraid of it failing... I was afraid if it being a success!  Steve applied Onsite to be a Cisco Systems authorized reseller.  This will open up a lot of possibilities for Onsite Consultants.  Success is in there for us to find.  We just have to have the balls to reach in and find it.

A fellow from sent me some pictures of something I have never heard of... A SIG revolver.  It's very cool.  The thing looks like a S&W M&P.  Nothing special, just a .38 Special.  Until you look at all the markings.  It's actually SAUER & SOHNS, Made in Germany.  So, of course its not really SIG, but the Sauer of the SIG SAUER fame.  The most interesting marking is this one that looks like a Celtic Swirl.

This is totally asinine.  LEXMARK, the makers of the Z53 printer we just picked up... This makes me sick. I'll nutshell it for you.  The top dogs get HUGE FAT pay raises and bonuses, while the lesser employees get laid off, told to take out there own trash, and keep all the lights off.  Typical greedy American Corporation.  This is the business style of the 80s.  This should make the Execs feel dirty... I would.  I couldn't do that - take a 3 million dollar bonus while at the same time telling the people that work the hardest for the company, and make the least doing it - that they have to hit the bricks.  I'd like to see a company that actually puts it values into the people that really make the company happen.  Give them the bonuses.  Invest in the EMPLOYEES.  If a company was to do that - and give bonuses to the grunts - something very interesting would happen.  The Grunts would stick with the jobs longer - reduced attrition.  Fewer sick days.  Less inventory shrinkage.  Grunts would seek out cost saving measures at all levels.  People would have higher moral.  They would feel more a part of the company and would have something that is almost unheard of... LOYALTY.  Why would this be a good thing?  These guys would be going the extra mile for the company...   Making higher quality products because they take pride in what they put out.  People buying the products would be proud to buy them!  This would snowball for the company that did that.  Talk about success!  You wouldn't believe it. All it would take is for the Execs to have the balls to show some  real leadership and give something back to those that work for them.

Last night I watched a movie I haven't seen in a long time... "SHOOT TO KILL".  A lot of it was filmed out in the woods in the Pacific Northwest.  Where I used to go camping and hiking.  I miss Washington State... it was a great place to grow up.  Well, that was the area I lived in when I was an Explorer Scout and out doing the fun Scout stuff instead of Pinewood Derby.   It's a cool movie too.  If you haven't seen it - it's worth watching.  It starts out just really creepy.  At least I thought it was creepy. 

Site of the day: THE COMPLAINT GENERATOR.  We've seen things like this before - but none this powerful.  The volume this generator is able to produce is amazing.  For example, no other generator will produce a 10 paragraph complaint about Matt Schaelling with a simple click of button.  It's great, try it out.

Another Site of the day:  Crazy Asian Drinks.  For those that liked the BAD CANDY website, this one is almost as funny... but then again, gross Mexican candy has a lot more "funny" built in.

MAR 21st - Today I was feeling a lot better.  Still very tired, but much better.  Anyway as luck would have it Steve gave me a call and we headed out to do some shooting.  He had about 300 rounds or more of some reloads he just rolled up.  He is new to reloading, but the very careful type so these rounds were made very well.  One loading was such a pussycat, that my 1911 was thinking it was a 9MM.  These rounds were reliable and accurate... and such a blast to shoot.  You'd think it was a Nine until you saw the big hole that crashed through the target.  His other load was brisk... as a 185 grain load should be.   I launched about 150 rounds I guess.  It was great to be out shooting again.  I felt A LOT better after getting out.  The three guns we had with us was my 1911 and his HK USP TACTICAL and Charles Daly DDA.  The DDA wasn't liking the reloads.  I'm not sure why, but I think it was a sizing issue.  The HK fed on the spicier 185s with no problem either.  In fact it liked them.  Steve was placing his shots right on top of each other.    My shooting was not up to my par, but it wasn't that bad either.  I still need to get new glasses and new sights before my shooting will be acceptable in my own opinion.  I also need some new grips... these wood grips are too blocky.  They look good - but are not good shooting grips.  Better grips will help my grouping as well.

After dinner I was sitting on the couch watch some TV and Deveni is on the phone talking to someone when all the sudden, with the phone in her ear, she comes over takes off my shoe and starts poking the crap out of my feet.  She hit one spot that REALLY HURT.  Ouch!  "Does that hurt?"  "Yeah, because you poked the hell out of my foot!"  "No, that spot is your liver..."  "Who are you talking to?"  "Dacia."  Figures... More Witch Doctor stuff.  this time the voodoo is called REFLEXOLOGY.   She rubbed that same spot on both feet for a minute each.  It was rather painful, and after she was done, I could tell it had done something, because all the sudden I'm feeling close to puking and highly fatigued as if I had not slept in days.

Water... I've been drinking water like crazy.  Got a PUR filter on the tap and I've been chugging the stuff down.  It's kinda funny, but if I go an hour without drinking water - I actually feel thirsty.  Weird.  I've been critically dehydrated lately and trying to get back on track just doing weird things.  The upside is that the skin on my hands is looking back to normal

Saw something odd on the freeway.   On the back of a flatbed trailer... was a MIG 17.   Probably on the way up to HILL AFB.  Still very cool.  The wings were off and the top of the tail was off too - so I didn't know exactly what it was at first... but it turns out it was a MIG 17 Fresco.  Well, it could be a MIG 15 Faggot... but I think it was a 17.  Not the normal thing to be seeing driving down the freeway.  If anyone in Utah up north knows anything about this MIG... let me know.

Check this out.  This Dutchman just became my hero... seems a normal weapons stash isn't enough for him.  He has to bring in an CENTURION TANK!   Not that the Centurion is all that great of a tank... it isn't.  But its still a very cool thing to have. 105MM is a lot better than a .50 caliber.

MAR 20th - Shin Tao's section is updated with a large entry for his Chapter 5.  Interesting reading for the Armchair General.

Sorry for the continued lack of updates.  My health is keeping me from taking anything seriously enough to write a rant about.  The Google rant on the 16th mixing in with some Janet Reno ranting just took too much out of me.   My wife is giving me attitude & hell as if it is all my fault that I am ill.  As if I chose to get sick.  She was actually yelling at me today.  I started getting very sick almost a full year ago and this has just been creeping up on me.  I just grin and bear it and move on... until recently when I could no longer just shrug it off and keep going.    I guess it's my fault, she's right.  She WAS being very caring and loving to me... but evidently that was just an act or something because she is now just plain being nasty.  Whatever.  I'm doing everything I can... I'm going to see doctors, and taking so many meds it disgusts me... but it's my fault I'm sick.  I've noticed I'm getting a lot of grey hairs... That just sucks.  When I get back on my feet I'm getting some hair color.  Actually, the graying hair really goes well with my tissue-paper skin.   

MAR 16th - Samurai Jack, the official cartoon of  I just love it.  The animation shows actual creativity not found elsewhere in modern serial cartoons.  I mean, come on... "Butt Ugly Martians"?  I don't let my kids watch anything like that... Ed Edd & Eddy is another Toon... Horrible.  Cow & Chicken?  My kids know to change the channel when that crap comes on.  It's the classic toons that my kids like the best... and Samurai Jack that it.  Any parent that lets little kids watch Cow & Chicken should be slapped by Mr. T's backhand.   The show is horrible.  Just plain awful and not even in the least funny.  It's obvious the creators have an unhealthy ass fetish that is being communicated to your kids if you let them view it.  Cartoon network is not a safe channel to let your little watch unsupervised...

GOOGLE has pissed me off.  I don't blame Google it's self, but those assholes that work in the advertising section of Google.  Here is the deal, on Google it is okay to advertise PORN and GAMBLING, but not GUNS.  You can put up an add for your porn site... but not about the history of your grandfather's old Browning.  What is up with that?  Shooting sports are some of the OLDEST in the nation, enjoyed by good law-abiding people.  But Google is having none of that.  They would rather have 18 year old Lesbians advertised.  Nice.  Can I puke now?  Where are your VALUES, Google?  This POLITICALLY CORRECT bullshit is ripping the country down.  True morals are something we just can not have in public!  One of my favorite sites, is a good example of how this trend is already screw up the younger people.  Often in a thread that mentions Ashcroft and any demonstration of a moral backbone, many of the younger Farkers exclaim how scary he his.  Ashcroft is scary?  WHAT?  And Janet Reno wasn't?  Excuse me?  *Sigh* is an excellent website that has a lot to offer.  It's just that you have to sift through a lot of Bullshit.  Anyways, Janet Reno... Single handedly she is the most frightening female in the United States.  I'd rather spend an hour with Andrea Yates than one minute with Janet Reno.  Of course I'd use that time to drown her in a bathtub... but that's besides the point.  Anyways, Reno is truly scary... but to these adolescent Fark idiots,  the scary guy is Ashcroft?  Slobbering morons, all of them. (those that say Ashcroft is scary... there are many Farkers that are quite brilliant)

I was told that my sister in law Dacia often reads  Oops.  Sorry about the Witch Doctor crack! 

Shin Tao informed me that there is a carbine version of the Mateba revolver that was chambered in .44 mag.  I can't find reference to it, but I'll take his word for it... He has some interesting sources.  He had this to say "The .44mag loves a long barrel. Out of a 16in barrel, .44mag increases in velocity a whopping 30%(!!!). All the rifles on the table for consideration by myself have 20in barrels. Do the calculations for various already-fast 44 loads and...holy shit! We are now looking at big fat 44 cal chunks of lead moving along at 7.62x39 velocities. All this speed with combined with large diameter and excessive grainage is downright Hemingway.   It is the official view of the CHB, that the .44mag, like the 10mm, is under-used and miss-understood."    This is true... but there is a good reason for this Shin.  The unwashed masses of gun owners that read Guns & Ammo and American Handgunner are fed crap that such calibers are too powerful are are only useful for hunting bear.  (I read that about a Glock 10MM - seriously)  I remember I had a partner named Hickman that carried as his duty weapon, a full sized Glock 10MM loaded with super hot Cor-Bon JHP rounds.  Shin and I agree that a Mateba Carbine would be nifty, but one is much better outfitted with a Marlin lever-action rifle.

MAR 15th - Sorry about the lack of updates.  I've been very sick lately and at the same time interviewing for jobs.  Mrs. Ogre told be yesterday that I have lost 10 pounds just this last week.  My skin looks like tissue paper.  And there were a few days when my skin was yellow due to jaundice.  I've been to see the Doc and had my meds adjusted... Other than that I just need to drink a whole hellofalotof water.  My Ma and Pa are going to be flying out in a few days... Monday I was thinking that they were going to be coming out for a funeral.  Being sick totally sucks.  A paperback novel feels like it weighs 10 pounds... a water bottle feels like I'm weightlifting.   The upside is that I have come to accept the Doctor, and will be visiting him much more frequently... and he says that I'll be getting better.  I guess.  Doesn't feel like it right now...  but Its going to take some time.

The interview yesterday went well... It was the second interview actually.  I'm on the verge of accepting a position with a CITIGROUP company.  I never thought of myself as a financial advisor.  Kinda crazy.  Down side is that I hate wearing a suit.  REALLY HATE IT.  It took all my strength to go through the interview.  The first one had me puking both before and after... the second one I was able to hold things down.   I guess that's a good sign.  CITIGROUP is a freaking scary company.  HUGE.  Corporate.  Two things I'm not fully comfortable with.  But the money after the first year is just SICK.  After 5 years the money is insane.  I can't even see my self making that much jingle.  I can't wrap my mind around the idea of ME with that much cash.  It's insane.  What the hell would I do with a Quarter of a Million a year?   Yeah.  That's what I am talking about.  Securities and exchanges, investing, all that.  Can I do it?  Sure.  But I don't want to admit it. 

TFL should be back up today... I'll update the forum about the Jackets there.  I still only have 4 checks.  With only 4 checks... that isn't enough to actually do it.  So hopefully after TFL is back up, more people will get going on the actual fundage so we can do this.  Lot's of people say they want to - but not enough actually go though with it.  We'll see.

MAR 12th - Christopher Walken can dance.  This may be old hat to many folks - but it's new to me.  Fatboy Slim has his video called "Weapon of Choice" that has Christopher Walken in it.  I can't describe it... but it's awesome.  It's now my favorite song of the day.

You know what I hate?  Getting a hair cut.  I'm never really pleased with the haircut that I get - so I never go back to the same place twice.  Most of the haircuts I get are just "average", others just suck.  My wife can give a good haircut sometimes... but sometimes I just want a nice haircut.  You go into a "Salon" and it just reeks of chemicals and crap.  Makes me ill.  I once went into an old fashioned Barber Shop for a cut.  Seriously, I looked like HITLER when the guy was done.  I wore a hat a lot after that day until it grew out some.  I have this big interview tomorrow, so I stopped by a place for a nice haircut... The chick took like 2 minutes to do whatever she did.  I don't see ANY DIFFERENCE on my head so at least she didn't FARK it up.  I just want a nice haircut, you know?  Seriously, the last haircut that I had that I actually felt was worth the money I paid for it was 3 years ago.  I still remember the haircut.  I gave the chick 20 bucks as a tip I was so pleased.  Now, here I am sitting at my PC just irritated as hell because I dropped my bones on a nothing-much haircut.  Nice.

This is classic.  For those that are like me and may not ever get a glimpse of the Pearly Gates... you can still get your wings.   Sign me up for a pair of Extra Large Black Leathery wings.  Hey, I don't have time for preening a bunch of white feathers.

MICROSUCKS.  Just heard in TECHTV that Microsoft's Windows Media player is actually spyware.  It records and reports everything that Media Player does... everything you watch, everything you listen too.  Scary.  Screw Microsoft.  Next week I'm going back to Linux for good... uh... or at least until I get a MAC.  Some people don't think this spyware thing is an issue.  I think it's a huge issue.  I like my privacy!  I don't want people I don't know archiving my shit.  I don't want people I don't know taking little bits of data and building a "profile" of me.  FUCK THAT!   Excuse my language, but I am very serious about that.  If I don't fill out a survey - SCREW YOU.  You have no "RIGHT" to dig into my shit.  Fuck off.  I consider this an intrusion.  I consider this BREAKING AND ENTERING.  If I had a few extra bucks - I'd file a lawsuit.  Any program that reports anything on you should LET YOU KNOW what it's doing and better yet - give you the option of killing that feature.  But that is just my opinion.  However I am often right in my opinions...

Another thing that is pissing me off...  These new ads.  Not banner ads - but these ads that are embedded into the webpage... Coke has one on Lycos that is a freak multimedia nightmare.  Why the hell can't normal web content be as good as these ads?  I don't know... but it's irritating.  You want to watch a video clip - it takes awhile to download, and is the size of a postage stamp... these ads just ZIP and you can't click out of it.  I don't like ads that interfere with the content that I am looking for.  I find these ads more and more intrusive.  Ads that do this... I take the sites that have these ads off my Favorites List. 

The most useless website on the   Do this... make this the HOMEPAGE on every computer at your work.  BTW, turn up your speakers...

MAR 11th - Take a look at this.  I TOLD YOU SO.  I had a lot of emails from people telling me that I was nuts... I don't think so.  I think I was right on the freaking money.

President Bush, like it or not, just may be the most popular President in History.  Right now, he has a SOLID 82% approval rating.  This is down from 92% last October.  I love it... Bush is an awesome president.  If your one of those very few that don't like Bush... Here you go.

I have two killer interviews coming up, one this Wednesday, the other maybe next week.  The one this week is for one of the largest corporations in the world.  Scary.  Both interviews are up in SLC.  Both jobs will pay a nice fat salary that will be nice and comfortable.  We'll be able to take care of a lot of issues that have been waiting too long.

MAR 10th - Do you want to hear something funny?  Gateway is wanting to sell an all in one PC to compete with the new iMac.  They are a totally AVERAGE PC with no special features other than just looking cool if it had come out LAST YEAR.  Not only is it PRICED the same as an iMac, it's also going to make you wait a month for it as well.  Nice.  Uh... if you have to wait the same amount of time and pay the same amount of money... Why in the hello would you choose a crappy Windblows machine when you could have a freaking MAC powered by a G4 that's running OS X?  OS X is freaking UNIX at it's core.  Do you know what that means?  It means RELIABILITY.  No "Blue Screens Of Death"... no crashes.  Yeah, put me on the list for that Gateway, Baby!  Right after I jump off a freaking cliff, okay?  I'm getting a Mac as soon as I can.  That's all there is too it.  I've talked about it before - but I'm serious... I want OS X!  I want FIREWIRE, and I want on of those iPods to go with it.  Have you seen the MAC speakers?  Not just the little desk top speakers... but that weird sub-woofer?  How cool is that thing?  If I got one of those, could I still drive a Jeep or would I have to get one of those lame-ass VW Bugs?

Email from an OGRE HEAD from ASK OGRE: "Ogre:  Love your responses!  Just ordered a Beretta 96 Brigadier INOX.  I am already looking at enhancements spring kits, extended ported barrels etc. My question is how much should I screw with the original.  Also of all the common enhancements which would I see the most improvement from vs. cost. So far I am looking at a 2 stage recoil spring/pin assembly $60, 5.4 inch ported barrel $180, lighter hammer spring, lighter trigger spring, not going to mess with slide spring until I can measure how well the factory works. The springs were too cheap to even bother mentioning.  Also I am going to start shooting IDPA but will swap parts to meet regulations.  Would you suggest any other shooting sports.  IDPA is just getting started in my area. Thanks for any opinions! TORCH"  Thanks for the email, Torch.  A 96 Brig Inox is already a fantastic pistol... The trigger action and such are already smooth and the gun is already reliable.  I wouldn't do anything to mess with internals without an actual measurable improvement.  I don't think you'll get much if any with most aftermarket springs and stuff.  Instead, but the money onto something more tangible that will give you some sort of improvement you can put your finger on.   I've handled several guns that the owners bragged up all sorts of "improvements" that had been done to it.  Emperor's New Clothes, my friend.  I didn't FEEL any improvement worth a fraction of what was spent on it.  But your money into what you actually need.  Such as grips and sights.  Stock grips are often "Just Fine" but if you find a set of grips that actually improve the way your hands interface with the gun, then that is where you need to spend some cash.   Hogue is one of my favorites... Pierce Grips are good as well.  Check them out carefully.  Feel the differences.  You'll know when you feel it, which one is right for you.  Sights are important and the Front Sight is CRITICAL to shooting a handgun.  Especially when your firing quickly.  You may think your gun as good enough sights for you... and maybe that is true.  But maybe you will find another set that really works better for you.  For me and my eyes, nothing is better than Ashley's Express sights.  Look into them and others.  Don't be afraid to shell out the extra cash here... this is where the rubber meets the road in handgunning.  Other equipment such as holsters and spare factory mags are also important to consider.  Most guns come with only 2 mags.  If you want to do anything other than CCW with the gun, extra mags are always wanted.  Especially if you find one of your mags is no longer reliable.  Set that mag aside and mark it with a scratch on the base or something to identify it.  I like to number all my mags and track them that way.  Other guys just take the bad mag and stomp it flat... better to be out a mag than to use a bad mag in combat and have it jam you up in a fight.  Spend a little extra cash on a nice range bag, a set of "Ears", cleaning kit etc.  These are the things that pay off dividends.  Last thing, find a good and I do mean GOOD pistolsmith to look the gun over.  Find a name out of my GUNSMITH DIRECTORY for one in your state.  Have him examine the gun.  He can see things you can't.  Such as sears or other engagement surfaces that could be stoned (smoothed out) or are worn or flawed.  Maybe a trigger job and polishing to the rails... those will go a lot farther than swapping springs. You have a good gun.  Use it in confidence.  Because the best place to put your cash is into ammo and range time.  The old saying goes something like "It's not the Plane, but the Pilot."

Here is something cool... Check out this thread on FARK.  Scroll down till you see the images from a performance by band called GRAND MOFF TARKIN.  If you think that name sounds familiar, you'll see why.  I want a CD!  Speaking of music... there is a local band that I like... it's called Sunfall Festival...They are very good.  If anyone could send me some MP3's, I'd be most pleased.  The lead singer chick... she has an awesome voice.  She sounds just like an old group I used to listen to.  It was called "HEX" and I just totally grooved on it.  Good stuff.  Not a bad song on the whole album that I used to have.  Of course nothing can touch PINK FLOYD as a group... Nothing.

I've been "Down" all damned day.  I was wanting to go to church today but my body was having none of that.  I've been staying near the latrine.  No details, lets just say I'm not feeling well... still.  Those that know me the best know that my health is seriously screwed.  A lot of this comes from liver damage and a food allergy to wheat that I never knew I had until recently.  Those two might be related.  My diet still isn't the best.  I often enjoy a juicy burger... even though I know I shouldn't.  The meat isn't the problem but the bun.  Hell, even a lot of SOUP has wheat in it.  Shouldn't eat that either.  Grain options go down to Rice and Corn for the majority of it.  I like Rye bread, and can eat that if it contains no wheat... However most grocery stores that sell Rye bread that contains wheat.  The kind I can eat is the rich dark Jewish Rye's that sometimes is made sans wheat.  That stuff isn't very popular... but I love it.  Seriously, a Tuna and Cheddar sandwich on Jewish rye bread is AWESOME.  One of my favorite Sammiches.

To answer all the emails all at once - Rich will have TFL back up in a few days.  If you need a fix for internet gun talk - check out You'll like it.

MAR 9th - It's been a long time since I have posted an update...  I've been busy with many things, one of which was Linux.  Since March first I have been running Red Hat 7.2.  I like Linux, but to be honest, I have decided to reinstall Windows XP.   Linux is a cool operating system, and eventually, I'll run this box on Linux full time.  Now just isn't the time.

So, what has been going on in my life and in the news?  Damn... the news is just SICK.  I don't even want to think about that nurse biatch in Texas.  You've heard of her, "The Windshield Murder" case.  Sickness.  I can't even fathom that kind of person that could do that.  The total lack of humanity is appalling.  The other day I was under the hood of the XJ again... Replaced the clutch master cylinder... That was fun.  And when I was under there I realized I was missing a control arm bushing.  6 bucks at the Jeep dealership and I now have the bushing.  Just have yet to put it in. 

Annoying thing about Windows XP... when I reinstalled it, it never asked for the CD Key.  So when it finished the install it asked me to ACTIVATE the product and Register it.  Huh?  Well, I tried that but it didn't connect or something and it said that in 14 days it will revert to a reduced function mode.  This means that in 14 days I wont be able to create or save any documents.  FUCKING GREAT.  Well, in two weeks I'll just reformat the damn drive and reinstall it again... or go back to Red Hat or something.

Mandrake Linux 8.1... That installed easy as hell.  Only problem was that it didn't like my video card and wouldn't launch X or anything other than a command line.  That's why I went with Red Hat 7.2 there for this last week.  Special thanks to Steve Ting for helping me out on that note.

Another thing that annoyed me about Red Hat - it wouldn't let me play a damn audio CD.  It recognized the CD and the title and the number of tracks and everything... it just wouldn't PLAY THE MUSIC.  Not only that but it REFUSED to print.  I have a brand new Z53 printer and Linux wouldn't let me print.  I installed the proper driver downloaded from the maker, it installed and set up just fine... It just wouldn't actually PRINT!  Screw it.  Those two things were annoying, but I could live... But that wasn't all.   I have to give Microsoft the props when it comes to browsers.  Explorer really is the best one out there.  Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror... all just farking SUCK.  I hate downloading plugins.  Anyway... Things that you can get used to after some time... but I just didn't want to have to deal with it right now.  Deveni has been upset about Linux since day one.  She hated it right from the start.  She is an old MAC girl anyways, so nothing is quite good enough for her anyways unless Steve Jobs approved it.

Anyways, I'm looking for a MAC now... I've been playing around with OS-X and it is just the coolest damn thing on the planet when it comes to computers.  Even the little iBook G3's are awesome.    I'll sell my PCs and take all the cash to put into a MAC if I have too.

The JOB SEARCH continues... I have a good interview scheduled coming up, so my hopes are up and my spirit is high.  There is a good chance at this one and the job sounds like it would be a heck of a lot of fun.

One of the things I did today was to jump into the XJ and do some mild off roading.  I drove up into the mountains and climbed some light trails without having to go into 4LOW...  I couldn't handle anything too heavy has my stomach has been going nuts.  It's my liver again and I've been quite sick this week on top of everything else... Anyways, at the top of the climb My gut said it was time to empty the contents so I had a little puke fest up there.   I made it back down without further incident, but suffered severe cramping the rest of the day.  Right now at 11:00 PM I am feeling somewhat better, but far from well.  Anyways, going off road was a lot of fun.  Taking it slow and easy... no wheel spin... didn't tear up any soil.  I support the idea of Tread Lightly, and made sure I did just that.  Up on top of a mountain is a perfect place to commune with God, so I did some praying, some listening to the Spirit, and just getting my feelings squared away.  That felt good.  (after tossing my lunch that is)

I've got a lot more to update, and I'll get to it.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I was still alive.

Oh - regarding the TFL Jacket orders.  I have checks from Jon Hustead, Zack Hutton, Hank Lampe, Evan Crosby, and J. Toms.  Still looking for the others.  Due to TFL going down, this will probably take a little longer, so please be patient...  Damn hacker that did that to TFL is in for some serious Italian style Vendetta  

MAR 1 MAD OGRE is going down for an unknown length of time. will not be getting any updates until everything is squared away.  Reason - I am switching my system over to Linux this weekend.  I'll provide details once this is complete.

All of the month of Feb has been archived HERE.