FEB 2002

Feb 28th - Under the hood of the XJ again.  Topping off fluids and replacing a few lines and clamps...  Took only a few minutes but the resulting coating of black grease on the hands was most satisfying.  One thing that pissed me off was that one of the lines was affixed with something called a pinch clamp.  Whoever invented and advocated the use of pinch-clamps need to be slapped, back handed, by Hulk Hogan.  I don't mind working on a Jeep.  Not at all.  Some people would have you believe that Jeeps are not reliable.  This is not the case.  My Jeep is very reliable.  Consider this... It has 200,000 of hard use miles on it and it's still jeeping just fine.  Many of the things I have done to it are only things that you would have to do to ANY vehicle of it's age.  Jeeps are great!  The thing that gave Jeeps a bad name was one particular engine that was used... a Buick 2.8 liter V-6 that was used during the 80's.  That engine was simply HORRIBLE.  It deservedly got a bad rap.  However the other engines are rock solid.  They may not be the most powerful or the most fuel efficient...  but they work hard, get the job done, and last forever.  Another reason Jeeps have been given a bad rap... Jeep owners USE them a lot harder than people use other cars.  You don't take a Honda and try to do with it was is done regularly with a Jeep.  No way.  Jeeps are the best damn vehicle on the planet.  You can do anything with them... and if you can't... you can customize a Jeep to do it.  They are like Swiss-Army knives.  My next vehicle... a late 80's CJ-7.  That is, when I'm in a position to buy one.

Shin-Tao sent in chapter 3 of his CHB section, so it's updated. 

Feb 27th - This freaking book has irritated me beyond belief.  It's written by Sharon Shinn and is called "Archangel".  I have no idea why I read it.  I was in a book store and it just got under my skin.  I disliked this book from Page Two all the way to the ending.  I have no CLUE why I actually even PURCHASED this thing... but I had to finish reading it.  Like when your a kid and you just have to pick off that scab...  This book INFURIATED ME!  The main character woman - because it's about her not the Archangel.  Don't let the title fool you.  If it was to be titled correctly the book would be called "Frustrating, Selfish, Harpy, Bitch."  But I guess they thought that the book wouldn't sell with that on the cover.  If you do a search on it... you'll find a lot of glowing reviews on it.  Written by women.  Go figure.  HATE THIS BOOK!  I'm soaking it in high octane fuel and BURNING IT next time I light a fire in the fireplace.  However - if your female and reading this site by accident, you will probably LOVE this book.

Possible good news on the job hunting. I had an incredible interview today that had me jumping afterwards.  It was great.  Totally CLICKED.  The person I interviewed with was actually on the east coast.  I am scheduled for a second interview... The person I talked to will be flying out here for the second interview with me.  This was a major UP for the day.  I was getting seriously depressed and and this week is going much better.

Lot's of news... but I've been busy on other things...  Oh, I did get a question about FALLOUT and FO2 and my opinion.  I don't like it.  I don't like either one.  These two games are require much more time than I have to give them.  I don't have the attention that is required to really get into them.  I'll put them up for grabs to any of my local friends that want them... Actually, I think Scott might like them.  He isn't that much of a gamer - but this might be up his alley.  What have I been up too?  Besides job hunting and Honey-Do's?  I can't tell you.  

Shin Tao has sent in another update. His section has been updated accordingly. 

Feb 26th - Steve and I did a little shooting today at Range Masters.  Nice range.  I wasn't really feeling it today so I decided I just wanted to do small bore.  Steve brought out his Colt Cadet and I used that.  I did well... my first 4 shots printed a nice little clover leaf group.  Not bad and then I just started shooting for the fun of it.  Had fun.  Did a few mags left handed and did much better than I expected to that way.  Steve was working his Charles Daly DDA .45... a cute little compact unit with a pink colored polymer frame.  I have to admit that the little pint gun is very nice.  Very consistent for a compact of it's type.  After we packed it up, we went to the other side of the range and observed the good officers of Salem, UT doing a Qualification course.  Heaven help Salem, Utah.  Only 2 of the officers there could shoot worth a darn... and the others... Geeze.  One young high speed, low drag rookie was popping off with a S&W 4509 and doing very well with it.  The other guy that was doing well was an older veteran fellow... looked like a real pro-cop.  He was working a 1911 of some sort... He shot quite respectively.  What was funny was the guy right in front of us.  This older crotchety looking officer in plain clothes with a big ass... He was working a SIG P220 and I swear - he would do better just taking a handful of shells and THROWING THEM.  What was even funnier was his POINT SHOOTING technique that obviously wasn't even working for him at the THREE YARD LINE.  Give this guy a scattergun if he rolls up on your scene to be your backup.  Seriously.   It was fun watching them and made me think of my police academy... I can't remember if all of us shot that poorly.  I did very well of course as did a couple other specific guys I was hanging with.  But the others... did they suck like that too?  Probably did.  One guy, I remember he had a Colt Python with an 8 inch barrel. Seriously.  He was able to use it because he was a National Park Ranger...  He could at the close range, reach out and TOUCH the target.  But it didn't help him.  My point is - it's not the plane, its the pilot.  It doesn't matter what gun you have.  It doesn't matter what caliber.  It doesn't matter the load in it.  What matters is that you know how to use it.  I don't care if its a .22 caliber revolver... it's still a lethal weapon if used right.  If that's all you have - Fine.  Work it.  Get familiar with it and know it inside and out.  Practice with it.  If you can take that thing and use it to do the "i" on the range - great.  You can dot the "eye" in a confrontation with it.  If you have a 9MM... all the better.  It is often said by myself and the Sages... you carry the biggest gun you can handle.  If that means a .44 Magnum like Shin-Tao - SO BE IT.  Why pack something smaller if you don't have to?  Now, if Shin-Tao was to use the .44 and couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat - then he would have to select something smaller.  Like I said - you have to be able to use it.  Some of those cops we looked at today... probably should have been using a 9MM... or a Cross Pen.  You should have seen that guy with the Sig!  How did he qualify?  I don't know - we left before they totaled all the scores.

Update Shin-Tao's page, "Church of Holy Brutality" While his style is unusual, what he is saying is worth taking to heart.  Shin-Tao's true identity and history are classified.  Let's just say that he knows what he is talking about.  He also tends to take a different route when it comes to firearms convention.  For example, his CCW is no less than a double action .44 Magnum.  He is indeed "The Bigger Hammer" personified.  Me and Shin go way back.  There is no one else on the planet who I would rather have covering my six if the fecal hits the fan.

Observation this morning:  a JEEP motorcycle.  Of course Jeep doesn't make a bike, but this large enduro bike sported large and color coordinated Jeep logos on both sides of his tank.  It fit.  He collects 200 cool points for the spirit.

Feb 25th - Monday Morning! Normally, I have a reluctance to accept Monday mornings, but this on is turning out to be different. I awoke feeling unusually positive and upbeat.  My youngest son was a little cranky so I turned on some music for him and that worked like a charm.  Next thing you know he was all smiles and dancing around in circles... Really lifted my spirits.  Then I check my emails and among the dozen usual messages was this: "Dear Mad Ogre,  I really have no idea who you are or what your purpose is but to use a trite 90's cliché, "I love you man!"   You are truly engaged in the struggle of life.  If the sole purpose of our being on this sphere is to encourage one another, then man you have been a bright spot of honest refuge daily.  You are a unique blend of what I think out forefathers envisioned as a true American Patriot.  In case you and Mrs. Ogre haven't been made aware - you are both destined for greatness together - but only together.  Don't even think about settling for less than the abundance you've already envisioned for your future and by God expect it soon.  Ed"  Thanks, Ed. That's an up for the day for sure.

Here is another UP.  The US AIR FORCE is now using Todd Beamer's motto as it's own.  "LET'S ROLL!"  So far the phrase and the new logo is appearing on just 4 F-15 Eagles.  It is my hope that this be put on EVERY American fighting unit from planes, to tanks, to HUMVEEs.  Todd Beamer was one of many heroes that day... but one especially that stands out as the new example of fighting for freedom.  He gave us a new battle cry with a powerful meaning. "Molon Labe" is one of my favorites.  It's an old and powerful message that goes back to Sparta. Right along with that one is now "Let's Roll!" God bless you Todd.

President Bush is making a push for increased drilling in Alaska.  It's about damn time too.  While I have friends that will argue this... we need to do it, like it or not.  The oil fields in Alaska could allow us to break our dependence on middle eastern oil sources.  It's a fact of life... Your born, you need oil, you have to pay taxes, and then you'll die.  America runs on oil.  That's a fact environmentalists need to accept.  We have to have a constant supply of it our things start to get really bad.  Our supply right now is dependant upon Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other countries over there that are just plain screwed up.  They HATE Americans.  We are buying oil from the same peoples that are financing terrorists.  Screw them.  We have our own resources that are just as plentiful as theirs... we just don't use it.  Alaska is the perfect place to drill for it too.  Sure drilling can get messy - but gimme a break.  NO ONE actually goes up there into the Artic Refuge to visit... Wildlife concerns are valid - we don't want to destroy the area.  And drilling it doesn't mean we'll destroy it.  We need to push for this.  Because if we didn't have to depend on middle eastern oil, we could give that whole region the finger.  We still protect Israel - but everything else we could just ignore.    We are killing our sons and daughters by sending them over there to fight and try to keep things on an even keel over there so our oil supply remains open.  It isn't worth it if we have our own sources that we just refuse to tap.

On a sad note, I learned this weekend that Chuck Jones has passed away. You may not know who Chuck Jones is, but you do know his offspring... Looney Tunes... Bugs and Daffy... We shall miss you Chuck.  Cartoons will never be the same without you.  And we already know your cartoons are still the best, and will always be the best.

Got a great deal on a new printer... Our old printer no longer works.  It gave up the ghost after Windows XP refused to talk to it. On a seemingly unrelated note, our old satellite receiver sold on E-bay for a goodly sum... we got over 120 bucks for it via PayPal.  Now, Mrs. Ogre being a teacher at a private school, needs to print.  I'm paperless.  I never print anything if I have a choice.  (Résumés you may ask get printed via emailing it to Kinko's and for 9 cents I can just go pick it up)  So we decided to look for a printer.  We have Windows XP, and will be going with Linux not too far off in the future.  So we needed a printer that could work with both OS systems.  We found a deal for a new color printer that will do the job. A Lexmark is not something we wanted... out old printer was a Lexmark and it was unimpressive.  This new one is the Z53 and it won PC Magazine's #4 slot for Printers.  It has super high resolution, pretty fast, and pretty cheap.  If you want a better printer - your going to have to pay a LOT more money.  Kinda pleased with the purchase.  E-Bay is still worth while if your looking for a good deal.

I've been playing a little bit of a game called FALLOUT It's a role-playing, turn-based game.  It looked cool so I got it and FALLOUT2 for $9.99.  At first I seriously hated it.  But after giving it a good and honest effort to be objective I have found that it isn't bad. I'm not saying that I like it... but I am saying that it's interesting.  I have also found that the Turn-Based system is not that bad either.  I don't have to PAUSE anything if I need to go do something... because the game isn't doing anything if I am not doing anything.  And combat let's you use more strategy as in like chess, you can think out your moves 2 or three moves in advance.  When I play it some more I'll write a better review of it in the Tech section.

Feb 23rd - My oldest son.  He is 8 years old.  And yesterday he brings home a girlfriend!  Her name is Dominique and she is a cute little Miss Thing with long dark hair and dark eyes.  Kade was totally in love with her.  Was.  She started playing those female mind games with him.  Kade was having none of that.  He ditched her fast to hang out with his fellas.  Dev (Mrs. Ogre) & I was laughing while we were watching this going on.  Dev explained to Kade what was happening and that this was a test that all girls do to boys and that he needed to keep on her to pass the test.  He was like "Yeah, right.  Did Dad have to pass that test?"  For some reason she wont tell me what she said to him.   Anyways, she went home and he went to go spend the night with his friends.  Girls.  Sheesh.

Something odd happened just now.  I was using my Lycos email account to send message to a TFL member... when I clicked the IN BOX button I got to someone else's in box and I was totally logged in as someone else.  I could have done ANYTHING to that account... and all 181 messages.  I took a screen shot and emailed the account I got into and Lycos.  I sent the screen shot as well.  I am sure anyone with 181 messages might want to know that those messages are not secure... And Lycos needs to know as well.  That is screwed up.  I am not a hacker... even though I know how and could do it - I don't.  I believe hacking is immoral, illegal, and those that do it are lucky that they are not within arms reach.  ( I get several hacking attempts every week )  But this Lycos thing wasn't even hacking.  This was "Okay, I want to get back to my in box now." and BOOM!  I'm in someone else's.   That's not cool.  I'm going to kill my Lycos account.

Feb 22nd - Conversation in parking lot: "Why do you own a Jeep?  They break down all the time."  The guy drove a Forrester.  The fellow that he was talking to had just stepped out of a seriously modified CJ.  He answered "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand."  I nodded to him and said "It's a Jeep Thing."  To which he responded while I was getting into my XJ... "Nice Jeep."  The guy with the Forrester looked at my old XJ and the CJ and just looked confused.  Some people don't get it.

The job hunt continues.  It's Friday and the long and useless weekend is upon me.  Seriously, I woke up today thinking it's WEDNESDAY!  Totally lost track of the week.  But today was not that bad... I have 2 responses to my resume and have interviews set up.  One, if I pass the first interview, will require an FBI investigation.  Nice.  All my old buddies will think I've become entangled with some legal troubles.  I've nothing to hide - but this will confuse many folks who know that I would be most reluctant to take any sort of government job. 

My wife told me this afternoon to go out and have some fun.  I drove through Provo, hit the freeway, and basically just returned home.  I didn't feel like doing anything and all my homeboyz are up in salt lake, out of town, or otherwise busy.  Short notice doesn't evoke a lot of fun when your pals are all Pros. I didn't feel like shooting alone... and you certainly don't go Off-Road by your self.  Didn't feel like a movie... Although I could have seen LOTRs again, but I wasn't up for that. I didn't even feel like getting anything to eat.  What did I do?  Nothing.  Came home and that was it.  Listened to music.  Listened to my whole Pink Floyd collection... Feeling very comfortably numb right now.

Downloaded WinAmp and decided that I was going to make that my default media player for music.  I like Media Player 8, but I don't like it's built in Spyware feature. I have not used WinAmp for some time... but the newer version I am using is great.  It's come a long way and I think now its even a better music player that MS's.

Feb 21st - What is up with all the revisionist history going on in politics?  I'm watching CNN and shit and they are saying Clinton was a greater president than Abe Lincoln... and that Honest Abe was really not against slavery.  WTF?  Excuse me - do you guys have any idea how RETARDED you sound?  Abe Lincoln?  Are you really that stupid?  Lincoln is EASILY the best President this country as ever had.  Clinton did nothing worth while in the 8 years he had in office and Lincoln... oh I don't know... JUST SAVED THE WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY AND FREED ALL THE SLAVES!  YOU MORONS!   I'm not going to watch CNN anymore.  The best news reporting can be found on FOX NEWS anyways... despite getting that Greta lady.

This is something that just about made my head explode... The widow of a drunk driver has been given permission to sue the car maker.  This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of.  I can't even talk about it.  Here is a thread about it on TFL.

Two cool things.  1st is WONDER BOY. The second is The Greatest Song in the World.

Feb 19th - Here is something kinda cool.  If your in the mood to go Four-Wheeling but can't (like your Jeep is needing a new clutch or something) Then check this out.  You can download a 2 level demo game.  It's kinda of fun and will hold me over until Saturday, when I can get out and tackle a trail.

Email from reader: Now, I don't post most of my emails, but this one was interesting. "I have a Benelli M3 Super 90 Semi / Pump Shotgun w/ a pistol grip stock and consider this gun the end all be all of shotguns.  Lately I have been feeling like carrying something a little smaller under a trench coat like a 14" Benelli M1 Entry Model, or a Short Barreled Franchi SPAS 12, you know for self defense.  Which gun do you consider superior?, and can you tell me where to find them?  Also Springfield "Loaded" Champion vs. Kimber Pro Carry: which to buy, which to buy? By the way Jennifer Lopez, bar none, has non stop booty all summer long, Alba, while HOT!, is just a wanna be whitey with a cute tush. Your top 10 lacks ALI LANDRY, Susan Ward, Tiffany Amber Thiesen. - Jim"  Thanks for the email, Jim.  The SPAS shotgun is something you shouldn't waste any thought over. It isn't worth it. I've seen them go down way too many times. Get the Benelli. I'm not sure where you would get one... because I don't know where you live. If you are in Utah - I believe Range Masters in Springville still has one on the rack. As for the handguns, between the two, get the Kimber. It has a smoother action and a better trigger. I'll give you Suzan Ward, but Ali Landry? The Doritos girl? Maybe... but not in the top 10. Tiffany Amber Thiesen - I don't think so.

Feb 18th - Mrs. Ogre took a trip to Jake's Archery in Orem.  She spend a couple hours shooting bows and found the Recurve style is to her liking.  She is pretty good and with more practice will become very excellent.  I've wanted to do archery for some time as well.  It is much cheaper than shooting any type of firearms as Arrows are very reusable.  What is also important is that arrows are capable of very deep penetration, even through armor if tipped with a hunting head.  On top of that is it's quietness.  There is no report or supersonic crack... very quiet until the "Thwack" of the arrow's impact on the target.  I don't like the modern compound bows that are favored of bow-hunters.  I favor the longer and more elegant Recurve bows as well.  Simple.  I like the wood and the more natural tribal styles.  They may not have as much power, but they carry more of a history than a twin cam compound bow.  Besides - Recurve bows are more accurate.  That is why they shoot them in the Olympics.  I will not put my .45 down for a bow - but a bow can still be quiet effective, useful, and fun.  When Mrs. Ogre came home from shooting, she was happy and giddy as a school girl.  I think she is hooked.  Either that, or I need to go to Jake's and kick everyone's ass over there!

The Jeep is finished and home again.  Driving it around really tells me just how bad the suspension was before!  They told me that it would only take a 1/2 day to throw the parts on.  After a half day I came back and they told me to come back just before close... it needed that much work.   Well, it drives SO MUCH better now.  It's like it is a totally different Jeep.  I need to get a digital photo if the Jeep now that it has this lift.  Just for comparison.  It wont look all that much different.  It's still a Silver colored XJ... Even has the same wheels and tires.  But I can't quite articulate the difference in the FEEL.  The thing is totally different once you get in and start rolling.  Mrs. Ogre felt the difference right off the bat as she pulled out of the driveway... and if she can tell the difference, you just know it's a drastic change!  (I'll pay for that comment)  Now that I have a lift, I'll have to get a roof rack and spare tire carrier.  This is important as the spare inside the vehicle really takes up a lot of space that is unnecessary.  I initially wanted a swing out carrier that would pack the spare on the back of XJ, but those would be more expensive as they are either mounted on the bumper which requires a new aftermarket bumper... or they require a complicated mount to the side of the Jeep that hinges around to the back.  Ugly.  Ugly and also a pain in the butt.  We use the back of our Jeep a lot.  So putting the tire on the back would just get in the way and be more trouble than leaving it inside. The roof remains the best option.  I've looked into roof racks and all I have to say is this:  DAMN.  They cost a heck of a lot of money... more than they are worth.  Seriously.  These things should cost no more than 100 bucks.  Max.  More like 60.  Noooo...  They have to cost anywhere from 300 to 500!  "Oh - well - these are POWDER COATED!"  Spare me.  I can powder coat the whole Jeep for less than that!  And a spare tire mount?  Judas.  I'm going to look in some junkyards... I bet I could find a roof rack for 20 bucks.   Anyways... Kudos to the guys at Ultimate High 4X4.  They did a great job. 

Coolest thing on the internet today: Dragon's Lair.  Remember that old laser-disk game? Here you can see the whole thing without all the wasted quarters.

Feb 16th - Hollywood really and truly has lost it's spark.  New movies coming out are mostly pathetic offerings that have damn near ZERO value.  They have made another movie based on a Video Game... This time Resident Evil.   Great... I'm sorry but I thought that even the game sucked and the movie just doesn't even look interesting.  It's good to see that angry chick from "The Fast and the Furious" get another role - she's pretty cool.  Teamed up with the Ghosts Of Mars alien breeder chick?  Yeah - that's a good movie. Can I vomit out my spleen now?  I don't know the names - don't care to.  Lame.  There have only been a couple good movies lately.  A Beautiful Mind, Blackhawk Down, Lord of the Rings... Those are the best.  Hart's War looks good.  Dragonfly looks like it has potential. Scary.  I like scary movies.  Not the stupid slasher flicks... but the real scary ones.  Ghosts and Spirits... that's the really scary stuff. 

So, I go to Wal-Mart and buy a new phone.  Our old phone was shot - the speaker only put out about 20% of the sound that it should.  Meaning we couldn't hear anything.  So I head out to Wally World to get a new one as we had several important calls to make.  Well, I buy a phone after pondering all of the phone options.  I get a very nice phone.  I bring it home.  It isn't good enough.  So she goes and takes it back.  What does she get?  This super-funk high tech 900 megahertz cordless.  For the same price.  I have a cool wife. 

Okay, so I am stretching for content now or what?  I haven't watched the news since yesterday morning... I dabbled a little on Fark but nothing in depth.  What have I been doing?  Reading every review, article, and comparison of all the Unix OS variants... Linux; Red hat. Mandrake, and others.  BSD; Free, Net, Open, and others...  Now I am on to the GUIs  Which one?  KDE or Gnome?  I don't know yet, but I'll find out.

Ever since I first built my Frankenstein Abacus 486 machine and threw Windows 95 on it - I have almost always used pirated software.  From apps to games to OS... oh yeah... all pirated.  There have been a few exceptions .  Lotus Smart Suite, MS-DOS 6.somehting or other... and a handful of games.  EVERYTHING else has been totally pirated.  Where is my eye patch?   Anyways...  It's time I get honest with my computing.  While Bill Gates is rich enough and doesn't need any of my money... "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."  Well, I'm not going to cut him a check for Windows.  But what I will do is stop using pirated software.  I'm ready to blow all things Microsoft off my computer.  I'm ready to embrace the Open Source movement and run Linux or FreeBSD.  Now, there are a couple things that have kept me from doing this... Main reason is that I am typing on my only real computer right now. (Other than my Athalon box, I have this scrawny little laptop that does nothing but bug me) If I was to screw this box up - I'd be hosed.  All my job hunting and communication is done via this computer.  So making any change is risking cutting my own throat.  I am liking FreeBSD, I have 2 CDs that contain Linux 7.2, and for 25 bucks I can get Mandrake Linux from Wal-Mart... Options abound.  The Mandrake option comes complete with KDE, X, and a bunch of actual applications.  The Linux disks look like they contain just the core Linux OS and nothing else. The FreeBSD I could download and install via FTP... but I don't think it has anything else with it either... I know I can download everything I need for free, but it's kind of a bitch to install them from the digital void of a command line.  I am not a Linux expert.  Believe it or not, I could do it from DOS but that is not the point.  Linux scares me.  When something scares me I either want to learn it to the point of understanding and acceptance... or blow the shit up.  I want to understand Linux. (or BSD if I go that route - Yes I know the difference so don't email your snotty little messages about the differences.  I KNOW THEM)  I'm ready to embrace change.  But I am a frightened little buddy.  I don't want to go into the dark alone.  I need help.  I need some one here in Orem that knows a little bit about this kinda stuff... preferably with a CD burner so I can burn files to a disk first... and then load them again once the computer is set up again.  Hmmm... who do I know that fits this bill?  I'll have to talk to him when he gets back from Taiwan.  I think I'll get the Mandrake since it has everything in the box with instructions and stuff. That and actually paying for it will make me feel much better and help me recover from my piracy addiction.

Feb 15th - Today has been a giant kick in the nuts.  I got shafted by CONvergys again.  I was supposed to get a bonus check for almost $3,000.  Instead I got one for not even $500.  Hey CONvergys, "Thanks a Billion!"  Well, at least this check is enough to do the suspension on the Cherokee that I have dropped greenbacks on.  More on that in a moment.  Back to CONvergys... and how they ENRON'ed my bonus.  I got a nice little letter from a Convergys Corporation suck ass along with the check.  The letter basically says that despite growth and success and the feeling of accomplishment - we are going to fuck your over.  And they did.  I got 18% of what I should have received.  If I was still working there today, and I got this check.  I would have walked off right then and there.

The other kick in the nuts I had today was a phone call from Softwise.  It's official that I am now #2 for a 1 position opening.  They told me that they really liked me and that they want me in the company.  (Can't blame them for that!) They also said that they have looked at ways of creating another position just to get me in the door. (These guys rock)  They gave the position I wanted to another fellow... and that's fine.  The other guy must seriously kick ass... I'd like to shake his hand and congratulate him.  But I bet I could take him in Paintball.  They are going to keep me in mind for any possible opening that they could fit me into.  That is cool.  Softwise is such a cool company that I can wait a while if it means getting a foot in the door.  I won't hide the fact that I am disappointed... but I'm okay with it.  There will be other chances to get in because they are going to be growing.  They sponsored the .NET rollout gala and everyone involved is very busy and they are going to be swamped with new business...  They'll need Ogre.  They'll call me.

Now, about the Jeep.  There is a little outfit called "Ultimate High 4X4" near here that does some seriously good work on off road vehicles.  I have seen jeeps that they have worked on driving around town... often with lots of mud on the tires. (cool) Well, today I dropped a hundred bucks as a down payment (earnest money so they will go ahead and get all the parts) on a 3 inch lift.  I'm getting the lift done because the Cherokee is in desperate need of new shocks and springs.  There are some other issues in the suspension as well... anyways, getting a lift kit installed will replace everything that I need replaced as well as giving the Jeep a nice raise in height.  Funny thing, I'm getting such a killer deal on the kit and install - I'm coming out AHEAD money wise if I was to just replace the parts.  Go figure; but it's like I'm replacing the parts and getting the lift for free. 

What is ICE DANCING doing in the Olympic Games?  What the hell is that?  That's not a sport.  That's not even Dancing.  I have a hard enough time with Figure Skating... and I don't think that should be considered a sport either.  It's weak.  It's not entertaining.  It's just lame.

I just heard that Alesha, the Account Manager who fired me is leaving CONvergys.  "Some of the issues that were brought up didn't shine on her in the best light." LOL.  I hate to be vindictive... but that just made me whole fuqqing day.  She was a backstabbing, two-faced bitch that had no place being in the job that she held.  But that is just my personal opinion.

Feb 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!  Mrs. Ogre and I are going out for a special lunch date at Carver's today.  This is being paid for by my former employees at the CONvergys Nortel Networks account.  Thanks guys.  (I'm sorry you guys still have to work in that cesspool.)  Going to Carver's is something that I have been looking forward to for awhile now.  This lunch will also go along way into me forgiving my wife for a little incident last night regarding an object she threw at me and it connecting with my testicles.  In her defense, she didn't mean to tag my nuts...  It just happened.  I was teasing her and she threw a baby bottle at me... rather playfully, but with good velocity.  I woke up feeling okay, but the memory still stings.

Private message to my beloved wife:  "I love you!"

During lunch, my wife and I discussed my sister and her book.  I do not often admit that I have a sister.  (Usually when I do I refer to Dacia or Cheya, my sister-in-laws.)  Her name is Shannon and she is a gigantic bitch.  She wrote this book about a little black girl she had as a friend back when we lived in Texas.  She is trying to come off as this equal right champion when in fact that one little girl was about the only minority girl she ever knew.  I remember that little girl and her family.  They lived next door to us and had a lot of money... Not the poor black child thing Shannon tried to play off.  I really do not appreciate the back-handed insult that she gave my parents in this book of hers.  My Mom and Dad are good people and have always been good people.  Shannon painted them as shallow racists.  This is far from the truth.  My Dad, back in the 50s would make a point to go to the "Black" water fountains in school just out of protest... Something unheard of for a white boy in the south during the 50's.  My Dad is my hero, and having him dishonored like this is personally insulting.  As bad as she was to my Father... she was even worse to my Mother.  My mom is a SAINT.  She is smart, beautiful, and a very deep person.  Shannon painted her as a shallow fashion focused spoiled woman of the world.  Totally 180* from what my Mom really is.  The shallow person in our family is Shannon.  Spiteful and hateful.  My Mom and Dad flew across country when one of Shannon's kids was being blessed.  They wanted to be there for Shannon and her kids.  Shannon wouldn't even let them in her house.  I find it outrageously offensive that Shannon did this.   My mother is a goddess of kindness... kindness and love pour from her to everyone... She isn't racist in any way.  Never has been.  My family can't afford to be racist to anyone.  I may have been shot by an illegal alien, but one of my Brother's had his life saved by an illegal alien who risked his own life in the attempt.  My life was also saved by black man who helped me when it looked like I was already dead.  I have friends of other nationalities, all my brothers do too.  Shannon never did.  I honestly can't remember Shannon having a friend of another race other than this one little girl back in Texas.   Obviously to her it was an issue that has stuck in her mind.  To me and my Bros - race makes no difference to us.  None.   Shannon has always tried to come off as a sophisticated intellectual... but every time she just ends up looking like an imbecile.  If you can't tell, my loathing of Shannon is exquisite.

Normally, I don't eat candy.  I like good chocolate once in awhile... but other than that, I never eat candy.  Normally.  Something walking into house today.  I've had it once before at a movie theatre.  It was Lord Of The Rings, when I first watched it.  Anyways... I have a total weakness for this candy.  It's a freak thing.  But I just can't get enough Swedish Fish.  It's like Ogre CrackI'm addicted!  There is even a song about them.  Of course, for those in need... there is help if your addicted.  I don't feel so alone now.

Here is something cool... Cmdr Taco of Slashdot proposed marriage as one of today's topics. The answer was posted on her siteShe's cute.  We here at MadOgre.com wish them the best.  Congratulations go out to the happy couple!

In this ultra P.C. America we live in... it is good to learn that Virginia believes in God.  Like it or not, it's official.  The ACLU however does not.  Its just a matter of time before they step in and create a stink.  I don't think the ACLU will win... Virginia is pretty squared away when it comes to right and wrong. 

Didn't I say sometime in the past that Utah will be disappointed after the games?  I know I did.  Well It looks like Salt Lake is already disappointed.  Business is down in the downtown area.  30 to 45%.  Geeze, that sucks guys... Sorry.  But I warned you.  Didn't I say "Look at what happened to Atlanta?"  Yup.  I did.  All Atlanta got out of the games was a massive debt and a huge mess.  And those were the Summer Games.  The Summer Games have a bigger pull than the Winter Games and they still got shafted.  And bombed.  I am very pleased that we have not had any nut-cases try to pull any shit so far during the Games.  There have been "Threats" and that is it.  Nothing has actually happened.  Of course we have something like over 3,000 armed troops and countless other Security forces in the area... Including armed fighters in the air with more on Ready Five status.  Nice.  I feel safe.  How much is all this security costing Utah?    I think this whole Winter Games thing is just to convince the world that you can drink beer in Utah.  Sweet.  That's what we need!  More fuqqing jackholes in Utah... as if we didn't have enough home grown here already.  Utah drivers are bad enough... let's get more drunk ones!   Well, I am sure Rocky Anderson is pleased with himself in making Salt Lake look as devoid of morals as California.  I like Utah... It's a great place to go to school and to raise a family.  It's just that it is also often embarrassing with all the retarded headlines that come out of Utah.  Pretty soon we will have even more for us looking like fools because of the games.

Thank you to all those that have donated to Mad Ogre via PayPal.  Being unemployed sucks.  I have not had a suitable job offer yet... and not for the lack of trying.  Yesterday and Today I have sent my resume to almost 50 prospects.  And that is just yesterday and today.  I was certain I was going to land that job with Softwise.  That job would have been PERFECT.  I was under the impression from the second interview that I would hear back from them on Monday or Tuesday.  Well, today is Thursday and I still haven't heard anything.  This means probably on Friday I'll get a letter in the mail saying "Nice Try" with a lot more words.  HotJobs.com and Monster.com are two new sources that I have been hitting lately.  

I'm getting really sick and tired of these telemarketers that are calling me... here I am, unemployed, and getting calls from jackholes telling me that I could win a new Chevy Blazer or Dream Vacation.  All they want is money from me and they are trying to scam me with out even putting much effort into hiding the fact that it's a scam.  How did they get my name and number?  Qwest.  Thanks a lot Qwest.  Why don't you come over and kick me in the nuts while your at it?

Feb 13th - If you were a gun, what kind of gun would you be?  Find out here I found this site from a member's link at TFL.  I answered the questions and it turned out that I am an HK OICW.  I posted this in the thread, and Dave R had this to say "Yeah, that's you, George. Multi-talented, expensive, effective but prone to nervous breakdowns, and widely misunderstood. Wow.  I guess this is a pretty accurate casting.  LOL.  Mrs. Ogre ran the test as well.  She is an HK 69A1.  This fits her to a T.  Cause she can explode like freaking Mt St Helens on a hair trigger.  But she's cool, and I love her.  Pretty fitting I would say.

The Coolest thing on the Internet today:  Boobytrap.org.  And it's other trip, EVA.  These are animated choose your own adventure type short stories with music by the Chemical Brothers.  Very cool, but very short.  I just thought I would share these.  I'll let you explore them.

Voice activated and controlled R2-D2.  I want one "R2-D2, the lovable droid from the Star Wars movies, is featured in the Hasbro showroom February 12, 2002, at the American International Toy Fair in New York. The 18-inch version is an interactive robot that responds to voice commands, with innovative speech and infrared scanning technology. The robotic fellow even has a cup holder arm (holding a TV remote in the photo). Price is expected to be $99.99 and it is due to be released this fall. REUTERS/HO-Hasbro/Ray Stubblebine."  I've got to get one.  I grew up with R2-D2... I gotta get one.

Check this out, a phone company gave one customer a bill and on it was a penalty fee for being "An arrogant bastard".  Nice.  Hey, can I send the phone company an invoice for putting up with them being "arrogant bastards"?  LOL, this is funny.  It actually showed up printed on his bill.  The phone company is "investigating".  Oops.

AOL and Time Warner will never get another dollar from me.  AIM, AOL's instant messenger will never be use by me either. Why?  Because Ted Turner, the AOL Time Warner chief jackhole in charge has come out saying that the Terrorists that committed the Sept 11th attacks were brave men.  WHAT?  Screw Ted Turner and everything he is associated with.  This makes me want to puke.  If you use AOL, or have any subscription to Any Time Warner product, you should really consider dropping it. 

Feb 12th - I had stopped by a local gun shop this afternoon.  Gunnies.  The shop is run by some seriously grabby old farts that need to pull the sticks out of there asses, but other than that it isn't bad.  Maybe that is just par for course at gun stores because all gun stores in Utah are run by some serious jackholes with one exception and that is Range Masters in Springville.  Anyways, I took a look at 2 guns that kinda jumped out at me there.  The first one was a Marlin 1895GS, the stainless version of the Guide Gun.  What a SWEET rifle that thing is!  Light and handy, it pointed easy and felt great.  500 bucks.  The next gun was a .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda.  SWEET SWEET revolver!  500 bucks.  This Colt had what is seriously and I am not exaggerating here... the finest trigger I have ever felt.  Smooth and crisp all the way through, it was like well lubed sex.  The gun had a 4 inch barrel and a nice custom grip... beautiful.  It looked to be chromed, but I am not sure as to the finish as the FARKING JACKHOLES behind the counter wouldn't answer any questions.  I am almost tempted to trade the Springfield in on the Anaconda.  Almost.

Just got a call from Steve.  He is off to Taiwan for a funeral for his Grandmother.  Our prayers go with him and for his family.  The loss of any family is grim.  Having to fly on a commercial airliner is just a kick while your down.  He is taking with him a copy of LOTR to read on the 14 hour flight.  Good choice. 

I am continuing to read The Silmarillion and it is fascinating.  For example it turns out that Elrond is Strider's uncle and Galadriel's son.  No wonder Strider, a human ranger can walk into Lothlorien and Rivendale  without getting filled with Elf arrows.  The Silmarillion isn't a story like what LOTR is... its really a collection of the notes Tolkien wrote while creating Middle Earth and is the foundation he built LOTR on.  It is answering many questions that you'll have reading LOTR.  So much so that you might want to read it before you read LOTR.

My brother TC has made another switch in his personal defense carry gun.  Before he was packing a S&W 9mm auto.  Now he is packing a .44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk.  TC has always been a wheel-gunner at heart and I knew the auto thing wouldn't last.  Especially in a 9mm!    I have no idea why he went with a 9mm Smith auto in the first place... but he is happy and feeling at home with the Ruger now.  It suits him.  He is a big guy and it looked like he was holding the "Noisy Cricket" every time he pulled out the Smith. "I feel like I'm gunna break this damn thing."

I went back to DefenseReview.com and read through it... I have to say that it is a most excellent website.  I wish people would take more advantage of it.  It is like the Slashdot of the gun industry as I said before, but it has a great deal more potential.  The PHP software allows for a real community atmosphere but that is hard to do if people don't join in and comment and post and such.  If your a gun nut - go check it out.  Seriously, you like the place.

I'm going to get technical about some automotive issues right now.  Let's talk about your motor oil and what you put into it.  I recommend that you use synthetic in almost all applications... I also recommend that you stay very far away from a certain engine additive.  Z-Max can be found in most auto related retail locations for about 35 bucks.  Do NOT buy Z-Max and do NOT put it into your engines.  The claims that they make about the product are phony, and they are in a major lawsuit over it.  Z-Max is little more than colored mineral oil and can actually increase your engine wear in some cases, break down your motor oil, and generally screw up your engine.  At best, it just wont do anything for you.  If your going to be spending that much money on your motor oil additives, just spend it on the motor oil.  Not just regular oil, but full synthetic.  Conventional oils come from crude oil that is pumped from the ground. Crude oil is made up of a twisted and jumbled mass of carbon atoms that form chains and rings of different sizes and shapes. Long chains of carbon atoms produce a thick viscous fluid that flows slowly. Shorter chains produce fluid that flows more readily. In an oil refinery, crude oil is separated into various stocks; these become the basis for lubricating oils and fuels. Thick tangled masses of carbon chains become asphaltic materials used in roofing tar and road work. Very short chains and ring compounds of carbon are volatile and can be refined to produce gasoline and other solvents. While petroleum refining is an advanced science, small amounts of contaminants, such as sulfur, wax and asphaltic material cannot be completely removed from petroleum, and may end up in motor oil base stocks. A fully synthetic motor oil is created, initially, from two synthetic base fluids – polyalphaolefins (PAO) and esters combined with an additive package. PAOs are made by chemically knitting molecules of ethylene into carbon chains of uniform length and shape. These carbon chains can remain liquid and slippery under the widest range of engine conditions possible. The PAOs are combined with an ester – a compound formed from the reaction of alcohol and certain acids. The resulting synthetic fluid provides the optimum performance properties for engine lubricants.  Now, if I got it right, I just proved that Synthetic Oil is better than regular motor oil through logical explanation.  But don't take my word for it.  Here are two articles about this subject that I recommend everyone who has a car (or Jeep in this case).  Oil 101 and Oil 201.  I use Mobil 1 synthetic oils... I also use the Mobil 1 oil filter.  It is more money, but it is very much worth it.  I have older vehicles and I drive the hello out of them.  We had a Geo Metro with 250,000 miles.  When I sold it, the clutch had gone out on it, but the engine its self ran almost as good as new.  My Jeep XJ is running over 150,000 miles and it's running just fine.  I've had to work on other parts of the jeep, but the engine internals are all running just fine... synthetic oil is like a fountain of youth for your engine.  Keep using it and changing your filter regularly... and your engine will outlast the rest of your vehicle.

Project Kill Telemarketers - Join Mad Ogre in this simple method of killing the telemarketers.  If America can join together in this effort, we will rid the world of these pests!

Feb 11th - Last night I got a call from David Crane, the head honcho of DefenseReview.com and pretty cool guy.  He is going to be putting up a report for something he found very interesting at SHOT.  He told me all about it, but I'll let him spill the beans.  Hint: it's an improvement for the AR series of weapons.  Anything that actually improves the AR, is a good thing.  Check out Defense Review, it's like the Slashdot of the Gun Industry.  He mentioned a lot of cool things at SHOT this year.  Man, I wish I was able to have made it down there!  Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Found this article about laid off tech workers on ZD Net News.  This is depressing.  One guy goes from making 100,000 a year to making coffee.  Nice. I think I am going to start selling art at carnivals.  Kidding.  I think this is actually part of the Market Correction that we are calling a recession.  Kids that have no life experience, just one year out of high school, really shouldn't be making that kind of bank anyways.  But that is just my opinion.  The kid doesn't even know the value of a buck yet and he makes more money than some people with multiple master's degrees.

As depressing as that is, just think about this... Arnold as a Governor.  Come on... does anyone remember his commanding role in Conan?  You would have to be a complete Bole Weevil to actually think that he would make a good Governor.  A Hollywood mutant that has absolutely no clue about reality.  Do you really want to elect a guy that made his career on pretending to kill people and owns a dozen HUMMERs?  You think that kind of guy would best represent you and lead you?  Wait a sec, your talking about California.  Grey Davis is the Governor.  Okay, it's all becoming clear now... Arnold would be a step up from that wouldn't he?  Still, Arnold isn't that bad... just a complete clueless Hollywood jackass that has no idea how normal people live.  That probably makes for a fine Governor.  Just look at how well Jesse Ventura is doing.  Is it just me or has he produced about ZERO for the people that voted him in.  I thought it was amusing that he run and even supported the idea he could make a good governor... the reason being that he is not a career politician with a life time of political debt to payback.  That would be fine on the surface but it would be a help if he knew what he was doing.  Arnold?  Arnold has a lot of crap up his sleeves... he is up to something and his liberal ideology means that it isn't something good.  He has an agenda that comes from the most retarded area in the whole country.  A place where people are so screwed up that it is a joke.  These people can't even make a good movie anymore and you guys think one of them could actually run a State?  Please.  Don't try to email me your reasons for supporting Conan the Governor... My head would explode. 

Families are more stable when parents are married.  This report comes from Scotland... and while it screams "No Shit" you have to give them credit for printing it.  I could just imagine the repercussions that would occur to any newspaper in the US that would publish this.  It would be Politically Incorrect to say this - especially in Hollywood.  It doesn't matter about truth or moral correctness... it's all about being PC here in the US now.  Mom and Dad are both critical to a happy working family.  It doesn't matter what the PC Police say... Mom and Dad make a family work, not Momma and her boyfriend.  Here are some Politically Correct fairy tales to read to your kiddies!

75 Million dollars worth of supplies sitting unused in a warehouse in NY. This supplies were for the victims of September 11th.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to put it to some use?  Well, as luck would have it, it has been.  It has been given to groups such as the Salvation Army for people who actually need it can use it.  Not like a lot of the cash that was donated.  Some of the money went to art-groups or some other retarded organizations that had nothing to do with the people that lost loved ones in the Sept 11th attacks.  Anyways, this is a good thing... People that donated can feel good knowing that it REALLY IS going to help people.

Feb 10th - Last night I took my eldest son to see The Fellowship of the Ring.  He is a very sharp kid for being only 8 years old.  He asked several questions and quickly came to an understanding of the film.  I think a new generation of LOTR fans has been created. I've been reading to him out of the great book of Tolkien, and his questions indicate that he is doing a lot of thinking about the story and the characters...  It is an intriguing epic story that goes far beyond that which is explained.  To further understand it, I have just ordered the Silmarillion.  This is Tolkien's canon regarding the Elves and their history.  I can't wait till it arrives. I've been doing some pondering over the character of GaladrielShe is one of the most interesting characters next to Elrond.  When the Company arrived in Lothlorien and told her of Gandalf's fall, she was worried, but she knew he was not dead.  This didn't quite come out in the movie... but in the book, she sent the Lord of the Eagles to search for him.  How is it she knew he was not dead?  My guess is that the answer lays within the Rings of Power.  You see, of the 3 rings given to the Elves, she has one along with Elrond... but Gandalf has one too.  How he came about it I don't know, but that is what I have read somewhere.  I'll have to look into that some more.  (I have looked it up and found out now.  So, Matt, you don't have to email me the answer!) I think the casting was perfect as Cate Blanchett looks rather Elf-like without much effort.  She is beautiful in an odd way as an Elf Queen.  She looked absolutely nasty in her other work "Elizabeth" if I remember correctly.  There she looked like a dead cadaver.  Of course, let us not forget Agent Elrond.  Talk about a kick ass Elf King.  Okay, in the movie we see that he is in the first battle of the ring, on the leading his Elvish army from the front lines as a true leader should.  Arrows whizzing past his head don't even make him flinch.  It is said in the introduction, spoken by Galadriel, that after the battle it was "two and a half thousand years" plus an additional 500 years while Gollum was under the mountain... that that makes an easy 3000 years of course, but the question is how old is Elrond?  He was old enough to be the leader of the Elves in that first battle... how old was he then and how old would that make him during the story?  5,000 years old?  Wow.  Again, flawless casting.  Hugo Weaving made a perfect Elrond.  The whole production is of such an amazing quality that having seen it 4 times now, I am still totally floored by it.  I can't wait for a "The Making Of" documentary... because that would be just as interesting as Tolkien's work.  For example, the scene where Bilbo pours Gandalf's tea, they used "Forced Perspective" and Bilbo was actually as much as 30 feet away.  A lot of folks are rather pissed that the movie makers didn't use midgets as hobbits.  I am rather pleased that they didn't.  Forgive me for being politically incorrect but I am happy that this didn't turn into a "Willow".  Besides, just being really short isn't the description of Hobbits.  Stubby arms and legs does not make a hobbit.  For example it is described that hobbits are very good at throwing rocks and can walk unheard through the woods.  This would lend them some measure of natural grace that is just not gifted to our "little people".  I mean them no offense, that is just my personal opinion.   I am sure there are some that would think "Mini-Me" would make a fine "Pippin" but I am not one of them.  The casting was done absolutely flawlessly for each roll.  I couldn't think of a better actor or actress for any of the rolls.  Gandalf's casting?  Brilliance.  Whoever did the casting should be awarded a Medal of Honor of some sort.  Lord of the Rings has turned out to be the Lord of the Movies.  It has been out for almost two months and still, the theatre we were in was PACKED.

Feb 8th - I had the second interview today.  It went very well and I am very optimistic that I will get this position.  As I said before, this is the job that I actually want.  So, I am feeling very "Up" right now despite a raging migraine headache and filling the toilet several times with vomit.  I woke up sick as a dog and for about an hour before and after the interview, I felt fine.  Kinda weird. 

I should talk about the news or something... but I'm just not interested at the moment.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm going to go lay down and read Lord Of The Rings until I fall asleep.  G'night.

Feb 7th - BOOYAA!  I just got the call for a 2nd interview... not for just any job... but for THE ONE I ACTUALLY WANT!  I don't have the job yet... but this is a good step forward!  YEAH!!!

The Jeep Compass just might be heading to production.  Now, anyone who knows Mad Ogre, knows he has a couple of Jeeps now.  Kind of a big Jeep nut.  This new Jeep... LOOKS COOL.  Reading what little there is about it, causes me to really have a serious case of automotive yearning.  It's not a normal Jeep.  It's fast.  It hurts me.  But you know what bugs?  Car Gurus that give asinine opinions about Jeeps.  For example, Automobile Magazine said that if you were to remove the "Huge" spare tire and fit it with street tires, then you would have a fine car.  WHAT?!  Excuse me, its not a car.  It is a JEEP.  Jeeps have all terrain tires or off road tires because they don't always drive on pavement, okay?  And they pack full sized spares because when your running off road and get a flat, a little doughnut spare will leave you stranded.  It may be more car-like than other Jeeps, but that doesn't mean its a car.  It is a Jeep.  If you want a Car, buy a Honda Civic.  If you want a Jeep, then shut up about the tires and spares, because you bug me.

Regarding this .50 caliber rifle found in Utah.  I've read several reports about this, and they are all contradicting each other.  One said its 5 miles from a O.G. Venue, another said 20 miles.  One said the gun was rusted and inoperable. Another said it was NOT rusted.  I have a bet that this rifle was property of a Government agency of some sort, probably local, probably Law Enforcement.  In any case, I really doubt that this rifle was a part of anything sinister.  I think people can relax about it.

The Vatican says illness is because of sin.  Didn't we get past this after the Dark Ages? What a pathetic scare tactic to cause the already fearful to be even more fearful.  I know some people who are walking saints... that have been afflicted with horrible illnesses.  Are they saying that the flu season is because of massive amounts of repeated and seasonal sin?  Nice.  Hey Vatican, shut up.  Your bugging me.

Powell is threatening Iraq again.  If I was Iraq, I would just shut up and keep a low profile.  Hussein has come out saying that they are ready for us this time and they will not be surprised like they were last time.  What? Surprised?  Desert Storm wasn't a freaking surprise!  We had MONTHS of a build up!  We had something called Operation Desert Shield for crying out loud.  Is it just me, or is the leader of Iraq just totally nuts?

You have got to love America's new Battle DroidsThis is cool stuff. This is the 4th or 5th strike of this type, where an RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) has been used as an offensive weapon.  We have been using these for many years for photo recon and targeting for artillery and naval bombardment... but this is the next step.  Hey Iraq!  You got any of these?  Sucker.  We are going to own your airspace and we wont even have to BE THERE.

Here is something else that Iraq doesn't have. Check this out.  The Solo Trek is just cool.  What is even cooler is the 2-man unit.  I've talked about this before.  Just how cool is this?  I grew up on sci-fi where personal jetpacks were all over the place.  I've always wanted one and was told via literature that one day we would all have these things.  Wow.  They might have been right!

Norway is banning Fat Fishermen. Daytona Beach is looking at doing the same thing. (joke)  Seriously, if anyone tried this in the US, they would be squished by thousands of buffalo-folks kicking the ass of who ever suggested this thing.

Feb 6th - This morning I was rousted out of bed at the too early time of 6:00AM by a dream of bombardment from an invisible enemy.  When I opened my eyes, it could still hear it.  WTF?  Fireworks.  I looked out the back window and say freaking fireworks going off.  At 6:00AM?  What is that about?  Oh, the Olympic Torch... Nice.  I went back to bed.  Anyways... no updates right now.  I am just not in the mood.  Maybe something later. 

This came in the email this morning from Mad Dog Just Hold Me

I never have quite figured out why the sexual urges of men & women 
differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Mars & Venus 
thing. And, I never have figured out why men think with their head and 
women with their heart. And, I never yet have figured out how the sexual 
desire gene gets thrown into a state of turmoil, when it hears the 
words, "I do".  
One evening last week, my wife and I were getting into bed.
Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says,
"I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me."
I said, "WHAT??" So she says the words that I and every husband on the 
planet dreads. She explains that I must not be in tune with her emotional 
needs as a Woman. I'm thinking, "What was her first clue?" I finally 
realize that nothing is going to happen that night, so I went to bed.
The very next day the we went shopping at a big unnamed department store...
I walked around while she tried on three very expensive outfits. She 
couldn't decide which one to take, so I told her to take all three of 
them. She then tells me that she wants matching shoes worth $200 each to 
which I say OK.
And then we go to the Jewelry Dept. where she gets a set of diamond 
earrings. Let me tell you ...she was so excited. She must have thought 
that I was one wave short of a shipwreck, but I don't think she cared.
I think she was testing me when she asked for a tennis bracelet because 
she doesn't even play tennis. I think I threw her for a loop when I told 
her that it was OK. She was almost sexually excited from all of this and 
you should have seen her face when she said, "I'm ready to go, let's go 
to the cash register."
I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, "No, honey. I don't 
feel like buying all this stuff now." You should have seen her face ... 
it went completely blank. I then said, "Really honey! I just want you to 
HOLD this stuff for a while."
And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added, 
"You must not be in tune with my financial needs as a Man."
I figure that I should be having sex again sometime during the spring thaw.
John Hill jhill@sawmillmanager.com

Feb 5th - Spring is growing closer and with it is the desire to again play some Paintball.  Last summer I ended my Paintball season early due to an ankle injury and a financial situation.  I have an acute ankle that you could call "glass".  It will break easily do to multiple fractures in the past.  The last doctor I talked to said that should really be walking with a cane.  I'm 31.  I am too young to be walking with a damn cane.  Anyways...   this isn't going to stop me from playing the sport of the God's.  I'm playing.  You can't stop me.  The financial situation forced me to liquidate all of my gear save my mask system. This will give the the chance to acquire a new marker this spring.  My last marker was a customized Autococker. No details, lets just say I was into my gear $1,800.00.  Now, this is a serious amount of cash, but then again Paintball is a serious sport and I take it very seriously.  I know the old saying "It's not the plane, but the pilot."  And that is a true statement... but if a good pilot has a good plane that can keep up with his moves, he will be able to win.  I'm a pretty good paintball player, seriously, I'm not bragging... I'm pretty good.  Not the best, not tournament grade... but pretty good.  I need a marker that can back up my moves.  My next marker has not been selected yet.  But I have a couple of options that I am interested in. The Bob Long Intimidator, ICE Epic, Diablo Matrix, WGP Autococker STO, or an Airgun Designs Micromag RT.  I'm leaning to the STO or the Epic.  I'm not sure yet.  My mask system?  I have a VForce Shield and I love it.  I'll not play with one of these.  Heaven help you if you try to force me to wear a freakin Scott or JT Spectra.  Nope.  Wont do it.  I might be convinced to use a JT Proteus if your going to give it to me for free.  Might be convinced, so don't count on it. 

Further thought on the Paintball marker question: I went out to a couple places while running some errands (mailing off résumé's to  companies too lame to use email) and looked at a couple markers.  Then I did a little further research, and finally made up my mind.  I have decided to get the Epic. Seriously, I made up my mind.  Stop laughing.  Here is why; It has no bolt.  Most paintball guns fire from an open bolt, meaning that they are pathetic hunks of shit.  If you want a gun that fires from a closed bolt, it will cost you a great deal of money.  If you want a gun that while fires from an open bolt but not slam your balls, it will cost you a lot of money.  If you want a good quality marker that wont break balls, is accurate and reliable... again, it will cost you a lot of money.  Money wise, the Epic is the way to go.  It's not the cheapest one on the market - but it is if you include all the little freaking extras you still have to get for it because you don't have to buy all the little extras for the Epic. SRP is 750 but you can get it for under 700.  Sounds like a lot, but gimme a break, its 1/2 the price of a tricked out Cocker.  Anyways... this is the marker I'll be getting when I start playing P-Ball again.

I got the Samurai running this morning. Had to overcome a lot of technical issues with it in different systems, but I got it on the road.  I have some more technical issues to get resolved... then its nothing but cosmetics.  It's a fun little furious four by four.  I like it.  I need to take some more pics of this thing.  It's cool.  I had to laugh the whole time I was driving it... it's so much fun!

I have some interesting news today... some of these I can not believe.  For example, here in Utah, we have been told to hold off on the patriotism during the Olympic GamesWHAT?! Gimme a break.  Hey, IOC, Fuck You!  I am now tempted to paint my Jeep RED WHITE AND BLUE now!  The USA has suffered some pretty nasty shit this last year.  We have the right to be as PATRIOTIC as we damn well please.

Then there is the guy that cuts off his rival's freaking head, then mounts it on his car.  Nice.  If I did that, my Jeep would be a skull collection.  Geeze, what a goober.  You have to roll the body, head included, into a deep body of water.  Everyone knows that.

Remember yesterdays story of the teens that hang a boys dog?  Well it looks like the kid made it up.  Somehow this story is all the more sad now.  This is worse!  Turns out it was an accident and probably at the boys own fault!  Ogre, while made of steel on the outside, has a soft heart.  This almost made my eyes water.

Then there is the story of this Father than makes some hotdogs while the EMT's are upstairs dealing with his Dead Son.  WTF?  Is this just sick or what?  The kid is dead and in rigor and the dad is just way too casual about it... makes some hotdogs while the EMT's are there trying to ask questions.  There are a few things wrong with that.

Is it just me or does it look like the Enron CEO is on the run?  The guy was invited to meet a Congressional hearing to talk about things.  He ditches them and then can not be located.  Nice.  Now, they are now trying to subpoena him.  The guy is either hiding or he is dead.  I suspect he will be found dead in an apparent suicide.  This will probably have nothing to do with the CIA or NSA.

Feb 4th - I've grown up studying weapons of every sort.  There is one weapon that I have always found utterly distasteful, the flamethrower.  With other weapons, you puncture your enemies body in one way or another rendering him unable and or unwilling to continue fighting.  Now, with a flamethrower, you incinerate your foe.  You burn his flesh to a crisp and everything around him.  It's a spiteful and disgusting way to attack your enemy.  Or at least I have always thought so.  Until last night.  Last night, I had a revelation of just how poetic and even brilliant the flamethrower is.  How clever it is to destroy a whole group so quickly and effectively with a stream of high pressure, ignited liquid accelerant.  How did I come to such a change of opinion?  Easy. You will too if you experience what I did.  Just watch the first 45 minutes of Moulin Rouge and you too will fully appreciate the genius of the flamethrower. That and Nicole Kidman looked like a total skank.  No redeeming value at all in the entire production.  What is surprising really was that Ewan McGregor showed a lot of talent... but not enough to save this horrible film.  The best thing is the music video at the end of the film, after the credits are finished.  But then again, even that isn't worth sitting through this crappy movie.

Can people PLEASE STOP POSTING ABOUT THE DAMNED METAL STORM!  Seriously.  STOP IT!  Fires a million rounds a minute.  The thing is crap. SHUT UP ABOUT IT!  Besides, that thing has been floating around the net for 5 years.  WE HAVE ALL SEEN IT ALREADY!  It might be new and nifty to you... but everyone else already knows about it.  The Metal Storm pistol... who cares if it fires that fast - you can only have 10 rounds anyway.  What is the point?

Speaking of Weapons, I have updated and sorted the Weapon Manufacturer Directory.  The list is now much more useable and user friendly.

This just in from reader Jason: Flamethrowers optional equipment on South African cars.  Old news, but very cool and useful if your driving anywhere in Paris.

Al Gore said that cars with internal combustion engines belong in the dustbin of history.  Right.  Hey Al... Sit down and shut up.  Until you bring me a Jettsons flying car powered by fresh air with a 400 mile range, and easy refueling;  just shut up.  I'm already disappointed in 2002 with the complete lack of flying cars and now you want to take away my Jeep?  I don't think so.  You give me a flying car first!  A big one.  Fast.  And I want it painted silver.  HEY AL, Can I get a FLAMETHROWER on my flying car?!?!

Your not going to believe this story.  This defines cruelty.  A 10 year old boy was out playing with his German Shepard when a group of teens came into the park, snatched the dog, and hung it from playground equipment.  The dog was dead by the time police arrived.  These teens that did this... I suggest something medieval for them.

Did Iran help Bin Laden escape?  This story looks at that possibility.  Now, what the hell have I been saying since the hunt started? Of course Iran did!  Iran FUNDED the attack.  Bin Laden was the hired thug in this.  Hussein is guy that is behind this.  We need to go after him.  Bin Laden didn't have the means to orchestrate such a large operation by himself.  You don't think so?  Look at all his past attacks.  Certainly he is dangerous, but he isn't one to try anything on such a large scale.  He had a lot of help... from Iran.

Here is a story I just found... People, this is why you don't get in the cages with the fuqqing tigers!  This should be something that you mother should tell you as a little kid.  Don't play with matches, don't put things in your mouth, and do not go inside the Tiger Cage!

Evidently Arafat is saying he is ready to talk peace.  Does ANYONE believe a word this guy says anymore? Hey Arafat, you make the first move this time you sum'biatch.  If your ready to talk peace, give up all the heavy weapons you smuggled in.  If your ready to talk peace - stop your evil and idiotic followers from suicide bombing!

This is nasty.  Chelsea Clinton's new boyfriend looks just like her Dad. There are a number of thing wrong with this on several levels. This has "icky" written all over it. "In recent weeks the new lovebirds have been romancing in Oxford's hippest bars and restaurants."  Wait a sec.  There is NOTHING "hip" within about 145 miles of Oxford.  I am starting to think the story is a hoax.

The Patriots take the Superbowl.  Amazing.  Well, good for them. I don't know what happened to the Rams.  Everyone was saying the Rams were going to take it... Even me.

Feb 2nd - This just in from FOX NEWS:  The media isn’t biased politically as I had long time believed… it is biased in favor of total idiots.  Things have just become a lot clearer regarding the News.

Winona Ryder now has 4 felony charges pending.  I have to say that I was never a Winona Rider fan.  She looks like an Elfish 14 year old boy and her acting is about on par with KEANU REEVES... and that isn't saying a lot.   The guys that drool over her and think she is hot... I worry about those guys. What would they do if they were confronted with a real woman?  A wonder woman?

 I downloaded the 30 day demo of Paintshop Pro 7 and am looking for a crack that actually works to unlock the 30 day deadline.  If anyone out there has the URL to where I can get a crack that actually WORKS… I’d be grateful.

 I was looking forward to the Superbowl… but I am afraid that this year’s game is just lame.  I really have ZERO interest in either team. 

Feb 1st - RULE MADOGRE.COM for a day!  Check out my auction over on EBay.  The chance to command Mad Ogre like General Patton!  All you have to do is email whatever the hell you want to be published on Mad Ogre... and it will be published!    Oh yes, you know you want to.  Everyone wants to.  Here is your chance!

Reader Matt from Orem was quickly able to locate the answer of my last question: "Who are the other two wizards in Gandalf's order that are not named?" He sent me a link back to Arda where we read "Alatar and Pallando arrived in Middle-earth dressed in sea-blue. For this reason, they were together given the name Ithryn Luin, the Blue Wizards. With Saruman, they journeyed into the far east of Middle-earth, but while Saruman returned to the west, Alatar and Pallando did not. Of their fate, we know almost nothing."  Tolkien writes of these two in his letters and not much else is written about them at all.  I am just relieved that Tom Bombadil isn't one of them!

What does a washed up Democrat do when you have nothing better to do?  You form your own committee.  It is good to see him doing something but it would be better if he was doing something productive... Like pottery.  He is not alone in his committee, he has the aid of Janice Griffin, a longtime Democratic strategist and fund-raiser who most recently headed the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum.  Dick Cheney was asked about Ms Griffin but all he said was "Bitch."

Rich people are pissed.  Everybody has cell phones now.  Even the (shudder) poor people have them.  Well, Nokia has stepped up to the plate for the Rich and Elite people out there.  PHONES FOR THE RICH AND STUPID!  Is it just me, or do those phones look as tacky as a 1989 Cadillac?  Do you know what Nokia should do?  Make these things out of gold, sell them for a couple grand... but make them very very small - to the point that they get lost frequently so they have to keep buying them.

Just how much would it suck to be the first person in the world to be killed my a tiny little jellyfish?  Well, someone found out.  Damn.  That totally sucks.  Mad Ogre send condolences to the family.  What a stupid thing to be killed by an itty bitty little floating glob of jelly.  How freakish is that?

Judge in Maine rules that streaking is legal for women.  Thousands of single men flock to Main. This is amazing.  How can a judge make a ruling like this?  Democrats are now trying to get him to run for 2004.  That is actually kind of cool.  Because traditionally its only ugly men that streak.  Hopefully this will reverse that trend.  Because guys are just plain ugly.  Chicks However are hot.  Now, if this law could only have been passed in Utah.  Bill Clinton when asked his opinion said "I have always liked Main".

If you thought the ruling in Maine was just wrong, this is worse.  Over in England this train full of people stops at an intersection where they look out the window into this field to see this guy having sex with a goat.  So every person on the train with a cell phone calls the Bobbies (cops in England) and they nab the guy.  That is just sick.  What the hell was that guy thinking?  "Hey there goat... you are looking nice today."  Freaking Nasty.

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