Archive July 2001

July 31 - Here is a very cool report from the Sierra times.  "Another David Defeats Another Goliath". This is talking about a small group of pro-gun protestors that challenge the UN.  Go Read it! 

July 29 - HAWG FARM idea is progressing and becoming quite an interesting program.  The following image has come to me via email from a friend:. 

July 28 - The Utah TFL Gathering went great.  I had a blast.  That Uzi brought back a lot of memories for sure!  Nothing in the gun industry is as cool as a suppressed weapon firing subsonic ammunition fully auto... Nothing!  Well, maybe a suppressed .308 sniper rifle.  Yeah, there was one there too.  Awesome!  Still, the Uzi remains my favorite SMG and I was tickled to get a chance to fire a class III version once again.  There was some talk of some of us starting our own shooting school.  The name would be High Altitude Weapons Group, and the school would be called the "HAWG Farm".  There is certainly enough talent around here to pull this off.  Not only that we can import all the talent that we could want.  I think this is a fine idea and would work.  I also think that it would be a blast!

Planet Of The Apes.  What an incredibly crappy film!  This movie had all the makings for a great film but lacked a very key element - a Script.  I swear this movie was all done Ad Lib.  If it wasn't then somebody best SUE THE CRAP OUT OF THE PERSON THAT WROTE THAT SCRIPT!  I found the dialog to be insulting to the audience.  Unless your a total moron who found this film amusing - this movie is just a slap in the face of anyone who ever enjoyed not just Planet of the Apes, but sci-fi too.  The original Planet of the Apes had a great message, a moral justification and a point.  This Tim Burton version had NONE OF THAT.  What a waste.  I cant believe I spent money on not just a ticket - but a Drink and Popcorn too!  Seriously, I was ready to get up and leave in the first ten minutes.  I didn't leave... no, that would have been too easy and this rant could have ended here... I don't go in for easy when it comes to self sacrifice for the sake of my beloved readers!  Oh no!  I stuck it out all the way the very bitter end.  At the end of the original we find a revelation.  This one?  We find a staggeringly predictable set up for a sequel.  I pray to the Movie Almighty that no sequel be ever attempted.  This movie makes BATTLEFIELD EARTH look GOOD.  *shudder*  Please, in the name of all that's holy, don't see this movie.  There are other horrible films to waste your life with...  Like Legally Blonde, which at least has the dignity to tell you up front "This movie sucks rocks, but at least there is a cute girl you can drool over for an hour until the credits roll."  Hollywood had gone the extra mile to release some spectacularly shitty films lately.  In fact, I can't remember the last movie I sat through thinking "This movie is a 10 - they nailed it!"  Even Episode One was barely a passing grade.  It could have been better had it not been for certain CGI enhanced animated friends.  The one movie I am still hoping for is Lord Of The Rings.  Because of all the fecal matter spewing out from the film makers lately, I am having Mt St. Helens sized reservations.  If Hollywood screws up the Holy Grail of fantasy fiction... I am going to blow.  Despite all the lame efforts lately you can bet all the celebrity awards shows are going to have no problems finding crap to pat themselves on their collective backs for.  Self congratulatory bastards all of them, who should instead of getting awards and regurgiting insincere acceptance speeches, be publicly flogged and forced to not only beg for forgiveness of the audiences around the world... but recant all heresy against good taste and never be a part of such a pathetic venture again.

July 27 -  I have a new favorite talk show host.  Forget Rush, toss out Mike Reagan... Phil Hendrie is the man.  He makes sense, in a nonsense sort of way.  He busts on so many things... You have got to listen.  Check out his recordings on his sight of him ripping on Art Bell.  I have been laughing so hard... this guy is awesome.  Matt Schaelling hooked me up on this.  Kudos to Matt.

Pink Floyd has got to be the best band on the planet.  Love all the music, from old to new.  Friend sent this image over here to me.  Only hard core fans know all these albums.  Lets see if you know them! IMAGE HERE.

Yesterday I had the chance to ride a new CBR F4 600.  Nice bike, but a little weak for me.  Don't get me wrong - its fast and all that, but I am 250 pounds of Angry and Opinionated Muscle over here and I need more low end grunt to get my ass off the line.  Generally I feel 750cc's are my lower limit.  I don't want to go any lower than that.  Out of all the bikes I have ever owned and ridden, Honda is my favorite.  Your Harley guys might bitch about that but screw you - this is my opinion, OKAY?  So I do a 7 second search on the net and BOOM!  Here is the bike I want:

"Each and every time a piston rises and falls, you feel it. Not in your hands, but in your heart. It's the sort of muted violence that can make you smile or cringe, depending on your perspective on life. The best analogy we can come up with? Hold a mattress vertically and have Johnson throw bricks at you. That's what the VTX feels like: You feel the sharp crack, the severity of every action, and thank your favorite deity that there's something between that source and you."  Read some reviews here.

July 25 - If you want to buy DVDs and such stuff, you should really take a look at this site over here. This site is operated by a fantastic individual of the highest caliber... give him your business.  Do your Christmas shopping early.  Make an order and tell him Mad Ogre sent you.

Emails from reader:  "Heston's Speech is AWESOME!"  Yes, it is.  It should be read and reread ever so often to keep it in your mind. These words are very important and become even more so daily.  Too bad this speech didn't get much air time... If it had it could go right there with the "I HAD A DREAM" speech.

 The BBC has really gone down hill.  Despite the fact that they were never known for good reporting in the first place, the BBC has sunk to a new low. They ran a report about Charlton Heston's speech about British Gun Laws and just could not get past the fact that Heston is an actor.  Sure they took quotes from his speech but that was it... those lame Brit's even ended the article about PLANET OF THE APES.  We should embargo Brittan... I'll trade them for Cuba any day. 

July 24 -  Email from long time reader:  "Hey George, I think you just won the argument. Perhaps the PC is better. We just learned that an online star wars RPG is coming out. It looks freaking awesome. You have six species to choose from and can choose the sex. You can even choose if you’re a good guy or a bad guy… buy droids and become a Jedi over time.  The graphics look amazing. Nothing on the console beats this. Oh, forgive us Emperor!"  Of course I won that argument!   Your pathetic console systems are no match for a fully armed and operational battle station!  I, as you know LOVE flight simulations.  You CAN NOT make a good flight simulation for ANY console game platform.  The controls are just too limited for a realistic flight simulation.  There are too many commands you must execute at the same time to be worth while even trying to create for a console system... Such as adjusting trim while lowering the flaps on a wounded P-51 Mustang with an engine that’s about to lose oil pressure... On a PC I could still fly that thing down for a safe landing... On a console system you would lose control and auger into the ground like a big lawn dart.  Also I love to play 1st person shooters of the highest realism...  This is a joke on a console system.  On a PC where I can remap my key pad for custom interface (something that all 1st person shooters let you do)... I can take total control of my character and move fluidly sidestepping corners and running forward while slipping to the left to avoid detection from the enemy that I am about to kill with the grenade that I just switched to on the run... I duck behind some crates... lean around the corner... and toss the grenade at the feet of the bad guy and duck back to avoid the huge blast.  Can you do that on a console?  No, you can not.  Console Systems, like AR-15s are fine on the surface - but when the shit hits the fan... they leave you hanging.  Always have - Always will...  Unless you build up a Console to act as a PC with a real monitor and keyboard and mouse.  Game Pads are for children.

July 23 - Final Fantasy.  This is an interesting movie... the story line is odd but the animation is breathtaking.  Take a look at it if you can.  Be sure to catch the soldiers method of airborne assaults.  Very cool.  The armor they wear is very well done - but the weapons some how bother me.  It took me a moment to realize that it was because these guns have no stocks.  The Jeep like transport they used for a getaway was also most cool and it was a shame that they got rid of it along with one of the coolest characters.  4 out of 5 stars.

Archives are being redone and organized by the month.  I have also redone all the pages for ease of navigation.  Shin Tao's Corner as some of you have noticed has been deleted.  This was done in error and the backup copies are ruined.  This is totally my fault and I apologize for it.  Shin Tao's Corner will return if he elects to do so along with another page written by a couple guys that are thinking about putting up some opinions

Email from unknown address containing an attachment with no explanation.  ALL emails like this are deleted.

Email from yet another guy who wants to know what to buy.  Its easy.  If you have to ask - buy a shotgun.

July 22 - Project Monstrosity Phase One.   My Supra has been dubbed the "Supa Supra"... Its somewhat of a sleeper to look at it. Inside I have some mods already, but nothing really aggressive and nothing visibly eye catching. It's time to change that and get more aggressive. I don't care what my insurance adjuster sees. I am going to do a complete rebuild in the air intake system. I have a K&N filter element in there but to get the most out of it I am going to have to rebuild the whole enchilada. SOGI has an intake mod they call the SCAM... do a search for SUPRA SCAM SOGI on Google and you'll find it easily. That's a start. Then there is the Lexus Mod - that takes the air density sensor from a Lexus... then K&N has its fuel injection filter kit for the Supra... I am going to put all 3 together for the best intake system possible.  Then I am going to take it to 2 levels higher. Turning the volume up to eleven. I am going to fabricate a containment box that will keep the engine bays hot air out of the intake... put two vents in the hood to let the hot air in the engine bay be blown out the top - keeping the engine cool. The air tubes going from intake to engine will be wrapped in insulation shielding to keep the cold air cold until it can get into the engine. I believe that that intake and the cooling systems are connected in some ways. What good is the Cold Air Intake if the air in there just gets hot on its way? I am not sure what good all of this is - but it sure will be interesting to test when this is all done. Most mod guys only do one or two things to the intake - I am going to do all of them. While I am at it I am going to replace the radiator with a high performance aluminum one... This with the hood venting and the use of "Water Wetter" will go miles and miles in keeping this engine cool.  Exhaust will be replaced of course too. 3 Inch pipe. Air goes in - it has to go out. I've got 2.5 now - but its old and rusty and I have a hole that wont pass inspection. High Flow Cat will have to go with this.  These will basically all be done at the same time... Not a piece at a time... So I will be able to feel an overall difference. I want to FEEL my money. All of my money.   I've priced this all out and I am looking at about $1,800 bucks to get this done by a real racing shop. That's work and parts. Good enough for me!   After this is all done - and I save up a few more bucks for further mods - I'll look at something very aggressive. Stage III turbo perhaps. I have been told to put in a NOS system - but I will not listen to someone that suggests that after they have just seen THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. NOS is cheap boost - but I want to be able to drive hard all the way across the country and not just across a 1/4 mile!

I was studying the M96 Expeditionary Rifle and decided I wanted to see one that was much shorter.  So I made one shorter.  Taking a "Paintbrush" hacksaw to the rifle I created the M96K Entry Gun.

With this configuration there is no need of the mighty M-4 that all the AR-15 nuts keep talking about.  I think this configuration would give the gun a very nice balance with fast handling.  Being of course an evil SBR this version would be not available to the general public without the special licenses and taxes.  Since it is a class III weapon now, why not go all the way and make it select fire as well?  There you go.  Now, lets replace all the M-16s and M-4s in the current US Military inventory.  The version I would like would be virtually the same as above but chambered for .300 Whisper.  The whole reason I created this was because of a discussion that I got into on TFL.  Now, If I was going to go SPEC OPS with this gun, I'd rechamber it for .300 Whisper and attach a suppressor to it.  And then you would have the M96KS Entry Gun.  Perfection!  Taking this a step further I decided to cut this down even further.  The M96C version is an SMG variant that is perfect for CQB.  Then I decided that perhaps optics are wanted by some Operators and thusly created the M96K SOPMOD variant which retains the rail that allows mounting of all sorts of optical gun sights.  Take your pick - they are all good. 

July 20th - Yesterday was very interesting.  In my company the chainsaws came down on 2 Operation Managers.  This decapitation has had a very harsh effect on the Engineers I supervise.  This came right before they found out that I went out and had not just an interview - but a good interview for a position that I might actually take.  This made my team very uneasy.  Probably a bad move for the Leader to admit to looking elsewhere... My team is very low on moral and this troubles me.  We shall have to do something to bring the spirits back up.  A number of people have said that if I leave - so will they.  I know they don't want me to go... and the loyalty they show me daily is humbling this makes the idea of leaving harder than I expected.  However the account I work for is crumbling. I don't see it recovering despite all my possible efforts.  The Titanic has already hit the iceberg.

July 19th - 449 Guns!  The FBI has lost 449 guns.  While I am not too concerned with this issue, I am however gleaning a great deal of amusement from this.  Senator Leahy demanded to know "Who is held accountable?" during the hearing.  There they go - looking for the scapegoat.  The Government and the media just LOVE the "Single Jackhole Theory".  This is the theory that one crazy and utterly guilty guy "Did It".  While this is almost NEVER the case, it does make for a quick clean up of a messy situation.  About these guns, maybe its true that there are 449 missing guns... but most likely that the majority of these guns are safely locked away someplace that the FBI forgot and are thus not missing - but actually misplaced. Some are probably stolen, sure.  There have been stories in the new about Federal Agents using a public toilet and forgetting they left that 9MM SIG on the back of the toilet while they had a squat.  It happens.  Anything can get lost.  Anything can get stolen.  Stuff just goes missing.  Like my socks.  I swear I got like 2 dozen new socks and after doing the laundry for a year - I only have like 4 pair left. What can I say?  Its like gravity... its there.  Same thing for these 180 computers.  I bet if they looked hard enough and opened all those boxes they may find over half of them that have been misplaced.  They'll turn up.  If they don't - we'll either see the FBI feed a Scapegoat to the media, or that these were destroyed in the Oklahoma bombing.

Today I have to admit that I had the most fun interview that I have ever had.  I interviewed for a firm called DSW Partners.  They are a very large advertising firm with an impressive list of clients.  I walked into the lobby and found a wall COVERED with portraits of all the employees in the office.  Very nicely done and of everyone making a funny face.  This took me off guard.  Then I see 3 guys walk past... all employees and all barefoot.  This is in Salt Lake City.  I didn't know you could have such a cool company in Salt Lake.  Isn't there a zoning law or something about that?  The interview went great and if all goes well I'll have a second one next week.  The money scale is about the same so this could be a lateral move.  I'd do it just for the change, just for the fresh air.  I don't like the idea of driving all the way up there every day - so maybe there could be telecommuting or something like that on occasion.  Either way - I hope I get it... The interview went great and I felt pretty good about it and my qualifications for the position.  Now, lets just see how I compare to the other applicants.

Email from Reader:  "Kind of neat site you have. You seem a little violent to me. But some of your insights are nice and you seem like your are nice if you let go of the anger. I'm 12. I just earned my black belt at karate school. My instructor is Darren Kim. He says people who use threats to scare other people do it because they need a bark bigger than their bite. Speaking of bites I have a German Shepherd. Do you like dogs? Rommel is my dog and my best friend and he is beautiful and friendly but very protective. He is highly trained by Sterling Kennels in a town called Sandy Utah. If you were to try and do something to me Rommel would be sure to make sure you didn't. Well bye. Try not to swear so much that will make you nicer.   Bye, Jackson."  Kind of a neat site? Well Jackson, thanks for the email. I'm impressed.  I didn't know people had computers in Baton Rouge!  Yeah, I like dogs too.  Sounds like you have a great one.  Do you know who Rommel was?  Here is a little history lesson for you.  Rommel was one of the greatest Generals in World War Two.  He fought in North African deserts and earned the name "Desert Fox" because of his cunning.  He was also unfortunately a NAZI SS officer in Hitler's Afrika Korps and spent a great deal of his fighting against Patton, who was also one of the greatest Generals in WWII.  Rommel wasn't all bad... While a loyal German patriot (there is never anything wrong with love for one's country) he had a very strong dislike of the Nazi party (Think of them as Democrats that get their way all the time).  Rommel is believed to have been part of a conspiracy to kill Hitler and restore honor to Germany.  Sometimes violence is needed.  There is nothing wrong with violence if it serves a good purpose.  (Like the FBI and ATF's use of violence at Ruby Ridge?)  Police and Governments don't call it "Violence", they call it "Use of Force".  Meaning that its not "senseless violence" but an "appropriate use of force to subdue citizens and squelch the concept of freedom".  Me?  No - I'm not like that.  I don't use "Force", I'm just plain old violent when it comes to people trying to do harm to my loved ones.  I have some homework for you.  Read the whole section I have on Anarchy, all of it... then read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  Especially the Second Amendment.  Talk about it with your friends and your civics and history teachers...  Ask them about what it takes to keep freedom.

Further Cutbacks at work.  The company I work for has made further cutbacks.  I'll not name my Company.  Anyways, with all the cutbacks going on I am really wondering about how this is effecting the guys upstairs.  I don't mean to sound Socialist but what benefits the Company by cutting the throats of the very people that provide the income for the Company?  I came across PAYWATCH, an internet site that looks at this kind of thing.  Take a look at it.  It's very interesting.

July 14th - Rogue Spear: Urban Operations.  NATO 3.5 Mod.  HELLACOOL.  This mod gives you some things that the Sputnik mod doesn't give you... 1.  A lever action sniper rifle in .45-70 Government. 2. A revolver in .454 Casull.  3.  A better selection of 1911 type pistols (Okay - so maybe I am biased).  4.  More accurate modeling of the guns performance and a wide selections of loads. I recommend this mod highly. You have to check this out.

NATO  v350  Installer  for  UO.exe

Yesterday I had some discussions about a new start up company.  Things look very positive with it and I think it could really fly.  Problem - same with all start ups - Initial advertising and promotion.  I'm looking at possible sources for seed capital right now.  I can't give any details about it right now - its bad luck.

July 12th - Censored.  I am basically not allowed to talk about guns, have anything gun related up at work or on my computer, or go to any gun related websites.  My two personal favorites are now blocked, giving me the big ACCESS DENIED warning that lumps me into the same report that reports on perverts going to porn sites.  (My two favorites are GeekswithGuns and The Firing Line) This wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't being fed a very weak lip service about Non-Business-Related internet use... Other websites are NOT being blocked... just the gun sites that I go to.  I feel like a 2nd class citizen and I feel like I am being censored.  I am very pissed off about this to say the least.  What makes this worse is the fact that there is NOTHING that I can do about it.  There is nobody to complain to... and there is no legal recourse because unlike sexual harassment - all court cases have been in favor of the company on internet issues.  This is indeed a grim situation for Ogre.  I shall have to talk to some people... I should have taken the job offer I had two months ago.  Damn it!

Super Glue. Everyone needs a tube of Super Glue in their first aid kit.  I had a stab wound in my left palm that just would not close.  I probably should have had a few stitches... but Ogre doesn't have time to bleed.  After a day of having the wound reopen every hour - I was in an auto-parts store buying some Valvoline VR-1 racing oil for my Supra.  I was walking up one of the isles... saw the Super Glue... looked at my hand... remembered some of my days in the Army... and there you have it.  Cut was sealed and here I am 24 hours later with the cut just about healed. 

Speaking of Supras - FUCK SUPRAS!  I have a love-hate relationship with the Supra. Like an overly sexy woman - she is high maintenance. This car is sexy - you can take the top off and cruise at (when Lawdog is someplace else) 140 MPH... but you have to be ASE Certified just to change the freakin spark plugs! Seriously - You have to remove the coil cover to reach all but 2 of them - and that requires the removal of 5 bolts, 4 hoses, oil fill cap, and relocating no less than 35 wires - and that is dead serious - I counted them! Then when you get that all done and you pull the rubber plug boot you find that the boot is 6 inches deep and the plug its self is down in there so deep your longest socket extension isn't long enough so you have to put all that back together again so you can drive to the store and buy a longer extension then you get to take it all apart again... wait for the engine to cool again... just so you can reach them freaking plugs! Then you find that your plug socket is the wrong size because the Supra uses @#$%(!&#)&)(#$*)@*#%)@@!!!! plugs that require something different!  Anyways - plugs will have to wait till the weekend - again.  I called on a local shop to ask about the price for pinion gear bearings... 120 bucks no problem. Then I ask how long it would take a reasonably greasy monkey to change them. He said about 3 hours. I asked about the shop doing it and he quoted me just shy of 700 bucks. WTF? He then explained that they billed for 7 hours of labor.  Nice. Don't get me started on that one.  Anyways, I give him a "I'll call you if I'm ready to hang myself" and dig out the Manual. I have a pretty good manual that explains everything. Everything but those damned bearings!  Anyways - I am again at the point where I would trade this freakin zoomer off for a good motorcycle and AK! Book value on it is 5-6K and I am thinking of selling it.  But when this car is running smooth - Man do I love it! I have blown away all variants of Mustangs, Firebirds, Camaros, 1 vette (He had too much wheel spin or he would have taken me), and a whole slew of Civic and Acura type Rs... Did I mention the fact that the top comes off too? Fun car. Very fun car... until you have to work on the biatch! 

FOR SALE:  1989 Toyota Supra Turbo. $5,000.  Dark Brown, rear wing, sport top, AC, AM/FM/CD, built in alarm, gobs of power.  (Needs a brake job and a new pinion gear bearings.)  Will consider trade for either a Jeep Wrangler or good Motorcycle...  AK-47 with some spare magazines would be a plus.

July 10th - "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot, stomping on a human face... forever."  This is a very chilling image.  Artwork by unknown artist.  If you know the artist - email me, please.  George Orwell's book 1984 is becoming more and more true every day and the silent majority is letting it happen.  "How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time."  We are letting our liberty get eaten by the enemy.

Fellow emailed me asking me about a handgun selection.  (He specified not to be quoted)  This was to be his first firearm ever.  Guys, if your thinking of a first pistol - get a revolver in .357 Magnum.  Load standard .38 Special loads into and you can fire them just fine.  This will give you a good mild yet effective round to learn with.  Once you have mastered the revolver in .38 Special,  then you can load in your Magnum loads and get used to it with full power loads.  Once you mastered that - then you can handle anything.  You want an autopistol after you master the Magnum - fine... Get a SIG.  Do this and you will turn out to be a crack shot and will appreciate the automatic pistol and be able to get the most out of it.  I recommend this approach to people who have been in the Armed Forces too.  I don't care if you are 11Bravo Expert Infantry - Handgunning is different from assault rifles and machineguns and your arrogance about weapons will get you in trouble with a pistol.  Suck up the pride and get rid of the bravado...  A revolver is a serious weapon that gives you the best in accuracy and reliability - you should respect that.  Handgunning requires a much more dedicated and concentrated shooter to master it and do it safely than any rifle.  Military service doesn't make you a weapon expert - especially when it comes to handguns.  There are very few pistols in the service and even then the training is pitiful.  Start Over.

July 9th -

I can understand some of the Liberal Ideology.  I get it.  I can think like them when I have to.  But I disagree with them.  One thing I don't understand is DENIAL.  How can they look at something and say that its not what it is?  One issue is Power.  California needs more.  The US needs more.  Production to the point of abundance.  One that's done they can work on Alternative fuels.  I don't have a problem with that.  The other thing is gun control.  They know what's up with gun control but refuse to admit it.  It's not the gun.  Its the criminal.  But then again gun control is about the Control and not the gun.  This cartoon illustrates this perfectly.

July 8th - People he give up a little bit of freedom for a little bit of safety deserve neither... This was the opinion of one of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin.  Gun Ownership has in the last 50 years grown into a huge issue.  Stupid people hate guns.  I don't care if you have a PHD - if your Anti-Gun then your a fucking moron.  Freedom is too valuable a thing to be taken so lightly as to regurgitate liberal spew without educating yourself about it.  Problem is that when you educate yourself about gun ownership then you get your opinion changed.  All the sudden gun ownership makes sense and maybe even you will want to go out and buy one!  Freedom should be something we as a people guard constantly against the slightest infringement.  I'm not talking about Cubans parachuting into school yards (Red Dawn)... I'm talking about little things.  Like when your Doctor asks you if there are guns in your house Like when your local city government wants to put in cameras everywhere in public spaces - And then flippantly boasts that he is HAPPY TO BE "BIG BROTHER" These little things are a rapid erosion of our very own liberty that needs to be confronted the instance its suggested.  Confront it loudly, boldly, and instantly.  And for that Florida councilman - somebody needs to burn a hole through that guys head and see if there is blood inside or circuit boards.

July 4th  Independence Day.  The Ogre Family Tradition on the 4th is to recreate the Boston Tea Party.  We read a little story about the BTP, teach the kids about what led up to it all and why we had not just the tea party but why we fought for independence.  The kids are dressed up as Indians... After we read the stories and read the first part of the Declaration of Independence we then take our tea and dump it into the harbor (or lake or pond where ever we are at).  Then we eat lots of BBQ and picnic foods and enjoy the day.  In the evening the family goes and watches fireworks while I try to avoid the fireworks.  (I hate fireworks... long story)

During some research on my Jeep's 401 V8, I found something very cool.  Back in 1970 and 71 AMC was contracted by the Alabama state police to provide some State Police cars.  These AMX Javelins were powered by the very same 401 V8 that powers my Wag!  Here is a fan page about those. How cool is that?  At the time - they were the coolest police cars on the road.

Chris Rock - I watched his stand up show Bigger and Blacker.  All I gotta say about him is FUCK CHRIS ROCK.  His whole show was "Muthafuckin Cracka' ass Cracka Bitch"... It was like he was trying to use more swear words than anyone else ever could... a cussing marathon.  Which would be fine if it was funny... but we wasnt even funny.  He was more like a little brat that found he could say whatever he wanted and get away with it.  He had this whole "Look at me swearing on stage!" thing going on with his stupid grin that just makes me want to backhand him across the face.  That jackass needs to get his buck teeth broken in.  I have nothing against black people - nothing at all.  I am not racist.  I just happen to think Chris Rock is a major asshole.  Chris - you ever come out here to Utah, and this Cracker will River Dance on your ass.  Right after this jackhole's show, on came Jamie Fox.  Now his stand up was funny.  I enjoyed his whole show. He was funnier than Chris by far - he swore often - but he wasnt offensive about it.  He was funnier because he had better matterial, and more talent.  And he can sing too.  Pretty well for a Stand Up.  Stand Up is one of my favorite things - I love it.  Chris should take lessons.

More on the email business - Calypso is now the Official Mad Ogre email client.  At least until I find something better.  There is another one I am going to test more on - its called "The Bat".  Retarded name, but it looks good.  The download is a 30 day preview, then you have to buy it.  Or find a crack for it.  :-)

July 3rd - Email Clients.  Email is a fact of life to the Digerati.  And if your reading Mad Ogre - you are a Digerati.  Email plays an important roll for us - and for most of us it is the best way to reach us.  This is despite the fact most of us have phones and faxes and answering machines.  Our Email Clients are the tools we use to work with our email.  Sure, the default email client is something that works just fine, but like everything else with a computer - needs to be or should be something we chose to use and not have to use.  For example Outlook and its bastard brother Outlook Express.  Many people use it if not most people use it.  I don't use it.  In fact - for some reason that I can't put my finger on - I HATE it.  I refuse despite company policy to use Outlook.  Now, I have over the last couple of day tried to change to Outlook... and I just can't do it.  It doesn't fit me.  Its like driving a Chevy...  fine for some but leaves me a little sick.  Its a matter of taste - there is no real quantitative value or reason for it.  What I really like is Eudora.  Qualcomm makes a wonderful email client and I love it.  However the Eudora Light version is too light.  The features that make Eudora a fully functional client suitable for real work is only available in the full version which you either have to pay for (for 40 bucks) or you can have it in Sponsor Mode in which you have little ads that appear in a little box window in Eudora.  Now, the problem with sponsor mode is that it will if you have ad blocking or windows open that cover the ad, revert suddenly to LIGHT MODE and you get screwed.  If this happens you have three choices.  1. Live with the light version. 2. Buy the full version.  3. Completely remove Eudora and reinstall it.  I found this out the hard way.  It went light on me.  Twice.  Screw Eudora.  Time to find other options.  Today at work I got actually very little done other than searching for and downloading and testing email clients.  Out of about a dozen that I looked at, one stands out.    Calypso You can almost say its a cross between Eudora and Outlook, taking the best features.  While not as flashy as Eudora and not as resource hungry as Outlook - its a fully featured, workable, useable, heavy duty industrial strength email client that honestly I have not found a downside to.  I just switched my work email over to it and in a couple hours will switch my home email to it as well.  ( I like using the same program whenever possible.)

July 2nd - Fox News is UNFAIR!  The liberal media types are up in arms that a fellow network has a CONSERVATIVE slant.  Read the complaint HERE.  I for one find Fox News to be almost refreshing when compared to CNN or the other networks.  They contend that Fox News is not fair and balanced when it comes to Politics and that it is Media Consumer Fraud!  Nice.  Before this Watchdog group (that's a subject for another rant right there) starts dishing out accusations - they need to hold the same candle to the other networks.  Fox News and World Net Daily are the only sources of news that I read anymore.  Do you know why?  Screw Fair and Balanced!  Equal Time only means "Liberals get as much time as possible".  Remember the Bush-Gore debate?  Bush followed the debate rules.  Plain and Simple.  Gore overstepped the rules EVERY TIME HE SPOKE.  He went over time, and even across the line to walk over to Bush in a threatening manner... I swear I thought Gore was going to smack bush.  When Bush approached his time limit he was abruptly reminded of it.    Rules only apply to the Liberals when they need it to keep a Conservative in check.

Watchdog Groups.  Who the hell are these watch dog groups that make out of the blue accusations and challenges... Who are they?  Who are the people on them and who pays them?  What are the agendas? How does one become a member of a Watchdog Group?  How does an unelected and unofficial group make "Charges"?  Where do they get off?   I'm going to make my own Watchdog Group. 

July 1st.  Dear Crabby.  I just read through a few pages of Dear Crabby and had a good laugh.  Give it a look over and see if you find some humor in this twisted Crabby guy. 

Corporate Greed.  Where does Corporate Greed come from?  Let me tell you.  Its not the Corporation.  Its from those certain people that benefit by screwing people.  The ones that get the fat salaries and bonuses based solely on profit margins.  The way they do this is by getting as few people to the job as it takes and pay them as little as possible.  Capitalizing on the profits so that they can reward shareholders rather than those that actually do the work.  Most middle management are simply frightened people that are forced to "Yes Sir" at every idea and motion no matter how asinine in order to keep the jobs that they have... the positions they have so that they can support their own Greed and inflated lifestyles that they often doesn't deserve.  They screw the very people that put them there.  They ride on the backs of those that do all the work and get the least reward.  The ones that get "Optimized" and "Right Sized" and have to suck up the most BS when it comes to cost cutting.  Welcome to Capitalism!  I suppose I am fine with it.  Its the way America has been working since some fat Italian guy claimed to have discovered this country... Actually longer than that.  When did the pyramids get built?  The thing is... I totally don't want to be like that.  I've tried on several occasions to build a business that works the other way around.  The ones that get the most reward are the ones that work on the front lines... at the bottom of the Organization Flow Chart.  "Wait a second there Ogre - your talking a Corporate Socialism!"  No.  Not really.  I'm talking about a company where people are rewarded on individual merit... so that business decisions are made based on whats best for the business and not for whats best to line the pockets of the top tier of the pyramids and the shareholders...  Whats wrong with the CEO taking a salary based on a realistic personal budget?  He already is wealthy enough to the point that his car is worth more than all the combines assets of his base employee - Why not reward the guys and gals that are working as hard as they can... help them achieve?   Sorry - I'm just pissed.  I was talking with my Mom about her job managing at Dillards and how they are screwing all the employees so that the Directors can pocket all the money he is saving with all his cutbacks.  Makes me sick.  What I am about to say might get me fired - but what the heck.  You want to save money in your company?  Take those bloated jackholes in upper management and fire them... Those 6 figure salaried pricks that never talk to customers or the employees that do.  Take just 1/2 that money and use that pay your bottom tier employees a better wage so they dont have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet... so maybe a few Moms can stay home with the kids if they want to.  So Families can actually have time to even get to know each other.