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May 31st - Business is War.  Okay - maybe not WAR as is often said... but more like a game of Chess.  The new organization at work I am dealing with is actually playing like 14 games of chess at once.  I am working with a leading internetworking hardware manufacturer and managing all technologies across my time frame is a challenge.  7 Days a week - Swing shift and all Weekends.  Not only this, but I have to trim down these shifts as well.  I have to find the guy that can do the work of 2 or 3 guys... Keep him happy with his job and prevent burn out.  All the while keeping costs down.  Nice.  I might as well be trying to kick box a temple full of Kung-Fu Monks all at the same time!  But I love the challenge.  Check this out - I have already developed the best team.  I have the best guys, they work together as a team flawlessly.  I also have the highest moral and most loyalty in the whole account.  Now I have to apply this success to 3 times the people.  Can I do it?  You bet.  Will it be tough?  Sure... but these guys are not going to beat me.  I'm a leader by blood... These guys are going to be Technology Gods by the time I am done here.  When they move on to the next job - they will be making 3 times the money.  Hopefully - So will I!

May 30th - Little promotion at work.  I now get to manage the largest team and lead operations of all Technologies across the Swing Shift and the Weekends.  This is going to be a huge headache, but very cool at the same time.  This is a huge step to the next level.  A step closer to that black BMW M5 I want.  I work with some of the coolest people on earth.  I am humbled every day I go to work... High caliber people.  The highest.  God bless them all.

Speaking of headaches - Migraines are frequent.  Probably agitated by allergies.  Quite often I even lose sight in my right eye... not completely but most of it... tunnel vision to the point its like looking through a straw.  The pain is exquisite.  It comes as sudden as a hammer strike and if I am standing unbraced - feels like it could knock me down.  I've had this for many years now... but this year is especially bad.  I am not wanting to go to a Doctor for simple fear of what the results will be.  This is most likely results of nerve damage in my cervical spine... as such there is nothing to do but suck up the pain.  Sometimes it is so bad that I seriously think eating a .45 slug would be a relief.  But then I think of my Sons.  No easy way out of anything for Ogre.  I just suck it up and move on.  It has been suggested to me that Cannabis would be a huge help.  Nice.  No thank you.  I fought in the drug war... I aint turning over just because I dont feel good.  Again - no easy way out for Ogre.

May 29th - Last night I watched the movie PEARL HARBOR.  I have to admit that I liked it a great deal.  The flying sequences are amazing.  Like no other film it really illustrated the speed and power of those propeller driven fighters.  The love sequences are not that bad as the girl is a total hottie and I can't blame the heroes for that distraction.  One thing that is good and bad is the inclusion of the Doolittle Raid on Japan.  This is actually more interesting than the attack on Pearl and could have made a better movie in and of it's self.  I suggest reading more about it at the above link.  The Japanese were not shown in a bad light as some have said.  I don't see the need to have edited it for Japanese sensitivities.  The Japs shown were ruthless only in efficiency and actually showed a degree of mercy by not launching the third wave of strike craft.  There was a lot of revisions done to the history... but altogether tolerable.

Crime and Punishment - Timothy McVeigh is now trying to save his own life by asking for a stay of execution.  This is going to be weighed by a federal judge.  I hope this judge takes a moment to think of McVeigh's victims.  He committed a horrible crime and deserves the punishment he was sentenced to. McVeigh needs to be buried.  On a similar note there is the child Brazil who shot and killed his teacher.  Seems the jury doesn't want to convict this kid. "Oh it was an accident!"  Bullshit.  You don't accidentally bring a gun to school and walk up to your intended victim and accidentally take up a two handed braced shooting stance and raise that gun to someone's head and coldly squeeze the trigger.  Oh - the gun went off!  That was the accident.  Bullshit.  Time for this kid to face the music.  I don't care if he broke down and cried in the courtroom - that changes nothing.  It doesn't change the fact that HE KILLED HIS TEACHER.  What about this teacher's FAMILY?  Convict him and send him to prison forever.  It doesn't matter that he is young.  It doesn't matter that the majority of his life will be in prison.  His age has nothing to do with the fact he chose to commit a murder.  Darryl Strawberry... Mr Baseline Baseball.  Is getting his 6th last chance.  He as repeatedly skipped out on court ordered rehabilitation programs.  Why is this FELON getting these breaks?  Could it be that he is FAMOUS?  Probably.  If you or I got busted just once - we would be done.  I have an associate who was busted for possession - he is screwed.  If he was a famous baseball player he would have only gotten a slap on the hands and a pat on the back!  This double standard of justice for the rich and famous is sickening.  I bet is Mike Jordan slashed his wife's throat - he would get off scott free... Oh, wait a sec - that would be OJ.  Screw the Rich and these royal privileges.  Didn't quite work for Robert Downey Jr did it?  Maybe he didnt get away with it because his movies sucked... Or maybe because he was busted 3 times and the courts finally said "CUT!"  Criminals are Criminals and should be treated as such regardless of status.  This includes former President Clinton.  He should face the music.  If I committed perjury - I would be legally toasted.  Don't get me started on Bill.

"Your like Dennis Miller with a shaved head."  This was said to me earlier today.  Interesting.  Dennis Miller is a pretty cool guy.  It was supposed to be a jab, but I take it as a compliment.  Dennis Miller is a very smart fellow and a snappy dresser.  He just can not comment on Football very well.

It has been said to me that Lord of the Rings shall indeed beat Star Wars as "The Finest Movie".  Really?  I've said this a year ago!  This is actually not that hard to do as LOTR has a mutch better story line and the movie makers are at least attempting to stick to it.  Star Wars' story was basically The Wizard of Oz... Change Toto to R2D2 and you got it.

May 28th - CNN just said that they (the Government) will be mailing out checks starting in September...
Think about this... George Bush in his first 5 months pushes through a tax cut that gives everyone extra cash in their hands. He is going to cut checks and give you more of your money back right now.  Is that cool or what?  His popularity will go through the roof. Why? People are greedy by nature - myself included. You give me money - you have my loyalty. That's the way it is. That's why we don't take advertising here on TFL - we don't want to have to have a shred of loyalty to anyone. Bush may have just purchased a second term. The Democrats being against the tax cut will be left out of the loop. I think we will get the senate back in the next election and with a bigger margin. Resistance to the Tax cut and the finger pointing reactions to the energy crisis and the buying of traitor in Vermont is making the Democrats look like Democrats. This is hot on the heels of extreme poor sportsmanship of our Presidential Election.
I think people are going to start getting very tired of listening to Tom Daschle, James Carville and the like. They leach us, they blood-let us, and they drain us until we are weak and dependant on them. Then they'll ride us even further. Then when we are too weak to support them - they'll toss us into retirement homes and forget us. These liberals are not our friends and soon the unwashed masses of ignorant media fed sheep will wake up and see the truth.

May 26th - Oops!  I didn't mean to do it.  Really!  No!  Sorry, Honey... I spent way too much money...  I got bit by the EBay bug and won multiple auctions at the same time.  Ouch.  He he he.  I scored a couple cool things for paintball... a 12V Revolution hopper and an Autospirit barrel that will work great with the Direct Hit paint I am using.  Using Paypal, the sellers have the money - I am just hoping I can get these before this coming Saturday when I am playing the Cisco team.  The hopper and barrel would be a big help.  The hopper is a clear white which I dont really like.  I will be able to see how much paint I have left - and thats cool.  Problem is so will the other team.  I only load 100 at a time... trying to control the paint consumption, so I often run really low.  Not a good time to get rushed.  I'll have to fill the hopper all the way or paint it.  Actually I'll paint it.  Olive Drab will give it a low profile color that wont stand out too much.

FLASH GORDON - You guys know I love Sci-Fi movies... there are good ones and there are bad ones... I had thought that the movie WING COMMANDER was about the worst there was for Sci-Fi.  Boy was I wrong!  There is one called SPACE TRUCKERS that takes that position!  Flash Gordon has nothing to do with either.  Flash came out when I was young.  I loved it then and I love it even more now.  Talk about a cool movie!  It has everything.  Sexy ladies, skull faced samuri, midgets with swords, hawkmen, rocket cycles, and a twisted dictator... What could be better?  Maybe with an eternally cool musical score?  Oh yeah - it has everything.

May 23 - The AI Dialogs.  There was an interesting discussion about AIs and the possibility of... Well - here are the dialogs:

This movie looks very interesting.  Stanley Kubrick was making it but he died... Spielberg is going to finish it.  I heard about this movie like 5 years ago from WIRED MAGAZINE.

S:  It appears as though the AI represented in the movie is in the form of a sitcom-grade little boy. In all corporate-run reality the first AI will (does) look like a black toaster with multiple coolant lines.

Where do AIs fit in theology?  Where does theology fit in the thoughts of an AI?

M:  This is the little boy from Sixth-Sense... as a child actor he is actually pretty good.  The story line is based off a short story that is actually decades and decades old.  About this mom who has problems with her son.  The problem is the son expresses love to the mother.  Turns out that the son is not a son but is a robot that her husband purchased for her since she could not have children for some medical reason.  Anyways - it was a creepy and deeply disturbing story that I remember from 20 years ago.    It's not about the first AI - its about the first AI that has emotion which is the spark of "True AI" or "Digital LIFE".  Theology does not distain AI or suggest that its not possible.  Where it get interesting is the concept of the soul.  Mankind can not create a soul.  That raises the question that can you have a TRUE AI or Digital Life with out a soul?  Taking that a step further  -  if you create an AI that is alive yet without a soul, could that create a vessel for "Other Souls" to enter?  Perhaps spirits that shall never be given a vessel... those that were cast out?  (Yeah, EVIL SPIRITS)  Could one of these souls take over that AI and have some form of a life?  Would that AI entity then be evil?  These are the same questions that arise from Cloning.

Instead of creating your idea of a digital life - could you be creating a Frankenstein Monster?
I don't know.  Something to ponder.  I shall ask my co-philosophers here at work about that... very interesting. What would an AI think of God?  Wow - that is a good question!  Would the computer programmer be God?  The company CEO?  Let me sink my mental teeth into that for a bit....

S:  I think theology needs to make room for AIs and not the other way around.

When the first AI goes public, theology will have to do some serious  re-alignments just as it did when it was proven that the Earth was round and not the center of the universe. I hold "soul" and "consciousness" as one concept in my my mind. To have one is to have the other. Further, I see "mind/consciousness" as something that arises from the complexities and tangled hierarchies of an advanced brain design. Just as fire is something that arises from fuel and heat, but is not fuel or heat itself.  Also, the mind/soul/consciousness exists separately from the physical brain if the brain is destroyed.  Some disembodied entity probably could seize a newly activated AI brain, but conversely, the AI brain could also spark it's own soul. However, a disembodied human soul would likely find the foreign architectures of a super computer difficult to manage and meld with.  AIs and nanotech will disrupt the lines of history like no other event.

M:  A theist (one who believes in a supreme being)  would say that it requires a Deity to create a soul... and as such would not have that conscience or soul... It would have fuel and heat - but lacks the spark.  The Spark being the hand of God.  An atheist (one who does not believe in a supreme being) would say that it could "Spark" on its own.  I am a theist... I believe that an external spark is required... or then entrance of a separate soul. Kinda Ghost in the Shell there...

S:  Atheism holds no sway with me. Atheists ignore vasts stores of data to hold their God-free world view.  Creationists do the same.  God created the reality we are perceiving, but this doesn't automatically dictate that reality is micromanaged and that sentience is directly controlled, mind by mind.  The Universe has many key rules, science understanding a few of them. However the presence of things like quantum mechanics and classical physics does not automatically erase the presence of the God. The presence of God does not automatically erase physical law.  It seams clear to myself that reality sprang into being within the mind of God. God also created the physical laws to organize and govern reality. Reality without physical law is formless chaos and useless. These laws, framed by God also govern the mechanism of Mind. God and AI are not mutually exclusive. Few things are when base concepts are analyzed and recalculated.  It is fascinating to think that science-backed atheism will in the end, be undermined my science. Why? Because cutting edge quantum mechanics is pointing directly at the existence of the founding God.  The conflict between theology and science stems from the dogmatic adherence to classical physics. Classical Physics, as it turns out is a titanic fallacy. The quantum has knocked the classical on its collective ass. 

M:  But when you apply the base God power - Creation - you now have Man and his Science playing at being god without the supreme power, right, or keys (whatever you wish to call it).
It is possible that God in his wisdom could grant these men a token and allow there to be a "spark"... but that would be of God's choice.  If God's hand doesn't touch the AI - then it remains a clever program, but doesn't become conscience...  You can program a computer, machine or robot to act with certain behaviors...  but with out its own soul, it remains a puppet of the programmer.  Now understand that a soul is something that we can not prove exists in humans or other mammals.  (It remains something we wish to think exists in our pets or in dolphins and whales when we look into those animal eyes...  Funny but we do not wish it when we look into the eyes of creatures such as Sharks or Squid.) It is on faith theists believe in a soul, that its really there - but there is no way to prove it.  Even with "Testing" such as the body weight of a terminal patient before, during and after death.  The junk science of spectral photography is inconclusive as well.  This being the case... How would we really know wither or not an AI entity has received that "spark"?  If we are to create AIs housed in human like robotic bodies - even bio-mechanical ones... How would we know if its a Robot, or a Being?  If you kill an AI - is it vandalism or property damage... or is it Murder?  Looking at the movie BLADE RUNNER:
Replicants are manufactured organisms designed to carry out work too boring, dangerous, or distasteful for humans. The "NEXUS 6" replicants are nearly indistinguishable from humans. (In one draft of the script Bryant tells Deckard they did an autopsy on the replicant that was fried trying to break into the Tyrell Corp. and didn't even know it was a replicant until two hours into the procedure.) Replicants presumably differ from humans in one important factor: they are lacking in empathy.   If they lack empathy - are they really alive?  In that movie it required the use of a Voigt-Kampff machine to detect a Replicant.  And this method was not at all that reliable.  It can detect a Replicant - but it can not detect wither or not the Replicant has a SOUL.  I would believe that should an AI have a Soul - that it becomes a BEING... and at that point it would be immoral to kill it... it would be murder.  The only problem would be to prove that it  had a soul... so legality its destruction of property... but morally its murder.  This would be the Supreme Court case of the millennia.

S:  Any AI would be more than base programme as it, like Man, can learn and modify it's thought and data.  The problem of "proving" the Mind or Soul of an AI is the same problem as proving that of a man's. There are those that believe Man is nothing but layers of programming and nerve. The AI-soul conundrum is the same as man's own.  
Empathy being a requirement for soul/mind. I should hope not. I myself am quite short in this department.  To restate: There is no conflict between God and AI unless you take a strict Euro-orthodox view of the nature of God. I don't. Just as micromanagement doesn't make sense for war and business, it doesn't make sense for running all reality.

M:  Nothing makes sense anyways... Saying something does is only saying you accept the explanation.

S:  Indeed.

Seems like my opinion of the Japanese and the movie Peal Harbor has insulted some people.  Now, you folks that are offended - Why?  Other than using the F-Word, am I wrong?  Do you even know what happened at Pearl Harbor?  Open a History Book.  They attacked us.  Have they ever said they were sorry?  Have they ever paid compensations to the families of those killed during that attack?  No.  They never have.  That being the case - why should I care about how they feel about the movie depicting this attack?  You tell me - WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THE JAPANESE?  I don't hold any grudges personally about Pearl Harbor.  I know several Japanese folks who are dear to me... but that doesnt change the fact that as a Nation, they attacked us in a surprise attack. 

Paintball page updated.

The hijacking of my identity continues at the previously mentioned forum.  If the person doing this thinks he is funny - he is wrong.  Its not funny.  It doesnt even bother me, because guess what?  Those that know me know that the "Mad Ogre" on that forum is not me.

May 22 - There are a few movies coming out that I am excited about.  First one is Pearl Harbor, looks really good with a lot of great special effects.  The story is compelling because it really happened, just not the way it is filmed.  Then of course is Lord Of The Rings which I have mentioned before (its in the Archive1 page).  Everything I have seen on this project looks promising and very well done.  The next one is A.I. This flick was Stanley Kubrick's pet project who was going to make a redo of Pinocchio and the project just kept evolving.  Well, this film is just creepy cool on the next level.  Read more about it here.  This is a movie that I am betting will stir a great deal of hype.  I first learned of this project about 5 years ago and considered it dead with its creator... I am curious as to why Spielberg would finish it.  I am very glad that he did.  This movie has raised a question - who is the better director, Kubrick or Spielberg.  After watching Eyes Wide Shut there is no doubt that Spielberg is the better director and that this movie will be much better off for it.   Spielberg has a knack of capturing real emotion that Kubrick just could not get.  Take war movies, Ryan and Jacket... both great movies.  One you got to sit and watch and enjoy... you felt it.  The other, you got to sit and watch and answer questions from people who don't understand war movies about what is going on and why these people are just standing there...

I just read that the movie makers are cutting Pearl Harbor for the Japanese Market. "Many Japanese fear the film will be seen as a historical document with them as the baddies."  Excuse the hell out of me!  Is it just me, or do I remember my History Books as stating very clearly that the Japanese attacked us with out provocation or warning?  They blind sided us and sunk our ships and killed our men.  Fuck Japanese!  I don't care about there feelings.  They have NEVER apologized for that.  Screw the Japs!  They can blow me.  They just happen to be editing the film for the Germans too.  Evidently there was a line in the movie that said something bad about the Germans  Don't get me started...  Here is the story. story

May 19th - I am a proud father of a 5 month old gun-nut!  My littlest angel this week has both started to roll over by him self and scoot.  He can even pivot and change directions... anyways he was on the bed enjoying a lazy Saturday morning with Mom and Dad while bigger brothers were busy playing all over the yard.  Anyways, Mom and Dad got up to go take care of breakfast and start the day and we left Little Master on the bed to coo at his toes.  While we were gone he had rolled over and found himself with a choice to make... Mom had left a Catherine Cookson novel on the bed in one direction, and Dad had left a gun magazine in another.  He must have been interested in the new Mauser M-2 because that's what he went for.  Dad came back into the room to find his son gleefully tearing through that magazine!  Proud of that boy!

May 18th - I went to Tribtalk, a forum hosted by and for the Tribune, Salt Lake City's biggest newspaper.  I started to get involved in the religious debates going on there and found it to be nothing more than an extremely hostile Mormon bash.  I asked the Forum Administration to cancel my registration and delete my posts.  They did.  Within minutes of doing that some fellow reregistered that name and continued to post in a most distasteful manner.  What a loser.  How lame is that?  This slack jawed meatslapper even included my signature file linking those posts with both this website and TFL.  Meaning I had some nice hate mail coming over this way for posts I did not write.  Hey, if you have any balls what so ever - come meet me face to face and talk to me man to man.  I dare you.   Anyways - The forums admin finally cleaned all that up... but they did leave a mess that I would be glad to clean up for them... but that chicken-dick hasn't the nerve to face me one on one.

May 17th - Man, today is a hot day... I don't feel like working at all.  I'm looking forward to playing some paintball this evening at a speedball field with my team facing off against this other team.  These other guys are pretty good I hear.  One fellow is a guy I know of that works at Peg Leg Paintball... 2.5 hours to go for that.  What makes this all the sweeter is that my boss's, boss will be there too.  I am just pumped for this!  Got my Autococker primed, lubed, and ready to go.  Same with the others on my team... "Oh, he is coming? I'll bring my full-auto!"

Someone asked me - Would you drive across the state to beat the hell out someone?  Why, yes I would! "If there be treachery, let there be jihad."  Ne Conjuge Nobiscum

May 16th - Hate mail - Seems my little note to Anti-Mormons in Utah has irked a few readers.  My Bad!  I'm sorry your a bitter, close minded and hate filled bigot - Now GET OUT OF UTAH!   Go some place where you will be more at home with your attitudes... like South Africa.

Watching my morning CNN, the story was "Energy Crisis!" and the anchor wench went on to say "Its a problem not just for California!" and then went on to talk about Cars, oil, and fuel prices.  Now, excuse me but since when does my Supra run on California's electricity?  These are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES but stem from the same source.  1.  California needs to build some power plants.  Nuclear Power plants. Big freaking radioactive nuke stations.  And until these biatchs can get built I submit that we dry-dock a few Navy Nuke boats and plug them in.  Those boats pack multiple reactors all ready to go... Lets use them for some public good instead of having them drift around the north Atlantic looking for the fucking Red October.  The other part is oil wells.  We need more oil wells and refineries.  For our level of consumption we need some more.   Just a few... like about 30 to start out with.  Now the reason we have not built any plants, wells, or refineries is that our politicians have been bent over by the special interest groups... Or is that WE have been bent over by the politicians and liberal media... Yup.  We didn't even get a kiss.  Now we are paying for it.  Next time you see a politician - find his car and pour a quart of 10W30 all over it.  If the Animal Rights nuts can splash red paint and blood on people wearing fur - lets start slinging black gold at the people responsible.  Hey - if someone just happens to light a match too - all the better.  I heard that in the Pacific Northwest they are going to shut down several Aluminum plants and a steel plant and take that electricity and pipe it down into California.  WTF OVER!?  They are going to put thousands of people out of work because California has proven to be as retarded as many thought they were... Nice.  I say build a wall around California and give them a few Coleman lanterns.   Giving them PNW electricity isn't even a band aid for the problem - its just a feel good action that will put families in DIRE straights.  It's okay for the few to go hungry and lose homes... Sacrifice!  They want sacrifice?  Burn some fucking Redwoods - There is Sacrifice!  California shouldn't get one bit of help until they start construction on about a dozen new and super high capacity nuclear power plants.   I am told the are actually down by 30... but 12 is a start.  Call it good faith.  Hey - If I let an Oil Company drill in my back yard, could I get a cut of the profit?

May 15th - It's been awhile since my last update... Have had a lot going on.  Today, I had the chance to get TORTURED for almost 2 HOURS!  I submit that Dentists need better mental screening... Now, I sit here with a clenched and sore jaw.  Soft foods for the next couple days... One word:  OUCH.  I'm really okay - suck it up and take the pain...   Pain Purifies! I guess this is something I deserve - I've never had a dental cleaning before.  Okay - well, Yes I did... when I was like 9!

There are a great many things going on... 1.  Anti-Mormons in Utah.  I've been doing a lot of bashing lately and I'm tired of it.  Most (90%) of these Anti-Mormon people are Ex-Mormons.  They can leave the church, but they can't leave the church alone.  Here is a message to them:  "If you don't like Mormons - get the hell out of Utah!  Utah was BUILT by Mormons and you ingrates just sit around and complain about us?  Sod Off!"  Its like living in Hawaii and hating the beaches.  2.  My wife's van is DOA and we are really in a pickle because of it.  All we have left is the wee little Supra and its not the best Family Car - not for a family of 7... Not too bad as Mrs Kodiac can walk to and from the school.  3.  The Mummy Returns... Fun Fun movie.  Lots of action... in fact its ALL action.  I got tired watching it!  The fighting was very well done and looked pretty dang real.  The fact that it was two hotties fighting was even better!  The whole balloon thing bugged me though - we could have done with out that.  Anyways - that movie was a solid 8.  (On my scale anything 6 or above is a cool enough flick to go see)  4.  Problems have arisen in my Supra... I need a new master cylinder for my hydraulic clutch, new brakes all the way around, and a new pinion gear bearing in the rear end.  Between this and the Van - I'm thinking of buying everyone in my home rollerblades and tossing all our cars into a lake.  

May 10th - "You are an anarchist and a criminal" - I get a lot of accusations.  Of course I am an Anarchist.  I've already said that.  Seems yesterdays rants have hit a few nerves.  I am sorry if you are offended by them, but I am not sorry I said them.  If your offended then your feeling guilty about something.  If your feeling guilty about something then you have acted wrongly in some way.  Its up to you to correct your actions.  Don't lash out at me if you screwed up and I made you feel bad about it... Just take it on the chin and suck it up.  Make it better.  Don't try to force me to accept the fact your screwed up and would have everyone else be as screwed up as you are.

My take on Anarchy:  If you read my archives of Anarchy - you'll see there are a lot of interpretations of it.  I believe in living the laws of the land... I think Anarchy and Chaos are to different things.  Anarchy means "Without a King"... that doesn't mean without rules.  I think the Federal Government should be striped of all its powers and rebuilt.  Organizing the Department of Defense, Supreme Court, and dealing with Foreign Governments is all they should do.  The States should give a portion of taxes to pay for these items and nothing else.  Everything else should either belong to the States - and or - be privatized and over watched by a Federal General Contractor type thing...  We are too dependant of Washington DC and it hasn't done us a bit of good.  The Federal Government is today a bloated Monster that was never ordained via the Constitution or the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day - If you don't like Mothers Day and Fathers Day, that's fine.  But don't be a jackhole and take away the joy from those that do.

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May 9th - I took my son into the hospital for outpatient surgery. Despite my son’s complaints while in recovery about the pain the IV in his hand was causing – THEY said it had to stay in “For a few more minutes”. When his hand started to swell… THEY said it was still okay. THEY protested loudly when I removed the IV 3 minutes early. THEY KNEW BETTER than I did about my Sons care! SCREW THEM! THEY only look in on the little stranger kid once every 15 minutes… I on the other hand have raised my Son as any good father does… picking him up when he fell, comforting him from nightmares and fevers, picking the onions off his pizza… I know my son and THEY don’t.  
“THEY” also want to teach alternatives to intercourse that includes all manners of oral and anal sex acts but nothing about abstaining from sex… nothing about “Air Hockey can be a fun thing to do on a date too!” THEY even teach this stuff with out parents consent of knowledge… because THEY know better! SCREW THEM! THEY don’t get to teach MY SONS a damn thing! These are the same THEY that have also released a report that stated that Adults having sex with Children is OKAY and causes NO HARM! WTF?!? People who would have sex with children are sick and need to be punished. Instead of coddling these child molesters and getting the population to accept them as normal, we should be incarcerating and castrating them. I don’t care if THEY know what is best… THEY can bite me. THEY have also said that DAY CARE is a better place for kids than at home with Mom or Dad… Because parents are abusive… THEY know better than Mom or Dad about taking care of our own children… Evidently so THEY can educate them on matters of oral and anal sex with adults… these sick bastards. I have only the most exquisite contempt for them. Like never before it is truly a fight, US VS THEM… and THEY hold all the cards because THEY control all the institutions.
Now THEY are even telling us we can no longer take in and care for a child through programs like adoptions and foster care… If WE own guns, WE shouldn’t have children! THEY are more than happy to let alternative lifestyle/same sex couples adopt children when ever they like – but if you are VERBOTEN if you own a gun! You are also questionable if you go to CHURCH! THEY will not let you force a child into a religion or pressure them to make choices about GOD.
I’m not saying anything against homosexuals – but it seriously irks me when I am discriminated against because I am a white, conservative, straight and God fearing man. THEY have made ME into a Second Class Citizen… THEY have taken away my RIGHTS because it conflicts with political correctness and ideology of diversity. If THEY want US to accept THEM, then THEY damn well better accept US as well.  But that will never happen – THEY want to destroy US. THEY do not want us to have any rights.
THEY have started this fight. THEY are my enemy and I will fight them.   (THEY being all Governments and Institutions and the mysterious THEM that lurk in the shadows, under rocks, in Congress and Senate, and in the MEDIA.)

I was watching the news and they aired a story about a study on Criminals and the Genetic connection.  These people conducting the study took samples from kids that grew up in orphanages and compared them to children who's fathers were in prison.  These children had a higher likelihood to become criminals themselves.  What a bunch of freaking morons.  These people are attempting to establish that criminals are genetically inclined to be criminals and that this naturally caused defect is to blame.  This is not the case... Genetics are something that determines hair color and dick length - not the choices they make as adults.  What causes criminal behavior aside from the influence from the devil... is the lack of good moral influences from parents.  A child NEEDS both a Mom and a Dad to have a balance for proper development.  These "Scientists" are trying to get criminal behavior classified as a genetic disease.  These criminals are not to be blamed for the crimes they chose to commit, but are the poor victims of a faulty genome.  That is such complete and utter bullshit.  Maybe they are trying to find an excuse for poor parenting choices.  An excuse for dodging the guilt of being a career woman instead of being Mom.  I am of the belief that a child from birth to the age of 16 requires a full time mother.  I am sorry if this cuts your feelings if you and your spouse both work full time and the kids have to stay in a day care.   Your not doing your kids a damn bit of good just because you drive a BMW instead of a lowly Nissan.  Because your TV is 52 inches instead of a pathetic 24.  Because your home is 4,000 square feet instead of a shanty 2,000.  If you want to do right by your kids you will spend TIME with them.  Mom being home for the children when they come home from school, or even NURSE the baby... that's right... Breastfeeding.  Whip out that booby and feed your baby the way the cavemen did.  Now if you have a BMW and a 52 inch TV inside your 4,000 square foot home then bully for you!  But if Mom has to work 40+ hours with you so you can afford it - then you greedy bastards need to get a clue here... and live a lifestyle that wont fuck your kids minds so you can have all your worldly goods.  Being a Dad and Mom is more important than being Mr. Bossman or Mrs. Procareerlady.  Correct your lifestyle and budget before the Department of Corrections corrects your Kids.

May 8th - Must Read Info here... "Military rifle bullet wound patterns".  Very interesting.

May 5th - Paintball page updated.

May 4th - Friday night.  I was so looking forward to Friday Night.  Spending an evening with my wife, some Pink Floyd or Enigma music, and a can of whipped cream... *Sigh* But I said the wrong thing and now she's in the room with the door shut... and I get the remote.  Grrrr.  Marriage!  Yesterday I bragged that being married was great... and tonight I get to watch Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel.  I hate Farscape - its poorly done Science Fiction.  But its better than the home shopping networks.  Anyways... Today wasn't a total loss.  I traded my SOG knife for a new grip frame for my Autococker...  A huge improvement.  I look forward to testing it out in the morning.   I'm still listening to Pink Floyd anyways... so the night isn't a waste either. 

In Utah, gun owners that go to the trouble of taking a class, paying for the fees and getting the criminal back ground check to get a CCW permit... get the pleasure of having criminal background checks ran on them EVERY DAY.  Utah had been a pillar of FREEDOM and LIBERTY... but they have sold out to Liberal deception.  What I want to know is this... WHO IS PAYING FOR THESE CHECKS AND HOW MUCH IS IT COSTING US?  Someone is footing the bill to pay for these checks.  No other group of people are subject to this abusive scrutiny... not since WW2.  I am angry and I want this BS to STOP.  Not only are CCW owners under the microscope - but all Utah FFL dealers are as well.  The ATF calls it Project Olympics or something like that.  They are importing ATF Agents from all nearby States to help audit EVERY individual FFL holder in Utah.  They have shut down several dealerships for whatever reason they can think of.  The ATF and the State has declared war on Utah Gun Owners.  This makes me very angry.  Salt Lake's biggest newspaper can do nothing but clap in delight at this.  Utah Representatives are about as useless as tits on a warthog.  All of them.  They need to be removed from office.  Every freaking politician and government employee needs to be fired and tossed out.  We need new people in those offices.  New and HONORABLE people.  But that will never be.  There is no Honor in the Government... Not locally, not on the Federal level.  As such - they have no place in any office of power.  And as such they can have no expectation of my loyalty or obedience.

May 3rd - Salty Language.  I was told today by a coworker that my language is "Salty".  WTF?  Why didn't some one tell me before!? Damn it!  Actually she was right.  My language is salty.  Cussing and swearing is really beneath me.  Its something I need to work on.  If you ever catch me swearing - you can punch me in the arm.

Some thoughts about TFL.  Being an Administrator for TFL brings me a lot of joy.  I take pride in the honor of serving such a fine group.  I really like the basic fundamental ideology that is the basis for the forum.  That is what makes it better than other gun forums.  Being an Admin does have its costs.  Such as time... One can invest a lot of time into something like TFL.  The other thing is that being an Admin for a group as large as TFL can really make one a target.  I get pot shots from the anti-gun crowd daily.  I get accusations of being a murderer or baby killer or Wacko... this things happen.  Its a price one has to pay.  The other thing is that many members consider it a challenge or at least take great pleasure in countering every opinion that I voice.  I probably have more people disagreeing with me in one day than most people have all month.  Seems some guys just live to argue with me... "Ha ha ha - I just countered Kodiac's point!"  If that's what you consider a good time... fine.  I have been accused of just being a big computer geek that doesn't know anything about guns other than playing video games.  Maybe that's right...  I have played a lot of games... but so what?  I have also served my country as a member of it's military to enforce US Policy on other countries. I have worn a badge and uniform on patrol to enforce the law of the land.  I have packed a gun since I was 17.  I have toured more gun factories and have fire more different types of guns than probably most gun owners out there.  I have used weapons in engagements with adversaries that wanted to kill me.  I even know exactly what a 230 grain slug feels like when it smashes into your chest and shatters your sternum.  I know what a 7.62mmX39mm slug feels like when it passes through your abdomen.  Hell - I even know what an arrow feels like when it pierces your thigh!  So - despite my apparent youth and being full of piss and vinegar... I know what the fuck I am talking about.  I might be a computer geek now - but I'm a geek that can kick your ass on a whim.  Hell - even my wife can kick your ass.  I have been there and done that.  I do play video games... I enjoy them.  I am partially a computer geek.  The baddest fucking computer geek you will ever meet.

May 2nd - The Samurai by Shusaku  Endo.  Very good book.  A simple yet compelling historical novel that can really keep your attention.  If you ever read Shogun or Taipan - then this book is for you.  It's set in fuedal Japan about a rural Samurai that has a bit of an adventure.  I'm rereading it after just finishing it.  Written for Japanese in Japanese really gives you a look at what a different perspective the Japanese has as a culture. This book is of course translated into english with as few changes as possible.  When you read it - you can really feel like your in old Japan.  I like historical novels and there are two more that I really like despite very strange sexual plots int the stories... AZTEC and RAPTOR both by the same author, Gary Jennings.  These are both thick epic scale books that for some weird reason you cant stop reading.