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July 1st to 9th.


July 9th - Tuesday.  Found the problem in the engine. That noise.  Not a big problem.  Just the Alternator.  4 bolts and a new belt (which I should have replaced a long time ago anyway).  Took the belt off and spun the alternator's pulley, there was the grinding sound.  Cranked it without the belt... no grinding sound.  There it was.  Got a guy that will do that and the bearings for me.  No problem.

Found the book.  Published in 1970 it's called Sir MacHinery, by Tom McGowen.  The only problem is that it is out of print.  There was only 1 run of it.  The book is a collectors item that sells from 80 to well over 400.  That is depressing.  If anyone has a copy, I'll happily take it off your hands.  That's a book I want my son to read... after I read it again.  Also, while searching for that one, I found a book called "Grunts!" and ordered it off for 1.69.  MacHinery probably wasn't that popular at the time because it was so ahead of its time.  With Harry Potter being big, I bet another run of this book would just explode.  It would make a very cool movie. 

Running around in the Sammy.  A lot of problems with a car only surface when you get to driving it.  Well, I was driving it around on a shake down cruise - Using the old driver's seat that I didn't even have bolted down - and uncovered 2 things that need to be corrected before it drives off.  Both should be easy to fix for a mechanic, because I don't know how to do those... one is a "Noise".  The other is wheel bearings on the front right wheel.  Shouldn't be too difficult. (meaning spendy)

Looking for a book...  When I was a young lad, I read a very cool book that I want my son to read.  In the story there are some Dwarves that go through a rift into a modern world looking for some help. The find a box labeled Machinery and they think it says "Mac Henry" so they open it and find a robot. They take the robot back with them and next thing you know the owner comes through, looking for his robot.  Ends up calling in the British Royal Marines and the Marines come through with machineguns and mow down a horde of Orcs or Goblins or some such nastiness. Merlin is there too - I think he is the one that opens the rifts.  Anyway, it was a fun book. Lots of gunfire from the Marines... few hand grenades as well.  Anyone know of this book?

July 8th - Monday.  GOOD NEWS about the Seats!  Just got the tracking number and the seat backs are in SLC, they should be here soon enough.  Spectre will get the Recaro seats.  What a nightmare these things have been... but hey, they will work!   Question, what to do with the old thrashed seats?  I'm thinking put some new foam in them, duct tape them to shape, and put some seat covers on them and they will be good to go.  But for what?  Put them in the Cherokee?  Maybe.  If not, make some chairs out of them.  I don't know.  I'll deal with them after everything else gets dealt with.  We can recall the Horde... abort that mission!  I'm pumped.  These seats cost over 740 bucks new.

Arrived in the mail today, the full length guide rod for my CZ.  I've installed in along with the 16 pound spring.  It doesn't feel as smooth now for some reason... not sure why.  It should however feed a lot better now.  When Spectre gets here we shall have to go try it out.  If it's still not feeding right, I'll just go with Stratford's reloads.  His reloads are using a lead round nose that is coated in Moly.  Very slick.  They feel with no problem what so ever.  Also, because of the moly, there is no lead fouling like other jacketless reloads.  Either way, I'm eager to try the new spring set up.  Hurry up Spectre... let's go shooting!

Dealing with an issue.  I bought a pair of seats from this guy off of E-bay.  I won the auction and sent payment.  Some time later he gets around to shipping the seats.  But he takes the seats apart and mails the Bottoms separate from the seat backs.  I got the bottoms.  But since only one box has shown up, the backs are still missing.  It's been weeks.  Dude said that they were returned because the address was missing from the box, and that he reshipped them.   Nice.  More waiting.  No box.  I finally call FedEx, which is how the first box arrived.  They had record of the box that I received.  Tracked it with no problem.  However there was no record of any second box.  None.  No other shipments for that location to Utah.  None. I'm getting the feeling that this dude has jacked me up.  The new owner of the Samurai is coming to get it day after tomorrow and it doesn't have any freaking seats because this guy maybe never had them to begin with!  I'm pissed.  I'm more than pissed.  That's okay.  I've got friends in Florida.  Hell, I've got friends in Gainesville.   They can stop by this fellow's house If he ripped me off.  If he was straight and there was a screw up and the seat backs arrive - No problem.  I'll call off my Orcish Horde.  This sucks but it isn't too bad.  I have a pair of seats that will fit in it if necessary.  They are old and ugly and a bit torn up, but they will work until I get this sorted out.  At least Spectre will have some seats.  Then when the seat backs do show up - I can put the seats together and get them to him.  Pain in the ass.  These seats should have already been installed last month.  Oh well, this matter will be sorted out.  At least the seat bottoms that I have are quite nice.   

Email from one of the Orcs:  I do not pretend to have the answers or 'the way', as you know. My personal thoughts on capital punishment are: By all means capital punishment should be swift and public, for to gain the most effect of future criminal deterrence, (it has no other purpose, we cannot repair the damage that the criminal has wrought, we can only hope to deter any future criminals from availing themselves of whatever activity brought them to the gallows, with a second purpose also being to simply rid society in general from any possibility of the offender from ever, ever being able to act again. Swift and sure, with no lingering 'death row' hope in the inability of the justice system to act in a forthright manner.   However... If we must wield this justice, it needs to be totally accountable, that is , the concepts that are already in place should be enforced completely. That means, the criminal must be guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. The judge , exercising all the various powers that he has, may defer execution if he does not follow the jury's decision. When the mortal and final sentence of execution is given, it is then that the judge becomes responsible for that judgment and should face extreme punishment if an already executed criminal is found to be 'not guilty' by reason of fact (not the machinations of improper finite procedure or some other excuse that does not address the true guilt of the criminal.) Capital punishment is then and only then a moral decision based on fact and irrefutable evidence. Of course, there must be oversight that would also hold said judge liable for not executing a criminal that has earned that reward and not doing his duty for the society he 'serves'.  It is a complex question, but when all facts are obvious and guilt is beyond a reasonable doubt, it should be done. ..... I sometimes wonder, if a life sentence in a truly penal institution is not worse than cap punishment. I mean a labor intensive concern that would help defray the cost of the jail itself or provide community service, for life! Only Sunday as the day of rest, mandatory labor from all involved, single cell occupancy, (no freelance sodomy etc. or conjugal visits, period..) When a heinous criminal earns a jail sentence he has forfeited his personal rights by his own action, and that should be the way and course of any penal system, if the individual wishes to 'study' or work out or whatever personal embellishment he may desire, that might be okay after a 9 hour workday. Such things as personal embellishment should not be available to the 'lifer' as it is a waste of resources. The inmate that chooses embellishment after performing useful labor might possibly have a chance at some kind of reform but it would have to be by his own sheer intent and will, added onto a regular work schedule, rather like we all (other than the very rich) have had to do in our lives.... sorry , just venting on what might possibly be a righteous attitude over the various idiot doctrines in place now.. however, reforming a huge 'entitled' system would seem to be almost impossible... what would the Ogre's take be? - Jim   Tough question, Jim.  There is no easy answer.  The system is so screwed up that it requires the same treatment as a suspect explosive device.  Blow it in place.   Just blow the whole thing.   2 considerations.  1 - they are convicted criminals and have no rights.  2 - these people will be back on the streets.  This means The Department of Corrections needs some degree of "Corrections" because these guys WILL be back on the streets in your home town.   However there are basically 2 kinds of criminals if I may over simplify.  There are the Violent Criminals that performed a felony act of violence against another person.  Then there are guys that committed a criminal act regarding property.  I've known plenty of white collar types that went up river - while thieves and total bastards, at least they never hurt anyone.  Some of these people can be reformed.  Christ said that a person can change in the blink of an eye... do a 180*.  I've seen that happen before.  Mercy and forgiveness come into play and I feel that once a person has served his sentence, he is then free to return to his normal life.  However, for the Type A criminals, the predators... I don't know what to do with them.  Putting them back on the streets is not a good option.  It would take a miracle for them to reform and to change. But it is possible.  They get out, they are on parole for a couple years, and if everything is fine - then they are free men again.  That parole is something that needs some serious reform.  Violate Parole - Bam.  Back into the hole, and face some new sentences.  That is where things need some serious cracking down.  Goes for violence in the prison as well.  Every act of violence gets a new and separate charge.  "Lifers" should then be removed from the general population.  Don't let the bad apples spoil the guys we are trying to reform.  While I'm at it - give these guys books.  No TV... Books.  Text Books, Classical Literature, books that will expand the mind.  No Porn, No Smokes, No Cable, maybe Radio and Newspapers.  Phone calls and letters CLOSELY monitored. I like the idea of Chain Gangs for the Lifer guys.  Hard labor is then available for cheap for public works projects or leased to companies that need lots of unskilled manual labor - such as road crews and such.  Plenty of shotgun wielding guards at all times... Plenty of them.  Any trouble is answered with fire.  They live and die chained.  Sounds harsh - but that is the point.  It's a deterrent. You don't want to be on a chain gang, you keep your nose clean.   I've seen too many Bruthas in Richmond work the system.  Animals that prey on other humans.  You would arrest them, and the next night they are walking.  Or they would be back after a few months in the hole.  Repeatedly.  Over and over.  They were not afraid of us, or of Jail.  We need to make them afraid. Take away everything the man has, his freedom, his idea of self. Break him down to nothing - then maybe - you can rebuild him into a human being again.

Make a South Park you.  LOL, that's great... Love it.

It seems that the SA80-A2 rifle has some issues. This is the British Army's bullpup rifle.  It's been in development since the 50's and they still can't get it to work.  The problem is that the rifle "works" when it's not supposed to.  Accidental discharges with the rifle are a major problem.  And then the rifle "Misfires" another word for "Jamming".  Regardless of all the issues with the rifle, the leaders in the UK are determined to make it work.  They force the Army to carry this weapon that is simply dangerous.  There is one unit that I am aware of that is packing the L1A1, the UK's rifle before this bullpup came around.  That's one hell of a rifle...  .308 caliber, it's a full blown battle rifle.  When the Brits were in Desert Storm, they ordered the L1A1's back into the service and it worked great.  Even in the sand, the rifle chewed it up and functioned just fine.  L1A1 and FAL's can do that.  Better design.  If they want to fix the SA80, fine.  Do it.  But until it's fixed, break out the L1A1's and give the troops a weapon system that works, and works safely.  If they want a bullpup, there is the FAMAS and the AUG that are fantastic rifles.  But they need to dump the SA80 before anyone else is hurt.

Here is an interesting way to end a police standoff.  Less than lethal, sure.   But a little messy.

Oh great.  Now time travel IS possible!  Now the Government is going to create a Time Squad to enforce the past to protect our future.  If I could get one installed in my Jeep, that would be great.  I never liked the car used in Back to the Future... no trunk space or luggage racks.  Useless.  I'd put a Flux Capacitor into a Jeep Grand Cherokee or maybe a Subaru WRX - the wagon version.  Now your talking.  If I had one... There are some moments in time I'd like to go back and "fix".  Some things I'd like to have done differently.  Things I wish I had not done.  I think everyone has those kind of feelings about past personal history.  Then there is the moral dilemmas.  If you knew about Hitler before he took power - would you kill him?  There are arguments for and against - but yeah, I'd cap him.  Go to Dallas and walk into the book depository and when you see a certain someone with a rifle, pop him off too.  Sure.  Why not?  Well, of course there is all the other shooters that day.  So I guess that wouldn't do much to change history, so maybe I'd not do that. 

July 7th - Sunday.  Japan has an interesting policy when it comes to executions.  The inmates don't know it's coming.  I think the band "FAITH NO MORE" has a song about that...  "SURPRISE YOUR DEAD!"  The administrators feel that it is more cruel to let the condemned know ahead of time.  Family is notified after the fact.  Interesting.  Is this cruel or not?  Would this have any advantage here in the States? 

Bush has signed a new policy that gives Hispanics seeking Citizenship instant Citizen status when they join the service.  This is pretty cool.  I like it.  I worked with many Hispanic troops and those hombres were hard core soldiers.  One of my Drills was Hispanic.  (the hardest one too)  For those that might be against this idea, think about these facts: 40 Hispanics have been awarded the Medal of Honor.  Also, this fits in nicely with Heinlein's concept of citizenship.  I like this policy.  I've known many Latinos that only dreamed of becoming a citizen in the greatest nation on earth... Now there is a way they can make that dream come true.

My mother has been traumatized by the Discover Channel.  She observed a film of a particular frog that has an unusually nasty way of reproducing.  This frog has given her nightmares.  She can't stand to even think about the hideous thing.  I looked it up and have to agree.  The thing is nasty.  I can see why she was freaked.  It really is that nasty.

July 6th - Saturday.  Got an email asking about how to view the LOTR Two Towers teaser trailer.  Let me fill everyone in on something.  It's called "APPLE.COM". In the QuickTime section, there are a bunch of movie trailers you can watch.  Bookmark that page.  Lot's of trailers for all the movies coming out that are on the horizon.  Two Towers is there.  And you can get a better of it there than anywhere else.  While there, take a look at the... I hate to say it.  Scott will not let me live this down... But the new Star Trek Nemesis movie actually looks cool.  Very aggressive, with a lot of stunts including some Mad Max looking stuff.  I was stunned.  However, to put things back into perspective, Trekkers are still a bunch of pajama wearing ninnies.  Star Wars still kicks it's butt.  Anyways, lots of cool trailers to catch there at  Check it.

Not feeling like writing much right now... I'm going to go out into the back yard and read a book under my tree.  Later.

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July 5th - Friday.  Uneventful. Not much went on today.  Had a passels of little kids running around.  As if the kids from this hood wasn't enough - we had to have imports come in.  I don't even want to know how many we had in the back yard today.  Other than that... nothing was really going on.

Got a letter from SWAT Magazine.  The contract for the article I wrote them for the new .32NAA cartridge in the Guardian.  I wasn't expecting payment... but a payment was offered.  Enough to effect the repairs for the Jeep to get it to pass inspection, and get it registered again.  Talk about a blessing.  Unexpected, but greatly appreciated.  Funny how some things can just drop out of the blue.

Was talking to the Ogre Clan out in Virginia today.  I'll have two visitors come out for a week or so.  My youngest brothers.  We shall have to show them a good time and educate them in the use of the force.  For Cannon Cockers, they are not that bad.  They are advanced party for their Battery, so they get to play at being Infantry a little.  Actually, I'm proud of these guys... They have been recognized by the General and have won awards for being the seriously kick ass grunts that only true Ogres can be.   They'll be out in a few weeks from now.  Look forward to the day. 

Fell news comes from the South.  Our Grandmother, bless her soul is 89.  She is in St George in a hospital right now.  She is in a dread state... Internal bleeding in her thorax and in the head.  She is as described nicely by the doctors, "Confused".  Meaning she no longer knows who people are... She thinks her family has abandoned her.  It breaks my heart, our family does not abandon it's own.  Ever.  She can't recognize the love.  She feels alienated, alone, and she's frightened.  My only comfort is knowing that my Grandfather is with her in spirit.  He died 17 or 18 years ago.  Not sure.  He was a great man.  Child of the Great Depression... a true Grapes of Wrath story.  Never got out of Elementary School yet ended up working for Boeing doing final inspections on the brand new 747s.  I remember him clearly, and loved him dearly.  He was a stern man, but under his shell was a warm and loving fellow with a sense of humor that was unique.  I just know he is there beside his wife, in her time of need.  The news gets even worse however.  My uncle Gene, a man I respect and love is also struck.  His heart is failing.  He and his wife, my mother's sister are looking after Grandmother.  (My mother's mother) Gene's heart is so bad, they are going to attempt open heart surgery, yet they are not sure he will survive it.  They want to transport him from St George to Salt Lake where there is a better cardiology department that would better care for him.  Give him the best chances of survival.  However it is said it may not be worth the effort to move him.  If he does go, my Aunt will go with him to SLC.  This will leave my Grandmother alone in St George.  To sum it up, two people who I love are at Death's Door.  I want to do everything I can for them, but there is nothing I can do but pray.  But what to pray for?  Gene is miserable and in much pain.  Suffering in a way I would not want to have to endure.   Grandmother has been suffering for over a decade.  Pray for a peaceful release for this life?  I've prayed for that before for someone... I don't want to do that again.  Pray for recovery?  To prolong the suffering?  What I do pray for, is that the suffering one way or another will end quickly and they will not have to endure it much longer.  I also pray they should that time come - that they will not be alone and that they will recognize that we are there for them.  My mother will be flying out to St George soon.  I'll remain here in case Gene is sent to SLC, otherwise, I'll be going down to St George.  Not sure when.  Both are in ICU, both are currently at this moment stable.  Gene just retired last year and moved down to St George to escape the cold and enjoy some Golf.  I hope he got some good games in. 

In lighter news, our friend who we shall not name... (we'll just call him "Steve".  Yeah, you know who I'm talking about, Matt.) brought over a disk for my evaluation.  WarCraft III.  I've not done any Multiplayer on it yet, and am slowly working through the single player campaigns.  Blizzard knows how to make an enjoyable game.  The game is very well made.  A fitting part III to an excellent series.   However, I remain somewhat disappointed.  Early in III's development it was said to be more roll playing in nature and with variable camera angles.  Less Build and Bash, and more adventuresome.   This is pretty much the same thing as I and II, yet with simply an improve graphics engine.  Great story line, yet railed.  That's okay, because the story is interesting enough to get you glued.  Full report will be coming when I feel up to writing about it.  Right now, I'm not feeling into it.  Or anything else.  I've some family matters that are pressing. 

If I drop off line, you'll know why.  Should I do so, messages will sent to those needing specific notification.  

July 4th - Thursday.  Happy 4th of JULY!  Now, since many of you Orcs are out doing some grilling, as I am... I have some Grilling Tips for you:  Grilling tips from Bubba:   Try not to set anything on fire, the cat, dog, the kids, your
house the neighbors house, car, garage or out buildings.   Use meat from A real "store" ok? Keep a bucket of water or a hosepipe real close. Stock up on burn ointment, band aids, aspirin and wet naps. Oh, and be sure and keep burning food away from your wife or relatives "Big Hair" ok? Also be sure and avoid the phrase "Hey y'all watch this" it makes people nervous. 

Update on Samurai Jack.  Have some images of it after the Rhino Lining coating was completed.  Okay, I call it Rhino because people know that that is so they know what I am talking about.  This stuff is actually called Herculiner and it's every bit as good.  Just cheaper, because your doing it yourself.  This means you have no one else to blame.  he he he.  Did the lining inside and out.  There are only a couple places where I didn't put it, small places on the inside.  It took 2 gallons and 1 quart with nothing left over.  You could probably do it with less, but I went for some thick coats. Working with the stuff, I have a few tips.  1.  Do it out of sunlight.  It dries very quickly.  Too quickly.  As you can see in the images, the windshield needs replacing.  Because of that, I didn't need to mask it off.  But if your doing it, mask everything before you start, roll it and brush it as quickly and completely as you can.  Then pull the tape off before it dries.  2.  Brushes and rollers.  This stuff eats rollers and brushes.  Brushes become worthless very quickly.  Get a bunch of those 50 cent throw away brushes.  Like about 6 of them.  You'll go through them quickly as the bristles become overly flared out.  3.  Wear gloves.  This shiz doesn't come off.  Anything.  Not hands.  That is for sure.  From these images you can see there are a couple things left to do.  Polish the signal lights and the lens covers, bolt on the driver's rear view mirror, and bolt in the Recaro seats.  Done. 

So long everybody... It's been great.  Good bye world.  Huh?  What am I talking about?  The end of the world people.  It's happening.  How?  Tom Hanks is playing a Bad Guy.  Told you.  End of the world.  The flick is called "Road to Perdition" and Hanks is playing the role of a quirky and loveable MAFIA HITMAN.  Oh, and he's in this flick with Paul Newman.  Should be a great movie.       

July 3rd - Wednesday.  Email: "Youre right, now is the time to buy in the stock market.  Ive had the hardest time getting back to even.  Two days ago I was even, then I was down 2k the next day, and now Im almost back to even.  Back to even because of wonderful WorldCom stock.   Surprisingly, it went from .06 yesterday to about .24 at this time.  I saw it go up yesterday and picked up 14000 shares at .13 and sold it this morning for .24.  Now if I can only keep the gains and get that rifle.  Appl. Digi. Sol. Is sitting around .50 right now.  I think your post last week made it spike to that .67.  J -Steve"  That happens a lot, I throw out a tip and there is a run on it.  The company is still facing some lawsuits... what happens on them will make or break the company.  However I feel that these cases are going to be easily won.  Just a matter of some time.  Civil Rights cases?  That is what they are.  Pretty retarded if you ask me.  Once those cases are defeated, the stock will be free and clear to run.  Probably go up into the 10 buck range right off the bat.  Once it starts rolling there, it will take off.  Because either the company will do well, or the technology the company owns will do well with other companies.  Either way, Applied Digital Solutions will be a winner.  Again, if I had a couple grand, I'd buy it up.  Then camp on it for a long term.  See where it goes.   Take the risk now, looking for the big reward in the coming months.

The patch on the Jeep's pipe didn't hold.  Sounds like a damn Stuka now. You jump on the gas and you can shatter windows and set off car alarms.  Kinda cool... but highly annoying.  Breaking out a different patch kit, this one with some wire mesh and metal bands.  If I can get it to fit around where the break is, it should work.   

Last night it rained.  Too bad that it only rained for 5 minutes. Utah needs some serious rains right now.  I hope it rains hard tonight or tomorrow.  Utah's water tables are way low.  Deer Creek Reservoir is scary low.  About 20 to 25 feet low. 

News keeps talking about the stock market continuing to fall.  Just a guess, but this is a good time to buy. (carefully) I bet things are going to be picking up next week.  Get back up to some normal levels for most companies.

Working on the Jeep today.  I have the exhaust pipe patched right now.  We'll just have to see how it holds.  If it doesn't hold, I'm looking at 400 bucks to get a new one put in.  Ouch.  That would SUCK.

July 2nd - Tuesday.  Home.  Feels good.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love my In-Laws.  They have a nice and comfortable home.  Plenty of rooms.  And a 72 inch TV hooked up to a dish.  Not bad.  No complaints.  I just dislike the City Of Vernal, the small mindedness of the small town people (as a collective, if your from Vernal, I'm sure your fine so I wasn't talking about you).  There are many good people there.  Many that I like.  But the majority of the people there that I know... I wish I didn't.  Now.  Anyways.  Home.  Feels good.  The trip was not without it's cost.  I blew the exhaust pipe on the Jeep.  It's severed completely.  Right in front of the cat.  I should be able to fix it.  In the mean time the Jeep sounds like a damn Messerschmitt 109.  Very loud an annoying.  Now, if I had the 4.0 engine, it would sounds like a FW-190 and I could live with it. 

While I was away, I had a plethora of emails that I may not even get to respond to.  Flooded.  Of course emails from friends and family are read first.  However, some emails I feel compelled to share. For example, this one:  "Ogre, I was just reading about your 3-gun match when you mentioned your glasses. from my experience with shooting, glasses have nothing to do with shooting, seeing how you should not be trying to focus completely on the target anyway. Donald, DC Lcpl/USMC"  Interesting take Don.  I find that when I can see my sights and I can see my target, I can always shoot much better.  But that's just me.  Army trained.  They must do things differently in the Marines.  *Jab*  Kidding, I think what the problem was, was the frames of my glasses interfering with my sight picture.  Hard to explain how, in just a few words, but I think that was case.  Never mind me.  I was just the NCOIC for Malone 18 at Ft Benning for awhile.  (Advanced Rifle Marksmanship qualification range for the Light Infantry and Rangers that train there) I was still hitting my targets, just hitting them lower than I wanted.  I had ZERO problem firing at the long range steel plates.  Offhand.  Witness can attest that I handled that shooting string just fine.  I enjoy shooting at steel.  Paper targets are nice, but steel is where it's at.  You can hear the "PING!" of the bullet strike, and if your shooting handguns at a closer range, you can even see the lead splash.  Much easier than looking for your bullet holes in paper. 

Another email from our friend Jim contains a link to something very cool:  Narsil.  The sword that was broken and forged again.  The most elegant sword of the whole Fellowship film/Lord of the Rings series.  I'd love the whole set, but if I could only order one, Narsil would be it.  (Second Place goes to the Sword of the Witch King)   Yeah, and that ring would be awesome too.

Business and Politics. With the Big Business bringing down the economy, so far we can expect to see a lot of liberal moves to blame it all on my man George Bush. Too bad however, that Enron and Xerox and the like were pulling most of this crap when Clinton had the white house. The Democrats are going to have to deal with a very popular sitting president. And to do that, they leave to make him look bad. But Bush is clean. This isn't a good thinking. They are going to have to make stuff up now. Make up some fairy tales. Like him ordering Flight 93 shot down. Such B.S. But the Liberals don't care - they continually sink to new lows. Nothing is beneath them. They have no moral watermark to look our for. They'll go even lower before 2004 elections. Now they just have to decide who to run. Gore? He's lame from the start. All he cares about is the environment. I bet if the Democrats don't select him, he will be more than welcome to run on the GREEN party ticket. Back to business - the economy really sucks...but can the president really do anything about it? Not really. The Great Depression ended only because of WWII. We can do some things to stimulate some areas of the economy - with such things as tax breaks and increased spending, but that's really not going to do much. The economy is like an old fashioned steam locomotive. It takes steam to power the engine and time to build up the steam and time to build up speed. Well, government help is like tossing in a block of wood into the fire. Just one or two her and there. That's not good enough. It's all about business. Big Business are the two guys with shovels feeding the furnace constantly. While Clinton was in power, Big Business got tired. It was unfed and uncared for. They started goofing off and pulling Enron tricks... not shoveling enough fuel any more...not nearly the steam pressure started to drop and the train started to slow down. While trying to pull up hill too. Now all the sudden Big Business gets busted for pulling tricks. Big B is in trouble, gets an arm handcuffed to a rail. Now it's trying to shovel with it's handicap. It's going to be hard to do. These problems have been going on for a long time. That train isn't going to be pulling out ahead very quickly. But I think it can. There is always the potential. Always new chances. With the global market that is more available and open now - more than ever before - the opportunity is is also greater. Not only could the economy get rolling, but now it has the potential to get up to speeds never imagined before. We can do it. But we can't do it if the liberals keep pulling this shit like they are now. These liberals are not what the U.S. needs right now. What would they do?  Increase taxes.  Make more expensive requirements on them. Put more restrictions on them based on suggestions from every damn special interest group that gives them a buck.  We have to feed Big Business. Bolster them and help them. Because if we want to get rolling again - they are the ones that make it happen. We will be watching our for these Democratic punks and see what they are going to be pulling next.  Fuqqing Government by Highest Bidder is enough to make me sick.  That's not how it's supposed to work.  I'd rather have Darth Vader in charge of the Government than these fat assed politicians.  Let's get the businesses rolling and the economy will be rolling at the same time.

Congratulations to the Dumbasses. Sunday they managed to light the mountains on fire. It's not unlikely that it was set by some jackass with fireworks. It not fireworks, then probably an unattended campfire, or a jerk flicking a cigarette butt. Maybe some kids...who know. I had been expecting this fire season to kick off on the 4th. Looks like it's going early this year. They should ban fireworks. Hell, they are always banning guns, but guns never do as much harm as fireworks do. People are too stupid to have fireworks. Gun people always study the gun issues...practice safety...they work at keeping things safe. Fireworks? Hell no. They just get drunk and start lighting them off. Never mind they are in the middle of a dry field. They're just having fun! Right. Whatever. I call bullshit to that. Utah is a freaking powder keg waiting to go off right now. But hey! let's not spoil your fuqqing fun! Jackasses...  Must be Soccer fans.

July 1st - Monday.  New Month, New Week.  And I get to spend it in VERNAL.  Lovely.  Be back tomorrow early afternoon.  As fast as I can.  I'm not thrilled with the idea of going out there.  Bad vibes for this trip.  But the wife wants to go, so it's either I go with her, or she goes alone with all the kids.  I like that idea even less.  So we are all rolling out.