April 16th to the 25th

April 25th - Dungeon Siege... Coolest roll playing game ever.  Man, it's addicting.  And without having to run to town every 20 minutes!  The more you play it, the more you get into it, the cooler it gets.  Strategy that works... Make your character a long ranged character.  You can cut even a big monster in half before he gets to you.  Combat Magic and Archery... work those skills to level them up as fast as you can.  Your team, make them archers as well.  Trust me.  Melee weapons are great, but why not kill the monsters before they get to you?  A couple mages throwing the Soul Lance spell can kill even the biggest baddies in short order.  Got to go, wife's got some stew ready... Yum!

Beef Stew.  Home Made.  Mrs. Ogre has finally learned how to make a good beef stew.  Good?  Nay... The most fabulous stew in the world!  I can't get enough of it.  It's like heroine.  As soon as your done, you want more.  If you want, she can email you the recipe. 

Packing the NAA Guardian.  This little .32NAA round will get some testing shortly.  Until then, I've been packing the Guardian to see how well it carries.  Wow.  Very nice.  More on this Sunday or Monday when I have a full report ready.

No updates Friday night, Saturday, and probably Sunday.  Too busy. 

Competitive Salary.  This is probably my least favorite phrase in the English language right now.  What the hell does "Competitive Salary" mean anyways?  Competitive for who? For the Share Holders?  I'm just wondering because every job I see that says it has a Competitive Salary, pays total shit.  Evidently Competitive means between 7 to 9 bucks an hour... Generally only 7 but if you have a MASTERS DEGREE they might pay you the nine.  Utah Valley and Utah as a whole is retarded when it comes to wages and expectations for the wages.  Seriously, I have seen a DOZEN jobs in the last couple months where the pay was 10 bucks or less and the requirements included a MASTERS DEGREE.  Not just a related degree, but a related MASTERS.  WTF?  Yeah, I'm going to college for 6 damn years racking up all those student loans, just so that I can make the same amount of scratch as the cat that's living in a box and working at BURGER KING.  Are you guys INSANE?  Anyone with a real Masters Degree in something other than "Underwater Basket Weaving" would not LOWER THEMSELVES to work for someone who thinks that little of such an accomplishment.  Anyways... Competitive Salary; FEH!

Utah has a real problem here that it must fix before Salt Lake becomes the Mecca that it wants to be.  You see, Utah is well positioned to be the next Silicon Valley.  There are a lot of SHARP people here in Utah, with a good base for getting more because of all the colleges and tech schools here in the area.  Utah also has a huge base for multi lingual people because of all the LDS Missionaries coming home from foreign speaking missions.  Properties in Utah can be had for a FRACTION of the cost of similar properties in other markets.  But why are there so many newly built, but totally vacant office parks and new modern office buildings around Utah?  I could throw a rock and hit cheap office spaces from my house.  Where are all the new high tech and moving companies?  They are going other places.  Why?  Because all those sharp people I've mentioned... they are going other places too.  Why?  Because Utah pays shit.  More like, companies in Utah with those Competitive Salaries are paying shit.    If your doing a job in Utah, any job... You would be making more if you were doing it in any other state other than Utah.  Sometimes, you would be making DOUBLE.  Oh, but that's okay... your still making a Competitive Salary.  Nice.  Please, do me no favors. This is why those choice people are leaving.  This is why companies are not flocking to Utah.  That and Utah has some seriously backwards laws and trends... but then again every place has it's quirks. 

Photographic proof of War Crimes in Israel.  Caution, these images are graphic. Look at the images and read the captions. Decide for your self about the War Crime issue.  Man, don't even get me started on the fuqqing Palestinians again.

Eating bread will make you die!  I knew it.  Honey, break out the STEAKS!  It's what's for dinner.  The study as reported, says basically that high carb foods such as bread and potatoes can give you cancer.   We know that.  Everything gives you cancer.  It can also make you fat.  And fat can kill you too.  What can you do?  Eat more Meat.  Protein is a better source of energy for people.  It's a slow burn energy source that will give you energy over a longer period of time.  Healthier for you.  I've been quite sick, but I've also been on a low carb, high protien diet and I've dropped 2 pants sizes.  Okay, diarrhea and vomiting for days at a time probably played a factor too, but still.  I feel a lot better.

LINUX - The film studio DREAMWORKS has just made the switch to Linux.  Other studios are following.  The latest DreamWorks film called "Spirit" was rendered in a full Linux environment.  How cool is that?  Working with Linux myself, I can tell you honestly, it's totally workable in a home environment.  It's totally workable in a small to medium business environment.  It's totally workable in a large business environment.  Not just with servers and networking... but on the desktops as well.  Linux is the future.  Get ready for it.  Will I switch back to Linux myself?  Yes.  Not right now... but I will.

More and more I hear from people that think my webpage rocks.  Again, I'm always surprised when people read this site.  I keep it up purely for my own amusement.  If other people like it, then that's cool.  I tend to inflame some people... namely Liberals.  The Canadians and French Canadians know that I'm just joshing them.  I'm not joking about you Liberals - you guys really and truly suck.

April 24th - Today I went down to North American Arms and picked up a Press Sample (meaning a loaner gun and ammo) of a Guardian chambered for the brand new .32NAA cartridge I've mentioned before.  This weekend I'll be up in Logan with some family business.  My brother in law up there has a nice digital camera... so we'll be using that to take some pics of the gun and rounds and some pics of the testing.   First impressions of the gun and the round:  The gun is exactly as you would think... a normal .380 Guardian with a tighter bore. The only thing really that sets it apart is the tag line etched into the slide that says ".32 NAA". This gun is just a pick out of a small selection... Not a ringer to try to impress anyone. You can tell that instantly by doing a dry fire.  This trigger will challenge all gun writers to come up with new metaphors to describe a horrible trigger. But the one that fits this one the best is "Dragging a Piano across a gravel road."  The sights are evidently made for Gnomes. More of a cartoonist impression of sights rather than actual gun sights. Just ignore them and you'll do fine at the ranges this gun is intended for.   Don't get me wrong... I like the Guardian.  It's a good design.  I think I'll buy one some time.  After I get a job that is.  Hell yeah.  It's a sweet little self defense package.  Drop it into your pocket and go.  Enough of the gun...  This is about the cartridge. .32NAA has some merit. Yeah, I tend to agree that velocity isn't as big of a factor, but in a mouse gun, it is. I was once hit by a .25 slug that bounced off the Frisbee that I was shooting at. Speed does make a difference at this level. The bottle necked cartridge is also a boon as pretty much all mouse guns have a rep for failing to feed at some point or another. The extra energy and the shape will allow it to be more reliable than either the .32ACP or the .380. I wouldn’t call it innovation, I'll save that for when they start cloning Jessica Alba and sell the copies at 7-11. But it is a logical next step for guns of this class. 

I had an idea for NAA that I emailed Sandy about... a Guardian chambered for 9X18MM.  (9MM Makarov to a lot of shooters.)  The Mak round is a danged good round.  It's just a tad longer than the .380 round, but a lot more powerful.  It wouldn't take much to chamber a Guardian for it.  But the result would be a Mouse Gun that I would buy two of.  Seriously.  One for me, and one for Mrs. Ogre.  9x18 is found good and plenty at any gun show.  You can buy a case of it cheaper than 4 boxes of .380.  Seriously... I saw a case of it priced so low I could have picked it up with the Makarov to go with it for the price of some cases of other handgun rounds.  The Guardian is a good little pistol.  A refinement of the famous Seecamp pistol.  The only problem with it is that it's a little freaking mouse gun.  Follow my suggestion and NAA would be making one hell of a mouse gun.  A fucking Saber Tooth Mouse gun.    (of course if you want a serious powerhouse in a small package, get the Taurus 650 CIA.  It's a 5 shot .357 Magnum.  And it's SWEET!)  Anyways... more on the Guardian after I shoot it.   I got an email from Sandy, "Interesting idea.  Thanks for sharing it."  Whoa... wait a second, Sandy.  You build it, I get one for free okay?  Make mine black.  Oh, and with Ashley AO sights.  Thanks.  Oh, and with the scalloped sides.  Throw in that nice De Santi holster.  The leather one.  There you go.

The Suzuki Samurai has been rolled up under my car port now for some finishing work.  In order to do this, I had to move the Wagoneer.  In order  to move the Wag, I had to jack it up, remove the tires, inflate the flats and remount the tires.  Then I could push The Beast out into the driveway and then push the Sammy into position.  Pain in the ass.  My good neighbor Brent helped out a lot.  In fact, he did most of the actual pushing. (Hey, I'm still weakened from my damn liver - more on that later)  The Sammy (insert evil laughter here) will be getting a special treatment.  I'll be coating the whole thing in Rhino Liner.  Oh Yeah.  There are several 4X4 vehicle around town with the full Rhino treatment... and it is BAD ASS.  So Spectre may be getting a Sammy, but it will be the most bitchin Sammy around.  The dude is Eleven Bravo now, can't be having him drive a sissy car.  I've had a couple people who have driven by see it and stop and give me an offer for it... One was for 5,000.  The cat wanted to make payments so I said no... I'll let Spectre sell it if he wants... it's his ride. If I could dedicate 100% of my time to work on it, it could be completed in less than a week.  Next week it's jumping up high on the Priority list for the daily tasks.  It'll be done pretty soon.  I hope.

Shin Tao sent a CHB update.  I posted it.  Shin has a take on the military MOUT situation.  He makes some points.  Give it a read.

April 23rd - To help ease the pain of yesterdays bitter disappointment, I picked up some software called "Dungeon Siege".  Oh my hell... FINALLY!  A roll playing game that I can really sink my teeth into.  It's what Diablo II should have been like.  The game play is simple and Diablo-like.  With some good improvements.  Such as you character will fight back by himself if attacked, and better yet, if armed with a ranged weapon, he or she will engage if a beastie comes within range.  There are no "Classes" which is an improvement since your not limited in that way.  Your totally free to develop your character however you like.  You pick your character's sex, coloring and outfit to start... everything else develops depending upon your style of play.  I like the magic system used as well as the inventory system.  The party control is also cool as it allows you to issue the team's General Orders.  The game seems rather railed and follows a set storyline... kinda like Diablo, but without the random map generation that allows Diablo to be just somewhat more replayable.  But since I just beat Diablo once, that was enough for me anyways... no thank you on the second go around.  BTW, the Necromancer just freaking rocks.  D/S doesn't have a character with that much mojo, but it's still very cool.  This game has just become my current favorite.  While not scary, or realistic like Aliens vs Predator II, Undying, or Ghost Recon or Rogue Spear... (4 of my all time favorite games) this game has quickly become a Classic in my book.  Just a suggestion to those of you who dabble in games like I do... GO GET THIS GAME.  You'll love it.  Buy it from Babbages too.  If you don't like it, you can trade it in for new Medal of Honor. (if someone could hook me up with a cracked version of that one... thanks.) 

Funny, Last couple of days, I've been bumping into people that I used to work with.  What is interesting is that they were all pleased to see me and I detected no hesitation or reluctance to greet me.  No animosity due to my Sudden Reputation Syndrome that I had because Convergys did everything they could to make me look like a villain.  Guess it didn't work.  "Hey CONvergys!"   One thing was sad, I just found out... they canned the lady that worked as a security guard while I was there.  On older lady that was just a sweet as good be.  Why did they can her?  Because she liked me and my team.  We showed her respect and in return, she did the same to us.  Convergys just can't have that going on...   Anyways, I'm just glad people are not holding me any grudges based on the BS that Convergys pulled after they fired me, and tried to take down everyone that was associated with me in any way.  Funny how so shortly after that happened, the Account Manager and one of the Ops Managers are no longer there.  Crazy huh?  Go Figure.  To be honest, neither one of them should have been there in the first place.  But that is another story.  And a story I no longer care about.  But I did and still do, care about those that worked with me... my Team.  Hope you all are doing well, and best of luck in your future endeavors. 

Wanna laugh?  Check this out.  That "What is wrong with this picture?" thing... Guy puts a hidden cam on his buddy and shows him that picture.  Funny.  I laughed hard.  Needed a good laugh.

April 22nd - I just went to Gunnies on State street in Orem to get some FFL information for shipping an automatic rifle into Utah. After doing that business I glanced around the gun counter and spotted something very wrong.  A Grendel automatic with a set of adjustible target sights on it... Now that alone has a number of things wrong with it, but that's not the issue.  The issue is that these sights were actually mounted on the SIDE.  Someone took Birdman's Home Boy Night Sights idea WAAAYYY too seriously.  Gunnies is a pretty good shop with just one problem; the people that work at the gun counter full time and the guy that runs it is a total fucking jackass.  The upside is that they have a dang good selection and dang good prices.  What can a guy do?

Got my new DL license from the DMV finally.  See, 3 weeks ago I went in to get it renewed and they just give me a sheet of paper with "TEMPORARY LICENSE written on it.  Neat.  Now when I finally get the actual card in the mail... it looks like an amusement parks VIP pass.  Supposedly it makes it hard to counterfeit.  And I guess that's cool.  But the new card:  A.  Looks stupid. and B. my damn picture makes me look like a drink blood from dusk to dawn.  I mean it... I look evil.  Love it.  I need a scan of this one for MadOgre.com!   

Well, I just found out the hard way that I didn't get this position with Larson Davis that I interviewed for.  I went down there to hand the person my application (after the interview I was given an application to fill out and return should I be called back for a second interview).  Found out that she has already flown back to New York and position has already been filled.  OUCH.  To say that I am disappointed is an understatement... but I'm not angry or anything like that.  I do feel like I had a rug pulled out from under me.  Then again, I suspected that I wouldn't get it when I didn't get a call back Thursday.  In this case I didn't even make the cut for a second interview... which is what really sucked.  And I felt SO GOOD after that interview.  FUCK! 

Mailed off my set of Gunsite logo grips...  Check this out... Sunday I sell this set of grips on TFL, guys shoots me the payment via PayPal.  Bang.  Done Deal.  Same time, I do the same for a knife.  Bang.  Done Deal. At the same price... so I'm not out any cash.  Well, accept for the 15 bucks for the new Hogue grips that are now on my Springfield.  Kinda cool.  PayPal rocks.  Oh, it gets even cooler... I have an upgraded PayPal account, with a PayPal MasterCard.  So that if I get any fund in via PayPal, its instantly available via the card for whatever I need.  99% of it is going into Spectre's Samurai, but still... It's pretty freaking cool. The knife is a Ken Onion designed Vapor II.  This will make a good replacement for the M2 bladed Mini AFCK that I'm sending off to Spectre since he lost his folder.  This knife is well used, but sharper than hell and is in good shape.  Some mars in the blades black coating, but that's it.  M2 is a high speed tool steel... Super tough.  One of the strongest blade steels you can get.  Perfect for an Infantry Grunt like Spectre.  The Vapor II isnt nearly as tough... AUS 8 blade steel.  I don't like the AUS family of steels very much as they are soft as puddy compared to M2, or CM440, or Spyderco's G-10.  Resharpening is a constant.  Still, It's a Ken Onion design and will go nicely with my BOA.  So, at least I have SOMETHING to be happy about today.  I guess.

Here is another downer... I missed the Smack Off last Friday.  The Jim Rome Show has an annual "smack off" when selected "Clones" call in and talk smack about everything... funny as hell.  I have to hear it once to appreciate just what it is and why I was looking forward to it and why I'm disappointed that I missed it.   Damn. 

My wife just hates that Secretaries Day card... so I killed the link to it.  Sorry.

April 21st - The Food Network has what is probably the most EPIC Samurai Battles on TV.  The show is called IRON CHEF, and if you have not seen it... and you probably haven't... You MUST watch it.  The show is amazing... The only word for it is "Epic".  The music scores and the drama and the rising platforms... all for a cooking show.  You can't just hop into it in the middle.  You have got to see it from the start.  I don't watch cooking shows... but the other day one of my boys was flipping channels and left it on the Food channel.  And then it came on.  It's a moment in life... a point where everything changes.  There are now two parts of my existence.  Before Iron Chef... and After.  I'll never be the same again.  This is no mere cooking show.  Also, let me just say this... the Japanese are totally nuts.

The Democrats need to fight back?  "the Republican attack machine"  What the hell?  What planet is this?  The Democrats are always the ones on the attack... always the ones starting crap. Using all the old and obvious ploys... And as soon as the Republicans even say one word - the DemocRats throw out the "Oh stop using rhetoric" card.  Right.  Democrats suck balls. Al Gore was a sore loser... Warren Christopher, the Democrap spokesmen during the event was as always a squinted eyed, evil little rodent that I wouldn't trust even if he was held at bay by a team of Jurassic Park animal handlers armed with 8 foot 12 gauge bang sticks. You can look in his eyes and see he sold his soul too many years ago. Quick - someone land a damn Boeing on his house.  Don't get me started about that jackhole Daschle. Talk about the Enemy Of The State. That Jizwad is the biggest threat to personal freedom since Castro took power in Cuba. Tom and Warren should be the next Reality Show on Fox... Lock them in a sealed cage with about 5 thousand "Butt Flies" and time lapse the event until those two rot away to dust. The only people that list to those guys are the same people that suck up political commentary movies direct by "Meathead"... the same type that always listen to the Barbra Streisand Christmas Album every year at the first sign of snow. Screw Barbara... Screw Meathead... and screw all the other slimy Democrats!

I'm getting tired of a popular pro gun phrase... "Self Defense"  as in, "This gun is for Self Defense."  How selfish is that?  I carry gun not just to defend myself... but to defend everyone around me as well.  I have guns to protect all those that I love.  Those that are in my area.  Those that I don't even know.  If I was to come home and see the fellow next door getting attacked my some one - I'm not going to be like "Well, sorry.  I can't help you.  That's not Self Defense."  All those that I know that carry a gun for defense wouldn't put such limitations upon themselves either.  Try to just say "Defense" plain and simple.  Because that's what it is.  Those that carry a gun on the job such as Police Officers, are sworn to protect and serve.  Just like the Samurai who's name even means "to serve".  These modern Samurai serve the public under the direction of the master - the Department.  Those of us in the public that are not sworn to serve a department have also sworn an oath of sorts. Not to let ourselves or our loved ones be victims... To protect those that need protection when and where such need arises.  We may be Ronin... but we shall still serve.

Watch this video clip.. "let the bodies hit the floor".  Turn your speakers up, push your chair away, and get ready to Mosh. 

April 20th - The Gun Show was fantastic... Found the grips I needed for only 15 bucks.  Correia, Jay and I also found a LOT of cool toys.  We also found Pvt Pyle in uniform and On Duty there.  Glad to see that he was able to slip away from recruiting efforts to wander the show.  This one was the BEST I have ever been to here in Utah, and in Virginia put together.  There was TONS of guns there.  Lots of rare guns that you normally don't ever see anymore.  Such as the Mossberg bullpup and the Bushmaster ARM pistol.  About the Mossberg Bullpup:  It's a total POS but the price on them keep going up. It's crazy.  This one was like 800 bucks.  The gun industry is the only one I know where a piece of shit can actually go up in value.  We also saw the most incredible miniatures EVER.  The going price was over 15,000 dollars for these things but upon close inspection you realize that every dollar is justified... Miniature working Gatling Guns built to scale.  The ammo was real, live, .45-70 Government, at a reduced scale.  The shells were smaller than a .17 in diameter and smaller than a .22LR in overall size... these were real center fire cartridges.  The Gatling really fired these rounds at about 350 rounds per minute.  Now, these things were totally amazing, there were about 5 different models to choose from.  All hand made.  To go along with them were examples of the different rounds they fired... and the full scale versions as well.  There were also miniature lathes, drill presses, engines, and needless to say - they all worked.  Very cool.  First time ever, I considered a BB gun to be worth 350 bucks... an Air Soft from Japan in the form of an FN P-90.  EXACTLY like a P-90.  There was also a Steyr AUG there that was EXACT too.  Put the Air Soft together, side by side with a real AUG - you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.  Very cool.  Now, I also considered buying a couple swords too.  Replicas from Lord of the Rings.  The Nazgul's sword is called "Sword of the Witch King" and it's totally badass evil.  I want it.  It's just "Me" what can I say?  A little Colt Pocket Nine was discovered.  For some reason I love the Pocket Nine.  I don't know why.  One day... after I get a nice job with a "Non-Utah" salary... I shall have to get one.  This thing was about 300 bucks more than what you used to be able to buy them for.  Oh Well. It was a great show.  I had a great time.  I'm glad I went.  I was thinking about calling it off since I was up ALL night sick due to my liver acting up.   So much fun... walking around the show talking smack about guns, people, the French, Canada, French Canadians, Idaho, Mall Ninjas, and everything else.  3 bucks for a danged Dr. Pepper... That's criminal.  Next time, I'm bringing my own.  After the show we went to eat some Chinese... chowed on Sushi and pot stickers and everything else... good chow.  I barfed it all up shortly there after, but at least it tasted good going down.  Now that I'm home, it's 8PM, and I'm just dogged tired.  Going to bed... G'Night everbody!

April 19th - I'm going to the Gun Show tomorrow.  I'll be there at 10:00AM in case any of my homies want to go hang out.  I'll be bringing my old set of wood Gunsite grips to look for a trade for a set of regular old rubber Hogue finger groove grips.  Maybe looking at trading a knife too.  I don't know yet.  I'll be looking for my old bud Steve K out there.  I think Steve T is still out in Cali, but I'm not sure. 

Something cool has turned up.  I'm now wearing jeans in size 36 again.  I haven't worn 36's for like 9 years or something like that.  I've been wearing 38s and 40s depending on the cut of the pant.  I've probably lost another 5 pounds in the last two weeks.  At least it feels like it.  Not sure.  Anyways... Some of my old clothes are fitting again.  The problem is that they are "Old" and quite dated.  All my 38 jeans are looking like some bad MC Hammer pants... talk about baggy!

Worst Website Ever:  Ultimate Ninja something or other.  You have to just read it... my words fail me.

As if that wasn't bad enough... Look at this:  The W Girls. Horrible.

Yesterday the new issue of SWAT MAGAZINE arrived.  I've been looking forward to it, and arrived at the right moment.  Great gun rag. Perhaps the best there is.  American Handgunner is total crap along with all the others.  They are nothing but commercials.  The only rag other than SWAT that I like is Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.  It's pretty good, but doesn't have the same caliber of staffers as SWAT has.  Anyways, one of my new favorite handguns gets a plug in this issue.  The Taurus 650 CIA, a small 5 shot .357Mag made out of real honest to God steel and not some TitanScamdiumAlumi Alloy.  Just a real gun.  Load that little mug up with 5 rounds of some full house Magnum loads and your set.  It's a shrouded hammer type revolver that let's you just drop it into a pocket and go.  A perfect little CCW gun.  If you prefer auto pistols for CCW this issue has an article about something that is pure lust inspiring to a guy like me... FN's Hi Power is one of THE Classic Handguns of all time.  Well, FN has updated the design.  Not only that, they've done something they should have done way back when... Offered a Compact version.  FN is now offering a compact, double-action, Hi Power.  I WANT ONE.  :-)  

Have not heard yet from my last job interview... but I have another one today.  Gotta run.  Boy, that interview was pretty much a waste of time.  Working in a car dealership might not be that bad... but a Chevy dealership?  No thanks.  I'll hold my breath and wait for death first.  Actually it's not that bad... This was at the Jerry Seiner dealership just off the freeway in SLC.  The GM Guy.  He actually has a very cool dealership.  Inside he has the GM Cafe, which actually qualifies as a GM Museum.  If your a GM Car Nut, it's a must see.  Order up a trio of Sliders and browse the collection there.  It's worth the stop.  There is a cherry, cherry red '57 in there with the hood up.  Talk about sweet.  All original save for the fuzzy dice.  I really wouldn't mind working there but as a Customer Satisfaction Manager?  I don't think so.  Guy walks in pissed and I just say "Should have got a Jeep."  Don't think I'd last too long.  And what's up with them wanting my 10 year work history?  Of all the places I've applied to... no one wants a 10 year history.  Who needs all that info?  It isn't a Government job, It's just a local dealership for crying out loud. 

April 18th - The last couple of days I've been getting a lot of Spam from one person by the name of Christine Hall, Sales and Marketing, E-mail: christine@trafficmagnet.net.  Her site: http://www.trafficmagnet.net/  She is seriously annoying.  Her spam contains a script that puts a little window with a live shot of your webpage within the email body.  Why do I need my own fucking website emailed to me?  I've just received my 3rd email from her.  Two for MadOgre.com and one for OnsiteConsultants.com.  The bandwidth that her emails suck up with her cute little scripts is probably one of the more annoying forms of spam I have ever seen.  I have a great personal dislike for this TrafficMagnet.net operation.  If your looking for something to throw a hack attack onto... There is your target.  Hit it!

CNN just reported that FOX is ending the Alley McBeal show.  You know, that show with that little elf chick that pretends to be a smart lawyer type if she could articulate her words past her oversized lips...  Yeah, that one.  Say good bye!

Here is something both good and bad... The good is that there is a bill trying to get pushed through the congress that will allow for drilling in Alaska.  That's very cool.  That's very much needed.  But the bill also has this little rider... more aid to Israel.  The democrats hate the idea of drilling Alaska, as does a lot of other liberal jackholes.  What I hate is the fact that you can never buy just one thing with a bill before congress.  If you want Item A, you have to buy Item B as well.  We give more than enough to Israel already.  All we want is to freaking DRILL SOME DAMN OIL and not solve all the worlds problems!  Whoever wrote that bill... needs a good pimp-slap.  What if you go to a music store and you want to buy the latest Dave Mathews Band CD... you pick the CD, get to the register and your getting ready to cash out.  But the clerk all the sudden throws in a Dolly Parton cassette tape, then a Megadeth CD, and then a Baha Men CD.  And that 15 bucks just turned into 60 bucks plus tax.  Neat.  You try to argue it, but Sorry.  That's the policy... If you want that CD, you have to get these others as well.  All or nothing.  Yes or no.  Take it or leave it.   That type of lawmaking is just asinine. 

BBC just reported that a plane has flown into a skyscraper in Milan, Italy.  Smaller commuter plane this time.  I doubt this was an act of terrorism.  Just very poor piloting.  If you were going to fly a small plane into a 30 story building, wouldn't you want that building to be something more important?  Why not the Leaning Tower or something more known?  Remind me not to take a charter flight in Italy. 

April 17th -  Attack Cartoons remain the best of the internet.  The production is slow... but each one is masterful. You've got to love them.  Check the link to them in my links section.  Also take a look at the other links in there.

Suicide Bombings are not Terrorism!  According to officials in Saudi Arabia, these acts are sacrificing souls for freedom.  He then goes and blames everything on the US.   Actually, I am one to thing that all these problems are due to the fact that they are all total moronic jackasses and have a very good and thick stripe of EVIL in them.  But that's just me.  Sorry, I've been trying not to comment on the middle east but this just hit a nerve.  This is the same bullshit that has the terrorists on the 4 planes on September 11th are martyrs and heroes.  I'm sick of Saudi Arabia's bull shit.  Those guys are not friends or allies.  They hate us with a passion.  They are more like our Crack Dealers.  We HAVE to deal with them because thanks to all the Liberal assholes here in the US for blocking all real efforts to tap our own oil resources, we are totally dependant on middle eastern oil.  Think about it, it's not an economic thing.  You think it's really cheaper to fill tankers with oil and sail them around the planet than to run a damn pipe from our own pumps?   WE HAVE GOT TO DRILL ALASKA!  The reason US oil is expensive right now is that since we can't toss out oil wells over the good resources we have to deal with getting oil from sand, forcing air or water down into the ground to force air up and out of the sand... not the most efficient method.  There are oceans of oil just waiting to be pumped if we could just tap into it.  Why can't we?  Liberals.  Thank you very much... my brothers may have to go over there one day because thanks to you, we have no choice.  But you don't care do you?  You would rather scare the ignorant in the inner city areas to vote for you holding out Welfare as a carrot.  I don't know who is worse.  One thing is for sure... these suicide murder bombings ARE terrorism and anyone that supports them are terrorists.

Chess club geeks all over the US are celebrating this story.  The newest chess champion is a hot babe.  This isn't surprising at all.  Most of the women I know are very skilled at plotting, scheming, and are generally in charge of the entire world.  My wife is just pissed that she doesn't have full control of me... but she makes up for it.  Her plans and secret combinations make Dr. Evil green with envy.

 Well, I admit it... I may have been wrong.  The Scorpion King just might be a cool show after all.  Not sure exactly how or why... There is still a better chance that it makes Kull The Conqueror look good.  This flick is going to be all swords and sorcerers and stuff that the fantasy crowd gets off on, but some such movies have been a hit.  Conan the Barbarian for all its faults remains a classic of the genre.  Goes to show you that the bar is indeed set rather low.  Still there is a hint of promise. 

If your in the Middle East and your not FROM the middle east... you might want to GET OUT.  Now.  Here is why.  You now have a bounty on your head.  And for people who make even less than I do being unemployed even... that is a hell of a lot of scratch.  I suggest digging out a few Uzi's, packing up your carry on luggage, and get the hell out of dodge.

I've been in communication with the President of North American Arms... I've been getting some more info on their new cartridge.  This Friday I'll be picking up an NAA Guardian chambered in the new .32 NAA cartridge.  If your in Utah and you want to take a look at this new pistol/cartridge combo, I'll be going to Rangemasters in Springville to test it.  Not sure what time that would be, probably after lunch time.  You can come check it out if you like.  The numbers are showing that this is an impressive pocket pistol.  Something to carry, when your not carrying. 

April 16th - Interview today with a very solid company... I hope I get this one.  This is THE JOB that I have been waiting for since March. I'm interviewing with this cat that has flown out from the East Coast.  Let's hope she hasn't made the trip for nothing. 

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Interview Follow Up - This was the most SOLID interview that I have ever had.  It went great.  Better than anticipated or even thought possible.  I was dishing out my answers and opinions on the fly and totally honestly... and they were being very well received.  I think if the hiring process ended with just one interview - I'd already have it.  There is however another interview and call backs will be made Thursday or Friday. Another waiting period is before me.  I hate that.  I hate waiting and not knowing what is going on or how I rated.  Interviews should be concluded with a score.  1 to 10.   Give the guy that's been sweating for the last hour a bone.    Just my take on that.  I did that often during times when I was giving the interviews.  Over the last 7 years I've probably interviewed as many as 100 people and hired about 40 of them.  28 just at my last job alone. Anyways, back to the task... I'm as pleased as I can be about this interview and feel very positive about it.  Thanks to all those that have given me the support and the prayers and the boosts to my karma.  There was a boost I could feel... the love was there... the karma was there...  Thanks.  Even if I don't get this position - It felt great having such a good interview.  I was sweating when I sat down on the other side of the desk, but once the questions and answers started... I was relaxed and feeling good.  I think I'll get this one.   For those wondering, I wore my BLACK outfit to the interview.  That is a black suite coat, black, grey and gold tie, black slacks with some blue fleck, and a dark grey shirt.  The looks is solid and professional... and according to my wife and others, even sexy.  I don't know about that.... but I feel good in that get up.   I'm more of a T-shirt and jeans guy though.  My favorite is an old pair of jeans and my blue TFL t-shirt, but that's neither here nor there.

Read a good quote today - Had me laughing.  "When did ignorance become a point of view?!" - Dilbert

High Technology.  I may have said this before on MadOgre.com, but then again I may not have.  I grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica... and all the other series that showed what was assumed to be High Tech Stuff.  All this stuff had one thing in common.  Tons of blinking, colored lights.  The more bitchin the system, the more lights it had and the faster they blinked.   Well, the only things that blink on my system here is the HDD LED, and the few LED's on this Cisco router.  This is not nearly enough blinking colored lights.  No wonder I have never been satisfied with this system's performance!  Heck, some devices on those shows were so high tech - all the are where blinking lights.  Al's handheld PDA on Quantum Leap?  Just some blinking lights... but if you smacked it - it would work faster.  I like that.  I want some blinking lights that I can physically abuse to achieve peak performance... or maybe a smack will give me a temporary overclocking effect.  Yeah... that's where it's at.  How come with all these new PDA's on the market, not one of them is as cool as "Ziggy"?  Not one of them has ANY blinking lights!  They all suck.

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