MAY 1st to May 11th.

May 11th - Saturday.  Still playing with the color scheme. The white is good for easy reading, but damn... I hate it.  Not me.  Too many people have told me that the green on black was too hard to read.  So how about RED on Black?  Let me know what you think Unless you crack smokers give me some solid feedback that I can live with, I'm going back to my GREEN on Black.  Right now, most everyone is saying that this new look is much easier to read, while they at the same time miss the atmosphere that I had with the green on black.  It's one or the other people.

Spiderman.  I took my 3 older boys to go see it today.  It rocked.  Very well done movie.  I loved it as much as they did.  Especially since Spiderman was my favorite super hero growing up.  Not that I liked super heroes all that much... Never was a guy for comic books, but Spiderman was the coolest in my opinion.  My boys loved it.  When we got back home one of them exclaimed that "It was AWESOME!" and another cried "It Freaked Me Out!"  The Green Goblin was a kick butt villain and I think William Defoe really brought him to life.  A little too well - he was quite scary for my little boys... but they handled it.

Anyways, the coolest thing about this flick, was the trailer for xXx.  Triple X, whatever you call it.  It looks kickass.  Vin Diesel is playing an action hero spy guy.  That's one I'm looking forward to.  Undoubtedly cheesy, but so is every James Bond flick.  You can still be cool and cheesy.  Just take a look at Big Trouble in Little China.  Another cool looking flick is Sum of All Fears.  I take offense and the casting, but at least they didn't use a Baldwin brother.

Email from reader:Some military secrets are only for elite troops... and gung-ho gamers. What's the surest sign that your military combat game is a hit?  When the Army wants to use it to train U.S. soldiers.  Thanks to a deal between military contractor LB&B Associates and game developer Red Storm Entertainment, some of our troops have been learning tactics from a computer simulation powered by the Tom Clancy-inspired shooter Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.  "The Army would have to spend 10 times as much to create a comparable system," claims chief game designer Brian Upton.  Plus, Red Storm's access to battlefield hardware goes straight into current titles like Ghost Recon, which lets players try out a communications system the military is still developing.  Of course, the Army's version of the game has been modified to generate scenarios soldiers might actually face.  "If they were using it straight out of the box," says Upton, "I'd be really, really scared. - Scott Smith”  Wow.  I remember there was an almost 6 month stretch at my last job where we played Rogue Spear dang near every night.  No wonder my team was so good.  They were ELITE!  That was some fun stuff.  I can see that a training tool.  If for example you are on a Rapid Response team tasked with responding to certain areas, using Rogue Spear as a tool is a good idea.  You can create game maps based off your building or area's floor map.  You can use that to train movement and actions in those areas virtually, without disturbing any workers.  This is important, because this way you get to learn the little tricks and nooks that could otherwise get you killed.  You learn where the best entry points are and the best routes.  Once you have that down in the game, doing it for real will be a lot easier and cheaper.  Not only could this save a lot of training dollars, but it could save livesI LOVE the idea.

New item for the Political Section. A declaration of civil disobedience.

You have got to read this.  An Editorial about the V-22 Osprey that HITS the NAIL ON THE HEAD!  The Osprey is one of my favorite aircraft designs ever... but I still admit that the thing is a huge failure.  It's the new Sgt York.  A good idea that just flat out didn't work.  Looking at the Osprey and thinking realistically what could be done to fix it, I can think of only one thing.  Ducted Fans. This could solve the stability problems that it is having due to the large slow moving (relatively) props. Using a ducted fan your protecting the blades from turbulent vortices, and better directing the thrust making it more efficient.  Greater potential power too.  Of course with a ducted fan set up, those fans don't need to be nearly so large.  Read the editorial there and you will be as angry as I am.  No door gunners?  No aggressive maneuvering?  The only use I can see for the Osprey is for the Navy and dipping sonar.  That's it.  That and for transporting democrats.   

You may have noticed there is something different about  If you have a better suggestion, go ahead and let me hear it.  Whatever suggestion you may give me - make it something you can do with FrontPage, and I'll consider it.  This is it for now, gotta go. Older pages will keep the older format.  New pages and section heads will have this new format, which is really the old original format.

I added some new and very cool items to the MadOgre Store.  Check them out.

May 10th - Friday.  Working on the Sammy again... The last 10% I thought I had to do has turned into more.  Here is the deal.  There was some plastic skirting along the side panels.  These are held on my a steel bracket that runs the length of the car.  The problem is that this bracket trapped and held water.  This caused a lot of rust.  So I decided I will remove it.  And I did that this morning.  All of it.  Both sides.  Here is what I found underneath it.  More rust.  Lots of rust.  Rust that has eaten it to the point that it's as thin as tissue paper and flaky like a croissant.  SHIT - DAMN - HELL.  Solution... cut out the rusted areas, treat the metal, then weld on a new panel... welded all around so moisture isn't going to be able to get in there.  After than is all done... then I can rewash the rig and then once dry, roll the liner.  I have to have everything done right before I start rolling because I want to finish the liner all at once.   After that is done, then it's seats, windshield, strongbox, a couple minor details, 4 wheel alignment, and then getting it out to Spectre.  This could mean a trip to Seattle for me.  Maybe.  Drive it up to Ft Lewis for him.  That would be cool.  I'd love to see Seattle again.   Well, I'm done for today with it.  We have a storm rolling in and I'm not going to be MIG welding in the wind and rain.  That and my hands are numb from that power grinder I was using.

Email from reader: “Ogre, Just wanted to say I really like your site, it's a breath of fresh air for those of us with similar beliefs and values.  Those of us that don't view inanimate objects (i.e. guns) as evil and harmful.  I truly feel sorry for those that feel the need to trash and try to legislate out the things that many of us loyal Americans know are their Constitutionally granted and guaranteed rights.  I appreciate your perspective and thoughts on some of the topics that affect us all, but most don't have the nuts to speak up for.  So keep up the good work!  Love your thoughts on the Chevy Avalanche—that has got to be the butt-ugliest thing on 4 wheels that I’ve ever seen!  Gay doesn’t do it justice!  Enough ranting anyhow. One little thought on your site--from a web design standpoint the majority of what you have works very well.  My only complaint has to do with the color scheme.  The green text on black is difficult to read.  Might I suggest something that is easier to read such as dark blue on white or off-white background, with red highlights.  Just a thought.  Take care.  SMS”  Thanks Steve. I've been thinking of changing the scheme here anyways... Going with a Drudge Report kinda look.  Not sure yet how I should make it look, but that is the best idea I have so far.

May 9th - Thursday. Well, I worked on the Sammy all day long a got it 90% ready to for the Herculiner.  A few cuts and a burn and a lot of cussing... I'm calling it a day on that project!  I'll hit it again in the morning.   I'm looking at soaking in a tub and reading a good book tonight.  After dinner. 

I've had a lot of suggestions for a site map kinda deal.  So I did one.  I don't see the value of it really.  But there it is.

May 8th - Wednesday.  Just picked up a large quantity of "Herculiner".  This is the product that will be covering the Samurai "Jack".  Inside and out.  Before I can start coating, there is still some additional work to be done... As I have to rip everything... EVERYTHING out of the whole rig.  Once its all out, there is some welding to do... Welding in the roll bars and welding the hood hinges and such for max strength... and then its time to roll the coating.  I'm going with 2 or 3 on the outside and then 3 or 4 on the inside.  This is going to be the fun part.  After all the pain in the ass work - its time to get down to the fun stuff... The reason I wanted to do this in the first place.  If there is any Herculiner left over... I might hit the Cherokee with it along the lower side panels.  Depending on how much I have left.  This is expensive stuff, but I made sure I got enough to do the job right.  Jack has been rolled into position and is ready for treatment.  This thing is going to be the automotive equivalent of a damn Glock!   

Email from TFL member: "George: Thanks for the info - it sounds like I should have paid for some of the shipping already (since they stuck you with it), so I'll just send it to them and consider it as part of the cost of the jacket.  Let me add my thanks for all of your efforts in arranging this order. It doesn't sound as if it has been financially rewarding for you, but it has really been refreshing to see the diligent, ethical way in which you have handled the transaction. You are obviously a person of character, and you've set a fine example for the members of TFL. - Ernie"  Thanks Ernie.

Vanity Fair magazine has just dubbed Chelsea Clinton a sex symbol. A sex symbol?  For what?  Abstinence? She may be rich and famous... but she still looks like a wildebeest's backside. *shudder*  [insert vomit sound effects here]

Is it just me, or is this a glorious time to be a gun owner?  I awoke with my normal amount of dread for a new day and all the horrors that it brings.  But when I read today’s headlines, I was cheered:
  Gun rights are for citizens, not just militias, Justice Department argues
U.S. switches sides in gun-rights debate
Bush Backs Individual's Right to Guns
U.S. Argues For Wider Gun Rights
Individual gun rights get administration's support
Justice Dept. Reverses Policy on Meaning of Second Amendment
WOW.  I’m blown away by this stuff!  Notice however that all these stories are coming off of various sources from back pages.  Too bad these are not the front line headlines!  I bet Sarah Brady is just grinding her teeth right now.  This is the best environment for the American Gun Owner in 40 years!  Can it get any better?  All the gun makers are kicking out new and interesting guns and new cartridges… we have more options now than ever before.  So we are even better off than in the 1920’s!  Sure there are still many asinine laws on the books and the ATF is just as annoying as ever… but that may change.  Maybe they will go back to thumping on Alcohol, the real American social problem.  The American attitude is swing back in the right direction.  Sure there are still the ignorant masses of sheep that fear guns and in their stupidity are rabidly against anything lobs a projectile... from BB guns, to slingshots, to staws and spi-wads.  These people are so pathetic as to be outright funny.  Yesterday, Mrs. Ogre was in a school Staph meeting and the subject of a school water fight activity came up.  Squirtguns according to one "Educator" should not be allowed.  Buckets of water and sponges to throw should be fun enough.  (WTF? WET SPONGES?) She then put herself up on a high horse with a nose in the air attitude that "she can not tolerate guns and her children have never been allowed to play with guns."  She was voted down by a landslide.  THANK GOD FOR PRIVATE SCHOOLS!  Clear thinking prevailed.  Next time your confronted with a Liberal or other flavor of Anti-Gun moron - just point and laugh.  It's our time now!

May 7th, Tuesday.  I was going to be doing some work outside today... did some... but then we have this weird wind storm that has blown in.  Some seriously strong gusts.  One almost blew me off my feet.  Next door lost a bunch of shingles off the roof.  Scary.  Anyways... Weather is crazy down here in Orem.  Time to kick back with a good book.  But which one?  "Left Behind" or "Otherland"? 

I've added a several new links to the link section.  Might want to do some surfing there.

Emails from Shin Tao regarding the .32NAA Guardian: "So why are higher-velocity bottle-necked cartridges good now, when before, sheer caliber and slug weight were the most important things to consider? Hmmm..." LOL, that is a good question.  It deserves a good answer. The gun is a mouse gun.  All mouse guns suffer from poor performance and reliability.  This new caliber changes things… It gives the mouse gun decent performance for its extremely small size, and due to the cartridges shape it lends its self to Very Good reliability.  Again, this a gun for when your NOT packing your gun.  It fills a niche.  That’s it. This caliber isn’t a change of opinion or thinking… I’ve not sold out either.  I’d much rather have a .45 with me… or even a small 9MM.  But sometimes those are just too big to conceal.

COOL NEWS!  I've two brothers who are twins.  They have been accepted to SVC, and will be cross enrolled to VMI!  How cool is that?  CONGRATS BROS!  I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!!

This came via email: "This may be of interest to many of you: It lists officers killed in the line of duty for several years, by year and then by cause of death. To anyone in law enforcement, and probably to anyone who trains seriously with a firearm, it could provide some insite into how these things happen. It can be useful to learn from the mistakes of others and may, in some measure, give meaning to their death. - Mike Waidelich"  Thanks Mike. 

Another thought on John Farnam.  He is teaching a Defensive Rifle and Shotgun course June 28th and 29th.   I really want to take that course.  You bring a Rifle, and a Shotgun, and your defensive pistol.  The only problem is that the course is  somewhat expensive.  $425.00 is a bit steep for a guy with no job.  Let me put it this way.  Impossible.  Something better crack for me!

Mrs. Ogre is working on a school project.  She has been collecting dryer lint for some months now, and now I see why.  Paper.  She is turning dryer lint into paper.  This involves soaking and blending.  She has damn near killed my blender!  It was smoking!  All for making paper that looks like Smurf vomit.  Nice.  Oh well. its for the children.  That or she is just nuts.

What is up with Matt Drudge blasting Bill O'Reilly?  Saying that Bill is paying radio stations to air his new radio show.  SO FREAKING WHAT?  The O'Reilly Factor is an awesome show and Drudge is just bitter that he is going to get stomped on.  The No Spin Zone is the best news commentary - Period.  I watch it when ever I can.  Drudge is a pretty sharp guy, but many of his stories are bogus.  Why?  He doesn't check his sources.  He doesn't do his homework.  He just finds news stories and links them up as soon as he can trying to scoop everything.  Drudge used to be pretty cool.  Used to be. 

Zombie Time.  Check out this Zombie video.  Here is another one.  Rob Zombie is one of my favorite artists.  Why?  The man is in full control of his music and image.  When you hear or see Zombie - your seeing and hearing Zombie.  Not like other "Artists" who have Image Consultants and Managers up their asses.  Madonna is in full control and so is Tenacious D, Creed,  Dave Mathew's Band and a few others. Those guys I can listen too.  Everyone else sucks.   

May 6th, Monday.  For you TFL members, I have no idea what is going on with TFL's server today.  It was down most of the day, came up for awhile, and is now down again.  Don't be angry... TFL isn't a service your paying for.  Don't feel your getting "jipped".  Your still getting what your paying for.

Speaking of getting what your paying for... Coronado Leather is a little difficult with sending jackets.  One of the cats that ordered a jacket, and got the wrong one, still hasn't received the right one.  I have no idea what is up with that.  I am not sure if I want to place another order with them.  For the time being... I'm putting a hold on all new orders.

Here is something of some value to the Utah Gun Owner.  John Farnam has a "Blog" of sorts.  For those that don't know who he is, let me fill you in.  No, that will take too long.  Let me summarize:  John Farnam is Utah's BEST firearms instructor - Ever.  Read his thoughts here.  

Got a letter in the mail from the FOP.  Asking for the money that I pledged.  I wasn't thinking when I said sure, I'll donate 20 bucks.  Now, after that phone conversation I realized that the FOP was not the Gun Owner's friend.  So I wore a note to put in the envelope and mailed it off. 

Write up about the Nova I'm not going to submit it to anything... maybe throw it out to  No pictures of it yet.  No camera.

What is the real deal behind all these Microbiologists dropping dead?  If you listen carefully, you can hear screenwriters scratching out a movie. 

How do I show I am a Star Wars Fan without having to camp out?  Simple, just over use common Star Wars cliché quotes.  For example, every time you sit down at a table, always say "I think these new droids are going to work out fine."  And when ever some tells you they love you, you say "I know".  Things like that go a long way to earning you Star Wars cool points.  These cool points add up to you total Fan Boy score.  The more subtle the quote, the more points you get.  Such as, if someone is about to do something stupid, you could say "You may fire when ready." When you just figured out something puzzling, you say "Yeah, I knew it... Mynocks." If someone is thinking they are all that, you can throw out "You think your some sort of Jedi?"  If someone does something cool, it is "Impressive... Most impressive."  If your about to do something difficult, you could say the obvious "I got a bad feeling about this..." but you could earn more points with "Blasted Biggs, Where are you!?"  A word of caution, if you use Episode 1 quotes... be careful.  Any quote from any Gungan other than Boss Nass, will result in you immediately getting your ass kicked by the other Fan Boys. For example... Your missing the right tool for the job, "Meesa no got a Boomer!"  That, my friend, will get your ass kicked.  If someone throws out a SWL (Star Wars Line) at you, you could double the points for your self by throwing back a proper SWL response.  If your leaving and someone hits you with a "May the Force be with you", you parry with "Hey, It's Me."  Bang!  Double SW Cool Points!

Yeah... Slow news day.  Nothing to talk about other than Middle East, and I don't want to do that.

Oh, one thing... I'm going to help out Geeks With Guns with some updating for a little while... as soon as I'm able to connect to it.  For some reason, it isn't letting me even with the right username and password.  It isn't even giving me the option of logging on via FTP for some reason.  Front Page extensions are not on, so I can't use that either.  So, HGIC, if your reading this, your emails have all bounced...  Could you get those FrontPage extensions activated?  That would be the easiest. Do that, and I'll throw some good stuff up your way.

Why no one older than 14 plays D&D anymore, from Brass Knuckles.  Give it a read.  Funny stuff. 

Yesterday, a savy Ogre Reader sent me an email asking about the HK UMC that I was going to review. Said he couldn't find anything on an HK UMC.  As soon as I saw that I knew just how I screwed up... I was thinking HK UMP, and USC at the same time... Typed it out wrong.  My Bad.  Corrected it.  Thanks.

May 5th, Sunday.  I was asked this evening "What gun should I get?"  In this case the answer came out "Springfield Armory's XD pistol".  I knew he was talking auto pistol and his budget was "about 400".  It took me about 2 seconds to reach the XD conclusion.  Because if those were my parameters for a new handgun, that is what I would get.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  What do you do on Cinco De Mayo?  Eat tacos and take a nap?  Sounds like my plan for the day.  After I clean my guns...

Did some house keeping here.  Archived the rest of April.

Just some thoughts about Nordstrom's leaving Salt Lake City's down town malls.  People are saying that it will ruin down town and that Nordstrom is showing a lack of corporate citizenship.  People are acting as if this will kill Salt Lake.  Gimmie a break people!  Since when does a city depend on a freaking over-priced, ego inflated store that most people never shopped at to begin with?  Nordstrom had good reasons to get out.  Nothing personal, SLC.  It was a sound business decision.  People stopped going there a long time ago.  Why?  Because of all the Olympics crap and the poor parking, it just made better sense to shop else where.  Never mind the fact that for all your trouble and expensive parking, you get the privilege of paying double the price for a lousy shirt.  Screw Nordstrom.  I live in Orem.  Our local mall just opened one up.  Not impressed.  Prices almost double that of other stores.  I aint shopping there either.  I like nice clothes as much as anyone.  I have Eddie Bauer jeans and Polo sweaters and shirts... love them.  You can get those things cheaper at other retailers.  SLC people should instead of crying about who left, they should try to get someone else in.  But first, they should look at why they left, fix it, and then try to recruit a new store in there.  Oh, and FIX THE DAMN PARKING ISSUE.  Seriously.  Even if they did that, I wouldn't shop there anyways... I don't like downtown.  Do you know what they should put in there?  SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE.   A big giant store in the downtown mall that sells lots of guns and ammunition.   Get a parking validation that is good for MONTHS.  Yeah Boy!  Have SLC cut them a deal so that they can sell at low prices.   Yeah, I'd shop there.

Private School.  One of my sons has just completed the 2nd grade in Private School.  He was held back 1 year when he first started Private School, because his public school education was so crappy... anyways.  As a 2nd grader, not only can he read, but he's read Harry Potter, Mouse and the Motorcycle, and DAVID COPPERFIELD!  For math, they were doing geometry.  2nd grade.  What are second graders in public school doing?  ABC-123.  Nice. Lets not bother with the languages, Spanish, Hebrew and Greek. Lets not even start on HISTORY.  I don't have time.  Fact: Public School is hurting children.  Fact: Private School/Home School is AWESOME.  Don't put your kids in public school.  Do what ever you can... sacrifice some of your lifestyle... but give your kids a good education that they are not getting at a public school.  

Woke up today with a very stiff and sore shoulder from yesterdays fun.  Ouch.  Slight bruising, but nothing serious.  I have not done that much shotgunning in some time.  My son is still all grins from his blasting too.  Memories that we will never forget.

May 4th, Saturday.  Super Nova!  I worked out with the Benelli Nova today.  Took my son out to the "Bowl" along with a couple guns.  We had a blast.  He was working the Remington 514 .22 while I was blasting with the Nova.  Sucker fired up all of my CCI Velocitor, and my Aquila Hush Puppies (what I call the .22 load that is charged with only a big primer charge.  Very quite.  Anyway... he shot it all up.  He's been grinning ever since.  Back to the scattergun.  4+1 gives you a good deal of fire power for a shotgun!  Any doubts as to the Nova's ability have been buried.  I was busting clays left and right with it.  We just had a good time.  I let him pull the trigger on a 12, and he loved it.  He fired it tucked under his arm while I held it tight.  He still felt a lot of the recoil, and knows that the 12 gauge deserves respect.  Anyways, my shoulder is sore.  I'm in a small amount of pain.  Man that was FUN!

A gun company called Special Weapons is going to send me out a couple guns to review.  The first one is a conversion for the HK USC that allows it to use good old M3 mags instead of the new limited 10 rounders that HK uses.  Giving the HK USC a full capacity magazine is a GOOD THING.  The next one is a special conversion to the HK SL8 rifle that lets it use standard M-16 mags.  Very cool!  Along with the Nova, those are the next 3 reviews I'll be writing.  The Nova will be for MadOgre, as I would think SWAT has already reviewed that one.  Or at least it should have.  It's been out since 1999.  I'm also wanting to do a review of the Uzi available from Vector Arms here in Utah.  That would be too cool.

May 3rd, Friday. Palestinians over in the middle east are a bunch of jerkwads.  Read This.  A Fake Funeral.  Nice.  Screw the Palestinians.  "Oh those Jews slaughtered 500 helpless Palestinians in Jenin!  War Crimes! Murderers!" Well, we counted the dead and there are only 50 Palestinian dead. "We miss counted". We also found 35 dead Israeli solders.  "Maybe mad cow disease?"  Hey, Palestine... It's over.  Your sham for the U.N. didn't work.  Grow up.  Stop being Sadam Hussein's puppet. 

Emails from readers.  I've been a bad ogre and not sharing very many... Here are a couple I got this morning and last night:  "Ogre, I love your site and I especially love that little video titled, "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor."  My roommate was a Jarhead and loves that video.  Anyway, have you not heard of a game called Counterstrike?!  It's a first-person shooter and it has become the most-played game on the internet, and that was before it was available in stores!  For something like 2 years before it went commercial it was only available by downloading it from the internet!  It's basically Terrorists versus Counter terrorists and it is ADDICTIVE.  It ROCKS!!!  If you try it you won't be able to go back to any other game.  Try it, you'll be glad you did!  By the way, I work for a police department that allows us to carry whatever we want but only 2 people in my academy class chose 1911's, me and my roommate!  He has a custom Springfield-Caspian single-stack 45 and I have a Para-Ordnance 40 caliber P-16.  Later - Kurt Phillips" Hey Kurt, thanks for the email.   Counter Strike.  Yes, I’ve played it a great deal and I do enjoy it.  However for total full emersion realism, Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon and Operation Flash Point have trumped it.  As a mod for half-life – CS is pretty dang good.  But for a Mod, I preferred the INFILTRATION mod for UNREAL TOURNAMENT.  I think it’s a better gaming engine.  Better graphics to be sure.  I helped a few mod makers on weapon mods for Rogue Spear and Unreal Tournament – but I’m not a mod maker.  Just a consultant.  I think the guys that do mods for Rogue Spear do the most homework.  They even asked me about how far the cases eject.  Para Ord P-16.  Good solid choice of handgun.  16 rounds of .40 is a serious load of firepower.  .40 is a caliber that varies a great deal depending on your selected load.  If I remember right, the P-16 that I delt with seemed to have a preference for the Triton Hi Vel load in 135 grain… moving along at close to 1400 FPS when we chronographed it. Good accuracy too.  Stay Safe Kurt.

Another Email: "You are going to love the Nova Ogre!! I have the same model and it is sweet! The pump action is FAST. The recoil reducer is a definite plus if you are going to shoot a lot of rounds. I have put about 800 rounds of various types without a single hiccup. It might not mean much, but I wanted to give you a thumbs up for your choice." - Zane via AT&T WorldNet.  Thanks for the email, Zane.  I still haven't fired the Nova yet... but I'm ready to. I think I made the right choice.  I've been studying up on it and there are few, very few complaints about it.  Those that have complained, mostly, don't even own a Nova.  The guy at the counter where I got mine said that the Novas are by far the best selling shotguns right now.  They sell everyone that they stock.  Must be true, I picked up the last one he had on hand.  Another shipment will come in... so don't worry, you can still get yours too.  The ONLY thing about it that I would change... I wish it had a folding stock.  I always shoot with the stock extended, but when transporting and getting in and out of vehicles, I prefer a folder.  No biggie.  I'm not doing patrol anymore.  It rides in a long silver aluminum case anyways... so really I don't know why I still wish it had a folder.  Go figure.

Link trade request came in... normally I don't even mention it, but I found this site to be of a good value and worth the read. The Armed Citizen.  Give it a read. Good 411 over there.

E-Bay Auction - I have that Buck Strider, but decided I'd rather have something else.  Like the 2 shot extension tube for the Nova, and maybe a good tactical sling too.  Take a look. 

Check this out.  The Crusader 155MM self propelled artillery.  It can fire 8 rounds that all hit the target at the same time.  Whoa.    

This morning I got up early and went to work on the Cherokee.  Filter, plugs, oil change, all fluids, tire pressure... I even went through and replaced a bunch of fuses.  (more on that in a bit) Installed a fire extinguisher, and a threw in the biggest can of Fix'a'Flat that Checker had.  Why?  I'll tell you why.  I'm a puss when it comes to my wife. I worry too much.  This evening she is driving out to Vernal with some students to see a show and then drive back tonight after midnight... and I am not going with her.  I'm staying home with my boys.  Last few times I drove out to Vernal, the jeep drove great, but there was a lot of deer I came within micrometers of hitting.  Deer on the highway, are even more stupid than the Anti-Mormons in Utah.  If you come to Utah, your going to have to deal with us Mormons.  If your a deer on the highway, your going to have to deal with vehicles.  Just standing there in the middle of the road ignoring everything that you don't agree with is only going to get you squished.   Anyways... poor analogy.  Oh... the fuses.  Well, evidently when the clutch master cylinder went out, a lot of fluid dripped out onto the fuse box... and into the fuse box.  This has damaged many of the fuses and I don't know what else.  So this morning as soon as it was light, I was under there yanking, inspecting and cussing, and just replacing every damn one of them that even just felt wrong.  What was surprising was the way the fuses that even looked okay, simply just came apart.  I still can't get the power windows to work.  All fuses replaced and still a no go on the windows.  I don't know what else to check.  Time to get out the manual and do some reading.  And what is up with the Cherokee spark plug gapping.  .035? That's pretty tight.  This isn't a Civic.  One would think that it should have about a .040 or .045 cap.  But noooo... it has to have a tight little gap like some damn little economy car.  Sheeesh.  Well, I guess it is just a 2.5 liter 4 banger.  *sigh*   [Slaps for head] "I could have had a V-8!"  (old veggie juice commercial)  After all the work was done the Jeep felt happier about everything and seemed perky for an 86 with 200,000 miles.   Yeah, its old... Yeah, it's high mileage... Yeah, it has a laundry list of issues... but I love it and its a good Jeep.  I'm happy with it and really, I wouldn't get rid of it for anything.  Sure, I'd like a newer Cherokee with a 4.0 inline 6.  Hell yeah!  But I'll be keeping this little old Cherokee for a good long time.  It will carry my beloved to and fro with out a hiccup.  It's just those farking deer that I am worried about. 

May 2nd - Busy day.  Filled out application for a position at the gun counter of a nice retailer... while writing a letter of complaint to another.  The complaint went to Gunnies.  I pretty much blasted the guy that runs the gun counter.  It needed to be said.  It needed to be said in a formal letter.  Let's see, what else did I do?  A whole bunch of honey-do's. While running errands and talking guns to people, I also snagged some muffs and a 100 round brick of 12 gauge.  Looking for a chance to sneak out and do some blasting.    This Benelli Nova is awesome... I'm loving it.  The one feature I really like is the feed cut off button.  You can hold the button, stroke the pump back and eject the chambered round while preventing another round from loading.  This is cool because you can on the fly load in a different type of shell easier and faster.  Normally would load my shotgun to capacity minus one.  To give room to load that alternate round into the feed tube and then cycle to get to it, having to eject 2 live rounds in the process.  The Nova doesn't have to do that.  You just eject what you have chambered, if you have a round chambered.  Nice feature.  Searching the web, I found a video clip of a dude stripping the Nova down in only 30 seconds.  Whoa.  I haven't done that yet, but I have removed the mag tube plug to open the capacity from 2+1 to 4+1.  5 shots is nice... but I really need that 2 shot extension tube (which is actually a 3 shot extension if using 2 3/4 or 3 inch shells for a total of 7+1.  That will work nicely.

Email from Shin Tao: "Congratulations on adding a 12bore to your suit. This is, of course, a wise thing to do. We recommend you feed it S&B rifled slugs. They are cheap AND devastating.  We at the CHB, would like you to describe the action, bolt of this NOVA, as it is unknown to us.  The opinion of the Church Host, Mad Ogre, is that this will be a good addition."  Will do a review soon.

Driving around town I am seeing a lot of these Chevy Avalanche trucks.  Man, do I hate those things.  They look like big damn Go-Bots in Auto Mode.  You expect them at any time to stand up and transform in to Optimus Prime or something.  The concept is LAME.  The execution is LAME.  And all those acres of plastic body cladding are even more lame.  What is up with that plastic roll bar thing on the back?  As if a real roll bar is too weak for Chevy - they have to mold a plastic one.  Gay.  Yes, I said gay.  Its a gay truck.  Not that have anything against homosexual people, but my hell... Christopher Lowell would call that truck gay.  I bet he has one too.  Anyways... In a wonderful attempt at being creative Chevy has managed to take the SUV and a Pickup Truck and meld them together in a way that makes the offspring less useful than either parent vehicle.  Seriously, a dumbass vehicle.  Oh, and then they try to use a new term "SUT"  Sport Utility Truck.  They should really call it a "SLUT" for Sport Limited Utility Truck.  Under all that bad plastic and lame sheet metal work is a good vehicle wanting to get out.    My kids draw better concept trucks than that - and Chevy went and took that thing to production.  LAME MOVE CHEVYDon't get me started on the Cadillac version.  Same lame ass truck, but 20 grand more.  How do car companies do that and get away with it?  Anyone that buys that Caddy version needs a kick in the balls.

Found the PDA that I want... The Sharp Zaurus.  Built in qwerty keyboard that slides out... 64 megs of RAM base...  SWEET.  Linux OS.  Syncs up with XP great.  Does a PDS get any better?  I used to love the original Zaurus (from back in 1995 was it?) and consider Sharp to be at the cutting edge of PDAs.  They freaking started the actually usable and affordable PDA way back when... and this new Zaurus is just about the coolest handheld out there. Only one close is the Ipaq. 

May 1st. - I picked up my shotgun for the 3Gun match.  I purchased a Benelli Nova Special Purchase w/ ghost ring sights. I tried EVERY shotgun at a shop with a "The Matrix" kind of a selection... nothing felt better. Nothing handled better. Nothing mounted better. This thing aims its self. I LOOK at the target and bring the gun up and it is ON TARGET. I love it. $280 bucks. Couldn't pass it up.  It holds 4 and I can get a 2 shot extension for it. "Perfect".   This is the first shotgun I have purchased since my Moss 590, 6(?) years ago. I'm "pumped".  BTW, this is one freaking COOL shotgun.  The only thing... How am I going to attach a Side Saddle? This will require some creative engineering on my part. Fabricate an adapter that with put a space between the receiver and the SS to clear the handgrip. Doable.  Things to order for it: The 4 shot extension and the recoil reduction device that is made to fit inside the stock.  I think I made a good purchase.  The other shotgun idea I had was to use a Browning BPS, (is that the one with the bottom eject?) and put a side saddle on both sides. But I really don't think I need that much ammo on the gun.  While smooooth... it didn't fit me nearly as well.  There are a lot of threads here about the Nova, but nothing really saying its good or bad. I guess we shall see in a few months.
Rifle - Check.
 Shotgun - Check
Pistol - Still need Tritium sights.

I'm almost ready for this.

Mrs. Ogre truly loves me.  Here I am thinking she is pissed at me for getting the shotgun... then she takes off and I am thinking "Great, I go and get something that I need, and it trashes the relationship."  And then guess what happens?  She comes home with a bags for of clothes.  "Ah, she went and got her revenge."  Then she pulls out a couple pairs of jeans, Eddie Bauers... a couple of shirts, Eddie Bauers, and a cool hat "Hat, Sun, Hot Weather". If you don't know the Army Speak for that, you can't have one.  She's crazy, and I love her.   She is the Best Wife Ever.

Just wrote up a page that details how to order a Coronado Leather Company jacket.  These are the BEST leather jackets in the WORLD.  And I am a "Dealer".  If you want one, talk to me.  I'll hook you up with the best leather jacket that you will ever buy. If your a member of TFL, then you will get the best price I can give you.  If your a Mad Ogre reader, then you could get a very good price, but not as good as if you were a member.  If your a TFL member & a Mad Ogre reader, then while I couldn't discount to price any more... I'll bless your name, and endow your jacket with magical powers of coolness.  You will officially be allowed to "swagger" while wearing your new jacket.  (but not strut, let's not get carried away here!)  Click here for LEATHER!

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