Aug 31 - Did some light furniture moving this morning and "Discovered" that I have 4 little holes in the radiator of my beloved "Beast" the 401 powered Jeep Wagoneer. I found this when I was sitting at a red light not 4 miles away from my home when I glanced down and saw the temp needle point at the red zone. "D'OH!" What the hell... I have replaced everything in the cooling system besides the RADIATIOR! Why not that now? Anyways... there are 4 tiny holes and a radiator repair kit should fix this. The holes all together allowed the pressure inside to vent and let the coolant boil over even if the engine really wasnt that hot. I'm waiting for the thing to cool back down all the way so I can use the kit. This will be a temp fix until I can afford the extra cash to take the beast into a shop and have the radiator welded. I also suspect that this radiator is too small for the 401... there are these brackets that look like a shop fabrication holding this rad in place... looks like she is about 2 inches too short on either side. I may install an electric auxilary fan as well. Mounted in front in "pusher" configuration. See... Old Jeeps are way fun to figure out!
Seriously - I love it. If the Supra was doing this crap again I would be kicking the hell out of it. Maybe thats why I got rid of that bloody thing.

We took the kids camping the other night.  Had planned on spending two nights. That didn't happen as during the night we got raided by a couple of bandits that ate our food, and kept us up for a few hours in the middle of the night.  This isnt too bad because the camp site was rocky as hell and neither Mrs Ogre nor myself could really get any worth while sleep.  Note to self... If by chance I happen to find a silenced .22 on the market at a reasonable price - Get it!  Those bandits were way too bold for their own good and I dont know of any laws protecting Bold Racoons from getting a good shooting for raiding Ogre's food!  Flashlights and rocks didn't even bother these guys.  They just looked at me like "What?  I'm a RACOON over here... This is what we do. Why don't you just go back to bed?"  So I went back to bed.  Next day we had planned some good adventures but we were just too damn tired for anything.  If it wasn't the Rocks and the Racoons keeping us up it was these jackholes with a VERY loud generator not very far away.  Tell me this... WHY GO CAMPING if you have to have ELECTRIC A/C POWER?  Just stay the hell off the mountain!

Aug 28th - Took the family out for a day of fun today and ended up in a theatre catching the flick "A Knight's Tale".  At first I was not impressed.  Rock music score to a pretty boy hero kicking medieval ass...  But the more I watched, the more I enjoyed it.  Now, the modern music and make up work were a bit of a distraction... I was thinking "WTF?"  Sure its pretty cool, but WTF?  Looking back I can see what the Director was trying to do... Give you that bit of "Hey Cool" while at the same time giving the audience something familiar to hold onto.  The drooling and ignorant masses didn't have to figure stuff out... it was a no brianer.  This isnt the first time this was done - First Knight was a modern twist to the King Arty story.  No?  Bullshit - there never was and never would be dumbass armour like what they had in that POS movie.  I hated First Knight... AKT still used realistic armour, and had a very good atmosphere.  The Sex Object of this flick - oh, I mean the Lead Actress - is this rather exotic looking hottie that was very pretty.  She could have pulled off real period clothes and style and still have been sweet.  No - this was not to be.  She had to be done up like a Star Trek hooker... I kept waiting for Captain Kirk to jump out and smooch her.  She was out done in the looks by the Knight's blacksmith, a hottie that can make weapons and armour?  Damn.  That's all I am going to say about that.  Now, what made this movie actually very good was that it had an intelligently written script.  The lines were very clever and the casting and acting went with it very well.  Now, usually a butt-nekked Britt would ruin a movie... however in this case it just confirmed that this movie was going to suprised you.  Of course the ending was predictable... but you had such a good time getting there that you didn't care.  You didn't care about all the plot holes either - like the hole in his shoulder for one... or the fact that you can't joust twice with the same lance.  I know that breaking lances look very cool and all - but JUDAS PRIEST GIVE IT A REST!  Lances were made out of hardwood... they were long and strong and would knock the rider off or glance off rather than shatter.  Sometimes BOTH riders would be knocked off from the force of the impact of a solid blow.  Anyways - this isnt a history lesson... its a fun movie and worth renting.  Catch it if you can.  If you want real medieval gore, check out "The Messenger" which is one of the most accurate movies I have seen about the time period.  Those movie makers did some homework.

I was supposed to have gone to a Firearms Training class today.  I didn't make it.  We had some serious issues to deal with in the family and I wasn't up to it anyways.  Last night I was up to 3 AM working under the hood of my Cherokee...  My sweet wife had some school issues too...  It just didn't happen.  This is too bad.  I was personally invited by the inventor of the "Tueller Drill" Dennis Tueller.  You have probably heard of the 21 Foot Rule... Where a bad guy with a knife out to 21 feet away deserves a good shooting... thats the guy.  This personal invite was a big chance.  I wanted to go!  But I am okay with missing it... actually, I am kinda glad I didn't go.  1.  I didn't have the ammo for it.  2.  I enjoyed my family today more than I would have going out shooting.  But then again, I have 5 very cool boys.  My oldest, 7 going on 8 is signed up for fencing lessons today, and my twins who are going on 5 are hooked up for some martial arts training.  One of the twins said that he will be able to "kick the bad guy in the peenie!"  How cool is that?  Huh?  Man, I love my sons... They are the best.  They are all what is called "Super Kids" which means they are all very very very smart... and very active little guys.  Mentally active... you have to watch them CAREFULLY.  If you dont they will dismantle shit around you... Do experiments with eggs and milk and make a huge mother of all messes...  Cool kids!

Aug 26th - I took a look at the new Motor Trend magazine that has the DeathValley tests in it... MT took a bunch of SUV vehicles out to Death Valley and spent 48 hours there in the vehicles.  One test was "Low Traction Acceleration"  WTF?  If your in mud or on ice WHO CARES what the acceleration is?  These guys, I am convinced after reading only 2 pages, are total morons.  They are probably well suited at testing things like the Chrysler LHX and the Honda Accord... but really have no clue as to what off roading really is about.  Now, I am not trying to come off as an Off Road Guru - I'm not.  I know Guns and Computers and Tanks and Bombs and Planes... Okay, Mostly Guns... but it was apparent that this article was a farce.  Sure I bet they had a great time out in the desert complaining about the lack of Starbucks in Death Valley... but they made many a mistake.  For one they took the Caddy Monolith... what kind of SUV is that?  The thing is HUGE.  The only thing bigger is an Oshkosh Truck.  The thing that really bugged me was the continued compairison of the Jeep Liberty to the PT Cruiser.  WTF?  Since when is the PT Cruiser a Jeep? 

Aug 25th -  Email from Reader:  "George,   Well, the truth is that mostly, such as a quick trip to the store, I put my Seecamp, Guardian, or P-32 in my pocket. The P-32 and the Guardian will shoot the new and stronger Cor-Bon hollow points. Alas, the Seecamp can only fire the Silvertips or Gold Dots. The Silvertips "keyhole". I talked to Larry Seecamp himself and he said that Winchester had "done something" to change Silvertips just enough to cause them to "keyhole" from his pistols. He told me however, that Gold Dots would work fine. And they do! Would you please give me your opinion of the Gold Dot hollow points which I must fire from my Seecamp and the (strong, for a .32ACP) Cor-Bon hollow points that I can use in my Guardian and P-32? Tell me, would you advise going back to the Fiocchi FMJ? My Guardian and P-32 will operate just fine with the FMJ Fiocchi's.  I appreciate your thoughts and time to answer my questions."  First off - I love the Guardian. Maybe being able to hang out at the factory for awhile once made me biased.  However since they are CNC Milled and then Hand Fitted and Finished for quality backs my opinion up. The Gold Dots are fantastically made bullets.  The lead is soft enough to deform and mushroom readily and the jacket being plated on is thin enough to let the lead do its thing yet keep it from fouling the rifling.  I call that IDEAL.  Now, Cor-Bon on the other hand uses a conventional HP bullet construction but is loaded TIM ALLEN style and that I like too.  Especially in these little guns that need all the power they can get.  Both being very good choices its just a matter of finding which one works best out of your pistol.  More on the Guardian - NAA is COMMITTED to it's customers... That was apparent to me from moment one when I walked into that place. From the NAA Head Guy "It's disappointing to the customer and the company both whenever anybody suffers a bad experience with an NAA firearm. If your NAA firearm has ever failed to achieve your complete satisfaction, I offer my personal apology and promise that we will do everything possible to remedy the situation if it still exists. As many of you know, we offer a 'lifetime warranty' on all our firearms - to return to 'like-new' service any firearm we've ever made, at no charge to the customer (it used to be at no expense until the various delivery services raised their charges, or simply refused our business, because of the criminal misconduct of their employees). We do this because of our commitments to our brand and our customers, and because we have tremendous confidence in our products."  Guys, it doesnt get ANY better than that.  If your hesitant about getting a Guardian... Dont be.  NAA is solid and well grounded. The pistols are good and the people and place that makes then are even better.

Aug 24th - This morning I decided I was going to tackle that last spark plug.  Let me tell you - it should be a hell of a lot easier to design and build engines that are easy to work on than these damned engines we have now.  Why is it always easy to get 80% of a job done - piece of cake - but its that last 20% that is a total bitch.  Its that last 20% that needs some further engineering and development.  I think designers should have to work on these engines themselves... see how they like it.  "Ogre, that was just one sparkplug... get a grip."  Oh yeah?  Well it was 25% of my ignition wasn't it?  Anyways, with the help os a new tool and a lot of contortion I was able to get that plug out with out removing the AC compressor.  Looking back it would have been a lot easier to just have removed that compressor!

Aug 23 - I get this in an email from home while I am at work here... A little glimpse into the Ogre's home life:

I'm so angry at the boys, but you know, I have to chuckle at them behind their back. They have been outside having a water fight that turned into a mud fight, that turned into an Indian war party. War paint smeared all over their bodies and all the boys working themselves up into a frenzy, hollerin and carrying on, and hopping all over the yard. Mom grabbed the hose and hosed them all off one by one as I marched them into the bathtub. Now, any mother who complains of their girls with their long hair and tangles and the difficulty of bathing their children, I will challenge them to bathe four boys on the war path with the fifth boy (although the littlest)  hollerin the loudest. And just dare them to complain about how good they have got it. I had Kade and Aidan in the tub, I undressed Gavin and sent him in while I went to Kylan's bedroom to help him undress (wet clothes are hard to pull off) I was sent running back by the sounds of screams coming from Kade and Aidan. Gavin, undressed and weapon free was "hosing" them down and making sure his aim was true. This of course, was just the beginning.  After making the bathtub pee free, we started again. By the time I had scrubbed the scalp of my last little Indian and making sure the mud was out from behind his ears I had five screaming children louder than the ruckus they made outside  - for being clean is a special kind of torture for a boy.  I'm going to go put them to bed and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a few moments of peace.

The following is a part of a movie review by Mr Cranky: "Battlefield Earth is one of the worst films ever made. It's that simple. It's "Plan 9 From Outer Space" made with 60 million dollars. Had Ed Wood actually made it, people would expect an apology. When the cultural impact of this fiasco finally sinks in, John Travolta will be lucky if he can get a job plucking the gray hairs out of Ron Palillo's ass. The only thing I can figure out is that the Church of Scientology decided that they wanted to ensure nobody else joined up. This movie is like watching the Pope accidentally catch on fire while giving Easter Mass. If that's not a time to rethink your spiritual choices, what is?"  Mr Cranky is an icon for all wannabe critics. Go look up your favorite flick HERE.

Aug 22 - Email from a reader asked about Snub-nosed revolvers.  Since S&W are heading up the Fecal Roster all S&W pistols of this type are completely out of the question and not even close to being an option.  The good news is that anything S&W is making, Taurus is also making.  Taurus has greatly improved over the last few years and are now making pistols good enough to rival anyone's.  If you don't like the S&W patterns, there are plenty of good Snubby options for you to go with.  Ruger makes the nice little SP-101 that can be had in either .38 Special or .357 Magnum.  I like the Ruger revolvers for one simple reason.  Strength.  Talk about rugged, they damn near wear boots and flannel.  My personal favorite is the Dick's Special... Colt's legendary Detective Special is the icon of snub-nosed wheel-guns.  Either one would serve you well without getting into Titanium ultra-lights that are hard to shoot well despite what the gun rags try to tell you.  Now, if you want a SERIOUS snub-nose... go find a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special.  Now THAT is a snubby!  Like all pistols, the most important factor is how it fits in your hand.  Try all that you can and try shooting them... Pick the one that you make the best hits with because guns like this are for one thing - saving lives - and that means being able to use it well.  Spare no expense on these items.  After you get the pistol, get the best ammo for it that you can as well as a good quality holster.  

Archived a chunk of August already - It became too long to load.

Aug 21st - I work in a pretty cool business park... There is a credit union branch in this little building that has a cafe in there, a gym, and a lot of open tables.  Today I was going to deposit some cash into our account and then go run get a greasy burger at the nearest drive through and then get back to work.  Uh, that didn't happen.  There was a live band there called Sunfall Festival... Very good sound.  Smooth vocals with good lyrics.  I had no choice but to get the 7 dollar taco salad and enjoy the music.  I listened to a set and was very impressed.  Normally most live bands like this are just lame... but these guys are good.  Was even tempted to buy one of the CDs they had there for sale.  Very tempted.  Man, I need to get out more with my wife and go enjoy things like that!  There was this little place in Richmond that I really liked called the Jewish Mother...  Very cool place with some cool live bands.  I enjoyed it greatly buy was only able to go hand full of times.  This gives me an idea for spicing up the Utah TFL Gatherings... Bring out a band to play music for us and make it a real Schuten-Fest!

Aug 20th - The Haynes Manual for the Jeep Cherokee is not quite right.  They mentioned that the fuel system was not under pressure for my Jeep, but was for another type of Cherokee.  Not quite correct there, Haynes Boys!  I disconnected the fuel filter expecting the normal fuel drain... not a high pressure spray like what I got!  I mean Damn!  I took a shower of 89 Octane Unleaded... Dripping Wet.  Now, this would normally not be that much of a problem - but I was at work!  Had to do some fast repairs while in my work's parking lot.  Well, at least I got everything fixed and was able to run home to change into a clean shirt!  I have the new Fuel Filter installed, PCV Valve, air and breather filters all installed... The Cherokee feels like its a lot happier now.  It has a great deal more spunk than it had before... And when the engine cools back down I am going to take a crack at that last spark plug.  I picked up an articulated plug wrench that should be able to fit into that area and get that last plug out.  I really don't want to remove my belts, hoses, and AC unit just for one damn sparkplug...  If this new wrench doesn't work - that's just what I will have to do.

It looks like Hell Week for the Navy Seals has become a little more intense.

I took the Harry Potter test today at the insistence of my wife and it is confirmed that I am indeed a Slytherin.  Whatever the hell that is.  (Don't Answer That)

Aug 18th - I've been called a Slytherin and a Muggle today.  This Harry Potter this is too much.  I was called a Muggle because I don't know magic...  but if I did I would be a Slytherin.  What the hell is that all about?  You know what - never mind - I don't want a hundred emails telling me how cool Harry Potter is.  If I want magic and wizards I'll read Lord of the Rings, thank you very much.

Okay - some more ranting about AMC Engine Design...  The Cherokee I just acquired has an AMC 2.5L FI engine.  This is a good and scrappy little engine that goes a long way despite being a 4 cylinder.  Now, just like the Big Brother engine I worked on in my Wagoneer - a 401 V-8... EVERYTHING connects to the damn water pump.  Thankfully I don't have to change that!  What I do have to change though is the SPARK PLUGS.  Starting from the back I did them one at a time... up until the last one.  The one in front.  The one obstructed by 2 hoses and the AC compressor!  Aarrgh!  I can move the 2 hoses - no problem.  To move the AC unit I have to take of the fan belt.  The one single serpentine belt...  I hate those.  Good thing about them is that they are tough and last forever, and this one is brand new.  Anyways - so I have 3 new plugs in place and the one last one waiting till I have more time to dig into it.  Had some errands to run so I left it at that...  with 3 new plugs this engine feels completely different.  Normally you may feel a difference... but this was drastic.  What kind of plugs did I use? I put in some Splitfires that I gapped .05 greater than stock recommendation. Why did I do that?  Splitfires are overrated... they don't do anything for you... blah blah blah... Whatever.  Some years ago I tested several different sparkplugs in a little engine...  Champions Platinums Delcos... all that.  The Splitfires actually gave me a boost in performance that I could feel.  Unlike everything else.  In this Jeep XJ they smoothed out the idle and gave me a better power curve.  I haven't used them for some years... mainly because I have not had a small engined car accept that previously mentioned unit... a Geo Metro with the 3 cylinder XFI gerbil run

Aug 16th - Why does the Liberal Left Want Gun Control?  I was just pondering this as I was reading the news on various services and watching CNN Headline News.  It is said that Democrats are backing off of Gun Control as an issue...  This is not quite true.  They may not be making any news about it on Capitol Hill, but don't be fooled.  The Dems say that it is what cost them the Election.  That may be true.  Gun Control to the Silent Majority is a bad thing.  Most of the US doesn't want it.  Yet the Liberal Left wants it so badly... But hold on - what about that picture of Chuck Shumer firing a Tec-9 with a huge grin on his face?  Looked like he was enjoying it to me.  99% of the people who I have seen firing a gun, safely on a range, have all enjoyed it.  That last 1% was when a new shooter who never fired a gun before was treated to firing a .454 Casull by some idjit who is not qualified as an instructor.  They (the Liberal Left)  love shooting guns too - they just wont admit it on TV.  They OWN guns.  They have guns in their houses.  They are protected by bodyguards who all carry guns.  Yet they don't want us to have guns.  Why is that?  Well, you have to look at the whole Liberal Agenda.  What is it about?  Enslavement.  Pure and Simple.  Every policy they have endorsed and argued for is something that pushes Personal Liberty out the window... measures aimed at making you DEPENDANT upon further Liberal Programs. They fight against Personal Responsibility as the common guiding light and seek to make everything institutionalized.  If you have a problem, you need one of their programs.   Now, I am all about personal responsibility.  If I fuck up, its all my bad.  If you fuck up, its your bad and I will blame you for it instead of blaming your old school teacher or your parents or what ever have you.  It was YOUR CHOICE to commit the actions you made...  Now, the Liberal Left would have you coddled and pampered - letting you be free to fuck up even further.  Free to be even more dependant on them for support.  Now, what does this have to do with gun control?  It's obvious.  The Silent Majority believes in owning guns.  They believe in Morality and Honesty.  They believe in responsibility.  The Silent Majority is a direct threat to the Liberal Left.  We wont let the L.L. take over and run rough shod over our morals.  This is where the guns are.  We Own Guns, and for the most part They do not.  Only the LL at the top do... not the vast armies of mindless fucks that follow what they spew like sheep following the shepard... Whatever the TV says it TRUE to them.  Sheeple are less than human in my book.  Poor idjits are too stupid to even know what's going on.  The LL needs them to be mindless sheep, they need them to be afraid.  That's why most laws only serve to protect criminals and make it safer for them to be criminals.  Crime is what the LL want.  Makes people fearful of not the criminals, but of the guns... How did they pull that off?  Blaming the gun for the last 8 years of news casting.  Now we see that its not the criminals fault for crime, but the tool they are using... the gun.  They even make villains of guns that are NOT used in crimes.  The .50 Caliber is now under fire for being EVIL when in fact there has been ZERO crimes committed with a .50BMG caliber weapon.  Why not?  If the .50 is so evil it should be getting lots of air time for the crimes it has committed.  The truth if the matter is that the .50BMG caliber rifle is RARE.  You could go to a gun show and find one sure...  But out of the whole show - with all the thousands of guns - there will only be 2 or 3 .50BMG weapons there.  The price if the average .50 is above $7,000.00 per gun with the cost per shell a couple dollars a piece.  That's a lot of money that criminals don't spend on guns.  They have more important things to buy... like Crack and Bitches.  But why does the LL hate the .50?  Because it is a powerful long range weapon capable of hitting and destroying its target from over a mile away.  Its a military weapon capable of being used in a Resistance Fight against a Liberal Takeover.  The Liberals want to control the whole country and they cont do that until they have everyone else unarmed, harmless, and drooling like idiots staring at the TV watching Liberal Propaganda.   That's why they want gun control.  If You have a gun and I have a gun then we are equals.  If I have a gun and you do not, then your my toy.  See how that works?  They want all the guns so they can make all the rules and no one else can say shit about it.  

Aug 15 - What a Day.  Someone just please shoot me... Please, in the head with a large caliber revolver.  Migraine Headache from hell.  Beyond that everything is dandy.  Out of two Start Up ventures, one is looking very promising while the other is spinning wheels grappling for traction.  I can't give very much information just yet.  One, the HAWG Farm, as linked above is self explanatory.  The other is hush hush for the time being.  The on showing more promise is making some serious headway and will likely be a great success.  The other will, as most projects are, die a still-born death.

Aug 13 - I am in a pickle... I have a new Jeep that is in need of some serious work... I need off-road lights, a lift, a spare tire mount on the back and not inside... Looking for these new parts I stumbled on all kinds of other stuff for these Jeeps.  Lots more stuff to spend my money on!  Damn you, Internet!  Damn you!  Al Gore, you invented the internet?  Damn you too!

It seems like the Texas Department of Public Safety (think Texas Rangers here) has had a little robbery.  They are missing 81 weapons from its arsenals.  Following right on the heels of the FBI's missing over 200 guns, this is very embarrassing.  Its funny that the Anti-Gun Zealots think that only Law Enforcement should have guns... buncha morons.  I have NEVER lost a gun.

Aug 12th - The deal is concluded already.  Titles transferred and everything.  The Supra has a new owner and I have a new/used Jeep Cherokee.  The engine is the AMC 2.5L with fuel injection which is good for 135 horses stock - and can get 180 with some serious effort.  I'd be happy with a nice mild 150. This 2.5L is a little brother engine to the AMC 401 V-8 I have in the Wag.  I know how to do a lot of work on that beast, so this little one is just a cute little piece of cake!  I've only had it for a few hours and have already had the top pf the engine off and the plugs out.  I'll need a new valve cover along with its associated gasket, 4 new plugs, and a few little things here and there... and this Jeep will be ready to rock.  After the engine is up to Ogre Spec then I'll put in a nice 4 inch lift.  It has new tires, so I wont mess with them, and the former owner has a set of wheels that I'll be getting Friday and I'll put some serious off-road tires on those wheels.  Extras will be some brush guards, a safari rack on top and off road lights.  Then what?  A snorkel.  Why?  Because I can.  Why get a 2.5 liter 4-Banger?  Because its really easy on the fuel budget.  I am losing some things - like towing ability - but come on.  If I want to tow something heavy - that's what the 401 V-8 powered Wagoneer is for.  This is just an all terrain runabout.  I'll be able to get over 20 - probably 25 MPG out of this baby.  That's pretty dang good considering I haven't ever personally owned MY OWN vehicle that got anything near that good since my HONDA MAGNA!  I'll be able to shuttle my Boyz around to events, do everything I need to do - including running escort duty to the Wagoneer battle group during the "TEOTWAWKI" which according to some people is just around the corner.  Me?  I just like Jeeps.  I've always wanted my own Cherokee... a Wrangler is next!  

Aug 10th - Well, Goodbye to the Supra!  I am trading it straight across for a Jeep Cherokee.  The agreement has been made and this will be concluded on the 17th.  I am excited - I like Jeeps a lot.  More so than street racer type cars like a Supra.  That and insurance will be less than half.   While I am researching things to do to the Cherokee, I came across the Oil Filter Study again.  This is good info so I'll post a link to it here.  After you read it - you'll never buy a FRAM filter again. 

Aug 9th - Evil Genius: "When I have the map, I will be free, and the world will be different, because I have understanding."  Robert: "Understanding of what, master?  Evil Genius: "Digital watches. And soon I will have understanding of videocassette recorders and car telephones. And when I have understanding of them, I shall have understanding of computers. And when I have understanding of computers, I shall be the Supreme Being! God isn't interested in technology. He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time: forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men!"  Robert: "Slugs."  Evil Genius:  "Slugs! He created slugs! They can't hear, they can't speak, they can't operate machinery. If I were creating the world, I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodils. I would've started with lasers, eight o'clock day one."  Read more Time Bandits quotes Here.

Just Say No to the Police.  1.) You do not have to talk to FBI agents, the police or any investigators. You do not have to talk to them on the street, at your workplace, if you've been arrested, or even if you're in jail. Only a judge has the legal authority to order you to answer questions. 2.) You do not have to let the FBI or police into your home or workplace unless they have an arrest or search warrant. Demand to see the warrant. The warrant must specifically describe the place to be searched and the things to be seized.  3.) If they do present a warrant you do not have to tell them anything more than your name and address.  You have the right to observe what they do. You should take written notes of what they do, badge numbers, and what agency their from. Have your friends who are present act as witnesses.  4.) If the police or FBI try to question you or enter your home without a warrant, JUST SAY NO!  The police are very skilled at getting information from people, so attempting to outwit them is very risky. You can never tell how a seemingly harmless bit of information can hurt you or someone else.  5.) Anything you say to an FBI agent or cop may be used against you and other people. Once you've been arrested, you cannot talk your way out of it. Don't try to engage the cops in a dialog or respond to their accusations. You may be brought before an investigator before you are released on bond who says he or she wants to hear "your side of the story." Don't trust them. They want to trick you into incriminating yourself. Their job is to convict you of a crime, even if you're innocent.  6.) You do not have to reveal your HIV status to the police, jail personnel, or the FBI.  If you are charged with interfering with an officer by biting, scratching, spitting, or transferring any bodily fluids on a cop, a judge may order that you take a blood test and your HIV status may be revealed to others. If you've been arrested, you should refuse to take a blood test until you've been brought before a judge and have a lawyer.  7.) You have a right to make three phone calls.  If you've been arrested on state charges and booked into jail. Within three hours of arrest, you have a right to free local calls to a lawyer, a bail bondsman, and a friend or relative. Demand your right to make those calls.  8.) Lying to an FBI agent or other Federal investigator is a crime.  9.) The FBI may threaten you with a grand jury subpoena if you don't talk to them.  They may give you a subpoena anyway, so anything you tell them may permit them to ask more detailed questions later. You may also have legal grounds to refuse to answer questions before a grand jury. If you are given a grand jury subpoena, you should call a lawyer immediately or contact the National Lawyers Guild at the number below. You should also tell movement groups and your friends about the subpoena, and discuss with them how to respond. Do not try to deal with it alone. 10.) If you are nervous about simply refusing to talk, you may find it easier to tell them to contact your lawyer.  Once a lawyer is involved, the FBI and police usually back off because they've lost the power to intimidate.

Aug 7th - Content added to the HAWG Farm pages... go - read - check it out!

Mad Ogre, formerly known as Kodiac (because Kodiak was taken at and also known at TFL as George Hill. Ogre loves shooting and likes to go shooting as much as possible.  Problem is that as much as possible isn't enough.  Good news is that Ogre was invited to go out to "The Farm" for a training class.  This will be a 3 day training class... lots of shooting.  Ogre is very excited.  Ogre just got authorization for paid time off to attend this class.  Ogre will be paid to go shooting!  Mad Ogre is now a very happy Ogre. ("The Farm" is an exclusive LEO/Military training)

Some Pictures... Pic 1, is Ogre.  Pic 2, is Ogre firing an L1A1, an FAL variant in .308... the target was a gallon jug of water at 100 Meters.  This is a photo of me busting that water bottle. Pic 3 is Ogre the Action Hero... Yes, I am that lame.  Pic 4, Ogre going doing the John Woo, Chow Yun Fat thing shooting a pair of pistols at the same time.  Pic 5, my favorite... Ogre eating his favorite food, Brats and Kraut!  These are images from one of our Utah TFL Gatherings.  This gathering was some time ago... we have had 3 shoots since then and at different locations.  These Gatherings have grown to about 40 shooters in attendance, and from lasting just a couple hours to all day events.  The next Gathering will be a longer two day event!  We are looking at between 50 to 60 shooters at that one!  These Gatherings are a lot of fun... we have a fantastic time.  If your in or near Utah, your invited to come out and try some shooting, eat some brats... just bring some ammo.  Lots of ammo.

Aug 6th - Looks like Ogre will be sleeping on the couch for the rest of the month.  That's okay.  The bedroom is either too hot because the AC doesn't reach that far or its too chilly due to the cold shoulder I get from Mrs Ogre...

Aug 4th - The Guide to Being Evil.  This is a must read for anyone who has a thing for wearing black, kicked a dog, or are just plain evil. 

I built 5 variations of the HAWG FARM web site.  I trashed them all... I didn't like them.  I made them like some other websites - but they didn't feel right to me.  The one I have now - Well, I don't like it either.  Its going to stay until I make one that I like.  Frames... all these variants used frames. I think its because I hate frames that I hated these other versions.  Now, I promised would be jazzy... it will be by the time I am done.  I don't know about Java, Shockwave, and Flash... I don't think I want to go that far.

Aug 3rd - I woke up feeling sick as a dog!  I got major stomach issues going on.  Since my activity is going to be rather limited I am going to give Mad Ogre some work.  Working on some stuff right now.  Over at there is some good articles by Gabe Suarez.  Gabe is one of the nations top instructors.  Go take a look at that while I am editing Mad Ogre content.

The Seti@Home Project.  The truth to the Seti at home project...  Okay, here is my theory and I am sticking to it.  Berkley doesn't care about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  The project uses something called distributed computing.  Let me tell you what it really is.  Its an A.I. You see the human brain is made up of millions of brain cells, and after college you still have about 250,000... Anyways that's still an awful lot.  More computing power than we could ever hope to achieve in any computer system.  Now, since we can't build any computer tough enough to handle any sort of A.I. some guys at Berkley decided that they needed more power... They needed the power of millions of computers all linked over a network such as the internet to act as the individual neurons.  Each computer hooked up via the Seti @ Home project acts as a brain cell.  Through this vast network they have generate a very large positronic brain that has given life to an A.I.  They call the A.I. Seti.  Seti doesn't care about ET either.  In fact Seti doesn't care about much of anything.  You see the project failed to deliver.  Seti got side tracked by Laura Croft when one of the Berkley guys showed it Tomb Raider.  This has caused a great deal of concern over there at Berkley.  There has even been talk of "suicide" by some of the original Seti team members.  The project wasn't about making A.I., or even making one that wasn't evil... I mean come on Seti it's self isn't that bad - it just turned out to be just like its creators... a true computer nerd.  You see, the project was done to unravel the human genome.  The goal was to decode the human DNA to develop custom human clones.  Specifically each computer geek at Berkley wanted to create clones of the SBT

Hollywood's Hypocrisy - I just read that Tim Roth (Villain Jackhole) did not want to do the scene with Heston because of Heston's politics and position in the NRA.  Roth's attitude here is echoed across the board in Hollywood by many actors.  The hypocrisy comes from the fact that these actors portray characters that use weapons all the time.  Tim Roth himself has used pistols on many occasions in his career.  He played one roll in the movie Pulp Fiction as a guy holding up a cafe with a handgun...  Hey Roth - if your Anti Gun and you really mean it - you (and every actor) should REFUSE roles that call for ANY weapon to be used in a negative manner or one that displays unsafe gun handling.  Roth, your career was born with a handgun firmly grasped in your scrawny hands.  Sly Stallone, your the same way... Rosie even made a movie where she handled a firearm.  You guys should donate all your gun money - every cent that you made in a venture that involved a gun.  You guys are worse than the Governments war on Big Tobacco.  On one hand you spank it... on the other hand your pocketing fat profits from it and have become reliant on that income.  Your like some big fat bastard that says they hate ice cream for making him fat but then sitting down and gorges on gallons of it.  You have ZERO credibility.  And guess what?  People are starting to wake up to this fact... people are getting tired of listening to your idiotic tantrums.  Your nothing more than a sniveling hypocrite.

If Hollywood had any balls at all they would produce movies that HAVE NO GUNS.  They Can't. Guns are a stark reality in direct contrast to the plastic utopia the liberals pretend they desire. I don't care that they are Anti-Gun. I have 2 Liberals that work for me... One I hired personally and wouldn't trade her off for anything. I can respect ones opinions and beliefs. If that's the way they feel - Fine. Cool. No Problem. "To your own self be true." This is an old saying that most of us live by. Me? I will always be pro-gun... pro-liberty... pro-freedom... I wouldn't take a million dollars to appear in any Anti-Gun movie. And I am not rich by any means. Hollywood already has millions - and these hypocrites with a professed anti-gun belief continue to make movies that feature gunplay.

Weapons Section updated with some fresh content and reorganized to make more sense.  A very neglected section until just now.  I'll be updating that section more often.

Aug 2nd - I think I found the wheels I want for my Supra.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately.  I am enjoying the new music that I am calling Neo-Tech... Especially if its mixed well with Industrial, Grunge, and Heavy Metal... Groups like the Propeller Heads, and Trevor Rabin... Cool Stuff.  Very Cool Stuff.

Construction underway for the web sight  All Suggestions are welcome.  Yes, that sight will be much jazzier than - so shut up about that.  I like my format for this site!  I also like QWEST as my host so don't even bother me with offers for hosting.  If I wanted you to be my host, I would already have contacted you about it.

Aug 1st - Will begin archiving July content soon. 

Registered this morning.  Once the domain has been updated to be under my care, we shall proceed building the website.  The High Altitude Weapons Group (or H.A.W.G for short) Board of Directors met last night to discuss how to proceed with the project.  Still is the very first stages this project is exciting to all those involved.  We are still eagerly awaiting conceptual artwork that will icon the HAWG's primary facilities the "HAWG FARM".