JUNE, 2001

June 30 - "Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. It pays well, there are all sorts of perks and you can set your own hours. However every Evil Overlord I've read about in books or seen in movies invariably gets overthrown and destroyed in the end. I've noticed that no matter whether they are barbarian lords, deranged wizards, mad scientists or alien invaders, they always seem to make the same basic mistakes every single time. With that in mind, allow me to present..."  The Evil Overlord Top 100. 

My wife said I can get a new handgun!  SWEET!  I was just talking to my wife today about some guns... She said that I could get me a new one! BOOYAA!!!   I'm going to look for a 1911 Commander in .45ACP and send it down to Mad Dog in AZ for his "Basic" carry package. This comes after some expenses:
1. Restoration of her 1978 Jeep Wagoneer.  (or restore it to MY ideals and then get her a Mini Van)
2. All Bills caught up.
3. My Supra fixed up - Brakes, rear end, and a few other little things...
4. My AK-47. (I've wanted one badly now for at least 6 months - so it comes first!)
THEN I can get my new Commander!  I'm only 7500 bucks worth of expenses away or maybe next March, which ever comes first. 

June 29 - The US AIR FORCE has undertaken drastic measures to cut costs in its smart bomb technology.  Current inventories of laser guided, optical or TV guided bombs are soon to be phased out in favor of a newer concept that costs only 1/4 that of current smart bombs.  Military critics all agree that this is a good plan and hopes to begin recruiting Lawyers, IRS agents, and Politicians as soon as possible.

If you want some funny and politically incorrect cartoons - Check out this stuff at Attack Cartoons.

June 28 - What is it with gun companies making slick new guns and then making them LEO/MIL ONLY? This is irksome.  HK has its radical and wonderful new little PDW that hits like AR-15, small as an Ingram, 40 round magazine, collapsible stock and foregrip. You can pack it in a holster on your leg and forget its there - then when you need it *PRESTO* You have a carbine like SMG. How cool is that? The neatest thing Civvies get this year is a Browning Buckmark Rifle. While nifty - just doesn't have the cool factor of the HK.  Do you know why this is? Why we cant have the PDW...  Because AMERICANS CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!  Look... Americans INVENTED the HOTROD back in the 50's. We invented Rock and Roll too at about the same time. Anyways, back to the cars... We go and invent the muscle car and nowdays you can not get the high output 8 cylinder engine with the stick-shift in an American made car. Uh uh. You want the V-8, you have to take the sissy-shifter. You want a Manual? You get a wussy little 4 banger or an pathetic 6 thats in need of a bullet to the head. *sigh*  Its a sad state of affairs.  Like that Buckmark rifle... You can have the Pistol or you can have the Rifle... But if you buy a rifle, you cant take the stock off. Or if you buy the Pistol, you cant put the rifle barrel on it. Because if you did you would create a horrible and evil abomination called a "SHORT BARRELED RIFLE"!  THE HORROR! Holding the 2 in your hand... One is OK. The Other is OK... Cross breed those genes and you have Rosemary's Baby. Take a look at the AR-15. You can (if you are a Cop) put on the famous Colt 4-Position stock. It can shorten the length of the stock. If you have a 4-Postion and put it on your AR - your a FELON. That is of course unless you epoxy glue the stock in a fixed position. Before you do... Check that stock out... Open = Good. Close it = PURE EVIL!
Gimme a break. Your talking only 2 inches.  16 inches is Okay for a Rifle barrel. 18 inches is Okay for a shotgun barrel. 16 inches of shotgun barrel will get you Ruby Ridge and the FBI sniping your wife and kids. Don't even get me started on the idea of putting a knife on the end of your barrel! Talk about the number of the beast! SAVE THE CHILDREN from a bayonet charge! "NEWSLINE:  Thousands of innocent children were saved today from a knife attack because Robert Jones of Pensicola Florida was unable to lock his M9 bayonet to the barrel of his Post-Ban AR-15."   The world is just nuts to think that these rules have saved even one life.  Now, us Americans - should we suddenly realize that we CAN have a short barrel rifle in the back window of our V-8 powered stick-shifting hotrod... No child would be safe in the midst of that chaos! Thank heavens we have these LAWS to keep us Americans in check.

June 21st - Email from reader "Interesting site!  I'm going to list in my Internet Directory.  However, I have a few notes. >> Just being in the service doesn't make you an expert on weapons...  Sad, but very true.  I'm currently a member of the SARG (Small Arms Readiness Group, formerly SATT).  Even the folks in BRM units that we've trained come to us with a lot of misconceptions. >> First is the AR's "Direct Gas Impingment".  This means that the hot gas flows back through the rifle and directly into the action to cycle the bolt.  These gases carry carbon that deposits and builds up inside the action.  This leads to failure. This is ammo dependent, specifically the powder used, as troops found out the hard way in Viet Nam.  Any gas operated arm can foul and malfunction.  The direct flow does exacerbate this a bit, but properly maintained, the AR is perfectly reliable. It is the winning gun in Service Rifle and Three gun competition. SR shooters can use the M-14 and 3-gun guys can use any semi-auto.  But they choose the AR.  Don't argue with me.  Argue with our nation's current champions.  >> The A2 rifle fixed that by letting you adjust everything at the rear sight... but they left the front adjustable.  Huh?  Oh well.  There, are better rifles to look into than an AR-15.  The AK for example.  Or maybe a slingshot.  The A2 adjustable rear isn't for sighting in, its for shooting targets at longer range (like a BDC on a scope)  The AK is great for third-rate troops who will never learn how to shoot.  It is dirt-simple, stamped-metal cheap and ultra-reliable.  It might arguably be better for mass issue to soldiers, even in the US.  But it is useless for top notch marksmanship.  How many major competitions have been won with an AK?  I'll take an AR over a slingshot.  I can't hit anything with those things!   Fast X, John M. Buol Jr. Director, HSA"  Some good points John.  And thanks... The AR is nothing but Accurate and even Ergonomic.  But I don't agree with making the comparison between a standard M-16 to the ARs used in the rifle matches.   Comp rifles get some extra attention such as free-floating the barrel, hand fitted parts, heavy match grade barrel, target crown, much more precise sights, and even Jewell triggers.   Bushmaster sells a very nice DCM match rifle... It looks like a regular AR, but boasts a long list of features no found on a service rifle: http://www.bushmaster.com/shopping/dcm/pcwa2s20dcm8.asp
Putting that up against an AK is comparing a Ford Escort, to a Ford Cosworth.  In the hands of your average troop, the AK isn't at any disadvantage.  Possibly - Maybe with the Peep rear sight its easier for non-shooters to learn how to make hits...  but practical accuracy is probably about the same.  I was an instructor at Ft. Benning, worked at Malone 18.  I've seen plenty of shooters shoot that course and do just fine with AK variants. Now, a real shooter could wring that extra accuracy out of an M-16, granted.  But that same good shooter can do the same out of an AK.  You mentioned proper a properly maintained AR can be quite reliable.  Sure.  But that required regiment to maintain that AR is very extensive with lots of small parts to deal with.  An AK type rifle has fewer parts, a much more robust design... To take care of it, just clean it once in awhile and make sure you shake out any large rocks from the action.  For general issue - the US will NEVER issue an AK type rifle... But we can hope they might issue one perhaps based on the FAL's action.  Another simple and robust rifle.  Just think if a shorter, lighter FAL with a 30 round mag chambered for .243 perhaps in a bullpup configuration topped with an optical gunsite like the ACOG or MARS.  That would be IDEAL in my book.

June 20th - Email from a reader "You served in the Army, carried an M-16 daily, and you hate AR-15s?  Please explain, Justin."  Well Justin, its simple.   Just being in the service doesnt make you an expert on weapons... but it can make you an expert with your issued weapon.  To be honest - I was young and dumb and when it came to guns, the M-16 was impressive to me.  When I got out of the military I had the chance to check out other weapons.  Most of them were far better than the M-16.  The AR-15 is even less impressive than an M-16.  Things wrong with it?  There are plenty and the same goes for the M-16 as it does the AR... First is the AR's "Direct Gas Impingment".  This means that the hot gas flows back through the rifle and directly into the action to cycle the bolt.  These gases cary carbon that deposits and builds up inside the action.  This leads to failure.  Second is the Ejector.  The ejector kicks the case out of the action after the extractor pulls the case out of the chamber.  The AR uses a plunger type extractor while many guns use a fixed blade ejector.  The difference is that you cant jam a fixed ejector like you can an AR's.  Myself and others I know have experienced jams related to extractor failures.  The smallest little but of brass shavings can lead to a failure that is simply not fixable in combat.  The last is just a pet peeve - adjustable front sight post.  What are they thinking?  Anyways... I think it sucks and thats a personal opinion.  The A2 rifle fixed that by letting you adjust everything at the rear sight... but they left the front adjustable.  Huh?  Oh well.  There, are better rifles to look into than an AR-15.  The AK for example.  Or maybe a slingshot.

Yesterday I had the chance to go out by the DPG in Tooele, Ut and do some shooting with some friends.  Had a great time and wish we could have had more time...  Next time lets arrange more time, more guns, more ammo, and better food!

June 19th - The 2nd Tuesday of every month I have to give a Power Point presentation in staff meeting at work.  I don't mind staff meetings - and I don't mind giving a report.  I just really don't like Power Point.  I wish it never existed.  I'm a Leader not a Salesman - I shouldn't have to deal with presentations... They make me a little frustrated.  Next month's Power Point will be just a Giant US Flag and I'll give my report verbally walking back and forth in front of it.   

June 18th - VICTORY!  The Jeep is back in running order... growling like an angry bear as normal.  That big 401 dragged my butt all the way back to Orem with ZERO problems.  In fact it sprinted up point of the mountain doing well over 70 and the temp gauge never rose above the normal cruising temp.  Even better news - when I got back home - on a whim - I decided to tinker a bit with the Supra and totally stumbled on it's electrical problem.  With the issue located, and in the mornings light - will be able to make a semi permanent fix that will have it running normally.  I already had it started and running tonight.  Also tonight I stopped by CHECKER and purchased a couple treatments of PROLONG engine treatment and administered same to the Jeep and the Supra.  My Father-in-Law has used PROLONG for some years in his trucks.  He goes through trucks like Rosie O'Donnell goes through a bucket of chicken.   Both trucks have over 200K miles and one of them was the donor for an engine transplant into a Jeep Cherokee.  Before that "Old" engine was dropped into that little jeep they measured all the specs and found it to be factory fresh.  Bearings had ZERO measurable wear with a micrometer... That little Jeep is running like a champ.  Anyways - if its helped those poor abused trucks - its a good thing to try in my vehicles.  Time will tell how this PROLONG works for me.  Checker has this stuff for 19 bucks.  Its a recommended buy from my Dad-in-law who is one of the smartest men I have ever met... and a very good mechanic. 

Fathers Day - We took the Wagoneer on a 4 hour cruise upstate... and ended up 24 hours of Gilligan's freakin hell... The jeep overheated and basically just blew up 5 times. I replaced something each time including water pump and every hose under the hood.  It never made it home... its now parked at a shop with a note attached to the keys... "The Jeep that's parked in the lake of coolant doesn't need an oil change."  This 600 dollar jeep is getting pretty danged expensive!  I am suspecting that its a blown head gasket now.  I'll get this all worked out and it will be a fine vehicle again...   Still - its frustrating to fight this problem, seriously for 24 hours under the hood on a hot engine, and still have to give up. This started Saturday Night and 9PM and finally ended at 9PM Sunday.
1. This Jeep isn't the big 360 V-8 as I thought before - its the limited edition even bigger 401 V-8 that's a bugger to find parts for on a Sunday in Utah. Heck - its tough to find a BURGER on Sunday here in Utah... but the 401 means its a collectors piece - or so I am told by the parts shop guys - who all still declined to buy this collectors piece for the 600 that I purchased it for...
2. I now know how to replace the water pump, which involves removing and reinstalling the AC, Power Steering, and Alternator because some AMC Genius decided it would all work better if EVERYTHING connected to the water pump.
3. My 2nd degree burns on my hands and arms from working on overheated engines will heal in 2 to 3 weeks.
4. My family and I are finally home.

June 15 - Letter from a reader:  "Great site, couldn't help but notice your comment on the M4, I agree completely, we would be better off going back to the M14.  Take heart there is hope.  http://www.atk.com/defense/ OICW, http://www.gdarm.com/ OCSW under products, land systems not guns. Now if all of this high speed shit holds up in the field, these look pretty good. Can't wait to see what turns up for the OSW (Objective Sniper Weapon) program, figure the PDW will be something similar to HK's newest PDW http://www.hkpro.com. Now maybe you can feel a little better about the state of U.S. small arms development.  Semper Fi, S.Kingston."  Thanks Kingston... I don't know if going back to the M14 would be ideal... While the M14 was - IS - a fantastic weapon system... there are some that are better suited to the Military's new role.  The 7.62mm Nato is a fantastic round and probably idea for general military use... however many feel its too much.  I can see that.  I'd rather go into a fight with a loaded 30 round magazine than a 20 round... but if .308 is too much then .223 is too little.  7.62X39mm would not be acceptable because it has been the caliber of choice for our enemies for the last 50 years or more.  Take a look at .243 - it splits the difference ballistically and still allows a full 30 round mag.  I think that its a possible candidate for adoption in a "perfect world" scenario.  To go along with this new caliber - a new rifle is needed.  I have a strong dislike for Stoner's AR rifle... so the M-16 and all its mutant offspring just have to go.  There are a number of viable candidates for a good rifle... One I am fond of comes from Israel, a country that unlike any other seriously knows Defense.  They have been there and done that.  They know guns like NASCAR knows stockcars. The TAVOR rifle is dang near PERFECTION.  It would be interesting to evaluate a Tavor chambered for .243 as a new rifle candidate.  This will change everything in the Military but its due.  I'm tired of reading about how the Army's new replacement for the M-16 is another M-16.  When I was in the service I had the chance to start out with an A1 and transition and get retraining on the NEW A2.  I was not impressed.  The OICW does ad some nice features and ability to the Fire Team but its such a large and bulky weapon system...  I would rather see HK build a 20MM rifle and instead of under-slinging an auto-rifle, issue an HK PDW (new style) to that gunner.  The PDW is a fantastic little weapon system - extending stock and folding fore-grip lets you stabilize for accurate long range shooting that's close to the power of an old M-16.  Amazing.  The only drawback to that is that everyone will want one and they will not make one available to the Public in a Semi-Only variant.  That sucks.

June 14th - I have done everything I know to get this damned Supra running again.  Even hooked jumpers up to it and gave it some Jeep Juice.  Nothing.  I'm at the point now where I WILL trade a motorcycle for it...   Any Offers?  Honda Magna or other Cruiser of 750CCs or more, that's in immaculate shape, plus a nice gun like a VEPR II and you can take this Supra.  I've HAD IT.

I've been looking at some more rifles lately.  As I have mentioned before I am really liking the VEPR II rifle in 7.62X39MM.  Its a remarkable rifle with a lot of capability.  There are a couple variations I would like done to it... but that's a good place to start for building The Ogre Rifle.  One thing I would like would be a short barreled VEPR II.  The other one would be a VEPR II set up like an SVD sniper rifle.  The SVD is a fantastic rifle that could serve multiple rolls out here in Utah.  P-Dogs, Chucks, Jackrabbits, general plinking and even hunting.  Utah has some good hunting that an SVD would make a fine rifle for.  Maybe a little challenging for the bigger game like Elk - but hey - shot placement just becomes more important.  The other rifle that I am interested in but is out of my budget right now is an M96 that I have also mentioned before.  I'm not a huge fan of .223 but I am a fan of this rifle.  Its just fantastic.  If it was in another caliber then I just could not help myself... I'd have to get one.  Especially if it was in .308.  The rifle just begs for .308 but Robarm would have to bulk up a few parts for it.  .300 Whisper would make a good caliber for it too.

The Toyota Supra is DOA right next to the old Van now.  Something in the electrical system that I have not been able to find yet.  This is really starting to piss me off - no matter what I do - we always remain with only 1 functional vehicle.  I'm 2 seconds away from trading that danged car for a Motorcycle.

Been thinking of a tattoo for some reason that I am not sure of... I found an Angel tattoo that I like.  I am going to put this on my paintball marker just to dress it up a bit.

June 12th - Rethinking MIL-SPEC.  I have been thinking about the term MIL-SPEC and the power that the phrase has over some shooters.  Why is MIL-SPEC important? I don't see the advantage that Military Specification parts and tolerances are supposed to give you.  I see Mil-Spec as the Lowest Rung on the ladder. You can get much better results from rifles or pistols that are not Mil-spec... Especially in AR-15 rifles.  I know some guys that get just all mushy that his rifle is Mil-Spec. Since when is that the benchmark for high quality?  It isn't.  Its minimal standards.  You want a good gun - forget about Mil-Spec. Look beyond that.
I just got off the phone with a guy that seriously needs his head checked.  Its like "Tactical" all over again - but more GI.
You want a good AR? Forget Bushmasters - they might be military standard but they suck compared to a custom AR like a Less Baer AR-223.  Same thing with 1911s. Mil-Spec 1911s are just not up to snuff compared to a Wilson Combat with a nice Beavertail, trigger work, polished rails, and good sights.  Mil-Spec means Entry Level to me... Its just a starting point. 

The above post seems to have caused some controversy.  Seems some people are offended that I have a higher standard than they do. Get over it.  Sheesh.  Gun Owners are the most touchy people...  If you don't agree with their ideal gun - then your either a liar, or an idiot.  I don't have a problem with other people and their choices.  I have a problem when people take offense because I wouldn't select their choice and throw an attack at me.  Guns are a matter of Taste and Style.  

June 11th - Poor picked on Timmy is Dead.  Rest in eternal pain you bastard.  Enough of him.  I need to sound off on his former defense attorney.  What a vomitous spew that jackhole dished out for the cameras!  "Today we killed their son... today we killed her brother...  blah blah blah..." gimme a freakin break.  Instead of all this crap - I wanted to see the relatives and spouses and parents of the victims.  The media should have shown the faces of the people that finally have a piece of justice after a long 6 years of waiting for it.  That attorney doesn't give a fig about McVeigh... what he does care about and why he was waxing poetic was for material for his book deal and possible movie deal.  What a leach. 

No Reaction!  After what I said yesterday I was looking forward to a good blow up from the Mrs.  Nothing.  Just a smile and a "I love you." What?  I'm disappointed.

New section will be coming up soon... Written by my younger brothers.  Content will be totally up to them.  I'm afraid already. 

June 10th - I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about Timothy McVeigh.  He has become the media's doll baby.  I think the media totally feeds these kinds of jackholes.  Feeds them and feeds on them.  They need to let McVeigh slip out of this life with ZERO Fan Fare.  Either that or execute him publicly on a breaking wheel in a very graphic and vividly brutal way.  He needs to go out screaming in pain and agony.  Screw this humane lethal injection bullshit.  Flogging and stoning should just be a warm up on this bastard.

Confession:  I am wanting to go see this Tomb Raider flick.  Jolie is hot and here she is packing heat in the form of a pair of very nice H&K Match .45s.  Stainless slides, compensators, full capacity magazines... That's hot.  However - I don't think Mrs. Ogre will let me see this flick and live.  She is the jealous type... there can't even be a cute girl on TV without her giving me a cold stare.  I don't get her sometimes - but I love her more than anything.  She is sexy and she she is smart... she smells good... I couldn't live without her.  I don't understand why she thinks I would take Jolie over her.  That's stupid.  I'll take both!

Archive2 Created.  All of Mays posts are moved there.  I'll be archiving by the month I think for the time being depending on content.

June 9th - Got a new old toy.  Friend of mine sold me an old relic he had occupying his drive way.  An Indian Red 1978 Jeep Wagoneer 4X4.  After dropping in a fresh battery it took about 30 minutes to get it growling again.  The fuel lines had dried out and the engine was just starved...  But once it got its fuel it was running happily.  After I got the tires inflated to 35PSI all the way around it actually drove very well.  Cruised 60MPH all the way home with no problems.  Then I hit the off ramp...  Dire need of some breaks.  Severe Pucker Factor pulled us to a stop JUST IN TIME... other than brakes it pretty much good to go.  Or at least I have observed so far.  Filters, Plugs, oil and fluids... we shall have to replace these all shortly... oh - Tires.  We shall have to get some tires too.  They are in need of tread for inspection.  Over all I think it will be a fine addition to the family fleet.  This leaves the Van situation.  Our good old full sized van is totally DOA.  Well - maybe not totally - but its dead to us now.  It need Carb work and serious tune up and the fuel tank removed and dried and this and that extras like new drivers seat.  Its fixable - but I dont have the money to fix it.  Estimate on the van is about 1500 worth of repairs to get it streetable again.  Estimate to get the Jeep streetable - 150 to 175.  Hence the purchase of the Jeep for my wife.  These older cars - I dont car what people say about old cars - I love them.  They have Character.  New cars are quite often totally devoid of soul, or seriously lacking in it.  This old Jeep has that Been There Done That character that will fit into our fleet nicely.  Its got a brutal look to it that is backed up by an honest to God V-8 engine.  It could use some body work - has some undercarriage rust that can be taken care of with out too much fuss... and it could really use a paint job - but thats not important.  Chicks dig Scars, right?   Special thanks go out to Scott - who for an unrepentant Star Trek nut is alright...  Thanks Scott.  What to do with the Van?  Sell it?  Maybe.  But to who?  Who would buy the thing that has had names such as  "The Big Ass Momma Van, The Galactica, The Sail Barge, The Sand Crawler..." and others.  Its got a bed in the back, a sink, a fridge, and a spot for a TV/VCR combo.  Its like a little RV really - just needs some TLC and it would be right back in the action.  I think I'll ask 500 for it and pretty much take any offer given above 200. It will be great to go to the TFL Gatherings in a respectable "Shooter's Mobile"... The Van and the Supra just don't fit in. 

Paintball - Updated.

June 6th - Been feeling under the weather with a stomach bug.  Nothing better than rolling around on the couch in self pity and sickness.  I had the chance to watch my satellite broadcasted day time television.  This confirmed something that I had believed for a long time... People Suck.  Individually people can be okay - but as a whole - people are retarded. 

The Fast and the Furious - new movie coming out that a lot of people really don't know what to make if it.  (Another reason people suck - short memory)  Its a car movie.  There used to be a lot of car movies but they went out of style.  Gone in 60 Seconds brought the car movie back and this is just another one.  These are in the tradition of American Graffiti and Grease.  One thing I am looking forward to seeing is that fellow that played the role of Bad Guy in the movie Pitch Black.  I forgot his name - but he is a smooth badass of the highest order that surpasses the likes of Sylvester, Arnold, or many other action movie hero types.  This guy is cool and did such a great job in Pitch Black as to make that lame movie something worth watching.  (Okay - its so much as lame but as over done and not original enough)  I like cars - so I like car movies.  I enjoyed Gone in 60 Seconds... cool cars.  The Fast looks like one I will enjoy too.  Fast cars, cool guys, hot chickybabes, and hard music.  I'm not sure about the type of fast car pictured center screen... Street Imports are fast - don't get me wrong...  You can tweak a Honda out to the point that it can challenge a Vette.  But you could take a Vette and tweak it out to the above and beyond!  My little Supra is a sport import - so I guess I should be relating to this movie even more.  I've raced two Mustangs, a Saleen and a Cobra.  I won both.  So maybe this movie will be accurate car wise.  (Doubt it!)  Now I need a brake job badly - so I am not racing anymore until that gets done.  While I'm having that done I am thinking about getting steel braded lines installed... Anyways.  This movie looks like one I will want to see in the theatre - maybe not premier - but at least at the Dollar theatre.

Tribes - I've played a bit of this lately.  Its certainly an alternative to Rogue Spear - but I just cant get into it.  Sure its fun - but I wont going out to buy my own copy any time soon.

June 2nd - Paintball page Updated.  About the Nortel Networks/Cisco Systems game.

Old buddy Shaun came out to play paintball, him and Dave have new motorcycles...  Dave has a new Shadow and Shaun is running a NICE Honda Magna.  Very Nice.  I am envious.  I LOVE Magnas.   He has got it decked out sweet too.  Customized tank to pipes.  Its got a nice angry sound to it that is just plain hostile. Shaun - you suck... ;-)

June 1st - I am so proud of my little brothers.  My Bros who are in the service, will be spending the next couple of weeks training with the British Royal Marines.  <Insert Evil Laughter Here>  Tear them up Bros!  I had the chance to train with them as well back in my day.  Two Observations.  1.  The Royal Marines are some of the most arrogant SOBs you will ever meet.  They need an extra ruck sack just to pack their egos.  2.  They are not all that good at what they do.  They train hard and run around in the cold wearing their underwear - so I guess they are tough in some respects... but they are not the fighters that American Grunts are.  I personally had the chance to wipe out 1/2 a platoon of those limeys and didn't get a round of return fire.  They train hard - but I am not sure what on.  Maybe synchronized swimming or something.  I wonder what weapon they will be fielding.  It is rumored that they have dumped the SA-80s and have switched back to the older yet formidable L1A1.  We shall have to wait for the after action report.

Updated Paintball Page.