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Ogre’s Ultimate Movie List is Revised. Again.

Due to popular demand, Ronin, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Zulu, and The Thing has been included, bumping a few movies.

Some guys have been asking why no Star Wars. Because primarily there is very little Baddassery going on. Han shot after Greedo misses, Storm Troopers miss too much, and Luke is a little biotch.

Update: Wild Bunch instead of Inception.

I think this is about as solid as it gets for the Top Fifty. Really, this list is now a Master’s Degree in being Badass. Each movie teaches lessons in about being a fucking Man, and not a sensitive metrosexual guy with a spare vaginia in his man-purse.

The revised list is here.

What do you think now?

Things I hate in Movies

There are 3 Key movie elements that has become rather popular in most any movie these days in one form or another.  If you have one of these Elements in your movie – Your Movie Sucks.  If your movie has more than one, it really sucks.

Roller Coaster Scenes.  Any Scene where the characters are in a run away vehicle of some sort, coal car, mine car, Sled, or just sliding down a long thing…. I hate Roller Coasters.  Disney Animated Movies are famous for these things.

Costume Change Montages.  The Character is trying on multiple outfits.  As found in any chick flick, these scenes usually are book ended by Shopping Montages.

Hysterical Screaming Women.  The woman character, regardless of looks or relationship to the protagonist, can do nothing but scream.

There is one movie that pretty much touches on all these elements to one extent or another, and I hate it.  It’s classified as a Non-Movie.  A piece of Film Garbage that is not mentioned or referenced – ever – due to the massive suckage.

I had to use a clip that didn’t have that stupid bitch screaming so I wouldn’t shoot my computer.

Bonus Element:  Dragons.  I fucking hate Dragons.  Unless it’s Smaug.  Or Management.  Those are the only good dragons.  Your Dragon sucks.

The Scariest Movies

KSL.com has an article about the 13 Scariest movies.

This list is for Horror Lightweights… Which means for most people living in Utah.  But the Ogre lives in Utah and this list is something he might watch at 3 AM because he can’t sleep.  *Yawn*.  I’m bored and tired just looking at that Fail Roster.

Okay, The Ring and The Thing are right up there for great Spook Flix… but they don’t SCARE me.  I’m not exactly sure what it is that really scares me… but there is one that stands out that scared the shit out of me.


There are two kinds of people out there… Those that have seen EH in the theatre… and those that have only seen it at home, safe, in your little box.  Event Horizon scared the shiat out of me.  3 days later, I climbed a wall backwards trying to get away from my wife… because I was having a nightmare about EH.  Uncle Musket did the same thing 2800 miles away after watching EH, three days later.  Hell, I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep for a week.

The Woman in Black… with Daniel Radcliffe is a new movie out on disk that’s well worth watching.  It has great Lovecraftian atmosphere and tells a good story.  It’s scared a lot of people I know… and is now in my favorites list of Creepy Movies.  You’ll have to check it out if you’ve not seen it.

So what movie scared you the most?

The Avengers

I liked it and I didn’t like it.  First off, let me go over what I didn’t like…

I hated the stupid flying aircraft carrier that turns invisible.  Okay, the Carrier was cool to a point… that point being right up till the moment it started to lift off up out of the water.  That suspension of disbelief request by the film makers was just too much.  Then on top of it… it can go invisible.  No… I don’t think so. You have all this great technology but still can get shrapnel out of Tony Stark’s chest?  Really?
The huge amount of CGI with so much crap happening on the screen all at the same time… it gives me a headache.  This is one of the reasons I didn’t like GI Joe and it looks like the same people that did that did this.
But what I liked –  Joss Whedon’s script.  The dialog and the way he wrote the interaction between the characters was absolutely brilliant.  You have Super Heroes here, which requires a lot of suspension of disbelief already, but you have dialog that makes them human and makes them real.

I also liked how you have these super heroes with earth-bending powers… and a chick with a pair of Glock’s can keep up.  In her tight black cat-suit. Wish her hair was longer like in the last Iron Man, but still.  I liked Hawkeye too.  The actor, the lack of high collars and capes on him… I liked that.  The Arrow Head selecting quiver was a bit much… but it was still good.

John Carter of Mars

I’m going to pass on seeing this movie.  I have to. 
You see… I watched Starship Troopers.  I watched Battlefield Earth.  Left the theater with teeth clenched, fists balled up tight, and tears in my eyes.  Hollywood ruined a couple of my favorite books. 
I didn’t read comic books as a kid, I read thick novel of epic scale.  The comic kids have had it easy.  Ironman. Captain America.  You don’t have be humiliated saying you loved reading it… Or looking at the pictures as the case may be.  But saying Starship Troopers was your favorite book is tantamount to saying you eat boogers.  Those films of my fondest memories were so bad… I just can’t do this again…

True Grit vs True Grit

Both versions of “True Grit” are now on Netflix. The classic version with John Wayne, and the new one with Jeff Bridges.
After reviewing them both carefully and considering everything… I’ve come to the conclusion that new version is indeed the better movie. Better casting, acting, directing, and it’s more realistic. John Wayne plays a great John Wayne, but Jeff Bridges absolutely becomes Rooster Cogburn. Hailee Steinfeld plays Mattie Ross brilliantly, and upstages both veteran actors. She is amazing and adorable… unlike the original version’s Mattie Ross, who was completely annoying throughout. Better violence, harsh and stark, the way it should be. A better ending too. And the new version has the ultimate creature of nightmare making… The Bear Hat Man.