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Dear Beretta

I’m a fan of your guns, I really am…  But it seems you have a hole in you line up that needs filled.
You guys need to come out with a simple, slim, low bore axis, striker fired pistol.
No rotational locks, slide mounted safety, or anything else that adds width.  You teased us with the Nano… We know you could do it.  Yes, I’m saying Beretta needs to make a Glock.  Imagine a pistol with Glock-like simplicity, but with some Italian good looks and feel.  Actually, look hard at the Caracal pistols.  That trigger is fantastic.  I could have one… And I want one… But something about it is off.  I know Beretta could do a better job of it.
The action of the 92 is interesting, and applied to a striker gun could be something fantastic.  If it could be done slim wise.

The Conclusion of No Glock November.

For the month of November, I carried a Beretta 92FS, and nothing else. Here’s what I relearned and had hammered into my head. You absolutely can carry a Full Sized automatic handgun for Concealed Carry. At first it was unusual because the gun was larger and heavier than what I was used to packing. When Adams Holsters sent me the new Sharkhide Crossroads rig, all the sudden packing that beast of a Beretta became much easier and comfortable for all day carry.
When I say all day carry, what I really mean is “If I’m wearing pants, I’m wearing my gun”. And the Beretta, once I got used to it, was really no problem.
The Crossroads rig is a nice wide pancake style outside of the waistband type holster. This distributes the weight and the profile and really is the most comfortable type of holster you can use. The big 92 just became a part of me for the whole of November.
By week 3, I was very much enjoying the big gun.
There were a couple times when having a big service auto was indeed a greater comfort. There was a moment when I came out of a location late at night and walked across the parking lot to my Bike. A couple large, thuggish looking guys were parked not very far away, leaning on their truck, drinking beer. I make no judgement on their poor choice of domestic horse-piss, or their choice of Brokeback music they were playing. But what concerned me was their increased level of attention to me as I approached. Having the Beretta almost whisper to me “We can take them”, was a great assurance. The other time was when I came home, and through the shadows, a brief flash of red Eye Shine caught me by surprise. In the story I wrote, “UPRISING USA” and “UPRISING UK”, I have evil characters called “Red Eyes” which are demonically possessed zombies. And here at Ogre Ranch, I just saw red eyes shining in the shadows along the side of my house.
I jumped off my bike, drew the Beretta and covered where the eye shine was. I could see something there… but I didn’t know what it was. My flashlight… I had one with me… was in my backpack, doing me not a damn bit of good. The Beretta in my hand allowed me to stand my ground when a more sane man would have backed off. Just then my wife drove up in her Explorer and the the sweep of her headlights illuminated the creature that I was damn near ready to light up.
It was Mule Deer Buck… Just standing there, looking at me, sniffing at me. It turned and bounded off as the car passed.
Having a large creature breathing and standing there… and you don’t know what the hell it is… it can be disturbing.  Bears are in the mountains just behind Ogre Ranch… and I hate bears.  Pooh even makes my trigger finger itch.  The idea of having a bear here did not make me happy.  We had one before, about seven years ago.  A small black bear.  No big deal, but still… it’s just the bear that mauls more people than any other.  A 15 round mag full of PDX1 backed up with a couple 20 rounders was plenty enough for a bear.  Even a shadowy nightmare bear.  Nightbears.  I hate Nightbears.  We also have Cougars out here.  Lots of them.  Older women and the Mountain Lion types… Both are highly dangerous…  And their are the Coyotes and Feral Dogs that come around too.  But the eye shine was much higher than cougars and canines.
I had to laugh a bit as the big buck deer bounded away and disappeared.   It’s the unknown thought made that brief moment rather scary.  In that brief moment, the big service auto was a comfort and a half.  Of course, I’d rather have had one of my 12 Gauges, but I didn’t feel like I was holding a squirt gun.

November is now passed and that means I have the option of not wearing my Beretta 92FS.  December First, I put on my Glock 23L and instantly appreciated the lighter weight of it.  But as the day went on, I found myself missing the Beretta.  The heft of it.  Pulling it out, the Glock just didn’t have the pleasing lines and good looks of the Beretta… it was disappointing.   I’ll be rolling with the Beretta more often now.

Half way through Beretta Month.

Let’s see… We’re at the half way point.
What are my impressions?

I’m well pleased with the Beretta.  The Size and Weight, I was expecting to become a problem.  The gun is heavier than anything else I’ve carried these last few years and it does pull my belt down on one side a bit.  But then again, I’ve also lost a lot of poundage and the belt is looser than it as ever been.   I prefer to use Pancake style OWB holsters for comfort, and this probably helps a great deal.  But do to the overall size of the Beretta, I have found that it can print depending on what I am wearing… namely a loose fitting Under Armor Polo if I lean forward or bend down to pick something up.  Other than that, the gun stays well hidden and doesn’t cause any problems.   The length of the barrel, being that full length fighting gun, does mean that the holster can at times Peakaboo out from under a jacket or shirt tail or sweater.  But since this is fall, if I’m not working, I favor nice baggy hoodies anyways so this is no problem.

I still love the Full Size feel and the confidence this gun radiates.  The accuracy is great and I can hit very well with it.  I’ve changed the thick rubber grips off of it for OEM polymer grips, which may seem like a downgrade, but they fit my hand so much better, so it’s a plus for me.  I am liking the Beretta more and more as time goes on.  I am not ready to give up on my Glocks any time soon… but the Beretta is indeed going to be a regular gun in the carry rotation from now on.  I intend to use this in more active roles now.  I should have used it at the MAG-40 class, where I am confident that I could have scored my 300 instead of the 298.

The downsides to the 92FS as a Daily Carry Gun.  A.  It’s size.  It IS just a very large handgun and if this was the peak of summer, packing it concealed would be more of a problem as I can’t wear Hoodies.  Packing it Open Carry, like I can do around here easily, does attract a few eyeballs, but no one has said anything.  It’s more overt than my smaller, less interesting Glocks.  B.  I wish the 92FS’s used a Dovetailed front sight post.  While this pistol does have Night Sights, being a former LEO weapon, I would have loved the chance to tap in a different front sight post, such as a Mepro or a Big Dot.

So to sum this up, I’m giving it an 8 out of 10 at this point.

No Glock November

It started as a challenge. A gauntlet thrown. No Glocks for the Month of November, just Beretta, and specifically, just the Beretta 92FS, which I just happen to have.  I can’t give the details, or any better explanation… but I have my reasons.

I came into the Beretta 92FS which was owned by my Brother, which was owned by my Friend, which was owned by evidently a Cop according to Beretta.  But all that is not important.  The important bit is the challenge its self.  The fact that the Beretta is “Too Big” and “Too Heavy” and it has the Safety in the wrong place and it’s just wrong to Carry and that you can’t do it.  Well, yeah, I can, and I am.  In fact, it’s mostly Open Carried when not at work, which is no big thing out here in my part of the world.  Lots of guys Open Carry around here.  And since the Election, the numbers of Open Carry that I’ve seen has gone through the roof.

Back to the Beretta.  I got it well used.  Thanks to another friend at Beretta, I’ve changed the locking block, springs, and the grips back to OEM.  This required the grinding of the Grip Screws as they were too long and locked the magazine in tight like it was bolted in… because it was.  So I had to shorten them.  This took all of 4 Minutes.  The thicker rubber grips were just a touch too thick for my hands. With the OEM’s back on, I like it much better.  Fits my hand and points better for me.  I am digging the gun.  It’s a good 92, and according to Beretta it’s a Law Enforcement gun that came from the factory with Night Sights.

So now that everything is ready for duty, I’m going to pack nothing but this Beretta for the rest of the month.  No 23′s, no 22′s, no 17′s… Not even an M&P, and no 1911′s. Just Beretta, and just this 92FS.
All carry and all pistol shooting is Beretta.  This is going to be a challenge because I am so used to the Glocks.  My G23 in my Adams Holsters Sharkhide rig has been a part of me.  I am no stranger to the 92.  I had one before, years ago.  I sold it and got a CZ-97B, and that turned into another gun that I don’t remember… Springfield maybe.  Yeah, that’s what it was.  But I had a nice 92 that I had picked up almost brand new.  To be honest… as much as I liked it… I wasn’t that good with it.  Well, I’m a much better handgunner now, so I’m not bothered with going from crisp single action like triggers to this DA/SA style.

Another challenge was thrown and accepted.  Next month, it’s SIG.

Enter The Beretta

Beretta’s have been passe and over played for a long time now… Since the first Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon movie.  Robocop packed a Beretta.  The Grammaton Clerics of “Equilibrium” packed them.  The Matrix was probably the last of the big Beretta Block Busters.

The Original 92. Note the Safety Position.

And people kinda got tired of seeing them.  So they pretty much disappeared from the Big Screen.  Replaced by Stainless finished Glocks quite often.

Well, Beretta came back big time in TAKEN 2.  A long extended Chase Scene featuring Beretta 92FS‘s, 90-Two, and Storm Pistols.   And they looked awesome on the Silver Screen.

Yeah, still looks awesome.

But is this a good thing?  I mean, isn’t the Beretta old school 80′s?

We all know the US Army just purchased a freaking ton of them, making it the handgun for the US Military for at least another 5 years.  Probably longer.  Why?  Because the 92FS is a very high quality pistol with reliability like the Sun Rise.   They are super smooth, consistent, accurate, soft shooting, and extremely safe handguns.  I will argue they have the safest of actions of any semi-auto handguns.   Yet, when they are run properly, they are just as fast as anything else.

The Classic…

The other handgun that US Military uses is the SIG P226 and the 228… Which are very good indeed, but during the Handgun Trials, the Beretta did indeed outperform the SIG’s.  You can argue that all you want, but the Beretta won it.  And if you were on the selection board, you would have given the Beretta the nod too.  I think what makes the 92 so good is what makes it so distinctive… That open slide.  A common upgrade to many handguns is to open up the ejection port.  I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to open up the 92 anymore.  Clear ejection.  Any gunk getting in there gets blown back out too.  The feed geometry is ideal.  It’s almost a straight shot in from the magazine into the chamber.  Unlike a 1911 or other guns which makes the cartridge have to do some gymnastics to get loaded.    And then there is the locking block.  Under the barrel there is a winged wedge-like block.  This is what locks and unlocks the action, allowing the 92 to be naturally and inherently smooth… Probably the smoothest action of any locked breach handgun.

Is that an Elite II?

The classic 92FS is also a very good looking handgun.  It looks cool.  There is something wrong with you if you can’t appreciate the lines and curves of the 92… It just looks like what a handheld weapon should look like.  And I think the newest version of the 92 looks awesome.

If there is any downside to the 92, it’s the size.  The 92 is indeed a large handgun.  But then again, it’s supposed to be.  It was designed to be a Full Sized, Duty Sidearm.  For the guys out there packing only a handgun in their Fight against Evil, the Beretta was comforting, it had some heft, sure, but it also had something few other handguns had… a huge capacity. 15 Rounds!  Back then, that was amazing.  Now, 15 isn’t a huge capacity… but then again, I’ve not seen a guy that can shrug off 15 rounds of well placed 9mm hits.  A big gun is a comfortable gun for shooting… felt recoil… accuracy… They are just easier to go the distance with than a small gun.

Look at the swept lines… Sexy!

Beretta is the oldest company on the planet.  They know how to make a good product.  Sure, they have had a few flops… Such as the 9000 model.  But overall, you can’t beat Beretta’s track record.

We’ve seen a marked upswing in Beretta sales locally.  They are coming back in popularity, so expect to see more of them in the Media and Cinema.

Packing the M9

Last weekend I ended up with my friend Mike Kupari’s old Beretta 92FS.  This is the same gun that the US Army just bought another 100,000 of.  I’ve been packing it since I got it, which is about the same time Beretta made the announcement.

The Beretta is a huge pistol for 9mm.  The grip frame is massive and the magazine capacity is less than it should be for a gun of this size.  Only 15 rounds when other guns with smaller grips are able to pack in 18 or so.  But this isn’t a big deal to me.  The gun has a lot of character.  It’s easy to shoot well with.  And it’s not too heavy.  It carries well enough in the good Pancake style holster I have for it.  But it can print thanks to the Beretta’s slide mounted safety.

Overall, I really like it.  I do prefer packing a full sized handgun, or a Mid Size, compared to the popular Sub-Compact options.

100,000 More Beretta M9′s for the Army

Beretta has announced that the US Army is set for the M9 for another 5 years and has ordered another hundred thousand M9 handguns.

So there you go… No new Army handgun for some time to come.  Sorry guys.

Of course, the M9 isn’t all that bad, when running off of good Beretta made magazines.  It’s full sized frame makes it controllable, confidence inspiring, and it’s both accurate and reliable… again, when running off factory mags and not after market.    Of course, my problem isn’t the gun, but the chosen caliber.  Maybe we can get an upgrade kit and make them all .40′s at least?  No?  Oh well.  The 9mm has done a good job with what it’s had to deal with.  The problem though is that the US Military has to use FMJ ammunition, where as we can run good JHP’s if we like.  If the Military could use some good old Hollow Points, then I think the complaints about stopping power would diminish greatly.

If not HP’s, then how about EFMJ’s?  Expanding Full Metal Jackets.  They look like regular Ball ammo but expand on impact.

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I can’t understand this.

Last week I did something I probably shouldn’t have… Okay, I know that’s a list that goes all the way to the floor, but I’m talking about one particular thing.

I pulled a Beretta M9 out of the case and really looked at it again.  I felt it.  Cycled it.  Stripped it down and examined it closely.  Now, the Big Beretta is nothing new to me… I’ve owned two of them but they never really inspired me or made me feel all that interested in them.  I got them just because.

Now, looking at this Beretta… Feels good in the hand.  Big and Curvy and Sexy… It’s been growing on me.

Here’s the odd thing.  I’d want it in 9mm.  I’d pretty much just keep it stock save for Slipstreaming.  Because really they are fine just like that.  Huh.  I don’t know why I’d even want the thing.  I prefer SIG and Glock… Single Actions over Doubles.  But I am digging the M9 right now.  I just don’t know why.