A good point…

Last week on Armed American Radio, during the Round Table, we talked about possible civil unrest and Police and Federal Agents coming down hard on US Citizens all Jackboot Style.
I said that I have a lot of friends who are law enforcement officers, and agents of Homeland Security that I’ve met are all on our side.  Rob Pincus was also in agreement and doesn’t believe we are heading into Civil War.  Rob is a very level headed guy, a real “Stay Calm and Think” person.
Then the other guest on the Round Table, from Oregon Firearms Federation,  Kevin Starrett, made a good point.  “I remember Wacko and Ruby Ridge.”

That’s been bugging me ever since.  Under my skin.  Clawing at the back of my brain.


Ruby Ridge.

I want to live in an America where I can trust my Government. I don’t know when exactly it all changed… But that 50’s America where we just came through a dark time and everything was Light and Achievement. I believe that was our Golden Age. And it’s all lost. Now we are back in darkness… but we are not fighting Nazis “Over there”. The dark shadow over us is our own Government… A boot that’s coming down on our face…