The Uprising Saga

Uprising USA.

Uprising UK.

Uprising Italia. By Zachary Hill.

For those bouncing here to from hearing about it on the Radio, the books I’ve written about Zombies are in the Uprising Saga.  The USA book was the first.  It started out as a short story on an internet forum ( and snowballed.  Many writers jumped in, adding their own perspective and making their own stories.
This is Literary Junk Food, not to be taken too seriously.  Just have fun with it.

I’m still beating my head on Uprising Russia.  Other writers are working on Uprising Crusader, Uprising Chosen, and then we’ll have an Uprising Anthology.


horse-hamburgerThe UK is all a tissy over the use of horsemeat in processed foods.  And now it’s found in Ikea meatballs.  You would think people were being poisoned.  The truth is that our foods are so over processed that no one would have ever known had the news story not broken and not been run as headlines all over the place.  I’ve never eaten Ikea Meatballs, and now that I know they might have Horse in them… I want to try them now.  Horsemeat is good stuff.  Lean, low cholesterol, and all that… but more importantly… it’s Horse.

I hate horses.  Useless things.  They are expensive to own, and require a lot of care, attention, and food.  And what do they give you in return?  Mountains of shit.  They are nothing more than pretty-eyed shit pumps that make little girls all gooey inside.  Riding them?  Why?  You don’t control a horse, you don’t tell a horse what to do… You ask it.  They have minds all their own and can do things you don’t intend.  Then if you stop and get off it, the damn thing will wander away, or even run, and then you get to spend time trying to get it back.  An ATV or Bike does none of this, and they don’t fart and shit everywhere.  Sure, I’ve crashed bikes.  But I’ve also been thrown from a horse.  It threw me into a patch of cactus.  Then it came over and laughed at me.  My motorcycles have never laughed at me.  And any time I’ve crashed, the bike was hurt worse than I was.   Horses?  Hate the damn things.   Eating them and using them for industrial applications like Glue… I’m all for it.
Wild horses?  They are not a native species… the BLM round ups… I’m fine with.  Use them for Dog Food, Glue, Leather, I don’t care.  Grill them into Kabobs… Sure.  I’ll have some.   The only reason this is an issue is that too many girls wax fantasy and get misty eyes at the thought of ponies and horses with a devil horn sticking out of it’s head.
Don’t get me wrong… Sure, horses had a time and place in History.  So did Spears and Moats.  Now we have internal combustion and fuel injection and GPS.

A horse is just a prettier sack of meat than a cow is.