The Pattern

I’ve said this on about 9 different radio stations now.

“If there is any pattern to these mass shootings it’s that they were done by Liberals.”

The longer version is “If you are looking for a pattern in all of these shooting sprees, it’s not the Gun. The one similarity they all have is that they were Liberals. Maybe that question should be on the ATF Form 4473. Because Liberals with Guns is pretty much a bad thing.”

I think this is a good message to get out.  It could force some people to look in another direction when it comes to the gun control argument .   We don’t need Gun Control, we need Liberal Control.

If we take a look at what the Leading Liberals have been saying…  Take a Look.

Already the Left is doing damage control because they know its true.

Gun Owners are not dangerous.  Liberals Are.  All these mass shooters, maniacs, psychos… Liberals.
The Left will counter that OK City was done by a Conservative Right Wing Wacko.  True.  But he didn’t use a Gun, did he?  Fertilizer and Diesel Fuel.  9-11 was done with Box Cutters too, that arguement proves our point that EVIL doesn’t need a Gun.  In China two incidents happened at schools, one a man with a knife and the other a man in a Car.  Evil is not defeated by disarming and making yourselves better victims.  Evil is defeated – by Defeating It.  Standing up and fighting it.  All of these mass shootings ended when the Evil was confronted by Strength.  That’s when it stopped.

Am I saying that Liberalism is Evil?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.