Gun Blogging

I’ve been “Blogging” for a very long time.  Even before there was even a term for it.  Blogging and Gun Blogging are terms the newer blogs have thrown out there into the Interwebs in the classic human condition of Mandatory Classification.  Humans have to have everything Labeled for them to be comfortable.  So they can easily Accept or Dismiss something based solely on that label.  I’ve seen many a Blog come and go.

I’m not the oldest blog on the internet, but I’m one of them.  One of the oldest Continuing blogs certainly.   I’ve been called “The Blogfather” by a great many.  I just smile, and nod, say “Thank You”, and then delete their blog from my list when they stop blogging and vanish into the internet ether.  Too many to count.  When I started this, it was called a Home Page hosted by HOTBOT.  Remember that?  Wired Magazine’s search engine page?  Then it was switched to Lycos when they bought out Hotbot.   The stuff I had back then is still found here… I don’t remember when I got the Domain.  a decade ago?  More?  I can’t remember.   In internet years, that was back when the Myans were carving rock calendars.

So it’s with great amusement when I see something like this:  “Is Truth about Guns killing Gun Blogging?”  As if what one new start up blog does is going to effect me.   Seems a lot of people have made cries of Shark Jumping.   Come on, that blog is what, 2, 3 years old?  I don’t know.  Hard to pay attention to so many coming and going.  Only really pay attention to those bloggers who are friends any more.
I’ve considered doing collaborative blogging.  Bringing in guys to guest blog.  I’ve accepted many guest posts for sure.  But really, is just me.  It’s me venting my spleen.  Getting stuff off my chest.  Spouting my opinions to a brick wall… or in this case an LCD Screen.  Sometimes it gets read.  Great.  At one point my readership swelled to greater than that of the New York Times printed newspaper.  That made me smile.  Then made me think.  Then I stopped thinking (read that how you will) and just did what I have continued to do.  Write about whatever the hell I damn well feel like.  Because I am beholden to none.  I tried taking advertising.  Some money coming in was all groovy, but it felt like I all the sudden had a leash.  It was uncomfortable and took away the fun of doing this in the first place… so I stopped Advertising.  I’ve also pretty much stopped using Ogre located at this Domain for any serious communication.  Facebook and a Gmail is used for that now.  Of course now that has this slick Comments widget, direct email is not as important.

Anyways.  So I’m going to continue to do what I do.  Spout my unwanted opinions and criticisms.  Jump the Shark?   It’s my Shark.  Go make your own.

Join This

This is the Crusader Weaponry Face Book Group.

We’re talking Guns and Smack… and asking about what Firearms you would like to see Crusader do for you.

So far, the biggest thing is LEVER ACTIONS.  Lots of interest in the Art Of The Dynamic Lever.  Part of me is surprised at all the Lever Interest… and then again, I’m not surprised.  Because while a Lever Action is often forgotten about in this world of AR Type rifles all over the front pages… The Lever Action remains very cool.  Regardless of Caliber, they tend to be easy to shoot, potent, rugged, and reliable.  Accuracy is generally very good too.  I’ve seen some amazing accuracy out of customized Levers.  And the great thing about a Lever is that they tend to be light weight and maneuverable.  No box mags hanging out, no pistol grips.  Just straight forward killing potential.  You don’t Shoot At things with a Lever.  You kill things with a Lever.  The flat ogive of a Lever’s projectile hits with a great deal of shock.  Slapping impact instead of a stab.  This magnifies the hydrostatic shock effect and puts critters down hard.   You gotta love that.

What would Crusader do for a Lever Action?  Well first off, every new lever action I’ve dealt with this last couple years has been far from smooth.  Jarring, harsh, ratchety, when cycling the actions.  This is priority one to sort out.  You want a nice smooth action so you can easily cycle it while the gun is on the shoulder, between shots.  Everything else is icing.  The Permanent Slipstream Treatment is the Medicine for a Lever Action.  That and some Hand Polishing of certain internals to make it “Buttah”.

Concealed Carry Magazine

I can’t say anything right now… but you guys are going to want to subscribe.  There are a lot of great new things planned for the magazine, it’s going to be totally different and awesome.  I’m looking forward to this!

Joined the USCCA ASAP if you are not already a member.

Dear Colt and Remington

The State of New York is going to pass the Micro Stamping requirement. They do not believe you would actually move out over handguns stamping as they are a smaller portion of your business.
Well, here is the thing… your customers are not going to want stamped guns.  Its bullshit science, easily removed or worn off, its a useless requirement.   But is going to do this regardless. NY thinks you guys are blustering.
The stigma of rolling over and doing the stamps is going to hurt you worse than just pistol sales. I sell a lot of rifles, tons of Remingtons. I can easily see the customer base turn against you, even here where you are hugely popular.
Look at S&W and the Department of Urban Housing Agreement.  S&W almost didn’t survive that, and they are still suffering from it today.
You guys need to move to a state where you would be cherished, appreciated for who you are.
Come to Utah.
A state that has one the highest guns per capita than anywhere else. Not only come to Utah… but come out to Vernal, Utah.  We have the highest per capita in the State. 
Just saying…. why live where you are not wanted?  Live where you would be loved!
Besides… Utah was built by people leaving New York.  Its like a tradition.