Updated: up with the Boy Scouts of America

The BSA was a great program when I was in it.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.
My eldest son was trying to get his Eagle.  He put out project plans that would have been just fine, but the local guy kept shooting them down, insisting that he put in a new flag pole for the new park… meaning he wanted me to buy a new damn flag pole for the park.  He new time for my son was running out.  Five project proposals in a week at one point… all shot down.  For my Son.  Other scouts I know of in other troops did those projects just fine.  Nope, they wanted us to buy a flag pole.
But the time came and went and my son passed the deadline to get his Eagle.
I’m pissed.
Now my other sons are having other problems with the BSA… and they are no longer enjoying the program here.  I’m just done with the BSA.  And that makes me very sad.

(There was a little Change in the local BSA leadership all the sudden. This may be a good thing.)